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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  August 25, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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session. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> we'll be in closed session thank you very much. >> there we go. >> okay closed session was adjourned and we reopened in open session board of supervisors meet to talk about the cases and settled it but no action on one case and to discuss the performance of the directors interpretation and trademark no action. >> you'll take action. >> okay. >> is there a second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> thank carolyn for admirably stepping in today. >> we're adjourned. >> thank you. we miss i
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didn't o- >> sound familiar do you keep on getting up there's an easier way. >> of course there's easier way get rid of of mosquito they breed whatever this is water no water no mosquito mosquito feed on good blood the eggs hatch and stay near the waters san francisco to breathe
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and the adult underlying mosquito waits on the as many until it's sexuality hardens water pools in any areas and creates places you'll not normally think of budget and any container that holds water and hidden in bushes or else were dump the water and do it over soil not into a drain the larva can continue growing in the pooled water is sewage disthe first of its kind the area if the sewage is two extreme have a licensed plumber assist water pools in rain gutters and snaking and cleaning out the water when keep the water from pooling and keep in mind that mosquito breed in other waters like catch balgsz and construction barriers interest crawl spaces with clmg is an
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issue you may have is week to cause the water to collect this is an sour of mosquito so for buildings just fix the clean air act drains and catch basins can be mosquito ground it will eliminate it as a possible location keep shrubbery and growths estimated any water to can be seen and eliminated birdbath and fountains and uncovered hot tubs mosquito breed but it is difficult to dump the water out of a hot top can't dump the water adding mosquito finish rids the source of mosquito there are also traditionally methods to protect you installing screens on windows and doors and using a mosquito
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net and politically aau planet take the time to do the things we've mentioned to eliminate standing water and make sure that mosquito are not a problem on your property remember no water no mosquitoprogram.
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>> good morning, everybody. i am sandra are excited to welcome you to the intersunset for the fix it lunch in intersunset really excited to be here just really wanted to first and foremost thank you. the mayor for his leadership in the program fix it is a multi agency coordinating the services be neighborhood by neighborhoods wroesh focusing on one neighborhood a month it is the interset residents and their neighborhood so without further ado, again, thank you to the mayor for his envision and leadership mayor ed lee. >> thank you.
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>> (clapping.) >> sandra has a great dilate called the fix it leader of the city thank you to supervisor president london breed for joining us this more than the leaders on board the board president and for the neighborhoods particularly the ones she represents they wants it fixed yesterday but i also want to say thank you to both the captains of taraval value and the park stations for being here as well our homelessness outreach teams part of fix it teams thank you. this is a difficult job you're helping to improve lives for everybody formatting we put together a new department to really be dedicated and focused on the outcomes for our people that on the streets i wanted to say thank you to rec and park the dpw, that i used to head and i know that they're happy because they always said
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we can't do it by ourselves we need the partners they got the partners the fix it teams as sandra will explain a coordinated multi department this has handles things from our health department and mental health person on the team that is part of outreach team their services were needed just this morning was we remember coming down the blocks we saw individuals that needed assistance and given that assistance not necessary by police officer but homeless outreach our police department is here, too because they're part of this entire effort not just the fix it team this is to also say that through the budget and through the leadership of the board, through activists like andre here to remind us our budget is for the people of san francisco and i just had the
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privilege of signing a $9.6 billion budget this incorporated with the support of board and if the budget we heard our neighbors and they want save and clean neighborhoods they want safe neighborhoods that is reflected we're in a hurry to get to the 19 hundred and 71 chapter officers that the people can stop burning my areas through the chief we need nor officers to respond to dedicate what the residents want let's stop that neighborhood crime levels rising and make sure we pay attention to car break-ins to burglars to the feeling of being safe on the neighborhood street like linking or irving or 9
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street this is a major thoroughfare day and night without the outlands everyone visitors and residents and neighborhood shops to feel the customers and residents are feeling safe if you don't feel safe this no, not part of our city? the beginning we starred the safe and clean neighborhoods program in castro and market this the the second i know that supervisor president london breed is sxieftd we're taking this to fillmore and divisadero then chinatown and mission and geneva and in the next 3 years cover with sandra leadership and you'll see teams lip reads over one hundred neighborhood in the next 3 years to make sure they're safe and clean to make sure the fix it team are there i saw the fiction teams they're working on graffiti on the
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poles, fixing up the parking meters broken lights be holes in the sidewalks so that a chihuahua won't fall into a sidewalk that recently happened to just neighborhood cleans up everything should be fixed and proud of is city it passed a $9.6 billion budget this is what it means safe and clean neighborhoods is a priority and bringing this to many of the neighborhoods across the city we wanted to demonstrate what a concentrated multi agency kind of coordination can look like after we're through you'll see this happen all over the place and i know the residents of neighborhood feel this is the kind of thing they wanted out of this and that bucket will reflect all the things we want to do for the residents to make
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it safer and cleaner and improve the services within city government i wanted to make sure we have this kind of government i worked in 2, 3, 4 government and now approaching thirty years and always been about improving the way we do things and making sure we don't work in the silos sometimes that is not recognized and by the way, the director of 311 we asked people invest in calling in on the things you're calling in i have the privilege to make sure it is respond to by all the different departments that we are working this is truly a team that we're all putting together to make fix it and sofa and clean neighborhood really happen all over the city and glad to support the neighborhood businesses i'll be having lymph in the department and malcolm heinicke did i is on
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the memo as well as some local ice cream parlor i hope do you get it do i get regards. >> honey cream is relatively new i want to say you'll see obvious us out in the neighborhood it is where our budget priorities and city hall they passed a large budget i want them to feel the budget in the neighborhoods and team members are proud of work and they should get all the credits for connecting up with the neighbors with that, sandy. >> thank you, mayor ed lee someone who has been a comment r champion for neighborhood and working hard to fix a lot of things our board president and supervisor london breed. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everybody.
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and welcome to the entering sunset i'll honored to be here but represent this district thank you to the mayor and the many city departments that will help make the neighborhoods a better community for those to live and tlieft i was a former member of the african-american when we made investments into renovating the place and making that beautiful i noticed the difference when someone would drop something on the ground i saw kids picking up trash i saw kids painting the graffiti that was sometimes get placed on the building i saw people from the community planning department staff trees and doing whatever we could to make sure that we protected our space we protected our building and protected our community doing this work is an important part of protecting the community
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and making the community better when you have pride in our community all of a sudden you notice a difference that's what it is about making sure the dollars we invest that all the city departments make it out to the residents all over the city so the quality of life improves it not just about picking up trash it is not just about covering up graffiti it is about making sure we all play a role and the residents of those communities can play a role in helping us to gnat some of the issues they counter and calling 311 you notice there is something or legally or trash when you notice graffiti and want to report something not an emergency call 311 and when there is an emergency when you see a crime happening the car break-ins make sure. >> call but us the police department and report those
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crimes work together communicating and reporting it is what will help change the city for the better i'm committed to this i know how mayor is committed and our police department is committed i want to thank the folks from 311 and the hot team the homelessness outreach team especially i call them frequently to get services we know we have challenges in the city but we can't criticize what is not happening we have to focus on solutions and make sure we're investing the dollar on what needs to happen in order to get the job done 0 is every single resident can feel the difference that a $9.6 billion makes more housing and transportation better quality of life, safety we are investing what we are doing the work every single day thank you you'll for being here and let's keep on working to make district 5 and the city and
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county of san francisco even better in the years to come thank you . >> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor president london breed. >> so supervisor president london breed touched on is one of the my favorite piece of this job the relationships i get do build in the community that helps me decide and determine where to focus so andrea is a community member i had the pleasure of working with for many years but specifically in the intersunset like to introduce her to you. >> hi i'd like to thank the mayor and the city agencies for coming out and also to stress it is not about today we are a western neighborhood it often doesn't get attention from city hall but we video problems and we feel powerless and frustrated with repeated car
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break-ins and watching people struggle with mental illness and i'm happy that sandra and the mayor recognize the problems are all connected not dealt with separately the city agencies need to work together trash, crime mental illness all those things have to be dealt with what we're doing is in the past clearly not working or not working in my opinion so i'm glad to have everybody here the streets all right look way cleaner than yesterday and i hope this will be more than a one-day event but 6 months from now and want to of the efforts in whatever way the city agency needs to make things happen and reporting 311 is important thank
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you, everyone for coming today really appreciate it. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, ann debris that concludes our lunch of fix it for the intersunset we'll take a few questions. >> go. >> shop and dine the 49 promotes local businesses and changes san franciscans to do their shopping and dooipg within the 49 square miles by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique, successful and vibrant so where will you shop and dine
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the 49 hi in my mind a ms. medina
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. >> golden gate parks largest body of water ska great labor for scrolling and picnicking and both miking which can both be rented at the boat house and the lakewood design for leisure boatings and carriages and a treasure trove passing hunting ton water falls two bridges connect the strawberry island and inclient to the hills the


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