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tv   Planning Commission 81116  SFGTV  August 25, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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parks and doing incentives to put in dog runs and playground to basically you know right now the plan area was one acre open space the park four acres of po probation officer they're really part of th because a the commission has not seen the plan the commission has not seen a breakdown on the specifics it is a good idea the question of sunrise is an important one but part of future discussions when we get into the details of plan i wanted to briefly talk about the future
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plans future plans on accelerating the opportunity and working into the future get not separating ourselves from the part from the present future plans are not sky diving or jumping without a safety net the basic question where do we want to go and how to get there a discussion on the part of all involved and all effected community near community nearby and the rest of the city's residents i believe that the way of what we're going to do today more planned structure and implementation strategy pointed towards a good solid way of how to do it the
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the devil is in the details and the resiliency of the plan to embrace all the questions none of them we're proposing the plan but technically solid questions from different angles from technical means i believe all questions i've heard and wrote them down were valid questions and in some form the commission will be given the role in the dialogue as asked questions this plan can do more than the eastern neighborhood plan shows in the waenlsz? the time to do it right and get into a level of detail it addresses the sublets and may have overlooked things
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in 10 or 15 years not thought about and the planning department will live with the waems and the omissions in the plan we know very well the eastern neighborhoods plan for example, created an amount of resiliency and detail in the plan not matched in any form or shape in the eastern neighborhoods in the neighborhood was a broad policy here we have the opportunities to avoid some of the pitfalls we ultimate now encountering with the eastern neighborhood plan does not give us all the tools with that said i am interested to see how we as a commission work between foe and december to have more detailed presentations on part of plan and be more engaged also hearing how you deal with some of the questions we may ask you and
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come to a point we don't spend years and years rehashing and restructuring we work forward ask the question at the right time and try to formulate an answer back and forth i remember in the eastern neighborhoods plan we spent unites and weeks and nights and weeks going through the hearings and i hope we've learned a little bit to be more efficient how we use all our time thank you and i look forward to the next plan. >> commissioner hillis. >> appreciate the discussion and the presentation and all the work gone into this as it continued with the engagement just a couple of points one i share sxhifksz kickoff interest in the balance why this much
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office potential versus housing and looking at that holistically i'm sure you get information on what is in the potential pipeline and transbay and the giants parting and candle stick point why we're picking the balance between the potential new office and housing and the issue of the lot size and mergers of lots and how we are controlling or not controlling part of interesting thing about soma the exit in lot size and the now town terrace no diversity in lot size it is easier to plan there than here and obviously some of the large lots are ripe for new development and density but how are we protecting or encouraging
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that aggregation of lots how we are doing that that is part of if you want to talk about it now or certainly here about it as the plan developments one of the interesting things about soma in this area the diversity in lot size and it adds to the kind of making the pedestrian realm more pedestrian scale i know you're doing a lot in the plan so try to fix and then the final point of pdr certainly areas in south of market where we historically have historical i mean historically had affordable rates in pdr space and arts space and will that replacement pdr b be as affordable probably not unless ways to control that things like cast and other organizations prapz as part of public benefits created to be
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able to keep that those rates you know where they are are got this in affordable housing are bmr's we don't have it in commercial spaces how can we preserve affordable pdr and art space so thank you. >> thank you director rahaim. >> that's correct just first want to say special thanks to steve that is a labor of love and maybe not all love over the last 3 years a major milestone to get to this point i want to give a special thanks to steve just a couple of thoughts i appreciate all the comments both from the public and commissioners that is a good time to see what we need going forward a couple of thoughts based on comments from the commissioners the balance issue is one we've been looking at carefully and the reason this plan has a job emphasis is
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because all of the other recent plans except for transbay have been housing the rincon hill and the redevelopment area most of eastern neighborhoods and market octavia they have almost no emphasis on jobs the balance was tipping too far and we need to capacity that's why remember that is four blocks wide we tend to think of solving our problems within the planned area not the way to look at it but citywide or at least in walking distance and occ and all the housing south of market the balance is better off, if you will, if we have more emphasis on jobs in that part of town the other thing we have a tendency to write those detailed guidelines
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and still do every project and negotiate every project so to commissioner johnson point i hope we'll strike a better balance in the code enforcement i've not drafted so you know we will be bringing proposals to what projects the commissioner will look at but as the eastern neighborhoods the projects small projects should be approved administratively like other parts of the city it's the balance we would like to hear from you as we write the code for this and think about the specification of how we review and the commission reviews projects and so on and finally if there are ways for us to be more nimble to respond to the future needs very good to hear them the challenge, of course, changing of protective requires time and ceqa i wish we could be
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more nimble but there are ways to do that we're not thinking of i'd like to hear how we can do that i appreciate all the comments thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> director rahaim i very much appreciate what you said that raise the bar in terms of how we are constructed to come to something that is implementable but not continually be champed and comments and actions we often have and other comment it would be great for you if you wouldn't minded mr. wartime you i can talk to you. >> it would be that would be helpful if you sometimes in an informal presentation will look at how we looked over your shoulder to all the adjoining
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district and planning efforts and kind of understanding by transbay and everything else you if few wouldn't mind we'll see that that would be helpful to the public to see this is a comprehensive effort. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> a couple of additional points i like with director rahaim said about getting the balance right we need to see and improved administratively but the parking question i had two weeks ago 10 percent of the parking spaces and roughly 10 i'm assuming a that small projects are roughly 10 but see when that looks like we don't have a lot of time unless we add time to the weeks if there are pitfalls i think we might be too
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low on the bar we need more administratively approved two more things one speaker talked about the 823 paragraph 8 with the recreation facilities i don't know but if we can get a comment or look at that yes, please. >> i believe that's it referencing the western soma special use district district that requires the replacement of any recreational facilities within the area i believe. >> okay. >> we saw from the flower mart compromise we don't often have tennis courts on the roof but still have tennis equal rights maybe we can understand see what the impact will be should be considered and ms. imperial spoke about the filipino culture district and signs this is a
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great thing to preserve. >> commissioner perez. >> yeah. one final thing on this district that would be helpful as the zoning goes forward and, establish definite areas with pdr is only allowed and other areas pdr might be loud and yet not site by site as we're doing with the eastern neighborhoods the rules are there if an area, no pdr is allowed we shouldn't be discussing that you know the same thing like there is a relocation and within the sites or perhaps in sites in other parts of the city they don't necessarily have to be all in central soma i think as much definition as we can get to this question not problems but at least it will help and hopefully pass things that become large project
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authorizations and remain as a such rather than having them change as city use as the project we have to refight the battle on each project it is a cu not a lp a the plan originally called for those are ways to avoid the problems once the plan is finished. >> ongoing commissioners, if nothing further that concludes this item and thank you to the staff and public the break. >> good afternoon and welcome back to the san francisco planning commission regular i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. commissioners, we left off under our regular calendar but first, i'd like to remind the members of the public i received a speaker card for 2441 mission
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street that was continued until november the gentleman that was interested in number 14 on mission street that matter is continued commissioners item 12 harrison street a large project authorization. >> good afternoon commissioiner fong and members of the commission and commissioner antonini your nightmare will be greatly missed and the item before you a land use and transportation pursuant po to planning codes to demolish ash existing vacate warehouse and a four story multi family building as well as a one thousand 200 ground floor plus pdr unit on harrison street the proposed project includes
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the demolition of the warehouse and now construction murray 26 thousand plus square feet with 19 dwelling units and one pdr unit 15 off-street parking and class 2 bike parking spaces and class 1 bike parking spaces the project includes a dwelling unit two bedroom and 3, one bedroom units reading the interm controls the resolution requires if any residential or mixed income project within a medium project between 25 and 40 square feet of non-residential shall require a large project authorization under planning code section 329 and provided additional information decided about i did commissioner halves
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a mixed income project proposing 19 dwelling units and one pdr unit with a total of 26 thousand plus square feet because the project is proposing less than 25 thousand non-residential use and less than 25 dwelling units the project is not considered a medium project per the thresholds consequentially the project is not subject to the interim controls, however, it located within the mission action plan 2020 area. >> 2020 is a collaboration initiated by community been community organizations to create affordable housing and bring economic stability to the commission the goal to retain low to moderate residents serving the businesses artists and nonprofits in order to preserve the socioeconomic and culture diversity of the
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neighborhood community advocates want more scrutiny of the issues and for the market-rate to contribute to the neighborhood stabilization and any department in a an effort to help stabilize the neighborhood and the minimize eviction harrison has agreed to commissioners in consultation with the project sponsor and the community the following changes have been made the department would like to have one approval to the draft motion when readers affordable housing fee and small fee acquisitions in the board of supervisors has infected the acquisition podium that is currently pending approval in the board of supervisors file prior to issuance of project first construction document the fee shall be paid to the fund in
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the small site acquisition program has monopoly been - the fee shall be paid to the city the conditions and so forth are additional conditions for the project if these conditions overlap with any requirement imposed on the project the more restrictive as determined about he did zoning administrator shall apply this condition is contingent on the board of supervisors enacting the program by ordinance commissioners the following is an idiot in response to community input the project sponsor has agreed to number one commissioner local artists create a mural of approximately, six feet by 9 feet on the side of the ground floor pdr entrance and innovative all the buyers of san francisco with the intent if
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tenants be made aware of tests associated that occur in may along harrison street number 3 not the quatro latino cultural district whenever a vacate and the building can indirect the tenants for the project sponsor for consideration and number 4 advise the quartering latino of any incentives to get feedback on the appropriateness of the tenant and for the district and space today, the department has numerous corresponds much has expressed opposition and some of support included in the packet the department recommends approval in the planning code and the pros and cons of this
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project the did not find this includes the replacement pdr and some for below-market rate in lui of the housing fees on balance colonel applies about the objectives and policies of general plan in consideration of the plan the proposed project maximize and provides 19 dwelling units including 15, two bedroom and 3 one bedrooms per the city's housing stock for a range of housing neatest with family-sized housing an affordable housing fee will be paid more affordable housing in the city and in consideration of the mission plan the warehouse is vacate as the with wholesaler and district western plywood has vacate it will replace an existing pdr but incorporates new pdr thank you ground floor the project is located in the
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zoning district where residential and pdrs use are principally permitted are the project is requirement the district characteristic and provides a magnificence and scale for the block and provides at and below grade off-street parking within the amount and complies with the hiring program and will fully utilities the appropriate development impact fees that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioners, if i may add a couple of words as we talked about last week, i had agreed and offered the support we can convene meetings that are located within the quatro latino district and first, i want to thank john o'connor the pardon
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and others from the latino cultural district and the project team for attending the meetings i thought the meeting was good and a lot of respectful discussions i appreciated that very much and some of the changes that has mri relayed read into the record were a result one i want to talk about the in lui fees are district as you recall a very large piece of legislation you conferred to make a number of changes to the bmr program and one of those changes was focused on in lui fees for small projects being directed to existing small sites acquisition projects because of the larger piece of legislation has not gone through the board that piece has not gone through and the discussion yesterday we will look at asking the board to
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sever that from the larger legislation so that small site program it seems to me large support could move forward the condition as read into the record was such if that happens the in lui fees will into and i've committed and will do so to contact the board members and the mayor about severing that from the package with that, thank you for license i'm sure you want to open up for public comment. >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon steve from martel on behalf of the project sponsor first of all, let me thank commissioner antonini you'll be very much missed
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can i get the overhead jonas. >> 26 hundred harrison a small project on a small triangle lot i want to say all residential buildings the site an 22 and harrison half a block from the park on 23rd and shopping on 3/4ths there is a need in the mission more affordable housing development however, 19 units this is two small to accommodate a housing project instead john will pay over one million dollars for the affordable housing fund as esmeralda and others mentioned a meeting yesterday with latino quatro and by the time the fee is due
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now we'll commit to use that money to direct that money into the cultural district with the acquisition. >> the project cantonese a 72 hundred square feet warehouse and western plywood went out of business in 2014 and at the request of the community incorporated a pdr space in place of a two bedroom as described innovative quatro when the pdr space is a available and the they can indirect the tenants for the consideration and notify them of potential tenants and the predicamentness of the space with less than 25 units no detachment any rent-controlled and no displacement of active businesses the project is not subject to the interim controls the project is exempt from
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supervisor kim's pdr replacement the initiative exempts the pipeline not replace more 15 thousand square feet of pdr the recognition of this project should precede under the current rules the project site umu located in a 40 height and bulk district this small district it located along a abandoned railroad and surrounded by rh2 residential rezoning the park is one half block away the area a appropriate for a small mixed income development and addressing the housing needs this hearing was scheduled for july 7th and continued to today. yesterday the planning director hosted a preview meeting and decided what i discussed and
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john agreed a local artist to create a mural on the side of ground floor on the project adjacent to the pdr indigents and agreed to notify the tenants that the tenants be aware of activities associated and not take them by surprise the project is code compliant and exempt in the interim controls the replace for the it complies about the inclusionary housing requirements we've reached an agreement with quatro and for all those reasons we're asking to approve as recommended by the department let me introduce from occurring man walk you through >> good afternoon.
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>> good afternoon commission so just want to start with a little bit about the surrounding you can see across the street the west side smaller buildings remain, smaller lots on the same side residential mixed income but slightly larger lots again, it is 19 unit building 16 two bedrooms and 3, one bedrooms and 15 cars parking spaces and 20 class 1 bike parking spaces and just over 12 hundred square feet of pdr. >> this is the ground floor as you can see the kind of pinkish color that is the pdr space the yellow to the right the residential, the green in front of the the residential is there
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entry courtyard and the entry not showing well, my apologizes happened between those two and the garage is nestled the upper floors as you can see the yellow those are two bedrooms the blue is the one bedroom unit and a typical floor one through 4 and the rear yard is the greenback there this is the second level the roof deck is a combination of public and private open space. >> so aesthetically wooech we've breakdown the building into 3 evictions for the pdr and residential entries those are framed with panels and interspursz with the rhythm of
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sliding glass doors and traditionally painted wood the aesthetics we're trying to match in the neighborhood the industrial warehouse the prints of board formed concrete adding the texture at the ground floor with the other mass on top of that. >> at the public way the street entrance to the pdr it has paving an tall trees i believe similar to popular and laid strips and beverages and lots of street amenity 3 class-action lawsuits outside the building and the parking entrances tucked away here's the same the mural that was
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discussed previously and we thank you very much thank you for your time and hope you approve this. >> okay. thank you. >> opening up for public comment have some speaker cards (calling names). >> whoever has that mobile defense that is buzzing or sounding off can you turn that off please. phil merchant association like to join the chorus of people thanking commissioner antonini for many, many years of service and have a much better city as you recall of your service openly over the years we have a future i was bringing up in the mission district and had trains coming down the track and all kinds of industrial activity an, an industrial port
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as you recall for the containers commissioner vice president richards talking about the future who would have thought in the 50s and 60s no more need astonish train tracks and now we have the opportunity to put people between about a $2 billion investment zuckerberg and tndc and people that can little in the place and work in the institutions what if we have a manmade or disaster personnel living there for the transit first city all the decisions is planning should be transit by transit only one district in the entire bayview two bart station continue the has my complete
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support thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners eric i want to thank director rahaim and mr. o'connor for meeting with us several times over the last couple of months we've been talking with john o'connor about this property i think the most important piece for us about this project came to as the small acquisition we've seen in the past when a developer didn't build onsite for the impact fees we don't see those projects come to fruition they offset some of the impacts this is very beneficial to the quatro in the future and going to create you know and preserve housing in the
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quatro district or down the line that is the most important piece and working probation officer make sure that we have tenant in the pdr space you know things that really work well within the cultural district down the line is long term and, of course, the lease that the tenants will sign acknowledging that there is kind of happening on harrison street in the past there's been tenant that were containing about events this will make them aware so they at least you know understand what is happening not neighborhood we're in support of this project thank you.
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>> i want to explain i'm mission born and raised resident my patents came here in the early 30s and i reside on shot well between 25 and 26 streets i'm in favor of inclusionary housing and this project i think will provide that new housing for new residents i welcome those people are open hands i welcome tech workers and professionals all ethnic sexual orientation in the mission i again support total inclusionary housing and i'll talk more about the
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affordable housing proposal in the project thank you. >> hello commissioners my name is scott i'm a resident of the mission i work in the tech industry but speaking as an individual i want to add to the chorus of people that are supporting this project i think that new housing in general is a good thing and a clear win i think in general yeah. i basically support this project i wanted to say that thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> any additional speakers. >> good afternoon, commissioners period of time
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culture action network yeah, he want to echo a few comments and stress one thing about the project that is the kind of process we would like to see and thank the planning department and director rahaim and others who participated in it we like to see this happen sit down early with the staff and developers and really talk about what the needs and the concerns are on the project like this a smaller project but there are concerns i hope that you understand that there are a lot of fears what is going on especially things put into the cultural district to be able to have enough time and find creative solutions we understand this is not 100 percent pathway forward with the legislation but seems to be a doable process and seems to be a will to do it will will be a great supports for the young latino cultural district
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to beef up what that, do are the community we think of this as we would like to see that has a template to try to work through the projects especially in the sensitive areas under the cultural district there are a lot of additional things smaller things right down to the developer helping out no small ways during the process we want to continue to encourage the developers to do for the neighborhood and things like the notification it may seem last week, a small thing we talk about the mariachi problem a clash the cultures i don't know what the problem is certainly applies to this project but making sure that people understand you know where this
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housing is and the community expects have to project like this and a housing development the aspect of quatro having function over who the pdr tenants we think is critical all pdrs tenants are not the same; right? i realize those are a small space but therefore important what is going to happen there on all those fronts we want to continue to see this be a real template how we work on the projects and thanks again to the department. >> hi my name is mary sorenson want to thank the director john
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for putting together those meetings they were very helpful yes and i agree with peter this is a great template to have in terms of large projects i'd like to ask too that we've seen a lot of projects building go up in the neighbors complain i'm i i'd like to ask that you make sure you leave a double or trip pain in the windows and insult senate /* point of privilege but in response i'd like to when you let those projects in that they can built like the effort
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concoction of noise thank you very much. >> rick hall i wanted to reinforce what peter said about the process because it is really refreshing to i thank the project sponsor for working in eric on the cayuga issues even before this week's meetings and the meeting that john created wants to go over this project and interact with the developer educated us and brought out things that otherwise would have not happened very positive or cultural with the cayuga zone
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and you know and the city process forward so i thank you, john and thank you to the project sponsor i'm happy to support this project. >> good afternoon shawn rb a as you guess i'm here to support the project and ask or suggest is it so time to move forward. >> i was part of that meeting yesterday which led to the letters of understanding the only thing that letter didn't happen overnight unless years and years of trust and working relationships between project sponsor and community leaders i know that is what you're seeing playing out here today, i'm more
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enthused and excited the fact there seems to be at least i'm confident there is a desire to attack two real problems they're big and no disrespect but bigger than the commission and the department and burn the organization and their organizations but customarily altogether a hope of tackling it two pieces of low hanging fruit the land use it is very popular it will be a great tool to preserve the existing fabric of the community it is hard to invite anyone into a conversation there their super anxious about throne out into the street we have to calm that the second thing we have to do is address new legislation to address the tic veeshgsz we have
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creative ideas i believe we'll roll on this and we're dedicated and i'm going to hold the department accountable i hope their dedicated to rolling up our sleeves and getting real solutions that will lead to tangible and permanence soothing socialite because of displacement thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> commissioner antonini i tea off i visited the site about 3 weeks ago a very nice sunny afternoon i invited the site and the survivalist of project coming down i noticed the large
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number of for sale signs on a number of homes in the area and the renovations and it struck me first of all, that was a site that is more appropriate for residential because almost everything was residential and a few pdrs uses here and there a repair shop but most is residential and the other thing that struck me shawn aau you allowed to you know the demand is going to be there regardless and the demand is being in being having new ownerships and the prize are higher some - by building new housing starting to meet some of the demands and
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unfortunately, we don't have an ability to control the marketplace as far as the acquisition of existing homes or tics march legislation that can help that and unfortunately all of our attention is focused on new projects that are part of solution and little next project will be the same we're starting to meet some of the demand in a sensitive way it answers some of the concerns of the community and provides not only market-rate housing but in this case a significant amount of money in lui and small sites to important it keeps the money in the community where the building is being built the conditions are great that are agreed on the notification as much as we passed some years ago a new house for entertainment the
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builders is obliged to predate the new residences they have to know when they buy or rent the units this is what goings-on it make sense the they've been here and have to be aware the use and in addition to the 4 conditions i got a lot of letters of support for this and there is a 26 and a half foot southern separates the homes on treat i don't see an impact and 22 street that at last stair company a incremental use not an impact and it rims me of the lumber yard hardware lumber on 20 when i was on dental school it didn't
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get a lot of play it was a small lumber yard and does make sense for them to be there and went out of business and the lumber yards were in practices that were accessed easier and all the other things not subject to the interim controls but put in pdr on their own and so, anyway and the other thing makes this an important project as well as into projects loots stabilized housing this is good those housing units will not be threatened but it forces more demands on the units not stabilized this is a good reason we're creating those units we're outlet for the displaced that will be there street improvements and i think
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that is a very good project and very much in favor of it. >> commissioner moore. >> thank you director rahaim for helping that that project come forward and in a loss controversial way than similar projects out in front of us i particularly predictive people commenting on this being a template like this one. >> i'm supportive of the project i have a couple of questions i want to ask the gentleman if he'll come up to the microphone there he's a builder and has a large degree of experience in residential design and building aside from at the supporting everything you said that tic i wanted to ask in particular the design of this
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project about ground floor residential unit on the ned of the project we have many times asked that units like that are slaetsd 3 feet above the sidewalk for privacy and directly related to that question is my question about empowering heights relative to appropriate pdr height normally that is basically being pegged as 15 feet and perhaps the gentleman are staff can weigh in on that i like you to answer that question partially we're pushing other projects back on this particular technicality i want to make sure that commission irrespective of support for the project can properly answer that it has to
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be apples to apples. >> as you recall when we were doing the eastern neighborhoods there was a big desire to create really good periodical attractive ground floor space i don't know the exact speakable 85 to 90 percent they got the 8 foot bump so 40 were 48 and 50, 58 the small percentage of sites didn't get the bump are creating a problem when we're ask them to put the ground floor pdr in we don't have the height it creates this strange situation where we end up putting the ground floor pdr back and just won't be the 15 or 16 feet height because many sites got the bum but the sites that didn't get the bump have to come up with a modified code to address that problem.
2:53 pm
>> i appreciate that i'd like to ask mr. super the director in the time that we don't have 9 code amendment i need to have some form of direction that we apply that push back that occurs all the time fairly and qualifying to everything in front of us eir rift. >> typically in eastern neighborhoods the heights were accommodated for the ground floor being the height was to increasing the height district for the parcel to 48 feet that allows for a 17 foot ground floor for a non-residential use that is what the code currently requires the commission is permitted to adjust and grant modification for the ground floor height basically for pdr use this is what this project is asking for
2:54 pm
in talking with sfmade and on the ground floor height is a high desirability but the range of pdrs use out there it is not a necessity so having a variety of spaces that can accommodate this type of use would be desirable and so given the current proposal the department was in support of modifications of the ground floor height given the other zoning incentives was not part. >> you're not advocating for increasing the height; correct? >> that requires the legislation commissioner one thing we talked about at the meeting perhaps has as part of planning code amendments in the eastern neighborhoods we looked this issue we're creating a bit of a catch-22 requiring the height but not giving it the heed it creates a funny
2:55 pm
situation and as shawn pointed out most of district we've bumped up 8 feet not adding multiply floors on this 8 feet. >> obviously only one fully rendered outbuilding elevation on the east side of project which given that it is a acute angle the building looks swished the upper residential floors at the scale we are seeing it and makes it look office like the building will benefit from a higher ground floor for all the reasons we've at that moment don't have the tools but i need to put to record if we do something like that we do it quickly usable pdr space is as
2:56 pm
important as the idea of remaining pdr space we can't provide the correct height for whatever pdrs we have we're not meeting the full intent we're talking but not doing i want to i want to put that out there as an idea not a deal breaker but look ahead in a constructive way i hope the gentleman agrees the second point to director rahaim this project requires a rear yard open space variance i am asking why are we not able to have the idea of an abandoned industrial right away which in all likely hood in the future why for the attributable to open space why not on a linear open
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space because a pocket park with respect to the width of the property and the circulated open space will nypd b be a forward-looking project how we indigenous, if any, the neighborhoods and commissioner you're right the eastern neighborhoods called for this to be a linear open space the band right away there is crowded title on this property the reenforces have abandoned it a while ago and not clear what current owner and there's been a lot of research into that and really a problem the city as struggled with that adjacent property owners have struggled i mean i'll be happy to talk with the real estate office further but serious question who actually owns and controls this
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property. >> i'll appreciate and i'm speaking if complete ignorance what it takes this is not that old the property is entitled to be somewhere in the broujz age but helpful there are changes of used were indeed higher density resident looks for open space not to fourth who owns the property and find a reasonable way of settling it i'm talking about condemnation but settle. >> commissioner vice president richards and this is a great project i never thought i'd hear the folks from this part of town supportive but thank you very much i don't know that i can or guess to commissioner moore's about the height on the first floor for pdr something we can put in should something changes in the
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future they're allowed to go up the height can we do that there. >> well, it will require legislation no such - >> we'll ask for relief. >> depending on the timing yeah. it was an idea. >> very, very supportive of this project. >> commissioner hillis. >> i'm supportive just a note on the small sites program we've been encouraging that portion of the bmr's legislation i'll glad to director rahaim has volunteered to push that through and sever it from the legislation it is important that tackles we hear a lot about displacement but one tool that we've heard and tried to encourage it's use it gets at the issue of displacement a mentally ill to buy a unit it is leveraged with other city funds
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in the - i encourage us to pushing on the board to get it legislation approved with that, move to approve the project with the changes read into the record by the staff. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> in terms of 6 always we ask staff to work with the project sponsor for refinements on the design if there are any as we move forward and often address some of the concerns voiced but is commissioner moore although it may not be applicable but for future projects kind of look at what is possible and as far as the railroad right away it would be nice to establish the title and fourth how to use it for not only open space for individuals project but anything like that a bike right away we don't have in san francisco and why we have so much issues been motors and
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bicyclists that are sharing the right away and sexual assault and other places pack ways and bike lanes the bikes are in their own realm that's other possible use for some of these abandoned right aways. >> commissioners one errata i want to calling your attention on the condition of approval in number 27 have the v outlined within the housing we don't like to put those into the motions if we can alter that condition pursuant to the 317 pay the fee for the nets new residential development instead of standard affordable housing that will be preferable language. >> is that and i mention to the developers.
3:02 pm
>> there is a motion that has been seconded to approve this with conditions as amended by staff and read into the record on that motion. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> commissioners that places us on item 13 south van ness as long as and 26 street a conditional use authorization for a planned unit development.
3:03 pm
>> good afternoon. commissioner president fong and members of the commission doug department staff the item before you is a request for a conditional use authorization of a planned unit development and the large project pursuant to the mission 2016 interim controls at 1515 south van ness for the industrial building and the construction of a 5 to 6 story one and 80 thousand plus square feet mixed income building that includes one and 57 dwelling units and 5 thousand plus square feet of commercial space in the form of one retail storefront on the corner of south van ness and 6 trade shops on the ground floor approximately 32 thousand plus
3:04 pm
square feet dedicated to the vehicular that concludes my remarks for 79 all these and bikes parking spaces under a garage are proposed ranging from three hundred three hundred plus and 5 one bedroom and 64 two bedrooms private open space will be provided for 10 units for square feet of common open space will be provided through an external coast guard and roof deck that include a lot merger of lots one a and lot 8 and block 6571 under the provision for the planned development may grant requirement for projects that exhibit overall design and a enlightenmenty to the values of the surrounding areas the proposed project requests the modification from rear yard
3:05 pm
and ground floor street frontage and up street loading reminders for the planning code department staff is generally in agreement with the proposed administration given the overall project and design the planning code section 415 it overflow room satisfies the inclusionary housing by providing 19 permanently affordable onsite units however, the sponsor is providing 25 or 39 units of below-market rate when the trailing legislation is adopted and if needed allows the city to enter into a separate agreement to provide housing units different in section 415 as part of project the preordain entered
3:06 pm
into a costa-hawkins agreement with the city relative to the interim controls the sponsor provides a summary of compliance and staff reviewed this and spot checks to see the facts ornate from a professional as required bets controls the most relevant considerations as it relates are the removal of pdrs uses and demographic changes and residential displacement and the new construction of master in their submission- and whether relocation assistance is provided the site doesn't include any residential uses and was occupied by the mc mill company when the project site was sold to the sponsor in 2015 the electrical company you'd the
3:07 pm
proceeds for the caesar chavez approximately a mile south on south from the project site the department acknowledges the pdr use can result in an important community service, however, the pdr use has already been relocated and the new development will provide a substantial u subsequent amount of new housing 19 and perhaps more abhorring units that is the goal for is city and county of san francisco although an existing study says that market-rate housing tends to cafeteria to other upper households the analysis conducted that will not impact that provide a broad unit market-rate housing in addition to the bmr units that provides for a mix of income levels within the new development awhile more analysis is needed
3:08 pm
and conducted by outside researchers the mission interim controls didn't expect their revolve or circulate the effect but provides relevant information for the commissions consideration presenting a balance of the contributions and potential impacts since the packet was published the department has received a petition by 19 merchants isn't area that supports the project that is being provided to you today. >> only 4 opposition lerlz newcomers meetings were organized and facilitated by shareholders groups not a record of their dates and location and attendances. >> after analyzing all aspects of the project the department staff finds that is consistent with the interim controls, mission area plan and the
3:09 pm
objectives and policies of general plan an in fill development that will add one and 57 new dwelling units to the housing stock and 4 thousand plus thousand square feet and encourages high-rise housing and commercial space footage are pedestrian oriented retail activities it is compatible with the existing neighborhood character and provides mason and scale for the block the design is a high quality and compliments the location in the neighborhood the project will prmentd designate a minimum of 19 and up to 39 between onsite as below-market-rate housing it complies that the first hire program and an non-residential that are comparable with the neighborhood transit district
3:10 pm
and includes significant streetscape upgrades the project will fully utilities the interim controls and pay 2 housing unit $7 million in impact fees bans those fbsz 0 and those described in the draft motion the staff recommends approval with the planned development and the conditional use authorization with the amended conditions that the sponsor will provide additional affordable housing up to 25 percent or 39 units of total to be provided onsite this project sponsor tends to off all 39 units as the housing units and intends to include all the proposed unit within a costa-hawkins agreement. >> so the project sponsor is present and has prepared a presentation to the commission
3:11 pm
but this that concludes my presentation. and i'm available for questions. >> great. >> family jump in quickly like the last project a couple of meetings this week that were attended by staff the pardon and members of the community leads and the quatro district i facilitated the first and not able to attend the second there was great discussions and great civil dialogue this is obviously bigger project and more complex than the last one you'll hear the results of those discussions today but acknowledge it and thank the project sponsor and the members of the community and staff for attending and having a great discussion the last few days thank you. >> okay project sponsor please. president and fellow commissioners temperatures peter's with lennar multi family community the project sponsor
3:12 pm
for the 1515 development proposal joined here tonight by john with p d architecture and i'm going to turn it over to them but wanted to make a couple of comments and share our gratitude for presenting today as well as our excitement for how much progress to directors point we've been able to make with that, i'll be here for questions and look forward to hearing from you thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for the opportunity to present the project and added a couple of years if we could put upside slides the slides you don't read that well but the project is in the heart of mission and i think
3:13 pm
doug went through the data i'll skip that. >> so we have project on 26 and south van ness and shot well on the right hand through streets the underground parking garage the access on shot well, not on one of the preliminary streets that is great to activates the street frontages that is in your packet a courtyard with the units facing into the courtyard and trade shops on 26 street i'll get into those a stoops along the frontages on south van ness and stoop entrances as you can see down the middle of 26 a line that indicates the zoning if 65 to 4 feet to the top floor on the left the 6 floor era on the
3:14 pm
left side and the top floor on the odds an open terrace for open space for the residents we've had several designs this is the first one we had meetings and asked to break down the buildings and work on the top floor sergeants we at nor glass on the corner and increased the level and broke down more distinct pieces and asked to do an iconic tower on the corner maybe two tower like we scaled back through a series of evolutions we end up and quickly get to the last one so the we have a nice 20 feet 6 feet over the required 14 feet you guys were talking about the residents on the corner and breaking down
3:15 pm
and scaling into the neighborhood we had a lot of good feedback from the community and the design staff in san francisco. >> the materials we're using are a fiber texture wood and transparency metal composite and a little bit of stucco with glass railings throughout so here's the corner of south van ness a nice height 80 feet will be a great opportunity for any kind of retail cbo active on the epilepsy or left-hand side the first floor are set up for privacy and a setback top floor to create a more 5 feet sorry 5
3:16 pm
story residential building with a setback top sun shades there those are the pdrs units i'm sorry i don't mean to say that trade shops perfect for mission and communities members and craftsman any kind of activity open a garage door and show our wears this is a great way to envision the 26 frontage and have a great anniversary residential use at the ground floor to create a great pedestrian environment and link the building into the community i think lexus what say a few words. >> good afternoon, commissioners alex law group i want to add to the culture districts on the - first, the initiative didn't apply to the
3:17 pm
project whatever happens in november will not have an impact if the in nct and pdr is not permitted simply lennar has not addressed the loss of pdrs spaces in september of last year following outreach to the neighbors lennar decided to remove 8 units along 26 street and replace them with trade shop they're small less than 8 hundred and envisioned for the artists to share they're affordable to have $2 per square feet it is recorded against the property regarding the quarto thank you to the folks since director rahaim generous offer between the mission developers and the quatro lennar met twice
3:18 pm
with the planning director the department staff and our understanding 3 key components locking the commercial spaces and providing high quality jobs and affordable housing as previously noted it is including trade shop with below-market rate rent and working with the quatro to fill the spaces that fit between the context of the latino cultural district and the second high qualities jobs met to users one hundred union labor it is met because the project indirectly creates more jobs as explained and shown in your packet lennar's purchase allows them to locate one mile from the site and expand their business and hire 25 new employees the last component to allow 25 percent of the units onsite as
3:19 pm
housing units earlier this week you should have seen towing percent and in discussion lennar increased that to three percent as reflected in a letter submit today, the candidates provide for more housing and 10 powers more required in the trailing legislation and puts the project at the prop c that was vouptd by the voters in june bmr unit an increase with the 6 bmr trade shop a percentage of close to 29 percent as outlined in our letter to the city earlier today the concessions granted as part of rear yard offer student loading to build 36 more units under 100 percent code compliant and allows the development of the project and lennar agrees to
3:20 pm
execute a costa-hawkins with the city to provide 25 percent affordable housing onsite at 25 percent with the 100 percent trade shop bmr's and 100 percent union construction the project meets the intent we believe with the latino district it is different not providing a bear minimum but lvns to the neighbors it increased the bmr units and has been delayed from october in response to the request from supervisor campos to continue to june the section in july 21st and again, from last week august '43 months of continuance have happened and brought significant changes and allowed the dialogue to create a solid project not a bear minimum
3:21 pm
thank you for your time and consideration and request respect request a decision and supports for the project i'm going to turn it over to peter. >> 40 seconds left thank you for your time and as mentioned we're all here to answer any questions and looking forward to hearing from y. >> opening up for public comment (calling names). >> i'm sorry. >> are those organized i apologize. i forth the organized opposition that should go next. >> before the opposition. >> good afternoon. eric with the quatro cultural district i
3:22 pm
want to provide those letters submitted by the represented from quatro regarding this project and the package four each the commissioner and just a copy of the letter that supervisor campos has sent to the commissioner last week and also last week, we have petition with 4 hundreds plus signatures i believe regarding the concerns about the latino quatro district and making sure we video the right analysis to move forward with any of the projects and so we can know what that will be that was submitted last week also i wanted to start first with who we are and why the district was established to establish the latino businesses in the quatro commerce and the nature of the special place for residents and tourists this is contributions
3:23 pm
will provide quality vibrancy for the latinos in the city and county of san francisco and we are here to ask for a continuance for this project the project is the largest in the pipeline to be built in the latino cultural district and hope to work with the project sponsor to create a project that is a model and works for everyone and also want to thank miami and this is a- it can have full community support and want to thank the sponsor for hiring 100 percent trades workers i think the charts know the community has been pushing for those developments to have 100 percent union jobs wanted to continue to discuss the pdr space the configuration
3:24 pm
and totals traffic concerns and parking if you are aware the mta is rerouting traffic from mission to chaser and impacts with traffic design one of the goals for the residential design guidelines for the building in the lcd and mcanything else is a part of mission of the san francisco history and one of the earlier renditions was a much better suits for the area in design and fit the area has always been a mix of blue-collar and auto detailing and such as continues to be a unique neighborhood the design is to bulk out of scale with the neighborhood giving that a downtown feel we know we can make that much better and the affordable housing is a continuance to be the birth concern for the
3:25 pm
nonprofits and artists without affordable places to live the individuals that work at the local businesses union workers and blue-collar jobs will disappear with the quatro mission and envision unobtainable i want to provide that letter that we the agreements we made with the harrison street a great way to fork negotiate and come to agreement we can do the same if we have enough time to make sure we go back to the community and make sure the whole community college or community is in sync behind this project i think we had great conversations with the pardon so we're asking for the continuance. >> good afternoon again
3:26 pm
commissioners peter cultural action network i want to touch on a few things eric said to expand on our concerns about where we are i want to start by thanking the of any person(s) responsible for the ringing or use of a and staff and those who worked to try to facilitate the process rougher than the one in the fire the project we heard but has been successful in moving forward i feel we're not at a place we have that we can come to we think we come i think things are moving in the way yesterday in the meeting we were hearing that we left with the understanding that that was the we can't move on the project and two hours ago another offer we obviously don't have enough time to turn around and like i said
3:27 pm
would do you think about this offer we'll appreciate nor time and appreciate nor facilitatetion moving forward would be - i want to talk about the things we've heard from the project sponsor no matter there is an issue living in the latino cultural district it is addressed in several ways right now including in phase two of map 2020 just underway phase two this is one of the reasons we want to see this continued while the discussions continue within map 2020 and with the project sponsor and the department we don't think this is possible
3:28 pm
to say things like no demographic changes but as a result of this project obviously a difference of opinion but no evidence currently there are no studies frankly, we've been begging for we show block by block displacement and talking to the department talking about the map 2020 good possibility what happens on a block by block stand up and real opportunity there to move forward that will help exactly on a project like this in a creative way we settled the harrison project that was a creative way even if we said and heard the communities concerns we don't want to see these united moved watt from the community this creates the pocket we don't think are appropriate while a
3:29 pm
group of meetings came up with a solution to the issue we want more time to find solution on this standoff as well well, it seemed to be at one but not a new offer we don't know this is moving quicker than the community can respond it is also not i think i heard something on balance in line with the interim controls asked for interim controls the sdrmd are an advisory control of feedback we can't weigh this project and it's impact in a way like that all those reasons we would like to see this conversation continued this is still in the middle of a process that has been making progress as evidenced by a new offer two hours ago thank you. i ask you,
3:30 pm
please continue this to a later hearing and work with director rahaim and the project sponsor. >> okay opening up for public comment to the names public comment i called earlier. >> commissioners phil very well-acquainted with that part of mission district a block away i grew up 3 gas stations and a phone booth bar the bar is still there and the gags and housing so see this beautiful structure and think this is going to be evicted with mcmill electrical company that part of mission was called the mission milk mile the
3:31 pm
status of milk mile comes to a nosedive in the cesar chavez he would complete reactivate the area we need housing of all sorts of i spoke on behalf of the last one six times nor favorable for this one than the last one i was supportive ever i was on the board of mission housing development for 6 years an affordable housing provider in the mission district this one project provides for units of affordable housing provided in the of years i was on the board please support it thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is pat ceo of the electric is that better thank you. >> i apologize i'm not used to this, please be patient with me, i'm the ceo of medical care
3:32 pm
anything else clock - we started and moved to hoff street and next to south van ness the big building was supposed to have enough growth and 35 years later we ought grew it not parking or office space we had 26 people and now 60 in the year we've been out of building and over on cesar chavez be able to track and took the money we made in the sale of the building and spent t$2 million on renovation
3:33 pm
and the interns after graduating come back to work for us it's been a real blessing i'm a san francisco nature been in the mission since 16-year-old and seen the ups and downs of the changes in the mission and right now that neighborhood is far better than that's it than it's been that building for us never worked we 5 times a day bringing in semi trucks we blocked south van ness and unload and go across the sidewalk that created a hazard for the pedestrians it was shaky and two loading docks and amble parking for all the people and 25 percent growth at our new facility i would like also to say that in
3:34 pm
my experience lennar has been a good partner had a had an with proposition r came up the moratorium to walk away from the deal i invested in our in any facility they didn't walk away they closed before the vote i'd see say they have a lot of integrity that's it thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> commissioners michael san francisco building and trades council i want to thank the community for that this being 100 percent project but it is not to be ignored bears on some of the things you'll hear this evening he come ca. into the apprenticeship if the mission district back in the 1980s
3:35 pm
during a boom there was alive in san francisco and over the years made any living in large part for tech that and that obgyn put a wife through cal and she now teachers and has taught informative san francisco unified school district botanical and raised two sons and put them through college within a a musician and the musician teaches part time for the school music therapy and living directly supported education and parks and the communities in san francisco and my story is far from aau typical as you may know some of the trades in san francisco are majority and minority if you make a guarantee of employment for unions for union members it is guarantee of employment predominantly for members of the
3:36 pm
minority and benefits their families and their communities in a way that non-union construction does not i know in the trades that question of development are complex and folks loss out to we encourage dialogue between the developer and the communities but the comments of the construction being all union is a partial mitigation for some of those concerns so we ask you to approve the project thank you. >> thank you call a few more names if i've called your name line up on that side of the room (calling names). >> my name is fran taylor a 40
3:37 pm
year residents of the bernal heights area i'm a retired member of the international typographical union and workers of america i'm cognizant of my union brothers and sisters and their needs for good jobs but working yourselves out of a home the units you'll be building are not for you they're not for me their senior housing being proposed well, it is in the pipeline right down the block on cesar chavez 100 percent affordable senior housing this project will put it's garage entrance steps away from where the old people will be walking to 26 street that is one problem with that the main problem any influx of luxury housing don't
3:38 pm
call it market-rate in san francisco market-rate is luxury housing will change the demographics and squeeze out the people that will be working the union brothers and sisters and they have to be commuting if antioch and i think you need to rethink luxury housing we don't need anymore of it and make that 100 percent affordable so the seniors that will be moving in right next door can see the old folks i'm hoping to move on to that practices and i'm not going to have anything in common with the rich people living down the street. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners mary alyssa i'm going to answer a question that commissioner moore posed earlier
3:39 pm
regarding what you can do to be nimble about the not meeting our expectations what the future will be this is your opportunity to make a difference here we know that we have more market-rate and other kinds of productions not neighborhoods so, now is a good time tool continue 2 it looks like some improvements in the project so 0 far so i suppose if the community needs to continue it it had been a good idea to get a better deal out of situation i guess a better situation in general if everybody appreciates that will be my request that we continue this thank you. >> good afternoon,
3:40 pm
commissioners susan marsh. >> yes. first of all, of course, the simple fact that all the labor on the project will be union is very partial mitigation if any of what that does yes, it is important that every work group receive a good wage especially to live in this area. >> yes. of course, nevertheless, the fact remains that no units pitched to individuals aribnb 200 percent of ami will not be available to any people building them and not feel a needs or demand for money currently in the neighborhood where the current medium income it approximately 55 percent of ami they will not circle solve any problem of displacement in fact, as i mentioned before over and over and over and over again no
3:41 pm
matter how many times people we study indicates that it is highly likely under certain six in certain neighbors, of course, that is complicated market-rate housing will cannibalize displacement plenty of testimony you've heard it over and over over the course of the hearings that indeed the landlords threaten their tenants and start harassing the attendance as market-rate are announced and given that i'm not sure how we can simply is how it is even conceivable that staff claims this will not cause a democrat a graphic change there is no evidence it indicates a strong possibility and should be
3:42 pm
studied this - since on top of this project will not as i said really fulfill a demands in the neighborhoods it will be inefficient in slowing down the displacement with the berkley study i'll ask that you not only there a this but slow down and look at the cumulative impacts of the projects currently in the pipeline indeed and since the mission in the late 90s not gentrification of a different course might not needed thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is tom a nature san
3:43 pm
franciscan i live the mission i'm opposed to the lennar development an 1515 south van ness what does it off to the people living in the mission i mean 20 housing units and one and 24 luxury units not affordable to first responders to police, teachers and city workers and construction workers and store clerks and any tech workers 11 percent of teachers recently quit this summer and moving out of san francisco they've been evicted and/or can not afford the rising rents in san francisco these luxury housing units are preserving the units and by 2 to three hundred percent in a few years with 22 luxury housing developments currently sighted in the mission
3:44 pm
real estate landlords and speculators and institutions with cashing in virus and selling the properties and lands outrageous prize by the times unions are built thousand of people in the mission will be evicted at the current rate in the mission where are the luxury units really for checking the properties records 39 percent of the condos development in san francisco builds since the year 2000 have absentee owners many of the xhorndz with silicon valley valley tech people lawyers and doctors and corporations and as far was as new york city and honk come back
3:45 pm
and using them for temporary register or second or third homes the vegetation are just investment properties not housing at night no lights shining in those units how is this and the prize in san francisco police commission helping i'm encouraged the planning commission will take up supervisor campos proposal to do a detailed study of how all the market-rate development is effecting the businesses in the mission especially the latino community i am sure you'll be shocked thank you by the research and that includes the latino community not releasing developers and their investors.
3:46 pm
>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. once again commissioners my name is scott i live in the mission i'm a worker in the tech individual and speaking as a individual i support that but points i agree with some of the people that have expressed concerns about the project i agree we have a severe affordability and severe eviction problem i agree if we build oversee new unions the people that cup the market-rate housing unit will be wealthy if we suggest we delay or stop this project where the wealthy people will go if they can't get a new apartment i think the office use answer if people that are moving
3:47 pm
to the area can't get a new apartment will have to look at old housing stock that drives up the prize of those that were relatively affordable to working-class they become expensive so some of the figures tossed around for the 35 to 5 thousand is one i've heard on craigslist buildings that are rendering ♪ price range a premium but a problem cross the spectrum by giving new arrives a place to live in a new apartment we're giving them an option not displacing anyone i ask you to approve if we delay creating this project we get more displacement in the meantime thank you >> thank you. >> hi, i'm megan as a - i
3:48 pm
share an apartment with any husband in a one and 9-year-old building i'm here to support any this project i think that is an excellent project that is above and beyond by adding additional affordable housing and using 100 percent workers and in the inclusion of the trade shop we agree we have enough fancy restaurants in the mission district and ask yourselves if this is not a project to approve if we continue to delay the promotions the latino cultural might have dental structures but the demographics will change the latino in the mission we need to be approving projects like that
3:49 pm
earlier, one person said the residents not having anything in common with her i think if you talk to people like me we have a lot more in common than you think thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is lucy i live a block away from the proposed project and i one hundred percent support the project by the way, we need housing and i'm a local business owner in the mission so i just want to let you know i support this project thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm back i wanted to continue my narratives on the
3:50 pm
lennar project a couple of points i want to make is i wanted to give you a narrative of what it is like to a neighbor in a meeting with quatro with other nonprofits organizations who come to a meeting a neighborhood meeting to discuss with the developer and with the architects the merits of the build out first of all, it begins with a very loud group of opposition members who do not want to hear with the developer and the architects in the design they shut down any opposition any neighbors who want to perimeter and get some sight about the development. >> that is how it works in the neighborhoods okay i live across the street from
3:51 pm
the development lucy my neighbor spoke she and i were partners in trying to get people involved that is a difficult thing in san francisco we managed that we got support from many of our neighbors to move forward with that project i've lived in the mission over 60 years and seeing a reenvironmental of the mission and development good development and great people moving into the mission bringing money and rehabilitating the properties that is what i want to see what i don't want to see a concentration of affordable housing open that building site we have buildings on 26 and fulsome and subsidized housing across the street from the property building site a 9 story proposed 100 percent on 1296
3:52 pm
shot well-managed by the chinatown community development we have a very high concentration of affordable housing we do not want more affordable housing on that site i want to tell you arbitrate about what the tactics by the opposition as a new be to the process i was discouraged to have to participate in this way but this is the way it works you get opposition leaders who attend the meetings and disrupt the agenda and shout down and prevented to speak for all mission residents they pretend to have the expertise this idea about a latino karlt district i lived in the admission all my life the irish and he germs build the district
3:53 pm
ynlt an irish german district. >> delay delay. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> well, i'm a part of opposition i a nurse i lived in the mission for 40 years a senior and i don't pretend to be anything other than i other people heart broken what is happening in the missions i've been here before i hope you'll reject or have a continuance of this project and have a very thorough eir on how this effected people on the ground you know about the eviction and displacement over 8 thousand latinos many families african-americans when i came
3:54 pm
here in 1976 it is 14 percent african-americans now three or four percent and seniors and people with disabilities in the pipeline 87 is market-rate and luxury housing homelessness has increased in the paper whatnot in the paper the connection with the evictions leading to homelessness one killed by sfpd about 6 months ago had been homeless and evicted two years before lived in a tents encampment had he kept his home he would be alive and i'm a nurse next is the evictions many people are high blood pressure and not sleeping and eating well, people with parkinson's disease have increased symptoms and people have died of a stroke one woman died of a stroke after
3:55 pm
evicted the families in the fires that have lost their homes in the fires mission and 29 street more recently 24th street and san jose amongst the few are still waiting to return to their communities they can't afford to come back on the other hand, for the people that are worried about where those rich people will go there are a multi report of luxury and market-rate apartment that are offering a fee months rents to encourage people to attract people pacific a couple of blocks down and 1010 and castro are offering apartments to people that are rich so at the, move into the luxury apartments that is i i didn't
3:56 pm
i'm waiting for any next week eviction i was lucky to be evicted in the 80s and 90s could afford to stay in san francisco lennar as a good partner well, i think that that there are people in hunters point and people all over california that question it. >> sorry i can't continue. >> if you want to leave our material you can. >> next speaker. >> hi, my name is marie sorenson i get it he didn't want his property values to drop the seniors are scarey i'd like to start out by saying the first meeting he went to lennar was a secret meeting he was invited i found out about it nobody in the community was invited i found out about that i e-mails them and my last name is
3:57 pm
sorenson and not hernandez i got an invite so after that we didn't hear anything for quite a while and no more feedback from them and then we have a community meeting well, yes there is a lot of screaming and yelling that goes on in the community meeting that that would be helpful if someone from the planning department can come to those meetings if they witnessed sheer frustration and people shouldn't be yelling let them put out their plan but alas didn't happen last monday we met with lennar and john they planning department and rolled out the same old plan he's been interpreting forever we said no, we need to talk about that you're doing the minimum affordable housing this it is a
3:58 pm
large large complex it is going to devastate the neighborhood and so they said well, you know we're not going to make any money off this this is a lot of baloney but you have to offer us somebody else we're trying to plan our cultural district. >> i think flux of rich people so that can afford those big rents they'll rent and so two days later the morning of yesterday we had agreed to another meeting that meeting we went in before the meanwhile meeting they that we'll mark the affordable components our backs are against the wall and the lennar can't do their project and they have their own
3:59 pm
financing so the meeting didn't say progress we asked them to delay to keep on going they said no, but maybe it will be delayed and we'll work together this morning a call we say let's continue the conversation they say no. we'll precede so we go okay. so are we please, please delay this project and let us keep on working on this thank you. >> hello my name is lou i'm with quatro and taken part in a couple of meeting that john helped to put together i'm glad we were part of progress we could have been much
4:00 pm
earlier if we had we wouldn't be where we are a number of us asking for a continuance a couple of things i'm glad that things worked out for mcanything else - we're losing all the pdr space in the old in the old mca this is one that fit in much better with the last design it as more downtown look to downto -


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