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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  August 31, 2016 9:45am-10:31am PDT

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secretary. >> okay i want to adjourn this meeting in honor and in memory of excuse me. former members of the department firefighter louis, who was with the department if may 1971 until january 1999 and passed away on july 16, 2016, battalion patrick murphy who was with the department from october 1946 until june 1978 he passed away on august 2nd of this year. >> excuse me - >> and deputy chief james olsen who was with the san francisco fire department from
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june 19th63 through january 1996 and passed away august 4th, 2016. >> this meeting is hereby adjourned in their honor thank francisco day, isn't it? >> it is. >> so the grays cathedral played the chimes. the cable cars played, i think it was, i left my heart in san francisco. cable cars half way through the stars. and a typical san francisco day. the fog may chill the air, but we don't care. [applause]. because san franciscan's and all the people that come here as our tourist ,
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they love san francisco and love to celebrate and today we celebrate, tony bennett day! [applause] now, willie, it has been said that in this stage setting, that there is statue of tony bennett. now, you have been away, said you went to the hall of fame, but you and the audience haven't been around, so is that statue in there you? or is it- >> i hope it isn't trump. [applause] >> so, what we came to hear is that the real tony bennett is here and beautiful beautiful wonderful local girl
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from the area here, susan, wonderful wonderful lady. tony has two sons here, danny and day and grand children here and a host of people, but you know, they are itailian so that means a lot, right? and nancy pelosi and paul [inaudible] if we open this later on and find that you know, that it is not tony bennett, there are-i see people over here that are donors and they will want their money back and then some, so--and you know, tony has never said no to us for anything and think someone later will talk about how hew never said no but it occurred to us and thought about celebrating tony to ask him if we can do a statue. he never turned us down and said yes. he has a sculptor in new york but we like local local so
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bruce wolf who is the artist, he has sculted my secretary, george schultz and doing clint eastwood and gaven nusem and lady thatcher and arnold paulmer and turned you down. bruce and grand children and he played basketball. so, willie, you know, san francisco they always say we are a city that knows how and you and i talked about this when we did celebrate tony's 50 anniversary singing that song in the venetian room so we celebrated that and thousands of people came out and said you know what, we need to do something to celebrate tony, so
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a city that knows how, how did we do this? >> well, charlotte, practically everybody that you see in front of you, on the side and all the other places provided the help and resources that allowed us to do what i hope is behind that curtain in the fashion in which it should and can be done only in san francisco. i must tell you, that the city thanks each and every one of you for your generosity. mr. mayor, there is not a public dollar in that statue, or at least i dont think there is. >> no >> i didn't do the book keeping, charlotte did. and it was
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frankly fun, because in the solicitation process, it was done in such an easy manner for charlotte and many of the other people who participated. there was not one turn down. not one turn down. and it started when diane forced dick plumb, to come through. >> and he did >> and he did. came through handsomely. there are so many other dick plumbs. i must tell you that this was driven by the female group that did most of the soliciting for this statue and we in the city are indeed grateful. i don't know any other place in the country where this kind of a city effort could be made on behalf of someone who's branded the city all over the world, all you need to hear is just
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his voice, the loveliness of paris and in any language everybody understands that you instantly are saying, tony bennett in san francisco. a complete brand and tony, we are indeed grateful. [applause] >> and the people that i called, one of the first people was of course the mayor to get permission and he said yes. but, i didn't get a donation from him. but, there is still a opportunity. so, the mayor is here, anita his wonderful wife is here so thank you mayor for bringing out the sun even though we love the fog. mr. mayor please join us. mayor edwin lee. [applause] >> charlotte and mayor brown,
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thank you very much. isn't this a great day for the great city of san francisco! oh, wow! you know, when i became mayor my first meeting with our chief of protocol, charlotte was to tell about all the work we are about to do. a lot of good hard work sfr residents of the city. things i had already been assigned to get done by senator feinstein and willie brown and gaven nusem. one of the things that we talked about the first meeting was, the fact that as we meet these challenges that we are so familiar about, we got to have some fun in the city. we got tobe able to do it with the zest that i think the city is known for. and while i want to solve many of the challenges that we have and we are making great progress, we also need to
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celebrate what is right and what is great about san francisco. what an honor it is to be here with a 19 time grammy award winner who sold over 50 million recordings internationally and he is a artist exextraordinary. he is today, 90 years young. [applause] and what i keep saying over and over again to everyone, he is the ambassador for san francisco. [applause] his song has been that very representation of our city and what it is all about and today i can't think of any better way to
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celebrate tony bennett as we unveil hopefully, this wonderful statue mr. wolf designed. you know, this was 50 years ago the song was first sang right here at the fairmont and it's history we are all celebrating today along with the great tony bennett who continues as charlotte said , keeps giving to our city. a little trivia for you, do you know in the first audience, mayor george christopher was there in the audience the future mayor, mayor joe alota was in the audience when he first sang the song in 1966. joe alota was so charmed by that song, when he became mayor, he had the song adopted as one of the two official anthems for
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san francisco. tony bennett, you helped us share the magic of san francisco around the world. song reminds how and why we love our great city and calls us home when we travel a bit too far. it also calls when we maybe traveled a bit too long from san francisco. when you come back to san francisco, our hearts are lifted. you have helped us celebrate milestones in our history. you reopened us after earthquakes. you brought us back one of the greatest symbols our city, our cable cars. when ever we celebrate and i got to hear this song more often, because that tells us the giants have won. [applause]. we celebrate you here today for your part of our
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city's history and now we immortalize you in bronze so you will be here forever welcoming every person to our great city. of course now i get to do something senator and former mayor brown have always done in their life time but now i get to do it to officially declare today august 19, 2016, tony bennett day in san francisco! [applause] you know, in 2012 we had the great opportunity honoring townie with the key to the city, our highest haun urbut this time around working with all you here, i want to say a personal thank you for every one of you who supported the idea and donated to fairmont as well. each and every one of you. in
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creating this bronze statue, we know you couldn't put it back in your suitcase and take it home, tony, so we want to make sure that you'll be very happy to leave it here along with your heart to show everybody the love that you have shown the city. tony bennett, congratulations and happy great birthday from san francisco! [applause] and i know yet another great mayor of this city and certainly our senator, one that continues to leave her heart in the city and certainly make sure i do what i to make sure the city continues to be the great place it is, that is our own senator, senator diane feinstein. [applause] >> thank you very much mayor
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lee. [inaudible] my pal charlotte schultz, the one and only willie brown. the leader of the giants who has done so much to bring glory to san francisco. [applause] distinshuished speaker who is very unusual in that this is a woman in a very difficult and divided time. has been able to really constructively put together those programs which have been become law in our nation and that is nancy pelosi. [applause] obviously, i welcome the distinshuished person about whom this sculpture will be dedicated. i want to take you back to 1873. a man by the name of holiday, was standing below a hill when
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he watched a street car driven by 4 horses fall backwards off the hill. excuse me, 5 horses. they were all killed and he decided to look for something to replace those horse driven street cars. and of course, this was the system. well, it wasn't on and on and on , and it began to deteriorate and there was refurbishing. in 1947 led by a woman named by [inaudible] who some remember with great fondness placed a referendum on the ballot to block then mayor roger lapins plans to eliminate the cable cars. the cable cars were saved by a vote of 75 to 25 percent by the
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voters. [applause] [bells]. and we had a nob nab in my day. do you remember carl payne? carl payne used to sing any song on that bell and for 10 or 12 years, he was the number one winner of every cable car contest. back to the different world, in 1978 proposition 13 passed and the city lost one half of its revenues. thanks to the then speaker the legislature who in the front row today, he was able to bring back some of those lost revenues in something called assembly 6, was it willie? 6. san francisco recovered somewhat, but not entirely. in the early 80's, we were able to
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secure from the bush administration, this was a day of bipartisanship, a 49 million dollar grant to rehabilitation the cable cars. what was missing was the $10 million city match and we didn't have the money and so i one day put a call and said, we are going to raise $10 million from the private sector. candtly i didn't know where it would come from. it was early 80's and a lot of residing trauma in the city and in my office walked ken dur, then the chairman of chevron and he said madam mayor, i would like chevron to be the first contributor and we contribute a million dollars. i did the only logical thing when i had him in the room to say ken, would you now chair a committee to raise the additional $9 million? and he
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did it. and we 20 thousand contributions that were small and another 4 big ones of a million dollars each from various corporations and companiesism japanese companies essentially gave $2 million to this effort. so, it was one of the real instances of corporate participation in the city's wellbeing. so, we were able to get the cable care grants and the cable cars were restored. 39 were restored. the big problem was the cable. most people don't know but this cable has hemp inside of it. it has to be such that the grip can grab the cable and hang on to the cable, so there is a particular consistency. it is expensive. it came from france. but we got that and we
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got it done. so today, we look out at that cable car and it isn't quite half way to the stars, but it is certainly is very very special. ladies and gentlemen, i want to thank everybody that helped with this skepture for our beloved tony bennett. charlotte and i remember him down at market street when the cable cars went back into operation after the rehabilitation and he has been there every sense and he really has put the cable car on the international list of historic sites to see. so, thank you tony for being here. thank you for helping us and thank you all my pals who have down so much to make this possible. thank you. and now, i like to introduce the regional vice president and general manager the fairmont hotel, new
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to the city, boston irish from boston paul tormy. paul, would you come up, please? [applause] >> i didn't know the senator would say i'm new to the city but i'm new. nice to meet you. i'm paul tormy the regional vise president and general manager the hotel which makes be beyaunds words proud to stand here and be the latest in keeper for this place is amazing. a career highlight for myself and family thank you, it is wonderful to be here rchlt on behalf of all the people here today who contributed to make this a special event i appreciate it t and want to thank the team the fairmont san francisco along with charlotte and her folks that made this happen. they worked to make sure you have a wonderful event today but thank you to the team. we are thrilled to
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welcome mr. bennett and his wife susan. toneo tony you are a regular guest. when mr. bennett checks in it isn't the normal make a hole to the star. he says hello and knows peoples names and pure gentlemen and hope you will forever thing of this as a home away from home. you are a vital chapter in the history the hotel. not just my team at the fairmont san francisco but all the fairmonts around the world who know this event is happening today, thank you for your support. 1945 the fairmont serviceed as the unifiication of the unit nations charter. the flags to my right represent the nations that were here in attendance to sign that wonderful document. we since that time welcomes countless dignitaries, queens, kings rock stars and really great singers from new york and all
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those respected figures. mr. bennett above all of them served as the number one ambusder do the hotel and san francisco. you made it a can't miss destination in the united states and world and thank you for that because it helps our occupancy tremendously. we also-sorry. everyone knows mr. bennett sang his first public rendition of left my heart in san francisco here in venetian room in san francisco of 1961 and since 50 years ago he is responsible if making sure people come to see the building. with the statue we know we will get more customers coming to see it and get their pictures in front of de. we also is a tony bennett suite in the hotel. it is beautiful and adorned with mr. bennetts wonderful paintings. he is quite a artist. we have his paintings
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in the hotel and thank you for making the beautiful building more marvelous. the suite is occupied today but it will be available in the future if you choose to look out for it. mr. bennett on behalf of myself and family and colleagues 550 some odd, happy birthday. welcome back to san francisco. with that, i like to introduce mr. larry baer, president and ceo of the world champion san francisco giants. >> thank you paul. welcome to town, paul. i happen to be a 4th generation san franciscan, so we have book ends a little. in fact, i can think of no more appropriate place than the fairmont hotel, my parents were married here in 1954 in the fairmont
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hotel and to me it is really the iconic facility and hotel in san francisco so thank you for providing all your support and predecessors and company because this will be a very very special location. um, do we have any giants fans here? [applause]. i'm here to say if you are a giants fan you are a tony bennett fan. i think many know but i like to take a second to relay the deep connection between tony bennett and the san francisco giants. there was a time and speaker pelosi and senator feinstein and mayor lee remember this time in 1992, where the giants all most moved to florida. all most moved. a wonderful group of civic leaders got together, mayor brown was very much a part of this as well for us, and group of civic leaders got together and saved
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the team. 1993 rolls around, opening day in 1993, who was there to sing on opening day when the giants were saved tony bennett at candle stick park. and i have to admit to something, though we had wonderful participants like tim [inaudible] and matt cane and buster posey, thrfs something in common that occurred in 2010, 2012, and 2014 during the post season. do you know what that was? tony bennett sang at the ball park before a post season game and good things happened in 2010, 2014 and 2012 of course. more importantly what happens after every giants win
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during the regular season for the last 25 years? tony-that is correct. i left my heart in san francisco. tony, you're san francisco royalty. we look forward to tonight at the ball park where we will have a small group of 41,000 people singing happy birthday to you. we have a special surprise that is going to be a new feature after every win that when you come to the game tonight you'll be able to see and be presented in conjunctions with tony's birthday. we go by your beautiful heart at union scare that you actually designed and sculpted that benefit san francisco general and hearts campaign. we are inspired by all you do as a person and for the city and for the special communities around the country. thank you for everything. as far as we are concerned you are
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number one san francisco giants forever. thank you. [applause] now i like to call on our great friend and great leader, speaker nancy pelosi. [applause] >> thank you very much larry baer for your great leadership of the san francisco giants! go giants! what a honor it is to be here to speak on a occasion of such specialness for our city of san francisco because it spells out so clearly what a sense of community we all have. senator feinstein spoke about the cable cars, the mayor-mayor brown about how we all pull together around issues. our dear mayor lee spoke about again
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working together san francisco remains an effective place, but we want to keep san francisco fun. the giants do a great job for us there and it is great honor to be here at the fairmont where so many unifying things happened and know the [inaudible] family is very proud of that as well. we welcome you and pam as well. what a time it is. charlotte schultz is probably the best person in the world i think. i just love her so much. thank you charlotte for working your magic and working your magic on tony. now, let me talk about tony a little bit. first of all, when tony was singing here in 1961 and just shortly there after is when paul pelosi and i started dating on the east coast and my family in baument more every time they heard tony sing i left my heart in san francisco, so
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sudective was the song and his voice they celt saying i think we will move to san francisco. paul pelosi had that as part of his courtship tony, and that is why he was happy to doinate to the statue here today. we are here to dedicate a statue to a great american entertainer, performer. but let me tell you more about tony bennett and i have taken pride from a young girl and all the way to advance stage of life in the fact he is italian american. we take pride in that. in san francisco tony, we are a italian american city. we are divided into italian american and those that want to be italian american. in world war 2 did you know tony bennett fought in the battle of the bullage and he was part of the effort to free the concentration camp following the war. protecting
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america. protecting america. a true american patriot. that was then and now he continues to protect america with his voice against violence following the trag aedss we have seen by gun violence, he is a leader in protecting the american people. a true patriot and true humanitarian. did you know he matched in selma with martin luther king in 1965? 1965. and has been declared by the martin luther king library as one of their great awardees. did you know that the un designated tony bennett a world-a citizen of the world for his efforts for
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humanitarian. and his efforts blossomed further with susan and i think that his passion for i left my heart in san francisco increased when he met and married susan. [inaudible] assuming the italian name and her parents are here. what they do together exploring the arts for children, for children to gain confidence, to learn through the arts. establishing the frank sinatra school of arts in queens and visited and seen great work there. not only that, all over the country opening that door to creativity and the arts. an artist himself in addition to singing. did you know at least 3 paintings are on display at the smith toneian institution and written 4 books? this is a man of greatness, of excellence, of creativity. and then of
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course, patriot, humanitarian, one the greatest singers. frank sinatra said he has the best voice. i don't know what you think of frank [inaudible] you have been at the top of charts in ever decades since the 50, 60, 70, 80, 90. 7 decades at the fop of the charts. sung for 11 president so far. pretty soon he will sing for a woman president. [applause] you name it, any grammy kennedy center he received them all for being the great musical icon of the worlds and so tony, you bring luster to san francisco by accepting this honor. we feel very proprietary about you and susan and thank
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you for allowing us again and again to honor you and it means a lot to us that you associate, i left my heart in san francisco with the san francisco giants. go giants! and for all he has done, all he has accomplished, he has assured us of one thing again and again, the best is yet to come! [applause] [music playing]
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>> please welcome san francisco boys chorus san francisco girls chorus conducted by valerie saint agot.
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[singing] [i left my heart in san francisco] [applause]
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>> and now mr. bennett, the moment we have all been waiting for. [drum roll]
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>> [applause] >> [inaudible] that is the most beautiful statue. it will live in my heart forever. thank you for being so wonder ful to me. i will never
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forget this day. thank you very very much. [applause] >> what do you think? look at it. tony, we know you celebrated your birthday in new york, that other town. you know, they lit the empireb state building red white and blue and colored of the italian flagm we know your favorite color is blue. we are lighting city hall and coit tower blue. we would like to have a wonderful party here for you for your birthday, so shall we sing happy birthday? >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy
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birthday, dear mr. bennett, happy birthday to you. >> and i think-susan and dana and day, and the niece and nephews, please join us for the birthday cake which is a replica of your heart, not your heart but your painted heart in union square. should we come over here? susan, come on up. ny and day, and the
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niece and nephews, please join us for the birthday cake which is a replica of your heart, not your heart but your painted heart in union square. should we come over here? susan, come on up. we cut the piece of cake. should we all sing happy birthday again? okay. >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday mr. bennett, happy birthday to you. [applause] >> so, happy birthday tony and the mayor saying this is tony bennett day and also have the key to the
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city so you can park where you want to and have drinks where you want to but don't call me, call him. the day is only beginning because the giants wonderful party this evening where we will win, win, win. and tomorrow evening at the venetian room tony has a wonderful generosity will do a show that benefits the tony benefit fund forpede atric care of zuckerburg hospital. [applause] and tony and susan's as we refer to by nancy, schools for the arts, mr. mayor, they are going to come here, right? yes. they are in los angeles and new york and for some reason there is a bureaucracy or something here. could you get anita on this? okay. so, happy birthday and
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everybody eat cake. thank you all for being here on this wonderful sunshiney day of tony bennett day in san francisco, and >> thank you for joining us [inaudible] inspired by mr. bennetts duet said album. please enjoy and have a great day.
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>> good afternoon, party people. want to welcome you back to san francisco employment retirement system. i hope you are excited to be here, as i am. i'm malia cohen, the newly reelected body. iment to introduce brian stansbury, our new vice president of the body and i like to begin with the pledge of allegiance. please join me in rising and place your right hand over your heart. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >>


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