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tv   Local Agency Formation Commission LAF Co 72916  SFGTV  September 6, 2016 12:05am-1:31am PDT

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>>[gavel] >>good morning today is july 29, 2016 welcome to the local agency formation commission my name is john avila's i am the chair of the commission i am joined by supervisor crews and supervisor mar and supervisor
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campos. >> mme. clerk would you please call the first item.>>item 1 is the call to water and [roll call vote] which we've arrayed done >>okay item 2. >item 2 is approval of the lafco minutes from the meeting of june 13, 2016. >>do we have any public comment? unless there is a
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ghost in here than i don't think they were going to have any public comment. i will close public comment. can i please have a motion and a second? we have a motion and a secondthe minutes of july 13, 2016 are approved. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk please read item 3. >>item 3 is that community choice aggregation activities report by barbara hale and jason fried. >>good morning, barbara hale.
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this is the lowest top-down rate that we have seen so far. >>great, do you know any reasons that people do opt out when they do? >>we have had a lot of interest
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in the program and we are seeing a lot of commitment to it. the super green participation is also good. the rate of participation in our super green program is currently 3%. we are continuing to promote the super green offering that is the 100% renewable offering and we will send out a notice soon to our existing customers to encourage our friend and neighbors to join the super green portfolio as well. and, we will be doing an advertising campaign in the fall to specifically promote the super green sign up in our next enrollment in districts five and eight. so, speaking of the next enrollment we have 561 customers that have signed up for august enrollment. most of those sign-ups are residential. 78% is super
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green and 28%have signed up for our super green offering. we are finalizing our notice for our next renewal period you may recall that when we previously surveyed the city that districts five and eight were areas that showed a 500% renewable product and when they start the product they will start there instead of having to start in green and make a second step to super green. please sign up for this enrollment please sign up for this by august 1. we have launched a
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bill calculator on our website so that customers can look at their existing pge bill and see what their existing bill should look like as they consider the cleanpowersf option so we are hoping that will help the awareness and the understanding of our program. we also have put a bill tutorial on the last program to help customers understand theirbill. we have a bill comparison by sb 790 that is put together collaboratively by the california public utilities commission, and the public
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advisory staff the comparison shows an average. we are also putting together a category to [inaudible] we are excited to go out on the market and get some more renewable n action to approvean increase in the power, as you may call this when we planned the program, the first enrollment period in
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may had pre-enrolled to meet about 30 mw of average demand the second was set to occur this fall and was planned at an additional 20 and it is that combinationthat 30 and 20 that got us to 50 mw focusing mostly on enrollment in residential customers. during program planning we use a 20% projected opt out rate for those two enrollments. however, because our opt out rate is much lower that 1.6% that i mentioned instead of 20 we are forecasting that enrolling that additional megawattsso we went to the commission and said this was the road we are on and we
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sought the authority and wehad an increase of approximately 20 mw as we had initially planned assuming we can meet the policy requirements in conjunction with the business policy practices we adopted in december and the commission also approved an increase to 75 mw. assuming we enroll 20 mw in our enrollment period that is an exciting growth to share
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with you. >>a few years ago when we talked about initializing cleanpowersf we were talking about 30 mw? >>our first enrollment that happened in may was 30 and then our third was 20 and thatwas 20 and if we had went forward with 20 we would exceed our 50 so we had to go to the commission and say alright, do we scale back our plan of 20 to make the total match 50 or may we have more authority? and, they opted for more authority so that is, staff is also
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working on a growth plan to help us identify all of the options to continue to expand the service citywide and we are working to have that completed by the end of this year and finally the puc action authorizes the general manager to negotiate and execute additional contracts for the energy suppliesnecessary for that 75 mw average demand which will allow us to expand beyond that 50. >>and so, when we want to look at the sufficient renewable supplies to get beyond 50 we don't have to put an rfp or an rfq out again we can actually, since we have people lined up from the first one, they can be available to help us with that is that correct? >>that is correct. we are going out into the market for a short-term contract so, we are using the standard industry contract so were using a western systems power pool contract and procuring a short-term supply to meet that in the near term and as we expand beyond this next enrollment we will be initiating another competitive
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procurement process for additional power. and hope to be procuring some longer-term power some longer-term renewable power. >>great, thank you. >>so that is my update on the cleanpowersf operating activities. in terms of legislating activities item b, on this item we are continuing to work with the public utilities commission there are number of economics that affect this program as you know what that pca is among them and we also recently saul, i'm sure as did you that pg & e has announced they will be closing them miablo canyon and there is
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other interest in the california power market of how pg&e is can replace that part of the power that they need. part of the reason that pg&e is said they are going to close diablo canyon is because there use is lower than they had expected and primarily because there will be more programs implemented in their service territory which will reduce their generation needs. so, they are knowledge and that they will have to replace all
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200 mw and the talking about having the community choice aggregation customers help pay for some of that power so we deftly have a strong interest in that and we deftly have a strong part in that and the whole part of cleanpowersf is that we would have local control and decision-making over those decision choices that we will be working with the commission and other community choice aggregation operators to shape our positions at the california puc on that issue. >>great, thank you. commissioner crews. >>thank you for that update. i have received a notice from
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cleanpowersf asking if i felt that my energy was cleaner and i would like to reply that it feels cleaner. and i would like also over the upcoming august break there will be a little bit of time before we hear what is going on at the state puc and wondering if we should keep in contact with you over the break or if you think anything will be coming down the pike in terms of the near-term? >>pg&e had initially said they would make a filing i believe it was this week but they are going to put that off. we will not see anything filed i pg&e for a bit of time now so it is kind of a moving target as what they are really proposing. i
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don't mean to say that is a negative. that is a positive if they are open to talking to folks about how to shape their proposal in a way that folks would be happier with, that is a good thing. and so, we will be reporting to our commission in the absence of activity here while the break is happening at city hall it will be happening at their commission so we will be happy to share that information with you. >>or, we can just pop by at your commission meetings. do you foresee any impacts or changes that are being tossed around in terms of changing the puc structure?do you know what i'm talking about? >> i assume you're talking about the california governor's
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changes that he is envisioning? i haven't seen anything yet i think the overall basis for it is positive. >>kind of cleaning house a little bit. >> trying to address some of those concerns of transparency and so forth but i have been seen any activity on that. >>jason fried, executive officer, a couple things that i would want to point out is am very glad that the commission did move forward so that we could allow the program to get a little bit bigger so we weren't scaling back on the residential program. one thing that i would like to point out is that last week a notice was
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sent out encouraging those sent out to super green and of course any of your environmental groups are target so i'm hoping these numbers will jump up a little bit over the course of the next week as people start getting those emails and start clicking on the buttons. just a reminder, august 1is monday so you need to sign up this weekend in order to enter this phase of those customers i really encourage people to sign up with cleanpowersf if you want to be part of that enrollment process. and also i wanted to let you know commissioner crews
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that i will keep you posted and if we need a little bit of help i will talk to the chair and if there is intention needed or a letter needed or a specifichelp but you're welcome to go to the puc we come i attend each one. >>i'm up for a field trip. >> i'm going to open public comment. but there's no one in here but also going to close public comment
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>>[gavel] >>next item please. >>item >>item 4 is the final report on the study on what the city and county of san francisco can do to help to increase voter turnout. >>do we have any questions or comments? commissioner crews >> i think we should motion to accept it. >> so that we have a motion from commissioner crews and a second from commissioner mar. so we will pass this without
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objection. >>[gavel] >>next item please. >>next item is the executive officer's report >> we are opening up public comment and seeing no onecoming forward we will close public comment. >>item number si
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>> thank you everybody for coming to frick academy today and welcome. before we start the rest the speaking program i want to acknowledge elected afilthss with us today. first [inaudible] rob bonta who
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represents us in the california state legislature. [applause] if you are a oakland council member please stand. [applause] school board member please stand. [applause] and next our friend from san francisco, i know you have stuff on the bridge on the way over but welcome. sfusd school board members, please stand. [applause] now it is my pleasure to wem come to the pedium san francisco mayor, ed lee. [applause] >> gladiators! alright! thank
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you very much for inviting me to join your administration here and students. how is everybody today? welcome back >> student school. little late but bebeening of school time and didn't think you know you would have friends from san francisco visiting here. glad to be here and school board members to join. elected officials to joun your elected officials. when i see and look around and see the people i can stand with, wow, it is amazing. you know that congresswoman barbara lee? she is my sister! she my sister! we belong to
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the same family association. that's right. all of us in elected office generally speaking i think there are moments in our time when we are struggling with a lot of decisions we have to make, but those moments where collaboration of many groups of people whether they are resident, parents, school board members, principles, teachers, advocates and kids, we all come together and make a decision together about what is good and when we make a decision that involves our business community, those are great moments. and today, is one of those great moments because we get to share with you something that we have been doing in the city of san francisco about 3 years. we got to work-first of all, if you know one of our companies in san francisco called sales force one of the
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most successful technology comps companies in the city and whole region. yes, world wide. they do something in the clouds. about 4 years ago, mark [inaudible] sat down with me and asked me a question that i will never ever forget. you ever have those times where people ask a question and say i didn't know they cared that much. he asked me what do i really want to do, not what i'm obligated to do and having to do every day. fill pot holes and headache sure people are safe and make sure people get jobs and housing. what do you really want to do. in that couple hours conversation in his house and joined by lynn [inaudible] because she is a big heart in san francisco. thank you lynn. he asks me
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what do you really want to do and i got me to thinking, i got a good education growing up and people helped me along to get me a very good solid foundation in education, i think that when youth and families succeed in our cities, our cities succeed. talking about both oakland and san francisco. we began on the path of what really was important to me and i think the best education publicly that we can provide for our kids and familys is the think thing i want to get and really most important. in that conversation, we identified and got in with school board member hide rumendoza and others to talk. hid ruis here and is my liaiz on through the school. board. richard [inaudible] our super intendant who is wide
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open with ideas how to help our schools and look at data and said, schools like yours today right here, frick impact academy, middle schools is where we were most challenged so we began the middle school initiative and had the conversation and made investment, 4th year, 3 years later we got millions of dollars invested but much morethen am money is the collaboration with the principles because i want them to not have to reach into their own pockets. three years ago no middle school in san francisco was wifi. can you believe that? we had to correct that. we had to get
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tablets and training stof the teachers and had to do it in a way where the teachers said, mayor lee recollect what are you doing? you are not trying to take over the schools are you? no, i'm trying to help the kids and families in our schools and the only way i can see forward in how to do it in the claberate thing is to say, what would bring each teacher and principle back to their very first year they decided to go into public education. because there are other reasons not to and sometimes those reasons pop up every day. too challenging and people not paying attention and the state and cutting luft and right. if we listen to every principle and all the teachers in the middle school tell us what they needed to be successful help the kids advance and list toon
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the super intentdant what the data is telling us. math and science. by the way, the jobs just a few years athround corner, depend you have a better stem education. science, technology, engineering, math. so, all of that catalyst comes and 4 years later our 8 graders are performing the bestz and the urban school district is the best. our middle grade teachers and principles are at the top of the their feeling and they feel it. they feel it. [applause]. this is something we got to share with oakland. because if oakland succeeds san francisco succeeds tooment it happens both ways. we are not a island in the city, we are a regional partnership. barbara knows thatd, congresswoman lee knows that. we as elected officials know that. this investment is
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more than the money, it is about believing in our kids and as i share with your mayor, because what companies like sales force want to really do is be more than just a successful company, they want to be partners with government. partners with parents. partners with other companies. partners with the school district because we want to not find our talent, we want to grow our talent. and your growing as a talent we'll recruit from each and all of you, you will be talent i'm looking for. we are look frg a police chief, a fire chief, a department head or ceo, or any of the great jobs that you can think of, you're the talent pool we want to invest in and you're our investment. i want to say that is how we
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approached this middle grades initiative that now today we get to wonderfully share with the city of oakland and want to take the opportunity to introduce you to your own mayor, someone who is tremendous colleague of mine and inspired me in san francisco to do better and that is of course, mayor libby schaaf. [applause] >> oh, wow! now, i am so proud to be the mayor of my home town, oakland california! and in honor of sales force, we did something in oakland we don't usually do, we ordered clouds. get it? cloud computing.
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joke. [laughter] mayor lee brought his weather with him from san francisco. seriously, i'm so excited to be the mayor of your city, of your city. frick students. let me talk in very clear specifics about what is happening today because i want you all to remember this day. sales force is supporting the san francisco public schools for 3 years now. this is their 4th year. but this is the first year, the first year they have brought that support to oakland as well. [applause] when i say support, do you all like money over here, young people? [cheers] when i say support, i'm talking about 2
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and $2 and a half million 2 and $2 and a half million. [applause] and i just want to recognize that is on top of some personal support that mark and lynn have been generously giving to this community and particularly its children. i want to recognize the head of our incredible ucsf childrens hospital in oakland burt lubeen is in the house and also the generous gift to the brilliant baby strategy of the oakland [inaudible] i will talk about in a second. what has the $2.5 million done it allowed us to reach 4 times as many public school student with computer science instruction. it is allowing us to bring this very innovative program called, blue print that will be give small
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group instruction to bust out your math skills. anyone have mad love for math over here? [applause] i love people that have smart at math. it will also give mrs. ruby who i heard made a big impression at mark's house when you came, it kill give her a innovation fund. because she is innovative and we trust her to just do great things with it. i want to be clear, this level of support is not just for frick, it is also going to benefit brett heart middle school, life academy and colosseum college prep academy in oakland. [applause] the last thing that this investment is doing is opening our first
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oakland promise middle school fuch were centers. [applause] i have here two of our fabulous ambassadors for the oakland promise, valen tina and cynthia adams from naacp. the oakland promise-i want you to know about this because you are the first been fish areas of this. we know this will triple the number of oakland student who graduate from college prepared for the career of your dream jz don't do this like other programs programs like a college scholarship. we create a college bound culture from the moment you are born. from had moment you start kindergarten. we will give
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college savings accounts at the earliest years but we need to touch young people at critical moment of lives to tell them we expect you to finish high school and to finish college. we are here to put our money where our mouths are and say, we will provide you with the resources to do that, with the skills to do that. your whole community is behind your achievement here in oakland. [applause] so i want you to know this man right here, he created a great company but he knew it was important to give back and so because of his sales force, not only are we quadrooping the number of students getting computer science instruction we up the mact sfruckz and opening our first fuper centers in the middle school frz oakland
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promise. these are career and college hubs where student get to tour colleges and find out about thaur options. why you need to stay and do well in school because of the fantastic future that is in front of you. alright. now, i also just want to recognize that this is part of a new regionalism movement. now, i want you to remember this day not because of $2.5 million, you need to also remember it because more valuable than the $2.5 million hch what is more valable than money? love is more valuable than money and more valuable than $2.5 million is sales force employ ease will give you 20 thousand hours of volunteer time. [applause] nothing is more valuable than that. i
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want to give a quick shout to the oakland police department mentors who are meantering in this school. that is love. i want to give a shout out to one of your most distinshuished alumni, a tony, tony, tony fan, mr. dewayne wigans the house and graduate of frick. if there is one thing to remember we can accomplish great things when we work together so you heard mayor ed lee talk about how well we work toorkt, this is regionalism. sale force recognizes we can't just help oakland. this is a incredible region you live in. there are the amazing career opportunity in the world right here. he isn't just taking care the city where his company is, he knows
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oakland is part of his home too so you are part of oakland and bay area region and somebody who is a incredible cus toneian and leader in the region, she speaks for me and that is fabulous congresswoman, barbara lee. thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much. first, good afternoon gladiators! let me just say to you first of all, you all are awesome. [inaudible] your teachers, so are your board members and city council members. but it is because of you that we all are here today to absolute you and to absolute mark and absolute all of our leaders who are really making your futures secure. let me take a moment to thank ow mayor, schaaf. she
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has shone all us her first priority is children and young people so thank you libby for staying the course. budgetary constraints you are her priority so it is a honor and pleasure to be here representative and my mayor and by brothers mayor. mayor ed lee. good to see you on this side of the bay. thank you to your leadership and super intendants. give mayor lee a round of applause. our super intendant and mayors have emphasized the importance working together. many of the gladiators ask me if i know president obama and i told you yes. many of us here know the president but you know what, more importantly he cares about you and your future and he
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championed computer science for all, which we will get past and done on your behalf. yes, president obama lovers and cares about you and cares about future. i cochair tech 2020 and we are working with mark and sales force to make sure stem education and what you need to prepare for joboffs the future you have now. we have tothank everybody for their commitment and investment not only at the local and state and national level but the private sector and all our foundations. especially let me talk to you just a little and want to share about mark with you because he is the ceo of sales force and head of sales force: my
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communication staffer used to work for sales force and was well trained and now works for me so thank you mark very much. mark is really made this project possible because he is someone who understand the importance of community and empowering student to succeed. committed member of the communalty and has been for many years. many have seen oracle so he was with oracle and applied skills and successs to make our community safer and healthier and more equal. this started of course oracles promise which is a foundation to bring technology into schools so all children have the vital computer skills, all of you, the computer skills to succeed. mark learned quickly this wasn't enough to just start a foundation. he inventioned something much bigger which you heard about
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today, but it is a company where giving back wasn't a afterthought, but it is a port of the overall mission and principles. when mark founded sales force, he created and [inaudible] told me about this it was a one, one, one, model. that means, committing one percent of equity, one percent of employee time, and one percent of product. to sever you and the community and that was visionary and far reaching and want other companies to do the same thing. mark, give mark a round of applause because he is a visionary and trend setter and we know because we work with him and other companies and know how advanced mark is making sure all of you have access to equity and to employee time and to the product. mark doesn't
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just talk the talk, he walks the walk. personally and professionally. also, of course you know our beautiful -ucsf [inaudible] childrens hospital in oakland california, my children used it go to childrens hospital, now it is [inaudible] childrens hospital which you have the privilege to use when you are sick and it is a great hospital and thank you bert for your leadership with that. we really appreciate it. [applause] we have seen mark [inaudible] doing wonder ful work in san francisco but yes in oakland also so we want to welcome and greet you to east oakland to our gladiators school and to a community that deserves this but more importantly want to thank very much for helping make the dreams of our gladiators and so
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many others come true. give mark a round of applause and thank you again. >> let's hear it for congresswoman lee. that was awesome. well, how are you guys doing? are you bored yet or still have your attention? how are the taco trucks is that a good idea? alright. first of all, i want to thank you for coming here today for this incredible event and also want to thank all the sales force employees i see including rob acer. will all the sales force group employees stand up and be recognized? we are happy to have all them here. [applause] you know, sales force employee means you get to come to frick middle school, it also means you go to a lot of middle
1:15 am
schools because you get 4 hour as month paid to go to the middle school, sish days a year paid time off to be with 24 kids and all 25,000 sale force employees world wide get the 6 days paid off for volunteerism. that is something we came up with and why i'm so excited to see so many here. we also decided to make sure we get technology and products and the things you need to be successful in this forth industrial revolution going on and that is why we are giving another 8 and $8 and a half million and it is all most $25 million to the schools. it is really just the beginning. [applause] because what we want to do is make sure that all of
1:16 am
these great middle schools here in oakland and in san francisco are the best middle schools in the country. [applause] now, there is only one question, are you guys ready to be the best middle school in the country? [cheers and applause] i think you have tobe a lot louder. are you ready to be the best middle school in the country? that is all we want. we want you to be the best school and have the best education and to get on the road to success. i'll tell you, work wg mayor lee and work wg mayor schaaf and super intendened coronsa and [inaudible] congresswoman lee and all the people here, that is all we want. we want to make sure that you have the best education possible and just as libby said, we want to make sure that you also get off
1:17 am
to college and graduate and have a great career. and then we want it you to come back and make oakland even better and san francisco even better. you may be surprised to see the mayors of oakland and san francisco here. the super intendantf ooakland and san francisco here and i'll tell you why that is. you cannot have a successful san francisco without a successful oakland mpt that is number 1. [applause]. and so as we are planning this, it has been a pleasure to have these great principles of oakland like dee tie and all the great principles of san francisco coming together, sharing best practices and saying we can work together to create better schools and that is what this is all about. so, it is another step on the journey that is what is exciting and think everyone add soles force knows how committed we are and
1:18 am
this program is very successful. the test scores in san francisco are up, attendance rates are up, am idal schools are stronger than ever and that is what weit is all about and do the same in oakland and we are deeply committed to all of you and deeply grateful to everyone who came. thank you for being here and can't be more excited to take the great next step for all these great schools. thank you. [applause] >> thank you mr. been off, mark, thank you for your commitment. my name is [inaudible] serve as super intendant of san francisco unified. superinant [inaudible] i was making sure you are paying attention. just making sure. we don't have a rap for you. check out this rap, so 3 years ago, this
1:19 am
industry leader came to us and said, we are going to tell you what you are going do and give you funding for it. what he did is went to the principles and our mayor and to super intendant and sat and said what do you want to do. the outcome is you have to be the best school district in theination what does it take to get there and it was a conversation that developed and we are so forninate that we now in year 4 of our relationship and partnership with sales force and by a long shot, one the best parts of that relationship is our sales force employees that spend time in the schools and classrooms. all of the students here today, and i want you to listen to this for a minute. when the going gets tough and you think why am i in school i want you to look at
1:20 am
super intendant wilson. i want you to look at super intend of san francisco because i look like some of you. [speaking spanish] i didn't speak english either and now we get to do this thing be super intend squnts educators. look at your mayor who didn't grow up in a silver spoon and community advocate and congresswoman. we want you to to center what we didn't have. i have one more day on the job so i can say this, what mr. ben off and sale force is doing is change california education because until the state ofical considers public education as a investment rather than a expense, think about that, rather than a expense we have to do but think of public education in the investment in
1:21 am
the future workforce and technology of our great state, until they do that and think about that you will have luminaries like mark ben off and others that say we get the bigger picture. by our very very humble investment we will allow you-let me tell you what happened in san francisco, we developed a pre-k 12 computer [inaudible] you will hear talking about kindergarten code, we want computer science because that is who mr. ben off will hire. computer scientist who can apply the math and science. we reduced class sizes and bring parents together and able to createi labs, the principles who is leading a revolution in a middle school, the namesake of which gets me shokeed up, martin luther king middle
1:22 am
school principle michael [inaudible] they pooled their money in in the private industly you can be innovative and some work and some don't work. in public education because hof the scrutiny and accountability for the public dollar we don't get to try thing jz say they won't work. bhaut this investment has done is given the principles and community the tublt try stuff out and when they tried stuff out lots worked. the innovation lab and maker spaces and pooling the money and creating welcome centers. creating classes student can take internship jz go into the workforce and see i can do this work too. i 92 ed to apply myself in school. that is the game changer for us and here to tell you my brother jz sister in oakland, there is no way we can be successful in san
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francisco if you are not absolutely hitting it out of the park in oakland. we are with you and we already collaborated on our common core math implementation and doing things better, we are diagnose things different and where across the state of california people say what are the people in oakland and san francisco doing with math instruction. we have the proof that it is actually teaching kids at a higher deeper level so take that. [applause] more than anything, what i want to say to all you here and especially mr. beenoff because you don't find corporate philanthropy that takes time to listen, i want to say thank you for listening and investing in our future, thank you for investing in those people that come to work every day with nothing but the best intentions for rour o urxhern rchlt my brother from another mother, super intendant an
1:24 am
twaun wilson. he knows where you have been and will show you where you can go. my last comment before i turn it over to the man the hour because we are in his house. thank you an twaun for inviting us in your district. i want to introduce interim super intendant [inaudible] thank you for stepping up and taking on the responsibility for us. [applause]. in case you want today know, he is also related to congresswoman lee and mayor lee. just spells the name a little differently. it soofamily affair here. i want to say oakland stay strong, stay proud and stay learnen and san francisco like tony bennett said, you know where my heart is. here is super intendant an twaun wilson. give it up, this is your super intendant. let's hear it!
1:25 am
>> good afternoon frick impact academy. how are you doing today? i will tell you i will be brief. i know that will help you. i know you are excited to go back to doors and get to learning. i want to say a few thank yous. i want to appreciate marx and sales force and all the employees. you can be doing anything but you chose to invest in oakland and be here and be support said for our students and examples for the students. thank you. it makes a trumendss difference in the district. i appreciate the mayor and city. i it think is important it the future the city rests in the young people and investzment in young people. it is important to actually act that out and have the mayor invest in oakland promise and say do everything
1:26 am
we can from the moment young people are born to the moment they get a successful career. that is putting the actions with the lip service and say we believe it can happen and we will do something about it. the mayor has invested and raised money and had council members do the same. appreciate our school board. school board saying we want to do more. what we have been doing isn't good enough. we are pleased with the fact we made progress we need to go faster. we need to do more which means prur sue every opportunity and this is making sure student have access to the best that is available. it is really exciting to hear mark say we want to make sure there is among the best districts in the wrurld because that is exactly what we need if we provide young people with the opportunity to be successful. i want to appreciate the school leaders because after my conversation with mark he asked to speak to school leaders and
1:27 am
i knew when he met the school leaders he would see this is a place to invest and leaders and talented and believe in the young people. they are also leading a group of teachers, educations and want to appreciate the teachers. both for your rapping skills [applause] and also what you do every day coming in and making a difference for your young people. i was here before the start the school year before you were here getting ready for the start of the school year and appreciate that. just a fewthis i want to share and turn to impact and that is real numbers. we talked about computer science, the impact, it is making a differerance and important to understand this, to do well in computer science you need to not be afraid and step into the classroom and raise your hand and not with aeroeif you have the answer
1:28 am
correct and say this is what i think the answer is and why i think it st. the answer. in order to do that you have to have investment and support. in oakland, this year, going from this year to last year to this year, we have 2853 secondary students enrolled in computer science. laest year there was 685. [applause] what this investment will do is help accelerate that number because investment in middle schools. this year middle school 621 student enrolled in computer science, 4 times the number of last year so excited about tha. that will allow the investment in the schools to accelerate the work and we want the outcomes sf has seen. increased graduation and achievement and see the student graduate and go to college so
1:29 am
take advantage of the center up stairs and the tutoring here and to help you tutoring model it says the tutoring parents pay for we want to provide in the school day and that is what had is happening in at frick. as i close i want to say this, if we are successful and take the vest ment in young people. investment of time and dollars. it takes individuals willing to say i will do more and i will get involved. what i would hope will happen is the people come and see the enthusiasm and take a tour and see what is happening and visit others school and say we want to make sure california with super intendant [inaudible] i appreciate richard so much because he is a tremendous collaborator and sf. we want to make sure what he said is true and that is that, the whole state sees investment in education as its
1:30 am
responsibility. among the top per capita countries and nations in the state. there is no way we should be in the bottom states in education funding and this investment here is a a example saying this is what we do to change that. thank you. [applause] >> >>


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