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tv   Planning Commission 81116  SFGTV  September 7, 2016 12:00am-2:01am PDT

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>> (clapping.) >> go to work don't waste time don't waste moneytest.
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>> good afternoon. welcome to the to say planning commission for the regular for the regular hearing which of thursday, august 11, any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner antonini commissioner hillis and commissioner moore. >> we expect commissioner johnson so arrive shortly and commissioner wu to be absent
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commissioners, the first item on your agenda is consideration of items proposed for continuances at the issuance no items proposed for continuance, however, a request from the project sponsor for case 15 on mission street conditional use authorization there are requesting a continuance for november 10th commissioners. >> okay. any public comment on item 14? not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> move to continue item 15 to november 10th. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to continue item 14 to november 10th be commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places under our consent calendar
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may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item one ca1 case vallejo stree conditional use authorization item 2 case 2016 at lincoln street conditional use authorization subdivision and item 3 lo cuss conditional use authorization subdivision and item 4 divisadero street conditional use authorization and item 5 noah street
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discretionary review. >> public comment on the items on the consent calendar okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> move to approve items 1 through 5. >> second. >> thank you commissioners on that motion to approve items to take dr and approve with modifications item 5 commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore thank you commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong and i want to thank captain lazarus for being here thank you for all your hard work. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next item. >> please. all right. thank you commissioners commissioners matters item 6 adaptation of approval of the draft minutes
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for july 2016. >> any public comment on draft minutes? okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> move to approve second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to adopt the minutes commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places us on item 7 questions or comments and commissioner antonini. >> jonas if you could put those things up in a moment i said to make the statement it is available if you wish to receive it from secretary after 14 years of service to san francisco as a mr. larkin commissioner i've chosen not to seek repredicament i'll greatly miss the functions
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of the planning commission but wish to spend more time with mile-an-hour family particularly 3 grandchildren to travel and attend to family business motivators matter i'm open to some roll in the future i wish to thank mayors brown and newsom and lee for collectively appointing me to 4 terms as a planning commissioner and thank to the many folks the board of supervisors that voted to confirm my appointments i wish to thank my fellow commissioners i've had the pleasure to serve and thank green and others zoning administrator's commission secretaries, avery and on the disaster all of whom have been courteous and
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professional and more importantly i wish to thank the citizens of san francisco for their ideas to help me improve my decision process i believe we have established much in the environment in san francisco one of my stated goals in 2002 upon first assuming a seat on the commission was to make san francisco the most desirable city in the united states in which to live visit and do business much of m that wish has been realized any challenges remain a number that results from san francisco desirability as a result of strong demand for commercial property san francisco faces an inadequate allowances four new demands holding to the restrictions codifying in m line also we're not building enough
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new housing for the generations solutions to housing and office shortages are within site approvals of park merced and hunters point and candle stick point and treasure island projects look with market octavia and 5 m and park projects have huge amounts of affordable housing and eastern neighborhood plans fully and rapidly implemented will create thousand of must housing units regrettablely san francisco has built a few stimulant the shortfall adds to the plight of families from the city despite the production of thousand of new supportive housing units homelessness is a major problem in san francisco requiring a multi faceted solution a solution which must be include treatment and enforcement of quality of life
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laws and the provision of housing or voluntary relocation to meet the needs of all those homeless presenting in san francisco central soma promises to provide a site for office space building more office space in san francisco will have the benefit of lessing the commuting by san franciscans hopefully comprehensive long term solutions to transportation needs will be envisioned solutions need much to meet the increased demands by the production of new housing and commercial space must include subways and dedicated right away if we are able to attract the private ridership away from private vehicles we need to make a case to federal and other agencies as well as pass the
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local funding measures to meet the cost of this vital transit it is very exciting time to live in the nations urban areas we have seeing the reversed or reversal of urging with the current movement of large sectors of generations creating nor dense and sustainable environments in san francisco it is among the leaders in this reservation reversal it is exciting to see unhas been marked or lighting thinking habit areas becoming vibrant new communities and we're finally on the verse of an arena thanks total golden state warriors the absence of an airbnb is a defect in over 50 years we've lost the revenue from supporting events and conventions to other cities in the region lastly i want to
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thank all the commissioners with whom i've had did pleasure to serve you've been welcoming and eager to compromise to craft the projects that benefit our beloved city i wish to dedicate my service to peter who died before we could serve as a firefighter before he died he knew of my first appointment and said that's great planning it the best with great respect planning commissioner mike commissioner antonini. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> liking let me be the first commissioner to congratulate and thank you for your dedication to the city owe to this department
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to the various directors it is phenomenal as someone mentions i don't think the planning commission without commissioner antonini can thank you at the good luck to you and enjoy inside and audit of planning and i'm sure you've family will be appreciative to getting back, back their folks. >> this is the end of the commissioner antonini area i met you on market octavia and several projects in the neighborhood when i was the president of the de bois triangle association for seven years i appreciated on that side of bar you listening on issues voted for the position and took to heart you're a good listener and left hand to the neighborhood i had the fortunate event of severing since 2014
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you're the first person i went to lunch with i hope how replacement is open to collaboration i know you have bright lines i have bright lines not wanting to cross we've formed a coalition we got things done thank you for your service. >> commissioner moore. >> i wanted to. >> commissioner antonini for the length of time we've been sitting for 10 years and has been a indeed a pleasure thank you. >> commissioner hillis. >> thank you commissioner antonini my thanks also got to know you as first, as a city employee working in this commission your commitment and living it unprecedented your ability to meet with every project sponsor and your knowledge of every block of the city and how it is different from a prior block is unprecedented and your views
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which is hive respected but you have advocated our views in a respect way and ready to compromise i've appreciated this time on the commission. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you commissioner vice president richards. >> i wanted to say one more thing and not mess up the congratulations to commissioner antonini being the communication dependent on items with the land use there was an article as a sector on channel 7 abc challenge the faster disappearing gas stations and a cough of quotes bryan spears on market street developed it everyone is concerned about the quote in the article he's acknowledged a growing problem now it the time to have a conversation how people will get gas in the future gas stations i
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love to see more housing user housing where the gas stations stand but there is a point we still have cars that run on gas and he said the time to have a conversation about people getting gas is now tom the livable city wee said we need to look at the planning code and building code to consider to allow gas stations in places where people can get them updating the changing needs of drivers since i've been on the commission one gas station that being on california that wanted to stay in business and 79 we had or 83 this article says 40 percent less 2017 doing the math one wants to stay in business and the other ones want to go out of business so this a problem the share of electrical
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vehicles purchased in no way, shape, or form offsets the downward trends in gas station and the mobility. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to ask the commission to actually schedule an informal meeting on the the subject property matter to be in context with the cars mostly travel that is also occasional driver that finds themselves on lombard street without gas and look at it month corridors where which corridor supports the use of gas stations, etc. a big discussion you, you but very much want a discussion with the staff to discuss that. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to before we do that thank you very much commissioner antonini. >> thank you. >> commissioners department
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matters. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'll add on behalf of the departments thanks to commissioner perez for your years of service been particularly expressed by the hard nature how seriously you took this talking to the staff and visiting with us and the santa clause you played every year was appreciated and thank you for your service and stay in touch over the years. >> thank you commissioners item 9 review by past events there was a board of appeals but no items of interest to the planning commission and no historic preservation commission meeting. >> no. >> and approximately no board of supervisors either. >> which will place us in general public comment not to
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exceed 15 minutes at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i do have one speaker card. >> georgia swedish come on down. >> i got that one. >> good luck to you commissioner antonini. >> and thank you i was here on the 21st and submitted my comments when i spoke and went away and cack they didn't make it in the manipulates so i'm resubmitting them putting them up there now and i realize that the probably bringing them in late i made a
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mistake i want to reiterate that was about the unit mergers happening i say the opening adds 4 excuse me - 5 they have multi units you can see it on the property information map the houses were resold the units were not there, there were will sold and single-family homes the loss and the change in the units for sale at the huge price instead of a multiple affordable housing that lost and i guess when i put in any paper i counted between that and the units that are absorbed under 317 they make a smaller unit out of a regular sized maybe 20
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maybe more down on 24th street a so called legacy business and they resold and not affordable all the affordable housing you're losing everybody knows that existing housing is not affordable on 19th street it was good they made the unit large but a loss of affordable housing those units i looked at the plan those were nice unit things you are approving now in a big apartment buildings two bedroom with a formal diapering and kitchen and pantry and living room it is gone some expensive thing it is good they didn't make it a smaller unit but the question should that have been changed and some of the counts they were dodging and up to the
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19th street would be and speaking on my favorite subject of demolition the demolition i had stated up to without objection last week and yes, ma'am his with you at the hearing that was hero reflex if it was classified as a demo there was no picture how that exists in the packets i saw that is a common sense thing that is a practical thing might be not right but look at that house and the processes on the how on god's green earth have a wonderful vacation by the way, take care. >> good afternoon. attorneys at the hanson and brigitte
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congratulations to commissioner antonini i'm here foyer myself and many of my clients i've heard that commissioner antonini people have said that he'll 0 vote for the project sponsor that is something that people can count on i want to remind people 4 years ago at the board of supervisors when his reappointment came up a number of people from the coalition of san francisco neighborhoods and many other neighbors came up to speak on his behalf it was quite true what people said he listened to all sides and takes calls from neighbors, he visits neighbors and residents to see the effect of buildings going up next door i don't know if people mentioned earlier he had an tuff dental practice and conducting this for 14 years i want to thank him and
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congratulate him and his wife on having him around more and expected it is allowed by a local laws we'll see you on this side of podium advocating for many things you've been advocating for over the years thank you, again. >> is there any additional general public comment? >> commissioner antonini i knew you you were no high school writing demographics thank you for the thousand of projects that came and had you on their side i'm a small business owner attorney thank you and heading out as well as i was expected to a wonderful master program i hope to grow greener and healthy city's thank you ms. wu that is
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not here and others but ms. wu with we're intelligence inspired me and director rahaim and i really appreciate that best of luck. >> goal to you. >> any additional public comment not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> i wanted to say thank you to you those who spoke really appreciate our confidence and particularly to director heinecke no came across that paper in high school when i went through may be parents basement he's been out there good (laughter) i've fofrlg about that the demographics and how it changed over 10 years in the 50s and 60s and neglected to mention i did briefly mentioned the agrees but
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kate stacy and deputy city attorney susan cleveland-knowles that have been here to keep us under control and to that regard the sheriff's and police officers here for the same purposes we really appreciate their participation. >> commissioner vice president richards one thing from what ms. swedish said i hope you know the demolition of you've lodged the enforcement complaints please do so. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to to the regular calendar item 10 the midtown rezoning map amendment. >> good afternoon aaron starr, manager, legislative affairs. and from supervisor yee's office telegraph hill i'll continue my presentation after her remarks.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for hearing this we have brew a rezoning request for midtown terrace in district 7 that has go residential homes detached, however, zoned and rh1 and not rhd-1 and so the neighbors the midtown homeowners association started this task in the fall of 2018 when they reached out to the planning department and the requested more information about the process to get rezoned and throughout the two years have been hard working in communities outreach door-to-door reach in the - the neighbors are in agreement to the zoning process and supervisor yee ordinance came about through the neighborhood and their hard working doing the ground work to
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have this conversation at the planning commission commission today and agreed with the existing buildings in the neighborhood already detached this is conforming the zone that is before you today i'm available to answer any questions and the homeowners are here to provide background on this as well thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you jen the the item before you is a zoning the midtown from rh1 to rhd-1 and correct a zoning are area as a skyway with a single-family home detached home zoned for public midtown a neighborhood in central san francisco west of twin peaks with a second story detached homes around 38 hundred
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square feet the preliminary difference between rh1 and rhd-1 and rh1 loft with conditional use authorization and rhd-1 lots one unit no matter how large the lot the rhd-1 are excluded in the program, however, are imprisonment under the adu program that is accessary dwelling and the department supports the zoning for 4 reasons the first the rezoning to rhd-1 is a single-family home detached homes and consistent with the sound and others rhd-1 neighborhood and the rezoning are not down zone the designation will remove from over 6 hundred square feet and number of properties that tampering is relatively small
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and the states adu program make ups for that loss and thirdly, this ordinance came but as a midtown neighborhood and with community support and the proposed ordinance correct the zoning map the department recommends approval to the board of supervisors that concludes my remarks. >> any public comment on this item. >> great. >> rick johnson and norman. >> commissioner president fong and others i'm president of the midtown homeowners association association represents three hundred and 17 hours in the midtown as you may know the houses were built in the 1950s and the neighborhood is characterized by the detached
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houses in the past few years the association held hearing regarding the issue and conducted door-to-door campaign and not replacement a topic in which the association never received opposition in any member of the association there is usually always one and personally thank the board of directors and the community that worked diligently particularly david and norman and others but like to enthusiastically thank supervisor yee and others for this legislation thank you very much. >> good afternoon, president and others i'm norm a 25 year residents of midtown terrace
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and just want to join in the comments of our homeowners association president in support and wish that you will approve this proposal to rezone to correct what is approximately not an error in the zoning i might add i was one of the members who helped to canvas the neighborhood and gather signatures for this rezoning process and can report that of all the people we contacted it was overwhelms support by in my neighbors and all the people that we contacted in the petition process so we will urge you to approve this rezoning proposal thank you. >> thank you
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is there any additional public comment? >> good afternoon commissioner my name is george resident of coalition for san francisco neighborhoods thirty year homeowner in mid-town terrace 21 year member of the midtown terrace i think this is a great idea if midtown terrace somehow the original builder omitted the rh1 for years and years contemplating and initially this change and the surrounding neighbors will look are all rhd-1 and for some reason this neighborhood is
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rh1 we greatly appreciate following you'll follow the recommendation of staff and change our 8 hundred and 17 homes to rhd-1 thank you very much. >> thank you is there any additional public comment? >> okay in the first place public comment is closed. >> and commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think that is a very good legislation and basically codifies it something that is in fact, the condition but because of an error at the beginning not included to brings things up to where they should be i have a question for mr. starr regards to the density bonus program more things will take precedent over a state law.
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>> yes. but rh1 was left out of the code and state law required to have a adu. >> the city program that was passed so for . >> correct. >> you know i think some of the proposals did talk about that those have not been infected as yet our city program what we just or less approved side accessary dwellings will not allow them rhd-1 neighborhoods. >> correct i was told though because state law requires accessary dwellings in zoning district zoned for single-family home or multi single-family homes that we have to allow an adu per state law they set out
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guidelines if we change the adu program under that to be subject to controls for adu's they'll leave them out to the state program. >> that is important i remember speaking in favor the excluding rhd-1 now it seems they'll be put into those the legislation is absent that restriction so i'll encourage commissioners in the future and supervisors to add that restriction to our legislation to - the very reason that midtown terrace is trying to pass this legislation is they don't want multiple units on one lot their fear lots that exceed
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6 thousand square feet could have to unit built on that under rhd-1 it not allowed having the accessary dwellings it the same thing that's food for thought for the future and the other thick about midtown terrace that is examples of affordable by design it was built in the 50s and early 60s when we were still building single-family homes and satisfied the needs for many families that does today and i've not looked at home prices but relative to any neighborhoods around it is it stilt one of the most affordable neighborhood that allows the families to buy a home a detached home with a garage and adequate space and backyard and a lot of things that families with children like to have i'm in favor of that. >> move to approve. >> second. >> second. >> commissioner moore.
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>> i wanted to briefly comment on staffs work the ability to really follow how we look at the things this is informative and there are 7 criterias of comparison all of them clearly stated and it seems to me it is has the right support from the supervisors and the work of the homeowners and want to express my support and the work on this thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to there is a motion that has been seconded excuse me - a adopt on that motion. >> commissioner antonini. >> commissioner hillis commissioner moore. >> commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong snauchlt conforming and non-conforming 5 to zero and places us on item 11 commissioners case the central soma plan informational
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presentation. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioner steve planning department staff i believe commissioner antonini gave most of my pitch for the central soma but go through any presentation appreciate that happy to be here to talk about the revised central soma and
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implementation strategy a culmination since 2013 we released the corridor plan we were doing a lot of work this is a culmination of that the purpose of presentation to provide and i an overview of the strategy as well as highlight some of the takeaways the hearing is the start of community conversation about we we put out the information it brand new in fact, it went on the website less than an hour ago we don't expect comments and critiques let's remind ourselves of the reason what we are doing to central soma as you may know tremendous pressure in the bayview in san francisco in particular we get it it as great town people want to be here
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social and quality of life and, etc. the problem where to put everybody there is limited opportunity to build a subsequent amount of space one of the opportunities in central soma the central locations has on and on trends and there's a lot of undeveloped and under developed lots central soma is located between downtown and mission bay in the south of market neighborhood and runs two blocks on either side of fourth street and opened in 2019 that will increased the transit capacity in the neighborhood and connect soma to neighborhoods from the bayview through chinatown. >> i like to point out this boundary we're showing different from the previous boundary to step down to market street the portion of plan was removed and
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in the downtown plan has been with the downtown plan for thirty years not proposed an increase in of the period we studied it so we could investigate infrastructure improvement for trend and widening streets and those are studied in the environmental impact report such the city can do the investments but taken it out it remains not downtown plan the remaining areas are part of eastern neighborhoods for that neighborhood the vision is pretty succinct a sustainable neighborhood the needs are met without compromising the needs of the generations the central soma tries to offer this feat social and environmental and economic and we mean to be part of larger
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sustainable efforts going on citywide and state and nationally the philosophy it straightforward you keep it greatest and fix was national great the diversity of residents and jobs the central location and the buildings and architecture has a great night life but has a quiet a few challenges; right? the rent is too high everywhere and the conditions for walking and booikz is narrow and relative it as - >> so applying that philosophy to central soma we have a sustainability that has 3 approaches demands and second provide public benefits and third respect and enhance the
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neighborhood character the common demands will relieve the pressure on rent it also people that live in the work in a walkable neighborhood have a lower green house gas emissions per capita in the regional car independent and the buildings are hero efficient and reduce the - farmland an important land that is otherwise at risk and people require infrastructure to support them as discussed in more detail the central soma plan provides up to $2 million in public benefits thank you. >> for the neighborhood now we know there is enough demand in the city we know there is enough - thank you. >> fresh copies of the plan that showed up we hand out to
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the commissioners thank you you can still smell the print there is enough demand pressure and the public benefits we can zone this neighborhood so the rincon hill or downtown; right? but not soma anymore there is a lot of strength in what we're trying to reserve and enhance the character and provided positive improvements. >> the plan has 8 goals i'll read them increase the capacity for jobs and housing, maintain the diversity of residents and have a economically lively job center and provide safe walking and biking and offer a abundance of parks and create a residence and insure that new buildings
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enhance the character of the neighborhoods in the plan each of the goals has a check in previous versions we had land use an urban form in our commission there are terms you have to devolve into the chapter to know what we're talking about a person can read the table of contents and understand so the plan cantonese an overview it contains much of the information i've presented around the boundary etc. and then each chapter has oufbdz and policies so there is a go connecting sample this is a what that looks like use full maps and images and there is text.
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>> the addition to the plan we developed a conceptual implementation tragedy o strategy that has the implementation major public benefits package reminders for new development and guidelines i'll talk about each of them. >> the implementation matrix if the goals and objectives the limitations what when how and who it is a very clear road map for the agencies that will implement this plan and meant to increase the accountability for the community as we implement this plan over the years of course, part of the prelims the thought plan what the zone and heights the plan includes that but again, it is hard to read the zoning map you have to understand the zoning district and hard to read the other maps for example, so the following
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maps are meant to convey what are the changes in the capacity in central soma on the left-hand side is the existing development capacity and the right hand is the proposed capacity in central soma. >> the areas in white are the areas where interest no development capability the i 80 freeway and all the lands that it is industrial zoned so - as you see on the right hand map most of the area in white goes away i'll discuss in the future we're moving the protection zoning we're keeping the zoning district and jobs in yellow zoned for a 80 heat and red is one and 60 purple it is 200 and 50 and maroon being
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the highest in the plan area so you'll notice about the map, of course, the plans is tried trying to remove the industrial zoning and increases the height particularly in the northeast and south parts of the plan this increased in the estimate is meant to create jobs and space so the plan expects full development up to 40 now jobs and seven hundred plus housing units a number of housing units that is important to the city but the main focus of this area is the job the plans it commissioner antonini mentioned place in treasure island and eastern neighborhoods we have a ton of planning. >> now it needs to be built and so the plan has special
12:49 am
procures for basically seeing the capacity for commercial development we make sure the space is available for the future and help keep representatives from escalating too far. >> so to visualize how the plan a 3-d rendering of the existing building and there today and here's how he look under the central soma plan the areas in yellow are paralyze within the central soma we believe are developable no hours or parks or right away the area in blue all the easier we expect to be built for which the city has an application for the transit center is built today some of the big takeaways a lot of land in central soma it is
12:50 am
different in the central soma if you're on the northwest or the you know the earning or western does the planned area it is connection all the flower mart and the printing process there is potential to transform the neighborhood and the third thing there is a lot of development proposed in central soma nothing proposed downtown it is more up the hill. >> so, of course, with the development comes as i said the need for infrastructure the central soma plan didn't didn't get built there is generating $3 million with the central soma plan we can achieve $2 million in public
12:51 am
benefits this is a 6 seven hundred percent increase and didn't count the one billion dollars that is expected to go from property tax and sales taxes over a 25 year period where will that $2 billion go to the first amount the highest to affordable housing $900 million to get 33 percent of all new unit in the planned area will be affordable that a remarkable turn around but $500 million for transit for department in local like muni there is one and $80 million to distribution and repair we maintain the jobs one and $60 million for rec and park for improvements like parks and plaza and recreation and one and $30 million for proposed streets to make those biking conditions
12:52 am
so they're safe and walkable and widened the sidewalks really huge involvement in all the major streets and $70 million for the healthy green and resource efficient neighborhoods and requirements for solar and requirements for water recycling and investing in the public infrastructure to prevent flooding and childcare to support the growing population and culture funding for the historic buildings and $20 million for community services to fund the services so for the populous it is important to note that all the $2 billion congressman's from new development none of the development no $2 million how we showed this graphic to you previously we have at strategy of requiring the right amount
12:53 am
quote/unquote; right? if you charge good many fees the development is infeasible you don't get the department or - if you charge too much you don't - the city maximize the benefits the number we're putting into the plan are based on financial feasibility on development in central soma the numbers won't work for every development and being aggressive we are proposing to capture 66 to $0.75 of every dollar created by the plan back to public benefits and yet at the same time all the fees within the city nexus so what are the tools that we're asking the developers to contribute as part of
12:54 am
developmentsism when new market-rate we are asking new office buildings to build pdr and pay one time fees the transit sustainability fee and at the linkage fees and new fees from central soma more affordable housing and finally an infrastructure the mello-roos that will be on ongoing tax towards infrastructure we're proposing for the plans before i move on i want to say the plan includes the requirements for new development document that has a specific numbers i think too much information on the genie but people on the development side of room are looking at the website i'm sure i'll be talking about and a guide to be and the
12:55 am
designers who work will shape the plan area long after our work is done it includes visualization of the work in the documents we know that if we list a butch even if requirement we drew up graphics and it includes working unpacking the ideas in the plan and implementation measures to get. >> sense of belonging what we're trying to see and visible renderings in the neighborhood the last piece of implementation document is the guidelines unfortunately kind of ran out of time this is one piece not in your packet we hope to have it in the next couple of weeks and published on the website that will look at the quote/unquote sites on the map here
12:56 am
where there is opportunities above and beyond that is required by the plan and maybe need for expectations to the rule to generate this public benefit and additionally guidelines each the sites by this body will require after the plan is done much time to have confusions the more to codify the more certainty for all parties that's what we want to achieve so finally let's talk about the beginning this lease of the plan is meant to kickoff the plan anticipating multi community meetings in the next couple of months we've had in the planned area any time anymore you want to come to our community group we'll be happy to come and we're happy to do that again and also the release
12:57 am
of the draft eir in late october for december 8th to talk about the draft eir in the meantime write up the legislation for the ordinance we're ready we can come back to the commission for the in violation of plan that concludes my presentation. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> opening it up for public comment i have no speaker cards i see there are some there. >> good afternoon, commissioners and mr. director my name is david and i'm a co-founder of san franciscans for sports and recreation i've also got a long land use background and active if other
12:58 am
community efforts in san francisco my point for today has to do with with recreation and while i've not had a chance to look at the last version take a look at the lastly reverberation of central soma plan look forward to read that and i know that has huge effort to put all this together what i hope to find is more information about recreation requirements within the neighborhood the familiar with the versions that are forecasting 20 to 25 thousand more residents and 50 thousand more jobs in the area sounds like this is consistent with that, i hope provisions in that to protect current recreation in the neighborhood because the need for it is only going to increase i hate to see
12:59 am
any recreation sdoifrp and in that vein i'll put in a booster for some existing legislation on the planning books today which is section 823 c of the planning code and in particular paragraph 8 on recreation facilities that existing requirement to replace demolished recreations now considered the western soma the new central soma neighborhood would eliminate western soma as a neighborhood and i'd like to request that that legislation be preserved for the central soma neighborhood and i guess in that regard it is what commissioner vice president richards was talking about in regards to gas stations
1:00 am
as a sdoifrp amenity in the city i feel the same thing with the recreation 12k0i6r7 but other legislation that requires the pdr in certain parts of the city i'll consider this consistent with that approach to preserving the amenities as san franciscans for sports and recreation we were able to negotiate a private agreement with one of the developers in soma that resulted in retention of recreation at called the 88 flux yum project that took us 8 months and over one thousand dollars to do so so the city reattains the
1:01 am
central soma. >> i have speaker cards here (calling names) yeah. >> i think. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is angelica want to submit a letter from our organization for your records i'm with some can and they're a multi regional organization that brings together families and youth and educate them on what is going on in their area and getting their feedback what we want to see the quality of life in the neighborhood to be better or enhanced after reviewing the plan they're raising some serious concerns
1:02 am
about several sections the central soma plan one of it is that the central soma didn't adequately he'd and take into account the soma youth and family special youth district the central soma plan incorporates areas that are covered under the youth and family special youth district but in the purchase of youth and family to expand the portable housing and enhance the environment of youth and families in the south of market hour the plan didn't adequately take into account the sud and want to see that that projects within the youth and families special youth districts under review and approval by residents and community organizations before they're considered by the planning department
1:03 am
this process will have functions similar to other sud in the city as much as the bernal heights special use district we feel this which is important you know since redevelopment is not around the majority of time a lot of the developers have to go to different organization to actually form their plan but what better way to have a community advisory that oversees these things where developers can actually go to it and review the plans with the community we felt this was a good structure to have therefore the community has a better understanding of what the projects is and how it will impact the neighborhood and in addition a lot of filipino residents in the area a rising
1:04 am
filipino population is having a review body will help to make sure they understand what is going on in their neighborhood but also what are the projects that are gop going up and provide affordable housing if 72 hours going to have onsite or oe and shadow their buildings thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners resident of soma i actually lived there my whole life and here with some cam to talk about one the soma plan is a way to pass as a neighborhood review the plans for transit new bike
1:05 am
paths and transit los angeles's to dedicate soma this didn't take into account the pedestrian safety and the pedestrian experience more focus needs to be given to current residents of soma and the pedestrian experience in terms of safety soma is a neighborhood of residents and cantonese youth and families and senior that live and work in the area this needs to be take into account soma is a neighborhood not a thoroughfare thank you for the opportunity to comment on the central soma plan we'll have additional feedback when we analyze the central soma plan. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is david wu i'm an intern with some cam and after reviewing the
1:06 am
central soma we are raising serious concerns as presented in the 2013 central corridor draft so the central soma doesn't provide a fair balance the plan provides a varieties of housing types yet the housing is market-rate that's out of reach for the people that live and work in the central soma they create the units required in the development back and forth are not affordable to working-class and further the palma rules led to the affordable housing bonus program program section four or five of the planning code that prevents the city for having the back and forth's renewal unit this allows the developers to may a fee and goes to
1:07 am
below-market rate that get built outside of soma the new housing development proposals under the plan don't reach the accommodation of the housing units as described in the allocation that calls for a higher percentage of affordable housing that is currently discussions under the plan the regional allocation calls for 42 percent of new hours to be market-rate or one percent ami and oakland as shown in the or so balancing are report san francisco is losing affordable housing at the same time and without the controls of the central soma to prevent the loss of affordable housing the measures to create will be not effective and to allow taller buildings - respect the youth and families and seniors moderate the environmental traffic and pedestrian safety
1:08 am
wind and shadow and make sure it is a liveable community for all thank you for the opportunity to comment on the central soma we'll have additional feedback for the department staff shared with the commission today thank you. >> good afternoon my name is jerold and i'm a long time soma resident and a member of some cam i'm here to show you guys a video of some cams experience experience with the open spaces from the process of getting in to actually obviously them and right now, we're trying to get the video to work.
1:09 am
>> another speaker that wants to talk we'll the video is keyed up. >> good afternoon middle polk neighborhood association want to thank my department for all the time and effort spent on this endeavor that was quite an undertaking my wife used to live in 2, 3, 4 area before we were married and one of the things when the area nobody thought that there would be a ton of new families moving in and in fact, there have been so thinking about things like should we require onsite childcare in buildings that are 4 hundred feet you know that is an amenity for many of the young families coming in to say here's a resource for us in the building and also i'm sure the department
1:10 am
is paying attention to the parking a lot of the these days ♪ neighborhood would live there without a car and thoughtful to keeping the parking down to a reasonable amount having a strategy son the ground floor element and the kind of services some of the redevelopment in the area and putting teeth into it having developers accountable and the experience of my own building the owner wants to sell the unit and didn't care what is going on in the ground floor you've seen that how do you activate those ground floor spaces it is important to deliver the units but having teeth so that community becomes a community not dead on the weekends if you go down to this area monday through friday it is
1:11 am
busy if the giants are in town during the week it is a ghost town because the ground floor retail and the services for families and others have not come alive that's my comment thank you >> good afternoon, commissioners cindy that research and i was glad to get an opportunity to give - >> that's okay and was glad to get a brief look at the central soma plan and we'll be paying attention to the plan given the amount of hotel projects already have been proposed for the area and given the focus the plan is putting on hotel development and one concern which is more of a question
1:12 am
some hotel projects have qualified for the exemption because they were attached to a plan and we're concerned about the given the hotel uncle and the diversity of different types of use we're concerned about the process by which hotel projects will have a environmental review so i'm sure the plan is developing but a thing we're paying attention and also want to raise a concern that should be noted if those plans go through we've had an experience where a decision to give the conditional use authorization for a 94 room hostile be an approval for 200 room hotel we're especially concerned about a precedent not set and certain number or certain kind of review for a certain intensity and
1:13 am
that's the thing we'll be watching for and ask the commission to be watching for it not to use you're right and opportunity to approve the intensity of use project by project thank you very much. >> around the neighborhoods to see what the process is like in those spacing e spaces if we have a right to get into them. >> the - we tried to show -
1:14 am
(inaudibl (inaudible). >> okay. so reflecting on any personal experience i was allowed inside so i was left behind and i was granted access i felt this was lacking in a lot of amenities too i only saw chairs and tables there and i didn't think that was a
1:15 am
welcoming nature that would be suggested in a public open space so i do feel there is some remodeling that should be done with privately open spaces thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is teresa imperial of build housing program i'm here to talk about the soma filipinos this was approved by the board of supervisors last year, we would like development fees to go to our cultural preservation and working with sf heritage and preservation commission we would like to see the preservation to go to further than buildings and to look to recognizing and commemorating and making the
1:16 am
filipino community history inside of market and the region we want to see the design guidelines for the culture into the building our commission encouraged the vendors to utilize the filipino art when investing in the one percent for art and dedicate some of the marks and nomination for a landmark recognition and inside of market and transportation projects are an opportunity for interpretative signage an example on the bus stops in english and tagalog we're in the process of selecting this we'd like this to be a mission in the central soma plan.
1:17 am
>> hi my name is a erica an intern and working also on the soma filipino project in the south of market i wanted to speak about 9 public lands unlike other community adapted by redevelopment the filipino never gets the certificate of preference we would like to see underutilized public land to bring as an art space for the filipino community we would like to see public land brought to some used by the filipino securing the preference and public land should be used for the full range of people's experience with the ability to create filipino community the other things we wanted to point out the quality of life issues we'd like to see the fund more
1:18 am
affordable housing used inside of soma filipino boundary and public space for intergenerational communities and skooemd we're a city we would like to have wider sidewalks we would like to see ground floor businesses space for pedestrian scale with door opposite every 25 feet and like the access to quality education and more support for the filipino education city and the city college to offer more professional development in the south of market area and the last item the central location in order to participate in the wealth and creation of the south of market thank you for your time. >> good afternoon. i'm from
1:19 am
the veterans quality center and bring up issues i want you to consider in your goals and analysis of the one to analyze did ami the numbers of units and the ami levels of the affordable housing produced a deeper analysis how on the other hand, and a these o these numbers will change under the governors buy right and how the plan will be rezoned i'd like to see if we look at the difference between the two and pending one and 2 percent ami from 50 to one plus on the ballot this november that is something you should consider in our analysis the strategies might change based on those two legislations passing and the third thing i'd like to
1:20 am
see senior concentrations highlighted in the map and as a result have a finer ground treatment to improve the conditions for the vulnerable populations in the way it is like a brand new neighborhood and the old population in the city they do need some specific treatments as much as the wider open space the issues around the cars the issues around the mix of uses that is not going to be detrimental to the community and finally we are concerned about the lack of new protections for people being adapted because of housing as you can see there is quite a few a lot of development opportunity but in reality a potential displacement issue we want to see new protections to
1:21 am
protect the community and other than a push for the buildings no protection for the displacements the city knows will occur that will be by the central soma plan and as shown in the uc berkley on transient areas in the bayview are areas more likely to suffer displacement like the land for- does not adequately take into account that increased land value increase the displacement thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm kathy the policy and program manager with walk sf and we're concerned that the plan didn't go far enough as written before we are looking forward to reviewing the rising this plan could really save
1:22 am
lives in soma it is full of high injury corridors more people get hit by soma than another areas of the city this plan can help to change that be the guiding document to save lives in soma and so for not far enough as other folks mentioned their through ways with high traffic volumes and speeding traffic in order to protect the people that live in soma that work there right now and the many additional people will be in soma we need to change our streets with the focus on safety so we would like to see the plan do that by having provisions for making more room for people walking in the city and safer crossings how to address when you are near a street for people
1:23 am
crossing the street this is lacking in the plan and based on the city vision zero research and policy we actually know what those things are that keep people safe we want to see o incorporated and we're hoping that is in there but this is a real opportunity to take the city's vision zero policy and implement it on a neighborhood level and so we hope you'll do this plan does that going forward thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm george the tack 0 group i can't comment open this plan but the real world in central soma there is an extension of that going on of the arts community in soma and mission right now i know you've heard about it
1:24 am
it is also effecting dramatically the pdr when the artist don't think the cheap funky old buildings this department has seen torn down in the central soma and the mission in the midst is to double cross where it was promised to the community the mixed income is a housing only in central soma is the abandonment of the i district this is example i only in the future and now proposing to open up for development for housing and office yes. the pdrs will be in place it doesn't matter what happens has happened since over three years ago with the first version the first versions the speculation has
1:25 am
kicked in the building owners are not doing the pdr they expect to develop that property more intensely and, of course, the businesses and the arts groups will not be there this is exactly what happened on bryant a s l a i and funky they're building was lease was not renewed that development can't be - it would be housing this what you've done using the soma studios is your fault of this department you intend to up zone it no protection for the businesses or the artists there nothing you did nothing that's why we put on the ballot the coalition to say this as san
1:26 am
francisco police commission ballot measure that sets requirements for pdr and arts he will e especially in the south of market district and what that includes two important things one an incentive a reduction for truly affordable space the other things you've not delivered and said how you will the affordable space and secondly, a flexibility to be amend provide there is a 2/3rd's support at the city board of supervisors you may have to work with us to get something passed thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner, i live in soma and part of the some cam this is - in looking area it doesn't -
1:27 am
couldn't take into account the soma youth and families especially youth is restricted and measures to prevent and provide a fair amount of housing in plans for buildings and open space - specific safety in the streets and prevents treatment in soma a place to pass to a neighborhood and part plan - this should be incorporating into new proposal for the central soma plan moving forward. >> the central soma is just the plans doing for jobs in soma
1:28 am
- necessarily to exceeding the residents in soma needs - in the neighborhood there are not only accommodating but providing a living wage that support of workers to stay in the neighborhood this is highlighted especially in the type of jobs providing by provision distribution and businesses that provide jobs for working-class residents and our jobs that can't afford to be lost of pdr business provides support to other districts and centers to show approximate it for the extension for them to be
1:29 am
available in - thank you. >> do you have that written could you hand that over so we can submit it for the record please. okay. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> sue hester this is the fourth mr. haney effort in the 5 reality of central soma the first one was the south of market plan after the eastern pardon me on the downtown plan was adopted and 5 year periods of chaos of the construction quote/unquote of new work that
1:30 am
didn't result in any construction of affordable housing when we had the eastern neighborhoods plan and had the western soma plan and paulo cack for that this is the fifth every time we have a serious planning effort southern issues come through every time there is an existing community that exists really desperate needs for recreation, services for people as well as transient that goes east west and you know they're not east west streets but there is really no transit and every time we were promised that would happen there is a new promise the promise really is if you remove the committee the committee will get community benefits that's the bottom line so bye bye
1:31 am
fulsome street should have two-way streets when the eastern neighborhood plan was adopted we're 8 years later we're no more near this the same types of complaints all the time from people on potrero hill because there was a lot of things promised in the eastern neighborhoods in terms of transit that haven't happened we got to do a much better job you as planning commission one of the things i didn't hear a peep about the condition the eastern and this district is all fill there was land failures that's been first page materials about the millennial project i was not surprised this is odd
1:32 am
land use in this area we have a change in transportation pattern what was done 10 years ago was analyzed different from the current plan, which i don't know how many time is day with fedex and the ups come to my neighbors but the whole delivery to housing is different you have a much more serious problem in jobs and affordable housing and if you don't start with that other than the proposals with the developers you'll not get out of that and the people wouldn't get out of that thank you. >> is there any additional public comment on this item. >> okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think this is going
1:33 am
to be a very concept we've spent a lot of money on building central soma this allows us to use the ability to provide housing and commercial use and using the benefits coming out of this to improve the areas with parks and affordable housing, a lot of other things it sounds like a win-win proposition as always the case although i will not be sitting the rest of the commission will be glog a year or two of comments and compromises and listening to all the things and eventually the plan will be approved what is important once the plan is approved that needed to be honored unfortunately in eastern neighborhoods the plans were approved projects come forward and not good enough the opponent
1:34 am
are part of the progress still don't like them what is important, however, this is formatted no gatekeepers the public of san francisco has made created those plans and once they're approved and approved by all the agencies and they should set the laws and the conditions under which the development should be made obviously the projects needs to be evaluated on hitting its own merits but then should be approved or have you know be approved as - if it is conforming so this is this thing smoking gun that's been a problem has development we don't want a sidewalk where money - this east plan should take pleasant over the zion this zoning should be the zone of
1:35 am
this area and not small groups that have individual interests and those should be considered but not take precedent over the plan that is an important thing you have $2 million in benefits and provide a lot of affordable housing and some pdr replacement and all the other things we want to have and this is good we're not using farmland in the country where doing this in lui. >> so having a mello-roos is wonderful something to keep it funded in the future the community plan exemption should cover the uses we've heard comments about this use shouldn't be covered there the community exemption we should have foresight what is hotel and covered under the plan so we
1:36 am
won't have to remake the wheel every time and have argument about why the community plan didn't exist part of that could be solved by hopefully once this is plan this man is approved we have projects kind of in the works and hopefully moving forward quibble this is not the case in the eastern neighborhoods since we have a resistance and plans misdemeanor to accumulate the new rules and changes and you know - one that that detracts those busy one way streets and however to modify them and make them more pollutant or retail for pedestrians and another other uses this is not easy the
1:37 am
conduit to and from the bridge 101 through the middle it is a challenge and you know in terms of proposed imtheir privately owned and supposed to allow the public in but the private owners have the ability to create the conditions in which the public is allowed to use the space like the others downtown are not there on saturdays and sunday's they're not opened but i mean, they will set rules so in terms of keeping the culture alive we want to be protective and cognizant of cultures in the central soma but historically that has been an area that had many cultures so but we have to look at this collectively and make sure we're
1:38 am
honoring all the cultures and all san franciscans and not just focus on one fairly narrow period of time we have to look at the whole picture as we always do as commissioners we shouldn't be o blagd to pass policies that keep the areas perpetually economically depressed we have to balance the uses and needs of what is built new there will be as this developed areas an increase in property values that is what happened with the development and the development is come you'll have people use the existing stock or new housing and commercial built that will take some of the pressures off of what exists that has a lot of potential i'm interested in egress how it develops. >> in favor of the idea and
1:39 am
worked out nicely. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much thank you and the rest of the staff appreciate all the work done so far a lot of public comment i didn't hear open mitch we've learned a lot from of the eastern neighborhood plan and still congresswoman o ongoing and feel the discussions i make no comment i haven't read this this version how much of that is codified by feel like everyone is - this is a decade ago and a lot of reasons to be optimistic about this i should care i live a block away from the outside of boundary so i you know without getting into too much of the details excited to see how this evolves over time and a few
1:40 am
thoughts i would the staff and community to think about the first one thank you commissioner antonini for bringing this up the person inside of me wants to say i agree with commissioner antonini set the rules we should agree on the plan but fortunately in san francisco we're set up the mayor and the board of supervisors has the correction controls over the land use this spates we can decide definitely about different projects i think we should keep in mind because of soma we're here to set guidelines and here to make sure the developers know how to achieve the goals of various goals that are part of project and then so when it comes before us time for the discretionary part of land use to talk about
1:41 am
as little as possible how to structure the plan not looking to civilize it and go back to how horrible the plan but little to talk about as possible when the plan comes from the planning commission in that vienna few things as public comment from previous presentations and discussions about central soma the first one is on childcare facilities public comment today for i really feel this is the one public benefit slash amenity we do not have good guidelines for developers to follow to implement childcare facilities in their plagues i can tell you what will happen if we don't look at our planning code and our building code and really get clear on how it is the developer can actually put the childcare in their proposals and what sort
1:42 am
of what are the guidelines for them to develop those spaces and go legalized with the state to use the childcare facility if we don't do that every project will come before us we'll say where it the childcare opportunity and get the same statement oh, this reason or that reason we can't put it in there no open space and not enough emergency exits not on the first floor we'll not see the amenities like transit one of them you can get the fees but can't put it in the area, no use and makes no difference that goes to people talk about pdr as a an economic job opportunity i feel that childcare early child education is another one as well
1:43 am
the second one is open pop 0. >> lastly we've seen the properties since i've been on the commission and followed i'll wait for that to stop ringing - i'll still waiting. >> okay. >> thank you. >> okay really we've seen those projects on my term on the commission and projects i've seen prior to my joining i've seen the commission push for more public emphasis on the pubically assessable off the street level without going into the main property and elevators when we have through spaces that have gates or otherwise needs to be closed on nights or weekday when the private owner didn't want to provide the security or
1:44 am
maintenance there is assessable during those hours they're open it is really you you can come and go as. >> please no either no gatekeeper or a perspective of a gatekeeper with that, i really effected by the video i saw clearly the case and other pop probation officer we've been up and down on that one way to focusing on the assessable piece and we can't is a case open 24/7 we're putting requirements on developers to maintain those spots and keep them secure so we have to allow it discussion on their part to figure out how they'll do that but when they're open they're open i think that to me pedestrian
1:45 am
experience you know sort of transit and ground floor retail go into one i'll not get into detail on those topics we're talking about it as a relates to eastern neighborhoods how the plan sort of comes together and especially we look at those developments opportunities to work on your team didn't have time to look at we'll start to see it colonel together with the vision on ground floor retail and how the interacts with the pedestrian safety and cycling safety and vehicle access and have more direction we are had a lot of plans in providing a good mix there. >> i also want to make a quick on transit join me the san francisco municipal transportation agency i think we
1:46 am
should have another one again, i requested now maps we look at the areas plans and large projects what are the 5 and 10 year plan on transit you'll innovate advocate it didn't work that way it cycle people before you, actually implement the provision for what the transit will be and a vision all goes together i think we're on track but more connected than we are i'll make end of two specific requests for the staff and the childcare facilities looking at that and talked about that one is i'd like to see a map of small sites opportunity in central soma we had a small site program if we identify lots of small sites to advocate for more fund for the small acquisition program and allows us to engage with the
1:47 am
community developers where the small sites are and at a minimum a map here's the opportunity a 5 year head start luke those i'd like at a minimum and also the planning commission to see that as well love to see that map and then the second one i don't know this is one where i think is a thought and more plans we already have some legislation and rules coming up about protecting the legacy businesses but like to see you know have staff specific thoughts in future plans on the night life and entertainment uses if not a great as concentration as polk or 11th street those corridors but there are large venues that are in the central soma and some of them maybe
1:48 am
development opportunity but the ones that stay i'd like to make sure we are planning around them i feel that having those larger venues is good part of night life i don't i don't want if we don't protect them they'll go away and not all the night life in mission bay and the at&t park will go away thank you to staff i appreciate all your work so for. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i want to thank staff i'll read the big book thanks to the committee for coming out with intelligent points thank you very much. >> i don't have the box here and interesting i think that commissioner johnson nobody spoke against the plan but ways to make it better it is encouraging as for the issue
1:49 am
being a type of a personality when you set rules in a set place and time and have assumptions what the future will look like if you look at the history of the city in the last 7 or 8 years we've changed the tax fwreekz mid market and costs of housing shortages all over the place prop m we have booming and no allocation left that added a shift from technology from live able to social and all those things created this template we didn't anticipate anyone in the room was with a straight face knew that was happening we're reacting to all the changes so the environment shifts over time we need to
1:50 am
shift with that i get it we have assumptions bans what he on the future is and if this is the rules stay the same as we saw in the market octavia we're carving other areas and trying to actually try to stem and mitigate things we didn't assume for one of the things i'm thinking of in private industry someone on staff a senior vp made a ton of money he was a future it you think your operating in today's world this is what the future looks like he was right the company was successful with what that brought out i have think that planning an intersection in the future needs to happen the sumentsdz need to be valid with that said that's my introduce the first i'm excited and
1:51 am
worried why am i excited we have a plan and getting good feedback what i'm worried about the thing that jumped out 45 though in jobs and housing units where will everybody live where are we adding to the diversity of housing by more jobs than housing i'd like to puts ♪ context those 45 new jobs living in the east bay 20 percent in the south bay or whatever we're not adding to an existing problem that's a worry for me maybe we don't have enough housing units maybe we need more we had should be open i i don't want to write the whole plan but figure this out with that said i have a lot of notes so i'll try to go fairly quickly on the
1:52 am
rents i guess number the pages they're out of order to commissioner johnson's point and a point i made for 5 m i'd like to see a stabilized housing map that planned area overlay it with small sites and outreach lay is that with places we're targeting 100 percent affordable i think we understanding what is happening we tried to work the 5 m nothing it happening we try to see the sales we can thank you it is also in the work plan of the department to figure out rent control and map is this will instep number 2 and 5 m that will be a great idea and take to commissioner johnson point it is fantastic to add the small sites i'm concerned about the housing
1:53 am
types as well i'm concerned about you have accumulate demand what will demand actually be are we sure we're learning from what we did in the past to know we're accommodating the demand and land somewhere near the tree with the apple down the hill maybe in the data groups purview and understand what demand is don't want to get that one wrongs the housing project it is hard to put it onsite and pay and fee it goes somewhere else are we creating displacement and people coming in from other areas someone said do something with bmr in the culture district we've talked about the dedicated affordable housing within the quarter of a mile and what can
1:54 am
we do this how that fits together i'm not sure what did we learn if eastern neighborhoods in terms of what worked well we're trying to multiple what doesn't work we want to step away from i'd like to see that the folks in the eastern neighborhoods and the central soma plan will actually saw wow. we're trying to learn from what we did instead of winging that we're not saying wear winging it but the credibility >> cac are a great idea until all the people that were originally around we have new people that does know if they've read the plan you need to keep institutional memory not only for is surviving
1:55 am
cac but for the department people are going to move on and turnover and all of a sudden a plan created 5 or 10 years ago and people are not understanding it i think we need to be be able to institutionalize the memory over time as the new planners are coming on and understanding what we're trying to do and translate it into action. >> preserve i think that preserving job is one of the ones other than jobs i have not read the policies but going o going back into the eastern neighborhoods where do we end on the jobs scene jobs are supporting the eco system i'm really trying to understand how we'll preserve those jobs and keep them local i like the train for a local population working in the areas to keep the green house gas emissions down and
1:56 am
create a whole new thing. >> the delta in communities benefits for market octavia i'm familiar with to what he was needed roughly 60 percent and we have 40 percent of the needs 60 percent comes from somewhere else with that sweet spot the other 25 what's the plans to create the other 25 where is the money who decided what comes first and second and third i don't see the apple in the past did we fill the gaps and where did the money come from general funds or grants so again mower p make sure we have credibility with the community we're creating something that needs to be mitigated into the plan the
1:57 am
66 to 75 is a very large down payment and sympathize with the wider sidewalks not sure to be honest if you want a public office space open space the hours should be xhoomthsdz perhaps an idea for future legislation by the members of board of supervisors how to get parity here. >> and that's it good job. >> a lot there. >> okay commissioner moore thank you for waiting. >> sorry i wasn't aware that commissioner vice president richards didn't have a push button his phone first thing commissioner wu the xifks of hopefully - in the c district was created for
1:58 am
high-rise buildings mc-3 in the early san jose a well excused plan by the planning commission dealt with the definition of private-public open space in lui of the fact that tall buildings didn't have any room in that particular smaller scale to provide for a larger legislation the poppi{oopo the po to the sa space is required 50 square feet of office space on the empowering to be open to the sky to be open issues and weekend to
1:59 am
parks and doing incentives to put in dog runs and playground to basically you know right now the plan area was one acre open space the park four acres of po probation officer they're really part of th because a the commission has not seen the plan the commission has not seen a breakdown on the specifics it is a good idea the question of sunrise is an important one but part of future discussions when we get into the details of plan i wanted to
2:00 am
briefly talk about the future plans future plans on accelerating the opportunity and working into the future get not separating ourselves from the part from the present future plans are not sky diving or jumping without a safety net the basic question where do we want to go and how to get there a discussion on the part of all involved and all effected community near community nearby and the rest of the city's residents i believe that the way of what we're going to do today more planned structure and implementation strategy pointed towards a good solid way of how to


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