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tv   Police Commission 9716  SFGTV  September 12, 2016 12:00am-6:01am PDT

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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> commission i would like to call roll. >> please do sergeant. >> president? >> here. >> vice president. >> here. >> marshall. >> present. >> de-jesus. >> here. >> mezuko. >> present. >> wong. >> present. >> malara. >> present. >> you have a quorum with us tonight is the interrum chief of police tony chaplain and mr. hicks. >> good evening welcome everyone to the september 7th. 2016 police commission meeting we have been chris crossing the city doing a lot of committee
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meetings for the chief search we have a long ogeneral da i welcome all of you and watching at home. we have rules available here and the on the website i need everyone's cooperation because given the length of the agenda public comment will be two minutes today. we will do agenda clean up to start off with. the agendas are over there if you don't have one. we will start off with chief chaplain item 1a on your report we will have to put over because of the deputy cheap you are going to present is that correct? >> that is correct. >> and mr. police patrol samuel raise we need further investigation so we're putting that over. >> that is correct. >> on the closed session
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calendar item c a disciplinary matter that is put over. is that correct. >> that is correct. >> those retire changes to the agenda with that sergeant call the first line item. >> discussion 1a chief's report this item is to allow the chief of police to report on police activities and make announcements. >> good evening chief. >> good evening. i will start with our violent crime been in the headlines nationwide lately san francisco, we have not seen surges like other municip municipalities. in 2015 we had 96 small up tick by there. firearm for 2016 the total we have 126. last year we had 119 violent crimes is down 15 fers. robberies down 17% here today.
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firearm seize 667. over the summer months we seized a few hundred firearms close to half this summer. burglaries are down 18%. from july of 2015 to 2016 we had a 30% drop overall. on the body camera deployment. training station bay view station august 1519132 members were signed for the training for the body worn cameras 112 were trained and issued body cameras between august 29th and september 2nd of 2016 at the ingleside station. none reported
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with the ingleside station. we had small issue with the mounting brackets with the garments the magnets are not strong enough. and they're sending stronger magnets to affix to the outer garments. as far as policy issues are concerned we're still doing polly questions overall we have 64 trainers 143 are trained in bay view. 500 remain untrained 20 in ingleside remain untrained that is generally for people on disability and other issues precluding them to be trained. the training schedule in northern station september 2017th 2016. mission is 19th 19th.-twenty-third - and that's the beginning of fleet week just
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of note. october 27th of twenty-first richmond station and southern october 24th to 28. park following november 1st to the 4th. and finally of the ten district station that will be central that will be november 14th to 18 that will be followed by tack cal copy sob station bureau and headquarter for the remainder of the year to january of 2017. of note, we had a really good story officer rilely bandy one of our officers foiled an armed robbery in oakland in july 8th, 2016. the suspect was pointing a rifle. he was unarmed approached the subject what he was asking.
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officer told the suspect to drop the gun. he ran bandy chased him. during the pursuit he pointed the gun officers arrived at took kcustody of the subject he is honored the second highest honor of valor in the mrpd. the homicide ocured. may 16. williamson was shot on the twenty-second block - a 28 year old san francisco resident was taken into the bay view district and was booked for the murder of in bay view for the murder of mrs. williams. a couple of incidents of note we had an officer critically energid during an arrest of the subject.
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officer responded to a call of exboyfriend harassing he was found in the backyard where he resisted the officers and arrested for multiple charges including the threats and injury to the officer he was taken to san francisco general hospital for mental state. she was transported to the san francisco general hospital with swelling to the face right eye possible fracture she also had a broken left little finger buzz is in stable condition and that is kept on body worn camera we will look at that. there is another incident on fi5th on mission on sunday. this is officer on bike patrol on 5th and mission. aal suspect came up behind him on the skateboard he jumped off the
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skateboard taking a swing striking the officer on the head he got off the bike and tackled her. several bystanders recorded it on the phone but none came to the officers aid. nearby buses captured the attack. the officer was wearing a bicycle helmet that was cracked that saved him frr injury. the suspect is homeless 20 year old female with no local arrest history. she was found in position of a psychedelic drugs mushrooms special investigation is handing that particular case. the officers continue to do an
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outstanding job on the burglaries there have been several arrested they're tracking i can't go into detail we're tracking people that are serial burglars but a lot of arrested and properties recovered. i'm looking at some of these investigations are ongoing i won't go into detail about those but they recovered property from serial burglaries which contributed to the numbers. i will jump to the shootings on 9-3 of 16. shooting occurred 762 follow ton street - involving a shooting. from a housing complex in western grove and involved in a vehicle collision officers arrived and number of vehicles involved
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front end damage. there appeared to be a bullet hole in the backside window. they avised over police radio they located a shooting victim in western oak. they had a victim bleeding on the head the second victim was standing next to the first uninjured. they were hanging out in a parked vehicle in a parking lot of the 700 block of fullton street. the victim told officers that the unknown male began shooting at his vehicle he feared for his life and drove his vehicle at high rate of speed to the parking lot which is where the accident occurred. that is under investigation by the gang unit. another shooting on the same day 9-3, 16 of 3:00 p.m. in bay view. no arrested in that one. on the 1100th block of fits gerald
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numerous shot from an unknown location. on the unit block of nickels way began response they located a male victim with two gun shot wounds to the lower back. the victim transported to san francisco hospital where they were informed by medical personnel the person suffered two gun shot wounds to the lower back. no suz perspectives located in that one. and bay view officers investigating in that one. 9-4-16 approximately 1:50am on the 100 block of harbor road. male victim exited a bus felt a pain and noticed he had a gun shot room to his lower right leg. he exited the muni
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400 line and felt a sharp pain. he did not know who shot him and refused to answer any more questions they're investigating in that case. last incident of note was 8-29-16. at 6:39 p.m. on the 1700 block of green street a person having a psychotic break down. with shots fired. they were met by wit enss by residents of green street. officers observed subject bleeding from one of his fingers they conducted a sweep they saw multiple firearms in the front room. they observed water coming from the room onto the kitchen floor. which they believe to be
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bull loet let - bullet holes. they had a safe where more weapons were located. witnesses said he was acting strange lately. - the subject appeared to be angry officers located mids and well as narcotics they recovered. 57 firearms machine guns multiple ammunition. the subject was transported to sfgh and booked in county jail for multiple firearms and unsafe discharge. investigation team is investigating we had no homicides in the reporting
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period i have five steps i will leave for commander sullivan's presentation later. that is it. just of note. in the police academy we have 260 in. 200 first recruit class has 42. they will be graduating on 9-23-16. we also have the 504 sfpd. [inaudible] that concludes my chief report. >> thank you chief. questions for the chief? one question i might have missed it did you give us year to date homicides. student: . >> - 30.
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>> 30. do you know where we were this time last year? >> 30 here and this time last year we were at 34. >> okay thank you. sergeant call next line item. >>occ director's report. (this item is to allow the director to report on recent occ activities and make announcements.) c. commission repor reports. >> good evening. >> good evening commissioners. >> i will call for public comment. thank you. >> and members of the public. the occ continues to participate in community out reach in late july attorney manny forts participated on a panel. organized by the bar association. and reported at the last commission meeting 7occ
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investigators and donna salzar participated in night out at stations. donna tabled back to school give away. at the community center on august 6th and 13. occ car lo - carlos and candice tabled. the b magic back to school give away at the hunters point side in ginning street at next meeting i plan to present the quarter reports of first and second for 2016 we lodged reports with the police commission for the august 10th meeting. the agenda was extremely full so we will be presenting those reports as the
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agenda permits next week. additionally, next week i will provide you with the july and august 2016 month loo statistical reports that concludes my reports . >> any questions for director hicks? no? okay. sergeant call the next line item. >> 1c update on the fuse corp fellow. - commissioners' reports - report on meetings with community and department members regarding qualities in the next chief of police d. commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings (action). >> there is one business item i specifically wanted to update you all on which we talked about at the last meeting which is one of the efforts this commission has undertaken to get more information in particular policy support and looking at areas and
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things we're supposed to by charter or some rule that already exists be effecting right now. as well as a number of proactive policies we have. we interviewed terrific candidates from commissioner malara and de-jesus. we have identified a candidate we will bring that individual when everything is completed to the full commission and inproduce this person we're making progress i think the start date will happen some time in october. and there will be an on boarding process for that individual. this is a first for the commission to have that additional staff support that reports directly to the commission so i wanted to give you all that update. and if there aren't any questions we will move into individual commission reports what we have done the past few weeks with regard to the chief search. who
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wants to start? >> let's see. i attended - participate nondeterminate the mission - community mission castro neighborhood community meeting. that was very enlightning. the other was the chinatown that was one that i did yesterday with commissioner - with commissioner loftis we did a pride alliance. and i am scheduled to do ingleside tomorrow. i have been called to jury duty. and actually i was ordered to appear tomorrow. if anybody has time. i was the only one that was going to be there. if anyone is available at 11 o'clock otherwise, we will have to reschedule it. then i will meet with commissioners
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wien and de-jesus. in the late afternoon. and i will do teraval on monday as well. >> great. commissioner mazuko. >> i attended two community meetings with lara and marshall. we did the community meeting in gordan low in chinatown. great input from the community. it was interesting side note most of what we're hear frg the community we're hearing the same thing from the officers that's a good sign. we did that meeting and we did the meeting myself commissioner loftis and wong did st. community ka thee ral. a lot of folks were present at that meeting we had the youth in our group to facilitate our meeting
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we heard a lot of the things we heard in chinatown. so it's very helpful. important lie, i went to two district stations each of us divided which stations were going to talk to the officers i volunteer for central and north stations. i did four line ups. police officers have line ups before a shift where they're advised by the community officers what they need to know. any departmental bulletins they're debriefed on it it's a por mall process i covered every officer that worked in the central station. we went to the swing shift in the morning it was an eye opener because the officers i learned and noticed that the overwhelming majority of officers have less than five years of experience. they're very young. they're interested
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in motivated the officers after going through to dispel any rumors about the police chief process we explained to them about the process how it works under both the charter and what we do as a commission how we review the application and everything told to the public we go through this process while the officers were not aware of that we asked how the process answer worked. we received significant input from the officers what they're looking for and the police chief. they have to work for that person. it effects their live as it does the public. we received input from officers about the re- reforms and changes they're making when the officers told me about the concerns for the reforms they're making it's important as commissioner to hear. that they're all willing to make change. they all said we want to make change we have a
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great job we had canndid conversation about the activity that has an impact. the stupid things some people do the officers got it they're great. i learned a lot from them. >> thank you. i was going to say dr. joe? >> so i think i had three of the five. first i wanted to thank a couple of groups i want to thank everybody that came out number one i really do, just to come out and you know, spend your time giving us your opinions about the qualities you would like to see in a new chief and i also want to surprise you president, thank the young people from the community safety initiative who helps facilitate three meetings i assumed all of them. they were great. my thing
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was want tog hear from every single person in the room i kept prompting folks every voice is important. i didn't hear anything that surprised me because i have heard it before with previous searches. no that was at bay view along with who went to bay view with me. >> did west side together. >> bay view then chinatown. that is the other group i want to thank the interpreters who stepped out of nowhere. that was a great meeting i enjoyed that because they put forth the effort to make that happen and teraval i wanted to thank the public for coming out. >> not tereval. >> well. to me it was. any way
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we take everything all that everybody said to heart and it will be incorporated like we said thank you. >> next commissioner? wong? jump in. >> i attended two town hall meetings with the public one at bay view and one at st. marys overall they were good meetings i was disappointed in the fact that i recognize so many of the folks i attended regular commission attendees and public commenters i would have lofed to have seen a broader perspective trum of the two meetings i was at i attended two line ups in park richmond station i had a conversation with the officers there an hour to hour-and-a-half
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the officers were not shy in expressing their views and i said i would bring back their comments they were apprehensive about the chief search. that explained things they had a lot of comments on the police commission. that was a great process to go to the stations that is something we need to incorporate into our process more. and i think there was a lot of misunderstandings and miss conceptions about what we have done from the poll sighs we have passed and a lot of direct input got a lot of direct input after response times redistri redistricting a lot of officers say it has impacted stations. officers asked me before a make' decisions on the corroded restraint hear frg the officers.
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we heard a lot about tasers but took a quick vote and at least for few process we should hear from the folks training on the subject. i said i would try to bring that up before there was final decision on the matter. officers comment on the 36 inch baton who had complaints and safety concerns on that. there is confusion with the line up officers carrying the baton and others who weren't. it was clear to me if that was still in force. there was confusion about the policies by the time i got there it was straightening itself out and most folks were using it correctly. it was great. i look forward to reading this comprehensive report we did get a lot of community input. like doctor joe i don't know if there was a lot of surprising
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community input. from the two stations, park stations discussed whether it was better to have an internal or external police office in park station. they said we don't care we're just looking for the right chief. it's interesting to hear the diversity between the two stations. >> thank you. commissioner - vice president? >> i had the opportunity to attend bay view as well as officers headquarters and like victor said they're interesting headquarters are where the officers certainly the officers i met with are much more senior
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in rank than long standing. the internal versus external candidate was discussed more at length than it was at southern station where they focused in on qualifications such as, you know, educational credentials ability to work with mental health training and what kind of background and experience they would bring to the ranks: interesting discussion about internal candidates was brought about whether or not an external candidate would also bring his own command staff which of course we as commissioners have no power or voice in who becomes the chief's command staff that
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is a staffing issue. that was an interesting discussion as well. one of the things that is most interesting about the two sets of officers as well as the community is there was a great deal of discussion about 21st century policing policies how best to implement them but everyone seemed in favor of embracing them and to make change in the department. so i was pleased to see that. >> commissioner loftis if you don't bright commissioner turmin brought up an issue about bringing up a command staff. we brought that around first time around by charter they're not allowed to two times ago, there was a special exemption voted on by the commission and agreed upon by the bargaining unit to
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allow chief gaston to bring on another officer from another department. that's a rare exemption and he requested that for the comp stat unit. >> our officers had a reaction and wanted to know if that would occur again. >> for future reference they're not allowed to do that. >> de-jesus. >> my meetings are pretty rocus a little different. it was in direct high school it was not well attended we did have people show up. there was an issue whether we got it out or not. there was people putting it out on the radio station. it was not well attended. the people that did show up with the release of twitter and poster and statement frs the mayor's office there was a lot of anxiety whether this
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was a charade and facade it took a while to calm it down. i had not seen the poster until the next meeting it was miss leading and had logos to meet the new chief. there's a campaign on twitter or radio there's a campaign for a particular candidate that has put people up in arms i have been eating a lot of ear full at the meetings but a lot of calls from publicly concerned people. so we just need to talk about that. that is two of the meetings i went to. that is what is going on in the press and the phone calls i have been getting. at the missions there was interesting ones like disban the department take away their guns we can't look at an
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internal candidate because they're concerned about the sway or the hold of the poa put out people have the blue ribbon panel which is a force in san francisco and the force it has on the department. those are the things i heard as well as the other things i heard going on. at both the mission station and scottish rite. i went to the right place i ended up at the scottish rite eventually. it's too bad i didn't move on this earlier but some part of this process opened and transparent for the community. and there is two sides to it. we put out a bulletin saying it would be confidential so we have to honor it to that extent there are other departments that make the finalists known to the community
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we need to put on this commission if it's on offer tonight an agenda 2-3 month process. during this process when we get down to the final candidate whether we can acquire to them to disclose their name to the community. who these individuals are and evaluate the mayor'sings decision based on who he chooses. it's behind closed doors. you are not thinking outside of the box and not thinking of the community. this is a time when the community is distressed with the policing. we should talk about ways we can alter or change it f we can't do it for this process maybe the next process. the doesn't hurt to ask if they wouldn't mind disclosing their names that's what they're left with at this point. we do have to respect the confidentiality
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we put in place. those were things that came from the community meeting. as well as a list. you have given us a report to list all the particulars people said. i also met with several officers i met with the mission station, apoa and the poa i did hear some of the officers would prefer an in-house candidate. there was a reason for that. they know san francisco and know the communities in san francisco and they hopefully know and can work within the different xhupts in san francisco. they can hit the ground running. if they know the department and how the department runs they can hit the ground running there was people who talked to us at the meeting who also said especially at the mission one is really the focus
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on the kreshls and the incoming chief. whether that person has experience running the department reform and experience participating in the 21st century policing and innovative and has the ability to move the department forward. there's a proand con and weighing in the balance to look at. some of the things the officers told me they think the chief needs to go on a ride along with the younger officers they need to get back in the community and experience the community they need to be there when the officers and i specially demonstrations are being when they're working they're being spit on and having stuff poured on them. that they're experiencing. they question the training in the department especially right now they can't get to the range to qualify for post-certificatification.
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there's a big backlog there and a lot of them are concerned about main trag post certificati certification. they talked about sergeant promotions. most have a seven year period to move up to sergeant. it was made three years the first year is a probationary year so it's two years experience. there is no requirement they have to have drol in those periods that is the right way should we go back to a seven year requirement for promotion and whether we should really require super vision or tra training inside actual districts out in the field. so, that is something we should talk about the new chief on. there was a baton issue, they were upset with this commission for not providing tasers i took the heat
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for you guys i said it was me. i'm certainly one of them. there are other issues like spiking to get around - how do i say this in a nice way? you have a those on the captains but my captains don't have to come from this list. they can jump over the list they want the promotional list respected. i might have it backwards my notes are not that great. what else? one of the tech grounds pointed out that the department bulletins are vast and many and not categorized in a way they can be easily obtainable. 569 might go with 39b and respond to 8290 and also may respond to 106.4. there
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is no way for them to get a handle on what the bulletin requires of them. they want to make sure they cover all the necessary requirements it's not there they would like a data base to categorize all the varied bulletin departments if it's use of force they're all in one section and when they're writing a police report that will pop up if it's domestic violence it will pop up did you provide this did you provide that? did you get the name of the witness - whatever is required they have a pop up in a program that would help the officers so they can write a complete report and begs the question it would do electronically so it would be in electronic format that is something i said with susie on. i think that is a brilliant idea. one of the things they
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talked about is the department bulletin come down fast and furious some comes down - has to look at this department bulletin and they have to try and figure out what the command staff actually wants. there is no real coming down and saying, this is what it means sometimes when it comes fast and furious it ends up in this bin it's too much to handle, there is no real training and clarity on the department bulletins that is another thing for the command staff t f it's complicated or not well written i didn't say that there should be a meeting to explain to them exactly what the command staff is looking for. they also believe the bulletins come down fast because they're being reaction they're to issues arising you need the
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flexibility to do that. at some point there need toss be training and understanding of what is being asked and required of each and every one of them. for the department groups they would like somebody from the inside mostly and i did have complaints on the 36 inch baton i'm not sure what the safety issue is, but i heard about the 36 inch baton that is in a nutshell. >> thank you. i think i'm last dr. joe did a great job thanks. there is things we did differently i want to thank my colleagues who did this before commissioner zasuko and de-jesus. did 2, 2, and 2.
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[inaudible] doesn't reflect the approach we took. accouple of things one it was expanded to five minutes across the city. in years past it was three. part of the feedback this is commissioners mazuko's recommendation someone standing at the podium and one talking there wasn't much dialogue that was frustration with the community. setting up a conversation is important. we set up groups and circles led by young people. if you have been working with a group of kids we now have two classes through for two years i will tell you one of the young people who worked with us last summer who didn't work with us this summer called more
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magic and said what can i do? i want to be part of this. that's what they're looking for. we also expanded it to an online survey you will hear it from the recruiting firm. i appreciate the comments and there were funny articles for the need for a publicist. there was an article taking issue with that. i did find that to a large degree oakland did similar things including youth in their process. but did a little bit more proactive press around it i wanted to correct the record to the extent to which we have done things the way they have always been done. and those that care deeply about the community and neighborhoods there are tough conversations they facilitated beautifully as you know. from my experience, the community
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meeting i don't think i can add anything. it was good to ask questions of folks given the confidentiality of this process when someone says i'm looking for someone with integrity how do you ask someone that quest n question. that was a good effort i was able to go to line ups at tenderloin. we have a station out at the airport i went to the airport for the 6:00 a.m. line up. i was at tenderloin i would echo it occurred to me we have not spent very much time at all with the officers at the stations i used to make it a point to go on ride alongs and with the schedule we have been keeping i neglected that. that's a problem for this commission
12:45 am
for a lot of reasons, miss information can get perpetuated if you don't say hey this is where we're coming from. we're thinking about you guys goit tough questions too i asked for tough questions one thing this commission has done is welcome tough questions from everyone. one of the responses we had is one of the jobs as commissioners is to shake their hand as they come in with a star and gun and their family is there but the question is are we doing everything training wise with a job getting tougher every day we're equipping them to do that. when it's going great we can recognize them and when it's going great we can convene earlier. it's healthy to have those conversations and i
12:46 am
appreciate the officers at tenderloin for giving me direct feedback no one brought up the 36 inch baton but there was a lot of taser discussion. it was universal for me. that there is a request for somebody that is internal i got a lot of feedback at this commission - prior commission selection of prior chiefs not within this department. specifically being an issue. commissioner de-jesus. had meetings with the police offic officer's association and we met with the pride alliance. what is understandable and i think is often forgotten is sometimes it is just the basic parts about being a police officer they felt we did not put enough aonto. and identifying a leader for the permanent department. across the
12:47 am
board for the department it's been a tough year in change it was imparted to me chart of what we should do is not run a fair, good process that gets everything that need toss get done but we should recognize the department is searching for that permanent leader. then the last thing i would say is this is sort of our quality tative response we will get a full report from the recruiting firm with all the other pieces it's important for everybody to hear i want to thank the commission the amount of hours this is not understood everybody up here has a day job and did tremendous work over the past few weeks getting out there. i want today thank you for that. anything further on this matter? >> they also want the commissioners to do the ride along. they would like that. the community folks interested in how they make decisions that they can contact the chief's
12:48 am
office and they can see how that is done at the academy level i'm not sure they can do a ride along but they're inviting community folks how officers are trained and make certain decisions. >> commissioner wohwang. >> they echoes that we make the final candidates public. they similar to the community felt a strong distrust of the solacing they want to know we're forwarding the top three applicants as well they pushed strongly they be informed - [speaking off the mic] this is at park station. they came back and said we want to know who you are putting up there as the final three candidates have a right as the folks directly effected how you came to that selection. >> yeah. i asked the same
12:49 am
question at tenderloin i got the opposite. along with some of the groups. >> yeah. [speaking off the mic]. >> just one thing i told you about what the officers were saying about the station. one of the things they said is you the public they show up every day to serve you they getting a lot of negative comments they have feelings too they have a hard shell but a lot of these young kids - to give you an idea what it's like imagine being in a line up for the midnight shift while i'm addressing them there are young people coming in dropping assault weapons on the table while i'm doing a line up the officers went into the house where the guy was firing the rounds they understand it's a
12:50 am
2-way street a little appreciation they're feeling the effects of this. >> we will get a full report on the surveys and the recruiting firm we will get to that. there is more to come on this item. this is the commissionerer's piece on this. plank you for this report. >> i haven't had a chance to do this. i want to thank you chief chaplain for i think we had a town hall with four police chiefs and my radio show. miel and chief chaplain and chief brown from richmond. captain joiner from oakland and police chief jennifer chada of em - emeryvil
12:51 am
emeryville. so thank for being there. >> great call next line item. then it's public comment after this item. >> item 1d commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings (action). >> we also will hear from the principled policing bureau i think next week is the deeper dive on some soft the data questions we have been asking
12:52 am
particul particularly around the consent searches. if possible we did receive a fantastic report from the bar association with data recommendations. next week is looking difficult. sergeant will have to follow up. we want to calendar that to a full report from the commission. any other items? colleagues? i will also say we do have to schedule elections. this is today symbolizes my two years i have been president and we are supposed to do elections in may. we have extended it. given the circumstanceses so we will have to have elections shortly i will flag that in the next little bit. commissioner wohwang where -. >> i would like a meeting on the ble blessing scams chief and i
12:53 am
attended chinatown out last night. there was 4-500 people at the event. i know the chief got an ear full about the department's response on the blessings scams. i have received complaints from the victims who continue to say there is language access issues, lack of responsiveness. i would like a report back from the department how we're responding globally on this issue to making arrests. there are a lot of come par sins to new york. the sus spinpicio-
12:54 am
report back from svu that is over seeing the investigation. >> okay. any response chief? >> definitely. i got a different message from the community. we're happy we made arrests. i wish you would have told me that night we could have identified those people and got them services captain was responsive. you were there. the crowd loved them they were very praising of the response to crime in that particular district. i will look into that. >> for captain lizar absolutely but they're occurring in the different districts the complaints were the ones about the outside there is no negative response to captain lizar the community responded well to him. >> commissioner mazzucco? m
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mazzuc mazzucco. >> people are interested in not necessarily not having the police respond to mental health calls. we have been advised by the police department that the 60% of calls are dealing with people in mental health crisis it's a resource and training issue it's been percolating the department of public health respond. so there is an appropriate response. i think the officers wanted as does the community if we can plan the next two months to have a hearing on this issue and see what is best for the community and public by changing the ways we respond to these calls and have the appropriate professionals respond if we can have that on the list for october or november. >> thank you commissioner.
12:56 am
anything further on this matter sergea sergeant. >> the next meeting will be septembe september 14th. next wednesday city hall in this room room 400 at 5:00 p.m. >> okay. thank you public comment on items 1a-d. welcome and good evening. >> patricia. i'm head of 22 emergency association and the marina hall groups. on the chief report 1700 block of grain one of the problems i agree with you mr. mazzucco is that the fact that we get the man who is obviously in a psychotic area and he goes to san francisco general and they let him out in a day-and-a-half and this day
12:57 am
needed 3-5 days. number two, after he was arrested, he had so much money, he was out in bail in an hour-and-a-half. what chief did not mention was the fact that the next day he decided to drive his $400,000 sports car into two cars in front of the children's playground at miscone park. and he was arrested again. and he just doesn't seem to care. this is something the police put their lives on the line. this guy was definitely psychotic if you can have a meeting about turning to the department of public health. i suggest you both have a meeting together. both commissions are boards so the public can have the right to hear what is gooiing on. number
12:58 am
two is the community out reach. i'm head of 22 groups. never heard of a hearing a meeting. never heard. so we've got problem with the community out reach. number three, is, i want to thank first of all greg mckecin and jj for given us dame damian faller he's one of the best beat officers. i will finish with the [speaking off the mic]. >> thank you. i'm sorry. there is two minute limit. there will be public comment on the general agenda. good evening. >> thank you. president, vice president and chaplain and hicks
12:59 am
i represent three groups in the city and one merchant association as well. regarding transparency, and a fair process regarding the selection of the police chief, i think you guys are just missing the mark because the city has great resources the mayor's office has a list of every single recognized community group association p association mer chent group in the city as well as attorney's office. you got to tap into those resources and put in the town hall at the auditorium you can speak out regarding the selection process there. i think that would be a great thing. with the community groups no one has heard of the town hall meetings i haven't heard of any of these community meetings. we try to do the best we can with
1:00 am
our groups we put out a flyer we asked to correct by the police chief's office. we paid someone to do the flyer after getting the corrected chief officers that was done. we understand also that the chief is very busy we have worked with many chiefs throughout the years including chief sir who did the best to be at our meetings when they couldn't there was a department chief at our meetings as you recall we recognize chief lof tell us - loftus - to have a fair process selection process, i think you need to publicize a major town hall meeting and use the mayor resources and the city
1:01 am
attorney has regarding community groups . >> thank you. we will get a full report on the out reach that is done for the meeting. thank you for your comments. next spooeak? good evening and welcome. >> hi commissioners i'm going to have to second what the david just said about the poor out reach. notwithstanding the search groups thing when i read right now that lists a bunch of places where they went out to the public. the meetings were incredibly poorly attended. i was actually pleased when i heard commissioner mazzucco at a previous meeting in the past the citizens of san francisco have proven to be interested in who the next police officer police chief is. it was the same old folks, that have come to these
1:02 am
things all the time. i didn't need to repeat myself i was hoping to have any voices even more conservative voices and they didn't show up. so i'm afraid there is no opportunity to redo this, however, if you guys elect to go ahead and make open who the last three candidates are, then something like an event at the corum auditorium where there is much better public notice of the meeting might be something you would be willing to consider. the other thing is i found the meeting to be highly structured, over structured at the same time somewhat chaotic we asked rep t repeatedly san francisco police accountability how the information put on the white boards are put on and what you would do with it. we never got an answer. questions that i asked about the police chief never showed up. i asked
1:03 am
specifically we have a police chief that not somebody that has used his weapon to shoot at somebody and somebody who had no use of force incidences that were questionable. none of this got to the piece of paper your people did. i find that problematic. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening welcome. >> i guess i am the next speaker. i appreciate this very much. my birthday is 9/11. i'm a good cop and a good fireman. there's a reason for that. they chose me. the earthquake happened in miscogie that is where it first earthquake in nap
1:04 am
pa when i was over at the vietnamese industrial when i was protesting. i said no they're going fly it into one of these buildings. this is before 9/11. i spoke to this. and a policeman came to arrest me. it was so cute. the way to vietnamese scrambled around me and got into the whole food. true story. there might be an earthquake today because in coke owe there is an anniversary quake to that and an anniversary quake to all of this. even the pope will recognize these earthquakes because on the anniversary of our quake, in ecuador there was a large earthquake. i am the
1:05 am
truth, i am the light. i speak like a fisherman and i have one will, when will this end? when it comes to t and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. pledge of allegiance. best way to speak about this stuff sitting or stand ago it's a great right to be an american. it's protest our pledge of allegiance so when you speak into the microphone. do - >> thank you. next speaker? good evening and welcome. >> good evening thank you i'm karen freshman part of san francisco police accountability and justice for mario woods cool li - coalition i thank you.
1:06 am
commissioner de-jesus speaking openly about the process. i found it confusing if more people came and said we need an external and few came said you need an internal candidate are gouing to pick an external candidate? i don't understand how that adds up to criteria. and put a questionnaire online like league of women voters kit be anonymous candidates for the search. this is level of experience the amount of budget and command staff they have had and approach to officer involved shooting and approach to unconscious bites bias and policing. put that online and let the community give you input which of the individuals candidate ab and c aligned with
1:07 am
san francisco. that would be a better way to get input that would inform your deigs i urge you to make the final names public. that is extremely important. the three other items i want to bring to your attention. i'm surprised had not been part of the discussion to this evening. first bay area police having sex with a minor sex worker. what are you doing about that? how are they being held accountable? what is going on with that? i'm glad you spoke on the grand jury report on the crime lab what about the grand sury report on the officer involved shooting it's taken 20 months for the da not to indict as he does. that need toss be fixed. this is really bad for the credibility of the department and for the community relations and lastly, when is the hearing on the blue ribbon panel? [applause].
1:08 am
>> thank you. next speaker? >> hello. michael patreli i would like to address issues chief i don't trust most of what comes out of your mouth. in may when you accepted the interum position. by the guy that was the interem mayor that you were not interested in the job. seems like you have changed your mind. correct me if i'm wrong about that. >> mr. patrelus you cannot address your comments to - i have to enforce the rules not address anyone individually we will give you back that time. go head sir. >> give me back my 20-seconds . >> i will let you go 20-seconds
1:09 am
over. >> what i'm nervous about the current chief there is no transparents s - trant parent sa where was from? a simple matter around the college degree from the current chief makes me nervous i can't trust the guy if he's going to be like that with transparency on the college degree. i'm glad to hear you say you want the list of candidates transparent that makes my sunshine heart so happy. i think it will be a huge step forward if the names come out. if the names are leaked and if ewe hear it may or make a decision. will be a huge dark cloud on the entire process. lastly, the mayor has not held any town hall
1:10 am
meetings to do with anything with the police or the officer involved shootings. there is no reason for the mayor to keep himself away from town hall meetings. you went out. that is a great that is a start. the mayor need to get out of room 200 and have open public meetings i called on the mayor to have his transparency plans for the process i want to now how transparent transparency -. >> thank you. welcome. >> i want to briefly speak about the input from officers i wanted
1:11 am
to comment if you are hearing feedback that it's nothing but criticism towards the police there need toss be a communication strategy with officers they're hearing from the poa any discussion from the police reform is anticop. i'm professionalism that is not antipolicing. when they're getting garbage in, they're going to lose the context. on the chief search. you have vets up here who have been through the search before. this is unlike anyone you have had before. the department is not the same situation as it was five years ago. and i think the process need toss reflect that. i think you had lots of good input from lots of sources that is good i want to aplowed th mrd that. those are the experts that have been through this sort of situation that knows what it
1:12 am
takes to do the sort of reforms to tackle. you probably got hundreds of recommendations coming from cops at this stage i strongly encourage you and have your recruiter to do those for you not so much from candidates you got your pool what are the lessons learned from other cities. you should call the ram transparency the chair ram sea snfrment those people will have relevant input not ground up but expertise as you go through these process - i will defer since i'm running out of time.
1:13 am
>> next speaker good evening and welcome. >> albert einstein said the best definiti definition of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different out come. this is the body in charge of hiring the last chief. this is the body that evaluates the chief out of view of the public. you give the chief his or her marching orders and i have heard no acceptance of any responsibility for the fact it was this body it was the use of force agreement to languish for 20 years before it came up for renewal and not until a number of people were killed i considered one of those cases as an execution you don't need 20 shots against one human being unless you are determined he won't survive. one shot, nobody was in control at that scene ,
1:14 am
nobody was. frankly, i believe this body has past it's day. i believe the citizens fshgs of san francisco should have a ballot initiative to elect the police commission who are responsible to the public and not to the cronies who put you there. basically i don't trust you. vi come before this body on numerous occasions ald - and told i wasn't allowed to speak and accused by the president of harassment when she knew i had not violated that policy when i requested her she refused to do that i consider that to be slander. if you want the public involved you have to let them say what they want to say. you can't use all this manipulation like putting the general public comment at the end so you get all the time you want to go
1:15 am
through what you think is important and leave the public sucking high t -. >> part of the rules were made i didn't make them up. comments that are made to any protected group. public comment - what is said is not necessarily - we do not endorse it. with that. i will leave it. good evening and welcome man. >> i would like to talk about the transparency. what is the transparency on this board here? and all your backgrounds. i have been coming here for four months, coming my main ke about my daughters murder it wasn't to disanybody it was who is responsible a judge and the sfpd
1:16 am
does have a lack of their duty a murder happened. now i found out loftus you were da at the time of my daughters murder mr. wang you too. i didn't find this out too i didn't find out until sunday until i ran into willy brown in a police meeting. he is not transparent he is either nuts. what is your transparent sea at this board? i'm mortified to learn you have been there on the pd knows what happened to my daughter. to you sir, i gave you the last meeting is that was held here information on a domestic violence program. i'm trying to get reports on the call made to the police department i made myself. there is one report your police
1:17 am
department took, the others are not there. and i got that report it was confidential took me a while from candy i asked her if you would pass that information along? no. the day i got that report the next day i got a letter from the head of the rekofr- records department i would not be getting that stuff this this is a national murder in the media was everywhere. officers - i have the report - told to go with a search warrant on james mitchel - [speaking off the m ]
1:18 am
mic]. >> we have senior investigators that is who you have to talk to about a pending investigation director hicks can you identify who is here from the occ? thank you. there is an investigator who can answer the questions. unfortunately, we can't do it here in public comment. i'm very sorry for your loss and this is frustrating. i'm very sorry for your loss next speak i'm sorry director hicks? >> yes the occ this evening is senior investigator sherri flecher. >> if you two could connect and make sure her questions answered those keep coming up. good evening welcome. >> i didn't see item d that's why i interjected at that point.
1:19 am
i wanted to thank you all for doing these meetings but there is not enough turn out. i appreciate your report and i appreciate more people would have said specifically what happened. i'm concerned about the night captain because i read he is the chief of police and more about his qualifications and what happens that is not okay. i don't know what the statistics are that is much more serious than we're taking it. i think you you need to ask the next chief applicant will they be willing to do an analysis and report on the department to date the information found by the blue ribbon annu- panel i want somebody to critique publicly what has happened under greg's reign. if he's a great chief we still have no owned any public -
1:20 am
any public person has not owned responsibility in critiquing. ask them, would you critique and look at the blue ribbon and what needs to change around texting, racism all of the murders that have happened these need to be brought forward. the confidentiality, that needs to be changed. we need to stop that. i also want to have a clear idea about how the new chief would deal with the poa and the way their interaction with us is. so we really need to have much more transparency about what has already happened in this police department. by the way the police are serving the public in some people's eyes but their purpose was to help the slave owners and businesses
1:21 am
against labor. [speaking off the mi mic]. >> thank you. thank you. a brief response, the u.s. doj is going to be issuing their report with their recommendations they also were in rekreeceipt of the gran jury and panel report. there is collaborative report with information to this body i heard it should be the next few weeks i heard october as a guide post. next speaker? good evening and welcome. >> good evening my name is john jone jones: i heard we would hear
1:22 am
the input from western san francisco. that was totally lacking. the only suggestion i had was the commission might want to work through the local newspapers they're all over the place. i know they would publish information about the policie commission as newsworthy. vi not seen anything of this panel that would be dishonest. finally if there is anything for the blue ribbon report i want you to know i can't wait. >> thank you next speaker? good evening. welcome. >> good evening police commission and risa as well. good evening. 30 murders versus
1:23 am
34 last year slight improvement thank you for doing that whoever is responsible. number two integrity unimpeachable integrity that's what everybody incests on in a new chief. the former chief was the opposite. you supported him for years in miss deeds in paying millions of dollars and legal fees to pace for his indecember correction for yea it's would be helpful. if your process is transparent. it didn't allow criminals to be possible chiefs. next is taking so long with the badge camps with the commission. that is
1:24 am
with the san francisco geographically. like the mission station is the core of corruption in san francisco police commission. why are you waiting on the badge cams they needed it a long time ago. people like me are not safe until they have those camera on their chests. i will come back. >> thank you. next speaker? good evening and welcome. >> good evening. pleasure to be here. some of you know me some of you don't my name is milani clay and here representing the people specifically lgbt community and the justice for mario woods commission and with black lives matter. i appreciate all the work you have done. i have to say this is the most
1:25 am
col colorful commission i have seen. that is empowering at the same time we have to recognize we're in a new age and not getting the job done. and that the color of our skin does not qualify us for any particular position especially in law enforcement. being formerly incarcerated myself i have been on both sides i have family who are officers. i have friends who are officers that work in the jails - deputies. what i'm experiencing is we're not getting the message out there. i have been evicted last week and staying with my mother. i came out here specifically today to have a chance to speak with you guys to encourage you to reach out to the folks you know doing the community work. the democratic organizations i don't know if i mentioned this before i'm the former vice president of
1:26 am
political affair for the harvey milk club so yeah, we have lists. we can get the word out. if any of you reach out to us we would be happy to include in our message what you are trying to do and try to help you to do it better. couple things i wanted to reference really quickly is the aclu letter to mayor on 8-25. i'm assuming you all got that. we really want to see an open and transparent process beyond what has happened so far. and we appreciate you trying. thank you. >> thank you for those encouraging words they're deeply appreciated. next speaker welcome and good evening. >> bob from san francisco police accountability. entrenched interest always fear outside
1:27 am
control. insider control is almost always subject to pressures from the outsiders given that chance the citizens of san francisco want transformational change of the resource they must seek a clean slate from the outside. if a police chief is chosen from the insiders from a neighboring city and not a big contract costing san francisco taxpayers $49,000 we can safely assume the fix is in. if that consultanting firm was responsible for engaging san francisco residents to genuinely participate in their police chief and could only bring in 40 or 50 individuals on each of five different occasions that
1:28 am
consultanting firm didn't do it job and safely assume that the fix is in. san francisco is a city of 800,000 people. if they were contributed to by 12 well meaning teenagers we can assume that the fix in. above all if the three finalists are not made public and the standards the final was made public not transparentally open to the public this commission has sold out democratic process and once again the fix was in. if the excuse was given was to respect the anonymity of the an indicates - candidates i ask you if it's more important than a democratic process of complete transparent before the people. >> thank you. next speaker. good
1:29 am
evening and welcome sir. tom gilberti. cameras who owns the visit? how fast does the public get it? ten days? that is going to be the big play for part of what we have to deal with with cameras transparency, open they need to be quick. police is a professional organization of of investigators when we have a problem involving the police that needs to be investigating the police it need toss be done quick. 30 days we're professionals here. guy in the backyard harassing his
1:30 am
exgirlfriend maybe we can throw a net have the fishermen crew. guys that can throw a fishing net. that will triangangle anyb up. five years experience with our policemen: that's a toughy. the next thing is when we're graduating our crew, why not - i would love to see each graduate teamed with a 2-man crew that's been ten year veterans that have never fired a bullet. we can do that maybe once a week they can get experience from guys that have experience and they can go back to their own team. general, i would recommend lightning of
1:31 am
the belt i would not mind the new graduates not wearing guns. i would like to see the police department learn how to settle down on the sidewalks of our city. and of course i want the police department to live in our city. okay? i want to hear some of that too. thank you. >> thank you. any further public on items 1a-d? hearing none item is closed. call next line item. >>presentation of the safe streets for all quarterly report, 2nd quarter 2016; and, discussion and possible action to adopt resolution supporting vision zero and automated speed enforcement (action). >> thank you i will remind you this took an active role with the commission with the spike with pedestrian bicycle
1:32 am
fatalities that happened that year and this commission passed a resolution called safe streets for all with quarterly reporting. i will say those taking an interest in groups this is an effective group partners at sf and bicycle coalition have worked with us to work collaboratively with the department. this is how we track in policy lives being saved. there's a request you have in your packets for passage of a resolution for the commission with automated speed enforcement with that commander good evening and welcome. >> good evening. commissioners chief chaplain director hicks members of the public. my name is rabo sullivan of the public
1:33 am
municipal transportation agency. i'm here to present a quarterly safe streets report. my presentation will cover the second quarter of calendar year 2016. i will be speaking - my statistics will be speaking to the months april may, and june. as mentioned by commissioner loftus is for enforcement and education eliminating traffic commission fatalities and reducing the traffic collisions. we have a partnership with a myriad of organizations some within the city itself some of the transportation agency the department of public health i will be followed this evening by katie engoti from the public transportation agency. we work with the bicycle coalition and
1:34 am
caulk sf with that in mind i have a brief presentation this evening knowing that mrs. angoti will make a presentation as well. if you go to the next slide. we are measured in large part by what percentage of citations that we issue go towards the five primary collision factors to be determined with traffic energy coalitions. there's a study done by the transportation agency from 05-11. the vast majority of collisions are from motorists with excessive speed failing to yield to pedestrians at a cross walk and failing to yield to oncoming motorists as well as making u turns with that in mind
1:35 am
there was a joint session with board of supervisors with the police commission. committed that 50% of our departments would be for those factors for the second quarter 2016. 39% of violations were issued focused on the five violations that is 30 teen % increase from quarter number one we saw improvement there. if you go to the next slide please. we look at data here to date the first two quarters that is january through june of 2015 and 6 teen. the department has issued there has been inissue of seven person in the total number focus on the five violations . >> i want to give a shout out to the captains that made it to the 5th year or above. that was the goal at 25% that is captain mic
1:36 am
fadden at ingleside and captain in richmond. each station has different factors there is a number of operations. i think my husband got a ticket in richmond failing to yield. if you are like me in your native san francisco the level of traffic enforcement has gone up so much and it's much more targeted now. >> thank you for acknowledging them. to what you said targeted i should preface this by saying our enforcement is directed by data it's data driven. those with the department of public heelt we're directing our officers through the district stations to areas we know in the past historically injury collisions have occurred. through 2016. we focus on the
1:37 am
five violations i mentioned that the goal of 0 on tom of the tai fatalities collisions is to reduce collisions. have good news the kwar 2016 compared to 2015 the collisions were down 13% a slide on the monitor now speaks to the different types of collisions we did have seven fatalities. that was for the quarter number two. looking now at the period january-june 16th compared to 15 overall with the exception of fatalities all of the other categories were down as well take the four categories together. through june 2016 they're down 9% compared to the same in june 2015. vi a break
1:38 am
out. on the next slide of the type of traffic fatalities one thing i would like to point out january through june 2016 there were five passenger related deaths, that is a tremendous increase to 2015 , there were none. two of those fatalities occurred in the south market area. you may recall the case there was a vehicle that fled was not pursued by the c hp and the occupants of those vehicle passed. there were a few other items i would like to discuss. the first one with guards to the you recognize those captains august 4th. mayor lee from the bicycle fatalities in june issues an executive order. it
1:39 am
was around pedestrian and bicycle safety a number of city agencies were called to task to meet certain objectives the police department we were ordered to meet our objective of 50% of the focus of the five violations for collision affect torres i'm proud during the month of august we achieved that. there was another captain his or her command achieved. 50% it's the first time this chain - campaign has done that and at 40% to date. we have made tremendous progress. we ended 2015 at 35% we're above that. i expect us to go higher. the second item i would like to mention tow i know mrs. angoti will speak to it. is speed, in a good number of our traffic
1:40 am
injury collisions. the department of sfmta and department of public health has gun a speed campaign. if you listen to the radio with regularity npr or [inaudible] you may have heard vision 0 segments those started in september of tho this month. an in the this month. in the month of october the department will begin safe speeds enforcement operation. what that means for us speaking in the department, on top of the speed eports we're making there is 153 additional hours per week through a grant officers will conduct traffic through [inaudible] [inaudible]
1:41 am
1:42 am
- any questions ? >> great. you have come a long way. mrs. angoti from sfm almost. and thank you. yamaguchi for the technical assistance. good evening and welcome. rb tha. >> thank you. my name is katie angoti with the government affairs. i appreciate the time to talk tow i know the agenda is long. this is an important resolution for you to consider. it's extremely timely given that we're gearing up for the 2017 session and the next one
1:43 am
starting up in four months in january. sfpd has been working hard to enforce the most dangerous traffic violations they have been great partners with the sfmta and other departments with the joint traffic safety efforts and campaign. enforcement is one of the prongs of our division 0 of the multistrong efforts also including education enforcement, english thooer nooering evaluation and policy. that's what i'm here to talk about so san francisco. there are 30 fatalities and collisions each year. and speeding is the leading cause for injury and traffic fatalities in san francisco. speed is the -. >> into the mic. they will do
1:44 am
it for you. >> okay. take my word for it. speeding is the strong est predictor of whether - (pause) whether a bicyclist or pedestrian or driver hit by a vehicle will walk away from that collision alive. as you can see from the graphic the faster the vehicle is going the likelihood of that person surviving is reduced. to imagine speed enforcement engineering education there are tools we currently don't have access to that is automated speed enforcement. so it's currently precludes in the california vehicle code. we can't use it. we need state authorization to
1:45 am
allow san francisco. automated is not new. there are 143 communities in 15 states that have it programmed including new york city portland seattle d.c. chicago and denver. and these cities reported reduction in spe speeding over the speed limit ten miles. they have seen reduction in the number of violations given so the cameras are going in, people are changing their behavior and they're not speeding we did have conversations with tight communication with other cities they see this as a force multiplier because they know there is a lot of speeding
1:46 am
happening in the city that they can't enforce for whatever reason, resources or the street geography is not set up in a way they can do speed separations so president loftus as you mentioned speed enforcement was in the two year strategy for vision 0 for which the police department has committed to implementing in 2014. they have approvaled. vision 0 and received direction from the board of supervisors to pursue this at the state level. the resolution before you tonight is enforcement for the vision strategy and to work with city partners to support our legislative efforts and with that, i'm done if you have any
1:47 am
questions. >> thank you. vice president turman. >> thank you. wouldn't it be a lot clearer in the resolution defined automated enforcement system? there doesn't seem to be a definition and you are saying, it's included under state law i think we need to change it here to specify what we're talking about that. other than that, i have no objection i'm in support. >> okay can you take technical amendments . >> certainly, we can. >> the definition of the automated speed enforcement -. >> when i call it, you can make a motion with the correction. that is fine. >> make sure it's a definition i'm not quite sure i know what it is. >> yeah. any other questions
1:48 am
colleagues? i would just say, this is a bold goal vision 0 by 2024 this is about people putting politics aside agencies worki worki working together for a common goal. i'm in support of this, this is effecting seniors and young people. if you have an elderly person in the home the speeding is making - could get into an accident but at a high level of speed there lower percent of survival. if there is no further comment i can take a motion. >> yeah. mic m- [speaking off t mic]. >> yeah. that is fine. what we can do is schedule this for next week. for possible actions. if the commission wants to take a vote tonight. that is fine. if not we can add it on for next
1:49 am
week. that is fine. you raise a good point if you want more time we can give you more time. we will schedule it next week for a vote. thank you. any further questions colleagues? >> with the suggest they incorporate in the new version what commissioner turman is asking more. >> [speaking off the mic]. >> you need to speak into the mike. >> if other commissioners want to make a suggestion by next week. we can make the motion at that point it will give us an opportunity to read it. >> again, if anybody again - we have gone through this before if you have suggestions or questions we can discuss it now let's not have one commissioner be able to change the whole resolution that will cause a problem. we can put it on for discussion and action next week. we will have a draft if there is
1:50 am
no objection commissioner turman can add that definition if you have other changes we will have to discuss it as a commission next week. >> i'm concerned about the 2024. seven years some of the last stuff that happened the blow back is on the department. we didn't comply with everything. we violated this stuff. i can't remember, i want to go back and look at some of the last actions that just happened. so i'm conce concerned putting a strict target on it. >> [inaudible] 20242 years ago. >> okay. there was blow back i wanted to make sure we look at it in light of what is said with the concerns we had a couple of months ago. >> sure. thank you for being here tonight. anything further colleague? sar gaergeant we wile
1:51 am
this resolution on for discussion and action and see you next week. sergeant next line item? sorry. public comment online item two. >> i think they're rushing it when they vote into lumbard carter changes there needs to be more studies done. this is in the last 2-3 months. i'm for public safety and due to the fact that i have ten pins in my left leg i can walk and sometimes i can't. i believe in the concept of vision 0 but you are rushing the way this is worded. big time. number two, some of the studies for the lumbard carter okay? we're not done looking at studies. they only did the east-west studies we're about to have a problem
1:52 am
you don't know are you listening or not? i have a feeling someone isn't is the fact that we're about to have a major highway in a city during peak hours is going to be in total gridlock all of mta the study for lumbard and vision 0 the plan conflict each other on certain corners because of the different sections of the department of the mta we're dealing with google buses we're dealing with eliminating parking places in the same place we're dealing with north-south people rushing the lights. most are the people are rushing the lights to get to the bridge. i think the words of
1:53 am
this is very loose and you should care more about the comments from the public right now, you got mission, you got tereval you got ingleside and [inaudible] to richmond - [speaking off the mic]. >> thank you. thank you. that is your time. >> when we look out for people, right now, we have a chance to speak. we have a greenbelt that needs to be poke street and height street. it should be like europe separating the car frs the people. and emergency lane for cars and buses for people getting greens and stuff. but separating the cars strucks -
1:54 am
trucks can be slowed down in the city they're not going over 65 any more that is i great thing. technology has given us a lot of things. i appreciate this. when it comes to texting i didn't hear them say anything texting i was almost ran every by somebody going through two red lights. i doesn't matter how many but they keep texting i appreciate being the unknown comic i predict everything and talk about him being - with or without a college education i'm sure he has one because he wouldn't be here. you can't speak about it he's a smart man and i appreciate being - i seen the policeman as a kid i was a bad guy i was behind a mailbox when
1:55 am
he came back to talk to me he said that's a tarnished penny a shiny gold color. i can't remember what he said. i hope we had more policemen like that that set people on the right path. i appreciate you sir. >> next speaker. evening and welcome. >> good evening. i'm cathy daluka with the program manager of walk san francisco. i think vision 0 is not unrealistic to have 0 traffic fatalities by 2024. that is not the same as no traffic crashes while we would love to have no traffic crashes what we would like is to not have people die from those crashes. engineering and enforcement to slow the speeds
1:56 am
education we haves of tools to get there to make the crashes less severe. by 2024. i'm sure of it. what we need to help us get there is automated speed enforcement because we have been using a lot of tools to get to vision 0 although we're not there yet. i'm happy see decrease in collisions the last quarter i have been going along with the bike quarter with training in police commission stations when we talk ac the officers citing for speed it's hard for officers to do that in the districts are streets are congested it would be dangerous to chase after speeders there are problems with staffing they don't have staffing because speed operations take multiple officers. there is only so much the officers can do. automated speed enforcement can get us
1:57 am
further they won't have the same problems that the officer have. we can enforce speed when they get stuck in court instead of doing their jobs. i urge you on behalf of walk sf when you you decide to move forward on a motion for automated speed enforcement pass it. we need your vote and support to pass. thank you. >> a question they quote studies how do we find these studies so we can review them. >> katie angoti worked with the controllers aufszer with speed inforcement in other cities best practices katie can give you all the information. >> and the packet should have all the information with the resolution. >> all i got is a resolution . >> you got a packet of six pages
1:58 am
at at your home with the presentation. >> with the studies. i can look it up. >> this is what you got. [multiple speakers]. >> if you read through it there are multiple reference points there is data, common questions [multiple speakers]. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hi. i'm disturned - disturbed by the traffic incidents with slow down saturday and the police would stop and give a warning a person has not had a ticket in the last year the policeman would be here humanized and say the reason i'm
1:59 am
stopping you is because we're tired of seeing death and our citizens die. the way the police officers have direct contact not be there as punishers but be there as warning and have a connection between the police and community by actually warning them and creating a positive connection. they don't want to be ones enforcing and punishing they want to be the ones preventing. this is one way to do it. we were working on slow down saturday. that is the day we're going to take the time to think about what we're doing and slow down. i'm seeing it everywhere. i'm scared. there are people turning in front of other lanes. it's just red lights are being not stopping all the time. i would like to see something where police
2:00 am
officers are out there's aing why they don't like to see this and are hurt by it i think that would be a humanizing chaens chance for for our police officers. camera won't do that. it might be a good tool if we put signs on the city and make it a thing all of us want the community is a part of it. you can have signs in people's windows slow down saturday. people can bring it up at community meetings and we can start working on this as a whole city not just an automated camera that takes the picture. that is my $0.02 . >> thank you. next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> hello michael patrelis again i wanted to address the issue of bicyc bicyclist riding on crowded sidewalks i brought this at the sfmta to red restic. i'm
2:01 am
concerned that south side of market street from van nes to valencia. is becoming more dangerous because bicyclist are riding on the sidewalks i will ask reskin riding on the sidewalk don't ride on the sidewalk as both a pedestrian and bicyclist i talk to them when i see them on the sidewalks please don't do that. i think the police department has an important role to play in making sidewalks safer through enforcement the prohibition of bicyc bicyclist on the sidewalk you can feed two birds with one
2:02 am
seed. you can have the cops walking a beat along market street meating all the neighbors on market and talking to all ot bicyclists riding on the sidewalks we have bike lanes. we have to use them all the time. the second area that i think has to be of concern is grove street from market in front of the library. this is side of the street where there is burger king from grove to larkin you have pedestrians coming to city hall to get to the bart station and you have bicyclists riding on the sidewalk as if there is no room in the street i hope the police will do a better job. to keep bicyclists off sidewalks. >> thank you. good evening and welcome. >> good evening commissioners
2:03 am
i'm an advocate. [inaudible] i represent 10,000 peoples for the bicycle coalition. i'm an outer sunset resident i have to bicycle in and pass through a jfk drive where heather was killed on june 26th. and another woman was hit and killed by biking enforcement. we need all the tools in the tool box to keep our streets safe. automated street enforcement is one of these tools that has proven to work. there is plenty of information included in your packet from katie today: all the bike education for michael
2:04 am
patrelis that they're not on sidewalks it doesn't stop we're doing all the officers safety classes and this conversation we're having with every single sfpd station it doesn't stop great work from happening it gives us more tools to keep our streets safe. on behalf of the san francisco bicycle coalition i'm asking you next week to get this to a place you can all agree and pass this resolution because san francisco needs this. >> thank you mrs. lee. any further comment? yes, sir?. come on up. >> my name is john jones my may my remarks please the commission. i have been an avid bicyc
2:05 am
bicyclist i have seen bad bicyclist bad behavior on bart. i think there needs to be serious out reach to the bicycle community who consider it a matter of honor to flood the traffic laws. i regard myself to be an advocate for bicyclists they seed someone willing to obey the law and respect the transportation mode. i think bicycli bicyclists as a rule have the honor to do that. i think serious out reach need toss be done to the community. with valid means of transportation and not disparaged. the common behavior of bicyclist notwithstanding. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. welcome back. >> the enforcement installing in
2:06 am
san francisco to be in every neighborhood. not just certain neighbors. number two , this is a supportive comment the sanctiti sanctity life that the police chief talks about sometimes and the general nature of his report of innocent lives being saved at all costs i want to applaud that. thank you. >> thank you. any more public comment on this matter? hearing none public comment is closed. next week they will reinclude the packet with all the information included. i ask my fell fellow ners to review that. we're going to schedule it more nekdz week. i ask that everybody
2:07 am
be prepared for that next week. with that, i'm going to take a ten minute break. we have been going for over three hours, so it looks like if my math is right we will come back at five minutes to what is it? eight? fi >> commissioner loftus we're back on the recard and in open session you have a quorum. >> call the next item. >> item 3.update from the department of human resources on status of use of force policy negotiations in meet-and-confer process (discussion). >> okay. so we have director
2:08 am
mickey callahan here. you are oriented to where we are with, by way of remind on july june 26th the commission adopted a use of force conferring to the meet and use process with the various laws attached to this process by director callahan. and occ who had been a negotiator to participate in that process and the commission asked for updates on - there is mrs. mary - updates on this process. we have scheduled today as we have done in the past an update in open session and in closed session i will let director callahan talk about the way we're going tonight. good evening and welcome. >> good evening commissioners thank you for the opportunity to
2:09 am
speak with you director hicks chief chaplain as well. i wanted to restate a lot of the things i said before to put it in context the department of human resources is charged with the resposbility of meet and confer contracts and the use of force policy have been the union has identified, they believe, impacts that fall within the scope of bar againing when there are items that fall within the scope of bargaining we have a legal obligations to meet and confer that, which means engage in a good faith process of exchange idea, consider alternatives and resolve or not resolve disagreements. the city has reserved it's position as to whether the issues in the policy fall within the scope of barg n
2:10 am
bargaini bargaining, but, we're engaging in the process of seeing if we can identify and resolve any issues with the agreement it's preferable to engaging in litigation or prema sure adoption of the process with concluding meet and confer. with the risk of proceeding without the meet and confer process the court or arbitrator may confer we have failed in our obligation and we do not want the policy to be over ruled etc. so i want to confirm with you, my understanding that this is a very high priority item that the commission - i have been directed by the commission with my staff to move with all possible speed to complete our legal obligations so a policy can be adopted the outcome is either a policy is adopted that
2:11 am
everyone agreed to, both the poa and commission or we have concluded our legal obligation, determined no agreement is possible we reached impasse or we may argue that the issues are not within the scope of bargaining that remain and the chigs would move forward with implementation. it is our goal given the pace of meetings we have set to conclude this process at the end of september although, we're precluded from having a deadline because that would indicate that we were not necessarily bargaining in good faith. i'm here tonight with employee directors with sam and michael from staff. and you know lawana preston is on vacation this week which i accidentally approved. >> you got the management right. >> they get vacation and think
2:12 am
they get to use it. and susan has been attending the ameetings since late july during closed session she will be able to answer specific questions i wanted to let you know we started meet and confer on july 19th. and met five times to date. we have three more meetings scheduled we hope to see you again next week for another update because we will be meeting before and after your next police commission meeting so we are trying to move quickly to resolution or you know, if unfortunately we don't reach an agreement we will have at least completed the process. the issues just brief la that the union has identified concerned there are about nine issues some of them. have been debated publicly at great lengths i won't go into them and a few in closed session i would charac r
2:13 am
characterize as drafting issues etc. we hope there are some things the commission will be able to consider favorably. either way we will take the direction from the commission and take it back to the bargaining table. i want to commend sam ramarian who has been very much involved in the process and give us guidance to what the commission would not find acceptable and chief staff lynne in his staff have been helpful to us as well staffing the process. >> i want a follow up question. some of the advocates are very invested in this. and transparency is a huge part of what we have been a huge part of what we're endeavoring to do. the question if you can speak to your experience the law especially in san francisco. does not allow for everything. in closed session. if you could
2:14 am
explain why you believe it's beneficial to have those conversations not in the public view when so many of these have been in the public view. >> certainly it will be to the public view for the commission in all. labor negotiations involve strategy and if/then scenarios and discussion of legal issues and potential outcomes and positions that the employer may take. having a public discussion of our strategy with respect to the poa would mean we're transparent to the poa that is not considered good labor negotiation strategy. for other labor negotiation strategy we debrief the department heads involved and previously we brief the board of supervisors and those have been in closed session that is so we can get direction without
2:15 am
exposing internal deliberation to the people we're negotiating it's similar to the police commission negotiating a lease. because of this, it's one of the few reasons that closed sessions are allowed to for governing bodies and agencies commissions such as yours. >> i'm sure my colleagues have questions for you it is a little bit - we intentionally set the agenda to have open as well as closed session with this. as we brought so many people along this process we're explicit about the approach we're taking why we're dpog into closed session and what the process would be. i have been very anxious for this policy to be finalized as i know my colleagues and community members
2:16 am
are. not only - actually i shoild say more so after going to line up and speaking with officers i think confusion around the state of this poll sigh it's confusing for your average person at home to say i saw the commission approve this and a discussion of meet and confer and where is it at? that is for the public to be confused and i have a concern that our officers are not clear. and that is not good for them and the public and i know you appreciate that. i have to say while july 19th. to september is not a long time in labor negotiations this commission feels there is urgency to completing this process i appreciate your counsel and role to make sure we don't make steps that would put our position in further jeopardy to get locked up in litigation
2:17 am
not that we reached a disagreement which is a possibility we could end up in a significant fight because this commission feels strongly about a number of issue we're talking about, that is a strong possibility. i'm concerned we have the unforced error where we choose to go too fast or skip a step and end up in litigation i'm happy to hear you say that you have been meeting regularly and that accept - this is the month. there is going to be an agreement or there is not. i know you have to be somewhat good with time line but we have been taubing about this policy for a long time the issues are clear, delineated we need to get this finalized. colleagues? any questions or thoughts? >> thank you. i have to say i read your response to us, we
2:18 am
realize we're at a cross roads with transparent here many public mes have given us positive feedback and followed this closely we know the poa's position they made it loud and clear. it's clear these are either - particularly public safety issues we're trying to avoid. the kor rod corrodic hold in there which, which can easily slip into a choke hold which is
2:19 am
banned in many states which can cause death. it comes down to a public safety issue and management issue we have here and shooting at a moving car the best practice is not to do it. we're moving in that direction to follow the best practice available and the danger of sho shooting citizens people on the street, children, babe ees dogs dangers are really high. again, that is a public safety issue and public management issue i see what are you saying and understand the strategy i wonder first of all, if they're bargaining in good faith i hear i don't know if it's true they make public statement statements no one has to use this use of force they're arbitrated don't worry don't bother i understand they're making statements like this it leads me to believe they're not negotiating in good
2:20 am
faith and go to arbitration and drag the process out one of the consequences for them. with these types of statements - let me just finish - how do you go about getting consequences on them for bargaining in bad faith, if that is the case. >> so, to respond, i think that they do have an obligation to bargain in good faith. for examp example, one reason we're driving for a lot of meetings we never miss a meeting, r we never con sell a meeting because we're going in record we're bargaining in good faith. if not they make
2:21 am
a charge and go to civil commission services because of the unique structure of the police. i have before filed charges against labor unions for pair gar banning unit however here i hear very much the urgency that you and the commission and members of the public are bringing to the table to get this done. whether they're bargaining in good faith or not we're going to bar gaun - bargain in good faith. if we fail it will impose a policy to be contested. my goal is to do our part to bargain in good faith if it's transgent it could mean we conclude it is a suggestion on certain items under any circumstanceses ul would agree, etc. as for the
2:22 am
pun public announcements i did call what are the statements i'm hearing about? i was given an assurance they're bargaining in good faith and the comments are taki taking en out of context they know we bargain in good faith and we expect them to if they stop bargaining or have no meetings available that puts us in a different position in of going forward with an agreement we have waved our opportunity to go for a bargain. >> i think we have answers here we could potentially be seen not in good faith. so i get that we're putting the chief and this whole dependent and the whole city liability at risk while we have this policy in place that
2:23 am
is 20 years old. shooting out of a moving car using corroded restraints. that is sitting out there while we're in arbitrating and i'm concerned about that. and i think our community of stakeholders are concerned about the lock longer this drags out the higher potential we cold have a type of incident and
2:24 am
[inaudible]. >> thank you. we will report back to you. >> having ride your arguments pi first conclusion is when i heard you say is what i wanted to hear you you say today by the end of the month, you will give us a report and whatever that report is, whatever that is i haven't had a time i heard september 30th that is great. we're all concerned it's a policy we approved and would like to get done i have faith you have to have a lot of faith in [inaudible] i know that you said this before i know what you would like to see happen i'm fine with waiting until the 30th and i look forward to seeing where we are, where ever we are. thank you.
2:25 am
>> commissioner hwang. >> can you say anything about the poa's position and you identified there were nine issues they identified for discussion. i didn't know there were that many. >> there are one of them is a typo to be corrected we identified that as an issue they used the wrong word we think it's the wrong word we will ask you is this the wrong word and will you let us change it? that is the simplest. that is one of the nine the two probably most difficult ones has to do with the corroded restraint and shooting discharging of firearm of a moving vehicle. there are other issues reassessing between shots repeated use of force, some language about - i would
2:26 am
say it's primarily in the area of they're not really sure what it means and they want to understand what it means. that's what they're saying to us we're saying maybe there is simpler language that the commission would be willing to look at that makes it more clear. i think while there be many issues people feel strongly not in agreement i think what everybody agrees you want to be understandable to the police officers that comes naturally and automatically and they can be trained on it so if they're comfortable with it they know what is expected. and very cog any centauri of cognizant that drives us to a solution. i hope that answers your question. >> i'm hearing two policies with the corroded restraint.
2:27 am
>> there's a penal code. >> 3035. >> right. whether that can be there. we would like to discuss that with you, what it is that supervisors are supposed to say to individuals who are in the middle of an incident where the officers are talking to the officer, what should be said. those sorts of things. so there are the big issues you have heard about and if we can see how far we can get with the minor issues that will lead the way to the resolution of the larger ones or we will identify there is no resolution possible at which point we report that to you. and you ma make a decision have we completed bargaining and come to a point of impasse where we're not going to reach an agreement. >> last question if this goes into your strategy, feel free to let me know there. is there a
2:28 am
possibility where you would come back to the commission in september and say there's a partial commission. saying yes, we agree on 80% this is locked in and the other 20% we didn't agree upon and put it before the commission. is that a possibility or all or nothing? >> i think that is possible. much of the policy is already not contested so having concluded negotiations if there are, let's say, 2 or 3 issues outstanding we don't feel we can resolve the commission decision might be to some extent strategic decisions to some extent what you need to do for the good of the public would be, do you mend the policy and move forward and keep talking about the other issues again that would be one option. another option would be to say if we
2:29 am
report to you we reached impasse and there is no agreement we completed bargaining and going to go forward. at this point if there are contested items the is we might go to arbitration and we might or might no agree whether it goes to arbitration. it's a secret i prefer not to go to arbitration on this. labor arbitrators who would be the arbitrators are not experts in police use of force they're retired hr people like me - i'm not retired yet but you get my - sometimes i consider it.
2:30 am
>> that is an option. i, like you i appreciate the role you are playing is it's a cautionary tail with an arbitrator we're not the final ashters of the policy the final arbitrator is the arbitrator. i think you are hearing where the commission stands on how important this is. and chief chaplain put on a bulletin with a lot of these concepts with 80% that is a
2:31 am
start. but it's challenging for officers too. that can be somewhat confusing. commissioner de-jesus did you have another question. >> i did. penal code 835. poa and their advocates over many many months 835 need toss be part of that. we have had this discussion for month months it was unanimous to not include that. we have proportionality, time and distance sanctity of life. and they want to put stand your ground at all costs to be an aggressor and right to self defense that is contrary to the language we put in there. one of the concerns we have is, i agree we don't want to go to arbitration but we want to to enter into any agreements into
2:32 am
the policy we put in place. i want to say it's a pulley tactic to try to agree and make concessions on certain areas of the policy to threatening the arbitrary i would hate to go to that but if we need to we need to we shouldn't back down for a compromise on the agreement . >> are you suggesting we're bullying the commission. >> no. but this is to get concessions out of this commission. one of three to get something out of it. so good faith on that. as all three of these are all significant items that we voted unanimously on. i think we need to listen but i think the agreement is going to significantly change this policy we might have to go to arbitration i'm not trying to reach an agreement just to reach an agreement. >> i understand that. i don't
2:33 am
think the choices are limited to we reach an agreement or go to arbitration. i 30 there's a real possibility we can't reach an agreement that doesn't necessarily mean we go to arbitration that is my view. >> commissioner marshall. >> if we have the part that still remains that 5% is the only part that has to be negotiated. to come to common ground that is meaningful to the public and police department at the same time. there is significant movement poo frem not part of these negotiations from outside and i'm lerry of sources when they're not named. but when we sit in negotiations i have sat in on those negotiations there is significant movement. mrs. marin
2:34 am
is in there advocating and bringing the perspective from the other side of the table to negotiations i don't know if anyone has sat in a room and not spoken on good faith. the negotiatio negotiationers from callahan's office we pushed the hard line and they pushed back. the reality is, if we can get to a point where we're not tied up in litigation in court. and people talked about need to get this policy out it doesn't do any good sitting in court 1-2 years how many times do we see something happen that could have been avoided. i heard it when we first started this process and got 8% of this thing passed. so we go in the room and the doors are closed. that's when we get things done and i think the process going forward. i don't think we lose anything by doing this process i think if we waife
2:35 am
went other way we lose a lot. >> thank you chief. commissioner melara. >> i wanted to thank you mrs. callahan. there's a sense of urgency there is no doubt about that. with the community and stakeholders the bar association the occ we have had a lot of participation the aclu one of the things we did learn in the visits to the station we should move quickly and the officers want change they see selective bargaining for more of their side of this issue one officer told me the aclu and the bar association are not going to be on the street dealing with a person in stress officers this is an opportunity for them to put forward their position with
2:36 am
change which is what the community has requested. we need to be cognizant of the fact that one of the officers is a senior experienced well respected officer we have to get this right because changes in place may get worse. that is selective bargaining that's why this process is a process that need toss work in doubt the officers want change. at the end of the day they're the ones that have to deal with it on a daily basis every day for 25 years we have to respect that. >> thank you commissioner mazzucco. sorry. commissioner melara. >> okay. i feel uncomfortable trying to put words in a process. i don't think that's our role right now. we have no voted on anything yet. when you bring us the report, we will decide what we want to do at
2:37 am
that particular point. i know we want to see a process move forward, but i don't want to move it in a direction that we potentially end up in litigation and end up waiting another two years so i have a trust in the process. i have been in this process through this city and i think it is important that i don't want to tell you what to do because you have a job to do. and when you bring us the results, that's when we take a vote and we decide what makes that [inaudible]. >> thank you. >> correct. >> we voted but -. >> okay. anything further before we go to public comment? okay. we will hear from you again in closed session and talk about strategy. >> thank you for putting a date on it. >> yes. >> it's an arbitrary deadline. >> thank you. [multiple speakers]. >> that is better than what we
2:38 am
had before. >> thank you. public comment on this item number three. welcome and good evening. >> my my name ih my name isi m. appreciate not comparison to businesses and leasing a building this is government the public's purpose here is to have everything out in front. it is not a business deal. so those analogies are repaid for and tiring. and to have director callahan say what the nine are. i counted six heritage shooting child, cop and three more that is not been made if you say nine things we would like to know what the nine things are. it does not feel like the poa has ever bargains in good faith if
2:39 am
we have to get arbitrary commissioner loftus to get experience there. i would like to know historically has the department of human resources brought poa in san francisco ever? because i would doubt it. i think we have to push back on the poa here don't worry about the police officers we got this under control for you. that is not the message we want to send to the police and the police don't want it either. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening and welcome. >> allen. dos aclu i think having a deadline, that is not a deadline is comfortable but i don't think anyone can assume it in this situation i think some of what is presented to you is disturbing and i expect that you will have give and cake with
2:40 am
director callahan in closed session all right you haven't decided it. i oppose that. i like to give you my thoughts on what you should be asking her or thinking about. one you are the client. and the strategies decisions that are made are for you to make and i know you all know this well and i take you at full faith and the urgency you feel, but if you allow labor negotiations to go on on fundamental policy issues about the use of corroded restrains or shooting from a moving vehicle, you are jeopardizing lives we know what the poa thinks. the poa thinks - and they're entitled to their opinion that both of the decisions you made jeopardize the lives of offerses and the public you ri jeejectedt the decision has been made it's unclear from director callahan
2:41 am
whether corroded restraints and shooting from moving restraints should be on the table it should not be on the table. you can discuss the impacts but the poll cease made are our decision and i think we should take those off the table. i think there is a solution and chief chaplain has given them to us. i think you should issue a bulletin, identical similar to the one you already issued saying we, the department, and the police commission have three principles we're banning corroded restraints we're banning shooting through vehicles getting rid of this archeek penal code section. that shouldn't be bargains about -. >> thank you. >> i have a question for you. so one of the things callahan just told us was f we do try to implement this 20% it should
2:42 am
show we're not bargaining in good faith it could be a backlash against this commission and stop or policy. maybe i miss understood her but -. >> you can answer the question. >> nothing you do or director callahan can do is prevent the poa for asking question the reason i believe you are bargaining in good faith these are as pure policy decisions as you can get. as director callahan's statements is a fundamental policy statement has impacts on officers, that is subject to bargaining that has to be wrong rngs means every general order would be tied up for months that would mean when the cops reports come down 200 pages full of recommendations you will adopt the poa according
2:43 am
to the bargaining strategy will tie that up. that can't be up. finally, you know there's a view in town that the poa has runned this department and if this bargaining strategy feeds into that notion the officers had their representation the poa was out in force during or working group in session they don't have the right to have it behind closed doors . >> mr. callahan he can address this if we implement 20% and go to arbitration and if we're ruled against, why don't you come up here and share the podium. >> great. my greem. [multiple speakers]. >> you can articulate what your position is. >> i want to make sure i'm answering the right question. you would like me to clarity what would be our view if we fail to reach agreement and the
2:44 am
commission moves to implement? >> no immediately implemented it? >> the 20% which is con interested. >> yes.
2:45 am
2:46 am
[technical difficulties] >> you can answer the question if they implement the 20% they don't like it and we're ruled against. >> we might disagree that it is appropriately before arbitrator depending on what items are included in it and disagree. >> windows case scenario we implement 20% while still in negotiation and we take it and get ruled against we get a cease and disist order? >> the court could implement 20% if it's ruled we have to go to arbitration it's going to take eight months, at least .
2:47 am
>> it might be helpful to take the poa out of it. and what their decisions are again, i'm big on what we can control what we can control and can't what we can't control. we're you are working for us, you are our client. with the meet and confer if it effects working conditions call me crazy you can no longer shoot at a car and use the corroded restraint. for any officer that effects in working conditions there are rules in place that allow workers to collectively bargain even if we don't like them very much. so, i would like to clarify that i believe our obligation is to follow the law and follow the rules and not worry about things we can't control which is the actions of the other parties i
2:48 am
don't have any further questions for you. >> you take that and not in recommendation. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening. and welcome. >> hello kevin benedict here on behalf of the blue ribbon panel. we want to focus tonight in one issues which is electronic data collection. we're known for the written commission of the use of force logs which is identical to the language of use of force logs in the 19 tonight 5djo and hope as the commission continues to move to this process it can take the opportunity to allow to make a change for electronic collection it's our position
2:49 am
that we should mandate electronic use of force words can be changed to use of effect for this before the use of commission previously data analysis is important at unlocking steps for allowing to advance software for data analytics for transparent and accountability and interventions for command staff and makes it easier to comply with state law requirements and can lead to better policing. all of these benefits need to have the data to function it's a prerequisite and we believe this may nor change could enable those positive benefits and presently, lead to 5.01. we're excited to work with the commission as a
2:50 am
resource and plan on reaching out to the bar association task force how we can be of use of them on data collection and analytics . >> thank you for your letter. that is a minor but important change that is something we can talk to mrs. callahan for that type of agreement to talk to the commission too. see if they agree with that if she would negotiate with that. data is the most important thing is add collection and have it electronically it's important it's too bad we didn't catch this before we voted but there is an opportunity to catch it there. >> thank you mr. benedict. >> good evening welcome. >> hi i'm from the bar association working closely with many of you in the last year-and-a-half. if i have learned one thing i learned what comes with reform is reform and
2:51 am
culture and culture effects every aspect of policing as we have known it whether it's with the rank and file with the poa or whether it's with negotiations. this commission has done a couple of important things i wanted to commend you for, one you look at this meet and confer process you have asked the department of human resources to explain to you what this is about and the second thing is you spoken clearly about a need for a use of force policy and you want it quickly you formed a stakeholder group i was a part of. we worked really hard. police officers were there every sing meeting police officers have been there every single time. we have listened to them and made many changes because of what they had to say. then in the final days, commissioner loftus asked sam
2:52 am
and i to meet with the poa and in two days we accomplished a great deal it's more than 80% we agreed on i would say it's closer to 90%. when i saw the meet and confer process took longer than i expected and i longer than you expected i called mike from the po and and asked if i could join the group as you all recommended that i do and i declined he said sure, come on i asked sam ramarian. she said sure come on. i heard that the department of human resour resources that i couldn't. i was willing to lend a hand because i know this policy intimately and the time we spent and the time we spent with the poa those two days was well spent they did listen to us we listened to them and we accomplished a great deal. i can listen to you in any
2:53 am
way going forward . >> thank you mrts chung for all the hours of work you continue to do. next speaker? welcome back. >> thank you. nine moss after sfpd after the execution and jessica mill son williams the people of san francisco deserve to have a use of force policy that protects us from a racist rogue violent members of the san francisco police department. i think calling niki callahan is the wrong party you need to bring party in front of this group. sfpd contribute $150 per paycheck nearly 2,000 officers 26 times a year that is $7.8 million budget to buy the silence of elected officials and
2:54 am
impede progress and trust in the department many sfpd do not support the sfpd because they receive legal representation if they violate law from the sfpdoa this time the commission break the power of the commission by offering police commission options they can ensure themselves in case we need legal representation for example requiring the officers to purchase their own insurance which would also encourage them to follow law and policy perhaps after contributing after an entire career they could receive all the money they contributed to the legal defense fund back as part of their retirement that is some of the ways we consider our health insurance we get many
2:55 am
different options to choose from. why would the sfpoa be the only surer of the san francisco police department members?. >> next spear . >> hr director callahan just said the poa determined which use of force are labor issues the poa determined that she went onto say, even though city is reserving it's position that seems like a very flight thing. the meet and confer is a legitimate process here to argue that any issue that hasz an
2:56 am
impact on officer safety is there by ipso factor is a laborer issue you have to make room for the poa in your policy discussions this is clearly a second bite at the apple for the poa which is well respected already in the stakeholder group in the first place. if you guys don't have the moral and intellectual courage to demand a unimouse votes what happens from the grass roots can instigate a lawsuit against you. we will let you know. with your duty to make policy and allow president oa come in with policy to come in that is the direction we're going to have to head in. thank
2:57 am
you. >> next speaker. >> i have been giving this a lot of thought and i believe the police officer's association is not a monolith. 80-70% of the officers are honest, hardworking people doing an extremely hard job and want the department to do the best they can be. are there racists? yes there are. are there home - homophobes? yes there are. [inaudible] it
2:58 am
would be basically under cutting a person and especially egreasing at the time chief sir could not defend his because he was under so many investigations he was unable to say anything in his defense and i didn't heard anyone raise a voice in his defense he has battled with every agency in the city he has gone to the mayor because he didn't like the tone. doing their job their constituents demanded they ask and so forth when it moves from an organization dead fending the rights of office to an organization defending the atacts that undermines their authority then we have a problem. who is running it?
2:59 am
tiberis caesar found out once he put a couple of people in charge he was no longer emperor they were running the store. >> next speaker? good evening welcome. >> hey. briefer xhant. commissioner mazzucco said the publ mrufrs needed that opportunity to comment and the public is not given an opportunity to comment on this part of the phase. like wise while we understand officers have to deal with the consequences of this every day so do the members of the public. public safety is not less important than the officers,
3:00 am
which seemed to be implied by your statement. i have a couple of questions and suggestion for chief tony chaplain can the police department move forward on a policy before all of this is sorted out to try to get the majority to get concerns intoo into training and push through for officers? the second thing is a suggestion that this commission should try to litigate. whether the police officers asocial security yeegs had the right rather than sending them to arbitration. you have a lot of political goodwill behind pushing the case against the accomplishes association. right now from community grass roots support. if they want to make this a contracted legal fight they will receiver consequences in public for that. i don't think it's an advantage
3:01 am
i think you should call their bluff. finally de-jesus referred a document about ground language if that is publicly available. >> that is the penal code. >> okay. that is not part of the negativeses. >> they wanted that language in there. >> i see. if there is a document referencing that fact they wanted it in there. >> yes it's in the use of force policy we discussed on june 22nd. >> that is like a version of that? >> yeah. >> thank you . >> thank you for clarifying next speake speaker? welcome back . >> thank you my name is john jones. the stakeholders should be branlted - granted more that
3:02 am
two minutes to speak it's untimely to turn the mike off. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker? welcome good evening . >> good evening commissioners director hicks chief chaplain i think this is an important issue coming before you. i worked at the occ for 15 years and meet and confer is supposed to be meet and confer not meet and greet. from a concerned and informed member of the public it looks like the poa is attempting the hijack you're union support policy just as they're trying to hijack your choice of police chief. i'm concerned. i think
3:03 am
you need to deal with this head on and it's really inappropriate let this use of force policy go for so many months without immrenting this. we hear from julie tran it shouldn't be meet and greet it should be meet and confer. thank you. >> i wanted to give you some suggestions for closed session i wanted to point out the stakes are high. and performance in this department. if you suggest we're going to get 200 recommendations from cops we're going to be half dead before we get through it. if you allow them to hijack the process and delay things, there are candidates watching from around the continuee wondering if this is a town they want to work in.
3:04 am
and you are greatly disincentivizing them coworking with this process. question one director callahan said things can lead to impacting working conditions. literally everything this department implements jour poll sigh implemented could lead to discipline. that means there is no marginnage jerial
3:05 am
the delay creates that risk. there's a training block as long as you have that ban in place about four hours you can't use it for others thirngs and the poa is preventing the process from doing that. lastly this is not just public policy decisions. public policy is used how our powers should be discussed in public. so the public understand them and can support - [speaking off the m ] mic]. >> have you spo spoken on this item? okay. welcome. >> i'm agreeing with two lawyers i would normally never agree with: shocker number one.
3:06 am
secondly, this is poa's 117 bite at the apple. we have waited long enough. their time to take policy in this city is done. they're no longer in charge of you and you need to express that. again , this is the same point i think you have been beaten down so long by the poa in this town you don't understand you have the power over them. you are the boss of them. they're not the boss of you. thank you. >> i really endeavor not to respond for a number of reasons partly because i respect that everybody has a viewpoint and part of this forum is you get to express it. i say to my kids i don't control what you say, that is up to you i just do my best to listen i'm listening to the gold for something that is going to help me do this job and serve
3:07 am
the city that i love. the people that sit up here have day jobs. they have families, they have children, and let us all remember they're human beings if we're endeavoring to make this department the best in the country let's remember we're all human beings what i care most about is making effective sustainable reform which requires everybody. it requires you guys it requires people who will never come to this commission and stakeholders across the board. what i want to say is, we change this process, this commission to highlight all the issues that you all see. transparent and sausage making this is what it looks like. before, policy would come to us after meet confer with poa. what we decided to do. is recognize
3:08 am
while the rights are on the back end we have the sam ramarian includes stake community stakeholders for one reason we thought it would put us in a stronger position to make the best policy possible knowing there are rules. what this commission has endeavored is to share the rules we're governed by the. the facts the law what this commission has layed out. i will ask while all of you in this room and people watching at home your leaders people listen tow. when you say this commission has been hijacked by the poa, that is not true that is actually giving power to an entity you have major issues with. i would say we're in the middle of this process i believe this this commission i believe
3:09 am
in this department and the direction we're going in i would ask while we feel passionately about these things we have to follow the rules that is important that we know the rules follow the rules and get this right. anything from my fellow commissioners. >> very well said madame chair. >> i appreciate the passion you bring here. the knowledge and the time and the passion i agree there is a balance what i hear from you loud and clear is these things that are important and this commission voting unanimously on we need to agree with that decision. we speak harsher and i think this commission hears you too. >> sergeant please call the next line item. >> chief of police action.
3:10 am
(reading). >> this commission did put out the bid for a recruitment firm for our chief search. it was the very important time for the department. it was important that all candidates be considered and recruited from across the country. the only bid we got was from. ralph anderson and ayosemite sates congratulations. >> thank you. >> we voted to accept that one bit. and we're here tonight there are a lot of questions about the process thewith what community has done and surveys
3:11 am
with that, i will welcome you. >> thank you. i will let you know where we're at. members of the commission director hicks chief chaplain thank you for having me tonight. i will present a summary of the public process that started in july. just to recap how we got here. as you all know the commission has charged with interviewing potential candidates for the position of chief of police and to submit three names to the mayor for his consideration back in early in july i presented a draft here at the commission that would advertise for the position. and draft of surveys for the community. the pun
3:12 am
public had an opportunity to review for the public surveys i want to thank vice president pro tempore turman and commissioner melara all commissioners provided input but specifically those two commissioners your feedback and energy helped shape the brochure helped capture the reform piece and captured thechart character here. there's a public process. without being redundant, it's a multipronged approach. aimed at sol is itting the characteristics for the next few place. like one said earlier three community meetings were
3:13 am
scheduled. - this that is from the community survey for all the stakeholders we set up an e-mail address at ralph anderson to receive additional information for folks not in the survey. before you is a report. a public process report with executive summary. all of the survey and answers all the comments made during the entire process. in the survey rounds the entire report can be found in ralph
3:14 am i will provide link to the commission so it can be accessed here and i brought several executive summaries i will display on the table to my left and access to the public. all right. the public process. like i said community input meetings hosted by the commissioners and facilitated by young people from the community department surveys available online and each community meeting, we had the surveys in english and five other languages like i said, before they e-mail it to us. the public process out
3:15 am
reach. we enlisted in the police commission staff we used contact to organize community input meetings and community input survey and e-mail advertisements were dispersed throughout the police department, city mail. again, earlier i heard folks critical of the out reach process. we had over 770 surveys answered. they answered instead of going to the meetings that is another way to look at it. the
3:16 am
five community input meetings. earlier someone would add. the [inaudible] community room. mission high the center and ste. marieries - marries it was an informal process and dialogue in the community but the community members engaged each other in dialogue the information from the meetings were reported by young adults and sometimes mission ners and sometimes me. and that information was reduzed
3:17 am
to a - reduzed to a word file and we analyze that information. b what you see on the file is a word file. the most common words uttered at all of the combine community meetings we extracted those words about the characteristics of attributes of the police chief. several people here attended several meetings were reflected but a little redundant. that's what the process is all about. >> i think my 4th grader knows how to do that but i don't. that is a way to make a visual
3:18 am
graphic of the words that came up. those words are not arbitrary those retire words that is the highest. >> correct. most frequent. so the xhoes common words expressed is community, experience, accountability training the youth mental health and kill skills. let's take a look one at a time. i won't read it to you but the community piece. the chief should be a good communicator and accessible and engage in the community and community focused. should be a reformer accountable in the community, and supportive of the community. needs to be a collaborator who can build
3:19 am
relationships and have a record of working with the youth. the new chief will deal with community violence that is another piece the crime aspect they want the police chief to deal with crime and understand the complexity of serving the mentally ill and homeless. experience. should have experience with the department job assignments and demonstrate leadership with comprehensive reform. experience working with different groups stakeholders and should have tech - savvy. it came up tenfold with the officers. while they differed on the amount of the chief should
3:20 am
possess the frequent statement is there need toss be a balance of relative experience and education. that is the consensus. the commissioner should look at the complete person not just someone who just check the beox. again, a strong advocate for the community. a good listener and again, deal with violent crime. desire the chief engage the community serve people that are mentally ill and homeless. that came up over and over. the community weighs in on a train. they want the chief to review the train curriculum at the aka cad mee level to make sure they're getting the right training. training oon
3:21 am
deescalation needs to continue. needs to align training with practice. and implicit violence training is a huge suggestion. accountabili accountability transparency and accountability. at the same time the police chief need toss be supportive of police officers not rush to judgment but hold them accountable for their actions. some suggest the new chief will have to impose discipline and determine nate prosecution to gain confidence
3:22 am
within the community. [inaudible] to understand the mental health needs. that came up several times understand homeless issue crisis intervention and advocate within the department and within the community. they also wanted a chief with a history of engaging and impacting the youth in the community. the prevalence of young people especially young people of color are afraid of police is a major community concern. the feeling that the chief need toss be involved at some level with the youth in the
3:23 am
community. then skills relation skills personal communication need toss be a master of all skills. that is the community input. the actual comments have been reduced in your packets and in the report online and it's already online at ralph anderson. the survey. to rank the categories also provided a comment box on every question so the category we pick or they decided what is important they can write their own category in or their own attribute. so, full
3:24 am
surveys were open between july 20th and august 31st. let's talk about the community response. i was almost right - 776 responses. 744 on the internet. 32 provided at community meetings br my officer kill shaw. and entered 17 annually at our office. about the demographic 93% responded were residents of san francisco and over 70 were employees of
3:25 am
san francisco. the top five priorities of the police department. respond anents to t community foreshadow and to the police. emergency response was number one. crime prevention and reduction police accountability building community partnerships ma maintaining public order and use of force were all within the top five. in the comment box, for each question we categorized them with the most frequent that are used. top five priorities additional i gave you homelessness, mental illness,
3:26 am
division 0, car break ins that are oun the downside and police training use of force deescalation use of force violence type training. they also asked the community to rate how safe they thought san francisco was compared to the other communities and that question was a source of confusion because we didn't get a specific community. i will take the hit for that. the ones that did respond it was divided. so most folks felt like they are safe or a little bit about the same as other communities. over
3:27 am
50% of the officers felt the city was less safe or much less safe. then the kav yaccaveat to survey groups it depends on the area you lived in, jour gender, and your your gender, and your race. the top five attributes the community desired in the next feat integrity, accountability a strong leader credibility and a problem solver. additional comment, respect reside in san francisco which we can't mandate but frequently discussed in that survey, transparency and
3:28 am
accountability. another one is not concerned with political correctness. the top five leadership qualities on the next she sheet. trust worthy accountability, understand diverse communities, problem solver, and giving back to community policing. then again diversity and no militarized weaponry. then we asked the community a priority question what the priorities should be for the next chief. improving police training, connecting with members of the department review the effectiveness of all programs and forming
3:29 am
partnerships in the community are the top five. the community thought it was important to assess the internal accountability model. again, accountability being improved training, deescalation a lot of the same stuff. several people wanted the department to require a college degree for all police officers there are only 20 tour cities in the country that do that. then the top five qualifications for the police chief. again, experience in a diverse community is the frequent response responding to change, diversity management managing the community and reducing time to respond again, that is tied with performance.
3:30 am
then other qualifications that the community desired. again, experience with a diverse environment, with the homeless there is an emphasis over experience than education a track record of positive community involvement and on this slide it shows an inside candidate on the next slide, talking about, is there anything else you want - you think a police commissioner should consider when selecting the next
3:31 am
chief. they said support of the public, someone familiar with san francisco someone outside of san francisco an outsider and accountability, someone who has a history of working with groups of color. mental health knowledge, and with the police chief more path on the street. that's what they wanted more with the community. transitioning to the department survey. 365 responses 357 on the area link for the commission supported and additionally, we received 17 department surveys in the mail amphetamine production of this report. i reviewed those surveys and the information is very similar to the information we already
3:32 am
received. i understand there is going to be additional meetings so if the commission would like a supplemental report just with those surveys i think it's important that every voice is heard and willing to produce that additional report, that informati informati information, if you so desire. >> yeah. that would be great. if people take the time to fill out the survey on an ongoing basis if someone is watching from home now and wants to weigh in. the surveys are a great way given a number of the frustrations in the department for people to - you know. >> especially with the commission going out to stations had a pretty good response so we appreciate that came in after the report is produced. the demographics for the officer survey the department survey rather only 36% of the respend
3:33 am
ants lived in the city most worked day shifts and the most common with police officer sergeant and support staff. not to say that chiefs didn't take the survey, they did, but not as office as the sergeant officers, there is four of them. so, the top five priorities of the department are not surprisingly emergency response call to service is number one for the police and the from the community. similar to both the community and the police department if you recall agreed crime prevention and reduction is the second most important priority. and police
3:34 am
accountability was a priority for both groups as was promoting police and community relations. and then the officers or the department members also listed in the 21st century updated equipment. i think they were talking about technology basic tools to do their job. the priority should be around officer safety, training, coordinating this same up several times, coordinating with the department of public health on mental health issues. the department recognizes that's a tenuous situation when are you dealing with folks that are mentally ill and you don't have, necessaril necessarily, experience or training in that area and it
3:35 am
happens with someone on board, public health would be beneficial and establishing partnerships with the community and highlighting how san francisco helps the community. promoting the good things that san francis sfpd does and transparency in priority and improving the immediate perception. i have talked about this a little bit. the relative safety. we have the top numbers up over 50% with the surveys responded thought san francisco was less safe than other cities. again, it depends on the area. consider so - so the department respond ants
3:36 am
attributes with the community problem solver professional and accountabili accountability. these are what the community ask for. >> same order? >> no. this is the top five. >> on the comment box the officers - the department mem r members put a focus on the challenges of law enforcement. they were considered about education and qualification for the chief as well, and coming from within or familiar with the community someone that is going
3:37 am
to be supportive of the officers. leadership qualities. trust worthy problem solving communication with the satisfy community and communication. both groups wanted a problem solver the department was on development with the staff and modern police practices. other qualities integrity, being supportive and increased training were also listed. the
3:38 am
department with the top five priorities for the next police chief should be connected to the rank and file. reviewing effectiveness of the department community partnerships and internal accountability, last two were tied. and both survey groups are pretty well aligned on that question as well. then interesting came up on the comment box. a certain position came up several times and again improving and increasing training and being supportive and building moral. the top five
3:39 am
qualifications for the next chief of the department, track recard reducing crime, crisis management experience, experiencing managing change, breaking technology and experienced in diverse community both groups had experience in diverse community, managing change crisis management and reducing crime in the top five. the community respondents also wanted candidates with reform experience. and the department's 5th variable was embracing technology. the department the next shechief should not be political. engage the community be experienced in patrol, be supportive of staff be familiar
3:40 am
with san francisco and over and over and over experience over education. they also asked the department about train priorities what should be addressed by the next chief? and use of force, criminal law changes in effect investigative skill and tact law regulations were the top five. in their comment box, again, technology i think it's the generation. technology needs to be updated and better firearms training. we
3:41 am
allegati also asked the department what they're most proud of as the san francisco in the pd they answered the diversity within the department. triumphing the community standards and preventing community crimes. they're proud of the tradition of the history of the department serving with pride being part of the team. the professionalism the pd has and commitment to keeping san francisco safe and the appreciation from the community. we gave cops an opportunity to say what they wanted to improve. i'm sprize
3:42 am
surprised more cars and improvi improving quality and quantity of training. equipment and tasers. highlighting the successes of the department. improving technology. improving the hiring and promotional process leadership be supportive of the officers versus politics. better facilities and a better relationship with the district attorney improve prosecutions. then we asked them, anything else? and the department overwhelming wants to hire within the department. someone that is not politically focused transparent to the department. communicate to the officers strong leader with strong
3:43 am
character. so that was the department survey the e-mail link i don't have that yet but i received 5 or 6 e-mails in your packet. complaining about the survey, how it was constructed and access to it. we talked to those folks and got that resolved. we receives a letter from john crew and aclu those are all attached you received copies of those. all right. so the summary of the public process. what really comes down to is other than to get the community input the attributes and characteristics
3:44 am
qualifications and experience of the next police chief the desired attributes and characteristics strong leader, integrit integrit integrity, transparent, communicator and collaborator. has credibility problem solver support within the community professional and tech savvy. then the desired qualifications and experience in the next few. demonstrated leadership in comprehensive leadership reforms track record reducing crime reducing crime within the community experience in metropolitan department. history
3:45 am
of holding officers accountable and staff dependable. a record of community engagement. demonstrate experience in community policing. engages the youth. understand issues related to mental health and homele homelessens. record of staff development and training. and again, education versus experience. that argument. and the last slide - the last two slides with the attributes and the qualifications, that is a culmination of the entire public process not just the officers or the department survey the community service or the community input. that is the end of the presentation. i will take any questions you have. >> thank you for the
3:46 am
comprehensive presentation and there's a few things striking about the data i'm reminded of commissioner mazzucco's comments between what you heard from the community and officers. i think there is an interesting thread in here about what officers are looking for and they're embracing the reforms they want more training on the use of force. there's a lot of interesting and important information have here in direct surveys and i know that is one of i think recommendations making sure any organizations that is coming up in collaborative reform opportunities for officers to do the job, to communicate. there is definitely some feedback here that we will all benefit from. colleagues do you have questions? >> one thing. i believe now we
3:47 am
did the press release over the weekend i didn't hear anything about that in here i don't know if you were going to mention that the number of applications that would be the final - [speaking off the mic]. >> yeah this is two parts this is what the community has asked of us and the second part which is sgrat the recruiting process the number of applicants what number can be shared about that. there's a lot of interest in that as we enter the confidential phase of this process. >> yes like you said it's confidentable search process we can reveal some information flt the application deadline while it's pasted we did receive another application since we spoke. we have 61 applicants. i wanted to share with the commission and the public the make up to the extent that i can
3:48 am
there are 11 current or former san francisco pd employees and 12 other candidates who reside. california 21 states outside of california represented the candidate pool. there are two international candidates one from nigeria and one from cypress in the middle east. 56 men, five women. 17 current or former police chiefs six teen current or past assistant or deputy chief. i account that on the san francisco police structure. nine individuals who are either a captain, a major or a commander and back east the midwest majors led a division
3:49 am
that is similar to account. three current or past federal agents. three lieu tents three sergeants three educators and among the candidate pool, i think four attorneys. and a couple ph.d.'s. >> [speaking off the mic]. >> okay. >> and departments respect represented from as small as 24 person department applied to the san francisco police chief pd and someone from a deployment of 10,000 officers. >> there is two parts the community input and search process. i want to go back for a moment to the community input
3:50 am
process. you heard concerns here that some individuals were not aware of the meetings. i noticed the commission office did a lot of work getting that information out. i think you covered that, but if there is any mitigation there around if there is suspension bridge out there we heard from a lot of folks who participated we heard from here today but to the kz tent we're doing line ups and taking officer surveys can we leave the online survey open for another week and put out another push? the commission office can put out another push tomorrow. certainly it's difficult to get people to come to a community meeting i can't underscore enough. we can speak to what our intention is we want to hear from the members of the community what they're looking for. as i said to officers if you don't tell us beforehand after we select someone it's difficult for us to hold them
3:51 am
accountable and whatever passes along to the mayor lacks these characteristics we want to get as much input as possible. maybe that can be a mitigation strategy to the concerns raised around. >> and anybody that doesn't have that concern they should tell their friends and maybes and constituent sea groups that survey is still open. >> and we will get a supplemental report. >> absolutely. >> that is good. commissioner de-jesus? >> the question in hi mind somebody raised why can't we also give also another anonymous information like if 20% applicants have big city experience or have implemented reforms. we don't have to say their names we can give more generalities about what we do no about the type of people replaying i haven't given you
3:52 am
the idea if we can ask the candidates to share the information it doesn't hurt to ask but we can file statistics that are amononows. that doesn't necessarily give their identity away with the type of pool we have. >> okay. i understand that. one of the things we typically do as a recruiting firm is the person we recruit, we engage them and do a phone interview skype interview and complete and accurate - collect that type of data. in the survey for this process so the commissioner can see all 61 applicants and evaluate them on their merits without any outside influence.
3:53 am
>> from filling out the application you can't glean a lot of this -. >> sure. i haven't marked down. i though there are people in the pool who have reform experience. some are from larger and some are from smaller cities. >> i still have my idea on the table that can supplement if we can't get them to agree if we ask that ke question we can do comprehensi comprehensive anonymous type information on the list. >> with reference to the notice of the public. i want to remind you, with every meeting we had i wake up in the morning and every major news channel was reporting it as well as kcbs i don't think there is a mystery as to when the meetings were. it was on
3:54 am
every major news station. >> thank you. >> commissioner hwang? >> a couple of comments then a question. it seems like we did a better job with the officers and the public because roughly about 1/7th of the police officers returned the survey. we have higher number of officers return the survey. >> i can want that we have direct assess to their e-mail. >> right. and hear from folks by the community i'm surprised by the high number online versus in person. maybe i shouldn't be that surprisesurprised. do we h demographic returns on them did wi have bilingual surveys . >> there were a few. not many honestly. >> do we have any other - i don't remember the exact questions on the survey where these folks are from, if they're
3:55 am
from the city. >> we can ask that. >> what age, demographics . >> no. we didn't want to discourage folks from taking the survey from fear of being identified and categorized in a group. >> the general commentary in the general scan of the community comments it brings in two different groups there is one group that is interested in police reform issue and there is another group indicating that high crime is their major issues it seems like folks had a strong response based on what they wanted to get out f the department. >> right. i believe that as well. >> it's such a diverse city too. and people feel the they they
3:56 am
feel. i can be specific to neighborhoods people talk about the directs as if they're small police departments we have people that contradict each other are you going to get that. it's a good question and i think that's why. commissioner goes to a fantastic point folks that want to weigh in give them another week to demonstrate we're looking for the feedback. >> one of the questions i know you attended all if not the majority of the sessions duh get a sense there were difference from the neighborhood responses? any major trends? >> i think probably one of the
3:57 am
elementary school i got the sense that focus in the community was on crime reduction. did you get that? yeah. and they were well organized they had a couple of different speakers well attended meeting. >> also, i asked the same question about we had these translated in other languages you shared with me some of the translators helped in some of the meetings helped the people fill out the surveys in english. >> we did. >> only got 17 paper surveys . >> i think it was about that. >> okay. >> and the meeting at the palau elementary school we listed the help - enlisted the help of one of the translators to write on the foot charts in chinese. so people got it translated in chinese they were able to translate and get their surveys
3:58 am
that's where the majority of handwrittens came from. >> [speaking off the mic]. >> for the elementary. >> hult mul [multiple speakers] >> what is interesting the chinese speaking crime prevention dominated on the other side the on the other side is english speaking folks, that is more of the conversation we hear here. so people don't agree on things in chinatown people think about crime because it's
3:59 am
happening to them. you know. >> thank you for that observation i was commissioner mazzucco on the other side of the room and didn't get that sense. i appreciate that. >> i'm struck by an officer comment. it highlights what we discussed tonight it seems the police commission and board of supervisors was transparent to the everyone september except for the rank and file [reading] to do what we're told and our opinions don't matter with regard to the way the city is policed. the people that are sworn to protect it our health and ability for that goal. i hope this will provide an opportunity for those in charge to see we have valuable insight and might have good ideas as to how we can solve problems and
4:00 am
make the city a better place. i think that, again, speaking to one of the less sobs this commission learned. and making sure if we talk about what it looks like to make change and reform and make it better as chief said get to a better place this perspective is important and something for us to be very aware of. >> and it means we have to engage the rank and file rather than push things on them. when you engage people. they're part of the conversation. >> as this commission as we move ahead we should implement regular ways to do that not doing a chief commission. doctor joe? >> this has been said before. it's so striking to me it bodes well for me and the commission
4:01 am
moving forward there wasn't much of a divergence as to what they wanted to see that, to me, yeah it was safe there was much more divergence on what they wanted to see, which is great. that means we're going to include everything in this process that is good to see. >> what i would say we do have all of these comments there's a lot of data to take in. so colleagues, the way this is processed as we discussed in july was designed is over the next couple of dais all of us are can read this. there are charact characteristics and attributes you have to summarized for us as you pointed out the commission made the commissionment to view every resume we will do that in
4:02 am
closed session next week you have the data from the community officers it sounds like we will have supplemental additional surveys and the plan is for this week for commissioners to spend time with gary and review resumes that is, again, and confidential process and we will go into closed session - not tomorrow. we will go into closed session next week. for the members of the public we will look resume by resume have a discussion of the person's background how it matches up versus the criteria and characterist characteristics and we as the commission will decide to interview and if with ke get that done in one session we may have to have 2, 2 that is the next step. dr. joe?
4:03 am
>> i want to give compliments i want to thank fur the hard work you put into the process. you really have. i know you get paid but seeing you at the community meetings watching you grab the pen and pencil that is stuff you don't have to do. me being a community person doing those things sometimes it's crazy i wanted to complement you for doing that. >> thank you very much. thank you for all your hard work as well. >> i got a call on the way here i was told we were going to get binders and i hope that has changed and we're going to have to review these amply indicatio- at the police commission officers i'm out of town this week and next. that makes it hard to review it next evening. i don't agree with
4:04 am
that process i don't want to be compelled to sit on third street through the night to get it done. i don't know who made the decision to switch it. i thought we would get binders . >> we have done this process before. this is the personal process this is the done the same way commissioner mazzucco, the binders were kept you had to schedule a time to go there. so it's not -. >> the way i remember it is we set a time and we all met and went through it together when we met i had my own binder i made notes on the binder i was confused who changed this and things have changed now i don't think i should have to be compelled to sit down there at night i think we should take about the schedule and how we do it. >> the wind binders with the
4:05 am
police commission office we came back here in closed session and i remember my binder is marked up. with ratings and we went through them we had them here we did the first coal through. we ran through would this person be willing to interview? and we did the process again over there. we never had the binder withes us. dr. marshall. >> we had one session downstairs in one of the rooms we had the binders with us and rooms set aside . >> we did - lieutenant talbi bought the binders and notice to the meeting we did have. those were the three names we sent to the mayor. that is our third or 4th vote if i'm not mistaken. we have a special meeting in a
4:06 am
special room. notice to the public. at this point in time we had our binders that is when we made the determination we limited a significant number of the applicants after that point after several renters that is the three names we will refer to the mayor. >> if i hear correctly, what you did is everybody had a binder, but you never took it away from the office. >> no. >> we don't have an office here. the way we're phrasing it. >> it was brought to us at each location. right. [multiple speakers]. >> we can work it out. i think again, things can get muttaled especially after these meetings when we reflect on what happened. i wanted to do my best to make this crystal leer can you work with commissioner de-jesus the issue is getting the binder to her we all need
4:07 am
sufficient time. scheduling is the issue because we have a police commission in the public safety building that is the place with parking and thicks like th - things like that. we l do work understanding the issue is given it's confidential information that's how it's going to be handled. >> the weekend will work better for me i will not say five hours every night during the workweek after going all day to stockton and back. that may be the best time for me to do it. >> okay. [multiple speakers]. >> okay. any questions from the commission commissioners before we have public comment on this matter? okay. thank you very much.
4:08 am
>> with the information you gave on the demographics. that is not on the press release. do you have that? >> what i propose we do is put that together and issue, and have the commission release that tomorrow - i'm sorry - okay. yeah. [speaking off the mic] let's get that out to people can be made aware assuming that not everybody watches us on wednesday night.
4:09 am
>> okay public comment. >> patricia education i have seen people that have absolutely no comments with the public. i have met people who have education that do have public input. we can't say yes or no. we have to look at the whole picture of the person their experience how they handled the job. possibly, people from the towns they're from. but common sense and dealing with the public and street sense is an extremely important thing as well as being a boss. i have been a boss of 28 crews at
4:10 am
times. vi worked with construction people. transamerica was part of my job a as a child i think you really have to consider common sense and can you handle the people that work for you and can you handle the public? this is a very, very very important issue. i have heard the conversations about education versus noneducation i can't judge someone on that status because you have to know the person themselves to find out if they're capable of dealing with the public. thank you. we take votes even if there are no members. >> thank you. welcome back. >> i want to thank chief peterson. i this is a remarkable process and thank the
4:11 am
commission for their leadership. he was very responsive he may have done all of those things without my input. on paper demographically you have a strong pull. another six teen that has asit tant or deputies the best candidatings possible i'm hopeful from this demographic that you have strong candidates in the pool i appreciate - if there is an opportunity for a little bit. you are about to go to this confidential dark period so as much transparent as po possible. i think you need to keep it in this phase. we know the chiefs
4:12 am
what agencies they're from. whatever without too much burden as much demographic information as much as possible. if you don't have time to discuss it next hour this meeting the recommendation i made three weeks ago which is pretty much common practice this is how the searches have changed most big cities at this stage they ask for permission of the finalists if they're willing to release their names. maybe they will say yes or no you respect when you say no or cross that bridge when they come to it. in the last year chicago fort worth tucson have released that information and los angeles dallas seattle released it twice. you made that decision to ask the finalist to release their names thank you. >> thank you. next spooeaker.
4:13 am
[inaudible] police accountability. i would like to address the listening sessions and the survey. i found it to be not helpful at all. 776 respondances of a registered base of foun - 4 hundred hundred is prt 0000%. i counted 100 distinct people at the different out reaches i went to.
4:14 am
- these folks that took the survey is self selected. so none of the quantitative data that came out of this $49,000 exercise has any real validity for $35,000 you could have hired david binder that works for all the candidates and all the initiatives you would have gotten real quantitative data you you could ri lrely on in terms of making decision. there is call and quantity in this dit session is poor because of self selected folks you could have hired a focus group company and been stronger in terms of what san franciscoians want in their new police chief i have no
4:15 am
confidence in any of the information you had just gotten from the consultant and i think i should consider that. >> next speaker. welcome back. >> good evening. two minutes is not enough. i will do my best about the meetings i want to plank commissioner melara and de-jesus. they were at the community meetings they were approachable. in this scenario it feels like we have to speak to the dies and it didn't feel like that. page two i want to sigh how gratified i am. - it is integrity. if you look down at the leadership qualities they want to be considered if they're trust worthy. they also want credibility. i don't know if you have gotten the theme. the theme
4:16 am
is they want somebody that is honest and trust worthy and has integrity they want the opposite of chief surf for instance. if we have to have one it can't be acting chief chaplain i recommend he follow this. go to oakland if you wanted to know what limited resources. you do not have limited of resources that is a con nard also the police department say they want highlighting in the police department. it's not just pr it's an integrity problem. i had more i can not think of it now. thank you very much. >> next speaker? welcome back.
4:17 am
>> hi thanks. i wanted to say a couple of things from the perspective of a graduate student in qualitative and quantitative methods not as a community activists. i think you should disregard the results of the survey because they have poor validity, from a quantitative perspective. this is completely nonsensical choice of sampling strategy for quantitative survey. and that are not representative of the city of san francisco. the way the survey was put together stro strongly bias respondents to think of things in a fixed rubr rubric. in the summaries when you are considering it in
4:18 am
particular anybody concerned with accountability is reduced to fill out the box in a one/1/ manner in a survey when it's present. finally just from that perspective - i don't mean disrespect to the process as a democratic exercise it's useful. but as useful data what people in this city feel i don't think you should base decisions on the basis of that. >> thank you next speaker. welcome back. >> thank you. commissioners i urge you start with the end in mind all of us in this room want
4:19 am
a chief will hold police accountable and we paired the relationship with the community so we can all move forward. this is going to take the full force of the community, the mayor, this commission if from here on out we have no idea who any of these people are any of the candidates are nor what their qualifications are and one day mayor lee announces who the next chief is, we're not setting up him, her, you the mayor or the community up for success. the number one criteria for a solid candidate for this rule is nowhere in that report. and that's not having the enforcement of the san francisco police officers association. we urge you to make this process as
4:20 am
transparent as possible for the good of everybody involved. please think about that chief's first day in office. do you want him or her to come in with legitimate sea. or do you want him from the entire community on slot. the entire concern in the search process. please think about this. >> thank you. next speaker? >> my name is john jones. i wil be brief. i didn't expect this process of choosing a police chief to be democratic in the least i aplowed you the work you go in with the surveys in the community's sensibility i think the prior speakers about having a legitimate choice is well taken i think you are trying to
4:21 am
achieve that. when i think about the process you are undergoing what occurred to me is the choice of dwightiz eisenhower a commander in chief in world war ii. eisenhower surprised everybody. i respect your subjective the qualifications of the person in front of you. thank you very much. >> next speaker. mr. gilberti. welcome back. >> thank you again tom gilbert. new ideas. some times they're very strange they're new ideas grandiose ideas, grandiose opinions. right here, i brought
4:22 am
what i consider the best paragraph in all of baseball and i haven't seen all the paragraphs of baseball can we get a close up on that? [speaking off the mic] that is jackie robinson. 42. across the
4:23 am
land where racism doesn't exist. some of have heard the word, some of you know what it's about your entire life. this is a moment in time if you want the job if you want those goals i will tip my hat and let you go for it. new ideas. slow down saturdays. light gunless belts. trainees that are graduated and working with ten year vets that have never shot a bullet. there's a lot of, "why notes", we can approach this with that
4:24 am
is part of jackie robinson. >> thank you. next speaker. welcome back. >> thank you. groood evening commissioners. so i also want to commend you for your work on this police chief's search i know it's been intense and also for your recruiter it's been a process i wanted to talk about how important it is to bring in a chief who can lead reforms you have gone through a lot of the ground work to do this and having worked in the over site field now for over 30 years i know it's a fact that in cities where there have been reforms sh
4:25 am
the reforms come from hiring an outside chief. look at seattle look at new orleans one that comes to mind that is very local here is the city of east palo alto. a much smaller city but chief ron davis was brought in to turn east palo alto around. he as the head of the cops office. he put out a piece recently saying we are at the moment in american policing history our collective efforts to meet the challenges we have faced over the past few years have opened a knew but small window of opportunity. a window through which police and the communities they serve see the need for policing reform and recognize the necessity of working together to achieve success. now i think that here in san francisco we're at the same kind of cross roads and we
4:26 am
have a unique opportunity to make some reforms so i know you are taking this very seriously, but you need to bring in an outside reform candidate. >> any further public comment on this matter? hearing none comment issed. sergeant call the next line item. >> item 5 discussion and possible action to take off calendar disciplinary case filed against assistant patrol special jose vidal, file no. alw iad 2015-0072, 2015-0161 & 2015-0186, due to his resignation effective 7/29/16 (actio (action). >> good evening everyone. so commissioner mazzucco this is your matter. >> thank you. members of the audience we're doing house kleining on the patrol special
4:27 am
the first matter is with reference to special krol patrol jose vidal. he has tendered his resignation. with that in mind the resignation i will ask the commission to take this matter off calendar. >> do i have a motion? second? >> all in favor. >> (multiple voices): aye. >> any opposed? tom come on. >> good evening. patrol special officers is a criminal racket. they have been put out of business long ago. he didn't show up. he should be locked up they're criminals. thank you. >> thank you. >> call next line item please. >> for point of clarification we
4:28 am
do these in public session because special patrol officers are departure how we deal with officers sergeant call the next line item. >> item 6 hearing regarding disciplinary charges filed in the following cases: - patrol special officer samuel reyes, file no. alw iad 2014-0051 - patrol special officer serge white, file no. alw iad 2013-0214 6. hearing regarding disciplinary charges filed in the following cases (continued): - patrol special officer serge white, file no. alw iad 2013-0214 - assistant patrol special thomas mccloskey, file no. alw iad 2013-0173 & 2013-0239 - patrol special officer alan byard, file no. alw iad 2013-01 2013-0155. >> commissioner mazzucco. >> i'm recused from the last line on all of it's council
4:29 am
present state your appearance it's been late. >> officer gar la browned and. >> [inaudible] on behalf of the department. good evening. >> charges were filed against patrol officer - [inaudible]. >> each year patrol specials have to turn in information which includes insurance all their current phone numbers who
4:30 am
worked for them and so on. in this particular instance mr. white says he has no worked since 2009. hasn't had training with firearms gone to the academy every year. with this matter it's called revocation of their appoint. it doesn't mean discipline but - have you notified officer white of the hearing?
4:31 am
>> yes. >> do you have what you need to present to the police department . >> did you send notification to this police address. >> yes. >> how did you do it? certified mail or hand deliveri? >> mail. >> when did you send that letter? >> that was from the police commissioner. >> when was the last time you have had a conversation with officer serge white? >> i believe in 2013 for the original case. i interviewed him for the i-investigation. >> there was no response from him is that correct? >> no. >> he's not in compliance with any of the terms of conditions be withing a special patrol officer. >> correct. >> any questions from any of the
4:32 am
commissioners any public comment for we take a vote? come forward tom. >> i can speak about serge white with particular knowledge he was one of the people that worked with chuckle em bert i refuse to say his name. a crime against me he has never followed regulation you tried to follow in years and years in 2010 and 2011. when some of the commissioners tried to do something about him about the other scofflaws lawless criminals and someone i won't mention their name nothing happens to these criminals they're play to pay. week old violator criminals. this is one of the worst. he is jane owners
4:33 am
air. it's the not clear if he took training or not or if he has - he should be in jail lock him up. >> any further comment on this? >> i will invite a motion. what is the motion commissioner? >> finite the - for the proper term of revocation of the appointment of patrol special officer serge white. >> second? >> second. >> all in favor, please say, "aye." >> (multiple voices): aye. >> any opposed? motion passes. okay i believe there is an additional matter before we -. >> yeah call the matter of assistant principal special officers patrovski.
4:34 am
>> officer carla brown. >> [inaudible] on behalf of the department. >> the department start what is your position on this case and where are we at? >> we filed chargers in this matter commissioner mazzucco on or about the 11th day of august of the year 2015. it is my understanding that mr. mclostki has had patrol for a number of years. there were police contacts he failed to report to the department there is an issue of the restraining order that he fails to disclose to the department the affidavit in support of that as well as the written notice of that case
4:35 am
filed in support of that restraining order concerned very disearning information about thomas mccloski. it included repe repeated derogatory comments to his wife and daughter. we're talking about the terms can you not, whore, bitch and these are made to both female adult and a minor at the time it started when she was ten and continued until the time she was 12. they raised allegations in the written statement in support of this restraining order that a system patrol special officer mcclowski would pier over their fence and peer into their
4:36 am
windows snap pictures. as an intimidation. he would as a police officer gesture with his hand in the form of a gun with his finger the. in 2013. officer brown would he at this time have the qualifications to be a patrol special officer willing to work with him or the hours he would need in order to maintain that employment the department's position is we would ask that he had be released from the program as an assistant patrol program as a special. >> so you are charging document
4:37 am
mrs. warshim. indicated he was terminated as a special pa patr already that is a distinction lost on me i could use clarification. >> a patrol hires a patrol special and that hire determine nated his appointment with him but that not -. >> so presumably the supervisor has the authority to do that. to terminate. >> correct. and usually per their rules once that happens he would be terminated, revoked through the commission but because of the charges and because of the restraining order we haven't gotten to that matter. so i spoke with him yesterday and he did say he had a patrol special to work for. i
4:38 am
spoke to that person and he could not guarantee the eight hours required so he will not meet that requirement. >> okay. so the point is he could potentially be hired by another. let's hear from him. commissioner mazzucco? i see that mr. mcclowski is here. >> the only department of the representative i spoke to yesterday was sergeant brown. >> that is officer brought right there. >> she's a sergeant. >> no. >> officer brown. duh speak to her. the woman standing next tow . >> don't know where to begin here i never had to go up against two lawyers with no representation. my neighbors did get a restraining order against me. >> were you noticed of this
4:39 am
matter. >> of the restraining order? >> i recommend that the witness be sworn in with relation to the case from the court reporter. >> this matter is on - it's my understanding - i don't think anybody thought officer mccowski was going to show tonight. he is here tonight. we shouting talk to him about his right to counsel. >> i'm not trying to claim counsel. >> you have the right to counsel technically are you walking into a hearing as the deputy city attorney said we soul should swear you in urnld oath and the commission can use that determine about your reference to your future as a patrol
4:40 am
officers we owe it to you you do have the right to counsel. that is your call. i know you have been in contact with you you are not longer employed by any special are you here to regain control -. >> yes. >> i recommend you contact counsel that is the right thing you should do at this point. >> with the length of telephone conversation council you or i and this lady on june 1st you asked me about retaining counsel i told you, the would cost 3-$5,000 and there is no money back guarantee. i can not afford that. so i'm going to have to respect myse - represent myself that's the only option i have.
4:41 am
>> you are aware of the charges. >> yes. i was given the consideration. to answer. >> what we need to do with an abundance of caution. it sounds like you were like to contest this as an attorney and members of the police commission i don't don't think we should do anything further this evening. you need an opportunity to review the discovery what the police department has against you. all the people involved. they will produce a copy in order for you as a commission to hear this tonight you we need a copy of the straining order. we need to hear what transpired and hear from witnesses we should
4:42 am
calendar this for another date we will have another status conference you can be in contact with the police commission office through officer brown and we will set up another pretrial conference you have to decide what you want to do but you should not until you at least yourself heard the allegations against you. otherwise i would feel uncomfortable doing anything this evening before you say something and end this case quickly i suggest you talk to counsel so i recommend this continue 3-4 weeks from now. >> yes. in that period of time i will get a hold all of the department for discovery. >> yes. off calendar you schedule another date with officer carla brown.
4:43 am
>> she has my phone number. >> we will set this for another. and review for discovery. chigs ners in addition you would like to add to this? again. as commissioner turman and loftus you have a right to council. >> i understand that. >> if i were you i would endeavor to hire council. if you don't we will make sure you are making knowing and intel jelige waver of council. >> review discovery. >> yes. >> i know there are representatives from the bar association that are here too if payment is an issue you can't afford a lawyer there are some that represent yourself at the end of the day there are fancy
4:44 am
words for it. if you have a response there are assistance you can get. that toke make - to make that decision. >> the paralegal i paid for will be put to use. that wasn't cheap. >> let's calendar this matter - is - find counsel.
4:45 am
>> you mean a conference call. >> yeah that one time with myself. >> i need longer than a week for that. >> we will give you two weeks okay? the inter recommend the record is clear are you not a patrol special officers you are not to carry a firearm or badge is that correct. >> that would be immediate disqualification. >> yes. thank you. i will take public comment. >> good evening. commissioners this is not mr. mccowski's first restraining order. i filed for july 13th. 2010 and he worked with his friend august 11th. so i wasn't able to attend it on
4:46 am
the august 10th. so it was dropped so i hope that is included in the documentation of his transdegradation of his permanent removal from the patrol operation. which is an institutional amend. it's a racket and you noi it's a racket. thank you so much. >> thank you. sergeant next matter. >> patrol officer allen by yard. >> for the recard commissioner mazzucco is recused in the he hearing room commissioner hwang. >> state your appearances first. >> [inaudible] appearing on behalf of the department. >> officer carla browned. >> officer allen biard.
4:47 am
>> i was assigned this matter a month ago. in sum, officer biard is charged with offenses in early 2013 he reported in searching two additional beats is an issue two of the beats possibly merged. officer browned investigated he - does that represent. >> roughly yes. >> we had meetings during the meetings mr. biard has become
4:48 am
much more cooperative. he disclosed. set letters with clients he would not work outside of the district. he has cooperated with what officer browner asked him to do. yo if you want to add anything to the overview. >> you did say it all commissioner. we had an agreement that biard signed off on. i brought extra copies. we are prepared to move forward. patrol special officers binard has made great strides with compliance. >> do you have anything to add.
4:49 am
>> do you have another document. >> in the document is a request the sale of two beats as an officer required. that came up in the conversations the beat the 96 that he did owe is primarily residential district that did not give him enough business to keep afloat so he purchased two beats and will not work outside of though beats but wi willify nanlly allow him. to not have to go outside of his district areas which is subset of the viegs in this case. -
4:50 am
violation of this case. fairly stated. >> correct. >> this is the term?s. >> a rough overview of the terms he would be pleading in essence a termination in abeyance we have gone over this many times in the meeting this is a strict inforcement or with a patrol special officer outside of the district if he did not file a report as requested by officer brown. if he did not comply with the rules of central he would be subject to revocation. he is subject to a fine by the department of $500. and my
4:51 am
recommendation to do is 40 additional hours of volunteer work within his district to approve the commission of the sale of the other two beats. >> the challenge for me is the settlement. i don't know if that was it. >> i would like time to review it. i don't know where other folks are. >> let me back up. so 2013 he
4:52 am
was operating in beats that weren't his. you charged him with that. so the settlement is to correct that. >> to settle those beats and additional two beats. >> but he has two additional beats he will purchase two more not the ones he gave up? >> right. >> so tonight we're going to charge a fine for working two beats then reward him with giving him two other ones? that ain't happening here. they're not separate matters at all. he didn't follow the rules on this one and i don't like the fact we're not doing this. i'm not dog this. what the hell are we doing?
4:53 am
>> let's understand. there's a second piece for sale of the beats not linked to this. are you going to have to sell him the beats. [inaudible]. >> that is correct. >> the third matter is this stipulated whether or not we want an agreement let me stay there and add i'm curious we came to the con lugs this is a good thing to do. you got in the rum. >> there have been attempts to buy beats with two clients with. there has been an exchange of money and paper work with the woman who owned? these are discussions in settlement conferences. so those sales have
4:54 am
either not be properly completed, but once he was informed he had to absolutely stop working with clients in those beats he made written communication, personal conduct he has complied with everything officer brown has done. part of the 2-year time frame has been that others have taken precedent over the special patrol cases. it was from the two separate things. let's go back to stipulation. >> if you want to go into recharge in 2014. the case sat there for two years we did not move on the two cases. there is confusion - i think officer
4:55 am
brown clarified it we had to dig back into the historical maps to see if the districts were consolidated in the past. >> we don't know they were consolidated. >> no. >> he could start working a beat as if they were consolidated. >> i believe -. >> what belief that he did that we didn't have. >> perhaps officer brown could explain the distinction. >> old stuff. [multiple speakers]. >> you want to explain the distinction from when they were consolidated. >> why there is a mi misunderstanding of beats 2 and 7. >> 287 from the previous owner who said he told me they were combined when the looked back through the records they had
4:56 am
never been combined. >> what do you mean officer brown? they had been combined. >> mr. biard told me that. so i went back through the records they were never before he knew r
4:57 am
4:58 am
not - one agreed he purchased or they were consolidated that is not everything possible i
4:59 am
couldn't verify it so i wouldn't hear it any way. >> i looked at ten different maps i can't explain tow now what mrs. brown showed me is there is confused as to 2 and 7 whether they were consolidated they were split at some point they were part of hey larger district they got split up. the paper work is not that clear whether the split - it took a lot of research by officer brown to discover that. this is the hold up of trying to get the sail of these districts to hold through. >> i understand that that doesn't mean you move forward until it is cleared up. that is an issue. that's a problem for me. >> commissioner marshall?
5:00 am
>> what in your opinion got mr. biard in compliance. if there is confusion and he's confused all the details about which if biard. should be fine. if he's being penalized and fined it doesn't make sense to me i'm trying to see what got him in what is the discovery that he wasn't? of his own volition? >> this is set for two years i don't know. i got it involved last month and trying to clean it up to move forward. we can separate these two issues in my mind when i told special officer biarnd. in fairness i recommend the commission of beat sale not
5:01 am
to reward him but because understanding if he keeps one district he can't survive in that one district. this is what forces him to separate oud of the district. without customers so if you actually want somebody to be able to perform, this is the solution going forward if you want to discuss the fine we can discuss that. setting him up with the district after we do this. >> [inaudible]. >> i'm trying to find a solution so we can -. >> part of that is - okay. i miss understand that. i really do. i thought it was the first place. i see it's your
5:02 am
rationale. to con sell date the others so he could finish this sale. >> finally to say is this under to add it to the other two. >> i guess officer brown mrs. warshim. the i indicated i wanted more time on this i red the specification the question for the settlement for me on these matters essentially with discipline of officers they're confused or did i say something that was not true? that is a bright line for us. i would to i two of you it sounds as though commissioner hwang is convinced there is sufficient confusion there wasn't any point where
5:03 am
mr. biard patrol special officer biard made a patrol commission about these beats that would be a key commission. i would ask for your assessment of that chl. >> i believe there is confusion on his part i have not personally spoken to the woman he was dealing with. in terms of beats 2 and 7 but i know the took officer brown bringing in various maps to show us how these boundaries relate to one another and the beats he owned and was working in he shouldn't be working in. did he produce the paper work. that is my understanding from the beginning there was a beat sale and the process was never completed this has been years. i mean, so, i
5:04 am
feel it's somewhat difficult to penalize him to some ex10th century when these cases have been languishing. i'm not part of the disciplinary process notifying him that he's in noncompliance. we probably had eight officers dealing with the patrol specials i have been with the department and everybody has a different way of running this program. vi to say, officer brown has been 100% on it in terms of documentation whereas years before there wasn't any documentation other than the allegation that there are violations out there. and then when other cases come before the department that take precedent they take a backseat all i can tell you is he expressed
5:05 am
confusion with beats 2 and 7 and these beats have been combined officer brown presents us with maps to show you where these beats were and there was talk of purchase of beat number - he owns 96. this is 44 that would be a beat where if he's allowed to purchase he can work with those clients and continue to work with a principatrol office he's one of the few that has come to compliance with what patrol officer told him. what i can tell you is there are several with this program and he's doing a wonderful job he has made every attempt to come into compliance. >> that is no. based on your
5:06 am
review -. >> all i can tell you is what he said to us in the discussion. he purchased beats 2 and 7. there was confusion about the purchase. there was a discussion about whether he miss represented because he was dealing with confusion was he dealing with clients inside of his beat? he was. that is a violation of the rules and is $500 fine and 40 hours of community service and revocation hanging over his head a sufficient penalti? this is one of the cases we have gotten this far on. those of you that have been on the commission for a while. this is the most detailed. i think this is the first time - i had a stipulated agreement for a patrol special.
5:07 am
from the ten years i have been here. to no fault of patrol officer biard. >> he thought he purchased these two beats. >> that is the information i believe >> he said that he paid money to the previous owner. dolores leavitt for two and seven and 844 >> it's gone to the commission which has to approve? >> not that portion when he had purchased it. when i took over the look through all the files that found he had clients outside of the beads in two and seven and 44 and that's when i wrote my memo and that's when the investigation was opened.
5:08 am
so i am the one who opened the initial investigation >> understood. i tried to get a timeline when things happened was never approved by the commission also >> no. >> did he submit a job of some sort to the department >> heated. after he was brought up and the original charges. what do you mean, after was brought up? >> when the case was started in a 13 the case that's been brought, 2013 one >> when he brought the case he gave the check >> proof of that chat? >> that he submitted the paperwork is that's when i brought it up to him that he had not submitted the paperwork to comply with the rules and regulations. >> so, okay, so i don't know if we can insulate our is a must 11 pm did i would ask commissioner what you want to do to proceed here? >> well, i want to say
5:09 am
something i'm sorry. i'm listening to all of this and i know how difficult it is denied tenure for to 10 years tracking beads and that's what and who's on third and was on for good i know it's very complicated and it's very confusing. i applaud you for actually finding out [inaudible] market saw been split but not consolidated. i want to thank commissioner the doing of it for working something out for clearing it up forgetting the payment and putting mantra so we can make a livelihood. i think-i support it commissioner one think this of their settlement i certainly support that but i don't really think it's our job to say new people, new guide you all do this but i think we only take the facts in front of us for this particular person has been
5:10 am
a valued by the department by the lord department by the officer and by commissioner and work out something i'm going to all willing to go along with his >> so the rest of us have a voice because [inaudible] >> i listen to you over and over again. appreciate if you would listen to me. >> i will listen and you start making sense. >> thank you. thank you. when you are the one putting projects these people are actually inappropriate >> i do not say these people >> use activities to go to jail do this project i did not say about >>[cross-talking] >> commissions, don't make me paying the gavel. >> like maybe were not ready to make a decision speed >> maybe everyone should take a moment. i will call on you. when not have to get to that. that's why i asked commissioner we want to handle that. you're the closest to it. i will say it so funny because earlier with the questions of whether not we had time to review with another person saying i want to really do want to understand
5:11 am
this better in real-time meeting six agent settlement it's hard for me to make sure that i've given this proposed settlement appropriate attention it deserves. i will note, confusion is longer than a defense in these cases and officer brown, you've done so much to tighten up the process and conduct these investigations it is about the steps you've taken a good demonstration of how to get in compliance. i think there's a lot of policy opportunities that this commission can have but i think this commission has prolonged dumping concerns about routine dismissal of rules approved by this commission. given that i chartered you actually we implore you the commission actually enclosed the total special. it isn't that unique relationship it does have taken so seriously. i think i'll just chalk this up to my fellow commissioners feel strongly about our ongoing obligation under the check we have different viewpoints that is fine but commissioner my suggestion might be especially since no one had time to look at the settlement we put it over. >> if you i personally i
5:12 am
personally >> speak into the microphone commissioner melara >> i personally feel very tired and i sometimes feel like they're not making the right decisions because were doing things that very last minute and it's unfair to the people who come before us. so, because i just got this, especially the agreement. i would rather postpone this weather then make a decision tonight >> i am happy to if the parties are willing to postpone. we rested because we had a number of other patrol special cases on today. i know officer brown sort of rushed through the process to get it here today to have it heard the other one but i think given the amount of work we've done tonight and i'm happy to speak with commissioner sharman to
5:13 am
address any of the comments he has. i did get more of the summary. it was coming we spent a couple of hours on this thing there's other maps we can show you. so, i am happy to put it over >> i can see both sides >> i would grade because normally these are in our packet when they come to of course [inaudible] so we have a chance to review them before. just getting it right now and having to answer all these questions if we could put it over i would appreciate it. >> that works. >> okay. >> when should we- >> given the agenda management was to figure out a date and time and get back you all on that. we will try to do it as quickly as possible it is no fault of your own that i think the idea that this was rushed all these other patrol special cases we should be mindful. >> [inaudible] is october's 19. the decks so, but we don't have to wait until october?
5:14 am
>> we would have to make sure everybody is available for the day we set it. >> okay, right. but normal. okay. all right, so let as let's do that could all be back to commissioner qo anything further on this matter. >> public comment >> i know, public, good public comment on item number six? they diverting your pussy with an exam >> number, commissioner hwang has should recuse himself either prosecuted rescued me in 2010 causing you to miss the restraining order hearing with assistant patrol special officer crosby. he has dirty hands on these matters and he should not recuse himself on this issue. commissioner dennis
5:15 am
ugo is a nice man but is clearly biased on all patrol special officer is. docs about his captain johnny or whatever some guy he knew as a little kid is about to make a map insight into this issue. secondly, deputy city attorney and officer brown never give you a single fact to support this claim since all they get he said he was all they did is quote his line statements to them. and to reword chronic soft laws and to reward them by allowing them to act as state cops which means they're supposed to be enforcing laws that they themselves don't follow, is beyond ludicrous. it's corrupt. thank you. we did the me ask you, may i ask you a question spewing edges when asked about the conflict of interest. >> [inaudible] edicts is this
5:16 am
officer is i don't remember him as he connected to the prosecution of the dispute. he's head of the special patrol officers associated with you did in 2010 prevented me from raising questions about their locality and that's what you did to defend him and all the other scofflaw criminals the columns called special patrols is a racket. >> thank you. >> you are welcome >> any further public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. please call the next line item >> the next item is ivan seven a discussion of possible action to approve the sale of each 47 from his infinite candide 02 patrol special officer alan byard and sale of the 83 from dolores leavitt two patrol special alan byard action. >> i think that officer died and left thinking that we were differing both matters. i would
5:17 am
ask staff to put over until next discussion >> okay. >> i have no objection to do we need to think about on that to put it over? >> we have to take off to other >> we will put it over. anything else on this matter before public comment? okay public comment on item number seven? >> is the height of correction to reward people who break the law on a chronic basis. you've had issues with corruption in this commission for years now. these people are not worth damaging your reputation even further. they are criminals. it's a racket. thank you. >> thank you. any further public comment? >> no. so public comment public comment is closed. please call the adam >> item 8, public comment the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on to make agenda that
5:18 am
are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall adjust the remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners were department or occ personnel. under police be the police or occ personnel were commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain however from entering into any debate or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit comments to 2 min. >> patricia boy. over the last six weeks, we've had quite an experience in the marina cal hall. i came out of mazes restaurant and a group of parolees from san quentin greeted me and they had been left around the corner and dropped off between united liquors and the walgreens parking lot. subsequent, there were some more that were dropped off at the stony recreation center from, it looks like marin county. since then, we've had an incident at a bar where a person came in around midnight, totally
5:19 am
suckered in they would not let him and so they decided to break and after they closed it he proceeded to bite the bouncers finger off. the next thing was the 1700 range block of green. we also had another one of the homeless that was kicked out of and made a big stage at the ramada inn and he was kicked out of the back of it to my and he looked up and saw a neighbor. he proceeded to threaten her life to try to break in and the front and back of her husband the police were called. he proceeded to try to break into another home. he chased a couple down the street with a dog and then after that, he decided to come down with his knife and slice all the tires on the streets. we have
5:20 am
others that have happened like five incidences. we've got a wonderful beat office. we were down to three homeless and he goes and gets try to get them help and were down to three. now we are up to 40. the marina cal hall was under siege. we want to will be well aware we've got some problems and serious problems and we are expecting, we are trying to find out the vehicles, the license plates of who was dropped off my butt [inaudible] >> thank you. any further general public, the?comments? i don't know if there are deputy chief sanchez ortega chaplain if there's response about those in the arena or cal hall but i'll defer to you guys on that.
5:21 am
>> just the one she spoke about earlier. she is correct there's charges pending in the one with the firearms. we receive the firearms we have that case pending and the subsequent dui after he was asking panel on activities those cases are pending as far as the homeless issue goes obvious are there some resources you can use to help with that problem. >> were going to give him a little more help. >> thank you. next speaker, welcome back general public comment >>, gilbert c. i hope it's a little bit it's a way for me. the carrot toys [inaudible] i hope of the camera is working to see how that officer got themselves into a position where they are using the carrot toys hold. i presume that the camera would be on. i presume that would be the policy. i should explain, again, the
5:22 am
carrot toys artery holds means that you got yourself into a very dangerous position because you're trying to hold this to get your life out of danger. it doesn't work for escalating. it's escalated you're putting yourself in danger again, we want our officers to retire healthfully in 20 years without firing a bullet, without hurting themselves. we want them happy. the videos, who controls the videos? who owns the videos? i believe they need to be made public. are they public? that the public agency that in 10 days, five days, one day? i am thinking the transparency issue here.
5:23 am
again, we are professional investigating police force. we hold ourselves to a standard. what is right is right and what is wrong is on. we should be able to get it out and show the public what we are doing. different ideas. i am a little salmon or to examine going upstream might have. i'm still here promoting vacations away from guns. i think it would be better for the police officers the peace officers the community, everybody when you walk into our community and not wearing a belt everybody knows you're not can issue them. >> thank you. face. >> can i just want things. the body cameras about using force, it's effective when you have time. the example i used earlier bicycle and bicycle officer writing, when a write up on skateboarding and optimizes bicycle from behind,
5:24 am
not enough time to activate the camera at that point. for obvious reasons get his legislation going through now body cameras relatively new. this legislation going through now after deguzman was murdered in san diego to prohibit the release after some body cam footage especially with the two officers being murdered. so the family does not have to relive it so you only release the video footage if the family signed a consent to release. on anticipating additional legislation on that point about when things are going to be released because a friend from the aclu they left early but there's great concerns about the privacy people on the other side of that video. so, going forward that can be something that's going to unwind through the legislative process maybe the courts. i don't make any representations, but our policy is a living policy and were learning as we come. welcome has a policy since 2010 and are still working on it because it is a relatively new technology for police department. >> [inaudible] >> thank you, sir. thank you.
5:25 am
okay any further general public comment? >> number one, since the acting chief has been in power is up in a single officer involved a talented i don't think it's a coincidence so thank you very much acting chief chaplain for that. number two, a want to make it very clear to all of you up there with the exception of commissioner wayne's lack of ethics was apparent to me before he entered this body i do not need any district to any of you when i make criticisms whatever is going on with the police department i think the occ is a joke but i don't respect director. i think commissioner was about mazzucco
5:26 am
is in the pocket of the detroit pistons but i is honorable. i've criticisms of many i don't personally i don't mean to impugn your integrity with exception one of your colleagues but whose integrity make very clear my position finally, it ran into clyde ticket by copier. >> how is clyde? >> better then usually he copy here today so [inaudible] but i told him i would say hello to for them and i do want to give him his props which is eight months ago, after you all approve the kelly only our settlement he lectured you. he did not miss his words. this is what he was castigated. he was ignored. i think he was told he could not say certain things. which come i think people have thought better of in reflection and probably would not do that a second time. but he was right. props to cry. he had erected you all had it wrong to you all him an apology. thank you. >> any further public comment?
5:27 am
welcome back. >> so, you know i think i'm done wasting time here. i think the police department has some good people on it. i just want to ask that whoever becomes the chief that they-you know, my daughter jaywalk because [inaudible] and i really believe james also has a problem because he may not be any [inaudible] da enforce the restraining order and the police, i would hope that when somebody like this happens you would go up and back up your officers. the [inaudible] the report and i could tell he was like to find a child with no head. i think it's very much could have been prevented. over and over and over, we showed up to court. we show up and testified. then, the other thing is, i am disappointed with loftus and [inaudible] because
5:28 am
i really found out you were there during this time and i am telling you about spelling molly harrison you work for. the question i want an answer after this murder was, who was responsible? who looks into this kind of travesty spewed i can't get that answer good i know it's too late. i would just like to hope that it still happens here. and, i do this [inaudible] we won't happen again to anybody. really, to anybody. >> on moving into i'm moving away to the land up in seattle. is decided this is not my home anymore. so, >> thank you. i know that was a senior investigator from the occ here to talk with you about a number of your concerns.
5:29 am
>> [inaudible] >> okay. thank you. any further general public comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. sgt. please call i'm >> item 9 paul comment on all matters on 11, below closes should including public comment on boat with a sold item 11 and closed session >> any public comment on this matter? hearing none, public comment is closed. sgt. please call six item 10 02 whether called item 11 and closed session >>[reading ordinance] >> do i have a motion to hold it in closed session? moved and seconded. all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? we are in closed session.
5:30 am
>[closed session] >> commissioner loftus were back and open circuit on a record we still have a quorum. item 12 vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussion on item 11 building close action. stephen administered: section 6e 7.128 action >> do i have a motion? >> not to disclose >> all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the motion passes. sgt. please, send critics item 13, a german action i'm >> do i have a motion? moved and seconded. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the motion passed. we are adjourned. thank you everyone. >> >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
5:31 am
i'd like to thank everyone for being here. i'm naomi kelly. today we are here to top off the new san francisco office of chief medical examiner. we are here to mark a construction milestone, completion the the steel frame. in a few minutes the final beam will be placed-put into place and hoisted up on top and we will be wul on our way to complete the first voter funded project
5:32 am
earthquake safety emergency response fund. myophilus oversees the general service agency which compenalizing 20 different departments [inaudible] chief medical ex578ner and department 06 public works rchlt also chair of cities capital planning commit which recommend thd bond and work to prioritize essential capital projects we are celebrating today chblt it is very near and dear to be a mart of the celebration and join in the significance of the san francisco medical examiners office protecting health and safety. it looks there is a lot of work left to be done there is a lut of work that went into getting us here today. you will hear more about the construction project as we go on but let's start with who made this project
5:33 am
ininstrumental making this project a priority and that is edwin lee. we made sure we partner would the community in the bayview and job frz the neighborhood residents and not this important public safety project moving forward. intrestment in capical project to support the 21 century needs. with the mayors guidance projects like this are beginning to benefit the neighborhood throughout san francisco, we are creating jobs, strengthening communities and building a stronger safer city. with that, mayor ed lee. >> thank you naomi and thank you for breeing a great city administrator. i love that job. love politics. this is a political year but let me begin by saying thank you to the voters of san francisco. little more than 2 years ago i listed to us and a number of department who got together,
5:34 am
all our first responder departments including fire, police, those that are in charge of water system. all of us got together and continue to do identify our 10iary capital plan and [inaudible] and can talk all day long about the 10 year capital plan but taking care och business. we are making sure the building [inaudible] chief medical examiners office is in a challenged building at the hall of justice and when we welcomeed him to the sit a we talked about the need to have a modern facility that could respond and be there whenever there might be a earthquake, there for a epidemic and certainly in need of a more modern laboratory facility and forensic facility and all the staff at the medical examiners for years have said the
5:35 am
condition and broken down conditions at the hall of justice require them to have this type of facility so put that in a $400 million as naomi said earthquake safety and emergency response bond and voted in into overwellmly so say thank you thmpt other way we thank the voters it get it done on time. we have park construction working with department of public works to make sure the largesh projects under the bond is done quickly and well and it is doing both as we can see. just in two years we are topping off the first of four major projects, maybe five major projects under the earthquake safety bond and proud doing this because not
5:36 am
only are they doing it only time and doing it will, but we also see that there is a tremendously positive impact in the way they are building because they worked closely with the city build program that is part the communities and response to make sure not thonl project whether housing or senior housing or community centers u fire, police station or medical examiner offices, we wpt those jobs in the community as much as we can. they worked closely and in fact, because the work public work has done and city build, 1/3 of all hours are performed by city residents and half from the bayview so shat positive impact. in addition to that, there ask all most 34 different
5:37 am
local enterprise business, locum businesses that are half of them are from the bayview that are also participating tin biltding and completion of the project so today i'm proud to sign my name on the last steel beam that will get on there and mohammed, i hope you got your signature on there as well doctor hunter i'm sure you have a signature and naomi and staff and agencies working collaboratively together with fire chief and her staff to make sure the beam gets up there because that is a milestone and means we are more than half way done and means the promise of having earthquake safe buildings for our first respond ers is going wem and that was the promise made to the voters when they voted over 79 percent to get the bond passed. this is how
5:38 am
we honor the vote is get the projects done on time in which all values in san francisco, with locing jobs and making sure we give people the opportunity to work here is all done in the right way. i am very proud of literally every aspect of this work and of course everybody is being safe on this job as well so we want that to continue w. that, i want to say again to city build, thank you very much and one the graduates that i get to introduce next, she herself has been not just a graduate of city build, i know she will forever remember her training but has gone to exactly what wewant her to go on and completed a number of hours on a new sf [inaudible]. she is proud to be part of the team that brought us one of the most
5:39 am
modern museums in the world and now gets to have her hand in helping build one of the most modern chief medical examiner buildings that we will have and that will be a important function for the community from which she came and i want to introduce you to city build graduate but also worker exextraordinary, joan moore. >> thank you mayor lee. i'm so grateful for this opportunity to be up here today and represent the work of everyone on this project. and my neighborhood. my name is joan moore. m i was born here in san francisco. i'm a bayview residents, live here all my life. went through the city build job training program in 2013 to pursue a career in the construction industry. since
5:40 am
then i work many different types of construction jobs including the san francisco [inaudible] where i was at that [inaudible] going through city build program has been good for me because i went through the training and took class to advance and every employer look at me differently. as i increased my knowledge, things opened up for me. as i educate myself i find more chance tooz advance. i'm not settling for anything. right now i'm a general labor and safety monitor. everyone i'm involved in say i see you as a safety person, you should pursue this. that is my encouragement. everyone gives me that advice and that motivates me. that is my encouragement. for future city build participants i tell you this, never stop thinking you can't advance in your career. never stop pursuing your career. there is
5:41 am
something out there for everyone. thank you to [inaudible] construction. thank you to the city of san francisco. thank you for abu. thank you all for letting me share my gratitude. [applause] >> thank you mrs. moore-thank you for sharing your story and see members of the abu and want to give a shout out to them. this is a organization that nob they have done a great job reaching out to women. nob nub on the project, $65 million is how much we spent on the bond funded project. 35 percent is local hire, half from the bayview as mentioned. 450 jobs in san francisco as a result och this project. 46,000
5:42 am
square feet is the size oof the new facility. 375 tons of steel and 2500 cubic yards will be in the building. 345 tons of rebar mpt 145 miles of wiring. 50 years is how old the seismically [inaudible] in 2017 in the fall is when the new medical examiners office will relocate in the state of the art biltding. public works department is responsible for putting this tonight and manage the building design and construction and at the helm and leader of public works is mohammed nuru and he will be up next to speak about this project. [applause] >> thank you mayor lee and thank you [inaudible] for all the work that you are doing. i
5:43 am
think you know, we can all say that under mayor lee's leadership so many of the city projecterize delivered on time and budget. we rently finished the bayview opera house and finish thd library program and have a new library and all those projects were delivered on time and budget. more porntsly importantly is what we talk about is can the commune tay get jobs on the projects and on the bayview opera house and library we did very well and doing very well on the project. it is the only way we will be able and-only way the resident will be able to learn skill squz be here for the future of san francisco and through our bond programs many projects awhether it is transbay or general hospital or
5:44 am
our new police station we are able to meet the numbers set forth and achieve those numbers so the city family is working very very hard and the voters of san francisco trust the leadership of our maying to vote and pastz the project and have many more projects coming down the pipeline. the public works department, the role is work very closely with the community. we work with engineer and architects. we all get down and try to figure how to deliver the project the best way we can and today is the example of the medical examiners building. we are part of a [inaudible] team and so not just the city, but also our contractor. [inaudible] construction, partnership with city build and abu and partnership with many local
5:45 am
businesses. we set goal squz avenue one of the projects we exceed those goals. this building and this projict is a commitment that we are committed to put all san franciscans to work and have the workforce to build anything that you bring to us. i think the mayor deserves a very big hand for his leadership. [applause] on the projects we are building, they are not jush for now but many generations to come so excited. i want to quickly thank a few of the team that i work with from public works who work day in and out to [inaudible] start by thanking city architect [inaudible] he is here. [applause] [inaudible] if you don't know him you should meet him he is in charge of the [inaudible] project manager
5:46 am
[inaudible] is here. [inaudible] are on the staff here who made sure that we are moving on time and on schedule. [applause] there are also many or key consultant that make a project happen, it isn't just one or two people with we have a few consultant and like to thank from [inaudible] that is the team that actually designed the building. james mueller, [inaudible] thank them. [applause] and on the construction management side, we have [inaudible] construction management. [inaudible] from public works involved in over 4 billion dollars of construction projects in san francisco and very luckily because we are
5:47 am
busy and able to build the workforce to dlinch the projects. like all projects today is a milestone and will put the final steel beam up and make sure the project is completed on budget and on time. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you mohammed. this modern facility provides structural, operation resiliency and efficiency. the new aufs moves us as city in the direction and strengthens our resiliency. here to speak next is chief medical examiner, dr. michael hunter. [applause] >> i want to thank two people today. i want to certain mayor ed lee and city administrator, naomi kelly. i want to thank them for their vision. if not
5:48 am
for their commitment we wouldn't be here today. they understood early on the need to have this facility so want to thank these people very much. [applause] i'm also impressed with the amount of dedication and hard work that mohammed's team with public works has done to get this job to where it is today. the progress is imprivess and this will allow san francisco to maintain our own sense of preparedness and resiliency. the new center will enable the city to be at the forfront of [inaudible] lastly, i want to thank the residents of the city and county of san francisco for making this possible. thank you. [applause] >> thank you dr. hunter.
5:49 am
another partnership that we value with our relationship with the general contractor. welcome from the primary contractor for this project, senior vice president of park construction group, [inaudible] [applause] >> good afternoon everybody ft first, thank you mayor lee for your leadership and your support throughout the city. thank you naomi and mohammed and dr. hunter for your support and leadership in the project. marks relationship with the city is a fantastic partnership z also want to recognize the great leadership by edgar lopez [inaudible] to make this a realty and be a great partner with us through the juny. we are honored to be a active community partner with inbayview neighborhood and community and have on going
5:50 am
relations [inaudible] with pub lrk works are continuing to reach out and involve and make the xhounty every much a part of as we are during the construction phase. we are proud of what we accomplished to date, but still have approximately a year left so there is tremendous amount of opportunity we intend to maximize. so far we trained and graduated 9 bayview small businesses as part of clark small business training program we call the clark strategic program. we worked with rebuild ing together and abu to assist with renovations at the double rock church, which we felt was a great success. we collaborated with abu and mohammed nuru to provide winter coats, thanks giving turkeys.
5:51 am
we preely do appreciate and thank the abu and this great community for your support [inaudible] [applause] teamwork is a haulwer hark what makes clarks construction project successful and not only do we have a great team leading the design we also think is a great teak associate would the construction of the design but that also involves the community. i do want to make kmd, [inaudible] we have a great group orsubcontractors to make this a aif project and want to thank the clark team for their dedication to the project and community and everything we achieved thus far. we look forward to future collaborations and the grand opening of the facility next summer so thank you, everybody.
5:52 am
[applause] >> okay. as we wrap up there are a new more people who i like to thank. first i like to tharng depy city administrator [inaudible] work would the medical examiner and pub lrk works to make sure we are on budget and meets the operational needs to best services the public. want to thank contract monitoring division [inaudible] we have local business participation and thank you for that. and the san francisco arts commission. there are two permanent art works commissioned. one at the entrance of the office and [inaudible] which fs built at hunters point shipyard in 1891. there will be another sculpture in the visitors center [inaudible] thousands of pieces of fabric which depict
5:53 am
the salt marshes of indian basin. with that, let's raise
5:54 am
to vote at your local polling place, in san francisco, the workers, that greet you, check the roster, and give you your boll lot, might a little young, like they could be in high school, this is part of the poll worker program, this provides, every election, with thoun poll workers, how did they become a poll workers, and what is it like being a poll worker as such a young age? let's meet some poll workers. >> hello, i have been a poll worker for about poll workers for 13 years now. >> hello, this would bymy my 7th year now. >> my name is eddie, i'm 20, i'm a senior, i will be graduating
5:55 am
this may. [music] >> students don't just show up on election day, they're recruited and trained by the department of election. [music] >> we visit to almost all san francisco high schools, talk to students, in government class, and talk to them about being a poll workers. >> students play an important part in poll workers in san francisco, we're going to hire about 1,000 this year, it's a great opportunity for them to learn about the democratic process, they also earn a stipend in work, and earn credits. >> i was excited to see at my high school, to work for the department of elections, we can get extra credit for one of our
5:56 am
classes. >> i was like, i need money, i want to do something for her, my city. >> i said, hey, why not, it might be cool, i have been an active community person. [music] >> it gives a real experience that takes the concepts i'm teaching in class, it's real life, it's not something that is just in a textbook, it's representative of democracy, and direct democracy, all in one day, for the students to interact with the public, it is complicated, there are problems you have to you know deal with these issues as they arise immediately, and come up with a resolution. >> it was really crazy, and hectic, there were a lot of voters. >> it gives me experience with helping people and getting to know people, and how to treat people. >> being a poll workers, it's a
5:57 am
cool way to see what life is about beyond school. [music] >> students must be 16 years of age, get permission from their parents and school, and have a 2.5 student gpa, to become a poll workers, they also have a two hour training session. >> i'm glad they had training, i had all my questions clarified, so i really prepare you for election day. >> san francisco is a multicultural, city, with many languages, spoken every day, more than 80% of the precincts. >> i know spanish, i want to help them. >> in addition to english, they
5:58 am
proviet student voters with spanish, japanese, vietnamese. >> it does look grade on a resume, they're interacting with the public, they're problem volume ving. >> you have to be responsible what you are doing, you got to work with a partner, team work, it's not just about me, it's about us. >> it's kind of a precareer experience, and it can open up doors later in the future to job tunts. >> you feel more connected to our government for the participation in this program. i see the impact in my students work, i see it in their writing, in group discussions. >> i just really like the sense of going out there, doing
5:59 am
something for the community and being part of the community, helping others voice their opinions, work as a student and be a part of their democratic process of san francisco. >> i feel that i did something for my community. >> when you are a high school poll workers, you are excused in class, you gain so much knowledge in skipping school, it's probably one of the best experience i had had, i'm glad i had it all throw high school. >> they recruit new student poll workers, through every election, for more information, go to sf [music]
6:00 am
>>[gavel] >> hello good morning everyone and welcome to our exciting rules committee meeting of thursday, september 8, 2016. i'm grady katie tang chairman of the committee and to my left is cohen. mar will be joining us shortly. from sfgov tv would like to thank charles kremenak. we have any announcements speed tends thank you. >> thanks. please


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