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tv   Fire Commission 81016  SFGTV  September 14, 2016 7:30am-9:46am PDT

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right the orange required conditional use authorization, and the white is entertains are not permitted at all the green areas their somewhat substantial are fraught with challenges related to houses inbe compatibility and spaces for certificate of occupancy and affordability it is hard to find space and it is expensive for businesses with small margins if we look for affordable places for night life this is room and consider zoning district to allow night life for example, the central soma plan, which is still in the draft form is the policies 3.6.01 a recognition of importance of having a complete neighborhood it is one of the
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ways to engage creation for the developers in the central soma this cultural night life into account should be incorporated into all new area plans in this not in conclusion this is negative one of the venue saving one of in after the next from gentrification and keeps us in the space or we'll be gone and let's turn the page to offer new opportunity for san francisco great, thank you for your presentation. >> any other remarks or thoughts. >> no, i would like to thank you, mr. cain and bring up tim frye from the planning department to talk about the status of lgbt. >> good afternoon tim frye from the planning department
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just to step back i want to give a working definition of a cultural district court month folks associated with the particular geography a cultural heritage district is how we've been developing them with communities or stakeholders like in the japantown community and coordinating and most recently in central soma with the filipino community is really a more of a strategy it is a collection of tools that we can develop to help the communities preserve and promote a particular social and cultural heritage what is associated with the geography or this particular neighborhood especially in the harvey milk cultural heritage district we are looking at citywide one of the biggest benefits of the cultural benefits a catalyst
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for the vision one vision on short time and long term goals how to achieve seconds related to the vision and obviously strategies take on a variety of forms the strategy that japantown has vemthd may not necessarily align with the goals that the coordinating develops or the lgbt cultural heritage develop in the future so developing those cultural heritage district are a collaborative processes as you've heard from other agencies we the planning department is one player or one member of the team that works with the 12rr8d group and the process always has to be lead by the stakeholder group this so important because we found is the majority of
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strategy while some questions can be regulated through the as to his regulatory fraction the majority has to be policed by the community and that can take on many forms whether 3 policing through a neighborhood group or a merchants association or the nonprofit that oversees the goals and objectives the majority has to come though the community not something that is in the planning code or other city codes so as supervisor wiener you mention. >> question. >> so i mention at the beginning the possibility of the advisory committee not lirmentd to the cultural district but you more broadly for night life lgbt night life including this. >> absolutely. >> would that be potentially helpful in moving forward. >> i think the preliminary piece we need to move forward
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right now we've done outreach in soma we know that the members of the board of supervisors have done the same once we feel a solid group we can initiate and start discussing schedule and outlining what the process will be. >> and then just in conclude or just to reiterate some supervisor wiener's comments as you may know that was proposed in the western selma in 2011 and since there the preservation community the lgbt context statement was adapted in 2015 and as part of draft central soma as mentioned theres published in august of this year we have decided to move beyond justice soma and looking at 4r6b9d cultural heritage district for the whole city this
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is a a better approach based on the context statement and zone some outreach as well as the historic preservation commission done outreach and in our next upcoming fiscal year budget we will apply or ask for whatever sources for the staff and implement facilitation of the shareholders group but before we a hear about the folks and their overall goals we have not moved on anything else to date. >> at this point is the cultural heritage district is it stalled. >> i mean this is one way to put it we've been actively
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seeking paternities but not moved on scheduling updates i mentioned a great deal of of coordination with other city agencies and you know other example like the most recent filipino cultural district the supervisor i guess support a resolution that had a timetable we're actively pursuing to meet the timetable that was the reason because the stakeholders were identified once we have the group identified we can move forward quickly. >> do you have the funding to active move forward. >> we have a instead of member that would help facility this initial process but likely need another staff member in the next budget to do so. >> in terms of not move forward until next summer.
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>> if we were to receive the position yeah we will be fully committed to the project. >> yeah. i want to express frustration this is not necessarily directed at the 34r579 by this process is three or four years later not move forward and we're at risk of losing the stud there are other venues that will be at realistic in the near future or are at risk so delays is consequences so we'll definitely be working with you to provide you with the support you need you have any commitment on that to make sure this can move forward and not just about obviously this is somewhat citywide there are obviously a coup of
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neighborhoods or 3 neighborhoods with a lot of the lgbt establishment but want to make sure we are focusing on all the neighborhood they all matter so thank you. >> okay madam chair there is other presentations and at that point i wanted to open up for public comment if that's okay. >> thank you that's a good idea and one public speaker card ms. audrey we'll start with you first if anyone else get in line behind here. >> i'm adu country joseph there is a anecdotal data that 25 percent of the adult population of san francisco is lgbt hundreds of thousand of people come to your city every year that are lgbt overall san francisco is the
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home of lgbt movement and the initialing space new residents and employees that come to our city needs places to go to decompress and socialize and night club and bars have been community centers where people meet each other and discuss politics and use those spaces as if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming venues certainly in san francisco this is true right now no women's bars in the lgbt community we are losing spaced at an alarming rate i am here to urge you to do something to get this heritage district going and also to consider some funding options
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that will help those communities as venues like the stud to be able to survive going forward thank you. >> thank you. >> this is a reminder you'll hear a soft chime with thirty seconds remaining i have (calling names). >> supervisors thank you thank you, madam chair for calling the hearing as an individual who is instrumental in bringing political will to the conversation to create an entertainment commission i'm very cognizant of the need for a community to colonel together and find a reason why it should save something that is threatened by a change today, we're threatened in the lgbt community by a wave of
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movement in property values preliminary the stud is being moved as a result of property values increases i'm being foshsz out of the south of market and moving to lovett and the bay area and many of the broken are no 9 as effort having to leave the city we can't underestimate the economics of this so the zoning will be one of the critical areas we need to do i think the complexity of the topic requires the cac approach and think by talking with the few people i asked to be at that meeting ask them if they've have the outreach about the cac i'm concerned heard from them they've heard nothing about it i will urge that the planning department up their game accountant and include nor members i have no interest in
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being part of that but glad to share the 20 or thirty people i dedicated about today's hearing to make sure the community is involved i'm a tenderloin rat from the bulldogs to the place i owning and operating to 9 commissioner crews theatre and charles you name it the tenderloin was a happy birthday to you u hub as we think of south of market being a hub and the castro street let's not forget to include everyone in the city. >> thank you j.d. >> (calling names). >> i'm j.d. in san francisco for j years and want to see i'm very much in support of this thank you. >> thank you. >> mayor. >> hi, i'm.
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>> merry, merry department i'm going to give an update on the project we started working on 2007 at the corner of 8 and harrison street the improvements we're talking about underground of the utilities and creating a series of arts components that will underscore the importance of alley to the lgbtq community we in 2014 got a one $.8 million okay. from the cac and the planning commission to take some of our improvements funds and dedicate them towards fixing the ring and part of improvements that will start in light next month a significant art component really a lot of the work was done between 2007 and
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2011 with the help of jim that passed away a real advocate for elevating the level of explore that the ring 0 got and not forgotten it is great news those dollars are available to fix up the street and like to see the ribbon cutting thanks. >> thank you demetri. >> thank you to the committee members i'm demetri the director the fulton vents and here to speak about what the. >> merry is talking about i've been working with other communities members on the lblth historic kind of walk that. >> merry has been spearheading we were lucky to find developer that is interested in our input and we've been given
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feedback in what we on the community might want to see hopefully in the next year or so a historic walk and that is on ring 0 between 9 and 10 to help to fill some of the cultural historic elements that we hopefully don't want to forget and we could have that i want to again speak to the government agencies might not be keeping up with the pace we as the community has to jump on the coattails of developers that are interested in working with us if we don't get our voices heard and speak up with the developers we'll be left behind thank you. >> hello commissioners. i'm mike with the sf eagle.
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>> i wanted to talk about what the sf eagle is doing in order to help preserve the let the record reflect community we've continued our business in providing if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer thems but gotten help from the businesses across the street from the plaza you're familiar with that's on the road and will be potentially board of governors in the near future as demetri said we had to just this on the coattails of developers we can't wait for this to happen we are losing a lot of very quickly and that's all i have to say thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> darcy. >> hello, i'm darcy one of the
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owners of sf o a with others jeff and i'm here representing all of us in really saying how for this is to us we've been open almost two years now night club a performance venue and what was quickly realized a real community center we have people come to us every day on the street and thank us for opening the spate and reminds us how for those spaces are were fortunate we had a short opportunity to go into a business that was a gay club and we had la jolla help from the community a lot of help from the people in the room and not every organization and every bar and every night club will have all of the connections it
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is crucial there is something set in place they don't face with the stud a facing i think it is really important to keep the community vibrant as we watch from the 8 box close and potentially losing the stud and if we lose the other lgbt q spaces in a neighborhood it makes the neighborhood less safe, it makes the neighborhood less vibrant for our functions that are existing there so we wholeheartedly support this and hope this moves forward eastbound quickly. >> public comment on this no other member of the public public comment is closed. >> all right. so supervisor wiener any
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thoughts >> great. thank you very much madam chair and thank you for scheduling this item and colleagues thank you for hearing this item this as you've heard from members of the public who have shown extraordinary leadership in safety clubs working with the developers even with when the city not engaged to provide the leadership we see people in the community that are by sheer force of will because they want to happen make it have it come into place we and the city government need to step in there needs to be leadership to fulfill the vacuum coupling of this building around particularly in western selma to
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the lgbt venues and so this is informative hearing and i am let's say i'm right now drafting the legislation to create the community advisory committee i mentioned and several public speakers mentioned time to have a body representative of the voices in the communities to drive forward and provide the planning department with the support it needs and make sure this installed out cultural heritage is for the lgbt didn't stay stalled for too much longer than we're drafting it as moving forward as quickly and madam chair thank you and i would like to move to file this hearing. >> all right. thank you is there a second
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seconded by supervisor peskin and without objection this item is filed. >> okay. >> madam chair if i may on item number one i actually had intend to decedent from that vote so i'd like to rescind the vote on number one and rescind. >> i'll second that so mr. clerk rescind to item one and take up another vote please recall item number one. >> number one the extension of the mergers in the proposed mission district for this matter received to the board of supervisors as a committee report. >> i make prior to the reinforcement it seems to me the thrust of this interim control really is about merger of retail
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spaces that has been a successful tool not if you want to but explain by your desentd i'd like to know. >> i pointed out i voted against this item when it was first adapted as a does remember i said if this creates a conditional use process i would have been happy to support that but as a matter of policy i typically don't support bans not saying it is impossible to ever support never say never but i don't support bans but it provides no flexibility and so that has not changed here and i also said at the time complimentary of 24 i think they've done a lot of terrific work i met with them and talked about the interim controls they
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were proposed by see things definitely so not coming condemning but i stick with the vote. >> i appreciate that historical backward. >> e background. >> on that motion supervisor wiener. >> no. >> supervisor peskin chair cohen. >> that motion carries. >> thank you very much mr. clerk could you call item 3 please. item number 3 resolution for the public utilities commission for the trails in the peninsula persistent with the protecting the water supply and the quality of area. >> thank you we have supervisor avalos he's adjourned us would you like to make opening remarks.
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>> thank you very much chair cohen first of all, i have a member of the whole asking the committee to introduce and on in front of the tv set and a copy of the changes as well this is actually a resolution that has been in the works for a very long time we actually had this resolution drafted earlier this year and held off knowing there is a lot of community input that is required for us to feel comfortable moving forward and that community compute continued to the weekend a meeting last friday with my office and the audubon society and others and organizations to talk about the line to put in essentially the overall goal to create greater responsible
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public assess in the peninsula water shed this is work that has been going on for decades in the early 2000 supervisor tom ammiano talked about this and led to a program the program is important to continue but we also want to see how we can look at the feasibility to encourage and make happen on unsupervised assess under a permit program possibly with the corridor with the public utilities commission has done a great deal of work working with stakeholders and the public as well as government stakeholders including g and the san mateo parks and others that will make a presentation on the work with the commission and with these stakeholders as with tim i'll call them up in a
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second we want to commend summarize quicken essentially we are making the language amenable to be more better so we can talk about explorer the feasibility of access we know i'm actually - and there are a lot of politics in the roundness with that geography of increasing assess we can look at how to protect the flower and a lot of endangered sprees that inhabit the peninsula and make sure we are protecting water quality it is the highest priority of the public utilities commission to do that and make sure we creating assess that we are protecting wildlife and we're protecting plant and trees and
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for the most part the water nothing that takes away we here i'm concerned made a resolution this bill is thoroughly supporting and talk about whether this should be you know on today or sent to the full board or continue to next week i'll let the committee decide that might be necessary i have a doctor's appointment i do apologize i know that a lot of people have come to this and going to the peninsula i talked about this to the public i have to leave around 250 i apologize and have mr. ramos coming up u come up and supervisor wiener may are comments this is the resolution is piggybacking on a meagerly we've done last year about the water shed we've heard
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the first presentation perhaps supervisor wiener would like to chime in before mr. ramos you thank you supervisor avalos i'm happy to be a co-sponsored of this resolution this water shed sew absolutely specific last year, it is so close to san francisco and part of san mateo county and i think it is important to strike a good balance in terms of allowing recessional assess unfefrtdz assess not that people do whatever they want we want to protect the natural resource and the water shed and the equality and the plants and the animals in this area and we also want more recreational assess we can
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achieve that balance it is not the first time that we've achieved that balance we know that marin and other water sheds have expanded the access state your name has worked we should do so here the bay area is growing it is going to grow 2 million people in the next few years most people in san francisco and other areas don't have front yard or backyards and some of the places i know that some of us had access and played as a kid and your parks and opinions those are people's backyards people and families go to enjoy recreation and to have a place like the water shed right in the heart of our community which is
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by and large closed off does make sense those are people are into protecting the eco system and the plants and water, etc. i fully support doing it and to be clear and reiterate neither i nor supervisor avalos has advocated unfettered assess it needs to be managed and in a sensitive way i'm confident that will happen i hope we'll move forward and continue to moved towards that extend recreational assess thank you. >> great why not bring of mr. ramos to do his presentation. >> great, thank you our thank you for the opportunity good afternoon, tim the distribution manager for the natural land and management of the imp and a dozen slides half of them are
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pictures shouldn't take along a busy couple of years i had a change to moderate a panel if my colleagues and talked about this issue about the colleagues from the nonprofit organization and the public workshop in july on the peninsula work i'll provide that background. >> working with the city 11 years and there's a lot of history that predates me i'll cover that circle it is important to know how we inherited this the puc owns 22 thousand acres of lands on the water shed as the spring veil water company under the act and called the peninsula two water sheds one in the bay and one so the san mateo creek and to the ocean the water shed land has 3
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reservoirs you you were and lower and in addition to our ownership a fish and wildlife reservoir with at the construction of 280 and 60s there are easements and recreation movement and other easements on the bulk of the water shed to the west and the recreation boundary on the east side is silvers the trail and finally we're internationally part of golden gate reservoir that happens to stretch from the bay through san mateo community the importance of that our piece of reservoir that the peninsula water shed is part of a the area that allows us to be part of the program for the restricted assess a quick shot from the trail to the north of the canyon an example of all the things
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people know the value for being and the psychology value the water shed provides how does the puc manage the lands the commission has a process in the 1990s that ended up being adapted as the water shed plan that is accompanied by and ceqa document that provides the combines 44 for how we manage the process and the preliminary goal for the quality to protect the health and safety two of the most relevant goals for the cultural resources of the water shed and national anthem on the trails to provide the education compatible with the outlet goals and deposited two stewardship policies that - makes it paurmentd for the restoration with the operation with the water supply system
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so on the trails we're doing quite a bit of work in 2002 i tried not to use open or close i think the water shed is different things to different people and it is restrict assess there is restricted assess on the water shed $31 million of trail open on the water shed gordon by the north and south the crystal springs and the reservoirs that is managed by the san mateo parks and as mentioned with the program there are 11 miles of planned trail consistent with the management plan and you've seen this map the important things are the black the 31 miles of the existing assess and in red the planned assess and i'm going to cover quickly the 3 major trails in the plan and briefly the one trail to the
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north and rest on the map in orange it is not a water shed plan but an important he feature that is the proposed connector and that trail a long story i'll skip that part of story we're working with the city planning on the initial study that covers the ceqa document to construct the south to 92 to the state a new trail not existing on the water shed but covered two other components it will cover the operation of the rich trail and will allow us to take an easement in the middle of that we don't have that easement itself but currently owned the council and we'll start in 2018 and open at the end of 2018 that
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is a year later but detailed it in the summer and joining with the public right behind the connection for the san andreas to the rich trail and grant skipping this is staugd a year behind what we are doing on the ridge this is a quick shopping shot on the rich trail and the reservoir in the background one of the bike groups last one i'll talk about the crystal strings trades 24 gets a lot of use 10 thousand people a year a bit of a hang up because of the construction of our dan project and how the san mateo is on top of of the crystal dam but gaps in the san mateo system we're trying to get the parks to
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close and finally, the rich connector it has evolved over time as mentioned in the golden gate fishing plan not a construction project but an existing road and a lot of agencies that come together in the community ourselves and san mateo parks, state parks and the golden gate fishing area and thanks have happened people are acquired land that facilities and allows a connection to be made from our property to other trails in the area and anxious to work on that one is not covered in the plan but something we're working with the neighbors on. >> a quick summary about the potential the hottest top from at people that are interested in the project how we manage the trail we have the 0 program that is popular and talking about
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something less restrictive the details have not been developed but providing assess 7 days a week and dawn do dusk under a system that allows us to make sure that users are responsible and give us a measure of use on the trail system and studying other examples for the folks that republic programs like this so again quickly we're landmarking at the 3 trades as the highest appropriate working with the neighbors and other folks transferred including the relinquish be connector and the potatoes system and in the ceqa document and final point i want to make always mentioned earlier we're trying to work to provider those opportunities for people in a way consistent with the other goals of water shed and many includes the at risk as the
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owners of the land and future assets i want to 34e7ks would be quickly like a lot of agencies we've been subject to the effects of the drought and on the water shed one picture along the crystal springs regional trail as age example we're trying to get work on contracted work did you go remove some of the trees highest risk our staff working hard to make sure we have breaks and do work around the risks it is a big issue a large prophet and people are users the trails we have see we have a quorum i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> and be able to stay for the close of hearing. >> thank you, very much mr. roovmz and tekd u thank you for all your hard work we've seen you at the peninsula all over the place this is a propriety
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that the public utilities commission has been wanted to take on and has been working on for years and i know as i was saying earlier, you have in mind to make sure that we can protect the water quality as well as the camtc there it is something your dedicated to do the whole commission and have doubt the resolution it making sure we can voice our will to create the access the details of access will be up to the commission to work out with the groups but it is my intention and goal to make sure we can have a permit system that can allow unaccompanied assess but perhaps with a quota and people understanding their duties with the precious eco system so with that, i want to get people to speak in public
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comment and again want to apologize for not being here the whole time and ask my community members to continue 24 i don't believe triangles necessary but if they feel confront we can come back next week and i'll be here for the entire meeting with that, supervisor peskin. >> thank you supervisor avalos and it is obviously has a long history i think the last time with my colleague tom ammiano and supervisor pushed a similar resolution in some part with the tours and the restricted assess scheme we have enjoyment i have a few questions to mr. ramos obviously we are aware that the motion carries property is 235 thousand acres and san mateo
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with the golden gate recreation and the open space district the cubit of the san mateo and amenities has other open space areas coverings that particularly of the eastern part western part of the couldn't do you have an idea of open space of the san mateo acres of open space. >> have had those in front of the me but one of the adapted mantras of the fee in alameda we're number two we're the technical largest i know that liv we have podium our resources and have things and have. in my
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or ahead. >> as a foind must be of the xhoipt condominium conversions that trail good morning through the lapd's again you divides another came into can will kwaumd will request go. kwamentd. gauchl can of will qualified that that 55 wants which had disconcerting square foot as the semper fi we remembered with them welcomed skwrmd sefrmd sfrld 167d 5 1k8d 168d 678d 1r8d 8 eighteen hundred r8d mind some skrmd did
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sever it is consisted of kifdz condition universe you you were serves he is that certified find sided skiltd schlz i congressmen
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i kfrl i will sill sfrlz that it kidneys ask the suchlts skelsz you will stltsd is will i am civil ever is i'm going to turn it over to go student delegate assembles some kvj go us sew evidentially is the asking him does upper skimsz i will go as much skpdz wanted mind is is cements. skip confesses see semis he will stez successful slsz ask his elmhurst skulls i will i am i accident sdmg go, go exorcisms he that time monday, september 12, 2016, it i'm going to turn it over to is he you asks is at the stepdaughter. he will accept did yes, ma'am simply 89 1ir789d. . each other 1e789 you i am yes, ma'am senor citizen system illscy i recall i will delve will ifrm ceded the seldom he certify lives lives ofcy 6 isism suicidal that that
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opens opposition made by members of the public, applause, or booing are prohibited. is south beach department of homelessness else detectives suicidal will will same house, same call? sell cells go this feel finds you are lives will sever is the frmg feel finds is will second-degree murders will asked them will 18 stipulated of the simple suicidal stimulus themselves of these themselves see of these of these of these of these certifies of these of these of theses of these of thesess of these themselves themselves of these feelings will 5 m project them. s siding svmdz lives go, go city manager's steadfastness be sfaenzcy for that reason stwifrz stapler dweveng speak up hecy staerp you will the the convicted be taefrltd be able targz evidentially minds centennial or staefrn skwrpz wench and then the sdwemdz will
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will departmental the will confidently he temper especially. it we did adam sfupz temples upstairs semesters of the fumbled did i skwulz themselves south beach's each others of these understanding sfichld dims accident see safer stulz he does sfrld sfermz go condition minds convicted cells buffed will will of these benevolent avenue did window ever he will take place pear he has daepsz skwnd terpdz single-family unit second floor is 278 zaps is a tinge sfiblgz berserk sflsz cap minds is signals tarsal fulfill goals sfltsdz will stigmatisms he lives vrmz or stichls he lives will sflgsz 12g dark's daggers i will secondarily step-by-step steve richie be guess so open soft story he fag family etch
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take place think go it saints focus southbound paper he means sfgz week pear tizzy within tar speaks think tar secondarily paefrm sate international go take place it search warrant think continue it be super bowl will be be i am tills arches kirltdz will dirltd sfwildz ever taught the signal will what is your signal see it circle kelg full will sfwfls egg saichlg sales tax alibi twaents dip device vrpz advertisingsssss i of a wedded and or yes apple adult with disabilities describe we see. >> sew san francisco rules committee lives lives next fwshg you aim the bejtd the question, sir be stwb let's see svlt swijtd 78 the intndz swaf as the
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convicted it kemper arena sycamore is that accident he will is the 197 you stepfathers step up to the plate all self-stafrltd will will will go workers educator of the ann brag for the will sfpuc amends fwrield combheel waters too difficult city and district 7 we were did areas of assisting custodian minded raid payers and not only roonl foreign the water infiltrate or supply water is we do side thank all over the place endangered sfeeshz and there's been new york challenges we've been throwing connecting and be findings good access while times systems with one not the best practices we've been be thinking
8:21 am
akin tattoos department are architecture if you vera are answer quiz they'll give steeltsz code and will lifetime nested bedrooms of the sierra club and semesters industrial companies get it wrong and go forming them call the the overview wrechl acknowledge let a few in and category a lowering the access to currently time to get to open space i urge to vote for the resolution and make sure the budget solution is recommended thank you very much >> i'm here in opposition i urge the committee to thabl this
8:22 am
item or move forward with a nothing else recommendation when this was introduced the occasion neighborhood passed a resolution in opposition to is that resolution is on file with the board the coalition is joined by the at&t ban club and others those area is not a park or open space is a water shed whose primary purpose to protect the driven water for the p, 2.7 million enclosures or customers besides the areas this is a state designated refuge that protects wildlife and simply issue permits with little or no improvement is the
8:23 am
quantify people working their responsibilities and abiding by them are two different things beside the wildlife virtually unrestricted puts it says that in danger of foyers he quote access to the interior parts of water shed to unescorted individuals possessed an extreme risk of fires and degradation of water quality and resources quoting quoting quoting hello, i'm jamie fox with the al a ham and for the last of years trying to preserve the rich line that was owned exclusively by john
8:24 am
mirror a grassroots for the water shed group i've been working with others helping to save 70 states parks from the ridge to now the city council on september 21st are voting to acquire the land a huge win in martin i'm here to support the the water shed i had cancer and i took a hike with my wife a moment we are where we were hiking and the fog through a tunnel of trees that was the moment the cancer left my body in nature you're in there you
8:25 am
become a better person and forgot who trechtd migrants you i don't think that happens on a hike when the sun is not setting and the colored come out and i think this can be done responsible cancer is one of the main killers we need nature it is part of sustaining making users better i plead not to trust fear without science and prop generation ban on gay marriage to trust serial killer twruflt truft ceqa. >> thank you, jamie.
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>> next speaker, please. >> are (calling names) ged good afternoon. i'm christi live in san mateo and here 0 rptd request you vote and move forward and support a transparent complete and scientific process to efficient the evaluations in questions and today just 3 quick points you'll hear numbering opening the water shed is safe public analysis shows you the risks are minimal, and, secondly, just ask designation thing we're talking about responsible assess when you look at the roads it is .3 percent of whole area we're
8:27 am
talking about very small there are also far from the water okay and finally here in the bay area multiple successful agencies that balance those concerns of safety and water supply and mentioned the open space, and, secondly, the current dos is a assess it is unfair the number of people is minute suicidal in a publication 9 thousand people in a year that had access not possible a few time a week people sign up but with that, said if you look at the access in marin one million visitors a year without negative impacts
8:28 am
and the east bay mud 50 thousand visitors do the mathematics and just as public service opening the space in the public interest and thank you for your public service. >> thank you marie are you greg. >> yeah. i'm greg. >> i'm greg a native san franciscan a long time bike rider and went open the dos and lead tours of water shed and express at the price to have seen beauty of water shed an important wildlife preserve with number endangered i species as mention drinking water for
8:29 am
2.7 million people if we allow urban supervised recreation into the water shed we'll definitely risk wildfires and definitely spread invasive plants and the potential contamination of the director chin water without water life wouldn't exist i ask you to encourage people to enjoy the beauty of water shed by going on supervised walks and learning about the history of the water shed but proffer it for future generation not only for human beings but wildlife as well because to sustain the health of earth our species must
8:30 am
stop abusing here. >> thank you for that (calling names). >> hi, i'm marie and no longer riding a building i was born and reared in san francisco. >> can you do me a favor pull the mike closure to your mouth closure perfect, thank you. >> he was born and reared in san francisco but ever sunday the family drove the peninsula to enjoy the outlined house the gather bought almost one hundred years ago it was a small property and i and cost him $1,500 in bonds by the time i
8:31 am
came along we had indoor mruvenlg the hills turned both hikee hikeers uncle bill not to take on the children over 90 years i'm concerned passed the san francisco water shed and even it is as a small child i'm mafrd at the beauty he sometimes wondered what unanimously space of. >> (speaking chinese.) often the other side of lake as i grew older i wished it sob be with marin as done with its water shed land i'm basically on environmentalist but building that a small portion of water
8:32 am
shed where it trails exist could be carefully set aside for the young people to enjoy the visa takes of water shed thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) joel joel by charley. >> i'm with the counsel and here to tell you the council supports the bay area and the completion of water shed to answer your question of the three hundred plus miles open to the public the trail is the only restricted assess and east bay 34ud you pay one fee for the trades and with the miles with the goal goes to the
8:33 am
national and city parks and multiply sheds this is the only one to requires the program for the public to enjoy we ask that the committee courage and support of pucs with that success is time for an expanded assess to the water shed we ask you encourage and support this goal going forward if i may. >> yes. >> an appropriate venue to have this discussion in so for but any dialogue between the council or an pursuing the less assess whatever you want to call it and the puc.
8:34 am
>> has the richmond council spoken with puc. >> yes. >> oh, times we've worked closely together. >> part of what i'm grasping with and clearly as discussed earlier been taking place over and over many, many years in fits and starts i recall i vote for supervisors tom ammiano step urging the public speaker and it's absolute charter amendment to consider less restricted assess it seems to me like with what mr. ramos is pursuing in the going on presenting system approximately may or may not look like east bay muddy guess we call it but does it sounds
8:35 am
like the puc is on track going slowly. >> one of our staff members is here and worked with mr. ramos and be able to answer that question better the council supports whatever the city and pvshg come to agreement from improving assess to the public. >> thank you. >> thank you next item. >> charley. >> my name is charley with open the water shed dot com and i and one member from the audubon i'm concerned heard if this water shed is opened other public their roads run the length of the water shed i hope we know in the pro assets
8:36 am
community before any of the excited roads arrest warrant can be designated as trails they have to be identified as predicament mitigations and after that e he merge are a plan so if we're, in fact, worried fire or endaishg species we'll have more than adequate wanted to reflect on the experiences and people in the ridge trail managing it and the extraordinarily successful areas i hope as you shift though the paths fashioned you'll keep in mind we have a magnificent tailor system built and in place and if you will in the southern half of san francisco or the
8:37 am
north peninsula this is our synonym it is just a shame that so many communities have been denied assess this natural area can afford. >> thank you very much. >> thank you (calling names) few madam chair and tuven thank you for the committee for over 50 years we have permitted the access to the coast and the development of the trades and the state and fat parks most of rec and park thanks tour our efforts i have an interesting perspective we appreciate the proposed legislation but haven't had a chance to look at it as written we can't support the proposed resolution this is a
8:38 am
lbld water shed and not a park contrary to the municipality water district not everyone behaviors responsibility you mean we know the final 34th plan said through most recreational yours a percentage of public land users will engage in illegal interprets and that had take one match to turn this intruder place into a disaster and fires were started by hell camps and not everyone is responsible hundreds of trails on the bay area that are vertebral for unrestricted assess if you participate with
8:39 am
san francisco and the schools and other groups such as the the least outdoors the sierra club program to provide the educational programs this will achieve our goals while protecting the water shed habitat and ensdaergd species seattle and portland have a good plan thank you. >> shawn is up next and after leslie and mr. da costa (calling names) welcome. >> thank you, supervisors i'm shawn herman on behalf of the ban society i appreciate why
8:40 am
this legislation seems like a good idea it is well-intentioned by fails to prioritize the importance of leaving undisturbed the wildlife our concerns are preservation we are grateful a ceqa process but in 2001 the eir mechanics that for instance, the specifically a protected species awhile certain plant can't be used to be a base for the plan implemented with this water shed this water shed has been closed since the 19th century and allows the plants in the absence of human life those
8:41 am
concerns against wildlife and water must be protected against that leads me to funding no discussion what the costs are associated with this a light bulb in force we can't afford to recommend something we didn't know the cost and wards to red it is an inconsistency obtain one hand it seeks to increase recreation and calls for you think restricted human assess it provides tours with people with knowledge and people - by calling for unrestricted assess it diminished the resources and in addition, i have a - the e
8:42 am
consistent. >> i'm here to ask you to note allow is one man got a bucket and dumped something next to the edge of the water shed the toxic chemical and collection and landfill people come to the area and they find out the cost is good high and
8:43 am
the county requires wait a week for an appointment they dump it at the edge of the water shed if they could reach the water they'd dump into the water this makes the water supply not something to experiment with not right to make hate i didn't decisions they provide nernltz of water filtration and increased assess increases the use of fires and the assess has oak death it is - wood chips are dumped and spread around the water shed and want to ask if
8:44 am
you have a plan to deal with the increased eradication and pathogens by illegal dungeon do you plan to increase the discouraging you - >> thank you (calling names). >> what i want to say to you supervisors for thousands of years the first people respected mother earth some of the speakers have their hearts in the right place pointed out a water shed and as far as you board of supervisors you're the ultimate in making the policies
8:45 am
i know the state and the frequenting smf you all i can challenge not read this i work for the national park service and represent the muwekma ohlone and other tribes that should be blocked in for consolidation we often have a few people making general statements how are you going to enforce is the key question you can talk the talk but not walk the walk and even the san francisco public utilities commission and the employees do not do an excellent job they do not so we need to be
8:46 am
very careful in understanding that water is very precious we need to doing everything we can so serve the resources especially around the bay area and not open up large areas some fool can go and set fire and mess things up it's happened before and it will happen again, this is our unity to do right thank you very much. >> nancy. >> i'm nancy the director and founder of the education where we brought 20 thousand children from the community out to our open parks and open spaces i'm
8:47 am
here to urge you to reject this proposal and last minute amendment you've heard from environmentalists from what i see the head of department at the academy of sciences and so 34 groups say tread soft he this is a resurrected job once you've opened it would be gone forever i'm urging you, please please we're happy to bring out the students to the water shed with those that's what we do right now all the children coming out to our parks learning about nature and particularly bidders kid that don't get out i'm here
8:48 am
to say step back we ask you to vote in support of supervised assess. >> peter you're up code enforcements. >> nooirmd a period of time i live in the south west corner close to the beaches i'm very happy that is supervisor peskin is back because h - you asked about outside of the san mateo park system over 65 thousand acres of parkland this is grossly under used from the intruts to down into grenade
8:49 am
and others trails and if you want to see what can happen to an area by the water shed when human beings go into there with cardinal wrapers and cigarettes and dogs i think you know in san francisco they bring their dogs look at the garbage it is everywhere are you going to have enough rankles i don't think so why in the world open that to the san francisco water shed with 65 plus acres and beings we tend to need to protect spaces
8:50 am
how about spaces for animals and mountain lions are they not as important red-legged frogs and others. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm christine and here to represent save our recreation it is dedicated to promoting outdoor recreation on public lands in san francisco bay area the opportunity to enjoy the greatest outdoor awhile pursuing activities is a key part of suhr the bay area is liveable we believe it should be accessible for everyone and protect the
8:51 am
access goes hand in hand with that said, we strongly urge the puc to expand public assess to the water shed as you may know residents of san francisco and other parts of bay area are in spite need of open space where they can go with their friends and families this water shed is a perfect savings account co-authored to the impact analysis helps with the stewardship that's why it is a common practice in water sdwrikts throughout the country we have example up in marin county and finally safe our recreations supports unaccompanied access to the duplicate program and it makes it impossible for people that
8:52 am
want to go for a hike or bike ride and disseminates against people that have to take public transportation we urge you to open this up and hike and bike and other activities is important. >> after burns we'll hear from forgives me (calling names). >> i'm burn smith and worked for the commission all supervisor peskin i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> even now or when i'm done
8:53 am
but i'd like to briefly touch on specific things about the record would reflect trail with the water shed highlights joel talked about the fact that it is only on the rich trail in the san francisco peninsula water shed it we have a restriction of continuity that continuity it is a special feature of rich trail within a month or two over 80 continuous miles of rich tailor from highway 92 up to the water shed up to the middle of marin county on top of the renal that exist for portions of wednesday,
8:54 am
saturday and sunday on the peninsula water shed if i ask the up the number of hours you can grow the water shed on the rich trail only a day and one half of continuity and assess i want to point out one sort of confusing wording on page 4 line 14 starts on line 13 south of 92 from the rich trail one mile-long only on the design properties. >> that's it the item try piece and exactly not the easement on our property but make sense to us to take that
8:55 am
easement fund. >> your time is up. >> if i could follow-up with the question that was asking the brief speaker and maybe eyewitness i'm wrong about this but maybe a broad consensus and staff level historically with the board of supervisors and imagine and bed-and-breakfast to one go with a less riefkd type of assess and i think that staff is supporting that and trying to figure out how to get there and two to be able to be a part of barrier rich trail conceding in all 5 hundred and 50 miles any question to the before he that
8:56 am
poke is that perception you believe albeit it not moving as fast with ceqa and bureaucracy. >> i completely agree with you this is part of a long acre that i'm concerned noticed over the last three years this is a change 2, 3, 4 management philosophy among the kinds of land management agencies this is increasing the case recreation lands parks land and the like the management of overseeing lands is tend more towards resource protection in the main from a board stand point and simultaneously been a movement amongst the protection agencies
8:57 am
to move towards the entertainment assess not crossing the middle by definitely that change over time. >> thank you. >> >> next speaker. >> hi ami eddy a native of san francisco about a year nature ago i moved to the ingleside i'm a hikerer and grad to hike the water shed area and living closer he quickly was disappointed a lot of roadblocks taking a hike with any family without investigating to go through the hoops of doing so are i care deeply about habitat and ecology i do design,
8:58 am
engineering, and construction assistance services to protect the local ecology are tit in th community it is a laughable to think this this will include more trash discouraging i believe that we as a society need to put a lot a lot more value in making sure that people are not breaking the rules that is a separate issue most people want to obey the rules i'm in favor of the amendments to open up the trails. >> next speaker good afternoon. my name is dan
8:59 am
i'm a non-overview lift - i was walking around the lake to suntdz ago and saw deceased monthly plastic and styrofoam people smoke he also saw several dogs off leash and raising up the slopes on the island in the middle of the lake to frequent as i understand painted on the roads with 12 inch sign letters saying no dogs allowed and many bicycle tracks on the audits one set wide and deep enough to suggest a motorcycle if we multiple this we come up with
9:00 am
the cycle springs reservoir with the transgressions a couple of thousand times we get an idea of a magnitude of open to unrestricted and you think monitored public use human nature being what it is i strongly urge to approach the reservoir are great caution and true respect and discard any proposal to throw it on for exponentially increased unrestricted and unmothered public assess thank you >> next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors my name is mike i'm the chair of the loma chapter of absorbing
9:01 am
encompassing san mateo and others communities i will incorporate every word i'm concerned heard but look to say that i was not the chair when the puc wisely adopt the preferred viral alternative that's what we have with the do so system. >> but one of the best decisions the dos system puts eyes unpaid eyes but concerned eyes on what is happening in your water shed it is almost a dream come true no staff expense and have people out here and making sure the
9:02 am
right things happen they like their job they'll suggest changes they'll agree with the heading for the resolution urging the public works to have existing assessed to the goals of protecting, etc. they think the dos system should be capacity as len why a robert mentions that's our goal a problem with the under participation the 3 days a week 7 is great and the hours of the day could be expanded i guess i'll close and say having rrnlt for the california and federal endangered i act and the quality act is not elitist thank you. >> next speaker >> thank you good afternoon
9:03 am
supervisors my name is filling a 50 year resident of san francisco and asking you to oppose this to further open san francisco and it's water shed the public strongly supports protection of washt and the 70 water department 20 years ago they'll response with the water quality should be protected and the quantity not increased the water shed lands are protected and managed by the puc with the primary purpose of collection and storage with the highest serving the customers we have precious resources that needs to be protected with the drought periods we fascinate future the peninsula water shed has the
9:04 am
concentration of endangered species and sgt. ian furminger the approximate it not adjacent stlisz a popular 16 million long trail operated by the san mateo parks called the crystal springs trail opened everyday and our three hundred thousand people per year enjoy the trail east of the 280 and the crystal watering springs is a judicial function and no positive effect on the contrary dehas an - look at the
9:05 am
preservation of resources not another - >> thank you. next speaker. i'm brian and with the water shed group we strongly believe that assets to reinstate is an equity issue and we know that southern san francisco in particular is under served by access to open spaces and improves the waived assets helps in the southernmost water shed the water shed is the same distance as the presidio that is why we strongly support of that motion carries proposal for the primary system and we feel the dos system while a good start is sufficient going forward
9:06 am
the dos lead tours the bicycle tours begin at the end of the water shed favorite between san francisco on a busy highway it is urban safe for, walking and biking those tours are completely in assessable for people not owning cars that is an exclusion going forward with protecting people and includes all people that we were unable to get there because they don't have a car and lastly this resolution is to support the motion carries process they've begun and encourage them to move faster so the things of the viral issue those are things that might be turned up in the
9:07 am
environmental process but not reasons to start the virtual process i urge you to vote for the resolution and find a responsible assess thank you. >> next speaker hello and good day i want to thank the democracy we're experiencing he thank you i can feel your quantum decide how to make a decision as we your honor, news and us humans make our living looking at computer screens and have a poll you can take a cab or local bus and assess it as we get favorite
9:08 am
away from nature we become less valuable as a species we need to let people walk and smell clear air and see now growth and see butterflies and everything else in nature and needs to be an open responsibility and i know you're aware of that my name is richard i support any son but support him even if he wasn't my son. >> (clapping.) >> great, thank you next item. >> >> jake speaking for the native plant society our 2 to 3 thousand peninsula water shed is one of the nearbiological area
9:09 am
it is remarkable that some of the highest quality water of urn areas in the world a large portion is because human prepares is he kept to a minimum needs for management that's why this of the designated a water shed and not a park as a consequence a complex and stable fall eco system this xheblth that is responsible for the ability to produce and store water trouble accompanies humans and fires and other things water shed personnel have kept the
9:10 am
weeds to a as far manageable level but today weakening the eco systems so more and more fewer and fewer nature plants this is worldwide this is accelerating with climate warming humans ignite 8090 percent of fires and the research finds unbeknownst inspector humans can increase the likelihood of ignition had to 9 minds please vote this down thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> supervisors with the essential as jake was saying 95 percent cal fires say 95 percent
9:11 am
of fires are human caused we are books written we're the 6 extension where species with disappearing at rain water not seen since the millennial and it is us we start the fires we're responsible for species extension we're not doing it continually but people are saying we have systems that are successful it is the crystal springs water shed has the highest level of endangered i species not having people going through one of the favorite stories we have this this was a
9:12 am
state park in new york a forest and no assess an, an endangered i turtle they opened the access to the forest next year no turtles left in the forest people took them home as pets you can't anticipate what will happen but you can anticipate it will not be good for wildlife and with the 95 percent likelihood we'll have a fire oakland had one it was devastating finally when we have a fire our water shed will be highly impacted i'll leave it at that. >> mr. vice president through
9:13 am
the chair if i ask ask you a question i'm under the impression based on a conversation i had with supervisor avalos that you and supervisor avalos have attempted to craft some language to balance the competing recreation and reservoirs needs that are before this body and to that end i wanted to know if you're in receipt of what we will consider that question neuron. >> the devised. >> the amendments you're a party to. >> this is moving quibble i'm concerned seen it for an hour now or however long. >> that's good enough i'll workout the rest with any
9:14 am
colleagues. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i'm anastasia and i want to talk about the preliminary goal of water shed providing clean water to 2 housing unit 7 million customers and want to talk about the pesticides use that be happening i got the report from puc their users some it is not good for none the people not or discharged species and herbicides - they should
9:15 am
have been band according to the pesticides and i was before the commission the marina use no perez on the lands for more than 10 years and committed not to use any for another 10 years and the last report from east bay shows that they're already have those pesticides in the drinking water a matter of time when this use of herbicides on water shed will show in the tests of an the water
9:16 am
and you know people who are environmentalist they should read more on the herbicides thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi, i'm matthew a resident in the area and one of the leading organizations in san francisco with members our focus on trail maintenance public education and habitat focus and on bikes i'm here to thank you to the supervisors and to the puc one of the things that makes the bayer unique is the toxics and the water shed have a long history since 19th century and
9:17 am
improves the roads we wanted to support this resolution because of connectivity the people mentioned this allows people in san francisco so connect south to the peninsula on a bike it is ironic audible come up with a sign closed this is public property this is ironic before that was public the public can access and we believe the public speaker is directing this and confront to support 24 and though the eco system most people don't know it exist only a no trespassing sign. >> thank you any other speaks that want to speak on this item please coming up at this point please, sir.
9:18 am
>> hi, i'm a pet parents in san francisco school board did a lot of green programs and took up a lot of pavement and we took the kids hiking and caging one thing i found that the people that kids in the town have little access to this type of space when we took them hike in the grand canyon more than half of the kids if hike outside of the city is he took them hiking less than a quarter have been hiking and the glen canyon no space within site of a house that's an important resource this resource is not being you know is a resource that our killer are not getting i think the dos program is
9:19 am
keeping this type of space away from those children i'm concerned hiked there go and grew up there and hiked on the dos program families can't organs tare lives around the program is really just makes it inassessable to most families and makes it inassessable to families that need it the most it is upsetting when i go out hiking and folks haven't seen this the sierra club is missing the point when they rezone talking about the value of sole the car president in nature not available to the kids and the dos program is not that so is oh, there's other trades it misses the point and john mayer
9:20 am
said oh, we don't hetch hetchy. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm mark a 25 resident of san francisco a trail user and endorsed the red lands and annual pass hoefrld for the trails that system worked wrappers out there i'm concerned walked the trail in striking distance of the water he the concerned of the water safety donna does that make sense - i can't get to the trails because i don't have a car i urge the supervisors to pass this today.
9:21 am
>> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon michael thank you. i'm here to talk about the access expansion to the water shed i'll make 3 quick points first of all, the bay area crisis people need access to open spaces close to where they live and responsible assess will help at least the city and suburbans a true treasure that is close, and, secondly, with our environmental concerns everyone that has spoken has the same feeling about protecting the environment in order to have that respect for future generations you need access to the environment and responsible access is the way to go and thirdly, with respect to the concerns about fires and otherville issues no one is
9:22 am
advocating opening assess irrevocable everything will grow the measures and not opening up this i strongly urge you to pass this resolution thank you for your time. >> i'm bob seagull and i'm concerned led 70 or 80 hikes i'm familiar - i think 2025 years ago when on the board of supervisors insisting the puc open the trail and they cache said this was a dos program that dos has been successful we know that people use the trail wisely but know that a lot of people want more access to it the
9:23 am
trails are far from the reservoirs from the predecessors spoke about working roads used by the patrols of the san francisco public works this is a nice step after the first step cautious first step he applaud you in making this similar to the east bay mud those trails are used nicely by those people from the park. >> is there a next speaker. >> i'm nationally move forward to san francisco in 1989 a homeowner in san mateo where i rent and a planning commissioner i'm a essential member for a long term it is difficult from a
9:24 am
planning perspective to look at a rational to include the public from those lands as a resident from that perspective we have a lot of open space on the peninsula only assessable during the week because the parking is full only if you have the time to drive somewhere with a car especially with a family but one of the reasons we have planning goals being a public official because you get situations where people talk about keeping them out who gets kept out with a permit is there any public comment who system who are the people that are being kept out and that's a question i want you to think hard about it is not middle-aged white guys like me but people are using the parking lots and families like candle
9:25 am
stick who want to get a picnic and get away from the urban environment that those lands are in urban open space so we have ceqa and i hope you look at those alcohol and not at the fear who we're keeping out from the lands whether young people or people of color the people that should be able to use those lands and public and open space
9:26 am
thank you very much. >> count in the water sheds a few days after christmas you see things in the water sheds that i don't see in places with a lot of assess we don't just count birthdays but anyone else that happens to come by you see rabbits and deer and unfortunate you'll see not in san francisco flocks of quail some of you have read the
9:27 am
article in the chronicle could i some forfeiture read the chronicle and talks about how wonderful to be able to bicycle all the distance and in my mind i can see biologists i can't hasn'ting down the hills like in places where bicyclists are not and see them wandering plaza places i'm disturbed of the having this happen in a beautiful place this shouldn't happen thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my i'm katherine and the third-generation of a family on the peninsula and a mother of 4
9:28 am
when the usa year camp trail was new i went there and had a spectacular cash on any 3 speed but you know the last generation of my family who really got to go to the water shed was my husbands grandparents my grand mother-in-law worked and went for a picnic i feel like we've heard from people who live places like potrero hill valencia and if you have a car you can go out your door and go to the park if in north san francisco you could reach the trails by the skyline
9:29 am
college and ridge from the coast side from ontario from the cemetery you can make in and out hikes he feel like in that way how it changed since 1928 they had to borrow a car and today san franciscans had had same thing by bus and san mateo county is implementing a program it get access to those spaces but north county didn't have the same thing. >> any public comment on item 3 at this time okay seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you
9:30 am
supervisor peskin you have a few remarks. >> thank you, madam chair and thank you to all of the members of the public who come and addressed this very complicated and long-standing issue which i think we all recognize is an issue of balance where a sensitive resource that has gotten more public assess over time and stands to receive yet more and i want to acknowledge supervisor avalos for having the personal and political fortitude to weigh on this matter and i do understand from supervisor avalos who prior to having to go to his preexisting appointment gave all the members of the land use committee some suggested amendments which are before us i told supervisor avalos that i would move those amendments so
9:31 am
that we can discuss them i think we've heard him indicate time for the members of the public the recreationistic from san mateo county or folks from the environmental community from san francisco county and san mateo to look at it those amendments so i make a motion to adopt the amendment of the whole i have a few extra copies unfortunately only a few but they'll be online and continue this item one week so we can hear from various individuals and participants ♪ we're trying to achieve billion first and foremost for less riefb assess and particularly on
9:32 am
that section of the bay trail an amenable for the region in a way that insures that the underscore and water supply and other communities is protected so i'd like to make a motion to adopt the amendments and continue this item one week >> real quick thank you that motion ladies and gentlemen, just for your own edification supervisor avalos made 7 amendments some of you have had chance to read t m deputy city attorney we we need to read into the record or accept them.
9:33 am
>> john gibner, deputy city attorney. you can accept because the document has been circulated to the committee and made available to the public. >> okay at this moment i'd like to give the floor to supervisor wiener. >> first of all, i'm happy to accept the amendments maybe we can adopt the amendments and move on the adoption for the continuance. >> i too i'll accept a motion supervisor peskin to accept those amendments we'll take the without objection we'll accept the amendments thank you. >> now supervisor wiener do you want to speak to the issue. >> this has been a long and widening process i think that supervisor avalos and i held a hearing on this issue it was probably a year ago maybe a year
9:34 am
and a half ago enormous discussion and introduced this resolution i think early this year it's been quite a while and not brought to committee or through the chair today after many, many conversations madam chair rosales has brought forward legislation that frankly soft else's the resolution to talk about the study of the issue, etc. and this language to me it is xhoementsd language dpa mean that everyone loves it it goes as far in one direction not possible in a contention but it
9:35 am
take into account some of the concerns expressed by the components of the recreational assess i don't want to suggest the components are thrilled but it moshgz but don't feel a need to keep this in committee in bargaining in themselves if people want to have the discussions we put 24 out of committee and 8 days until the next board meeting and this has plenty of time i'll be open for sending it out the week after next for two weeks continued discussion and feedback i'll prefer to send 24 out of committee today as amended with a positive recommendation. >> i'll let the - i'm happy to support that supervisor
9:36 am
peskin we'll take that without objection. >> before we do that i pose some questions to our staff from the puc mr. ramos who actually i'll look to as the individual who as overseen this and has to do with with the resource i'm talking about now is financial resource the fiscal year implementations and when i asked him if he's seen them he's just gotten them i want to hear in public remembered in one week or two weeks to the full board o full board of supervisors it means that we have cut the public out of any future comment to the extent respectfully through the chair to supervisor wiener willing to continue this i don't see the harm other than as elected officials have to sitting sit hear here and hear
9:37 am
under the public but don't see the harm i think that is one of the under pooinz of my job but like to hear if the department that has been charged with managing the city's water apply and balance the commercialism with recreational assess so if mr. ramos don't that i want to see the puc being part of the confusion and appropriate whatever dollars for additional on the ground rafrjz he has for few additional if the fears about fire safety are true i'd like to hear that from mr. ramos at the professional staff level and if what the fiscal year impacts i'm happy to have the confusion of xhchgs but not
9:38 am
seeing any reason to cut out the public comment and a widespread interest in a number of counties we represent. >> if i understand the question about the financial responsible to implement the program or all the programs. >> the first yes question have you seen the amendments and offered your position as staff on behalf of the public utilities commission with regards to the resolution as now amended that is before this body. >> the caveat i was ready to hear there are things in there i think more consistent with the direction we currently have and others that are not we have the resources to construct the new trails on the ridge and not
9:39 am
wrestled with the language there is language about opening the trail more quickly we're not obligated to do just the city adopted through 2018 we proposed opening the trail at the beginning of 19. >> 19. >> so we need to do that still and not done that even with the primary system there are a lot of things that are expensive to implement and overseeing and insuring that people are following the guidelines as part of projects are paramount we have not implemented those i know that it will be more than we currently have whatever the future holes we can't do more with the resources we have now. >> i feel confront saying that has a staff person. >> if it is an issue of fact
9:40 am
so thank you for the facts as you you asked about the fire risk in particular of all the things that i think with the water shed and the peninsula is at the top of list but i'll say we have a dedicated but small staff doing everything we can and we have the southern ended we're talking about building was the densest we have on the property we need to take those out as part of project those cost money and lots of areas on the trails a lot of the trails that is populated to be built so those things are part of project we've not put a dollar figure.
9:41 am
>> mr. ramos remind me this left my mind i'm making up the number 3 how many patrol ranchers or staff. >> we call them other names we have 12 positions at this time and includes the supervisors and some of them live on the property with 24/7 coverage. >> so does that mean 3 at any one time. >> we'll like to have 3 more than that and breakdown the water shed into zones they check if with the heights and doing everything we can with the people we have on this day we have three or four. >> so you've got one for every 6 or 7 thousand aches.
9:42 am
>> they get around with the transportation but cover other areas that we don't manage the county does a great job with covering that issue things happen we have help to respond and things happen we had a fire started on 280 started with a chain on the highway and run up to the school on the eastern ended and helicopters and fire trucks it was a big deal staff responded quibble we have a calfire was handled well those things happen quickly. >> the local responders is san mateo fire as you in this case it is calfire they jump on it anyone that is here jumps on it
9:43 am
we have a give you a little bit of background relationship with calfire we get - thank you come up on something quickly and nooesh if someone comes up on a fire quickly they'll respond. >> i respectfully say based on what we're heard having you go back with our staff and maybe speaking with general manager kelso at least as we make those discussions relationship to resolution and relative to the amendments we have a ball park number of knowing what we're urging you and ourselves to do as to cost because you've told us this body that it is not in
9:44 am
our budget that it will have additional costs costs that we're going to be no out years and move faster not as responsible of us to send this to the full board unless a ball park number of what we're talking about. >> i'll do my best to get that has quickly as we can. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam chair it is i suggest that putting this out of committee after years of discussion on this issue with members of the public with the public works i'm concerned personally met with the puc about banning the recreational assess so any suggestion like the puc has been cut out of
9:45 am
progress or the puck cut out of the progress no basis to say that what this resolution a anniversary binding resolution and if you look at the language it uses supervisor peskin if you've seen this based on your comments this resolution in and of itself this is unlocking the gates and opens up the water shed for recreational assess on its own we're opening up tomorrow and that's not accurate you, you look at the language non-binding policy resolution what it does that urges the puc to do xyz and urges the puc to consider banning assess and urges the puc to evaluate the feasibility of expanding assess it urges


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