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tv   Full Board of Supervisors 91316  SFGTV  September 23, 2016 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and
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developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco >> we are joined by very special guests in the room. we have aicate orivist who is comcaest president of media relations. we have [inaudible] who leads internet
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essentials. aaron low with sf connected. danny chung director of self help for the elderly. [inaudible] community technology network and marie joblong for community living program. a shout out to those folks for all their hard work. today we are informing about the impact of internet essentials in california, a state that benefited the most in termoffs people adopting this program as we try to tackle the so called, digital divide. internential essentials is essentially no the pent intended low cost adaumgz program in the country of its kind and there is no question there is a incraedbly deep need for internet access p. staggeringly so when you hear more about the numbers mpt . i had a front row view reporting in other communities, it is the same thing. we see
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the evolution and role of technology and specifically the internet playing a larger piece how we operate in the day to day. this come tooz the contra dictionoffs sill convally. all the entrepreneur growth and outside the box thinking and creativity stemming and coming with silicon valley on one hand and on the other hand we have huge populations of people who don't have access to people to p with internet. populations that comprise entire states. it is quite actually a disconnect when we have someone we stand so strongly for on one hand, which is progress and equality and on the other hand, we have so many people who lack the basic resources. a journalist i cannot imagine how
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my job would function without the internet t is essential for everything i do and at 2 a.m. when i whipe the sleep out of my eyes and trying to figure what is going on around me and what i missed the first thing is get on a computer and go to nbc news or cnn and look at my phone and see what happened. it is like oxygen for journalist. it is important as many know for communicating with the people cloest ist in your lives, friends, families and making doctors appointments and paying bills, typically it involves access to the internet. there are so many reasons people are not connected that we'll talk about today. from the cost of service, to the cost of the device and lack of access to dejtle lijerary training. perhaps no one understands this more than cathy davis exectelevision director for
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george daceive senior residence, please welcome, cathy davis. [applause]. >> hello i'm cathy davis and executive director of bayview senior service and you are in the brand new dr. george davis senior center! hey! at first i want to acknowledge the board of directors of bayview senior service, they are there at that table. i see linda richer son, mrs. nixon who is our vise president. dr. churchhill may be somewhere and reverend hall they are the winds beneath my wings and keep the agency organized mpt i appreciate the staff here. i see fuleasha. i see frank and a lot of staff working hard and we cooked a luvly lunch for you in our brand new state of the art kitchen thanks to john harris
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over there at the mayors aufs of community development, he got the money for the kitchen! so, we want to acknowledge and thank all our community partners but today our best and most exciting community partner is comcast. comcast is our neighbor. they are there on bay shore. you can throw a walk rock and see them and they have been nothing but spectac yrm helping with the move in with the building and what they bring to there seniors today. i want to thank scott and david and the whole team from comcast. i want to thank the community departments on aging who helped us connect people to the internet. i fs thinking today how important education was to dr. davis. learning something new. you are never too old to learn something and when you get a computer and you get to see the
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whole world at your feet, you can learn something new every day. we are really excited about this opportunity and i know he would be thrilled. he would also be thrilled because his herey jackie jorner kersee is here and he was a track fanatic. he is beyond thrilled to see her here today. i want to thank everybody who came today. we will curve lunch quitely so we can get on with the program and i get to introduce one of the best friends to seniors you can have and that is our mayor, mayor ed lee, who believe me, between him and i we worked our magic to make the building. he is constantly listening and trying to adapt and improve service for seniors. he supports for opposition i to get more money for senior service and a true
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frn to seniors, so without further introduction i want to thank you mayor lee for coming on out. [applause] >> isn't cathy wonderful? thank you cathy davis for your leadership! it is great to be here along with supervisor mu alia cohen. how did you enjoy the olympics? wasn't that great? we have in my opinion one of the best role models national spokes person jackie joining joyner-kersee is with us. did you bring the metal? 14 of you got? i don't know how many, but it is double digits or up there. i wanted to wear one and take a picture.
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we'll do that with the warriors, right? the warriorwise the gold metals, we will do that. i'm happy to see david cohen from comcast again. david and i see each other a lot at u.s. conference of mayors where he talked to mayors across the country how corporate partnerships can help making sure the cities are more equitable and not producing the gaps even though all our cities like san francisco want to be leaders the internet, leaders of technology and innovation but there is something always challenging us here and it is called the digital divide. everybody knows what that word is? digital divide is folks that don't get all that technology apperates and all the training to go with it and we don't want our communities
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to be divide in that way and that is why comcast for the last 5 years has created this wonderful program not just on their own, they created the partnerships that go along with the program called, internet essentials and this is where the community becomes invaluable because you have agencies like self help for the elderly, george w davis senior center, community living campaign, you got the community technology network and you got department of aging and adult services all working and collaborating together to make sure there is no digital divide. because as important as it is for a city to be modern and have all this technology and we have wifion market street that is free and 33 parks that are wifi, that won't reach everybody. i got to get folks that live in
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public howing and senior housing, all over the city connected up because what we learned over the years is that particularly for our seniors, is that if you feel isolated, if you are not connecting with families and friend you have known thoferb years, if you can't go to neighborhood public libraries and get access or you don't have access to our community colleges, that isolation will work against us. that is why we wanted to be here today at this george davis center because the modern senior centers are the ones all connected up and we want to have that as part of our dna and senior centers across the city and all the different programs we have and that is why i ina big supporter of proposition i as well because dignity is making sure you goat get your fair share the cities budget, right? yes. i want to be here today celebrating the
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community partnerships that comcast helped us support and we are doing it also from city government because sf connected is our program that linked up our department of aging and adult services and they also with formation like comcast and others create adfoundation in which the internet essentials can be supportive and successful and in fact, when comcast launched this about a year ago, it focused on seniors they chose san francisco as one of the launching pads and it is my understanding given the foundation we created, we are one of the best performing internet essential successs for our seniors in all of the country. give yourselves a really good applause there. in fact, i'm looking over at the computers, they look so nice. you better keep you eye open because i may grab one of those
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when i come off the stage because these computers that link up and hook up the affordsability which is a great part of the digital divide that sometimes people say technology is out of our-reach because it isn't affordable. internet essentials makes that gap happen. it is kind of like having free muni for seniors. isn't that helpful? yeahx you get on that bus. we spend millionoffs dollars on a network we ought to help those that cannot afford to get on there use it. we will have more housing in our city. how like more housing like gw davis housing here? 120 units. the computers are much more essential these days and that is why it is important we embrace this opportunity. the other thing that i think has been really exciting particularly for jackie jorner and dave cohen and compast is
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that they are workwalk working with hud to make sure all our low-income residents regardless of age get access to the internet in an affordable and very solid way. i already learned that our public housing residents section 8 residents will also be reached with this internet essentials. this will be critical because hud is supposed to promise not just the housing but it isn't always about just the brick and mortar and know folks in the room know that. it is about healthy meals and being connected up and having programs you can interrelate with and if youment to dance and sing and just have friends, that is what connectivity is about. it isn't just the housing, it is all the other things that make the quality of life valuable to all of us and this is what i
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joined are sfr visor cohen on that we want the whole package for our seniors and low-income youth z low-income residents to be connected up, to have good job jz connected with families and make sure there is no digital divide in our city. are you with me on that? alright. you heard it all from me already but we'll continue working. i have more housing to build and more people to be connected up and more programs and cathy promised me on a good day she will make that bbq for me as well. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> alright folks, mayor lee
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thank you very much. thank you for your leadership and lifting up the community. thank you for inspiring so many pictures that will go on social media and as soon as everyone is hooked uch up we will start trending. mayor lee used the same words as cathy davis and talked about partner ships and the fact partnerships work because there are so many actors whether it is governments, non-profit groups, educators, it all works toorkt to create the product. but how did we get here? who had the vision? we are fortunate to have joining us all the way from comcast corporal offices, the individual who recognized the issue of the digital divide needed to be addressed. he
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took it apoun himself to do his part and have comcast do his part and breed a culture with employee tooz do their part. he developed the vision and took the lead creating internet essentials which is now 5 years in go tg into 6th year. this had such a profound impact on so many families mptd the visionary internet essentials, the senior executive vise president and chief diversity officer, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, david cohen. [applause] >> i'm glad you went after the mayor because the microphone is at my height now. thanks very much everyone and good morning and welcome and thanks for having us here today and interfering a little in your day. it is wonderful for me to be back in san francisco. i have done 4 internet essential
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events with your mayor in the last 5 years and today i want to especially thank cathy davis for hosting us here today. i like coming to this place because you can tell cethy is not quite sherbet her level of enthusiasm to this facility. not really. it is fantastic to hear your enthuse amp and what a incredible facility you have here. cathy worked through mayor administrations to make this a facility a realty and i want to congratulate you, you have done a fantastic job. [applause], so this is noted, we started this internet essentials program 5 years goy in 2011 and over that 5 year period of time we and it isn't just we comcast, it is comcast, the non-profit partners and governmental partners, the library partners and school
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district partners have been able to connect 750,000 families or 3 million low-income americans to the internet, most of them for the first time in their lives. that is a major accomplishment and it is by far the largest number of sign ups in any broadband adoption program by any private or public sector program. we are in california and the third year in a row california is the number 1 state for internet essentials connections. we have-worth a hand. california we connected all most a half million low-income residents of this state to the internet and here in the bay area between oakland and san francisco all most 40,000 low-income resident in the bay area. so,-[applause]
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so, a year ago i came to san francisco and we announced the launch of a pilot to extend internet essentials eligibility which was originally tied to families with school age children eligible to participate in the national school lunch program to low-income senior population. this is one of 5 cities in america. i never like correcting mayors, it is bad form butd on this correction mayy will be happy. san francisco isn't one of the best performing cities in the low-income senior pilot, it is the best performing city. [applause] so rsh we have been able to sign up 2 thousand low-income seniors in the city in the past 11 months and it is beginning to have a major
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impact in san francisco senior population. again, as with classic internet essentials, this would not happen without a real partnership between the mayor and the city and non-profits and infrastructure created around the senior population in san francisco. so, because i think a video is saying the picture is worth a thousand words of video, maybe worth a million words. we prepared a short video to show the impact of the senior pilot right here in san francisco, so let's run that video. >> my son gave me the [inaudible] about 2 to 3 weeks ago and it is [inaudible] >> today we do everything with
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internet. we don't know the internet it is hard to connect with the world. learning computer skills we feel more confudent. squee have a ways to go but narrowing the digital divide among ethnic groups and [inaudible] >> when comcast announced there is a [inaudible] a lot of seniors [inaudible] then quh come to the classes to learn. >> i learn a lot and not only from the computer but learned thew use my i pad. >> i want to learn more because it is interesting and i want to [inaudible] >> i think combination of not understanding the rel vens and largely fear caused some people to be reluctant to go on line. our goal is to help people understand they can go on line, not with absolute safety but
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relative safety and take advantage of all this great technology. >> i go on pintrist and when i finish a project i share it with my friend. >> each class is its own social network. we see the [inaudible] go for lunch afterwards. >> our age it is really important. we cannot just sit at home and [inaudible] >> it is a joy to us seniors have when they are connected, when they look forward to each day, look forward to connecting with friends and look forward to learning something new every day. >> [applause] >> as the mayor said, we are also announcing another significant expansion of the internet essentials program that started with families with children eligible for the
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national school lunch program. san francisco expanded that to low-income senior jz now we are also expanning to all seniors who receive hud housing assistance. people in hud housing receive section 8 certificates or other forms of hud housing assistance. whether you have children or whether you are a senior, if you receive hud housing assistance you will be eligible for internet essentials. nationally that is another 2 million homes eligible in the bay area. it is all most 40,000 additional homes eligible for this program between oakland and san francisco and california the number one state in the country in terms of eligible hud housing assisted families with 190,000 families now eligible to participate in internet essentials. so, there is no better way to understand the impact of this than to look at
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the life of one person and mr. putranko in san francisco is one of the first seniors to sign frup the pilot program and he was good enough to let us follow him around for a day and do a short video about his life and the difference internet essentials has made to him. so, let's roll our second video. >> i was born in south ukraine. my mother and father had to work, so all day i was alone. all day sit in side [inaudible] there is a lot i see [inaudible] i learned about internet essentials and [inaudible]
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looking for information on line. the internet is very important for communication. i can connect with my friends and students. they talk about that and [inaudible] it is very good for me. my sons are always asking me, what are you working on? are you [inaudible] i like to post pictures of my paintings and my life on line so [inaudible] so they can show people what their father does. i don't need much anymore. what i would like is a high quality life. this is very important to me now. my youngest son is a opera singer and he goes all over the world.
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i don't get to see him perform. now i can watch his concert on line and i [inaudible] [applause] >> so, it is stories like that that inspire all of us at comcast and all our non-profit partners who want to make the program more successful and make sure every senior in san francisco, every low-income senior in the country has access to the internet and enjoys life the way mr. putrarngo is doing so. the other purpose being here today, is to announce that we are giving $200 thousand in grants to bay area non-profits to keep building on the success we had over the past year. so, here in san francisco we will extend grants to our existing senior pilot partners, seft self help
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for the elderly, community libing campaign and technology network so they do the good work they have been able to engage in. we will give a new series of grants to partners in neighborhoods throughout the city to expand awareness around our recent expansion of internet essentials to public housing and these groups include bayview senior services, chinatown community development center, the felten institute and the mission housing development corporation. so, congratulations to all of those organizations and thank you for our partnership. [applause] i have one last announcement. one last substantive announcement and one last introduction. my announcement is one that should be of interest to everyone in the room. so, show of hands-i know you are all moving into yo


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