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tv   Port Commission 91316  SFGTV  September 24, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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prowtd of this but his commitment to science and education found a project in which students and researchers and faculty volunteered to work with san francisco public school teachers to stimulate interest in science and now the partnership is a full department at the university and linked to the san francisco unified school district. he is now a professor emeritus and travels to indonesia and special science envoa. in 2014 he was awarded the national award of science and much of the commitment to improve came in the 80's when his wife was on the san francisco pta and his kids were in school and she said how little science they were getting and the equipment to show them
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how to do science and instead of memorizing the words and here we had the equipment that the federal government paid for and scientists didn't need and finished their research and we couldn't sell it without being arrested and maybe the government wouldn't mind to transferring to to the school district and have been doing it ever since and my congratulations to dr. bruce alberts and the work for the san francisco unified school district over the years from which thousands of our students have benefited. thank you. >> thank you. commissioner. >> thank you very much. the first ad hoc community on student assignment meetings for the school year is wednesday september 21 at 6:00 p.m. and we will not be proposing a major changes to the student assignment system this year, this coming year. we're
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intending to use the year as a time to listen to feedback to sort of tup some of the biggest questions around the student assignment process and invite the public stakeholders to come to our meetings which will be announced in advance and hope folks can join us. i just have one additional community announcement. i want to congratulate the balboa high school cheer leading team that was selected from nationwide competition to travel to london as part of the new year's day parade in 2017 and they do have a go fund me campaign going on because it's a very expensive proposition but i want to recognize their achievement in being selected for that honor. >> thank you. commissioner.
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>> thank you. so two things. the building and grand grounds is meeting on the third monday this month and the 19th and not the following week. >> >> we're starting at six and i know rules and policy is starting at 430 -- >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> okay. are you guys going to be done by six? >> we should be done by that time. it's not a long agenda. >> great. and we're having the ad hoc joint school committee on the 28th and discussing number of things there and just one announcement. i just wanted to thank everyone who came out for the september 1 announcement for sales force and oakland unified school district and funding as a new partner so we got another $6 million and oakland unified school district got two and a half million
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dollars so they're starting a leadership initiative in the middle schools as well so we're partnering with them to help with the implementation of that but we had many of our folks out in these amazing computer science t-shirts and so we're well represented even though we're in the east bay and thank the staff in particular, melissa dodd and jim ryan and the team for being so supportive and pushing this worked for. what started off -- >> [inaudible] >> and chris -- i'm sorry. . what started off getting devices into our kids' hands is started to build the fownchdz for math and computer science and the eighth grade math scores are starting to show positive outcomes, not only because of this but the layered work we're doing and this has been an incredible tool for us and thank you to sales force and the entire team and all of the
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midschoolers getting this wonderful opportunity. >> commissioner. >> just an announcement and i promise you don't want to miss the ad hoc community on personnel matters and labor relations at 6:00 p.m. >> sounds like fun. >> it is always fun -- [inaudible] any other announcements from board members? nope. okay. all right. item s other informational items, none. item tnrmal adjournment. close session. the board will go into closed session and i call a
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item v -- i now resume the regular board meeting. report of close session actions from the september meeting of september 13, 2016 and voted seven ayes and approved the contract of program administrator and one
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supervisor and case numberace listed and seven ayes give the authority for the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. report of close session items of september 13, 2016 and vote of seven ayes and approved of krfert of one program administrator and one chief and one rim chief and in the case of case no. 2016070173 by the board by vote of seven ayes to pay the amount as stip laitded and kj versus the sfusd case no. 2016070307 and pay up to the stipulated amount. committee is now adjourned.
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>>[gavel] commissioner adams, here. commissioner brandon here. >> next item >> item 2, public comment on executive session. >> any comment on public session? seeing none, item is closed >> item 4: executive session >> all those in favor
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>[closed session] >> i moved to reconvene in open session. >> all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] >> i moved to disclose that commission to disclose unanimously with the san francisco administrative agenda item for a-18 >> all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? >> to not disclose anything else discussed in closed session. >> all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? mdm. clerk >> pledge of allegiance. >> >>[pleage of allegiance] >> please be advised ringing
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and use of cell phones pagers and similar sounding producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting. please be advised the chair may order the removal from the meter of any persons responsible for the ringing of her use of a cell phone teacher or similar sound producing electronic devices. these be advised the member of the public has 3 min. to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period on any item. item 8 public comment on items not listed on the agenda. >> is there any public comment on any alms items not listed on the agenda? going once, going twice. public comment is closed. mdm. clerk next item please >> item 8 executive report >> i've several items to report on today. first of all, 2016 marks the centennial of
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the national park service. the mission of the park service is to preserve unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the system for the enjoyment and inspiration of this and future generations. in san francisco we have locations of the national park service manages and owns including alcatraz [inaudible] hide street theater crissy field and product part. the court port wishes congratulate the national park service at the birthdate 100 years is a long time to shepherd our treasured national parks could the second item is about the sale and assignment of pier's one half, three and five. the clerk port begin a journey quite some time ago in 2000 or the rehabilitation of pier's one half, three and five. we issued an rfp back into it it
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wasn't. enjoy 01 we awarded the rights negotiated exclusive exclusive right to negotiate the san francisco water fark partners llc headed by mr. simon sought growth and later joined by alisha alvin. in november of 2003 we got our [inaudible] entered in 2004 get the port executed a ground lease for 50 years with a 16 year option. the project is a beautiful pier restoration project. it has our maritime tenants office building restaurants, guest doctored it received numerous awards from the 2009 sf beautiful award. 2009 architectural heritage award for excellence in architecture urgency and adaptive reuse. a chamber of commerce eddie award for excellence in business and numerous event business times awards. we are very proud of
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this project. in june, the san francisco waterfront partners entered into a purchase and sale agreement with sf pier's owners which is a colorado nonprofit corporation owned by the public employees retirement association. the purchase price of the project was $103 million or based on machine 1002 and $54 per square foot. the project created incredible value in our pier's. the port also learned community nearly $6 million in participation proceeds from the sale could we have a term in the agreement where we participate in 50% of net proceeds. and we are very pleased the $6 million will help us of course with our capital backlog. mr. saw growth in key staff have been retained to continue managing the property which is a wonderful piece of news because the property has been sold well managed these years. i just want to acknowledge at this point in the chapter of this pier project and i want to acknowledge the partnership
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could i what's would knowledge the value that was created in the pier's and what a successful journey we've had. i could not go without thinking so williamson, grace park, j edwards, jennifer sobel in our former port director monique moyer. also, of course our partners in the project. only like to give mr. saw growth and ms. alvin an opportunity to make some comments to the board commission if they would like to do so. >> i'm the loudmouth [inaudible] thinking. so, seriously, i want to thank our partners in this. commissioner brandon was here when she had the good taste to vote for the award the project to us. but critically, the staff. we have
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an extraordinary history with the staff, jennifer sobel who [inaudible] having so many as you go down the list you're going to miss somebody and insult him. as byron was here. diane did it goes on and on could i will stop. >>[laughing] a lot of you people been here for so many years. this is enormous. i sent an e-mail to some of you and i missed some of you in some bounce back as the old port listed chain but we are very pleased at having partnered without port. we keep trying to do more of it and we want to continue to work on the waterfront, and commissioners, mr. adams, ms. katz, we do partner well when we get a chance to do that. but,
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particularly, thank you just after the great partners. thank you to my partner, who keeps me sane and is the most wonderful partner i could ever have had good to my staff, who many of them are here from the beginning and they are still going at it and it's been a great journey and we hope to do more and we look forward to it in basco is a great partner. they have more money than in real estate that i've ever imagined they are terrific people get just a little side note. they actually want to buy the project from us in 2007 and were talking 1000 also foot in 2007 than that ugly 2008 came along. they tried again more recently and then since our partners of public pension fund we get it and they won the bid did so, they really are engaged in the waterfront. they want to be in the waterfront and we
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look for to many more years of annoying you. thanks. >> i e simon's sentiments and don't have a lot more to add but i want to thank the commission and the port staff for all your work on this. it's truly been a public private partnership in the truest sense. meaning and i hope this can be replicated up and down the waterfront and we believe that this is an asset, not just for the new owners and tenants, but for everyone who comes to enjoy the waterfront. so, thank you all. he was thank you >> thank you >> i like now to announce coastal cleanup date which we september 17 of this year. coastal cleanup day takes place the third saturday of each september along more than 2000 miles of coastal inland shoreline. the event will be from 9 am-noon. the partner
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that port is partnering with aquarium by the bait and ecology on the event. we have sites volunteer sites at-there are five of them at this. one will be at warm water cold and or capt. will be for city. there will be one it parked beside capt. will be our own [inaudible] at the youth service program at the park. at pier 94 wetland the capt. will be the gold along on sunday and it is with squeak winning the site capt. will be the kayak unlimited and [inaudible] and omission they want the site capt. with the marriott hotel. i encourage everyone to come out and support coastal cleanup day on saturday the 17th and volunteer. if you like more information on what's going on around san francisco you can go to park /ccp. for more information about coastal cleanup throughout california, you can go to www.coast for you,.org.
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we also are marking 150th anniversary of the san francisco fire department on september 24, 2016. notably, we are only 3-4 years older than the fire department. the fire department will be hosting civic events at fisherman's wharf to honor their anniversary. the festive goodies kick off at 10 am on saturday, september 24 with a parade followed by open ceremonies can either stand antique fire engines and live demonstrations will be available for viewing by the public including 1880s-early 1900s fire apparatus. there will be a parade at all the events will be free to the public saturday and sunday. finally, we are coming to fleet week october 7 through 10. coming this fall. this fleet
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week will include four u.s. navy ships get one cozart cutter and one canadian ship. to join in the celebration. the ships will all be worth in northern waterfront and open to the public saturday through monday. the parade of ships will commence on friday 10 am and the blue angels air show will start at noon on saturday, october 8 and sunday the ninth. fleet week always draws a really large crowd at the waterfront and we believe this you will be no exception. in addition to the celebratory nature of the week it's also about emergency preparedness in the be several events to help the city in our partners be better prepared to respond to the city's emergency management department is hosting defense support to civilian authorities exercise on monday, october 3 and this year's exercise is designed to test of the city's ability to deliver supplies to the residence of san francisco following a major event. there will be other events highlights
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include the senior leaders seminar and human assistance village on marina green a medical exchange between the navy and aerial hospital staff in honor of fallen concert at the marines memorial theater. multiple pop-up military bands will be also at the festivities and a high school band challenge and a k-six euros event will occur in balboa park. please, mark your calendars for fleet week this year. there will be a special park commission meeting held on -at 1:30 pm on september 21 at the department of human resources oh. at one s. van ness. another special meeting will be held on november 15 here in the ferry building. we will be canceling the meeting of october 25 because we do not have a quorum. finally, i would like to extend condolences to
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the family of phillip h papadopoulos was a long-term port tenant. he was a tenant and owner of a job of house café at your pier 40. so beloved husband father grandfather and uncle and he passed away peacefully august 10, 2016 at the age of 82. he was a major part of our waterfront community and he will be missed. that concludes my report. >> is there any public comment on and these active directors report? at the microphone, please >> good afternoon commissioners. good afternoon interim director. just a point of information to nathan with tideland marine group. in regard to fleet week, i just want to share with the commissioners and the staff that tideland marine group will be providing water services, water transportation services, from the embarcadero at pier 15
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where we have starting to land to the u.s. census wanted. we are going to be taking every hour on the hour veterans and service personnel back and forth to the uss wanted free of charge. as our contribution to the week. were also responsive and the manager inside and just want to let you know about that. overly, we can make some arrangements to honor our service personnel and veterans at pier 15, perhaps something that will designate that site as a pickup area for our veterans and service personnel. thank you >> thank you karen >> hello. i'm corinne woods. i just want to say, thank you to simon and alisha for being such good partners with the
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community in all of the projects we try to work on together. some of which were successful and i hope that they will be successful in doing more waterfront projects because they do a beautiful job. thank you >> okay. is there any more public comment on the executive directors report? >> i too would like to thank simon and alisha for being such wonderful neighbors and partners. it's hard to believe it's been her teen years but you guys have brought so much value and beauty to the project next-door. and the wonderful restaurants and just the diversity and it's been given great neighbors and partners. luckily, you're not leaving so it's not goodbye but thank you. >> was getaway for the commissioners but i'll do it now as rick. i also want to thank simon and alisha for really beautifying that stretch and showing the art of the possible could i know it was something very few people
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envision how really beautiful is going to turn out and it really i think, you both were saying when you spoke, an example of what can happen along the waterfront and it brings the best to it. i just want to thank you for all your efforts in all the work you've done good i'm very glad we stayed there to make sure it's run as well as it has been these last several years. so thank you very much. >> that being said, public comment is closed. >>[laughing] mdm. clerk next item >> item 5b or commissioners reports he was commissioner katz >> i do want to congratulate our colleague [inaudible] i think she's ill today. she was the cochair on the committee that brought the recent world premiere of the [inaudible] red chamber to san francisco. i know she's put a lot of time and effort into making that a
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reality. as she sediments of five years of her life good will see more about of her at the port. really, big congratulations to her and the other members of the committee. it's a spectacular spectacular production. just a beautiful opera and brought an epic novel close to 2500 pages, into a format that was produced in the opera and was really beautiful. so congratulations to doreen >> commissioner brandon >> i just would like to thank all of the staff involved in [inaudible] again maritime shipping back to pier 80. the three of us attended the event there a couple weeks ago. witnessing the first auto ship coming in along with the port staff and about 200 other people who are interested in this kid it was just such a wonderful wonderful day. experience i especially want to
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thank rené done for putting it all together because it was just an absolutely wonderful event. which is so good to be back at pier 80. >> thank you commissioner brandon >> at a couple correspondence to read. the united states department of the interior national park service the hon. mayor edwin lee mayor of san francisco dear mayor family on behalf of the national park service we are pleased to see that a bright future is taking shape for his visitors to san francisco northern waterfront and alcatraz island alcatraz a part of the golden gate national recreation area is a popular destination and a spectacular visit visit that originates at the gateway of san francisco. providing a long-term site for ferry embarkation is an important objective that the gnrh is anxious to achieve and we have found a strong partner in the board of san francisco. last
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month the port commission passed a resolution number 16-20 that endorsed the term between the port of san francisco and the nps. the term sheet reflects years of discussion, financial analysis, and modeling and supports a concepts of all parties share for a world-class visitor experience. both alcatraz and the san francisco waterfront are historic and we know right now destinations and i would like to knowledge several individuals who embraced the vision to create a vibrant public partnership that may last for the next 50 years at pier 31 and 33. ms. elaine forbes as interim executive director stepped into the negotiations of a very difficult stage. with o'clock taking several key terms unresolved and the process almost paralyzed, elaine worked very effectively to get quickly up to speed and navigate the various requirements
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instructions and responsibilities that both of our agencies must meet. her leadership truly made a difference in building a more trusting and understanding environment successfully closing this negotiation. mr. byron -deputy director of planning and zoning can should a steady hand to the negotiations and works closely with the staff on both the real estate side and the development side for the port. effectively important conveyance. and from the san francisco from the economic workforce development to engage in negotiations sessions and provided space for the nps and forced to work together through differences and find our common ground. she gnrh is proud of our nonprofit partner the golden gate national parks conservancy that welcomes park visitors to summon the most iconic sites in the bay area including chrissy fields, wan and the alcatraz, the golden gate bridge and the presidio. envisioned as a key partner providing information and
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retail services, dining options, and a port very embarkation site we about six optional record of serving visited we believe the city of san francisco will find them to be an amazing addition to the port sportcoat. openness expense on the san francisco waterfront is an important opportunity for maritime and economic benefits as well as for securing world-class recreational experience. we appreciate the hard work time and attention that will focus on these efforts and look forward to the next steps. thank you, again, even in forms byron wrecked and the entire team that was involved at the port of the friend as was the commitment from and copy eight speed on of your office to these terms. in the next week or so, i will be off to a new position at the grand canyon national park. she gnrh acting journal superintendent here karen roth will be leading the effort to finalize negotiations on the instrument of record.
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you may reach him at 415-the number sincerely outgoing christine grant general superintendent. to all the staff, evening, byron thank you for your hard work. it was tough. it was a tough nut to crack i tell you but we held in there and just want to say thank you and i think this speaks to the letter that was sent to mayor lee recognizing you for all your hard work. thank you. i have one more correspondence. dear commissioner adams, on behalf of all of us that-automated services and i want to thank you and your fellow commissioners for the warm welcome to pier eight. monday's event was a homecoming for-but also provided a powerful glimpse into the future of the southern waterfront. when i first saw those cars and boats coming off the mpg i knew i was looking into the future and a vibrant southern waterfront
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spanning maritime opportunities for jobs and future partnerships . i particularly appreciated your comments about the importance of job training and job creation and how this trip portends so many great things for so many good people. none of this would be possible without the vision and commitment of the commissioners. and the support of the port staff and-from many customers locally and around the world. all of us look forward to building on this partnership and appreciate the many efforts of the commission the port and the members of the city family sincerely, john-ceo and vice president. i was at that historical date august 22. down at pier 80. mayor lee was that. he spoke it mayor brown, naomi kelly. sophie maxwell one of the past supervisors of district 10. over 300 community members were there. it was
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good. i said it there and i'll say it again. everyone thought that pier 80 was dark and the torch was lit and darkness fled and now that's facility there will bring life into the southern waterfront could i want to thank my fellow commissioners, commissioner brandon commissioner katz is always been strong advocates for maritime and the port port of stephen. it was a great day. i think what i will always remember about that day was the young people that were there in the job opportunities. we talked about simon and the work simon has done in his community. the port, our role is constantly changing. i know sometimes we talk about the big developments but sometimes it's the smaller things that happened and the daylight that was very very historical and mature in a and amy, and to byron and to
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peter dailey and to jim, and a lot of people are not hearing market monique was a part of that. jim was a part of that. mayor lee was interested i been on this commission for four years. i do not know it was ever going to happen but we were able to get it and i'm hoping out that bmw and tesla and other people will look at the port of san francisco and sedo we are open for business and that we have the vision. we have the passion and one thing that was important, would taking the southern waterfront along with us because that's where the next revolution in the development is happening. it feels really good. you know what, the community feels included and so director forbes, thank you. to my fellow commissioners, to the people at staff and most important late community and also a special thank you to people like karen woodson comes to every meeting ,,. ellen, who really cares and very costly stays on top of us as commissioners and keep us on
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the right road. thank you good mdm. clerk >> item from the consent calendar. request approval for san francisco port commissioners to travel with port staff to new orleans louisiana two demian oh convention of the american association of port 40 october 24, 26 item 10 b request approval to request amendment to the contract with cochran marine incorporated to increase the contract amount by 18,003 under $19 for a testing and recommissioning of the shoreside power system of the james r herman cruise terminal located at pier 20. >> moved and seconded. >> is there any public comment on 10 there are a, b. if not, public comment public comment is closed. colleagues, all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed to and 1635 and 1636 that could mdm. clerk next item
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>> item 11 a, update on the resiliency guide by the city's chief resiliency officer and director earthquake safety. >> good afternoon commissioner. pres. adams good german executive director forbes. members of the public. my name is steve-project manager and injuring engineering division here at the port. not the chief resilience officer. on april 18, 2016 the city and county of san francisco least resilient san francisco stronger today and stronger tomorrow. a strategic vision for building a more resilient san francisco. resilient san francisco was developed in partnership with public audit and nonprofit sectors along with local community leaders and stakeholders. here, today is mr. patrick-chief resilience officer of san francisco and the director earthquake site safety. patrick. >> good afternoon
7:37 am
commissioners. pres. adams, director 14 thank you for having a back i can get commissioner adams, about six months ago, woodward presented near in the development of this plan was just about to be released as we look at the plymouth area results of the seawall one ability studying aggressive enough to extend an invitation to come back and i'm very happy to be here today to talk about this effort because as steve mentioned in a very nice introduction, this was a planned it was really about alignment more than about anything of it was a lot of great work happening in the city a lot of different departments a lot of different committees were involved in the problem was was happening in so many different silos we really had to try to bring it together to focus on a couple different issues. i think when we talk about resiliency in san francisco resilient story query starts in 1989 with the earthquake. i think national uca resilience that
7:38 am
narrative-we sowed the 12th run extreme floods sea level rise could all important parts of resilience but i think it's important to couch our lives a lands in san francisco through a seismic event. the building inspection intimacy work for a number of years of project they call the community action plan seismic safety or caps which is unique about this the ground up approach to earthquake safety we work with over 100 community mems over 10 years to develop a plan to ultimately address the privately owned property of san francisco and responsible way. starting with our soft story buildings which we currently oversee right now. there's over 5000 buildings on the soft story retrofit program retrofitted by 2020. to give you an idea the summers about 50% of our total population that currently live in dangers buildings within the building retrofitted this program in a number of you could adjust a very small like a large apple. the earthquake safety with israel looks over 50 tests
7:39 am
which were working on now for new legislation which range from retrofitting some of our older hazardous buildings developing new buildings and standards to new buildings to get a higher level safety out of that. to that process, with the earthquake safety limitation organisms integrate the rockefeller foundation for 100 visiting city junket the hundred cities globally around the world overall tacit looking at developing resilience that she protested. in san francisco were also joined with other colleagues until 40 from oakland from berkeley and from los angeles but they go as far as bangkok durbin and other cities around the world. we are really having this interesting mix of colleagues were able to work with and would realize our charges are all very similar and we put some deafening locally but alternately we put ours together our strategy which is the picture you see in front of you released in april, and it's a citywide strategy that we need to look at resilience. resilience is such a buzzword these and in need so many different things to so many different people. first, we had to help organize the divine that hazards were looking. the strategy look at six specific hazards. i apologize for the quality. this is actually literally a screenshot from the-we haven't developed a formal presentation yet but we always the look of the paramount issue of earthquakes that san francisco
7:40 am
pasted we also looked at climate change sea level rise aging infrastructure social and equity and in affordability. we spent two years talk to the community and other city leaders these were the six issues we have seen come up. in every conversation so we knew we had to address them. by addressing those which come up with larger goals. this movie came with the alignment started today place with a secured we have a lot of different efforts and it's hard to measure a particular department goals in terms of a larger city resilience goal. we had to develop a framework under these four goals was able to briefly. plan and prepare for to market this really focuses on a lot of the city's planning efforts on earthquake preparedness on sea level rise and really doing the planning out so the event when it does happen or when we have to do with these issues later down the line were better prepared. goal two is to retrofit mitigate and adapt. this is all the work when ashley begins. when we start making our buildings safer. we start caring for climate change
7:41 am
and the impacts the world is going to secured goal three it's winter house event and after disaster. it's no surprise to anybody were to middle the worst housing crisis cities ever seen. the zone earthquake on top of that it's going to compound all these effects drafted yet we looked on housing production and also things to address almost population and how we can stable up skill these after disaster when we found possibly hundreds of thousands san franciscans without a home. also the manpower neighborhoods to improve connections. this was where we really do with the social resilience issue in san francisco. we talked about connections, we are actually talking about people trying to connect to the government get a lot of community members act bottom axis in san francisco
7:42 am
government and equally so san francisco government of our time accessing and getting through to the community on many outreach efforts. so that's front and those bonds but also top of that neighbors to each other. that something we found as we talk to different committees around the city the areas where people knew each other where they knew their neighbors. that there's something there that you have to pay attention to. because those are the years that networks with a commune on each other and support each other through these times of stress. specifically some initiatives highlight a lot of the port work and why think that's important we take things like the earthquake longer ability happening at the northern seawall and tie to a citywide list. through the plan is different areas where we call out a little icon here says integration next to it. that's a good plan to talk to itself through various initiatives when you read this section not just talk about the vulnerability study but the port is doing. talk what other efforts were looking at the sea level rise could not just safety. other efforts around design competitions. obviously, the most recent announcement with the budget of the new windows going to further study with [inaudible]. some of the other port issues at regional waterfront design competition did i know we've heard for my colleagues about this resilient by design competition for the bay area. that's actually involving quite nice. is been executive director for this regional competition to a looking to launch it running in general. very exciting to see
7:43 am
that getting regional momentum. one of the other things the mayor talks with early on we use his pasta lovers this was around the sea level rise action plan that the mayor released in march. as with opportunity for us to work with a comedy called our nested approach me about $500,000 with a pro bono work for us under the terms of this grant we did is develop cost to seybold sea level rise good we can say with comments is a will or $77 billion public-private assets exposed and we do nothing about sea level rise. that's the first fundamental that would planning these big citywide palms we have to understand the impacts and work ourselves backwards and try to understand how we mitigate against those impacts. the sea level rise action plan again event presentation on very familiar with it is very exciting to see funny be dedicated to the snow sapping dedicate to this now planning department is doing amazing job worked with port staff to take the lead on that. i mention what about the bay area. resilient by design
7:44 am
competition again berkeley barb offer what we saw after hurricane cindy in new york was was you go by design to another community effort look at rebuilding infrastructure better. we know we don't have to rebuild the same wall in the same place. these opportunities we see disasters actually we think what our community really needs when we look at waterfront structures or other issues in the community. so i do realize that through in about 10 min. throughout your plan we spent 2.5 years developing kids happy to answer any questions for the commission at this time. thank you. >> is there any public comment on 11 a? seeing none,, public comment is closed. commissioner katz >> thank you veritas. that was an impressive presentation could definitely a lot of information a short time. very excited to hear about all the efforts going on in the focus and i think one thing i'm particularly breast with was doing down into some key areas and making sure those are
7:45 am
emphasized. the one issue i sort of heart on every time when i appreciate the funding for the studies, but could you talk a little bit about funding for what the studies then show and how we are going to stand for obtaining the funding? i imagine given the studies themselves are not inexpensive so i can imagine the cost of doing the recommended work is going to be stratospheric. i know were good competing with other communities as well for some of the federal funding. have we started that process of lining up requests? >> absolutely could all draw another parallel similar to this we started looking at looking at soft story building. here the big thing missing from there was no one knew how to find it. as soon as we approach in creative financing program which is been successful in this case, all the sudden the
7:46 am
study be done around the seismic issues was really the backing we needed and these all practical things that come in front of it to be able to find it up so you get these efforts going. in terms of the seawall, i see this being the exact same thing. i think the port is an amazing job of dedicated resources that we see other city department sharing resources to look at this vulnerability it's a great way to do the planning and think you're exactly right. that's all were doing is the planning at this point. that's right get excited about this idea of the design competition. his only daughter can my hopes and dreams other design competition but one of the practice and
7:47 am
there is a cancer to be asked to develop financing mechanisms for this. i do not think this is a one-size-fits-all. i don't think is that she'll ponder something like that and then it started getting to be a variety of sources get i think was the local state and federal come together i also think the idea of talk about our waterfront is a regional asset is not just the san francisco acid gives to get a hold reason think about how the jobs report provides your book public and private transportation and everything out that's factor at a port that's what i think you start to see funding get loose. i think of to make that case that he would been getting it to the right people run the table. i'm hoping this advance planning process is the linchpin we need to remove here. >> great. piggybacking off of that using this as a model, i'm not sure or are we ahead of other communities that are having to face these issues and can that be also a sort of role we played.? i also often used to joke san francisco is the rand corporation of public posted it starts here first. is it something we might be able to export? b was absolutely gotten our expense with a design competition today. while it was sort of bait in san francisco, i would say we devoted we could see money towards it, was never intended to be a san francisco competition to see it starting to take life into a regional role, that's the transition that gives us a lot of hope and a lot of faith. >> i certainly think from the port perspective and looking at how we share certain resources and a lot of differences in terms of the focus of our two
7:48 am
people but san francisco and open are the life blood to the region. for bringing goods in and we saw what happened when there was that slowdown last year. what impact that had get we want to make sure we keep the goal region moving solidly as the need to so, thank you >> commissioner brandon >> thank you so much for a wonderful presentation did you become a*lot over the last two years and it's great to see the collaboration between the agencies, the dedicated staff and the funding going towards this part. so we all know that it's serious and something we really have to focus on. so, thank you very much. he was thank you very much commissioner brandon >> patrick, thanks for coming back. it's funny, san francisco as a city has a lot of successes. but then there's problems, too. these are some of the problems you're laying out and it seems like today were getting less money from federal and state funding. i think it's going to take more
7:49 am
really hard decisions. taking this thing head-on when we talk about sea level rise from earthquakes some people say, well, it's going to happen. it's just, when should be proactive in getting out front and these are the tough difficult question is i think we have to ask ourselves and you guys meet in committee and talking about it. i think we might even need more private somebody's companies to help with the money because the state and federal we just seems were not getting the money as much as we might need for this. we are talking also about the quality of life. which, i think just like we talk about the homeless problem. the social ills and things that we have to deal with that we can't run from but what i was good to ask you, going forward, what do you see as we look at it as a regional and him and laster are right about especially oakland and stephen been the hub, how
7:50 am
do we move forward to get to where we need to get to do you thinks. >> that's a very tough question but i think the sets were taken our getting us there. i don't think this is something were you wave a magic wand and all of a sudden the waters are calm and we can get this from. what i also see is that one of the things that are developing as described 12 community support for these issue. because were seen ourselves and were seen multiple hazards identified themselves in something like the waterfront. so where you had oh so were concerned about sea level rise on one side and maybe folks concerned about earthquakes on one side and folks concerned about public open space, those folks never really talk to each other unless there's catalyzing issue. looking at a waterfront issue for structure, think is that perfect issue could i also think it's not just about the community good i think you need our elected leaders to be
7:51 am
strong on this issue not just locally in san francisco but around the region. they are competent in richmond has been great about putting this out front and center in his administered mayor-in berkeley other folks around the bay area been concerned about is good to get her elected officials leisurely together to work out issues that are that far outlasted terms is always a challenge. but we seen those conversations happen not just in a way that because they feel like they have to. it's happening in a very intelligent wants to wear. that gives me hope walking in the right direction but this way, statement is push the boulder up they'll kind of scenario. i think that's what we are doing very well as a city and is a community but i think there's a lot more work to do. >> thank you. one of the things you might also talk about in the future is that you may have to look at bond measures. sometime we might have to pay our own way. we can't depend on the government. washington dc do we might have to pay our own way because it's got a benefit the citizens of the region the citizens of san francisco and also we have to look to the generations coming by and talk behind district would like caretakers and we
7:52 am
have to take care of it. i hope that you come back in the spring and update this summer on where you are at and keep us-we have to continue to keep this discussion and let us know it on anything we can do because were one of the stakeholders did i really appreciate you coming out. thank you. >> thank you president adams wasn't happy to come out at any time >> clerk next item please >> item let 11 b update on the seawall resilience project. >> good afternoon once again commissioners. project manager in engineering division. i'm going to stick to the teleprompter today. >>[laughing] avalon presentation. so, maybe you do your best to stay with me here. this is an informational updates the was a really really long presentation >> on the seawall resilience project. today's update is to
7:53 am
inform you the earthquake vulnerability study is complete and available to the public to provide a review of the seawall vulnerability impacts and mitigation concepts and provide an overview of the next steps to advance the project. i would like to note the leadership of mayor ed sleight the city's capital planning committee and the port commission for supporting the effort to date and providing significant additional financing to advance the project. the current budget now stands at $9.5 million including $3.5 million from the port and 6 million from the city. this will allow us to move the project forward without delay. you remember this. the original shoreline in the 1850s. this photo shows yerba buena to take advantage of this kind of bait the state
7:54 am
for the [inaudible] without charge to grade the seawall and create a deep water port. the seawall was constructed out in the bay by dredging a trench through the mud doing with rock and capping with a short bulkhead wall on in wharf to get out to deeper water. when behind was created by filling on top of bait mud. bait mud. construction started in 1879 near fisherman's wharf finished nearly 4 decades later. by mission creek transforming the city and creating a waterfront that we have today. this section shows the typical condition and one of the historic bulkhead buildings which the bulkhead building sits on piles driven through the rock seawall. since 1906
7:55 am
san francisco has experienced a historically quite period of seismic activity can seismologist think this bird that may be coming to an end as stresses begin to build back up after the 1906 earthquake. the usgs protects this a 72% chance of at least one major earthquake striking the bay area within the next 30 years. last major earthquake could test the waterfront with the great earthquake of 1906. while the 1989 earthquake was significant, and caused the city considerable damage and suffering, its epicenter was 60 miles from the san francisco. in fact, the city was only subjected to moderate levels of ground shaking for about 8-10 seconds. in 1906 earthquake least 60 times more energy should the city for nearly 8 min. only the ferry building and the northern portion of the rock were in place at that time. this picture your today's pier 27 shows evidence of the rock seawall shifting they buy several feet and lateral spreading damage in the sediment of the embarcadero.
7:56 am
this is a typical condition on the seawall today. the rock dyke in bulkhead wall supports filled lands it provides shoreline protection. the bulkhead work is supported by the wall and partly driven through the rock get the bulk of building sit above and pier and chips extend they were. the major earthquake. much of the field behind the seawall is expected to liquefied which increases pressure on the seawall. the lease was below the rock two zones of failure resulting in the rock dyke settling and moving they weren't until strong ground shaking stops. as you penetrate the rock by including those that support bulkhead wall and works of art dongle vulnerable to damage involved. the landline is honorable to settlement and lateral spreading as we saw in the 1906 photo. increasing the risk of damaged utilities and the embarcadero.
7:57 am
the earthquake on her ability study includes massive expected permanent ground displacement at various earthquake levels. these are lateral-these which are looking at now are lateral spreading maps showing a repeat of the 1906 earthquake and will miss over 1 foot can cause significant problems. these maps indicate that move mints can reach 3 feet or more in some locations. it's important to note that this is a screening level analysis and detailed study is needed for each facility. so, don't get too excited by the specific contours locations. earthquake damage is not the only risk facing the waterfront. sea levels are expected to increase much more quickly over the next
7:58 am
1-2 centuries as a result of climate change could today's best guidance is the plan for 12-24 inches of sea rise by 2050. to put that into context, from 1900-2000 the day rose approximately 8 inches. today, we see evidence of a combination of waterfront settlements and sea level rise manifesting itself an occasional nuisance flooding just south of the building. this map shows the coastal 100 year flood zone in the year 2000. the 100 year flood is a flood event is 1% probability of occurring in any given year. it is a statistical combination of lunar tides, oceans welcome and storm surge and wind driven waves. it does not include rain, precipitation. the embarcadero roadway is vulnerable in this at 2000 between mission and fulsome streets. just 6 inches of sue sea level rise the 100 year flood owner building increases
7:59 am
consider the waterfront near the ferry building is at risk including all vehicle lanes of the embarcadero from washington street 2 howard st. under the high sea level rise scenario projections this could be our situation next year. under the likely scenario this could be our situation in 14 years. at 12 inches of sea level rise, the 100 year flood vulnerabilities to the underground bart including transbay tube. the embarcadero from broadway to harrison. the first two blocks of market street. this could be our situation in 14 years under the high scenario. were 30 years under the likely scenario. it seems that every day we read in the news the high scenario becomes more likely scenario. of 18 inches at sea level rise the 100 year flood risk to downtown is considered. approaching the yerba buena
8:00 am
code. this could be our situation and 25 you. under the high sea level rise scenario or 50 years under the [inaudible] scenario. impacts from the earthquake and flooding damage at the seawall include risk to life safety, damage to port and city infrastructure and disruption to the port city and region. earthquake lay safety risk from seawall movement is highest along the embarcadero promenade in bulkhead buildings. lay safety threats may increase due to impaired emergency response. this fire boat is designed to pump water from the bay to the city's auxiliary water system. the talking points and hookups are adjacent to the seawall. the major local seismic event could erode horribly damage the
8:01 am
embarcadero historic district. damaged utilities along the seawall leading to a loss of water, sewer, power and gas service to the waterfront and portions of the city. damage may also include the ferry docks, muni trains, the embarcadero roadway in the multiuse promenade. the vulnerability study indicates that $2.1 billion per year in port rents, business income and wages that port facilities as that rested this does not include other areas of the city. the citywide tourist industries valued at over $11 billion per year. much of which takes place on the waterfront. the ferry and cruise industry pilots, water taxis, all part of the maritime industry is expected to play a major role in earthquake recovery, subject to contingent axis. access.
8:02 am
they has always been one of the major assets of san francisco. the main reason the city grew. it can be enjoyed by everyone and has inspired many. today, it is perhaps more popular than ever. more of the city's residents get their exercise along the embarcadero than anywhere else in the city. so, what late might we do about it? the vulnerability study studied the wide range of improvement for the seawall ranging from various types of ground improvements to structural retrofits and replacements. four basic options are most promising. mitigating liquefaction of filled lands and reduce pressure on the seawall. limiting movement improves the performance of the filled lands in the facilities that sit on
8:03 am
them. techniques to do this includes stone columns, soil mixing, and compaction. all of these techniques are highly disruptive and required restoration of service treatments. by only treating the fill, however, the week mud below will complicate any efforts to raise this area in the future. second, alternative includes ground improvement underneath the rock dyke. improving the soil underneath the rock dyke can provide stability to assist earthquake loads and solid foundations for raising the wall. check routing is a likely technique. it's used small diameter drills to reach the week ground in a high pressure nozzle to mix cement into the soil. once stabilized more conventional retrofits are effective on the non-concrete bulkhead and wall. the third option is ground improvement using landside techniques only. to stay out of the water completely. the prior option would include some work in the water. the combination of soil
8:04 am
mixing inject routing can be used on the website of the bulkhead wall to create a stable block so the world resist earthquake rose raised in the few. this avoids working abatement cost concentrated on the embarcadero. stability of the rock dyke is improved but not as effectively as the ground improvement mentioned above. finally, i knew they would seawall. this alternative seeks to avoid construction in the market or by creating new seawall on the bayside. one method is great sheet pile cell hydraulic refill it with soil using marine equipment in use deep soil mixing equipment to create an approved soil mass. the area between the new and existing walk and maybe filled the lightweight cellular soil creek. this option allows it to raise the new wall area above sea level rise. the earthquake:
8:05 am
ability study and the previous sea level rise study were completed have made it clear action is needed to improve the safety and performance of the seawall. it will require significant investment and vision get this should be done with a sense of urgency. as much as $5 billion to be required for long-term response to sea level rise along this portion of the waterfront and $500 million or more may be needed to plan design and construct the most vertical improvements within a short period of time. moving forward, goals of the seawall gazillions project are to improve earthquake safety without delay. reduce earthquake damage and disruption. lower flood risk,. enhance san francisco date and create a stable foundation for sea level rise adaptation.
8:06 am
strategies to import the project include planning for long-term adaptation, limiting disruption during construction, maximizing local business opportunities and jobs, transparency and public accountability, and local state federal and private funding sources. as we move forward, we must fully engage partner with the regulatory agencies to deliver improvements on time. you can see the complicated picture here. it's currently estimated that $500 million is needed to plan, design permit to construct it was critical improvement and earthquake risk and rising flood risk are driving the project schedule. you can see the earthquake risk on the bottom of the schedule in red now. the flood risk is becoming red as we move towards 2025. given the complexity, we
8:07 am
think it's possible to complete this initial effort by the end of 2025 provided we can accomplish planning phase in the next two years. this is imperative we complete a detailed planning effort with widespread stakeholder engagement and transparency to stay on track with the schedule. success starts at the top. the port executive director will lead the effort along with that the port executive management team. the city executive advisory team will ensure the project is aligned with the short and long-term city goals and priorities. the tactical advisory panel subject matter experts will provide oversight and guidance in waterfront design seismology, engineering, construction, and the baby environments. the hiring process is already started for additional staff to execute the project including hiring a project manager it project administrator, public relations officer, environmental planner,
8:08 am
and the mayor senior failed to assist with public policy. finally, consultants of the port will be needed to execute much of the project to planning through conservative staff anticipates advertising a master project management contract later this year and we when we returned to the commission with detailed request in the coming months. there are several key efforts underway that relate to this project. the resilient san francisco strategy that we just heard from patrick. the waterfront plan update, which is the land use urban plan design policies along the port one. the mayors sea level rise committee, which released a sea level rise action plan. finally, we are working with the living city's infrastructure cohort to look at a grants program the focus on innovative financing approaches. you made it onto them. next steps. finally to
8:09 am
wrap up, the next ups are to assemble the project team, collaborate with the city family and the city's executive advisory team. form the technical advisory panel. develop a detailed project management plan could advance the consultant selection process. advanced the financing strategy. which you hear more about that the next commission meeting. advance the legislative and policy strategy which you also hear more at the next commission meeting. participate in waterfront plan update phase 2 which is just getting underway. engage the public. update the port commission quarterly. this concludes my presentation good i'm happy to answer any questions. thank you the was thanks, stephen could any be public on 11 b on the sea level
8:10 am
rise project? ellen, hit the microphone >> [inaudible] ellen-cochair of the maritime advisory committee. maritime commerce advisory committee. i think first of all, the questions-thank you-the questions i have are-i'm also representing the maritime committee on the waterfront land use planning department. so, stephen, you presented a terrific 72 slide presentation to our plan committee in april and i am wondering what changes have been made since then to the vulnerability study. as you say, it is complete now. so, that is one question i have. then, the other question i guess i'm a little vague on when the engineering solution you presented for mitigation options and a huge excellent
8:11 am
planning process to get to some final decision-making, but i'm trying to figure out when the next up is when we come up with decision process on whether we need to spend $1 billion for mitigation one or two for mitigation two. that kind of things i'd like a little more clarity on what you see that. then, i think the third point i want to make, and idea, now, mr. chairman, are you a member of the city of san francisco's capital plan committee? is the port because i think my point there is that the port should be an official member of that >> we are, indeed >> because the capital plan i think as proposed government obligation bonds not on this, but through 2024. so, i think that is really key financing point to make sure that the port
8:12 am
is there well recognized and leads similar discussions on capital planning for a geo bond. then, the other idea i have for the waterfront land use planning committee committed the seawall and spent some time talking with the other members, the seawall is the pivot issue on which the planning commission. so many of your readers will talk about issues in the port which are multiple, pivot on this seawall. i think we are-i look for to we are having a meeting for part two on thursday september 15 beginning the process for part two. i think we are-michael will be to help influence of that discussion in how the plan focuses on the seawall. the b cdc has a bill committee i think you're probably well aware of that and they're looking at what b cdc
8:13 am
can do to help further b cdc support of where there needs to be filled for emergency issues at this seawall. i'm attending those meetings as well. thank you >> thank you. the theoretical questions in a couple ideas. stephen, would you like to get up and answer-i think she had to questions it was and you have some ideas, i think? he was changes to the vulnerability started really are not any changes to the vulnerability study was presented back in the waterfront plan. was it just ages at that point. we had some comments from the .. that's essentially what it was. on your second question that mitigation options, planning next ups. those for mitigation options, they are for concepts, they are basic concepts for [inaudible]
8:14 am
there are others. there are structural replacement to first doctoral retrofits. there options to go along for the ride but just let it to-let's let it move and how can we accommodate that. there's a range and the next phase, this planning phase, we are hoping to alter two years of duration will do the technical will do the additional technical studies programming and the big issue, i think is how do you tie that in the existing waterfront. how do you tie it in with sea level rise? if the mitigation options are fairly easy to complete without significant disruption of the waterfront, and they are not expensive either, i think there's a case to be made for moving ahead quickly but when they are disruptive and very expensive, we need to make sure they are aligned with sea level rise strategies and waterfront
8:15 am
planning strategies that included transportation corridor the embarcadero and historic district. that's a lot of work we have to do in the next two years. so, how are we going to accomplish that? were trying to get our hands run out right now. >> [inaudible] >> you need to come-if you have something to say get the microphone, please >> just to clarify, the be a decision point within two years at which a specific recommendation and specific funding will need to come back to you. approved. right? >> that is rigid i can add a couple of things. you asked if we were official member of the capital planning committee and the port is in fact an official member could i serve on the capital planning committee did brad benson has served. tino olsen has served. we been awarded to geo bond's for our part so we've had a very successful relationship with
8:16 am
the capital planning committee. it was actually that committee that asked the port to start looking at the seawall and had asked several times about the seawall and i believe that it's at the top of everyone's list in terms of what to fund next but a geo bond is only one tool and the sizing of the project means we need many other tools for the ultimate project, and when we come back into years after this extremely rigorous training schedule, we will be showing the range of options and having a recommended list of improvements. of course, which would be constrained by the funding sources we been able to pull together. >> thank you. is there any more public comment on the seawall resilience project? corrine? >> karen woods. i served with
8:17 am
alan in a myriad of other people on the waterfront plan update working group. i think the plan is for our work to be done within a year. i don't know how we can make recommendations for what is going to happen until we study these studies are done. because , i mean, there can be incremental status orders going to be a big leap. i think while the working loop can say, okay, if you do this we can recommend that it is still not going to be a final product until the commission and the city have decided based on this engineering work, what the city
8:18 am
can afford to do. i think the working group will he needs to understand that. as we move into phase 2 of the update, that it is all contingent, and that we are not going to come up with any magical solutions at the end of the working group process because there's too much riding on sea level rise and earthquake vulnerability for us to be able to say conclusively, this is what the port should do. >> take you for your contribution. you cannot say it any better. thank you. anymore comments on the seawall resilience project. seeing none, public comment is closed. mission or brandon
8:19 am
>> thank you stephen for a wonderful report and a little bit of a history lesson. i want to again thank mayor lee for contributing the $6 billion because it really shows his commitment towards this effort that is much needed. your presentation made it very clear what we are up against and maybe in the short period of time. so, this was a really good presentation. thank you so much. i did i think of similar questions to karen and alan regarding the mitigation option could i just was not clear on which one we were thinking about and the cost, but that is yet to be seen. there's a lot of work that has to be done before we will actually know which option is best and the cost of those right >> that is correct. the yard
8:20 am
these are just that. concepts. engineering judgment concepts. this constructibility considerations given to them. the report does include ranges of cost for implementing the strategies could i think that's not really taken into consideration very well in the report is just all of the ancillary costs that are associated with her example doing ground improvement work in the embarcadero roadway. getting a handle on those costs takes quite a bit more effort than what was put in this initial study. >> thank you. i'm glad were putting together a dedicated project team for this effort. and hiring a project manager who will the project manager report to? >> the project manager will we part to the chief engineer. as stephen showed, the project will report to the executive sponsor the ports executive
8:21 am
director and also be accountable to a city advisory team. city professionals who have experience with a similar sized capital projects, have a lot of experience in municipal finance, and also a public relations background in environmental review and mitigation. so, we are very hopeful. this is such a big project for the port, really really big. so, we are going to on city guidance throughout the process as well as commission policy guidance. this will be a very very carefully manage project with a lot of resources put into it, which is fitting of a project of this size. >> be thanks >> commissioner katz >> thank you, stephen. that was a great presentation. very very clear and a little daunting. actually, very daunting i should say. when i think about what we are up against. i similar questions and i know it probably is not
8:22 am
possible to get the mall answer, but going to some of the initial concepts on mitigation, i know it's going to boil down to a couple things get one is just. efficacy of the different options but also the discrepancy in cost. do you have any sense of what we are looking at? some sort of option one that looks the least expensive compared to option for? >> option one, which is remediation of liquefaction, in the fill in the embarcadero is the least expense. if the least expensive ground improvement technique by far. however, the disruption costs are considerable. so that's going to lower production could if we could say were going to shut down a segment of the embarcadero burn extended period of time which i don't think anyone can imagine, but
8:23 am
if you do that you get some production rates and costs would come down but i don't think were going to be able to do that. so this can be slow production of any type of ground improvement work on the embarcadero. then you better place what is there. so, do however think that is the least cost. however, does not provide all the necessary benefits that we be looking for. the option four which is the new seawall they work that may actually be the least expensive option. the reason being is that like the original seawall was billed it was constructed out integrated was not bothering anybody. you could go with a word construction today paid the embarcadero can function as is with limited impacts and the contractor can get some production work out in the bay.
8:24 am
so, there is some thought the engineers to put together the study thought that might be one of the least expensive methods and they've got ranges of cost in the store. i don't have those with me today. i did not pull them out because i don't want you to dive into those details that much. >> then, i see where having quarterly reports. actually think about the hopeful, maybe not have a sick sense of reports but just periodically if possible in more often than quarterly. just to come and give a brief sense of what's happening and what we should be paying attention to, and sort of where we are in the process and the first thing, sort of on track as planted it out be possible? >> sure. >> i'm afraid quarterly may not give us as up to speed as
8:25 am
we should be on that level. >> sure, definitely. >> thank you very much. he was stephen, very thorough report. ellen and karen i appreciate your comments. yes, stephen, agree with leslie may be coming back more often in paring it down somewhat but i agree with the director for this. this is mass. this is massive. this is used. just try to get your head around this and this is a slow prospect is a lot involved in this. i appreciate the report because it's so detailed. so very well thought out. very well prepared. so, as soon as you get back to us on the next steps as we are moving forward, is there anything that you think that would speed this thing up were you think were at where we need to be out right now? were are we a little behind? are we on track? what are your thoughts on that? >> will be behind surely if we cannot hire staff. so, the hiring process is key. then the consultant contract which will
8:26 am
be bringing to the commission later this year is also key. i mean, you just, with the resources that we have at the port now, and we are stressed very thin and this requires a lot of effort to move it forward . were at the stage now we can't wait any longer. >> okay >> in terms of risks that are out there, we heard from karen and ellen about waterfront plan update: how does that dovetail with this effort. there is the potential competition for sea level rise of resilience they area challenge. how would that dovetail with this effort? if we cannot come up with less expensive alternatives to improve earthquake safety, if
8:27 am
the alternatives really are this expensive and disruptive, how do we do that within a reasonable period of time and within the context of sea level rise adaptation? that's really key. we will have to make some decisions could all the stakeholders will have to make decisions and prioritize what we really want out of this project. >> okay. i see leslie has a question. go ahead >> no. just in terms of looking where we can fit in and offer some helpful guidance, first off, i hope at one point am assuming whatever option we take it may be a blending of the different options depending on where all on the wall or does it have to be >> a blending. the wall is not the same area. the geotechnical conditions are not the same.
8:28 am
the assets. the critical colony of the assets are not the same so though be a blending. do be many options could >> in terms of the things i can hold us up the most is the project staff in the hiring. do we have a timeline for that? happy playing requisitions for those jobs? have job announcements gone out to? >> yes. the project manager mike and interviews are scheduled are for the end of the week that should be wrapping up. the public relations officer, do you know the status of that? spews these physicians have all been top priority for the hiring for can get you a backlog of about 50 positions at the port and these have been prioritized above all others. we are well underway with selection of two to three, three of the physicians. one will get started with in the near term and one that we need to wait on the permanent position because were not quite ready in the project but we we are very
8:29 am
carefully managing the hiring here. >> to have to put out an rfp for consultant? >> yes. that is a big effort and we are starting to work on that. normally, an enterprise without many many positions at least, more than one to we have one position that the port dedicated to all contracting work. so, it's a major constraint, but where they have very talented person and it's a big lift to get a contract of this size to do exactly what we need it to do and that's why we are really lying a lot on others city staff who have the expertise and have had the gun context of this has to get a blend of services and have been working with them to understand how the contract will be structured. but, we will be working on that posthaste.
8:30 am
>> thank you >> stephen, thank you. thank you my fellow commissioners. i look forward to seeing you back as soon. as commissioner katz said as often as you can look forward to the next presentation. i think you and your crew for all your hard work. >> thank you. >> mdm. clerk necks item please >> item 11 c request authorization to work construction contract 2740 train: park surcharge and site preparation project. >>[reading ordinance] >> you do not have to wait long. i'm back. >>[laughing]. i'm going to be what amy read again. it's a mouthful. today
8:31 am
i'm requesting authorization to award construction contract number 2740 claim: park surcharge and site preparation project to shimek construction company incorporated. the lowest response and play responsible bidder in the amount of 4,000,001 or $10,000. in authorization for conduct contingency fund of 10% of 411,000 are for unanticipated contingencies for total contract authorization not to exceed $4,521,000. i lost the presentation. there we go. claim: park is one of the ports really greenway projects and be
8:32 am
a major new open space in the irish national historic district located at pier 70. each of the parts were provided with a port commission improved product design and sql community plan exemption in october 13, 2015 commission meeting. this is the first construction contract for phase 1 of the park. work includes abating and demolishing three buildings and there they are. they are small building. two on illinois and one within the park. dismantling the cranes and storing on-site. those are the two cranes. so, this project will dismantle them and one will be set aside for restoration immediately and the next construction phase and the other will be set aside for potentially long-term storage until we can find financing to put it back up. it will construct new foundations for the cranes which includes 100 foot long filled pier's. this is
8:33 am
-in wet conditions of their case. it's not easy construction. it will include construction of the permanent embankment and surcharge fill. the work starts with installing what's known as with drains and so the reason we're doing this is 19th st. needs to sit on it embankment. this site has a motor underneath that will consolidate solely within a period of 10 years or so actually put the embankment in place. so were going to be consolidate this site over the next year. the way were doing this is installing with drains which are vertical drains into the mud that allow the water to come out good we build the permanent embankment and then, on top of that, we add additional filled 8-10 feet in depth for a period of about six
8:34 am
months to settle the site. that's the grading plan. so the pig prosecuted the project monitoring division established 24% local business goal for the project. we advertised it on july 25 2016. the other mandatory pre-bid meeting on august 10. we received two bids on august 31. we would like to receive forbids and so i should say, somewhat disappointingly received only two. the good news is they were two very good bids from two good contractors. there've engineers estimate of 596 and $60,000 and shimek construction cemented a bit of $400 million and and bill builders was a local business enterprise submitted a bid of $5,127,000. because indo is in lb baker 10% discount with a
8:35 am
big discount for winning the job is 4,000,000.614 was about shimek's bid. so the apparent low bid was cemented by shimek construction. engineering reviewed their qualifications and determine shimek meets the minimum qualifications and cmd reviewed the bid and determine it was responsive for the local business: 24%. no big protests were received and the contract amount and contingencies fully funded by the 20 weighed geo bond funds. which were budgeted for the work. shimek is located in oakland. they are in enr top 400 contractor and when the top 50 domestic heavy civil contractors in the country. they are a design builder of the port illinois street bridge and they've completed several earthquake retrofit projects on golden gate bridge. there lb
8:36 am
subcontractors include calcomp pumping, deal the lumber, team north construction, construction hernando's engineering and also engineering group. other subcontractors include rebar international, malcolm filling, who will be installing those large jewel fears we talked about. hayward baker, who will install the wicked drains.-who will dismantle the cranes and amg. the schedule. authorization to award is today. notice to proceed than anticipated late october. substantial completion is 182
8:37 am
days after notice to proceed so late april 2017. by the completion, 60 days thereafter in june 27 two. to set the context, the second construction contract for crinkle part will be bidding the end of this year and they're excited to be on site in april. so with this contractor is pulling off the surcharge work and this crane foundation work is critical path works and that needs to get done right away. to conclude, port staff recommends the port commission approve the surcharge and site preparation project to shimek construction company the lowest response of the spots will better in amount of $4,110,000 and further authorize staff to increase the contract amount to contract modification or change order if needed for unanticipated contingencies by an additional $411,000 which is 10% of the proposed contract amount. for total amount not to exceed out of $4,521,000. this concludes my presentation good i'm happy to answer any questions.
8:38 am
>> colleagues, emotions zero >> so moved moved and seconded. >> is there any public comment on 11 c? any public comment on 11-c? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner katz >> just in terms of the contractor selected, have we put out a full rfp? did i miss something spoon >> no. this is a little bit contract. the qualifications are actually quite low. >> that's one reason we had a mandatory pre-bid meeting. we want to make sure who's going to be bidding on the job. right from the start. >> do we have any kind of obe requirements the one >> 24%. >> has shimek construction
8:39 am
done work in san francisco before? >> yes. there is on builder for port illinois street they've worked at the transbay terminal. they have worked on the golden gate bridge. they do quite a bit of work in the city. >> thank you >> commissioner brandon >> thank you, stephen. my only question is, that the estimate was $5.6 million. it came in at 4.1. are you confident that they can meet the goal within this budget? >> not our budget, their budget >> at their budget. that's for them to do. >>[laughing] it's a little bit. it's a low bid. the workscope is kind of unusual. we only got two bidders. the other better was low as well.
8:40 am
they were lower than the estimate not as well as shimek. >> right >> since shimek is a reputable contractor and they know how to do this work, and they have a good reputation, that eases some of my concerns that they may and blown the bid. >> still at illinois street with the cost overruns or [inaudible] >> i was a designer at the time. working for shimek so >> >>[laughing] soulmate must've come in way under budget be was actually my work as part of the design firm for the design build time team. i do not work physically for shimek. i don't know. i think the project came in fairly well. i know that they left $13 million on the table at bedtime for that project. thanks to an
8:41 am
incredibly >> if i may wish to check to see if it came on budget at that illinois street parts. i don't think either of us know. so we would need to take a look at that and we can get back to the commission on the answer. >> mission or brandon or katz anymore comments? >> i did have a symptom concern as commissioner brandon that was pre-significant. before you did the obe adjustment it's almost a 20% difference between the other better and both of them are significant lower than our estimate. the just i guess i will make sure contractor is good. >> one thing that might signal is the economy is starting to cool off a bit. so, we had been seen bids coming above engineering estimates again and again and having to repackage
8:42 am
things to get back into budget. we are now seeing a bid here, several of them coming under engineers estimates it so, it could signal a bit of a softening in the economy. >> it certainly could and the type of work if you look at the bead project that we had great bids on, that contractor was pulling off of the rail project in the north bay and they have all the crews ready to go. i think they wanted the job. they submitted an impressive bid because they were ready to go. we don't know the details of shimek constructions status and are they slow now? i know they are digging foundations for high-rises in the city could network may be slowing down. they are fairly large company, so it's hard to note their business but the heavy civil field is not as-were seen bids not as inflated as the building
8:43 am
field right now. >> how long is this contract? >> 182 days. >> okay. well will know in six months if they come back? >> we will certainly know. >> all right colleagues, mr. of any more questions? all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? resolution 1637 past. mdm. clerk necks item please >> item 12-a informational presentation on city and port strategy for addressing homeless and cameras on port property. >> good afternoon commissioners. interim director dwayne forbes and court staff and general public. i'm here today to present an informational item on the cities port strategy for addressing homeless and cameron sued the
8:44 am
port is a strategic partner to address homelessness and as you know, last winter we partnered with the city on homeless shelter at pier 80 with currently partnering with the department of homelessness in supportive housing on a navigation center on 25th st. we are also partnering with the department on homeless and cameras and homeless individuals on people or property. the port experiences three categories of homelessness. in cameras, individual homeless folks, and trespasses. as you know, the port does not have the socials of his expertise to do without homeless population. so we look to the city agency to help us with these efforts-i was once a social and supportive husband
8:45 am
and i would like to introduce to people today. one is jeff is in ski, the new director for the department of homelessness and supportive housing good he is here to speak on the city strategy and efforts and addressing homelessness and also the port-from our homeland security units he has been very very critical in providing direct and directing ongoing security along port property. so, first i like to introduce jeff and then after that i'll present on the port's strategy for dealing with homelessness. jeff. >> good afternoon
8:46 am
commissioners. thank you for inviting us to be here today. also want to thank the port staff we been working with on a variety of issues, both the opening and breaking down of the pier 80 shelter, the dogpatch navigation center that will be talked about later and also the work that we did together to break down in a cam and that is with squeak. so, i was asked to come today and speak to you a bit about the citywide effort we are working to address homeless encampment. there's approximately 80 encampments in the city. we define in cameras as tenants place where six or more tense and there's some level permanence at those in cameras. not people set up and then we. okay. so, essentially, what
8:47 am
we've learned over the years and actually within the obama administration's guidelines on how to address and cameras is this a couple things we need to keep in mind. just telling people they have to move in taking their tents and possessions doesn't work. first of all, it's not a humane response to the problem the second of all it's not a practical approach to the problem. when you do this people just move a few blocks away and set their tents up again really not solving anything to making worse on another block and thirdly it's our constitutional. there's been a number of court cases in los angeles and in boise idaho was notably which is stated that tone people to move without having a place for them to go is a violation of the eighth amendment right and where san francisco to try to completely sweet and cameras away her sweep tents away we would certainly be held liable
8:48 am
for doing so. again, going back to emphasize all that it's not humane response. so, what we've done is rather than running around the city with our limited resources and trying to solve every problem just a little bit, we've decided to take on big problems in a methodical smart way and what we've done is created a list of encampment and rank them by size and by the acuity of the in cameras. how ill people are how dangerous being cameras seem to be working to go down the list and work as many as we can to get to the bottom of the list. we actually chose a swiss creek first. it was one of the larger in cameras. it's been there for a long time. there's a lot of problems with her and also it was not in the center part of this. it gives an opportunity to test out our methods and also, we had great partners in your staff. so,
8:49 am
essentially what we do is going to an assessment of who is that could identify who the leaders are the oldest years of community notes give them an informal notice that being cameras will be broken down on x date and we start to provide people services with tb testing on-site get them ids they can get into shelter. they should does no barriers to them getting into shelter or housing or another program writer maxes two showers provide them access to hiking so they can begin on this next phase of their life it onto a better pathway coldly towards ending their homelessness. we have done--i'm just can show you some pictures. this is the map of encampments in city. this is what was going on at a swiss creek. as you can see is quite a mess. over 60 souls in that area. now, it looks like this. it took us about 3-4 weeks to make this happen. the vast majority of folks who were there are no longer in the neighborhood. three actually
8:50 am
three of them did just go a few blocks away and set up on cesar chavez but out of 60 people think that was a pretty good result he had good we also have an cam and redeployment plan or preventing them from reforming. we work you put cameras could we work with the police and working with port staff and mta security just to make sure that the facility that the areas kept clear and we also just let people were staying there no you can't camp here anymore. so, it was very successful in is swiss creek. were going to take the next step. we are now working in the northeast section of the mission district working between 19th and 16th between south van ness and bryant street and then will move down to 16 to 14 to start
8:51 am
treating those areas is to in cameras and then we move onto the next encampments. by doing it this way were bringing in a lot of services dpw the police department of public health the human services agency, could we have access immediate access to better navigation centers as well as immediate access to substance abuse treatment beds for folks who are ready and you need those. by doing this, rather than again running around trying to solve a lot of small problems with taking care big areas one at a time and as we ramp up hopefully one of the resources we need to start moving a little more quickly. we will be open up a triage center in the next six months which will 100 bits in it that will allow us to us to take people to quickly get that's what slows us down there. you have to have a place for folks to go. it is currently 1300 people my 1300 shelter beds in the city because 3500 unchartered people. 900 of them on a waiting list for shelters. develop water to move. i can
8:52 am
open this triage center is cannot be encampment resolution team move quickly. were very proud of what we did at a swiss creek really appreciate your support and hopefully in a few months you'll see some major changes in northeast part of the mission district. happy to take any questions. >> is there any public comment without objection got one card here. >>[calling public comment cards] i thought you were done. tom, you're not done yet? >> [inaudible] >> okay. >> thank you, jeff. so, jeff covered a lot of the strategy that we employ. so you can see that we really count on that apartment of homelessness and supportive housing to facilitate and to get to take care of the homeless on the port part. though we got to in cameras. one was that warm
8:53 am
water cold and when was it is swiss creek did in may we result warm water: cam and it would make that a little bit easier it was our property court jurisdiction and we were able to go in there with sf public works from sfpd and the hot team which is almost our reaching. they went in there and resolve that encampment. those are 15 to 20 people at that encampment. is is creek, which just spoke a lot about the next one we did in august but what we do is leading up to these resolves were working within cam and resolution team, which is a subsection of the department of medical dhs 20 age assets. what they do is we meet weekly and there are many department and agencies that participate in these meetings. what we focus on the priorities in locations as jeff said developing outreach plan, a sign that apartment of
8:54 am
responsibilities and to come to a agreement as to the date we are going to resolve encampment. so, i, like jeff and can assure you some pictures. this is warm water: for those folks that don't know where it is. if at the end of 24th st.. right on the water says. a small park. if you see the picture on the right being cam and is a round on the right side of this slide on the water. at the end of the leasehold. so as i said there were 15-20 people here. it was our reach was done prior to they notified the individuals in the camp on a particular date is can be resolved on that date we go in and resolve it. it was a favorite i really appreciate the way that jeff-just team
8:55 am
handles the homeless folks. it's with depression with dignity it's very humane and makes it easy to be part of this and part of that team. here is warm water cold. subsides before and after. then, the next one is is swiss creek which is at the foot of indiana street. what made this a little bit challenging than warm water co., there's justice, jurisdictional issue. using the blue what would be to the e. of indiana st. is court port jurisdiction but sfp's ease maintenance responsibility. to the west, the red, is sf mta property not port property. the yellow up under the freeway you have caltrans and then you also see a little block of blue in there which is also sf puc. there's
8:56 am
an old be audible to coordinate the effort and get always the permits together on the same page on monday to resolve these camps, was a little bit of a challenge. but everybody was up to that challenge. again, justine goes in they went in and he said it was the four weeks leading up to it. were they engaged the individuals in the cam and offering them services and medical and all the other social services that are available to them. we did select a date and it was good to be mid-september originally but i think that the engagement of the individuals in the cam and it was done so well we were able to bring that up to the end of august. so, we got to august 31 my three days before sf mta took responsibility posting 72 hour notices and those notices were drafted by the city attorney's office told that the language was
8:57 am
appropriate for these impairments. notification of three days later would be in to resolve its. as i said before, extraordinary effort by all departments. chp, caltrans, sf mta sf puc, sf public works which has three teams citywide doing this on a daily basis. they just bring huge resources to the effort. then, the port and ecology bio resources to the-it was a pretty amazing one-day feet to resolve these impairments and i think a single department would've taken 4-5 days to do it with a lot of resources. here are some of the before and after pictures which jeff also showed good jeff mentioned that being cam and prevention plan. so, i believe that it's a requirement to have a reading cam and prevention plan. the port
8:58 am
facilitated to bring these agencies together in developing a plan for the site which has today been very successful. that plan sf mta they increase the lighting. they've increase in security surveillance. they have staff that they are on an ongoing viewing the site and it also agree to maintain its and to repair it and keep it maintained. sf puc also stepped up to the plate. they provided private security for the first two weeks just to see how that would work so we could keep folks out at night from 4 pm until 6 am. on the second meeting of the being cam and prevention team, we got together they agree to extended for two more weeks. we will get together then next wednesday and possibly extend that but it's been successful to have that private security on site.
8:59 am
in the eyes and ears eyes overnight. again, they agreed to maintain and repair the, not. so there's possible for east of indiana street. caltrans, they pose the 72 hour notices every friday. then every monday the common with chp and clear out would have to clear out if there's any individuals that have encamped. sfpd has been huge. their bayview station, the homeland security unit. they just to passing calls the homeland security unit making twice a day passing calls same with bayview. a private security task force is also out there several times a day they're monitoring and reporting for us. so, again for the port what we do is just then keep facilitating the agencies and keep the plan moving it we are employing the same plan at warm
9:00 am
water coated the other agencies not there except for the port and pdn on private security. that seeing cameras. i'll move on to individual homelessness along the port property. these locations were selected because we get a lot of 311 request from these locations. if you spend any time up and on the waterfront using homeless folks in these locations. fisherman's wharf, [inaudible] in front of the ferry building and brandon street wharf. so our strategy for dealing with the individuals here is that we get the 311 reports. respond to those reports. the security is
9:01 am
up and down the waterfront monitoring and reporting to the report 02311 and two are homeland security unit. her homeland security unit then has to sit on to the sf pd 230 unit. they will go to the site and they'll do a well-being check on the person. the thing that is really important to remember and it's for the folks that put in the 311 request is difficult for them to understand, folks have a right to be on the port partied there here during the day late hours. as long as they're not conduct an illegal activity, but doing something they should not be doing, they have a right to be on port property and enjoy it. so we have to walk that fine line the folks that are doing right and doing wrong in the please help us with that. the other things that were doing the strategy were looking at in going to deployed is there are two codes. the 2.9 for code and 2.10. when is the camping and the otherwise no sweeping
9:02 am
sweeping prohibited between 10 pm and 6 am. the sfpd has asked no more signage. sober in the process of developing the right language for those signs. we will get them those posts.this one may seem a little obscure. properties of known trespass. the reason i include this, and we have four main sites we experience trespassing pier 33, the peer 19 and pier 30. the reason i included so far 1% of the trespass are homeless folks. they've gone in and made residents in these facilities. so, when that happens because we need to care for this facility image keep it safe, we do call sfpd 911 if we need to and we get a response that we go in and maintains the individual and if they're not
9:03 am
in the site nfl belongings there we will with a bag and tag their belongings and all the met pier 50 for them to retrieve. but on the first encounter with the individual in the facility and trespass it will be admonished the second time that we cited and if there cited multiple times in maybe 28 stayaway order. next sex. one thing that we do know is that homeless folks will show up on these properties again. so, we will support these strategies to keep mitigating and preventing and examined from being established. were committed to responding quickly and engaging individuals in bringing the right city agencies as appropriate we will continue to participate in being kim and resolution to get
9:04 am
it's been a huge resource in developing those relationships have worked with getting results and responses from the hot teams homeless outreach teams good as i stated earlier work on the signage so we can get that to the port. we will continue working with sf public works and the city attorney's office for developing new thing with john bag and tag so that were following the same protocols in the same procedures . i'm also work with sf public works at possibly have them handle all the bag and tie because the which may have 24-hour language and will have staff be able to respond if need to. as always, will continue to treat individuals with compassion and dignity in performing this work. i want to thank all the city agencies that are partnered with us. it's been a great partnership and very successful. any questions. >> tom, thank you. is there any public comment on 12 a?
9:05 am
presentation for strategy for addressing homeless and amazon part port property? any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner brandon >> thank you, jeff and tom for such a wonderful presentation and i think it's absolutely wonderful that there's so much collaboration from all the agencies on this effort. it's a huge effort and i know it is a citywide issue, and i really want to thank both of you especially tom, for leading the port staff is stepping up and coming up with policies to handle this. i really appreciate the time and effort that all of you have taken to deal with this issue. i'm so happy that we found solutions that could bring warm water
9:06 am
cold and is was great back to public use. so, thank you for very much. >> commissioner katz >> i also want to thank both of you. jeff, welcome to the port. welcome to the city family. we really are thrilled you are here and it's a daunting task but were pleased you have stepped up and will be coordinating these efforts. i know sam is spoken to us previously and is given us an update on a lot of the efforts going on. one of--certainly, i think a lot of the city is seeing a little bit of a rise in what i would call the visible homeless. i'm not sure that's necessarily arise in the homes, but i think certainly port lends itself to sites that are attractive. i think we
9:07 am
probably are looking at the issue more than perhaps some of the other departments. i know we've all consistently want to be helpful as a department as well. one of the things i do know probably more will be coming up on the next item we talk what the navigation center, but-one thing i appreciate, tom your comments, too, going for a well-being check because i think that is important that's not just pushing people out. if they don't have some other options of making sure they are there well-being is handled. we referenced a lot of calls going to 311. i know it one point in time there'd been a dedicated line that people could call that might produce more opiate services either a more immediate or i guess, appropriate kind of response whether it is-and i know years ago these to call maps fairly
9:08 am
regularly because they would provide verbiage services without overreacting, i guess as the case may be. when somebody perhaps was posing a danger to themselves or even to others to make sure they were handled. is there a dedicated line that is used? i've actually called 311 often i guess old habits are hard to break as a former supervisor, but i said on the phone for an awfully long time and am persistent so i can imagine most people actually will go through that. >> right. it's an ongoing effort in trying to figure out the right response. we have found you can contact 311. you can get a multitude of responses . i've contacted them and that direct me to the hot time so i can speak to an individual and respond. sometimes though take a written response no push it to the department to respond to a written request. but, in the cayman resolution team, we have
9:09 am
not discussed the right place to contact so that they can-if somebody is in distress is always on one object that's what we want to have happen. but there is also an amino address for the encampment we sponsored team so when something is a cam and we can send them there. it's all over the place. as your same. so we call 31 it's one way for it to be recorded for there to be data on what's going on. but, like i said, there's 3-4 different responses that you get from 311. you can us directly to be linked to the hot team. have a hotline that they can direct you into. but there are phone numbers and we can get those phone numbers out and >> i think you talk about signage. perhaps that might be something that's helpful, to get it people need maybe that
9:10 am
would be something of the useful but the appropriate numbers of people need to-if they see someone in distress. >> i think we be was able to be doing signage >> we can look into that. i hesitate because it changes. it's evolving. so we want to get to evolve to a place where you know that's how were going to respond to it and that's what we want people to call for report in. then, get that kind of signage but that's a great idea. >> i do know a lot of urban cities are dealing with similar situations with the cost of housing going up. i was actually horrified when 07 seattle about a year ago the mayor was saying his big fear was that a lot of these in cameras were set up on the side of the freeways and people would end up falling often until the line of traffic. at least we don't have that situation. here in san francisco. also just want to do a little shout out for a moment about the
9:11 am
successful resolution to a situation. as you point out, there's no one solution and recently i saw a homeless person with their cat walking along in their. the cat had either bitten or scratched him and he was pretty upset but was still hanging onto his cat at least at that point. i actually called animal care and control in a wasn't able to follow to see what happened but it turns out i wasn't sure they sent someone out but in fact they did deny some about an hour and half later with his cat and the carrier. summative spoke to at animal care and control said babies would get out and problem solve and it's really nice when we see city staff that figures out how to provide an appropriate solution so i think that's what helpful by having these numbers available for people to get into immediate response. so, again just thanks to all of you for all the efforts and i know if something were all trying to
9:12 am
figure out and work with the communities on. it's important keep it going connected in every one were to do so thank you. >> jeff, congratulation. but thanks for stepping up and answering the call. congratulations on being the news are the department of homelessness and supportive housing. tom, i have to tell you, you are super, mentored i've got to give it to you, man. you are guy i've been seen at every port commission meeting the four years i been on this commission and you do so much work and you don't get any recognition for it you just do it because as a part of your job in who you are as a person and i just want to tell you might think you went beyond the call of duty on this. i talked to several people get you never asked for recognition and do what's right and or publicly acknowledge you for all your work and also want to thank commissioner brandon who stands
9:13 am
steadfast. she put her head down she stood on her principles she was knocked up move forward until this issue is resolved. she wanted you here, jeff and i appreciate everybody stepping up because this is an issue that affects us all. i enter stand that. there's no magic bullet to resolve this but we have to continue to work and i commend the mayor could i commend all the west coast mayors that met in portland.. it seems like this is an epidemic of and down the west coast. we've got to deal with it in the city like san francisco with so much wealth, so much brainpower, we just can't turn our backs and say it's going to fix it so. we all have to plug in and we had to continue. i just appreciate you stepping up and taking a job. it's a thankless job no matter what you do, so thank you for stepping up. tom, alain, brad took a lot of people. we just got to keep working on this and i just want to say thank you very much. let us know what we can do. but this is a first step in me
9:14 am
personally, i want us to do be successful. there's always a lot of haters and critical people out there. but a lot of times they don't provide any solutions could only thing they do is beat down on you and say negative things. you know what, this is an issue. will deal with it. would that try to handle it the best we can get is can be a learning process and we got to keep digging in on this. so, thank you very much tom, like i said, you're a superstar. you're working hard just appreciate you going beyond good i saw the before pictures it's kind of like going in for surgery the before man and after man. >>[laughing] even commissioner brandon was looking could looks like it was clean enough to you docket think you very much. >> thank you >> mdm. clerk necks items the was item 12 b request the memorandum of understanding this port and san francisco department of homelessness and supportive housing. >>[reading
9:15 am
ordinance] >> good afternoon. pres. adams and commissioners. interim director forbes and city staff and members of the public good i'm brad benson director of special projects. i just don't get hand over the presentation very quickly but i want to drop, direct connection between item that we just heard about in the navigation center. billy, without the efforts of tom andy kim and resolution team we could not get to a constructive dialogue about the proposed navigation center. commissioner brandon come i think you saw that very clearly
9:16 am
in this process. we also saw that the way the in camera and had to be addressed was over a period of time. really, as those shelter beds and the tickling those low barrier to entry shelter beds were available to place people and that's really what the navigation center is about. so, i would like to turn over the presentation now to the deputy director of hs age, sam dodge, who will walk through the proposed--it will turn on for you. so, if we could turn on the presentation?
9:17 am
>> thank you commission. lovely to be here again to see you all. very exciting day for us today. thank you to the board staff that's helped us get to this place. as brad had just mention, part of our successful working within gammons to find a solution is to find the right places for people in navigation centers are integral in helping resolve in cameron's. i think everyone knows the challenge very well, but it's able to restate it that we have a large number of people finding themselves without shoulder in our streets when this is a crisis for them and for our community at large. the navigation centers have been recognized by the obama administration and the national alliance of homelessness one of the most promising innovations
9:18 am
for justin street homelessness has commissioners have noticed, this is something that is facing many cities especially high rent cities which are cities that qualify for the state of california in general experiences more than one in five homeless people in the country are in california and where as the rest of the country 70% are sheltered and 30% are unshelved, and california, 70% on sheltered and 30% shelter. our city is more 50-50 mother that's no place to rest in the navigation center can help us address the homelessness for those most acute longest term homeless. the current 1950 navigation ctr. the original one is been able to serve now over 700 individuals in helping resolve their homelessness. the outcomes of the very successful.
9:19 am
i know that the commissioners know this very well and it might be more for general audience that the navigation center allows us to invite in. it's an invite program. so we can target a population. it's welcoming as people are in the able to accommodate them as they come. it's focused on housing. it's a relatively small community compared to traditional shelters. with a high staffing ratio could and at truck in a tranquil environments. there's been some developments since we last met beyond the in camera and work on port and adjacent property. we have been working with on a good neighbor policy could we finalize an interagency agreement. this pending legislation at the board of supervisors and we continue to community dialogue all-around
9:20 am
25th st. navigation center. this is an item we've addressed in the last presentation but i want to go over it. hs h includes a good neighbor policy in all our navigation center contracts. the elements of this policy address our on-site and adjacent obligations and help maintain our status as a good neighbor for those that we plan to [inaudible]. the interagency agreement is more sweeping and its helps maintain a high level of responsiveness to the community both toronto department. the police department and the san francisco public works. this is a signed agreement now from all
9:21 am
the departments and really appreciate tremendous work that was done with the neighbors, the dogpatch residents, in helping to craft and give input to what responses will be helpful. these address multiple issues that have been brought up by the neighbors and by the other agencies as well. it includes substantial commitments to address public safety, response and resolution of an kim and them opportunities for interaction between people that will be transitional house at the navigation center. to work in the neighborhood on the green spaces and advisory measures and report back to the communities about the performance of the programs. right now, i'm introduced to the board of supervisors are enabling legislation to help
9:22 am
fulfill this process pending port commission approval. these include street vacation ordinance an amendment to the planning code and slight adjustment to the call from the board of supervisors for our department to create six additional navigation centers, which would this would be the second of six. there has been a great and robust community process working with the neighbors, working with elected officials and advisory bodies to the port. multiple reports to this commission which i really appreciated. adjacent business and property owners and residents. this is the most updated design scheme for how
9:23 am
it will look to be able to have up to 70 individuals and support staff there at the dead end of 25th st. you will notice the design is particularly orchestrated around allowing light in them having common courtyards, activation in the front and back of the proposed facility. this is a front view and you can see some storage containers in the front and accessible entryway. we've enjoyed the just kind of attention to design of the current navigation center and really want to expand upon that both in cleaning and paint and skin for the project. here is some internal ideas in part of this is to maintain the street
9:24 am
as much as possible and to use some trailers that will be modified-customize to suit our needs.. the plumbing and electrical runs underneath the flooring that makes the entire facility accessible. that way, it allows us to not have to dig up the street and do extensive work on the street. so, when the end of the mou were easily able to return the street to current use. here is an overhead view. so you can get an idea of what it will look like. i just want to go briefly into the timeline right now, pending a number of steps, it looks like we would be able to open and occupy in early 2017 which is a good opportunity for us since the current 1950 mission navigation ctr. is
9:25 am
slated to go through it entitlement process to create 157 affordable family apartments in the mission and this would be just a wonderful successor site for that. all handed back over to brad to talk what the mou. >> thank you so much, sam. so, the resolution that we are recommending approval of today includes some important findings. not only residential use wake this isn't allowed on port property but consistent with the trust so we really want to think irene malley port general counsel for advising us through this process and we looked carefully at this street in the street vacation and this street is a dead end street and
9:26 am
it's got a chain link fence at the end of the dead and so it doesn't provide access to san francisco date. it's not providing a public access to the waterfront. so, one finding is the street is not needed for public trust purposes doesn't provide access to san francisco bay. the term of the mou is very important to the community that this be a three-year operation or not get this additional setup and takedown period but that's all within the five years that defines it typical interim non-trust you port property. as sam described there's no permanent new structures built. this is on top of the street and can be removed at the end. importantly, i will stress this first be port staff were getting fair market rent consistent with the
9:27 am
people at rent schedule. all these things add up to a scenario where it's okay to pursue this is an interim release. so, just want to walk briefly through the terms almost at the end. the mou won't become effective until the street vacation ordinance becomes effective. the premises were talking about was working thousand square feet. this is on a portion of 25th st. right adjacent to the muni metro east facility. again, it will be a 42 month term maximum and it could be last if the street vacation ordinance answer earlier or there's other beds available elsewhere, that would make this not needed, that could signal the end of the mou or if the mou is terminated by operation of the mou. the port
9:28 am
another component of the interim release, the port would have a right of termination if needed this area for some public trust purpose good we would get give six months notice did we think the odds of that are probably low. the rent would be karen [inaudible] about $5007 on month, two month security deposit permitted uses the navigation center uses and construction of the facilities. i do want to mention that since we published the staff report it was a recommendation from the community for an additional term to the be added to our mou between the port and hsa each and it's up here and it's essentially going to what happens at the end of the term of the navigation center and there's the recommendation that towards the end of that operation period there be
9:29 am
stopped taking new guests and start placing people in other facilities as beds become available. so, they're sort of in over orderly closure of the facility are we've talked about this fragmentation between the board and hsa staff and we do recommend adding this term to the mou. it makes sense. as your considering the approval action, if you would agree, i would recommend a motion directing us to add this to the mou. next steps. there's a dogpatch neighborhood association meeting tonight, actually good number of us including tom and ken will be going to hear that group deliberates and make its recommendation to the board of supervisors and respect the board of supervisors to be acting on the website a package in october. i am available and sam is available to answer any questions you may have. >> so moved.
9:30 am
>> seconds the was >> any public comment. >>[calling public comment cards] >> thanks for your time commissioners. for your consideration. i'm joined by others on the committee that it can be here as well as ongoing to avert my neighbors at the end of the commentary. let me start with homeless in san francisco but it's priority. when it ought to be addressed fairly any manly with great dignity. phoebe would choose to be homeless. dogpatch neighborhood association is 02 briefings at member meetings by the city and port represents him propose such a waterfront navigation center at the end of
9:31 am
20 vista. tonight is our proposed a vote on the topic. our members dogpatch residents and businesses are concerned about being cameras that flooded our neighborhoods since the closing of the separate. pier 80 shall get were expensing an increase in break-ins to buildings and cars , burglars and aggressive behavior by some homeless walking the streets. however, many members agreed the problem will not be improved unless beds or bevel were sympathetic to improving lives of people living on the street. we held consecutive conversations by supervisor melia hasz office. community agreement to key considerations in the neighborhood. a large part of dogpatch planus to accept the center has been the provisioning reasonable services dogpatch has asked for and most importantly, affirmed promise from hsa each and the city come about port that the center would serve the community for no more than three years. i'm really glad that consideration is been taken under advisement. so, a key consideration in your deliberation on this topic is
9:32 am
public safety is a top priority for residents. a draft mou between city agencies the port and [inaudible] allowance conditions for approval that neighborhood advisory on the navigation board. a service level agreement with sfpd to respond to the request for assistance from the navigation center and neighborhood residents for the 72 hours. a lot of us have been considered as part of the mou sober grad that's happened. dogpatch values safe passage on city streets and sidewalks for all the possibility of a new navigation center as a request to increase san francisco police department coverage within the neighborhood and today there's no promise of a service level agreement that officers was fun to crime and homeless concerns within a reasonable amount of time. each sh and the city and port better served to offer solutions limited expects an increase in public safety measures for all
9:33 am
of dogpatch bounded in north by mariposa to the south by cesar chavez to the east along the bay and to the west by pennsylvania. another major area of concern from dogpatch residents aren't cameras. a liner sheets of quick response to street and sidewalk and chemist that prevent or reduce the safe passage of the area visitors headed to gaza residents walking about-i guess that's the end thank you for your consideration and thank you for your time. >> if you want to get up to speed, please >> thank you commissioners on matt callan resident of the dogpatch and member of the board of directors of the dna. i'm also the father two young children who live in the neighborhood and i'm here to urge you today to approve the site the navigation center could we first heard about this in late march at the neighborhood and at that time, the site was 20 [inaudible]
9:34 am
warm water cold and go for opening time in october of this year. honestly, one but further south and four months later than we might have been good so let's get this done now without further delay. i'm not concerned that the navigation centers can harm my neighborhood is unable it can handle it. i'm concerned that if we don't support this project and others like it we will make no progress toward ending the homelessness of people who spent years sleeping on our streets. i want you to endorse this project because it benefits it will bring to people's lives. i believe my neighborhood will be able to take pride in the achievements of the people come to dogpatch for time and navigate their way to permanent housing and a profoundly positive change in your i believe in the model and in the mission of navigation centers that leave if we welcome them the we can share in the cushions of people who succeeded. thank you for your time. >> hello. my name is sam lord. i'm also a residence in dogpatch. i just want to also voice my support for innovative
9:35 am
solutions effective solutions and main solutions to the homeless problem. i think the navigation center is one of those solutions. i think the most important thing, it's great that people have worked to clear up in cameras because those can be toxic places. but the ultimate solution is to get homeless people housing to get solutions that help it. their health and their mental health. and of course get them how stupid i think the navigation centers are dark so we could do that and a proven way to effectively do that. i want to voice my support and voice that my family, i have four-year-old and a one-year-old and my wife and i really want to be able to point to something in our neighborhood like the navigation center that's making positive change in our city. i want to thank all the people that worked to get this going,
9:36 am
like i've seen sam dodge give multiple presentations of the dogpatch neighborhood association. i'm confident the city will do this in a effective way. the navigation center. i also want to thank bruce and other people in the neighborhood that of voiced their concerns and the compromises that come out of this i think means that this thing can go for good i really want to voice my support invoice i hope this value both for this. thank you >> thank you very much. is there any more public comment on 13 b? on the navigation center? all give you the leeway. go ahead. >> i wanted to do a shout out and the shadow is to the board staff. for their collaboration and more specifically to tom because of the effort has been produced on this is with squeak
9:37 am
is a dramatic impact part of the discussion going into this was that we knew to have resolution to certain encampments and tom stepped up. so, thank you so much for providing that staff in providing a collaboration. >> thank you seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner katz >> i want to thank port staff and city staff. i really think i know commissioner adams and i toured the navigation center on mission. together. it was very impressed. sam took this around so thank you dino commissioner brandon toured it on another occasion in the threeof us can go at the same time because a great solo motor pump was very impressed with the services offered in the residence of their leasing to have benefited by the kind of facilities that were made available. i want to
9:38 am
do a shout out to the dogpatch neighbors association. bruce, i know you came and met with me and i was really impressed with the community wanting to be part of the solution and really looking at ways they can be helpful including even figured out how they can offer a potential job opportunities there are some to those at the navigation center but really working with port staff and homeless services staff to figure out what to make sense as opposed to figuring out what we see all too often in the city of just no, we don't want a. i just again want to thank all of you and my colleagues and what you represent for being resourceful and coming here today and speaking out. i think billy recognizing this is something important for the city. i also want to thank our port staff design notices
9:39 am
definitely not the usual thing that you had think would occur at the port but really trying to again, make it work the work with the neighbors, work with city staff, work with the homeless in the neighborhood and come up with good solutions. a few things and i know bruce, when united for set some discussions there was some point i'm not sure necessarily worked out at that point but i was pleased to hear in your presentation today that much of that will transpire including that there'll be outreach and so targeting those that are the targeted population in and around this area. i think there will also go a long way to addressing some of the concerns with the closing of the previous temporary site. but i think it's important that we try to work and find those in the geographic proximity to get them at least those that meet
9:40 am
the initial criteria. again i'll put in my plug for having dedicated number available for concerned citizens that want to weigh in and also for neighbors that want to have their questions answered and i know there will be online at the center the neighbors but i think it's important to have those resources available to the community so they can again have concerns and questions addressed in be able to get people to services that are available and needed. also appreciate there's an effort to form the advisory group and have the staff to navigation center i think residence at the center and residence in the neighborhood working together to figure out what does and does not make secured i hope this can be a model for the others. as they open up. then, just finally, i do think it's important that other parts of the city be recognized in some
9:41 am
step up as well to i think being part of the solution and make sure that it's very clear that all the cities in this and that it's not just once you geographic area but also impacted. whether personally by the difficulties for housing or by interacting with people that are really struggling with the goal of the city needs to share in figure out ways we can cope as best we can and try and address the concerns. so, i know that's a concern commissioner brandon has raised as well of making sure that no one neighborhood is targeted for all the services but i do think it's important everyone recognize it scored to be spread throughout the city. i want to say thank you and i'm these two the port can step up in this case >> commissioner brandon spews thank you so much for the presentation. i think this is just shown however you want can come together and this is a win-win for everyone. i think
9:42 am
that's my premise has always been i love the concept of the navigation center. i love the services it provides the people and helps in all it's doing a number thank you for introducing me to the navigation center and giving us the tour because absolutely wonderful. but my concern has always been what happens outside of the navigation center. so, for us and enable to clean up, warm water cold and put together a policy for the surrounding community to be able to address the situation going forward i just think it's a wonderful wonderful situation that has come out of all of this. i just want to thank everybody involved especially, and your team for all you are working done with the homeless along the waterfront. i really want to thank you and your team for all your efforts and you lean and everyone for stepping up and really understanding
9:43 am
that we need to do something. so, i totally support this navigation center, but i just want to know, what is the dna goes against this tonight? than what? >> so, i'm not sure. i think their vote is a recommendation to the board of supervisors that has to act on the legislation for the street vacation in the planning code and then that will enable this to go forward. so that's my guess. how the board will respond to a no vote is, i would rather not be the tvs about that. except to point out that the board adopted
9:44 am
legislation requiring a sighting of six navigation centers within a two-year period of time. we have seen how difficult it is to get this proposal just to this point but even through the board process. >> it's unfortunate that were having our meeting on the same day. without knowing exactly what they feel about it. can you tell me briefly what the southern waterfront advisory committee and central waterfront advisory committee with her comments were? >> we have been twice to these other waterfront advisory committee and the central waterfront advisory committee. sam has presented at both the committees. the response has been overwhelmingly positive in support of the central waterfront navigation center. i was at swac in august at the end of august and the committee really was very supportive of
9:45 am
anything the port to do. understood seeing kim and resolution process think were some concerns about the kim and resolution along mrs. creek which i was a bit surprised to hear but worried about that phenomenon of if there isn't a place to go, are people just moving from that location to another spot. but i would say strongly in favor of the proposal before you now. >> okay. well i really want to thank bruce for meeting with me and discussing all the concerns i really want to thank jeff for meeting with me discussing all the solutions. i support this. thank you. >> brad, sam, thank you. i think this historical day for the port. this is a lightning rod. i want to say special thanks to the dogpatch thank
9:46 am
you for your political curs. to step up and to be up front about it. i am hoping that other communities throughout the city will see the courage you have and this is the right thing to do. i know with some people they consider this controversy. for me this is not about controversy this is about principle for me. i'm just became a for myself as a citizen. i think about a lot of our veterans that served this country given their lives for our freedom and a lot of the veterans are down there in those shelters could they come back and they feel like society doesn't respect or doesn't show the many low. i could never imagine a kid going to school and asking the school where is your address. they can give them an actress because they don't have anywhere to live. they can't tell the teacher or the school where they live. so, i'm glad that we have found a
9:47 am
solution to it may not be what everybody wants but this is a solution that we can live with good i'm supportive of that and for those people that said something like this that makes me afraid, maybe it's something about yourself that you know about that makes you afraid. that's where that comes down to. crews, and like i said once again, thank you for setting down and talking to me. i'll never forget the conversation we had in you made it clear that the dogpatch area, if you want something positive you wanted it to be successful. you put your reputation and got your credibility out to get you want to see something good in san francisco. so, i really appreciate that and i'm glad in a small way the port commission because of you guys may not know this but i think i might've into years ago when dir. moyer was here they all started [inaudible] coming
9:48 am
could i've requested to talk about the homeless issue because i run down this waterfront every morning at 5 am in the morning and i see these homeless people when i would see what's going on out there that i just cannot keep doing it and a lot of people turned their head turn a blind eye they don't want to talk about it and they don't act like it doesn't exist. it does exist. let's deal with it. you're doing with this. let's move on. let's have a positive attitude and let's work through this and try to make a successful. thank you very much. colleagues, i guess--eileen? i want to ask you, can i if we but as the boat, can i also say to accept additional language that brad had put up there because it's not in their >> yes. you can clarify that the motion is to approve the
9:49 am
mou with a suggested amended language >> okay. he was can i modify that was some typos and spelling errors that again adjusted in the suggested language. >>[laughing] >> all right, colleagues if there is no further comments, all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? number 1638 past the clerk next item >> item 13 new business. >> i heard some new business at pres. adams requested patrick return in the spring and will put that on the board calendar. commissioner katz requested the seawall resiliency project be updated to the commission were frequently than quarterly perhaps not as longer more frequently. so we made role that into the executive
9:50 am
directors report or hear from steven in a more frequent basis and will figure that out and put it on the word count. will also get back to the commission on whether or not we want over budget on the illinois street project and will provide a budget to actual's. that is the new business. >> commissioner brandon anything you would like to add? >> thank you >> commissioner katz >> that's it >> i moved to adjourn in memoriam of philip papadopoulos. >> second >> all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? we are adjourned. 5:58 pm. >> >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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