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tv   BOS Land Use Transportation Committee 92616  SFGTV  September 29, 2016 2:30am-4:01am PDT

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the last thing is there are reasons to deny the grant if the property owner isn't compliant with the obligation but also if we should at any time find they fallify any information that is in the grant application let's say relationships and that type of thing, that would be a reason for disqualification and want to put it out there to see if we should state that the property owner is required to then refund the amount of grant they were oweed. ? you should change the word ask to required which is may be required to return the grant funds. if this is done fraujiantly then yes, of coursefelt if they dopet they will get sued by the city. >> the question i believe is,
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ret row active from day one. the first date of misrepresentation and fraud the city can require reimbursement of the grant. >> i think existing law allows for that. that is going after people guilty of prod. >> from day one, correct? >> that is the question. you can pro pouse from day one. >> fwraum the time you break the law you are libel to reemburse the city for fund they gave under false pretense. i don't think it should be asked. i think may be require today return the grant fund. >> maybe be. may be meaning only if the city attorney is successful prosecuting. you will be required to the extent-required is may be
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required if you are bank rupt we may choose not to prosecute. will be required. they still may not- >> we'll get our city attorney-- >> i think absolutely if they falsify their application and get a grant they shouldn't have gotten we will go after thaem from the the first dollar distributed. i think that is the spirit. >> that conclude the first round of input from the commission for us to continue. >> i have a comment. i contemplate the chart you organized in section e because it stand we still need clarification what is
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outlined in prop j as rent credit and this remind me of incentive and affordable housing bonus program so curious if this is something to bring back to the supervisor jz see if this helps clarify that piece in prop >> about how to distribute the rent credit. i'm will ing to look at it little further. >> we have received the input from the commissioners and we'll continue to move forward. i think that that-unless you-we need to do public comment but unless you have final questions for manu why while you have a chance mptd >> any further questions? any members of the public that
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would like to comment? seeing none public comment is closed. manusfz you are free to spend the day how you like. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for indigdering our questions. >> item 7, approval of meeting minutes. you have consideration september 12, 2016 and february 19, 20 sphene. 15. >> motion. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. that motion is approved 7-0. opposed? i didn't ask. we do need public comment. y any members of the public that would like to comment on the item before we revote? >> seeing none public comment is closed. can we have the vote
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again? can i center v the motion, please? >> i move. >> i second. >> all in favor? opposed? motion pass said 7-0. item 8, directors report. update on report on the office of small business >> i think the updates can update light. >> i am going to-i will provide a more detailed report next mondays meeting. nothing urgent to report. >> any members that would like to comment on that report? >> seeing none, public comment closed. >> item 9, commissioners report. allows president, vice president and commissioners to report on small business activities.
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>> i center have one items i attended the first meeting for small business planning for nerks nerks next year. >> i want to highlight sfmta and working with [inaudible] small business in the mission on a program to promote [inaudible] to shop in the mission regionally. i do want to highlight thought because there are par ll ishis this is a time they are doing something amazing and should recognize when thirngs work. >> fantastic. >> shop mission. >> any other commissioner reports? do we have members of the public that like to comment on the commissioners reports? seeing none- >> i said comment and was sulnt. >> seeing none, public comment is closed.
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>> item 10, new business allows commissionerss to noort deuce new ajepda items for future consideration by the commission. >> commissioner adams, and this is something we brought up in the past and this is something after we get out of the heg legacy business done and going i like to talk about landlords who purposefully vacate buildings and want to bring up what is happening in the castro. we closed the patio down. he has a new business going in called ham burgy mary's approved a year ago and was suppose today be open and kept it vacant. he is now not negotiating in good faith with j jorge perez and giving 30 day tooz get out of the spot. you have a successful business
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there for 20 year jz a lapd lord that will tell him to leave successful business, he is will toog pay the rent and you have a landlord who wants him out who will leave the space vacant as he has done all the other commercial space on 18th street and castro. i know that there are state laws, but there has got to be something on the local level we can do and kathleen you brought this up, there has got to be something on the local level to do something with these landlords who want to keep spaces vacant because they get a tax break on the property loss. i'm starting to figure this out more and more as i research it. >> this then is looking into the issue of pusistent vacancies? >> yes. thank you. >> okay.
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>> that's all. >> any other new business items? commissioner zouzounis did you have something? anybody else? okay, no more new business. any members of the public that like to comment on the new business? seeing none, public comment is closed. next item. >> i would regarding that issue. there is legislation on the vacant space ordinance where they get penalties but don't believe it is from my experience my previous job-richard [inaudible] it doesn't seem to be working very well so maybe you can look into that a little more. >> great. we will put that on our new business agenda for staff to see if they can't come up with a presentation for us. okay. any other member that would like to comment on item number
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10? seeing none public comment is closed. next item. >> item 11, adjournment. >> so move. >> second. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> opposed? >> gavel down. >> the meeting is adjourned at 252 p.m. >> 443, sorry. thank you. [meeting adjourned]
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>> good afternoon the meeting will come to order. this is the regularly scheduled meeting of the land use committee my name is supervisor cowen and to my right is supervisor wiener and commissioner peskin your scheshg is clerk victor young at this time, i'd like to take a moment and thank leo and justus from sfgovtv so for assisting us electronic devices. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. items acted upon today will appear on the september board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much call item one. >> item now and then ordinance amending the achievement planning code by rising the achievement scoping map to
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rezone olsen street as public and 50 x to usher and 85 x. >> supervisor campos is the achievement sponsor of this item will lead the achievement discussion from this moment forward just said to recognize we'll have presentations from geo0 of planning and ann of the mayor's office of housing supervisor any opening remarks. >> yes. madam chair and colleagues the achievement land use committee for hearing this item we are the very critical time here in the city and county of san francisco especially in neighborhoods like the achievement mission where we have the worse affordability crisis in our history the last number i saw as of february of this year, the afternoon rent for a two bedroom agreement was
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4 thousand one and $26 very few people can afford to pay that amount we many my office have been working over the last 8 years to make sure we have development that is representative of the needs of our community that means especially right now to have development that is affordable i am proud that with respect to this property before this committee that my office working closely with the city with community folks to take the city owned parking lot at the corner of fulsome and 17th street and turn it into a parcel where half of the site will become one hundred 100 percent affordable housing and the achievement other half will be become a new park the first new park in san francisco in more than a decade the purpose of this legislation to cut red tape to make sure
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that more affordable units are built on this site particularly what you have to legislation that rezones the parcel from p to urban mixed use and increases the achievement height from 50 to 85 feet so as to maximize the achievement number of units i constructed on this site approving this rezoning district will piece of the achievement way for construction of within hundred 39 new affordable units in the mission one of several affordable housing projects in the pipeline i'm proud this number of one and 39 apartment for families in transitional youth in this neighborhood the ground floor at the 2060 fulsome will excluding include a purchase infant toddler care by the organizations and a retail use that is intended for a cafe
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the last 100 percent affordable housing site in the mission was completed in 2011 and again, we're sow excited excuse me - about this project i want to thank the achievement development team of the mission economic development and the achievement center for working on this project and also thank all the community-based organizations that will be bringing much needed programs to the spacing (calling names) jamestown and the goorn and as noted by the achievement chair we have a number of speakers here the first thing being gwen 0 from the achievement planning code. >> planning department staff the property ordinance to rise
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the zoning use and height and bulk district maps for fulsome from the achievement determination as public and it's height and bulk of 50 x to urban mixed use and height and bulk determination of '85 tedious e they do e beds that was introduced by supervisor campos so the tublt the subject property and owned by the cities and counties of san francisco currently the project site is developed with a surface parking lot with the achievement vehicle parking spaces this rezoning and height recomplication or clarification to allow for the construction of 9 story 85 foot three-legged stool one and 65 square feet mixed use building on july 28th the planning commission heard the legislative amendment for the achievement
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reclassification after public comment that was overwhelmingly supportive the achievement commission voted 5 to zero for recommending the achievement board of supervisors adapt this proposed ordinance that is before you. >> some of the basis for the recommendation of approval the fact this zoning and height will allow construction of 100 percent in the mission district that was experiencing the issues of gentrification and displacement the rezoning with the enhancing of the city's supply of affordable housing in the mission district neighborhood and additionally the achievement mixed use rezone is appropriate for the achievement site it is consistent with the achievement zoning district found in the immediate neighborhood thank you, supervisors that concludes my presentation. >> thank you, colleagues
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unless any questions i'd like to call upon shannon the achievement chinatown development center which is one of the two affordable housing developers that have been working on this project. >> good afternoon chair cohen and supervisors pleased to be before you today to present this major affordable housing project chinatown cdc was niefld to be co-dispensaries we have submitted entitlement application for one and 39 that may be fewer but we're having all units affordable to household with 60 of medium area income and most been 2 and three bedrooms and about 20 percent of the apartment will be preserved for transition youth existing
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foster care or homelessness including some that will be reserved for parents the achievement height and bulk is essential for the achievement special site next to a park i wanted to show an image or two of the project our architect team of solomon along with mission district have really developed a great project design and we are very happy to say with 3 community meetings and extensive community outreach we have not had opposition but great feedback from neighbors and continue to tax the achievement comments take into consideration from the achievement neighbors and public i'll be available to answer any questions about the achievement project thank you.
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>> thank you, ms. dodge next it ann ramos of the mayor's office of housing. >> good afternoon chair cohen and members of the board i'm ann project sponsor at the mayor's office of housing i like to indicate our departments strong support on 20 fulsome street as you've heard cdc have owned the achievement city with rec and park that purposed the parcel to develop the achievement park and meta was select to develop the site in 2015 in response for the achievement high quality project for 20 percent of units targeted to homeless with transitional youth the lp has an option to enter into a long term lease we
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firmly believe that is ideal for families housing and have a preamount loan in my mind of $2 million and in the range of $21 million so thank you for your consideration. >> thank you, again thank you to the mayor's office of housing for all the achievement work that has gone into this project colleagues unless you have any questions i would a number of speakers i'll call their names (calling names). >> please come on up.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> state your name >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good afternoon. my name is marie. >> speak into the mike for translating. >> good afternoon. my name is marie i'm here on behalf of the delores services and all the achievement families that live in the sros in the mission district. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it really hurts to see the families housing built with money for money and not enough for families living with low
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income. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i ask that you, please take into consideration all the families families under those conditions and create housing available for them attorney-client. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> >> next speaker. >> good afternoon madam chair and mrbz i'm a senior project manager with the families agree working with chinatown corporation to bring this project to fruition here to express our support for the item on the agenda and to reiterate just the families urgency and the families need in the community as you've heard from
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our partners as well as the community members this is a project that if we built it today would be filled immediately as you may know that the families need more affordable housing at every level the families income spectrum is incredibly, incredibly urgent throughout the city as well and so we look forward to bringing this project to fruition with cdc and the partners with the mayor's office of housing if you have any questions i'm available to answer them as well thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon chair cohen an immigrant from mexico when i recently moved to the states my neighborhood and first home in the mission district i live in
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two buildings for 5 years and because there was high rent and also, because of need of the space with my brother and sister they got married we moved into the excelsior we lived for 12 years and on the downturn of the economy our landlady lost her home our home we cannot afford anything on the mission we were looking at for - some landlords would not take children it was difficult we had to split up some of the rooms were 8 hundred and only allowed two people to live in the room lucky we found a home for 4 rooms 3 bathrooms that is my
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neighborhood and home for the families past 3 years and the story of my family or large family is one of hundreds in san francisco especially in the mission where we feel more comfortable to shop i'm sorry to shop and look for resources in the mission that's why i urge you to approve this building and more so families can stay and live in san francisco thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. >> i always go to the planning commission but the residents i work for the families mission in the office of economic workforce development and have been part of this project community planning in 2006, we were part of the neighborhood plan that side is this parking lot was puc
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land and we identity that has a neighborhood as affordable housing we have been fighting this is the response to organizing we have 8 hundred unity of affordable housing in the mission right now this has been a lot of progress to get this in the mission and i'm encouraged and urge you supervisors to approve that project and more coming in the pipeline yeah. this is - this is big and we have seen all the families families in the studios and they're not allowed to live this is the only resource that latinos can live in the mission we need more after i hope we will be able to achieve the families goal of 24 hundred new unit in the mission to apply the demand of affordable housing those corners were severing in the mission in the school
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district more families can under they earn under 50 or $60,000 we don't need nor condo and people coming with high incomes in our neighborhood because of the education thank you. >> thank you. this point any public comment? who has not spoken that would like to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. and madam chair that includes the public comment and the presentation one last point i want to thank sheila in the chambers of my office we've been working on this for many, many years and its been a long time coming this is exciting thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. a motion for this item? >> so moved. >> >> motion made by supervisor peskin and without
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objection that passes unanimously thank you supervisor campos. >> thank you to the community for come on and congratulations. >> thank you. >> mr. clerk anything else. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, the meeting is remind members of the public
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the commission doesn't tolerate disruption of any kind of please silence all cell phones that may go off during the proceedings and if you care please state your name for the record. president wolfram. >> here. >> vice president hyland. >> here. >> commissioner johnck. >> here. >> commissioner johns. >> here. >> san mateo. >> here. >> and commissioner pearlman. >> here. >> first is general public and members of the public but address the commission within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items and then your time is afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes and let me just.
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>> does any member of the public wish to speak on a non agendized item? if so come up and you will have 30 seconds. >> thank you. i am kathleen and a resident of bernal heights and represent neighbors in the community and we're concerned about the proposed addition of the third story to the existing bernal -- b star restaurant which was previously a landmark restaurant the liberty cafe and is unique in san francisco it has a large out door sunny court yard. the proposed changes to the building would take the charm of the existing cottage and essentially slap a third story on top of it creating an eye sore and destroying the business, the existing restaurant is not up to code in
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as far as there is an alley way to access the back courtyard and we believe adding this addition will be a great loss for the residents of bernal heights and there is really nothing else to replace it. the owner who is from out of town is proposing a compound pharmacy be added to this third story with a series of awkward stair cases which will run through the courtyard piece of the restaurant so it's -- you know we don't fully understand why the value -- the existing value in the neighborhood would essentially be forfeited for the addition of something that is clearly seen as just an incremental improvement to an existing property at the cost of the community and that's all. >> thank you. any other members of the public to speak
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on an a non agendized item please come forward. seeing none. public comment is now closed. >> commissioners that place us under department matters item 1, director's announcement. >> good afternoon. tim frye department staff. the report is included in your packet. i am happy to answer questions and in the newsletter place making twin peaks tavern was mentioned as the landmark of the quarter. >> item 2 review of past events and staff report and announcements. >> commissioners tim frye again department staff. a couple of items to share with you. no formal report from the planning commission however since our last -- [inaudible] [off mic] since our last
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hearing in august you may be aware there there a fire at 447 minet street and a historic building part of the 5m project. it's a category one building under article 11 of the planning code -- >> does it have a name as well? >> pardon me? >> does it have a name of the building? >> it has a name. i can't recall what the specific name is. i am happy to -- forward you any information about the building but i did want to make you aware since late august we have been in contact with the developer. the developer has continued to work with arg who sent out their conservators and
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construction crew to stabilize the building and the good news is most of the damage is on the interior where there were few character defining features remaining and they stabilized the structure and said they would keep us up-to-date on repair work as it progresses. our last contact with them was on august 29 where they were installing scaffolding and removing equipment from the roof and interior partitions damaged by the fire. they were going to secure windows and door openings to ensure that you know no other fires break out in the future but again i will let you know if anything else happens. in the meantime i will forward you the information about the property. and then lastly just to bring to your attention all of you were copied on an email. i believe
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it was sent out yesterday from the dogpatch neighborhood association raising concerns about an item on your calendar and requesting a continuance. as you know will bring this issue up at the call of the item and it is up to the commission to decide whether or not their concerns warranted a continuance but staff is prepared to present the item at today's hearing. that concludes my comments unless you have any questions. >> commissioners seeing none we can move on to commission matters. item 3 president's report and announcements. >> no report or announcements today. >> item 4 consideration of adoption draft minutes for the arc meeting of june 152016 and for regular meeting of august 17, 2016. >> commissioners any edits to the minutes? we will take
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public comments on the draft minutes of the arc june 15, 2016 and the hpc meeting of august 17, 2016. does any member of the public have comments on the draft minutes? seeing and hearing none we will close public comment. do i have a motion to adopted minutes. >> i so move. >> second. >> thank you commissioners on the motion to adopt the minutes for the june 15, 2016 and the august 17, regular hearing commissioner johnck. >> yes. >> commissioner johns. >> yes. >> commissioner matsuda. >> yes. >> commissioner pearlman. >> yes. >> commissioner hyland. >> yes. >> president wolfram. >> yes. >> so moved. that passes unanimously 6-0. commissioners that places us on item 5 commission comments or questions. >> any comments or questions? quiet bunch. we upon keep moving. >> excellent. commissioners that places us under the
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regular calendar item 6 for sis 2015-012830coa at 1133 tennessee street. this is a certificate of appropriateness. >> good afternoon considers commissioners. this is a certificate of appropriateness for 1133 tennessee street which say contributing resource of the dogpatch landmark district and consists of restorations and the facade alterations and based on historic evidence and scarring on the exterior facade and the protect will paint the horizontal siding and replacing if necessary. replace the existing garage with a glaze garage door and add to the lower unit and the entry store with new wood entry stair and trade and replace the existing garage door -- exterior windows on the front
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facade, the windows will be repaired and the rest will be replaced with aluminum clasp and in the rear remove a historic rear addition and stair and would construct a new three story horizontal addition and extend 19 feet and 6-inches and vertical trim between the old and the new and cladd and painted to match the historic residents and overall increase the number of garage spaces from one to two and units to two to three and overall square footage of the residence up 24299 feet feept. department received correspondence from the dogpatch neighborhood association. there was an email submitted to the commission requesting a continuance due to lack of response by the owner and up for
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consideration of the hpc and if you so grant notification is still required for the property and has to under go neighborhood notice. overall the department does recommend approval with conditions to ensure that the proposed work is under taken with conformation staff recommends the following conditions. one, prior to approval of the site prerment the owner should give the plans and landscaping and paving and fer rim terfencing and the district. planning staff should have final approval of all site work, two, prior to approval all permit the project sponsor should give all finished proposed materials. the board should demonstrate the ranges of them as well as the paint color and three, prior to approval of the site permit the project
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sponsor should give information about the hand rail. the new stair and hand rail should be consistent with stairs within the district. the project sponsor is present and can answer questions and i am available for questions and this concludes my presentation. thank you. >> thank you. does the project sponsor have a presentation or -- >> my name is bob and i own the property, and i concur with the staff report, and we have been working with the neighborhoods associations and different neighbors for a number of years now, and we would like the project to proceed as quickly as possible and we will comply with the items mentioned to you by staff. we look forward working with the community on this project because it's a good project, really needed. thank you. >> all right thank you. does the commission have any questions for staff? at this
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time we will take public comment on this item. does any member of the public wish to comment on the item? if so come forward. seeing no we will bring it back to the commission. commissioner pearlman. >> i would like to address the issue of the continuance. >> commissioner pearlman if you could speak into the mics that would be great. >> i'm voiceless today. i would like to address the issue about the continuance. it seems to me that i know this area. i have walked by this house. it is a desecrettant house and has been for decades and i would like to see this project move forward and seems to me with the conditions proposed by staff that would answer the list of questions that the dna spokesperson i forgot who wrote the email and address the dna issues about materials, the
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fence, sidewalk issues, so i think we should not continue this and move it forward today. >> thank you. commissioners any other comments? do i have -- oh commissioner johnck. >> i would like to say getting a notice like that so close to the meeting time without any whole lot of very specific information as to what is wrong and after reading the staff report i felt that the staff addressed any issues and i agree that we continue to hear this and move ahead with it. >> yeah, if the hpc is concerned about the outreach with the community we can have the applicant do another meeting with the neighbors to ensure the property as updated is appropriately addressed to the surrounding neighbors and can be done prior to taking the 311 notification for the project.
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>> [inaudible] [off mic] >> so do i have a motion then? >> yeah and to insert that what he just said. >> make it a condition of approval. >> can i address that? i want to address the neighborhood association. in that email it talked about they just got this information yesterday or monday i guess, and you know this information has been available. it's at the planning department. you know they know who the staff is. they certainly could have gotten the information if they weren't getting feedback from the owner, so i think -- you know it goes both ways. for those that are out there working and trying to get things done it's always a challenge. you know it's a back and forth. you know definitely the neighborhood associations you know contribute and of course dogpatch in particular. they're vigilant about that which is excellent thing but to claim they didn't
3:15 am
know what is going on and didn't feel they had the right information i don't think is a fair way of dealing with this problem and then asking for i continuance which would delay the project by a month or more so i think it's a two way street and i know no one from the neighborhood is here but i wanted that on record. thanks. >> thank you. >> commissioner johnck did you have another comment? >> we're sharing this i think. you are nowellen. >> hi there. commissioner hyland. >> yeah, i want to say it's good as stated and fine and regardlesses of other comments and i second the motion if it's hasn't been motioned already. >> we have a motion and a second. >> very good commissioners. on that motion to approve this matter with conditions as amended by staff. -- >> and the condition to -- >> as amended by staff. >> thank you. >> commissioner johnck. >> yes. >> commissioner johns.
3:16 am
>> yes. >> commissioner matsuda. >> yes. >> commissioner pearlman. >> yes. >> commissioner hyland. >> yes. >> president wolfram. >> yes. >> so moved commissioners. that passes unanimously 6-0. commissioners that places us on 7a, b, c, d, e and for 2016-010959lbr at 900 valencia street, case 2016-010958lbr at 1644 haight street, 2016-010966lbr, 199 valencia street, 2016-01093lbr, 506 clement street, and sis 2016-010965lbr at 1618 noriega street respectively. they're legacy business applications. >> commissioners tim frye department staff. before desiree gins i just thed to again mark this is her first
3:17 am
time presenting as a member of the planning staff and please welcome her and with that i will desiree take over. >> thank you. good afternoon commissioners. desiree smith planning department staff. the items before you today are five legacy business nominations and applications which were submitted to the planning department on august 22 and are ready for your recommendation. the department received the five legacy business applications by the filing date for the hpc hearing date and reviewed by the commission of small business for completion prior going to the planning department. your packets has outline of each business outlining the traditions and features with the businesses. the first application is the book smith and at hate street. the next
3:18 am
is for dog eared books an independent book store at 900 valencia street in the mission district. the neighboring gathering spot offers new and used books of high quality events to the patrons. established in 1992 dog eared books faces displacement. the next application is for green apple books, a 49 year old book store literary destination at 506 clement street in the richmond district and green apple books is also known for the noteworthy business practices and successful example of succession planning. the next application is for henry's house of coffee for coffee roaster
3:19 am
and he learned the business and taught it to his sons. built in 1965 and was a grocery and store and now sells to coffee shop shops and fine dining strawntses. the final application isar zeitgeist a brew pub and beer garden at 199 valencia street in the mission district. zeitgeist booftd boosts large brews from the community and events for those displaced by fires and food from the kitchen for that live far for home. we find that they are qualified for legacy business registry. this concludes my presentation. i am happy to answer questions that you have. we have a few representatives here today from the businesses
3:20 am
who would like to speak on behalf of the application. >> thank you. any questions commissioners? so i think what we will do we will do the public comment which will include the ability for the sponsors to present their businesses. at this time i have one speaker card for pete molvillehill. >> good afternoon commissioners. thank you for your time and your service volunteering your time to keep san francisco vibrant and diverse city. green apple books is founded in 1967 with a credit union loan. it was 750 square feet and over the last 49 years it's expanded to 8,000 square feet in three buildings. in the late 90's it was sold to three long-term employees including myself and two others who had worked there. we're a unionized shop. our workers have wonderful benefits even before
3:21 am
the city required health care and paid time off and the benefits we offered them. we expanded and opened a new store in the inner sunset two years ago and the death of books. the building is pre-1906 building and you can see gas fixtures on the second floor. while the books and people have changed over the years if you shopped here 20, 30, 40 years ago it would feel the same as then. there are nooks and alcoves to get lost and discover things. the book selection is unparalleled in san francisco. the news and use booking in all areas and quarter million titles to choose from. books have helped couples conceive -- >> [inaudible] kids learn to read and readers get new perspectives et cetera. used books are more affordable and keeps knowledge and information and stories accessible to a broad range of san francisco consumers of all income levels.
3:22 am
we circulate hundreds of dollars in the local economy and pay cash for the books from people that bring them in. the book themselves have evolved and to what san francisco cares about. the attacks of 9/11 were a great example and two shelfs of middle eastern book and that ballooned. there is community support for this. we have 1265 yelp reviews, 1200 are four or five stars. for reference the closest next store with that many reviews is city lights and fewer than half of those. obviously it's a beloved institution and this is not to brag but to shore that the community really support the store. we won countless awards and jewish publications and the san francisco chronicle. two years ago we were awarded publisher's book seller of the year and once a year. i am
3:23 am
going to run short on time so i would just focus on the fact that all of humanity has happened at green apple and fires author quakes and dates and medical emergencies and marriage proposals and employees who met and married there. new stores have grown from ours and employees started their own businesses and we have 400 to 500 people a day and that's why we're here, the support of the community. it's not because of anything we have done but the community supports our store. thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you very much. does other member of the public or sponsor of a legacy business wish to speak at this time? yeah please come forward. you will have three minutes and there is a warning bell 30 seconds before. >> good afternoon. my name is h.d ao g and the co-ownerir of henry's house of
3:24 am
coffee and a third generation coffee rooster. our roots began in lebanon in the 40's when my grand father had a business and you had to roast the coffee and he did that and as my father grew up at 12, or 13 and pulled out of school as tradition back then and helped with the business and his role was roast the coffee and my father immigrated to the united states and looked for a business and found house of coffee on irving street and opened up by a man which mr. johns had met back in 1965. my father perfected -- purchased the business in 1983 and was a
3:25 am
specialty food store and had a coffee machine and "i know how to do this" and started working there. i grew up in the business and hated it as a kid. my father pulled me out on saturday mornings and i wanted to watch scooby doo and he pulled me out and i didn't want to do that and after school i went into corporate finance but there was something about the business, the tradition and the heritage that i didn't want to go away. we're in the business not because it's a good business but because it's part of my heritage and i want to honor my father in that in anything i do. i want the business around for another 50 years and nominated as a legacy business is a honor and i hope you approve as well. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to speak on these items, item 7?
3:26 am
seeing none we will close public comment and bring it back to the commission. >> commissioner johns. >> well, i will say i have been a customer since 1968 and testify and verify everything that he does and i've been a long time customer of green apple books although i don't think i got there until 1980. [laughter] but at any rate i think that these are two examples of extraordinarily worthwhile nominees for this particular thing. too bad that the others didn't make a presentation, but nevertheless so i move that we approve these. >> commissioner johnck. >> i second the motion. i want to comment -- particularly i love -- i mean the stories are beautiful and i kept thinking i would love to have these
3:27 am
stories at a public event, the san francisco public library. maybe we feature legacy business or san francisco historic preservation commission can work with the library on these but i was particularly inspired by the green apple books because i have been in there and whenever gi into a book store i pretend i am tom stopper and got his best ideas -- first place from book stores so for the purpose of discovery and envisioning your future and a kind of value proposition that reading and books emulates it's very resonates with legacy and our heritage here and i think it's particularly important you know long time san franciscans in publishing et cetera so that's my endorsement, yeah thank you and of course the coffee is great. >> thanks. >> commissioner. >> yeah, i want to thank you both. i don't know if i have been moved to tears before but
3:28 am
i got a tear in my eye when you were telling the story -- i'm sorry, harod. because i always talk about -- we always talk about san francisco is our stories. it's true of any place and the reason we do what we do and i appreciate your acknowledgment of that or your acknowledgment of that it's about keeping the stories alive and it's so rare to hear a story like yours in particular about generations and generations and your commitment, your sort of soul feeling that that this is something you want to keep alive and i understand you're teaching your son or daughter you know this tradition as well. also i'm so impressed there are three book stores. you know as you talked about i was in green apple books about two weeks ago and. >> there on a fairly regular basis and we hear about the death of book stores in the
3:29 am
90's and 2000's that was the story and to see three book stores with the history that they each have and now will continue to have that in the city is incredibly impressive and thank you and thank you all for participating in this program. i think it's really important. thank you. >> commissioner matsuda. >> yes, thanks. i wanted to welcome desiree officially welcome desiree and i really enjoyed reading the summary you put together. i think you really capture what we were looking for when we started to brainstorm about what kind of legacy we can leave as a city entity and i think you're really starting to capture that. i would like to strongly encourage you and the rest of the planning staff to go one step further. i mentioned this at the last hearing, to really start to create a template where we incorporate the visuals as well as the stories that we heard
3:30 am
today so that somebody who say visitor or a native can click and really get the feel why these legacy businesses are important. i grew in the richmond neighborhood district and my dad was a book worm and people played baseball on saturday and i went to green apple books and i know it well and i know the cafe well because that was my treat after a book but i know now where i am going to buy my coffee. [laughter] >> commissioner hyland. >> yeah, i want to briefly -- i support all five of these. i was pleasantly surprised to see dog eared books and it was an institution and neighborhood i moved into 30 years ago and the book store in the castro i enjoyed and didn't make it and
3:31 am
i walked past a couple of weeks ago and a different book store is coming in and i am happy it's dog eared books so i support this as well. >> thank you. i think we have a motion and a second. >> we do. on that motion then to approve these -- excuse me adopt recommendations for approval for the five legacy business applications. commissioner johnck. >> yes. >> commissioner johns. >> yes. >> commissioner matsuda. >> yes. >> commissioner pearlman. >> yes. >> commissioner hyland. >> yes. >> president wolfram. >> yes. >> so moved that motion passes unanimously 6-0. and places on on 2015-007810th a dig dig work program. >> landmark designation work program. >> good afternoon commissioners. susan parks staff. this is an update on the work program of this year, the
3:32 am
last ten days will account for next quarterly report. as usual through the work program items that came before you and those that are expected to come before you in the coming montses. i will give you update on the survey teams projects and the performance measures we're tracking. mow have two designations still pending at the board of supervisors due to their recess and the cloud of witnesses and the amendment to 140 maiden lane. staff received one landmark designation for folsom street and bo swrart style residence identified in the inner mission north survey. once we completed the review of application we will bring it forward to you. staff met with the discuss the possible landmark designation application
3:33 am
for that property as listed. as far as the other active designations they're produced through the hpc and park funding. staff works with the consultants on the projects to move them forward. as far as our other designations we expect the peace pagotta and placa to come in the next quarter or two. we are meeting with the jap town community to discuss the ymca and get an update as well. the sailor's union is on hold and new era hall and we're waiting direction on you how to proceed with that designation. segueing into the new work program as you recall at your last meeting you add the approximately 40 properties to the landmark designation program and landmark
3:34 am
district and a letter went out this week to the owners about the program and next time we will give you an idea of who is supportive and who is not. at the last hearing you asked for a list of the properties on the work program and included on page 6 and seven of your packets. you can see we maintained the active and pending list. the active list includes some of the properties you added at the last hearing that are produced either by staff, consultants or sf heritage and the elray theater or casa sanchez and having a national registration or the properties as part of the central soma plan. the same methodology that we used for the districts but the haight-ashbury is active. that's because we have been in contacted with sf heritage how to proceed on the district but we haven't started work yet. as for the pending list divide that into phases
3:35 am
for you. phase one is the properties that were identified endangered or those properties that have an active project and the elkoa building or the temple up for sale. we included two projects we felt were immediate priority and national significance and kin min. quan and the church of fellowship of all people and national register. phase two includes the properties with substantially complete reports and on hold and arrow hall and -- [inaudible] staff is waiting for direction how to proceed. phase three are properties identified through statements or surveys for which we have quite a bit of information and minimal staff research could be required if we did decide to use the
3:36 am
landmark designation for those designations and the last category is phase four. those properties are already protected as existing landmark or conservation district or within an existing individual landmark. and their cultural and social heritage hasn't been adequately recognized. we referred to them as phrases but i want stress we might not do in this order but category of properties that we can pick and choose from accordly. staff serves as technical staff to the historic preservation committee. we are working on the african-american historic context statement and we're working with the his and cultural society how to create an outreach plan for that project. the latino historic statement and from various
3:37 am
areas and sacred heart and new deal content statement. staff works on the grants for under represented communities and for civil rights in san francisco and we expect to apply for a second grant soon to identify african-american specific sites in san francisco. as far as our performance measures the first is that we complete no new designations during the quarter. number two, the application has been posted to the website for over a year. number 3, again no new designations and four the next quarterly report is due to you january 4, 2017. this concludes my presentation. i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. commissioner commissioner matsuda. >> one question. thank you very much for your report. i just had a question about the japantown -- it's the yw -- not
3:38 am
the ym. why this one is considered active and the [inaudible] as phase one is further down the line because they were all nominated at the same time -- >> yeah, they were nominated together and came out of the that group. the y is part of the civil rights grant so that is one of the properties -- >> national park service. >> yeah, the national park service grant so we're working with consultants to prepare a national registration for those that you can review but turned into a landmark designation. >> okay. the key min [inaudible] is desperate need for attention than the y. >> yeah, that's why it's it's the top of the next priority list. we're not actively working on it as part of a grant. >> got it. >> other questions commissioners? why don't we
3:39 am
take public comment and bring it back to the commission for further comments. at this time we will have public comment. >> good afternoon commissioners. i wanted to report on two items that work program. one is george washington high school. as you might know supervisor eric mar put money in the add back to work to do the study and i just found out from heritage that the report is going to be ready to come to staff in october and since eric mar's termed out in january i was hoping that the report could be sent tote board of supervisors so introduce it before his last meeting in january because he's been a really big support offer of not
3:40 am
only the -- -- supporter of this and the green apple books and i think it would be an honor for him if the commission could do that. i haven't seen the report yet but and the mother's building i think the commission is interested. supervisor katy tang put $400,000 in the city budget -- if you read the report to do phase one -- or the immediate needs and the short term needs but before that the zoo has been cleaning up the building and doing some of the repair work on it. last week the team arg, myself, rec and park and the art commission staff we were all out there looking to see what needs to be done in the next phase and
3:41 am
mapping out a plan of how to allocate the money that's been spent, and also the art commission found some photos. as you know the western wall was damaged with water so it might help in recovering the mural. they're not sure whether they can actually recover the whole mural or stay the way it is in some places and finally the zoo is coming up with a plan. if you have been out to the zoo they opened the children's area and want to reopen the slope boulevard entrance which would be great and people would see the building and reuse the building as the history of the zoo and honor -- i would like them to see honor the wpa women artists since there weren't that many of them so things are coming around but we haven't
3:42 am
found the four to $5 million to do the major renovations. thank you. >> thank you. any other members of the public wish to speak at this time please come forward? seeing none. public comment is now closed. commissioners any questions? why don't we talk about new era hall. it seems to be sort of languishing on this list but waiting for us to direct move it forward. mr. frye do you have a comment on that? >> commissioners as you recall this report has been completed -- excuse me, there was some discussions with the property owner who is reluctant to move forward on the discussion primarily because they were discussing an easement that they shared with the neighboring property. my understanding it has been resolved however it doesn't appear they are actively
3:43 am
interested in designation. this commission though would like to schedule a hearing on it it could bring that conversation to light and we could really figure out the best course of action. >> can we get any feedback about -- i mean now that particular issue was resolved why he or she is reluctant to move forward as a landmark? do we know why? >> based on my conversations with the property owner the property owner is crossroads clothing company that occupies the ground floor. i don't know if it's standard practice for them to purchase the buildings they occupy. they bought the building a number of years ago and simply stated they were interested in running their retail component and not in preservation to be short. we did make them aware of the mills act and other amenities that
3:44 am
are provided by the planning code, incentives but they just didn't seem interested. >> do we have a history of any other landmarks that had resistance or ones that got this far and then just languished and never happened? do you know of any? >> not necessarily. again i think it may be worth having that conversation in a public forum with the property owner to see if we can address some of their concerns -- >> actually we did have the case with the -- i am trying to think of the owner -- the building -- >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> the property owner wasn't keen on the nomination. >> but eventually supportive -- >> wasn't really resistant,. >> somewhat resistant. >> and the owner of marcus books and the owner wasn't interested so it has happened.
3:45 am
>> commissioner hyland. >> yeah, i propose that we move this forward. i have concerns about the strip on market street to octavia to noe street and rezoned to 85 feet. we had a project -- the fedex kinkos building at market and deboas and last meeting and vertal additions on the buildings and it's a challenge and this project specifically -- this new eera hall is along market street and along with the property at church set the whole street experience for that block so i propose that we move it forward. we invite the property owner to come talk to us and let us tell the property owner how important it is our commission and to the city. >> i see a lot of nodding heads so we have a consensus to move that item forward.
3:46 am
>> for a hearing. >> for a hearing , right. >> [inaudible] [off mic] the question is an initiation hearing. >> right. >> and that would be a common thing we could do in a case like this. >> right and we can decide to initiate or not at the hearing and we have done the work -- >> notwithstanding the concern or lack of interest. >> yeah. commissioner johnck did you have another comment? >> no, i am good. >> commissioner hyland. >> can we move on? >> sure. >> i have a question. there was a hotel in south park -- >> isn't it here. >> [inaudible] (talking over one another). >> actually three properties. >> got it. i wanted to make sure it was there. >> any other questions? >> what about the other project in the parks mentioned that were languishing? >> new era hall was one and strand theater we're waiting
3:47 am
for the owner to provide some things. the boat house we can discuss. the sailors union of the pacific -- >> we're waiting on the owner on that one. we have been waiting for a year but golden gate park -- [inaudible] >> (talking over one another). >> when it was tabled two, three years ago, five. >> the boat house hasn't been recently rehabilitated. i don't know we felt there was a sense of urgency after the work was done and golden gate park is a big question. >> yeah. >> maybe for another hearing. i don't know. mr. hyland. commissioner hyland. >> i have other questions. are they listed in bullets and put into what staff believes the priorities or just the categories? >> they're mostly categoriorized and not immediate order. >> okay. are we wanting to prioritize these? maybe not today but in general. i propose
3:48 am
that we put kin monglawkin at the top. >> at the top. >> yeah. that's the immediate suggestion and maybe we -- >> yeah that one and maybe the galvanizing works at the top of the list too. that maybe could be second. >> this is great. thank you. >> thank you. >> i don't see any other comment. thank you very much for your hard work and your very clear presentation of this material. that's great. and i think that's our final item; right? so we can adjourn the hearing. [gavel] on election day, when y
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
to vote at your local polling place, in san francisco, the workers, that greet you, check the roster, and give you your boll lot, might a little young, like they could be in high school, this is part of the poll worker program, this provides, every election, with thoun poll workers, how did they become a poll workers, and what is it like being a poll worker as such a young age? let's meet some poll workers. >> hello, i have been a poll worker for about poll workers for 13 years now. >> hello, this would bymy my 7th
3:55 am
year now. >> my name is eddie, i'm 20, i'm a senior, i will be graduating this may. [music] >> students don't just show up on election day, they're recruited and trained by the department of election. [music] >> we visit to almost all san francisco high schools, talk to students, in government class, and talk to them about being a poll workers. >> students play an important part in poll workers in san francisco, we're going to hire about 1,000 this year, it's a great opportunity for them to learn about the democratic process, they also earn a stipend in work, and earn credits. >> i was excited to see at my
3:56 am
high school, to work for the department of elections, we can get extra credit for one of our classes. >> i was like, i need money, i want to do something for her, my city. >> i said, hey, why not, it might be cool, i have been an active community person. [music] >> it gives a real experience that takes the concepts i'm teaching in class, it's real life, it's not something that is just in a textbook, it's representative of democracy, and direct democracy, all in one day, for the students to interact with the public, it is complicated, there are problems you have to you know deal with these issues as they arise immediately, and come up with a resolution. >> it was really crazy, and hectic, there were a lot of voters. >> it gives me experience with
3:57 am
helping people and getting to know people, and how to treat people. >> being a poll workers, it's a cool way to see what life is about beyond school. [music] >> students must be 16 years of age, get permission from their parents and school, and have a 2.5 student gpa, to become a poll workers, they also have a two hour training session. >> i'm glad they had training, i had all my questions clarified, so i really prepare you for election day. >> san francisco is a multicultural, city, with many languages, spoken every day, more than 80% of the precincts.
3:58 am
>> i know spanish, i want to help them. >> in addition to english, they proviet student voters with spanish, japanese, vietnamese. >> it does look grade on a resume, they're interacting with the public, they're problem volume ving. >> you have to be responsible what you are doing, you got to work with a partner, team work, it's not just about me, it's about us. >> it's kind of a precareer experience, and it can open up doors later in the future to job tunts. >> you feel more connected to our government for the participation in this program. i see the impact in my students work, i see it in their writing,
3:59 am
in group discussions. >> i just really like the sense of going out there, doing something for the community and being part of the community, helping others voice their opinions, work as a student and be a part of their democratic process of san francisco. >> i feel that i did something for my community. >> when you are a high school poll workers, you are excused in class, you gain so much knowledge in skipping school, it's probably one of the best experience i had had, i'm glad i had it all throw high school. >> they recruit new student poll workers, through every election, for more information, go to sf [music]
4:00 am
>> >> >> madam secretary. >> here. so moved. >> next item. >> public comment on executive session. >> is there any public comment on executive session? being none, public comment is closed. >> executive


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