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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  October 9, 2016 2:45pm-3:01pm PDT

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assembly member ting's office and i want to acknowledge the family violence counsel chair katy albright who here as well. next up is the community education at las casa delas madras that opened as the first domestic violence shelter in the state of california and only the second in the nation. please welcome cara. [ applause ] >> i'm going to put this down, but i was holding the door to shelter. good evening, it's wonderful to be here with all of you standing in support of domestic violence survivors. over 40 years ago we began as a small shelter for battered women in san francisco and today la casa is still providing emergency services to women and children in need through confidential shelter and 24-hour crisis line.
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we also provide counseling, case management, support groups, a teen program and legal services at our jobs center on mission street four of our advocates work as the only two women-specific supportive housing sites in san francisco, providing emotional and practical support to over 150 female residents. this partnership is entering its 18th year. la casa also had the opportunity to extend our support services in san francisco by providing targeted programming to specific populations alongside amazing community partners. i would like to highlight four of these programs today: first we're pard to be pard of zuckerberg san francisco gener hospital and la casa advocate is on-site to meet with patients that dispose instances of intimate partnership violence to their physician and providing danger and risk assessment, safety planning, grief
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counseling and resources and referrals. this individual will also provide training on intimate partner violence to health care professionals. second, funded by the department on the status of women, co-located at san francisco housing authority. as many of us know survivor safety challenge is navigating the public housing system in san francisco. we work to ensure they have safe places to life and raise their families. our advocates at the housing authority also educate property management and support staff at housing sites across the bay area and to incidents of domestic violence on-site. third, there is say la casa advocate at 850 bryant street and follows up on police reports of domestic violence to provide the survivor with resources, referrals and support. and finally, as mentioned
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earlier, in partnership with the department, glide, will have a advocate responding to all domestic violence situations. these four programs allow our staff co-located at the hospital, sros, the housing authority, hall of justice and bayview to provide advocacy, support, resources and referrals to survivors. survivors that are navigating complex processes made even more challenging by experiences of trauma. we're proud at la casa to be part of the first line of response to survivors of domestic violence and proud to serve as a continued support system to survivors on their path to healing. and of course, we're proud to be part of a community of organizations, many of whom are here today, working tirelessly to end domestic violence in san francisco. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> thanks so much, cara. i want to acknowledge the executive director of la casa, kathy black is in the audience and we have another co-chair of the council is here and our last speaker is commissioner on the status of women, olgareyerson, our newest commissioner who joined us after retiring after a o-year career much of working as mayor lee's invaluable aassistant and please women the commissioner on the status of women, olgareyerson. >> thank you [ applause ] . >> good evening everyone. thank you so much for coming to this important event. we gather annually in october to recognize domestic violence awareness month, to celebrate how far we have come and to renew our efforts on what we still need to do to end intimate partner velocity.
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violence in 2015 the department of emergency management received 18917 calls related to domestic violence. one in 13 violent crimes calls are family violence related and in 2015 domestic violence was the second most violent crime to which the police department responds. during that same time our community partners received over 21,000 calls to their domestic violence hotline, nearly three times as many as 911. this shows the importance of having multi-faceted response to domestic violence. many survivors may not want to involve the criminal justice system and so we must ensure that we open many doors to safety so that different systems can assist survivors of domestic violence to be safe. today we have heard from our health care system, and the wonderful work at the department of public health
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and san francisco general hospital and we heard from our community-based service providers who provide counseling, shelter, legal services and advocacy and we heard from our peer educators who provide intervention services by working with youth to help teach healthy relationship skills and heard from our colleagues at the sheriff's department, who do not just house domestic violence offenders, but provide programs to victims and perpetrators of abuse in our jails and of course we heard from our city leaders who help ensure that we fund our public agencies and the commission on the status of women is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year from our earliest years we have focused on responding to domestic violence. the first program we funded was la casa delas mad res. as you heard earlier it was the first domestic violence
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shelter in california and the second in the united states. how amazing is it that we have gone from one $75,000 grant for one program to our now over $6 million in funds to 27 different agencies? but our work is going on. in the past two years there are been four domestic violence-related homicides each year, two out of those four domestic violence homicides in 2015 involved guns. we cannot stop our work until no one is killed by an intimate partner. thank you for joining us. together we will one day end domestic violence. [ applause ] >> thank you so much olga. i want to acknowledge jeff the head of the department of homelessness and supportive housing, who has joined us. to close our event today, i want to introduce the
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ensemable that will sing a piece that fits to music a text by the famous african-american poet audrey. please give up for the ana cruces travel ensemble. [ applause ]
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[ applause ] >> i want to bring up deputy chief of staff for public safety paul hendrickson for a very special unanticipated special announcement. paul. >> thank you, emily. how is everybody doing this evening? great [ applause ] i'm a little disappointed i wasn't asked to sing -- [laughter ] but i think there is a reason for it. that is okay. i just wanted to thank you guys, all for coming out here tonight. it's really important to do the work that we all do, and there are so many different agencies and individuals out here, representing the work that we do with family violence from the police
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department to the district attorney's office to the mayor's office, to the non-profit agencies, and really it all begins and it ends with community and the fact that you are all here tonight is a big deal. you all saw earlier when the mayor was out here and he was presented with the big letter signed from all of the agencies that are funded through the city services. and whether when we went back into the building he wanted to make sure that i presented to you and you know that letter will be on the display in the mayor's office in room 200 for the next few weeks and this is something that i haven't seen done in past, but he was really touched by the fact that so many of the agencies came together to thank him and thank the city for its collaborative work to end domestic violence. so people that will be coming into this beautiful building and into room 200 for the next few weeks will see that letter, that many of you that are here tonight signed. and it will be on display
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inside the mayor's office. so thank you all so much for coming and being here. i would encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that you are here tonight to make sure that you make a record for yourselves. this would be a great thing if you stick around in about oh, i would say about an hour or so, you'll see the building lit up in purple to take a picture of that, to take a picture of some of the other speakers and your friends that you saw here tonight with your message and put it on out on your social media messages and facebook and twitter and linkedin accounts to know it's end domestic violence awareness month. thank you all for being here tonight. i look forward to working with you through the year with the mayor's office. [phra*-ufrplts/]. [ applause ] . >> i want to thank paul and the mayor's office and thank the domestic violence


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