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tv   BOS Land Use Committee 10316  SFGTV  October 9, 2016 4:10pm-4:46pm PDT

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>> are we live mr. clerk and ready to go ladies and gentlemen, we'll get started the meeting will come to order. the regular meeting of of land use committee i'll supervisor cowen woman of that wonderful committee and to my right is supervisor wiener and our faithful champion supervisor peskin our clerk clerk victor young and recognize jim smith
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and nona melkonian assisting in broovrtd today is e today's meeting madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. mr. chairman, and members of the committee. devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the october 18, 2016, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you supervisor wiener is the sponsor of this item and he will present and lead the discussions. >> may i read the first item. >> yes. number one the established the lgbtq night life and cultural why were your time is up and encouraging the office of economic workforce development to convene the preservation and preserving lgbtq night life. >> supervisor wiener.
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>> thank you very much madam chair so madam chair quite frankly i don't know why we're here for this hearing we had a hearing that actually produced this resolution we had it severalty guess so a robust discussion about the critical pornls of lgbtq night time and the pressure it is under and he had need to off the record our the cultural and heritage district that is launching but russia but he, of course, we know that lgbtq night life is critically important to the lgbtq for providing a safe space also heard that our night life is under pressure we've had a number of venues at risk or closed down particularly in the south of market area we also heard was a few years ago we were supposed
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to move forward with a cultural heritage for the lgbt community that particularly centered in the south of market not moving forward no forward motion so we held 24 hearing and it was a very, very helpful hearing what we heard from the members of the public and the planning department in working group has been convened to move in process forward a workshop that would be helpful so the next week day i introduced a hearing calling for the convening of a working group moving forward supervisor campos sent that resolution to the committee i thought he'd be here today he's not what i know we held a great robust hearing on this issue that shows a need for a working group the resolution is pending in the committee we have our departments here that made full presentations i
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don't see the need to waste of time maybe another presentation they gave a great presentation last time we have members of the public for public comment. >> public comment there it is all right ladies and gentlemen, this is the special time when we open up you'll have two minutes to speak thirty soft chime with 30 seconds at this time anyone to come up to speak on item number one that is the urging the establishment the lgbtq night life and cultural working group. >> come on up mr. chair (laughter) thank you for joining us today. >> thank you my name is jonas and pardon me i spent my medical cannabis task force preparation meeting thank you for taking up this important topic it is important to those of us in our 60s with with spent many decades
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in san francisco especially south of market that something beyond a plaque something beyond a notice in the newspaper remembers the sacrifices the fact that i met my first husband in front of the stud january 21st he didn't make it but we need to remember those stories to us thousands and thousands of thousand of more just like that i know when it becomes political it becomes challenging to see the path forward i ask this body look towards the citizenry that were involved in the phase the citizenry that heshts the city and together i know that we can forge a path forward that will recognize our history and will find a way to show that history
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to those that are coming behind us and show it with dignity so - let's, let's put some of our immediate parts of the city resources i think we can do this is a perfect time the that's to the places like the stud u stud it brings the topic to the forward i thank you for listening to me a bit out of breath thank you. >> anyone else that wants to speak come on up. >> good afternoon. supervisors my name is angelica and i'm with some cam i'm here to speak on the process of establishing the lgbtq counterpart district i think that is a great idea but i want to acknowledge the
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process that our neighborhood had had in the community to make sure to establish things like the latino erect in the south of market we've been working a lot on making this strategic plan to present to you by the end of the month this is a resolution this body actually supported since april so we would like to coming come back and present that i do have a comment in regards to the planning department staff considering to put a lot of the resources from central soma to about having proper community input and not have the opportunity it out with the community how those funds will be allocated in the south of
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market and the whole city for it to be allocated somewhere else is an issue not only are we tied in with a lot of displacement and gentrification we're also here to establish and filipino to make sure the filipino history and cultural didn't get displaced so what bothers me the different pending of different communities together versus having a process where we can come together and be at the table and figure out how to have the different interests really balance that incentive. >> thank you and angelica i want to comment on your comments i can definitely see your perspective how one community that pitted against another how to communicate one of the ethic
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the african-american community as well i think this hearing we're talking about right now frames begins to set the foundation and serves as a model to continue to build with the organizations with the community we can duplicate and have that level of register bans and cultural sustainability i want to acknowledge your racks and let you know i'm in agreement anyone wants to speak in public comment come on up. >> hi there guys i'm from san francisco eagle we're here to round up hopefully, we can participate in the - have you guys consider the lgbt district
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and allocate funding for all the spaces that are being displaced like our neighbors the stud for example, and other lgbt community is little by little displaced south of market we think that our partnering can be served as a model with the previous developers to have a self-allocated development funds to that the resources can be allocated for the area the south of market and consider the historical lgbt district that's all i have to say. >> we urge you to support it. >> great thanks guys anyone wish to comment on item number all right. public comment is closed. i see that supervisor campos has joined us supervisor campos is there any racks you want to
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share. >> sure. sure thank you, madam chair and thank you chair cohen and members of the land use committee i want to make sure we had a just a more in depth conversation about what in working group looks like it is important to prioritize night life especially within the lgbtq community and i wanted to make sure as we put together a working group there is a reflection of the diversity of the city within one geographic area or group that is actually controlling the process or who gets to be on the committee that includes everyone and one specific group i think needs to be constituent i'm glad my executive legal is the lgbt
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communities of color i think needs to be represented in night life and quite frankly some of them have lost that representation and so one question i have i don't know if it is a question posed to supervisor wiener or whoever else is working this is what is the involvement of some of the groups and establishment that perhaps have commissioner kwon out of business the sandwich as an example you had the only establishment that was serving the lgbtq latino community and then how do we have geographic make up of the working group. >> yes. >> thank you supervisor campos for that question he agree you, you that is critically important we in doing this represent the diversity of our community
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overall including geographic diversities including all people's with backgrounds and income you know that night life is not a model many, many kinds of night life within the lgbtq community to me that is very important that we represent the various neighborhoods we have lgbtq night life including the soma and the mission and castro and polk street and others and that we also are reaching out to owl community i agree that people who are represent bars and clubs that no more than exist but have a great perspective should be part of it is my view this process should be an steel on one we want as many voices to be at the table that makes it a stronger process and there needs to be good outreach to make sure we're reaching you all the corners 6
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our community to pull people in and solicit and supervisor campos in addition i'll definitely it is important for you and me to make recommendations to the departments about who might be appropriate and could, helpful. >> thank you and i'm happy to work with you and your office to do that. >> and i think that you know there are so many pieces to this i think that is an important thing but i think the more inclusive the better i'm commit to why you and look forward to the next steps. >> look forward to. >> madam chair if i may thank you to everyone it came out and the department for their great work with that, i'll make a motion i make a motion to send
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it to the full board of supervisors with a positive recommendation. >> >> motion made without objection, without objection that motion carries. >> thank you mr. clerk. >> okay. mr. clerk call items two and three together. >> item 2 ordinance for the planning department to allow the homeless shelter in the production and repair of the western selma refuge office and light industrial district subject to the conditional use authorization and item 3 the ordinance for the street portion of 25 street to facilitate a temporary navigation center for homeless and operation of the vacated portion of 24th street for more than two or three years. >> thank you mr. clerk i appreciate that i believe that we have sam dodge here from the department of homelessness to present welcome mr. dodge. >> sam dodge department of homelessness and supportive of housing i have a brief
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presentation if i can switch to that. >> okay. great so the central waterfront navigation center i'm here toe present has two legislation with - i think that everyone is familiar with the challenge we're facing in san francisco and even though we know approximately 35 hundred people living in disinherits on the streets each night over the year touching all the services 14 thousand people are facing homelessness here in san francisco we found some great success with the navigation center over seven hundred people have been served as far and 80 percent of exit in the stable housing we've been expanding 24 and the civic
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center navigation site with the second and hopefully, this will be the third - to help people understand what the new approach the navigation center has for the system there is many aspects we've presented to this system the navigation center to help approach people not served for so for previous to this navigation center including adults couples and people able to come in with a threshold setting and as they are and looking at benefit services a relatively small capacity and a tranquil setting this prospect of opening up the navigation center in the central waterfront is meant community engagement with the dog patch
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neighbors and businesses immediately adjacent it's bnsz a really good process we've been from the spring to the summer been able to present advisory groups and bodies and that is resulted in unanimous support from the port and the advisory body, from the dog patch neighborhood association, and the planning commission. >> so this legislation two allow us to temporarily vacant a dead end street that the port owns between the muni yard and the back of yard on 25th and michigan 42 less 36 months of operation plus construction to return the
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street to its current condition when we vacant a street it inherence the zoning to that's why we need the authorization for that our timeline is aims towards trying to open in early 2017 hopefully february and there's many pros process steps we've gone through this is part of 18 for that ambitious target here's renderings from our architects and public works about what it will look like on 25th street we've taken a lot from 1950 mission and looking at how we can do this we're using trailers with a solid deck where our underneath which will be the
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plumbing a electrical and not pulling up the street and the whole sites is assessable here's part of a look what it looks like in the inside an emphasis in the coast guard it is helpful and on overview with a mix of offices and dorms and community spaces throughout the project a i really hope for all your support and our architect from public works is here for specific questions to talk about that. >> thank you. i appreciate the presentation anyone wish to comment on item number - sorry planning department. >> i have a quick presentation the planning commission heard this on september 22nd of this year and voted to recommend approval to the full board thank you. >> thank you okay public comment come on up.
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>> thank you, supervisors my name is mac i'm here i'm a member of the dog patch neighborhood association board of directors i'm a member at large and formally represent the dog patch association in this matter first, i want to commend and thank you to sam and others for the outreach to the neighborhood since mark since march they've met with us ten times and they've been incredibly attentive and in those meetings it seems like there were 10 anger members for every navigation center supporter and things sometimes, the loudest in the room was not always the majority voice
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sometimes, the cranky people when it came time to vote on the navigation center we approved it 24 to 6 this is a 4 to one margin i'm proud to deliver this message on behalf of the dog patch we endorse is it and ready to give our help to the people for exit from homelessness to permanent housing i want to say thank you to supervisor cowen's office and others who was deeply engaged and keeping from the bay area station it - and port staff and everyone work hard. >> thank you, mr. allen do you have people that want to comment. >> no okay. all right. i wanted to make sure we don't deny anyone a right
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anyone else that wants to speak in public comment now is your time public comment is closed. >> i have a couple of remarks i'm to want to go through first recognize the tfa fact if so an incredibly long process for the city and the dog patch unauthorized unit u community and at the dog patch community includes i includes the residents and business owners in the area we know there is a large existing homelessness population in district 10 and specifically around the central a southern waterfront my hope the navigation center will add for the opportunity for people to move from the streets to more stable long term homes in the environment so mr. will this includes the department of homelessness and the ports, the san francisco police department as well as public works we've all working closely with the community on that proposal
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and come to an interagency agreement that all parties agree with that is hard and challenging to achieve i want to recognize the number of hours we've put into moving this conversation forward i want to acknowledge the city's willingness to lay out the accountability they would honor including the encampment response time and the performance measures are critical we're thinking about when we bring social services to the residential neighborhood we've seen the successes and the results the navigation center and they've delivered with an positive impact to those who have welcomed them into the community particularly the mission neighborhood and applaud this for the city in being smart and diligent we provide more solutions i want to make sure
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we're doing our due diligence in managing homelessness it is important we keep the equity it is unfair for any neighborhood to shoulder the maximum load of the heavy responsibility of homeless crisis we're seeing it is a crisis that is really perverse in districts 8, 10 and 6 they take the role of the navigation center but encourage more members of the communities to seriously seriously consider staishl ♪ other parts of the city this is our neighborhoods are taking responsibility addressing the citywide problem of homeless i want to recognize the incredible volunteers that run the dog patch association under the leadership of bruce it is incredible negotiations leading
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the conversation northridge community members that were ann apprehensive into a place to support this and thank you to the city for the first proposed city-state site and accepting the neighborhoods recommendation for the second site and the captain is incredible and his team in the bayview not only being a part of discussion but working with us and we break down the encampment and want to recognize our tireless staff to help move forward the conversation and my staff i don't i don't chang and a host of folks from the department of homelessness emily has been incredible with that said, thank you i don't i don't and emily and sam and everyone that is involved at this time i don't
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know if there's any discussion skim supervisor campos >> thank you, madam chair i wanted to sit in on this item because we have been working on this for quite a while and i'm grateful to any colleagues for supporting our ordinance creating requiring the staesht of more naikts h o navigation centers and watching in closely and grateful to mr. dodge and his staff the navigation center is a right to open a navigation center that you insure it is successful and requires community engagement he was proud to hear from the boskovich neighborhood and their approach to this i think this is one of the things for sometime the loudest voice is the one the people think actually reflects
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what the community is that's not always the case. >> thank you supervisor for the district malia cohen think that can happen without the leadership of the supervisors i know i've been through the process you have to work with the department and make sure they're talking to as many people as possible and very challenging not an easy thing to do i wholeheartedly agree with you supervisor hopefully, there will be other places you know including places like district 2, 8, all. >> 3. >> 3 that open up their spaces because the bottom line is that we those people are not going anywhere and i would rather have them in an navigation center than camping out on the street the other thing i want to add i've been for the last week
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going a few times a week that with the team the encampment resolution team and gotten to see how they interact with individuals is it so executives a challenging thing to do we worked another harrison street and fulsome street today and you know you never know what you'll combrnt smoking gun sometimes it is dicey so kudos to jeff and his staff for the work they do i think we'll continue to push for that and monitor this the one area that kind of stood out from the last few days i've been going to the encampments when you have families with children how thanksgiving open challenging it becomes that was one of the hardest things a family with three children we
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don't have spaces for them we'll have to figure out as an aide but anyway, i'm proud to see that and proud of the work that the department is doing and we have to continue to push through so thank you very much for all your great work. >> thank you thank you supervisor campos. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam chair i just wanted to express my strong support for it legislation and expanding the naikts in san francisco we know this modeled works i refer to a modern approach to good morning, and welcome to the regular meeting of the people off the streets in this way is it works for people we remove the barriers for people wanting to be in the shelter system this is a terrific next step and thank you to the neighborhood association for working with the city and supporting it this can, challenging as we locate those
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around the city i agree geographic equity and make sure the navigation center are up on the services to give helpful processes thank you. >> thank you. i want to thank one more team that's the hot team the homeless outreach team they do the real work we don't thank them enough for their hard work supervisor peskin. >> i think everything has been said but not everybody has said it congratulations to you supervisor cowen and to all the folks that made it happen particularly the community this is a perfect example of what happens when the city affirmatively reached out and not shove things down the communities throat i'm delighted and thank you to the planning department and the commission for their review sometimes process takes a while and is
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painful but we get better results for it that people can live with and embrace and finally as mr. dodge knows with a few weeks of being in office we actually been and gotten close to getting a site for a navigation center in the northeast corner of the city in the district i represent that project ultimately that site went to some condo developer we're actively looking. >> is there a motion. >> i'd like to make a motion i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> all right. thank you how about with a positive recommendation and yes with a recommendation in the affirmative. >> excellent without objection it passes madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> tha that completes the agenda for today. >> thank you the meeting is adjourned
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>> how is everyone doing today? all right. so we are here to announce the grand opening and cut the ribbon on duc loi pantry. how about a big round of applause? [ applause ] as you all know, duc loi is a long time san francisco business that is expanding and opening here on 3rd street in the bay view, filling a vacancy on 3rd street, bringing good local jobs, and providing fresh produce to the neighborhood and the community. we have a number of speakers here who want to celebrate this milestone and important occasion and beginning with mayor lee, supervisor cohen,
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assembly member david chiu and howard ngo, the owner of duc loi and anthony page an employee at duc loi and the assessor-recorder carmen chou and without further ado, mayor lee. [phra*-urt/] [ applause ] come on up, the school district and school board is here as well. come on up. all right. congratulations everyone, you now have a local grocery store! [ applause ] >> you know, i want to say thank you to you and the staff for working so hard with the supervisor's office and all of the neighborhoodss and with howard. let me say this, good things just don't happen. . all right? for this community a lot of good things never have happened, but when


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