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tv   LIVE Transportation Authority Finance Committee  SFGTV  October 11, 2016 11:30am-1:01pm PDT

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>> thank you good morning, commissioners i'm i's e listing the operation manager and wanted to talk about alameda as an operating express lane this presentation will give you a little bit of the history of the why we permit the express lanes and how and the what now of our express lane program in the late 19 noticing or 19 noticing thousand of jobs were in i call it silly hall. this caused a shift in the way that commuters got around the commute pattern at a point the low grade was identified as a congested corridor in 1998 the coalition as formed it was tasked with identifying funding
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specifically to implement the hov lane and look for more permanent solutions 9 nature of the trait options of the corridor that he settled own an express lane corridor a upcoming to the hot hov toll so the single occupancy vehicles - so how do you implement an express lane partially need funding the 2000 retail tax leverage for other states and federal funding and the transbay joint powers authority to we didn't it exist we were agency and alameda transportation investment agency i think that the acronym
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the two agencies along with santa clara form the carpool transbay joint powers authority to become a power authority and the legislation of ab 22 that allowed the tolling of grade i 680 that same legislation allowed the ac c to toll a second corridor within alameda the third thing we needed to implement the express lane a consensus between the public, the politicians and the other agencies involved you have consensus in the ball park through is a lot of issues surrounding the express lane tolling issues for the design and consideration for the express lane wharf limited assess or continued or fully assess or general public lane
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the hours of operation you want generally, we have hov lanes during the peek lanes and alameda if 5 to 8:00 p.m. not breaking in the middle of the day even though there is a bottom line toll what kind of enforcement and hov do you want to allow hov 3 or 2 what about the cleaner vehicles and what kind of performance that are a lot of things in the toll policies and armies with caltrain and for construction we have agreements with chp to have additional paroles and revenue collection services we're no a state t o v washington and other states do that here in the bay area and southern california we're not that we can't do
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everything we have all the interagency agreements take a cooperative nature a timeline i don't know why it is animated that shows simply the steps to the 680 southbound it took seven years from content to reality this is along the 51080 came along and this is 3 entry and exit points dynamically priced in the congested points of day a higher price for people to adjust the time to the shoulder of peek hours or lower the total of the cost $41 million that is just the price for the toelz infrastructure not the hov construction only the tolling
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for a 14 mile stretch we're in the process of final designs for the express lane and convert the southbound to the continuous southbound lanes to enter and exit the corridor our i 5 it is identified as a potential express lane because of the corridor and also commuter traffic from the silicon valley it took until 2012 to get a hov lane unrelated to some of the things that took - once the hov a express lane in 2014 this past february opened in into directions eastbound and westbound with one and full continuous assess 2 runs roughly from the i 6 to greenville road
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to the pass and 12 mile corridor and the tolling cost $55 million opening since the beginning had you want to operate so, please don't think once you have it built it stops there we have operating expenditures and moderating only we control if there is an incident in the general parks lanes opening for the add capacity we have to do it between caltrain or chp we monitor for performance and failures and maintenance contractors that correct the except it is an ongoing process but it is a lot of fun. actually some of the things we've learned from being an operator we've been sharing with the other agencies enforcement matters our
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i 60 didn't have the other system so i 580 was capturing the system that means that everybody going throw in the express los angeles i know who you are i will send you a bill on the i 6080 people that are cheating will be getting bills in the mail assess control matters whether our a continuous or limited that makes a difference we see on i 680 we see people jumping the white lines we don't need a corridor because of the nature of the corridor long and continuance assess for people to assess it and more freedom and mobility we'll think converting that outreach matters people don't know how the express lanes work they misunderstand we are continuing doing outreach the
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construction matter we've done a lot of hov lanes and converting that takes more money and time then building an express lane in one smot shot either a reduced enemy - where you want to be they end and be convert of funds we had a lot of advantage for both corridors on i 60 reduced the travel time and increased the vehicles we've reduced qs at congestion points most people between january '78 toll trips per day and work - one and 90 thousands in gross revenue and from that we've been paying our bills i 680 has been in the black and the other the speed
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differentiate 20 to 25 mile-per-hour and base we have assess i don't want to see anything higher than that that could be a safety issue it is a faster more reliable trip that's what you're selling a product faster for reliable trip from august this year seven hundred thousand total trips per day and many are toll trips it is by directional so more use 33 that are toll-free that is a cleaner vehicle and transit vehicle and 50 percent toll use and only 12 percent violation rate and those violations are violations by mail we hope to get more people as i said up for the fast track system we have
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building outreach but all and all a great ride >> thank you for sharing that and finally had a chance to drive through one commissioner avalos to you want to speak now or later we'll continue then. >> sorry thank you very much for that presentation liz i think as liz identified as part of presentation identifying the needs of system and what we're trying to solve for key in quantifying those developing the system obviously in san francisco a number of steps
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where alameda is where we want to catch so what on the screen right now is some of the data we've been collecting as part of corridor management we've been using vehicle sources and field observations over the privilege to see where we see the congestion in san francisco today, the morning peek a unusually from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. you see that here congestion to the curve area on 101 and in bound approaching the 101 and into the ramps at the end of 280 soma the evening peek is 203 or 8:00 p.m. the congestion also is absent more wiped in the soma area and have key points of congestion into alameda county and caesar chavez and at the
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north end this is a picture of where we see congestion in san francisco and what solutions we're trying to focus on i apologize this data super heavy we cleshtd a number of data points to understand how the carpool or hov facility works i'll highlight a key couple of points basically overall that an hov definition of 2 or more persons per vehicle that includes cleaner vehicles and van pools is 20 to thirty percent of the hov managed lane on this facility this would not fill up a hov lane if it is on audible day definition of 2 to 3 persons are comparable to most of other freeze in the bay area
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so p 80 percent of the traffic 36 percent of capacity because of the hov lanes will 234089 be full that is why this is we're looking at the hov two or three occupancy to make sure the lane is fully used so as i mentioned we think a managed lane in san francisco has preliminary feasibility and the ability to list the benefits not just carpool but all free travel i'll note the partners in san mateo on u.s. 101 and beginning a study to explore south of the international airport the travelers don't respect the boundary but
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discussions of san mateo to explore options for the entire corridor and thank you to the sam in the san mateo is also taking off a bus study working to leverage potential managed lanes or reliability on the freeze to create an express network throusan jose to san francisco so the team is in the process of developing and flushing out specifically what it looks like in san francisco and the outbursts and limits are from the goal from the site to a managed lane alternatives we want to make sure the transit have the ability to bypass congestion we don't think there is a need to expand the free in san francisco and make that connection to additional connection in san mateo we expect for them to be more
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flushed out and alternatives during the january circle and finally, the community involvement is key so the fta fta is outreach for the residents along the free corridor and some broad base outreach along with the presentation interests an understanding again, the freeze serve the travel to capture not only the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the free for people to use this throughout the region this managed lane alternative and the coordination is caltrain for the next step of their development 72 hours r this is a high-level this is aggressive that shows you an implementation scald for a managed lane or other management lane alternatives in the calendar year 2021 we hope
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that provides a benefit in the near future and continue the development and construction so i'd like to thank liz and art for coming and commissioners, thank you for coming thank you for your presentation commissioner avalos. >> thank you for the presentations i'm supportive of having lane management on hov management on the freeze in san francisco i think that it is important to proceed to this with caution and great deal of community input a part of san francisco that actually uses our freeze on a daily basis they drive on i'm one of them not everyday but i choose had i do drive to city hall to take the free he could take commissioner
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dejesus or guerrero i know that i'll be contributing to traffic over there and that's not why i choose to drive a lot of people make that choices a lot of people - this is their option but the northern part supervisor peskin i hope takes the free to work do you. >> when i go to your house. >> only when he comes to my house that's been a long time. >> (laughter.) >> and supervisor farrell as well so i think that is important to know that there real neighborhood differences in terms of how we do our outreach how we explain this there are impacts that will happen on the neighborhoods and he needs to be a great deal of handholding with the populations and i happen to be one of them you know, we have to manage congestion with the hov to do
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that i want to make sure that a real key part you in our work in terms of development and studying how to do there are take into consideration a real difference in the neighborhood around the city in terms of their transportation needs and to find a way to address that like a huge political question and you know i'm going going to be around to help with that. >> thank you. >> thank you chair cohen. >> all right. any other questions or comments commissioners seeing none, thank you very much for your presentation we'll look forward to our follow-up in the future any public comment on item 8 okay seeing none, public comment is closed. again that was an information item now item 4 really quick do we have someone from public works here douglas so thank you i don't know if you caught the
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questions should we repeat a couple of them. >> i'm douglas from public works. >> for the worker fall protection projects some of the questions around the cost i know that is taking place at the 7 facilities i think commissioner peskin had a question whether an mandatory from osha we care of about worker safety but a mandatory from the state and osha fines have been in the past and so if we should not default the protection works we've not work on top of the trollies and the large vehicles what about cable cars. >> cable cars also there is one portable performa for the
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cable car facilities it is a separate procurement but that's the least cost easiest solution in this case to allow them to work on the cable cars at the top of the cable cars safely. >> any other question was also about the fact that through one of the recent transportation bond measures we're supposed to be renovating our building facilities and so how does that factor into the $14 million we'll be spending on the fall protections. >> the two don't over laptop the facilities we're dealing with here not part of prop a allocation they're not none the prop a money is going to those facilities which - >> i could list potrero and light rail and on the muni metro
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built 10 years ago i understand a track expansion project going on i don't know the status for prop a it is within the original building and a very small part of the program i buildings that was one of the questions that is a current platform and an 8 inch gap between the train and platform we're extending the platform so none can full in between. >> commissioner peskin did that answer your question. >> well the rails what about the hand radials i think that muni metro was 2008 in my recollection serves me that's 8 years did and fill fail to put in handrails. >> there's one on the platform
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is as guardrails a draw bridge to walk into the train and a side mount what we call that sort of the zip line protection attached to a capable in a system the concern there is a small gap that the workers have raised issues about that tools and equipment and personnel can slip into that it exceeds the guidelines the safety guidelines we're closing that gap there's a small part of budget. >> the other issue just the project management percentage seems high to everybody project management or construction. >> construction management. >> construction management portion. >> i think that was $2 million.
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>> yeah. >> percentage of overall because this is a 7 separate locations and there is a high regress of coordination with the facility to keep it operating during the work for example, at the potrero we're allowed to mobilize we have to demobilize every night the trollies can be parked in the facilities no other parking spaces there this is part 6 construction management costs we feel it is within an acceptable range. >> all right. well, thank you for that >> any other questions then or comments okay. thank you for coming and answering our questions on behalf of sfmta so at this time we'll go to public comment on item 4 anyone wish to comment
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please come on up. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues then came in on item 4. >> so moved. >> what is your motion. >> (laughter). >> okay motion to approve and roll call vote please. all right. commissioner avalos commissioner london breed commissioner farrell's commissioner peskin commissioner tang item is approved >> all right. thank you very much item 9 introduction of new items. >> all right. seeing none, any anyone wish to comment on item number 9? okay seeing none, public comment is closed. item 10 >> general public comment. >> yes. >> andrew missionary officer some problems are wise from disorder and control danger are caused by violatedism with the
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personality and departing from good virtues leading to human downfall with the legislative policies and control and legal system we must apply true loaf and holiness and virtues and principles to enlighten people from recovery of our ocean of wisdom in time of place and insecurity we must not band holiness and forgetting of true principles and with the holiness and virtues to stop the - we have to reason to know that holiness and virtues are true success in civilization of december in any and want good people with good virtues and establishment of virtues in this society with good spirit with a good success with caution the
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caution of spirit leads to the despair and create a y for a century of true hope and set people free from being slaved into contamination and holy wisdom and examination and god blows our mission >> thank you any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. item 11 >> item lovingly 11 - adjournment. >> thank you the meeting is adjourned
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>> good evening everybody. can you hear me? fantastic. it's great to see you all here. participating in the political process. it's a wonderful thing to see but that's what we do in san francisco isn't it? this evening you will be hearing from candidates for the district 5 board of supervisors. they will have a chance to present their views on issues affecting the city and to answer your questions about those issues. to submit questions for the candidates look for volunteer. look for a
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volunteer. who will be handing out index cards. we will collect all questions by 7 pm as actually indicated the candidates will answer questions you in the audience summit as well as questions that have been submitted by the league of women voters. the timekeepers in the first role will hold up a yellow card to signify to the candidate that they have 15 seconds remaining and will hold up a red card when it's time to stop. all candidates have agreed to ask their supporters to be respectful of other candidates and the audience and to maintain quiet during the forum. i ask you to respect the commitment. you have many important decisions to make on november 8. today's forum will give you an opportunity to be heard. now, let's begin. we are
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going to start the questions with supervisor london breed and will st >> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen
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by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to t
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adjourned. >> i guess it is afternoon now afternoon everyone that is tuesday, october 11, 2016, this is the finance committee of transbay joint powers authority my name is eric mar i'm the chair and to my left is commissioners commissioner campos and commissioner yee and mr. stamps call the rest of the role. >> commissioner kim absent commissioner cohen absent we have quorum. >> thank you. i want to thank sfgovtv for tlifgz that jennifer lowe and mark, thank you for the great work mr. stamos can you call the consent calendar consent calendar items 2 to 3 comprise those the staff doesn't
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plan to present and desired member outburst the items maybe removed and considered separately any items to be severed none a motion on consent calendar. >> we have to hear public comment on the cds anyone that wants to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. a motion on the consent calendar and seconded can we approve without objection. >> roll call vote. >> on the consent calendar commissioner avalos commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner kim absent commissioner mar commissioner yee consent calendar is approved thank you. i want to acknowledge that our colleague commissioner norman yee is a 2k3wr5rd congratulations and jamison a new grandson
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congratulations norman so mr. stamos. >> item 4 state and federal legislative update an informational item. >> mr. mark watts and ms. chang did you want to say anything about the federal and state legislation. >> good morning it's been a while sins i've been here thank you for having me. and i want to cover a couple of things one or two items that relate to the matrix we had a sponsor bill give you a brief urban design on the special session that comes back to life to fund transportation and i'll give you details on that and a little bit about cap & trade and take questions disdains the
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authority supported legislation by assemblyman david chiu it is nice working with a someone i've known for a while and he and his office i'll contributed this success of that hard work just justin that did a job ab 2374 approved by the allergic and the governor will grant construction manage procurement authority to the transportation authority specifically for work on the yerba buena island retrofit and what made it a exclamation is the addition on behalf of placinger for federal aid bridge replacement in the american river called the james yankee bridge they're okay with moving
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forward with transportation authority and have full support of transportation that's the full success. >> your delivery team it excited we're suggesting that ab x one 26 by essential committee chair francisco's is added as a watch a $7 billion annual program for transportation funding focusing mainly on fix it first and state of good repair for state and local roads it has should relatively high levels of new gas taxes and so forth the reason we recommend watch a converted effort to collaborate with the fellow members of the legislature to bring down the costs and put this system together that might
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attract the 2/3rd's vote and a special session bill if this year changes we'll be able to come back and alert you to those changes and you'll take a formal position at a point that's the recommendation of staff and a number of bills you took support or opposition during the year and in your packet a kind of summary of those bills and how they fair i'll point out a couple of key ones you had elected to support mtc ab 516 by mr. mullins that deal with the temporary license plates for new vehicles to be sort of the use of those temporary plates accelerate putting those vehicles in the
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system so on toll facilities they don't get free passage and ab 1574 you support this bill with regulation of tour buses this one didn't move forward a different measure moves forward and i'll cover that in a second was left on the in active fill and supported ab 1591 the chairman frazier the regular session has adjourned that bill is not viable but ab x-126 the bigger robust passage the second of mr. allen's bills first ab 2 supporting one and later ab 1645 the subject of opposition that deal with shuttle loading and unloading
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failed passage in time before the session adjourned, however, i would appoint did introduce a bill special session so if we get to a point the special session is reengaged a possibility i'll try to move that legislation a lot lee through the focus is not on the thirty or 40 bills beyond the scope of the transportation bill we'll be monitoring that closely the ab 1677 which is mr. ting's bill is the measure relayed to the tour buses that passed the legislature and that provides the portfolios protocol to make sure the safety inspections are done in time it is similar at the end of the day to mr. chiu's bill i did mention mr. chiu's ab 7
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the supported bill and in addition another relayed c gmc that related with the reject projects that the state can undertake on the states from 6 to 12 that passed and one you supported. >> and i think those are the highlights i wanted to brurngs and an overall bring you up to speed in june the governor issued a proclamation s x special session one and fall there were two or three major hearings around the state to understand the nature of the problem confronting the local government in terms of funding for state of good repair for the systems subsequent to that legislation was introduced in regular
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session and some in special session this at this time under fraziers legislation is the one we recommend putting a watch on development in concert with the chairman of the transportations they're no like mind but to work together to bring some of the taxes that will garden more legislative support. >> what is mr. fraziers district. >> it is basically from saloma to east contra costa county it is unusual for a special session to continue even through in the rule continue technically until the end of the technical legislation end that journeyed for the recess at the end of august it would run the course to the ends of november and
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focused discussions between the speaker and the pro tem and other speakers in the legislature and waiting until a day or to undertake an attempt to ask the legislation i've referenced and other legislative that emerge in the period i know a lot of interest in cap & trade in may and august auction was dashed a lot of hopes they failed to identify now revenues they've retained one billion dollars for unexpended cap & trade revenues and then this summer spent $9 million of that that left $900 million of funds in cap & trade waiting pending my future thought he next auction how they
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those auction revenues fair in the meantime the couple of key programs that were funded with part of 9 four-hundred million dollars that was adopted included one and $35 million to continue for the transit rail capital program the had issued a list of projects this it summer they intend to fund this money will insure with the funding is available for the next couple of years until we see where cap & trade goes and an automation augmentation and on the agenda this month in the process of including that additional $10 million as intended and finally there was a new program called transformative community that was ushered in by
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a los angeles legislature with one and $40 million but on the heels of governor approving the funding and the new program bill an issue by the growth council in their rule making they intend to provide 50 percent of one and $40 million to the projects in fresno no and 25 to la was the third site yet to be selected so it will pay to be watching and monitoring that regulatory process they had their first open hearing yesterday and several more steps to go through i'll be collaboratively with our staff and making sure they have update information. >> can you explain what they mean by transformative community autopsy they're looking for planning and pofshl implementation projects of host
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of projects in a particular small portion of community they hope that 2 transforms the quality of life and produce the c s g that integrated has a mix of projects that come together to i'm not sure the right word but to - >> it is more each one builds on each other not only on integrating but expands the g h reductions. >> knowing how huge la county is that is a drop in the bucket one and $40.40 percent in fresno and . >> i'm not sure how fresno came to the forefront but discussions between the mayor's office and
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the administration because all through the spring and summer we watched this budget develop and not sure a cap & trade program the mayor the current fresno mayor was at the all the hearings in the and when this strategic rule making came out was earmarked for fresno i'm surprised but surprised they've been so forth coming. >> there are. >> couple of other issues i was going to talk about the trade bail that is only for backdrop 0 i'll focus on that by way of background legislation to earmark some of the federal money for the programs around the state and the chairman of the assembly transportation committee supported legislation
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to mirror the process we use for proposition 1-b that essentially gave each region a target so the mtc had a target for trade funding i only mention that has that bill was nearing the end of last night session pretty late and another issue potentially more for the delegation of night club by a to the california to process rod and documentations and records of decision that has more of a pilot program with a sunset date at the end of this year and when the regular session was winding down none of the 3 bills that had been moving through the legislation were in the position to move forward and a issue to put 2 into the bill
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that moves along that fell apart on senate floor is night club by a documendocumenta documents th can't push the sate to the felt level so a focus in the special section if it fires up and comes to fruition to try to extend this and it is a no 9 a k345ik9 complicated matter but that brings my presentation to a close and looking forward to next year i'm informed by staff
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they believe that san francisco mta will be pursuing the acknowledged recording legislation of the year potentially we'll be asked to collaborative with them and in addition the other major thing that will probably emerge mtc measure 3 i assume the staff is working at tweaking that to shape it to the full board for the authority at the mta to move on that i know that they intend to collaborate with the san francisco chairman that chairs the issues i think that might be the venue that a lot of the issues will be sorted out that's a little bit of what to expect. >> commissioner yee. >> thank you, mr. watson i guess you're talking about all '
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'. >> i may have gotten i thought that was mta but i may be wrong. >> and if they're working on it to carry anything at this point. >> we've not been asked to assist i've been given the heads up something to work on in the next couple of months as we get ready for the new year. >> i wanted to thank mtc commissioner campos and i know that as you mention there's xiblth built into the funding and thank commissioner yee for the it is your both safety on the local level and good to see
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some of 3 at the state level let's open up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you so much oh, we have a recommendation on the watch on the frazier ab x-126 is there a motion on the recommendation there is a motion that has been seconded can we take that without objection? >> i don't know. i know no action needed. >> no action needed. >> okay mr. stamos in essence item. >> item 5 executing a memorandum of understanding with the treasure island development authority for the yerba buena not to exceed nine hundred thousands through 2018 and authorizing the executive director negotiate payment terms for or agreement terms and agreements an action item. >> and a report.
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>> eric deputy director happy to report i want to start with an update on the y b i ramps the item before you is a construction contract change order related to that item. >> the picture tells the story the good news we are nearly complete with the new westbound on and off ramps of yerba buena island we're explicit reaching 95 percent and within the budget of 63 allocation and also happy to report we're meeting the disadvantage goal the ramps with planned to be open that last week in october we were finalizing the dates
12:30 pm
depending on the rain in the forecast but targeting the weekend of october 22nd to open up the on and off ramps westbound. >> just a little bit of final detail the construction is complete we have some final local roadwork to tie-in and also some sdlaip we have a ribbon cutting that is schedule for friday, october 21st you got an invitation and indicated the final improvements should be finalized including the landscaping the item before you is what we're describing as a visa point to construct and have been working with caltrans and the treasure island authority
12:31 pm
for a new visas point on the u.s. coast guard when you look at the sketch caltrain it complete with things in reform very conducted and ready to open their bike landing that is in orange there and could be the improvements that are extended at visas point are temporary but include a crosswalk to the u.s. coast guard quarters 9 properties which is a strategic location and provides very dramatic visas photographer moms and didn't includes bike beneficiaries and we are working with the bay area toll authority to have a shutter service so folks with messaged and park on treasure island and take the shuttle up to that area that
12:32 pm
area is a live active construction out there and funding is $2 million for all the improvements which is split 50/50 between the toll authority and the transportation authority the transportation authority actually, the fund for the pa are from the federal highway bridge program and proposition retrofit program our intent to open visas point in the fall of 2016 hoping for the november, december timeframe and finally the item before you so execute agreements with tihdi they have the existing vendors self-important the janitorial maintenance and other services that will be required and in particular security so we're requesting executing align mou with tida for the operation services and not to
12:33 pm
exceed nine hundred thousands that concludes my presentation. >> thank you, sir. >> any questions then open up for public comment. >> commissioner yee. >> thanks for the presentation looking at this. >> yes. >> seems like this is an on and off ramp ongoing west yes. >> off-ramp going west and east is there a off-ramp east. >> actually, let's talk about that that's a good question there was on eastbound off-ramp on the east side of the i'd like has been closed for 10 plus years that will be re-established as part of the overall improvements in the interexchange they'll open later
12:34 pm
this month on the left side of the photo the eastbound is open and caltrain updated that ramp recently and reopened it but the eastbound off-ramp is yet to be opened in the latter part of mid to 2018. >> so you will open up on the right-hand lane and the one - >> yeah. till when you come from inform to on time and on budget your heading eastbound a left exit as your approaching treasure island that will be open as an off-ramp a better route to treasure island and the eastbound exit opens the east side of the tunnel will be a better exit if you go up to f b i mountain i forgot what you call it.
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>> all right. thanks. >> let's open up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. and is there a motion to recommend executing in mou with tida for the visas point and there is a motion that has been seconded and colleagues without objection. >> mr. stamos thank you next item. >> >> the alameda update an informational item. >> good afternoon rachel an informational update on the district 9 neighborhood transportation improvement planning project that is a planning effort that is in response to the portal neighborhood association of 9 district community groups to look at improving public safety and at the combarj of alameda
12:36 pm
and bay boulevard and others boulevard underneath the ramps where 280 and 101 have an interchange we're at the point in the study we analyze the feasibility of community preferred concept so the bicycle assess and safety improvements across the intersection and understand the faeblth an understanding of the costs we have a number of rounds of outreach and in the process of doing the final round of outreach this month i mentioned a district 9 planning project and let me talk through and give you ape overview verbally of the component of the improvement and have a bunch of pictures after this slide commissioner campos. >> thank you. can you can you talk a little bit about you've been this is something we've been working on for that quite some time if you can you talk a
12:37 pm
little bit about the involvement of the community in this process. >> definitely so the idea to do this study is is from the portal neighborhood association we have a started off with a letter from portal neighbors describing some of the problems were at the supergreen change particularly the pedestrian safety to the farmer's market on the north side of alamany and there's a lot of folks that seek assess to the market west from alamany and south of alamany and south along san bruno in the neighborhoods in the portal and surrounding so there's a lot of gap in the pedestrian and bike network in this area getting from north to south across a.d. man and the farmer's market is a popular designation and we have
12:38 pm
- a lot of folks assessing the market created an informal path along underneath the ramps there so assess the market there is the only way to get there a indirect path so those are some of the safety issues that the community so you get are us to address that's where the project that we looked came from is in response to the gaps in the bike network for people trying to assess the market and get though the area on bicycles and folks trying to assess the market and get into the area with the bicyclists and people of all ages especially getting to the farmer's market looking at 8 to safety improvements is volume part of what we need to look at so i mentioned the first set of
12:39 pm
improvements that could be delivered will include closing the gap in the bike network and the completion of bike lanes of class 2 bike parking spaces and class 1 bike parking spaces that exist exist to the east and west and connecting to an existing bike lane on bayshore in the location between alamany and putnam the vehicular and right now the main formal assess to the farmer's market on alamany and bayshore a lot of freeway assess and egress travel and on the north side of alamany crossing alamany and finally at bayshore and alamany and then the second phase delivered the path we look at the desire line of both trying to crow alamany
12:40 pm
from san bruno or on the south on foot and okay. if we wanted to introduce a new assess point by foot to create a safe way to get across with a signal and pasted path a fixed signal on both sides 0 pedestrian signal ramp where will this need to be and what will 2 look like and what will it cost so i'll show graphic los angeles counties this is a large scale an mulch of the study of the existing condition and the proposed it is a road died throughout - the
12:41 pm
left-hand side of the - i'm going to show those areas in for comblal this the intersection of alamany going east with san bruno avenue and this is graphic illustrates first illustrates the bike lane gap being filed on alamany eastbound and it lawless some of the very near term pedestrians improvements that will gone along with that the curve extension pained curb extension with san bruno will be designed with other infrastructure with mta benign paint with the white strips and
12:42 pm
posts delineating that pedestrian says that a quick way to get this in soon and, of course, those curves could be converted to concrete curve extensions at some point we would also restripe the whole area there is a lot of conversation for anyone going through there bicyclists and drivers how to position user in our trying to get to bay so shore the 101 on ramp and if you're trying to turn around and restriping that area and rationaleing the laborious will be something that will increase safety for vehicle drivers as well this is the cross section that would end up on alamany the cross section of 2 traffic lanes plus a protected buffered bike lane in each direction is what it looks like to the west and
12:43 pm
east we are extending that bike lane to a bike lane and a buffer and matching up on either the other side of alamany in the detail on that looks like if you got alamany westbound and eastbound in the inspection with san bruno at the bottom part of diagram and that depicts the path right now folks are crossing san bruno alamany on the other hand, at san bruno without a signal or cross running cross there walking among side through the roadway on the unmaintained portion of right away and then crossing alamany at the north part of alamany without a signal we can
12:44 pm
install a form multi used by pedestrians and bicyclists a more direct connection to interrupting and little farmer's market it will put in opening a crook including having a signal with a pedestrian walk signal at san bruno and alamany and as a matter of law one at the alamany westbound and the timing actually is pretty simple from a traffic flow perspective there is a san francisco general existing just a few yard to the east of this diagram as to these connecter intersects with alamany not a delay for people trying to drive through the area. >> we've completed the traffic
12:45 pm
analysis with caltrain support and fortunately, we find several enough roadway capacity to accommodate this without increasing traffic sybil and working with mta to adjust the signal timing and to coordinate the signal timing that will be needed for 240 project with ongoing traffic signal work planned in the area and caltrain review and approval of the changes the striping changes and the signal timing changes to implement these improvements we recommend pursuing sort of two delivery phase-in parallel the first part could be done quickly with mta the striping project the road diets on
12:46 pm
alamany and then the more medicine term delivery would be of the pedestrian and bicycle multi use path that is because a project that requires more engineering by dpw dpw as looked at that and we need to design for drainage interest there, there is flooding to the east of the area and make sure that path avoids of flooding and doesn't exacerbate any flooding and install the signals it is a little bit longer than of a project to deliver than the striping project but there are a lot of opportunities for grant fund these improvements first of all, this is an - project and look at it tip and commendation funding and prop k and capital funding to help to support the project a current
12:47 pm
general fund set aside to continue the next phases of implementation engineering of the project and will be very expensive for a number of grants this is on the vision zero net high injury network that gives it a leg up against other competing projects the costs are relatively modest for the bike lane and the path together not more than $5 million and in fact, we think that is together certainly significantly less than $5 million altogether we've gotten great compute and involvement from matt and dpw and caltrain honestly and also support and doing outreach from the portal neighborhood association been great in giving us feedback and directing us to outlet groups in the community that has given us a lot of input
12:48 pm
so family connections particular a couple of different focus group sessions with defy groups within family connections coming up that's where we do a lot of cantonese outreach and going out to the farmer's market again in month liquor earlier in the spring to get feedback from the folks assessing the market at the market we look forward to any other input or guidance you have for us the next time is after we've completed our outreach and made refinement to the disdain design have a clear implementation path to present thank you. >> commissioner cohen then commissioner campos. >> thank you very much i wanted to pay any compliments periphery that is its been a long time coming how the population is growing in the eastern part of san francisco and particularly in the portland
12:49 pm
neighborhood a dangerous intersection i'm surprised we haven't have more kaultsdz than we've had to date i want to pass on this compliment to the entire team that worked on the project i don't have anything to critical or major changes i'll suggest that we implement i just i kind of feel this project can't get done fast enough the faefrmentz is growing and popular and the other element i appreciate you take into consideration is the flooding that happens on an annual basis. >> yeah. >> right at the freeway over on ramp so taking into account is really critical. >> thank you commissioner campos. >> commissioner cohen for those remarks you represented
12:50 pm
the portland and there know this is a critical issue that goes back many, many years so it is exciting to be here and i do want to thank the staff for all the amazing work in making this happen in terms of the funding i wanted to make sure we're - we have a birth sense of the timing when do you think you'll come back to us and in terms of the funding options when will we know if these are available so for this project and what's the timeline for that. >> right in the next quarter. >> yeah. in the next quarter that's exactly what we are working on we're doing outreach this month to make sure the design is right. >> okay. >> for everybody and cost estimates reflecting the designs and looking at the grant cycle so we know okay. the next cycle
12:51 pm
of tsa is coming up in march can we agree mta that's the level of detail on the funding now. >> and then i'm actually - >> to the executive director. >> i'll add tilly chang to bring forward the capital that you have in district 9 to help advance the design even as we work or solidifying those and take the recommendations and move them straight into design. >> i think a couple of us will turn both pumpkins on january 8th so if there's anything that can be done prior to that whether here at the county transportation authority the board of supervisors but also the regional bodies like mtc if there is something specific source of funding we're tavsht if you can let us know so
12:52 pm
we're advocating for that. >> commissioner campos through the chair if an unfortunate - i'm a steward. >> the people of the port low appreciate that so thank you. >> thank you. >> seeing none, no other comments open up for public comment. >> anyone wish to comment then public comment is closed. this was an informational item as well item 7 mr. stamos. >> introduction of new items. >> so i see no colleagues speaking open up for public comment mr. yip. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. item 8 mr. stamos. >> general public comment. >> mr. yip. >> andrew here officer the
12:53 pm
recession of having a december in any for the soeshth one should have color - for the existence and destiny in establishment why must one enlighten one and with true mercy and maintenance of true several of having a conscious contravene ones personal desires in forming of the state the of of humanity with the good virtues and fulfill worse than duties of - spirit and divine justice and management for personal, family and social order with humanity justice for making success off having virtues and one should make use of holy studies of instruct for
12:54 pm
incredible works the determination of bringing back - performing all good works and having a blessing for security and happiness those are the delivery of mercy improvements of in a holy way of construct of wisdom and principle for preaching to others for the advance of superior uplift. >> thank you, mr. yip anyone else public comment is closed. >> mr. stamos madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> item 9 adjournment. >> thank you, everybody, we're adjourned.
12:55 pm
>> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the
12:56 pm
shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's much. >> hello, i'm 345ek i'm a
12:57 pm
relocated green voter and running for the bart board district 8 to november let me explain why i'm a long term regular yours of that bay area and practitioner my responsibility social justice activism criteria expands four decades for lgbt and hiv persons locally and globally holding nonprofits affordable and expanding government transparency and fighting for human rights for all my partner and i our closet bart is on 16th street and mission street in june of 2014 i persuaded bart's the department of public health and others to address the
12:58 pm
sanitary conditions my advocacy lead to cash washing and reform of fire hazardous debris and the pigeon speekd wires left birds poop for everyone regarding accessibility assess last july i complained to bart about the lack of the way finding signage at the 16th street plaza promises were made by back and forth leader to improve throughout the plaza area unfortunately bart didn't escape it's word i want better signage telling the disabled and bicyclists folks with heavy luggage parents how to find that accelerator to assess the trains for bike users we want to remind you i was a beast that worked with others to pressure bart to allow us to brepg our bikes on
12:59 pm
the attractiveness and to set them aside in more areas on the trains while in transit my platform calls for a pilot program of an owl beacon booster at the end of rush hour treasons that will free up spaces in other cars and make that easier to use the bart system additional to have pop up bike maintenance cruise on hand at stations once a week you need nor racks better lighting and a guarantee from bart that the surveillance cameras are working properly for affordability over bart and the police force i need to defeat thatmanual of the bart police or at minimum taking am month we have local law enforcement agencies to deal with bart i'm concerned about excess use of force by the bart
1:00 pm
police we can reduce the harm from the police to a better training and enhance oversight felt bart police and institute best practices to insure that the cops that are riders legally to get with appropriate penalties and a very important issue reopening all public baths keeping them closed is unacceptable i'm asking fewer vote and welcome our endorsement for my scombn if i don't live in the district and proud to be a registered green voter and let's all work to make bart the best transit system in the country


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