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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  October 11, 2016 2:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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think outside the box >> good morning good morning and welcome to the
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to the special meeting of the san francisco government audit & oversight committee for this friday, october 7, 2016, i'm the chair of the committee aaron peskin joined by vice chair to my right is supervisor norman yee and by member and president of the board to my left is london breed to our clerk a ink a thank you. the folks at sfgovtv for live extremely this morning. >> madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. items acted upon today will appear on the october 18th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you m read the first item. >> item one an ordinance appropriately one how u hundred from the department of emergency management to provide precisely for earthquake victims for fiscal year 2016-2017. >> thank you, madam clerk
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first, i want to thank supervisor president london breed for transferring this legislation so it can be heard timely to make a difference to the folks in center aisle a devastating earthquake happened in august thousand dollars were displaced and, of course, we remember that 1989 about the lotta's fountain earthquake in san francisco folks and cities and countries from around the world responded including the nation state of italy and what comes around going around i hope we can show our sorry and try to be helpful by appropriately one hundred thousand dollars through our - to our department of emergency management for them to provide appropriate relief to earthquake victims in italy we
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received a bit of public comment at the full board of supervisors earlier had week so i'll ask folks given the length of our agenda and all the civilly grand jury report they don't need but we'll obviously open up for public comment supervisor breed thank you supervisor cohen's unfortunately i'm not going to be able to report this particular item i appreciate the sentiment i think this is the kind of support that should be done with private dollars and at this time i wouldn't be able to support it but appreciate our sentiment in trying to be supportive of thirty the folks experiencing this tragedy. >> thank you. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> thank you chair peskin i
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als also appreciate your reason for wanting to do this and i guess i'm - i have a lot of questions around this mainly it seems like a more logical thing to ask the u.s. government to support their efforts in italy rather than the city entity and i'm not sure if we ever done this before where we actually as a city make donations to a country that is going to throw some terrible issues i'm thinking of more recent one's like a.d. i don't know what we've done more them. >> thank you for that question supervisor yee as a matter of fact the funds the city received
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in the 1989 lotta's fountain earthquake a long proud tradition of the city and county of san francisco making traditions in 1989, 200 and $50,000 for taipei and 2000 one of the board of supervisors appropriated one hundred thousand dollars for similar earthquake relief and substantially appropriately one hundred thousand dollars for the american councils earthquake relief fund there is a long proud history of doing this time have been good in san francisco we have a proud italian heritage in san francisco and i'm saying that on the eve of the italian parade it is my respect request it perhaps
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colleagues, we consider sending this to the full board without a positive recommendation any public comment on matter seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor president london breed will that be okay with a roll call without objection we'll sends this matter supervisor yee without a positive recommendation to the full board without a positive recommendation to the full board without objection that's the call madam clerk read the next item. >> item number two the administrative code to reflect is changes in job classifications okay. this is brought to us by the human resources. >> supervisor peskin i'm susan the employee relations director before you a fairly brief matter
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we bring to you on a periodic basin ordinance for the amending the administrative code this is the area of the administrative code that establishing the bargaining unit for the city and county and specification the classifications within each bargaining unit on ann an annual basis all the classifications and classifications that are moving from an unrepresented status to a bargaining unit the item before you this morning. >> thank you for that i noticed as i was reading a number of new classifications mostly in the trade for apprenticeships can you talk about the history and backward. >> yes. we've been working to create in any apprenticeship programs to help bring new untrained labor into the trades and so this is an area of
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increased focus for the department we we've been working with the bargaining unit to expand those programs and then owe noticed on page thirty a new classification for recreation assistance what is that. >> let me just check one thing. >> i actually need to i'll have to get back with you and don't have the backward on that classification specifically and he can get back to you. >> we'll delay this to further in the meeting and i'm interested just to understand whether or not that is part of a a changing management structure within the rec and park department because number of years ago between my terms on the board of supervisors there was some amount of controversy on the eliminations of recreation directors i want to
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understand so we know what we're looking at for how to fits in and on page 15 special examiner what is that? >> sounds like it could be just about anything. >> 12, 29 special examiner bargaining unit number 8. >> i can get you background that is on existing classification previously urban represented and we're moving that into bargaining unit 8 with local 21 not a new one. >> a local 21st rep i get it. >> how did we think i might know the tort it is your duty history of the affirmation by
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page 20 the eliminations of the position classifications. >> i'll have to get back with you information on that as well. >> on page 11 a distinct recollection maybe ms. campbell reminds at 13479 the board of supervisors eliminated 9 classification of planner 5 but that's by the way, didn't show as a new classification i just thought to classification disappeared a decade agree ago it is possible it came back. >> i'll have to get back with you and on page 87 i'm sorry let me find this on page 7 - the 1849 manager and economic
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development position do you know what that is? >> i did not have it it is another one of the unrepresented classification we're moving into a bargaining unit this is like i said moving if unrepresented to bargaining unit 7 with local 21 so we remember back this this year i and received the unrepresented classifications we felt belonged with the existing bargaining united the item before you in this packet and this position included is 14 of these classifies were profiling u.s. bancorp represented and now moving into bargaining unit that represents three hundred and 44 employees. >> so does that mean or mean in certain cases they're going from the exempt to non-exempt
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status. >> not necessarily that doesn't necessarily change this is really from unrepresented status to represented a status. >> do you know how many 1849 there are. >> yes. i do. >> how many. >> actually right now on my list none existing in that classification so currently there are zero no employees in that craze been an existing classification if so utilized there are currently no active employees. >> then why do we need the class. >> from time to time we are recruiting for classifications and they're vacant and they are utilized at other times and so i i got why this is currently vacant but currently when we did a snapshot of this
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all the employees within the classifications that are moving from unrepresented to represented there was none in that classification i can get you background. >> anyone wish to comment testify open that most existing item seeing none, public comment is closed. and why not get answers and then ms. campbell if you can go do our magic if it requires calling the controller to get what relevant history of the program manager community investment and infrastructure whether or not they're intended to be positions not filled that independently get that we'll be here for a while with grand jury report. >> madam clerk call item
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number 3. >> and four together. >> yes. item three and four a hearing and resolution richmond to 9 proceeding supreme court on the 2016-2017 grand jury report entitled san francisco county jails our largest mental health facility needs attention. >> this is another of the 2016 civilly civil grand jury report i'd like to ask mr. cunningham. >> sitting on on behalf of the jury is michael ph.d. >> good morning doctor. >> hello.
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>> good morning supervisors i'm grad to be back to presentation is represents my fourth - well, my second term of services in which i've been a contributor i guess what i want to talk about just in the beginning here is about all of our reports collectively and what they represent to me and why i think the civil grand jury it is important what this represents to may a product of agreement and the challenges of getting people to agree on anything today is significant get 19 juries to agree on years
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of work represents a big challenge and i think that it is worth pointing that out the jail was no exemption from that it was a challenge for us to come up with recommendations and finding that are relevant and that we all can agree upon it is a important issue a nation a state and a city that holds liberty and freedom to be at the core of its value incarcerating people is a serious action one that shouldn't be taken lighting and it perhaps why the first names of the state constitution including the clause that the civil grand juries should look out the
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county jails it is engaged in the process of holding people in custody and denial of personals freedoms as a jury with little background to begin with in the jails when we look at assessing what the jails are all we have to go by the rules and regulations as to how a jail is to be operated and how a jail to be constructed so we looked to california code title 15 minimum standards for local detention and the building standards commission for the local detention facilities we visited every single site and thank the members of sheriff's department and of the jail behavioral health services and
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the jail services that coordinated and helped us to understand really how the jail operates and what the challenges are they're significant and what the question that we begin to ask was can a local standard be 34ri8d to the operation of the county jail given the state regulations so forth those minimum standards i think this board or the board of supervisors this year answered that question and the answer is yes. >> that a standard community standard can be applied and it is a higher standard and the sheriff's department today is very much changed by contemporary problems within the city that led people problem kr5r9d and in the jail system
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for various reasons who's origins are social and family and community related need to say a community related response to them. >> so in our initial look at the jail in question looked could closely and intact the first twenty-four hour or 72 hours hours a person is in jail the most important time to obviously and be aware of issues related to suicides prevent suicides the department has a very good record we thought an important issue to look at had is happening in the world around us and that any life can be saved is important to consider so we looked at irks of transfer of the custody from the departments bringing people in
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and the tracking of medical referrals from the sheriff's department to san francisco general we looked at issues of training, whether or not the department needs to have twenty-four hour behavioral staffing throughout we look at issues of drug diversion which is the exchange of drugs within the jailed population itself noting at the time we were writing this report was the time the cdc was issuing the proscribing has bearing in the jail i'm sure some of the people that will be presenting following me will be discussing this issue and look at the issues of increased staffing the sheriff's department and i'm happy to hear there is a
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a academy class going to take place here soon and the staffing levels come up we feel that it is important to relieve the fatigue under the department for ongoing overtime and we like to see an increase in a variety of work within the department as well as the inclusion of information management through open data it is an important public safety issue that seems like jail population daily populations counts and so forth with a statistic figure to allow for the study of jail by the public where the - the involvement of the public and
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the awareness of the public the operation of the county jail is important for the reason that freedom is important to us so the challenges face by the jail that are social and medical is that we have today a situation where many people living on the streets will have drug issues find themselves in a condition of extreme need they may commit a crime they wouldn't or unable to assess the resources that places them with within the view of law enforcement with few other options available oftentimes they're brought to the county jail sometimes that is medical stabilization for psych stabilization or the provision of services the sheriff's
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department around the country are finding themselves the provider of social services resources that could be provided outing outside of the jail this is the challenge this city is facing right now how to separate the incarceration and the provision of social service resources throughout the city and it shouldn't be forgotten that unfortunate there will always be a need for a county jail but as we get better at providing services within the community to the people and keeping them out of the jail the level of sophistication of the people remained in jail increases and making for the need for the secure facilities and the safety of the sheriff's department employees to be of great concern
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in tare role as a safety partner at this point, i'll turn to sheriff hennessey for follow-up. >> thank you, very much. decrease sheriff hennessey. >> good morning thank you members i'm here today to talk about the grand jury report and thank you to the grand jury i appreciate your thoughtful con rat reporting on this subject and met with the new grudging or grand jury an interesting process and involved when i was in the sheriff's department earlier so i just a couple codify things that michael talked about er doctor taunted was staffing intact the variety of work the number of people working and the data
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collection that he the reenvisioning process that supervisor president london breed established through a resolution this year i want to say that i put my comments in the letter that i wrote to you and i'll wait for questions at this point. >> thank you are there any questions for the sheriff owe read our letter all right. >> supervisor breed any questions for sheriff hennessey i understand a representative here from the police department lieutenant melena. >> thank you sheriff. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm assigned to the bureaucracy and the cit coordinator for the
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san francisco police department. >> the department is in full support of r a-1 b it will be implemented 6 months to transfer the unit from the sheriff's department to the police department with prisoners to central listed jail we're looking at a 6 month process to work on some paperwork we need to update. >> any questions for lieutenant melena i don't think we need a presentation from the city attorney's office their response is very self-explanatory and can't agree or drawer thank you lieutenant. >> and from the mayor's office kelly kirk patrick.
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>> melissa white house here to answer any questions you may have. >> you have nothing to tell us that's fine. >> all right. and i think that doctor pratt may have a horticulture presentation to present to us. >> good morning and thank you. i'm doctor lisa pratt 9 months into my role as the director of the jail health having come from san quentin turn to walk into civil grand jury interviews is my first experience how thoughtful the report is based on that experience overall want to give you information about who we see in the jail and what
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our staffing is like in the jail we have one and 63 ftes and jail health services the bulk it nursing which is a 24/7 operation 32 behavioral health positions we have 10 medical providers, $31 million operating budget we saw 15 thousand unique patient in the jail our average consensus is 13 homicide 13 hundred patient in the jail 85 percent of the people in the jail have not been convicted their prosecute trail or in trial in about a week 60 percent of the population is gone people
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turnover quickly in terms of the finding and recommendations i think that sort of fall into 3 buckets the coordination of outside entities much of which we had already both on the medical and the psychiatric side a lot of involvement from the community to interface with us when patients come in obviously a time of crisis for people when their arrested and incarcerated we want to make sure we continue their care whatever that care was prior to incarceration often people are out find care we want to reestablish the link and the next bucket is really jail help operation in the facilities those are addressed in the report as well and then linkage and re-entry i think really we have a lot of
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opportunity both from the diversion so before people come into jail and how we connect them as they leave jail it is a challenge given the short stay that most people have in the jail i'm happy to discuss it and answer any questions about the finding. >> thank you, dr. pratt colleagues necessary questions and welcome on board we are delighted you're with us. >> okay why not open up for public comment i know we have a lot of folks that have been via involved in jail policy and closing that jail that permanent has bad locks but that one and 35 thousand hundreds has been proposed for sheriff hennessey to fix those locks ms. guy would you like to come
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up? >> thank you chair. thank you members of the gao and thank you for having this hearing i'm are ma former health commissioner and the co-chair of the workshop and a working group and a member of the taxpayers for public safety the purpose of the jail as the grand jury report is corrections and punishment a medical problem that we diagnose in the mental health system is not for punishment and yet san francisco has the largest mental health facility called a jail that's the responsibility of the be taxpayers investment and our recommendations at the board of supervisors not only the sheriff and i'm asking you and we are
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asking you as members of the public to change the paradigm how we treat mentally ill those who have substance abuse factors they're on the street they are isolated in our poor neighborhoods, not in pacific heights and we can do better the mentally ill that live in our richer communities are served in the right places and the health department and community services that's not what we're doing with the people he ask you to change that paradigm and invest in the health facilities thank you, thank you ms. guy any anyone wish to comment that want to testify on items three and four >> public comment is closed. let me add my words for other in
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depth piece of work by the civil grudging with that, i'm going to turn it over to supervisor breed. >> thank you. i want to extend any thanks to the civil grudging grand jury for this comprehensive report as you may know we've been conducting regular meetings with sheriff hennessey, roma guy and barbara garcia the director of the department of health to try and look at it ways in which we can reenvision what it means to have the kind of facilities that w can serve the challenging population especially those individuals with mentioning the friction oftentimes is before we intervene we wanted to have was
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in the population didn't come to that this is frustrating i know for many of the folks that have been involved in this particular battle for so long to make sure that san francisco is not just moving forward with business as usual and building a new jail but initiative ways to provide the right kinds of facilities that serve the population in a more humane and effective way i appreciate the work and shining the light on this issue growing up in the neighborhood i grew up oftentimes sadly a lot of crime and there were people who have and a serving time that were not not the perpetrators of those particular crimes we know there is a need you know to make sure that there are jail facilities for unfortunately violent criminals but we also know that
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there is a need for the right kind of humane response for people will have substance abuse and mentally ill it is frustrating for me, i know that sadly my brother is still incarcerated over the last 16 years in 850 bryant and sadly a substance abuse person needs help and support and has committed crimes i feel he spent 200 enough time paying for the system is broken and here in san francisco fortunately, the conversation we are having now is one that is looking at a broken system and trying to come up with something more humane and something that works in order to represent help and
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truly rehabilitate and true support the individuals that oftentimes are put in our jails and forgotten and then they come back out and try to adjust in society and sometimes not given a fair chance to do so so i'm excited about the conversations i'm excited about the leadership the thought individuals active in trying to figure out a better solution and very appreciative of the civil grand jury for their work other than focusing on this and prepared the responses from the board of supervisors and want to be clear there are limited to the responses the civil grand jury report but make sure we're still committed to addressing this issue we expect to have a hearing about this task force meeting in december to discuss
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alternatives i appreciate the leadership of chair hennessy and barbara garcia who is really you know taken this role seriously and has worked closely together to come up with alternatives to what we see with the jail system i'm going to read into the record what the responses are the boards specific responses to the civil grand jury report at this point so madam clerk let's start the witness first recommendation. >> recommendations rb the board of supervisors should approve the mayors supplemental request to address the problems with old laws that jail- any other remaining issues. >> okay. so the recommendation will not be implemented but just to be clear the responses into
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the record there is funding provided to the sheriff's department to address the lock issues but here's the response that will come from the board of supervisors and if my colleagues have any additional recommendations i'm on the mayor has not introduced a funding so the board of supervisors kaunt can't approve but mayor's office for the fiscal year 2030 and fiscal year 2017-2018 budget it includes one and $32,000 plus and one hundred and 38 plus respectfully for jail number 3 and 4 lights and locks maintenance and the board of supervisors will seriously consider any additional funding needs for safety problems at j four. >> supervisor breed i think i want to say this to the members of the civil grrmg a great
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recommendation it actually has been implemented i think the only technical problem is the word supplemental appropriation so, i mean we can phrase it has been implemented but it was not implemented through a supplemental appropriation that was implemented through the budget but it actually has been implemented it is a simple mammal issue. >> can the city attorney provide us with whether or not we can - >> he's not here but watching i know he's watching and that would be helpful to know it has been implemented but there is also that technicality around the supplemental so i'm open to making that change basis from my perspective a better response. >> my recollection after pouring through the record the mayors response we can find i
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think he said it had been implemented so it that right ms. white house maybe we'll be consistent and say that has been implemented albeit not through a supplemental appropriation. >> is that clear? thank you. i will take that recommendation from supervisor peskin so if we can read the next recommendation and recommendation >> recommendation rc 2 c the board of supervisors should productive the amount with the budget reaches them. >> the implementation will not be implemented the 2017-2018 and 2018 and 2019 budget will not reach the board of supervisors for months and the board can't make commitments since when the
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next budget is passed in consultation with the department of health and the sheriff's department the board of supervisors will carefully consider staffing the behavioral health services 24/7. >> and that's our response and just to reiterate separately from our response this is definitely an important priority for me. >> all right. final recommends. >> supervisor president breed if i can jump in i was looking at the mayors responses i agree seminary to desire from the mayor's office we want precomment this board and the next board that will be different from this board i was looking at the mayors response and page 7 of 11 slightly different remedies one was to the board and one to the mayor
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but they marry each other and requires further analysis not implemented but it was kind of required further analysis designation and a as it might be implemented we don't know yet. >> i want to add it is unfortunate that it does require further analysis according to the mayor because i mean, we know what the problem is and know what we need he remember the first year i was on the board of supervisors there was a request from sheriff hennessey was the sheriff a request from the sheriff's department with additional support what a clear plan to help with the jail behavioral health services and i did not get a lot of support from the mayor's office nor from many members of the board of supervisors to do an ad back to
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the sheriff's department for this particular purpose we know we with need to do and we need to make it happen sooner than later and not keep dancing around this issue that's my $0.02 not part of our responses and want to make it clear we know what to do and know it needs to be funded and keep and a on dancing and will continue to be a strong advocate for this particular service for our jail population. >> and madam president i agree with you wholeheartedly for those people that don't know how this state mandated civil grand jury thing works we have a very limited number of actions that has a matter of law we can take in responding to thing that are brought for a department or board we can say the
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recommendations has been implemented the implementations has not been implemented will be be implemented in the future for a timeline for the implementation that we're not able to do because of the uncertainly the composition of the board in the future and requires further analysis or not implement because not warned reasonable and so the reason he was pushing i'd like to push for number 2 not implemented but will but i don't think we can say that because of what is supervisor breed rational but requires further analysis means we're working on it, it is of one and half a dozens of another. >> thank you supervisor peskin and madam clerk can you please read the final recommendations.
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>> the board of supervisors shall approve the sheriff's request for the insuring all deputies in suicide intervene. >> the board of supervisors response is the recommendation has been implemented per the mayor's office respond. fiscal year 2017-2018 budget includes training all deputies at county jails in crisis intervene including enough for a training. >> so for clarity for recommendations rc 2 c it was offend by the supervisor breed the recommendations will not be implemented. >> no has been. >> has been? >> yes. >> for the second recommendation rc 2 c. >> r d-4 c. >> for clarity for rc 2 c
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supervisor peskin. >> yes. but we're going to leave if as the recommendation will not be implemented and okay. >> okay. >> and since there is no finding to response o respond to i'd like to make a motion we accept the proposed recommendations and strike the appropriate language and resolution as it relates to the findings and move forward with a positive recommendation. >> there's a motion so we'll strike the finding language that didn't apply to the board and as amended a there's a motion on the floor without objection with recommendation thank you supervisor president london breed for bottom lineing that one madam clerk read items 5 and
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6 together. >> item 5 and of a hearing and resolution on the roll call published 2016-2017 drinking save water in san francisco for a matter of good practice. >> mr. for man good news. >> david will be presenting on behalf of the grand jury it is nice to know how puc has the highest water quality. >> want and supervisors as the title indicates a positive report i have to say from the outset we the jury and the board of supervisors and the agencies almost all of us spent
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a lot of time talking about shortfalls and efficiency and sink holes so it is understandable that a good while the jury stood in front of you to give a rave to a city agency and i hope it shows that the san francisco public utilities commission proved successful the more we investigated the better we documented it protects lives and we found that really no record of them being commended so i hope today will recommend that and hope you'll help us mediate the last recommendation okay. we do need to disclose we didn't investigate the puc maintenance backlog their pipes or financial operations or pricing we did investigate our water there stewardship of our water
2:49 pm
resources and water safety and hazards so as most of us know give you a little bit of background the puc collects tests and monitor, treats, and distribute our water it also champions our usage and really thanks to the excellent pros practices and conservatism by the citizens the drinking water sfpuc delivers to us in adequate and high quality and save our hunters point water source is protected and pristine and the sfpuc has gone to extra length to treat it less letting us taste the snow pack from our taps this sounds like a commercial we're the jury after
2:50 pm
all and came to the inclusion of the glowing work by the sfpuc investigating the problems and briefly share them with you so our term started out in the peak of the drought before the blessings of the el nino we all of us here in san francisco felt the water insecurity we asked the obvious question how to correct the water supply with the construction here in san francisco we visited the reservoirs and saw the 90 percent level for ourselves on the supply side more that coming online from the ground water and use less water than 15 years ago this is amazing and thank to fixtures and conservatism we citizens use half the water of an average californian and finally the sfpuc has an
2:51 pm
expressive study they can handle more watt rationing we felt the sfpuc should be commended for that and little second thing that came up was obvious flint mifsh had a mass led water concentration tragedy that made the headlines in january and that caused the jury to wonder what happened in flint can happen here in san francisco our investigation revealed it couldn't in flint a water supply source was stwichd sending untreats water into in their lead distribution system and leaked the water out of the pipes and you can make matters worse the city manager lied about the problem so the first
2:52 pm
part of the problem is easy sfpuc reports to us and all there are no lead pipes in the main extra that stops a lot of the led but what about ignoring complaints and lying we visited one problem the sfpuc had in order to evaluate the response no 2015 they had a backflow incident a value was left open and untreated water was mixed request traeltd water and that was released sfpuc detected it in 17 minutes they quickly stopped the problem and then they record the problem both up to the state regularity and down to the customers and immediately recorded it had as human error immediately
2:53 pm
they tracked the slug of this untreated water throat system to resolution and then the recommended improvements were made charged to our satisfaction as well to the state finally we looked at - as far as resolving the flint problem we looked at a month of 311 complaint how they respond to their customers the short all problems were resolved so that's why we included that what happened no flifrnt can't happen here before the last problem i want to give you a sidebar it is important to know there is unmeasured lead in the sierra source and no lead in the distribution line yet we looked at the report there is measurable lead in our tap water and that's because the water has to travel through the homes and
2:54 pm
plumbing to reach us this is where that gets interesting old pipes preyears can release lead into our drinking water the sfpuc itself listed internal plumbing systems as the major source of lead in our water dpw will tell you run our tap water long enough to get the water through your own pipes and have safe wonderful water that leaves one 1r50ush9 drinking foundations you know they sit for long periods of time in the pipes and very little water comes out more in the minute the last problem we flipped around a problem that happened in milwaukee wisconsin in 1993 and
2:55 pm
investigated why it doesn't happen in san francisco so in milwaukee in the 3 in drinking water it was identified as a the cause of ills for people and caused several deaths approximately 11 mostly those with hiv or immune compromised situation so given our large hiv if it happened it would have been think worse through there was a crip to problem that was the sfpuc working with our department of health aware of it and testing crepitus before the milwaukee outbreak the levels were safe and documenting such cpi to was not regulate by the
2:56 pm
state until 1996 we found the individuals and the documentation we opener impressed and grateful so in fact, the department of health confirms that the puc has not been associated with any outbreaks of ills we agree we hope you'll agree the sfpuc should be commend we look at the quality and safety and supply salt lake city and tested the facilities and laboratory and found the sfpuc the water system stae and they're supporting services to be more than satisfactory so where we need your help with the last recommendation where we made one suggestion to the puc which - and unwarned and unremarkable. >> correct. >> so that's where we want
2:57 pm
your help right now they've not rays the price for $25 any tap tested that puts the burden on the customer for the next occupant of the building arrest the attended finding out whether or not there is pleads in their water we throughout the sfpuc was in a perfect swaegs to start tracking state tested and document and suggested with a tremendous degree of lad it is the duty create a certification program you've been to some place and tested it we're interested in hearing their response. >> i'll give them that opportunity it is relative to the rules about civil grand jury rules not within our jurisdiction but within the puc and the mayors so weasel forward
2:58 pm
a representative of the imp the opportunity to respond to that one mildly contentious issue but delighted by your report it is good to get great news we have a little bit of work we have to do relative to the blanks on pages 2 and 3 of our resolution where in colleagues, i would suggest we wholeheartedly agree with all of their 3 findings those will be finding f a-1 2 and f a 5 and commend sfpuc on its water stewardship this has resulted in the best drinking water under the country we can have that be the reason in f one and that
2:59 pm
will be reason with in f a 5 and as to f a-2 the reason should be given that california components drinking lead since 2010 or 2011, 2011 including san francisco where lead piping is rare they'll make those motions is there a representative from the puc? >> good morning edwin the director for the puc i'm here to answer any questions. >> on the one issue relative to the certification program particularly for water foundations where the response from the executive branch will not be implemented not reasonable an urban w5ir7b9d not within our jurisdiction this is what the hearings are for so the floor is yours. >> thank you the concern is that it may take
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a lot of effort to develop the program we're not aware of a program across the country and working with the city departments for example, working with the housing authority any department wants us to get involved i'll be happy to but in terms of the resources to have a de facto hiring freeze i'll be happy to work with at departments in the issue of the programs is one that causes the most concern. >> thank you for that response any 3, 4, 5, 6, anyone wish to comment that wants to testify on items 5 or 6 sooevenz there's a motion for amendments that i made to item number 6 without observation and i make a motion to send it to the full
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board with a positive recommendation. >> park merced and colleagues a position to file items 3 and 5 moved by supervisor president london breed's without objection madam clerk could you read item no. 7. >> yes. item 7 is hearing on the recently published 2015-2016 civil grand jury report on the fire inspection and the san francisco fire department. >> floor person cunningham. >> for the final report i'll be reporting on behalf of the civil grand jury i want to extend an apology for the civil grand jury for those of you who don't know we have to particular jury three hundred 66 days to generate the reports and come for the 19 of us to come a agreement on this and as part of
3:02 pm
that process it is our goal it is our desire to share our finding and discuss our finding with the department shares of the areas that we vegetated we didn't have that opportunity with this report this report was approved by the civil grand jury on the 28 of june for those of you who don't know the civil grand juries term expired on the 30th of june and the reports need to get to the judge by that date our authority expires no time for us to review our finding with those departments shares so we regret. >> that was noted in chief joanne hayes-white letter. >> give you a little bit of background the way we went into there were a number not a number of but fires of significance in
3:03 pm
the mission area that was that generated some threats about some outstanding fire code violations and that got our attention what we believe as a civil grand jury that san francisco is uniquely exposed to a catastrophic fire due to our fractured construction our 5 outlines in the immediate vicinity the age of the construction, and the fact we're in the middle of an 8 year drought that is just no signs of immediate relief in sight we're uniquely exposed and we have for a number of years a good job has been done but disaster has been
3:04 pm
avoided we want to evaluate the press that was generated there were outstanding code violations not resolved at the time of the fire with that said, we are surprised and frustrated and dbi and sf fire department the volume of intersection that were required were hampered by the staffing model the civil grand jury we're coming out of a recession we know because of our unique attitude and our compassionate services for people who are being veeshthd or listing their jobs no desire on behalf of anyone in san francisco to have them leave the city what we find is that more people are living in smaller more cramped quarters to make
3:05 pm
ends meet we believe the recession and the nature of the recession increases the fire risks ♪ particularly some neighborhood where construction is contiguous for city blocks and i want for a passage between the buildings i can't imagine this investigation took on a life of its own two departments and two housing codes and enforcement codes we find hard workers in into departments overworked and the job was understaffed we found that deficient technology and dbi and what i'll call a temp resistance in the fire department is may or may not be a realistic to expected the fire
3:06 pm
trucks assessable to them they can do their inspectors while they're in the source of their business because we believe and noted in chief joanne hayes-white statement was the prior the priority in - in their work is to fight fires we found that information about that is being accommodated was very hard to assess for the people that are actually doing the inspectors we found the translations for the people that own the property that may or may not be in violation of one of the city codes is not readily available to them and that the levels of enforcement were inadequate and discovered changes in both department in the spring tried to incorporate those into our report the best
3:07 pm
we could we vegetated those things and a lot of it was done in the in the right direction but we do want the nature of code enforcement for renters and people living in those buildings to change a little bit one of the things we talked about when you walk into a restaurant you can immediately if you're interested see the rating on one to one hundred how the restaurant does with the health department that's hard in your a renter or a patron of same restaurant that number is reflective of the health department not a reflection of the building code or the fire code inspection so in general that's where we were pleased that there are significant improvements in both departments not as a result of the report but in process while we're
3:08 pm
investigating at this time >> thank you, mr. cunningham why not go we've got dbi and fire why not start with the department of building inspection mr. hui i know you a presentation anyway your shop. >> good morning, supervisors supervisor peskin supervisor breed and supervisor yee thank you to take the opportunity to address regarding the 2017, 2015-2016 grand jury report before i start, i want to say thank you to the grand jury to look at this topic that is an important topic in my mind my job is make sure to protect
3:09 pm
the public in san francisco for the you know the safety life and property that's my you know policy number one to say that also i'd like to thank you, my staff you know from the director and especially chief housing inspector rosemary to work with my staff, of course, if you read the report they should be commend and you know we we agree to highlight from the department stand point we want to work closely with other departments like fire because you know the communication with them to make sure we work together that's why also the mayor officers 2 housing unit $2 million to help the fire
3:10 pm
department to start their program to have a better system and how to reach the public the way i see it 5 f-4 first of all, educate the public how to prepare for the fire that's why we have also put the funding quarter of a million dollars for two years to make sure they can outreach the public to educate them how to if you're in the fire there are lots of things we can know also for my staff i highly aggressively under 2012 because at this time a down turn roughly we have housing inspectors we have closed to thirty and working closely with
3:11 pm
you know chief housing inspector and make sure whatever we need to maybe increase the staff and, of course, run our shop more efficiently those are my objectives you know we're totally responsible to make sure that any single fire but sometimes you can't stop the fires people are career less but before we go further maybe i ask my chief housing inspector to come up to give a provision to you and then stay behind to answer any questions. >> thank you director huey and indeed the sharing fire protection alleviating it in all
3:12 pm
residents in the city has been and forefront and a serious mandate for the department of building inspection and housing inspection and the fire department we thank the grand jury for the amount of time they spent doing this report we realize that a lot of work went into that and over the last several years both departments have been working diligently on increasing collaboration, education, outreach, and i recall about this time last year doing a workshop with one of the fire captains on the our tv system to help with education as far as residents now, one of the things that we also did was participate and this actually began before the
3:13 pm
grand juries investigation and report was the fire safety that required collaboration before both departments before i get to that give you a little bit of background about the different roles because there's discussion about that collections i think one of the things to be noted the fire code and the housing task work individually and the fire code was originally it acted to be the preliminary code to deal with fire hazardous situations the fire code is a supplement to that with that said, partnering with the fire department and the department of other agencies and stakeholders to do a lot of preventive work so that fires don't occur and why is that we know that collaboration with the fire department that most fires start within the unit so a mechanical inspection of
3:14 pm
the common areas of the building is not that's why we have that multi ladder approach collaboration and participating in the fire safety task force 9 recommendations the filings of the stakeholder all of that so unfortunately really trying to follow me here so - we have a lot of recommends and that resulted in legislation we want to thank all the members of the committee you co-sponsored that legislation what were some of the things we looked at when we are dealing with multi family building we're not just dealing with the mechanical common areas of this a lot of things happening and firefighter hazards in the building we need to enhance the existing alarm systems and the smoke alarm
3:15 pm
systems between the building go and increasing the sounds like level so people can get out of the building in addition to that an action plan that is a big they know when a building is damaged by a fire that the property owner will need to do an assessment and give an action plan for the individuals displaced have as much information and get out of property and dbi so address those fires and the other part of this is that and as tom said our director said we have recognized that with adding additional resources to assist t fire department in addition to collaboration and sharing a lot of our documents has to do with with the issue of notice of violation sending the cases and
3:16 pm
referring the cases to the city attorney and reoccurring fire safety violations like egress that was changed immediately sent a case to the city attorney and sharing with the successes with the fire department and other agencies so and then as far ongoing efforts one of the other things we recognize is that to focus go our inspectors not only on complaint and systematic enforcement but look at particular building that are multiple level non-rated structure they maybe in a corridor that is experiencing a previous listens of fires and focused on fires elsewhere in the city in those areas it is called code enforcement we'll continue to do that and the other they know we are doing is
3:17 pm
that wanting to get data in realtime as to what the results of all those efforts have been we've been working with our it department within our division one our department and within the department of technology and with respect to that we - have made some great in roads as far as the inspectors over the last few years we've identified over thirty thousand violations that is about 57 hundred notice of violations and we have abated about thirty thousand individuals item about 10 percent of those were fire safety hazards now with respect to that we also be it further resolved bill the property owner for cost recovery the board is supportive of that
3:18 pm
we come to you once a year and record orders on the property we regularly refer cases to the city attorney i'll tell you i got off the phone with hoarding case that are dangerous as far as fire safety hazard and collaborating with those much more effective and commissioner walker in attention that was instrumental in helping us look at incidents we had people with distinguished capacity and getting more assistance from the public guardian of certain individual they can't come replying with the fire mitigation we continue to do these and also look forward to working further with the fire department and our - code enforcement outreach partners we have i understand some of them
3:19 pm
are here today and conducting workshops in sros and look at it to include those within apartment building and tom said we've increased our funding workplace thank you for allowing us to comment and we'll continue to go forward with the efforts we're making with this and continue those partnerships thank you. >> thank you, ms. and we will obviously want to hear from commissioner walker but why not switch to fire chief decould say. >> fire marshall de cossio horrible committee members thank you for the opportunity to
3:20 pm
review and discuss sfpd recommendations regarding the fire safety. >> dan if you straighten that microphone out the department has reviewed considerable detail the consideration from the civil grand jury report before we step through the barriers of importance to you we'll highlight a few considerations first, the sffd - we insure the citizens safety neither the chief for the right fire marshall was invited to participate or provide insight with regards to fire safety or plans underway optimize there are thirdly, there are many involved fire safety
3:21 pm
programs that have been strementd and implemented at this point, in fact, programs with the recommendations put forth in the sf grand jury are report my understanding that the committee members have had the opportunity to revoke the finding and the sffd response we see a couple of options to proceed we can review the presentation delivered to the sffd commission that provides a summon of conclusions along with the corinne woods sffd processes a improvements underway or we can move forward to focus immediately only areas of specific interest to the committee how would you wish to proceed. >> thank you fire marshall i've read to the matrix as i know my colleagues have they're
3:22 pm
all pretty self-respect as to which ones were implemented and not and which ones will be and there are pages of them there is clearly no action or responded that needs to be taken by the board of supervisors relative to any of the grand jury recommends they specific to dbi and fire but we have read them so if committee members have any questions for fire marshall de cossio seeing none, we'll call you if we need you. >> thank you commissioner walker. >> oh, supervisors thank you so much i would like to thank the grand jury for giving us this opportunity to review our processes and supervisors you may remember you unanimously approved the code enforcement
3:23 pm
reform our department and the all the relative departments have been working on for over 4 years i think that we are in the process our selves of working on extensive it reform if in our p t s system i'm sure you'll hear more about the updates. >> i've been waiting for 10 years. >> (laughter). >> you and me both a lot of the disconnect that happened regarding code enforcement are the issues that brought up our code reform package that supervisor wiener put forward and you unanimously supported the codes are separate our departments are separate and the city attorney who is involved in all the code enforcement efforts realized the need to center our departments
3:24 pm
work better together our department through our rp you know we're an enterprise department funded a lot of the code enforcement coordinated expansion with fire and our department the health department we mentioned the issues around hoarding that was presented another issue that effects heath issues we also included in that expanding our code enforcement outreach program to our partners out in the community that probing have better access to folks in those buildings our inspectors go out routing only notice of violations and try to correct the issues as soon as your inspectors go away the problem what reoccur having a partner in the community obtain a daily basis it helpful the communication issue between our departments and also from the community and to the community
3:25 pm
is an issue it is something our commission brought up that we and a lot of those cases are already flowing reforms to address the issues brought up by the grand juror the public didn't know about that and in some cases the other departments don't i think quietly use the internet and our website and public outreach to better communicate those advances and again, the commitment to finishing the upgrades we'll look for your support and hopefully finish 24 in a timely way the commission is commit to that and also in our recent discussion about code enforcement it was suggested that we make assess available immediately to the notice of violations that are our issued
3:26 pm
by each department to say it online with our existing online complaint system where you can track having the specific information on buildings will help our partners in the community make sure we are paying attention to all the notice of violations and curing them so to reemphasize where the commission did we support working with other departments and jones us in this computer upgrade we actually support focused funding to support code enforcement outreach effort our department has and our commission has agreed to fund that out of our fees that we collect it make sense there is a nexus there and hope to continue the effort to build up a coordinate code enforcement effort by all department and
3:27 pm
include the city attorney in that that's all i can and say from the commission stand point but i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you commissioner walker for your years of efforts and maybe we should also after we hear from president francee covington from fire talk with our it world i know in a communication with fire not only our computer systems not talking with each other but the great resource and for anyone that think hadn't uses it used the property information map tool on the departments website that will show you beginning permit and planning applications will show you complaints but not hooked up to fire you can't see any fire department code enforcement i know pursuant what was read in the process of making that available open their
3:28 pm
website but in one centered place. >> commissioner covington. >> game-changer supervisors i'm francee covington satisfactory serving as president of the san francisco fire commission we're looking forward to having a continued conversations with our colleagues and dbi and i think that supervisor peskin chair peskin our suggestion that the property information map serves as a guideline for how to move forward in sharing information is brilliant. >> thank you, commissioner
3:29 pm
made my day (laughter) okay who's here on behalf of our it department. >> no questions for me; right? >> colleagues seeing none, thank you. >> please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, bryan reporting /* roberto. >> hello bryan from the department of technology. >> can you help those people (laughter) well, there was a specific recommendation about a particular oracle database we don't manage we help folks with the kind of rescoping the "x" sell project that is active and ongoing i believe we'll have a new project plan in
3:30 pm
mid-november. >> of what year. >> this year. >> sorry just been 10 years i was asking. >> yeah. >> so that's the main focus of where we are helping with. >> and can you help fire get they are stuff on the property information map. >> oh, yes. >> excellent. >> there is a reoccurring theme for the next 8 years of my life from the board has me. >> and the g f team can help with that. >> thank you mr. roberts. >> to the very, very patient people from the public and the department of human resources anyone want to make a public comment on item 7 please come on up. >> good morning. i'm the lead organizer for the right services
3:31 pm
a government we firmly believe that housing is a human right and the advocates to insure that folks have the ability to advocate for the right for dignified and great homes i appreciate the tennis of the review and want to encourage this process in the process at least to a final recommended include the folks that are effected and those finding before leading to the recommendations are shared with the proper departments we know that issues with the hazardous ability with the dense populated building where the heart of unoccupied buildings the longtime residents but those are consistent processes so based on those recommendations i want to list and recommend that the fire safety task force is something you sponsored moving forward we insure those finding find a way
3:32 pm
to be implemented we do look forward to the collaboration amongst the agency the fire department and others have been putting into practice funding some of the new positions and community, however, we disagree on the reason the tracking the residential complaints take along i want to say that the current practices of fire department lack clear protocol and the hazards go undecked and fail to be documented consistent i appreciate having the amazing technology but if folks are not trained to identify those it is a shame to recommend that and through we firmly believe that proper tainting training to use
3:33 pm
the code enforcement is - i'll say in our office we see close to 4 hundred cases some of them are a result of some of the departments here and some require more work on our end so to the end of bringing buildings up to code i encourage to look more in details to the recommends and so have further implementations in some of the spaces. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors i work for central center collaborative and the program he oversee a clinic in the tenderloin we have fire department the housing inspection department we focus on south of market and tenderloin i just want to highlight certain things we've
3:34 pm
been doing we working closely with the housing inspectors that are working in our jurisdictions of tenderloin and south of market we have in fact, in our own office seen over one thousand tenants that come through our doors to help with the tenant/landlord issues i also want to highlight we have been working with the fire department to host workshops in all the hotels and have done 24 workshops for tenants and for management in sro hotels i'd like to thank you for the opportunity to push for more workshops part time we'll try to workout that with the fire department they don't have the funding and we would last week to see that happen thank you.
3:35 pm
>> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is anna work for the coming outreach program of the tenderloin clinic and want to enhance - sorry make sure that you know how for this code enforcement outreach program for our community especially in you're with a lot of the tenants that are bilingual having this program helps create the trust between the city agencies and the tenants so i want to - sorry make sure that - that the code enforcement outreach program is being enhanced and all this meeting thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, supervisors
3:36 pm
my name is rosa i'm the program manager for the code enforcement outreach program another tenderloin housing clinic i work along with anna and though i read the report i said to highlighted some of the amazing things i think the code enforcement outreach program helps to facilitate with the dbi funding our code enforcement outreach program focused in the tenderloin and we had a bit of outreach in the south of market area has assisted tenants within those areas that are as anthema mentioned bilingual they speak mayan and cantonese and mandrin what we're able to do is provide a brazen or link between tenants within those areas to a city did not like the department of building inspection to correct negligent conditions the
3:37 pm
landlords have per traditional housing is a right in san francisco and make sure those conditions are up and make sure that tenant which we had seen in the last two years were not self-evicting themselves because of conditions in building that have been so decrept with over run of rodents or landlords not responding to tenant concerns that tenants are thinking about environmental impactism we're proud at tenderloin clinic we feel we help several tenants i want to say we helped at least 6 hundred amount number of tenant so elder and families in the tenderloin so i hope you guys
3:38 pm
that message is conveyed and communicated in a very long way thank you very much. >> sir. >> hi tom from human rights committee i kind of want to echo what a lot of the people saying human rights committee in recent a case in supervisor president london breed district an elderly woman who had been relocated spoepdz to roommate her parapet she'd burn relocated temporarily but the temporary was seven months it was really the effort of not only supervisor breed office but the human right working in conjunction with dbi and that kind of work came because of close relationship with dbi and this program and because of that the bottom line was we were able to get her back into her parapet in one week
3:39 pm
because of this relationship i want to urge you, i don't know what the board can do we've been meeting with the fire department and trying to set up a similar program within the fire department the reality we're in the ground the tenant organizers people come into our office and see 5 thousand implies a year we hear about the foreclose safety problems we need this working relationship that the fire department i can call up someone directly and say hey i have this address here's what's happening can but send an inspector to make sure that happens that's the kind of rep with dbi we really, really need to relationship with fire to help to prevent some of those fires. >> thank you anyone wish to comment here to testify on this item no. 7 seeing none, public
3:40 pm
comment is closed. i know that supervisor breed has a few words to say but i'll start with a high-level of thank you to the 2016 civil grand jury for all of your reports and professionalism and for thank you for all your hard work to move this and other subject matters forward we greatly appreciate our work for nothing. >> but you signed up for the job thank you. >> for all of that. >> $13 per day. >> you can't get here for $13 a day and wards wrashdz to this report no action this body, or needs to take with that said, i'd like to do this is within the purview of the san francisco government audit & oversight
3:41 pm
committee to bring this matter back we do it the continuity the civil grand jury with continuity reports we'll continue to revisit this issue i appreciate the fact that both departments are taken to seriously and appreciate the work the respect commission and mr. hui get that done. >> supervisor president london breed and thank you to again to the civil grand jury you know the people who usually go through the process to be part of the civil grand jury and spend countless hours with the research and work it is a thank also job you care about the city and care about green house back i want to letting you know, we appreciate the time and work in preps those amazing reports it is great to shine a light on
3:42 pm
things we'll talk about they board of supervisors maybe during biscuit season. >> oufrments i know get 80 getting to a point we make the covets changes to make sure that government is working more efficiently for the people it intends to serve those reports go a long way in the right direction so thank you. i want to ask specific questions because from my perspective i want to fix it and i want to fix it because it shouldn't be that you, you this someone has to reach out to the board of supervisors or to their supervisor to deal with that situation that tommy mentioned it was horrible to have that person not having an advocate to help to fascist the process she would be homeless this is a frustration that so 34 people that don't know who to crack are
3:43 pm
experiencing all over our city i want 24 process to work better and heard from one of the speakers specifically the responses the fire department was they don't have the funding and i guess i understand to understand if this is true or not true what is the issue with the departments budget in terms of being a little bit more responsive with those situations those fire code violations and what's happening base especially because preservation is important so we don't get to a point where things happen in the first time we all want to avoid getting to that point clearly in the first place i want to
3:44 pm
understand the fire departments role and not having sufficient funding to be more responsive is true and if that's the case you know where do we go from hey here and highway to fix it. >> mr. fire marshall de cossio. >> yes. thank you. >> with regards to staffing and funding first of all, i'd like to thank the building department for they're supporting us with two new positions community each. >> that's my next question with the competence and funding at dbi is it possible to fined the positions necessary and thank you very much for dbi for that support. >> with two positions a new fire investor and inspector to go to neighborhood and address
3:45 pm
all fire safety concerns as far as contact they'll be the point for the community to reach out and other positions four new inspector positions and create a fire complaint section what we've done in the past they used to be sent out to the different districts multiple district throughout the city their duties for full inspectors a hoist of things if that fire complaints but we created a new section and consolidate all the complaint to be more efficient and addressing the these complaints. >> which did this start is. >> last week the additional positions and again, this process has been in the works for quite a few of the i permanent was a part of fire task force the interagency task force i sought concerns of the
3:46 pm
public and at this point we start to plan that with allocating the resources to the sections and started out with a reassigning the champion and concluded that reallocation so, now a champion, lieutenant and 6 inspectors that address all fire complaints. >> okay. the other question i wanted to ask something he most recently experienced with an individual in my district who is a hoarder and had a fire and as a result i think what bogged me the most about the situation there was a fire the fire department came and put out the fire and there was really no connection or no follow-up to services for this particular individual in fact, the reason
3:47 pm
he got involved several neighbors of this year person had reached out to me and had a fire the door was broken i mean but we got services you know after my office was made aware of the situation, we were able to work with you know the different departments human resources and all of these things to get him services we discovered his water was cut off i don't think so where the disconnect was you're talking about a senior living without water clearly has issues and needs support and i guess from my perspective he know not as if we talk about someone in their personal home you would be able to prevent or know theirs issues without
3:48 pm
getting involved i guess i didn't understand why the department after they put out the fire that there were no signs to see there was a need for social services or for support or dbi even or just - i'm trying to understand after the situation occurred you know what is your role to connect individuals that we know are clearly in trouble to the resources they need to get help. >> i think part of this is training and reinforcing the idea we're a department and a process to refer those issues to protective services and dbi the tools are there i think about reinforcing and meg to the field and the issues to have an avenue
3:49 pm
to reviewer to other auditions think that is mainly training the tools are there. >> i guess i see a bit of a disconnect and wanting to make sure that we are doing what we can to be supportive and you are doing what you can to make sure that is not just about, of course, a role that 9 department plays responding to all the 9-1-1 emergencies and dealing with challenging situations i know so many people appreciate but then there are other layers as a fire marshall what you deal with in general with occupancy and other challenges with the buildings i'm just concerned that from my perspective not sure of the what the policies are with the
3:50 pm
department and how those policies actually serve the public as it relates to preservation in terms of the civil grand jury report after something occurs and is there a disconnect and something we can do to support you know moving the in the right direction to. >> i'll bring this forward to the deputy chief. >> and to mention the department of building inspection is it polk what you've been provided is sufficient or is there a need for additional resources because clearly i know the opportunity exists from the funding is available and dbi can use funding for this particular purpose i think this is really
3:51 pm
you know a great opportunity to try to make sure we have the appropriate capacity to support the department in this regard. >> we're rolling out programs teammate with the fire complaints in the community outreach at this time no need for additional resources but down the road we may this is in any to us we are rolling this out i think from what i sit we're good right now with the two new programs. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you fire marshall de cossio supervisor yee. >> just want to make a general comment i want to thank the grand jury for this year i'd be able to read several years of report from the grand juror efforts and we have to say this this year is the best in terms of all the ones i've seen it is useful
3:52 pm
and it's been seem to have the ability to move some of the departments more than in the past so i want to congratulate actually, the juries that were working on the reports. >> thank you supervisor yee so with that, why not have a motion to file item no. 7 made by supervisor yee without objection thank you, again one and all and let's see return to item 2 thank you for your patience i'm sorry i forgot your name i know you represent the department of human resources. >> thank you. i'm the employee relations director and i am fairly new to my position i can assure you i'll have answers to our questions when you ask them. >> it's all good. >> let me i think i've
3:53 pm
gathered the information requested and let me address each item individually you asked me about the recreation facility assistance on page thirty of the ordinance and this is a new classification it is being created and worked in conjunction with the seiu this is intend to provide permanent staffing for our recreation facility in the past we used primarily temporary staffing and this is a new position to provide ongoing permanent staffing you asked about the physician claefgs. >> by the way, i'm not trying to be funny but do we really have a city patio invite.
3:54 pm
>> two city moa patianistoa p city pianist. >> now they're represented in bargaining unit the seiu. >> okay moving forward. >> supervisor breed wants to know where they play and i can get you their schedule i'm meeting with them this afternoon. >> i say next question, i noted on page 20 with the physician classifications if so being eliminated this sclaefgs is being eliminated because we no longer use it we have been using the physician specialist
3:55 pm
and the senior physician specialist classifications this is being eliminated the next question owe not on page 15 the senior examiner this. >> special examiner and i'm sorry special examiner this classifications used to be unrep and this classification you asked me what it does that support the hiring examines the proctor hiring examines and fluctuate as we are at the east bay and flow of hiring asked by the about the classification an page 11 it is a classification that is used a senior level in the planner series and the most
3:56 pm
complex position mr. 9 peep in the classification there is 2 in the planning department, two in mta and 3 at the that concludes my report. and one at the airport. >> okay. >> and we looked at the history it been used consistently not earmarked to be eliminated so. >> i'll have to go through my records and see why i have this thought i'll put that on the budget analyst. >> okay. >> there are other series of planners transportation, planners and others it may be that maybe a transportation planner because i know that goes to level 4. >> that was definitely - those planners 5 we'll get to the bottom of it. >> the next question and that i had noted from you was about the program manager an economic department on page 7 a good item
3:57 pm
we looked back not used roll call and should be earmarked to be eliminated we'll begin and reach out to the department and posting that westbound the unions to get their input before eliminating it. >> so in the meanwhile can we have it live as a think unreverend position. >> we could if we felt it was to the filed when we look at the the classifications responsibility more appropriate than represented we could temporarily while we work to eliminate it move it back to the un represented. >> we can take care of it for you. >> we'll just strike line 24 on page 7. >> okay. >> thank you
3:58 pm
that concludes my report. >> thank you, ms. mason if you ever find other categories we don't need them as a matter of policy eliminate them. >> i want to recognize my colleague steve our compensation specialist steve prides himself on findings those and updating the ordinance. >> only one got through this year. >> he said that was a good catch so - >> (laughter). all right. thanks and we had public comment on this so the only remaining person in the chamber wants to comment on this public comment is closed. i'd like to make a motion to remove line 24 can we take that without objection? and would one of you want to
3:59 pm
make a motion so marked supervisor yee mad that without objection it is done colleagues, we don't need a closed session madam clerk read item 8 >> item 8 and 9. >> together will be fine. >> authorizing the settlement of the file of the city and county of san francisco acting by the airport commission against (name) and item 9 a resolution approving the settle filed by darlene i have reviewed those item is there any public comment on items 8 or 9 seeing none, public comment is closed. and can we have a motion to full board with a positive recommendation. >> made by supervisor president london breed without objection and then one final word which is next tuesday october 18th is the hundredth anniversary celebration of the original move into those
4:00 pm
chambers and i am using this opportunity to ask the president to see if she can get one of the two pianist to come down and play. >> i'm sorry the 18. >> for both. >> i meant october the 18 no meeting on october tuesday the 11 i'll get in trouble and the city attorney is coming to yell at me okay we're adjourned
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4:28 pm
>> okay good morning,
4:29 pm
everybody. welcome to the san francisco budget & finance committee for wednesday, october 5, 2016, my name is mark farrell i'll be chairing i'm joined by supervisor katie tang want to change clerk linda wong and jennifer lowe and leo from sfgovtv so for covering the meeting items acted upon today will appear on the october 18th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. thank you very much madam clerk number one. >> authorizing the department of health a continue to receive funding for the emergency relief from the health administration and to request approximately $16.5 million in hiv emergency podium relieve funding for a period of march 2017 to
4:30 pm
february 2018. >> okay. thank you madam clerk so do we have shawn from dph please come on up and speak. >> good morning any questions for you at all. >> you want to give a quick overview but for the members of the public. >> over $16 million. >> if you would - >> sorry about that to hiv positive folks in the city and county of san francisco for medical care transitional emergency housing and so forth. >> thank you thank you for all you do on this topic seeing no questions and no budget analyst for anything mr. rose thank you for being here today open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on item number one? seeing none, public comment is closed.
4:31 pm
we are joined by supervisor yee so >> all right. through the chair i know this is just a resolution to submit an application so. >> it is. >> yes. i'm happy to motion i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> okay motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor cowen and take it without objection. >> thank you very much. >> thanks madam clerk item 2. >> resolution retroactively the shefrz to enter into a 3 month contract with global tel* link for telephone services to reduce the phone calls to modify the paid sheriff's this will result in anticipate revenue to the cadet welfare fund of $34,000 per month. >> thank you very much i saw sheriff vicki hennessey so whoever wants to do a good
4:32 pm
morning. i'm christopher the cfo for the sheriff's started last week and here to talk about the fourteenth amendment for telephone services been through a second amendment to the contract was just the cost of calls by about 38 percent and this fourth amendment resolution a call by 4 percent and also sets up for a new contract to be signed in late 2016 that will maintain the current rates which are 20 which are 34 percent less than what we were this proposed contract establishes the reduced rates and eliminates surcharges and reduces the cost of an average call by 34 this is 68 percent of our toll call volumes
4:33 pm
and reduces the regional in state calls by 41 percent that's another 24 percent of our call volumes the fcc has recently taken action this amendment shows the sheriff's department in support of reform for calling rates and as i mentioned it lowers the in state rates that is 92 percent of volume the announcements the third amendment we were operating up in june the cost of an average local calls $2 plus that come down to $1.54 for the regional interlot calls the average was 37 now, $1.98 and
4:34 pm
likewise our fourth street sets the interstate rates what is blow on this slide so for interstate collect calls caps at 250 our rates $1.10 and interstate prepaid fcc rate is one 10 and now, $1 this next slide shows quite a bit of data we've get rid of the surcharges and now have a permanent rate which reduces the cost of average calls and with lower costs we have increased volumes it allows people to be able to connect their loved ones with less cost and as a result of increased
4:35 pm
volume we executive the less cost the budget analyst has reflected that. >> thank you very much colleagues, any questions. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you i don't know if this came up during another contract amendment previously but i know that some other supervisors had spoken to their concerns about charging the cadets for calls i wonder if you can speak to that what the fcc released in terms of calling reform. >> there are a couple series sheriff vicki hennessey i think there are different kinds of calls made when cadets are arrested they have a free phone number and calling rates historically have been very high pause of the private destroy and we get a percentage that that comes into our use for the cadet
4:36 pm
program but and the fcc has traditionally as recently begun lowering it we're lower than any other county in the areas in terms of our phone calls and cadets we have credentially reduced those we need an infusion into the general fund money if we want to see this money recovered i want to talk about we're in the process of doing working on providing free phone numbers to parents to their children while they're no our custody through our one child program we have that and provide calls also cadets pro per get a number of free phone numbers provided through the court through are different things that happen. >> and then on average i don't know if you have this kind of data but i guess how often are
4:37 pm
calls made every year and . >> we have aggregate numbers but really what happens generally is cadets when in their out of their cells are allowed to use the phones at most of fats only the old sterile jail we don't have the ability and cadets are limited to 15 minutes each pause of the number of people so at the get 1 minutes and if more time they get back in line with another 15 minutes and sometimes there's none using the phones they can use the phone as much as and want. >> supervisor yee. >> i'm glad we're changing the rates because we've heard about the rate and how it is actually
4:38 pm
stopping inmates from making calls i'm glad we're reducing that i think you answered any question that is since we were going to get fewer revenues from this it would impact somewhere and the answer you need more general funds to offset the impact. >> at some point if the - we move to continue to reduce calls yes, we'll be looking at that we're okay now we budgeted for this we knew we know doing this in june so we - so i believe that it is not a big problem but if we reduce it further we'll are look at it in terms of supplementing. >> what's the impact less revenues for the general
4:39 pm
programming? >> yeah. we're getting one half a million dollars annually from this program. >> thanks. >> it goes into our inmate welfare fund can only be used for the penalty code. >> my preference is going into this direction where inmates actually can make phone numbers for less and not just have these inmates making phone calls offset. >> i understand i understand the desire to continue to move downward in the costs i understand that that's why when we came in january i started to look at it and made the decision to continue to reduce as we go
4:40 pm
along. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you sheriff. >> supervisor katie tang. >> one more question so this will be a month long contract or - i couldn't tell based on the document. >> it was month to month we were waiting for additional fcc rulings so we wait until we chiu knew what overseeing were and began this in june of this year we reduced the ratesthanasia then so at the rates that were asking for in the coming contract i believe this is are a 3 year contract to are you new a 3 year extract. >> i'm going to let christen talk. >> the item before you to approve the fourth amendment on a month to month it will be riding with that so we get the new contract in question expect to be signed by the ends of this year we'll be coming back with a new contract to reflect the same
4:41 pm
rates. >> okay. great. thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. colleagues any questions or comments okay move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item number 2 seeing none, public comment is closed. >> i'll make a motion to pass this out of the committee with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> motion by supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor tang without objection madam clerk call item 3. >> resolution approving the second amendment to the revenue agreements for the automatic public toilet and public kiosk program for a term of august 2nd, 1994, through october 2017. >> okay thanks we have dph here to speak. >> good morning julia from public health department we are asking for an approval the second amendment that expends the term to one year and have a few other kind of technical
4:42 pm
changes that adds the prohibition on tobacco and alcohol advertising that was passed after the original contract was negotiated and approved updated insurance language and updated language i thought the board will be interested to know we have issued a proposal request and have supplementals and in negotiations of what will be a new agreement we don't believe we need is another year but in the case the negotiations take longer. >> supervisor yee. >> so how long proposals were submitted. >> just one. >> same company i suppose. >> yes. >> colleagues, any further questions. >> comments? okay move on to public comment
4:43 pm
wish to comment on item number 3? seeing none, public comment is closed. go ahead and i make a motion to send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> >> motion by kneeing seconded by supervisor tang without objection madam clerk madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> thank you, everybody we're adjourned >>
4:44 pm
>> >> my name is jean alexander. i'm an attorney in the san francisco city attorney's office. i supervise the tax team, giving tax advice to the treasurer, tax collect or, drafting tax legislation. the thing i remember my mother telling me as a child is that you need to be prepared to take care of yourself and i knew that i wanted to be able to do something that i enjoyed. i didn't expect anybody to give me anything because nobody ever gave her anything and i also i always
4:45 pm
saw her fighting for the things that she wanted in life for herself and for her children. >> my name is jasmine flores. i am working as an admin assistant in the city attorney's office. i have always enjoyed the tasks that i have been given. on the days i show up and work on my own is empowering. for me, happiness in being more involved in a person-to-person interaction. my dream jobs includes being a physician, paramedic, firefighter, working with animals with the public. on a personal level with self improvement. my sister is the biggest influence in my life because she taught me to go forward with what makes you
4:46 pm
happy rather that what makes you the most money. >> i graduated from law school in 1972 at a time when there was a beginning to be an influx of women in the legal profession and tried criminal cases for about 10 years, treatment for delinquent operating programs, government budgets, analyzed fiscal legislation. i came to the san francisco city attorney's office and i have been here for about 12 years advising on tax matters. i did just about anything you can think of. some things that lawyers do and some things that lawyers don't do. >> i'm from the mission in san francisco. i have grown up there and i have lived there pretty much my whole life. living there, i do see other
4:47 pm
women, some of them older, some of them look just like me like my age and a lot of them work nanny jobs, child care jobs, retail jobs. i don't know, it seems kind of like a reminder that you are kind of lucky to be where you are, i guess. just when you haven't gone so far at all. i want them to go on maybe go on an interview that's more challenging that they think that they can't get that job. you know, just to kind of challenge and surprise themselves when they get that job and feel better. >> there had been women practicing law for many years, but there were so few of them that a lot of the issues hadn't
4:48 pm
really come into play and some of them worked out and some are still being resolved like equal pay and women in lawfirms and making sure women get fair assignments and in the decision making and working with law firms. i consider myself more of a beneficiary of all the women that fought really difficult battles along the way. >> >>
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
>> special meeting to ord. october 7 rfx , 20 r 2016.
4:54 pm
>> prior to fake r taking role and note for the portion is connected per sunt to california government code and director gee at hotel mia and participating by speaker phone. with that director gee. >> director gee. >> present. director kim, present. reiskin, present. nuru, present. sartipi, present. harper , present. you krhave a quorum and before we move on i'll verify particulars with director gee. director gee, can you hear me well?
4:55 pm
director gee, can you hear me okay? i swear we did a test before this. director gee? director gee. >> pardon me a second rkts i'll just go to the cell phone. hi director gee i'm using my cell phone to put you on speaker.
4:56 pm
are you having technical difficulties on your end? >> can hear you clearly now. >> let's go with this technology then. with that, i announce that mr. chairman had a quorum and verified particulars with you. can you hear me okay? >> yes, i can. >> okay. is your location reasonably accessible to the public? >> yes, it is. >> great. i coordinated with representative at the hotel and confirmed a copy of the meeting notice is posted. we can call your next item, public comment is item 3. >> please. >> and i haven't received indication a member wants to address you so we can move to your next item. >> please do. >> which is closed session and at this time you are scheduled to go into closed session and not received indication a
4:57 pm
member of the public wishes to address on the ititem said here. any member there with you director gee to discuss? seeing none there and here we'll clear the room at city hall and director gee you can go ahead to your-i believe you are going to the hotel room for the portion of the closed session meeting. >> yes, thank >> the boferd directors special meading is back in open session and director gee, can you confirm you can hear me and in a location reasonably access nl to the public. >> i can hear you just fine and in the hotel lobby. >> great with, counsel report.
4:58 pm
>> [inaudible] from the clouzed closed session mptd >> with that directors, that does conclude your agenda. >> we are done. >> thank you. [meeting adjourned]led the meeting to
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
order please turn off the electronic devices they interfere with equipment in the room stand for the pledge of allegiance allegiance allegiance of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> commissioner president loftus i'd like to call roll at
5:01 pm
this time. commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus commissioner mazzuco commissioner hwang commissioner melara commissioner president loftus we have quorum also with us is deputy chief for intern chief tony chance lane good evening and welcome to the police commission. >> item one discussion one a chiefs report to allow the chief of police to report on police activities and make announcements. >> good evening and welcome. >> >> good evening commissioner president loftus and director hicks on behalf of tony chaplain he's in
5:02 pm
washington, d.c. with offense joanne walker awarded by the attorney general a police award a good reason not to be here commissioners this thing weekend you've heard in the news san francisco experiences a pike in gun violence which resulted in multiple homicides i'll roughly summarize those on thursday the 29 there was a shooting multiple victims on ellis one of the victims died the gunshot wounds and the second homicide the following day in the tenderloin on elvis no arrests were made that was a homicide with a gun the third homicide occurred other than esl worth in the
5:03 pm
ingleside approximately 15 in the evening the fourth homicide occurred on bird street in the ingleside that was a homicide with a gun that was approximately 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon and on sunday another homicide on 4446th street in the southern that was a homicide with a gun no arrests and on sunday again, a homicide with a sharp object on california street an arrest warrant was made in that case we also reported a homicide in weekend that occurred in june was in the hospital and unfortunately didn't survive the george bush wounds an arrest warrant was made in this case there were 10 shootings around
5:04 pm
the city from the police department investigated the task force go unit station investigation there investigating those crimes to determine if their gang-related and we're utilizing the central station to saturate the areas to preventive future violence moving on we have additional staff i'd like to make the commission aware of our homicides are up 3 percent compared to 2017 our shootings with up 5 percent so except this weekend overall our violent crime is down 14 percent and burglaries are down i'm sorry we're down violent
5:05 pm
crime. >> 14 percent and robberies down chief do you have the raw numbers of date from 2015-2016. >> 40 2014 by xash envelope 52 at this time and the low was 201428 at this time. >> i get it thank you. >> move on to events a lot of events coming up this weekend in the city we have fleet week be events that start on friday the 7 and create shifts multiple military events throughout the city including the blue angels on saturday and sunday a dream force held throughout the weekend and on sunday the italian heritage parade also and
5:06 pm
that concludes my report. all right. any questions for the chief colleagues commissioner hwang an interest any trend or explanation for the increase in gun violence. >> that's one of the things we're trying to determine if their gang or drug relayed what type of forum that they involve in one of them was a night club were there were rival gangs we're trying to determine. >> other questions okay. thank you deputy chief thank you for sitting in. >> item b occ director's report to report on recent occ. >> good evening director joyce hicks. >> deputy chief and members of the public last week members of the office of citizens complaints staff and
5:07 pm
i attended the oversight of law enforcement annual training conference in mexico the scene was confronting systematic injustice from president obama task force policing was front and center and a as an example a police chief indicated the task force report was for reading for his police force the task force implementations guide materials the conference panel included the civilian oversight and you law enforcement and several pooechz and activists some key takeaways were with the body worn camera and the data collection and analysis and of us by creating time distance and proportionality. >> that sounds familiar.
5:08 pm
>> yes. indeed and the policing next year conference september 10th through 14 next year i'll be happy to propose a panel for next year's conferee in san francisco story and implementing change it come in next week and will present the statistic report president's report. >> thank you director joyce hicks thank you for that report that's a great why do to have san francisco present next year and inspector, next item. >> >> item one c commission report commissioners president and commissioners report. >> the only thing i have to report colleagues, i did send a letter to the representatives of the blue ribbon panel an accountability in law enforcement they 36 there was a hearing before the board of supervisors regarding the
5:09 pm
implementation of those recommendations my letter indicated what we indicated before we're grateful for the amount of time and certainly all the volunteer hours we'll have successful partnership with the use of force sub group and to the remaining recommendations those are not just going on shelf those have been passed on the united states department of defense and other civil grudging reports the president and the ocii recommendations they made as you all know colleagues from the meeting he missed i reviewed the presentations they indicated all the reports are in a magical and once the doj report is final the department will present a strategic plan aon the next steps implementation is critical and not done in a peace meals
5:10 pm
fashion and thank you. the blue ribbon panel and others for the work we've passed that on i understand i was not present but understand the board was ongoing engage on the stand-offs of those recommendations on a future date and seller move forward we'll engage with them and let them this the process other reports colleagues. >> okay. no all right. inspector, next item. >> item one d commissions announcements and consideration for future meetings action. >> with an item i'd like to schedule sergeant for us to have joanne walker to give her a police accommodation one in washington we should know about
5:11 pm
that and give our own accommodation schedule that to make sure of the policing work she's been doing that's one thing to add commissioner dejesus. >> i'd like to add a presentation from the homicide detail go to a scene how they process and the scene and question the secretary but what do they do to secure. >> what are the protocol between the departments and the da and the medical examiners officer their scheduled in the district attorney's office are they responsible and who is responsible inform remove the body from the scene and other questions we have a list of questions i'd like to give it to you and have a presentation on that. >> okay
5:12 pm
anything else colleagues. >> commissioner president loftus this microphone didn't work for me anyway, i'm still hoping to discuss a safe place at some point you know obviously we're going to agendize all the priorities and hope we can add. >> that's on our ongoing list. >> commissioner mazzuco i know we checked on it i noticed the mayor's office announced we are we're in partnering with the health crisis and hopefully can get to a point we have a 60 percent of calls for our officers are for people in crisis if we can follow-up hopefully the goal to have
5:13 pm
mental health folks to follow up and appropriated what they deal with address that issue next month that will be appreciated. >> yeah. we should add that and this commission need to have a presentation to flag that in february especially the ois there is a public health department response and partnering with the department of health we'll schedule that thank you commissioner mazzuco and i neglected to do one of the things i need to do on any report that is fantastic news i get to introduce ron in a in the back you if you can wave if you're one of the people that follow the work you can we've tried to get independent resources directly for this commissioner mazzuco has indicated a need and we were successful have a core fellow we
5:14 pm
want to share and her goal toe accelerate the reform so the policing practices we continue to restore public trust prior a unit at price water house and consolidated international government agencies executive and holds a masters in foreign service from george town and from the university of wales will be doing outreach to both commissioners and members of the police department and members of the public to help us and the large amount of policy work a number of issues flagged around giving us more resources 0 welcome and thank you very much. we have her for a year we promise to use your time well. >> (inaudible). >> i hired or heard this is
5:15 pm
tough inspector, next item. >> no for members of the public to make the announcement that our next meeting a wednesday october 12th in room 4 hundred at 5:30 the next item it public comment oh, exemplary is there any public comment on item one a through d. >> yes. at this time we'll take public comment on items one a through d hearing none, inspector, next item. >> item two public comment public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda but within the jurisdiction of the commission. the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or departments or occi personnel. department, occi or commissioners are to respond to questions but may provide a brief response.
5:16 pm
the commissioners, occi, nor the police commission should enter into debates and please limit your comments to 3 minutes, please. two minutes. >> thank you. >> good evening and. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners the camera people can put that up if you could get the whole thing i'll appreciate i'll pass this out to you guys from the camera buy can get the whole thing on the screen if that is possible. >> that's fine. >> sure. >> go ahead. >> so i came here to address you about the board of supervisors hearing yesterday
5:17 pm
it was a very interesting hearing and i made comments and the document i'll be passing out to you guys one of the things that came up the board of supervisors may request or ask the commission to come and speak before them there was no representatives of the commission yesterday at the hearing on the blue ribbon panel which i think that something that somebody really should have been there i understand that commissioner president loftus was not there but none of you there i think was a huge omission i'm hoping that you guys will weigh in on the blue ribbon panel and i think there is going to be some follow-up on it i'm sure follow-up and hope you guys are engaged but i really want to talk about the sunshine task force hearing that will be happening in a month your clerk sergeant killshaw as
5:18 pm
you probably know was there earlier at the 4 o'clock and the matter was continued for a month because it will go on the full agenda of the sunshine that task force the complaint by magic johnson is that the use of force policy was not properly noticed as far as the documents and you know that's a serious charge and we'll pursue also with regards to the use of force i know you guys will go dark we'll not find out what goes on the use of force is not impacted the intern chief passed out a memo that was not sufficient as far as the 80 percent of the use of force policy being active i want to put you on notice and pass 24 this to the commissioners, thank
5:19 pm
you. >> good evening clyde and welcome. >> commissioners o'neill and commissioner bratton the lowest homicide in new york i saw the numbers unbelievable but back to san francisco okay. the blue ribbon commission hey he was here when chief of police george gascon the the elephant in the room is the poa that's the elephant in the room people the poa a resisting change we know that detailing it come on people the poa didn't want to change they don't want it i've fought with them for days honestly the poa can make the changes going forward chief chaplin good guy one of
5:20 pm
the best but without the poas changing nothing will happen can you control the poa probably not probably not probably not but we have to make some changes and that poa will come along we'll say h see the use of force and all the issues before the city that poa will join the party at the resist which was they hate george gascon i had a poa member told me he's nothing that's environmental that's environmental that's the attitude of that police officers association thank you. >> next speaker >> good evening and welcome.
5:21 pm
>> back. >> welcome back yourself tom gilberty it is bad leaving the meeting all the police officers left they should have been finishing out the issue there ought to be a law against meetings during a playoff games a racism that exists tony chaplain knows more than i will every and yet there are departments across the country black pooechz are shooting people black people so i believe there is a training issue here that more important especially the position where the officers have their gun out and their public health it and where's the deesclation we need not to pull that gun out before it was 40
5:22 pm
percent our mentally challenged and now 60s percent mentally challenged people that are walking in the street when traffic is not going to be responsive to any logical sense the training needs to be challenged the video is not going to work we're going to sekwefrt and let someone one twenty-four hour of the officers seeing the video should go to public i know we're holding up on something but not going to work across the country we're seeing videos and the public needs to see the videos that will be i think a major
5:23 pm
realty check for the department and the trust of society again, thank you. >> while ms. brown i'm reminded shaukt consider the changes have been presented to this commission during a power point we've added tabs to the website so people can have that assessable and adding training and all the things the changes you've spoken to some of them completes follow-up. >> good evening and welcome. >> there's not a lot of people the length of the agenda is one of the factors ms. brown. >> well, i want to bring up the fact that you guys were talking about the homicides that are happening i don't know from
5:24 pm
the form of racism or this they call the homicide their gang violence you know you know and he remember getting a call concerning any son was my son in a gang but it was two phones his girlfriend's phone the naming of that that our children's are in gangs or possible gaping violence is point of privilege that words needs to change i don't know how but that needs to change a stigma on people of color i want to say that but i'm here concerning my son aubrey abrakasa murdered august 14, 2006 and i'm still waiting for justice on my child and i come with the same thing all the time that is something i'll continue to have to do until justice paralyze and happens for any child i bring this up that again
5:25 pm
gavin newsom former gavin newsom said he knows the police know who killed my son they have names they can name addresses of perpetrators that killed any son when my son was murdered i was down at homicide and got those names and those are the names that are thomas han building and perris moving at the time and james and anthony these guys are walking the streets except one is deceased we have a new investigator but are they looking 9 perpetrators that killed my son what is being done i got a phone call but not
5:26 pm
wanting to hear the same thing oh, ms. brown we're trying oh, ms. brown - >> thank you ms. brown. >> if you or anyone you know has information to the murder of aubrey abrakasa there is an anonymous tipline (415) 575-4444 and if you have any questions ms. brown about this specification of that investigation i've asked someone from the department to make sure your questions are getting answered. >> it's the same thing. >> i want to make sure their following up with you and someone in the department can do that, please deputy chief any further public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. inspector, next item. >> >> item 3 public comment on all matters pertaining to closed session including public comment only to vote whether to hold item 5 in closed session.
5:27 pm
>> any public comment on whether to hold item 5 in closed session and the society votes hearing none, public comment is closed. inspector, next item. >> >> item 4 vote on whether to hold item 5 in closed session did code action. >> do i have a motion to hold item 5 in closed session. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that item passes we're in closed session thank you ladies and gentlemen, >> commissioner president loftus we're back on record in open session and vote to disclose any or all items
5:28 pm
administrative code action do i have a motion not to disclose. >> any public comment on that. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that item passes inspector, next item. >> adjournment action. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> we're adjourned thank you ladies and gentlemen, hi
5:29 pm
5:30 pm
left right halt i had a burning doorway to do the right thing and join the department such this we my brother applied and fortunately we'll here and this means a lot i'm home everyone night to study and we workout together and it is a blessing i have a brother to go home and fed off of one another we're the twins but pretty much we're not treated and individuals sometimes treated as a item if he did something wrong they use the word instead of you the it heroism we're going our our
5:31 pm
separate ways and good morning our own individuals middle of steadfastly a twin all the it but inside of the district i've seen negative and positive things and with that made me want to be a police officer i want to give back and do public serve always a class president i dealt with everyone and served my class not only be humble enough to serve my class and pierce being a squad leader is a responsibility of maintaining my squad and being that voraciously person i need to step up to the challenge i believe during the 8 months i fulfilled any dude and after graduation just be a good officer to learn the skill and profession and give to the community to give the best to
5:32 pm
them and be a helpful hand that's the main thing and the new people coming into the did not know why you're doing it join the department for the right reason and do it to help the community and it is sharing you're time when you get into the department do is commented to the craft and enjoy it along the way enjoy it along the way i encourage you to talk about over with our families and talk 2 over with yourselves ultimately you'll do the job and find a senseably reason for doing it after the hard work everyday for 8 months straight and finally it pays off and you know as honey honor and privilege not anyone can do this job i look forward to getting often the street and
5:33 pm
learning and hit the ground running it will be a surreal moment day one i thought months here but sat down me and my brother talked about it and we're on the right track and stay focused and walking tloo across the stage is a huge hono.
5:34 pm
5:35 pm
5:36 pm
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5:38 pm
>> shop and dine the 49 promotes loophole businesses and changes
5:39 pm
residents to do thirds shopping and diane within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services we help san francisco remain unique and successful where will you shop and dine shop and dine the 49. >> my name is neil the general manager for the book shop here on west portal avenue if san francisco this is a neighborhood bookstore and it is a wonderful neighborhood but it is an interesting community because the residents the neighborhood muni loves the neighborhood it is community and we as a book sincerely we see the same people here the shop all the time and you know to a certain degree this is part of their this is created the neighborhood a place where people come and subcontract it is in recent years we see a drop
5:40 pm
off of a lot of bookstores both national chains and neighborhoods by the neighborhood stores where coming you don't want to - one of the great things of san francisco it is neighborhood neighborhood have dentist corrosive are coffeehouses but 2, 3, 4 coffeehouses in month neighborhoods that are on their own- that's
5:41 pm
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5:55 pm
>> good morning, and welcome to our plans and program committee meeting of the for tuesday october 11, 2016.
5:56 pm
i'm tang, chairing this committee. and to my left we have commissioner v avalos, and peskin and from sfgovtv, we would like to thank jennifer and mark. >> could we call the role? >> avalos in frechlt present. >> farrell? >> absent. >> peskin. >> present. >> tang. >> present. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you. item two? >> item two, citizens advisory committee report, this is an information item. welcome chris, our cac chair. >> good morning, commissioners. i am here to report on two items that we discussed at our cse meeting this month. item number four in your packet, the 12.7 million dollar prop k. we approved this unanimously. and it will just make a comment on when we discussed this. being accustomed to seeing the high dollar amounts to some items some were taken back by
5:57 pm
the high cost of the much needed protections at the six facilities. and while the contractor portion of the allocation of the request is broken out really well, and i thank mta for providing that. and something that jumps out at us that was not explained and i hope that they can explain today a little bit further, is the nearly 2 million for the construction management and support and engineering and project manages management and it seems high. >> and the prop aa criteria and we approved this unanimously, and it was changed and removed the languages in the plan, and actually added a safety, criteria for the transit category. that is all that i have. >> thank you very much for your presentation. colleagues, any questions or comments in >> okay, seeing none, thank you very much, we will go to public comment on item two. all right. seeing none, then public comment is closed. and that was an information item. item three, please? >> three, approve the minutes of the september 20th, 2016 meeting
5:58 pm
this is an action item. >> questions and comments? seeing none, we will open it up to public comment on item three. all right, seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to approve by commissioner avalos and seconded by peskin. >> i know, sorry. >> a little early there. >> okay. >> second. >> thank you, we could do the roll call vote. >> commissioner avalos? >> aye. >> breed. >> absent. >> farrell? >> absent. peskin? >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> the minutes are approved. thank you. item four please. >> recommend allegation of $12,713,969 in prop k funds with conditions for two requests subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules this is an action item. >> thank you and we are ready for you, the director of the policy and planning. >> thank you, good morning, supervisors or commissioners you have the item before you today
5:59 pm
to allocate just over, 12.7 million in prop k funds, there are two requests, and one is from the sfmta and this is for the fall protection project. for the construction phase of work. and as they have been reconfigured over the years to create more space for passengers and more of the transit buses have the power and the fuel and their cooling and their electrical systems on the roof rather than inside or in the back of the bottom of the vehicle. and so this would up date the fall protection system and there is a picture on the slide that maybe we can put on to the overhead for you on the first slide. just to give you an idea of what is involved, so it would be upgrading the facilities. there are also a host of electrical and system up grades that would be required in addition to just the osha. they occupational safety and
6:00 pm
health administrative compliant fall protection system and so there will also be and there are electrical switches that are involved and in terms of the overhead power that is involved and so they will have to deenergize and put on the new lighting sit systems this is for 12 million for the main nens facilities as well as the station to facilitate the building mant nens, and the next request of the second of the two requests this is from the public works, and this is for their annual curb ramp request, and the locations are identified in your packet materials. happy to point you to the pages, district throughout the city 256789 and ten, and the funding will up date, i am sorry upgrade or renovate, 65 new ramps, and they have identified they being dpw, has identified 56 locations and the locations are selected d


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