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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  October 18, 2016 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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of this city, they are the questions of water, and transportation. to these matters, i pro-he pose to give careful study and consideration and to do all in my power to reflect credit on this great city. thank you madam president. >> thank you, supervisor mar. and now, the next two statements will be spoken by supervisor kim and the final two statements there after, will be spoken by supervisor weiner, both statements as originally par phrased in the journals. supervisor kim? >> thank you madam president. supervisor nolan expressed sentiment that he was proud to be a member of the administration and to participated in the work of reconstruction for the city of his birth. supervisor gallagher addressed the board expressing his gratification of being a member of the board of supervisors that accomplished so much in a short time without scandal and without waste of tax payer money. >> thank you, supervisor weiner?
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>> thank you, madam president. supervisor walsh reminded the board that the great credit was also due to the mechanics whose skill and cooperation made largely for the speedy and successful completing of the work. supervisor hilmer expressed himself as being proud of the administration which had accomplished this great work, thank you, amadam president. >> thank you, supervisor kim and weiner, and to all of our colleagues for honoring the past and allowing us to hear, some of the words spoken at the inago ral meeting of this chamber. and now it is time for our 12:30, come m commend /* commendations and i would like
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to yield the floor for the u.s. senator to agabegin. >> i hope that you can hear me. thank you very much madam president for this treat. and you know, that it is a very emotional time. i think when we come back here. i remember the nights and the monday afternoons we remember the struggles with harvey rose over the budget. we remember great division of our city. and i hope that we have all profited from that learning. and that it does not forge himself up to the battle front of our nation. but what i wanted to do here today, was acknowledge those people who are here. who served during that time. who i regard with great fondness and respect. and particularly clinton cox, that goes for you. bobby mendelson with whom i have
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known for a long time, louis who took my seat on the board of supervisor and became city attorney. and has gone on to many good things. carroll silver. who during the white night riots unfortunately took a rock in the face and bears that scar to this day. billy maher who always stood tall and always had something to add to the discussion. i spoke last night with jack mulanari who could not be here today. he was board president during much of my 9 years as supervisor. and he is traveling and he can't attend hi would also like to recognize don heranzy who was almost a supervisor. and john fargus who was. thank you very much, madam chair, madam president. >> thank you, senator.
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and now i would like to acknowledge our state senator mark leno for a special commendation. >> thank you madam president. we are celebrating this centinnial as beautiful and magnificent from the walls and to the elegant and the ornate ceiling and to these extraordinary chandaliers which were actually taken down and put into storage to put up modern light ins and they were in fact, well stored and put back in place during our late 90s historic restoration and renovation. and seismic retrofitting. but that is those who have served and the public becomes to
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these chambers, on a regular basis, that make the value of this beautiful room. so it is a real honor, and privilege not only to have served here but to be back with all of those who have shared that experience as i have. and i just want to close by making recognition of that photograph. that president breed mentioned in her opening comments. it is a moment in time and we have just restored that moment of time. and there will be those looking back on it. but if you have a good look at that photograph, hanging on the wall outside of the chambers you will notice that there were 18 numbers, of course, not the 11 that are there now. and newly elected because 17 of 18 numbers of the earlier board had been indicted and jailed as a result of the corruption at the time of the rebuilding of the city. but you will also see that it reflects a very different san francisco. and it is almost entirely, if not entirely, caucasian and it
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is almost entirely or several the board, all male, but even in the public gallery, there may be two or three ladies with their hats on. but otherwise, all male. and if you look very carefully in the front right row, you will see two dandy gentleman looking straight into the camera, i am convinced they came together. so we now refresh that photograph and that moment in time and we see a very different san francisco and i know that we are all very proud of it. and the recognition of the city tla i love and i know that we all love, it is a real privilege to be able to present a resolution from the state senate, recognizing this extraordinary occasion. and wishing our dear city greater and greater days up ahead. thank you. >> thank you, senator.
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>> and so before i turn it over to assembly man, david chui and thank you, senator for recognizing the occasion, and how far that we have come as a city. i would also like to also open up the floor to our honored guests here today. there were special commendations that were brought to the chamber here, but i would also like to recognize that there are probably words that many of you have and i will recognize you after supervisor i mean, assembly man, david chui. and thank you, madam president, and as i look out on to the sea of faces representing generations of leadership in our city, what a cast of characters. and none of us look a day older than when we first stepped into
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this chamber. and i know all of us are experiencing intense and fond memories of our time here in this chamber. and the 2 a.m. sessions, the ordinances that we pass, and the fights that we have here, but i think that we all know that despite any differences, we may have had, this space magic happened in this space. and when we have come together around our shared san francisco values, as goes san francisco so go california, so goes the rest of the country, and the rest of the world. we start political revolution here in this chamber. and so it is incredible honor to be part of this body and because there would be no moment that would not be appropriate not to have a large commendation from the california state legislature, we have nine whereas clauses and i am going to read all of them at another time. but on behalf of the california state assembly, congratulations
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to 100 years of great history and here is to 100 great years of a great future. and with that --. >> thank you. >> and i want to hand it off to my colleagues. >> yes, assembly man phil tang. >> thank you it is so great to join my colleague, david chui and to be back in this amazing chamber and this incredible building, it is sort of breath taking. we spend a number of days in the state capitol, but i know that the state capital frankly has nothing on the chamber, and it is incredible when i think about all of the work that has been done by this body. we are a city of policy innovators and in the board of supervisors chamber right here, is -- and so many ideas just in recent history that have come out, whether it is around, universal health ka irfor san franciscans and whether it is about banning plastic bags or whether it is about pushing our clean energy economy, they have started right here.
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and i am so proud to be a san franciscan, and so proud to be able to join you here today. and again, s just incredible congratulations on 100 years of amazing history and look forward to seeing all of the great things that come out of this body in the years to xom. >> thank you very much. and with that, harvy rose who is your favorite supervisor? >> does anyone or any of our former board presidents, would you like to say a few words? >> thank you, madam president. and members of the board of supervisors, and fellow san franciscans. there are at least two sentiments which come to me, at this moment. and it is natural to reflect on
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human beings, who have been a part of this structure. but, i recall relevantly, my one time seat mate senator finestein who i will refer to because of the occasion as diane. remarking, not once but several times on the grandure of these chambers, the architecture, extraordinary in every way. and secondly, i am reminded of a bromide conveyed to me, before i took the solemn oath of office by a colleague to be reflected
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interestly in one of the comments on october 9th, 1916 by then a member of the board of supervisors. but the colleague in my instance whats bob mendelson who bestowed upon me the injunction of maintaining dignity, and decorum. and that injunction was sorely tested from time-to-time. and as diane and bob and carol ruth and others can call to mind. this indeed is auspicious and i am just thankful that i am a part of the 100 years of common ration of performance of duty to
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the people of san francisco. thank you. thank you very much. are there any other members passed members of the board of supervisors that like to provide me comments at this time? >> supervisor mar? >> i want to say it was a great privilege and i thank you. >> if you could speak into the microphone, please? >> okay, thank you. >> supervisor aliodo. >> thank you very much, madam president. and senator finesteine and sitting in these chambers i have to recall the fights that we had for the issues that are so accepted today as the norm, sitting right there where da sid is was supervisor doris ward who was incredible and she and i worked so hard together to do the hate crime legislation, that
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today we expect to be the norm in our policing of the city. and then i did the smoking ban and then i think that supervisor mar will remember i lost that first one. carroll my remember that i lost that first one. i walked out of these chamber doors and i said, to my legislative aid, go and get me a cigarette, i need it badly. get me a smoke, quick. but i couldn't believe that i lost, it was in fact, building on what supervisor wendy nelder had started in the restaurants and so we had the great innovation here. of course we went back two years later and we passed the first smoking ban in the world, i might add, with the vote that went worldwide. indeed the mayor of dublin called me last year to thank the city of san francisco for the first smoking ban. so when i look at these walls i think of the amazing things that we have done that saves the lives of people every day, from
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the homeless, to the sick and the poor. and it is just an affordable room for what it stands for and what all of you who were the legislators, here, have done for this great city of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. well, i followed in andria footsteps and i worked on a different kind of smoking, if you might pay attention to what is happening on the ballot. two things again, i want to acknowledge and under score, what supervisor compos mentioned and that is the legacy of harvey milk and of course, our late mayor george, and we suffered through that storm and i think that we all bonded in a way because of that tragedy. in a way that we did not know that we know each other. and i don't think that can be forgotten. we share that history. and i also want to thank harvey
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rose for not eliminating my position, which he threatened to do at every meeting. and i also would like us all to remember my good friend sue beardman. >> thank you very much. when >> when i got elected i was as tall as kevin chilly. and look ad what eight years did. it was such a treat to be in this room for of the eight years, four of them we were across the street. so we only had four years here. and i so wanted to be able to stand up here when we moved back to just greet everybody. being back what i called home.
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i guess i have been known for rewriting the charter. that happened so many years ago. and there have been six or seven attempts at it. and i was happy that i was able to do it. but i could not have done it without a -- tj. >> tj. >> tj. >> i draw a blank. >> i could not have done it without tj and i see in the audience jim lazarus, and those two people well, jim new more about the city than anybody that i knew. and i would like all of the colleagues that i worked with and it was really a pleasure, and i am so glad that i am not in politics any more.
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thank you very much. >> at this time i would like to acknowledge reverend amos brown. >> madam president. mr. mayor, and senator, my colleagues of yester years and the present members of this board, i have the distinction of being the only clergy person to serve on this board. and i was there because my spirituality was not confined to sacred stain glass windows. i was there back in those days. because i knew so well that as
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thoruo, said, and does not keep a woman, ace with his or her companions. let him march for the music that he hears. i have a measure of far away. and was to forget that when my companions didn't hear me. on two items. number one, care. and not cash. everybody said, how dare a preacher. so cold. but gaven peeked over my shoulder. and when he became mayor, the very legislation that i introduced became the measure that we were governed by in this city. the other one is that i hold
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here a cell phone. and i had to introduce the legislation and that would be prohibited to use cell phones. and while driving. almost ran me out of town. it was indicated the truth that was crushed to the earth rose again. and now, we are a safer, society. because it is the law of the land. no cell phones. while driving. >> silver? thank you, very much colleagues. it is a great pleasure to be here with clinton and diane and others who i served with over the 12 years that i sat in that
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chair in this chamber. i know that now people leave after 4:00 or 8:00 years, but because of the p elections and the district elections again i was here for a very, very long period of time and as somebody mentioned, previous to me, this chamber, this body, this city, this group of people initiated things that today we take for granted. and harvy my colleague bho sat in that chair, in that chair, sorry. that is right. i am turned around. sorry. and i introduced the first
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legislation to ban discrimination against gay people in employment. and if you think about that was not that long ago. yet, that was a major piece of legislation that began right here. and i was so lucky to have harvy as a colleague, and to have diane as a colleague, and even to have quinten as a colleague. he used to rise and to say, now miss silver, i know that you are the product of a great education at the university of chicago and harvard university. and that is when i knew that he whats going to destroy me in the next week.
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i am as all of us thrilled to be here, happy to be with my colleagues of yestery year and very, very, grateful to those of you who remember. thank you. >> i just want to remind us of two important words and i always remind myself of. and those two words are public service. i know that that was something that david chui reminded us of the shakespeare is to sort of whit, it should dominate our comments today by not having read all of the findings, and i am aware that -- that those words did not follow that. and went on to say too many things, but i will try to follow little of my normal patron saint, if you would. and great role model, saint katis and try to be brief.
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i came here with only one intention and that was to serve and i think that is why we all came here. and i remember when someone said, what are you hope to accomplish, and i remember saying, some be from the press and i said i hope to leave the body known as the board of supervisors here honorable bli served and served by many, many, other people as in, even better in the institution than when we walked in the door. and i hope that we can all have that in mind that we have accomplished that in so many ways, if you compare us to so many other bodies of government around the country, let alone around the world. and we have accomplished incredible things and we are talking about the physical chamber here today, which is of course made of the oak which is extinct and i think that it is important that we contrast ourselves with this species of oak and with the future of our continued legislative body on the board of supervisors here, which never will be extinct in terms of which the continued
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dedication to public service and no matter how long we are here and the walls stand, that the people who serve here are the people who serve the people, the men and women of san francisco. and it was a great honor to be part of that and i am honored to be among those who have done that. and very honored to think about how i can continue to leave here as long as possible, with the people who will continue to have that, as their model, for life. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor tang would like to say a few words. thank you very much, madam president, senator, and mayor lee, and senator leno and councilman chui and tang and members of the board and my colleagues, it is a great honor to be back. and it is a great honor to celebrate this very special occasion today. i want to thank every one of you
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for allowing me to work with you and to have learned from you. i want to recognize the department heads. who do all of the work. day-to-day. and carry on our legislation, thank you very much. we care so much about the city. every single part of the city. i personally work in china town today. and every day i walk passed the first american flag. that was hoisted in san francisco right at christmas square. and i go into work on the land that used to be the hall of justice. today is part of the chinese culture center. and every day i look in the park every day, i look in the neighborhood, and every day i am reminded of and i am sure that you see it every day. and i am reminded of the challenge of this placement.
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and immigration, and inequity, crime, homelessness, and i would have to say to the current members of the board, and the future members of the board, all of the people who are thinking about running for the board, that we look forward to your leadership. and for us also it is now. we will always be here to support you and to help you succeed. a word to supervisor my former colleague, carroll migden. thank you for teaching me to put on my lip stick every day, every time before the committee hearing. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> were there any other members? >> supervisor gonsales?
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>> thank you. madam president, and mr. mayor, senator, he esteemed colleagues. i know that you are whether you are a member of the board of supervisors, a department head, a city attorney, budget analyst, that you are all considered agents of change, in this city. i consider you trouble makers. and i think that one of the great privileges that i have had not only in this chamber, but in this building is that i was able to serve like devon and dufty both in the mayor's office and in this chamber and seeing the executive priorities and the legislative priorities and how they got translated into the good policy. and i think back of the time when i thought that i was going to be a member of this board and i said well, i am probably going to be the first gonzales it did
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not work out because there was bob and then matt. sxh i said i am going to be the first you know, and only, guatemala. >> and then david compass took that away from me. but, all in all, the one thing that i got you know, is that i got to run city wide, and that was very, very peshl and the elected city wide, and i never gotten that opportunity that had not been for the great mayor who appointed me, to my seat on the board of supervisors. the quintin cox seat and thank you mayor and senator for that. but i also when i was thinking about you, thanking you got here, each and every one here made that special sacrifice of roping i don't you are family into this. and having your family do also part of the sacrifice. and i would like you all to applaud your families to the sacrifices that they have made to serve san francisco.
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and as a point of personal privilege, diane appointed you to the board of supervisors and the people elected me to the board, but the person who let me serve was maria over there, my spouse. so thank you. supervisor hall? >> thank you, madam president. >> i would just like to know, why when the photographer asked everybody to shift to the right i was the only one that did it? no, as the last conservative i think elected to this body and maybe in the last 30 or 40 years, it is bring backs the title of an old elton john song, i am still standing and it is really a pleasure to be here. and i had four great years under the direction of our former president matt gonsales and i notice that he roo he mains


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