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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  November 1, 2016 2:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, everyone
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and welcome to the board of supervisors of monday, november 1, 2016, madam clerk call the roll. >> supervisor avalos supervisor president london breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener not present supervisor yee madam president we have quorum. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance
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and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> all right. madam clerk any communications >> yes. madam president by a memorandum on october 1, '26 in receipt of cornerstones if mar communicating his veto of legislative that established the neighborhood property be crime unit in the police department pursuant to the charter the board any veto with not less than two-thirds and if i member wants to schedule and vote let me know by 5:00 p.m. >> colleagues by changes to the september 26th you can 2016 board meeting minutes seeing none, a motion by supervisor mar and seconded by supervisor farrell
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colleagues those will be approved after the public comment. >> items 1 through 5 the consented as a whole and not to individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests. >> seeing no names on the roster supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 11 i's. >> those items are approved unanimously madam clerk next item. >> an ordinance to amend the administrative code for the jokes clarifies in bargaining
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units. >> all right. seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is finally passed its unanimously next item. >> item 7 an ordinance to amend the administrative code prosecute pro bono of extraction of fossil fuel of any constructive future uses. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'll elaborate told this ordinance will need an amendment and be sent back to committee and i think the language is not ready yet i want to say thank the colleagues, we have every members of the board but there is a technicality on the ceqa determination that's not been done we have to side that in committee we'll be amending and refer to this on last night in the ending a agenda and send it
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back to the committee. >> we'll come back to the later on in the agenda. >> madam clerk. >> an ordnance for the administrative code for the troerld scholarship fund. >> supervisor yee thank you madam president so this is something 80 i wanted to do for a while so as you may know family-friendly policies and early care in education is one of my highest priorities in san francisco we should be proud of is a program called preschool for all in which committee of actually many of the current supervisors have been a part of that through the first 5 commission supervisor mar and supervisor cowen's and supervisor tang and myself have been - have you been on this no
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- but this legislation really the infant toddler early scholarship fund calling for two things one is to really create a fund a bucket for when we started identifying the funding to support this program we know where to put it and the second thing for the office of early care and education to create the perimeter of this program for infants using the preschool for all as a model and because next year this going to be movement in which we could actually support this program through something funding that is identified for the budget process i think in the past when we be able to provide funding for
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infant care support what happens is there is really no set program so - nothing was developed in terms of trying to improve the quality like the preschool for all with this in mind and knowing this is the area zero to 3 there are so few resources to support the families that have infants florida in particular those the income of whether it is locating or middle-income and some of you know that if you have a - look for infant care could cost 24 hundred a month 29 thousands every year so this is why something we need to pay attention i want to thank all those that people that have sent letters of
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support from the place like at deputy of status of women over 22 supporter and the childcare committee and the childcare association in the san francisco providers association all have sent letters of support i'd like to thank supervisor tang supervisor kim supervisor avalos supervisor mar and supervisor campos for covering this legislation and hope to interest the support of all my colleagues today and want to thank my staff eric with worked on this issue for a while and put this together thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor yee seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on the fdr next item, please. >> item 9 a resolution to authorize the controller to enter into the amendment of a
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software with jobs inc. to increase the contract term of 2006 to 2016 by two years through 2018 and to there the maximum expenditure not to exceed $2.3 million. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously the next item, please. >> item 10 to approve the water revenue bonds not to exceed 200 and $95 million to be issued by the public utilities commission to affirm the cove it is not necessary pursuant to which the revenue bond are issued and taking the appropriate action through with. >> same house, same call? the resolution is adopted anonymously. >> item 11 to authorize the general manager of the public utilities commission to enter a
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customer agreement with the pacific gas & electric for solar project at the willie l. brown middle school on silver avenue to continue indefinitely unless termed same house, same call? madam clerk call items 12 and 13 together. >> item 12 to authorize the scuba diving agency to the redevelopment agency to k350u9 the lease on fremont street with the housing lp with a lens fair market rate for $15,000 per year for dpw the housing for locating household and item 13 to authorize the issuance and delivery of that multi family revenue note principle amount not to exceed 19.3 admission for an 80 rent-controlled housing over and over from time to time electricity store the purpose of
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the acquisition of a three hundred plus multi dwelling unit project located on this fulsome street same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopt. >> to authorize the director of public health to sign an agreement with the department of human services for the polite h pilot for the behavioral health and social services same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted anonymously next item. >> item 15 a resolution to dloor to reimburse the procedures of in depthness for the residential mortgage bond an, an aggregate not to exceed $16 million for 2800 walker drive same house, same call? without objection the side adapted unanimously
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a resolution to retroactively authors the public library for 6 hundred plus in kind cash monies from the friends of the library for director support for a variety of services in fiscal year 2014. >> same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously next item. >> item 7 to approve with the irs the issuance of revenue bond by the california statewide community development authority in a principle amount of u amount not to exceed one and 5 thousand dollars for the construction, etc. of the facilities owned and managed by the hebrew for aged doing business as the judicious home with the residential and care services. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you this is for the jewish home on
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silver and mission in district 11 many say the largest skilled nursing facility a nonprofit run in the state of california and we are in a process of rebuilding that facility something that works for the 21st century a lot of open space and facilities serving hundred of people with the broader community in desecration 11 and colleagues i'll be delighted to have our supporting. >> thank you supervisor campos colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously next time. >> the resolution to authorize intern finls for the transportation authority in an aggregate amount not to exceed one and $50 million outstanding at any one time. >> supervisor cowen this resolution about approve the issuance of an intern financing e fifrnsz program for
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the peninsula electrification project under state law u state law caltrain must have approving by the governing body in the city and county of san francisco before approving the intern financing so the santa clara value transportation authority and transboard director approved the resolution in september and, of course, the item came out of the budget committee with a positive recommendation last wednesday the established cost and fees associated with the intern financing have been included in the budget and will be payable from funding sources identified to support the project so i want to be clear that is no new funding no new funding needed from the funding partners that includes city and county of san francisco
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the financing will be used to assist in paying the invoices as a vast majority of them on an reimbursement the drafting was in collaboration of controller's office the mayor's office, of public finance particularly any members have any questions on this particular matter we have caltrain staff if not, i money hope to have our support. >> seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted anonymously next item, please. >> item 19 is a resolution to approve for the purposes of section 147 of the irs of the code with the issuance and sale of the obligations by the bayer governance and finance support for the nonprofit in an aggregate amount not to exceed
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$31 million to pay for the renovation and k through 8 to be w0er78d with the 3r0er8d school. >> same house, same call? the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> next item. >> a resolution to determine that the transfer of the 48 only sale license from 451 bush street and doing business as lexus to 447 bush street will serve the public convenience. >> same house, same call? without objection that is adopted unanimously. >> item 21 to authorize the director the mayor's office of housing and community development to have a grant amendment to provide the menu transportation for 12 disabled low income households at broadly for a thirty years to consensus
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the following board approval not to steady $21 million plus. >> supervisor tang have a couple of questions for mta staff i completely understand we're underway in building the sfwrau it is an important project you know obviously something we need to do and, of course, in that process we ended up displacing tenants we have to acquire should i take it i know that 12 residents were displaced and recognized to what will be the broadway samson project, of course, agree very large subsidy that will be given by the city through sfmta in particular rental for the 12 up to thirty years i want to understand from a mta had you you arrived and subsidy and why it needs to take form in the arrangement but we understand that we certainly don't want to harmony tenant in
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the process. >> thank you for the record sfmta staff through the president to supervisor tang's question yes, this was part of a larger central subway project with the acquisition and management plan and relocation plan as you've described the mta paid for the subsidized rent or the down payment for the 19 households that were relocated from the 3 three to 49 stockton street. >> 19 or 12. >> according to the check they talked about the 19 household that are relocated from the 3 three to 49 stockton street i have a breakdown of the 19 relocated households that was part of that ramp plan if you will, and the sfmta will be using operating fund to subsidies the 12 quality
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household up to thirty years on broadway as permanent housing that was part of a policy excuse me - decision by the sfmta and the city as part of that ramp plan. >> i mean can you elaborate why we had to do it in a was there a federal policy. >> to the best of my knowledge there was a uniform act plan that moved for the mta to help displaced persons because of the impact of the project. >> and were there any options considered. >> to the best of my knowledge this was the standard of progress that was widely supported and agreed on i'll be glad to see what other options were considered. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call?
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without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously next item. >> >> a resolution acknowledging the establishment of a nonprofit yerba buena island consistency for the management responsibility for yerba buena island under a master lease with the city of san francisco. >> same house, same call? >> madam president i understand that supervisor kim. >> i don't have any notes. >> madam clerk. >> madam president this resolution i believe needs to be amended because it is acknowledging the establishment of yerba buena island contingency normally the board is using the establishment with the body has yet to be established this body has not
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established so your suggestion self-sounds like we may need to continue this supervisor kim. >> i'm not sure we need to continue 2 right now it says the body will be created i know the the community members want to keep it that way i'll not make the amendment to urge we have support from the department of real estate i haven't heard any opposition to the yerba buena island contingency so i was not accepting that proposal. >> okay and city attorney mr. gibner is this appropriate to do in this form. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. this is you - this came up in committee i think for the city clerk's office to recommend amendments the way the resolution is drafted there are a number of resolve clauses that say that the new body will have a 15
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member board the board will be appointed in the following way and in committee when i believe supervisor peskin asked about the issue or maybe the department of real estate what i explained was the resolution is sierra club an urging it is written as the plain language cigarettes it is something more than you're going and the best way to amend the will are these and shawls from the board decides not to pa make that that's an you're going resolution even though it says this body will - and why make the amendment i think you lost me there. >> why - it is up to the why make the amendment. >> it it will be you're going whether that he make it, it is a suggestion; correct? >> a suggestion to make the
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resolution more clear to members of the public who are reading it so they know the actual assess. >> but that is actual package in this current form is still urging even though the language didn't say. >> yes. typically we use a certain language explicit that the resolution are urging a particular outcome this resolution doesn't that's okay the clerks recommendations was just to make it more explicit this is june an entertainment. >> it is more helpful to the public than anything else. >> okay. >> supervisor kim. >> i'm sorry, i - supervisor campos. >> yeah. i'm happy to support this resolution as i don't why we're having this conversation
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and whatever pepsi person views shouldn't be inter1yek9 into something like this unless there is something that prevents us. >> through the chair. >> madam clerk. >> a proper format for the clerk to be placed in front of the board of supervisors this is an unusual format we were told not to be amendments to this item today. >> i didn't agree to those amendments. >> not the job of the clerk of the board to mike manage the board of supervisors. >> i want to appreciate the suggestion more so not necessarily to clarify to this body as much to clarify to the public i i don't see a difference if we make the amendments but respect the
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author of the legislation and support this particular item and with that, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously item number 23. >> the motion to provide a status update on the board of supervisors to a recommendation contained in the 2015-2016 civil grudging entitled into the open opportunity for timely and transparent investigations of fatality san francisco police department officer-involved shooting and irregularly the mayor to cause the implementation of the findings and recommendation same house, same call? without objection the resolution - the motion is approved unanimously madam clerk please read items 24 and 25. >> 24 to designate ocean avenue known as the pressing at an church as a landmark under article 10 with the ceqa
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determination making the requisite findings and item 25 the landmark designation of imagined land as moore gift shop assuming 9 ceqa and making the requisite finding. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'd like to say i'm proud to be sponsoring this legislation to basically identify the ingleside presbyterian church as a landmark designation the building itself is maybe enough to have this designation but when you actually look inside of the church in which supervisor avalos and maybe others have seen certainly mayor before a has been there many, many wants
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to see the collage that is development into many parts of building including the gym and office they have a willie brown room they have a room dedicated to obama so when you see there is really unique to mirror in the united states where you have walls and walls dedicated to mainly african-american heroes and leaders thought for the last 6 or 7 decades and this all started many, many years ago it was not a one-day are one month or one year project for reverend gordon but done over 3 decades at this point, i remember when i first was able to be a parent and use the services there
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they already had a few photos put on the wall and this was about thirty years ago over thirty years ago and you go into there today it is remarkable i hope that you don't mind indulging we love the public to see at least a glimmer of what i see all the time and my staff will put it - can i have the overhead? please. so i don't know if people can see this this is a sampling of the collage she single-handedly created a floor to 25 feet in the area around the gym if you haven't gone there i really recommend that you go there this really is a part of san
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francisco history so thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i eight hundred like to co-sponsor this ordinance and also want to acknowledge had an incredible facility this is and the collage on the wall it inrevokes tremendous pride and reverend grornd is an visionary and everyone walks into that believe especially the african-american community feels the history and pride that is there i want to talk e talk about the sanctuary of the presbyterian church it unique i'll elaborate speaking because this church used to be part of my district with rezoning district that was moved to hallow way i lost part of it but feel comfortable that's 2, 3, 4 district 11 and not
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district 78 i have competition but the sanitationy is a beautiful - occasionallyly church performances and other performances that go on and music there sounds like tremendous and i'll elaborate hoping this landmark status will open up greater avenues for hearing music at the church it is wonderful to hear sounds like come out of there so i'm happy to co-sponsor and thank you for the work on this you. >> thank you colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance will be passed its unanimously on the fdr. >> item number - 26. >> i've called them both already. >> those ordinances will be
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passed its unanimously on the first reading. >> 26. >> amending the administrative code to establish place for people program and establishing a few to coordinate the city's gathering and activities and their associated temporary improvements on city hall project the right-of-way in connection with certain improvements to amend the public works code for a regulatory code for the public right-of-way and amending the police code for a live performance low california. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you 34579 before us today is an exciting and long overdue legislation after 8 years forming recks the pavement to parks that promotes tear uses
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in the public realm began in 2009 what later will be known as excuse me - jane warner plaza at the corner of castro and market for merchant and in our public realm that transformed the banner and dangerous intersection into a public intersection that is central to the castro community where people meet and dance and musician play and visitors enter the neighborhood jane warner plaza was a test with cardboard and moveable furniture before that testing the community agreed that we'll use the space to inform of us what works and didn't work and how to move forward the idea to create flexible space that can be transformed or move if necessary
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this legislation aims to further that process by providing a clear con sizing and agency process that has been formed by the 8 years of pavement to parks and create a process how we create those temporary plazas and public spaces in san francisco the legislation solidifies the public process we know that those projects are stronger when the public participated in creating them the legislation recognizes the fact that public housing are successful on if there is board buy in and support the legislation helps to insure we're promoting quality in the program by encouraging the application not only from the geographically central areas of the city did you from all over san francisco the places for people ordinance before us today also helps the
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support insuring a stronger enforcement and supporting the activation of those activities this includes the podium it is internationally acclaimed all over the globe i want to thank the various city departments public works and the mta and the planning commission for working together with my office to develop this great pieces of legislation? nearly a year in the making and want to thank the many people that have weighed in with support including walk sf and the bike coalition and parks alliance and san francisco beautiful and the yerba buena the in law association, the castro communicated benefits district and the 3 plans collaborative and the yourt art exchange so colleagues, i ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor wiener supervisor mar. >> thank you so much to supervisor wiener and the other
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co-sponsors of this important piece of legislation i wanted to acknowledge that when a number of us joined the board of supervisors we interacted with planning commission staff i want to see that david and then ball and others on the staff talking about better streets plan it was coming out of their vision i think that emerged in many ways from new york city project for public spaces i know that william twhietd is one or more of the visionaries that said the streets it is the river of life they come to not escape but par take and pavement to parks is part of a that vision i want to thank robin for developing our now i think that is what is it seven years of parklets it helped of helped to us resident
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like others along in the mission district kind of have utilized them but for a small business corridor that brings that light to the neighborhood and our streets i want to thank supervisor wiener but especially all those that put effort in the richmond district we've been able to have them be a light that have been pavement and streets and want to say that the parking days for residents utilized the parking spaces for fun creative activities is a way to generate interest in the practices and creatively in a complete streets and better streets plan they make sense and want to thank the visionaries. >> thank you to supervisor wiener i'd like to add my name as a co-sponsor as well. >> thank you supervisor mar pr supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president i did flexible to thank my
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legislative aide mr. powers in moving >> thank you, supervisor wiener colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading next item. >> an ordinance amending the ordinance 10 61 entitled the regulars for the sidewalk regulating the width of sidewalk search warrant along the 1 and 16th street with the parcel block number 001 and adapting the operating finds same house, same call? without objection this ordinance passes on the first reading. >> all right. colleagues it is now past 2:30 and time for our accommodations we have 5 accommodations from our colleagues here today and we will be starting with supervisor
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tang. >> sorry can i refer. >> thank you. >> supervisor campos. >> want to make sure that ruth is here, yes she's here thank you very much madam president and i had the honor of presenting recognition of ruth at the incredible booking i want to ask ruth to come on up and a number of people if you're here for ruth can you please wave our hands so ruth can see that ruth if you don't mind coming to the podium to your right it is my honor to recognize the amazing work after a long time community activist what has who has been a great
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advocate for the mission and as well as the diverse social movement that impacted many communities here not city and county of san francisco ruth on behalf of felt mission that i represent but on behalf of district 9 i want to thank you for being a long time educator devoting the majority of our life of the education to books and being a teacher at the san francisco state university and city college for so many years your commitment to education extends beyond that work but includes the work as a collective member at the modern times booking for more than 35 years. >> you have been startling the operation that have important institution it is a legacy business in the mission district we also want to honor your work as as active member in book
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trade and local merchant associations your role as a founder member on the ccii what counsel is drill critical to help quatro and the unprecedented work in the t sets for other parts of the city on top of ruth has before a strong activist for women and lgbt right and served on the high school society and serves on that for more than 20 years years and a teacher to students of harvey milk history and organized to educate the gay political fingers and personally educated so much of us including the great harvey milk and for -
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i love the story of ruth storming into then harvey milk camera shop when he was an owner there she went into there stormed in with a group of queer folks to i couldn't harvey milk to rethink his way of the stores in the castro street and ruth asked him to be more conscious of the queer community is impacted by capitalism so the rest is history harvey milk was what you listen to what ruth had to say and wir78 all better for it. >> thank you, ruth fewer tireless commitment to so forth change with the positive impact for the community we appreciate
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your countless contributes to the mission district to the lgbtq community and to san francisco in general thank you, ruth for being here that was important for us to bring you here to city hall so we could forming recognize the amazing incredibly long lasting contributions you've made to our community. >> thank you so much. >> i'm sorry we have 09 members of the board that like to express their appreciation for your work i apologize for interrupting supervisor mar. >> thank you, ruth for being one of the reasons for the 45 years for bringing me to san francisco in the 80s along with china books but a collectively run business of people that are trying to created curiosity i did but strong political
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conscious in our community hi was an sf bay teacher and in the college all my students what was important to support the community institutions i want to say that the displacement crisis impacts many people but impacts collectives and small businesses and artists i'll elaborate just very sad of the institutions we're losing the soul of the city but glad you've given to our city and the 45 years of the collective you'll always be remembered. >> thank you for bringing this to the city as well. >> thank you thank you to both of you and to the board i just want to thank the entire activist community of the bay area we're a village and nothing gets really accomplished by ourselves so i really want to
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thank you all i'll elaborate also very, very sorry that modern times booking is closing november 15th will be here final day of business i hope you come by and hoping that something other institutions will rise from that so thank you very much >> (clapping.) >> eric.
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>> congratulations and with that, we'll go to supervisor yee. >> okay. >> thank you supervisor president london breed. >> today, i'm very proud to recognize the work of sf safe also known as san francisco safety award it is a community crime preservation and nonprofit that started as a san francisco police department program in 1976 marry today's sf safe worked with the police department and 09 agencies to
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strengthen the neighborhood safety across san francisco this year their celebrating their 40 anniversary and i want to honor executive director sarah burton and all the staff for the tireless dedication for the educating and countless communities across the country and making us safer and more cohesive so if sarah and her staff about come up i want to thank the sf board members self-interest their unwavering support among sf safe services their staff educates children, youth adults and seniors about personal safety and ways they can protect themselves from being victims of crime sf safe builds trust amongst the neighborhoods and public housing community but providing
2:49 pm
leadership training for youth and community working groups in addition there is security spoiftd provide free security assessment and recognitions for residents and small businesses including over one hundred annual presentations for child and residential safety evaluations there recall also re7b8gd - over 10 thousand bikes through their sf safe bike programs and they're services are to popular between it 2013 to 2015 the services increased not by 10 percent but more than one 70 percent the majority of services request come from the police department the public health department and the board of supervisors given the recent citywide rise
2:50 pm
in automobile break ins and property crime i know that distract 7 and neighborhood organizations have i'd like and praised sf safe services yet the budget and not increased in 8 years so this year i was able to work with my colleagues to secure additional funding for sf safe through the public process sf safe goes above and beyond the call of duty to engage the diverse communities by working across cultural and - multi lingual staff in fact, i want to shout out to arena happy birthday. >> (clapping.) >> and towers has helped with the crime across the city and continues to help the community
2:51 pm
members who feel safe to fight against crime safer neighborhood shatter started with the neighborhoods and the community i want to thank the sf safe members so for all the hard working for the twach meetings and building stronger more connected community across the country across the city together sf safe is making our city safer more engaged and good afternoon one neighborhood at a time. >> (clapping.) >> and before - >> before we give you the microphone we have a list of colleagues that definitely want to see something about our work supervisor farrell. >> thank you i just want to say congratulations to the safe team colleagues for those of you who don't know i was on the safe board before i alababam, bam, b
2:52 pm
supervisor it is amazing before the board of supervisors you release how important what you do for the residents and it is amazing to work with the neighborhood thanks this is along overdue thank you. >> thank you supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president i'm not going to repeat what was said sf safe is one of the organizations that transcends the ideology and liked by people from all over the political spectrum you make that possible for our neighborhoods to be safe in san francisco and every neighborhood we represent is safer because of the work i do in what way that is culturally competent but it wouldn't be effective without the
2:53 pm
incompetency greatly appreciated. >> supervisor kim and i want to say thank sf safe i don't know how many meetings you've saved us from but it is amazing to have you at all the meetings people feel vulnerable in the city we want our constituents and small business owner to feel empowered to take safety into their own hands with sfpd and knowing that sfpd can't respond to every issue i think your message comes across we'll be safer if we all pitch in to make our community safe and shout out to gravy attends so many of the mercedes benz many, many years ago i applied for a job at his agency i had a decision between chinatown and getting the best
2:54 pm
of both worlds working with the chinatown cca thank you for your work. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor cowen thank you good to see everyone on the sf safe team i've been the the board for 6 years helping to maintain the safety and safety in terms of men tablet a balance between good community mrool being vigilant and not racial precisely that is kresh8ly important for neighbors to be helpful and we have attended many meetings and have been grateful to have the same perspective that was independent and outside of the government and observed of the police department but yet a group of k34ir789d people that understand
2:55 pm
the need to organize the community members to pay attention addition supervisor kim to empower small business owners to grateful for your work and good to see wilford on the team and joined the team we know we trained him well. >> (laughter). and you know just the highest compliment to 9 team >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor mar. >> thanks to irene for helping in the richmond district and i also wanted to thank leslie chiu for the merchants and others for developing those safety business plans for many merchant but lastly one of our former colleagues, i wanted to thank claire for developing with the office and the police department and the bike program that's been a model on a nation wide level
2:56 pm
but you're a force thank you for making our streets and neighborhoods safer. >> last but not least i wanted to thank sf safe and especially you've come out every time we call to every community meeting we have and provide some amazing advise to our constituents how we can come together to make the community more safe whenever we reached out to our organization you've helped many of the neighborhood and as a result of that work it just made a huge impact in small parts of communities just doing small things based on a number of suggestions by a make a huge differences and in relationship goes back to before i was on the board of supervisors when sadly we were dealing with significant violence from the western edition community i've been a great deal of for what you bring to the table in terms of dealing
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with the quality of life crimes as a community we can come together we can really make a huge difference and what is always missing from the process the fact that those sometimes our neighbors who have lived next to each other for years and don't know one another it brings community together and develops the incredible relationships and ultimately we want 80 our neighborhoods to grow and be safer for every citizen so thank you. your organization means so much many say a well deserved honor with that, i'm going to turn it over to supervisor yee. >> thank you, colleagues for all the nice comments i forgot to mention the most important thing we're presenting a proclamation proclaiming that november 1st, 2016, will be 19save 40 anniversary celebration day in san
2:58 pm
francisco. >> (clapping.) >> i'll make 24 brief on behalf of 9 san francisco board of directors and staff we are so thankful for the recognition and as executive director i feel there is not been a prouder moment to stand with any staff and share what you're saying what we do in the community. >> thank you the board of supervisors for your support and upholding our work to make sure we're fund and all the colleagues before you so steve thank you for that and our partners in the san francisco police department and more than anything our community every community members say the community matters i'll elaborate privileged to work within an amazing team. >> thank you all for this great honor so thank you .
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>> (clapping.) >> if you all again and congratulatio congratulations. >> i want to ask if mr. kyle can
3:00 pm
come forward i don't know if you've seen 124 movie but broadcasterer was one - this lead up to an amazing feet as well that pretty much developed the what we know as a internet today and how we gather information on the smart phones about that mr. kyle runs the archives that celebrated the 20 years in the richmond district but from the presidio and gas him he proudly acknowledging his geekness he says that his background comes if geeks and building a smart machine if we
3:01 pm
have that lets read good books as he says that about mr. peabody i don't know if you grew up with bull wingly the smarter dog is mr. public hearing dog and he gave his a present to the adopted son a machine that allows you to go back in time as mr. peabody and broadcasteoster we need to put the best in the reach of our children if we don't we'll get the generation we deserve and he's done but with not only the machine but the public press did a great
3:02 pm
article on the tv news servers and the archive you can the link the website that takes you, you to the place you can play old video games and other things there is the grateful dead supervisor avalos and others probing go to for the deadhead tapes and the amazing things that digitized home movies and radio programming and 45 and 78 record albums is credible but on to this to say the archive is located on clemente near the park presidio
3:03 pm
9 alexander egypt putting this information in the hands of people 24/7 for the digitizes of books and government people an enormous 0 online library for researchers and humanitarians or anything that has this interest like sherman or mr. peabody the movie text and tv news is all archiveed it is mr. broadcastos they've brought together people in the part of vision the internet archives and receives doomentsz physical materials from all kinds of resources i see here that i'm going to go
3:04 pm
into the data numbers but they have two to three million adversities a day that goes to they scan millions of boxes and employees people on clement street in san francisco and the available selections are all there including way back machine that allows you to look at sites as at the existed a day ago or 10 years ago if they existed 10 years ago and e books nine hundred thousand now broots their archives they're trying to bring the digital inclusion and the supervisor eye building in
3:05 pm
but they thamd to richmond, california is wireless assess and not just free wireless assess but were super fast assess he's building that what we call the backbone wireless backbone in places that connect up 9 seniors and disabled and the homeless and kids and families in the fabricated before you governments like richmond, california and their institutions to close the digital divide and he also is a supporter of co-housing and supportive of housing they look at the staff not able to afford homes in the richmond or san francisco but a true visionary that has shown through creation of smart machine but giving back to the neighborhood as well the last thing i'll say that has all the information but in the late two months and 8 days in office i'll
3:06 pm
stand here and say thank you for creating a future we're prioritized institutions don't have the knowledge and alexander in creating the library of the future that exists in the district of richmond colleagues can you give a hand to the folks thank you. >> (clapping.) >> gosh thank you very much it has been a good 20 years and i'm going to use this opportunity to make a couple of suggestions the idea of free wireless access is possible if there were groups that we can go and hook to we supply free high-speed internet inside all the housing projects in combination with the city but want assess to the roof to give
3:07 pm
it away free for 25 roofs we can't get that done and during the jobs now program we were the major employer the welfare to work bathroom, we hired one and 46 welfare people and gave them a job and training and from the federal government had said that will last two years we'll have 25 hundred people but time again for that type of thing in san francisco and the thirsted this housing issue we have a problem keeping our employees in san francisco or working in the nonprofit we bought on apartment for nonprofit workers the idea they'll pay a debt free rates that is 1/3rd of market-rate rent silvers they're working in a couple of nonprofit i'll extend 24 further but it is
3:08 pm
scary out there do anything no housing given not the money but actually all the lawyers to making it clear we can have housing for nonprofit workers will help the nonprofits stay in san francisco a great honor to be a san franciscan and great honor to work with eric mar thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations okay supervisor tang. >> thank you so today is my honor to bring forward someone 13 last week celebrated they are 90 birthday
3:09 pm
bernice. >> wow. >> (clapping.) >> i love her shirt so bernice is joined by here grandson and the reverend and from the care center and her - bernice maybe you've heard about her sunset family for her and her husband's owner of a ice cream store 67 and for those of you who don't know poly ice cream is located on noriega and 39th avenue i like others that grew up in the sunset we have fond memories of the ice cream place and you'll see so many families together under the ownership of bernice
3:10 pm
and her husband they're famous for their unusual flavors that help the folks pick dozens of flavors if you're feeling indecisive it's owned by another family but bernice visits in fact, the 50 anniversary in 2006 and she lives one block away so a little bit more about bernice she came to san francisco in 1939 and was able to visit the world fair to the treasure island and she attended local schools after junior high and the second class that went went through lloyd and bernice has the same foj from 1945 and she was an operator at the last manual office before everything was automatic
3:11 pm
so after that bernice went to work for a long distance test company budget wanted to come back to the sunset and serve that community that she did bernice is ready to lend a handicap with any project and also provided incredible support in noriega the branch library to build support and along the way she stumbled on the sunset a huge chris isaac fan and went to many concerts and chris calls bernice ms. poly ann bernice has dedicated her time to 9 care center at 33 and bernice met the director again who is here when she was 54 and
3:12 pm
pam last was 16 and best friends for decades pamela has run the care center for 33 years and bernice is proud of the care for the families and worked for pamela for several generation of children and joys working with young people and seeing them grow and looks like some photos on sfgovtv thank you. >> and bernice has 4 children all of which whom attended lincoln high school a great grandmother throughout the years bernice has an incredible impact i see she's wearing her t-shirt over irving street and has helped to build the fabrics as a
3:13 pm
small business owners and an advocate for important projects and, of course, everyone who i've met and knows bernice has wonderful things to say about her so as she turned a young age of 90 on october 24th it is important we thank you, thank you bernice and happy birthday and the floor is yours. >> (clapping.) >> this is surreal for me don't believe i'll elaborate here i'll elaborate just i've helped fiona worked beside her and carmen chu and you are the busiest and do
3:14 pm
more things that keep the sunset together it is not all about the past i lived it is today and i read our newsletter every month i can't attend all of that i have attended the community festivals this last year and you were kind enough to say he will and fiona was there i feel i'll elaborate part of today and this is today, we have a pastor at grace luther republican church he's the pastor of today younger people of all beliefs we're still there i've been a member nearly 40 years and go to grace
3:15 pm
center i can't say any more never a stranger in the neighborhood i end up having long feeling if it is from a meeting thank you all for this privilege to be here and tell who i amy want to see come from my family thank you, katie for doing that for the future i can see it happening.
3:16 pm
>> (clapping.) >> happy belated birthday thank you for coming to the chambers and congratulations. >> and with that, i'll now recognize supervisor scott wiener for the final conformation today. >> thank you madam president colleagues today, i'm honored to recognize mr. frank and mr. powell to sfmta employees that herly intervened on someone that went through a knife attack if you can come forward. >> his an engineer with the
3:17 pm
sfmta for 17 years mr. desusan inspection with the agency for almost a year there are many things that our city workers do on a day to day business to help to improve the lives but at times your workers go way, way above and beyond the call of duty and this is a case last week as frank and portugal were driving down market street they witnessed a victim being attacked by an assassinate welding a knife unlike other members of the public that are frozen and watching in horror frank and powell took it upon themselves they stopped and pulled the victim into the truck for protection that most likely saved his life
3:18 pm
the gentleman jumped out of the truck and pinned him down enemy the sfpd arrived this act of bravery on your parts is the demonstration of the best of the workforce and it was truly an act of her religious freedom on behalf of did board of supervisors i want to thank you for you're her recidivism and not - thank you for making our streets safer and first invite the director of transit to say a few words and then from our two heroes. >> thank you, supervisor it is my honor to introduce or reintroduce those two individuals as you described in 1964 in new
3:19 pm
york city we were introduced as a result of a horrific crime introduced to a term of app the bystander effects fortunately for all of us several years later those two individuals don't have that they saved a life as you described they're a heroic and allow them to tell their story. >> come on up thank you. >> (clapping.) >> first of all, i'll elaborate sorry for any accent my honor to be here just you know a little bit that i could do for a country and city that gave me so much and the only thing i could do frank
3:20 pm
who stopped the truck and get out and helped someone in need you think it is important for us and that's what makes me very proud of to be a civil servant we're were a civil servant we're not only serving ourselves but this is what i'll elaborate proud to be a member of the team of mta that has great heroic folks like that my colleague please. >> (clapping.) >> and first of all, i'd like to say thank you for the recognition as a city employee we drive around on a daily basis seeing things a happy on a daily basis you see bikes and activities most of time you drive by but asian pacific islander low said
3:21 pm
something it challenged 9 situations that was a point of action and saving a person's life i don't think anyone that works for mta or in general can let something bad happy but the citizens of san francisco jumped in i'll elaborate proud to be here you. >> thank you both very much
3:22 pm
for your work and for being incredible works of what a hero is you may not feel you deserve that title but safety someone's life means turmoil ours is a hero thank you very much okay with that, we have done where our accommodations today and we will resume with our regularly scheduled items madam clerk let's go to committee report. >> items 28 through 38 were considered on monday the committee forwarded to the board as committee reports for today. >> let's read the items together. >> item 28 an ordinance repeatedly the building code in it's place 2016 building code consisting of the california
3:23 pm
building code and as amended by san francisco item 29 adding the provisions of 2016 california residential code with chapter of 2016 building code and adding k45r79 36 to serve as a directory where the provisions may be found and thirty the electrical code eliminating it and impacting the california electrical code and amended by san francisco and next the san francisco existing building code consisting of the 2016 calendar building code with san francisco amendment item 32 ordinance repealing the green building code and impacting a green code consisting of the 2016 building code standards and amended by san francisco and 33 ordinance for the martin luther king code to repeal that and have another
3:24 pm
mechanical code as amended by san francisco and item 34 ordinance repealing the plumbing code and enacting a plumbing code and amend by inform and for those items for january 2017 and adapting the local conditions to the california health and safety code okay. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinances passed unanimously on the first reading. >> next item. >> item 35 an ordinance repeating the current san francisco code in its entirety consisting for the california fire code and portion of the 2017 international fire code
3:25 pm
with operative dates and adopting the california provisions to the california health and safety. >> same house, same call? passes unanimously item 36 and 37 on a rules committee kneeing and the committee forwarded as committee reports today item 36 was recommended as amended with a new title for the administrative code to k0d, if any, the balboa park community advisory committee to establish the membership for the terms and term limits for members and extend the sunset date to february 28, 2019. >> same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading next item. >> item 37 for robert term ending and tim term ending 2020
3:26 pm
to the public works oversight committee. >> same house, same call? without objection the motion is approved unanimously. >> madam clerk go to call the roll. >> for introduction. >> supervisor farrell. >> okay. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you, madam clerk. >> i am submitting several items for one as note is a resolution supporting the proposal to bring the luke museum to treasure island and in my district in inform tried to have the support every of my colleagues on the brtd board for this resolution the luke museum is the first of its kind and a designation site that we hope to provide cultural benefits to the city and county of san francisco what i'm most excited about the museum beyond becoming a designation site in san francisco but particularly early on treasure island is the
3:27 pm
potential to expedite the public transit service with the ferry services so for many of the workers, visitors and resident as well as providing more youth and family-friendly sites at treasure island it is community neighborhood with many young people families without current resources the museum is expected to attract 8 hundred plus and the art story telling and moll the original work we artists both well known the galleries and education spaces will be designed for lectures and class and after-school programs we're especially pushing seeing we have lost the boys and girls on the island and many of the youth are left without after-school programs on treasure island the luke museum will contributor more than one billion dollars to the city in the separation and
3:28 pm
infrastructure construction that will accelerate the ferry terminal i've mention the museum doesn't seek public subdivides and will be pubically - it is on 4 acres on the western side of the island with close prompt it the ferry terminal they were approved for the fund in hotel and park use i'm excited to support we hope a global designation as well as a community site celebrating the arts in san francisco the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor eric mar. >> today i'm introducing a resolution that has a pending economic disaster for filipino and on the workers at the san francisco airport that is after coming weeks before the thanksgiving and holiday season
3:29 pm
i'd like to thank my co-sponsors supervisor avalos and supervisor kim and supervisor campos and supervisor eric mar and supervisor yee and the jobs for that justice that have been supporting the airport worker the san francisco supermarket does a good job amongst did companies doing business is the hertz corporation out of the their workforce is airport shutterers that drive the cars from the counters to the parking space and seeks to layoff one and 56 hard working most immigrant that have served for over 20 years at the jobs before the hoiltdz the lay off is november 8th a week from today those workers are amongst the lowest pate and the $13 bus an hour i'm repeat $13.34 an hour work with the shadows of a multi
3:30 pm
million dollar corporation hertz has targeted the filipino and chinese to subtract out quality union jobs and i want to thank supervisor avalos and supervisor kim and workers have been told their jobs that will be replaced by a subtract named the service solution that will start ay hiring with no gaez of further employment the workers and unions have been calling for a contract that recognizes the changing nature of the work across the country we're fighting back the terms of subcontracting and contingent work nationally with campaigns to pass legislation to protect the workers from those types of abuses san francisco and the state of california have taken be acts to rein in the
3:31 pm
spraushgsz temporary and contingent work and inflexible scheduling, in fact, that board has led the nation to pga the reform law for fourth amendment bill of rights a couple of years ago and know that hertz can go better than this i'm asking you to support our work at the board asking the hertz correspondence to rescind those layoffs and make sure the one and 56 jobs are full-time for the san francisco airport i'm available to answer any questions we're asking for the airport intern director eir vary and the airport commission to doing everything we can to assist the workers in retaining their jobs we urge our support and lastly i'm wearing a black tie for the richmond resident his name was mr. thomas myron hooker he referred to himself as manor and
3:32 pm
want to say he was a homeless man in the roshlgd district a fixture of the neighborhood and made countless friend that cared for him, i want to shout out to leah of the books formally in the in the long run clemente area but now on clemente and right by where mr. hooker slept every night i met him 10 years ago he used to reside no more golden gate park i lived there and would greet him his smile and real happy nature was something that so beautiful in his character but most recently he riot on clement street near the greenbelt on the 14 after a
3:33 pm
founder but started to reside near the elementary school near clemente side he passed its away on october 26th peacefully in hi sleep with buster flies kissing his check when we pass away on the corner he was the most striking conversationalist with all resident and fondly remembered by the elementary school students and his free spirit and gentle personality was pollutant on clemente in the richmond district over one hundred heartwarming stories from children to small business owners like leah and others that offered him food and money but returned the gesture of kindness with stories from underlying
3:34 pm
from his living area all to the ocean and back and buttered flies in questioning him to and from his site those 2 hundred stories that have been blowing and sharing and revealing a neighborhood of empathy and the impact on people that have no homes or shelter over their head and the greater community empathy is a beautiful thing he was a guardian angle and many neighbors shared food and blankets and morgan hill miles. >> and conversations that sustained into friendship over the years we will be celebrating our memorial for mr. hooker at the star of the free church he was an attendee at the church on monday november 7th another
3:35 pm
7:00 p.m. we'll be showing the documentary voices and you can have more information about this a film an amazing film about mr. hooker and other people that mentally ill thank you to the la community of public health that features the portraits of 3 individuals and their struggle with severe mentally ill and share the realties of all residents pga of residents with often complex emotions around people with psychotic mental illness and thank you to the
3:36 pm
neighbors for embracing him and be part of million join as you at the star of the free church on november 7th and thank you for letting us end this meeting in the honor of the beautiful resident mr. hooker thank you the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> thank you mr. clerk i want to journey in the memory of a vary jake's that passed its away at the 93 he served as a member of the san francisco couldn't democratic party for 3 decades over half of them as the chair of that body he worked for decades in local news and opened his house again and again for if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer thems for all causes you
3:37 pm
can imagine my condolences to his daughter son-in-law and peter and here we go at the last meeting before the election where 3 of the members of the board termed out i want to make a few objections we'll not be meeting on election day i wanted to express to the board the fact that i think as i walked around everyone in the town realize that there are too many items on the ballot i think that we in part have to accept rocketed for that many of the items are clvth with one another as the only member of the body that voted against the budget that was predicated on a tax that has to pass next week that is powell terribly we have to get it right
3:38 pm
the next time we can't go with 25 propositioned that is in large part the the one and 55 thousand dollars tax is unlikely to patios i want to their so and so objections and take more responsibility next time. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> commissioner tang okay. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you, madam clerk. >> i have colleagues a few requests first one is i like to say have a hearing on data sharing amongst the public health departments today, i'm introducing a request for that
3:39 pm
the board has been very vocal on addressing crime citywide as we have learned kw0r7d efforts what about cradle 2, 3, 4 preventing and investigating the crime across the city data is critical in how we handle investigations and identified trend in criminal investigations we know that while the sfpd and the district attorney's office working closely together there are challenges when it comes to data sharing forensic criminal imagination all the crime data warehouse are manually entered typed into under our system in order for the district attorney's office to assess sometimes it takes several days or up to a couple of weeks more information to transfer from the
3:40 pm
sfpd to the district attorney's office due to the old systems we're using this is alarming thankfully a coordinated group that works on this issue the justice that's a great question information system program justice brings together the mayor's office the zoning administrator the the adult operation and district attorney and police, public defender's office and sheriff's and status of women and the court and the technology to integrate all the criminal justice case management systems and to replace the cable c m a application system that's why i'll collin u call for a hearing calling on the departments involved in justice to understand obvious information sharing works with
3:41 pm
the public safety department and perhaps learning more about the way we share the data across the public safety departments in san francisco i hope we can maximum our matters to efficiently combat the crime to make sure we're being efficient with the dollars the other resolution that i would be introducing today pertains to the residentscy of our public safety department heads currently we don't have residentscy requirements imposed on the heads of department while visiting san francisco is preferred not required the police commission is finalizing the search for you now police chief i'd like to urge the consideration for whoever it chosen to run san francisco from all my community i've heard concerns how important to say to
3:42 pm
have a fire chief and police chief reside in san francisco in emergency we wanted our chiefs to be available and not commute to the scene as we all know 2 has been increasing challenging to have them in san francisco we should do more could recruit police chief we should be supportive in helping them relocation 12 is important our heads of departments live in the city and we will be x porsche in our support of relocation final resolution i'd like to - you know it is about police
3:43 pm
staffing we have spent considerable monument at the board debate how many police officers to have the charter says we should have one thousand nine hundred and 71 we are approaching that number very quickly probably sometime there or end of next year but we still have to consider how best to grow the department today, i'm introducing a resolution urging the police commission to convene a workforce for the police staffing and deployment i've been in discussion with the police commissioners building that task will fit into their mission earlier this year the analyst produced a report for the conclusions of the police staffing is not on population loan this task force will help to identify and implement a comprehensive multi disciplinary
3:44 pm
approach to determine the staffing levels bans different factors with the studies on calls for service, crime data, officer workload and population size i believe that the task force were to have a difference cross section of experts including the san francisco police department command staff and other stakeholders it is challenging to recruit for officers the reality the work is changing and as such we need to be initiative and flexibility about you way we approach public safety in our city at the police commission finalize the search for a new police chief we can have staffing for employment the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor yee and supervisor avalos. >> thank you, madam clerk
3:45 pm
colleagues yes. i have two months and 7 days left in office and i'll be talking about my work in the district as we get towards the end of my time on the board i do want to highlight some of the work around community development especially bringing about community assets there are two affordable housing projects each one unit each of that are in the pipeline district 11100 percent affordable housing two community gardens and one community farm that are in the works was able to get the san francisco credit union to come to the corner of mission district a huge great asset to bring into the neighborhood they've opened up hundreds of counts for balboa high school students and around the corner are two buildings that
3:46 pm
unfortunately, i want able to get on the ballot so i'll have a hearing on the status of those buildings and how we are working on this to activating the sites and those buildings have an tremendous amount of history and be able to preserve that history by landmarking the buildings and one of the buildings was the site of some labor thinking rest people are occupied the building for thirty days to keep the building active as a public health department facility and the other has a mural that was built or painted frisco before the frisco at coit tower so i'll be calling for a hearing to fascist those a lot of the help
3:47 pm
from john updyke and others to bring those buildings up to code originally they were about $2 million plus we now have an establishment that is doable to help the key establishments to be working 415 an update on the geneva carbarn not able to get that on the ballot but want to hear with the rec and park department is doing to be able to activate that site this one has taken munltd times coming to the board of supervisors and expenditures we've you approved and worked the rec and park department to identify bonds fund spent to be used for the building every time we get close to having something ready to make that building a reality something else happens but before i leave office i want to make sure we have a hearing on
3:48 pm
both of those on the jennifer carbarn to get those projects really in the pipeline and moving forward for whoever comes after me to take my practices on the board of supervisors and want to create a in memoriam for alex he was killed in on officer-involved shooting in march of 2014. >> i actually worked with alex when i was at the children advocates and youth he was a young man and always was around the excelsior by the director the bernal heights contaminate and this was a huge loss for the city but alex was a native son that who's whole life around the
3:49 pm
mission and bernal heights a tragic and violent death should be marked part of history of bernal and also part of daily experience of his parents who go everyday to the hill to pray the site where alex was killed and so i have an ordinance that would direct the rec and park department to establish an memorial to mark what happened also to bring part of community together that feels strongly about marking the spot and effort to recognize that what has happened and restore justice to a place that is harmed in part of the healing process and so not a lot of time to run through the board of supervisors i'm hoping that if we need to request that we can waiver the thirty day rule on this i also
3:50 pm
want to thank my co-sponsors madam chair rosales and supervisor mar and supervisor cowen i think i asked our offices if you want to co-sponsor i'll appreciate that and those items for introduction thank you. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> supervisor president london breed. >> submit. >> thank you supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam clerk like to simply add my support for the alex resolution i do want to thank supervisor campos and his office and jeremy and his office for working on this i'm hoping that is one of the things there is a convenience across the board the point of that memorial in having a beverage thnch thats the memory of alex to recognize we have traffic incidents that
3:51 pm
took place in this spot in this part of bernal heights. >> whatever our thoughts what took place there is no question that there is a tragedy here and what we hope through his memorial is that there is a little bit of healing that happens a little bit of healing that happens for the family for the residents quite frankly and it is an opportunity for everyone in the community to come together and that's the spirit in which this is introduced and i hope that that is the spirit in which this process go forward i want to say it is not just about city hall in the process but city hall doing this in a way that involves the community and that's the way we are intending to approach that and i think this is yet another example of a tragedy being used
3:52 pm
in a positive way to bring the city together the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor campos and supervisor cowen. >> but i'm going to submit today. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> supervisor mar i asked to be referred. >> colleagues, i mend a couple of events from the richmond district the memorial for thomas myron hooker the star of the church on 8 avenue on monday november 7th and also in a couple of days there's an important community meeting called by the rec and park department but also neighborhoods leaders on the beach chalet soccer fields the birds any congratulations on
3:53 pm
november - they're reporting on a bird migrates we're in the process of looking at the bird impacts and thank you to the activists from keep our neighborhoods clean and bob and richard from the prozac the rec and park advisory committee for taking the lead on urging migrations of the left to right felt successor field and from the rec and park department whether give a great presentation he'll show how much playtime for the various soccer
3:54 pm
they've increased the hours from the soccer field was renovated and the picnic and other areas around the soccer fields have been improved so access to the great highway also assess from inside the park has been improved for working class all over the place lastly my office has organized on town hall homeless services. >> thank you to jeff for coming to the richmond and along with other members of the staff the death of many thomas myron hooker is an issue that will be addressed in mental illness services and as well as how resident can address homelessness issues that will be on november 21st at the presidio church on across the street from
3:55 pm
chicano could press store. >> thank you madam president that's the conclusion of the. >> at this time the members of the public may address as a whole and not to matter. speakers using translation services get up to twice the time. pursuant to the boards room please direct your comments to the directors and and if you need to put up a document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and take it down when you are finished. >> thank you first speaker please. up on the tv and this is the pesz transparence library this
3:56 pm
was in tthe library - this is jewish bible and yesterday the christian remember what embody did through martin luther i mentioned to the visiting pastor that he mentioned the name of martin low-hanging fruit and charles nun i gave a lecture to you 50 years in the church of rome he was a very, very powerful book and the reason i've read all the packages 6 times plus and there is coming a day of resurrection a day god will he
3:57 pm
said this world as we know it is it judgment day in this particular prophesy - it says that rejoice daughter of zoning shout oh, drought of jerusalem budget committee hold they king come and he is lowly when this took place crossings to 9 processing prophesy of daniel we're in the year now and it is my son tension he'll rays the dead that does not end open rosh hashanah and ended last year which means 7 thousand plus will be december 1st.
3:58 pm
>> thank you, sir next speaker, please. >> supervisors there used to be a time when we came over here and had 3 minutes for meaningful public comment. that has been reduced to what mark farrell 2 minutes i've been listening to the hearings on the millennium tower and want to know how interested you all are in the skyscrapers i say that because i introduced you to the chaplain that spoke to you and advised you, you what you should be doing. >> this greedy city and some of you all have your hearts in the right place i've named who you are and there are the others who are
3:59 pm
the devils who are ruining the name of this great city named after st. francis and in the southeast sector the world knows that deplayed uranium was tested in the 50s we and you supervisors are allowing a lower developer in the proximity 5 point, llc to build thousand of units on naked land who will have the decency the conscious equip those who have no heart why do you allow, allow anyone that live on
4:00 pm
contaminated land that are black sell outs i've mentioned in any blog it is time that the federal bureau of investigation take over. >> thank you thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you thank you sir. >> next speaker, please. >> next speaker, please. >> your time is up. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you political leader that knows of true expansion of self-nature be productive adding great success should be elected to office with the virtues in helping people
4:01 pm
for the rescue for the formal understanding the true principle of standard guidelines with the seller for the coloration for families recreation and wondering wellness mighty talent should protest of the loyalty and in spirit to match any other talent for coming for profitable for a whole for people political leaders must have determination for protective pro plo policies and legal measures for the benefit of all people without prejudice and bias and political
4:02 pm
leaders have establish great foundations for justice and king was with a holy heart to enjoy the destiny of the missionary for truelove and true mercy for our benefit god bless. >> i'll be using the display and sfgovtv. >> excuse me - >> sfgovtv please. so i'm peter executive director of library users association on some pending business we certainly support the libraries and think the books and the people that who have stayed away from the library are exactly the ones we should have encouraged through a no fine permanent
4:03 pm
system at library is ene e mental illness wealthy with a reserve over $20 million and half a million dollars in feinstein fees we don't encourage a rip off system but a non-cash way to pay i want to talk about a real disaster 2 that is coming to the library thanks to the sfmta the mta plans to cut all 3 bus stops closest to the library on the 19 northbound bus this will cut the only stop on the northbound line that is right on the library in just a few steps from the front entrance will force the library users to walk more than 2 half blackstone's blocks and across two big streets that is a huge impact on safety as well as
4:04 pm
convenience this is library is the only public library with a lib for the deaf there are one and a half million velocities per year at the library and that's what the mta is planning minimal publicity and mingle planning i've asked them to consider what the increased dangerous from the public crossing hundreds of time a year and instead of stopping in front of of the library and the asian museum they've not considered did alternatives or dangers please look at into this thank you. >> thank you.
4:05 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> ladies and gentlemen, of the audience and supervisors good afternoon for the record i'm emilio i've spoken before this board. >> in the past and through any things in the city i'm here today to give you a reality check i left hand to our mimics of helping airport workers and the caregiver they're making $15 an hour we pay the airport 34 or 4 add and $70,000 a year in fees you don't talk about that master card 55 percent of our income on income and fees you don't talk about that i'm not here to talk about that buffer one supervisor we had a supervisor that came back from the dead after destroying the taxi drivers by putting the
4:06 pm
sfmta that is one joke they've harvested and raping us for 5 years now i'm here to talk about one supervisor who is running for another office because he's been on the public dome for over 20 years helping the bad cops at the city and county of san francisco and now wants another job he has not worked a day in his life not knowing about the laws of supply and demand get into the real world where cab drivers work if you don't believe contact the law firm they'll give a list of lawsuits and uber and lyft and taxi drivers getting into battles or uber directives getting into battles with taxi drivers on november 8th one person you don't want to vote for .
4:07 pm
>> sir, sir. >> mr. lawrence mr. lawrence you may not advocate for or against. >> next time mr. lawrence i will cut off your 7, 8, 9 sooner. >> next speaker, please. >> dear board of supervisors my name is boo and october 22nd and 23 about 6 thousand local and international practitioners garter in san francisco and held a series of large-scale events that aim to send a message to the public to stop the ongoing prosecution of problems in china
4:08 pm
last tuesday a couple of sole practitioners garter at civic plaza to express their wish nancy pelosi sent a support letter as well as congresswoman jackie spier the group in particular tried to address the board of supervisors as well as the mayor about the mistreatment and injustice that they receive in san francisco here's a video clip of the event with one banner message addressing to this board and mayor ed lee in case you missed that. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:09 pm
>> any action - (inaudible) can make a difference. >> however, during this such beautiful and solemn event something unprecedented happened and one of the sole practitioners who experience herself will tell her story thank you. >> i'll be translating
4:10 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> greeting board of supervisors my name is neugen and attendee of last we understand event i'm here to report something that is urban pleasant that happened at the event there were 200 people in my group we rent 4 buses from san francisco travel agency and paid 19 thousands to them for taxing united states from place to place and thing were smooth in the beginning, however, as 4:00 p.m. saturday october 22nd
4:11 pm
we were supposed to go from chinatown for chinese council we found we were taken to our hotel when we asked the bus driveway said does not take us to the chinese counsel . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the night and day the travel agencies represent us tells you the chinese council applied pressure to them her boss devised to cancel the bus
4:12 pm
service for the remaining 3 days it was cancelled we had to work with one replacement bus in a hurry that was a mess and lost a total of one thousand 200 hours just in - >> >> (speaking foreign language.) >> we are still engaging with that travel agency about this matter so we're not revealing their names pubically but if you require in private we'll share it with you thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon madam president 5 and the supervisors we have been telling you in the
4:13 pm
past month the chinese council has been controlling chinatown and imposing the agenda on the communities here what we told you is a real experience that happened right here in the city last sunday the san francisco-based american travel agencies refused to move 200 of their clients that paid for the services why? because the designation is chinese council let it is two scary please note the travel agent was not asking them to join the protesting 234r067b9 of the chinese council let but to move people there the protests really has nothing to do with with the travel agent deal that is scary enough we learned that the travel agency telephone was loaded from calls
4:14 pm
by the chinese council let we know that was - ladies and gentlemen, we all know we have cherished the fourth amendment in the u.s, however, do you know the chinese people who sit in front of you not supported such right they're so front yard of the - is our city still a american city or facing by the bay thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is jane please think it over this is what makes san francisco upcoming american and makes the
4:15 pm
chinese-american businesses they're not making businesses r businesses this is not only the chinese council lnciliate - pe like rose pack are undermining the freedom and constitution of this nation 3 weeks ago this board of supervisors passed its without discussion or vote a resolution to remedy the naming of our chinatown subway station the people all saw they remember and will remember in the future the naming recommends what kind of message are you sending to 9 people and the businesses to already in atmosphere those are the people you are supposed to
4:16 pm
serve and protect the chinese conciliate and the mayor join hands to honor her to the extent of being ridiculous you've done it out of your personal reasons to may have done to without knowing everything that rose pack is by the chinese conciliate they honor the packs to the - they're growing in the industry follow rose packs and you'll get process and be honored thank you >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> dear san franciscans supervisors i'm here to discuss about the issue of american citizens bullied and scared and superfluous but the chinese regime this is as an elected government by the people and for
4:17 pm
the people to protect us and speak up for us are urge you to look at this matter and address this matter and to stop the city from being b.a. beginning by the bay this happened in the past and brought to your attention the marching band submitting an application ordinary by the chinese schedule to happen on september 11th, however, let me share the history of this matter which we'll have many witnesses and present one witness her name is loretta thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is laparolet and i try to speak in english.
4:18 pm
>> i'm a former dan performance for the parade in 2004 in the san francisco chinatown parade that's the first year we get into the new year parade i'm explaining unfortunately, when our team arrived at the main stage we are stopped and also from the microphone on the main stage rose pack speak loudly in chains and addressed his name i think that is cantonese name and has a new baby and rose talked about her congratulations to person in a formal parade i think that is very improper because we see the team marching
4:19 pm
spot main stage they announced the information and introduced them to all and all the people celebrated the new year parade at that moment but rose pack is killing the time until our whole team passed its through the main stage without anyone troos introduce us we feel very hurt this is the essence of distinctions on our group from the rest of the other operational group in 2004 i'd like to urge whoever the city government the chinese member do this on - we're a group of people. >> ma'am, thank you.
4:20 pm
>> next speaker, please. >> greeting board of supervisors my name is casey i'll show you in pictures taken during the group in the chinese new year parade rose pack claimed that the parade has an chinese government tune and was unsafe for the chinese new year parade here are photos of how our group looked in the parade the message present was a celebrating one and completely in line with the theme the reason as an asian cultivation was part of chinese cultural in 2005 the group was
4:21 pm
again denied participation, however, sole practitioners and wished to - of neither told the group to line up at the end of entire parade once our group came to the main stabilize they were stopped and until all the vp and all the lights were settled in a group that was allowed to stop that while none was around that was a hum humiliation thus was the same in 2007. >> i will continue in 2006 after denying the application following the proothsz and assigned to the area along the
4:22 pm
parade route and here is a clip of a news report at this time. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i think they're representing the country very well and small business. >> people shouldn't be discriminated because of their beliefs. >> i don't think they they should have been rejected. >> they should end up that in parade. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the reason they're not ♪
4:23 pm
political bus the chinese chamber of commerce and the chinese government don't want them in more people stopped to see them than the parade >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> dear supervisors my name is les can sing then never any acceptance of our application and have to live with the humiliation for 10 years until today this year we have applied for the participation of the chinese new year we feel that san francisco is an american city that can't be deceived and not ignore the injustice the
4:24 pm
chinese chamber of commerce after receiving our application will face the same test that the travel agency faced they'll not let us in the conciliate will california them there's be no side cast if from our san francisco city government supervisors look both that matter please help us to show that our community can stand together against the pressure of the foreign regime and help america to stay american and there is challenge what an old chinese modular evil can't prevail over good we wish this is true in the land of san francisco thank you.
4:25 pm
>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you supervisor president london breed and your co-dependents my name is christopher i live on 6 and howard 10 blocks and less than 40 years from sea level this morning james director of the fbi along with laparolet attorney general of the united states and pamela harris attorney general of the california and inspector general of the u.s. department of transportation noosed multiple indemnities announce against the supervisors from the san francisco and the city attorney multiple officers of technically companies to various political
4:26 pm
campaigns of the main subjects charged with conspire to evade state law and state and federal constraints on the use of federal fund the law is the prohibition on the bus stops by private vehicles and for the google bus program and april fools wrong tricker-treat. >> before the next speaker my other speaks to speak now is your opportunity please step up. >> tom gilberty a long time ago a gal was here in a wheelchair and she spoke about trying to get a waiver for a
4:27 pm
condo fee that she was denied to vote always remember she had to hold this microphone with a hand that looked like this in a claw and i'm able to hand 2 with fingers there is only an inch difference in our injury lines every time i come to this microphone i think of that woman young woman and so here i am and excuse a knowledge to and st. francis haven't heard you, you
4:28 pm
remember that gal depretty you helped people from pg&e to stop - and then when you heard of this gal here and the waiver denied you dropped the rope app took off and haven't been the same sense and mercury stopped me from jumping off and san francisco should get a public thanks i understand that two got to go oh, talk to you later it is interesting what we do here and we need to do better on all the accounts thank you. >> thank you madam director to
4:29 pm
provide public comment at this time seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. back to item no. 7 supervisor avalos. >> thank you madam president colleagues, i have an amendment to make to is this ordinances and like to send it back to committee for a very, very brief meeting and sh9 with the land use and supervisor cowen schedule on the 14 so essentially we're adding language that will affirm the planning department determination of the california california environmental quality act and finding to that as well so i'd like to amendment in that language a motion to amend this language in and to refer to land use the november 14th land use meeting. >> okay supervisor avalos has
4:30 pm
made a motion to amend the current item no. 7 to know the appropriate language and seconded by supervisor mar colleagues without objection, without objection the motion passes and made a motion to forward 24 to the land use committee madam clerk is the date of 14 correct november 4, 2016. >> that's correct madam president. >> seconded by supervisor mar and colleagues without objection that will be sent to the land use committee to be scheduled let's go to the items for adoption without reference to committee items 40 through 43 were introduced without committee with a anonymous vote any supervisor maybe severed and
4:31 pm
considered separately. >> supervisor farrell 41 and anyone else. >> okay. colleagues on the remaining items same house, same call? without objection those items are adopted unanimously and other than item number 41 is there a motion to excuse supervisor farrell motion by supervisor tang seconded by commissioner peskin. >> no, no i'd like to discuss it. >> okay madam clerk call item number 41. >> item 41 a resolution to commend the new york assembly member for covering and passing the new york city assembly bill a-8 relating to the pro bono the advisement for the apartment new york city and commending the governor for signing it into
4:32 pm
law. >> before the decision a motion to excuse supervisor farrell and motions by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor eric mar colleagues, can we take that to excuse supervisor farrell without objection. >> no. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president so i understand that supervisor farrell has recused himself in short-term rentals i want to pose the question through the chair that the interest the supervisor farrell company had in a comment with bus with airbnb to my knowledge been sold and supervisor farrell company no longer has a business interest in the company that does business with airbnb. >> supervisor farrell has asked to be excused from 24 item
4:33 pm
and as out of respect for his wishes whether there is a company involved or not i don't see any reason we'll not allow him to be excused from voting on the item. >> we don't excuse people without a reason i mean - >> mr. gibner can you explain. >> what a supervisor asked to be recused. >> oh, before we get to supervisor farrell deputy city attorney disabling in her and the reason i bring up this point i understand the point that supervisor peskin is making around the asking for excused for a particular item i know as a former commission items an appearance whether or not i've wanted to be excused or not sometimes you will take the high road and ask to be excused is
4:34 pm
just to avoid the appearance defibrillating e mr. gibner in a person of board of supervisors requests and opportunity to be excuses excused from a particular vote their, their prerogative. >> supervisors must vote on all items unless protected by a legal conflict or the board votes to excuse them from voting on that item. in this case i believe that in the short-term rentals related ordinances supervisor farrell has requested to be excused not because he has a legal issue but to avoid any legal issues >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president breed my ongoing request to be recused a separate investment in an unrelated area
4:35 pm
of airbnb they're involved in the short-term rental and avoid do appearance of conflict no technical one i don't have to very any reason to have any potential conflict or potential there have so i want to recuse myself. >> supervisor peskin would you like us to do a voerment. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? supervisor farrell is excused madam clerk on the items can you please call the roll. >> supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang. >> sorry that is the vote on item 45. >> oh, no. >> supervisor tang no. >> supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed
4:36 pm
supervisor campos supervisor cowen no there are 7 i's and 3 notices with supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen in december sent madam clerk please read the in memoriams. >> today's - huh? >> madam president. >> item 45 received a 7 to 3 vote because a resolution on first appearance it requires a anonymous vote. >> okay so then the for clarity the resolution will not be adopted that's correct madam president okay. the resolution will not be adapted supervisor kim i was going to make a motion to rescind. >> supervisor kim makes a recess accept and expend of vote
4:37 pm
colleagues without objection the motion to rescind passes supervisor kim. >> i'd like to make a motion to refer. >> you want to send it to committee. >> to continue; right? >> motion to refer. >> you can send it to committee. >> refer to committee. >> okay. this item will be sent to committee madam clerk please read the in memoriams. >> today's meeting will be adjoined in the two following beloved yield for the late mr. thomas hooker and on behalf of the supervisor peskin for the last form chair the democratic party mr. a debar jake by colleagues this is the end of the agenda madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> that concludes our business for today.
4:38 pm
>> great we are adjourned thank you, everyone for being here
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>> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how
5:01 pm
city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or provide contact information seen by whistle blower investigates some examples of issues to be recorded to the whistle blower program face of misuse of city government money equipment
5:02 pm
supplies or materials exposure activities by city clez deficiencies the quality and delivery of city government services waste and inefficient government practices when you submit a complaint to the charitable online complaint form you'll receive a unique tracking number that inturgz to detector or determine in investigators need additional information by law the city employee that provide information to the whistle blower program are protected and an employer may not retaliate against an employee that is a whistle blower any employee that retaliates against another that employee is subjected up to including submittal employees that retaliate will personal be liable please visit the sf and
5:03 pm
information on reporting retaliation that when fraud is loudly to continue it jeopardizes the level of service that city government can provide in you hear or see any dishelicopter behavior boy an employee please report it to say whistle blower program more information and the whistle blower protections please seek www. i
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didn't o- >> sound familiar do you keep on getting up there's an easier way. >> of course there's
5:38 pm
easier way get rid of of mosquito they breed whatever this is water no water no mosquito mosquito feed on good blood the eggs hatch and stay near the waters san francisco to breathe and the adult underlying mosquito waits on the as many until it's sexuality hardens water pools in any areas and creates places you'll not normally think of budget and any container that holds water and hidden in bushes or else were dump the water and do it over soil not into a drain the larva can continue growing in the pooled water is sewage disthe first of its kind the area if
5:39 pm
the sewage is two extreme have a licensed plumber assist water pools in rain gutters and snaking and cleaning out the water when keep the water from pooling and keep in mind that mosquito breed in other waters like catch balgsz and construction barriers interest crawl spaces with clmg is an issue you may have is week to cause the water to collect this is an sour of mosquito so for buildings just fix the clean air act drains and catch basins can be mosquito ground it will eliminate it as a possible location keep shrubbery and growths estimated any water to can be seen and eliminated birdbath and fountains and uncovered hot tubs mosquito breed but it is difficult to
5:40 pm
dump the water out of a hot top can't dump the water adding mosquito finish rids the source of mosquito there are also traditionally methods to protect you installing screens on windows and doors and using a mosquito net and politically aau planet take the time to do the things we've mentioned to eliminate standing water and make sure that mosquito are not a problem on your property remember no water no mosquitoyou.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in landing a contract with the sfoifk is pretty champ but now
5:43 pm
with the opened contracting center visitors can get opportunity at the new state of the arc facility and attend workshops and receive one-on-one technical assistance and learner what you need to become a primary contractor or what information to be a subcontractor and a created bed public commission it will help people to assist people to compete for and performance open city contract a lot of small businesses do have the resources to loblth the opportunity so one of the things we wanted to do was provide ways to access contract >> access to the plans spiefkz and a data place basis ease
5:44 pm
contracting opportunity and funding or capital training. this is and other documents that needs to be submitted. to compete is a technical skill that it takes to win a scheduling for a popular to you can win a professional services job or how to put together a quote it's all those technical pieces. looking at the contracting assistance center is our touch point with we get the people to come and see the planning specks and later than about projects earlier is he get training so you're ready to go arrest hello engineering it has all the tools that a contractor small or large can come here. i can't say enough about the center it's a blessing.
5:45 pm
we do business all over the country and world and a place like the contractor center to identify the business in san francisco >> the reality is you need training and that's what the center is here to train and make you better qualified to go work with the city and county and to be successful at the end. >> that will give people the competitive edge e edge at receiving contracts with the city. >> we have krafshth services here that help you find out where you need to get the skills forbidding. >> i mean local businesses participation in city projects
5:46 pm
is a winning factor it helms help the business their local businesses they're paying savings and a property tax and payroll tax and normally adhere san franciscans so their bowing goods and services in san francisco it really helps the economy of san francisco grow so its not only a benefit to the project but to the city. the contractors center is 5 thomas melon circle in the bayview area open 8:30 to 5 welcomjessica was sophie
5:47 pm
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constantino and i'm a filmmaker. i'm the cinematographer producer, director. it's inevitable at some point that you want your movie to get out there and suddenly you realize it to be a community organizer sometime to get people together to see the story you have to tell. the conversations that can come out of a well-crafted film. they're pretty rich and interesting. what we do as the lakers, besides all the best way possible. so, i think that's where i do well learn everything. lighting, cinematography, i got your jobs as a stage manager at someplace that was a projectionist. i kind of mix and match as they went kept refining. i feel like it isn't just about making things that are beautiful and appealing and rich and thought-provoking the way their films but it has to tell a
5:56 pm
story. >> my name is to know-i'm a freelance multimedia producer. my project comprises mostly of free took up photography. with a few portraits of people that i interviewed. i'm going around san francisco and capturing the black life. as i decided to do this project because i read about the decline of the african-american population in san francisco, and i wondered where the remaining population was and what they were doing and how life was for them. >> i wasn't very inspired by school. i wasn't very inspired by continuing to be read and write and read and write and go to class. i watch a lot of movies. saw a lot of porn films and thought i had this very feminist bent and i thought
5:57 pm
there was not enough of a woman's vision on the stuff that we see, the movies that we make in the beginning the way that we look at woman that where we find them and the roles that we then take in the stories that are being told. so, they felt to a motion. they didn't feel complex. i felt like, yes, i have a different say and i like to see the world shaped by its. >> my grandmother was a teacher. she taught special education for 40 years in los angeles. when i was growing up, she inspired me to record. we recorded everything we record our conversation. we recorded the street. we recorded everything with a cassette players. learning multimedia skills led to some of the
5:58 pm
crossover informing opportunities for young people. someone who opened la seven cisco feels like a small town. these deluded western mission and when i visit someone to cut my hair i found a mate. he seemed like an interesting guy up in the neighborhood and he a lot to say about some of those honest foreign to me. that local perspective is so important to me because i think someone who isn't from here, knowing that history allows me to be more engaging the community that i live in. i want the same for others. i want people to move into a new neighborhood to know what was there before. who was there before. what businesses were here. and what cultural and historical influences we see today. >> my guiding principle have
5:59 pm
been you know, if you stick to something long enough if you know what it is then you go forth eventually get there. of course, you refine and refine. whenever you wanted to whenever you want to do is totally possible. it's not something to listen to. >>[music]
6:00 pm
>> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the board of supervisors of monday, november 1, 2016, madam clerk call the roll. >> supervisor avalos


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