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tv   Historic Preservation Commission 11216  SFGTV  November 6, 2016 6:00am-8:26am PST

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preserve vision commission. wednesday november 2, 2016. like to remind members the commission doesn't tolerate disruption or outburst. please silence mobile devices and if you care to state your name for record. like to take roll; wolfram, here. hyland, here, hasz, here, johnck, here. johns, here. pearlman, here. mat shuda is absent cht >> first is general public comment. at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes. i have no
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speaker cars cards . >> seeing and hearing none close public comment. >> very good. plaiz us on department matters, directors announcements chblt >> good afternoon. just want to call to your attention one item on the written directors report on the second page. we have been working for a number of months on new urban design guidelines for new projects. there a number of discussion and hearings at the planning commission rchlt we are ising more community workshops on these guidelines and the next event is wednesday the 16th at the planning department from 6 to 8 p.m. wednesday the 16 two weeks from today. these address city wide large scale development other than single and two family homes and there is a lot of interest in the community on the guidelines.
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following up on these guidelineicize the guidelines for historic districts we are working on with tim and staff. we are trying >> >> student address current set of 25 different sets of guidelines that apply to different areas and different scaleoffs development and get those under control and streamline those into up-to-date guidelines so this is the first step of the process. want to call that to your attention and these will have a broad impact on development city wide. >> thank you. item tworks review of past events at the planning commission staff report and announcements mpts . tim fry, department staff. a few items to share. new formal report from the planning commission, however, several items to share from the board of supervisors hearings. the soma
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philippinea plan was presented. planning staff and two from the working group presented the strategy and there were people 8 people in support of. there was no opposition and supervisor kim spoke in support and supervisor cohen spoke in in support and mentioned pursuing a similar district in the bayview. the motion passed without objection and will be heard at the full board i i believe it was heard at the full board yesterday. as you remember, the staff presented this to you october 19th but the planning commission octtwev. we will have a all city agency briefing hosted by supervisor kim's office november 10 to talk about the second phase of the projecktd which is developing the implementation strategy. also,
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at the full board this past week was the phenyl readings of 140 maiden lane interior landmark designation [inaudible] both approved unanimously and forward to the mayor for signature. i also wanted to mention to you that we attended a meeting of the aia small firms committee. we atened they are meetings a couple times a year to talk about various topics within the department and permit and review process related to historic resources. number of comments were and suggestions for process improvement were given by the architect including how to review properties under ceqa as well as a great interest in the historic design guidelines director ram just mentioned. other than that, we will continue
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wirk wg them and doing outreach with other members and groups within the aia and i'll report on those at future hearing. that concludes my report unless you have questions. >> good to move on. jarks >> very good. that is commission matters president reports >> no report or announcetments >> 4, consideration of adoption draft minute for arc august 17, 2016, draft minute for regular hearings of october five and 19th of this year. >> anybody have comments on the draft minutes? at this time we will take public comment on draft minutes for ar. any member have comments? seeing and hearing none we will close public comment. motion to adopt the minute? >> show moved. >> second >> motion to adaument adopt
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the minute for august 17 and regular hearings for october 5 and october 19 of this year commissioner hasz, yes. johnck, yes. johns, yes. pearlman, yes. hyland yes. wolfram, yes. the motion passes 6-0. places on item 5, commission comments and questions. >> no comments or questions. >> item 6, historic preserve vision fund committee report. >> good afternoon. i don't know if you have a copy of what i gave to tim earlier, but there was typos in it and i have copies here that correct the typos. i can summarize what is in this or
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take questions as you prefer. >> why don't you do a brief summary. >> sure. during the past 7 months, we have funded-we have reviewed and approved two projects that have been completed, one of which has come roontly recently i believe the national register nomination for sacred heart perish complex. i think you have heard that. >> we have >> the other we have reviewed and sent to planning department for action is historic context statement for nob nab heights which is western part ofue reeka valley and think that is still with the planning department. we have approved funding for two new projects. one is the completion of a survey begun some time ago of
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the ocean avenue neighborhood commercial district alauchck along with assessment of the district and development and design guidelines for changes. it sadisricate that may face significant change in the near future and there are a number of historic resources along ocean avenue that need to be noted. we have also funded a project to digitize and preserve part of historical photographs of san francisco. a very large collection. we are only funding part of those photographs that deal directly with architecture and historic preservation . we also connected oversight over the last 7 months on four on going projects. one of which is very nearly complete, the historical
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context statement for residential parks. we just recently reviewed a draft of part of the mission deloris neighborhood historic context statement and approved it. both the historic context statement and survey with only minor editorial suggestion. the next step in that project is national register district nomination. we recently received a draft for historic context statement for eureka vala and haven't had a chance to review that i met with sponsors for san francisco latino context statement. we reviewed a draft of part two. we reviewed the reviewers comments and we have gotten some very positive feedback about the next step that they are taking in that project. the final part i
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mentioned before the last time i was here, that a year ago in may, we developed a list of projects we would like to see initiated with remaining funds that are available in the historic preservation fund and have given a list of 8 of them here. we are very pleased that all but one of these is already underway. we still have a little under $200 thousand remaining in the fund. we hope that we will see someone interested in doing a landmark nomination for the historic structure and landscaping at the san francisco zoo. most of those people who work on these things seem to be already very busy at the moment, but we are hopeful of finding someone to take on that project. and there is another proposal we think will be
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forthcoming and those two likely will use up the rest of our funds. we expect the fund to be exhausted by the middle of next year and at that opponent the committee will continue the oversight function until all the projects we funded have come to completion but thinking that will happen the middle of 2018, maybe some of the projects will go a year beyond that. happy to take questions. >> any questions? commissioner johnck. >> i was interest in your priority number 6 about the zoo and-the fund committee funded the study that evaluated the mothers building and i remember i ask & commission was concerned about the future of where the funding was going to come next to actually remediate some
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of those conditions and i assume that is in number 6 >> no. we are not allowed to fund bricks and mortar projects and that is definitely a bricks and mortar projeblth at this opponent. if you remember seeing that report on the condition of the mothers building, a lot of work to be done there. at the time that proposal came to us to do that eval waegz we expressed concern where they would find the money to do the work inwe funded the evaluation and the recreation and parks department representative was certain they would find the funds. nothing happened so far. where we continue to be hopeful and had a few conversations with them, but we don't have anything positive to report on what will happen
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there. and that building is one part of what's call the fly shacker zoo, the parts the zoo constructed in the 1920's mostly with funding from the flyshacker family. the other part the phroo we are interested seeing evaluated and perhaps nominated as landmark is wpa which is the lion and elephant house and landscaping, what is now-what are they cogging calling it? was the aviation and converted into a tropical jungle building and a number of the bear onclauvs and features of the zoo that were all constructed with wpa funding in the 1930's. >> commissioner johns. >> yes, how could i get a copy of the current version of the san francisco latino historic
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context statement? >> it is only in draft form. it is not really available to the public yet. it's in several parts. we have-what we reviewed is part two, the actual historic context statement itself and yet to come is the part three, which will call out individual structures based on part two. part two will need some considerable revision based on the peer reviewers and part three is yet to come. there is really nothing available to the public at this point sorry to say. y any other questions? thank you very much for your presentation. at this time we will take public comment on historic preserve vision fund report. any member wish to speak? seeing and hearing none close public comment. >> that places under regular calendar for item 7 rks case 2015-000878 pta.
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grant avenue. >> marcel department staff before you is a request for major permit to alter for demolition two buildings and new construction in the suting conservation. two category 5 unrated buildings and construction of 6 story with basement mixed use building. [inaudible] retail use and 4-6 for office use. the project is reviewed by the review committee august 17, 20s 16 and the sponsored response today the arc comments. for reference the [inaudible] is included in the pact. staff finds the project is in conformance with requirements noted ipappendix e of article 11 and meets the secretary of interior standards. both buildings were assigned rating d in the
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1978 heritage survey. according to planning department staff, in 2007 the buildings were not found eligibility for listing the california ledgester and no new information is discovered to make the buildings eligibility for reclassification as 1, 2 our 4. responds to massing composition, scale, material colors and detailing and ornamentitation characteristic in the dishricate in a contemporary manner. staff recommendation is approval of the permit to alter with conditions as follows. the project sponsor continue to work with planning department on building design. the final design including that limited to the final color finishes texture, glazing and store front display and entry details including replacement of marble and metal with compatible materials reviewed and approved by the planning department prior to issuance of architectural agenda. number tworks the project sponsor incorporate the review
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committee design and put to continue the terra cotta screen to the western bey on the north facade and project sponsor submit a signage plan to planning department. the plan is reviewed by the planning department as minor permit to alter pursuant to delegation for such review outlined the historic ever preservation number 0289. distributing copies of the ademdom and improve mitigation measure the sponsor aement groo greed to. the commission isn't taking action as these have been adopted in the planning commission in 2008. find the analysis in the final mitigated negative deck remains valed. copies for the public are available on the table to the left. the documents are reference only. i have copies of draft motion which includes non
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change tooz the environmental review language and marked in red for reference. talk wg the sit a eattorney we found that findings were drafted ocwouldly and those are clarifyed but are non substantive changes. this concludes my presentation and available for question mptd the project sponsor team is here and provide much more detail about the project. thank you. >> sponsor team want to come forwardfelt could you do your presentation within 10 minutes? >> thank you. i'm steve atcon son from law firm of eric fox and lead attorney. like to introduce a project team, david del saunt ose and john mc nolty and john lor. david will make the presentation and all here for question. as marcel explains the project will demolish a one
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and three story existing buildings which are non historic. office use is located on the upper floors of the buildsic and these would be accessed from the lobby on harlen place. the lower floors and basement are occupied by retail space. there is no parking provided in the building and there is one level basement. the site had been previously approved in 2008 by the planning commission for a ten story building which was never constructed mpt you had received today or yesterday a letter from the [inaudible] law firm represents neighbors to the north who had concerns about the property and the construction. i want to assure you we have been engaged in negotiation and comp tent we will reach agreempt before the planning commission which addresses the concerns and have protection for construction far more than the commission would typically impose. i want
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to thank the staff particularly marcel for all the work on the project. we are generally supportive of the staff's recommendation on the design. for reasons david del sauntsoes we request the delete proposed condition number 2 requiring the wrap around to the harlen street face. sckdly, we like to ask you to modify condition number 1 dealing with final materials as drafted this seems to require the replacement of the marble feature that is included as david will explain and believe marble is used else where in the district is will be a appropriate material so like to ask that one minor change. thank you very much and david del sauntoes will make the main presentation.
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>> good afternoon commissioners thank you for you are time. david del santos and senior associate with mbh architects and a member of the team putting together the 300 grant project and like to give run downf the design and rational for aribeing where we are today. the challenge for us from the get go is how to produce a drawing design of a building that was of our time and not being repetitive. not designing a new old building in the neighborhood. we took design
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queues from many of the areas in the buildings in the district and some of the more basic rules if you will of design and massing and composition of the building and brought those to bear in a way that we feel has an affinity with the existing neighborhood and buildings in terms of mass and composition, but also is not repetitive. i think that the one of the things work wg staff and having sat in with the arc and comments made during that session led us to believe there was a very important emphasis placed on the hierarchy of the building in terms of expressing the frame of 234 building and the elevation and so to that end we developed a design through using materials
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that were of this time period but also tip their heart to the historic importance of the neighborhood. to create this scrim element, the basic building is comprised of concrete structure, glass frame envelope and one the features that helps tie the building we believe to the district is the use of the tera cotta scrim elements. there are colors and also warm pallet that relates we believe to some of the other buildings in the district. another important design consideration is this tripartite shaft capital organization of the building. so, with that in mind we through
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the use of these materials, the basic pallet, and also the massing of the building we believe we achieved that compatibility. the base two floors-actually the first floor is about 19 feet from the ground up on sutter and as grant street slopes upwards we get to within 14 or 15 feet on the back end. at the second floor, the massing of the ground floor area extend tupe the second floor and at that point it steps forward to the property line. the scrim element in addition to being a important design element, it also provides some utility in the form of passive solar shading and one of the reasons why we chose to locate it on the southern and western exposures of the
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building is that very reason. one of the things we believe isn't necessary is locate on the north end of the building because that is where there is no direct sun to shade. the vertical frame elements are of coated street that is bronze in color and that tracks on the base up the building on the column lines on all 3 sides and that stands proud of the scrim element so that it emphasizes that vertical frame. the horizontal frame elements are sort of secondary to that and the way we chose to emphasize that is at the floor lines we introduced the scrim elements which are 2 inch by 2 inch square extrusions to 2 by 6 so at the
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floor line they stand a little further proud of the scrim at the floor lines to create not only a shadow line but also a demarcation of the secondary horizontal frame. other materials that we have proposed in this is that the columns themselves we see them not only as aue utilitarian purpose, they hold up the building but we also see them as something that can be engaged by the people, by the public as they walk by so with that in mind they are oval shape 3 foot by 2 foot and on the first two floors are exposed from the glass line itself. the glass ceend of pops out between them. at the upper levels at the third floor through the 6 floor the glass captures the columns so
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you get a continuity of the framework to reinforce the vertical frame which is a very important part of the emphasis of the building composition of the building but it also allows a opportunity for interaction with the building itself. it is more than just something you look at , it is something you can touch. the circular sample in the lower left corner is what we propose for material, it is white portland cement concrete: the curarea marble we are proposing is around it portals at the southwest bey so at sutter and atround courner at grant. we previously envisioned a single entrance on sutter but discussing with arc and folks at the planning department we decided that it would be a good idea to emphasize that corner by adding a like portal
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around the corner on grant so that's what our design currently reflects. i think that the last part of the discussion has to-do with how we terminate the building is that is by previously we had just stopped the scrim element but in discussions with staff and arc we felt a good idea is extend up a little further to hold the top of the line and extended the steel frame up 6 foots and created what is more of a modern interpretation of a cornice line. >> can you please-you r you close to wrapping up? >> i am done. >> great. perfect.
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>> thank you very much. do we have any-since we have the sponsor do we have questions for the project sponsor while they are standing at the micro phone? no so we'll take public comment. we will take public comment. any member wish to comment, if so please come forward? you have 3 minutes and therea warning bell 30 second said before you time is up. >> good afternoon commissioners. rob [inaudible] and i'm here on behalf of waverly grant properties which are owneroffs the hotel triton site north of the project across the harlem placealy way. the hotel triton is a category one significant building which is the highest level of significance within the kearny market sutter conservation district and we are concerned about
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mitigation for vibration and noise impact. this structure as well as concern about noise and vibration impact to guests of the hotel. we are engaged in very positive discussions with the developers regarding our concerns and while we are optimistic these concerns will be worked out with them, we also-there is no guarantee that will happen and want to make sure we preserve our rights and make sure the commission and planning staff aware of concerns so they can be addressed. the letter we submitted went into a lot more detail about the specifics of the mitigation measures that we are hoping to have imposed. they include vibration and moderning plan which includes preconstruction survey of the existing condition of the hotel triton and other wine bar
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and caf e in the building to make sure the conditions are understood. repair back to existing conditions and monitor of construction and demolition of noise and vibration. we also seek a prohibition on construction and actirfbty before 8 a.m. as well as weekends. we would ask there be community lias onthat givs updates and coordinate special events to minimize disruption at the hotel and wine bar and cafe. in addition, we would ask the construction mitigation measures includes noise suppression device only construction equipment, temporary barriers to baffle nysas well as expedited construction after framing each floor. finally,
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we request staging for demnition and construction occur on the sutter side of the project site and that truck movement limited as they are under improvement measure under the previous negative declaration. we also believe that the increased setback on the 6th floor is more consistent with the conservation district overall and reduce shadows, building massing and [inaudible] from the street. thank you very much. >> thank you. any other member wish to speak on this item? please come for ward. we'll close public comment. commissioners? commissioner johns. >> other than the last comment that the representative from the firm made, are any of those conditions within our
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purview to impose? >> technically they wouldn't be, right? >> i think most of what is noted there are conditions that are found in the mitigated neg dec and think they come upder the purview of the planning commission. >> commissioner johnck. >> that was the question but know the planning commission dealwise those and assume they will, they are very logical and reejinable so the other question i had was on the scrim and i'll take advise of the arc. it appeared that the proponent said the reason they didn't thpt scrim on the north side is because there is no sun there. somehow that doesn't seem to be-where we are looking at from a design standopponent not just because of the sun, so i still interested in it but if-i take the advise of
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the committee that recommended this in the first place too. >> commissioner pearlman. >> i can address that. i agree with the project sponsor that there is no need for the scrim. this perspective is very deceptive because of course the hotel triton is a very narrow alley so you never see this elevation this way. i know we had concern because there was partial-it was partly coming around. i think this is fine and i agree with the project sponsor that there is no need for a scrim there because it is a light device. for sun protection and that faces north. >> so you don't see it as a design element? you see a functional? >> it is definitely functional, but again you don'ts see a building will
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never be seen this way and don't think that wrapping it around will enhance the building in any particular way and becomes a very expensive scream for no particular function. that is my take. i want to comment on how far this has come since the arc. i think it has come a long and positive way. i think it is gotten much more resolve. the breaking up from the base and shaft and capital are now clear, which it wasn't before. i actually think that with a kind of medium bronze finish it will look like some the 1960's mid-century, the high quality building type of structures, which i think is appreciated. but i think very much related to the historic district it is in i think it works very well and it has responded to the specifics that we came up with.
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i don't know what will happen with the signage because there is no understanding of how signage will go on the building so i didn't think that will be a challenge for the design for how to advertise the retail space that goes in there. the only one comment i had that doesn't seem to fit within the district is the base, what the department calls the bulk head. it doesn't have one. it seems to me that is a very specific defining feature of these districts that are in this particular district in particular. so, i think that would be-because now you have the glass sloping down the side walk which isn't something you see anywhere in there so that's is the only comment i have to make it even more consist wpt the district is just to create a bulk head on both the sutter and grant avenue elevation.
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>> there is a middle one on--on sutter there is a small one but on grant there isn't. >> it is so small it feels meaningless. i think it needs a little bit of support. >> if i may interject to provide staff clarification, if the commission does decide to include that recommendation generally we see dependent on grade bulk heads anywhere from 12 to 18 inches, is that a suitable range? >> i think if it started on the upper most north end of grant avenue elevation, that it could step which it does on many buildings so it was 18 inches it comes along a bey or step every bey and two beys. i do think it needs it there. thank you. i think you have done a great job and think it will be a handsome building.
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>> commissioner hasz, >> agreed, appreciate the changes on the alley side. i like it without the scrim and think it brings life to the alley because of the full height window you see people moving in there, so i agree with that. something i do not feel that fits in the district and said this in the last meeting, i didn't see it in the notes are the corners. i don't think it worked before and don't now and don't think the corners fit in the dist rblth. i appreciate the treatments to the other columns where they are not standing out before. and then the only thing just curious why the above the door got so thick when the verticals-the horizontal is so think versus the vertical? i think they should
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match in thickness. it feels clunky and takes away from the rest of your building but the corners i do consider a issue before and i do now. thank you. >> any thoughts about the sponsors request to modify the marble in ? right now it says that the final design will continue to work with planning department on final design included replacement of marble and corrugated metal with compatible material said. we could add possible to give leeway if we want >> if it is helpful mrs. budroe may be able to provide clarification to help refine it. >> where is the corrugated metal? >> you can see it on page 19 on the far left in the bey.
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>> on the harlen side. >> harlen side. >> thank you. commissioner wolfram, if we want today add a-i think as planners are reviewing projects within the district we marble isn't a very durable material reviewed for bulk head areas, so it's not generally an approval material as far as our guidelines, so i'll differ to tim if he sees more project. i see one case by case basis so preserve to the preservation coordinator for general oversight in the district. >> commissioners, i think your recommendation or president wolframs recommendation of possible allows flexibility. i think the main concern is durability at a area where it
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receives a lot of activity. the corrugated material naturally is more of a industrial esthetic that doesn't fit in the district so bit problematic for us. >> is there a motion? >> i like to make a motion to approve with the conditions as stated with the addition of the words, possible. >> and removal >> removal of condition 2 for the scrim on the north elevation. >> second. >> thank you commissioners if there is nothing furthering there is motion seconded to approve this matter with conditions as amended inserting possible- >> might i make one more comment? >> is the the corner? sorry. i would like to hear from fellow commissioners on this. i feel
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pretty strongly that two meeting ovals is just not done anywhere and it just is so odd. if you are good with it i'm fine. just like to hear comment on this. >> i don't have a particular problem with it. i think there are buildings that have some type of architectural element that defines a edge condition on-even a flat facade. corners you are right rkts we don't have something specifically like that, but i could see if you had brick that had like a step in on the corner. there is a way to do that-again, i don't know all the buildings, but it doesn't particularly stand out to me as something that is jarring. i think it adds sparkle and detail and interest there. it doesn't bother me. >> thank you. >> it doesn't bother me.
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>> thank you. >> it seems compatible enough. >> for me i think possibly what you are responding to is typically there would be a soled and not a void. the void does resolve the architectural corner. >> got it. >> pardon the interruption. >> very good then commissioners on the motion to approve the matter with conditions as amended by staff and the conditions of approval for inserting possible in commission number 1, deleting condition 2 and leaving condition 3 as is, commissioner hasz, yes, johnck, yes. johns, yes. pearlman, yes. hyland, yes. wolfram, yes. the motion passes 6 to 0.
6:44 am
that places on item 8 a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m. 2727 mariposa street. 2 marina boulevard, 1520 market, 2170 market, 601 vallejo street, 2755 5th. 18th street. 956 cole street.
6:45 am
2851-twoith 57 24th street. 200 potrero avenue. 374 bush street. 2007 franklin. 399 9th street respectively. these are all leg acy business applications. >> good afternoon. stephanie sis narrow. the items before you are for 13 legacy business nomination and application submit today the planning department on october 3 and ready for recommendationism the applications previously reviewed by office of small business for completion prior to transmittal to planning department. the packets contain a draft resolution outlines physical
6:46 am
features and traditions associate would the success of the business. the first application before you today is bay area video coalition founded in 1977 and located at 2727 mariposa street in the mission district. it is a organization service as a media resource center offering access to technology, workshop and media services to frelancers filmmakers activist and artist. the second application is [inaudible] school of music founded in 1971 and located in the fort maceern center. the organization provides affordable on and off site musical programming to under privilege schools and student throughout san francisco. the school also offers annual scholarship to help student expand and grow in their musical talent and future. the next application is [inaudible]
6:47 am
flower stand a flower shop on market street near van ness avenue. opened in 1984, become a part the downtown civic center neighborhood offering freshly cut and specially arranged bouquet out of a kiosk like stand that maintained a strong presence of market. the next application is for cafe [inaudible] restaurant and bar located at 2170 market street. opened in 1908 as a saloon and billiards. been the first and only tenant of the basement commercial space within the swedish american hall. one of the oldest continuously operating bars in san francisco, one of the few that survived prohibition and has a rich history of hosting events for organizations and groups. the next application is for cafe [inaudible] a coffee house and shop at 601
6:48 am
vallejo in north beach. specialize in italian style drinks and italian snacks. opened in 1956, introduce the espresso to the west coast. the next application is for cartoon art museum loquated in the souckt south market. founded in 1984 by group of cartoon enthusiast the museum dedicated to prurfbing and documenting the art form and longest running museum of original cartoon art in the united states. the next application is castro country club at 405 8 18th street. provides positive alternative to suronding bars with intention of offering a safe and sober
6:49 am
place. the organization also operates 5 programs meant to help peep lt on journey to recovy and sobrayty. the next application is cole hardware, a local hardware store at 956 cole street that offered permized service to the nairbld and plays a important role in the community by donating to schools and organizations through the community partners assistance program. the next application is [inaudible] a community based arts organization located on 24th street in the mission district. the organization was founded in 1970 as a artistic outlet for artist to express issues ideas and value ozf chicano movement. continues to promote preserve latino art from previous and new artists. the organization hosts exhibitions
6:50 am
community art programs and cultural actirfbties that allowing the latino community of mission and san francisco to continue the tradition of artistic expression. the next application is for golden bear sports wear, manufacturing company located at 200 potrero. founded in 1922, the business has long history creating unique outer way. the shop adamented to change in fashion and trends but continues to create and sell outer wear that reflects san francisco's unique history. golden bear sports wear and seeking status with help of finding new location for the business. the next application is sam's grill and sea food at 374 bush street. sea food restaurant started in 1867 originally as a open air
6:51 am
market that transformed to a oyster company and san franciscos leading sea food establish. continued to maintain the status as a downtown and financial district establishment for all most 150 years. the restaurant is one of the few that thrived since theened of the gold rush and strong support for community organizations and charity. the next application is for san francisco heritage located at 2007 franklin streetd. this preservation advocacy organization founded in 1971 and works to preserve enhance the city's architectural heritage and cultural identify. heritage played a role in historic preserve vision in san francisco and continues to work informing and exciting others about the benefits and importance of historic preservation. the final application is for the stud bar located add 399 9th street in south of market. the business is in operation
6:52 am
since 1966 and well known and loved among the south of market and lgbt community. serves to express and gather without judgment providing welcome community and comfort to many. it is also the birth place of one of thmost historic drag shows in the country. after reviewing the applications staff finds the businesses have met criteria to qualify for listing on the legacy business registry and concludes my presentation and happy to answer questions and have a number of representative frauz the business district. >> any questions? i think what we will do is we will take public comment and have it speaker carbds here rchlt i will give everybody two minutes because we have a lot of cards here. i'll call off the cards i have in order of the presentation and you can provide another card and put it on the stand there. the
6:53 am
first person is mindy irnof. what i'll do is call a few people so you can come up. minda irnof, carol varny and renee richardson so why dont you line up. we'll call 3 at a time. >> carol do you want to come up with me? she's not listening. minda irnof the senior direct r of? gaugement at bay vack and been at bay vack 18 years and remember what it was like 20 years ago when we went into the best foods factory the corner of mariposa and bryant. since time is short i want to tell you that we have helped thousands and thousands and thousands of people find their voice including the
6:54 am
daughter of two best foods mayo factory workers who then once the building became bay vack, not that we own, but their daughter learned how to [inaudible] maker. was full circle and we are very proud of the graduates who go to get jobs at pixar and lucas and wells fargo and safeway and we just give a voice to the people who wouldn't be heard otherwise. appreciate the opportunity. >> thank you. >> carol varny the exectesk drether of bay area video coalition and want to thank the commissioners and staff for getting us on the agenda today especially thanks to rick who did a lot of work for us on our
6:55 am
behalf. back vack turns 40 and celebrate our anniversary in a couple week squz have been at the center of this neighborhood for years when there was not a lot of other business around us and now it is just booming around us when i first started 9 years goy you couldn't find a place to get coffee accept the star bucks down stairs and there is fifen $5 coffee everywhere you go. we are right in the center oof the community that most need the services that we provide from low income use to under and unemployed adults and hate to lose our space and access for those folks who use our servicess. we are in the second half of a 10 year lease and so going to have renegotiate our lease in the next couple years and think that having the legacy business status is great for us and provide us with leverage that would be much appreciated as we move forward,
6:56 am
so thank you very much for your consideration. >> thank you. the next people is samantha casher- >> you can come up. just calling. trying to save time. why don't you speak and i'll call the next people. >> my name is renee richardson and represent blue bear school of music. i did morning radio in san francisco for many years and thinks change and people move on and i have landed at blue bear. we are non-profit organization. one of the oldest if not the oldest popular music schools in the united states and we are located in 40 mason center in san francisco. the school was founded in 1971 on ocean avenue in san francisco and we moved to 40 mason around 78,
6:57 am
but the school was founded by a group of mu scissions, initially the school was named blue bear music school of genuine music and shorted to blue bear school of music and today money communities in san francisco included those aroupds 40 mason. we bring teachers into the community centers, public and prescribet schools around san francisco that lost their education programs and at this point i can say in our 45 year history helped more than 35 up thousand people learn to play the music they love. if we talk about legacy rsh we need to talk about blue bear school of music because we are handing down music education from generation to generation particularly at blue bear, the hasz family, bonny hasz who wrote for bonny rate . she started at blue bear and on the
6:58 am
board. steve savage is our execstesk director and a founding member of the school and so as to the legacy of san francisco's place and our musical history, blue bear school of music certainly deserves to be called a legacy business. i thank you. >> thank you. the next speaker is sumarka casher. ron evans and malcolm white. also steve [inaudible] >> thank you. my name is [inaudible] cash ar. executive drether of the cartoon art museum and we had to move out of our space at the end of last year in september. we had been there 14 years and it was our third space. we have always in beenf in san francisco and feel that is the place for us to be. as we looked at plans for finding a new location, we
6:59 am
realized there is no other place but san francisco for us so that is where we concentrated our efforts. the cartoon art museum is around since 1984 and started with traveling exhibitions and hoe hosted more than 200 exhibitions featureing emerging artist and professional artist like dr. seuss, chuck jones. if there is a cartoon we had it in our space. we do everything from political cartoon to comic strips and books and animation so the gamut. we have hosted hundreds of artist in our space emergeic and professional for visitors to interact with and hear their experiences. we partnered with lots of organizations through the city and we hosted a number of expos with the kearny street workshop and did asian pacific
7:00 am
island rb and lutineo expo and established a our own expo to highlight diversity in our exhibitions and programs. right now we actually have the news just won't out today we sign would a new space in fishermans wharf and excited about that. we work would the city with non-profit mitigation and nccls to find the location and have to do work to improve that location and the business legacy program is one of the things that could really help us make this jump . we feel once we are in the space and open we will flourish, the challenge now is to be able to get that space ready so we can do that and hopefully be open in the spring of twnt 2017.
7:01 am
we hope that you will consider and approve our application. thank you. >> thank you next speaker. >> good afternoon. ron evans and chair oaf the museum board of trustees. she stole everything i was going to say. when we found we were going to be displaced spring of last year the staff and board went through grief and concern and frustration of what will happen to us, we decided that we were going roll up our sleeve jz persevere and carry on the best we could despite the market and all the challenges non-profits face. we are on our track and in a new home and we start getting that going. but i will say when that all happened woo got a lot of invitations and cities arounds the bay area to move there and lot of opportunities and a lot of enticements to do so and never once did the
7:02 am
board kid any of these offers should be considered. the museum started in san francisco, the feeling is make a go of it here and have done that and want to continue and fiend ourselves a legacy and hope that you all do too. >> thank you. >> good fran. malcolm white and #230u7bder founder of the museum which we started over 30 years ago and it is now the oldest educational institution dedicated to this art form, which we feel is a historic and socially important record of our lives. tens of thousands of people visit the museum from all over the united states and we have art classes that have
7:03 am
given a lot of youngsters self esteem and self confidence. we have trained many many students from colleges and high schools as well as from france and japan and so we are just looking for ward to continuing to offer the service to san francisco and bay area and beyond. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, i'm steve [inaudible] have no connection to the the cartoon art museum, but a native san franciscan and when i was a kid and interested in comics the only place to find this thing is san francisco library,
7:04 am
which was really good accept they had thrown out all the old newspapers and could only see it on poor micro film. anyway, since then i have become a professional cartoonist and work for marl and dc comics and disney and many other places and acquired a fair amount of art work that is myself and my partner is our exhibit around the world including the cartoon art museum in san francisco. i just want to say be able to have something like this in san francisco is invalable for those who are interested in it and wanting to learn the craft to see the original in person. invaluable opportunities. >> thank you. the next speaker is [inaudible]
7:05 am
carlos [inaudible] gary mccoy and billie lemon. >> i have a copy here. my name is [inaudible] one of the owners of cafe in north beach founded on april 1, 1956 and the first espresso can house on the west coast and san francisco for sure. besides being a cafe we roast copy coffee and have itanian dezust and host for the fire fighters and have memorials for community members. i wrote a bunch of stuff. frances ford cope luworked on the screen play to the cafe. [inaudible] i really appreciate
7:06 am
your recommendation for the cafe for approval of the legacy business registration and think it is really important to carry on as legacy and thank you. >> thank you. >> this is for you. >> carlos [inaudible] >> good afternoon and thank you for listening to us today. i found the castro country club in 2003 like many before me and since bh i chose to change my life from hopelessness and adeckz to that of a productive member of society. today the chair the advisory board and work daily to see others find the same support i found. the castro country club began as a social club alternative to the surouning bars in the coffee house in the castro and during this spread of the aids epidemic served as place for the lgbt
7:07 am
community to find support as communities sucomto the disease. this is a flat in the castro that provides 12 step support. we provide clean and sober place and safe place in recovery and drugs for addiction. we provide safe space for for all can seek wisdom surinty and courage and drive. the castro suntry club serves the lgbt community providing a 12 step meeting space for related celebrations, a space for unstructured peer to peer counseling and produce a sober stage at the pride festival. we
7:08 am
train community members on cafe operations, they learn interpersonal skills and general life skills many members may have lost touch with mile in addiction and work on in recovery. we provide a safe space from addiction and supported 365 days a year. we get funding through modest community fund raisers individual donation and small grant and do all this with one employees and 50 to 100 volunteers a week. >> thank you. gary mic coy. >> gary mccoy. 6 years ago and made a decision to get clean and sober and for the first couple weeks and didn't know where to go or how to reent great with social settings and what to do with myself and within two weeks through word of mouth and learn odthf castro country
7:09 am
club and immediately started going every day and was going to two or three 12 step meetings a day there and talking with people and sharing experiences with people and listening to other peoples experiences and today i still go to the club every morning for coffee and it has been a very strong anchor in my recovery and amazing to see so many people, thousands of people a year come through those doors seeking help and a little coffee. i appreciate your support. thanks. >> thank you. billie lemon. >> good afternoon commissioners. thaupg very much. billie lemon and executive director of castroconry club. about 10 years i was also a drug addict. i found recovery and became a volunteer and i then was grateful to become the manager of the country club and
7:10 am
about 3 months ago they trusted me with the role of taking the club into the future. we are one of those places that is on the second half of a aket year lease. we are in the process of trying to raise fund for capital campaign. we struggle to make ends meet but we work very hard to keep this place in the castro. it is a absolutely essential part of the community right in the castro district. we are the only place like it. yes, there are 20 or cochy coffee houses that sell $5 coffees and we still manage to sur vive. i like to differ the last time i have to someone who was there in 1983 when the place started, is thereat okay? >> you have your own two
7:11 am
minutes. yes, in 1983 when the cuntsry club opened i was in my first year of sobrayty and clean and sober from drugs and alcohol and that place was a godsent. i learned so much about myself and how to live without drugs and alcohol and how to work without drugs and alcohol and have fun without drugs and alcohol. at that time we faced a lot of us came in in that year and were facing the challenges and heart break of losing so pleny friends to the aids virus getting sick and dying and with all of that there was a safe place with other people walking the same walk that i was and i thank the castro cuntsry club for being there for me and for giving me a stable platform which to continue to grow and learn and serve. this is a wonderful place in the
7:12 am
community. i was a regular 10 years and moved across the bay, so it is still comfortable to know that place is there and i am so grateful to the castro country club. thank you. >> thank you. next speakers, adriennea an carp, david carp and roburta varka. >> hello commissioners. adriona carp and will speak on behalf of david and rick carp. we are here from cole hardware and very muneingful for me to be here in hope of being designated a legacy business because the word legacy, i use it every time what made me want to come to the family business. my
7:13 am
grandfathered opened cole hardware in 1961. it was just him and my grandmother at that time. he opened the doors for business, hung a sign above the door that says there are no strangers here, just frnds we haven't met and that sentiment was at the heart with every interaction with everyone who walked through the door as soon as he opened and still our motto and our guiding principle and the business today. my dad entered the business at 12 sweeping floors and stocking shelves officially in 1977 and expandsed with neighborhood location throughout the city. over location is unique and intends to serve the unique character and needs of the neighborhoods that we are in. we do a lot
7:14 am
of-it is in our packet. i don't know you reviewed but we do community partnership programs, donations, green lev living education, we are heavily involved in neighborhood events and eventsd for the community so we want to be able to keep on thriving, doing what we do best and as others mentioned, is -practly we are just grateful that this is a opportunity for lease negotiations and everything to be able to keep doing what we do. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is roburta [inaudible] a member of the board of lurosa as
7:15 am
well as professor in chicocko latino studies and theater and social justice and direct both of the programs of the university of san francisco. i'm here i think to speak on behalf of [inaudible] legacy business. i am proud to offer the statement in support. founded in 1970, [inaudible] the longest running non-profit arts organization in san francisco and also in the state. incolliding the work of artist and community featureed on the walls. [inaudible] unique accomplishments of retiteing the work in the permanent collections in new york city to san francisco to be totally accessible to the public on the walls of the mission district. the outdoor digital mural on bryant street and world
7:16 am
largest and most important collection of chicano art hosts by university of california santsa barbara. i can go on and on spanning 5 decades but gibbing the date and since others will speak, i would like to focus on this a day we will remember loved ones who passed. it is also important to remember that while this becomes the most important signature latino event in san francisco embraced by all backgrounds, it started as event and vision by founlders familiarly ralph [inaudible] inclusive spirit but [inaudible] neighborhood and
7:17 am
city becoming the most profitable time for many local businesses. i believe that this alone would merit legacy and landmark nomination and presence in the life of the communities and yet, it is but one of many relevant contributions to the city art culture and business landscape. please consider legacy business insureing not only its memory but given the current climate the living presence continues to positively impact the city for generations to come. >> thank you. lianna molinea, juan [inaudible] lito sandoval. [inaudible] revera and sandra garcia. >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is lianna molinea and serve as the chair of board of directors of [inaudible] thank you for the opportunity to speak and for
7:18 am
consideration of our application for a legacy business designation. foundsing over 4 decades a ago played a role supporting latino artist in the visual, litary media and performing arts for socially committed art. we are here to urge support for our apperation to register as a legacy business. you can help solidify or place in the mission, san francisco and beyond. over the last several years we provided a invaluable space for diverse and under represented artist to develop refine and show case work. we built a strong community of artist, residents allies and others who come to learn and celebrate and participate and to protest through the arts. we are keenly aware the struggle of long term residents, businesses and other organizations to stay in the city.
7:19 am
particularly in neighborhoods like the mission under going gentrification. aplace on the legacy business registry will acknowledge as a historical asset in the mission and provide inceptive for our preservation particularly as we work to identify a long term permitinant home over the next several monthss. thank you again for your time and consideration and anticipated support. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> nigh name is lito sandoval. community president. glad to see all the businesses listed today but here to speak about lurosa and the significance to me as a community member and a activist and how it speak tooz me as not just a latino but a queer and as a
7:20 am
disabled man. offered a space since i moved in 88 in a place to find community with other artists and it has been a space of activism in generating that art. in the last year we have seen come under fire for giving a voice to the queer community buying have mural lit on fire and the result out pouring the community in support was a amauzing experience. it was intergenerational and intergender and magnif couldn't event. this is my second home and it is just-needs to be in the mission. it grailt great to see all the businesses represented and all the
7:21 am
communities represented but this is dear to my heart and hate to see it f-us lose it under the threat it is under under the gent fiication orphthe mission. >> thank you. >> juan fuentes a artist. gave my first opportunity in the early 70 to show my work and i have gone on and had pretty good professional career as a artist and teacher a community member. part of the southeast community i sat on the southeast community commission for four years. lurosa impacted the artist that were of my generation and i'm retired now but still do
7:22 am
art, but it impacted me, it changed my life and it impacted a lot of younger artist of a new generation here working now and i think that the legacy is important in light of the stress and gentrification that is going on in the mission. it is really important to keep that operating because it is also work with a lot of youth and they impacted like i say impacted a lot of people and one example och a person that came to san francisco, became a artist because of lurosa and grateful to them and really-here just to support them. this is my wife michele and can vouch for me too. >> i'm a native san franciscan, michele and been here since the inception of the
7:23 am
gal reea so can speak to the things others have mentioned about its role in the community and its support for diversity, which is something that maybe i don't know if you are all aware of, but people were not getting shows that were of color in the city, not in major museums and they proposed the first show of free [inaudible] which then went on many many years later. they proposed it to the san francisco noma but didn't get accepted bun many years later now that popialized and commodified there was a major ib exhibit of freeda's work. they have always been very consistent with issues and art issues and but also community issues and intersection of those things for brown people and as a african american i can say i felt very
7:24 am
integrated and very interested in the programs which demystify art which is unusual contribution. they had many shows with artist working in the community, the community could talk to the artist and demystifyed the whole process of art making recollect , which is one of the hall marks of art in major museums. so, i wanted to speak as a native who is also seen the onslaught of gentrification and changing communities always change, buts there is a proliferations of galleries that have come out in the mission that don't have any connection to the community engagement that the gallerya did in terms of salon, discussion of issues for artist, but also issues that effect the
7:25 am
community and someone spoke to it but they also sponsored this diversity by actually raising the consciousness about gender and transgender people after the attacks and of latino gay and luz beian transigenter folks. there is a active interaction between the community so there is not just things for artist but raise the consciousness of the community around art and accessibility of art so support the proposal to make this a legacy organization and think it is important to sustain the energy. >> thank you. good afternoon.
7:26 am
my name is [inaudible] the executive drether otgal rks ria delurauza and i want to read a statement from a mentor who is part the legacy and because of that elders that i'm able to walk in the path and do the work we do still at the 24th street corridor. this letter is from dr. [inaudible]. this letter is in support of the application to be included in the legies business registry. as a former board member and long time supporter i want to bring to the taenshz of the committee the value and impact of the historic art organization. i began my affiliation with in 1972 and have the tune to work with founders and art esof the first chicano generation. this stood ground through more than
7:27 am
4 decades of change because the root are in communities. artist in the 70, 80's and 20 the organization remains a home place. what the critic refers to as a place that shelters us in times of struggle and meet others who give mean toog our lives. from the murnant and school children and scholars from latin american and europe, provided a cultural place of exchange, knowledge, cultural collaboration. it is a national and international recognized art cull ture space that addresses community concern from immigration to gentrification. as the years unfolded expanded the mission in constituency to include diversity of the community sfaelsh lgbt. remains the leading cutting age institution of the nation. a
7:28 am
platform such as day of the dead and public mural project offer hundreds and thousands of place of belonging. i will close with thank you for recognizing as a legacy business now and hope that in the fuch rb you will also keep your eyes out for d the digital mural projeththat insure a cultural endowment for future generations. respectfully dr. [inaudible] thank you. >> thank you. santa garcia. the next is peter [inaudible] honey mahoney and micka sugorny. i represent sam's grill. we were in a unique
7:29 am
position and opened in 1867. i had a list of dates and names. i they think that is what happens when you are 150 years old or just about. but i'll skip that because i think we are in a historic building but what means the most are the people that are involved over the years. we are heading towards a position that we are getting to be sustainable business and that is very important. i think in san francisco and preserve that history and we provide-we have gone up in the staff and provide 40 people the opportunity of employment and what the historic preservation wim will help do hopefully and appreciate that is keep the people work ing and business and history alive and means a great deal to us and the community we serve. we try to give back every way we can and we appreciate the opportunity. every dayile rr
7:30 am
read you something we put on the menu and it is we are happy to present to you a old fashioned eating house and old fashioned waiter service and private booths. want to continue to serve in the past and keep our reputation of the good eating places of old san francisco. we are proud of it and hope you will be too. that is from the menu in 1942 . we like keeping that belief alive. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. my name is [inaudible] also known as honey mahogany here to speak on behalf of the stud. in the after math of the mass shooting at pulse night club in orlando president obama made statement about the importance of gay bars and night clubs. the president stated pulse
7:31 am
fss more than just a night club. he called it a place of solidarity and empowerment. for every 50 years the stud is our place of solidarity and empowerment. creativity and innovation. a gathering spot for queers in the gayest city in america. the stud opened on may 27, 1966 as part the mere clt mile on folsom street. at the time many of somas bars [inaudible] the stud stood out for patrons of all stripes. men, women and every person of every gender between met and danced together on the dance floor. this continues today and evidence by the words painted bchck the front door, everyone is welcome. the stud served as a place where queers and artist come to let their hair down and express themselves. it was the
7:32 am
post white night riot destination angry dan white got a slap on the wrist for death of harvey milk and george moscone. at a time in the city when so many queer people and people of color are seethic spaces they love demolished and priced out the stud remains a place all are welcome. it is a place avenue wn can dance, anyone can get only stage to perform and we all get a chance at finding love. thank you. >> thank you y hell o, michael sugorny and resident of semo and weekly party of the stud for the past 8 years which enabled me to be a living artist in san francisco who pays other queer performers. in 1987 the stud moved to harrison. less than a decade later a drag show called trany
7:33 am
shake made debay grabbed the attention of journalist and club goers. helping define 90's night life. trany shack rose out of the ashes of the aids. the jnder nob nab punk rock spirit and pain and fear fueled by sth aids crisis played out . over the years stud played host for performance of ledgeidary mew seasons including the weather girls, sylvester, eva james, bork, lady gaga and [inaudible] charo. as a venue the stud has reputation for celebrities and punk rock queers. you can get a staist taste of the san francisco queer culture that made our city famous and endearing. the tradition of the stud continues today. this is
7:34 am
demonstrated by two of the weekly parties, club something and mew mix. these evonets along with monthsly parties that cater to taests, provide queer artist with a safe place to take risks on stage and express themselves. they continue the studs legacy of progressing muchbic performance art and solidarity. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, mike bouleer, lee harper and kelly aaronfeld. >> good afternoon commissioners. mike bouleer, president of san francisco heritage. many already familiar with san francisco heritage but for those who are not, heritage was founded in 1971 in response to the destruction of neighborhoods due to redevelopment. the project is are located a dozen victorians slated for
7:35 am
demolition. todays hearing is a sign how far the preservation movement has come since the late 60's, early 70's. in the early years and more roontly the preservation movement has been a age nt of gentrifications. we hear from applicants seeking recognition from the historic previvation commission to precktd against gent fiication and prized out. heritage is proud to play a central role in the establishment of the legacy business along with support from historic preservation. we are proud to nominate sam's grill before you today and included two other nominees in our list of legacy bars and restaurants, cafe triest and cafe due northbound. we are trying to keep up with the times and seeking the
7:36 am
designation and being on the national register so thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. >> good day commissioners. lee helpner from supervisor aaron peskins office and want to offer support cafe triest and sams grill. they said so much already but it is clear these are much more than businesses these are community hubs and gathering places. [inaudible] sams's grill [inaudible] advocated for prop j and think a lot of businesses have him to thank for his advocacy. echoing my bouleers remarks, it is amazing to see how far the program has come and at work on this for a long time and seeing the fruits of the labor and special shout out
7:37 am
galeria delurauza a and stud. they are important to me and all business owners here and humbleed by the work they have done and strongly recommend we forward them all to small business commission. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. thank you commissioners and thank you to all the groups that came to speak. kelly [inaudible] with northern california community loan fund. here to speak in support of adding the non-profits here to legacy business. [inaudible] administered the non-profit displacement mitigation program to assist non-profit assess financial capacity, negotiate with landlords and identify funding sources. what we know from the work is commercial real estate and non-profits do not have complimentary business model. non-profit need long term lease to insure sustainability and allow seemless and uninterrupted delivery. there are no protections
7:38 am
available to business or non-profit to rireb a landlord to lease or do business with a particular organization. this is contribute today the large disruption and displacement of non-profits provided vital social service and arts and culture and why the legacy business registry are so important to leverage lease negotiation and incent vise to provide longer lease term. many of the organizations including some of the ones before you have yet to be successful obtaining sustainable lease. the addition to the legies business registry is a step in the right direction. if you want to insure permitinant sustainability i also urge you to consider expanding the eligibility legacy business funded towards a acquisition. thank you for the opportunities to voice our support maintaining the cultural
7:39 am
vibeeracy of the city. look forward continuing the work with the amazing non-profit with the support of the commission and partners and city agencies. thank you. >> thank you. does any member who i didn't call wish to speak on this item? please come forward. >> david white and part of the partnership that operates the swedish american call with cafy dunord. wonderful piece of san francisco history. built in 1907 after the quake. it is surrounding by a lot of new buildings, the huge shoe box apartments. it is a wupderful piece of history. the building was littery about to disappear in disrepair and no funding and did miracle work, got a line of credit and elevator in and increase accessibility. cafe dunord is a
7:40 am
wonderful establish . i encourage the group to enforce us and offer your support for the legacy business. >> thank you. >> please come forward if you like to speak. >> my name is m att eden grom golden bear sports ware and thank you for allowing to be a part the legacy opportunity. honored to be invited by the mayor. we have a business in san francisco since flaen 1922 and making leather outware for the city ever since passing through fashion changes. a couple things i want to reflect on is is lotf what we have done through the decades reflects chaichcks in our historical character of the city so from the dock workers back
7:41 am
in the 20's to the development of letterman jackets for high school athletes, to the 60's where we made jackets for grateful dead and jefferson airplane to today where san francisco motorcycle cops come to our place to get jackets for their motorcycles. also, we have a show room and people have been coming to our place for decade thanks for allowing and providing jackets for the first time. they come back after 20 years having had the same jacket. employ about 25 people our business over the past all most 95 years is owned by two families and so i think there is a lot of touch points here. there are a few other ones. banana republic we partnered with them when they were a single store on polk
7:42 am
street so once again, i just want to opponent out those things and thank you very much for your consideration. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to comment on the legacy business registry submitted? if so please come forward. >> hello. my name is [inaudible] owner of the flowers and just want to say we celebrate 30 years in business doing business in san francisco and i want to say thank you so much for opportunity and support for both flowers. thank you so much. >> thank you. please come forward, ma'am. >> other business brought me to this hearing today but i'm making these comments in support of
7:43 am
the legacy application in particular the cartoon art museum. my name is lillian wong, a resident of san francisco more than 30 years. i have family roots in the city that go back to the had gold rush era. cartoon art is also a excellent means many voices can be heard. san francisco is a loud voice in the nation and in the world. thank you. >> thank you. any other member wish to comment on the legacy business registry? >> hello, thank you. sorry wasn't fully prepared to speak today but i just want to echo and resinginate the voices that we heard earlier in support of legacy for gallerya
7:44 am
delurauza. gallery is a not just a art museum but important cultural space and has incomcompassed visual performing and literary arts and very important in also lgbt community and want to just also take a moment to say how important it is to have this now more than ever facing the perils of gentrification so #40e7 you will consider this as a legacy in our community and thank you very much. >> thank you. does anybody else wish to speak non legacy business registry? seeing and hearing none we will close public chaument. i want to thank all the members for coming out in support of the legacy business registries. your stories are inspiring is and meaningful and know it is a lot of time to come here and appreciate it so thank you. >> commissioner johns. >> thank you. well, once again
7:45 am
we had a tremendous variety of businesses and groups. i just would like to say that the-too bad we can not guess the warmth and depth and of the comments made by the proponents into the application package. the way we are set up and it is bothered me for some time is that the wrilten materials that come before us are a bit thin and do not reflect the nature of the businesses that come before us. i really wish that we could get what has been said by these people in describing their
7:46 am
businesses into the record. why? well, frequently-each of these submissions is a mini history and people will in the future look to some of these histories when they want to document some aspect of san francisco history. to the extent that these submissions are on the thin side, the true history isn't available for people who want it. just-so, i do wish that we could do something about that. i have a feeling that perhaps some of the proponents of these businesses are over modest and or perhaps unsure of how to make a presentation that describes their business and
7:47 am
really wish that there could be some procedure that we can help them more fully describe what they have plxed accomplished and what their business accomplished. ied like to comment on two of the submissions. we have a very very fine staff, occasionally however, a word or two is misplaced or forgotten. inl the submission for cafy triest, the statement is made the cafe triast stds consertd is traditional family music performance that feature guest performance and lodgeest running musical show in san francisco. cafe treest opened in 1956 but the golden gate park band started september of
7:48 am
1882. so, i would like to have the description of cafa triest altered ipin the lightest way to say one the longest running musical shows in san francisco. number two, sam's, sam's is a example i think of a description that doesn't really live up to what sam's is. i first wnt to sam's with my grandfather and fath er in 1954. most of you were not yet born. but, sam's has been a meeting place in san francisco not just for the legal community, the business community, the non-profit and chairable community, but it has been something like a club without a
7:49 am
membership committee. it is a place where people can go and have gone to discuss extraordinarily important civic and business affairs in a place where they can be talked about in privacy and with discretion. this has been a fundamental element of success of so many communities and that didn't come through. the report says it is operating for 149 years and financial dist rth communities history and identity boy continuing to operate. of course thaths rr true. it is oprailting where as most of the other darlings of the food world have gone broke, but it is so much more and so much more important
7:50 am
to san francisco and i just picked only sam's because i know it so well. possibly if had been more familiar with some of the other businesses that have am before us, i could suggest other things that should have been and wish had been presented rsh but i can't. i urge whatever we can do in the words of san francisco political establishment make these things more robust. i really emplor you. >> thank you. commissioner pearlman. >> well, i think somebody should nominate commissioner johns as a legacy. i wanted to comment on one of the things i have been seeing in not just today but in the other businesses that have come forward over the last few weeks. there seems to be two types of businesses, one sort of focuses on local
7:51 am
support. smck something important to the community because the services they provide. the castro cuntsy club, bay vack, blue bear music and cole hardware and sf heritage. there is the other category that really paint the picture of what san francisco is. cafy triest is one of the em. cafe dunord. lurosa, sam's grill and the stud. each paints a picture to the the outside world for tourist and locals of why san francisco is such a incredible special place. a few commingle. i think cafe triest being the living room of north beach where it is kind of both and a lot of the businesses i think cole hardware raises a lot of money for neighborhood organizations. i just love that because it is not just here is
7:52 am
the picture of san francisco to the world and we have these special businesses, it is also blew prr bear music getting-because the programs gone from the public schools getting music to the schools which is such a valuable thing. i love that and once again, thank you all. congrat ulations on living this long and getting here. fantastic. >> thank you. commissioner johnck. >> i too thank everyone for the wonderful inspiring presentations. i think my first comment related to what commissioner johns was saying, this is a recording today and i think that the narrative the recording should be typed up and put into your files. i think would be great. because you have all spent such-wonderful
7:53 am
very articulate and inspiring words about your history. that would be one recommendation to make a much more fuller file here for all you. the other thought-what res iginated for me and couple folks mentioned this, was some of you said i have to be in san francisco. my business has to be in the mission . we have to remain and stay in the north beach, we have to be here and remain on 24th street. that type of thing makes me think what really res ainates is we have spent so much time on context statements and doing so much work on historic districts that-these businesses are very much a part of those districts and neighborhoods and what they add and have gone beyond just
7:54 am
landmarking buildings into what is contributing to our cultural and historical history in san francisco. i think that's what is really res ainating to me is the value the program where they are and what they are contributing to the social world. >> thank you, mr. fry. >> commissioners we also see a lot of vamue in the public testimony that we have been receiving at these hearings and we have opcanal ideas on how to memorialize some of the comments and whether it is through a form oral history maybe partnership with the library or as commissioner johnck mentioned, some way to allow the testimony to be part the file for each of those businessment we will reach out and work with the office of small business and hopefully within the next couple months have a strategy for bringing more history to light which is usually heard at the hearings and not
7:55 am
necessarily within the dry application you receive in the packets. >> thank you. commissioner johns >> i for got that i move to approve. >> second. >> >> motion and second to adopt. >> with the amendments commissioner johns proposed. there is a motion then to adopt recommendation for approval as amended by commissioner johns. commissioner hasz, yes. johnck, yes. johns, yes. pearlman, yes. hyland, yes. wolfram, yes. the motion passes 6-0. [applause] leaves with item 9, case number 2014-000362 prj 1500-15808
7:56 am
mission street. this is informational presentation. >> good afternoon commissioners. pular planning staff. i am here with projethteam to provide informational presentation on the proposed project at 1500-1580 mission street. the project site consists of two parcel on the north side of mission street between 11th street and south van ness avenue. the project site is occupied by two buildings. a two story at 1580 constructed in 199 seven, a single story at 1500 mission street conducted in 1925 and remodeled in 1941 for use the coca-cola bottling facility. the project proposes to demolish 1580 and most of 15 fivel 08
7:57 am
mission and construct a mixed use development with two component. the residential and retail component includes approximately 400 foot tall tower containing 550 to 560 residential units and 60 thousand feet of retail. the office and service center includes 265 foot tower that occupies several city departments. a portion of the existing former coke bottling plan at 1500 mission include thg clock tower is retained and rehabilitationed for retail use. the former come coke bottling facility is identified as historical resource eligibility under criteria 3 for good and rare local example of a industrial biltding design and streamline style. historic resource impacts and other
7:58 am
environmental issues are beic addressed in environmental impact for report and preservation alturntivals were presented to architectural review committee december 2 of 20 15. the virenltal review of the project is not the focus of todays presentation. the intent is make more familiar with the project in advance of review of the draft environmental impact report which is anticipated to be published next week and before the commission for review and comment december 7, 2016. the draft eir will be brf the planning commission in mid-december 2016 and project entitlements and code amendments go before the planning commission and board of supervisors in march 2017. there is no requested action by the commission today. todays presentation is informational only. the project sponsor and architect will provide detailed description of the
7:59 am
proposed project. >> thank you. sponsor like to come forward, please. >> good afternoon. creg heartman, senior design partner for nob nub in san francisco. have the responsibility for the designing the project and absolutely delight today share with you today. so, as described this project is one of extreme significance for the city combined three major city departments including dpw, dpi and city plans to make a very consolidated efficient means of working for city departments and major permit sementer which is one stop permit center. over the last year and a half worked with the departments but especially with city planning and dpw and san francisco real estate as wem as orts.
8:00 am
with this i like to walk you through the very basic concepts we are proposing. i hope you see them on the screen. beginning with the idea of location, which is a new sud district for the city, which is very compact high density mixed use neighborhood that is very close walkable to the city major transportation hubs for muni, brt and so forth. this is verysary porpt new mixed use development and think the development needs to be porous and active and engaged. we will bring seberal aggregating city departments together within this facility and combining with a major publicly accessibility permit center for one stop shopping. quick summary is we have 550
8:01 am
developings or homes. 20 percent of where are affordable blow market rate. in the office space we have about 400 thousand 460 thousand square feet of usable space including the permit. all this is supported with a pretty interesting array of aminities supporting residential and office space and the public is a key piece of this. driver for the project is this. increasing the efficient cy and tranceparence the workings of government. we think the architecture will be a major piece in making this happen and within this we want to create a project that is simple in form and put together and way it functions but also it is high performing in terms of functionalties and
8:02 am
environmental performance. the building is designed to lead platinum level. so, hopefully shows on the screen but this is a plan of the overall development. you can see in the upper right hand side the l shaped is city office building. the piece on the corner on the lower left of south van ness and mission is residents. and the lower right hand corner is historic corning coke building wobeen into the project as a key definers the neighborhood. you can see that in the plan the spaces in the variety of scale as well as the functionality that helps define the place as a very robust place environmental and functionally and urbanistically. hard to see but pv arrays we be on the office building and major innovation for
8:03 am
water retention and minimizing of water use and bringing ing together peep ople. a key piece is respect our sun ordinance and our windords nns. this is one of the most difficult places to design for wind and have a strict ordinance that doesn't allow increase in wind velocity. we spnt a lot of time with two national lab tores and winds tunnel testing and compizational fluid testing and these studies have shaped the buildings and their presence on the ground level. one of the most visible pieces is a wind buffering canopy along van ness along with street trees and other screening devices that allow the building to be built without increasing wind velocity which was a feat. with these we think the shaping of the isresulted
8:04 am
in handsome massing especially along mission and van ness street and the variation in street form we think is key part of the outcome of this. connectivity is a major major idea within this project especially the connecting to the transportation network on market street. this is a block that shows one south van ness which is the buildish that has sevleral city functions currentsly including mta and others. the idea is to activate and make attractive the walk aloung van ness and [inaudible] brick to to connector that links the full block from van ness to 11th street and with this, separate pedestrian alley and service way that connects that central space back to the mission street. basic public space is one that
8:05 am
we think will promote connectivity and lively engagement. show more details in a moment but the idea is extend the life the city up to the building in the city office building to a rich set of space that provide for a very very engaging set of collaborative work space frz the city office workers. that is on par with anything we can see in any of the high tech companies in innovation in interior space in the last decades. here is a cross section. this is like a hill town thatue neats the two halves into spaces that are unit aminities for clusters of three levels providing inside and outside meeting spaces, clusters of meeting spaces arounds the areas which we think will enhance the collaboration between city wurbers and elevate the dignity working for the city in a very open
8:06 am
and transparent way. the idea at the groupd level is further the idea about [inaudible] engagement. the yellow errorerize point of access in and out of the buildings around these new form spaces as well a the streets. you can see there is a multiplicity of entries, especially along the forum which is the piece that links from van ness street through the office building and lobby to 11th street. along that form space we have opportunity for art and also retail and aminities that support the life othf city office building and residential community being built. on the second level is the permit center. this is a very very large space. it is contig ws. you come up to the level and you can operate erate
8:07 am
independently. the ground level we intend a very active urban space with galleries and other uses, the segd level is devoteed to the permit space and as you can see it occupies majority of the city office site area. you come to central place and from that opponent go to the different departments in getting a permit. we are confident this will transform the experience of getting a permit to build from one of frustration to one of enjoying. we think this will be a major step for the city of san francisco. the actecture of the office building we vision a light and luminous structure i have translucent glass and illuminate and create somer shading. high
8:08 am
performance exterior wall. the idea to take the life of the street which you see in yellow and bring up to the building to make this very evidence through a highly transapparent scene taking the for umvertically and take the glass for the works of the city and look to the forum and observe the areas they are responsible. so, again difficult to see, at the entry off van ness street, we we begin with a civic piece which is a veil of glass with a gallery space with interactive displays about the operation of the sitee and city [inaudible] on the face is the city of san francisco bringing the civic presence to the
8:09 am
street. that idea carries back to the forum itself. this is a cut away view. you see how it opens to the the gallery space. this is doors that open up to the forum. the veil of glass is one story high to make the pedestrian scale evidence. there are terraces off the apartment center to allow to step out for air. the residential tower in contrast to the very flexible office tower designed with light recollect the residential tower is one of masonry and [inaudible] expresss the life of the residents in and see how it open tooz sky at the corner. finally, just to touch on the histtoric resource discussed in more detail at the meeting deal wg the preservation altnchatives, the intention is are certain this isn't preservation
8:10 am
but restition tension of key part the city's character at this corner defined by the coca-cola building. quickly you can see looking down the good will building on the corner and store relocated. the coca-cola building there to the right which is listen there. it is a building that was originally constructed in 1927. the architects name is lost in history. in early 40's coke acquired the building and rebranded it through a architectural style to make this represent the coca-cola brand. later when good will acquired the building the building is stripped of details of the basic structure remains especially the clock tower and the basic maesenry expression. the building is never resin
8:11 am
to a level of considered to be highly significant at least in the preservation community evidence by the heritage b level categorization and the california register of historic resources as a level 3. because of that and also functional reasons there are some who felt in the beginning of the master planning to remove the building to make a much more sufficient and flexible and engaging space. others felt it was important to retain the character defining elements which we think adds to the retchness the neighborhood. that is clock tower and masonry design. here are pictureoffs the building. the interior space. yoi see the ware house with the truss and exterior as it wraps around on mission and 11th street. you notice the base of the building has
8:12 am
very high base level that and when those are elevated up about 6 or 7 feet above the street. that fact makes this building very difficult to really preserve in tact and engaging with the city. these views show the building if entirely kept in tact along 11th and missionfelt you can see it allows very little opportunities for activities that engage the street and also really diminishes the foot print the city office building relegating to a secondsary status for the civic importance in the neighborhood so think we propose to change the massing along mission street. you can see on the left is existing facade. proposal is bring back to make adequate space to support the residential and make a
8:13 am
parity in the site between the city office buildings and residential roughly 50/50 and provide enough site area to make the residential component financial feasible. in green is the new alley way part the connection between laebth 11th and forum and the idea is fold the facade back keeping the scale as originally designed and take on the life oof the city with this new alley way. in retaining the clock tower and retaining the corner of 11th and mission street. there is discussion it is good idea to make the connection corner curve to extend the streamlined form of the building. other pains are cut it make and explicitly old versus new and the direction we are looking at. this is a very conceptual drawing of the scale of inbuilding as we propose
8:14 am
it to be. it anchors the-corner of 11 th and mission. the clock tower continues to have the dominance on the sky line and think with this we have a very good balance of the civic importance of the new office building and activity at the ground level and building that will continue to add cinetd of a quality to the neighborhood. it reflects the changing evolution of the city over the last century. with this i conclude and look forward to furkter work with you and with preservation staff and city planning department as this is further developed. >> thank you. commissioners, any questions for the presenter? >> commissioner johnck, and question oregon just a comment to the commission too. i think your presentation was helpful to me because as i looked at what i received in
8:15 am
the packet, what i was looking for and the project for the purpose and objectives looks slnt, what i was looking for as a member of the historic preservation commission and more of a expression of what i call the cultural landscape of the area in conduction with where we are now. the civic center. some of what you said in your public alley way and you talked about the-you look for identification and richness of the neighborhood but didn't see it in the materials i received so far. i heard a little bit from what you were saying today, so-i have to see what you come up with as far as the next presentation. i know i'm not be very specific but just want to have a greater feeling of the conductivity and cultural
8:16 am
landscape maybe a gallery that you mentioned or maybe the alley way and that public space there and of course maybe it is a piece of this too and how you treat the coca-cola building. that is my angle on the project. >> good comments and this is real the direction we have been trying to take for the project, which is bring together the neighborhood but also the civic intentions of the city and bring those together and think we struck a good balance. the forum space will be in livened by outdoor tables and chairs with small restaurants and coffee shops and serving the neighborhood and people coming to city office building and permit center and across the street or across the way from that piece in the forum will be this gallery space that is open to everyone and will be used for community meetings and used for
8:17 am
childrens education so i think that is key piece of this as is the life of the buildings around the streets on the street fronts on van ness and mission. the historic coke ca-cola building is a key piece. use that building to benefit the caurkt defining neighborhood and use. >> commissioner pearlman. >> thank you, mr. heartman thank you. this is quite amazing to see. the work is very exciting and as a architect i hope lib long enough to use it because if you can pull off the joy you expressed you can run for president. i thipg this is quite remarkable. i was on the arc discussing the coca-cola building and this this morning we had a conversation
8:18 am
at the arc about project and think it is still bringing up the challenges as city's change and grow how to deal with the historic buildings because do we demol ishad history or keep and make it a reference because again, we are losing kind of to me what is the character defining nature of that buildings with is the tower and a sumetdical presence. i don'ts know the answer just saying this seems to be a ongoing challenge for us as historic resources are being incorporated into far larger projects. the one we saw earlier today was the same thing with a fairly small building with a massive one added to so have the
8:19 am
tail wagging the dog and how to do that and of any firm on the planet yours is probably the most skilled pulling something together here. it still feels to me like a very strange mareurg marriage so i don't know the answer but congratulate on the projethand very ajss to get it down so we can all get to use it. >> thank you. i think the strangeness of bringing together a bottling plants is strange, but at the same time there is something about that relationship that does add to the flavor the neighborhood it seems so for that reason we are trying to find ways to bring that together and balance with the rest of the project. >> thanks so much. >> any other questions? thank you, we will take public comment and thank you for your
8:20 am
presentation. we will take public comment. any member of the public wish to speak? seeing and hearing none we will clause public comment. any concluding comments? >> i just want to thank the team and city and related who is here today because this is the planning commission department is waring multiple hats as reg yrblt and tenant soit is unyulshz usual araimpgment we struggled with the coca-cola plant and staff and we thought the saving that portion of the facade and particularly the tower was a important element to save and thanks to tim's work and some of the preservation staff work we went farther wrapping and keeping more of the base of the building along 11th which is quite deep today so they were
8:21 am
able to maintain a larger prns presence of the existing building on 11th and struggled with mission because of the length of the facade and has the very high base and creates more of a challenge functionally with the rest of the project. i think we appreciate your thoughts if not today in the coming weeks on that nature of that corner and whether it makes sense to replicate or cut off as craig said. beyond all that i think that i doent know if it will lead tojoyful permit experience but far more efficient experience and work environment for us because we will be sharing not only the offices with other departments that we deelt deal with but immediately connected to 1 south van ness where we deal very frequently with mta and office of community investment and
8:22 am
mayor's office of housing all those folks are in that buildings and will be a connection between the two buildings so it makes a difference in terms of efficiency how we work and having these buildings connected will make a difference. can't tell you how much time i spend walking up and down van ness avenue and it will help make our work life a lot more efficient. but most importantly i think the permit center is a huge plus. all the departments relate today permitting functions will be there and right now there was a preechbious presentation where the act techs mapped the location where people have to get permits and it is far flung now so it will make a huge difference in the publics interaction with the permit process. all those factors come into play isin the very complicated and important project. >> thank you. any other comments? think we are
8:23 am
good to adjourn. the think doesn't work anyone. thank you very much. hearing is adjourned. [meeting adjourned] >> hi. welcome to san francisco. stay safe and exploring how you can stay in your home safely after an
8:24 am
earthquake. let's look at common earthquake myths. >> we are here at the urban center on mission street in san francisco. we have 3 guest today. we have david constructional engineer and bill harvey. i want to talk about urban myths. what do you think about earthquakes, can you tell if they are coming in advance? >> he's sleeping during those earthquakes? >> have you noticed him take any special? >> no. he sleeps right through them. there is no truth that i'm aware of with harvey that dogs are aware of an impending earthquake. >> you hear the myth all the time. suppose the dog helps you get up, is it going to help you
8:25 am
do something >> i hear they are aware of small vibrations. but yes, i read extensively that dogs cannot realize earthquakes. >> today is a spectacular day in san francisco and sometimes people would say this is earthquake weather. is this earthquake weather? >> no. not that i have heard of. no such thing. >> there is no such thing. >> we are talking about the weather in a daily or weekly cycle. there is no relationship. i have heard it's hot or cold weather or rain. i'm not sure which is the myth. >> how about time of day? >> yes. it happens when it's


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