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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  November 6, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar and commissioner moore. >> thank you, commissioners first is consideration of items proposed for continuance item one at the 950 to - market street a negative declaration is proposed and market street a conditional use authorization is proposed for continuance until
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january i have no other items for continuance and there are no speaker cards. >> any public comment on the items proposed forever or for continuance not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> san francisco ethics commission. >> move to continue. >> on that to continue. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places us under our consent calendar consent calendar and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 3 at the law mandatory
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discretionary review and item 4 for case clemente street conditional use authorization. >> any public comment on the items on the consent calendar. >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. . >> if i like to come up and to the issues on one of the items on scomplent which one of the items. >> item 3 you'd like to pull off of item 3 you're not in support of not taking discretionary review. >> request for a modification. >> then we'll need to pull it off consent. >> hear it as the first item. >> very good commissioners. >> is there any additional public comment on items on the consent calendar?
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sorry a >> double checking on pennsylvania it that further on the list. >> not under consideration at this time and any other public comment okay not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> move to approve item 4 on the consent calendar. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to approve item 4 under your consent calendar commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you under commission matter consideration of the adoption of draft minutes
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any public comment on draft minutes not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> move to approve. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to adapt adopt the minutes. >> commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel converge commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and places you on item 6 commissioners kristen's. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to report to the commission that i visited 1321 mission street yesterday our first housing project built student housing project which i considered to be a arrowing success gimmick the height of the unit given the exceptional way the institutions are occupying the building have managed to put an institutional
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overlay that makes that a project i'm impressed by the high quality of the design i'm impressed by the high quality of execution before i the high quality of student amenities from the downstairs lounge and retail store if occupy in the non-formula to the roof deck and every little piece in between it managed it's in unusual way for things probation officer most of i us are familiar with a secure delivery of packages of highly managed bicycle storage and on and on in the course i was able to see the mike pat affordable dwelling the prototype is on mission street and in front of 1321 mission street and i'm
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impressed with the problems that are very difficult to solve i'm speaking from the design point of view it is extremely well done at the right place in the right number with the right amenities around that which will be a great prototype and hope we'll find a way to identify sites on which this can be realized in larger numbers to the delivery of currently homeless shelters - unit but i think meet a level of quality and liveability that is exemplar i'm impressed and encourage everybody to use the next week to see the unit and catch a glimpse of what is possible. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i too piggyback on the question of commissioner moore he went down and saw the mick
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pad and was impressed with the quality design with the potential and marginally house people in the future i know there is political issues need to be considered around where they're constructed and public constructed but potentially that can be tloshgd actually overall more work given out to the local community having many of these projects rather than having nothing at all so a concept i hope everyone can look at another quick one when i see articles about cities yesterday's chronicle about the mortuary business and how it is doing for funeral homes in the longer planning their model working with a large track of parking it talks about funeral
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homes going out of business at a quick clip i think i mentioned own complete city the cities have gas stations where people drive fossil fuel cars people need their cars repaired you have to go somewhere and people still die you have to take a body somewhere and dispose of remains i get at at some point in the future with no more funnels homes and gas stations what will we do just a few so something to think about in the complete city i had the unfortunate encounter with having to deal with a funnel home was it would be nice i didn't have to travel far not in
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california but a benefit to having the businesses in the city and the complete model they can use less space and have automobile higher result as a funeral i'm not sure yet. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to item 72017 scheduled for review and adaptation last week, we went over a calendar and there was a request to have that matter to check with personal calendars so if so back before you today. >> i'm sorry jonas repeat that. >> for the calendar. >> the hearing scheduled for 2017 at a point i proposed some hearing dates cancelations that followed our normal holidays and the fifth meetings on thursday
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some consideration for to include thursday and reinstate november 30th. >> jonas was that included in your packet. >> in this week's packet. >> picking up that conversation commissioner moore. >> i was one of the people that asked for the city to consider further the february 23rd cancelation and the question he asked reinstating november 31st is fine given the fact we have thanksgiving and then two weeks off in december we're getting a little bit jammed in the meetings maybe two long, etc. >> so was was property in the indications. >> for clarity commissioner moore february if a a cancelation hearing. >> no a regular meeting of.
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>> we discussed the possibility because of the cancelation after the new year is the last hearing in march so i believe that there was some discussion and a break in between. >> i'm supportive of that that's fine it do not to me. >> september - some commissioners said the fifth thursday in - >> everyone is comfortable or one more week with the final - >> as stated commissioner that is easier to cancel rather than reinstate one. >> commissioner vice president
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richards. >> i want to being sure this starts the first and - >> side boarded cancelled the entire august. >> we're going to mirror the first that 3. >> we'll do the first, second and third. >> just to be clear there are 5 thursdays this next august so you'll have two meetings in august this would be the last 2. >> that's great. >> commissioner hillis. >> okay. >> jonas we need to take action. >> well, you don't have to take action today but we'll appreciate it. >> commissioner johnson. >> okay. i'll take a crack to approve the 2017 taking away february 23rd as proposed.
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>> very good do i hear a second. >> second. >> to adopt the 2017 schedule canceling the february 23rd hearing and reinstating the november 30th hearing schedule on that motion commissioner hillis. >> commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar. >> commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong very good commissioners and i do thank you for taking this up earlier. >> jonas can you e-mail to us and provide that. >> yes. shout out once it is finalize. >> next the 2kr0ur789. >> good afternoon, commissioners i wanted to call one item to our attention the community working group on the community guidelines it is take place in two weeks november 16th at the planning department from 6 to 8:00 p.m. on the guidelines
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and had several hearings i know there is a lot of public school interest to make sure we having the working group again think november 16th at 6 to 8:00 p.m. at the planning department thank you. >> item 9 review of past events the board of appeals and preservation commission. >> aaron starr, manager, legislative affairs. the committee considered a resolution stepping outside the box for an additional 6 months for the conditional use authorization for in any office facing served from king to fulsome those controls are in the place for the last 16 months and many people spoke in favor of the department of human services and recommended to the full board land use committee was the - the planning
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commission and mtc got - at the hearing planning department staff and two representatives from the working group presented the reports during the public comment 8 people spoke in support and no opposition supervisor kim and supervisor cowen spoke in support of district and supervisor cowen mentioned possibly pursuing a can remember heritage in the bayview there will be a briefing hosted by supervisor kim's office on november 10th to kickoff the strategy development at the this action the item was filed last on the agenda for the go land use committee was the legalization task force you remember that supervisor wiener created the task force to investigate the measures the aide should take in anticipation for the cannabis in california the presentation was done by dph and terrance the chair the task
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force minor baefrptd between supervisor cowen and mr. allen and only one public are commenter their comments were not clear and no other staff comment at the full board commissioner mendoza-mcdonnells signed ordinances the two ordinances passed its their second reading the green believes that are sponsored when i supervisor wiener and signed on by supervisor mar and supervisor cowen passed its their second reading and the ocean as well as megan lane passed its their first reading and no introductions. >> thank you, thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> mr. starr it would be good to hear how supervisor wiener moved forward with developing how to regulate the mcds and they're not called mktsdz
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anywhere once we go beyond next week's election he heard they're struggling with the subject just as we're stat to realize there will be changes i'll also encourage everyone to watch last week's 20 minutes there were reports on colorado which is already dealing with legalization yet needs to peddle backwards to find ways to deal with invisible confusion and problems. >> yeah. the task force is working on the recommendations they'll be broad and the actual ordinances will have to come from the board of supervisors or mayor. >> mr. starr when will you expect that recommendations from the task force to be - >> prepared to come out. >> i'd like have to double check to see if they have a deadline i know they've gone
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over most of tops and formatting the land use regulations and working on the other he recommendations i'll get that to you and. >> and out of curiosity when we can have a briefing from you or one of the task members for the mcds on the advanced calendar. >> right and okay. >> thank you. >> i'll work with john on that and we were planning on holding an informational on the mcd. >> commissioners no board of appeals no hearing with the historic preservation commission several items of interest primarily the legacy business register that came before the historic preservation commission they were all adapted for recommendations for approval to the board of supervisors but i'll just go name them
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because there are quite a few of the interesting establishment the bay area coalition the microscopic school boos flower stands, cafe de noir. >> cafe tree i thought the cartoon and the castro country club, cold hardware, the golden sports we're thrilled and sam's grill and restaurant, san francisco heritage and the stud bar commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to general public comment not to exceed 5 minutes at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction
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of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission up to three minutes. i did have one speaker card photographer alison. >> can i have the overhead, please? >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm alison and here speaking on the broosters neighborhood in late 2014 they recently approved a plan for usf has moved beyond the boundary in mission bay for 4 acres of privately-owned land in the dog patch on 6 hundred minnesota plan to demolish two educator buildings with the - construct
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up to 6 hundred and 10 units of student housing at 2133 street clinics for the department of psychiatry and purchased additional property across from the mariposa park it is a pdrs site with a plumbing supply firmer the university has not announced plans for the site none of the properties were talked about in the long-term plan with the presentation to the commission the society campus specifically said we're not adding more land with the assumption that future consumption will be within the bay area site as you may know the central waterfront with massive development and large project like the warriors and
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pier 70 and office development the city has failed to provide the infrastructure to support it the expansion at usf will exacerbate those impacts as we move beyond the breaking pointed the long term plan for the justification for development within mission bay doing so by acquiring the private property the aide no longer cloaks property tax by the services grow this is in effect taking - it is outside of your jurisdiction the implication will ripple throughout the central waterfront and central square what we're asking for today you consider scheduling a
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hearing to allow more comprehensive process with the commission and members of the public given the opportunity to weigh in thank you. >> sue hester well, it didn't seem to be on the calendar but is the fourth discussion of the post secondary education institution i'm submitting a map where the academy of art is located from the eir it wouldn't show it wouldn't go it. >> it just the the did your
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competitive session needs to go back to understanding when is going on with the academy of art the map that i produced you pronounced from the planning department tha has the 4 sites of the academy of art has had is important they have a lot of sites that are being dedicated to student housing illegally and are on the map the planning commission has a tool to give input to every post secondary education institution called the institution master plan the the imp was not honored in 1991 when it hit they were supposed to talk with the planning commission and provide information they gone 25 years in the city.
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>> you have the obligation and the ability to tell them they have to build student housing they can't plunder housing that exists already in the city you have the ability to tell them you have to consolidate the campus they can't use the space they have and connect them with buses that wander all over the place you have the ability to say to every institution there is a cap on enforcement rather than if you just show up and pay tuition your automatically an saturday student at the academy of art that's the current mechanism no screening at all the planning department has done so with the university of san francisco real nonprofit educational institution they have an enormous cap secondary
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schools all over the city have caps imposed by the planning commission but you're seeing oh, you can operate you have to consider consolidating their facilities requiring them to student housing and address their wandering bus system this is one of the fuzzy issues they're facing i'm putting that in context you're doing some and have to do better for the city thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> general public comment okay public comment is closed. >> very good commissioners that place us under our regular calendar for case this is a
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mandatory discretionary review. >> commissioners, if i might introduce a planner you've not met ashley woods joined the planning department she is a one of our wireless planners previously served as the manager for the core person that worked with the government agencies throughout the bay area and worked on necessary land entitlements for the wireless facilities in prior years done complete projects in los angeles county and degree in civic engineering and a master in mr. larkin if uc irvine as well. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm ashley the item before you a mandatory discretionary review for work to be performed on one law tower the resolution one one 399
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adopted by the planning department the mandatory discretionary review is required for all building permit applications requiring the tower and the transition and any other part of city and county site two permits that are before you the first the removal of 5 machines on the building and the reorganization of 21 existing antenna in supposed the installation of an 8 foot participate wall for the existing antennas the second is the installation of a new landscaping as part of improvements to the sutter r sutro their submitted to meet the conditions of the installation of new antenna that are approved by the planning commission in march of 2016
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they're no other changes proposed for the overall tower the main transition building they were adapt for the related permit for this building permit scioto share the inspection and the fcc - additionally e-mail correspondence have been received by staff in the past week from one community member and the organization in which they've connected the future tower and the efforts and commitments and work with the community in regards to the sites maintenance at sutro tower the department recommend not take dr and take proposed that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> okay open up for public
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comment. >> i'm sorry project sponsor my apologies project sponsor. >> commissioner president fong and commissioner vice president richards and members of the commission i'm christen representing the owner and operator of seiu introduce tower the two permits are the installation of a participate wall and antennas on top of sutro building as you recall as a condition of approval to our e vocation permit issued in 2015 we were required to initiate a screening system for the antennas and located on the east facing facade and the roof of the transition facility with a
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technology feasibility study that was completed last year with the timetable notwithstanding the eir in 2008, finding in significant environmental impact in respond to the neighborhood feedback with the systems and the study last fall went up voluntarily proposed to implement the screening plan in satisfaction of a second condition the approval with the erosion permit we submitted an additional plan for the planning department in september of 2017 we're not required by the permit condition to do so based on the feedback from the planning department we updated the landscaping plan with the boundary fence the supplemental plan before you represents our best efforts and provides another trees with the
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screening and the facility equipment and fence in area from all site location taking into account the existing generators and input from community members and adjacent property owners with the discussion all civically required by the condition of approval we understand from our local neighborhood liaison i t they have to issues with the landscaping plan before you today, however, we met a neighbor not participated in the process i will let him speak for himself but understand his concerns centered around his desire for additional landscaping adjacent to the tower given we have an executed license that the puc to proceed in the plan we suggest that you support the project as presented today and encourage you to approve the current plan and
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allow us to attempt to address this neighbors concern outside of this particular process with regards to the presentation we ask to work with the neighborhoods with the landscaping and additional screening and we believe our submittals are - thank you for your time chief over of tower are here. >> now opening up for public comme comment. >> good afternoon stephen lee the last house looking into the sutro tower as you can see the sutro tower from the bedroom and bathroom, and the living room
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that's how close we are so like this afternoon i wanted probation officer prose some modifications to it to add additional landscaping around sutro tower so we don't have to face you know with all the new location - our first concern about the radio frequency and they do come to the house they have the devices so i would like to have it place in the house to receive what modification because i'm a professional electrical engineer and like to understand talking about the radio frequency. >> and the second thing is aesthetic more landscaping around thank you.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners christen on behalf of the twin peaks improvement association first of all, thank you to the commission for enforcing the cu permit for the sutro towers requires that the building sutro tower operates is screened by - is this thing working as you can see we have a significant improvement based on the packet that was provided by the sutro tower one issue of concern, however, is that the cu permit for sutro tower was drafted in 1948 based on we knew about technology for one tower for one tv technology has constantly changed this is on the roof and replace their
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condition we have no understanding of what is coming with regards to the height of future antenna on top of the sutro tower or building if f i don't know if you see this in your packet you'll see the screen that was proposed is not screen all of the items that are on the on top of the building what needs to happen is the planning commission needs and the department to needs to look at the cu permit and recognize i have copies of this to hand out to the commission if you can see a number of items in the future what about replaced and be rearing there is no height limit on the on top of that building no height on how tall the future what about you might be approving a 6 foot screen of glass today and next week they'll come into and ask you to put in a 20 foot antenna
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what's the use if we have no height limits on top of building we appreciate that you'll probably approve that project but understand there are significant concerns additionally with the screening that is in place as you can see this is what is going to happen in 10 years, in 20 years when i start collecting social security we'll be part of these trees will be this at all and can't go much higher on top of the roof because of a - this is the forgetting hearing the fifth planner i've met and like the opportunity to meet with mr. sanchez and the director of planning hopefully, will be longer and maybe he'll be able to put things in place that will
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be permanent safeguards for the neighborhood in fact, i learned they'll probably be subject to replacement next year. >> ma'am. >> what safeguards to we have in place to protect us when we don't know what we are. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment okay public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> yes. question for the project sponsor. >> it seems the issue is view we've been over the issue of the type of frequency that effects anyone to me that is still the case and that's true. >> thank you. >> i look at the patterns 10 and 20 and 30's years a way to
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get mature trees planned there now. >> what is before you today, the biggest trees the slope can possibly maintain we truly video the best efforts to get the biggest trees that will function there. >> is there a way to terrace them is that something that will help. >> we've had landscaper architects and worked with the puc as well as a professor from the uc berkley to determine the best possible - path that we can have to screen the building in the most efficient amount of time. >> thank you, thank you. >> i think commissioners, if i, say this is a condition of approval that you've placed on
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an earlier plan given the nature of the slope we wouldn't want to kind of mess the slope destabilize the slope that probably make sense not to keep the slope but i think the request for a meeting in the future to think about future plans might be a good idea assuming you move forward i'll be happy to host a meeting and talk with the neighbors and early maybe next year to talk about the growth if everyone agrees to do that it will be a good idea given the kind of changing nature to get a handle on that and talk about the future if that makes sense. >> as has been expressed to the planning department on a number of times the spc we don't know what the process is but certainly sdisz with the
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neighbors our concerns on to going forward basis we'll have to address with the requirements at an early stage. >> keep in touch with ashley when you know more about the information maybe that's a good time to host a meeting to discuss how it effects our future plan. >> we'll welcome that thank you. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> it's a great idea any other further comments having a meeting before i go ahead and make my motion. >> thank you. i so wanted to meet the director of planning i finally got any wish and maybe meet one 7, 8, 9 before the plans the history of sutro tower is long and extensive and take one meeting for the neighborhood to voice our concerns and since 1948 i think this is time we had
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that meeting sooner than later. >> thank you. >> i make a motion to not dr and approve. >> did i mean to speak during public comment. >> oh, oh sorry. >> so there's a motion and second. >> can you call the question. >> thank you on that motion to not take dr. >> commissioner johnson. >> commissioner koppel commissioner moore. >> commissioner koppel and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and commissioners that places us from our regular calendar for item 10 the citywide work program an informational presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners
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adam acting director of citywide planning division i'm here with our other citywide managers to present and update to the citywide 5 year work program jonas can i have the screen thank you. >> we initially presented this to those the planning commission in october of 2014 to represent if 2014 to 2019 but since that 7, 8, 9 we've added new initiates so we thought this is a good opportunity to present the mid point of refinement for that the 5 year period so i'm going to talk about who we are and strategizing directs your tool message which is what we do and how and finally, the deliverys. >> so the citywide planning
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division as you may know a small strategic planning function we working closely with the other divisions in developing our plans and policies to make sure their clear and implementable and i'm going to walk through to diagram real quick this is how we sort of frame our work with the planning priorities weed into the key initiatives those for all the work we do and those lens in turn are with the community values for turning explorer our work for the ongoing projects and informed by looking at long-term transit how the city is changing never mind of climatic change and democrat graphic and economic trends and thinking about what that means for the future of the city and to achieve the goals our
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planning priorities are how we focus our work this is not something we achieve in isolation we work with other communities and stakeholders developers and other - as well those are not directions that are expected to resolve in 5 years but how we focus our work in the 5 year period. >> so those are the 5 planning priorities i'll go through these one by one a more equitable and diverse city like racial and affordable housing options and retaining diverse jobs and the key initiatives are working towards those policies a second priority is the working towards a more resilient and sustainable city with the long term sustainability with the
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footprint and work towards a more general active approach to adopt to the long terminations effects of climatic change and sea level rise we are working with the sister transportation agency you'll see in one of the initiatives this is equitable and affordable transportation the focus is on bringing the people home and jobs closer together to make it more sustainable modes of transportation like walking and biking and fourth with our working towards engaging the urban environment with the public faces that are inviting and encourage all people to enjoy our environment and finally were focused on helping to create a democratic improvement in the city this is a new priority in
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the iteration the work project and speaks to the process how we in terms of how we engage the communities and will working with communities and neighborhoods around the city to build the resilient interaction. >> the next is session we'll call the proven methods what we do and how we do it we work across a variety of topics from housing and urban design, etc. we wanted to emphasize our unique lens looking across all the tops there are other agencies and divisions in the city that are working on the day to day implementation in our lens to look at all of them and see the connections and the conversations to help address those topics to do that we gave
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me in different types of work we design and plan and program for the community planning and the community engagement and community development work and focus on information and analysis for the planning, etc. this is our practices those essential practices is how we do our work and incorporate those into all the work we do i'll highlight a few first developing a narratives for all the projects to understand the purpose for - to listen to the needs and values of whatever community stakeholders we're talking to and related to that we're condominium to having an
2:49 pm
engaging process we are working on over time and really committed to reaching out to people that canned or doesn't come to public hearings and beyond the tools and reaching beyond to folks that normally come to meeting but have a harder time getting to meetings the last section and maybe the meat of presentation the key initiatives and there were 5 the last time we presented added 3 new ones the first 3 which are the original 5 were geographic and those r topic basis not fully on geometry we're calling the new practice group we formed about a year ago in response to the turmoil the city is talking
2:50 pm
about in regards to the gentrification and a shift for more pro-active approach towards the aim of generating equitable outcomes for our community and there's a specific focus on work with the community of color less engaged in the processes we try to do the work to make sure those communities can gave me in the planning system that effects their lives so some of the key components deliverables are here i'm highlighting a couple the mission action plan, 2020 that will be realized shortly and presented to the commission next year this is a model more the community engagement and trust building the approach we hope to inspire other neighborhoods you'll hear more about alls projects i'll touch on the high-level and working towards the action plan to help across
2:51 pm
the city with our internal work the impact of our programs and policies on racial outcomes in the city next initiative is called housing for all obviously as you are well aware in the presentation we're dealing with affordability crisis in the city we're focusing on forming the goals in the initiative we've long been creating new housing opportunities more affordable housing and but we're starting to bring in the existing housing with the resources it is in the existing supply we are working at the mechanisms to help it stabilize the existing affordability and this initiative we're making sure to learn about what the communities needs and housing supply are and looking beyond our traditional
2:52 pm
planning tools to better match people won their community needs and some of the key components dlieblts first you've heard the inclusionary update and we've spoken with the controller's office on that and been working on the density bonus program the 100 percent favorable was adopted in the spring and working with the board around the options and finally, the affordable housing strategy will be looking at some of our housing trends and projections around housing affordability and the demographics with the development of a framework how to trust address those trends and concerns so connect sf is a long transportation for a misrepresent agency clorox and
2:53 pm
working with the partners at the mta and managing the vision phase of this effort and really will bringing people together for a collective vision so for the long term transportation future of the city that's the main key deliverable this is creating a vision that are a number of projects some we manage and some managed by other agencies the process of the ideas and vision their collaborated with a vision future vision we'll be looking at. >> and the next 5 initiatives are before we updated them and i'll put them at a high-level restint and sustainable kwavt creating a sustainable and active and fun waterfront in the face of natural hazards like sea level rise and we're trying to
2:54 pm
create an opportunity for people to participate in the planning and dialogue with the end goal of a waterfront that is basketball for sea level rise we're working towards a sea level rise risk assessment what we call an adaptation plan for a waterfront long term rising sea level celebrating the center pleasing a special role within the life of the city all people can come together the initiative enhances the public space our downtown and making the public spaces welcoming to everyone some of the key components dlieblz might look familiar we heard the market street festival was a huge success half a mill
2:55 pm
people illustrated a way for people to engage in the public spaces of market street we're also starting work on the civic center public realm we'll look at a long term vision for the public realm and the plazas street and parks broadly out a bit this is another initiative called the city of neighborhood working within the neighborhoods to preserve they're well loved unique qualities and help to shape their future we're poisoning a number of things some of the objectives are creating a way to meet our neighbors within a 20 minute neighborhood concept on the characteristics of the neighborhood and providing a wide range of high interpretation and building up social capital within the neighborhoods we're thrilled work similar to the mission action plan with you know kind of deeply engaging with the
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community to help that as well some of the dlieblz would be update assessment of our neighborhood commercial district in thirty years sins we adapted the zoning that's kind how this is doing and have a baseline from which to access the changes i mentioned the process we've been working in the action plan that started with the community needs he assessment and the conditions before moving into the recommendation phased that's a deep analysis and we're working on initiative how to make san francisco more family-friendly in terms of the transportation and how to retain families in the city and finally have an ongoing public realm program that do work in the neighborhood by the work the plazas that was built francis scott keys a school site on 43
2:57 pm
avenue the merging southeast is focused on the southeast part of city 75 percent of global up to 75 unit and 55 thousand jobs to connect those new neighborhoods into the city and make sure they're complete neighborhood and they built on an enhanced existing community that provides opportunity for residents in those areas as well so some of the key components dlieblz the central soma we've published their plan and hold workshops the boulevard study looking at how we bringing regional rails and high speed rail into san francisco and we're working also with a number of major development sites to help to shape those developments and maximize our public benefits in the
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improvements of those developments and finally what we call the southeast framework that knits all the projects around a comprehensive vision so for public space and transportation and other public benefits and finally this is the last initiative we'll call bridging the bay working with the regional partners on the efforts around the region which tweezer getting increasing low involved with that the recognition we can't solve our issues around jobs and transportation or climatic change adaptation, on our own these issues don't stop we can't take a leadership and provide best practices to provide help improve those to the regional level. >> so we're engaging in a number of regional planning efforts with the abag that is underway and the resilience by
2:59 pm
design challenge working with ac/dc we helped to launch and a number of others so finally what are we are doing this we would like to hear our feedback and that is little frame for little two-year budget how we prioritize our staffing and train our staff the work program and really becomes a frame how we communicate about the work why and how we do it in our ongoing website etc. so with that, that's my presentation i'm here to answer questions the other citywide managers that are experts on the initiatives are here if you have very specific questions on the initiatives >> opening up for public comment one speaker card tom.
3:00 pm
>> good afternoon, commissioners tom executive director of livable city here to ask to you look at this work program last year missing pieces in terms of the planning that we have here one is san francisco has no land use eliminate a required element under state law but we don't have one one calls a land use index that covers less than a 3rd of city refers to some land use related policies in other elements - we think a land use element is an important way to talk about why do land use controls exist in san francisco what are we trying to do human resources just no coherent native about
3:01 pm
how they exist and y what they're trying to do the other thing as were we updating other elements of the general plan housing you can't do that if you don't thinks the picture we think a land use element is very, very for the new guidance on this the land use element should commissioners, that places you under president reports and announcements address climatic change and incorporating health in the policies and equality and environmental justice those are, of course, san francisco values we don't understand there is no narrative and no policies or strategies for improving the outcomes in any of the areas they mentioned the 20 minute neighborhoods within the commercial district that's great a great land use policy that should be in the general plan the other thing we want to see a reenvironmental of plans we went
3:02 pm
through a spurt of neighborhood and eastern neighborhoods we have to do officers the central corridor and the hub but neighboring planning in san francisco is really lapsed we're not doing the neighborhood plans and you - we think when you do a neighborhood plan it should have 4 elements one is land use, one a transportation you really need to plan for the transportation infrastructure necessary to accommodate the current growth and get us where we need to go with sustainability and tdm and open space facilities and plans and need a stabilization to preserve the affordable housing not displacing businesses and institutions necessary for the mobility of those neighborhoods if you look at all the plans we've done somehow one or 3 of the four elements not all have the 4 we ask you need to fill in the gaps
3:03 pm
which elements are missing negative impact what neighborhoods and start the area plans let's go get on that thank you very much. >> i'm much short than tom. >> tom raised interesting questions i wish to expand one of the things i seem to be focused on because of i live in the city is there needs to be someplace to talk about the train the city we're a city that ignores the planning and ignores the circulation you muni don't go good in the southeast part of
3:04 pm
city i'll putting on the table a planning department has to start thinking in 3-d terms about the city and really works and part of that is how do you change the muni operations to take into account these when you talk about the southeast part of city i've been here a lot of time when the people from potrero hill have talked about how their kellogg walls the thing that deposited out of the eastern neighborhoods is the bus system and they're still isolated a number 19 and not have any muni transit people that are able bodies that walk everywhere they come in to the planning department does not understand how it up grateful
3:05 pm
works have you a general public comment how usf is changing the dog patch in reality planning needs to go back and have a secession on where we are in the eastern neighborhoods because a planning process was done back when this was a great recession in 2000 and nothing it has been updated and there is just controls controls on what excited 15 years ago are not good for controls for today and we - i'm i believe in the southeast this is a real world so if we're going to really expand housing we need to really expand transit and we really need to understand the way you
3:06 pm
can get around by the hills that's the thing that i'm looking for in the planning department i'm looking for shot of the real world thank you. >> thank you any other speakers on this item? seeing none, the public portion of this item is closed >> commissioner hillis. >> so a question i mean, i think you hit on in our work program you know many of the tops we see here on a weekly basis and some should be endorsed on a citywide basis within question i have a general design urban design the urban design guidelines which we heard a lot about a couple weeks ago that was not part of citywide program how does that work and how do that
3:07 pm
fit into our work there is obviously design work we deal with in you know the other portions the planning department deal with but how does that work and the input of citywide planning get into those discussions. >> thanks for asking that question i think obviously we have a urban design group and have a strong function within the department that shared within citywide and planning divisions that is looking at the urban design guidelines so it falls with both i did not highlight it but the urban design guidelines as well as the public realm is a key part it is something we work in tandem with the division as well. >> i don't know if it needs to be called out we hear the frustration or i know people not happy both from design
3:08 pm
professionals and architects on how the design process evolved from neighbors and neighborhoods on what is being built in the city i think that could be a discussion that elevated to the level that you know the issues you're looking at to that's my only comment i think the things your landing on are right to be the ones that citywide group is looking at i'll add that to the discussion just from what we hear everyday we hear the frustration sometimes what starts the process and comes out if we could get an elevated discuss of design it boo would be appropriate and to mr. dulavich question i'll be cancerous to hear our responsiveness certainly a time when we were looking at a bunch of neighborhoods a chunk of the
3:09 pm
city was - there are elements of this i mean, you're looking at the southeast maybe innovate calling that a neighborhood or the waterfront which is kind of has issues may not considered a neighborhood but issues throughout the waterfront i get his point a neighborhood out there we should be involved in a broader neighborhood plan want to hear our reaction. >> we're working in the neighborhoods we see that sort of change or the particular need we identified that we feel we're responding to i think that there as mr. dulavich mentioned a couple of places that are ongoing be neighborhood plans you you know some of the over lapsing geographies we're going back and changing what we previously determined but i think there is also a new approach that we're working on and doing neighborhood planning
3:10 pm
work but in a different way in the mission and in the richmond starting to work with the excelsior about the community and listening and hearing the concerns the communities and refocusing on deeply on the stabilization and concerns about displacement issues so i would call that a neighborhood plan we're working on a strategic issue based or bans what ever the main concerns. >> if i might add this is a big point of discussion with the citywide team and the department and others for a number of months should we be doing neighborhood like market octavia my sense that we so you aren't shouldn't for. >> couple of reasons mentioned base we're more focused issue based on housing issues and on
3:11 pm
community stabilization lib like the 2020 that shifted the resources from staff but the second thing in the southeast strategy is the example we think that is important to take those neighborhood plans which are pretty not as connected and look at the cross - kind of what connects them all and looked at the quad rum not but to see how better to create better transportation for the waterfront all those issues or the vast majority of growth so what you see reflected it taking i'll argue taking that neighborhood plans to the next level of implementation and refining them to get a handle on the protest i can see us two or three or 4 years down the road
3:12 pm
starting to plan parts of the city but for the next year's i'll prefer to take the one we have and make sure it works. >> commissioner melgar. >> i had a couple of questions so you talked about making the city more an easier place in the context of housing so it occurs to me there are other things besides housing that make that a good place to live childcare is important, hospitals and parks and schools so what i don't see in terms of the housing and others planning that is going on in the school district and recreation others in housing where it that in the plan. >> let me i'm going to turn it over to our person that is managing the family-friendly
3:13 pm
city work. >> thank you yeah, so we didn't list kind of everything we wanted to list under the umbrella you mentioned we're starting to think about childcare and what we can do we're kind of launching in initiative and in the school district we've been meeting with them temporarily it is kind of all buried and we're right now writing that up to provide the framework document and this housing will be in january to give you a little bit more detail on that initiative. >> one other question and that is under the key initiatives the community equality i am wondering what you think is a possible specialized training that staff might need to be fiscal or is there any do you think there is anyone walking
3:14 pm
into a community and do this effectively. >> i do think this takes training we have a cohort of planners from throughout the department that have been doing the training in racial quantity equality and that is about engagement and building a tool that is a vast range of work but i do think it takes training, 2 takes trust, it takes i think understanding and it helps people we're going into a neighborhood a certain race of ethic outlet - and cvs a staff
3:15 pm
we try to chief as well. >> i'll take the next stab. >> one of the things i sit up here i struggle about how to tie this together there are treads and treads and threads of work how it relates to each other kind of like case in the how does the do strategic planning. >> you don't center to go into great detail. >> some of that work is related to the work we're doing around with some the directors of 09 departments and working on aligning the strategic programs and policies and setting up a pathway to work across departments this is what that is ref to i think we had in here scenario
3:16 pm
planning a lot of the frustration we've seen since i've been on the commission we'll take the neighborhood plans a case in the a long term 25 years they were t at the bottom of a cycle and in the past you know 5 years whatever the environment shifted dramatically and the marketplace has shifted dramatically and just a question and the frustration comes around the things we saw you know 8 or 9 or 10 years ago things changed uber and airbnb and golden buses all those things we didn't have how do we shift gears you know that is hard to do it quickly how do we save 2 if this is happening what do we do. >> that's a good question.
3:17 pm
>> i've been a project manager f for health department packard - the comment i'll have if we didn't see the african-americans population going down what is the point we're city manager's office a smaller and smaller people the contingency is something i'd like to understand how you do this i think that current based look into the future we pies that note a future on staff i know the company i worked for had a future it - planning for to the
3:18 pm
future needs someone to understand how to have a glimpse and another thing and tying this together category we sturlg each week i'm giving an e park it is something we have people wanting more and less parking and talk about the number of spaces eyed and commissioner johnson said she saw building in mission bay there is less parking and the analysis and the kind of planning for the future sometimes into recommendations everyday work why would we want to achieve 75 parking on a project when the ratios with 5 in and the world is 2.2 i find a disconnect on we find ourselves
3:19 pm
here is parking garages we we have nolo contenderecy plans so what do we do with that where's the contingency plans what happened with the world's changes on the land use point of view i think the other thing is these are all very good don't take this is a a bad criticism this is great work but things that are 2015, 2016 and plan on how to budget the question maybe that also how did the prioritize those we have different focus areas is there one hyper important or acute we should put more resources on it is calling our name and not rather than later how do we deal with that.
3:20 pm
>> those are all again questions to our last point the priorities we showed at the beginning of the presentation is sort of how we're attempting to prioritize the work we do is it achieving the goals and what can we do to get towards achieving those goals those are more comprehensive types of projects come in and figure to your point of contingency and long term future predicting i don't know we can predict a single future but with the scenario planning that is we're starting to do that through connect sf i'm let albert talk about that but trying to improve our long term foresight where are we going and where do we want to be and how do we get there that's the goal
3:21 pm
and maybe peter can speak to the scenario. >> those are very important i want to see how those are in the - >> peter albert how did we get it wrong in the past one of the opportunity when you work as long as i have in those kinds of things the observes in the 1980s and projecting futures of transportation forensic and seeing how close and some things couldn't have anticipated the driving for these or the external forces had we common we might have done definitely next is scenario planning my staff is working with a futurisfuturist.
3:22 pm
>> to work more xavnly on the trespasses that change the idea forensic when i was working with the planning department we were trying to see how great to live next to transit people will want it we want to convince the developers people will line up we didn't anticipate that became the most expensive challenges of living in the bay area we didn't think about the levels of ramification, quality and gentrification those kinds of things this scenario exercise we should pay attention my term with connect sf is short my future is important precise than 50 years what i hope to do with the futurists miff we talked
3:23 pm
about the drivers that shape transportation going beyond like the economy or the demographic like the millennial working paper so different than 5 years ago the introduction of technology and then asked to figure out which one influence transportation and which one is hard to predict going through that experience we came up with 6 or 7 things that are influential how we shape where we should be in restraining order years is going to be what we learn in the scenario planning but here's the cove i think the person we're working will be willing to check in but worked with huge conflicts doing things in the port of having an
3:24 pm
cover and got them to see how much common ground they were fighting in the periphery and came to futures more real and closer to where they're going then they thought to project and plan so follow connect sf this will be an interesting exercise we'll work with planning in a different way and looking to bring in stakeholders that will be the regular people we think of people in groups and creative people we don't involve in ass experiences artists and writers and have workshops to get down to one in a transparent way the public is engaged throughout but at the end of that process which is april or may all of planning group will lean how we can do better and predicting the
3:25 pm
outcome they'll help us. >> sure that's absolutely amazing i'm stunned by your erroneous did the futurists help. >> she's via connect sf and swears that is applicable to everything we're doing. >> a few more comments i'll pass the mike the contingency planning is the active long term plan but not a lot of iteration with the eastern neighborhoods and set in stone we have members of the community saying plan those tweet so how do you think we bestiality rat those not a citywide planning thing. >> i might weigh in on i think we have said everything you recall the report on the eastern neighborhoods a few months ago and done a lot of work on the
3:26 pm
eastern neighborhoods and the zoning controls and those things need to change i think the challenge always is that type of iteration unfortunately it takes time we can't because of public process and because of legislative process it is hard to react in the same period of time that the world is changing; right? it is when you change legislation want to go through the public process and work with the property owners and we usually go into the legislative process we agree that there are changes that need to happen and put some of those forwards but i mean the reality in terms of the time to respond and not an excuse a time element not typical of the - >> be more aggressive one last comment i see ah p d and
3:27 pm
character listed in the documents part of investment in the neighborhood is really letting everybody know that complains about change those kinds of findings are not maturing inclusive you have change and input from the neighborhood i saw that in noah valley it out there just who the neighborhoods don't feel they've engaged they kind of want to say not to delay everything commissioner moore. >> mr. albert i agree that the 80's was just as it could be at the time it happens we didn't have the tools to know anything of the tools we have today so that having said that, is with the highest technology the as part the only thing we connect the planning to the realities of what is happening not ahead of
3:28 pm
us what you might chief an argument over a glass or a cup of coffee (laughter). >> no, i doesn't say that the question with the future is the topic you've present under the leadership of mr. kelly i assume you're talking about the parts of future i i didn't see i mentioned that my question what you are doing linebackers to what is happening in the rest of the world that's the idea of the city as a experiment and envisioning the city envisioning the future of transportation and i'd like to see scenarios which takes a most idealistic ways of tools we'll have for the touched that the brt has been around for
3:29 pm
decades what is on the horizon of what cities are doing we've not even considered thinking about i'm interested in seeing supervisor wiener's plan about the extension of the rapid transit throughout the city not bans a particular line but the work comprehensive indeed embraces the future that's a question how we're envisioning the metropolis of 1.2 million people in san francisco in the future how do we do that that is density and the facility and all the things that open space and all the building blocks just we're working on the city is experiment of yesterday sweden and germany have embraced each
3:30 pm
new building can must have electrical car charging outlets in 245ir home we're far away from that speaking about an auto entry not produce fossil fuel cars one of the summations we are using parking small cars is the benefit of one parking spaces you with all the ideas i rarely hear about i'll pose the challenges for all describe of the future envisioning to what the rest of world is doing and be as challenging and as you can be i'll leave it at that and the conversation of the future actually what about parts but i'll weigh in on the transportation issue i appreciate that commissioner moore in the the definition of
3:31 pm
what are the trends or the new technologies it influence transportation and how in their hard to predict i don't think that san francisco gets much more license to prevent it the capital like seoul and see how well integrated with the technology to make transportation and anticipate the problems before people got on the podiums there's a whole process that prefigures the workshops those don't start with people stepping in coals the stage we're building is getting exactly that looking at those problems are not the first day the inner residents had to talk about jurisdiction they've been solved in advance how can they apply to san francisco where what are we are doing that the cities are inspecting us we do the process with the stakeholders the stakeholders themselves are a big part of
3:32 pm
success not just people that like to report to commissioners those are visionary think internal revenue people with credentials and resumes that make them the great leases in the conversation so i'd like to do and this may be my next visit notch you will be the summary of our research going dot yips what technology and we've been afraid to talk about one thing we want to pitch we've made great examples of groundbreaking transportation that makes us more responsive to technology getting people in transportation in a way they cooperate rather than fight with each other i will pledge to come back but i wonder if for . >> future conversation. >> i want to add a conversation if i may i love
3:33 pm
experiment and a lot of futuristic experiments not turns the city into chaos the current experiment with lyft and uber i was on the bus literally everyone that gets on guess bus is feeling unsafe and complaining about the city in the last two or three is in class of unregulated things that don't meet the ooufshz that you're all describing and commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much. >> a lot to go over this is fantastic looking forward to future hearings on the staffing and budget how you will accomplish that a couple of comments and a question how we'll get to that with the staffing and budget the
3:34 pm
reference is we're talking about the racial and quality lens i won't get on a soapbox but i think a good model how we approached the redevelopment of our public housing that is aurnl underway they've done an excellent jobs bringing the community two the process and looking at the problem holistically but not only housing and phasing and lieutenant the stabilization of current residents for the most part a activity in the areas especially with residents i think that the model that we can use to go into any areas of the city with the computers that don't have a history of advocating for themselves i don't think this is an area to start to scratch and through up our hands and how do we do it
3:35 pm
the city is doing this with developers and other private evict individuals it is happening i wanted to mention again mr. dulavich comments about land use element and/or reviving the neighborhoods plan i don't argue that i think i agree with the director rahaim i think we're on the right track with implementation and how we put together the neighborhood plans we have and look at the larger eastern neighborhoods and bay front that really needs to be more integrated in planning my initial i had with neighborhood plans since i began looking at them their structured in other words, to really make them go and make them fully to be able to realize the dream we
3:36 pm
have to have more integrated agency cooperation physical land use and building didn't do much if we don't have cooperation and coordinations on rec and park and open space and mta and all of that right now the way that is set up we have a way to get there without the collaboration how fabulous it will go some of what i see in the citywide initiative that are laid out ♪ plan the planning department it actually will go a lesson ways to create that many initiatives require working together with rec and park once you have the cultivate of collaboration work together on those projects and talk with the neighborhood plans
3:37 pm
and neighborhood plans will be about creating those huge documents that don't come to fruition or need to be changed very soon thereafter, their infected and people work with them that's my opinion on that love mr. albert that was retired for 5 seconds love what your honor, saying about sf connect as a proud board member and i love that kind of stuff look forward to the finding and hope i see the future scenario planning i think there is only unfortunately, a futurist like to look at one hundred years out a big picture where the culture is taking us we work think legislation if we enact it it works today next year or two
3:38 pm
years from now we have an issue with the time scale not matching up by looking forward how connect sf where will work with the rest of the city getting to my two questions the first one is i think commissioner talked about the neighborhood character one thing that i feel i don't think missing but doesn't see in front of the initiatives going forward are we are doing - are we undertaking any effort usually for the documents what we mean by that i kind of feel this conversation came up personally the first, i heard it coming up we are heard about the governor by rights housing legislation that was proposed a few months back and one of the lines was saying you know how the projects will have
3:39 pm
to meet all the justice standards and i say that because neighborhood character is one of the things that has not made obviously standards about it we're going to lay it out as a policy we need to do if i ask a question any work we want to do about that have done that maybe you guys don't know about that >> that's a good question it could fit to the citywide initiative and the work we do in individual community about the community and how to keep those and build on them as of neighborhoods that's the goal of that initiative so - and i might add to that i think when you hear community members come and talk about the neighborhood character they're often talking
3:40 pm
about physical aspects we are dealing with height and bulk of buildings it is hard to objectify it is wrong word but trying to get the urban design guidelines work i think the point that is just as important if not important about the types of businesses and a lot of the work in the city and neighborhoods initiative is about what is happening in the commercial neighborhoods and most are the soul and core of the neighborhood for example, what that means not just about the size of a building of the types of businesses and the types of services that are provided in those neighborhoods that is, i think you know that is a lot of what we're working on in the initiative called the city of neighborhoods maybe that term neighborhoods character comes up a lot we can try to be
3:41 pm
more specific how we address that note about buildings it is about all the other activities that make a neighborhood and i'll agree we've seen a little bit up here when we see the ideas of culture district and certain projects in the mission that conversation started up here in that way more explicit whether so i agree i think that maybe not written 0 into the initiatives when we think about physical characteristics and not just you know the culture things what can we say especially the projects that may there taking advantage of the density bonus program and start looking you know the southern baseline around the eastern neighborhoods changing some of the
3:42 pm
neighborhoods as a commissioner that is challenging to sort of use a morphed term to shape any of the decisions i'd like to see a lot of something a little bit more obviously than the tools we have right now but that's more of a comment and something i didn't see in the planning and so i think with that, my final question is you have a lot of 2017 things on here and my question is: what is the next step in terms of planning and prioritizing seeing the housing and from the commission it can be challenging to do too many things in the order what is the idea behind the phasing of some of these. >> most of these that is a 2017 the work your ongoing the central soma lane we have a number of people and number of
3:43 pm
teams working on different projects and they're not all going to hit at once but over the course of a year and those are projects that are well underway some 2016 and we've done or completed those so you know there is - not all new work i guess that's the point that represents the work the 50 people in the citywide vision are working on every day. >> a couple of more last comments i think that commissioner johnson hit the nail on the head with the legitimized documents that means deft things to different people when you have the commercial corridor there are - trying to get as much as you can and understand the neighborhood character that's the question
3:44 pm
around change will happen but what do we want the neighborhood. >> neighborhood and city to look like because we've have people marching an dr and for neighborhoods character yet not a guide how does it fit and not fit what we want the neighborhood to look like to mr. albert come back and tell us how you were successful now we have the document that is what everybody is interested in to the extent that you have shorthand highlights talk about the traffics not resources it should be really the process itself determining the timelines thank you >> any other commissioner comments. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to item 11 for case pennsylvania
3:45 pm
this is a large project authorization commissioner and please note over hearing and closing public comment on this september 2016 you continued this motivator by the a vote of 5 to zero commissioner vice president richards you were absent on that day and not seat on the commission if both of you can acknowledge you've reviewed the materials and looked at the video you can participant. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner johnson i have a few handouts for the group. >> good afternoon planning commission kres with the planning department staff the item before you coagulation previously heard belittle planning commission on september 1, 2016, at that hearing the motion was phenomenon conditions and conditions and continued the
3:46 pm
proposed project to november 3rd for reference it knit a requester for a large project authorization for the construction of a new 4 story 40 feet mixed use building with 59 units and 54 hundred square feet of pdr as part of lp a the project so you get the planning code requirements for rear yard dwelling unit exposure and horizon mass reduction in the planning commission continued the project to allow the sponsor to provide adequate time for to the coordinate the development of the costa-hawkins and give them an opportunity to refederal bureau of investigation the green wall along the property line at the coast guard the commission previously expresses the concerns the green wall lacked clarity and the negatively impacting the connection between
3:47 pm
the site as a result, the commission asked the green wall design to be resolved that concern and directed by the planning commission the concurrent proposal is the whole costa-hawkins and included in the packet and the project sponsor addresses the commissions concern about the green wail those changes will include as follows: to insure the wall for two-step sections of the wall, to provide further materials differentiation and reduce the mass for the plans within the garden wall for the framework drip irrigation for the wall and planters that can be maintained using less from the coast guard and other panels for the firewall patterson are composed of an arthritic light to pass
3:48 pm
through both sides and the project sponsor will be talking about that. >> the sponsor has provided the calculations for the 50 percent wall transparency and the plans adequately reflect the height of the green wall in relation to the freeway and the height of the seek tier level as a result of the specific changes outlined above the staff believes the sponsor as resolved the concerns previously expressed by the commission and lastly on the continued work with the project with the projects in general and japan policy that supports the sustainable multi modelal transportation the project adds 2, tdm measures it was adopted
3:49 pm
in 2016 the pdr is to one a multi modal east line measure and two realtime transportation information and inform 3 trailers marketing services for the project staff recommend that the sponsor include 3 tdm two active by bicycle parking and bicycle repair station and family one family tdm amenity the sponsor is receiver with regards to the public comment two letters of the concern loss of pdrs specifically with the existing production services business at the project site one of these letters from the current production owners with us has been handled out and
3:50 pm
staff is supportive of the project with the lp modifications and recommends approval for the following reasons the project is consistent with the programs and policies of the general plan and the project is located with that zoning district where residential use and ground floor pdr uses are principally permitted and that provides 34 hundred square feet of pdr to partially offset the existing 19 thousand plus gross square feet of the existing pdr the project is compatible and respect the neighborhood character and provides the map and scale for the typography and out of the 59 units 26 two bedrooms are larger than the 40 percent the project represents a 44 percent amount lastly please note i provided you with a red line motion that
3:51 pm
reflects the correct vengd and conditions onsite affordability options that are previously changed to onsite affordability if you have any questions i'm available. >> project sponsor please. commissioner president fong this is the second hearing you'll have 3 minutes and public commenters. >> we have a presentation on the revised green wall would you like to see the presentation. >> how long is the presentation. >> okay. once you - one other point that i've been asked to raise by the bolsters association we agreed on a change to the liaison a condition of approval and i've been asked by staff to read into the record you'll have that revised condition in addition prior to the
3:52 pm
excavation until waved for written notice for a preapplication for the 311 and the notice for the construction dust and mitigation should have a meeting with the neighbors before the project sponsor finalize the plan we agree and request you add that to the conditions of approval let me introduce the architect that can refine this to the garden wall. >> good afternoon. i also have a - something i can pass around. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm mark a license california architect and a principle from the public architecture firm thank you for having us. and the opportunity to continue the presentation for our project at the 2349 pennsylvania
3:53 pm
previously at the last hearing on september 1st they presented the overall design and said this averages to be focused on the green wall element - we want to focus on the green wall element and explain how the design has been development since then on the top of slides the design presented during the september hearing and below is the new proposed green wall we studied the comments and found the green wall to be improved in the ways described you'll first noticed we added the feature wall and find the seconds of the green wall on a closer look we added the pattern that will serve as planters we retained the license
3:54 pm
landscaper architect and can answer me questions about the drought species and types of the drip irrigation from the lift and inside the courtyard and the other panels in the wall pattern are that i see on the sample board those images are case elements found in san francisco the photos feature the living walls 25 feet in height and the europe are the coast guard similar to the clerk panels at 35 feet high you'll notice the glass is transparency and the ability to see beyond the wall in the case we were proposing a panel that provides lighted in and out of pays the bottom right renderings is a view from a window in a lower unit looking towards the kwlgd the renderings in the top right a view from the windows interior of a top unit
3:55 pm
as you can see will be looking out over the living room feature that elevation is the living wall and the relationship to the freeway and the on ramp and the point of view while entering the one ram and the photos from the on ramp that renderings is entering 20th century and the photos are - i'm sorry this rendering it shows a cars point of view while driving south on 280 the 280 freeway we believe the proposed green wall will be the best design faevendz that will dissipate the features and will you the coast guards that be pleasant thank you.
3:56 pm
>> okay kngs h opening up for public comment and good afternoon, commissioners my name is gary mooifrns own brinkley production services located at 249 pennsylvania avenue as you may know our warehouse and hardware whereby demolished and replaced for units we've been at the location for years we've a service provider for film and convenience we've provided thousand of instruction that in equipment from low budget student films to block bursts hollywood movies we've gotten a lgbt film festival the
3:57 pm
san francisco silent film festival and many more our reach is beyond the industry we're one of the earlier proponents of pennsylvania gardens located next door to our shop i built the beverage that sits in the gardens i'm sorry, i was burger to attend large project months video i was pleased to hear your new brunswick neighborhood hardware has a new location picked ousted not the case with us today, we have no place to go i feel like we've been forgotten in a city that is letting us down the pdrs businesses are a dying breed brinkley is the only production service in san francisco trained as local 16 we we're thrilled many heats and everyday is different i wish the
3:58 pm
stylist that needs a last minute a wrap for a photo shoot and walk i didn't talks i didn't see or the couple that needs extra chairs for a hollywood and we 3r50id ourselves on service i speak to bring awareness to the commission as a third-generation native raised in a blue-collar family i see businesses like ours pushed out of the city we love thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment? okay - public comment is closed. >> and opening up to commissioners for comments. >> commissioner moore. >> the challenge is this
3:59 pm
commission had choose to the design was the shadow coast guard open a very difficult size 16 feet if the edge of the unit balcony to face the wall the question has been can there be anything else that softens it to be more aware the relatively short distance before where you live and the wall i think the architect made an attempt to explorer other options but it site is indeed very, very close to the freeway that raise those issues didn't allow them to do much else than what their proceeding the question is then do we prefer more informal landscaping or more form landscaping the distance it is what it is that's my observation
4:00 pm
of the challenges we processed and in kind we approved the project we liked the massing and commented on the stepping the projects and with the joining streets that is a positive comment the question how the shadow coast guard 16 feet from the face of balcony to the edge of the wall to the edge of the freeway is handled so i basic building an attempt to be made though i'm not but i'm still prepared to support the project in spit of it. >> for my clarification mr. brinkley can you come up for a second. >> just for clarification is your shop in the space that would now be opted out by


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