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tv   Transporation Authority Full Board 102516  SFGTV  November 7, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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(inaudible) establishment of virtues enforcement of humanity. (inaudible) courage (inaudible) destiny (inaudible) thank you. >> is there any additional general public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed.
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this is an information item. item number eleven. >> adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank you. >> good morning, everyone thank you all for joining us today today, we're realizing the distance manufacturers and a culmination of a year of work we partnered with 24 individuals our sdains team to provide
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guidance for the prodding project as we look for a way for san francisco to be a leader in the growing sector advanced industry what is is that it is anything that involves technology or innovations to improve the process or products we're making the benefits of the manufacturing is makes manufacturing more efficient and cleaner and safer for our workers the playbooks look at ways for san francisco to remain at the forefront the recommendation cover 3 main strategies regional collections to build an eco system for the industry, opportunities to strengthen infrastructure to support this industry and workforce opportunity to assure we are the leaders in goods and with blew
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collar jobs the jobs in manufacturers create a pathway to the middle-income i'd like to introduce mayor ed lee our number one supporter of our manufacturing industry here in san francisco. >> (clapping.) >> thank you laurel for that introduction it is great to be in bayview supervisor cowen for joining us this morning as well i know she's a great admire of local administrative codes quite frankly most of those jobs can be in her district you it to michael for inviting us and thank you to the gap team that is here as well their really a homegrown company here and really the best example of what we're trying to do with the advanced industry playbook first of all, we have to understand what manufacturing see everyone
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thinks i'm the mayor of city dealing with tech and innovation and bio logical sciences that's not true in fact, besides tourism technology and bio sciences manufacturing has been a very steady job creator in san francisco a lot of people don't know that you look at outside and don't see the activities i love did noise this noise means people are making things that's why sfmade and the office of civic innovation call got together to put this playbook together so the public can besides the role of manufacturing in san francisco one, if we understand it we as the board and city and the mayor
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wouldn't make mistakes down the road to compliment and support this one and 20 job company that has been here for almost 50 years and many other local manufacturing jobs that are created if we understand it we understand the blend that technology has we're supportive have to advance this manufacturing if we understand that we understand the international market to bring those priorities all over the world as part of their apparel design one of the best selling brand for san francisco this is what the playbook is all about i'm enthusiastic about the sector of our entry because you don't need a 4-year degree but you need training and that's one of the objectives of this playbook how the city supports the kind of training these
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employees are so had in order to be great at their jobs and use of the he overlay how do we understand the market that makes sure we have a market to understands how wonderful and provision made those products are how does it blend with the apparel with beiges or beverages with manufacturers with beverages we make all kinds of things in san francisco i want to make sure that people support the playbook the deeper understanding of administrative reviews here and never forgot for every manufacturing jobs that is the multiple power of 2 1/2 jobs created here sfmade knows that we got to have other people understand that and then the biggest thing i
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want people to really be able to do is support our local manufacturing by buying things that are made in san francisco as we approach the holiday season this is the best time to suggest to everybody buy local it is really going to help our manufacturers to sustain themselves and if we buy local understand the products that are made are caused to be made in san francisco or the bay area we'll support our local manufacturers that much more we have two programs i want to make sure that people understand that is buy local program and also sf bids connection our office work in tandem between big businesses and small businesses to support each other the large corporation shift 5 to 10 percent of buying
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power into local organized companies we'll have this much stronger base in san francisco the buy local means we shop and dine in the 49 annette and i know we'll spent a lot of time we have great restaurant great stores, great outlets in san francisco to buy from you don't need to go online and buy other things from foreign places but have all the products made in manufacturing design with a san francisco label i want to make sure people understand that makes sure we understand the playbook and want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the over 70 people that formed in playbook took a lot of interviews on the international and local level to understand what is going on here and when we say that we're going to support our local
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manufacturing places with more production, distribution, and repair spaces we want to know we're doing it in the right way we don't need empty warehouses to get to san francisco we need vientd job creating spaces like here in cannabis dispensary caner america that is 50 years in the making when you understand what they had to do for the manufacturing you'll know they're making the same quality products in a precise way to be sold all over the world we need an international expletive in other words, to survive and do better it will compliment our strength in tourism and, etc. everyone thank you for coming here and being informed about the advanced manufacturing playbook and thank
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you for supporting cannabis dispensary can and gap and those that will sell the sfmade pursuits good morning, everyone. >> (clapping.) >> we're now going to her from supervisor cowen sfropg advocate for our industrial jobs and supervisor at the district 10 we're looking to spend. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone in the mayors introduction he earned the title of the number one fan of industrial work in spaces that makes me number 2 march 3 next to kate who knows but i'm excited to be here and thank you to all of you thank you and recognize the leadership of the mayor's office of economic workforce development we're working very, very hard to be inclusive and thought to make sure the policies are
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representing and recognizing and supporting small businesses in san francisco not leaving out the manufacturing industry i think that is very important to call out when you think about the growth of the manufacturing industry the instructors that is retiring locally that is bringing diversity racial diversity and parity to the entire workforce, of course, i need to recognize the office of civic innovation and my friend from the sgin kate who to say the executive director and head of sfmade she has an incredible vision i think for the maker industry period in san francisco been a tremendous amount of work and diving in we're grateful and as you can see the fruit of your labor about 10 years if i'm not mistaken around that time that at the helm bringing about more manufacturing jokes for those of
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you who don't know i'm the maid of the san franciscan born and raised not far under the bayview and been a considerable amount of time to fight for pdr space pdr space in this very conscious city for economic development isn't housing crisis has been the first type of space that has been cannibalized by development and with the mayor's office and with sfmade help we have been able to i think single-handedly pushed back r pushed back to protect pdr space to make sure that san francisco economy will thrive not everyone will afford a university or get a degree but were make sure we have jobs that are available for everyone at different education backgrounds to, sir can congratulations i know that - an incredible copy
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50 years around and gap has been around anymore but i'm looking to getting a tour and if i see a belt or bracelet or something i'll put it on my tab no free rides just put it on my tabby want to talk a little bit about the advanced team this is a grew up of 25 sector businesses that got together to provide their insight on exactly what the industry needs to elevate and advance the industry and to begin to understand begin to understand how san francisco, california position itself to be a leader in this particular
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growing be sector now a series even if recognitions what that made out of the workshop we're working on the first recommendation and it is to begin to organize a regional manufacturing which will reach out to from time to time and old and san jose rainwater this month we're happy to share the information with you when the event becomes to fruition but i want to again, thank you i'm grateful i don't know if anyone if i'm the only one that was unaware of advanced manufacturing s a simple concept you take old world and add technology to it that increasing the productivity that is incredibly important when you think about north silicon valley we're we should be industry leaders thank you to all the
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partners that makes us to be the leader and mayor ed lee congratulations this is a quite an accomplishment and a feather in your cap thank you. >> (clapping.) >> well, good morning and thank you supervisor cowen and mayor ed lee for your remarks and leadership i'm kate ceo of sfmade and for those of you who don't know we have the city's nonprofit partner working across the city to support and sustain and help to keep local manufacturers like, sir can rising in the city our network of local manufacturing totals 6 hundred companies broadly raging be like, sir can and the broosters to a whole range of early stage makers and fueled
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kinds of companies from jewelry to granola to products that are probably more what we imagine like the advanced manufacturing like a grown but today, i really want to comment on i think supervisor cowen you gave me the lead in we think about advanced manufacturing in this city and i do have to the opportunities now too often spent a lot of time in cities across the country that look at san francisco as a role model for how to knit together literally and figuratively over world craft we think about sue or metalworking my gathers was do to billing low where i came from all over the place advanced manufacturing we see the articles and pictures of drone or robots at the end of the day we're most cities i will august
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including that one finds the special combination of the two in doing exactly what, sir can has done not just but the products so much opportunity in connecting together those new kinds of manufacturing technologies and some of them are pretty straightforward this i'm assuming michael was made with a lazer current a straightforward kind of technology you can have our young con or daughter learn how to use one at soft tech in san francisco but something that bigger companies like, sir can use to help to make their process more efficient at the end of the day when you add technology with people it is not instead of people that is the two together that's what makes the magic happen and that's where i see san francisco and others see san
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francisco be able to lead the way and demonstrate those those two together work with that, my heartfelt thanks to the mayors leadership and supervisor cowen and her colleagues leadership on everything from land use to providing more visibility to those kinds of companies thank you to the corporate companies like the gaps and others from san francisco may not produce in the city any longer than but made investment and decision that help to drive the business of the, sir can and more importantly i want to thank you the team that makes, sir can as you may know from us as/78 their 12 of us i couldn't do anything without my team and want martin is the driver the primary author of that book our manufacturing
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fellow it is transitioning into the initiative we are launching with mayor ed lee and the mayors of from time to time, oakland and san jose and pro transacted an initiative called the urban manufacturing initiative that will dwrief important jobs across the region in san francisco over the next 3 years the kickoff to that is actually on november 17th right here at the pier 70 we would like to see many of you here he wanted to end my little piece with to thank you for those who work at, sir can there is quite a few of you standing here you're the ones that make it happen all the rest is theizing on the cake it is about you guys and any thank you for investing and be able part of this with that, i'd like to
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introduce the ceo of, sir can michael sanders thank you kate and welcome mayor ed lee and supervisor cowen and sfmade and the special customer gap we are honored to have you this is a special moment for, sir can and the communities back in 1967 the founder of this company started selling small leather good ideas on hate street and he invested along with his partner with technology and infrastructure to build it wonderful one plus thousand dollars manufacturing facility we're proud we have the largest leather good ideas facility in the united states we're the largest factory here in san francisco and proud to be in the bayview many years served consumers by the gaps for 45 years and
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nordstrom and others your goal to continue to expand and create jobs isn't usa by expanding to huge channels what makes many company special are our employees one and 20 employees in the factory and over 40 employees up, huh? our afternoon tenure over 18 years we're incredibly proud of that. >> (clapping.) >> we pride ourselves in training employees and providing benefits and opportunity to grow and i want to thank everyone here and the employees for, sir can for making this company special so thank you. >> (clapping.) >> and with that i'd like to introduce you to one of our is there any public comment employees tammy, tammy. >> (clapping.) >> i think good high
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good morning, everyone my name is tammy long i've worked here for 17 years my husband worked here for 24 years we both like working for, sir can we get for learn about new machines and learn about new fields my supervisor nice to everyone we work together like family and very happy thank you.
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>> (clapping.) >> so, now i'd like to invite you on a tour of the factory lead by michael thank you, everyo >> neighborhoods and san francisco as exists and fascist as the people that i think inhabitable habit them the bay area continues to change for the better as new start up
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businesses with local restaurants and nonprofit as the collaborative spaces the community appeal is growing too. >> what anchors me to the community i serve is a terminal connection this is the main artery of the southeast neighborhood that goes around visitacion valley and straight down past the ball park and into the south of market this corridor the hub of all activity happening in san francisco. >> i'm barbara garcia of the wines in the bayview before opening the speculation we were part of bayview and doing the
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opera house every thursday i met local people putting their wares out into the community barbara is an work of a symbol how the neighborhood it changing in a a positive way literally homemade wine that is sold in the community and organized businesses both old and new businesses coming together to revitalizes this is a yoga studio i actually think be able a part of community going on in the bayview i wanted to have a business on third street and to be actually doing that with the support of community. >> how everybody reasons together to move each other forward a wonderful run for everybody out here. >> they're hiring locally and
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selling locally. >> it feels like a community effort. >> i was i think the weather is beautiful that is what we can capture the real vibe of san francisco i love it i can go ongoing and on and on about the life in the
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regular meeting of of the san francisco board of education is called to order >> ms. fewer dr. murase ms. norton, mr. walton thank you ms. wynns that he mr. haney and ms. ing thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> we want to thank everyone that joined us in person for anyone that wants to address the


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