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tv   LIVE Special BOS Govt Audit and Oversight Committeee  SFGTV  November 14, 2016 11:00am-12:31pm PST

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>> good morning and welcome to the government audit & oversight for monday, november 14, 2016, i'm the chair of the committee supervisor cohen's joined by board member supervisor breed to my left is and by supervisor campos to supervisor breed's left our vice chair supervisor yee will not be here today and we will have a motion to excuse him but proush to that let me introduce any clerk mr. evans
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thank you electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the november 29, 2016, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> and supervisor breed can we have a motion to excuse supervisor yee. >> moved without objection and mr. clerk one the. >> the conversion to the short-term rental arranged to no more than 60 units from filing a private right of action allow private action prior to the final determination by the planning director and shorten for the praifrpt parties to file a action. >> this is sponsored by supervisor breed and co-sponsored before i myself and
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supervisor campos and supervisor kim supervisor breed the floor is yours. >> thank you last month supervisor peskin and i introduced this legislation inform place regulations on short-term rentals in the city the legislation informed by research from the school of hospitality at penn state university a cap on short-term rentals whether the host is present or not and grandfathered in hosts that have registered with the city at the existing 90 day cap for unhosted rent-controlled units for 36 hours cap for hosted reversals that styles the cost for department of emergency the violation of short-term rental law and empowers nonprofit that are dedicated to preserving the housing for enforcement of violated of short-term rentals law i've said we need robust
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effective regulations of short-term rentals and we need to make changes when something is not working as well as we know that should be we have far too many hosts not registering with the city and people exceeding or just ignoring the annual rental caps this tack critical housing units off the market making them unavailable for those struggling to find an affordable place it shouldn't be for lucrative to offer a empty unit as a short-term rental than to rent that has permanent housing for a san francisco family or resident i want to support the many san franciscans listening on this hosting platform to make ends meet they deserve the fair regulations within the process the host who have played by the rules and registered did so with the
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insures with the city and she we should live up to our public comments we need 0 protect the housing stock while allowing the residents to share their homes to insure the registrations are effective making nonprofit partners in the most egregious violators i want to thank supervisor peskin and our co-sponsors supervisor campos and supervisor kim i know we have a couple of small amendments i've defer to supervisor peskin thank you for everybody who expressed their support or concern that is a complex and viewing issue i'll always be ready to make changes had something is not working as it should thank you and i'm going to turn it over to you chair peskin. >> thank you madam president i
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was hastened albeit to see the words made by airbnb and this morning's san francisco chronicle about their willingness to work with the city and look forward to working with airbnb and other short-term rental platforms to continue those discussions as we move forward with this issue in the months ahead as to a number of - as supervisor breed said small amendments to the legislation that is before us based on some comments in the members of the public i proposed we amend the item that is because on page 4 at lines 9 and 13 to make the date november 1st tomorrow as
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opposed to the introduction that's to deal with individuals who had begun in and attempted to registration prior to the date of introduction to there were had how often of those individuals that will address them and on page 5 a clarification in subsection e on line 10 says the residential unit is an insert and the permanent person uses the preliminary residents registrations on the short-term rental registry are not transferable and only rae nude by the permanent folks not a property right it runs with the priest no, not with the property and deputy city attorney does it
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cover the amendments that - >> the additional amendments? >> good morning deputy city attorney andrew one minor amendment is that i believe the office of short-term rentals wished to include a clarification that anyone who having 2k3wr5ir7b9d in will not lose the grandfathered status with the third amendment and all 3 amendments are not substantive and can move forward today. >> thank you counsel as to the third amendment we support where will that be no see it our intention to include that. >> i don't unfortunately have a copy but come back as we so forth. >> is kevin imply the person
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on the - and supervisor campos. >> thank you mr. chair it's been a very interesting and difficult week for so many of us in san francisco and throughout the country with the location of donald trump i can't even say that as president of the united states and had a unity rally that supervisor president breed and mayor ed lee put together i was proud to be part of that it is important for san francisco to be o to be united against donald trump to stand together to be considered to be san francisco values we did that notwithstanding some differences we had with residents with mayor ed lee
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and one of those differences it that in the area of what we do with airbnb as short-term rentals and the point here that i and many have been trying to make we know that short-term rentals have a place in san francisco. >> we're talking about is striking a balance for some responsibility and specifically looking to protect the very limited amount of housing stock we have in the city one of the kind differences we have the question of what is the responsibility of those corporate players when it comes to reducing our housing stock and that's why this issue is so important i want to thank supervisor president london breed and supervisor peskin for putting in measure forward i do think it is about striking that balance lou
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gehrig's disease short-term rentals and having clear rules that limit how far people can use the limited housing stock we have this is what that is about and i'll is to airbnb that i welcome the comments from circling and others that said after many, many years they'll actually try to follow the refuges as someone said you know it is not what airbnb says that what they do pudding one of the big differences within the party we have is that you have corporate democrats that believe that recreation alisa miller airbnb don't have to follow the rules and the bernie sanders and elizabeth warner wing of the party building those corps need
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to be held accountability and follow the rules like everyone maybe this is a change in san francisco at national level those corporate democrats that have control of the party that led away in the corporations maybe that is the start in san francisco the corporate democrats in that believe to do the same so i look forward to that and look forward to the hearing. >> thank you supervisor campos bill barns from the zoning administrator's on behalf of the office of short-term rentals. >> good morning members i'm bill barns on behalf of the ever zoning administrator and kevin guy will be out there the weather and i'm happy to answer basic questions and come back on questions. >> have you or the zoning administrator heard any responses to the letter that you
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wrote to all the short-term rentals platforms at the beginning of this year. >> the zoning administrator and the manager of the short-term rentals sent a letter as a result some have taken action against platforms that have failed to meet the san francisco law and those are within resolved we've heard informally if various platforms but not had in writing and look forward to hearing from them. >> any other questions for mr. barns? >> and if i might on the third amendment briefly the way the permit process right now the permit is looked at every two years not like a renewable the office of short-term rentals building this is a minor process and . >> so right so we're all clear and the members of the public
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are clear that is the intent of this legislation that those approximately no less than 17 hundred individual that have joined the last two years since the original law legalizing short-term rentals activities passed its in 2014 those registered will urban design grandfathered for the duration and so there was concern that mr. guy raised as to the way it was drafted which was to be 3w57b8d clear kw4 you renew our permit you'll remain in the grandfathered class we'll make sure that amendment is made before the end of this meeting. >> thank you, mr. barns in san francisco objection supervisor campos is at the behest of the supervisor president breed now a merry member of that panel a voting member of the government audit & oversight committee why not open up for public comment i have a huge stack of speakers so
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why want 2 minutes i'll start with mike and (calling names). >> morning supervisors thanks for having the hearing and supervisor campos and supervisor breed and supervisor peskin thank you very much for leading ♪ legislation i'm speaking mike casey speaking on behalf of the labor council they have anonymously comboeshsz that says something not often we're all on the on the same page on every issue we're all on the on the same page and because not only this is about jobs certainly our union suffers the loss of jobs we estimate 5 or 6 hundred a year that's not our
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main focus but the housing crisis and the airbnb unregulated as it is has contributed to many of the members forced out and unable to find housing here we welcome the - notation that airbnb wants to come to the table we understand that airbnb is here we welcome the fact that airbnb wants to participate it is a little bit late we think we should find solutions unfortunately, it is difficult to understand how heartfelt 24 commitment they have an outstanding lawsuit we'll encourage us to sit down and talk we expect airbnb to show goodwill and good faith by what are you their lawsuit the
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judge indicated they'll rule in favor of the legislation or in favor of upholding the large project that is incumbent on airbnb to leveling the playing field we stand strong in favor of that legislation we think this is a balanced approach that people should be able to make money by representing out rooms we're not opposed to that >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning board members i'm a registered home sharing and opposed to any changes that have been voted by the people of san francisco in the prior election as a citizen i'd like to feel that my vote has been accounted and we've already voted on this this is why i'm
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here i'm all for regulations which that comes to enforcement the laws that are being voted on. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm kevin the executive director of the hotel council our organization and board of directors fly support those amendments before you today we building r is a 60 day cap that show who is renting and not renting the united the 17 hundred people that legitimately are operating under the current registration we absolutely support the people and individual availability being able to do that we lived that is important to have those options for the visitors but we firmly believe that this- these amendment will help with that confusion that is going on right now and help with the
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enforcement we've heard from mike casey our union member and we support the amendments before you today thank you for your support and encourage you to move forward thank you. >> thank you and after this speaker (calling names). >> supervisor peskin and supervisor breed and supervisor campos calvin share better san francisco of the coalition seeking solutions to the problems of short-term rentals the last two years strongly supports the legislation including the amendments made today you know that is important we understand what problem we're addressing and the best way to understand it to go back to california history and remember the don our party the don our party theory the theory that
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airbnb is adopting to address the retention of the middle-income from the history that don our party uaw was made up of 19 sent from the east and west to traveled to california to make their fortune they didn't make it to the absorbing nevada and gaged inform short-term rentals in the don pass they eating each other can only blichl is a strategy of survival it is not elevated to a popping that's the problem we're trying to address how to survive the middle-income without choosing winners and losers and cannibalizing the housing stock for the middle-income people in
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san francisco this measure will do that thank you. >> hello i'm glenn a castro resident and homeowner for the past seven years i started potting on airbnb a year ago because of a negative experience of alvarez to sprarnz strangers after laid off and to may i my mortgage if i'm only to share my home for 6 days of year i will be forced to sell my home i building we can work together on a compromise my feeling the hoefrm effected by the airbnb host is not fitting the inventory most people on airbnb will not be leasing out their places on a long term base because of families and friends
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that are currently staying in the unit and when the family and france are no longer allowed have to leave the city while those rooms are staying vacant this is the one way the residents make a little bit of money thank you. >> jump in. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is reaping a nature the san francisco for 40 years to ask you to please rethink the short-term rentals this legislation will devastate others i started using home sharing to support myself after the death of my father been a software contractor but in an ever changing field i've helped to create ways for my family to stay here and continue toe work
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in a city i love you applied for the business licenses and thought in doing so i did everything necessary when i found out there was additional steps for registering with the city i went and do that imagine my surprise because of my application the fair rules i've been 3w0id by will no longer be able to use a part of my home to allow visitors to support our local economy and 60 days a year is 5 days a month none can create enough income under those circumstances please ask ourselves how making that easier for private interest groups to encourage people to register it does the opposite and asks people not to register and 0 who does that registration
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help certain offices of our city and definitely not me as an example - let's see. >> it feels to me that helps ousted corporations a lot more than individuals at the lease consider changing the cut off date like in february of 2017 i think that gives people more time to register. >> and for those who didn't hear the earlier comments if as i think you've aware you are amongst 17 hundred individuals that have gone to the effort of registering during the last two years with the home sharing became legal you're a grandfathered and in that date in the amendments he introduced
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will actually go all the way until tomorrow if you came in october 25th you should be again go ahead. >> i'm kevin a host and my wife in the sunset district we are registered 272 first of all, thank you for grandfathered us until our grandfathers this is important we do in principle there's roof issues i have with that, i think in general like to remind us we're in san francisco and the values were expressed out in the hall earlier about unite and welcoming people to our city and the hospitality is the number one industry and technology in our city airbnb is kind of that the nexus of that i think that is important to remember not to escape goat airbnb or other classrooms home sharing i think as at the
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same time it is important to preserve the long term housing and so on but a lot of people come to the city that stay with us from parts of the world and state we have trumpet supporters and had interesting cycle and left with our values of the city and learned about the recycling and a lot of things you know (laughter) until they meet people like us with that experience and it is about the money it helps to pay the bills i am a - i think my key message is appreciate the efforts you're making in the legislation and an important issue for all of us but that is important to remember we're the tech capital of the world and the let's innovative around that
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and not limit home sharing i appreciate your listening and thank you very much. >> thank you after him (calling names). >> good morning, supervisors my name is a period of time coming down the pike with the democrat club a registered host in district 3 i want to make a point that supervisors supervisor breed and supervisor campos made at the beginning of today's hearing the importance of preserving housing stock i go agree that is a worthwhile and urgent call; however, last may san francisco controller's office of connective analysis issued a report i quote the percentage of available rental stock has remained relatively steady over the 2006 to 2013 a
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rapid increase in the rent since 2010 and the availability of online platforms for short-term rental have not reduced this percentage so i think that in blaming the home sharing for the housing crisis is, in fact, goes against the fact that even the city owns controller's office has shown, and, secondly, urge the supervisors to consider the 60 day cap is two extreme and let me remind you the voters of last year voted down the double district numbers and would have had a 75 day cap the 60 is more extreme than proposition f the voters have spoken and i urge them to respect the will of the voters but lastly the 60 day cap
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will not help to raise the cap by cutting down the hosting for the future host will be making rational decisions so i urge the supervisors to reconsider those open amendments thank you. >> thank you, sir north if you can line up to my left and our right after (calling names). >> hi, i'm ed i'm a innovating resident and own a local restaurant i've been told by several restaurant owners they're having the best years since home sharing i lived in san francisco for 60 years i like to think of being here for two generations i
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personally mooefrns have lived in our house for 35 years and married and raised tour child and celebrated many people in san francisco consider your house a best investment my wife and i look at our home as a place to store a lifetime of memories and like to stay in our home in san francisco because of the income from home sharing when we were younger had the opportunity to travel due to health concerns we're not able through sharing we've been to host thus bringing the world to our home we now have the opportunity to double i'm here to ask for us to have the opportunity to stay many my home and allow me the third generation to stay in my
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home and bring people from around the world to us you can help us by rejecting the kaurnt regulation. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> lauren 24078s o thomas co-chair of the democrat club i think i speak for most of people that have indeed followed the law we appreciate you're taking that take into consideration and we're concerned if our timing was off and didn't need this until the year after it is not enough to help a lot of the home sharingers and owners in san francisco i think what - airbnb is young their naive and arrogant that irritates imagine, however, they have appeared and we've been pushing on in hard as an
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organization they've brought to the table things that will address all the illegal unit and preserve the housing for affordable ways so i think while they ma have been arrogant and obnoxious and it takes time the city supervisors should act the same way but talk with them and work through the solutions i think there are a lot of good things on the table and, yes now is the time to make progress and create a winning solution for everybody i ask you to consider that. >> if you - i've called our name, please line up i'll call a few more names (calling names). >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm deanna good afternoon
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i've had very great experiences sharing my home it is a safe place i have been able to have my families from the philippines visit when they come over and at the same time on supplemental inspect i've been volunteering with the use of force it is very important for me, i was unable to do volunteering free of charge so it is special to see if i'm able to do this having my supplemental income be able to do this we're limited to 60 days a year i think that will be very hard for us to be able to do this in san francisco thanks. >> good morning, supervisors
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supervisor peskin, supervisor breed and supervisor campos i'm henry the president of the district emergency association representing 20 successors and the golden gate association one thing about the airbnb folks is that when they come out to visit san francisco they stay in areas we don't have much city so the traffic in the areas in the excelsior and visitacion valley and the outer sunset and parts of richmond and so forth they don't get the traffic from airbnb it is a good thing for the small businesses a benefit for small businesses we support airbnb and getting visitors to come out to the area for which those workers will benefit again, we support them in doing this program and what they do
11:40 am
for the community and small businesses >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good morning. my name is skate stone i'm a lifetime san francisco resident and a homeowner a retired san francisco school teacher and registered home sharing eerie want to thank you for having me and giving me the chance for the creation of affordable housing in san francisco and to implore not to impose the 60 day limit on the short-term rentalers i have to can he have i had another speech on the grandfathering of previously registered host i have to say that i share everyone's i think collective frustration at the
11:41 am
time it is taken for airbnb to come to the there is a motion on the table and ready to look at the real solutions like you have been trying to do for the last couple of years i fear and i support regulations he registered when i was supposed to and fold the rules i think that regulation is a is an approach to a very, very complex situation i fear along with on the 60 day cap will prove for more sdpurj than encouraging if you look at the figures i'm not very good at this but the length of time to have short-term rentals in our house to actually be able to afford to keep our home at the 60 day cap will be 2, 3, 4 effect will take that - prevent that house to be on the market and other people shared
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it would - serve to discourage people from taking part in we're trying to bring instant to this complex conversation thank you so much for looking at this i know this body has incredible talent and like to see more housing in san francisco. >> thank you for your comments mr. stone. >> next speaker, please. >> hi my name is gene stone and homeowner and registered home sharinger in bernal heights and thank you for grandfathering and for the registered home shares i'll e i'd like to remind the board of supervisors people are taking people into their homes not new since jesus and in
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the last few years a vehicle to match guests with hosts we offer a home experience a win-win situation for us and our guests to stay with a knowledgeable san franciscan family and offer services to our wonderful city we're proud to be contributing hotel taxed to the city and provided a valuable service by steering our guests for public transportation and stay in san francisco for longer ways we provide football accommodates we provide the service that allows people on limited incomes to visit their families and a place to stay for young college folks to stay in our wonderful city those let's not take away incomes and thousand of struggling san franciscans by putting a cap on how often they
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can rent their home don't forget that which of that income goes directly into san francisco's cash flow that if you cap the number of days the 60 cases they'll not be able to stay in their homes and be taking away in their affordable housing and that of thousands of other middle-income citizens many are disabled and unemployed home sharingers are pawns in the members please stop playing with our lives and income and do the work needed to provide affordable housing for the city taking away our income is not the answer. >> my name is carl i live on scott street in district breeds district 18 years a film maker and registered home sharier -
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i've shared my home as a way to be present for my children meetings with doctors and lawyers and others and having an ability to have short term and long term rent in my home allows me to be a great dad to any children who are grown and struggling to live in san francisco as a film maker i've 2k3wr5ik9 in yeah me many friends said y7b9 stay home there will be fewer homes to share you can make money to my neighbors that are sentencing for my fellow artists as a waiter i needed the income to pursue my art this city needs
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artists and by capping people at 60 days you'll say to all the people that want to pursue their art instead of working at a corporate job effectively ask them to leave the city it is an expensive place the legislation we can all agree that unhost homes and people not following the regulations should be removed, however, i'll say that a 60 day cap that is it effectively does right to the corporation hotel and it hitsz he homeowners, renter and people looking for affordable housing against each other that is not san francisco san francisco is a place that of inclusion and rather pitting people against people i want to find solution for everyone. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon we're almost
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are afternoon i'm lawrence a homeowner and home sharer in district 7 my husband and i comply with the regulations renting our spare bedroom with with dedicated democrat club that you've seen and heard already this morning advocate compliances with the register we work with kevin guy and the board of supervisors to facilitate we're currently recorded last week well over 2000 registered and/or in the registration pipeline a huge improvement over what it was the majority of us complying with the law rely on this financial solvent in an expensive city reducing the f t
11:48 am
r caps for 60 days for hosted and unhosted appears to be completely arbitrary and without any economic impact for sf homeowners take into consideration those proposed caps on top of an 8 hundred increase in the cost of renewing a business license all home sharingers are required to do and the board of supervisors is to carefully consider the reduction of those caps and study the sharp reduction before swiveling pushing through this amendment the home sharingers democrat club offers this to keep the rules fair for the thousand of residents that rely thank you for your time and we learned agency children we need to think about we react in this
11:49 am
contention situation. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm bruce from the sunny side district you've heard from any husband we got would this we were guests first and liked it we decided to hsr in the city because life hits you up the side of the head owe lost any job and the impact doesn't effect us as much as it could have it kept us in our home and as home sharingeers in our - i don't have the regular 401k we
11:50 am
bridged the gap for the future down the line with no 40 w i could lose my job i don't know where my future is how can i make ends meet we need to solve the registration 60 days is two extreme and won't cover one months mortgage over and over the property tax we pay it keeps us in our home this proposal equates e creates two classes of people how will you enforce this does make sense the home sharers democrat club met with the supervisors we've left hand to the public and the supervisors and we all agree the process is broken let's fix it by listening po to one another my ask to meet in the middle and streamline the
11:51 am
process for more people to be registered listen to the home sharers democrat club not a lip service we've met with you and some of you have not listened to the home sharers democrat club >> hello, i'm linda and i'm a resident of district 11 from - i also am a registered hoot my husband and i registered and although we're grandfathered in there are many things we're concerned about the other thing is we want the supervisors to see who the people are and do home sharinging. >> they're very compelling reasons people are trying to stay here in san francisco and do other things in the case we have four children and 13
11:52 am
grandchildren we've promised them a chance to go to college without need not in student loans and sincere home sharing is a way we are able to have an income stream that can help our families and the flexibility that we need to be able to have this kind of income we couldn't do this full-time this is a family home and rent-controlled unit out to a full-time rental what i'm very very concerned about the current legislation the fact it is a two tiered system what the previous speaker said is is true we'll have a problem identifying people and the way it will pit people against each year, two tiered systems you need to fight against and you need contract they know that the person gets
11:53 am
the benefits and the one that comes in late doesn't get the benefits that is not a cohesive way to bring people together this is very united and has gone to lengths to try 0 rectify the problems in the current legislation and advocating for compliance so those of us who want to help to make the system better don't put us in a situation we have to say tough luck to the next guy thank you. >> if i've called our name i'll call a few more speakers (calling names). >> supervisors my name is dale appearing for shared sf an hoa.
11:54 am
>> we were here 10 don't see ago on an oversight from the short-term rentals kevin guy told us 16 hundred plus registers airbnb has more than 7 seven hundred active hosts in san francisco so the system is not working i want to focus on the particulars of this protective that is before us not disputing home sharing no one is trying to make that community-based away we're trying to solve problems in the original orders we were told in 2014 no way to distinguish a hosted from an unhosted rental no way for the city to determine when a host is sleeping in their own bedroom this is a 60 day cap across the board is more than airbnb claims the typical hosts rents a year and finally mr. guy recorded to
11:55 am
you his office levied one and $80,000 in fines and 200 of which are levied and tied up in court and clothed 50 thousand thousand and thousands and thousands of violations out there and no way his office or the good offices of city attorney will fully enforce this law that's why putting this is - has worked to protect single-room occupancy hotels we have to give the offices an opportunity to help. >> you indicated data the average home sharing number of nights is less than 60 days a you share more of that information. >> that is from airbnb published reports typical hosts
11:56 am
97 nights a year. >> are you familiar with the american hotel and lodging association repaired by the labs have you seen that information. >> i have seen it. >> that information seems to i mean indicate and i don't know the bona fide use of the labs but seems to indicate that the average is indeed less than 60 days. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon john supervisors if you thank you for the amendments you've proposed to your legislation i'm a registered host within the first one and 50 hosts and
11:57 am
appreciate the ability to be grandfather but agree with a lot of the comments about two tiers and second class citizenry - current litigation that is pending before the why is one of home sharing largest platforms in san francisco pause to say we
11:58 am
need to do something different and demonstrate we can urban design good actors i'll encourage the board to table the legislation that supervisor breed has proposed and really being open-minded to engage our home sharing platforms in dialogue that can be constructive i think that all parties are willing to work together to come to some common ground and a solution to put this to bed for once and for all. >> thank you, sir. >> good morning, supervisors thank you, very much for this meeting and i'm jan, i. a registered host one of the early registerries and i'm in san francisco to be in san francisco
11:59 am
the only place i want to live because of my home sharing business works my brother has done it i really, really encourage you to look at what the home sharer democrat club put together many hours radio gone into the commitment to look how we can indeed work to make the system work for all of us thank you. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> i'm keith a professor at city college and one of the first few people registered agency as home sharer i think one of the advantages of being a professor i get to see the future and the students i have are going to be the leaders in san francisco and hopefully in the world to come what people seem to forget that students for example, are forced
12:00 pm
into 12-month lee's and only in their house for 9 months the currently 90 days works for students they're able to now afford to community-based home and visit their families and not pay rent on an empty house and while they're gone they're not competing for the local economy and not going to bars and restaurant a 60 day cap might help some of the students but in addition, we're looking at people that are looking to where their futures will be many of them love to stay in san francisco but the affordability of san francisco ask impossible for anyone in the city it is hard enough to stay here considering having to have a life here is a adapting task we might be losing a lot of the future leaders if we don't give them at option for staying here we've
12:01 pm
heard from artists and lost a lot of artists but trying not to lose for another flip side of parents having kids going to correctly if you have a kid going to their farther college and not the parents not be able to rent their bedrooms they can't bring new ideas back to san francisco so thank you move forward with this hard cap seriously think of this 60 may work for some people but not all san franciscans. >> >> next speaker, please. >> if i've not called our name (calling names). >> hi my name is rose i live in district 7 supervisor yee is my supervisor and thank you for grandfathering us if; however, i
12:02 pm
believe that just like myself some people will be in financial situations whether medical or whether that is taxed or whatever financial situation in they're in airbnb has allowed me to sustain myself in difficult times and i don't think that separating myself that may need the same help because their timing is off not fair to them i believe in regulation and building that people should follow the law having said that, i think also be a coming of the mind and a little bit more fairness within a two party 90 days even 60 days is a definitely not sufficient but 90 days still not sufficient in my opinion i love the city i've lived here 80 plus years and this may not be getting
12:03 pm
through to you but hope you guys can understand what i'm saying and not divide us the people that i see here that are convince this mainly hotel people i hope this comment is not misplaced thank you for your time. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is jason i'm a san francisco native i live and work in the city and a park ranger for thirty plus years i'm here to ask you to not change the state limitation numbers unless you relax - i want to fluffy
12:04 pm
cloud and not set up a neighbor versus neighbor fight club as proposed personally i want a place to host i'm scared like others who the hosts are investing the money and have the city change the rules or the fact of the matter me like the legislation your registering in this i'm a lawyer and landlord i know i walk with to taerthsd in the town i hope you'll not hold it against me residents come to me and residents and other people's retained and property owners and we talk about the mess that you guys are under home sharing didn't take unit off the market those are not residential homes there is gravy revenue in the form of additional tax you can
12:05 pm
get for units that people are not putting on the market they wanted the flexibility they have friends that come and have families that come and had a bad tenants you've heard it here home sharing forces people out of their homes it keeps people's in their homes you've heard today and home sharing will wreck neighborhood piece and project manager make sure the categorizes stay away from your home and don't create a bad system and not create forms of neighbor versus neighbor combat thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is brendon and nature of the san francisco i discovered i
12:06 pm
might be grandfathered in this 60 day cap is a barrier to future hopes please have an amendment to people to be able to you know at least achieve the grandfather status and the biggest problem is heretofore why not use the million dollars in tax revenue we're getting from home sharing and use it to lower the costs on building permits for home additions you you know nvmentsz or backyard unit this is the main problem the board of supervisors to help increase growth the future of growth so, yeah i wanted to say the 60 day task is a barrier we need to think about people in the future that want to be part of the community thank you. >> thank you brendon.
12:07 pm
>> supervisor peskin just walking by a put my head in the door has going on i get a couple of minutes i live under the radar and represent the co-opts and come menus that whole tradition of people living together and coming out together and what is the word folks - couch surf. >> couch surf all of that a flexible phrase and i believe flexible and come up with the i have faith in you supervisor peskin to make that happen this is the biggest co-opt of million dollars i knew one guy starting out and then i - the first thing
12:08 pm
election day after election the mayor and said in his own voice this is a sanctuary city is that right a sanctuary city are we're here in san francisco not only the undocumented by the documented as well the folks that come to san francisco like i did pursuing a vision in 1957 i heard 79 there i was beat necks by day and night 1957 and in 6 heaven on the urban checkerboard and still live that way and don't care airbnb i see their explaining the situation but come together as residents thank you people.
12:09 pm
>> thank you, sir and after this speaker i'll call a few more speaker cards if i called are your name come up up. >> (calling names) you embed ma'am. >> okay hello, again i'm still caring i'm a home sharing that made my first appearance in august of 2014 we been resident the western edition since 197640 wonderful years a teacher my wife and i a school social worker are retired since 2004 everyone knows that employees of school districts do not earn big bucks with pension to live here our two sons were you rates here
12:10 pm
and committed to making their homes and have friends of 50 years people ask us if we plan to move from san francisco where else will we find a support system and easy transportation system in 2015 home sharing saved us from a home loan severely impacting our budget using the rainy day fund we paid for the 35 thousand repair on the exterior of our homes are airbnb is located simply a room and bath i was going to also talk about a few other things i want to is that is a lot of the speakers most of them are hard acts to follow i want to support the change in the day cap not only
12:11 pm
for those grandfathered but also new home sharers i can't can't there be if we have a 60 day cap why not that - would disappear after a specified period of home sharing thank you for clarifying the grandfathering and what ever be have as many days as they want thank you. >> thank you next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is maria from the neighborhood of soma aiming to on my licensee went to school in south america and standing here as a legal resident a tourist guide a friend a professional and a
12:12 pm
dreamer and moved to the united states with my ex-husband four years ago we were young and trying to chase our dream unfortunately my marriage didn't go well and was left alone with a criteria and no family around to ask for help airbnb was my job and also my lifestyle and income it helped with friendship all over the world and not only that i was able to show them the true beauty of san francisco and that offers people a home they couldn't have a home and give the city a chance to make money being an airbnb host is not an easy task but requires modifications but hosting has allowed me to
12:13 pm
manage my finances during the hours that are available i volunteer my field and gain more experience for my career but here i am supervisors asking you in a humble way please reconsider this is the truly important please vote in support of home sharing many families and fair enough professionals and single moms people that are struggling and elderly that see airbnb will be grateful thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> if i haven't called your name i'll call a few more speaker cards (calling names). >> good afternoon. my name is jacqueline french 79 years old a transplant from a new jersey i
12:14 pm
moved here 25 years ago to escape the eyes and cold that's worked out better than i thought possible what has not worked out the cost of living to stay in san francisco. >> i have 6 children and so i spent most of my life raising the children but not with a pension so i live on social security with little investment i have i have found it very difficult previously to get that because it is so expensive so i was not able to operate in my grandchildren events and the celebration of life but at any age being ask to go back east to celebrate death airbnb has provided me with the opportunity not for
12:15 pm
philosophizing lose travel but back home to be part of my family i was intimating involved in they have families they can't afford to come here nor a place for them to stay so i'm asking you asking to reconsider the cap because that will not provide what it provided in the past i think if you look at the room you'll see many people my age or close to my age and like most people that revere their elderly i think the united states has a lot to learn so i'm asking the city to receive require our he recalls and vote against the san francisco can i cap thank you
12:16 pm
very much. >> therefore i was in accordance lout to that was on august 1st so, now i'm working 3 jobs i guess i'm here as a warning i'm cable and 40 years old i work hard and don't mind working hard airbnb is difficult working and cleaning the rooms i wore my daughter as is scrubbed
12:17 pm
the floors bus it was something i felt i could do for myself not going on government fund and can do that i'm asking you to consider what you're doing peri would love to host with airbnb again in the future he was good at 2 three hundred positive reviews and cared about deeply and felt i stood for for our city people came and said how wonderful to be month my home and what a great city because of me and my daughter i'm all i'm asking is to do to reconsider the 60 day cap in my future i'll host and do 2 legally but full-time thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you i'm a registered host in district 7 and speak in
12:18 pm
opposition to a 60 day cap two years this body set rules we happy the city recognized our life hoods two years and dozens of changes we're gathered for hearsay you asked us to register as as business making quarterly reports and taxes and cataloged all the business properties now you're asking us 4 hundred shut down in the year much has been said about the lack of trust between airbnb and the city government the room is full because of the lack of trust between your government you say your grandfathering us we know that many groups have our ears and dozens of changes who knows
12:19 pm
if we're safe i want to share a story from the new york times our straight controllers resisted an order by schwarzenegger it was negotiations strategy to put the pressure on the legislation but a cruel move for the public servant they were a frond when people faced foreclosure and so he said some go that was interesting i would you look at deep into the conscious and move from there people have a sense times fail and times we don't please don't cap this will not make our neighborhoods great again. >> thank you nancy pelosi.
12:20 pm
>> hello my name is lenore and representing my family who lived with me in the house i was born ♪ noah valley for the last 80 years i host airbnb guests in my home i'm very worried not allowing me to host my romance far more than 60 days will put me on a senior endangered i lift 24 income will help the family with house repairs and school tuition and mortgage and so on and so forth and in a city one portable but now wasn't too many working-class people - those who have found will not be hurt by little 60 day allowance we learned over 7 thousand hosts
12:21 pm
have not applied if they have several rentals let's airbnb go after them not us that rent a room act out of our home it is certainly a catch-22 when airbnb allows this because they make so much more money those flats should be rented to people that need a place to live please do not pass off 60 day allowance rather work with airbnb and investigate the 7 thousand host that didn't apply for an airbnb license i also find it rather than undemocratic to limit my rights to host a guest in my home for a limited 60 days of 90 days thank you
12:22 pm
>> thank you. next speaker. >> hello my name is michael i'm a retired homeowners in western selma i'm 78 years old and living over modest social security benefit i've lived full-time in san francisco for 40 years and have 35 hundred a month mortgage i'm paying this property is my full-time residence for 28 years was a tv photo journalist in 1996 i had a small business in san francisco i hoped to give me income in 2011, i couldn't keep the business open after the challenging recession years i sold it at a considerable loss a 55 percent majority of san
12:23 pm
francisco voters said not to delay proposition f 55 percent majority that vote provided special protection for people in my circumstance to not cap the number of days as guests i comply with all home sharing registering pga occupancy taxed with the quarterly reports and host guests for 200 days a year in 2011, i took in a roommate with the expenses the roommate income left me horticulture with the living costs in the city two years ago up converted a small utilized room into a bedroom and began airbnb home sharing not only has the additional income taken me out of depth but want to be a an ambassador for san francisco your proposed legislation after larry's vote by the majority places me on a
12:24 pm
perilous financial position you guys are on the wrong track with that cap. >> thank you after this gentleman (calling names). >> go ahead, sir. >> good afternoon. my name is jefferson i might not be long time i wanted to speak from the heart my parents are elderly they live in texas and come to visit me a couple weeks a year the mind i spend with them in scared if i have to rent any pair room to another roommate i'll have to put my parents in a hotel i live in the mission no hotels nearby that means when any family and friends and brother r brother comes to visit
12:25 pm
i'll have to put everybody in the molts they'll not afford to stay with me important free i want you to know i let someone off business is tough it is not an easy city to do business and my company that i work for we rent bikes to airbnb guests in the mission district people that stay locally without in extra income i might have to what i other people avenue as well thank you. >> good afternoon i'm - the purpose of my being here i don't want you to curtail home sharing i'm sarah registered home sharer with airbnb and 70 years old my story is different i can
12:26 pm
afford to live in any house the income sharing affords me that discretionary income not only do i share my house this income is shared locally a local contractor helped me with home repairs i've employed a window helper and have money to check out local restaurant and my house keeper used to come every other week for 3 hours now comes more often i think that helps her stay in herb home i wish i studied economics but i think a community where the money flows allows owl ring with the harmonies of liberty; all to prosper this is what i wish for you at 70 that you, you figure out a way for discretionary income that benefits our community that you take that trip that you wanted to and never had the
12:27 pm
intra money and hire local paternity and carpenters to do work you only dreamed of i hope you feel empowered that you get to experience the joy of being an ambassador to the beautiful city want to consider the ramifications 6 home sharing i just wanted to add i'm grateful to city government to the community, and to airbnb that has made home sharing possible and has combrshd any life thank you >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm filling a registered home sharing high blood pressure ray for me i'll be grandfathered in and it is ivenlg i irrelevant whether or not i'm grandfathered the 60 day cap is horrible horrible it matters not if
12:28 pm
you're grandfathered what happens to the person that is sick and needs the income and limited to 60 days a week what happens to that person on the fixed is income do not whether or not we're grandfathered if so still a bad idea it is somehow to make housing for available not do that that will somehow encourage people to be in compliance with the law not going to do that lets come up with common sense solutions that actually exist those people not being in compliance and registered i'm sorry to see that supervisor campos has left because i i work or wish to address his comments which was saying that oh, well we don't want to be corporate democrats the people we're not
12:29 pm
corporations we are working and middle-class families. >> (clapping.) >> it's the hotels the hotel industry that is driving those laws those restrictions they're the corporations and so let's you know let's not be so callous towards the working-class and middle-income of san francisco that needs the income don't take their income away let us stay here i have two children one in college i rent out they are bedroom so she didn't have to graduate with a lot of debt what if something happens to me they have to live and have a home i'll inherent will they have to sell that home it would be nice - >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> that will be a hard act to follow
12:30 pm
okay. so i wrote something i'm grateful and you've honored our comments those of us that choose to register i'm going to share my story there is a lot of friends i have with children that are in the same boat so 17 years ago my husband and i bought a husband in bernal heights it was full of holes in the wall and it was all we could afford we didn't have much money and 4 children's in upstairs room over the years we've fixed up the house and the children grew up all 4 went to public schools and go attend mission high school we have a small family business but no money for college and this didn't account for the cost of living in san francisco and make too much money for financial aid we


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