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tv   Historic Preservation Commission 111616  SFGTV  November 20, 2016 9:00am-11:41am PST

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is killed in a crash help us achieve vision zero and everyone can use the streets safely. >> thank you for watch and following the important driving tests your remember we're counting on you >>[gavel] welcome to the san francisco historic commission regular hearing for wednesday november 16 2016. i like to remind members of the public that the commission does not tolerate disruption or at worst
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any kind. please sounds mobile devices. present your name for the record. i like to take please take roll call at this time >> wolfram, here. hyland, here. johnck spear johns spirit and pearlman, here. we expect commissioner hasz and matsuda to be absent today at this time will have public comment. at this time what members of the public may adjust the commission on items on the agenda to the public that are within the subject matter of the jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. i've no speak regards. >> any member of the public wish to speak on i know on agenda item. seeing none, public comment is closed. >> very good. that places under department matters to item 1 directors announcements. width commissioners,
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department stuff i don't really have a directors report this week in your packet. happy to forward any questions you have to the director should you have them. >> item 2, review past events at the planning commission staff report announcements >> again department staff of you items to share with you. no formal report from the planning commission. however, a few comments on some outstanding items at the board of supervisors and other hearings. first of all, i want to mention that the department staff joined shane watson and donna grays in accepting a gov.'s award for the lgbtq the stored ccontext damon on november 10 this held that the clooney community center up and say, don't have a copy of the program which also outlines the other recipients but we were happy to share the
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experience with the consultants on as you know a wonderful document that's right useful for the department. and the city . i will pass that along to also, at the government audit and oversight committee three contracts were considered recently. 1338: the covert street cottages, 1036 vallejo st. and 101-105 steiner. the vallejo and steiner applications went forward with positive recommendation to the full board. however, susan vance holly and mike mueller were in attendance at the hearing and voiced concern during public comment four 1338 gilbert st. a couple of the items that concerned them are issues that concern them were, one, they felt that because he cottages which are city landmark
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had to be substantially rebuilt and as part of that project there is a very large addition and a very large bulk of your addition or on ground or below grade expansion to the property. they were concerned about a building of this size being eligible for the program. secondly susan brandt holly unclear about who exactly she was representing at that hearing. voiced concern about the fact that the four units had been removed from the site as part of the conditional use authorization which as you know happened a number of years ago. the discussion that moved more towards the removal of those units rather than historic preservation issues and the committee voted to table the item. so, right now department staff and the supervisor's office for that district is working with the applicant and
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the committee to see if there's anything that can be addressed so that the contact can be moved forward through the process to the full board. also, tomorrow the final bill zack contract that you reviewed and approved for 361 oak st. will be considered we don't anticipate any issues with that hearing. certainly keep you posted on that. finally, i want to make you aware that tomorrow also on the cdc is meeting and they are going to consider the expansion of the water transit facilities located next to the ferry terminal. this is a project that this commission reviewed and provided comments on two separate times and they will take up the item at their hearing tomorrow. we will certainly check back in with them and let you know what the outcome of that hearing is. that concludes my comments unless you have questions. >> no. i think we can move on
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>> very good that a places on commission matters for item 3 presidents report and announcements he was no report or announcements >> item for consideration of adoption of draft minutes of november 2, 2016 regular hearing. >> commissioners, any comments on the minutes? at this time will take public comment on the draft minutes for november 2 of 2016. anybody wish to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. motion to adopt the minutes? >> so moved >> second >> on a motion to adopt the minutes for november 2, 2016 commissioner johns aye jong johnck aye pearlman aye hyland aye wolfram aye that motion passes unanimously 5-0. commissioners item 5 commission, send questions. >> commissioner johnck >> i tended the california preservation foundation
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workshop on november 7 those a day long workshop held at the port of san francisco. assessing safety and resiliency in buildings and what was interesting is that they had some excellent expert at the whole morning session was dedicated to this question the fact that resiliency is different from safety and the term of art now is local governments around the united states with the assistance of several nonprofit organizations and building councils, etc., are recommending some ratings systems for how fast buildings with the cover in the face of a disaster. flooding, seismic and earthquake and that kind of thing. the afternoon was discussing well, what about historic preservation. how are they-how are local governments around the united states look at historic preservation factors into resiliency? in fact the building speakers
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representing the national building organization in oh historic preservation is going backwards. we are worried that there's going to be a lot of rating systems are going to encourage local governments to do better job in saying seismic safety standards for building materials and rehab but in the middle of it we will have a historic buildings at when mark that become kind of a resiliency i live. they showed some pictures of a possibility that i think is more on the east coast where the there's one little the whole area around this one little building was demolished with this one building actually still standing up which was an interesting reflection on this topic. but, i think what we encourage the attendees and the historic preservation foundation encourages more discussion about looking at how
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our secretary of interior standards for design, how we are approaching it. we, meaning the public, and whether historic preservation guidelines are keeping up with a recovery standard with the recovery time kind of factor into design. so this just a something for us to consider in the future. the port of san francisco the work along the seawall and discussed the vulnerability and how the assessment is going on. discussed some of the building issues on the pier's, etc. so it's a big topic and it was edifying. i encourage us to consider it further at some point >> thank you. any other comets or questions bequest no. we can move on >> commissioners before we move onto the next item, i would like to bring to your attention this year's hearing
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schedule. you have a hearing scheduled for december 21 and staff was curious to confirm whether or not we were going to hold that as it is very close to the holidays? >> we don't really have an agenda were no agenda items that need to be held at that hearing? >> there's one on the advanced count. it's not a mustard authority spoken to the planner and a recognizes a bit of a gamble putting it on the 21st up it's entirely up to you. if you decide to keep it on your hearing schedule or cancel it. >> what about the first hearing in january were also talked about canceling out one? >> without the propose 2710 hearing on your agenda >> i see. do we need a motion to cancel the 21st >> we should memorials that >> i move that we cancel that >> moved and seconded. >> thank you. on a motion to cancel the december 21 regular
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hearing johnck aye johns aye pearlman aye hyland aye wolfram aye so moved that commissioners that motion passes unanimously. commissioners, item 6 is your proposed twentysomething hearing schedule. you should have received in your packets a proposed schedule. they are simply again the first and third wednesdays of every month. january 4 is close to the holidays again could i don't know if you want to take up that matter of keeping it on or canceling it? >> we can wait until the first hearing in december >> you could. >> yes. we could wait i mean i get some little reluctant to cancel this one because were the second one we are canceling.
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it is some critical item i think we should wait for the next hearing about suicide by january 4. it's like we will cancel that but we can still wait >> we will advise staff. very good. >> likewise, july 5 >>[inaudible] [off mic] we will wait. >> at this time we will take public comment on our hearing schedules. any member of the public was to comment on this seeing none, hearing none, public comment is closed. >> very good commissioners. is there a desire to adopt the hearing schedule as proposed then? moved and seconded. >> on that- >>[inaudible] [off mic] >> no. this is on the hearing schedule. related speak about the hearing schedule you can come up now. okay. >> on a motion to adopt the 2017 hearing schedule as
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proposed, commissioner johnck aye johns aye pearlman aye hyland aye wolfram aye so moved that motion passes unanimously 5-0. commissioners that places on consent calendar. all items listed here under constitute a consent other arvind considered to be retained by the historic preservation commission committee active on bicycle roll call vote. the we know separate discussion and less a matter of the commission of the core stuff so requested which event it should be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or future hearing. item 7 a-b 2015 at 35 5520 street good commissioners you consider this certificate of appropriateness and zoning administrator would consider the request for a variance. i have no speak regards. >> does anybody wish to discuss the consent calendar? does any member of the public
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was to have this removed from the consent calendar and put it on a regular calendar? seeing none, will bring it back to the commission. motion to approve the consent calendar i guess we have the zoning administrator. are you want to speak out? after we go. >> i moved to approve the consent calendar >> moved and seconded. >> on a motion to approve item 7 a on consent johnck aye johns aye pearlman aye hyland aye wolfram aye so moved that motion passes unanimously 5-0. zoning administrator, what say you >> i will close a public hearing for that we are variance and [inaudible] standard condition >> very good. commissioners that places on regular calendar. for items eight d, c, d, gh i jk. lmn o. m or 2016-014209 2395 21st ave. 146
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geary st., 816 seconds oh street. 434 castro st., 3316 24th st. 56 ross alley, 800 clement st., 3470 mission st., 730 polk st., 2095 these st, 4004 3rd st., 330 divisadero
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st., 999 valencia st., 671 broadway, 1633 haight street respectively. >> good afternoon commission. planning department staff. the items before you today are 15 legacy business nominations and applications which were submitted to the planning department on october 17 and ready for your recommendation. all applications were previously reviewed by the office of small business for completion prior to transmittal to the planning department. your commission packets containing a draft resolution reached this is outlined physical features and
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traditions associated with the success of the business. the first application before you today is for arrow and stamp quinn company 51-year-old family business in sunset district at buys sells appraises and consigned stamps and coins for collectors. the next application is for [inaudible] fabric since 1952 offers the countries largest selection of textiles with his buttons and trim. clariion music center a china town based business is a chinatown based business provided music lessons in western and chinese instruments as well as code to programming since 1982.: castro's own style diner serving traditional american fare since 1971 and is known for its support of aids and hiv survivors and promoting gay pride. the next application is for dance per gauge a local company that is presented
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socially relevant dance performances since 1986 and has managed the dance mission theater space in the mission district for 20 years. the next application is for golden gate fortune cookies a popular chinatown destination and the only local business that makes and sells handmade fortune cookies. hamburger haven is a 1960s breakfast and hamburger diner to serve the richmond district for 48 years. navarro's tempo karate studio is a multigenerational family business that is taught the art of self-defense to mission district of his residence for 50 years. project open hand is a nonprofit organization based in the tenderloin district that provides free of the meals, groceries and nutrition counseling in education and social work services to senior citizens in critically ill members of the community. these
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sacred grounds café is a neighborhood coffee shop in the panhandle that has served as a creative hub for poets students and artist since 1972. sam jordan some part is a neighborhood gathering spot since 1959 that is served as a hub for the african-american community and-as a hub for african-american community building and organizing for over 50 years. it's building is designated as san francisco limerick number 263. the next application is for san francisco prostatic orthotic service located on divisadero street and manufactures and sells quality prostatic orthotic devices for patients to achieve their functional goals. the next application is for valencia whole foods neighborhood health food store in the mission that is provided
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fresh organic groceries to mission district residents since 1990. it recently reevaluated this coming year with a likely increase in rents. vip coffee and cake shop is a family business in hong kong style café that has served the chinatown and north beach communities since 1985. the last application is for sam sam long-standing cocktail lounge known for its classic cocktails and distinctive 1940s era persian art deco interior. after reviewing these applications staff finds the businesses have met the criteria to qualify for listing on the legacy business letter registered this concludes my presentation good i'm happy to answer any questions. we are a number of people who wish to speak today on behalf of the applications. >> thank you very much. what we are only do now is take public comment good i'm try to organize the speaker cards elizabeth so that the different
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people speaking about the different organizations, coming up together and i will call probably about three people at a time if you could line up and in each speaker will have 2 min. and you have a warning bell, 30 seconds before your time is up. pardon me if some of this not totally organize them try to get it organized. the first speakers are terrance faltered, dennis dorrington, claire sue and dennis plastered. karen's fault or, if you could come up. >>[calling public comment cards] the other speakers if you could line up against the wall. >>[calling public comment cards] >> my name is dennis nor
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intend. i'm the owner and sole proprietor of the arrow stamp and coin company. located at 2395 21st ave. i was founded by my father, john laurentian, in 1955. that makes it 61 years old. at the time it was located right around the corner from our current location at 1102 taraval st. it has a very extensive history and basically, when we opened i remember as a young boy when i immediately helped in the business, as a young boy, i remember the streetcars still had their catchers on. a few of them did and basically the postage rates we were talking that stands for collectors was three cents. it cost three cents to mail a first-class letter. the comedy was founded by my father and mother and they open their
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doors of the business in 1956. basically, it's been in continuous existence since that time and even though they are no longer around, i continue to run the business full-time and the owner is also prior as i stated first of all. the business has drawn on a very interesting history. it's drawn on a number of clients from the sunset parkside area. the nature of the copy of sparrow which is stamp collecting is as universal
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appeal that franklin donor wrote roosevelt was a stamp collector and their many many people in the sunset area. we've had over the years will been very loyal clients of ours. in addition because of the specialized nature of the business, we draw clients from not only other parts of the san francisco but all over the bay area and basically throughout the united states and even had some foreign climes at times >> thank you very much. sir, thank you. your time is up. >> thank you. i will finish. basically what i want to state was one of the things we do as with regard to the community and done so in the past, we have gone to numerous libraries and schools and set up displays did basically this teaches the children >> sir, your time- >> is not have the resources to communicate >> thank you very much. >>[applause] >> >>[calling public comment cards]
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>> when i first heard about this proposal, for heritage business am i talked to [inaudible] and said you're a star case could i walk in there about 1961 done as a stamp collector and he was always an expert on stamps. stamps and coin.. coins. all go through it very quickly. his [inaudible] is probably basic resource in the sunset district on stamps and coins. they handle a lot of estate cases and things like that looking at them and coming up with values. just by way of background is a huge area in which i could describe in a short time but stamp collecting has existed since 1840 with one penny black the first stamp ever issued and coin collecting goes back to ancient china. the -dynasty about 1100 bc and also ancient lydia. the electric coins going back to 650 bc.
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it's a vast area. this a lot of interest in the community and all you to do is take a look at the probate cases and you'll see many probate cases coins and stamps are in there. other than that that's the end of my sermon but he has a good business that's been around a long time. upon case >> thank you. >>[applause] >>[calling public comment cards] >> thank you. i actually submitted two cards. one for my own business and the other for sacred grounds café and shall i lump the two together interview one presentation? >> that is fine. or you can come back and do two.
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>> no. it makes sense to combine them. sacred rounds caéé started having poetry readings since 1972. i think it's one of the longest running poetry readings series in the city or maybe in the country. i was a-i'm still a beneficiary of that poetry reading series because when i was 44 i discovered poetry and then i discovered sacred grounds and i was able to go in and participate and work on my skills and to this day i'm still a regular attendee at the sacred grounds café. because of poetry i gave up my business is the owner of clarion cusick center for 10 years. so i have a little statement i'd like to
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read. i sent it out to my friends in july and this is about why i decided to come back and run the business. after a 10 year hiatus from running clarion user centered i purchased the business back for my former employees on july 1. this decision came at this applies to myself as well but it seemed the right one. clarion was established in 1982 good it has gone through many challenges. the latest being the dwindling of retail sales. however the teaching studios remain vibrant and they provide necessary service the chinatown community.. the studios also contained 9 pm knows that were made by my father, james martin >> excuse me ma'am. we can do
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another 2 min. since she speaking onto items. >> thank you. >> we've called it as one item but that is fine. >> let me continue. clarion has liquidated its inventory. now the street level of this shop is open for interpretation. many musicians, artists and producers have expressed interest in utilizing the space for workshops and performances. my vision is to see clarion transforms into a venue that present music theater art and poetry. it is to be a cultural destination in san francisco. i left the business for coaching. now i bring poetry back to the business. one of my intentions is to develop a distinctive collection of poetry to be presented in the shop. this will not be my bread and butter
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but it will be the sole of clarion. i would like to end with a poem that was written to me by a friend after a grand opening, which was on halloween night. in her voice, chinese is a song. in her song english is a flower. in her house house music is a treasure. in this treasure community finds full bloom. youthful exposition needs operatic expense. dead poets intermingle with live wires. traditional incident patient needs jazz implementation filling the hollows with haunts , chance, and chance. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you.
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>> hello michael--i'm the owner of san francisco prostatic and orthotic service. we make artificial limbs and orthopedic braces and appreciate the opportunity to speak about a true legacy business in san francisco. this business was started in 1984 by wayne kania also be speaking today, but the starter didn't started. started about 30 years prior to that as a business called custom orthopedic appliances started by his father and three other partners of which i started about 26 years ago with them. it was among a small number of independent providers of orthopedic devices and artificial limbs in san francisco. there was the -company [inaudible] shout as orthotics and all those businesses are gone now. most of them bought up by the quote walmart about full prostatic
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switches called hanger clinic, which in the past 20 or since all they did all these into a single location on geary and the sonic. the gonsalves was partly resulted in cost and labors and rents in san francisco and wayne kania who has emotional attachment to this business since he retired is my landlord and friends and he could easily edict me run my space for much more than i could afford in this legacy business would preserve our continued ices on visit arrow straight allowing living wage with benefits paid to my 14 employees. act as an incubator for innovation and orthotics and prostatic and providing security for me and wayne for years to come. i urge you to forward this designation and the benefit could it not only benefits wayne and me and my my
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employees for the thousands of patients we treat annually. thank you very much >>[applause] >> thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] >> hello. my name is wayne contacted him the previous owner of san francisco prostatic and orthotic service. i appreciate the chance to talk a little bit today. in san francisco and especially in avocation goes back like michael said, other back to 1953 my father started custom orthopedic appliance. at that time some of the things that everybody remembers the end of the polio epidemic he took care a lot of those enhances disease which we know as leprosy. he took care of those people did as a young man he jogged me
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around got the hospitals in san francisco. including the public health hospital which is not result most of the hansen's patients. joseph's hospital which is also known as and the s&p over hospital also. i spent many hours sitting in his car outside those hospitals while he was providing the services. as michael said, was a number of providers in san francisco. [inaudible] coveney started in 1903. their facilities all over northern california. the ion company located in geary has been around for over. they took care of the vietnam veterans in world war ii veterans writing superior artificial lights. shriners hospitals now gone to good we know that is done. it was a few other smaller shops that, just oh by the wayside but as michael describes, at one point the large corporations
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decided they were to do everything they could with the small mom-and-pop out of business. that's exactly what they did in san francisco did worry the only ones left. my father great pride we were the independents like i have great pride in the fact that we revealed the independence left and michael is great pride in these continuing up. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> hi. my name is-i'm speaking for like six fabrics and deteriorating of independent visited unsecured owner sharman spector is currently out buying fabric as we speak and send me a list of what do you want and what can we buy for you. this is a family owned them a run business begun in 1952 good it is second-generation still independence bill surviving union square and the sun. like in all of the vicissitudes of traffic and style and everything else union square has gone through. we've seen everything from white gloves and hats in union square to flip flops and track suits and we is supplied all that material to people as they desired over the years. it was
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especially wonderful to me walk into city hall. because i ran into one of our all-time customers with a regular i knew very well was wearing the most fabulous emerald green will soon bring up. i can model it. i could model it. that sort of what i see around town. i'm so proud to represent this business to feel so strongly about this and so much a part of san francisco and ipo is such a legacy and so important to the culture and look of this city. we become important to the education community. we become important to the designers i'm important to the di wires as the times change and people need different things we think really hard and dig deep and supplied them we have changed with the times. we also have a website in order to survive people worldwide. we are also proud to be a destination shop for people come from all over the world who make an effort to come to union square many times just to see-are big sign went up in
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1964 and were so very proud of our son and you can see the sign from everywhere but tickly from union square and that often is the only sort of flagpole people have to come and see bright text. again, i'm very proud you've created this application just putting it together was fun. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. good afternoon >> good afternoon. i have the great honor of pleasure speaker on behalf of the cove on castro. i grew up in memphis tennessee in the summer of 1986 my then boyfriend and i vacation in san francisco. we fell in love with the city are the because one of the first restaurant where we ate was at the den north code. we moved here two months later in october of the same year and starting in early 1989 i have
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worked ethical on castro starting as a bus boy the movie of two server and assistant manager. one of the things that is drawn me so much to this wonderful restaurant is that it's participated so thoroughly in our community. over the course of the years i've seen we posted wedding receptions memorial service, celebration of lives and several fundraisers per project openhanded another one of the applicants today. as well as the aids emergency fund and several of the other organizations here in san francisco. the benefit the lgbtq community. we are a diner style family restaurant three much in the spirit of cheers where everyone knows your name. we have a loyal core of remarkable regular customers some of whom eat their daily. some of whom eight there've less frequently but still come back and we also welcome out-of-towners and one-time
9:39 am
customers with happened to walk in and we've been very happy to do so and participate in the community for that time. thank you so much. >>[applause] >> thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] >> >> hello my name is dori steinberg were on the radio dori stein i host a program on local public radio kal w 91.7. clarion music center is been a bay area cultural institution from his 35 years. my connection dates back about 20 years. a lot of the artists have play on my radio program our world-class
9:40 am
but very obscure in the dumbest little hole in the wall in chinatown was playing not just not playing but looking in the concert series many of the artists i was playing both local artists and world-class global artists that were unknown to american audiences and this was clarion. one example was stephen kent a digital we do masturbate it was unknown at the time. he played a lot of concerts at clearing. two decades later i would consider him the foremost non-aboriginal-in the world. probably the greatest example is paul earth quake paying you a local legend that is now the longer i live. there's a documentary called genghis blues that almost won the oscar. he was blind. combined throat singing with the blues. [inaudible] south of russia and clarion was a second home especially when he was a frail health group would only play at clarion. also artists like turkish buddhist [inaudible]
9:41 am
never known in the united states. as one of his first performances at clarion. he's a world-class talent in turkey one of the top-clearing is an essential teaching hub for the community since 90 day to providing essential services but particularly for chinatown youth but all ages throughout the bay area community teaching especially violin and pml in our rebirth as parent performing arts center. it's not only i think merits a legacy designation but also poised to be an important art destination for teaching as well as performance for years to come. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> i am also speaking this afternoon on behalf of clarion music center. i-m their voice instructor and by the way public speaking-i had a chance
9:42 am
meeting with clara sue the one of my students good than using the basement at clarion music center downstairs in the piano room as her rehearsal hall. the great believer in community musica i was until recently a small music director in the leg i also teach heidegger when i'm fascinated by with this particular center is that it is inside the community and available to children of all ages. in adults and all kinds of needs. though at currently seeing an direct opera i've also done world music and various other things and i love the idea that we have people from all walks of the arts working in the same place. i was very gratified that my little company saying at the clarion user opening to find that some people would never heard opera and had no interest whatsoever were thrilled. please, allowed him to the
9:43 am
legacy title could i feel that it's a very important thing to keep music available in community. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon everyone. my name is sam laus. [inaudible] more than 30 years. they are so [inaudible] intonation on the instruments. i think it's a really special store in san francisco. i teach the chinese instrument, -something like the violin. for
9:44 am
more than 30 years that. i have been teaching students, [inaudible] they take a lesson and then go back. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. come forward, please >> hi there. thank you for a chance to speak. my name is bob dewhurst and run my own sign painting pain business san francisco since 1978. that's how i know half the people on the list actually their business. i'm here to offer a word for clariion user and also sacred grounds. i do know how
9:45 am
you want to do it i don't have much to say but it's sincere and heartfelt. first, about clariion, i know clearasil through the poetry community as well as have done a little bit of signed work for her. on a personal level, i know that every business is multi generational started with her father who builds very beautiful piano's which now she still has several of on location in their own way have not been equaled in quality. they also have a vintage mural on sacramento street. the right next to the very hub of chinatown and on waverly ali which is probably the most chinatown alley similar to [inaudible] up in the mission. but also of course bridging the chinese and american communities and fostering the continuing of the music and the
9:46 am
arts with young children, and know that clara sue has opened it up also as a hub for creative enterprise with these specially the recent opening of 300 people came to a poetry event on halloween, i that would be a legacy business, and if i have a minute sacred grounds for miro c teddy here who owns it. he's probably working running his own business also. that is also a person who loves what he does and kept it open. in fact to my knowledge, they have the longest running open mic poetry reading in the united states of which i'm also a regular person when i'm there. i'm regular. i very much a center for the arts and not just the poetry
9:47 am
reading. he also already period of time in the previous owners, too, has sponsored good i was actually started in whatever year back in the 70s by another friend of mine. so it's well known and a cross-cultural reference center as well as being a very good coffee shop for the neighborhood. so i urge you to approve both of these businesses for legacy. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> highgate america whittington here to speak in support of clarion music as sacred grounds are the two. i know clara for the last 15 years or so the ipo bookstore.. we resent a couple hundred concerts and poetry readings every year and she's a big part of that. the business she started with her father in 1982, i believe, it's in a
9:48 am
building that was salvation army either get a started in the basement and eventually ended up upstairs. is it really significant as world music retail place as well's a concert venue. the teaching studios downstairs. so it's very accessible to the chinatown community but also a gateway to chinatown for the rest of the city. everyone in california goes by their knob hill is right there. it just hugely important and historic terms that it's there and that it persists. to try to present poetry to try present this kind of music it really needs some protection from the bakeries of the economics in the city. so i think historic status would benefit it greatly. it's not a corporate-doesn't the huge
9:49 am
corporate umbrella over it just is the production so please, consider it very seriously. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> hi. my name is benny lewis. i'm an active story took him up member of multiethnic theater in san francisco. on bush and golf recently we had to vacate the premises because of earthquake the structuring. i met clara sue about two years ago at a poetry reading and we headed off and she sent me an e-mail and told me she was opening her music store in turn it over to she wondered arts organization in there even though businesses had a poster but she wanted arts in their to bring cultures together, which multiethnic theater is all about. she wanted to bring
9:50 am
latinos and blacks and everybody together to do shows at her place and even though she knew some people in the neighborhood would resist its. she wanted to buck this trend and so we thought that was very very courageous of her. were throwing our support behind her 100% of our theater director could not be heard today because he's recovering from recent back surgeries did i just want to come here and give a shout out to clara sue did somebody who really loves art and is really willing to take that extra step. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon my name is [inaudible] and i'm here to ask you to give legacy to the navarro martial arts studio.
9:51 am
academy 3470 mission should get they been there for 50 years but actually at that location for more than 40 years providing their services to families who to use. martial arts and recreational, all these committees that keep youth off the streets and also gives us protection from crime. also a mental discipline and they been there for 40 years providing so much of the community can i ask you to consider and keep them as a legacy business for today. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. i'm now going to call the next group of names. >>[calling public comment cards] >> thank you. my name is sonia
9:52 am
miller and i've been a resident of san francisco since 1982. i've grown up in the mission district and i can tell you that it is been this colorful experience to say the least. not only comfortable or safe and i'm here to speak on behalf of [inaudible] exactly they have been key in changing the profile of the corridor between 24th and mission street. i can go on and on for many hours. i value this organization is brought to my family but i like to tell you specific about my daughter, emma, who is now 18 years old and she started taking dance lessons at this organization at the age of two. she was in creative movement class and proceeded to take classes there through her youth as a teenager should be given a teacher assistant and she loved being there. now she is 18 and she teaches other toddlers. i'm proud to say she is also a
9:53 am
college student at the university of san francisco or she is pursuing a major in psychology and a minor in performing arts. social justice within and kisses on dance. this organization has been instrumental in her becoming a strong confidence young lady whose understands the value of her body in a very positive image. i cannot imagine her being raised without this organization in an inner-city environments. so that's my story and thank you for your time. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> i'm jennifer grant and among the board of dance per grade dance mission theater muscle apparent that i've a very similar story as sony is.
9:54 am
my daughter is 15. she began dancing at dance mission at the age of four and what i have seen at dance mission is generationally watching these young girls grow up. we came across dance mission because friends of ours had a daughter was dancing there. who is now i believe a junior in college. she became the idol to my doctor and now there's a little girl who idolizes my daughter was a dancer that. what i see is that they provide a vibrant safe space for many people right there at the corner of 24th and mission. they're well known institution. they are empowering young girls and women to be comfortable in their own skin in their own bodies to embrace a diverse city, to become advocates for themselves and their community. when we run our annual fundraiser and the girls go out into the community soliciting donations for our silent auction, they are met with an incredibly
9:55 am
supportive response from local businesses that say, thank you for being here in the community. thank you for creating this safe base. thank you for bracing the community. thank you for bringing business into the community at all parents wander around shopping and sparrow while girls and children are in class and it's an incredible institution. and we want to thank you for your support. >>[applause] >> speed thank you. >> good afternoon my name is eric-president of latino cultural desert emirate to speak on behalf of two organizations. the viral and also dance brigade. i've been in the mission since 1963 and navarro has played an important part for a lot of youth in the mission growing up over the years. they have helped the youth develop patience, discipline through karate and
9:56 am
also getting involved cynically in the community. i run into many people that are going to the school who have grown up to be very well-adjusted individuals, successful in their lives and they think the navarro's for making a life much better and who they are as people today. so this business has been of great benefit to the community of the mission the excelsior and the city as a whole. they also work with different [inaudible] mosconi and harvey milk so heavily mauled not only in the mission but citywide. these provide him the legacy designation also, dance brigade, we have had so many arts organizations being displaced in the mission because of overdevelopment and gentrification i think the arts are important to say. dance per day for over 30 years has been
9:57 am
an anchor in the mission community around the arts. the cultural acid the latino cultural this. they bring art and performance and many in a very diverse manner and they're very integral in your community. so we need to preserve and enhance our organizations they continue to bring benefits to the mission to the city as all. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is stella adelman, san francisco native on and raised in the mission and i still live in the mission. there are a few of us still left with i been working with dance per day for the past 12 years dance mission theater and adult program director and been sitting even and patient since 1998 when i was in high school. i also work with on of all san francisco and collaborate with [inaudible] on projects. dance brigade home at the corner of 24th and mission anchors one and of [inaudible]
9:58 am
the 24th st. cultural corridor i can't not think of a better organization of that position. dance the greatest created 100% organically multicultural and welcoming community of loyal artists, students, teachers and audience members. serving women, people of color, families and those that are clear from friday and economic backgrounds. many who grow up with the dance brigade as i have. in this current political climate where civil rights are actively being you noted the answer grade is an organization that works tirelessly to combat this making sure that everyone has a voice. i strongly encourage you to support dance brigade is a legacy business and as it is one of the gems of san francisco working to preserve the reputation of san francisco is a welcoming and open minded city, a reputation we are also proud of. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon and thank
9:59 am
you ray most of my name is christy keever, actually the art artistic of dance brigade having founded it in 1986 as a former group all the wallflower dance collective that started in 1975 and toured all over the united states bringing its fierce women identified social justice activism too many females across the country in the early 70s. so on behalf of dance brigade dance mission and our legacy would like to thank you very much for your efforts to grant us a legacy business status. we have been running dance brigade at the corner of 24th and mission like everyone said, providing a community center for the movement in arts for children of those choreographers and the thousands of pages that come to our door in our state at 24th and mission actually is been a movement arts center since the early 70s with many different kinds of art. so that corner building which is so dear to so many performers and artists is been a pivotal part of the san francisco arts scene. we
10:00 am
feel like we follow along legacy of social engaged arts from the be poets of san francisco to the searing political song of the 60s which i'm sure many of you listen to to the very radical and social justice art that comes out of the mission. today, we are all making a and you are making an important contribution to keeping the arts part of the stork legacy of san francisco. the arts tie the past. they take place in the present and they envision the future and it's important we keep the arts alive and thriving in san francisco and you will be doing your part by granting us legacy business status. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon to my name is linda--i been with dance brigade for 22 years as a dancer. as an administrative assistant and out rehearsal director of the dance company.
10:01 am
i'm privileged to witness the company grow from a five women dance company to an organization that provides work for hundreds of artists. from dancers am i to teachers, musicians, choreographers, theater technicians, visual artists, composers and scenic design. since its establishment at 24th and mission christy keever has built dance mission theater into community mainstay as well as an international performance destination. dance brigade is also birthed several junior dance companies under girl brigade and developed a mentoring program for young women in the community. the organization also supports local as well as international artists. dance brigade is an institution like no other. in that we are fully invested in the community and the community is fully invested in us. i urge you to support dance date as a legacy business. thank you. >>[applause]
10:02 am
>> thank you. >> hello. i am denise [inaudible] and i'm proud to be the president of the board of directors of the 30 year iconic dance mission. we cannot lose the soul of san francisco which is our great theaters and our rich culture. you know, people travel all over the world to see great theater as we do in london and new york, which i have done and people come here specifically to see theater so we cannot lose that. i would like to say that music and dance soothes the savage beast. we need music more than
10:03 am
ever in these troubled times. thank you so much. >>[applause] >> thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] >> good afternoon. i was unprepared. i'll just say it from the heart. we started my mom started the fortune cookie factory since 1952 and we've been serving the city and the speed towards promos 54 years coming up. we are very dedicated to the city and to the people we can make fortune cookies and my mom and uncle
10:04 am
started it with two people and now 4-5 people. we all hand - make-i am nervous. first on. sorry. what i came here to say is i hope the city will value a smart because we really serve the city. many taurus come to san francisco and were one of biggest attractions in this. were in a number of new movies and videos and newspapers and there is that we have bla in san francisco have a battle of who invented fortune cookies and we have won a. in 1984.
10:05 am
stork court ruled the capital fortune cookies. san francisco. so i hope you guys- >>[applause] thank you motivation and carry on and to show people around the world. >>[applause] >> thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] >> my name is carlos navarro. i'm the founder of the navarro martial arts academy. on the title emphasizes martial arts and self-defense but we provide different kind of activities. we got all possible times on
10:06 am
the outside. dr. beach for the community for the kids and the idea is not only self-defense but it's to keep our youth and prepare them for the future. we have to keep them away from drugs, alcohol, games, etc. i had the opportunity to work with many officials in the past in the 70s. i had working together to reach out to the community with the chief of police [inaudible] and then at the same time just [inaudible] the mayor he knew about the place. he knew i got letters in the book and then george mosconi diane feinstein when
10:07 am
she was a supervisor and the mayor. she was a very very dedicated to the community and the mission. i know the person you all know, harvey milk good my god, number 14 san francisco for the use good like i said navarro academy is not only for self defense. we reach out to the community. we got involved with the community. [inaudible] here we are providing our free services and helping our youth all the time in every aspect. you feel so proud when you have one of the students say my son mr. navarro was eight c student and after coming to the classes from he went up. now he is in and their office did. that's a beautiful door. i thank you for your time. and we need your help. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> that's my father and he is
10:08 am
he is the legacy get easy icon of navarro's martial arts academy, payson center gymnasium but it's a family social entity that exists there. a lot of students of mine are in tears what's happening to us unfortunately our building got purchased by a new person to the city. they are raising our rent to more than triple. we have to we locate and if we do not get the help of the city then we might not exist anymore and that's the reality that we are in now. all these people benefited from us as my father said. we are there and in hand holding the hand with the city. any time anybody needs anybody [inaudible] calls us. can i take a walk over there? can
10:09 am
you introduce me to the businesspeople speak with sure, come on down. because last-minute phone calls. if you need a demo or you just need somebody to talk to. come to navarro street were not only marshall islands academy. we are a social bible entity to take care of what makes you grow positively. please, give us that boat. >>[applause] >> thank you.spears on june 1 on the business advisor for the spindle on here is a private citizen. since october by team has been working with carlos and ruby the navarro campo karate on business analytics. looking at their business situation how to turn it around. creating a social enterprise make it so that it's available for the next generation in san franciscans. were looking at the lease were doing with the financials and writing a business plan and
10:10 am
taking it to the next level. but behind those numbers i will tell you that there's something institutional, something sacred something honorable that they have and i urge you to support them. they've been around 40, plus years and am so smitten with him and purge my daughter was 16 to come to their center and practice and i hope that a lot of san franciscans will know about them and we are working hard behind the scenes to keep them in business so they can provide do what they do for the next generation of san franciscans. thank you. >>[applause] >> we have a question. >> the program you're working with is a part of the invest in neighborhoods program? >> i'm not sure but this is funded by the city of san francisco and the small business administration. we have a bunch of business advisors that work with small businesses. >> thank you. >> hi. my name is jackson
10:11 am
sosa. i'm 16 years old and current grad student of navarro's good i been attending navarro since 12 years old i started when i was 11 years old when my mom died and navarro has been helping me. it's been helping me a lot. i'm sorry i'm very nervous but i learned a lot of discipline i humbled myself. they took me to competitions and i compete. i was going to a lot. i was going to a lot and they were there for me. the master was always put me there in check to make sure i was not in the street. i was not drinking i was not smoking and she was there for me to talk. i was going six days a week after school. i would volunteer with the peewees. you know, they're not in it for the money. they're not in for the money at all. there were many times i could not pay and they always told me
10:12 am
to come back. they were never about the money. was to make sure i was not doing anything bad. to make sure of staying focused and they're very good people. as always very family oriented. it's not there my second family. it hurts to see the mission district change. i was born and raised in the mission district and wasn't for me all students i don't know where i'd be right now. they're very good people. carlos navarro master will be they our family to me. although students over there and they are family to me. anybody walks and we treat him with the same respect we treat with any other students. i really appreciate if they become a legacy business because they deserve it. they are hard-working. the rose that grew from the concrete and they're very good people and hope you find it in your heart to give them a legacy business. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. hello.
10:13 am
>> hello my name is linda pays him speak on behalf of navarro's. i been with them for 18 years. i have suffered with depression all my life and no surprise after i had my first child 18.5 years ago i was feeling down so my sister dragged me to the gym and i met frankie navarro working at a 25 hour fitness did took his class. loved it. as what i could do because i could not get enough. he injuries need to carlos, master carlos. i end up getting certified in 1999 to teach what they called crush kick. that was even better. so he took me, training, took me around to a lot of other jams. i was his understudy and i became- started teaching at their gym at i taught until his nine month-- pregnant. i had her went right back to the gym and just was with them ever
10:14 am
since. fast forget my second daughter is now 16 good unfortunately she started having depression issues. she did crew for two years. did not want to do it anymore. broader to master ruby. she's in doing that now for about six months. met all these girls in the class and it just alters so immensely. while i was [inaudible] the classes were full of kids. they were they felt like he was home. it is been nothing but positive. i see all the assistance that they get. the kids, they do they stay off the streets. everything they said they been saying all these years that i've been there. anything that you can do but navarro's must be able to continue that support these children. they even let me do a class for the girls going off to college like
10:15 am
a self-defense class. i just rented the space could of course they give me a discount and we taught this class and we [inaudible] support the community. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> i'm zach-born and raised in san francisco. i'm speaking on behalf of navarro jim. about two months ago my mom in the city into navarro's jim and i really enjoyed the experience. every time i go there i feel more and more like just a big family and we are all one big community. i get taught self-defense which is very key because i take public transportation to most every day and i feel safer knowing how to defend myself. at navarro's we don't only learn self defense and we also learn respect, to respect our peers and our seniors, which is very
10:16 am
important virtue to have. another great thing about navarro's is the affordability which, if we don't get the legacy status then would have to raise the price that i would not be will to afford it him or because a single mom just can't . it's been around in the mission for over 50 years and so i really think it deserves legacy status. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon good i am lauren lopez and only speaking on behalf of the vials and why i believe it deserves to be called a legacy business. the bottles is been part of san francisco community for 50+ it is more than another place to train for martial arts. it's a place of safe and welcome and [inaudible] navarro's has been in business and impacted the community to menace. the navarro family has saved many lives. with the welcoming arms
10:17 am
they've got all the families created a safe space inside the studio away from any outside-ish. for me, the baros is more than just a place to train. it means much more than that. it been part of my life are two generations. my mom, uncle family friends and so many more have come here to be free from the street light. some of my aunts and uncles have been involved in street activity but since the brain involved in the baros they been out of jail. the nana borrows teaches [inaudible] this helps with out like rats are the student helps students gain confidence and gain jobs. navarro was a very successful. working for the city, the state counsel and the teaching in only owning their own visited when i'm at navarro's
10:18 am
[inaudible] before i started training at navarro's i was in a bad place to those influenced negatively but since i've been at navarro's love and positively influence a getaway from negative influences like drugs and all call. over the past two years and major resilient young woman to my training at navarro's. now that i have navarro's in my life i could not imagine life without. during my train of enabled to [inaudible] strong bonds. i built a second family there. the community deserves to call navarro's a legacy business. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> hide. my name is julie martin. i have two kids born and raised in san francisco. i've heard about navarro's through the community knowing it's a community center but did
10:19 am
become involved with it until a few months ago when i decided my 11-year-old daughter had to take self-defense. it was time for her but her brothers to get around on muni herself and in this city i don't think there's not a lot of people in the streets. it's not the safest environment for young people to travel around by themselves. i was just searching high and low for what type of place would provide the skills i wanted her to have and finally, someone suggested why not navarro's take kickboxing there because you're learning how to is ever in a situation that you are angry enough they want to throw a punch you know how to control yourself you know the discipline not to do that. your that strand is in controlling yourself and also if you're in a situation where he absolutely
10:20 am
must of been yourself physically and of the ability to do that. i have loved seeing her there. it's a great community. so much more is taught there. beyond just technique. the self-defense reaches into all areas. it's about respect because everybody has to give each other respect that. you give respect and are also given respect and affect our respect and trust and strength is were the basis of how to then carry yourself in the world and carry yourself on the street so that you demand others respect and you are not vulnerable in that way. but then also you're learning to give it to others at the same time. i am also a public school teacher is why i can't afford to send my kids to another studio to train and as a high school teacher it's incredibly moving for me to see all of the young people in their studio especially the girls. the amount of self-respect they have and the strength and really learning how to take
10:21 am
risks and believe in themselves have the confidence to do things have the confidence to be leaders because they're constantly put in positions of leadership with each other. it's really astounding to see if i can have all my students in my own classroom feel that i would feel like a very successful teacher. i'm very impressed by the navarro's. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> we will now call >>[calling public comment cards] >> good afternoon my name is adrian borel and newly installed special project open and edit pendulum. even though i've been only the [inaudible] for six months my relationship with project open and began with 10
10:22 am
years ago on the recommendation of [inaudible]. he said you go to project over open and be a client. volunteer. and you'll get all the nurse that support love and community and food uk needs. he was right on all fronts. over time, i began to work at project overhand and work my way up through a special night shaft. [inaudible] overtime and regain my health work my way up as i said. volunteered on many community events across the city over the years. "of the community and at the same time i was able to work with some amazing nutritionists dietitians to refocus the meals we served to become more healthy and medically tailored to meet guaranteed most sick in our community. the same goes project open hand deftly w means a lot to me so does it do
10:23 am
to other members in the this room and the community at the building we are in is open infighting and quite [inaudible] to everybody either as a volunteer or as a clients. i have also seen how much of an impact being a client has on -being a volunteer has on the people who we work with each day. volunteers provide a balance positive energy and motivation for my staff and countless that members in the building. i would like to stress my thanks to the community for project overhand for the legacy obligation. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is gary lee. i've been a client for project overhand for over 10 years and about here in the green house since january of this year. so thank you for considering their application for legacy business status. i
10:24 am
slept and dreamt of life was joy. i woke and saw life was service. i acted and behold service was joy. this was the first thing i saw this morning and i cannot think of a better way to describe the product legacy of hope project open hands and people continue to make it grow. i moved to san francisco 10 years after a dear friend of mine died in hospitalized or not and i decided nobody was living past 40. i was 35 and i was 21 years ago. so the last 10 years since i retired from aids complications due to aids drugs i've had cancer twice. nine years ago at the end of chemo i was 106 pounds. i had new misses the pneumonia and almost [inaudible] three years ago i'm cancer free from anal cancer. i had an operation. you know i have taken a [inaudible] three
10:25 am
or times i could not get them into my box. mine look like an ice cube tray. now i only take two pills a day medical marijuana for pain. so i'm living proof of food and love can do and heal you. bringing back to life. so i hope you do consider putting was legacy and legacy status. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> hi. my name is mario gallant date. i didn't infected for about 16 years. i been a client for about 15. i been a volunteer for about 13. i am what they call old school because you give and you get
10:26 am
back. how can i say, i've met volunteers from all over the world. i met doctors recently. they do what i would call humanities project overhand because they see aspects of aids, of all kinds. cancer. and they have to deal with it. they see what they need to see the reality is what it is. i see groups from all over the country they ask that you come and work in volunteer and were always booked. i see organizations from all over the city, and work as major donors. like microsoft, pg any and pacific telephone. there's something going on there that
10:27 am
they can't refuse. they want to be a part. i'd like to thank the commission for considering our application because there exists nothing in the country like ours and we also apply things to the east bay for food under project open hand. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is linda cliff and i am speaking on behalf of project open hand. i'm a board member as was a volunteer and i come to you today as a volunteer. you've heard from jeff adrien and our clients about the volunteer work. 12 years ago i decided i needed to get back to the community. i certain criteria. one, a local agent. two, a hands-on experience, and three, i want to work in the hiv-aids
10:28 am
area due to several family members being survivors as well as friends i lost. so i walked into the doors of open hand. thinking that i would become a knife chop some vegetables and gold on. little did i realize to become a passion. that within those walls of open hand volunteer community was so diverse, so loving so giving that i just was overwhelmed by it. the diversity is such that on my shift alone there people who volunteered there for 20 years. that speaks volumes about our nonprofit organization. they can keep their volunteers for that long. my shifts are deathly able to young adult learning life skills. for me that was an incredible bonus having a special needs brother i got to help these young adults learn how to use a knife would have to be respectful and little did i know 12 years ago it would be such a rewording experience. and to give you an example of
10:29 am
our volunteers, they come together with one purpose. it's to help others and not to focus on themselves. so i hope that i can volunteer for this organization for another 20 years if possible. thank you for your consideration. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> good afternoon mark riley zoa project open hand thanks for taking some time to listen to us to get you had a long hour. it's amazing organization. adrian and kerry talked about sparrow when she had this idea 32 years ago where her friends were dying and she did know of what's. i get weepy around that part of this but all she knew how to do is make food to feed people. there really is what we are today. she had that vision
10:30 am
32 years ago. we had the vision 20 years ago with tom's support investing the building at 730 polk and was an investment for the work we do. it was investment for the work api wellness does the work that shaughnessy does work the tenderloin area center for excellence does good it is a community we work in that building and it's a community of hope. sick of community of empowerment. it's a community of joy. if you have not been in our building and so many people have icing to run across that all the time-you will see clients walking interfaces will just shine because they know they are someplace safe. there are no in the space world and protect them and make them better. that's a valuable we do. so every single day for 32 years we fed people. never
10:31 am
closed it didn't close during the earthquake it didn't close last tuesday. we don't close in christ did we react and respond and that's the legacy that needs to hold. so we hope you will consider it. thanks. >>[applause] >> >> thank you >> [inaudible] historically minded people all tell you but that date budget value open and from the clinic mission with graber was our founder and she's already retired. with a room full of people when ruth baker walked in entire clinic mission stood up and cheered for her. the entire room. the chairman susan lowe is anybody guesses project one lowly hand the lawyer from the battle afraid was going to degrade the neighborhood but here's some of the testimony he said i want to join us for this fine organization amazing thing that was printed in 1985 when no one knew how aids spread. she did it out of love and always meals for love and that's a mission preserved by this fine organization undermines rate leadership board of directors
10:32 am
outstanding volunteers get back cities of this is interest. this is the very first in the world providing meals for persons with aids. over 100 organizations were formed after this model. in new york and all over this country in africa canada mexico incredible legacy we should all be very proud of. so designating it as a legacy organization would be added to that and reckon i said. thank you for that consideration of this request today. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> i often sit up there on that side and the mta buildings and i never zero laws. kaiser for tuesday was we don't either. thank you. >> we don't either. thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] >>
10:33 am
>> good afternoon to my name is alan jordan i'm coming on behalf of sam jordans of california. we are very [inaudible] you grant us the legacy status also. a little history. sam jordans, we've been there since 1959. legacy started when my father and mother came to california. back during the war my father was in the navy. my mother, she worked at hunters point shipyard by father open up the business on third street and a view and it's been a steady hub in the neighborhood. a local lace where families even to this day, the people back in 1959 mother kids and grandkids
10:34 am
attend the place. my father was the first african-american back in the 60s. that was the year when mayor shelley.. he came in third in the [inaudible]. very positive force in our neighborhood. bayview in this point. during that time he gained the moniker the mayor of butcher john was associated with that area because that's what all the slaughterhouses and tanneries were in the city. we really feel strongly about this part of our legacy because not only is it a family legacy. it's a community legacy because throughout my father's life he did a lot for our neighborhood. he touched a lot of hearts. he always was there to lend a hand and giving something of himself to the neighborhood. so we would
10:35 am
respectfully request that you would grant us legacy so the legacy that he started continues through his kids and grandkids. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> how are you doing speakers i name is clyde common speak in behalf of sam jordans bar good i thought about a lot of things to say as was sitting in the gallery but the main focus about who sam jordan was he was san francisco. he came here from texas after the war. thrived in the community. like my brother-in-law said he was a deacon of the community because he was a businessman. he was like the social center. you came to him with their problems and he was the mayor of butcher come. he is san francisco. sam
10:36 am
jordans boy is san francisco it recently, sam jordans became nationally known because we were featured on the show, [inaudible] rescue. really. so sam jordans bar is san francisco. just like all of you are san francisco. that's where we want to be. it's got so many think i heard somebody else called it, cheers. no. we are the west coast cheers. you come here and everybody knows your name. as soon as you walk through the door you are san francisco. myself i'm from texas myself. but i came here but now i am san francisco. everybody knows sam jordans bar because of the legacy, landmark of which is that the land next artist which was given to it number 263 on the registry. so sam jordan is a man and he is san francisco. he deserves this legacy landmark status. thank
10:37 am
you. >>[applause] >> thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] >> good afternoon commissioners. my name is robert clark and i'm the owner of sam sam which is all part located in the haight as very district and is been there since 1941. so we are rapidly approaching our 75th in a bursary. in many ways the story of zand sam's is an american store. was founded originally by an immigrant family from what is now called iraq. back
10:38 am
then was called mesopotamia. they were a serious christian people came to this country with hopes of bettering their status in life. opened the bar version all zand sam as he was called in those days. the bar was successful and as time passed became very prominent primarily through the efforts of the son of the original owner, bruno, was an old-school gentleman who ran a tight ship and with a firm hand. i grew to know bruno very well and when he is cited to sell the bar which he did in the year 2000 was fortunate to be able to take it over. it's a unique and intergroup art of the haight-ashbury neighborhood.. it's been through many changes outside the doors. inside the doors. it's the same as it ever
10:39 am
was. i thank you all for considering it for legacy status , and thanks again. >>[applause] >> thank you. at this time i don't have any additional speaker cards. does anybody else would like to speak on the item 8 of any of the legacy business enterprises, please,, four. if not- >> i get my name is [inaudible] i work at zand sam. it's almost impossible to explained what a community we have there. sorry. this whole week has been kind of emotional with the election. you know i catch my friends kids speaking out of the apartment across the street get i holler at them. we've had fundraisers. we've had a wedding reception. i am
10:40 am
pretty sure a few other like some monumental events we've never once close the doors to the public. we get people from travel from all around the world to hear the story and i think it's a great one and we want to keep sharing it. thanks. >>[applause] >> thank you. any rails like to speak on the item 8? seeing none, and hearing none, public comment is closed. i would like to thank all the speakers for coming to speak in support of your businesses. very moving stories very powerful for us to hear them here. commissioner? comments? commissioner johnck >> as usual i been mesmerized by your inspirational stories. every time we meet the commission meets the stories just keep expanding and until into what i would call or the
10:41 am
intangibles that don't necessarily always come out in written reports as we've talked about. we talked about how more of what you are saying how this could be better reflected in some way that i think some of the ideas that you talked about today that resonate with me, there will idea about the multi-generations that provide continuity over time for our great city. your efforts to be an educational resource for the neighborhoods and keeping the families and individuals in the neighborhoods that are connected them i think some you use the word, anchor, which i thought was important. there's been the internet the entrepreneurial spirit nurturing culture and i was very impressed with the fellow that spoke on behalf of the program that is actually helping some of the businesses
10:42 am
survive better as a social enterprise. i would like to think this program can be cross pollinated with that and vice versa. then of course you've heard our commission talk about a trend called façade-is him and avoiding façade-is him in our architectural distort preservation and rehabilitation, it's a. getting beyond cutting all these businesses are so much beyond the sod-is him. people walking for the storefronts of these actresses have no idea of the energy and the love and the spirit that is behind those doors. so i think this is what we are hearing today and i certainly move to take any additional comments to support
10:43 am
all these applications. >> thank you. commissioner pearlman >> i'm sorry the young lady from his book about novartis is not here because i think she said a statement that relates to every single one of these businesses and all the ones we heard. she said, the bottles is a rose that grew from the concrete. i think it's quite remarkable how we've heard now probably 50 stories of different businesses and how they're all rose. they all move me. again like last time carlos navarro, landmark in and of themselves. i had the privilege of those brinker and the woman named jean alexander worked with her to start project open hand and i worked on creating a garden in a hole in the ground in the castro richards had burned down. at 16th know we and market. we set up a garden there and had to go from the
10:44 am
san francisco jail in the post-release program helped cultivate that garden. i remember a number of times going with some of these people with bags and baskets of tomatoes to the kitchen project open hand and that spirit i mean that still moves me like 25 years ago or 20 years ago. so the work that project open and does is just so remarkable and truly a legacy that is san francisco. i mean about the aids crisis and how we responded to that. so i also endorsed every one of these. i think they're all amazing businesses and thank you all for telling your stories and being part of this person. >> thank you. commissioner johnck >> it just so amazing the experience commissioners have had that you do with regard. i did not. i knew bruno can
10:45 am
>> were you thrown out the? >> i were not was not thrown out but i knew bruno >> i think it's just truly obsolete remarkable your i don't know [inaudible] motion has been made to approve? >> yes. >> i said i moved and pending other comments but i moved >> well i second the motion. he was commissioner hyland do want to say anything? >> i just want to say this brings kind of stuff is what brings me to historic preservation and architecture and building community. thank you for all your stories. i didn't look what should for staff could i forget your name,. i'm sorry. not stephanie from those small business-yes. i apologize good i can remember your name off the top of my head >> richard carillo with legacy
10:46 am
business >> yes. hi richard i know there's the invest in neighborhoods program. is that under the small business as well >> no. it's under workforce development of >> i think that the program this gentleman was referring to >> yes, mr. wynn >> we were cultural heritage assets subcommittee had had several conversations with invest in neighborhoods and i wondered if you are two groups are talking about resources that can help on both sides of this >> i have to work for invest in neighborhoods team before and i'm still sitting up there because there's [inaudible] so, yes, were in close contact with them >> okay, great >> thank you. i think we have a motion >> i forgot to say i noticed at this time that the introductions, the summaries of each of the businesses i think they been strengthened and having very much improved from prior presentations. so i think
10:47 am
whoever in the staff is responsible for that were whoever in the step participated in that ought to feel quite good about themselves. >> thank you. i think we have a motion and a second. >> on emotion than to adopt recommendations for approval for items 8a-o commissioner johnck aye johnck aye pearlman aye hyland aye samaha aye so moved that motion passes unanimously 5-0. >> thank you. >>[applause] >> commissioners that place the item 9m or 2016-0134 terrace infill for noncompliance struts. this of planning code amendment. >> good afternoon commissioner aerostar manager of legislative affairs for the planning department. the item before you is a student sponsored by supervisor peskin men the
10:48 am
planning code to permit buildings designated as significant under article 11 and that are noncompliant with regards to height and bulk to infill existing tariffs of up to 1600 ft.2 of any infill required major alteration permits been subject to each pc reviewed approval. as noted in the case report this. is proposed to allow the hotel to infill an existing target photo as does them as significant under article 11. the terrace is located in the inner courtyard of the building not on the primary façade not easily visible from the street. it's probably covered by a tense. the case report incorrectly reported the fire department has said they can no
10:49 am
longer use the 10th for life and safety reason could however this is not quite acted the fire department told the hotel without sprinklers detents occupancy load is limited. photo wishes to enclose the doors with more permanent structure with sprinklers. that amount requisite commission recommend approval with modifications. one of occasions including one, amend the language and criteria to so it reads, will not alter or remove or obscure in character defining features of the building rather than have any adverse impact on the character defining feature number two, district proposed changes only to the block that contains the hotel taxes block 0316 and number three, lisa two-year time limit on the pose planning code to get the barman is recommended modification but we don't have an objection to allowing the proposed infill and support allowing mr. jones to adapt and change needs as long as and impacted the resource. we do know we don't know how much utilities would narrowly tailored sparrow for the rest of the this. therefore the permits proposing to limit the speed is further and allow it to be removed from the code after two years. that concludes my report and happy to answer questions. >> thank you. commissioner pearlman >> yes. this confused the hell out of me because it felt like
10:50 am
we were trying to endorse a ordinance for one tiny project which seems like massively spot zoning and i'm curious why-maybe either one of you maybe mr. fry can answer this well. why isn't this just a variance or some kind of-how is it that this has to rise to the level of messing up the planning code which is already so messy? with something like this? is there- >> we struggled with that. it seems like a reasonable request. but for various reasons in the code they just can't do it. just not allowed to meet you can get a variance for it. so we often will do something like this. this one is particularly very narrowly tailored. >>[laughing] two allowed to go forward we just thought we'd take it out of the code after
10:51 am
two years to clean up that mess that might leave. there's no way they can do without a legislative change >> then the other question is it says hearing date and expiration date. what does that mean? >> the rain date is today. the expiration date you in the planning commission have 90 days to review the ordinance before the board can take action it. so if you don't make a recommendation within 90 days allowed to take action without your recommendation. >> any other questions? know. thank you mr. start at the time will take public comment on this item i've one speaker card for dan gershwin. >> good afternoon commissioner dan gershwin on behalf of the crystal to get the law form of [inaudible]. also here would be
10:52 am
today is the project architect janet 21st of all want to thank staff or the hard work on this and to the commission for considering it. as mr. starr mentioned during his report this legislation would require the cliff to return to this commission for a permit to alter so expect to be back before you 2017 for that is the ordinance does in fact pass. we generally greet the staff's suggestions and modifications to the ordinance. there's one point on the proposed edits to criteria, number two. in reviewing both the language and new original ordinance and staff recommended changes, it occurred to us might make sense to delete criteria number two altogether. criteria one and three are actually in addition to the criteria that we typically before the hbc for permits altered. criteria to as mr. fry and mr. starr have pointed out willie we state criterion that already exist in the consideration that this commission would have under section 1111.6. one and three are further narrowing devices that supervisor peskin's office and we also believed made sense
10:53 am
in the context of what the commission was speaking to in the broader context of a pretty narrowly tailored ordinance that's not designed a broad applicability. so those are the comments that we would have been happy to share some images of the cliff if that would help anyone here but if not be happy to take any questions. >> anybody need to see pictures to no, i don't think we need to do. can you clarify are you agreeing that with the bases for the recommendations of the planning permit has put forward were are you suggesting i could they said their amending the language in criteria to to remove the proposed to be removed and are using the same thing? >> you will see was a modification suggested. the students as originally introduced at not have an adverse impact on any character defining feature of the building and staff has noted that the adverse impact criteria, there really sounds more like a sequel
10:54 am
inquiry so make sense to remove it. our question is whether there's any need to have criteria at all given that in some sense is redundant of the criteria that will already be before this commission under section 1111.6 >> right here we would not be able to approve this without the permit to alter this >> exactly >> [inaudible] >> so in one sense having criteria one and three and their those are called out for the commission attention is funny so need to be made in order for you to approve a permit to alter in the specific narrow context. criteria two, it's notably benign but we suggest for simplicity might make sense to move it. he was okay. thank you. mr. fries >> commissioners just to add on that abundance perspective on that is we concur in that we don't think ceqa language similar to ceqa should is in
10:55 am
there similar to the of no preference one way or the other it could be eliminated because as mentioned as 1111.6 of your code already outlines the standards for review for any project. the only other option that you could consider is if you want to buy reference we iterate that those standards have to be used in evaluating these projects. were this project that you could buy reference just patty and that it shall comply with the standards for review under 1111 >> it does already say that because they shall be subject to the applicable conditions of article 11. second sentence i think >> exactly. >> okay. any comments commissioner? i would concur with the idea of removing criteria to because unless >> i agree >> do i have a motion >> i move that we make the
10:56 am
modification, which was just discussed and otherwise approved >> dobie to eliminate criteria two. width second >> did you also want to take the other stuff recognition? >> yes. and the other staff recommendation. >> if they were not they will be. >> yes. >> i second that motion. >> commissioners, there's a motion and seconded to adopt a recommendation for approval with staff modifications as amended to illuminate criteria number two on a motion commissioner johnck aye johns got pearlman aye hyland aye samaha aye so moved that motion passes unanimously 5-0. commissioners the place on item 10 days number 2014-001272 for
10:57 am
the pier 70 mixed-use district project. >> this is informational presentations views good afternoon department started in the city of joy by david [inaudible] from the port of san francisco. the project before you is an informational presentation on the upcoming pier 70 mixed use project which is currently undergoing premature review as part of the incremental impact report. pier 70 mixed-use is a public-private partnership i the port of san francisco and the city council and the board intends to rehabilitate 28 acres of the site of pier 70 and knew she'd be zoning and of him and design standards and controls are multiphasic mixed-use about on a site on
10:58 am
that site as well as the two adjacent parcels along illinois street. as envisioned the pros project would include new market rate formal residential uses commercial use retail arts like industrial usage, parking shoreline improvements infrastructure development and street improvements. the proposed budget would also good transportation circulation improvements upgraded utility and infrastructure [inaudible] and 9 acres of public open space. the pier 70 mixed-use project is located with you during our works is for district wizard in the national register of historic places as far the project three-story buildings would be real but they did for new uses on the site. to achieve these goals the project would amend the san francisco general plan and planning code that a new pier 70 special use district establishing land use controls zoning site and incorporate design standards and guidelines for the proposed pier 70 document. the zoning maps would be amended to show changes on the current zoning which primarily am-to work p public
10:59 am
to the proposed suv some. heights would be increased to 90 feet x over 100 foot wide portion adjacent to the shoreline that would remain at 40 feet tall as authorized by prop o'clock sharp pass by the voters in november of 2014. the proposed budget would also amend the port waterfront land use plan. subsequent to the presentation, the hpc we afford further opportunity for review of the proposal is part of the review of the front of impact report which is scheduled to meet published in december of 2016 and likely to be brought forward to the hp see in january or february. the general plan of planning code amendments as well as the review of the [inaudible] will also be brought forward to the review and comment. just to note this process will mirror some of the moment occurring to the north admission rock just want to buy the giants. i'd like to introduce jackson scuttle from forest said this. my presentation available for any questions. thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon commission to my name is kelly prosser and i'm pleased to present the pier 70 project i work for four city
11:00 am
on the pump if we can go to the presentation please >> it's there >> so a quick overview the i will note that copies of the presentation are underweight slightly delayed in time. that will be here sure good general overview will go without planning process today. he quick overview of the site plan and all the more time look at this torque resources at the site as well as the proposed design for development structure and will conclude with a conversational public benefits associated with the project. first to start with the planning process. the planning for pier 70 has been underway universe for the last 10 years beginning in 2007 without the boards preferred master plan preparation process which was endorsed in 2010. at that point the peers request for proposals for added to moment partner was released
11:01 am
four city respondent selected in 2011 could even associate with the project since then undergoing extensive community outreach to develop a concept plan a term she was adopted at the board of supervisors in 2013 and in 2014 you might recall that was the citywide ballot measure which which mentioned, proposition f which authorize the height increase at the site. the day after that ballot measure was approved irc found myself the planning departments omitting our environment so evaluation application to begin the ceqa process we spent the last two years in technical review it went his bidding is which mentioned the draft eir to be polished in december of this year and a devastating project approval in the middle of 2017. throughout that time both of port and forced city has engaged in extensive community outreach process in every way that we can think of to reach out to neighbors interested stakeholders, committee members to solicit their input and feedback on the
11:02 am
proposed project. this is just a sampling of some of the events we've held get one of the stars we've employed is to bring people down to pier 70. sometimes it last one on the street have your heard of pier 70 though thing is that i pier 39? actually not almost san franciscans mental maps. to bring them to the site to let them experience the buildings there and to see the potential that this incredible waterfront space currently mostly used for parking and storage really start to see the potential of the site. so in 2013 we held our first public event at building 12 children more about as an urban air market we were incredibly surprised over 5000 attendees. i will admit they probably were there for the cool grass and good food though we kind of cornered him as they walked in. and were there without all the information about the proposed projects to solicit input thoughts and feedback. we held the street
11:03 am
food festival in august of 2015 at the site. i didn't really surprised pleasantly surprised the turnout, over 60,000 people over the course of the weekend came down to pier 70 mixed race building 12. then more recently we've had two so far and a series of three public open houses at the site. our third is actually this coming thursday tomorrow night at 5:30 pm. we've given site towards presentations about the project and then an opportunity for q&a with our consulting team and we have been pleasantly surprised the turnout. was two under rsvps for each. the confused me a great opportunity to learn about pier 70 on the proposed project. then as i mentioned of course proposition f which approved with 73% approval in 2014. throughout all of this
11:04 am
outreach we really heard a recurring theme of what is important about pier 70 what the future appeared pier 70 lubbock italy, nation three think integrating the existing fabric of dogpatch incredible texture and types of uses types of businesses that are at the neighborhood today. incorporating the industrial history of the site and then the opportunity for a new urban waterfront postindustrial local water park unlike anything san francisco has currently. so the plan is been driven by those three guiding principles. to spend a little more time on each, as you'll hear more about shortly, the site was of course an active ship repair facility of to the second world war at its peak with over 18,000 employees given 24 hour per night. people are often very surprised when they hear about that level the amount of population and level of activity at the site. the texture and sensibility of the dogpatch we actually worked with local artists wendy
11:05 am
mcnaughton to prepare a piece of art in 2012. i like to think of her as a sketch journalist and she this a direct quote the dogpatch is the original mixed-use neighborhood and the community is very interested in keeping a mixed use nature as the project moves forward. then of course finally the opportunity the waterfront of fo is speaks for itself. on go to walk you through the plan quickly. on your screens now is the pier 70 area approximately 69 acres in total. you will notice the red dotted line on the start and that is the boundary of the union fireworks this directness. it overlaps mostly, but not completely, without pier 70 and. there's some difference at the northern end of the site. as part of the preferred master plan preparation process these
11:06 am
people are identified several subareas within pier 70. you've crinkle park at the north of the site which begins construction this year. new open space constructed by the port. now the actor should repair facility under lease would be 80. bav just sign date lease rental for 2015 imaging that ship repair activity has been a key priority of both reports and forth forest circuit city. your best work people take and process under way with words and about and finally the south of the site of the infield about an opportunity identified here as the fourth city said that approximate 28 acres inside. it's a little bit less than the overall pier 70 area. this slide here is with the future of pier sunnybrook number general uses. the majority of my presentation were really focused on a 20 acre forest city site but i hope it's awful to zoom out and look at the entirety of the district. in general terms, 75% of the district will be public parks, streetscape, historic buildings
11:07 am
only 25% is where you'll see that new construction. it's primarily concentrate within the forest city said. that's received most density of the new building but again it toppled for minor cells that pier 70 experience a much larger place. again another slide to her conducted the port preferred master plan. back in 2010 that southern area was identified as real infill opportunity. we buildings up to 90 feet proposed. this is actually at the age from the port master plan. now we walk through the site plan and we are kind of orientating ourselves looking west right now. the first step in developing the site plan is of course the historic buildings already there. buildings two, 12, and 21 we form the centerpiece of the site. these are some images of those
11:08 am
buildings could be more to come in the presentation but building 12 and two are the most obvious that you can get a peek at him if you drive down illinois street building 20 1z but further in to the site as well. this is a rendering of the space in between building 12 to your right and building to to your left. julia more about this from charles, but the buildings at pier 70 were located based on process not necessarily on a perfect street rate. so it crazies beautiful wonderful idiosyncrasies. this base radio between building 12 and building two is approximately 8 feet and something that we are excited about when it comes to the future site plan because it's a nice moment of compression and then when you walk through you to view all the way down the open space into waterfront. a little bit about the proposed use for building 12. we are anticipating we would build what we are calling a makers market hall. the sweetheart is back to again that texture and existing users within dogpatch that the idea is that you have the ability to the public to go
11:09 am
in and to see light manufacturing, pdr, making that happen within the building 12 building as well as the opportunity for some retail food and beverage, some examples of that type of experience would be deep ceramics were the rickshaw bags facility in dogpatch if you are familiar if you're not i highly encourage stopping by. the next step in development of the stock site plan is a generous waterfront park. though narrower than 100 feet across the entirety of the 1300 and your foot shoreline. this is a rendering of a moment at the northern end of that waterfront park that you can see the bay trail extended along the site that you consider bav sheep repair facilities in building six as well in the spring here. rather than leave all the waterfront to the shoreline,
11:10 am
what are site plan does it draws that open space up into the middle of the site connects buildings to 12, 12 and 21 creating long linear open space in addition to the generous waterfront promenade. this really harkens back to the historic use of the site. of coarse substructures in front of building 12 towards the bait with the subways and greenways which is where the ships were repaired and fabricated those were kind of long when your slips leading up to building 12. so orientating the site plan to harken back to that alignment is something that we think is a nice gesture to the historic uses of the site. of course, next up is to extend the street grade of dogpatch connecting 20th and 20 seconds into the waterfront. this is a rendering of 22nd st. you can see building 12 to your luck at one of the current proposals is to retain a structure building 15 which happens to actually perfectly aligned with 22nd st.
11:11 am
if you were to draw a straight line down to the waterfront. while the building itself without the retain the ideas to keep the structural frame and have it is a real day weight and marker has are entering into the site. we are still working through the approval so put it in the idea, that something we are excited about. around the middle of the site in the parks and open space to a mixed-use trade of court. this is anticipating more of the uses similar to what i described the building 12 additional retail opportunities as well as arts and cultural opportunities. activating the park and quite literally fronting the open space. on the upper levels of that creative corridor where you are residential uses, and then extending the open space network to the dogpatch. if you are familiar, there is eight existing landscape irish hill, which is at the site we actually are civil engineer take a look at irish oh. is
11:12 am
approximately 7% - excuse me - historic area is what remains there. is something that would remain as part of the propose project and indeed we are proposing to add additional open space next to irish you would have a children's playground facility and so extreme that open space network as far as west the site as get to provide an amenity to the neighborhood. then finally you at commercial office and residential uses to the north and to the south of the site could i want to spend a minute on the commercial authors used at the north of the site. those are intended to act as a buffer with a bav ship repair facility adjacent neighbor which can occasionally active 24 hours a day. making sure to put more resilient user if you will in a close proximity and protecting both uses on either side. then finally a feature of the project i want to point out was the open spaces fronting - excuse me - the building
11:13 am
opening the fronting not separate from that open space by a road. they quite literally the buildings open out onto the open space and provides a real opportunity for activation of those park facilities and indoor-outdoor permeable experience we think will be really special good i like the edge of not having to cross four lanes of traffic to be able to have a picnic. something you can walk right up and enjoy the parks. this is a rendering of maryland street which is a north-south street on the site you can see building 12 to the left.. we are planning to maryland as a shared public weight street that prioritizes pedestrian and bicyclist and could be closed occasionally to traffic for events on a daylong basis. so moving now to talk about building heights, of course you add in the additional streets even for healthy circulation
11:14 am
network. the buildings proposed on the west end of the site along illinois are in keeping with the neighbor context. those are already zone to 65 feet and a maximum height. at the center of the site is where you have lower skill height and a height variety the buildings range from 45 feet to 75 feet and the north and south's way of the taller buildings of the site of 290 feet a lot. as a buffer to the bav ship their site as well as to the potrero power plant site which is our neighbor to the south. is another rendering of the open space. you can see in the middle in the right of that rendering one of the remaining green weight peers which we relocated as part of the open space implied a great opportunity to get close to the water. then of course you can see dae building six in the city skyline beyond. with that i like to have passed this over to charles chase to talk what
11:15 am
the character of the district. >> president wolfram members of the commission take for the opportunity i'm charles chase don't you speak you about some of these storage resources that are part of the pure 70 development under the careful hand of the city. as you know, pier 70 has a long history of development from the 1850s forward through 1945 during world war ii's largest development seems. what you will see-i hope this works-what you'll see in some of the slides is a variety of building types and materials used in the variation and scale of materials that are often found both in neoclassic masonry architecture. those of the historic core as well as the heel classical revival styles found in building 101 at the
11:16 am
corner of illinois and 20th st. but they are also highly industrialized ritzy condo buildings. those corrugated buildings that i think evo probably more of the industrial nature that the world war ii effort has left for us. there's also some cat place concrete buildings, building two. these materials and scale of these buildings are really important. not only in terms of their vertical height within their footprint. there heights range in the neighborhood of 40-90 feet. they reference a change in the skyline, especially building to and 12 with blue forms indicative of trying to get natural light within larger spaces. the footprints
11:17 am
are also incredibly important in terms of rationale for development. future development on the site. if you noticed buildings two, 12, and 21 which are the three buildings within the speed force waterfront bauman site those footprints buried in the proposed involvement that will occur around it are very similar in scale. so there's been this conscious effort of not only looking at land plan although there were during the highest period of development work construction on the site there was not a regular street pattern. the military the navy built with a needed, where they needed it for a functional reasons. not for anesthetic weren't urban street grade. the predominant circulation patterns with realizing claim ways. so those were the
11:18 am
defining circulation elements which materials were carried from one building to another and eventually to the slick ways were they were assembled into holes and of the ships. some of the clues haven't taken from these buildings i think there's a good example here of a building 21 with the openings , albeit vertical rectangular buildings are punctured openings in flat façades. much like all the other metal buildings within the site but they do inform a scale for these buildings and that will be reflected in the way you will see the design of the new buildings come about. there's also a rhythm and pattern for each of these buildings the been very carefully had been organized by structural system
11:19 am
out of functional response were taking those clues where new buildings will inform the site and the adjacent to these historic resources. that's particularly important about building 12. building 12 being the largest footprint, 60,000 ft.2 footprint building, 250 almost 250 feet on the side. it's a huge building and its scale and the roof forms help break that scaled-down. so i'm going to turn this over in terms of architectural approach back to kelly. >> thank you, charles. charles lee nailed it when he talked about taking its ration from the site. we've incredible material to work from and the challenge is really how do you regulate new construction to make sure it is compatible and complementary to the existing structures while letting them
11:20 am
continue to shine. so what we've done is a combination of both project wide standards. standards that apply to every building the matter where it is located and then we have more specific vocational standards that basically most relative to adjacency worry about building adjacent to a resource making sure it's responsive and in relationship to that adjacent we submit we will walk to both of these standards now. charles mentioned it earlier but bears repeating pier 70 is defined by its underwriting there are no two buildings that look exactly the same at the site. you take a real cue from that were taken about new constructor disallowing things symmetrical buildings next to each other and indeed requiring that new construction vary from its adjacent neighbor and at least two of the following categories, whether it's massing materials, glazing pattern that there is a distinctness to each of the buildings to carry through that karate which is a defining feature of the district. another example is material pallets. first, i think
11:21 am
disallowing building façades finished entirely with smooth stucco but then beyond that creating a material palette that is complementary to the existing materials in use. at the site and adding some new modern materials which maybe were not available at the time those boats were being constructed but still would be compatible. now moving onto the location specific standards: what this diagram here is communicating that we've created location specific requirements depending on building adjacency and there are essentially three tiers of requirement. there's a setback requirement quite literally amassing setback for the building closest to the building 113 which are familiar with the site is a beautiful brick building built in 1880s braylon 20th st. the second
11:22 am
tier is a dimensional height reference or referential requirements. still volumetric but not quite as significant as amassing setback requirements in the third category is the relational requirement where building has to draw on some of the vocabulary or vernacular that district to make sure it is compatible with its adjacent neighbor. we will want to each of these in more detail. for the height reference in particular areas what we are requiring as i mentioned amassing setback that the building was adjacent to 113 but then carrying a long important data across the site for example, clearing amassing setback at parcel a closer to building 113 but then requiring roofline datum of 113 is carried on along all the parcels to continue on down 20th st. all the way to the water. so ensuring in reference to the adjacent neighbor. on
11:23 am
the relationship requirement, in particular locations what were requiring is a new construction incorporates elements that relate to the adjacent resource. again horizontal banding vertical banding, materiality. there is a defined set of features within the design for development document and it is required those buildings utilize one of those design strategies in keeping with the overall district. one note, those are specific requirements into design for development related to specific sponsor mr. cultural resources. there's an entirely separate layer which would be another very long presentation about new construction requirements with regard to architectural particularly recovery longer the sod requiring different massing and modulation wills and regulations which are happy to come back to the present as well the want to stick to the time allotted. finally, will run out with committee
11:24 am
benefits. as we mentioned restoration of historic buildings is key in a foundation of the site plan. beyond that the project is making significant investments in regard to infrastructure, particularly with regard to sea level rise quite literally the grade of the site is being lifted nor to accommodate addicted 2100 sea level rise for all the buildings and 2050 sea level rise for the beta but extended extensive waterfront had 30% all units at affordable rates. a little bit of time about transportation which is a really key issue in this area. the project is both has its own site planning transportation efforts. things like like share pods. new uni buses and they trail extension which i mentioned. there is also behavioral component to the just addition program. transportation demand management things like
11:25 am
establishment of a shuttle to connect residents and workers to regional transit and then another efforts to maybe shift mode or to shift behavior 12 people to choose taking transit walking or bicycling rather than driving alone to the site. then of coarse project would generate significant transportation impact fees roughly $45 million as well. so continuing on as i touch on the transportation public benthic component in addition creation of new space for arts culture and local manufacturing reservation of the [inaudible] community currently at the site as well significant job creation and workforce to violent programs. final note a leave leave with is the advancement of phase 1 tourist cities excited about this project and as i started the presentation we've been working on it for quite a while. we're
11:26 am
doing some advance work on phase 1 to be able to begin construction of a lead soon after project approval is feasible and what are the key components of phase 1 is building a significant portion of the waterfront park to make that connection to the shoreline is early in the project as possible. the more rational development if you will would start to the west and build out slowly but we think we having that early shoreline waterfront connection is important for the site and report for public benefit as well. so a lot of information recover very quickly happy to answer any questions that you might have. >> thank you very much. commissioners, any questions quest commissioner johnck? >> thank you. i was wonderful presentation was out of one of the events recently and it's amazing to think what's happened over the last 10 years or more. the last five since it all started to leave
11:27 am
all. it's a fantastic project. very exciting. i guess my question is going to pertain to what is in the draft eir because i've not seen that yet. so my question really begs for me to read that when it comes out. but i think from time to time i pick up this report that the architectural her digit with spur and i can pick up from time to time and say, how are we doing on this and how are we doing on some of the issues. one of the things that i thought was interesting that pertains here, one of the recommendations of the 10 is developed clear design guidelines and interpret how best to apply the secretary of interior standards for the treatment of historic properties to individual historic district. i just think it is interesting this overlap with union iron works. you are
11:28 am
proposing some rehab, three buildings and then some demolition and so i'll be interested to take any comments now or read the draft eir on your approach to how you are thinking about the impact of your plan by the union iron works historic district now you give me looking at that contributory resources, noncontributory, that kind of thing. any early comments would be great to hear about? >> richard sucre to promise a. yes, were under taking the direct eir right now and we been modeling the cultural section with a specific mind towards not having impact on
11:29 am
the addition. knowing as part of the pool port planning process and even a nomination for the district there was an anticipation that some of these kind of ancillary resources would be removed from the site. we've kept that in mind as we approached the eir analysis. he will get basically a full-you get full disclosure about that in about a month when the eir is published and also when we bring it forward for hearing basically back to each pc >> favorite commercial pearlman >> thank you. this is very very excited other the dogpatch for many years. i was at that first event to look at the buildings. not just go to the makers fair. i want to pick up on what commissioner johnck said about-i appreciate the direction is that for many to see how do you incorporate the 21st century into something that is 19th and 20th century. not diminish either to support
11:30 am
both. that's always as an architect in san francisco and being part of this commission, we talked about buildings with reference and i don't want someone to look back 100 years from now and say what happened in the early 21st century. it's like we were not allowed to do anything back then. so i like how this very much incorporates through the design standards away to respect all of time since we're just part of the stream. we are not just freezing something work we are not saying with the greatest now but we are just sane were all part of this development over time. i really appreciate that aspect. >> thank you. i have a question for the port represented. first of all am thankful for this presentation which has lots of drawings in it which are great. i don't want to. one developer against
11:31 am
the other but we are not seen a thing summer from the words and devoted countries more about the interface could look sick these to the lungs are coming together and i'm curious some of the open space we not seen anything for more than about to goor their attitude about some a move could talk about the in between and also who is building the network of streets. is that each of overtaken on and hopefully come together because if the port maybe talk about the port role in the interface of these two projects he was sure. yes, we have worked in and before city the two active >> yes. we have two daughters nba shipper. continues to operate the sugar better than the ports implement team claim copartner which includes an extension of 19th st. so we are coordinating developers
11:32 am
closely. the force city project integrates adjacent to work since project. we would truly meet with him to make certain the new infrastructure that is coming and has a part of tourist city also services were 10. the as relates to the open space or public realm component of it, the ones was significant open space and of right on the seam of the two is the courtyard behind the union ironworks machine shop building 113 alternate, that area will be designed by new 21st st. and a new louisiana street that come together at a unique intersection in that location. so that infrastructure will be delivered by the speed forced city project but also serve the orphan project as well. we did give the commission and update on the words and project proximally six weeks ago. the development of the plans for
11:33 am
the courtyard continue to revolve but actually quite simple at this point in time where we are retaining much of what is out there will be you eat paving it and putting in you utilities to support the drainage and some lighting for that courtyard area is can a function of multiple functions throughout the day. the closet during much of the day but also will continue to serve voting and axis for those buildings the stork words and buildings as well. he was any spiegel about an think ms. boxer spoke about raising the forest idea which may or may not raise the building 12 good what about on the words inside the not raising any of the ground there? >> yes. they're racing south of 20 street there raising the site anywhere from 12-18 inches.
11:34 am
so they're actually elevating the floor of building 113 about 12 inches. b extended out into the plaza as well as a part of those improvements. before city grading accommodates that where it raises it were significantly good 22nd st. in the vicinity of building 12. that's the highest point. then based on the overall site grading plan it comes down to heat words and at the plaza behind 113 >> thank you. my criticism of the origin presentation we just got words. you're describing something about the raising of that building which a was not mentioned and their product we've never seen a single drawing of anything >> and has proposed good that's been disappointed >> weekend >> just been verbal discussions were going to make up buildings greater again but [inaudible] >> i think they actually did bring in drawings but if it's
11:35 am
something >> they were very elementary >> very somatic. that's something the commission would like for the port to bring back with more detail >> yes, we would like that >> okay. we are happy to do that again. we are closely working together may concern the entire project is integrated in treating it as a district not as for unique distinct projects. >> great. commissioner hyland >> thank you for the presentation. very well done and very easy to follow. i one question. that is the height of the massive new buildings around 21 are they somewhere between 45 and 70 feet were can you give us more detail on what you're thinking there about building 21 is 44 feet right at the height at the peak? >> that is right. the building surrounding building 21-i should note into detail but
11:36 am
important one that buildings one last review be located approximately 70 feet to the south but maintaining its existing orientation so when you look at site plans that hopeful guide. otherwise the site plan does not make as much sense but the proposed new buildings around 21 directly behind at 65 feet directly to the east the building that's fronting the waterfront park is that 50 feet and i do want spend a little bit of time on a building that's right on the pocket it's a particularly special one get that building is where we anticipate most likely replacement studio space for the union artists currently working on the noon and building the community has been working on that building since 1974. so it's an incredible legacy at this site will be per served in the future but is
11:37 am
much more space than just what's needed for the new and artist it will also include additional arts and culture uses and again fronting right on the part could not separated by a road. we really see that building in ways part of the parks and open space to work as well. so as i mentioned 65, 50 feet arts and cultural building and to the west of building 21 the maximum allowable height there is that 90 feet. >> grates. it is some additional questions will take public comment. any questions or comments request at this time will take public comment. anyone wishes to speak the please come for. seeing none, and he would public comment is closed. commissioners any final comments or questions? thank you much for your presentation is very well done. and the hearing is adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> ar.
11:38 am
>> (laughter). with my we're back in open session. during closed session approved settlement on items 14 and 15 can i have a motion? >> whether to disclose during closed session. >> move not to disclose second and. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that that motion carries and is there any other new business? okay i should annoyance that the next meeting on november 22nd is cancelled because of thanksgiving we've been setting up appropriate a meeting for that and recognize that is - a birthday (laughter) >> happy birthday. >> any other business before
11:39 am
this commission. >> well, how about happy new year ray for the cubs. >> okay we're now all right. on 5, 5, 2, 1 you innovation on or was on
11:40 am
over 200 years they went through extensive innovations to the existing green new metal gates were installed our the perimeter 9 project is funded inform there are no 9 community opportunity and our capital improvement plan to the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood it allows the residents and park advocates like san franciscans to make the matching of the few minutes through the philanthropic dungeons and finished and finally able to pull on play on the number one green a celebration on october 7, 1901, a skoovlt for the st. anthony's formed a club and john then the superintendent theol


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