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tv   Mayors Disaster Council 92716  SFGTV  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> thank you all for coming from to the disaster counsel. we have a packed agenda and i'll try to get you out of here in an hour [inaudible]. we do have a chance at the end to have a roundtable soap if people have announcements they want to make [inaudible] and [inaudible] >> thank you, and i want to thank everyone for attending the meeting and to get updated on the things we are doing good to keep our city resilience and
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also prepared and i want to say a big thanks to all of you that are working hard to make sure that the tens of thousands of additional visitors were having the next few weeks, what we just had, in open world and [inaudible] quite a few people in the city and we need to of course keep them all safe thank you for making sure that your roles are played out on everything from the streets to the events, to being ready and the responses. that is going to obviously help be helpful to both our economy but also to the people that are invited here . i also want to let you know that there is, and we are monitoring, a fire in moccasin in the areas that are close enough to our water facilities, upping hetch hetchy to pose a
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potential threat, so we do have a very large something like almost 900 acre wildfire that's going on good that has the potential of affecting so we moderate that. california fire is the incident command there in all the different agencies including the state, are there to respond and begin the attempts to fight this fire, but as you have readily known, many of our firefighters are often very difficult to stop and so we've wanted to make sure that the entire staff at moccasin and our public utilities commission are fully alerted. that their own safety is paramount and then the facilities that operate our water system are also being monitored as well. so we will-i want to thank all the ages ago might be asked to respond
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including our own fire department and obviously, our controller and others who have focused in the past on the impact on past buyers near moccasin that there'll be already as well to assist. i want to also again thank everybody for a continued effort to make sure our city is seismically safe. >>[background noise] i'm been saved by the bell. >>[laughing] that measures for example the third year we have the mandatory soft story building retrofit that are going on in i want to say thank you to all of the building owners in the city, to participate in this in making sure that our buildings, particularly, those that are wood frame seconds of the vulnerable in a seismic event are complying and doing everything they can to get to a
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higher level of resiliency. of course, seismic actions continue to be on our mind for a variety of reasons that are part of today's agenda. i want to make sure that everybody knows that we are paying specific attention to the sinking and the tilting of 301 mission, and that given the number of conflicting viewpoints as to what is going on, i have-i am organizing and have tasked our city administrator, as well as dbi, but also this department of emergency management, to co-lead a great group of experts that are, there are no contractual relationship to any of the of buildings under construction or buildings that have been
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constructed to give us as a city and the board of supervisors a independent transparent analysis of the geotechnical engineering challenges that might be associated with the sinking and the tilting. we will, for lack of a better phrase, get to the bottom, of making sure we understand much better not only what is going on and causing, but that we want to go well beyond the 301 mission building and take a look at established buildings, new buildings, those that are proposed and under design, and to match up with the best and higher level safety engineering that we may be required. we will of course, absorb those engineering reports that are currently under scrutiny as well as those that are being conducted by current owners and developers, but we will also
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add to that a good look at what is being done and what should be done and considered by all development and construction including our tjpa, our transit center, as well as those buildings that are being planned to be built in and around the transbay center as well. i want to thank naomi and and i had of time for leading this effort because there are a number of people whose confidence in their ownership and rentals are very shaken and we want to assure them that have the highest level of safety in the city's attention and i will make sure that that report comes directly to me. we will be finding opportunities once we start this process, we will take little time to meet with any and all residents of that area. this is a big area of cities investment and client
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neighborhood. so we want to make sure that everybody that we've invited to the area businesses as well as developers, and residents, are assured that the highest level of safety is being examined and also that the jurors in which to prevent further sinking and other aspects will be there. i say that in the context of seismic activity as well because the geographical area is already challenged being above mud, and so the techniques have to be examined in light of their performance, should there be a seismic event happening. so we are very well aware of that and need to have the highest level of safety regardless of what our current codes may provide. going to code is one thing. but assuring a highest level of safety is got to be paramount and so that's what is going to be examined by this group. in
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fact, directed already the department of building inspection and the office of resiliency and recovery two and immediately amend a 30 year earthquake safety and implementation plan to really expedite the safety of new and existing high-rise buildings and, again, with a very good focus on the geographic hazardous areas that are being underdeveloped underdeveloped. that could be more challenging in a seismic event. so that is going on. i want to also make sure that we know that the seismic events, because it is just the beginning of the month of october, of course, it is our month where we do a lot of both recognition and celebrations, but also repaired this with schoolkids, with our property owners, with all the agencies practicing and, of
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course, the really direction of our fleet week has been to really join with other agencies and federal government and state government to exercise our ability to be better prepared in case of disaster. i want to thank all those that are working on the fleet week preparations because it's no longer simply as operation. as all of you know. it's an opportunity to practice what all of our different agencies, the kinds of events that will challenge us and how we work together today can create the kind of relationships we need when an emergency hits. so i look at this obviously in total preparation for an event that will happen in our lifetime. it's not and if could it will happen and more of the predictions of the best signs indicate in the next 25 years. so if i can again, in every
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opportunity i have those of you in this room, please, be prepared. you and your families, you are number one responders and you're called upon to respond i can't have you worrying about your families by not taking care of them now and being part of a deliberate plan. then, for those of us who have the opportunity to prepare our communities and our leaders with that opportunity now and practice it, and get them to sf website for further preparation could introduce him to the agencies that were all working together on because i certainly think that if you gone to a disaster service worker training, if you're able to take some skill set training yourself, neighborhood leaders as well, we will all be for the better in recovering much
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quicker from a seismic event. obviously, we may not be be able to prevent an event but we certainly can prevent a high degree of hurt from that event. so please do that and maybe three please make sure that those of you that work and respond to departments work on the continuity operations the bars they are obligated to understand and implement. i know that we have a lot of new employees coming aboard good this government of ours has gained a challenge of a good economy but with that comes the obligation that we train everybody to be the faster workers and disaster prepared along with all of our utility agencies that ought to be constantly practicing with us. so with that, i know we have as and has indicated, a very elaborate agenda. let's get to it and have that exchange. thank you. >> thank you very much mr. mayor. dem conducted nearly a dozen exercises this past year
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in our mission to get san francisco repaired and ready to respond to any disaster or significant events. they are aligned in my directors report, which was on the table that you could pick up. i'm not one to go to every single one with you today, but i do want to highlight a couple. last year during fleet week we did something called a rehearsal of concept or a rock drill. where the department of defense work with us to test our disaster transportation and would just ask strategies. we learned from that a key lesson that we learned was that the last tactical mile was very important and we don't often exercise that. so the details of moving to the next stage of this kind of exercise is to exercise community points of distribution. seed pods and we
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are doing an exercise with fleet week this coming year, see but exercise and folks are welcome to join us with that and i think we'll learn a lot from that. you'll hear more about details later on because that is an agenda item. the mayor also mentioned that we have done a lot of very successful things this year including super bowl l i know many of you were involved in the planning and preparation for that. that was not only a citywide planning effort, but it was a regional planning efforts. working with all of our partners at the local, federal, and state levels and i think was incredibly successful could we had a huge turnout. it was better than i think anything we could have imagined and the possible negative
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things that might have happened, thank god, did not and i think a huge part of that was the effort we put into the kind of security we wanted. we wanted the event to be a safe family friend friendly event and it turned out it definitely was and it highlighted the bay area in san francisco in particular, for the gorgeous part of the country that we are. this past summer we also partnered with the national counterterrorism center, the department of homeland security, and the fbi 20's the san francisco joint counterterrorism awareness workshop. this two-day workshop brought together local state and federal partners engaged artisans in discussion can recognize a best practices, and encouraging information sharing in the event of a complex terrorist events. this unfortunately as you know, listening to the news and reading the paper, is a challenge that is very much
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real that we need to be prepared and make sure the city is ready to respond. the last exercise the want to highlight this morning is our urban shield. yellow command. which test the region's ability to work together during a catastrophic event. this year's scenario involve eight evan .9 magnitude earthquake along the san andreas fault and cyber security attack on the water systems requiring community pots of distribution which again we're doing an exercise next week, to be staged throughout the city and throughout the region. other things we exercise this year and we also updated for of our plans. the winter storm and flood annex the emergency support function 15, which is the joint information system and asked, the sunol meet annex and the emergency support function outlook health annex.
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so, we know that emergencies don't stop at the county line. that's what work with our regional partners to make sure that we all owe each other by first name that we know the functions that we each perform. so that in the event of a large emergency we are not meeting each other for the first time during the emergency. we worked very collaboratively with our region and i want to thank all the city representatives here today who sit on the disaster counsel and also our partners in the community who are with us as we continue to be repaired and make sure san francisco is ready to respond in the event of a major disaster. so that concludes my remarks. i hope you do beat my more detailed briefing because i'm very pleased with the work that my department has been able to accomplish this year. i've got incredible staff who
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have worked very hard to keep us safe. the next item on our agenda is the fleet week briefing. fleet week is coming up starting this next week. it is something that we all love to embrace. it's a great party for san francisco but it is the mayor said, it's also a wonderful time for us to have an educational experience and get to know our partners in the military. francis s'more planning and zoning are public information officer and director of external affairs will give the briefing. >> good afternoon everybody and [inaudible] were excited about it. the annual event in san francisco since 1981 and over the years billions of people [inaudible] have come from throughout the bay area to [inaudible]. since scuttled the city has coordinated joint with with exercises with our military departments. these exercises ring together
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civilian responders and [inaudible] with military units responding in the event of a major event like an earthquake. so this year san francisco fleet week is from october 3-october 10. i just want to go over briefly some of the events taking place. there's going to hear a lot about c potter community place of distribution that is a major exercise that's taking place during the week visit. that's monday, october 3 [inaudible] begins at 11 am and so what is going to happen this is going to act as our exercise our ability that should we [inaudible] catastrophic event. things like food, water, and other life-saving materials that will help people stay in their homes following a catastrophic event. this
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exercise will feature more than 100 volunteers and many of the staff are coming from the department's representing in this room but also within our partners in the military and california [inaudible] as well as some nonprofit partners as well. volunteer members in the community [inaudible] players earthquake disaster that can drive their vehicles to see but since he seek water, still other comfort supplies and get through the major catastrophic events. if you have an opportunity to come out we incurred you to do so. the key thing that people should remember about a seed pod is that they are a last resort measure. if regular means of getting water or food are unavailable, then the seed pods will be set up. this is why it's so important everyone in the community has at least 72 hours worth of supplies at home. these are things that we find every day in-home was just a matter of gathering them up and having them in place. if
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you need help doing that go to sf you'll find civil tips to do that. what of the other key events is the senior [inaudible]. that takes place on wednesday thursday a fleet week. this is an opportunity where civilians leaders, well, senior military leaders get together to discuss emergency taking place both internationally and domestically. [inaudible] best practices to exchange education and to share ideas get this out we learn from each other. so the previous years without representatives from all over the world life buildings and nepal but also within our own country as well. this is a special program that is a key to the humanitarian assistance of disaster response mission. finally, on saturday [inaudible] enjoying having a [inaudible] in san francisco.
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this is a family-friendly events. where civilians and military and nonprofit service come together and provide demonstrations and things like search and rescue, explosion detection, and we would have a nonprofit service of help people with disabilities [inaudible] that of come home with ptsd. integrate family-friendly event 11 am on saturday. finally, i would remiss be remiss if i didn't mention we will have our [inaudible] active during fleet week. that begins on friday. this is a so we can keep-so we can keep an eye on things taking place in the city during the week not only fleet week with this number of events taking place early in the week we have [inaudible]. all fleet all those things go well these next two weeks. will have [inaudible] one thing
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[inaudible] i'll be happy to [inaudible] but there's a lot going on in the city. we want to share their coordinated or anything that goes on [inaudible] we are ready to go. the finalhing i like to say [inaudible] this event cannot be done without the coordination of our nonprofit partners and so [inaudible] and we look forward to another successful week. at this point if there's any questions of happy to answer them. >> any questions? all right, thank you very much. my favorite event is [inaudible] so it is family-friendly [inaudible] bring out your kids
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bring out your dog. it's going to be fun. next on our agenda is [inaudible] is going to present on san francisco bay area earthquake plan and mike is our deputy director and director of our division ons [inaudible] services >> thank you for the opportunity to talk about about the bay area catastrophic plan. this plan was developed by california office of emergency services and fema region nine. obviously, the mission of the plan is save and sustain lives. minimize suffering. stabilize and restore critical infrastructure and it also delves into recovery. the overall objectives are really organized and unified state and federal response and even though the plan is really written as a guide for state and federal response, it talks a lot about the unified coordination group and how the state will organize the response
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and coordination with fema that the primary objectives are to deploy personnel to and from areas unaffected in california two areas that are affected by catastrophic earthquake. probably the most challenging component of that is developed in the access strategy and temporary supply chain. odyssey, were going to have the quick action is going to be a major factor for transportation to debris clearance is going to be a major issue. so all of the staging sites laid out in the plan are across the bridges. so those are going to be areas that we are working with fema on. just in terms of the risk, the planning itself is based upon hayward fault scenario. this is generated from the estimates from the united states geologic survey. according to the usgs, this is 78% chance of at least one 6.7
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magnitude earthquake by 2043. there's a 90% chance of at least one 6.0 earthquake by 2043 and jessica you know there's a 12% chance of a 7.5 and 2.3% chance of and 8.0 and at the same time frame. just for comparison, obviously the great earthquake of san francisco is 7.8 that hayward last time that a major seismic event there was an 1868 and was a 6.8. so there's been 12 major seismic events on the hayward fault spanning about 1600 years good that's where they come up with a probability of okay, this false escape hole of producing a magnitude 7 and when they calculate the risk that hayward fault is actually 33% of the risk of these
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calculations. the san andreas makes up about 22% of the risk. the calaveras is 26 and some of the lesser-known falls make up the remainder. in terms of the state federal organization this unified coordination group for those of you are not familiar with the unified quarter nation group is made over the federal senior officials. it's made up of the state senior officials usually the director of--and fema region nine so fema region nine, under this plan, they will not be operational in oakland. no actually deployed the risk management team to sacramento to:-okay with the state operations center and in and out today's they will establish a joint federal office of operations there and also in the unified quarter nation group the california national guard will be there could be a defense coordinating the show there as well. i think the porn thing for us there's not a direct seat for local government there at the unified quarter nation group. we talked
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to the state about we will send -it's our intent to send a liaison to that entity so that we do have a voice at the table at the unified coordination group. then all of their work is supported just like typical ics, by operation section. the new elements of this clan in addition to the ess that i think everybody is familiar with the emergency support functions, it also calls for the establishment of several task forces. those taskforces, the people not been identified to serve on those task force is good some of the work ahead of us is identifying who best from the city will be serving on the taskforces and how we will work with our counterparts in the regions to really have a unified voice when working with the state and federal response apparatus. so, to give you a very high level timeline of what will happen after it has tropic quake from the most
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earth that perspective it will take him a day to probably establish a unified quarter nation group. they will be very relied upon us in the first 24 hours to provide situation assessment along with the other operational areas and obviously that's going to be focused on transportation routes and the status of critical infrastructure and we've got a good basis to operate on from all the work at the last council and then from 24-hour-24-72 hours, fema deploys the national incident management assistance team. state operations under two: manage the event him and--will activate and avoid all eight state [inaudible] search and rescue teams and ozark eight sounds insignificant but those are 70 person teams that will be immediately coming to the bay area to help with immediate search and rescue operations. they also up 12 level for teams
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that will be deployed. so that's all part of our planning efforts is how to receive those first responders that are going to be coming in, and then in addition, in that 24-72 hour fema will activate their contract with amr, ambulance provider, to send 300 ambulances to the bay area and then we would the state will assemble and diploid 25 strike teams in the strike teams are five and once is a piece. so that's to give you an idea of the amount of first responders that will be coming to our systems, but we will have to care and feed them once they get here that your how to get them to where they need to be. they will also deploy that other mutual aid resources for fire suppression and support to debris clearance operation. then, in terms of kind of what this plan means for us, it's going to influence our planning that's already ongoing. we are
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as started in an initiative to update our debris management plan. we just completed an update of our logistics annex. but we will also be working on updating our earthquake response plan because we want to make sure that our local plan lines with the new federal and state client for catastrophic earthquakes. we will also identify local regional roles and response abilities because again, think of critical component for us is going to be on how we work with unified quarter nation group. then and, with her work with the national advisory council, big city emergency managers, has cost us to come up with mission ready packages and these are assets that we can deploy from san francisco to other areas in the country if they're facing a
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similar catastrophe but are also defining mission ready packages that could be deployed from unaffected urban areas across the country that would help us with the recovery efforts and response efforts. exercising-they've indicated a pretty ambitious exercise plan for this plan and its 20 exercises, nadine the full-scale exercise in three years. so we are going to do our best to align that with our existing exercise. epicenter [inaudible]. any questions on the plan? >> michael will move right into the next agenda item then. >> spanked thanks. i just want >> i want to give you a quick update on some of the exercises, obviously in the winter that's not on the our winter storm annex [inaudible] in shape for winter storm. we lived it with the el niño last year so i think were in a pretty good battle with that but we do want to take the time
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every winter just to review the plan and see if we can make any improvements. one of the new exercises that we are going to conduct is epicenter. they'll be held in april [inaudible] we want to take advantage of the [inaudible] 1906 earthquake and also make that more of the citywide event and focus on catastrophic earthquake recovery. so something we party talked about with the state and federal planted [inaudible] exercise that next item is are the state initiatives [inaudible] the new planted were going to do our best to align its but it's really we are looking for all of feedback from departments about what elements would you like to see exercise. we will work [inaudible] disaster core neighbors and trainers on that. one thing the complex
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coordination attack, and mansion that previous with a joint counterterrorism workshop series that she brought out from dhs from fema. this a follow-up to that. it's one of the main take ways was develop a complex coordinating plan. were in the process of doing that. but we would like to exercise one [inaudible] active shooter terrorist attack so that is our plan for going forward. continuity of operations as the mayor mention, we just want to give a date for all the departments could this is where we would like that apartment of emergency management will be exercising our continuity clan but [inaudible] this other departments need guidance in doing that were here to help with that. we like to coordinate that in august in urban shield [inaudible] poster you are familiar with and
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[inaudible] francis you did a great job. also, in november there's a medical health exercise. this year the scenario is trained to vehemence but that obviously public health emergency management participate in that. if there's any questions [inaudible] >> i just want to commend spero particularly on the yi from the logistics side, from purchasing and real estate i know the [inaudible] that exercise was very the thought of goal and was very helpful from every report i got back so, thank you for your work on that and i know just from dpw and gsa, i know who worked a lot on those exercises with you. so, thank you. >> thank you very much. are
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there any questions at all. mike gave a lot of information in a short period of time. are there any member updates since? this is a time to have a little round table. this is what have you been working on? what do you want to share? >> they could, and should could afternoon. joanne speedway from the fire department did i did one indicate but after fleet week night-15th is fire prevention week where we are starting the continued message that the pm shares with everyone is on was our mayor and other public safety agencies the importance of having a preparedness plan in your home in your workplace and to exercise that. the more we can spread the word the better off all our city will be.
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at the end of fire prevention week, that same day, october 15, we have our nursed guilt neighborhood emergency response team took it we held at marina middle school nine-3 pm. >> great. thank you, chief. if you're not a dirt volunteer and you're interested in this is a great thing to become involved in. we have many dedicated thousands of people throughout the city look taken dirt and i applaud the efforts. thank you. it looks like todd, you have an update? >> yes. two updates. we recently completed our twice a year training. this one had 45 city staff attend the sf with their finance and administration disaster academy. so that brings up the total trained finance and administrative professionals to
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nearly 200 or the last year and a half. that includes all basics department said that active attendance so thank you to the department heads here. your folks have been really good to work with. in addition to that, in coordination with the city administrator's office department of technology, we developed and that to all city departments it related updates to the continuity of operations plans. in it updates to the emergency response plans for your deponent. so over the coming year and a half, your draft it sections to those plans as well as your final sections to those plans will be items that your staff are working on. so that's good news. that policy adopted by-earlier this month has in mind both man-made disasters as well's natural disasters like earthquakes. there is a companion cyber threat and cyber security policy that is being further perfected and will come back to-. thank you >> thank you very much, talk. guess, michael? >> not an update but more thank you and commendation to
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and anna stop. and made mention of the joint counterterrorism awareness workshop series in the presidio. i was asked to offer a prayer in and up staying three days. i think for this program. it was really a fascinating time. the were a lot of high-level people there. what came after that was of great benefit not only to our counsel but to the greater community because at several meetings with members of the fbi and unlock other law enforcement folk. their concerns about terrorism and especially islamic communities in san francisco but which are vulnerable, we were able to make connections with the religious leaders in those houses of worship and right now, they are in communication. so that's what came out of an invitation to offer a prayer. in my mind, it was a [inaudible]
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>> wonderful. thank you for a much and thank you for the work you do at the interfaith council. you're a terrific partner for the city. thank you. other comments? yes, connor >> i want to briefly yield the floor to dnr-a purchaser for supervisor tang's office was a brief update. >> thank you, connor. so i'm janna-with supervisors katie tang softy i just want to update everyone on our [inaudible] effort. the supervisor tang's effort to raise [inaudible] and campaign. this is specifically with the members of [inaudible] we want help our members become specifically reserved you will be created with help of members of our community is a sunset district preparedness guide in of a few copies could we also have it of able online. so i
6:40 am
can send out those fires as well. the other thing we created with a monthly [inaudible]. we partnered with six local businesses as was [inaudible] walgreens creating a monthly schedule so when residents shop in his store stores during specific month specific supplies will be on to. for instance, in the month of september flashlights and batteries will be on sale at -hardwood. the next part of the campaign will be providing supplies to members of our dirt neighborhood emergency response team bill be creating many caches of supply and make those available to all the residents on their block. so when there's a need residents have created their own supply then they can go to that residence and get the supplies from seattle so we are excited about this effort. spread the word across the sunset district, we've had
6:41 am
members that the community directly participate in this effort because we know this can be a long term campaign and we want the residence to really own each aspect of the campaign. so were inviting the sheriffs information and other neighborhoods [inaudible] if you want to adopt a were happy to share how we did that. i will pass out the copies of the guide [inaudible] i want to thank the office of [inaudible] for helping both all the materials beyond [inaudible] it we hosted somewhere. [inaudible] access the information. thank you. he was fantastic. thank you, naomi >> supervisor tang's office has been one of your we are at so many initiatives are on the subject without resilient in diamond heist and resilient bayview. resilient menlo park and they've taken the bull by the ones that really got out the word and it janna is absolutely right with officer
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resigns and neighborhood empowerment network were trying to get more neighborhoods involves ingesting resilient get so, thank you. >> that is fantastic. thank you. other-yes? will sydney, first? >> earlier this year? san francisco three-week exercise the port hosted in conjunction with the coast guard and army corps of engineers the port opening exercise to identify who is responsible, who had what and what would be required to bring a ship through the golden gate, up to a port offload it and hit office supplies to the city of san francisco to become see brought. it was very useful exercise. i like to think dm for the participation because we had a lot of people helping us with that. we learned a lot. >> thank you. other things
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that members want to share? yes? >> at the housing authority would always completed a community of operations plan. were about 90% complete we like to have you review it. we have also created a number of emergency action plans for various different scenarios, situations that might come up. we have about 8-9 but actually coming to this meeting i think we have a couple [inaudible] though we missed [inaudible] and we don't have one that's physically for terrorist attack. but we would like to coordinate with the city and make sure were in sync and benefit from all the work you are doing on a citywide base. >> fantastic, barbara. we would like to partner with you and mike will get you the appropriate contact person and we'd love to review your continuity of operations planning good so that is terrific. thanks. i would
6:44 am
encourage all departments, if they're not updated their plan recently to take this opportunity to do it. september is preparedness month and we moved into october very quickly and as we said, we have fleet week. lots of good reminders for us not only as private citizens here in san francisco residents and visitors to the city to be prepared but also our city departments. other items to share? all right. thank you all so much for coming. is there any public comment before we conclude this meeting? seeing none, this meeting is adjourned. thank you. >>
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>> the renovation of balboa park, the oldest in the city of san francisco, and now it is the newest part in the city of san francisco. through our partnership, and because of public investment from the two thousand eight
6:46 am
fund, we are celebrating a renewal and an awakening of this park. we have it safer, happier, more joyous. >> 3, 2, 1, [laughter] =--[applause] >> it is a great resource for families, to have fun in the city, recreation. >> this is an amazing park. we have not revitalized it without public and private investment. the critical piece of the process of this renovation was that it was all about the community. we reached out to everyone in this community. we love this park dearly and they all had thoughts and ideas and they wanted to bring their own creativity and their personality to bear on the
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design. what you see is what the community wanted. these ideas all came from the residents of this community. as a result, there is a sense of ownership, pride and responsibility that goes along with what is going to be an exciting park. good afternoon recruits! i'm going to be very short, because i am -- [laughter ] >> okay, i should start off with a joke -- you have to laugh. anyway, first off, it's my pleasure to be with the chief and with our department of public health director to welcome you into the finest police department in the country and i know that because that is what you have chosen to do and i'm very gratified i could be here in front of you as you ago through this invaluable
6:48 am
academy and training. really two points i want to raise. one is to thank you for making that choice. you can join any other department in the whole bay area, but you have chosen our city and i'm grateful for that. second is that today i especially appear before you to make sure that you understand what we are trying to do as an entire city with our police department. we're undergoing one of the biggest reform efforts in the history of this department, and our chief is leading that, and one of the reasons today is that you will undoubtedly be involved in many of our confrontations that other police officers do probably on a daily basis. and the trend has been that there are more people that are victims of alcohol and drug
6:49 am
abuse, and will exhibit in many occasions a danger to themselves or others and you will definitely be called upon to intervene in those situations. one of the principles of our police reform that is going on today, one that i greatly value is the principle of the sanctity of life. you probably already have been receiving training on that. but you also will be trained in the practice called "receiving time and distance." that is when you are called upon, i think we'll ask you to do your best to create that time and distance for the purpose of preserving life. in that, i want you to know that the rest of the city is not simply asking you to carry the entire burden of that.
6:50 am
; that we're going to be partners with you the best that we can and one of those strong partnerships that i am and this administration is funding with the full cooperation of the police commission, your chief , all the management staff is to say that when you are asked to intervene and if you can create that time and distance with everybody's safety in mind, we'll then have mental health and public health experts to be at your side. so that they can do the specialty crisis intervention that you create the time and distance in order to have. we have got to work as a team. if we're going save more lives out there, we have to make sure that we have the ability to get some professionals to work alongside with you, so we can intervene in the sometimes very tragic circumstances and if we can get the mental
6:51 am
health expertise with the people standing behind me, the crisis intervention specialists, they are referred to as our entire team train by our public health department to work in these crisis situations, we're going save more lives and ultimate ly that is what you seek to do in your profession and we want everybody's lives to be here. you will get crisis intervention training. you will be introduced to the sanctity of life principle, but in the real-street situations that we have, it's your ability to implement that in an effective way with the chief and all of the managers crisis and all of the trainers that are here. that we want to do it with your safety in mind and with the immediate people's safety in mind so we can gain that valuable, sometimes minutes to be able to introduce a
6:52 am
professional. so that we can go on and perhaps save a person's life even more times than we have in the past. quite frankly, it has worked in no less than probably five situations in the past several months. and i was with the chief on one of those occasions, almost three to four hours in those negotiations and we saved everybody's life and everybody walked away. we need more of those opportunities, because there is drugs, there is drug abuse, there is a tremendous amount of mental illness and you can't do it all. we don't want to tell you to do it all, but you have an invaluable part of that process. so those are two messages. again, thank you for choosing the city and county of san francisco to work in and we'll be there to create more classes as more of our
6:53 am
officers decide they want to have an even better life and retire and at the same time, we need to get enough officers to meet the challenges of population, and the needs of every one of our neighborhoods. thanks for being officers in the city and county of san francisco. chief . >> first of all real fast i'm with the mayor every wednesday and the joke you heard i have to hear those every wednesday when i meet with him [laughter ]so the sympathy should be flowing my way. the incident that the mayor was talking about wasing at market and jones and it was a support armed with a firearm and the officer showed incredible restraint and saves that mans a life. i have since met with the mother and father of the man's life that was saved and they are incredibly grateful to the san francisco police department. they spent about two hours praising our efforts, and giving us kudos for making
6:54 am
sure that resolved the way it did. that is what we're trying to push forward and we all understand it's not always going to work out in our favor and things that happen that are well beyond the control of anybody wearing that uniform and we need to make sure we're crystal clear on that, but at same time, to approach every situations a life-saving situation. the department is moving in a different direction and we're trying to be at the front of this and not the back of the line. i just sat in an awards ceremony, voting process for department members to get silver medals and awards and most of the recipients came up in situations that they tracked about what they did and talked about using time and distancing in deescalation. one an officer was stabbed in throat on the freeway on-ramp and went for his firearm which he reholstered to baton because he recognized that the situation changed and the individual no longer had the
6:55 am
knife and he had presence of mind to think about it as it unfolded. another situation a gentleman was sharpening a knife and had residents holed because they were too afraid and they formulated the plan of creating time and distance and they subdued him and took him into custody without shooting him. arguably a year-and-a-half, two years ago the officer-involved shooting scenarios pure and simple. that is what we're trying to preach and push today and the group standing behind me are meant to give you additional tools in the tool belt when you have those situation and the san francisco police department is proud to partner again with the department of public health on mental health services to the community and the san francisco police have worked with department of public health for years including mobile crisis teams providing assistance to child crisis services which helps youth in crisis. this new team of clinicians
6:56 am
standing behind me isa valuable to san francisco police officers to support negotiators in the field and conduct crisis assessments and debrief persons involved and affected by incidents, and consult with victims and provide crisis services. they are going to also assist with our ongoing crisis intervention training program to help our officers improve their ability to recognize people with behavioral health problems. this program is part of an ongoing reform system that the department has undertaken over the past year and again, i'm talking about the san francisco police department being the lead, not following, not picking things up from everybody else. we were using a model that is still effective, but there is say better model. and our people are now researching that model to bring it to san francisco with dealing with people in crisis. that is part of us taking the lead. we're under a collaborative reform initiative review by the department of justice right now that we invited in. because again, all of these changes are meant to make us better.
6:57 am
so i want us all to make sure we embrace it and look behind me at these white jackets with another tool for the san francisco police department to use to enforce the sanctity of life on the streets and save people, because that is our primary mission to preserve life. i want to introduce director. >> thank you you and thank you all of you and i saw you standing at attention to so long and you are so fortunate to be part of a city and part of a police force that are going to be at the head of many police forces in this country in terms of really understanding the impact of substance-abuse and mental health on many of the individuals that you may meet. behind me is a team that we have been over the last decade working very closely with the police, and coming to any incidents of violence and providing assessments and support to family members. we're going to be expanding this team with three
6:58 am
clinical psychologists and social workers to work deeper with all of you and give you training how to engage and meet the needs of many of these individuals. and also, i have been on the calls and some of these interventions that the police chief talked about, and we believe we can really give you really important information about the background of an individual, who you may be negotiating with. and so we're very proud. i'm very proud of the team that is behind you in the white coats and i'm very proud of the team in the blue. and together we're going to be really providing you, i believe, some essential training and also support. and we believe that doing this together, we can reduce -- improve the health of many of the individuals who you are going to come in contact and reduce the incidents that we have at times when we have to be more forceful with individuals. so we look forward to this. we're going to be quickly hiring these individuals, and the police will be involved with this in hiring. so we have the right type of
6:59 am
individual who will work with us closely and by the new year, we'll be really working closely and responding. in between now and then, this team behind me will be taking that place until our new staff is expanded. we're 24/7, and we're located in the bay view, but we travel throughout the city in order to provide these services. so i want to thank you for your attention today and we look forward to working with you, and proud to see all of you today becoming new police officers. [ applause ] >> we're going to conclude this and any questions that the press may have we'll be outside in the hallway for you.
7:00 am
>> today we'll call the regular bord orphmeeting of san francisco unified school district for november 15, 2016 and the meeting is called to order. roll call please. >> mrs. fewer. mendoza mcdonnell, murase, norton, wynns, >> thank you. please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic,


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