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tv   Planning Commission 111716  SFGTV  November 25, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PST

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our staff ms. harris is here she keeps a less of the buildings eligible to be acquired through the small sites program as they come available so as the developer choose the small sites option we'll play a role if selecting a site from the pipeline that meets the criteria of the neighborhood boundary but the developer didn't need to identify the property and binge it to use it needs to be within the geographic area. >> we had a project on van ness they identified a rental building sort of nearby that was sort of their way of meeting their affordable housing requirement so with that, project be considered them
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meeting that requirement it is a small site program even though their coming with a specific project specific building or not. >> that's a similar program but different program so this is small developers as the small developer has the option to provide money for the small site funds to be spent in the neighborhood i believe the project you're talking about is a large project under the grandparent legislation through prop c those have an option to satisfy the offsite instead of building in the building to provide offsite unit those are for large developers this is for small developers and they provide funds this is critical for a number of reasons but one this conversation started years ago a number of people mentions there was talk of having a small
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developer acquire the building or identify and have the transaction certainly ruby can attest a enormous amount of work to certify everything 0 into the process and could be the purview of the smaller developer that creates funds for the small sites and this is the adrenalin where the funds get spent by the larger developers acquire the building. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i think outside the box as smart idea and drives with the public policy and keeps people in their homes and the cheapest way i like the neighborhood option that is better than that the supervisorial district it is mostly a neighborhood this is a great way to get legislation
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done called like a surgical site not a package of 10 things that grind to a halt and can only take a couple of years this dislodges if the dial and hopefully comes to us soon a couple of questions for staff and maybe ms. hartley or ms. hayward are we seeing housing prices increasing around development to it is a cost effective way i think someone said on 2175 fulsome you're more cost cheap effective way i'm across the street you see that ♪ pipeline >> hi kate hartley mayor's office of housing i can't speak to specific linkages we know that prices
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have gone up across the board huge but i don't have the data. >> sure what makes something hit the pipeline radar when something gets listed how is the inventory. >> i give great credit to the nonprofit developers bringing the deals to us we work with them they have a steady flow of deals they bring forward and out in the neighborhood and talking with the tenants and building owners we have relationships with brokers question bring this up and we all get 50e78 lerlts about on the market it a great grassroots effort. >> does - do you ever knock on the door of a landlord and want to buy the building. >> i personally have not done
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that. >> (laughter). >> i'll defer to the nonprofit partners it is possibly they are driving the deals and do a great job. >> one case in the a building in my neighborhood that was two units two very large units staff housing and two master tenants one on the top and bottom been on the market for one point accomplice million dollars it is run down, etc. they sold it for 1.2 millions and bought the tenants out they turns around around and sold it over $2 million the amount of money that what about made for people is amazing i'd like to have those buildings those are the kind of buildings -
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>> i'll say we're seeing crazy transactions like that a lot and doing what we can to combat that kind of market activity we can't make a loan to every deal that come forward we have constraints and we also want to serve buildings that have existing loans in that we received a lot of proposals that we were not able to fund like that was an acquisition funds of $6 million we want to help people their representatives will not support the first mortgage that you need to leverage our funds so kind of complex i'm happy to report i think we're up in the pipeline to one and 32 units the volume is picking up and it looks good. >> the building i'm ref to was in a run down position you come
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in and fix it up what extent to liveability. >> we'll bring it back to current habit ability we do schematic upgrading we repair systems, we loan money for roof repairs so we definitely want to create good had been everything conditions. >> great piece of legislation i absolutely support that. >> commissioner melgar. >> so i'm also have glad that is before us i worked on this in 2008, it's been a really a long time in coming i have questions they're more procedural for rubbing in question harris i'm wondering how the value have a
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calculated. >> clacked. >> it is the same; right? as will normally apply to them under the inclusionary ordinance. >> iize when our qualifying the building now because there is low income but what if there are vacancies or vacancies become available if the neighborhoods requirement been aubrey abrakasa cable or not that's a great question we political the preferences for us to use the small sites program that includes the certificate of preference because those are existing we can't use the neighborhood preference for this one yeah. >> my last question so - like the judge the fraction of having inclusionary for rental has the
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obligation not just for the building but for the management; right? the ownership of those units that is by the owner so i'm wondering how we're thinking about those units like the obligation for maintaining them affordable you know rerenting them and all that stuff the like the nonprofit developers; right? is till mitigating that cost ongoing so you know if we are paying sort of. >> the developers to manage the portfolio. >> yeah. so the developers are paid in a couple of ways they receive like a developer fee for taking on the project and over time an incentive fee built in the operations for them but - and the other thing we do have a property management fee
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they receive some money to maintain themselves. >> so i'm so glad you guys got this done. >> thank you. >> okay commissioner hillis. >> i agree with all the comments that is great we've been talking about that that for a while good to see the projects done this is the most immediate impact of perceiving housing and keeping people in place in their homes two questions one are those being financed conventional or. >> this is a blended financing program they find a first mortgage from a commercial lenders or cd f i they're required to leverage that has they can and we come into as a
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gap lender we executor the costs. >> and are the first mortgages generally on pair with you know 65 percent of value or - >> oh, no generally, the reason for that we're going into buildings that have very low rents generally they're not able to leverage that much debt is i'll say in general there are thirty to 40 percent most value we're picking you up the rest. >> i get it and as far other small site funding sources this will supplement and what else continues in the future for small sites. >> this is part of it and then we have 25 percent of the expedited exonerated conversion and have allocated fund from
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prop a the bond that recently pass and other dollars that are in here so it number of resources have been put together to make that happen. >> thank you i mean, i move to approve with the recommendations made by staff. >> second. >> director rahaim. >> thanks i want to thank everyone for this this is one of the rare times people are on the same page and people someone you'll be hearing sophie hayward is stepping down from her position at the mayor's office of housing and community development we'll miss her she's been spending a lot of time and went to the mayor's office of housing the highest professional and ethical standards and we this planning department will really mess her work very much.
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>> (clapping.) >> commissioners there is a motion that has been seconded to adopt a recommendation of approval commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore commissioner vice president richards commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero and. >> (clapping.) >> shall i call the next item. >> yeah. we're going to for the public take this item and probably take a break before 915. >> commissioners that places us on item 15 fees and open space in the east district planning code amendment. >> good afternoon, commissioners emery rogers it is
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very nice to be back before you i'm here to present the orientals sponsored by supervisor kim and her aid is here. >> good afternoon, commissioners april from supervisor kim's office the item before you is legislation that will allow the intercontinental hotel not special use district to pay a fee to contribute to a paperwork jeanette to this hotel the park to be able to increase recreation hours through the provision of light this is a challenge and not assessed by the local community and we originally put forth
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legislation in 2014 to be able to correct that situation by being able to enhance the open space in the district and what is before you is a specific proposal to have a fee out that will allow the rec and park department to deliver light to drapes park thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you. >> emery rogers again planning department staff also want to direct your attention to sarah from the rec and park department director of policy and public affairs she'll not think presenting but if you have questions in brief, this ordinance has 3 changes authors the in lui payment in exchange for the pubically assessable open space we calls them
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probation officto canopy over those and dedicate money. >> so there is no is a parting interests this is for the intercontinental hotel it was approved back in june of 2002 a 5 hundred plus room hotel and at a point they were required to provide 12 thousand plus square feet of the space at that time, the requirement for the space was 8 thousand plus square feet the commission required through the conditions of approval 12 thousand space
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and the largest space the commission had concerns about the utility and the quality as you can see some pictures of the in your packet - i the president to direct your attention to this version of the ordinance will enable the board of supervisors approval and the ordinance be light late discretionary entitlement from the hotel didn't goes forward with the space will not be before the commission and the amount of fees is $2.5 million based on 200 and $90 per square feet for the 8 thousand 6 hundred square feet of open space like this commission the- not allowed for project sponsors to
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opt out for usually open space we maintenance this preference for hearings and also for retroactive in lui payment before you in this case it said the popo - we've had complaints and at the same time it will benefit from improved lighting and safety amenities so for those reasons the department recommends support of proposal and with two modifications we firmly believe that the small classification can be made to insure that by impact fees that are due to closing the terraces
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and creating an additional far should be paid by the sponsor the second recommendation is we recommend replacing the proposed finding that will in lui of the payment with more limited findings the intent we don't want to set a precedent other people think they can fee out of the popo we tried to craft limited findings state and federal first, that the commission original approval noted for the qualities of open space and number two the alternative feeble open space in the acquired within the fabricated of project and in this case the project sponsor the supervisor and the department looked for alternative spaces for the last two years when the original was introduced and were not able to sure a space and 3 improve the quality of the space more
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appropriate and lastly the approvals in lui payment provides greater - those are the staff recommendation for modifications and i'm available to answer any questions. >> okay opening up for public comment any cards jonas on this? okay great, thank you >> supervisors with the planning representing the intercontinental hotel appreciate the opportunity to comment we agree that the terraces are for the the best solution the commission felt when they originally reviewed that and the intercontinental hotel has spent a lot of time over the last four years actually looking for an alternative open space we think that would have been the best
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alternative we looked at a variety of open spaces we looked first give you a sense jonas the overhead. >> just to give you a sense we first it's okay. >> staff tv go the overhead. >> we looked a block south of the site that ultimately was not feasible because neighbors we are opposed that was in the center of the block not have eyes to the hotel and neighbors we are opposed and didn't have eyes on the street working with the yerba buena den district started working on jessie street right next to the westerfield mall ultimately westerfield mall
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didn't want to proceed and looked at it annie street and both of those were rejected neighbors railroad w are not interested we looked for four years at spaces we worked with rec and park and we looked at jean friend and ultimately rec and park thought that was not the best use we started to talk what the neighbors and one suggestion is from the neighbors it is a heavy used park with a softball field and communicated gardens people love it, it is heavy used not open at net because of lighting we thought having more lighting will make that useful i did a calculation based on the square footage of the open space on the hotel and the hours available versus the
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square footage that we will add of usable and time and essentially four times more useful open space we adding lighting at victor i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners i apologize mandi and glen had to leave lace bylaw of teacher conference week thank you for having us here today last tuesday that was a presentation by the planning about central soma in our neighborhood i was really happy to hearing during the conversation one the planners frankly, we've learned about popo a lot and what works and didn't work that is a popo that
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didn't work i really feel the concern about setting a precedent i don't like to think this is setting a precedent i feel like you you know, i you try something didn't work try something new so better way to use popo into the development and so. you know our executive director he didn't look like our traditional director and was walking on howard looking for popo and had a hard time finding if getting assess to the building here's someone po who a knew that was under and b knows his right and had a hard time findings that this is a space not usable by your communicated i'm here to speak about victoria
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and going to speak to the number of hours for kids for practicing in games we say advocated so for a batting cage it will go in january that expends the use of park for the young people and for the community residents if you drive by there you'll see people using this be available court that will be a bigger benefit to the community >> another huge issue in the community a safety that he area around the park is super large and cars get broken into and unsavory opportunities for people in the community as a soma resident and service provider i you work you guys to approve that and i was happy to
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here there was strong language innovate setting a precedent but the community needs this park thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm heather i work at united playaz and a soma resident that lives one half block from vic to park i agree setting a precedent on popo is a problem and not something we want to see there is wisdom in recognizing when something that no longer benefits the community so this plan to move forward and use those few minutes to lighting at the park la make a detests for the neighborhood for folks we often have conflicts between who uses the park in the early light
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hours and adults that want to use it during the same hours ones 72 hours dark no longer assessable so - reach growing changing soma of the park as well as just create some safety and activation i think the community benefit in this case outweighs what is happening now with the popo we'll urge you to consider it beyond the precedent that sort of moves in the background. >> thank you comment? >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i think outside the box a good way to take speaking that is a sub park space with no programming and not used and actually put it to good use not to have the fee i don't support
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other ones i understand to find an alternative site did question what are the fees beyond the ratio for the 12 thousand square feet. >> emery rogers planning department staff so far not calculated but i believe the minimum fee amount. >> okay i was thinking i read the report the cost to acquire and construct will be roughly double and if the project sponsor was going to go forward and do the enclosure i'd like to get the money and you do our enclosure of this patio for the popo and we won't take a fee that was a thought i had there were 3 analyze the dollars and the second one 260 that brought us and a thought to the record
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commissioners. >> very supportive. >> any other comments. >> no. >> all right. >> i guess my monitor is out commissioner johnson. >> thank you really quick very supportive of 24 and more supportive of modifications to the findings to limit them i think that is incumbent to fund this and a nearby park to be improved with the fees in particular central soma we're not going to have that option of findings a nearby park by do a better job looking at those projects and making sure that the popos has really will work for the community and everyone there so lesson learned for us we need to get a sharper eye and not block over the popos in
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those projects move to approve with modifications. >> second. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to a motion there is a motion that has been seconded to adopt a recommendation for approval with modifications commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar commissioner moore and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 7 to zero. >> okay jonas the commission will go ahead and take a break here let the r ready. >> good afternoon welcome back to the planning commission regulars
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2016, i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. devices. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. for those persons in the overflow room 416 commissioners, we left off regulars on item 16 market street the appeal of preliminary the commissioner is taking up the appeal of negative declaration through be a second appeal if you're going to speak on this item 16 the appeal of preliminary income negative declaration you must reserve our comments on the adequacy and accuracy of the documents it
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okay. >> staff. >> okay. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission i'm melinda department staff for the 950 to 974 market street project joining me is les can gibson acting environmental review officer and planner and tina preservation planner and others for the plans members of the project sponsor are presenter the item before you an appeal of negative declaration prepared for the proposed 950 to 974 market street project on a triangle block fount by turk to the north and market street to
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the south and taylor to the west the project is opt out by a surface parking lot and four two to four stories buildings that are vashth or occupant by retail use that is the demolition of the existing structures and construction of a new 12 story one and 20 foot tall approximately 4 hundred plus with ground floor retail use the building includes one and 42 dwelling units and a hotel and approximately 16 thousand plus request square feet of ground floor retail use and parking spaces and three hundred and is a bike parking spaces in an appeal it was timely filed in
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2016 by bryan and rick from the k foundation their relate to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders and queer or lgbtq social and cultural history as noted in the appeal pact the pmd looked at the impacts on historic resources and they relate to lgbtq cultural history and determined that the impacts will be less than significant the analysis in the pmd is sprortd empty the hr e prepared by on consultant and the evaluation response by the planning department they reference and incorporate information contained what on the lgbtq contact statement that was adopted by the historic preservation commission in
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november of 2015 picture the evaluation of the existing properties for the associate or cult significant in light of the lgbtq contact statement the analysis determined 3 of the properties market street as long as the old crowbar market street and 974 market street appeared gobble for listing in the california register of historic resources or california register individually under criterion one for the association of the early development of the lgbtq community nonprofit tenderloin as associated bars, however, all three of those property don't remain the sufficient dignity to convey their significance and therefore, are not eligible for listing in the california
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register the analysis determined the fourth property 966 plus is not eligible in the rental under the criterion contrary the four properties westbound evaluated for historic significance congressmen to the california register criteria 3, argumentation and four information poefshl and it was determined they are not significant under those criteria due to the vgsz that was of determined the existing buildings are not individually historic resources so while those properties are cited in the historic district committees or c hd c the department didn't believe those buildings are individually eligible historic resources based on survey of 25 lfbtd society buildings within a two
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block building of project site it appears to be eligible go on the california register as a historic district for the lgbtq context with regards tattoos appellants claim 39 p m didn't d if provide the boundaries of lgbtq historic district the hr or with the further evaluation this be lgbtq historic district will likely encompass all or part of the districts for the up down or town tenderloins neighborhood neighborhood from approximately, six to 7 street thus, the p m.d. accomplishes the lafbt historic sdriks district consistent with the finding made by the c h d.c.
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bajsz the historic context of the lgbtq associated bars in the above mentioned survey the lgbtq society businesses that were located in the 50 to 968 market street and others are amongst a member number of businesses from a similar period of time that contributor to the lgbtq historic district. >> while the department did identify the presence of a historic resource which is the eligible tenderloin lgbtq district the p m.d. determined the demolition of 3 contributor will not result in a significant project or cumulative impact given the lgbtq will have amuses resources and those property that are contributor to the historic district don't represent the only properties
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relate to the lgbtq history within the district therefore the tenderloin lgbtq historic district will continue to convey a significance without those properties others the demolition of those contributor will for the result in a material impairment of the lgbtq district per ceqa guidelines an environmental impact report is prepared if there are significant evidence this a project individually or cumulatively causes an adverse effect on the environment it fails to provide the evidence that indicates that the proposed project will have a significant impact on the historic resources netting the eir the p m.d. provides evidence that the proposed project will not have an impact an that the lgbtq
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2406r the prepares of an eir is not required additionally the preparation of an eir will not necessitate the further evaluation of a lgbtq district the survey and evaluation were made tolerantly deemed in the h.r. and h.r. or for the lgbtq historic district in the tenderloin and to understand potential impacts of demolishing the 3 contributors while the project will not result in a significant impact to a lgbtq historic resource the project sponsor has added to implement an improvement measure for an interpretative program for the lgbtq bars in the building on the site and their association with the lgbtq history of the neighborhood and city as can do in the letter if shawn watson to planning commission
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the project manager has invited ms. watson to oversee the community engagement for the implementation of the measure and a group has within organized to have a program for the reasons above we recommend that negative declaration is asked. >> commissioner konstin the appellant will have a 10 minutes and the pardon has a 10 minute preparation i'll remind the person's standing if you can't find a seat we've provided overflow room 416 you may reenter the room whether it's time. >> project appellant 10
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minutes. >> jonas i'll call angle commissioner vice president richards and for full disclosure on the appellants board and had no conversation around this appeal more participate in any convections or anything around it i talked i talked with the city attorney he's okay with me being impartial. >> hi, i'm bryan the director of q foundation on golden gate avenue and we primarily serve the members of the lgbtq and hiv positive community the majority of the people in the tenderloin i myself live in the tenderloin we're a tenderloins centered lgbtq organization
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and we filled the appeal to the p.m. d we feel there is inner sufficient analysis of the very important lgbtq resources on that type we are a coalition of elected officials and be lgbtq leaders who are pursuing national designation for the lgbtq historic district the site along 900 block of market street is substantially in that district and we are concerned about the implications of the loss of the holistic resources to our
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proposed historic district and feel that the analysis is insufficient give me that context and we're requesting a full eir to have the scholarship and have the thorough professional research to have clear answers about what would the loss of those resources mean to the com tons lgbtq district which is narrowly defined as the area around the site of the compton's riot we're taking some of our inspiration from the obama administrations recent designation of the 7.7 acres around the stonewall in as a national momentum monument and feel our history in the blocks
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surrounding compton is deserving of equal recognition and importance from the area around the stonewall the riot happened in 69 and the context around the stonewall not happening at the stonewall like compton around the area of compton so that is some of the motivations for our appeal we think that there's new information that just came out the first ever national lgbt theme in the office of citizens complaints administration out on october 11th after the process was concurring so new information there
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i also know there is new information that everybody is excited about we need to explore that is tunnel that attend happened that connections the businesses we need time and we need thorough professional research to look at the history of those tunnels and to see how iuoe tuesday nights will contribute to the lgbtq historic district i'm one of the drafters of prop j the legacy business registry and worked to preserve the legacy businesses in san francisco i one of the things i learned while we were passing prop j is that the people of san francisco are really trying to preserve what makes san francisco unique and san francisco that is really before this commission today, the question of what is worst
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preserving the old way of looking preservation is changing focuses on outdated method methods for determining the integrity and all be the the message leads to white middle-income so a good example the homes are very often preserved but even though housing freed and slave people they built are considered no value and torn down fortunately, the office of citizens complaints administration are starting to recognize we have to look at integrity definitely and how we judge the value of the spaces that belong to the community one of the problems with the minority community is because we're minority means that people want to destroy our spaces
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so if you have a bar that is used by transgender women arrest latinos or african-americans developers and speculators and others will try to tear down what they consider blight the obama administrations releases the guidelines the national lfbltd theme story of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders queer history not a giant document in it that he mentioned dozens of times on the corners of turk and tailor are renamed a cafe west and also identifies a new way of determining integrity and i'm to read that to you highlights here. >> so it says that one, the
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challenges is that historic places have historically privileged well maintained building or architecture commonly associated with middle and upper class white that affords to live and socialize buildings with rich histories but important dedicated are rejected for landmarking and many aspects of the lgbtq history unfolded in the less privileged nauseated or slated for redevelopment in many cases the physical spaces are no longer under gone changes and important meetings are often held in restaurants or bars arrest storefronts that chance because of shifting economic reality re. >> seconded the loss of spirit shouldn't determine the significant if it is rooted in -
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rather than history i think that is important for us to at that moment yeah, we got those guidelines only a month ago so right now preservation is changing we need time to look at preservation and going there to lens the current omission we need an eir to fix them it didn't make sense 24 body are require an eir for market street only three hundred and 80 feet away and not require a eir for the other market street property this fails to mention the boundaries this is a huge difference how the assets are for the community with - with few assets lou gehrig's disease ross few probation officer
8:51 pm
assets to us could seriously undermine our historic district and like i said, it failed to acknowledge the guidelines from the federal government on dignity i just want to point out having worked in a lot of side are these on development i know how frustrating for developers and i truly wish the sponsors and the people negotiating on behalf of the community had thought to ask the lgbt organization to the table i know they'd be here that he moment and we're not against the project but we shouldn't be losing our lgbt history for the chance of the countries first transient district because that is bad timing so what this time or eir will do as far as the preservations we've hired and drafting the applications for the national registry important for the
8:52 pm
horrific district she'll have clear boundary within a month thank you. >> we'll opening up for public comment and reminding folks that is comments specifically to the appeal for the prirmentd negative declaration if you want to speak to the - >> the next item. >> thank you randy shaw director the housing clinic and it was highlighted agency a historical there is some important facts we're missing in the presentation i think people say save compton earlier this year there was - compton's has been a halfway house like a jail i tried to stop that none involved in the appeal was tried to help when the renewable came
8:53 pm
up a public notice one letter urging that tried to oppose the renewable of compton site as a criminal halfway house to require the bureau of prisons to open up it came from me that letter i don't know we want to say compton the only person that wrote the letter to the prison every 5 years was me the committee that is here trying to get joy to give half a million dollars. >> sir, i'm sorry are you the project sponsor. >> what. >> are you the project sponsor. >> no, he said the members of the public. >> i'm sorry we should have the project sponsor speak. >> maybe i'll finish no. >> i was just i was following.
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>> my apologies. >> that's okay. >> should be the project sponsors team giving the presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners steve for mary california on behalf of the project sponsor brief to defer to the planning department staff on the negative declaration is the author and complete and analyze this issue accurately pr the bottom line here the appellant has foot provided evidence to contradict the negative declaration because they've been so extensively alternated since the last gay bars closed no 199 but lacked the period of dignity for sixth because of lack of integrity the buildings can't came back with
8:55 pm
the - some of the storefronts over the years the last one closed in 1999 the prior bars closed in 1980 the buildings on the site have basements they don't have tunnels the building have storefronts on church and market street their basements in the buildings where people can traffic verse but no tunnels and no connecting to the buildings the p.m. d has excluded will not - the district is large the site on the perimeter and many other intact buildings in the district that have post prohibition pares barry's the appellants have not contradicted the information and in addition
8:56 pm
group is creating an interpreter program and offered financial assistance to reestablish the lgbt business on taylor street the side of compton's cafeteria we offered the lgbt history society access to the site to salvage artifacts and on the resources in the building we have - also continue to meet with the group when this motivator goes to the board of supervisors and discuss what other assistants to the formation of the compton district let me conclude by quoting from jan watson's letters she's the author of the citywide lgbt compact assessment statement and appealed the negative declaration based on ore
8:57 pm
analysis the message was even adequate rewarding or regarding the appeal letter we want to offer my historian opinion the planning department in my opinion the cultural resources of the evaluation report are in compliance request ceqa after months of evaluation on the part of the planning department i'm supportive of the city's conclude on the h.r. or and p.m. d other than market street is approved by the city of san francisco i want to assure that something goodwill come out of that we're commented to have a administratively contribute to the lgbtq history in san francisco i'm committed to making sure that happens and to conclude as was estate an eir will for the provide any
8:58 pm
additional information not in the h.r. er question ask to you uphold that and not cause a year of delay thank you very much. >> hang on. >> mr. shaw hang on. >> all right. jonas may i open up for public comment. >> opening up for public comment i'll call names remembered that is to comment on the negative declaration if? uphold there will be comment on the article itself (calling names). >> thank you. >> okay. just to make the flow easily you want to speak
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own this negative declaration line up on this side of the room if you want to line up on this side of the room your right-hand side of the room. >> excuse me - those persons standing in front of the doors will cause a fire hazard if you're going to speak on the right-hand side. >> randy shaw. >> wait until those persons standing near the doorway you can line up on the screen side of the door or view the preceding in overflow room 416 you can't stand in front of the doors. >> thank you. >> again randy shaw director the tenderloin clinic i've been
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trying to return the roll call they're demanding that the developer pay them one thousand dollars now up to one million dollars to avoid them if they can delay this appeal they'll get a lot of money i don't know if this is a good practice to use ceqa's appeals as a shake down ♪ case the result sought is a bar on the first block of turk not to center a gay bar not in the compton location similarly the silver rail on turk if you remember the fight to stop the drug dealing an lower turk 35
9:01 pm
times the violence rate in san francisco if we hadn't had the problems on lower turk the silver rail wouldn't have gone out of business where are the people that care about the when there was a chance to save 2 because no money in it that's the only conclude we're all for the historic district everyone is in favor but the whole side of church street is vacant for 20 years that's a problem when you come here and say we're about preserving we could have saved that and not turn into a jail others groups that are paying attention to the gay and lesbian sites if ceqa appeals if
9:02 pm
i go into all sites i'll file an appeal i'll work the system it will bring development in the city to a halt and creates a new business opportunity the ceqa shake down business please deny this appeal thank you >> next speaker, please. >> and reminding everyone this is on the ceqa. >> good afternoon, commissioners you called me but like to reserve our comments. >> what's your name and carlos. >> for the project. >> this is on that environmental not the project you'll have a chance to speak on the project after this one. >> hello cynthia gomez my comments are different. >> anyone specifically for the
9:03 pm
environmental? and if anyone in the overflow room 416 who is here to speak on the appeal of negative declaration make our way tattoos chambers 4 hundred i'll remind the person's in front of the door you can't stand there if you can't find a seat go to overflow room 416 >> is there a beatrice thomas that wants to speak on the environmental you want to speak to the project itself? >> that's it. >> okay. hang on. >> i'll say 2 one more time for people in the overflow room 416 if you're here to speak on the appeal this is the time to speak. >> okay. so public comment is closed. on item 16 and commissioner vice president richards. >> i want to thank everyone that licenses and speak on the
9:04 pm
project next you'll get a chance to speak on this get through 24 one item first of all, i'm an advocate i was on the san francisco board of preservation he served as an officer i actually asked did project sponsor and she was gracious enough to - >> sure. >> i'm going to apologize permanent our two speakers i called - >> hi i'm sorry this is a new kind of scenario here shouldn't be speaking i'm beatrice a former city employee and working with the cultural grants program i want to talk about our communities here and the rich
9:05 pm
history of protest in progress that the lgbtq queer and transcommunity added to the san francisco that we all know and love the compton historic district is something we are here to ask for an appeal for time no one is an enemy to develop or progress what we're looking at for is time to be a part of the discussion of what happened to our community and in marginalized communities often we're not given the benefit of time to gather and come forward to get the expertise to understand what our responsibilities are our duties and tasks what we need to do so - i'm speaking as someone who feels safe in that
9:06 pm
area and i know that people feel this is a blighted area but i have brought any motto that area and brought any motto that bar a place that hosts the - hosts the all ages and ethnicity we're here and asking to be a part of what happened to the community. >> there is a history of displacement and development in san francisco there is a legacy we see played out in chinatown the i hotel in the case of filipino community south of market and i feel like we have an opportunity here to come together and bring voices to the table which to me is very san francisco and so i'm here to make a ply
9:07 pm
for the appeal and for the time to be a part of this important decision in process thank you. >> is there a meekly can and error stevenson? >> hi, i'm michael or verifying i can't be i operate a drag club for a future and to preserve the queer places in the city i'm a working artist fund by the san francisco arts commission change is good and in the nearly 15 years i've changed many lifetimes about 3 i found myself lost and found
9:08 pm
and lost and found again if so one of the magics of san francisco and another one the queers living in a queer history attracted me knowing i'll be safe and encouraged and respected it is hard to locate queer hefty the queer history that came before me hillside by the historians and the adjudicator decimated queer is rare and compton enincumbrance the first documented american history and charles a bar of san francisco court a national queer funding organization i'll requesting a continuance for this the resource of time time to shore up and assess our assets the project will take up to quarter of compton's district and without the impact our history is in danger of being bulldozed
9:09 pm
and erased and an asset to the past might be making our queer history subjected to disadvantage please don't erase my past or put a second development i'm still here and want this history to include me and my communities as well as the past it is a tough time i'm tired many of the engaged queers are concerned we're dully respected this is tied closely to our history i believe in change and actually welcome that i want the city to not forget the past or criticism. >> okay. thank you. >> mitchel and again reminding folks this is for the negative
9:10 pm
declaration. >> hi my name is eric stephen on. >> i'm a local perform i go by the name 6 pepto-bismol i--i don't know want say my start as a drag queen brought me into the queer community and showed me the telling them and more than before it is in the district it is friendly and development is not bad as said but in the mission district and the castro development only benefits middle to europe class white folks and obviously men we have the castro we can you know a gay space but that even now caterers to middle
9:11 pm
upper class gay men he go to charles and see men and women and transfolks and all colors, races and creeds a city as progressive as san francisco is diminishing when we allowed the development without thinking about the past that has allowed people like me and my friends to create community and culture when you don't looked at that and only think about a family-friendly gain and making our city better it doesn't serve the purpose of bettering the folks that made it what it is yeah, we need time thank you. >> thank you. >> hi i'm sorry, i put down
9:12 pm
item 17 and you're in the initial argument i believe it is more pertinent to 16 my name is william thatcher we own the building since 1937 and sold to joy as a child i played in the basement of that building i know the building inside and out there's no tunnels tenants have come and gone including the bar unfortunately, no remnants of bar left or anything in the basement or anywhere of significance to commemorate the bar unfortunately not that i know i'm not against this and would love to see a nice functioning any type of bar that
9:13 pm
caterers to the community and the surrounding i can speak labor for the project and the advantageous i think that will bring but in terms of of the commemoration of a bar that closed on its own accord because the math and others ups and downs over the 70 years we owned the building is just not there and currently we're the last tenant that was under was a computer resale store so there hasn't been for a long time a significance to this part
9:14 pm
of community and that i hope that through the development that the community can find some resources and some ways to commemorate the original bar but - so i can speak on 17 later thank you. >> hello my name is mitchel iverson i'm a drag queen here in san francisco i moved here 6 and a half years ago for college owe studied psychiatrist and my first interaction in any women's gender study classes about the queer courses and the jean compton cafeteria riots we were asked to go to the archives in
9:15 pm
the library and conduct interviews who have connections with that area or incidents even though those riots persuaded stonewall they've not been excavated with the same kind of gravity we haven't made the history that is of the approach and academia we had to write the history after college owe decided to start a career in the night life and found a thriving scene in the neighborhood at aunt infancy still a part of drag queen environment and severs the informational point a cross section of weird persons and others to express themselves
9:16 pm
my two points are we are still writing the history please give us time to finish and keep engaging with the space and understand that wisp currently engaging with writing our own history and adding to the area this area is alive and me and my friends lives we spent a lot of time and the statement is from us thank you for your time. >> any additional speakers to item 16. >> hi my name is kevin i put down to speak on 17 and would like to speak to 16 i'm the director of the queer art organization that promotes- a multi disciplinary artists sins moving to san francisco no 2004
9:17 pm
i've attended parties at the intersection of turk i wasn't fully aware of this landmark of activism history until in year the cafeteria is one of the first recorded queer upcoming rising e rising against the police - this event - it is mentioned by the office of citizens complaints administration for the preservation of i'm asking for your support in the form of continuance for the 950 market street this sunday november 20th is transgender day register browns 2016 is 9 most violent year please don't allow us not to sit at the table don't lockout the queer voices we need
9:18 pm
to help to be show your our generations - i vote for a continuance to help the lgbtq lives. >> hi commissioner, i work in the tenderloin and the compton historic area real briefly we want to stress that the translgbt the queer and non-conforming communities have our history erased through the the decades i'm begging to please give us more time to preserve the history by allowing us a few more months to documents the events and last week everyone up here we're asking for a seat at the table that the translgbt non-conforming community and stress to you the importance and to the developers to make that a
9:19 pm
priority and national minority thank you. >> hi my name is jen net i want to talk about particularly the compton's cafeteria building this is a transgender community is experienced a lot of abuse and trauma in the 60s and xhant chased out of compton my concern in the transgenders community needs this landmark we never had an opportunity to gain a landmark based on the fact of the descriptions and the hate we've xrerndz thought history consider and give us more time to figure this out we would like to restore compton's cafeteria and allow the transgenders to have justice from the abuse and
9:20 pm
the trauma we experienced within that place and i think that is the right thing to do and i'm not speaking on represent operations but speaking on making an investment within the queer and transgender non-conforming community to heal in a way we've experiences a lot of abuse within that area it would be a good thing to do please give us a continuous. >> next speaker, please. >> >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners thank you for first of all, your service i was good evening to speak on the second part but i thought i'd come up now and quickly i live in the tenderloin and worked in the tenderloin for several years and i can't believe i want to say that i have to agree with randy shaw is that that reported by the way,
9:21 pm
(laughter) it is too late on the compton i know compton i have no problem with the prison they run a good operation i did volunteer work at san quentin and a space to shaw's point at the sight that the developer has offered to help this coalition work with the owner and others owner of this site with the apprehensive has pressed willingness this significant site is vertebral and the developer has offered to provide assistance with the group and i'm a frequenter and 21 club before it closed and all kinds of people hung out and i hang out in charles from time to time and this development by the way, should be a wonderful business boom to aunt charles
9:22 pm
and audible charles is one of the coolest places in the city we should make sure it and go anywhere and makes sure it stays put anyway, i'm happening happy to work with the coalition we're a big family to find a space at the historic site of compton cafeteria because this site at 950 has no historical relevance and in terms of waiting to what waiting is to ask the neighborhood that is suffering from the site because of the site for the better part of 20 or thirty years this is disrespectful to poor people so it would be nice to hear the testimonies about all this stuff but a whole population that rarely gets any recognition in the tenderloin that is our
9:23 pm
southeast alleging population our families and children and had is like for them to walk up and down that block of their community i've been organizing that for seven years and i've never seen this cool join the club to try to make the neighborhood better thank you for your service. >> (clapping.) >> >> next speaker, please. >> during it procure we'll trying to keep applause at a minimum. >> my name is judy i'd like to speak on this. >> great. >> thank you. any speakers on 16. >> specifically to the negative declaration? >> hello commissioners. i'm tom a longevities lgbtq activist here in san francisco a small business owner. >> and i'm here to stand in solidarity with the folks that
9:24 pm
spoke you know a lot of people are talking about just wanting a a seat at the table for the lgbtq community decision that impact an important site of our history and i'm going to quote my good friend tom ammiano if you don't center a seat at the table you're probably on the menu and a lot of people in the country after last tuesday feel they don't dr. a seat at the table and a lot of people feel they are think the menu and the lgbtq community feels we're on the menu we have a document from our last approximately administration from of the obama administration that talks about the importance significance of this site we have an incoming administration says we don't matter and will try to roll back the protections this obama
9:25 pm
administration has afford us we'll don't think the legislative bodies to insure is where we have that seat at the table so what we are asking for not to stop the projects in the tracks to stop the hotel and housing development we need more housing in the city we need more hotel rooms for the booming tourism we're asking for a brief pause to make sure that our community has a seat at the table and is not losing something of incredible importance and historical significance to us in this process we are again, we're asking for a brief pause so ily join the chorus to ask for a continuance on this project. >> i'll remind those persons again that you're causing a fire hazard unless you find a seat
9:26 pm
you can't remain in the room if you're here to speak on the appeal of negative declaration you can line up on the screen side of room otherwise an overflow room 416 where you can view and alone to the preserving. >> are we ready. >> i'm a resident and a gay activist, however, it is not ben the lgbt community or myself to preserve air space where there is no trace of the lgbt business that was original there on the parcel of land i clearly replace what was said before but that energy is miss directed by no means is aunt charles the gem that is effected by the gang i believe in preser
9:27 pm
>> hello commissioners my name is - i'm here to support to ask you to continue the project 950. >> that's the environmental report. >> what. >> about the project. >> we're speaking to just the adequacy of the negative declaration the other portion is after this if it is upheld. >> hello hi, i'm nick marshall i'm an artist and drag person in the city i've been here moved
9:28 pm
from southern california about 8 years ago and i needed a new city somewhere where my heart and cult will not be diminished and when the moved here owe found a place where i saw more exist and more than what he was stuck being at home i found a community it was refreshing and i'll not forget the first months of living here and learning about this city and the community and the hefty of it you'll i perform at aunt charlie's on a regular basis that's my home helped me to become the person i am with any talents and helped me become the gay performer it is one of the places i love going there i meet my friends
9:29 pm
and met the love and the - it is everything it is a place that will be a part of my heart this city and community and that area has so many history one of the things for future generations to know about this i learned about that and want everyone to know what is the bones of our city and bones of our history if we erase everything we have nothing left so many of our rights are tested was going on in the world to just what type one thing over and over we have nothing left and build something that is wrong i want us to keep our bones to let everyone know what is happening and where we can keep ongoing from there i'm asking for time not asking you
9:30 pm
to say yes or no but come together and make your voices heard and let you know, we care that's why we're here we want to ask for time thank you. >> hello my name is eric i perform in drag at the charleys as a trans person from georgia and seeking the kind of queer community i've found here and also as a young artist and drag performer the tenderloin is good and alive to me, i'm go big deal to witness the heritage is virtually as i've found my true family if you want to join my that family asking for more time
9:31 pm
of the review of this project this granite question that might fundamentally alternate the neighborhood and consulting norway lgbt organizations without bringing the organization to view this it sending a message your lives and history don't matter those blocks at the least we respectfully ask for a continuance for an eir thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> on the environmental. >> hi, i'm tara i moved to san francisco leveling years ago because it was not safe to say a queer where i lived san francisco acted a stay of haven for queers around the world it is important to uphold the history in the spaces to
9:32 pm
keep us safe especially the transgenders community last month the obama administration releases the guidelines for the site mentioning compton historic district in san francisco voting to ignore in is sending a message that the lgbt lives don't matter i believe that now more than ever we need to come together to preserve those spaces i'm here to respectfully ask the commissioners to grant a continuance on the 950 market street project thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> on the environmental. >> hi gambling relay i'm a bartender other aunt charlie's for 10 years the most grocery stores drag queen he got my start with vicky i was bugger drag started doing drag i
9:33 pm
started doing a show and met interesting people that go to aunt charlie's since i've been a bartender all my old-time audaciously one by one they've passed its away i only have a be handful of them left from online la to one eyed dwayne yell a rapist i want to ask for a continuance thank you. >> environmental please. my name is tom, i own a brand new business on the same block of 6th street i keep hearing over and over that is charley lists lounge i had a music space
9:34 pm
next door to but that block of market street is boarded up and many other locations for a long time and just a haven for nothing good so what everybody is trying to protect is gone and maybe people need to see it for themselves what was down there i've there and stalling this process is not doing anyone any good. >> any other speakers on the environmental only. >> i'm patrick a security guard i've seen the effects of the enflux and companies with the grassroots changing if a positive way i've seen and spent a lot of time in the basement whatever characters are there it is gun they've been scraped and
9:35 pm
ripped apart over and over and been boarded back up all that is left of the history is the bricks themselves it is just loss of time i feel that demolishing the building is the right thing to do the property has so much potential than the hub this can be - >> sorry this is environmental. >> just the environmental. >> their rotted out. >> not the project. >> okay. >> environmental please. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> okay this is the map of the lower at leavenworth task force in 1995 in the report the site it says part of report talks about it is establishing a historical district within the
9:36 pm
boundary you see the property 950 is right here to this is within the boundary and requested back in 1995 to be included in the historical district this is not currently happened and in the tenderloin 2000 plan that we had an historic district that was not done correctly with the neighborhood didn't include the blocks in the historical block of the uptown 23 it had we wouldn't be here it would have a historical significance and structural to the heritage of the tenderloin and the north of marketed area for the last century thank you very much commissioners, i hope you deny the or approve the negative declaration and condition this is what the community is requesting time taken to look at
9:37 pm
what is there and see how it can be preserved thank you very much. >> can you hand that in please. pardon me. >> can we see that >> next speaker, please. >> on the environmental. >> overhead, please my name is michael nolte i'm a native san franciscan and a 20-year tenderloin activists and i think that what is important to say i'm a 20-year neighborhood activist in the tenderloin and you know, i think when people say things are members of the commission at the plate we had the presenters up at 950 comment come and give backs to the community they said a small
9:38 pm
group of people are scoring basically the nonprofits not the residents so basically before you is again, the communities coming back and saying well, we were left not at the table and which is why we're talking about an eir and let's the cumulative impacts to we're losing a lot of residents and gay and transgenders businesses in san francisco and in particular in the tenderloin and there are not - they need to be considered and preserve all the history and - we need to invest in our future and i like to think on behalf of the various organizations i'm with we were seeking a continuance base that is important to the community to all voices being heard at the table and thank you for your time oh, and let me see the picture is not all there.
9:39 pm
>> to see what the bar did look like didn't have the chance. >> thank you, thank you. >> next speaker. >> on the environmental. >> hi, i'm allen martinis a negative declaration is premature clearly there are resources but the question whether the loss two questions whether the loss of historical resources - which we need more time to figure out and two whether or not this history is important if you don't - so to quote now to accept the negative declaration is to say basically the hefty is not important i think what we're facing right now this history of this transgender and queer people has
9:40 pm
recently got any legitimacy at all outside of a few specialists so, yes. we're at a critical junction a project that threatens the history when the hefty is recognized so we're under a crisis point to vote to accept the negative declaration is a statement that the mist is not important really that is a bad signal to make so we do need the time to study whether or not these particular resources are important to the district or not but i think to accept the negative declaration right now is premature we may discover to vote to accept the negative declaration is jumping the gun i think. >> i hope you stay around if we have questions, mr. martinez
9:41 pm
>> next speaker. >> on the environmental only. >> my name is brittany i'm a writer and i like to quickly second all the point that my sisters at aunt charlie's brought up to say anyone there on tuesday as usual and seen the community that were there none could with argued the tenderloin or history was bad the history is gone if you've seen a drag queen cry or seen the person next to her buy here a during the course you'll not argue that the history was bad and not there i respectfully ask the commissioners grant a continuance on the project. >> thank you very much any other speakers on the environmental only?
9:42 pm
>> actually what i want to speak about to ask about to say historical and cultural in san francisco this is a crucial point i recently moved from ukraine here i'm a transgender person and couldn't combine my profession and my identity in the ukraine that's why i'm here he had everything in any country profession last week money and everything but equip myself that's why i moved here you know what when something happened to the spaces for community in san
9:43 pm
francisco this impacts lgbt community around the world people lose their hope their space that people like me last week transgender people specifically can live in integrity and safe space so like every time this is lost for all people around the world keeping their feet for they're right in their countries so i really want you to know that like making this decision about this project and about tenderloin, about and other cultural lgbt heritage places to keep in mind this is like not only for san francisco
9:44 pm
this is hope for people in the entire world. >> thank you. >> okay. thank you any other speakers for item 6. >> 16. >> good afternoon. my name is arrest erase i'm - i'm on eddie-taylor in the tenderloin and i want to share but i'm the only person in the room it actually worked in the building at 950 for the university of california, san francisco at 964 market street and we would facilitate the support services and permitted housing for
9:45 pm
transgender of the tenderloin we no longer do that there we move to do castro, however, it is significant to note that in san francisco the tenderloin has been a reviewing the largest part of the tenderloin resides here and we're maintaining the compton cafe historical district it crucial having a part of city that technically belongs to us at least legacy wise thank you. >> thank you commissioners i'm tom, i came to san francisco my
9:46 pm
first volunteer work was at the compton district i helped to african-americans where drug related addiction and at 950 that i think those people to seek - the tenderloin have drawn us when i came from african he found home in the compton district dear commissioners hefty is not only the pot but we also walk into history history is part of a our history i ask you i ask you your indulgence to have the remain as
9:47 pm
part of our story thank you very much. >> okay additional speakers on item 17. >> 16, 16. >> there's a legacy here that i say special i hope that is able to continue somehow it is important thank you. >> jonas i'm not sure if you can speak. >> i'm submitting written testimony from someone. >> leave that. >> any other speakers for 16, item 16? >> hello, i'm julian owner of holy fish when i look outside my door i see the backside of the project and can luckily for the
9:48 pm
street interests on that note so much of a blight you know pretty much for me environmentally i feel very confident to say that is pointless to keep on waiting an action that needs to happen and in turn the building every day has been stagnant and on the streets with the improvements that is happening on the streets and around the streets all the construction and development everything has only improved for myself for any business and students and everything around me respect the hefty but also i respect progressive movement and holding into the history but moving forward not just the - it will remain not the actual physicality of the building there we go. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm jay fosters i
9:49 pm
own the restaurant at the 25 mason streets on that corner of turk and mason across the street from the site and coming here today, i was owned to hear some much outcry from the lgbt community about their place in the neighborhood and other than that, block and having been there for 11 years this is probably the first time that i've kind of seen anybody from that community survey anything about this location or block which is really there on a day to day the blight what matters everyone in that community is trying to keep our doors open is that we get some change to what
9:50 pm
is there already thank you. >> thank you. >> hi, thank you commission my name is kayla i'm a resident the tenderloin i live on mason and sutter street i'm also identified as gay i grew up in affordable housing and i am extremely supportive of the 950 market street project it is bringing needed housing to the community i think that is really creative they're building housing affordable in the tenderloin community and i be in that allows opportunities for more people to live and work in the city i believe if we bring this faster we can bring more opportunities to the city thank you. >> okay. thank you. >> is there any other public
9:51 pm
comment on item number 16? okay public comment is closed. >> and commissioner vice president richards. >> okay. let me start i'm a preservation i thought i sat on the san francisco heritage i was an officer so i'm very interested in the hefty preservation he guess a request for staff please. if that's okay. he don't bite sometimes. >> what's the difference between a negative declaration and an eir can you help me out. >> sure i will refer back to my presentation so lined per ceqa guideline an environmental impact report is prepared if there is substantial evidence
9:52 pm
that a project may cause a significant adverse effect on the physical environment our report shows the existing of this building will not do so we believe this is is an appropriate document. >> it is your professional opinion those buildings themselves is not individual landmarks that as part of an lgbt district the buildings together remain the period find significance, etc. themselves are a landmark but those buildings are not landmarks. >> i can clarify can i ask the preservation center to provide and speak more into the mike. >> sure thank you. >> so in our analysis we found it that the buildings themselves individually were not historic resources however, our analysis did find
9:53 pm
that 3 of the buildings were contributors to an eligible lgbtq historic district and it is the district itself that is the historic resource our analysis found the depiction of the contributors would not have a physical adverse impact on the historic district itself. >> my question i have the benefit of having a full eir of a project on 1028 market that will be global in the investment district potentially under the national phase they fund the documents that is in here my question so i'm drawing comparisons not potentially a project on any type of discussion the 960 project is demolishing 3 times as much square footage as is
9:54 pm
1028 one and 4 verse three hundred and 10 that will replace what is there now with 200 and 42 that's hotels rooms 16 thousand plus square feet of ground floor retail and 1028 will replace one and 86 no hotel rooms and parking and 9 hesitate plus square feet of retail the new project at the 950 is 8 hundred so clearly it is much beggar with the negative declaration. >> just to cleaver and correct me if i am wrong lisa i believe the 1028 market street their analysis is focused on the fact that project site was actually located in the market teeter loft district and the demolition
9:55 pm
of that this would cause a significant adverse impact to that market theatre loss district the project on market street is not located in that market street area. >> so the question would be if - by magic they'll create a district a year ago the liability international board would this project require a full eir the 1028 is a focus on transportation and historic preservation commission let's assume we're in a historic district will this project need an eir. >> we're saying this project site is ineligible for the lgbtq historical district but the demolition of the 3 trshths will not result in the material permit of the actual district. >> got it. >> so the difference if i said
9:56 pm
between those two documents the eir down the street and this one of the 1 down the street says that will be significant if you destroy or demolish it and have to do the mitigation impacts it is significant and unavoidable we have to make a statement of overriding consideration even though we're demolishing something in with be landmark district. >> may i speak. >> thank you a distinction in the two projects that required in the case of 1028 hunters point the preparation of an eir and that didn't in the case at the 950 market tina our presentation specialist will answer this on the contributors but the 20th century 1028 will
9:57 pm
the feasibility study by the demolition of market street is smaller and has a different set of characteristics and much fewer contributors to that indict and also the character defining features will be more adversely impaired because of the location on 1028 market it is a paramount street and other factors in this case for 950 market enough information to tell us there are many more trrnts to this eligible district and therefore by number as well as by the nature of the features of the building for this project for 950 marketed not as much as an adverse not comparing the ability of the district. >> the question comparing the two can you eir for 1028 consist
9:58 pm
of 20 structures 20 with transportation authority and unconsciousness down one 33 square feet a prominent place conveys a certain meaning an market street i don't want to get into that, however, my great leap of faith on 950 a scare of 25 believes that appear to be k contributing buildings we've been demolishing 3 of these i'm having a hard time 2kw7 the 1028 and 9 having by sheer numbers of square footage and location so thank you, thank you tina tilly chang for the planning department staff in the case of 1028 market street that project is located in two historic district one the theatre this is on the national register and the
9:59 pm
eligible luvenlt tenderloin historic district we found an impact to the national on the market street district we didn't find an impact to the tenderloin historic district. >> so i understand about but come back there are 20 buildings in the district contributing for the historic loft and we're knocking one down 33 thousand square feet yet in the lgbt two district we don't have a district yet but mr. brooks down 3 buildings total one and four thousand square feet and only three buildings. >> the 25 properties are the focus survey on the area around the the subject property we firmly believe that the district the tenderloin lgbt is much larger and encompass the
10:00 pm
entirety to the west and east and all the way down to market street that is 50 city blocks and potentially thousand of properties it is different than 1028 a small national register and what about the pales claims compton's district is four blocks i urge you to look at the tenderloin but their applying for a district that is 4 blocks i think mr. nolte handed in i - what if they get their national status mr. mar tens said this is prematurely are we are doing this prey


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