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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  November 29, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the board of supervisors meeting of the tuesday, november 29, 2016, madam clerk call the roll. >> thank you madam president that afternoon supervisor avalos supervisor breed is supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim not present supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee madam president kw0u789 thank you ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us in the
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pledges and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> madam clerk any communications. >> i have none to report madam president colleagues, any changes to the october 17th special board meeting and the october 18th regular board meeting minutes seeing none, a motion to approve those minutes motion by supervisor avalos and seconded by economy supervisor farrell colleagues without objection, without objection those meeting minutes will be passed after public comment. >> madam clerk read the consent calendar. >> items 1 through 6 are route. >> roll call vote. >> on items 1 through 6.
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>> supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim there are 11 i's. >> ios items are finally passed unanimously all right. next item. >> >> an ordinance to amend the administrative code to limit short-term rentals of a residential unit to no longer than 60 days in the unit was registered after 2016 to prohibit neighbors outside of the building at issue from filing a private right of action and nonprofit to fidelity prior to a determination of the
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director of the planning department. >> colleagues, can i have a motion to excuse supervisor farrell by supervisor campos and seconded by supervisor mar colleagues without objection, without objection supervisor farrell excused madam clerk on item no. 7 can you please call the roll. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen no supervisor kim there are let's see 4, 5, 6, 7 supervisor tang, supervisor wiener and other supervisor in dissent. >> passed. >> item 8 for the
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administrative code to prohibit the city from extending leases for fossil fuel from city owned land and requiring inspections of evaluation of future used for such land. >> supervisor avalos thank you, colleagues i'll go outside of the rail and use at podium i have a visual to present don't practice for me once i'm out of here in 5 weeks (laughter) colleagues first of all, thank you for all of you coming together to join me in this ordinance this past month it got hotter from a slow to rapid future in jeopardy this is going to be long i apologize for that if you indulge me the donald
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trump was president-elect radical changes loom across the country fighting for the values and principle our cities have the greatest chance of leading the rest of the country we'll have to work on many fronts earlier we held a press conservation for immigrants today with the passage we can fight president-elect donald trump proposal of years of painstakingly slow and inadequate process on climatic change and global warming trujs proposed cabinet is woeshlt of the onions how only grief and malleolus the cabinet is filling up with people whose sole qualifications to turnover our
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public assets to control each cabinet pick it worse than the other it is today is ordinance as the secretary of interior donald trump is considering former alaska sarah packing kin drill, baby, drill determines the roll the overall federal land and national parks donald trump to dismantle the environmental protection regulations not gut the epa itself he's indicated that he will put unofficial paris accord setting back the world in the climatic change and global warming with the far right and white supremacists of the tax over the local level and cities like ours
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we still have a compassionate relying i relationship that the fellow human beings and the planner in san francisco we have made stride this climatic change last year, we launched cleanpowersf and we'll have significantly eliminated the waste and reduced the carbon footprint one more concrete analysis step of resistance by pga this keep it in the ground ordinance the history of keep it in the ground goes back to 1941 when alfred gave his estate to the city of san francisco with the revenues with those lands urban design spit ground the library and the rec and park his estate was over one thousand lands over by chevron for a working oil field the first precedes will be split been rec
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and park and the library last year the city got three hundred plus $19,000 this a lesson due to dwindling production in the drop of cost per barrel from the revenue from the chevron site been in production for decades while donald trump has a global warming hoax most scientists agree that green house are the main deferring mentioned kookdz as the world is going introduce climatic chances it is important to limit the production of green house emitting fossil fuel this applies most important discussion of the carbon budget the carbon budget explains why such depths of living the combh
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traction of fossil fuel are necessary the climatic scientists with arithmeticly determined that the future of carbon monoxide that is e admitted and limit a catastrophic temperature increase that will destroy the habitats and species and civilization we are 90s sea level rise severe drought and hurricanes and other your honor, precedent catastrophic climatic event that cause things across the globe as people seek refuge in places to survive the carbon budget is measured in c02 with 3 components this is what the overhead comes in. >> sfgovtv please. >> so we have 5 circles the
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large orange is fossil fuel reserves that exists and can be done with technology in the category 11000 giga from fossil fuel that is the overall budget for co2 that can be emitted for fossil fuel burning the next circle the orange circle is fossil fuel reserve those are reserves that are known and can be recovered with the existing technology and under the current economic condition the carbon scientists estimate this category is holding $3,000 plus of c02 this is the smaller red circle the fossil fuel those are reserves that were in production right now aspirating fields and mines
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across the world there are nine hundred and 42 potential implying a tons that contact released of the fossil fuel in this category at the conference one and 96 parties reaffirmed the kwoelz of limiting a 2k3w4r0eb8 temperature from the start of the revolution to 2 degrees celsius and urges efforts to limit the decrease of temperature to one .5 degrees the late number of changes are bleak to limit global warming to two degrees celsius burn fossil fuel to giga tons of carbon monoxide that is less carbon that is already in the red circle of nine hundred and 42
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gung hay fat choy can i'll r50e7 e repeat if we burn we can only burn 8 hundred and 43 giga tons of co2 from the fossil fuel to limit to limit global warming to celsius we can only burn three hundred and 93 giga tons of co2 that is less than half of in the red circle this carbon budget is indelible with a global movement to keep fossil fuel in the ground right now in the dark dictates fighting to protect the land from the incursion of oil spills
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in the pipeline and last tuesday we saw the movement knocking on city halls door on the streets of san francisco with a ceremony in front of city hall and the blockage of the army corp. of engineering that shares with the transportation authority there's been legislation towards the effort to keep it in the ground some of it is difficult to pass last year senator jeff and jerry hoffman the keeper of the ground act to prevent the public lands and federal waters with the trump administration and the come back the way republicans this legislation will not be moving anywhere any 7, 8, 9 soon awhile there's been no progress they federal level many of the local jurisdictions and cities have taken steps to keep, if you
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will, in the ground last year voted unanimously to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure in 2014 san burnight halts the proposed new oil fields is near the pinnacle national park in the bayview voted to deny a cruise project in november monorae voters ban the new oil wells in their county and this ordinance before us this ordinance prohibits the city from interleases from the "x" traction of, if you will, in city land and to lease the, if you will, production in the properties the ordinance directs the director of real estate to create a just transition for the city the city will evaluate the
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estate of the property and chevron is in compliance with all the laws chevron not to be compliant their breaking the lease the city will the transition plan evaluates the future used for the property including renewable power generation and had been indicate rejectio reorganization the sfpuc conducted to limit the feasibility analysis e feasibility study in the county and determined that much of the properties are solar power currently solar projects are generating over one thousand dollars an acre in rent per year more than what the city is currently getting from the lease if chevron we have 4 hundred and 88 acres of unused land for the puc and the day and night are
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developing an rfp for establishing solar projects on the unused acreage this just transition is not just emergency vehicle the phyllis production but shifting san francisco land if the fuel based to the renewable future it does come with that sacrifice were seeing less certain revenues while we're developing less revenues for the libraries and parks but the sacrifice well suited to make sure those lands are part of sustainable future and again colleagues thank you for your co-sponsorship and indulging me on this long session and want to thank most of all jeremy polack in my office for did years of work on the ordinance and also want to thank jeff who is with
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the bay area that uncovered the properties that are actually lease to chevron his work helps us to make sure we can transition them to our renewable future i also want to thank john updyke for working with the department of real estate and jason fried, executive officer. the director of local agency formation commission and the public works and we voted on this colleague i appreciate coming together we voted unanimously last week and hope to have 11 votes of support thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor avalos supervisor kim. >> i wanted to take the opportunity to thank madam chair rosales and his office for their work on the ordinance that was introduced initially i thought that was more importantly i didn't think that would take a level of significance but when we vote on this the national
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election results this ordinance and other initiatives we're talking about on the board are now more important than ever and the san francisco ethics commission should take a strong position on guess reduction of fossil fuel and thank you supervisor avalos on our two terms on the board and really the environmental leader here thanks for putting this together. >> thank you seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk call the roll. >> on item 8 supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim there are 11 i's. >> the ordinance is finally
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passed unanimously madam clerk please calls items 9, 10 and 11 together. >> item 9 a resolution to authorize the rec and park department to accept and expend to united states clean up grants for a combined total of 4 hundred thousand the development remediation action plan and activities for nine hundred in his property and item 10 an item to accept and expend a three hundred plus transportation program and less congestion grant from the help transportation through august 31st, 2015, to waive and director costs and item 12 to retroactively authors of the district attorney's office to accept and expend grants 200 and
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62 from the victim compensation board to continue the criminal restitution should the parties agree to a party agreement colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection those resolutions are adopted unanimously item number 11 please. a resolution to approve the infrastructure fencing plan for city infrastructure and revitalization district number one treasure island and project there in and madam president this item should be continued to december 6th with the other treasure island resolutions those are approved before this ifd and efd. >> i was going to make a motion to continue to december 6th to touch up the other items that were heard at
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the budget committee on the remainder of the ifd. >> to continue to the meeting of the december 6, 2016, seconded by supervisor tang colleagues without objection, without objection that will be continued to the meeting of the december 6, 2016, madam clerk please call item 13 and item 13 a resolution to endorse the term sheets bang the national rec and park for a memorandum of understanding an mou outlining the alcatraz site at piers 31 through 33 to include the ferry serves to alcatraz island selected by mp s with the national parks contingency for thex. of the mou from the boyd policy.
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>> seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously item 14. >> a resolution to authorize the execution and delivery of certificates of participation on a tax exemption representing an agency congratulate panhandle amount not to exceed 60.5 millions to finance the acquisitions and construction and improvements of an animal control facility to be located on property within the city and authorize other details with the resolution. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you. i just wanted to thank the colleagues and, of course, city staff for figuring out out how to finance our animal controls building had this is the last piece of legislative that will come before us to approve this building and use the opportunity
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to say our office has adorable kittens so thank you for your support. >> thank you supervisor tang colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is couped adopted unanimously madam clerk items 15 we 16. >> to authorize the execution and delivery of a multi famentsdz in an aggregate not to exceed $49.5 million for the purpose of financing for the construction of the 72 multi family housing as potrero at connecticut street and authorize other details item 16 to authorize the sale of a multi family housing not to exceed one and $32 million for the purpose of providing financing for the 3
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hundreds will multi family housing as transbay bloke 9 on fulsome street and authorize other details in the resolution. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolutions are adopted unanimously madam clerk please call 17, 18 and 20 together. >> item 17 an ordinance to authorize a lawsuit by the first national insurance company of america for 4 hundred thousand in san francisco superior court item 18 an ordinance to authorize the settlement of a lawsuit by a corporation california corporation against the city for 52 thousand plus on 2014 in san francisco superior court and item 20 a resolution to approve the settlement of the unlitigates claim by the b hr,
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llc against the city for march 2014 involving a refund of the transient district fees. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection those ordinances are approved on the first reading. >> item 19 to approve a historic property contract between christopher's the owners on oak street and the city to authorize the assessor-recorder to execute the historical property contract. >> same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously item 21. >> item 21 a motion to appoint natalie to the rec and park open space term ending 2017. >> same house, same call?
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without objection the motion is approved unanimously item 22. >> item 22 a motion to direct the budget analyst to conduct a performance audit of the department of technology in fiscal years 2016-2017 same house, same call? >> item if an ordinance to amend the change of the requirement from 5 years to 2 years for the housing owned or leased by a housing exemption from the program ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> same house, same call? supervisor wiener. >> okay same house, same call? without objection the ordinance ordinance is passed. >> item 24 to amend the all hands on deck for the development of projects subject to the requirement for an additional water and small and
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residential projects for the specific requirements like a system to provide authorization for the approval of alternative means of compliance with the planning department ceqa determination. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president colleagues this legislation is an amendment to the 2015 ordinance that i authored and passed unanimously requiring water recycling in large new developments as a way to address the drought and modernize our water system that ordinance from 2015 is in effect currently and it will i think really set an example of san francisco should how we should be reacting to a water shortage which is what our drought that the amendment before us clarifies that projects with multiple buildings count in the aggregate
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for the intent of the original legislation arguably how it currently reads this legislation today will clarify that that was the intent and ceqa is required in addition there are additional non-substantive clarifying amendments those amendments are distributed to you and colleagues, i ask for your support. >> thank you i move the amendment. >> okay supervisor wiener has made a motion to amend item 24 seconded by supervisor mar colleagues without objection without objection the amendments passes unanimously and on the item as amended can we colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection it passed on the first reading unanimously item number 25. >> item 25 is a resolution to approve the official naming of
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unnamed streets of an thinking named within the walk members 5535 and 5537 and founded by broadcaster street colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is douptsd unanimously madam clerk please call item number 26. >> item 26 and are he's to determine that the issuance of a type 48 on sale public premises liquor licenses to located own polk street will not serve the public convenience and necessity of the people of the sffc and requesting the department deny the application. >> madam clerk will we table this item or vote no on it.
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>> perhaps supervisor peskin would like to answer that question. >> supervisor peskins as the item as forwarded by the committee if we vote yes. that would reject the request in accordance with the police departments recommendation. >> okay. thank you colleagues oh, supervisor kim. >> i was going to repeat what supervisor peskin said this is came out of the public safety and followed the recommendation of the police department. >> okay. great thank you colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolution is disappointed unanimously madam clerk please call items 27 through 29. >> item 27 a resolution to determine the transfer the 21
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gentle list to trader joe's will serve the public convenient and item 28 to determine the transfer off sale beer and wine license to a company on geary boulevard will serve the public and the resolution to determine the 21 general license inc. located on columbus avenue will serve the public convenience and recommending the public alcohol department approve the 3 licenses. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the resolutions are adopted unanimously all right. this is now time for our 2:30 accommodations i'd like to start with supervisor mar. >> thank you supervisor president london breed colleagues i'm honoring the leadership of the richmond district neighborhood center and
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want to know micro and the staff to come forward please it has been a it's been a pleasure to work with the staff i want to appreciate the type of limp that came about in michelle - what dynamic forward-looking leadership from the staff and board chair karen the former recently past jonathan putting everybody together but michelle is incredible leadership the justice work within the richmond district a model for other community-based organizations around the city and wanted to say 36 years is a long time but they've been building for years
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amazing work in the 8 school the 4 elementary school but presidio and the middle and washington high schools as well nurturing empowering supporting young people to be light leases of tomorrow and their active in so many areas from even sclaen and greeting the neighborhood it is really now like a 6 hundred person force to keep the neighborhood clean out there on saturday 8:00 a.m. to one in the richmond their cleaning up visionary on isolation of senior citizens in the programs in the system that really buildings and support vulnerable people along with allies like the richmond and the village in the richmond as well they not only work with dcyf and our san francisco unified school districts but
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they're also incredible in building multi cultivate awareness of the children's art programs to love of the teen centers work with the latino and sexiest lines and other middle school organizations i want to acknowledge that the food security programming that sarah and others have veptsd now reaches over seven hundred richmond residents and many are the most vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities in the neighborhood involving young people to develop intergenerational and i'll not read the list of everything they've done but substantial in the few years they've been there they're an amazing organization and had so much pride and also learned so much from them i want to acknowledge that the team that
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is here today besides michelle and others (calling names) i wanted to say thank you for being a great anchor for the richmond. >> michelle and i worked with the organization over 15 years started out after-school programs and was the beacon director and throughout the years now i'm the executive director but i've had the luck of working with amazing people like the people behind me we had one and 50 people in the working in the after-school programs and not only that but in the food pantry program so we do two food pantries a week those make up
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the community workers and the other workers i'm lucky to have a strong team and have the nonprofit that didn't have that much turnover people come to the neighborhood and fall in love with the neighborhood and do the work that we love and get to meet our neighbors and participant so thank you for the words i've prepared a statement and read that now and the richmond district a essential fabric of the san francisco adding to the rich complexity of the city's socioeconomic factors and the aging populations and open - since 1980 tndc has responded to the needs of the city a grassroots organization first in 1980 by responding to the neighbors and developing a community center for youth on the wednesday then by the addressing the needs for the after-school program
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collaborative when the beacon started in 1998 our tndc was there to start the beacon center at george washington high school the youkts sought the opportunities this began volunteering in the food pantry now did food pantry is a part of program that serves over seven hundred people with the youth and adult divorces including a community garden our dream we hire most of adult staff from a pool of students if the program now r tndc provides job training and academic support working at the schools they graduated from in fact, someone here who participated at ever level from elementary to middle school where i met her to high school and now as a result runs our youth program and
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leadership program what a great testament to our youth we're so fortunate to have the support of supervisor mar that understand the grassroots organization and that has to come from the needs of the community it severs through our neighbors helped us to organize and provide a service to address the needs with his help we've served people and now up to 5 thousand people per year so we'll miss supervisor mar's steadfast leadership. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart for his leadership. >> (clapping.) >>
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(laughter). >> thank you for your work and congratulations with that, our second accommodation will be given by supervisor from district four supervisor tang. >> thank you so much colleagues today it is very sad i have to honor someone that is leaving our city government but to reflect on wonderful people that served here in san francisco with that, i'd like to bring up sophie hayward. >> (clapping.) >> welcome to our chambers sophie i mean ms. hayward normally i don't like to read proclamations but want to speak
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because so which of our colleagues have contributed their thoughts about you ms. hayward started with the city and county of san francisco of 2006 working in the planning department and managed many challenging projects and worked collaboratively to incorporate preservation policies providing a balanced approach to preservation and further the preservation goals then in march of 2011 ms. hayward transferred herself into a legislative planner for the planning department issues from the calculated and technical that is formula retail and housing to more things like tobacco and paraphernalia and bowling alleys that serve alcohol and ms. hayward will be recommended from her high degree of professionalism in a articulate
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manner and often a friendly attitude in her interactions with the public and staff and ms. hayward has developed a drive to address the city's most perplexing issues that brought her to the mayor's office of housing and community development and there she was structural in furthering the work of mohcd including facilitating the rental assistance program and hope sf ax open acting a lesson between the department and board of supervisors on the ahbp to the housing policies have impacted the lives of san franciscans and her enthusiasm in tackling the ordinances will be dearly missed on a personal level i've come to
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know sophie and a motto planning to mohcd and just watching her and working with her as we tackled difficult issues in san francisco has been an honor to work with you the way you oversee to me an e-mail at 10 o'clock at noting night with a thoeft an urban wavering determination to handle things people through at you i'm sad to see you leave city government when people think of city workers sometimes they're might not be the most positive perspective but you break troubleshoot stereotyped to determine and finding creative
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solutions to challenges i'm going to a miss you but wish you the best so thank you very much ms. hayward and looking forward to giving you the opportunity to speak i know you have a friends and family your sister and, of course, your colleagues if both departments and director from mohcd and director rahaim from the planning department i want to give you an opportunity to say a few words thank you. >> and also there are other members of the board of supervisors that definitely would like an opportunity to make comments as well director rahaim thank you for being here. >> thank you supervisors and supervisor tang for honoring sophie you'll miss her terrible she started as a preservation planner and went on to do legislative work that work with peeked here interest in
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affordable housing so i then lost her to olsen unfortunately but i think that the proclamation said it well, she's handled the work with the thoughtfulness and the word to describe her, her grace in handing the issues in terms of dealing with the planning commission and the public this body handling it thoroughly throughout the period we'll all mess that terribly and sophie is one of the reasons the two agencies the planning department and mohcd has an incredibly positive and constructive working relationship probably a testament how departments work together a seamless relationship and, of course, enabled by director lee and kate hartley and others that relationship between sophie and our staff has been preview and helpful in the
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work and a model how agencies work together i appreciate the conformation and recognize sophie for our outstanding work. >> thank you, mr. lee. >> welcome. >> thank you what can we say. >> what did you do to chase her away (laughter) just a workload i can return the - >> (laughter). oh, >> fair enough one of the things that i think everybody really appreciate about sophie and one of her dedications to the city; right? she's to dedicated to do the right thing and push things along to get things done and she's demonstrated that with the planning department and definitely at the mayor's office
2:51 pm
of housing and community development we - she worked on many issues where they were very difficult issues with people that were very, very industry dents on each side of the issues one of her robots so listen to both sides and see if there's an ability to come to a solution somewhere in the middle and in many she was able to do that and helped to get the legislation through at the state level and also working with our federal delegation with the federal version of the neighborhood preference and it is really a testament to her ability to work with people i think that you know one of the things no one has skewed me of
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doing well sophie has done that extremely well, in the city a reflection how she will be remembered she'll be remembered as a fear and compassionate and a person that licenses to everybody and none will say a bad word about sophie a great loss for you office we we've got a lot more work to do and sophie was an important person and completing that work and we will greatly miss her and the work she did but greatly mess how she did her work that's the thing i want to say more importantly to sophie the way you carried yourself and the professionalism and the personal safety and dealing with all the difficult issues thank you sophie for your time in the
2:53 pm
housing and community development. >> thank you supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president london breed. >> sophie you can come back back up i'll be brief he started a trend almost all my colleagues want to speak by your a personal friend and professionly you were amazing to work with in city government and it is amazing that people work so hard at what they do tremendous assets to everybody you're a tremendous asset to the city it's amazing to work with you and incredibly sad to see you go but i want to say thank you really for working with our office and being professional it is great working with you it will be obviously a huge loss to the city government but wish you
2:54 pm
the best. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you madam president sophie did basically what efshlgs is assessing one person i've enjoyed working with you're not the only one but one of the ones you're so committed to the issues we've crossed pathways with and i think all of the things people said already will be true and are true but one of the things i want to point out you're one of the people i can talk to about caregiver issues and someone those are nuances and got the people glows over and say yeah, we need childcare but we'll miss that perspective and hoping you'll continue to dialogue with other people in
2:55 pm
city so we can all get on the same page for this issue. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> thank you sophie i hope when you walk out of the doors of city hall today, you'll be able to walk back with a sense of pride with a profound not only providence work experience but walking away with an ally of friends to move forward i'm sure our paths will cross again many of the people that doesn't know sophie know there is a genuine sweetness and a real commitment to honor the truth and recognize human decency within everyone folks she founds herself in disagreement that's a rare find
2:56 pm
today period but a critical one when we think of people that are, dedicating public servant so we think about you fondly and people on fights for legislation certainly i'm grateful to have you as my ally and supervisor breed as well and great to have you as an ally to fight to bring affordable housing and parity and quality to all san franciscans. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you speaking of courageous fights thank you for all the legislation in san francisco but i'm well past my days of pushing for menu muni but breaking that barrier that a
2:57 pm
lot of - allowing the strollers into our busy advocated for that when you were on family leave it is been a real pleasure to work with you i'm happy you worked with my office and an optimism and not sure where you're going but i think that is important that people that work for government stand to show that governments works with the example at the federal government a huge effort point republicans passed the example that we have here with you shows that there is an alternative this should be - i hope you'll work for government. >> wish you all the best and thank you for your work. >> thank you supervisor avalos supervisor mar. >> i know nick and i are the
2:58 pm
ones that working closely with you in making the city better for everyone i noticed in the richmond district i know you and bow as neighbors but thank you for being there are in the richmond neighborhood center with advice and support i'll really miss you but thank you for everything you've done. >> supervisor wiener. >> sophie we're if we can put it all together we'll always be in touch you've been such a treasure for the city i want to reiterate with supervisor tang said that city employees sometimes take it on the chin and this perspective that universally negative prfshgs about where it is work ethics or whatever people say and we, of course, know that is not true with so many dedicated the city
2:59 pm
workers with your absolutely exemplar in terms of not just our work and ability but really one of the people who sort of carry it inside and you do good and ma tissues support you deeply care when our at planning department and mohcd has been the same i know that in my office when you took the new jobs at mohcd we were thrilled you know i'm sure director rahaim was not necessarily thrived we knew that would make that easier and easier to work with the agency because you're so good at what you do in interac with challenges like the board of supervisors and i thank
3:00 pm
you for being there. >> supervisor campos. >> i'm not belabor this point that has been made by the colleagues in thinking about you being out there very few people in fact, i cannot think of more than a couple would be in a position to have all the things said about them said by all the supervisors so that's a compliment to you and a testament to the professionalism with the work and you know anytime you run across really outstanding quality people not only as a personal and professional side in city government you always want them to stay unfortunately, the way this works sometimes is that because there are challenging to do this work
3:01 pm
especially, if you're a quality person but whatever you decide to do i want to say on behalf of the people owe represent thank you for the professional, kind and in a respectful way you've done our job it's my pleasure and i know i wish you success you'll do it and best of luck. >> thank you supervisor campos supervisor kim. >> thank you ms. hayward for our work and services to the city but on your work at the mayor's office of housing got an opportunity to work with you on the harbor and it was critical issue with affordable and middle-income housing that was fought for that - 60 or thirty
3:02 pm
years felt last week, a looked at and you're coming to the expiration and all the residents and seniors and i don't know families that didn't know where they'll move to and the housing market so i just want to appreciate our diligence and work on that issue along with the rest of the mayor's office of housing i know we'll continue that with the bay side and the fillmore but your work is appreciated with your due diligence and making sure that we get complicated projects resolved and just also want to thank you phenomenon on behalf of my staff and you - we'll miss you but i'll continue to follow you and see what you dress up for halloween i love the star wars costume. >> thank you supervisor
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peskin. >> thank you last but not least planner middle broke i think i knew our father before i met you some 15 years ago and delighted when you came to work with the planning department you built bridges between the board and planning department and, of course, built bridge between the planning department and the board that when you started talking with any aid i had the pleasure of attending our wedding and contact if my second tour of duty you were here and know we'll be able to call on that you don't wait for the call to be calling and thanks what you've done for the people of san francisco. >> thank you let me say sophie a pleasure working with i've - was probably the most proudest of the work i've done as a member of the board when we traufd to d.c. and sat in the
3:04 pm
room and get hugged hud to change their mind with the legislation you were emotional invested in the decision potentially more than i was i know you care and wanted a win for san francisco i know you wanted to do this as much as i wanted to do it and olsen and working together as a team we accomplished something so significant and i'm so grateful because it was a team effort and we don't get to accomplish something so great as hud to change their mind without having good people that care and really fight hard so that's what i appreciate about the work you've done you wear our heart on your sleeve and fight for the city and people in that we're definitely going to miss you we
3:05 pm
know you'll be around somewhere and really appreciate the respect and doing the job and working with this board and working on behalf of the constituents of this city that's why all members of the board had to have something to say clearly you've touched a lot of lives we're proud find the work and thank you very much for you're service and we know you'll do incredible things in the future with that, we'll fenlt finally give you an opportunity to say a few words. >> thank you thank you - >> thank you, very much. i'm very, very appreciate and clearly overwhelmed. >> thank you supervisor katie tang for orchestra alcatraz that
3:06 pm
i had the feeling cammy had a part and thank you for your support and your kindness and our stability when we've argued i've probably auditor with all of you and thank you for this chance for me to acknowledge all of you who have become my work family and illicit family over the years i want to say a thank you to john rahaim, of course, your leadership whether i was at planning but especially for having kept up our friendship when i left mohcd you never have committed to say yes to coffee or yes when i nieftsd myself to meeting at planning and thank you for watching my - when i moved from the office to the
3:07 pm
mayor's office of housing and you took a giant leap of faith in me and never wavered to be effected in any role even if he was secretly looking tax exempt bonds or the worst when i googled low income tax credits (laughter) so personally i would like to grow up to be emery rogers and kate hartley you have the crazy ability to have technical power and to clear in persuasive terms all if you understand what is going on and then you also each bring basically stability in every single interaction with colleagues and members of the public so that mites sounds like
3:08 pm
trivial but we all know now more than ever before a that's the model we should cling to those are 4 key people but there are hundreds more exceptional problem solveers within the city government and working with them is a awesome - benjamin and (calling names). >> and the whole management team anothers mohcd there are many more and no longer a work colleague but my favorite city employee a ms. hayward thank you for your our unwavering sense of humor for ever harebrained
3:09 pm
project most because of raising 3 young kids not city and then out of no where my mother-in-law is here there's been a lot of talk of the really, really that the public employees pay i want to acknowledge that i grew up with two awesome employees my dad taught at state like a hundred years and my sister is an epic public that employee and she's here today and to wrap up it's been exist and changing ride and hugely proud of the accomplishment we can take credit for the neighborhood perspective in thinking of density bonus part one and
3:10 pm
looking forward to part two and the fact that none of us have geneva up on expanding the range of households that benefit from the program after tomorrow's budget hearing he expect the next time i'll be advocating for something or maybe cheering you on but until then thank you, thank you, thank you >> (clapping.) >> okay and sophie as left the building. >> (laughter). congratulations again and thank you, again for your service we
3:11 pm
truly appreciate it >> okay with that, colleagues we're going to go to our 3:00 p.m. special order. >> madam clerk can you please call the first one. >> item thirty 237 madam president are the appeal of determination of exemption from vour for the proposed project on fulsome street items 31 through 233 are the motions associated with that community determination and items 34 through 37 are the items that are associated with the public hearings of persons interested in the planning commission certification of a conditional use authorization for a proposed project also on fulsome street okay supervisor campos.
3:12 pm
>> thank you madam president and i know colleagues that all of you were dying to hear another matter involving the project in district 9 but i'm sorry to report that with the respect to this item the parties have requested a continuance of items pending before you to january 9th actually actually january 10th which will be a time when i think that supervisor mar, supervisor avalos, and i whether no longer be on the braid with that, i'll make a motion to continue the boards next meeting in 2017 a supervisor campos supervisor campos has made a motion to continue to january 10, 2017, is there a second seconded by supervisor mar
3:13 pm
and supervisor campos before we vote on this you sure you don't want to continue it to the following meeting. >> they asked for the 10 but oh, that's the - >> i mean, i'm happy to - i guess that's the first meeting of the new board. >> yes. >> yeah. the 17 fine. >> madam president this is january 24th 17 taken. >> oh, mr. gibner. >> the deadline for the board to consider the conditional use appeal is january 10th that's the last regular meeting of the board - >> there you go. >> campos has made a motion to continue to the merging of january 10th at 2015 seconded by supervisor mar and supervisor kim. >> is there anyway to continue to the last board meeting.
3:14 pm
>> commissioner meiberger. >> i'm sure that is okay. the deadline is january 10th. >> you're only constraint our january 10th is the final date but continue to an earlier board merging. >> if we need to continue to january 10th we'll consider it at next meeting but not have an appeal at the first board meeting the year. >> supervisor campos. >> i'm fine. >> supervisor cowen. >> i'm uncomfortable we've talked with the neighbors and the project sponsor and everything is keyed up to get to come into january with that, i think that is unfair to come in and you know make that change. >> i'm sorry can you clarify. >> i'm suggesting that we stick with the origin motion to hear it on january 10th. >> okay and then supervisor kim would like to hear it on
3:15 pm
december 10th. >> she wants to hear it on december 13th. >> supervisor campos your call. >> from any perspective i'm open to one-on-one either one i've not spoken to the parties that's the only issue i'm happy to have that but i don't know if they'll be ready to hear it - it. >> those issues are really serious and i want to make sure that all the parties have had an opportunity to do their due diligence, do the work and everything possible particularly the mission ground zero i think i want to error on the side of having more time than less. >> we can continue on december 13th from the parties have not come to a conclusion this gives us more flexibility the last date is january 10th
3:16 pm
yoifl until the last day to hear the appeal. >> thank you, supervisor kim supervisor campos. >> i want to hear from the director of mr. larkin to see if they have any thoughts mr. ramming. >> have to move over here it is on now thank you, supervisor i appreciate the chance to say the appeal is pretty much the same language fulsome u, if you will, i think 1515 south van ness the results of that appeal that you upheld was to ask us to do additional work on socioeconomic issues for those projects particularly in this part of mission we are doing that work i will say that work is not likely to be done by the end of this calendar year we are
3:17 pm
spending a lot of time and we recognize that you know you can make a different decision in this case, i want you to know we're working on that package of recording to your appeal and that won't be done until december. >> mr. ramming we can as i said continue to the meeting of the january. >> we might not have the same amount of work to show you on the 13. >> okay supervisor campos. >> with that, understanding i'm happy to modify my motion to continue it to the meeting of the december 13th with the understanding that, you know, that is possible but at this point we decide that we don't have all the information needed
3:18 pm
to proceed we in fact, need to continue to the next so with that understanding i'll make a motion to continue to the 13. >> supervisor campos has modified his motion and has been seconded by supervisor mar to continue this item to the merging of the december 13, 2016, colleagues without objection without objection these items will be continued to the meeting of the december 13, 2016. >> madam clerk please call our next 3:00 p.m. special order my understanding the appeal has been withdrawn item 38 through 41. >> are the items associated with the public hearings for persons interested in the public works decision dated october 2016 on the approving tentative map 44 new construction at the california
3:19 pm
street and 770 powell street. >> okay like i said this appeal has been withdrawn is there a motion to table this moved by supervisor cowen seconded by supervisor peskin is there any member of the public that wants to specifically talk about item 38 through 41 please come forward. >> you'll have two minutes. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is joe i'm here to talk about talk this property my family owned in the san jose and i would say next door in 2008, back in 2008, a dispute that related to the eir the previous property owners prior submitted api an eir that eir at the time was wisconsin are years old it is suspicious i know that at
3:20 pm
this point the placing has approved this property and increased in size and scope compared to the property in 2008, and it is now a 44 unit building that is 7 stories tall and it is suspicious that a 44 unit building 7 stories high that is increases in scope not required per the placing not requiring an eir they in fact, approved this permit and there are 4 basis for the eir of denying the eir assuming there shouldn't be would be and the conclusion no possible significant effect and that just can't be so what i ask is this board reject this map send this back to the planning commission and ask them to have the proposed owners of this property conduct an i went
3:21 pm
for the property that is significant i mean - thank you, supervisors. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon your honor i'm the proprietor of that property that was bring to your attention that the other reason the board of supervisors approved that project they were led to believe that the real estate developers rose if london have cut a deal with myself and agreed to accepting sell them the property brought to your attention this is untrhat's all i have to say. >> any other members of the public just to be clear the appeal is withdrawn the board will not be entertaining this particular appeal with that, public comment is closed. and there has a been a motion
3:22 pm
and second to table colleagues without objection, without objection this item has been building table. >> all right the next 3:00 p.m. special order. >> with the motion approved in 2016 the board of supervisors has agreed to queen a committee as a whole for a subject of item 43 a resolution of necessity authorizing the necessity of the real property on galvin avenue by eminent domain for the business of completing and constructing the shops relocation. >> the purpose to hear the testimony on a resolution of the necessity authorizing the acquisition at the real property at 1919 avenue by eminent domain for the public purpose of
3:23 pm
constructing the central relocation would any supervisors like to make a comment. >> supervisor peskin. >> i understand the need for the acquisition of this property and thinks that the motion carries of him leader has been running at the second board meeting owe attended when i was re-elected on december 15th the purchase of this property came brat board and you recall i while i voted for that i raised concerns about the fact this was an acquisition of real property without the benefit of an appraisal of the property and was as you recall based on a number of capriciously sales that were procured by the
3:24 pm
department of real estate but i don't feel comfortable by the way, they were listing of the properties pdrs properties in the southeast corner of the city like i said a listing is not a sale make and compatible sales don't an appraisal make i understand the urgent needs to acquire at this time, the real estate and the city merchants office and the public works knew they were buying a piece of property to a lease that can be extended i'm remarkably disappointed we're you here a year later this has not been resolved the lease was stechld to a value of $200,000 now looks
3:25 pm
like a $1.2 million cost to the puc and i just have to express this is not okay. if this was in the private sector and somebody estimated $200,000 and came in 6 times that much i mean not good enough for government and the private sector i have to express someone needs to say it how disappointed i am that million two should have been a deduction from the purchase price we should have bought that property for 3 housing unit 8 or whatever but be compatible sales that shows a square foot value that maybe higher than the condemnation of the lease but it is no way to run a railroad or a public utility i had to say that
3:26 pm
for the record. >> thank you supervisor peskin for your opening remarks. >> supervisor cowen. >> i find the city in the quagmire often we have a resolution it allows the city to exercise eminent domain for 1975 galvin that ultimately allows the sfpuc to complete and construct central shop projects central shop an intralg integral part of city government function helps us to do our job getting to and from and the frustration for me how sloppy i think that particular project has been handled
3:27 pm
supervisor peskin talked about approval and purpose order and the amount of the property and how it is ballooned do we - not engage because the real estate division didn't conduct an appraisal of the property or not engaged because the price was compatible to other industrial parks properties when, in fact, it wasn't this was a beggar problem and don't know in john updyke is here but really want to encourage the department to tighten it up i think that it is misrepresenting our tings as city officials but also misrepresenting the
3:28 pm
establishment of a world-class city like san francisco we should have honor and integrity in everything that we do when people are paying attention or not paying attention from the largest issues to the commission on the status of women smallest details to ever dollars figure let's not forgot we're talking about taxpayers dollars discussing those options thank you. >> thank you supervisor cowen and just to be clear mr. updyke will be doing a presentation and wanted to make sure that the members of the board have an opportunity for opening remarks supervisor peskin. >> i neglected to say one thing that is, i do want to say for the record that mr. updyke and the reality division were
3:29 pm
cooperative and better to be safe than sorry we did chapter 23 of the administrative code so going forward appraisals of the acquisitions of real property are legal requirements we fixed that and want to acknowledge that mr. updyke and his staff were helpful in writing chapter 23. >> and at this time seeing no other names on the roster, mr. updyke please present the item or the appropriate staff person. >> thank you, supervisor breed john updyke director of real estate i'm joined we bryan of the city attorney's office happy to answer. >> yes. questions one thing i want to say about the appraisal issue in a way this most portfolio for the blue line
3:30 pm
registration validated the acquisitions price may have been more advantageous an ironic twist we reject not having the full information at the time of the item in december of 2015 but unfortunately, the speed at which the transaction needed to move forward to secure the property from the fee landowner forced us to move at a greater pace than we normally would with respect to the property at issue blue line rental on the companies effected they have one and 40 locations throughout the united states blue line was an
3:31 pm
entity and spun off into their corporate by this is a company owned not franchised and employees that worked at the site we're not sure of they're residents not information that is to be disclosed this facilitates us keeping over 80 central shops and employees in the neighborhoods we have two blocks away from the location he think outside the box as positive outcome for this neighborhood and in this area. >> finally this so forth a process bryan can speak to that about the eminent domain process still ahead and how that gets resolved this begins a more formal process following the negotiations, which lasted throughout the spring and summer
3:32 pm
sins the closing of escrows in march of 2016 we were unable to come to an agreement with blue line with the purchase and that is a step we must take to move forward. >> so thaitsz okay just to be clear we are in a committee as a whole on this particular item and at this time seeing no other names on the roster, we will open this up to public testimony specifically on this item anyone wish to comment to make comments on this particular item please come forward seeing none, public comment is closed. all right. colleagues would anyone like to make any final comments. >> this hearing has been held
3:33 pm
and is now closed we'll now reconvene as is board of supervisors for item 43. >> madam clerk on item 43 can you please call the roll. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin no. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed no supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim there are 9 i's and two nos with supervisor peskin and supervisor breed in dissent the resolution is adapted all right. roll call for introduction. >> supervisor mar your first up to introduce new business. >> thank you.
3:34 pm
>> colleagues, i have a couple of items the first is an update and modernized bottle free ordinance that targets plastic pollution and the upper use single use of plastic wart bottles and others containers for water as you recall in 2014 assemblyman david chiu along with a number of us passed an ordinance that limited the use of single use plastic water bottles i working closely in the corporate international and now in the past two years as the city has faced in the populated this new modernizing of that 2014 ordinance also was done with a coalition with corporate and the center for bilingual e
3:35 pm
benign i want to thank david chiu and others for their input where we trying to strengthen the ordinance in the past two years we have increased the city's efforts inform expand the drink places for the free public water we will video one new free tap and drinking fountains by the end of this year thank you to the public works and the rec and park department and the unified school district for their hard working in expanding the free water infrastructure and also this ordinance amendments and makes closing loopholes on the past policies and redistricts the sale and distribution on the school property in single served containers this helps to educate the restriction and share there
3:36 pm
are regular annual reports to the board of supervisors and move forward in the direction of becoming a truly single use bottle free city advancing the vital goals for the city we addressed the issue the size of the water bottle from the past ordinance to make this ordinance cover bottles of different size there were not excluded and how water in single use plastics but packaged in boxes and bags and other means i want to thank the veteran tom owen he's retiring but his amazing work but especially on the 2014 ordinance and this new strengthened policy and thank you to mississippi from the city attorney's office on her guidance. >> thank you to dementia and
3:37 pm
jack and others from the department of the environment from their public works as well i believe this new ordinance will strengthen and expand our ordinance to help the city to move started the vision zero and reducing the plastic pollution and single use water bottles that end up in landfills and in the ocean this shift our city for being more bottle free i will do my best to alert the colleagues on this ordinance and with the brrl and the center for biological this weekend having a magnificent clean up day and rely on the public works for the mobilization this is neighborhood budget and finance during which we energy gist or
3:38 pm
keep our neighborhood clean and shout out to jean for her leadership in really taking did lead on the neighborhood center built up over 6 hundred people that will come out meeting at 8:30 in the neighborhood center to clean the hood and having lunch at one p.m. on saturday if you want more information contact ricky at will r-415 - the the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor tang okay supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk. >> no i'm not introducing more information before leaving office but introducing with co-sponsorship with supervisor peskin a resolution congratulating my colleague for
3:39 pm
nearly 40 san francisco chronicle i did not have anything else and supervisor yee. >> supervisor campos. >> in the chambers. >> supervisor breed. >> okay supervisor campos. >> thank you very much madam clerk i have a couple of items and so is the first item is an item that is actually very personal to someone that is in any office we care deeply about that is jesus a volunteer and visible office manager but more than that 0 someone that is really a glue that has kept the
3:40 pm
office together for so long and as life works sometimes pretty amazing people have bad things that happen to them he had something in the family a traffic passing of his sister so today, i'm going to do an in memoriam for his sister she passed away at her home in san jose on november 20th, 2016, her children a young sister, and brother other relatives and her best friend with there with her as they made her transition and her farther siren placed softly in the background she would have
3:41 pm
been 85 years old in 2017 she was married for more than 50 years and had 5 children. (calling names) as long as jerry she greatly loved they are children and very proud of them as they say nowadays they never gave her any trouble she was the oldest of 7 children with two older brothers that died as - an older half brother and several grandchildren and others that called her a dearly name she was always oh, you something
3:42 pm
to eat and often placed others before herself she have a funny side to her as one of her granddaughters said who else would pass by a cemetery and a nice place to have a picnic so today with sadness we offer our condolence to the family and do on in memoriam of her on behalf of her loving families that will always love her. >> the second item colleagues is a very personal item to me and it's hard to sort of talk about that budget supplemental in a personal way picture it is a very personal thing for me as
3:43 pm
you may have heard we've been working with public defender's office jeff adachi and his incredible staff on a supplemental appropriation i'm officially introducing today, i want to thank my incredible staff, carlene (calling names) who has been working on this with me and thank you jeff adachi and his incredible staff (calling names) and the incredible group of lawyers and advocates that have been part of this but for me that is personal that was a 1985 on a cold night in january that as a 14-year-old kid i was crossing the bards
3:44 pm
with any mom and two little sisters and said this story before but that is eary and scary to think about how my family and i came to this country in 1985 escaping graham to find ourselves electing donald trump as president. >> and one of the proud itself when i shared a moment not too many days ago in the rotunda of this building proud to stand with mayor ed lee and my colleagues as supervisors sending a clear message and a
3:45 pm
deliberate message now withstanding when the president elect principled in terms of the deportation and taking away the money if sanctuary cities like san francisco time to send a clear message we will remain a sanctuary that notwithstanding the threat of taking away our federal funding i'm proud of that moment and i give credit to mayor ed lee he didn't have to do that i talked about how when i became a supervisor in 2008, i started my tenure as a member of the board of supervisors fighting efforts by then mayor gavin newsom to weaken sanctuary by taking away the right of due diligence of undocumented
3:46 pm
children and self-defense great that in contrast that then mayor numbing was trying to do to have - what we're proposing is an extension of the action that board and the mayor took when we stood inside underneath the rotunda of city hall when we said we're a sanctuary what this action does it allows us to actually take the first concrete step to making sure when we say we're a sanctuary we mean that is it is one thing to say but taking steps to make that happen this is a proposal that will create universal recommendation for immigrants in the city and county of san francisco and let me be clear
3:47 pm
when we talked about undocumented people into our 40, 44 thousand illuminated e undocumented undocumented not just latinos we're talking about yet 40 percent of the undocumented are of latino descents but people of other ethnicities more than 40 percent are asian the largest number by the way, 11 thousands of that 44 thousand are people from mexico but the second largest number ten thousands are people that come from china so when we talk about undocumented immigration an issue that transcends ethic identify and why is this so critical to being a sanctuary if
3:48 pm
you do not provide legal recommendation to the 44 thousand people including a couple of thousand already in the proceedings what you are basically doing is making sanctuary as a concept meaningless unless we take the step of getting ready for the duo portion - before trump becomes president bet we act it will be two late people will be deported donald trump said that 3 million poem with criminal backgrounds will be deported this insures that the thousand of people in detention proceeding get the legal recommendation they need to make sure that their rights are
3:49 pm
electricity this proposal includes a role for the public defender's office and for community-based organizations and the $5 million that are asked for on a calendar year half of that goes to the public defender's office and someone asked why the public defender's office we're asking about criminal procedures that requires lawyers expertise and the model we're following is not a new model a model that has worked in the city of new york following that model from new york we have saying let's ask the public defender's office who are experts in criminal procedures to actually represent the people that are in detention and for the remainder where you have people hearsay of people that are in immigration preceding ask the other experts
3:50 pm
the lawyers that are working with goes to actually do that work and let's allow the public defender's office to hire 10 new lawyers and allow the goes to hire additional lawyers so they can do their work why is that important now? i mean, the numbers are there thousand of people with detention and hundreds of people in preceding but actually personal and not just undocumented people that will benefit from this the hardest moment for me after trump was elected hearing from any sister who talked about any nephew who is american born but said mom are we mexican because we're guatemala
3:51 pm
>> she said why. >> he said trump said their duo that concludes my report. mexicans is thyou guatemala. >> my in view of wants to know will we be deported getting ready now before the presidency begins we are sending a message to little can i see like my nephew regardless of your immigration status you have certain right this come by virtue of the united states constitution and that those rights are going to be protected and electricity
3:52 pm
anywhere in san francisco this is critical and important people say why not wait who know what they'll do we already know what they'll know they said what i'll do they're going to begin the process of deporting millions of people we need to act now before the presidency of this individual begins so the had 4 thousand people that go to work with the morning knowing at a minimum they'll have a lawyer that will protect their voting rights so the thousand of kids that may not be undocumented themselves but perhaps the son or daughter of someone that is undocumented knows that when their parents take the tool they'll be back to pick up them they'll have a lawyer to make
3:53 pm
sure their voting rights mean something i will end with that we've had many fights and differences but one of of the there's a silver lining to donald trump becoming president is that it actually provides some perspective not to minimize the differences we have and god knows i have my differences with the mayor and differences with the members of the board of supervisors on many important issues but on this we have to continue the unity we began and you have my commitment that we want to work together with this mayor we want to work together with that board i've spoken to supervisor president london breed i know is committed to making sure that is done in a way that is a unifying
3:54 pm
effort you have my commitment you have the commitment of this community that is here and with that, i want to ask if i want people to know this is so for the folks from the community who are in the chamber to support this effort if you'reably to please stand the rest the country the rest of the world is watching and let san francisco as we did a few days back continue to be the leading voice that says people matter our values matter. >> and no punt intended we are not going to have any one trump the values that make us who we
3:55 pm
are thank you, supervisor kim thank you supervisor mar thank you supervisor avalos for your co-sponsorship let's get behind the effort thank you very much the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor campos. >> supervisor cowen. >> how do i follow that. >> thank you supervisor campos for that sobering reality and heartfelt reminder that to why we serve and more importantly whom we serve i submit thank you. >> i submit ma'am. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor farrell's. >> thank you, supervisors i have an millennium wanted to adjourn a district 2 with the
3:56 pm
cal hallow we working closely with she died on november 14, 2016, and was on this 61 years old amanda burn in 1955 in you can't make she spent her - her passion for travel never wavered and continued to forge the languages and endowed friends and families with her stories and a friend to all her legacy will live on in the charities she was dedicated and families who have the current it she's survived by john her husband and son spencer and daughters while there is others and numerous
3:57 pm
cousins and noise and in view of these. >> supervisor kim. >> the rest i submit. >> supervisor peskin you ask do to be referred. >> thank you, madam clerk colleagues so as you know we've now held 3 hearings wards to the situation at the millennium tower and gathered from 3 thousand pages of information from the abrupt and the millennium partners and others sources i 20789 thank my fellow committee members commissioner borden and supervisor yee so for sitting through the hours of preview hearings he indicated at the last governments audit committee merging that we very much want to hear from a uc berkley professor an individual named jack daily that was part of the pier review panel for
3:58 pm
mission street as the millennium tower and a previous somewhat similar project as a relates to the foundation design at the nearby autonomy sites that project was ultimately denied and based on the records we believe that the information related to this matter m is under investigation with the board and helpful to hear from the board i reached out to him he was unwillingly to provide records in his position and indicated he will not be willing to attend the hearing unless compelled to do so so colleagues i'm submitting a motion to appeal mr. daily to attend and produce records on or before
3:59 pm
january 12, 2017 we will - back to the for a vote i very much appreciate our support the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you. i would like to offer a in memoriam colleagues supervisor president london breed lost a very important figure is it possible to close the board meeting out in ms. brown memory at the cared for supervisor breed and if we can do that without objection i'll greatly appreciate it. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor campos. >> i want to make sure that is
4:00 pm
on behalf of the entire board. >> we'll take that without objection, without objection with we'll adjourn the entire board meeting on behalf of the ms. cam medical brown. >> may wadam president with that, madam clerk please read public comment. of the board pursuant to the board's rules. direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. the public is welcome to address the commission on items not on tonight's agenda and if you need to put up a document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and take it down when you are finished.


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