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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  December 16, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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>>thank you for our service and we look forward to seeing you around here helping us out now that you are retired.that we are adjourned. >>[gavel] .
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you very much i'm on and on the and have the distinct honor of being the executive director and ceo of the california historical society a true, true guarantor us chance
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to welcome you to the magnificent looker-on honor to be here i'm thankful to you for joining us during the week that giving thanks i'm grateful for mayor ed lee and senator mark leno and assembly member tilly chang to my team and volunteers our board of trustees particularly mike ourth president that the president of another company joined by tony gonzales and board president from la thank you and truly an honor to welcome the members of the press and the cultivate and business communities in 1865 alfred the specifying architect of the treasurer took
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a trip to san francisco ideas for a second u.s. mint the state of california was 15 years old acquired in sight for the federal government in 1868 fifth and mission was an unlikely site two wars okay a lot of bars (laughter) a few schools and some hotels chosen for the sandy soils it can bear the weight of the magnificent foundation and construction was in 1869 and finished in 1874 of $4 million in 1974 and around this time really important events changed not only the course of the building but the course of history san francisco had quarters in 1865 and across i bay the big bonanza silver streets near carson city
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nevada and the great chicago fire yielded the fire proof technology and it is powerful to think of the hands that made it large pail freckles and many shades of brown that was truly a work of a lot of work and effort the mint was immediate scuffing in 1819 more than one million gold pieces valued at the $25 million were coincide since the new mint if you know where that is opened in 1937 this building searched for a future that will fill the volumes and restore it be the anchor true my pleasure to mark a new dawn for the united states
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mint and creating a center for learning and acquires for conversation for history for cultivate here in the heart of downtown san francisco and on behalf of all of us the california historical society is grateful to partner with the city and county of san francisco i applaud the leadership felt marries the office of economic workforce development and other leaders for recognizing the deep significance of this project and here we're dedicated to ban together to advance to the next expiration it is truly an honor to give thanks for the state of california to senator mark leno and the assembly member and the last one for providing a one-million dollar grant to the historical society yeah. >> (clapping.) >> that will advance our efforts
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here and provide critical funding for the planning and the due diligence that we will now undertake from capital campaign financing to understanding the buildings needs and renovations to problematic design to assure the rejection of this treasurer will be a latin moment to the city it is with great pleasure i introduce our mayor, mayor ed lee throughout his tenure he's a champion of the city's infrastructure and throughout his dedicated career and public services worked in the lives of all to improve our parks and open space our libraries and public transit and cultivate art capacities he's made record investment in san francisco public schools and health and you human services that continue to make san francisco one of the
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greatest city's in the nation and probably one of the greatest cities in the world his devotion with the historical society and his support and encouragement have help to write the next chartered for that building i'm honored to introduce mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> ann they thank you, thank you very much this is the week of thanks for everybody i want to begin by saying thank you to somebody that has meshed me and supported me from day one that is, of course, the person that helped us buy the building for $1 dianne feinstein thank you to her and thank you, very much. to not only good friends but great leaders if san francisco
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that's, of course, senator mark leno and assembly member it's on the tip of my tongue both of whom got the message when we say we needed help and every time we come in here i followed up with that place you mailer at how many years ago that was put together she is still a rugged granite lady it represents the history of the city and state and to put it together senator and recognize how valuable this is and say look we've had fits and starts but we still need this mint to be fully representative so people that come here can enjoy all of that with our state library grant and work with a wonderful director and an incredible board of the historic society the california
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historic society special thanks to every single one of the members you'll be a great partner i look forward to working with you closely because this i think is going to be that synergy that links the history of not only our city but the entire state of california that vflthd in our city for so many years and to link that and to make sure that history is known so that we can use it as a foundation to move forward as a city and a state this is going to be a collection of so many stories, so many artifacts, so many people who have lead the city and state in the past and have that recognized in that wonderful place and modernized and i can't forgot to say thank you to jordan for activating that place so beautifully during this
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temporary time and to continue doing that while we have this wonderful planning this grant to be used but also creating and identifying all the new partnerships moderating we can never do those kinds of great things by ourselves even as a city we call upon the citizenry those who love the past and link to the future we call upon our philanthropists and our business community to come and join the city and make that place a place for everyone to be very proud of so i'm excited to work with the historical society and excited their partnership with the city and all the agencies will come together but today, i'm very thankful for those two gentlemen to my left saw the vision and felt it we get to act on it congratulations to everybody we look forward to a reenthused
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sense of purpose but a resurrection of the history brought to life in a modern way for everybody to participate in thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> good morning. i'm mike ann they mentioned i'm the president of the historical society and the president and psychoof ecology in that part of my life thriving to be involved with a recycling project for this building (laughter) that will bring to a fresh start it is my honor today to introduce you to our california state senator for another week mark leno been in sacramento fighting for better schools assess is a higher education and safer streets and quality for
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all californians we're grateful to senator mark leno for his effort in helping us to as a great advocate for this project to help us achieve and secure the funds to allow the california historical sovereignty to continue collaboration with the city of san francisco and the library and others partners to fully explore the design and rejection of this building senator mark leno thank you for your presence today. >> (clapping.) >> welcome everybody to this historic reasonable building which we all here have agreed is our responsibility to preserve, and to protect and finally to restore to its original grandeur so the generations can recognize and enjoy the treasurer it is and wouldn't have been possible leadership of the mayor and his office and, of course, ann they
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and her staff of the historical society keeping in mind the only thing older is the california historical society 3 years older. >> (clapping.) >> but when we were approached assemblyman it's on the tip of my tongue and i let me say it is a good thing when the folks are from san francisco that is our challenge because there are one and 20 legislators and through the budget progression will be one and 20 ideas as to how we can best spend the very few consideration dollars or maybe jvtsdz to fit a particular purpose our cage is so much of the best and the greatest in the state happens to be in our district whether we're talking about social service or health
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programs or important historic projects like this and our job was to communicate to our colleagues that, yes this is treasure is in san francisco but the million dollars we're requesting introduce the budget process for the state of california for the california historical society so 24 has benefit to the entire state the good news we were successful in convincing our colleagues of that but indeed feed anyone we've got a lot more work to do but because of work the mayor and his office has put in place through the partnership with the california historical society that make sense we pursued that million dollars to now invest it and leverage it and lay out a plan for other implementations of that plan he learned a long time when ann they and her chair
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comes to my office just give up (laughter) acknowledge that if you don't say yes now they'll be back again and again but i'm so glad they've been that way and take - it will take and continue to take that kind of spirit and determination and certainty this must get done we're all in that together it to the best of my knowledge the village is here and we have to continue to spread the word and i'm committed and dedicated myself to make sure that our vision and the vision of the historical society along with the city and county of san francisco finally comes to reality. >> (clapping.) >> it did take more than one visit to get this going and with
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us assembly member phil first elected to the states legislator in 2012 and before that san francisco's assessor-recorder to be the assembly budget committee member and phil worked the city and state and historical society to secure the funds we're talking about today to secure this next phase a critical champion of helping us to preserve the history and educate future generations phil thank you for being here today. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, thank you mike thank you, ann they as long as mr. mayor and senator mark leno has been a wonderful team effort we need a reminder how important our history is we need to know
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looked past what happened last week by the way, we often know that those who don't learn from our history are doomed to repeat it i can think of no prouder symbol than the historic society and the building to insure we as kablgz acknowledge your history understand our history and again proud of our history if you look at what the voters said in the country versus what the voters said in california the voters in california seem pretty happy we've been able to balance you are budgets and be able to grow our economy and at the same time, we have really enforced a strong equivalent eco system throughout san francisco but literally throughout the state and volunteers really doubled down on the efforts efforts in sacramento not only sent most of
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us back more democrats back but really saying they're proud of the leadership of what is really going on in sacramento i think as we go into uncharged waters and urban charntd teller territory a time we as californians should stay the course and do more of what we do more in san francisco more of what we're doing i recall the efforts about 20 years ago when willie brown, jr. as renovating city hall and how much criticism he got why is this so most money into a government building why really make sure that that building was renovated people called that a waste of money and really didn't see very much value what is interesting today you watch you know when i used to work another city hall i had to fight the tour buses to get if
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so many people not only in san francisco that are proud of that building and the structure what that stands for as a beacon for the city but people from around the world come and now as long as going to the golden gate bridge and walking through the financial district, walking interest our ferry building and the piers and chinatown people come to city hall not only as a symbol of san francisco is but was it embodies i hope we can be here very, very soon at some point to do a ribbon cutting and talk about how this building really personifies the incredible history the incredible value so again, i'm so proud to play a small roll in securing the one million dollars grant i was joking with the mayor that would be a matching grant right mark and make sure
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the monies get real leveraged well but excited about seeing all the work that has been done and thank you, mark and ann they for all the hard work. >> km. >> thank you, gentlemen so very much as my dear friends and the preservation community knows p stand for patience and perseverance i'm grateful to you being here and from the time of the folks this place we call san francisco has inbatsdz pioneers and artists and others your rich history has many lessons and importantly the lesson of hope for one of the most eloquent voices rebecca writes i write happen hoping is about the history and lies in the
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recognition of our past we can tell the pa thought that was nothing but dekit and recruits and injustices or a past what lovely gotten angel now lost or we can tell a more complicated and accurate story one that has room for the best and worst for atrocities and liberations and grief and jubilation to the complexity of our past and the whole cast of parent and a memory that included the power and produces that forward directed power we call hope so i invite you to share go amongst yourselves to enjoy coffee and conversation to take a tour of this afterward and our educators in the grand halfway to share about s sf or easily
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walk two blocks to the ferry building east right here on mission to see the current selections that we've laid out from your research library i'd like to ask all of my dignitaries on the stage this is an edward mia bridge some of you know the work famous for the motions studies as well as landscapers one he was asked to festivity of the construction of u.s. mint so this is a side reproduction from one of mia bridges photos we love it is active the cones not erected yet so we would like to have all of us sign self-as a way to remedy this day and celebrate the next phase of mint thank you very much and we'll sign and you guys
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can sign but please enjoy the other side of the building. >> thank you,
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>> good evening and welcome to the tuesday, december 7, 2016, meeting meeting of san francisco board of appeals presiding officer commissioner president honda and commissioner wilson commissioner fung will be absent this evening to my left is brad the deputy city attorney and will provide advise gary and my name is cynthia goldstein the board's executive director. we're joined by scott sanchez at the table had


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