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tv   Building Inspection Commission 122116  SFGTV  December 22, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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and pull a figure there were like thousands of people that applied and i'm not kidding. it took like +8 hours guitar electronic lottery for four and 5000 people take about half a half hour. we put on a big dog and pony show. the public lottery so that the people can understand what we are doing and how we're doing it the whole experience takes about an hour with lottery results within a week posted and it's a big improvement for everybody especially the folks trying to serve. they get to know-they get to know if you win the lottery you get to where you landed and it takes the pain out of sitting there and waiting. it also helps us with accuracy. you can't-if electronic system has reticular number in their you are in that lottery. there's no-it leaves less room for human error of people not being in the lottery.
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as they should be. we have a accomplished this year documenting actually some of the beleaguered preferences ocii properties have. we've published a housing preference guideline that shows how the different housing preferences that we monitor and that we facilitate through the lottery system interacts with each other. i have copies of the preference manual if you like to see it. it lets people know prior to putting us putting it in this book, there were no written instructions for kind of documentation you need to have to get the correct rent burden preference, let sit. or
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even elaborating on what the rent burden preference is world what the assisted housing preference is. like the--it's not a section of voucher program. if you're in public assisted housing. that little nuance is kind of difficult for people they think are good at section 8 dr. i should get this preference but so we were able to write it out and help people understand what those preferences are and how the interplay, how they take priority over other say ocd housing preferences when it comes to an ocii property. so that was a pre-big accomplishment there. we worked really hard with our cop holders and is pam stated, we review every denial and make
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sure that the denial is-that the income has been calculated accurately. that the developer is following the selection criteria. that we painstakingly approved prior to the lease up period. we often find we often assist cop holders and others appeal when they been denied. you know mike you get denied, if they come back at you and say sorry, you are denied it's a discouragement factor can often take over. so then you say [inaudible] [inaudible] video summary of that says give you a call and says you are denied recognition appeal because
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maybe they should look at these extenuating circumstances it really helps and people to appeal. so for pacific point we had three appeals. they were denied for being under income and book barber-i do not introduce brooke. where is she quick this is broke barber she's the coordinator for the cop program. brooke worked very hard and found resources for those three households that were denied being under income from the san francisco aids housing alliance rental assistance program which is facilitated through the better qu├ębec foundation she provided subsidies they provided subsidies so that the households only pay a third of their income and could still afford to move into pacific point. that is a really big deal because otherwise those households would been denied
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and they probably would have been denied for most housing except for housing were only pay a third of your income. so we're pretty proud of the work brooke has done with the san francisco housing alliance. we have a housing resource management a copy of that come into it he would like to see that. we update-we keep updated so that people when they are denied and there isn't anything we can do at least have resources to be able to work on the issues mother barriers, that they've had for housing for perhaps find other housing resources that they might assist them in their housing needs. one of the exciting things that we are working on right now with easy fan housing development corporation. the san francisco housing development corporation received a grant from the community benefits program from the implementation committee of district 10 and to provide a
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rental assistance program and it's not your average rental assistance program. it's directly targeted to cop holders and district 10 residence but it is-it provides security deposits, back rent if you owe back rent they will let you move and to repay your own whammo. so back rent and other housing related money. in trade it's not a grant. you have to attend their rental readiness and financial empowerment budgeting credit repair workshop in order to pay that money back. so that it's like -it's not just here is your back rent payment but it is people coming in to get that education and get that financial empowerment is a trade for that assistance. they
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start-there many cop holders that are in enrolled in the program right now and we are working with [inaudible] to do a list of cop holders which is a good segue to tell you about our list of cop holders. but we currently mail out every time there is a new unit that comes online or new development that comes online we currently mail out-we've contact information work 871 cop holders. last year in 15-16 112 of those 871 were actively looking for housing. of the 871 251 have
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already used their certificate but people can use them twice. once for rental and once for ownership. so there are 640 people we are mailing out to every time there's a development come a new development, that of not use their certificate. of those 640 112 are really looking for housing. i'm a tell you what we did this year. this year we added 111 new certificate holders to make up that 871. of the new certificate holders 157 people applied for housing.
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that means that some certificate holders are playing more than once which is great. they should be because they have choices. so this year it was a big choice year. it was dr. davis and pacific point. there's willie b kennedy was very attractive to our cop holders. we were able to house 44 people this year. last year, 23. the year before that, 17 get i think it is a big deal among 44 new people getting house. 10 folks returned to san francisco from outside communities. richmond, oakland, san mateo >>[inaudible] [off mic] there you go. okay. we were able to accomplish this in
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part because pam is so great but the other part you might remember this commissioner bustos you might remember this. in 2010 the commission at that time solicited a people's search company that looked up date of birth and social security numbers and heads of household that were on our-double displaced tenants list and that research was delivered in just about the time that dissolution of the redevelopment agency happen in 2012 and so we follow through with that and sent out-they discovered 1001 households
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1000 or 64 households they felt were eligible for a certificate of preference program. we sent out mailings to all those people and-my eyes are not getting any younger. we got a lot of undelivered mail undeliverable mail. but we also were able to reach 104 people. we added 104 people to that list because of that mailing. the majority did not respond you we did get mail returned undeliverable but there were
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104 that were actually responded and either they knew they were certificate of preference holders and they just didn't think they were going to use it but they did decide to reissue the certificate or they had no idea that they were certificate eligible and because they were children when their household was displaced to a lot of those people have housing already but they were very happy to know this was an option for them perhaps as they grew older or in the future so get quite a few people who expressed interest and send back a form saying they've expressed interest but then have not follow through with the rest of the paperwork but we will keep following through with them to get the paperwork turned in. so that is one thing that we did this you. the other thing is
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that we-i tell you, this is been quite a blessing working with bayview senior services. bayview senior services this cop program is one of their main goals is to seek out eligible seniors that could apply for a certificate in them might not realize that they qualified. kathy davis, one of her goals was to get as many cop holders as possible into dr. davis senior housing. through their grassroots outreach they had over 200 people community members apply for certificate of preference.
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and we processed each and every one of those 215 people and actually able to identify 35 people, new people from those 200 that we were able to add to the certificate of preference program. really quick story but a good story. we had a cop holder that applied to dr. davis. she was homeless living in her car. with her two grown daughters and they were living in the car. we applied to dr. davis and a do not qualify. they do not offer because the girl and daughters were not 62 years old. each and every household member has to be 62 to get into dr. davis. but
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since they came back into the fold, because the bayview senior center grassroots in irish came into the folder found out about pacific point and pacific point has three bedroom units. so now here are three ladies living in a car and now here's three ladies living at pacific point in their own home that were previously displaced and eligible for a cop certificate that's . that is pretty powerful. we are forever grateful to bayview senior services for the type of outreach they're doing. another one. we had a mother who applied for-certificate or province over who is a mother who applied for dr. davis.. during the application process
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her daughter needed brain surgery she did not want to move. she was like, no, i'm focusing on my daughter. i've got to get this daughter through the daughter was also a certificate of preference holder. so they let it go. they let the opportunity go. but then came along willie b kennedy so the mother the daughter is to the prospect she was able to apply for willie b kennedy got into willie b kennedy and rep working with the daughter was able to get her into a pmr city b mark inclusionary unit. they each now have their own spot. the daughter is healthy and it permanently affordable housing where they were in a tough spot before. so again they view senior services, we will-we value their relationship and will continue to work with them
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in the future. dr. davis senior residents. if you have not been there you should go. it is beautiful. it's really beautiful. 121 two-bedroom units for seniors. 23 of those units were set aside for homeless households. the folks there pay 30% of their income in rent. there were 4139 applicants for 97 units. 74 certificate of preference holders applied. >>[laughing] 74 applied. this was a partnership with the san francisco housing authority and
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the housing authority did the first level of screening with housing authority rules and guidelines of the applicants. of the-of the 74 applied and i'm going to spend more of the 74 that applied to me six cop holders past the housing authority screening. they have federal guidelines for criminal background they must follow. they have a whole set of rules that are different than our own. of those 36 past the housing authority screening, 26 were certificate of preference holders. we worked really hard with the housing authority to
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identify other potential cop holders that they might have missed from their list. they took for dr. davis you had to been on housing authority waitlist in order to qualify for dr. davis. so what we did is we did a search of the housing authority waitlist and when i say we, i mean barack barack. and found we did a search by social security number and so we were trying to identify another 16 more cop folks than the housing authority had originally identified a natural made up the 74. what happened to all those 40 people that did not get housing. well-i'm
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sorry-there were 30 that either it was either'sweretheywishto.thatsound slikealotofpeople .15ofthosepeoplewereno-shows. multiplepeople >>whenthehousingauthoritymostof
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them were personal stories. they didn't want to provide the documentation or more. not that they didn't want to but they were not in a capacity to. seven of those 30 actually withdrew. they want to live someplace else. they want to save their certificate in em should they do not want to live that dr. davis. eight folks we just could not get in contact with. there was just no response. either the mail was returned, no phone number. there was no reaching him. others were underage. remember it was 62 or above. if you are not succeed you then you do not qualify. only two households were over income for dr. davis.
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pacific points. pacific point were 355-that's one, two, three family bedroom units up to 50% ami. the rent in those units $964 would be the smaller one-bedroom of two 1178 for the three bedroom units. there were-i'm sorry 2650 applicants for 59 units. 26 certificate of preference holders applied and 12 warehouse. what happened to those 14 people? let's see. five of them were over income.
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we had no response or they withdrew from eight of those folks. for withdrew and four we just could not reach. then we have a credit issue from another household. i want to show you where the people came from.. that's kind of hard to read but in your packet you will see the districts the folks came from that applied for both of those projects both for dr. davis and pacific point. you see most of the folks came from rate around the area. and wanted to stay in their area. who were they? wilson's
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dr. davis was senior housing you see on the there were a lot of seniors house. but even a pacific point it was a good number of people between the ages of 41-60. this is just head of household. not family members. the next slide shows s&s. i want to show you-tell you also i'm sorry i confused you so much the different presentations. the original one that you have has blocked 51 decade in this see you can compare ds in the city in these units and so
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forgive me for not having that up on the screen right now. but you can see from 280 beale from these rental units 280 beale dr. davis and pacific point the number of african-americans housed is more than any give him and i've seen in my time. the same with pacific points. i strongly believe that is due in part to the number of certificate of preference holders that are there but also to the grassroots outreach it was done in those areas to make sure that people that actually live in those areas have a shot at the opportunity to live there. 280 beale was in that
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previous slide and i want to take the opportunity to talk olympic more about 280 beale. we did report on back-i don't even know. wasn't completed quite yet. he finished it in september. it was all leased up in september and were 12 cop holders that applied and six were housed. three of them were denied for being under income and we do not have a subsidy account to help them. and three either did not come show up for an appointment or did not follow through with the required documentation. then hunters point shipyard which we already reported on as well but
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we want to, as it closed those to this reporting period those were for sale units. nine were-they were inclusionary so there were nine below market rate units, total of 88 units in the whole development and they were priced at 80% ami. 45 applicants for the nine bmr units and one civic of preference folder applied. none were housed. one person that applied was over income. we been in contact with her many times since then she's waiting for the shipyard. so she is waiting for the unit that has a higher income which there will be that she can apply for in the shipyard. we have got some
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fun things in progress right now. we are working on closing out two developments that we will report to you in the coming year. one is 72 townsend which is seven inclusionary bmr units in a developer with a total of 74 units. we had 269 applications for the seven bmr units which is a lot for home ownership. six of those units have had folks identified and one is in escrow. were no certificate of preference holders that applied for 72 townsend. then the shipyard hunters point shipyard blocked 53 and 54 there were 16 bmr units. a total of 159. we had
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80 applications for the 16 units. six of those have closed escrow and six are in as good that some construction delays which they were resolved in their up and going again. sue subject certificate of preference holders applied. none either one of them went into contract. one withdrew because the higher person got the unit that they wanted and they only wanted that units. so they didn't want to go forward with another unit. then the other could not get loan approval. i difficult time getting loan approval the data section 8 voucher and so again once they're in the fold, once they start becoming one of those 112 are actively looking we work
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with them. so we helped this household user section 8 voucher at inclusionary city ocd inclusionary bmr rental india she did get house just not at the shipyard. we've got other projects in progress. rental projects. there's alice griffith. 68 tax credit units. we had 2008 or 39 applications for the 68 units. and 25 cop holders applied. we will know more about the fate of those 25 certificate of preference holders in the coming months. the just beginning their least off and so we don't we think
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they're kind of active we don't want to report on it now and we get a solid information. then hunters view block seven and 11 over 27-i'm sorry 26 units. their 1947 applications for those 26 units and six cop holders applied and again same situation will have more definitive information about what happened to those six holders as we get closer. we will report back to next year. were this coming year. next year is in a week, right. what is next? so much. we will continue with the value of work. we really are happy to have you guys come in and pull out your cell phones and look at the application once we get we get a unit. once were officially launched with the program. with a database. so we
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are definitely continuing that work. and we are really really close. i can't reiterate that the developer team that's developing it wants me not to tell how close it is because they're trying to watch it softly. unlike kaman we've got to go. ocii staff is working on a survey of cop holders and that is underway. they're working with to identify a vendor to help with that process so that is a pretty exciting process that i'm sure you be hearing much much more about. as jeff mentioned, the ellis act housing preference is no longer. it's now called the displaced tenant housing preference in april of this year the city expanded the ellis
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act housing preference to include people who have been evicted because of the owner move in. what we saw was that owner move ends were what they're using even more than the ellis act because the fees are kind of high on the ellis act. you just say your niece is moving in then-i'm sorry i spoke too much. so that now includes we will come to you with more information about that. secure input on back. the fair chance of ordinances something that's been around for several years and i don't-we want to come and talk with you about that in the future as well. it's the cities -expand the box on the application. don't ask about my
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criminal background until you are really looking at me as a tenant and then you can pull it it only go back seven years. don't go back until i was 18 years old and now i'm 70. then finally as jeff mentioned the neighborhood resident housing preference program which is something we shall be adopted by the city. we are looking at that. it is being applied to inclusionary units where it preference there's a set-aside amount of units in a new building, new development that go to people that live in the district and a half mile radius of the new project. so they have a housing preference
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or apply for that developments. these are things we will talk more about in the future. but we will be continuing our work to make sure that we get more cop holders in the mix and in the fold and we take care of them so they can actually access the housing that they deserve and need. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> good job. >> yes. thank you. lots of information. we will have questions but after i think we have one speaker card >> >>[calling public comment cards] >> i started james again,
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again certificate holder. as a matter fact we have four letters at my house requesting certificate holders to up like an none of my kids have applied yet. so i hope they apply and get out of my house. >>[laughing] it's a real good job this program has done in getting certificate holders the information. this value of the flower thing they're talking out i think that's a great idea even though i'm not computer savvy but i think that should be put on the certificate of preference when they send that information out so people who do-people who would like to apply for housing that's not in the city and county of san francisco can get that information. one of the other things-i know you guys are coming up to the bayview-hunters point for a commission meeting, one of the concerns of a lot of people who lived in their lived in west point for example applied for
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housing but they don't have san francisco address because they moved out of their current homes but to, for example work for a the bus company that-like apple and would have you the ones that >> google. >> google. they apply for jobs but they were denied and they came to a meeting at the cac meeting and voiced their complaints. they're going to be coming to the meeting when you guys to come out into the community there's a lot of people who were raised in san francisco who lived in the project areas both in the western addition, hunters point and other adjacent communities in san francisco apply for different things but are being denied because they're not certificate of preference holders. but they been in these communities all their lives. some born and raised in these
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communities and their being told they can't get on the list and get a priority in that area. i'm glad the last statement she made about people who are within a certain mile range can apply and get some kind of a acknowledgment and be accepted on these applications. i think that's a very good thing because a lot of people who i hear from applied and get rejected because-then they ask why. my mother is still spinning optic-based dad is still standing up there and they are not there because they are grown and on their own and a couple of them apply for homeless housing. one i know received housing from that particular program. so i don't know what have to do that and they been here all their lives. what we did when we first started joining a lot of people when we fought and got specific
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purpose and came out of hunters point and was extended to western addition lot of people were living in the project area then and we were concerned about them because the wartime housing with the ones who got certificates. the people living in the, say, in other parts of western point and what have you even though they been there as long as we been there they did not receive a certificate good so it's always created a problem. so i'm glad that this particular program and brooke is doing a tremendous job. i called her several times on people who live in sacramento and she helped him out and a lot of them are in the dr. davis housing. so i give ditto to this particular organization. i can't think of what their name is. housing development but they're doing a terrific job not to the public to know it could really happy with their work. >> thank you. okay, questions?
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>> i just have a comments. there's a saying that at the end of like people remember not what you said but how you made them feel. i think the work you are doing exemplifies that. you're giving people a home again in their home and it needs a whole lot that you guys have been working so hard that i know we have been pushing and pushing and pushing and you guys probably especially neat and dark, as we've been here long going back to read about a days about this whole issue of certificates of preference. it's about doing the right thing and i hope we can do the appeal process because people are pushed out not based on their credit scores or they were pushed out not based on their income. so we
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need to invite them back, not based on a credit scores or their income only to welcome them back based on what is right. so i just want to thank you all and i know pam, you've heard this so long just really appreciate the work that you have been put into in the heart and soul that's what makes this different.. that's where the city of st. francis such a special place is because we we the we work hard to make people feel at home here. so i just want to applaud you guys for you done and now we can probably be more creative and key plo is an awesome radio station that i listen to a lot they do a lot of community service announcements. i know there's also some of the new stations have public segments that they do that maybe we can contact them and say, hey, this way to reach out. i think there's probably creative and
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inexpensive ways of getting the word out but really thank you so much for all your hard work. it's really appreciated. >> thank you. commissioner singh >> i also want to thank all the staff. they have been very hard-working and especially over there to see your executive director who did a marvelous job. not last year but all the years i am here and my friend, jim morale us thank you very much. and once a happy holidays to everybody. >> yes. i want to echo the comments of my fellow commissioners. i know the other two commissioners if they were here they would voice the same thank you. this is been for me as a commissioner kind of a
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long road. mina first understanding the issue and then trying to understand why wasn't it easier for folks who are in first place to get in. i am certainly appreciating all the challenges but i do think the hour which the corridor nation of services without reach information and i think it's something that was said. i think was it you, maria, it's a given people that second chance at, yes, this is not like a process and disappointment. you may think you don't qualify. your blow it off you're not the child of somebody comes in and says wait a sec. let's work it this would die me that's giving hope to people. hope leads to incentive incentive leads to action and hopefully a positive result. i want to commend everyone on this reported a very gratified. overly the mayor gets some of these reports as well. because it would be nice to know as you
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said tiffany earlier on that everyone talks about our migration of the african-american population but there's not enough conversation about what exactly happening to her burst that trend. so those are my comments that i had a couple of questions because i was hearing information all these questions come up. i promise not to be too long. one of them is which i thought very interesting is in the map about where-i think it's slide 19 on this one which is the applicant address location dr. davis apartment and pacific point apartment. it's interesting to me there is a cluster as you said in district time. so my natural reaction is, happens to the housing that folks are leaving to go into these? i'm assuming is that rental housing or maybe they're living with other folks. they might be couched serving this idea of people living in a car makes me crazy >> i don't have any real doubt just anecdotal data about like
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where they came from. >>[inaudible] [off mic] >> let's hear it >> pam sims. actually from district 10 the majority of the people were living in district 10 living with relatives. they were paying a modest rent to live with relatives.. sometimes the relatives are upset because they were leaving. because that diminish the income coming into the household. but the majority of these individuals would have dr. davis was like a new lease on life and just a quick note. those of you who did not attend-and i don't know if you are invited-but the bayview senior center had their holiday party last friday and i highly recommend if they have a party
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next year you attend because it was rocking. seniors, the seniors there was a band. people are playing pool. food. it was very nice. the cross workers but i've a pair of vans that is pickens made she's 100 years old. they are amazed. you feel a lot of love when you go there. >> nice. i could go on and ask about your question we can follow up later. this was very informative. thank you. okay. before we finish with a few more items, no? >> the next order of business is item 6 of the comment on non-agenda items. mdm. chair spears any speaker cards >> oscar james is our speaker >> mr. james. >> commissioners, i know you're
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[inaudible] i just can appear to wish you a happy holidays merry christmas. i know we hope we have a challenge this year with trump coming into office. but i think the city of county of the san francisco and the state with brown in office, i think we can deal with it. and kerry our this program forward to benefit the city of san francisco. but you guys have done a tremendous job and i think and i love each and every one of you and have a merry merry christmas and and staff. who's done a determines job. thank you guys very much >> thank you. have a good holiday. happy new year. that was my report by the way. number seven you can call number eight
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>> item 8 report of the executive director mdm. dir. >> thank you mdm. clerk did i somewhat echo happy holidays but we have a lot to be thankful for in this fiscal year and i think the work we have some of the hardest working staff in the city and i think it shows in our strategic partnerships in the city and other third parties community based partners is really working. the policy direction and the work that we're doing here with the mayor's leadership and our next meeting we don't have a meeting on january 3 as was announced. we expect to cancel that meeting at our next meeting would be in the bayview on january 17 you we will see everyone on january 17. that concludes my report. >> great >> >> item 9 commissioner questions and matters mdm. chair >> do the commissioners have any questions? yes >>[applause] >> next item of business is
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>> item 10 closed session we have not closed session next item is a german mdm. chair >> the meeting is adjourned at 3:56 pm >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> >>
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>> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. my name is maria cohen president of the retirement board this of the regular scheduled full board meeting. the purpose of the board [inaudible] please join me and rising raising your right hand over your heart and saying the budget of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> thank you. clerk any announcement?


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