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tv   Entertainment Commission 12616  SFGTV  December 30, 2016 11:00am-4:01pm PST

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opera house every thursday i met local people putting their wares out into the community barbara is an work of a symbol how the neighborhood it changing in a a positive way literally homemade wine that is sold in the community and organized businesses both old and new businesses coming together to revitalizes this is a yoga studio i actually think be able a part of community going on in the bayview i wanted to have a business on third street and to be actually doing that with the support of community. >> how everybody reasons together to move each other forward a wonderful run for everybody out here.
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>> they're hiring locally and selling locally. >> it feels like a community effort. >> i was i think the weather is beautiful that is what we can capture the real vibe of san francisco i love it i can go ongoing and on and on about the life in the >> 5:53 p.m. i want to start off by acknowledging the tragedy in oakland ghost ship fire at
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the entertainment commission we were fortunate to have a body like us to protect and safeguard all over the place look after the folks coming into san francisco to enjoy the art life anyway want to acknowledge and accepted our love and respect to the families and victims of this fire i know there is a lot work we're leaders in open about night life and how to keep it assessable and how to keep a thriving underground, too, and so that's work i think we'll be looking forward to doing and so i encourage everyone out there in tv land and the public to really support our commission but also the work in continuing the underground community of
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artist and musicians here in the bay area and san francisco with that, we'll start roll call and go ahead with our meeting. >> want to do a couple of announcements. >> oh, yeah, he forgot before a roll call a few announcements please turn off cell phones and keep them on silent not to disturb the preceding and secondly, if you're a member of the public and want to make public comment do so when i call you and public comment speaker cards to fill out beforehand and to the staff and finally thank you to sfgovtv and media serves for airing this meeting live to the public every time we meet now go ahead with the roll call. >> commissioner perez commissioner thomas commissioner caminong
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commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner frost president tan. >> everyone is here. >> would you a full house. >> i want to acknowledge that tonight is the loose formal commission meeting even if audrey joseph who has been here from the beginning of the entertainment commission so i'll spare parting words later but want to acknowledge that and thank her for her amazing decade plus of service on the entertainment commission so - >> yep. this is not the last time you'll side her but in this room in this way all right. we'll start off with general public comment any any public comment on items not on the agenda you want to make for the commission not seeing any, we'll
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move on and approve the minutes from october 18th commissioners i don't know if you have any things to change from that otherwise do a motion >> move to approve. >> there's is motion a second. >> i'll second. >> great any public comment on the minutes let's vote. >> start from this side commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner caminong commissioner thomas commissioner perez and president tan that item passes move on to item number 3 discussion and possible action to make recommendations on the board of supervisors file number 1 61064 and building it is a modification to our current - yeah. is it anyway actually
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i'll not data it but pass it on to the director. >> thank you commissioners we passed the legislation objective well supervisor breed passes it to do all the work we've been doing around the residential development of the entertainment venue it certainly was a big heavy lift when we started and at some point down the road it was clear when people slept was an issue and those are not initially in the legislation so i went back to the well and asked supervisor president london breed's office to add the molt, hotel used for the 2016 work again continue to protect night life as much as possible with the development
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that comes in within three hundred feet we went through the process coner johnston is here to thank you about this legislation you are more familiar than what it does so commissioner will be brief or maybe not he likes to do the whole thing because he's so cute. >> it is a hard introduction to live up to coner johnston. >> do it connor. >> chief supervisor president breed i'll try to make that quick that is the speech in planning it is much more official i'm sprinkle the jokes as jocelyn mentioned last year the board amazing supported and passed supervisor president london breed night life preservation protecting the music venues within the neighborhoods and the legislation is fundamentally a
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three-legged stool and a lot of it will be reviewed because all of you in the room helped to draft the first leg the venues are pretended to be sued if within the permits and the second leg the landlord and realtor to disclose to tenants that is a venue nearby and the third leg to have a hearing with the developer and the musk venue whenever a i development is within three hundred feet of a music venue and the planning commission to consider recommendations how those uses what co-exist that last leg is fundamentally the most important part of law to help the land uses in the dense land use neighbors worker rather than against each other after the fact people are unhappy and
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changing things p is less difficult the law is we like to brag the first of its kind in the country thank you for being petitioner of that and thank you to the executive director for putting up with me so today's amendment we established the authority to work on music development but as jocelyn mentioned the commission should be involved in the hotel venues right now you're dealing with conflict between union square and the night life venue likewise issues with jessie street and hotels are complaining through the staff they're having to refund people's room their ratings are down and your mission manages those after the cat is out of
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the bag or the cow and the barn or worse i don't know so your staff has to insure that the venues are in compliance working with the management of the hotel and forced to do 24 after the fact - to supervisor breed amendment good afternoon the entertainment commission to address the concerns between night life and post hotels before those hotels are approved it is a preying issue according to jocelyn a dozen hotels in the pipeline and most have night life nearby there are 3 open pipeline hotels between three hundred feet of airport and the fusion lounge in union square most hotels have night life nearby because they want to be in neighborhoods that are more active and engaging that's where the guests want to stay and
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they're more denser we have to make sure that both parties are good neighbors both the venue and the hotel night life and live music not only bring in over one bloimdz into the local community but help to define who we are as a city i want to end with a quote from benny imagine you know from the culture and music association a bar owner the 2015 legislation you helped us pass entered the legend no legislation has helped the night life in decades it was landmarked with those amendments with the strength we can canned it to a new category and even more to fight for night life entertainment in the city and dense neighborhood i want to briefly pout this legislation is
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support by sfmta as well the hotel council and we last week got unanimous support from the small business commission which i hope we can receive from our commission and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> so thank you, again, for helping supportive this effort. >> want to go wow. for your presentation that was great i have a question that will not say cover the or less developed hotels that are existing for the night life. >> no. >> commissioner frost. >> someone is in the process of building a hotel what process will this go into effect that's a great question with the existing legislation open the existing development we are a grandfather process for projects in the pipeline when the legislation based paw i but fundamentally in those this is on the front end for the initial
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authorization do you want to expand on that point jocelyn. >> right so we did try in layman's terms when we see passed the other one for the taller than the and worked backwards into the pipeline i guess we should pursue again looking bog the pipeline a lot of development coming it means for us we'll be running quicker out of the box we have to set up now to deal with that dentally capture most in the pipeline if the building permits are issued are we're too late no way to be able to do anything but prior to that and i think we could capture a lot of those i hope we can do. >> do you have a sense on the
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number i know the last time around you were able to do shoes amount in the pipeline. >> you said it 12. >> 12. >> that that the hotel molt pipeline you can count them not necessarily as many but bring projects we heard 950 market part of that they grabbed them by accident. >> i want to ask you are those hotels potentially entertainment permits. >> of course. >> but primarily they are hotels. >> right. >> even if they're not covered by this legislation will still be beneficial for the discussions with them that is
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and their advised what they can do to minimize their construction so down the line if it comes back we did warn you so - >> i love that idea. >> we wander you commissioner thomas had a comment. >> if you look at the three-legged stool you'll hear the purchase is fundamentally to do two things to get the parties are parties talking and influence the commissioners opinion if planning department has arrested issued the approval that is too late to influence but, but always an opportunity to get the parties together and have direction for the supervisors legislatively saying this is an important policy direction whenever.
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>> once the planning is approved the construction process is also a place to have negotiation power still i think that is something we've heard definitely from the concerns of theirs commissioner thomas. >> first of all, thank you for tackling go down to this a conflict we don't have the tools to address thank you for doing that will this be triggered by the status of the volunteering with that type of status to change. >> let me community-based into the weeds and let's pull up the definition so this is a definition to be 116.2 the new language is development permit number 4 the project proposes the new construction of a molt
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or hotel to a change of a hotel and molt use and defines use so, yes it is a change of use to motel or hotel not previously one of those and, yes, that will trigger if it is a change of operators i suspect probably not i'm speculating here. >> but those are sro isn't it considered a hotel now an sro. >> i'll guess. >> i mean. >> i'm not sure but i guess we'll learn a lot more about as we go through for the residential - it is certainly possible that will be a process of educating the planner to make sure the notification comes to us as far as the technical question i guess we'll have to find out the answer.
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>> either way not considered - either considered hotel or residential i like the way that the director kane said that eir regardless. >> even if a commercial office space converted to a hotel triggered by the brand new development and likewise commercial office space to the conversion as well. >> or if residential apartments that will change the hotel. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. i think the only rental i couldn't answer if it is an sro hotel. >> it is a hotel. >> i remember questioning the use there was an sro that kept coming back to us on 7th street
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i think 6th street about some annual i may be wrong but i inquired whether an sro was bona fide hotel and considered a bone fide hotel at the time. >> i think that is because utah we applied for his hotel. >> and the hotel above h s f is an sro but it is considered a hotel. >> uh-huh. >> so those are already hotels and if they change i mean - it wouldn't - there are restrictions on the ability of an owner to change an sro hotel for example, it goes through a process and urban design group certainly i would love for us to be able to intervene as many
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places as possible i'll argue for that transition but not intended to encompass those types of uses. >> a whole host of religiousy process making that a cu. >> i applaud your offices work on this stupefy h. >> supervisor breed and yourselves are proven to be night life champions and with the new board of supervisors looking forward to the leadership in big alley supervisor wiener going to the state we'll cultivate more but thank you for the work. >> have you a friend in supervisor president london breed that's for sure. >> you're looking for on action so let's open up for public comment and then we can
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move is there any public comment on this item. >> no? all right. public comment is closed. commissioners >> i would love to make a motion in support of this piece of legislation in the name of this commission so i will do so. >> yeah. i think i will second that. >> i mean, i think a member of the residential group committee i think that is proven to be really what's the word added arm of work we have that is protecting night life in the city and i think our venues appreciate it and people don't hardly know about the way we are improving on kind of the community and night life that exists so i think this is added tool is a good one.
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>> all right. let's take a vote. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner caminong commissioner thomas commissioner perez president tan. >> that item passes thank you very much. we'll move on to the report from our executive director and staff. >> okay all right. how are you it's been a while not a meeting in a while and this is our last formal meeting of the year as you may know so i was gone for a bit at the time you guys didn't meet and in las vegas representing the entertainment commission with the night life association that is super interesting and it was a descent turnout i've seen
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better but the work we're doing including the work we picked up and continue to do that on an international level so connected to that through a different trip altogether i was asked to go to western australia and sidney i did in november it was fantastic he represented at the western australia and got to review a number of times what the entertainment commission is what we do and the techniques and the good work and people were expressed and i went to sidney and spoke to a room of 40 people you know from the lord mayor to all the way down to bureaucratic's sidney is a big place and a lot of work they're doing in music and high-level
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policies and don't have any protections like we do on the ground people doing regulations like we do i hope i did you all right of and more and more as we do this kind of work asked to explain what we're doing so next year i'll be in austin twice telling a different group of people and pushing this along with the entertainment commission and how you make night life healthy and responsible and certainly the oakland has made it you know again, a priority to try to reach out to east bay in my way and if any of you can be helpful in that they're kind of still in a grieving space and not necessarily asking for our help we are talking internally at the city level how to make sure what
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we do you know in keeping safe basis is not an aggressive posture we identify when there are places that seem at risk and move them to a compliant without punishing artists for open space they mandate want to live in but have no choice in so, anyway that was a great experience i hope to continue to do that i have on the agenda this work that you heard about i'm not going to repeat about the hotel motel but moving a planning commission in january to get it on the calendar this work will be at the board in the first quarter of 2017 holiday party two weeks from tonight i hope y'all got the
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invitation i assume it went out how many people maggie and 6 hundred. >> 6 hundred. >> 6 people will show up. >> 6 hundred at the armor club we know many, many people say they'll come and want to be a part of the entertainment commission and want to attend but don't freak out we've freaked out too many times it is really okay. >> so, yeah the only other thing i want to say i put an important date 12, 20 is our party and january we only have one meeting assuming the president will make a decision on the first meeting in january as they usually do in the tenth meeting we'll have to agendize that you can discuss that in
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january 17th we have a meeting i have the intention of putting forward a piece of legislation modifying in great detail the ordinance and how we go outdoor sound i might request the commission president consider an additional meeting in january for the purposes of hearing that legislation because it is a big, big piece of legislation i want to put that out there and february date to keep in mind the 6 which is our summit and that will kind take shape as we go along but february 6th if you don't have it in your calendar put it down and lastly inform things that comes up seat 3 is public health and seat 4 which is currently
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perez neighborhood seats those seats come up for whenever it is called the. >> reappointment. >> reappointment on july one so in order to be prepared so we don't have vacancies you know consider going forward and letting me know if you're intending to pursue the seat or not and can work on alternatives so - >> that's it unless you have questions. >> hand it over to. >> you're saying just to be clear to have two meetings in january even if the firefighters one is scheduled. >> correct and an additional obviously we'll agendize that. >> and notice it. >> i get it. >> one item. >> yes. >> you think you don't think
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you can last and be part of one meeting in january. >> the potential for the number of venues, however, this grows we don't have another proper meeting from now to then. >> got it. >> thanks inspector which inspector want to go first. >> inspector pauly. >> good evening commissioners several things to report probably more than this when you in the interest of time i didn't write down them several complaints received a new complainant about the independent the issue is noise emanating from the venue and want to see of it's from the venue i've not seen it still in the process as - in the process
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of determining the complaint so there is action pending going by i'll probably make contact with the venue i received a complaint about, about the cafe november 25th it is a complaint regarding a karaoke night i related to the staff the doorman they should keep their door shut during entertainment not an issue barbecue but nevertheless, i informed the venue to double down and a on making sure they're keeping the door shut and maintaining an environment that didn't bother the neighbors and the loud band and the doors open with the souvend out through this is an issue i managed a year ago and they're doing exactly when what i asked
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them to do i don't i don't see that as an issue i talked about with the owner slash manager we got a complaint to make sure keep the doors and all the types of things tight not to defer those things and the edge on 18 street got a complaint regarding karaoke the manager said they don't do karaoke maybe another venue that may or may not have a permit i'll determine what is going on with that. >> is there a karaoke scrooge going on. >> (laughter). >> a lot of karaoke issues i was thinking the same thing maybe 6 or 7 karaoke what's going on i performed an inspection on noriega they're doing karaoke
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(laughter) without a permit and they've been getting complaints from nearby neighbors i talked about with pd the neighbors went to the police department we've been in correct and went by and did an inspection this weekend and talked with the manager the owner is out of town and told the manager that basically, their operating out of compliance that's why i was here and know they actually come into the office and in the process of trying to have a mr. haney issue going to the planning department they're in the process of doing that their nevertheless, operating without a permit and that is not the best way to obtain the entertainment permit in the future and going forward you know they get more and more complaints that will escalate
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they're owners brother stated they understand the issue and take an action i think we'll end up going by to deal with that they're probably trying to placement eir regardless of not having a permit we'll follow-up and let you know what goes on alamo draft house i did a walk as a result of a complaint from another department that was trying to help out a religious organization they have a bar inside like an 8 to 10 speaker a small system not seems like it would be something that is out of compliance we don't permit what we do there so kind of more of a courtesy and check if their if they're doing entertainment.
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>> this is our bar all in the way of the in the middle of the venue a good-sized building and the bar is not that big and isn't it like in the back or middle in a protected area. >> that's exactly what i thought walking in i couldn't hear the bar that loud not loud but conjecturally the waking wall that is shared on the next block over i'm sure they're in compliance but sure the church or religious place can hear them we're trying to get them to work together than deal with an endorsement issue. >> they have some arrest
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arcade games again an inspection of a pizza joint with a dj two speakers and you know they're operating without a permit i told them that basically, they need a permit to do this type of thing not loud but the speakers are above the restaurants and regardless of whether it is loud they can hear that on top of in their out of compliance and heroism we'll get them into experience and the received a complaint i did a walk through they had one entertainment event in april but not doing entertainment since i let them know they can get a permit could be in contact with maggie i've not seen the issues
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on the karaoke lounge i did a walk through complained about the noise from neighbors the actual karaoke spaces ♪ back of the venue and they only have to close their doors hopefully that solved the issues i'll have to follow-up it is a place that i'll go by and make sure they're coming applying with the direction a couple of minor things not issues revolution cafe received a lot of complaints during the summer about their doors open and in this case they had their doors up and the band started not started yet i walked in and they closed the doors not gotten any complaint so that's fine and stopped by the honey gallery 2,
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3, 4 early november had some minor event on a friday and i hadn't been by in a long time i said to see what was going on i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> one comment do you put addresses on this some of these indeed. >> i'll definitely do that 0 not. >> in general, i like to know what this thing neighborhood is about. >> all right. any other thoughts from commissioners thank you commissioner burk not commissioner burk but one day. >> inspector burk.
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>> i re-established what ambiance in the alley next to hue i let the operator know where he needs to be we talked about some strategies around limiting their system controlling base within the venue and since this action complaints are ceased it is looking good as far we did get a flerg a neighbors on 24th street in regards to people exiting the exiting the club i stopped by a few weekend in a row and checked out out the exit at grand as
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well as people conjugating in a nearby parking lot i have yet to see any issues but keep an eye on and in touch with management at the club and they have told me they'll notifies me when they have a larger event house our new establishment on 11 street and that address is wrong or on my notes there but this is a form b box they have received a complaint one on 11 street the operators currently working directly with complaints and myself to address the concerns including additional soundproofing and skylight encloser a work in process right now. >> so those don't have their
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poe permits. >> that's due to one department signing off. >> got it. >> i'm seeing permits their throwing ohio are they going to pay citation after citations. >> there are two notes citations are in progress and hope to have them fully permitted this week. >> great. >> bar flex us at the hotel i did their sound test this weekend a great space they are planning prosecute on opening in a couple of days their sounding good at the because of hotel and a smaller little sound system and looking forward to having a
11:41 am
new live music place around one nov from the pass bar i was doing testing of the ambient levels an 11 street and noticed some base that seemed abnormal i walked down the street i realized that the bar had a private party that was in full swing 10 o'clock at night and turned off the sub would haveer and hoped that things would calm down it didn't i asked them to shut down at 11 o'clock i've yet to hear back we'll let them need to know they need permit throw us if they had that again, i mentions two citations for the house those are stemming from
11:42 am
the lack of place of entertainment and should be good to go bit this weekend another sights from the weekend two conditions on their permit they were violated they couldn't pursues the certification and that's one of the conditions on their permit and i know there are - they took lead training and we're waiting on prove of guard card and a couple of certifications they're in xooeps excess of sound and inspector pauly issued a couple of inspectors to
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mention on caramel lounge next to lounge 32 has notified of a change of ownership i visited them and let them know they needed to apply for a permit with us and the armors first event i spent a lot of time on 14 street and mission and look at the security and how security is working and happy to report no complaint from the neighbors and we discussed some minor issues with security and how things might improve going forward other than that things went well, that wraps up any questions please let me know. >> commissioners, any questions. >> i have one question that was not - about the end up any
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update on what the status is. >> i've heard nothing sing i've been keeping an eye on this and visit once a weekend since things. >> have been smooth. >> checking with operator and . >> great thanks for keeping an eye on that. >> any public comment on the director report or our inspectors reports. >> nope all right. public comment is closed. move on i think this is why most people are here actually no item 5 police department questions or comments i don't see any police move on to the residential development consent calendar show i introduce this. >> sure if you want to. >> as you may know
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commissioners this is just a consent stem i don't need to separate them out to discuss unless someone wants to side or do that if not approve the recommendations to move forward to planning. >> would someone like to make a motion any public comment? all right. would someone like to make a motion >> come on guys. >> thank you commissioner thomas that's a motion is there a second. >> all right. a second take a vote. >> commissioner perez commissioner thomas commissioner caminong commissioner joseph commissioner lee commissioner frost president tan. >> that item passes and that move on to item 7 which is why most people are here a hearing and possible action with the
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permit we have 3 llps tonight so hand to did deputy director. >> why rant the loophole will thats on a consent agenda. >> this is the internal argument amongst you guys so bryan you having wanted them on consent and then. >> director kane. >> my decision i feel like when we don't have other things on calendar and i feel like the folks that are applying for those permits have things to present to you we take them through a process and come here asking for them you should hear about their efforts and it is useful. >> so a matter how much is on the agenda. >> sure. >> okay. >> i really - all right. go
11:47 am
ahead and stick with the agenda as advertised and have those split out so start with bat out of hell la. >> the first applications for the evening located on 565 green street at the wine bar it is primarily using this permit for acoustic and performances with ample modification it is open 7 days a week until 3:00 a.m. they'll end the entertainment by 10110 a.m. they've spoken with the telegraph hill developers and north beach association both of the organizations support this application and have a huge amount of signatures of support 2200 and 75 from patrons at the
11:48 am
top of the pile one letter of opposition from a neighbor that is worried about adding another potential nuisance to this neighborhood as opposed to bagging a complaint on something that is concurring other than that a central station has approved that and to tell you about that is keith and the general manager. >> well hello commissioners i'm keith the owner of bell core that is the general manager own a live music venue on grant avenue call it up a low in operation for 5 years opened a
11:49 am
couple of months ago the most part doing - going to be the space is really space 6 hundred and 50 square feet space inside anything of actual volume will be disruptive to people trying to enjoy a shared place ms. this is a completely different thing than our other place we play live music 7 days a week i can't foresee anyone complaining as we said nelson has gone around to other 0 - core is excited to - been a lot of venues that have closed with jane does music and singer-songwriter places trying to bring that into north beach is the goal to support the musicians in the neighborhood
11:50 am
and give a place for people to have a glass of wine and enjoy the music. >> great commissioners, any questions. >> commissioner perez. >> hello thanks for coming in i think i read somewhere you are reinstating your permit. >> when we had the lp lp we transferred. >> it looked like you did outreach with the question with one neighborhood that had concerns did you try reaching out for the neighborhood. >> i will take blame doesn't send it out. >> will you consider giving them an update on the planned and how you'll keep it quiet. >> this is a general complaint about the neighborhood and then
11:51 am
something on the corner but we'll be doing this is an opportunity to bring the dialogue - you blast everyone out of the restaurant. >> so it is kind of reaching out and no problem and everything will be good. all right thank you. >> all right. other thoughts or questions. >> all right. have a seat. any public comment on bat out of hell core a known public comment is closed. commissioners. >> so i would like it astounds me people might think that is a nuisance like entertainment is a nuisance not okay and in that spirit i'd like to move to approve this.
11:52 am
>> (laughter). second >> there is a motion that has been seconded any further comments. >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner caminong commissioner thomas commissioner perez president tan. >> that item passes good luck look forward to more jazz out there all right. our next permit is a c star of the folks from c star want to come up that's fine. >> so c star is at third street there a bar with live music on occasion and plan to host small local band or djs for celebration federal reserve their open 7 days a week and end added 10 they've also spoken
11:53 am
with the neighbors and you'll see approximately, one and 95 signatures and bayview approves that here to talk about that is the owners. >> hello high guys i wish you all - we're two of the owners of c stars and want to have this placates we want to see bring live entertainment to the dog patch we've reached out to all of the neighbors associations d b era a and dog patch association and a lot of the regular clientele nothing too big 12 hundred square feet of says that a small band three to four people dj plugging into will sound system
11:54 am
and done our dlunsz to have a good relationship with the neighborhoods and put in a sound system and have 10 speakers that hang 24 inches from the ceiling and no 16 to 17 year-old building and ample system and better connected all connected as well and from the permit goes through we'll buy what a that were going to buy. >> a mixer. >> a mixer (laughter) we're going to have spending money on a mixer. >> can you tell me you have 10 speakers. >> they hang 24 inches. >> what kind of speakers. >> expensive. >> what about a brand name.
11:55 am
>> i cannot tell you what the speakers are i've changed them out. >> do you know how powerful your ample is. >> i know the make and model i believe i don't know how powerful. >> one thousand watts. >> one thousand watts. >> okay their next door to each other and linked to each so their operateed through the one circuit system the age goes up with the circuit goes up we have 5 speakers in the front room and in the back more. >> the impact volume control on it. >> no it is linked to excuse me - the stub didn't have a volume control the stud didn't go much higher. >> you have why'd how big our sub is.
11:56 am
>> we can promise if approved in karaoke and (laughter) an automatic so we'll not see you for that (laughter) that's too bad. >> we have karaoke fans on this commission. >> maybe we'll call it during open mike. >> there we go. >> other questions or thoughts from commissioners i actually love the dog patch and thought what is there to do around here besides going to a bar and you guys want to bring the attempt will draw and be an informational point for a lot of people thanks for doing that if no more questions public comment and do a motion thank you. >> thank you. >> public comment come on up and speak into the microphone go
11:57 am
ahead and say our name. >> i'm angela born and raised and wanted to stand in solidarity for this is the you know ever changing landscape in san francisco and important to have the music so i wanted to express that thank you. >> great, thank you. >> a point of the information angela you would be a great singer. >> good evening commissioners i'm not a great singer. >> (laughter). i know less of the wolfers but is a patron of the c star and a a long time resident up want to speak on behalf of the owners and their professionalism and sense of the neighbors i've been going to their extremely conscious and to they've been thoughtful and conscious about
11:58 am
any of the work and i wanted to through that into the conversation >> great, thank you. >> my name is raymond hernandez i've been in the dog patch and before c star it was the goat i'm happy to hear live performance in the dog patch they need that and looking forward to that everybody loves the c once alicia told me we're looking forward to being there another one hundred years. >> great, thank you. >> hi i also agree with bryan i frequent the dog patch a lot and it is good to see that live
11:59 am
entertainment coming especially with the warriors stadium opening up and gives people something to do before and after the game. >> great thanks. >> any other public comment all right. i'm going to close public comment commissioners someone want to make a motion. >> i'll make the motion. >> what's your motion (laughter). >> i motion to approve this permit. >> with all that goes with that including the good neighbor policy that is sensitive in the past but changing rapidly and good to reach out to the neighbors. >> all right there is a motion that has been seconded to approve with the good neighbor policy okay same house, same call? >> all right. that means that passes so congratulations.
12:00 pm
>> (clapping.) >> we've move on to the final one of the night. >> so our last permit for this evening is for may beckon lombard street this is a restaurant they're planning on having live jazz performances during diner but have this on friday and saturday night evening but want to poeshlt to expand they've spoken with neighbors and dropped out of off a copy of signatures he got to the neighbors adjacent places we didn't receive any letters of opposition northern station approved this with the good neighbor policy and here to tell you more is the owner. >> thank you we're simply going to have a jazz one or two nights a week and can't be intrusive and not going to have
12:01 pm
noise only a sacking phone and base stuck in the corner not interrupting anyone's diner we're from the best of my recollection we have this ambient live music it sounds like better than other music. >> you have an bright base an upright base. >> colonel. >> no amplifiers. >> they have a tiny thing for a guitar. >> sounds like okay any questions. >> yeah. >> no karaoke. >> no. >> darn. >> all right. have a seat. didn't look like any public to make comments any public comment? public comment is closed. and commissioners who would like to make a motion
12:02 pm
>> i make a motion to approve the permit. >> great is there a second. >> there is a motion that has been seconded. >> okay same house, same call? >> all right. the that item passes and congratulations and good luck looking forward to no karaoke there. >> okay let's see - we're at the tail end of our meeting item 8 commissioners questions or comments commissioner joseph. >> so on the 20th is our holiday party but kind of my last actual official today this is my last meeting i hope you all come and tell people to come and have 6 hundred people come to the armory club we'll have a contingency to move across the
12:03 pm
city street and this is so biter sweet time for me to go for sure i'll miss you especially jocelyn especially you it's been amazing and you crystal and all of you would you cry and all we've accomplished over the years it's a been over the top all the legislation, urban design group when we started there were people that called entertainment a attractive nuisance they don't call that anymore we've empowered our industry and had people act like good players not having the stuff we used to have i'll miss you all so much but i don't know how long i have to stay away but when this is over
12:04 pm
i'll be in that for sure and thank you all i'm done. >> (clapping.) >> i. >> audrey we've common everyone. >> you can't say how many years that's okay. >> being up here with i've learned a lot and so i thought i'd leave first before you leave so i don't know what to do because - >> (laughter). so i have to do it all by myself >> thank you going to miss you. >> commissioner frost. >> i do want to say that's been a pleasure knowing you when
12:05 pm
i hear about the people talking about their speakers i look to you, you're the expert and the experiences you brought to the board you made that okay for me to come on here you'll be a avoid to philly appreciate the help when i first came on so thank you. >> i want to say thank you for - i've only about been on here a few months thank you for the warm welcome when i came on and your words of advise dealing with the commission and the agenda thank you for all of that i'll miss you in the larger entertainment commission family even though you're not here. >> thank you 5udy been an honor to serve you're a beautiful like
12:06 pm
i said and i look forward to hearing what i share from our everyday life to all of your paved experiences we've been lucky to serve with you and taken night life to great heights in san francisco. >> my time thank you audrey you know, i joined 8 years ago it was a hard time making sure we navigate through it period of time and we admire you and thank you you've been an icon in the entertainment industry for so long and look up to you happy trails we love you. >> i guess i have to say something (laughter) i mean, i don't that i would be here in a roll on the commission
12:07 pm
if audrey not for you thank you for helping me fly and all of us fly you've heard everyone say something about that i hope we do you just because we let you steal the show every week you can and do that well and all i think about what would audrey do i'll think about that i'll text you if i cannot figure out and but so many san franciscans don't know who you are but need to know who you are you've made an impact on everything that they touch and all the ways they have fun and all the things they know and love about san francisco you are incredible in knowing we'll miss you big time. >> but we still have a party
12:08 pm
on the 20th and we're still around not like disappointing 100 percent from your lives but this commission is going to be the missing you a lot so but we'll party and celebrate and talk more stories on the 20th. >> anyone else, anyone else commissioner frost. >> if we're down with that. >> i would like i don't know if a motion or what we adjourn tonight meeting in honor and memory of the people that died in the ghost ship fire i've talked with a couple of people before when things like that as well as other commissioner you want to guide without being out
12:09 pm
in the forefront and you know with the tragedy like that, of course, the nuns and the politicians come out and that's all crazy but i went to work together two kids that work where i work i shouldn't call them kids young adults and part that have that family and one is conformed found and the other one is missing that is mostly about nothing else we want to talk you know about what in commission does we don't want to be out in the forefront kudos to the fire department and the the police department they watch our entertainment industry city to make sure the patrons is safe when they go into the environments there are times we go in and be the heavy i went in
12:10 pm
91 all in the envelopes there was an underground party and stacks of hay and open flames and why is not anything being done you, we know why it is best we're not out in the forefront and the job you guys done keeping our entertainment in the city safe i appreciate that. >> can i follow-up with that. >> yeah. >> you're absolutely right. i think we should be - we're all educators and heard situations and i think we have a lot of acknowledge and to reach out to the artists or even promoters to ask us questions what we do our resources to help them i think that is a good role and
12:11 pm
traefrment e entertainment commission it only takes with only small incident to make that big that's what happens he wanted to follow up i have another one i know that is another tragedy this quarter but really quick one of our long time promoters sebastian i never see audrey cry but sebastian let me start from the beginning sebastian was a prompter that hung out at 16 the funny thing his grandmother lived next door to my home and we've seen in custody with a bunch of people i found out he was promoting with martel and he learned from them
12:12 pm
and he brought fashion night life and clubbing with fashion and he himself was a model he was the clothing model and skateboard up and down the street and i was throwing parties we never crossed path until finally he run into him this guy worked so hard and had pies act together and one of the rear promoters that throw 5 event a week and had the longtime running party dlunls the thing if stop until the star light stopped i want to go out and to the family and to all the
12:13 pm
promoters when it happened it blew up so sebastian really we all thought had his act together didn't know anybody he did well in his business but kept a lot of things inside of him and i saw him he invited me with a function three weeks before he looked pefrl normal and looking forward to new year's and everyone else i guess a lot of stress in the family the mother in a care home what i'm trying to say when people are around christmas talk to our families see what is up with them and maybe something there is inside they want to share sebastian didn't want to tell anybody basically a suicide so if you're out there especially during the
12:14 pm
holiday use that suicide line which i have 80027385 - it hurts us more when you're not here and in the industry without sebastian this is audrey like not sitting up here with us a game-changer that's all i want to say not only for the oakland families but end this meeting with the dedicated to sebastian as well. >> i just want to add i think sebastian was 19 and he came to me and said i would want to do a show at the my including club at 21st we do and he state in touch he was a supporter and both jose
12:15 pm
listen and i went the whole community got together and true talk to our friends and let them know they can talk to you when people go home happen and 3 hours later they're dead it is very, very sad testament but, yeah our industry lost a really. (phone ringing.) young man >> thank you for those dedications any public comment? or public comment on the public comment. wondering when you were going to come up. >> save the best for last my name is stephano thank you to audr
12:16 pm
audrey brothers and sisters loss was san francisco game they came with expertise and brought the edge to the commission it needs she was tough when they needed to be tough and really helped you've seen this commission view the lows and highs but audrey's leadership led this commission in a high and you all are better commissioners because of her so thank you. >> (laughter). >> all right. one more thing item number 9 future reports for agenda any thoughts >> that is related to the previous comments about the oakland fire i know i've been
12:17 pm
getting questions about sort of what the situations is in san francisco what can we do here and it is clear this is a a regional problem we've been trying to hold onto the venues as they close and gentrification and the economic pressures people and art spaces move to oakland it is a regional problem that comes out of san francisco so how can the entertainment commission have a role in playing to be part of the solution to making sure that folks we're moaning the variety of diverse spaces here and how as jocelyn spoke in the director's report how to assist our colleagues in oakland and other parts of bay area and what can we do to make sure that people attending entertainment commission in underground or
12:18 pm
otherwise venues obviously the permitting process how can we reduce the harm and insure that people are safe as possible while their attending entertainment venues just figure out figured out another way to have or be in a broader community wide conversation about the diversity safety and entertainment venues and support them. >> to that i'd like to say this commission has set the bar nationally and in some cases internationally for entertainment regulation and the daily commission in general our director has gone far and wide and never turns anybody down and offered to help other cities and oakland spoke to us a number of
12:19 pm
years back i think following our model and having cities not people that want to regulate you out of business but support you on the commission and you have a better and fun place because safe is where to go i think they should contact jocelyn (laughter) i think that what we can do is encourage other cities to follow our model and ask for help and bias from san francisco we've been loaded in a lot of places as setting the bar. >> i think you're right a region issue because open as long as i've known a healthy open underground scene some is
12:20 pm
happening around transportation and night life and thinking about hey we are not one city but the things happen with the dynamic about jurisdiction and reaching it out to the artist and people will want to be here but can't i don't know if - i know there is not a particular motion you've putting on but this future agenda item we can talk about offline and talk about how to convene is working body outside of this commission or reaching out in some way doing it obviously thoughtfully with the time so not jumping in right now but you know a month or two from now. >> i know this is not part of agenda but part of the - another tragedies to have a
12:21 pm
de3wr50e6 to go over what people learned in oakland does that whatever organization they do a deep bracket you guys know about that i want to be informed and listen to learn those are the hard environmental impact report things the inspector has to put your ego to learn what went right but what respect wrong that helps us to do our job. >> we have to be incredibly carefully this situation does not in variance department whether building or fire or whatever they don't go off the deep end searching for stuff and impacting how our industry operates for the most part 98 percent of
12:22 pm
our operators and maybe 99 percent of greatest operator do all the right things i don't want people businesses to be impacted people are afraid going out and doing that i don't know that that people realize when you shut down a place during the day there are small margins in this industry and you negatively effect their income in a way they lay people off years ago we found out that the entertainment industry appraise for people per square feet than retail or any other business and to keep people working and keep the entertainment going and music and art and everything about it is really, really important so you know not to be beating
12:23 pm
the drum let's get everybody for the most part we have operators. >> yeah. their point just closing venues down didn't remove people's desire to entertain so just closing down venues is not a solution maybe not - making sure that venues is available and assessable and able to be used and affordable and all of that so i know you know that i'm saying that out loud. >> a good education to the owners of the building be what they should be looking for you know bathrooms and exits this is normal but some people p are turn down into the arts as a promoter like 6 hundred people
12:24 pm
might show up or three hundred people might show up it is an interesting thing but it comes down to safety some education we can give them a seminar or something where their licensed permitting or not or maybe open a businesslike a club something that we can put on the agenda i think in general for the general public comment that if you go into a space you're not familiar make sure you know where the exits are and if it is good many people in one room just leave don't hang around for now what we can advise for people that show up so - >> i think that is an excellent idea i don't know about here in the city but in outlying areas in the bay area
12:25 pm
this will not stop there will be underground places and warehouses that you have someone that is responsible person putting on the undergrounds to make research on the integrity to say okay. this is what you need to make that safe well lit exit as i understand and something like that or keeping people safe without justifying or approving and i think that is the most important thing this thing happened no oakland i don't know from the owner would have done it or procure but assess to the online but keep our unpermitted place safe i think that is huge like stephen said my stepdaughter laughed at me i tell her with the exit is
12:26 pm
and all the stuff i got i think grenade in me when i saw a tragedy that i saw. >> so patrons set the tone clubs a change what we do by what is trend in patrons demand better exiting it will come and so i posted on facebook the other day about patrons look out you know where the exits are demand that kind of stuff be smart and i think just like clubs change or core changes their dj based on what is trending and what patrons want if the patrons want this and the cry comes out from the patrons that will change the underground will change i think that is just in my opinion but - >> all right. this is a nice start to a longer complex
12:27 pm
conversation about the underground and region economy and how to be safe i think i can work with the director to figure out what the right next steps are as much commissioner thomas for making sure we do that a close the meeting any public comment on that particular item all right. i adjourn this meeting at the 6:59 p.m. thank
12:28 pm
all right. thank you so for which being here my name is jeff the director of department of homelessness and supportive housing as many of you know, last night 18 hundred children had no place to sleep that is unbelievable and tragedy that effects all of us family homelessness is often an invisible problem with terrible impacts often little children and schools and entire community the notion that there are children tonight that have no where to sleep hurts high heart today, i'm feeling optimistic and hopefully we are now and then a initiate that will reduce homelessness here in san francisco so much work and
12:29 pm
commitment and generosity and love into this forever i'm grateful you're here to join us for no existing announcements government employees in the city and county of san francisco staff from the school district and members of nonprofit and the business community, leaders of faith community lymph gland, we have landlords here that have been gracious to house families in need of a practices 240 live members of media joe tucker who has helped to amplify the voices of homeless children and our friends merging that have graciously allowed us to use this room that houses 50 families in the building have some officials from the city and county of san francisco like a acknowledge, of course, our
12:30 pm
mayor, mayor ed lee is here bring him up in a moment and honored to it have hydra mendosa from the braufks trent the director of the human services and gil commissioner from dbi and i apologize for anyone that i have may have missed some of our members of the board of supervisors were not able to join us but many have been tiff in the issue of family homelessness and here in spirit so i'd like to invite our first rabbi from and a manual to say a blessing as you may know they've made family homeless a cause in you don't mean cap and they're well about this issue and be mobilized his congregation i'm a member in a huge way meeting
12:31 pm
many, many sundays in the home of folks to bring morgue resources to this issue we've grateful for their support and we're grateful for rabbi bay area leadership and led us in a blessing to begin today >> (clapping.) >> i want to start by sharing a story about another city and the city that was what the board of supervisors therapy incredibly excited because the mayors son-in-law was about to get murder in the big deal we're going to put a barrel in the middle of the town and everybody can bring in their best wine and fill up the barrel and a line that 12re67d city blocks for people filling up the barrel and barely was getting bigger and
12:32 pm
bigger and finally the day of the wedding the entire village was there they tapped the keg and anywhere put out his goblin and water come out everybody thought i'm going to put my wine in the barrel all they had was water today is the today of announcing we're pitting our big communal barrel with that in mind i want to share a blessing over and over god of our mothers and farthest give us the ability to hear what perfect been called to fill you think our connecticut communal barrel to feel the pain of the mother that sings here child to sleep in the cold wet he weather evening knowing the outlet constant is her voice as ultimately give us
12:33 pm
the wisdom and energy to bring the best of what we have to fill up our communities barrel of san francisco so when we have it we see that is full we filled it up for brooerth life substance and shelter and the if you would potential of our children amen. >> amen. >> thank you rabbi so i started working on to issue many years ago on this campaign many years ago in hampton and while he was there i had the opportunity to meet with mayor ed lee i was nervous going both that meeting mayor ed lee but i learned a number of things in that meeting one that our mayor is a nice guy made me feel at home and got to the business of
12:34 pm
talking about family homelessness and incredibly knowledgeable about this issue and incredibly passionate having goon up in putting the cart before the horse and around housing advocate we really got to work and worked with the nonprofit sector with his own staff and i was deeply honored when he succeed to where you think this department of department of homelessness i could do more to help the vision that many people including the mayors helped to put together so please help me welcome the mayor of the city and county of san francisco ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you jeff for your leadership and rabbi thank you for that blessing question certain feel that particular as we approach the high schools good morning.
12:35 pm
>> good morning this room as. >> walk if it is warm and that's the incredible feeling warm is not be only about the room but the people that are sharing is that i recall warmth we have an incredible announcements to make and a challenge to ourselves you know the city has been trying to tackle homelessness so inform so many years and ways we can tell you the efforts over many, many years stretched and those that work in human services and health feel along with the public works and having spent about $35 million a year directly to try to tackle family homelessness has been incredibly helpful but certain not enough. and we're tested it is never
12:36 pm
particularly for mayors what you've done but about iowa explain and going to do and in this almost endless effort to tackle homelessness we've figured a few things that touching homelessness with 5 departments ain't good enough we needed a consolidated effort and to have jeff lead the effort and met him years ago and talked about family homelessness we have not only a leader but a huge department what is is a one and 20 people jeff that make their mark by joining me and the board of supervisors and other elected officials to say everybody that we touch we're no longer treating homelessness but end homelessness for them it is not about touching that is
12:37 pm
about a list of low month ever disciplined approach to ending homelessness we're not foolish enough to say we'll end owl homelessness but smart enough to say weasel do it better so i will want to tell you that a few years ago compassion hats always been the leading emotion we have on that issue while we can't do it on emotion you have to feel in the city a compassion for each and everyone if we don't care for each other the issue of homeless will not be touched or resolved for anybody well, i had in my myth someone who was willing to share her tears and her compassion about that be issue directly with me and you know lynn had that
12:38 pm
compassion years ago not only for reading it but from seeing homeless mothers in a shelter and saying to herself and to everybody around her and mark and ultimately to me that is not acceptable in our great city of st. francis i begin with that emotion and then we start talking about what it is that we do for each other because from that compassion comes a challenge and you challenge yourself first, you'll not accept this and challenge the people around you to say we can do better and ultimately you challenge the city and through lives on the line effort and through marks personal effort convinced me we say to do that better as an aide that's why we say singular department we need
12:39 pm
to lead to better ideas that began by saying resources and dedicated compliment to looking this had to be a joint collaborative effort that the experience the government was doing by treating this issue for many, many years was not good snuff we needed the discipline and collaboration of business leaders of foundation and philanthropist and community nonprofits that had for years been doing this to come together and while today, we're ending homelessness a whole concept we're taking sections of homelessness and trooib u trying to destroy that homelessness for sections of people and so family homelessness is one we know well, because of the hampton family self-center and
12:40 pm
working with the school district to identify those 18 hundred kids and over 8 hundred families that able to get to make sure we end homelessness for them in the next 3 years that's what the heading home campaign starting on personal conviction that challenged each other and brought together people had similar compassion and effort to want to work together that's why stepping up first an after the initial discussion some years ago was, of course, our friends and we had hampton identified people that were willing to sit down and talk about this then came across the foundations and, of course, hampton foundation stepped up and said we know what that feels like
12:41 pm
we're a family foundation that understands what this issue is about i know that warning and i talked about education and with the incredible work he's down the hampton foundation stepped up and goldstein with in their moonshot hey, we're there too i understand this is initiators we want to step up as well and then they were able to get together with nickel who him not only a good enterprise but loves the city and stepped up and said we can join this effort today of course, all there that i was talking with life on the line and mark and mark saying is it fair to say foundation, of course, we're doing in you have us involved in education that's directly because how could we
12:42 pm
succeed with our school district in ante our kids better when they can't learn in the environment when their homeless and families they stepped up big all and all this all came together as a $5 million commitment to match the cities additional $5 million effort to come and create a collaborative effort in doing so well when this effort starting revealing itself and the school district was saying yeah, we'll do a little bit of work here mark and life on the line said that still is not enough not worthwhile of what in campaign needs to have this campaign ultimately needs to be about $30 million worth of effort so mark and life on the line stood up and said you know the city
12:43 pm
can be better and philanthropic community and the foundations can do amber light the business leaders of the city can do better why not challenge each other and share our convictions challenge ourselves and challenge each other in doing it better to today, we launched that challenge with a foundational effort about $10 million i've described with the city and the individual foundation efforts that have been going on but also to say with the 8 hundred families we have in mind and the 18 individuals family members we want to make sure they're off the streets not in shuttle but a solid warm environment why not make this a $10 million challenge so that we ask each other to step it up so
12:44 pm
ultimately the 10 that we have and another $10 million challenge from mark and life on the line will cause us to get a total of $30 million and today's launch not b about the celebrating of the heading home campaign but a launch of a challenge to each other i can do that we're in a warm room (laughter) >> in a room of people i look at who know this issue well who have touched families who know that you can't learn you can't be the talent of workforce and think cinco de mayo desk and google and others unless we'll create those conditions here in san francisco i want to explain this to you, you how it evolved so you know how great things get accomplished is never about the
12:45 pm
mayor simply now and then something about years of effort that began with individual compassion and conviction and turning that into a multiple level in a collaborative effort with so many other groups to say let's that challenge each other to do even better this is how serious solutions a had in the city of san francisco and i want to say to my friend but also i think a friend to the city that is it fair to say and manchester are at the helm of so many good things why is it natural they'll not that challenge us to do better what has become a difficult challenge for the city let's lift everybody up to present this
12:46 pm
challenge to the entire public to all those other companies that have yet not. >> weakened to this particular effort and to say to ourselves a city we want to do better we do want to end homelessness for families as we will do for veterans by next year we'll take sessions of that challenge and create an opportunity for everybody to come together and this is what i think mark has been so good at in challenging me he's always, always ended every conversation by saying what do you really want to get done in the city in my heart of hearts i've opened up not out of politics but who we or what kind of character and running our businesses and talking with people what is that we feel every single day that
12:47 pm
won't go away until we'll made more efforts in doing that's why the araby and council are here it is about our morality the kind of city we wanted to live in i don't think he, be successful politicians and successful business leaders successful philanthropists unless we tackle that challenge us the most and read all the series of articles about homelessness and see that on the streets you can talk to people whether a neighborhood be cafe or squash shop having pictures of the things that he disagree with but describing the problem having a compassion about that is a great beginning but it didn't do anything unless you go into the action that's why i'm
12:48 pm
appreciative of mark and lynn they lead us with the foundations that are here today let's take that concerted action and bring more people in and unify the city to make sure that goal in a disciplined quasi is attacked to we can say we do feel strongly about this issue but we'll act on those convictions and make sure that things happen for the families with that introduction and description i say mark please come up and talk about our passion for this issue issue but thank you to you and lynn having the leadership and conviction for is it fair to say and telling the city you have to do more and better and this is why we're coming together today with all you are foundations and friends to launch this heading
12:49 pm
home campaign introduce to you marking ben how have of is it fair to say. >> (clapping.) >> okay. that was my microphone up a little bit how's everybody doing okay. all right. well, i remember it clearly about 5 years ago my wife lynn is right here and we were in the kitchen on a morning much like this and she's reading a beautiful story by jill tucker thank you jill for that story jill's story in the chronicle was a good story about homeless families and children in san francisco and how i think that was story talked about one and
12:50 pm
20 children in ucsf are homeless i think that lynn said how can that be how can this be in the process pursues city is amazing leaders and visionaries can one in every 20 children in ucsf be homeless this cannot be possibly we must find a way to fix this and we have to get the word out to every citizen of san francisco we have to get the word out to every company in san francisco to every nonprofit, ever n go and church and mosaic and synagogue in san francisco that we need to take a new approach here and need a new focus and need to rebirthday you are motivation and excitement it is possible to get every child that
12:51 pm
is homeless in san francisco into a home so that was quite a call to arms from lynn and i think that what lynn said clearly is that each and every one of us have to do something to i remember clearly you know when they said we'll have a program called home for the holiday and get every child both a home and we began our journey those these stories of these families i think perhaps the best example of this is a program that lynn has personally she wanted that is the star of home on geary and i think geary and 8 maybe geary between 8 and 9 but if you go out to the star of the and the church took a building next door
12:52 pm
that was empty that was a former convent and they said we'll dedicate this for homeless families and for families that are led by mothers and here we are 5 years later and if we take our cameras and reporters and all of us and head over there to the star of sea home we'll hear how 200 and 40 families have ended up in housing that's amazing that's amazing. >> (clapping.) >> that's a point of evidence that is a point of evidence that each and every one of us can make this successful that is a point of evidence this program will be successful and this is a point of evidence
12:53 pm
we have the opportunity to get every child in san francisco into a home all we have to do is focus on this this is very straightforward so that's why i'm so excited to partner with the city, and jeff your leadership has been incredible not only at hampton but now our homeless leader in san francisco thank you and mayor thank you for everything you're doing and leading the city and hiring jeff that was your best move in hiring yeah. >> great job (laughter) >> and also thank you to the nonprofits and n gos that do the heavy leader and peers and business leader i see some my friends from google and many other tech companies that have come in some were in the room
12:54 pm
and some not let us say this to every citizen and company in san francisco now is your time to come forward and to get every child in san francisco into a home now this is the time for us all to go home for the holidays thank you lynn for inspiring us now we have to take this challenge and execute it and get on the word it will take every single every citizen in the city say company to do one thing that is how we'll make a difference you, you you know you may know that is it fair to say is building a new building inspection close by here and hope when that building a built and the light is on at the top of building that what is
12:55 pm
it fair to say represents is a reminder to all of us when we see that light that we can do something and that we can make a difference we can make a change and i see that everyday in the city as 1 to 2 get better and better whether homelessness or whether the great work at ucsf or the intern superintendent myong leigh what is more important than the health and education of our children what is more important than the health and education of our children nothing is that's why we have focus on them and now are the good times we can do this thank you, thank you to all of for being here and the organizations that are supporting this effort i'm exciting about this incredible future ahead thank you very
12:56 pm
much. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mark and lynn fewer generosity and our incredible come out pushing us to think beggar bigger and go further on behalf of the children in the sfoichlthsz i remember we were around the corner the first time we spoke about that at a dedication site future housing for homes veterans and families and mark asked trent in the hms and the mayor and i were talking about how we shown maybe 5 are 10 reduction in the homeless shelter he said that is great but not in view of what will it take to gets us over the finish line and we're on that journey that is nice to be close by
12:57 pm
where that all happens we're blessed to have so many generous donors that are part of campaign as the mayor mentioned google was an early investor and helped to fund the pilots that we ran with the unified school district and as you sit here now desk the salesforce and emmanuel and the giants are part that have a list on your program but i want to invite the first donor to say a few words the hell man family has done so much we were happy things of that nature step forward, please and please help me to welcome the president to say a few words.
12:58 pm
>> (clapping.) >> thank you. i'm reminded by mark remarks and mayor ed lee and jeff that every single good thing that exists in the city and our society exists is not one time exists it exists because someone looked at a problem or something needed to happen they imagined it and had the will and the ability and organization to go out and get it done at the beginning, it is a daunting task thank you for your vision and will and you know i'll get into more thank you's as we get further uniform representing my 3 sisters and the hell man foundation and you know that is we're very honored to support heading home that is
12:59 pm
exactly the kind of thing we like to do and you know we see the value in coming together different organizations who bring a deft set of skills and resources so solving a problem one of the things we've realized over many years of philanthropy is that most complex problems can't be solved by a group of individuals but in a collaborative way so you know really he suppose he wanted we're so honored to support this thank you, mayor ed lee and the san francisco unified school district and the hampton family center and other nonprofits that have engaged with us as well who are getting involved or have been involved and crucial to help to solve some of the complex problems thank you bev i
1:00 pm
didn't hoff for carrying forward and being that force that makes things happen and looking forward to thanking everyone in matching the generous matching grant that the ben hearing officers have proposed hopefully weep be back that he podium thanking those people also want to thank susan his or her for our windows on the world helping us find things like that to make happen so thank you guys. >> a funny thing many of the people in the room had families been in san francisco for a long time ours is not an exception an observation there are hard times and period of prosperity the curious thing about prosperity
1:01 pm
gaps develop between those two are able to participate and we're focused and we love about this project is findings ways to get to those people and try to figure out how to have them participate in the prosperity and not be left behind in the community this is very much fetus that perspective on what additional to see accomplished in that community. >> it's a short window with children to get involved in neither lives and change that you have a period of time to intervene and help them get to the right place this accomplishes that obviously and i guess my final point we see the opportunity for cross section collaborative's that as
1:02 pm
phenomenal one to start with that is actionable and the population we're dealing e dealing with is so vulnerable that's all i have to say we're excited to be involved and thanks very much so for everybody to bring us to this point and look forward to bad actor skwooef concluded jeff do you come up or. >> (clapping.) >> we're blessed to have great schools in san francisco and could we hear it for the san francisco unified school district. >> (clapping.) >> i feel so lucky to live here my wife is a teacher in the school district and have two children a lot of friends that work there library david is on the board but i see i am him, no the office he's committed and many have they've been amazing
1:03 pm
partner with hampton and the city trying to address family homelessness we're happy that is our wonderful superintendent a hero and let's invite young up to say a few words. >> (clapping.) >> thank you jeff and thank you all 134067 for being here and more importantly being part of work before i get into any comments he have to point out you'll sitting next to nick hellman you have to check out his socks he's making a fashion statement he love it as jeff said i'm under young new in the san francisco unified school district and we are a partner of 24 fantastic work this really sorely needed work for the
1:04 pm
community and families i want to begin my commitment they'll be brief by describing of what we're trying to do in general in our schools 657 thousand students a bold vision for what we want to help them accomplish for themselves and with our support is to the not just within the schools question is a graduate profile that means that the era of basic skills is behind us we're not talking about basic skills by themselves those are going to continue to be extremely important deep content knowledge the mastery of complex matter but sophisticated ability to collaborative to communicate to think creatively to have a sense of global and
1:05 pm
digital identity and responsibility and we last feel strongly if as important as all that mastery is we need to help our students. >> young people see themselves as people that can change the world that can make a positive influence on their community. >> above and beyond they themselves have a deep sense of purpose and value their cared for and will care for others this is our vision for every student for every young person we serve regardless of their circumstances we know this is we have many students that face more difficult challenges acute almost expensive we have to work harder to see that reality for some of the students as i mentioned 18 hundred students as
1:06 pm
your present estimate that lack stable housing so some of them are doubled and tripled up with other families some of them are couch sandra fewer some are on the streets that vision applies to all of those students all of those 18 students and we are sobered by that reality and encouraged by some of the encouraging work happening over the large project few years especially with of the support of ben hearing officers and google and hampton families and mayor ed lee the city jeff those days and in the future and all the services providers we're starting to see positive change just a few statistics what it means to be homeless for youth
1:07 pm
in transitional housing when they come to school they it face long odds they or twice and likely to be hung a student that peer that has housing and they're facing illnesses 4 times as another peer and 3 times as peers to develop behavioral problems and twice to repeat a grade be suspended are drop out those are laiflg circumstances and events for all the students he literally what we're doing our doing your general rot and great work is changing the life trajectory for those students we're also spider i'll close with that in our context and
1:08 pm
work especially in the climate thank you, mary she's a colleague centrally involved in the work we need to see hope we need to see example where people of all different situations whether our implementing programs, whether our serving students and family, whether our making that possible for the resources to be directed in that way, whether our creating policy, whether our bringing people together as part of a coalition they'll all critical two ouch in public education i've seen this for a while we are limited by what we lived is possible and the constraints of reality we think that determines the destiny what is happening with all your support we're seeing an example an important example of reality changing but
1:09 pm
this example can inspire us in other ways two and we have to take those lessons and have to think creatively about the great work that is happening for families in transitional housing or homeless students and take those lessons and that sense of possibility as well thank you, everybody for helping us on that way as well thank you . >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. young and everybody from the school district if you work for the city and county of san francisco can you give a wave can we give those folks a round of applause. >> (clapping.) >> this whole effort didn't start you know a year ago or even two years ago we've been working as a city on the issue of homelessness for years and
1:10 pm
opening statement we forgot there are folks working for the city deeply committed in this work they go unrecognized and unnamed i wanted to take a second i hope not get mad at me but few people hear her name thank you cindy ward for all your work. >> (clapping.) >> she used to be my contractor person now my coworker that's been a 34r50ur and we have an amazing nonprofit sector that works on the issue of family homelessness i see almost all of p them compass and prenatal and ralph there he is as providence i know that catholic cherishes.
1:11 pm
>> all organizations mark said ross are the folks that do the heavy lifting let's thank them for all their work. >> (clapping.) >> and the heading home campaign was conceptualize by the hampton families where i used to work one or more of many great organizations but their recognized as a national leader and incredibly initiative we owe them a lot and have the unique opportunity i already introduced any new boss now introduce my old boss clay is the president of the been on the board of hampton and timing for the last year and a half or so he worked in the building industry and a leader in the financial industry but have's has a heart of gold
1:12 pm
puts energy and heart and soul it was an honor to work for him and an prestige to introduce clay to say a few words. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone what a day what a journey life it as a board member i'm glad you recognized the nonprofits that will be scott taylor a couple of thoughts and comments as i introduce another person it is an honor to represent hampton i've been on the board for 34 years we're doing incredible work an organization you may or may not has been part of the fabric of that city for over 3 decades started in a church near the hate with a couple of mattresses he helping people grown would a credible organization across the city a
1:13 pm
so many representatives here from hampton it is inspiring we evolved rapidly and evolved some programs and relationships and partnerships and proud of the work in school district and the rapid rehousing program jeff helped to spearhead takes the families once their homeless to put them in a safe permanent long term housing situation it is recognized naturally nationally as one of the leading programs of its tim frye type today is a celebration a celebration of private sector a celebration of public sector and the nonprofits sectors coming together with a common cause and a very clear goal to house 8 hundred plus families in the coming years to effectively errata this challenge of family homelessness no our community
1:14 pm
and for those of us that work tirelessly to do the day to day work to see this organization come together and to see this program being put together inspires us everyday everyday to accomplish the work the good work we're doing so i know that i speak for the staff i want to thank thank the mayor for your extraordinary leadership and pensions that before he had a desperate group of departments working on this is the a great vision to consolidate that into one department i agree with mark the selection of jeff was a brilliant move and thank you jeff for your team and loma prieta and i particularly want to thank mark and william learning for the work at hampton but their extraordinary philanthropy is an inspiration i hope to everyone in the private
1:15 pm
sector and thank you, thank you very much for that. >> so i will tell you we're at hampton are not only spider but we're excited and grateful we're grief for the attention and resources to do the good work we're asked to do which our mission to end family homelessness in the this community for ones and all now we have a path and see the light and with the collaboration between the private and public and nonprofit sector to make that happen to thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> i jeff did you want me to introduce great. all right i'm privileged to introduce someone who came to us relatively recently and her story is far too common she tell us more about her story but she's a mother of 3
1:16 pm
beautiful children living in our community and she found herself property line out of her situation her living situation her home and seshe was at a loss and found hampton hampton rapidly worked with her and found thankfully stable living situation your back into the area he left our children i believe are going to the school they almost had to leave and you're in a much more stable situation she represents the kind of work we do everyday and the kind of success we anticipate will continue to happen as with move forward with that program we want to introduce yesenia please. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone.
1:17 pm
>> good morning. >> i speak spanish and. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the circumstances that made me lost my home my landlord wanted to increase any rent he said too many people living in
1:18 pm
the unit you choose to evict me and my family that was extremely hard san francisco is an aide i have everything i have my children's home and hospital and at the same time the rent is extremely expensive i had to contemplated moving to another city
1:19 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> when i was in the processed of looking for a new place to rents i came to hampton families i was well-received and in the beginning i received help and support from my intact specialist to find a solution is to all my housing problems and helped with fill out applications for unit in the end finding a worthy place to live i received help from my specialist she's been available to help me with housing and all issues to reach my goals of conceding and helping my children.
1:20 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> for me that was a very important assistance for me because the time that i was looking at for a new home i was frustrated and stressed out this really effected me and my children when up started with the program i had more emotional stability my children started doing better in school and loved they're new home i feel happy from the help we're so happy and at peace.
1:21 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> i greatly thank you all for all the help i've received if hampton families for being the light in the dark thank you for your support because with your help you can change lives and circumstances and make families happier above you will you give us hope and opportunity to succeed as a family i'm e he ternl grateful and hope you continue to move forward with that excellent program.
1:22 pm
>> (clapping.) >> thank you very much for sharing your story and thank you all so much for being here today right now the average night of homeless night for a family is over 15 months when we come back in a few years when the work is done we hope less than 90 days is this a huge thing to celebrate just the beginning but i can't tell you how excited and grateful and energized i know all of us together you know the work is just starting but all of you are some such committed warm people i've known for a long time i look forward to ending family homelessness so thank you for being here we'll have a reception i think we'll take questions from the media and
1:23 pm
thank you,
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1:32 pm
>> the annual celebration of hardly strictly bluegrass is always a hit now completing itself 12 year of music in the incredible golden gate park. >> this is just the best park to come to. it's safe. it's wonderful and such a fun time of the year. there is every kind of music you can imagine and can wander around and go from one stage to another and just have fun. >> 81 bands and six stages and no admission. this is hardly strictly bluegrass. >> i love music and peace. >> i think it represents what is great about the bay area. >> everyone is here for the music and the experience. this is why i live here. >> the culture out here is amazing. it's san francisco. >> this is a legacy of the old warren hel ment and receive
1:33 pm
necessary funding for ten years after his death. >> there is a legacy that started and it's cool and he's done something wonderful for the city and we're all grateful. hopefully we will keep this thing going on for years and years to come. >> good morning were going to start the program now and my name is [inaudible] welcome to the groundbreaking summary for ocean wide center. during the
1:34 pm
heart of seafarers transbay help. i am proud to be here today. after working closely with the opposition team was two years ago to scare the project. you also the model what the site will look like once it is completed. that was in the front when you all walk in. first of all, i would like to mention that we are very delighted to have the following vips here today and are even. of course we start with mr. chairman lou chairman and founder china ocean wide group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] of course we also my boss. mayor edwin lee city and county of san francisco >>[foreign language] >>[applause] counsel general [inaudible] counsel gen. of the
1:35 pm
people's republic of china >>[foreign language] >>[applause] we were expecting mayor willie brown but i don't think he has arrived yet but when he arrives i'm sure you'll see him. >>[laughing] we are excited that mr. [inaudible] is your senior exec the power of foster and partners to >>[applause] scuttle executive board director and vice president of china ocean wide holdings group good >>[foreign language] >>[applause] we also -executive board director and chairman of china ocean wide holdings group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] executive board director and president ocean wide holdings company limited. >>[foreign
1:36 pm
language] >>[applause] next we have-chairman of the supervisory board of the china ocean wide holdings group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] vice chairman of supervisory board china ocean wide holdings group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] board director and vice president china ocean wide holdings group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] board director and vice president ocean wide holdings. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] economic marshall counselor of the chinese consulate. >>[foreign
1:37 pm
language] >>[applause] we also have mr. tom-director of the san francisco department of building inspections. >>[foreign language] >>[cough] >>[applause] were also delighted to mr. todd rufo my other boss director of the opposite economic workforce development. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] we also have john update, dir. department of real estate. he is here. yes, he is here good i'm sorry. i was looking for you. >>[applause] we have -chairman of industrial commercial bank of china, usa. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] of course we have
1:38 pm
mr. jeffrey heller president of heller manors architects. >>[applause] jeffrey of ceo of fullerton in corporative. >>[applause] jeff patterson of ceo of web court. >>[applause] mr. john vanderslice global head while the story of hotels and resorts. >>[applause] mayor rossini ceo oh western region of tishman construction. >>[applause] in addition we are delighted to have 11 top executives of the ocean wide. join us today from china during >>[foreign language]now i have the privilege of introducing
1:39 pm
mr.-from ocean wife holdings. >>[applause] >>hon. mayor edwin lee, counsel general-chairman lou, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. good water morning. >>[applause] the groundbreaking ceremony this morning marks ocean wide center setting into constructing it's an important milestone for san francisco center district developments in on behalf of ocean wide holdings group, i would like to thank you for taking the time to join us
1:40 pm
today for this momentous occasion. i would also like to thank all of you to supporting and helping ocean wide today to reach this important milestone. see fran has enjoyed strong economic growth in recent years and has great potential to continue attracting investment from all over the world. the groundbreaking ceremony today is symbolic step represents our confidence and inspiration for the city of san francisco. ocean wide center wishes to place an active part in economic and cultural development of this great city. since our founding in 1985, ocean wide holdings group has grown substantially and become a multinational corporation with a remarkable arctic influence and social contributions in china and abroad. we have established an integrated platform that
1:41 pm
consists of finance and other business in multiple industries. currently, we have operations in major cities in mainland china, hong kong, the united states, australia and indonesia. ocean wide seeks long-term strategic partnerships with local businesses, communities, and governments. the statement from the society for the society, reflects our core values. since we acquired ocean wide center project we have been listening to the concerns and comments from the local communities. various governing bodies and the city departments. in addition to supporting a formal housing, ocean wide center we are happy to create a number of permits and local job opportunities. i truly believe that the success of ocean wide
1:42 pm
center will have a positive and lasting impact on the future of san francisco. ocean wide center is our first development in san francisco where building this operate and mixed-use property that comprises office residential hotel and retail. it is important strategic component in our global portfolio. our vision for real estate is relevant, is creating a new urban life. thank you. our goal is to create high-quality mixed-use real estate in downtown and establish our brand. we dedicate nearly half of our site to public open space. we also
1:43 pm
restored to buildings that are over 100 years old. helping conserve the city's architectural heritage. ocean wide center aims to achieve leed leed platinum supplication for the first hour and gold certification for mission tower. it is a great honor and responsibility for us to deliver a high quality iconic asset to this beautiful city. finally, i wish those the best in the construction phase of this great [inaudible]. i look forward to standing here again with you ladies and gentlemen to celebrate the successful completion of ocean wide center in the near future. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you mr.- >>[foreign
1:44 pm
language]. next i'm happy to invite my boss, mayor ed lee. >>[applause] >> good morning everyone. this is a wonderful day and let me congratulate chairman lou four ocean winds holdings and their investment in the city. let me thank our counsel general in his office for helping us guide a lot of the discussions and relationship building and let me also personally think supervisor kim for her leadership as well because her office was directly involved in discussing for at least a year, year and a half with all the representatives of ocean wide on establishing this project.
1:45 pm
you know, you look in the back here and you will see a wonderful top of a skyscraper and we can probably talk all day long about the new skyline and how this represents the second tallest building in san francisco. but, i want to talk about how tall the benefits are for this project because it has never been an issue never be, that projects such as this are just discussed with respect to its design or to its brick and mortar. by the way, we have fantastic design on this building and fantastic contractors that will help us do this and do it well. >>[applause] so of course the jobs in the design and when you look at these concepts of a platinum building for the first as mr. han said, and a gold standard for the second, when you look at the design of the new urban room that will connect up a lot of different open spaces, when you look at
1:46 pm
all that, you're probably going to appreciate this as one of the finest design skyscraper buildings that will probably match any of those but i've recently seen, especially in sable in beijing where i just returned from. they have fantastic buildings as well. but i do want to spend a little more time talking about more than just the building because what has happened particularly in the last year is that ocean wide, through the leadership of the counsel general's office and to all the representatives, created more than historic preservation opportunities, innovation in the design,. they created a partnership. a partnership that i believe after meeting with the mayor of beijing and many federal officials in china, that they seek all over united states. it's a partnership that says that because we have these opportunities in san francisco
1:47 pm
,, like this site, we can create a weak relationship right in the immediate area with everybody else so that we preserve valued buildings. that the increase open space, that we build more housing for city that says we are in a housing crisis. that we also say, to those that are most in need, we are going to make a tremendous contribution. in fact, a $44 million contribution in housing to make sure that people within the mile can benefit from this actual project. that people in chinatown can see more of their open space preserves and enhanced. there we build
1:48 pm
communities. this project is more than the skyscraper. it is a partnership that reflects a loss of sensitive discussions over the last year and a half good that reflected in almost $130 million of fantastic benefits to our city. so i want to say today, standing here before you is the mayor of san francisco these are the kinds of projects that are more than just the concrete and the skyline. it is about building relationships among people. that is what i believe ocean wide came to do in san francisco. that came to build strong relationships. so that when you see these benefits i don't want anybody to ever regret that these benefits make our city stronger. make our state stronger make this whole area stronger. while the jobs will start out with great construction companies and great design firms working together the number of
1:49 pm
[inaudible] for the building and maintenance of the building, for the parks, for the housing that is part of the contributions, will be sustained over many many years. including, even nonprofits like the african-american the aspera exam that is a direct benefit from the people here. they sought out so many great relationships to establish and create that i am so proud that it's raining today because as darlene says, does a good luck charm that we break ground under time on which water is seen as a great fortune and particularly for northern california. we also use this as an opportunity to again, break ground with a partnership that has demonstrated particularly with vista belmont, a relationship building that will go on for many many generations. this is what i'm most proud of. i'm proud of all the different agencies that got together whether it was our housing office, are recreation
1:50 pm
and park department are municipal transportation agency's among our partner with the transbay transit center and all of the different advocates including our supervisors to say let's do this right. let's have a development that is a model development that touches upon so many things that we constantly want to make sure progresses in our city. i am happy to see the official-go back up again on the site. that is of course, the claim but i am also happy to say that with that comes a foundation for a very strong relationship building between the company that is well respected in china and now is going to be because of these contributions, well respected right here in san francisco and all across our
1:51 pm
country. this is what we strive to do in great cities. like san francisco. is to make these partnerships benefit thousands of more people for generations to come and have those programs sustained. but you are going to see a fine example of urban development and design and environmental contributions. but i think just as important is the human contributions that are made here to make sure that we have relationships that go for many many generations. so congratulations to everybody associated with this, to all the leadership, we are proud to break ground and we are proud to turn over the start in front of us. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you mayor sleight. the next i'm honored to invite counsel general-please, to the stage. >>[applause] >>honorable mayor edwin lee and
1:52 pm
i would like to congratulate you . very successful visit to china. >>[applause] mayor sleight paid a visit to beijing and he came back yesterday. supervisor jane kim, chairman of china ocean wide, mr. --distinguished guest, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. it is my pleasure to be invited here to celebrate the groundbreaking of the ocean
1:53 pm
wide center. on behalf of the consulate general of in san francisco i would like to express warmest congratulations to ocean wide holdings and the city and the county of san francisco. in recent years the china-us trade and investment relations have become much closer [inaudible] bilateral trade reached us$558 billion. china overtook canada as the largest trading partner of the united states in 2015. chinese companies invested us$8.4 billion in the us up by 60%
1:54 pm
from 2014. this year the two-way investment achieves even greater growth from january through october. investment in china by us companies increased by 79.8% while investment in the us by chinese companies increased by 173.9%. those figures demonstrate that businessman are confident with our country's markets. [inaudible] industries us real estate market, the california real estate market, is one of
1:55 pm
the hottest fields by chinese invested lots of jobs. lots of job opportunities are also created because of the investments. in 2015 chinese buyers surpassed canadian buyers as the biggest buyers of us homes. the report of the chinese investment in us real estate published by asia society and the rosen consulting group just last may showed that over us$110 billion were invested by chinese into the us real estate between 2010
1:56 pm
and 2015. more than one third went into california. a lot of it went into san francisco so mayor sleight again, congratulations. >>[applause] it is well-known that san francisco is a city of [inaudible] hotspot of investment in a new center of renovation. it's name in chinese means >>[foreign language] old gold mountain. which is derived from the gold rush and with good hope of fortune creation. today we are here to witness groundbreaking
1:57 pm
of the ocean wide center. when it is finished it will be the second [inaudible] building in san francisco and it becomes a good model to show the city prosperity and the relationship with china. today, when i entered this i saw the model. this model, i think it is wonderful. it is a well-designed. the architecture is very beautiful. mr.-, at the beginning he would wanted to build the building, the height, much higher. it would be the tallest building in san francisco. but during the negotiations, there was a restriction because another building in the contract said in the future goal buildings
1:58 pm
should be taller than that one. so he was unable to build the tallest one could i said, it is okay. the second one is good because china is the second largest economy in the world. >>[laughing] >>[applause] really it's a good model to show the city's prosperity and the long relationship with china. ocean wide holdings is a famous private enterprise in china with several successful real estate projects in top-tier cities like beijing, shanghai, etc. i believe that
1:59 pm
because of its personal expenses and [inaudible] in the quality control measures, ocean wide holdings will be able to build ocean wide center has a high standard landmark of san francisco to benefit the local community. congratulations, to ocean wide holdings again. we wish you a very successful business in the future. thank you, all. >>[applause] >> i always learn something when i hear counsel general speak. always. thank you. may i please invite supervisor jane kim to the stage, please. we
2:00 pm
are so delighted to have you here today. >>[applause] >> good morning. when i was running for office in this district in 2010 i would meet with residents in this neighborhood and they would ask me, when is the promise of the infrastructure and the parks and the office and the restaurants and all the many things that the city had promised us, when is that actually come to fruition? when i began office in the midst of the recession along with mr. mayor ed lee we had seen the slowest rate of construction and development at the city at that time. we were excited to have the groundbreaking of the transbay terminal, where for the first time, many construction workers were finally going back to work. i don't think many of us could've predicted what would
2:01 pm
follow in that year. i think that over the last six years i been really proud to preside along with the mayor over one of the fastest growth and about here in san francisco's history. every day i'm driving through san francisco, walking through, and seeing the skyline, it is outstanding how much this neighborhood is changing. and how we are finally bringing the promise of jobs, housing, affordable housing, parks and open space are actually coming to reality. i want to welcome ocean wide get becoming a partner and neighbor in this what i call the newest and most exciting event in san francisco is the transbay terminal. now ocean wide had many challenges in coming to a city like san francisco. for those of you that too many development projects here, you know there are already obstacles if you're already a well-known player and even a homegrown developer to getting approval and the
2:02 pm
support of our communities here in san francisco. but ocean wide doug in very quickly and they said, we want to build a project as soon as possible. i was a bit skeptical. i'm still until i started chen wu in any chain at every event i went to. >>[laughing] i was started wearing they were trying to run for my seat. >>[laughing] they were every nonprofit banquet at arts galleries, visits, united players are clubhouses youth violence prevention work in the south of market and i knew they were serious. they were serious about being a new neighbor, demonstrating their commitment to wanting to be a long-term partner here in san francisco. so this project comes as many think besides being the second tallest building here in san francisco skyline, they have made a huge commitment to open
2:03 pm
space here in san francisco. i want to thank ocean wide for working so closely with our park and rec commissioner alan welcome in chinatown community develop center to make sure that as we build the high density neighborhood but we also ensure there is healthy and active open space for residents and workers to plate and recreate injured because it's not enough that we live and work oh we also need to be able to recreate in the city that we love to live in. second, without any type of the goucher should, ocean wide came to my office and said they were committed to doing 33% affordable housing on-site. i have to tell you, that made my job incredibly easy. so i want to thank ocean wide for that commitment as well. her charming ensuring we build in san francisco we are ensuring a diverse neighborhood in a proud that here in transbay neighborhood that we will be building to 35% affordability and ocean wide is a big contributor in making sure that working-class and middle-class families will be able to continue to live here in san francisco. finally, we would not have a great city if we do
2:04 pm
not invest in the arts. so i want to thank you for working with one of our key museums and arts organizations here and with linda harrison, director of the new museum of african diaspora by making an investment through your arts the to ensuring that we are a city that is truly great because we love our arts and we invest in it the right way. so ocean wide, congratulations. welcome to the neighborhood. i look forward to working with you or counsel general, thank you for talking about the importance of building these types of relationships. we don't have the type of high density development that china does. not just one city but multiple cities. throughout the country and so we are excited to have you a partner here in san francisco as we continue to build. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you supervisor kim.
2:05 pm
next i like to invite jeff heller of heller manner to provide some background in this process. >>[applause] >> thanks to everybody. i really am pleased to be here with so many friends and colleagues. this is a great day . i thought that the best thing i could do for all of us is to talk about how we got to today. this is a wonderful day and people talk about how some years ago this project started and all of that good this project and the very existence of the transbay district started 20 years ago. if that had not happened none of us would be here today, none of this would be happening. it happened because san francisco realized that true
2:06 pm
sustainability was high density development around transit, and that shifted the city into understanding the need for high density corridor like this and it moved the politics to make this possible. then from mayor brown to our mayor lee now the evolution of the plan took place , in a really started in about 2006 i'm sorry in 1996. so about a decade after that, the plan once again changed and developed to the plan that we have today. the heights and densities and the linkage of that to the transbay terminal became the core piece of making this all possible. that was the only path for which this could
2:07 pm
have happened because the thing that helped that was that san francisco changed from a local provincial pretty tourist city to a global city. the global city also became the piece that drove this and this process to where we are today. so in about 2012 the plan gets approved. in 2012 the site that we are on was a complete real estate disaster. it was broken in two parts. there were holdouts. there were lawsuits. there were people fighting about this, what was the largest plot in the transbay and png and michael--were able to somehow pull off the impossible and assemble the site into existence. without that, we
2:08 pm
would not be here today. then, after that, png directed a design process and i went to foster and partners because we are friends and we are colleagues for a long time. it was the natural choice. we think totally eye to eye on the philosophy and so in 2013-2014, the plan and the concept developed. then after that, in 2015-ocean wide comes and sees the opportunity and they see the vision of probably the greatest private project in the city and the headquarters for them in the united states. in
2:09 pm
doing that, they've created this fantastic edifice in this fantastic plan. you know, i can't think chairman lou ann chen wu enough for bringing vision, professionalism, social consciousness and the overriding sense of quality to this project. it is clearly the finest project that most of us have come in contact work will. so with that, i'm going to introduce stefan billings, from foster and partners and i just want to say, on his coming and please, seven, >>[applause] that the wonderful part was that from day one we simultaneously totally got about the potential of the site. the way to do this site and execute on it and it has been wonderful, smooth, fabulous
2:10 pm
commendation of effort and almost effortless getting to today other than the really hard work. >>[applause] >> thank you very much. that was very kind. hon. mayor's, counsel general, chairman lou, ladies and gentlemen on behalf of foster and partners, i'm and norman foster one 420 cannot be here today because he is not well. i would like to thank you for having us today and also tell you how honored we are to be part of this incredible transbay transit center develop plan. we think it is one of the worlds unique projects in pushing high density and mixed-use next transit send it very much some thing that we believe in as a company. i
2:11 pm
would like to thank our client ocean wide especially chairman lou, for being incredible artist with a fantastic look working relation with mr. wu and the team and it is a true collaboration. everything we do is not us. it is all part of a much bigger piece. hopefully, it will create an amazing project. i think ground breaking ceremonies for us architects is an incredible milestone because you realize it's real. we are now going to do this building which is an extremely exciting get other working with something for three years you know projects can stop and start and when the groundbreaking starts and the diggers arrive on site, you think this is going to happen. so designing a tower in san francisco is actually fantastic but also daunting task. the horn of the most beautiful
2:12 pm
cities in the world with an incredible skyline that everyone knows all the way around the world. the wood is very smug very difficult and it's a huge responsibility to get it right. we have actually had some incredible dialogue with the city with mayor lee with john hwang rahaim the planning department have been exceptional partners, again in working with us on this project. it is all in the theme of teamwork with the city with the client with how you create a project which i think in this case would truly be for the people of san francisco. the big image on the sign about the urban room that some of you have mentioned, to us is probably one of the most important achievements of the project. this will be a room that on a day like this, or on a hot day, everyone in the city of san francisco can gather and enjoy lights. it is actually a little out ways, here you just see one of them. on that site is another one which will still exist good they will help these unique visual network of
2:13 pm
alleyways get even better than it is right now. because i think it is very unique to san francisco with its big urban grid and has a unique little network of alleys which we love right from the very beginning. i think would offer great facilities for the neighborhood. you will have restaurants. you'll have events. not different programs. the of a lush landscape and art and i would think it will truly make life in the city a tiny little bit better. you obviously have to mixed-use towers. that is very important to realize how the mixed works that you're the mission street tower with the hotel, the waldorf hotel, which are very honored that they are part of the project. and beautiful residential units and then you have first street tower, with its incredible external structure which again is mixed
2:14 pm
use with offices, with an urban room at the base offices and then residential units at the back. you have all heard sustainable is an important part of this project. i think it is the only way to build buildings in the world and i'm very proud that ocean wide are also 100% behind creating such a energy conscious and sustainable building. platinum rating for a superpower is actually not that easy to achieve. we worked with great engineer could again the teamwork. we have a huge team of extraordinary consultants. the external skeleton of this building, which is a unique feature of the first street tower, will make it 30% less waste. total use 30% less material than other towers. which makes it a lighter tower which ultimately, in this city where you all know the ground conditions are not the greatest in the world for towers, is very important and in this
2:15 pm
particular case, the piles of this tower will go down 400 feet, all the way down to the bedrock. that means it's the deepest bylaws anywhere in the west coast in america. so with everything that technology and all the brains and working on this project no, this should actually be-well hopefully, the best. i think it is important to mention as jeffrey said, a very close collaboration with heller manners. interior designers and i think at this moment i need to thank our team. the of an extraordinary teamwork on this project as the spokesperson you realize you are just a voice with our many people dedicated their lives to this project and work day and night with us. the model makers or whether it is the people designing the interiors were the rest. it is a fantastic team effort and thank you all very much. i think it is also very important to mention we breezily been joined by-web
2:16 pm
core fantastic contractors. we worked to some degree further down in the bay area and i think we are all looking very much forward to a fantastic team effort for the next phase of this project. i would like to now just to tell you how privileged we are to be part of this effort and we are humbled by people who say that the design is adequate and we hope at the end of the day that this will be a worthy addition to a wonderful city. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. most important, please sent our best to laura foster but i'm glad to get out of it now we can sense is bill we have a foster [inaudible] in
2:17 pm
san francisco to make sure the project is big bill well we knew good content i'm delighted to invite jeffrey hoops [inaudible]. >>[applause] >> so some people call this a rainy day. as a builder in san francisco, because a beautiful day. we call it heavy fog and we tell our craft workers, work fast. get it done. i name is jeff hoops and i'm in the chairman of-builders based here in san francisco. i'm representing the swinton and web core organization today and am very excited and honored to be part of the ocean wide project team. it's an amazing team that's assemble to build this project. first and foremost, i want to extend my thanks to ocean wide and the chairman lou for their strategic investment here in san francisco. this is one of
2:18 pm
the largest, in my estimation, and possibly the largest private real estate investment in san francisco in downtown. it's amazing what is happened here. there's also two people i really want to thank for being part of this team and they probably don't want to be recollected i'm going to recognize them so they'll probably get embarrassed but chen will and kevin lee had been here from day one working diligently, hard, and ringing it to the start of construction which doing that in san francisco, as supervisor kim said earlier, is difficult sometimes but we are here and jen will and kevin will have done a superb job and i really appreciate that. >>[applause] i'm still thrilled were gathered here to celebrate this investment and what i'd like and this partnership, and i would really like to do, again
2:19 pm
is thank ocean wide from both swinton web court for this state you have in san francisco and the trust you have in us as your building partner. i would also like to thank foster and partners, heller manners, jeffrey, the ggf are designing for inspiring and out this is a beautiful structure. it really is. i'm here to speak to you as a builder. i will start with that. just think about the privilege we have a building these skyscrapers and these public spaces for the future of san francisco that all san francisco can be proud of it's really an honor for us to be here and we really appreciate that. our two companies came together that we have deep roots here in san francisco the of 173 years of express right here in san francisco. in fact my first job here was to build that property right there. which is called 101st st. that was the tallest building south of mission 30 years ago and i though that. it is 27 stories and now it looks like a midrise. it's amazing what happened here over the years. so right now this winter to web
2:20 pm
14 is building several projects here in the transbay transit district. we just finished i 35, 350, block eight and now were currently building the court the transbay transit center itself. which is a huge project and what is interesting about the transbay transit district is that this district will change the way people live and work in san francisco. this project will be the jewel of this entire district. it's an amazing project and great statement as the mayor said, and i really want to share this with all of you, it is more than just about the buildings here. there's a civic duty to be a developer in this community and to be a builder and live and work in this community it's a huge civic obligation and this project provides the funds to mayor lee supervisor kim to revitalize our neighborhoods, for art, for
2:21 pm
parks, and most importantly, the supervisor kim said is for affordable housing which we sorely lack in the city. this project will bring a huge opportunity for us to fulfill our civic duties and continue to make and contribute to strengthen san francisco as a world-class city. i want to thank you for that. again, it's the future and this project all about san francisco really the place we are honored to go home. with all make great financier today, bold visionary commitment to making this happen. i think we need to continue and deliver this project for the people to live here so they creep out of this for the millions and millions of people that visit here every year,, and i want to thank you for that commitment today and or think ocean wide for making this project a reality. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you so much. last but
2:22 pm
not least, one day we will have our own walled off the story of- i'm excited to invite mr. john [inaudible] to the stage. >>[applause] >> thank you, darling. first i like to thank ocean wide holdings and ocean wide center for this fantastic event and mostly 40 10th. on this little day. thank you to our honored guest. mayor lee counsel general--supervisor jane kim and most about chairman lou. also our new partners. he was made to me when i walked in the room and everybody talked about the teamwork that's going on between foster and partners, swinton, my new friend, as well as heller manus would help the
2:23 pm
vision in getting us all here. you know, you all are sitting right now in what we call peacock alley. peacock alley restaurant that is part of the waldorf astoria brand as a matter fact the people in the back are at the bar. some really happy that you are here. >>[laughing] it wasn't a century ago we put the first hotel of its kind in new york. since then, our name has become synonymous with elegance, style, and perfection. for those of you that are new to the waldorf astoria brand, we are global portfolio with 26 properties about the globe. i just got off the plane last night from a big luxury show in france and the growth of the waldorf astoria is a buzz in the industry. we also have projects under construction and
2:24 pm
we actually were in places like berlin, beijing at amsterdam shanghai and dubai and we are under construction in places like beverly hills, which will open in april, chengdu, bangkok, and now san francisco. those of you in the press pay very close attention over the next few weeks. because we will be quite honored to offer a few new destinations with some very close partners. what was once the world's most iconic hotel is now the most iconic portfolio of hotels. you know, each and every guest that checked into a waldorf astoria gets their own personal concierge. while the astoria was a luxury brand before luxury brands existed. there was no standard until we set it. now, it seems like the perfect match for san francisco and
2:25 pm
ocean wide to the waldorf astoria brand to set the new standard for san francisco. i thank you for joining us this morning. i hope to post with the future of the waldorf astoria brand and really, the future of ocean wide and really the future of san francisco. what a fantastic day. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you so much, jump back includes the speaker series for this program. however we have two more parts that one is of course the shovel part and then i last we will have a photo op. i would now like to invite the following people up. please come out. as i call your name to mr. jeff heller, stefan billings does everyone have their shovels? we are done. go. >>[cheerring] >>[applause]
2:26 pm
thank you so much. >> >> >> (clapping.) the airport it where i know to mind visions of traffic romance and excitement and gourmet can you limousine we're at san francisco inspirational airport to discover the award-winning concession that conspiracies us around the world.
2:27 pm
sfo serves are more 40 million travelers a year and a lot of the them are hungry there's many restaurant and nearly all are restaurant and cafe that's right even the airport is a diane designation. so tell me a little bit the food program at sfo and what makes this so special >> well, we have a we have food and beverage program at sfo we trivia important the sustainable organic produce and our objective to be a nonterminal and bring in the best food of san francisco for our passengers. >> i like this it's is (inaudible) i thank my parents
2:28 pm
for bringing me here. >> this the definitely better than the la airport one thousand times better than. >> i have a double knees burger with bacon. >> i realize i'm on a diet but i'm hoping this will be good. >> it total is san francisco experience because there's so many people and nationalities in this town to come to the airport especially everyone what have what they wanted. >> are repioneering or is this a model. >> we're definitely pioneers and in airport commemoration at least nationally if not intvrl we have many folks asking our our process and how we select
2:29 pm
our great operators. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the food option in san francisco airport are phenomenal that's if it a lot of the airports >> yeah. >> you don't have the choice. >> some airports are all about food this is not many and this particular airport are amazing especially at the tirnl indicating and corey is my favorite i come one or two hours before my flight this is the life. >> we definitely try to use as many local grirnts as we can we
2:30 pm
use the goat cheese and we also use local vendors we use greenly produce they summarize the local soured products and the last one had 97 percent open that. >> wow. >> have you taken up anything unique or odd here. >> i've picked up a few things in napa valley i love checking chocolates there's a lot of types of chocolate and caramel corn. >> now this is a given right there. >> i'm curious about the customer externals and how people are richmond to this collection of cities you've put together not only of san francisco food in san francisco but food across the bay area. >> this type of market with the
2:31 pm
local savors the high-end products is great. >> i know people can't believe they're in an airport i really joy people picking up things for their friends and family and wait i don't have to be shopping now we want people take the opportunity at our location. >> how long has this been operating in san francisco and the late 18 hours it is one of the best places to get it coffee. >> we have intrrnl consumers that know of this original outlet here and come here for
2:32 pm
the coffee. >> so let's talk sandwiches. >> uh-huh. >> can you tell me how you came about naming our sandwiches from the katrero hills or 27 years i thought okay neighborhood and how do you keep it fresh you can answer that mia anyway you want. >> our broadened is we're going not irving preserves or packaged goods we take the time to incubate our jogger art if scratch people appreciate our work here.
2:33 pm
>> so you feel like out of captured the airport atmosphere. >> this is its own the city the airline crews and the bag handlers and the frequent travels travelers and we've established relationships it feels good. >> when i get lunch or come to eat the food i feel like i'm not city. i was kind of under the assumption you want to be done with our gifts you are down one time not true >> we have a lot of regulars we didn't think we'd find that here at the airport. >> people come in at least one a week for that the food and service and the atmosphere. >> the food is great in san francisco it's a coffee and i
2:34 pm
took an e calorie home every couple of weeks. >> i'm impressed i might come here on my own without a trip, you know, we have kids we could get a babysitter and have diner at the airport. >> this is a little bit of things for everybody there's plenty of restaurant to grab something and go otherwise in you want to sit you can enjoy the experience of local food. >> tell me about the future food. >> we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what our passengers want. >> i look forward to see what your cooking up
2:35 pm
(laughter) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> today we've shown you the only restaurant in san francisco from the comfortableing old stand but you don't have to be hungry sfo has changed what it is like to eat another an airport check out our oblige at tumbler
2:36 pm
>> hi everybody, we down here at the /ep is a center which is our pop up space down here in san francisco where we operate a store front to educate the policy from the home owner who has center which is our pop up space down here in san francisco where we operate a store front to educate the policy from the home owner who has never done anything in the house to the most advanced structure engineers we have working around here. we we're going to here from kelly to talk a little bit about san francisco. how are you doing kelly? >> very well, thank you for having us here. >> in front of us, we have a typical soft story building. when i see this, i think this is some of the most beautiful architecture our city has. a lot of people don't know these are problematic buildings. why
2:37 pm
don't you tell us about some of the risks he we have in these buildings? >> soft stories are vulnerable in past earthquakes and the northridge earthquake to this type of building and character of building. when we talk about the soft story, what we're talking about is generally a ground story that has less wall or other /pwraeugs to resist the lateral forces that might be imposed by the earthquake. so we're looking for something that is particularly weak or soft in this ground story. now, this is a wonderful example of what some of the residential buildings that are soft stories in san francisco look like. and the 1 thing that i would point out here is that the upper force of this building have residential units. they have not only a fair amount of wall around the exterior of the building but they also have very
2:38 pm
extensive walls in the interior and bathrooms and bedrooms and corridors and everything that has a certificate amount of brazing yea it's significantly less country /srabl in those stories. now very often, we get even a garage or storage or sometimes commercial occupancy in this ground story. that very often not only has a whole lot less perimeter wall but it often has little or no wall on the interior. that wall is the earthquake bracing and so he see very significant bracing in the top floor and very little on the bottom. when the earthquake comes and hits, it tries to push that ground floor over and there's very little that keeps it from moving and degrading and eventually /paoerblly keeping it from a collapse occurring. so we know they're vulnerable because of this ground story collapsing >> is this only a problem we
2:39 pm
see in sentence france? san francisco? >> no, this is certainly a national problem. more acute in western but more up to california, washington, moving out into other states. this kind of building exist and this kind of building is vulnerable. >> when you're involved with the community safety, this is a different way of thinking about these types of things. we had a community group of over 100 people involved and upper 1 of them. tell us about * how that conversation went. why did we decide as a city or a community to start fixing these types of buildings? >> there were a lot of aspects that were considered well beyond just the engineering answer that these are vulnerable. and that effort brought in a lot of people from different aspects of the community that looked at the importance of these buildings to the housing stock and the possible
2:40 pm
ramifications of losing this /houbgs in the case of an earthquake. the financial implications, the historic preserve vacation s implication as you mentioned, these are very handsome looking buildings that are importance to the tourist city ask which make san francisco something that people are interested from outside in coming and visiting. >> it's such animation story when you think about the 10 years that the community spent talking about this /seurb but we actually did something about it. now we have an order unanimouses put in place to protect 100,000 residents in san francisco and retrospective in 2020. so on behalf of residents and employees in san francisco, we want to say thank you for the work you've done in pushing this forward and making people more aware of these issues. >> and it was a fantastic community effort. >> so in an earth quake, what
2:41 pm
happens in these kinds of buildings? >> what happens when an earthquake comes along is it moves the ground both horizontally and vertically. it's mostly the horizontal that we're worried about. it starts moving the building back and forth and pushing on it. when you see i'm pushing on it, the upper stiff of the wall stay straight up but the lower floors, they actually collapse just like i did there. >> luckily, we can put this building right back up where it came from so it's a lot easier. now kelly, obviously these aren't real frame walls here but when you talk about buildings, what makes the property for stiff? >> the easiest and most cost-effective type of bracing you can put in is either put in a brand new wall or to potentially go in and strengthen a wall that's
2:42 pm
already there where you don't need to have an opening is where you maybe have a garage door or access to commercial space, you might go to a steel frame or other types of bracing systems that provides the strength and stiff if necessary but at the same time, allows continued use of that area. but some combination of walls or frames or other tools that are in the tool kit that can bring the building up to the strength that's required in order to remove the vulnerability from the building so that when ground shaking comes, it in fact is a whole lot more resistant and less vulnerable. ideally, this story down here would be made as strong and stiff as the floors above. >> if i'm a property owner, what is the first thing i should do? >> the first thing you should do is find professional that can come in and help you evaluate your building
2:43 pm
in order to, 1, figure out that indeed it does need to be retro fitted and 2, give you some idea of what that retro fit might look like. and third, evaluation and design to help you determine the retro fit requirement. >> well kelly, i can't thank you enough for being here today. thank you so much for your wealth of information on how we can take care of our soft story problem in san francisco. and you the viewer, if you have any questions, please feel free to visit our website >> i'm about to introduce the folks who can really dance. ladies and gentlemen, san francisco afterschool program presents-you guys ready? are you ready? body booths. >>[applause] >>[music]>>[applause]
2:44 pm
2:45 pm
>>[music] >>[applause]
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen are the deeds. >>[applause] if anybody for those of us-i know you are out there who are with them challenged-if there's anybody that can infuse us with rhythm it is body beads. thank you, you guys. you are awesome. >>[applause] good morning. as we set out this ribbon were going to cut my name is phil ginsburg five the great honor of serving as the general manager of your event recreation and park department. i only got one word for you. that's not true but i'm going to start with one word and it is wow. wow. look at this place could look at this place. come on. look at this place. >>[applause]
2:48 pm
>> i just i am overcome with joy and excitement and enthusiasm importance and meaning because his place is off the whole. this is one of the best parks in san francisco anywhere in our city, right here. >>[applause] >> and i have so much gratitude for so many people and so many partners and weeklong program today get for those of you sitting just want to play the work want to plow through this as quickly as we can but we do need to take a moment to celebrate what we have here. this is a sacred special clays. and it has been that way for a long time. dating all the way back to our native ohlone and inhabitants who were here in this is a such a special place for the bayview neighborhood it's the highest point on bayview hill with just incredible views of our date.
2:49 pm
this part was originally dedicated back in 1978 september 23 by mayor mosconi just a month before his and harvey milk assassination. this place has specialness. it has appointments. after the shipyard was decommissioned in 1994, this place experience the same challenges that the rest of this neighborhood experience. it was isolated and neglected and here we are almost 40 years later and it is now a symbol of, not only the city's commitment and your parks department commitment to equity and revitalizing the neighborhood, but also to states leadership to investing in our treasured public parks. give them a big hands. >>[applause] >> if you need more proof of that, look at all the amazing muckety-mucks behind me starting with sen. pro tem kevin dill lyons. >>[applause] sen. elect supervisor scott weiner former supervisor scott wiener. i can't say that good
2:50 pm
i'm working on it. i am working on it and assembly members david chiu and at wired oh garcia. supervisor melia cohen. by the way, where on her own court today so for one more round today for supervisor melia cohen. this is her district. >>[applause] he was you're going to hear all these people in the second but a few mornings important to call out here. with us today and he's awesome he comes to all of our part openings, in which we partner with our state parks department said that mitchell deputy director from the california apartment of recreation and park. >>[applause] we've got one of this most districts are champions and community leaders, mayor rogers. >>[applause] she is the executive director of youth outside and on the go state
2:51 pm
advisory board, tim bailey. >>[applause] >> where did she go? we have camp david executive director of the haas fun is here. first person from the hertz foundation, peter whitley and nicky souter best for the tony hawk foundation are mickey and peter here or are you over there? thank you. i wasn't sure whether you would be here or there. at skateboard park is amazing and by the way a little bit of history did this with upper skateboard park in san francisco. the very first. now it is absolutely positively the very best. we've got park and rec cat anderson is a good cat, you should be up with us. >>[applause] representing the parts all lines and bayview community leaders leah kim et al. but i want to-my last thank you and this is my way of starting off your witnessed some introductions is to the trust for public land. the trust for public land-
2:52 pm
>>[applause] >> for those of you that don't know what they do, they are a national organization responsible for conserving land and revitalizing urban parks. it is their commitment to our cities, our communities the most underserved of our communities that has me totally inspired inspired by their mission are headquartered here in san francisco. so this is their favorite city. >>[laughing] the work they have done with us over i don't know 20-30 year period is truly extraordinary. we have a saying that in the 21st century government can't do it alone to we need partners. we need community leaders. in ppl get such amazing dedicated committed partner that brings passion, that brings resources, that brings expertise, that brings community history and knowledge of and sensitivity to my that brings so much to our park renovation projects. it is just a such an honor to work with them on behalf of parks,
2:53 pm
on behalf of our city and on behalf of all of you. the first person i want to bring up is a dear friend, a mentor. someone i truly admire. the national executive director of the trust for public land quite think goodenow is been at this for now nearly a quarter-century, will, as we discussed. will rogers. >>[applause] >> thank you, phil. there's a bunch of us on the make this short and sweet. but the trust for public land has been around for almost 45 years and at the heart of our mission is the belief that everyone, everyone, deserves to connect with nature close to home and remote and to connect with each other in these people natural places. that takes us from the hearts of our cities, from neighborhood parks, national
2:54 pm
parks. when we are talking out close to home, we believe that everyone in urban america should live within a 10 min. walk of a wonderful part. this is truly a wonderful part. there so many people behind the and out there who helped make this happen. in organization that has a land for people mission certainly focuses on the land and what we do here but we focus on the people. we are very lucky at the trust for public land of amazing people on our staff. we will hear from one of them shortly. i'll hand up i could she and her team in the bay area program did amazing job here did gina fromer is out there somewhere. there you are, jean can form a california state director who put heart and soul into this as well. thank you, gina. we also have california advisory board members are cochair, julie parrish, we have john parties and can more delicate thank you so much that we can do this without you. we also believe that our partners are absolutely critical. we started here in san francisco 45 years ago and i can say that in our
2:55 pm
more than four decades of work in this city, this is the best park and rec department we've ever had the pleasure of working with. >>[applause] it's no accident. not only is still a great mc, he is also a great leader and he is put together an amazing team and we are working with him around the city and i can tell you because we do work across the country, we are so lucky to have the partnership that we have here in san francisco. so here is do you fill and to your team. >>[applause] there are the people that are important as well. frankie, without the funding, without the money to actually make these things happen, they don't happen. so this is a great opportunity to thank and acknowledge california senate president kevin kelly on. >>[applause] special because were joined by the vice center deli owned without his leadership we
2:56 pm
wouldn't have the public funding that would've allowed us to renovate the top part where many others like it across the state. sen. lyons, you are how heartfelt thanks for what we been able to do here and what's happening all across california. so, thank you, sir. >>[applause] private funding matters as well. there are a lot of people stepped up and supported this effort. i want to name a few of them. youth outside, with jim moore who you will hear from shortly as executive director summer california advisory board. the worst of your goals with foundation, jenny is here. there you are. the walter and elise haas fund. common foundation to the william and flora hewlett foundation lisa and douglas goldman fund union bank foundation and the tony hawk foundation. a big hand for all of these wonderful private donors who really made this happen. >>[applause] then, finally, it's all about community. bayview, this is
2:57 pm
your part. we at the trust for public land were honored to be able to help you do this renovation in joy. enjoy it with your children. this is truly a remarkable place and i agree with, phil, this is one of the best parks in the city so, cheers. >>[cheerring] >>[applause] >> we are going to keep it rolling. going to write to alex-on the ground near for ppl. of our parks for people program and she is a person in this organization that i get the joy of working most closely with and get to talk to all the time and without her this does not happen. alice. >> thank you, phil. thank you, everyone. what an amazing process. this took five years to get to this moment and i'm so joyful to see so many of you here. there is so many partners that have been deeply engaged in this process in contributing
2:58 pm
time energy, passion to make this happen so i'm going to give a few shout outs. there with me. first of all, i want to thank the trust for lands that. true to the garber, amazing project managed. >>[cheerring] yes. i don't know if she is here today get she just had a baby so i guess she's excused but, yes, she has been amazing get philip by kelly our senior program manager is also. and amazing in taking the project through the finish line. our philanthropy team, other people from the [inaudible] team many of you here i see so many people that have touched this park in one way or the other. so, thank you. other partners that i want to thank. of course, phil and his team i have no words. i thank you so much. but, i want to thank parks and land 9124 and hunters point family. in
2:59 pm
particular, meyer rogers and lena miller, who-my is here representing 9124. >>[applause] what an honor 12 work side-by-side with them. they were so worth sort to deeply engage the community and make sure that the community's vision was carried through the process. you can actually see everything today in the park" to talk a little bit about that later. other partners to our consultants and our contractors, who have personally been deeply invested in this and i have to say that, yes, they're more consultant they are partners because they put all the passion into making this happen. jeff miller, basket architect over there, and sharp the and myra, the design team wow. the part looks amazing. grand line who
3:00 pm
design and build this amazing skate park >>[cheerring] yes. fantastic max five job like over there and the boston team who make sure the park was delivered on time and the construction went smoothly so great job. so in addition there's many other partners but the ymca, thrasher-i have you in here. >>[laughing] yes. kipp school habitat for humanity, familia cohen and many others. i just want to go over the community patient and give a few shadows pointed out a few elements in the park. the community wanted a safe place where they could be healthy and play. as you can see, improve perimeter walking paths, fitness equipment, a beautiful play area inspired by the sun and the moon kind of playing off of the sundial thing. all that you can see in the design.
3:01 pm
the community wanted to bring skateboarding back. >>[laughing] so as bill said, this was the first skate park in san francisco and maybe northern california. there's videos of people jumping from the restrooms down into the-yes. >>[laughing] so it was a beloved skateboard-it got outdated so it's beautiful to see it back. i have to give a big shout out to the skateboarding community thrasher magazine, the last big one, the tony hawk foundation, sf skate and many others that have put time into helping with the design and also fundraising for making it happen. the community also wanted arts that reflected their identity. so we have this beautiful-if you walk
3:02 pm
around you could see medallions that were created by the crucible working with students from the kipp school and girls 2000. just very beautiful. you should go and see them. there is also a piece of art by a local artist, lalique--down in the playground. a beautiful mosaic on the wall there that was done by rachel--with some students from the kipp school. in addition to all this, the community wanted jobs. and the local labor 251 and hunters point family work create an apprenticeship program that helps people trained for construction jobs and-linda-i don't know if you're here but it's been amazing about get some people got jobs to build the park and he did an amazing job with that. so, thank you.
3:03 pm
>>[applause] so i am sure by all this shout outs you can tell this has been a truly community driven effort. as will second that we could have done without the funding. so we appreciate so much the leadership in sacramento to work, to keep passing funding for urban greening and for doing projects like this. so we hope the next part once a week and continue to make communities livable and say. thank you. >>[cheerring] >>[applause] >> thank you so much alley. thanks for covering all the thinkers i also want to give a big shout out to the design team. which is really amazing. thank you, jeffrey and joe and to boston construction which did a super job on this project and i hope you all have experienced the part not just the upper level of the park the playground which it totally rocks. these amazing trails down below in walking access could alley talked about the sundial behind me in worker to bring up an olympic but it's worth noting that these projects take a village. the skateboard art got done through because of all of you and your
3:04 pm
support of the 2012 parks bond in our community opportunity fund but there would not wasn't not enough money to renovate the sundial, which is the base making elements of this part. again another big thank you to supervisor melia cohen for taking care of that for us in the last budget prospect thank you, melia. >>[applause] our next speaker san francisco is really blessed because it's local elective leadership are big part champions and they going to do great things at the state level where they remain park champions may work with other amazing state leaders to support park bonds. so i'm going to bring up our first of our many amazing collected. david two. when david was on the board, it was parks, kids, family, part kids family environment can that's what he cared about and now he's at the state level advocating for parks and is also a bayview
3:05 pm
resident raising his own family right here. so this is his part, to get ladies and gentlemen, david chiu. >>[applause] >> good morning to his bayview in the house today create the clapping we've got 94124 in the house today. we've got community in ouster did thank you so much for being a good i'm honored to be here. i know we've got five elected official. we were there to do a little potty beat box dance for you but some of us lack with nick motion can not have my colleagues today to dance but i did not want to happen. i am honored to be here with your supervisor melia cohen come up with my former and soon-to-be colleague, scott weiner. but i want to say particular welcome to two colleagues of mine from southern california. from the coachella and impugn the valley area the 56 is ugly district the biggest champion for parks in the state assembly is going to help us off we get more parks funding, eddie garcia. >>[applause] i know you've already heard about this next
3:06 pm
person but let me introduce him in the following way. he was the son of a mexican immigrant single mom. rose through the ranks not just become any senator but the president of the senate pro tem and one of the very first bills that he ever wrote was ab - 31 which managed to cough up $5 million for this whole top sundial park, kevin daly own, thank you for everything. >>[applause] i'm going to be very brief and i only have three quick things i want to say get to my southern california colleagues, you know that this is a city that leads the state when it comes to setting trends for labor, civil rights, the environment. we also since your dodgers fans, tend to win some world series world serieschampionships. > >>[cheerring] we also have our towns. san francisco we have the densest neighborhoods on the west coast it with the least amount of open space.were often viewed as a city of abundance but here in the bayview we've had our economic
3:07 pm
challenges that we have a former naval shipyard that we are cleaning up right now. we have seen half of our african-american community leave between the last two censuses. and our community, the folks you see in front of you have been fighting for this park for years. second thing i want to say is that as bill mentioned, but not nine month old son who happens to be to be wearing a rusher magazine skateboard t-shirt. my wife and i moved here to the bayview because as we all know the future of our city am i if we are successful, the bayview has to be successful. >>[cheerring] >>[applause] the last thing i just want to say is, we are here on this whole top, this is the highest vantage point here in the southeast neighborhoods and i think it reminds many of us of a mountaintop. what did
3:08 pm
martin luther king say about a mountaintop queen of place where mothers and fathers of all backgrounds can come together. so that their children from all races can come together and play. that is what represents justice for our kids. the fact of the matter is when i bring my son here who is the grandson of a chinatown public housing resident, to play with the kids were grandkids of the son of a mexican immigrant single mom, kevin daly on. herewith the african-american mothers who made this happen. that is what justice is about. >>[cheerring] >>[applause]. so i cannot thank you enough and with that, it's my honor to bring up a woman who truly-you got all the selected visuals i can but there's one woman here who had the vision, who worked with her fellow colleagues to make this happen. you know who i am talking that she helped start parks 24124. none-94124.
3:09 pm
sorry. >>[laughing] how to ruin that one. >>[laughing] none other than the famous maja rogers did i brought with me from the california state assembly it's her certificate of recognition for her leadership, for her service, or generosity of time and energy. her unwavering dedication and her vision get maja rogers, please come up to be honored. >>[cheerring] >>[applause] >> i'm going to cry. as i look around i see so many people that have supported me and josh frida and-jet li and leah. even though some might not be present, i feel like this was
3:10 pm
our vision. we wanted a part that would be great for our kids and it really truly has taken a village to this point. i mean, i look at my family is out. and i'm like - excuse me - >>[crying] >>[cheerring] >>[applause] my family has supported me and the family that i worked with all this time on this project that have been like my family. people that came to meetings at 6 am at p.m. after work. people that watched my baby when i did meetings get all those people i want this part four. i just want everyone, each, the mary, hug someone you don't know. >>[laughing] >>[cheerring] thank you. >>[applause]
3:11 pm
>> for the record i do know are good i just wanted the whole. >>[laughing] a few more introductions and thank you's before bringing up our next speaker. representing our mayor, who is on his way back from seoul and also an elected member of our school board and also a bayview resident, the amazing hydra mendoza is here. >>[applause] i want to take this kind of a little bit of a moment here because i would be remiss if i did not think my own staff. there are so many partners are commissioner pres. mark mule says that paris has many parents. defeat is an orphan but victory has many parents fear there are many hands that made this work and we are celebrating a lot of people i want to celebrate the hard-working park and rec stuck
3:12 pm
it out to start with our own project manager who with every project she touches you brings a smile as much passion and goodison at marion cross did i got there, marion. give a wave. >>[applause] to the leader of the team that is charged with maintaining this space along with all of the other amazing truly amazing parks in this neighborhood, robert watkins. robert was born in this neighborhood. grew up in this neighborhood. cares about this neighborhood and leads the parks department in this neighborhood so thank you, robert. i also want to thank all of the folks who helped us put this event together. the guy standing right in the middle here is holding that camera, right there, joey kong. believe it or not visiting facebook live, tweeted-something is going to facebook life and millions of people are at home all around the world watching this park opening. so thank you for joey
3:13 pm
for not moving doing the entire presentation. >>[applause] all right. back to a little bit of a more serious theme here which is getting our kids outside and connecting them to nature. giving them a safe amazing place to play. the sad fact of the matter amateur we phone thingy notwithstanding, kids they spent about nine hours a day behind the screen. less than 30 min. a day outside. so building them safe spaces natural spaces where our kids can touch dirt, can climb a tree i think you're not supposed to do that but where they can climb a tree >>[laughing] with a can just be outside this super important and our next speaker is someone who really leads that mission on behalf of an amazing organization called youth outside. she also was on the trust for public land c advisory board. tim's entire focus and purpose in her
3:14 pm
professional life is to give kids from underserved neighbors, kids that do not have as much of an opportunity to really enjoy and appreciate nature that special experience. so i'm proud to introduce kim. >>[applause] width thank you so much, phil. before i jump into width i do so much coming listening to my talk, when we first started the conversation about youth outside supporting the project we did a tour and maja joined us. i knew that she was one person representing so many different voices of this community and really spoke from a place that understood the importance of creating this space. so it is my honor to sit next to her and i say you're going to be a tough act to follow. i just want to echo again my deep appreciation for everyone that's made this happen. i also want to recognize i've aboard number in the audience and he's outside
3:15 pm
dan martin. i really i brought the idea to the board but it was it's the vision and the understanding of my board to approve the funding to support this. so to dan and my other youth outside port numbers, thank you so much. >>[applause] so at youth outside we believe a meaningful extent in nature changes the course of a life. we counsel, coach and fund thought leaders and thought leaders and organizations that are ensuring that you have a real opportunity to partake in these meaningful expenses in the outdoors. so as an organization we have two focus areas. one area is around cultural relevancy programs. making sure that organizations are supported in the journey to connect underrepresented youth to major in meaningful ways. our other focus areas grantmaking. we currently support around 20 organizations in northern california allowing them to take young people from these underrepresented communities on outdoor experiences. we also have a unique opportunity to fund the parks and other access
3:16 pm
opportunities to nature. that is really where the conversation with gina began and how to use outside could be someone that could address the barrier of resources here in this community. the part of our mission is to connect youth to nature by providing these resources. for years i've personally been familiar with the power of the trust for public land. it was exciting moment again when we realize this real synergy and we could partner not only with trust for public land, what san francisco recreation and parks. really importantly, with the opportunity to partner with this community. to be able to support our mission and align with the trust for public lands mission that will mentioned about creating a part that is within a 10 min. walk just absolutely seem like a no-brainer for this wonderful project. so again congratulations to all of you who made it happen. it takes a
3:17 pm
community to not only build the park, but to really embrace it and make it sustainable. so it's exciting to see everyone here should be please don't come into this market make it your own. abrasive every day. we did we get into the fabric of your life you absolutely deserve it and congratulations, again. >>[applause] >> all right. i had the great honor of introducing the first of our two special guests from southern california who are visiting celebrating parks dedicate some women and waldo garcia with the youngest elected mayor of coachella at the age of 29, i believe. an amazing, an amazing accomplishment. coachella is the home of the second best music festival in california. a little outside lands up there. >>[laughing] >>[inaudible] [off mic] but while there is much that divides people today among the one thing that unites
3:18 pm
dodger fans and giant fans, coachella fans an outside land fans, is parks. as some women perseid is the true leader in the urban parks movement. has already introduced one piece of legislation i think last year or the year before i think was 24 ab - 2444 and i know he is great plans in the coming legislative session to make sure that all of our communities get the support from the state that we need to make our parks great and accessible for everyone. it's my honor to introduce at 10 garcia. >>[applause] >> good morning. it is way too early to debate and argue who's got the best concert in the world, but >>[laughing] think you for the warm welcoming although i'm sitting here freezing my little tail off right there. i like to hug
3:19 pm
everybody i see just because i'm cold. it's great to be here. thank you san francisco for the welcoming and it's a great pleasure to be district mr. weiner >>[inaudible] [off mic] okay. our supervisor. we left coachella on thursday and had been driving all the way up to get here today to be part of a number of different events and i can tell you this one was the one we were looking for two good as mayor, one of the things we are most proud of is the refurbishment and the development of new parks throughout the entire city. as we drive around the community, that is one thing that is there to my that is visibly seen by everybody including myself, when you see all the children and all the families out there taking advantage of the space. that's why at the state level made a very strong commitment to continue to work on the advocacy for parks as it relates to economically challenged communities. that's what brings us together at the state legislature with many of our colleagues. i am committed
3:20 pm
to our district as i am to your district and the rest of the state to continue to push for funding so that we can continue to build these parts. i'm going to be brief i just want to say thank you for walking the welcoming the jews. and we look forward to working with all of you. thank you. >>[applause] >> yes, it is called to you been sitting for a while so will keep this moving. our next speaker i induced in earlier. he's a deputy director of california state parks department, cedric metric i want to say something about cedric all of you but more important to all of you are state leaders. you should have incredible confidence in our state parks department. their ability to reach out to our local-to our cities and to the local parks department and to work with us on grants and resources in communities that need it most good this all works because of the great communication and outreach and partnership between the state and local levels. cedric is
3:21 pm
absolutely one of the best and am proud to bring him up. >>[applause] >> are you feeling good right now, say, yes. this is a celebration say, yes. >>[cheerring] it deals like only yesterday at a young a summary number called me before he started running the world, still deli on calling into his office and began to talk about his vision. he had this passion about wanting to make sure that people have access to the outdoors that parts will be where people are living the parks will be will people can enjoy them. that parks would be in communities and neighborhoods. but little did he know when he introduced peaceably 31 that said about a movement in the state. because for the first time in the states history thousands of people met in community centers and in homes and neighborhoods just as they did right here in
3:22 pm
this location. they met and i talked about their vision for the future. they talked about for the first time healing the wounds of a neighborhood and taking responsibility and same, we deserve the opportunity to have great things and that our children and our children's children deserve greatness in their lives also. parks are a refuge for making that happen. so today this is a celebration, not just because you are getting this but understand that there were $3 billion in request over 900 applications and we view those as 900 dreams that came forward. that today you celebrate as one of the few who came and rose to the top, hughes community said we deserved it and we will do everything that we need to do to show the world that parks matter. so when i say i'm a say yes, you need to be saying it pristine point that this is not just about opening a term in this part. this is about celebrating a movement, an opportunity that you are leading the state in setting
3:23 pm
the example of what can happen when communities believe in themselves. so what do you want to say clete say, yes, for we one more time >>[cheerring] say, yes for me one more time >>[cheerring] uniquely echoing of voice the bridges across the bay to ease they understand what's happening here today. you need to make certain that the folks in southern california understanding the power of what community means. this is all revisited. this represents the opportunity for communities to rise again. this represents hope in america. when we talk about social justice, this is the action of social justice is happening around the states. it is happening. once again, you say what clete >>[cheerring] you say what clete >>[cheerring] you say what clete >>[cheerring] the power of parks. the power of opportunity the power of community. understand, that this facility is grass and is playgrounds. but the how of any part or its people. so when you make a
3:24 pm
noise today, what you are doing is you are setting the spirit of what is going to be like for generations to come. when you come to this part the wings of your spirit should exist here. so the spirit that you do today matters. the fact that you met in those neighborhoods and the fact that you-that you had those meetings at people's homes, the fact that you are here today celebrating this moment is more than just an opening to is a movement. it's a movement towards social justice. it's a movement towards making certain that all people have the opportunity to engage in god's gift. you all are to be celebrated for your efforts. on behalf of california state parks, i want to thank you for letting me be a partner in that effort and letting our team be a part of get your part of the state state parks family and thank you for all that you've done. >>[applause] >> he is all right, ?? >>[cheerring] just another one
3:25 pm
of those convoy parks people. no it was good yes, say, yes. >>[cheerring] all right. a couple of more thank you zen idolaters good to see all those folks at the rockclimbing wall over there? therefrom san francisco recreation parks division. that is our mobile rockwell could be taken everywhere. i the hardest working recreations that anywhere in the state. so even all you grown-ups you can get on it it works. i been up there. it is good. last but not least i want to acknowledge and introduce my dear colleague and friend and also elected official in san francisco community college trustee alex randolph. >>[applause] we are coming to the home stretch your and am now very very pleased to introduce our senator elect who i think in less than 48 hours will be the newest state sen. from san francisco. scott and i have known each other for a very long time going back four days working in the city
3:26 pm
attorney's office together. he's an awesome guy. he really really really cares about parks. very early in his career there something about scott. scott shows up. it doesn't matter whether it's in his district were not in his district. it's about part it's about kids if it's about quality of life, scott shows up. because of his bottle leadership and advocacy san francisco sparks are better. so it is my honor to introduce scott weiner. >>[applause] >> good morning. so, yes, i have a little more than 48 hours left in the board of supervisors although there are some people in my district might be dancing a jackpot that thought, hopefully most are not. i just want to say before i introduce our honored guest today, center daily on, i want to just think two people in the
3:27 pm
ticketed first of all phil ginsburg who i agree is just such an amazing job. >>[applause] it is not easy to run a parks system in san francisco. this guy gets beaten up a lot. i think more than politicians sometimes. he and his team just do tremendous work in improving parks in san francisco. i also just want to thank my soon-to-be former colleague, melia cohen who fights so hard for the southeastern neighborhoods and never ever let the rest of us at city hall remember that we have a responsibility to make sure that all of the san francisco are integrated together and that the southeastern neighborhoods always get the resources that these communities need so thank you supervisor cohen for your leadership. >>[applause] why the great honor of introducing my soon to be colleague and the leader of the california state
3:28 pm
senate center kevin daly on. sen., i'm so looking forward to working with you as we in california provide a counterbalance to what's going to come at us from washington dc. we have a lot of work to do here in california and i know were going to be a strong progressive voice not just for california, but for the country to make clear what our values are in this state. so i look forward to that. >>[applause] i know that we are also going to work together to make sure that the state is supporting our urban centers. we know that our city needs a lot of help in particularly, communities that have not received the resources they need in the past. whether in san francisco or in oakland or los angeles, we need to make sure that we are working hard to support all communities. so center daily on as you've heard
3:29 pm
our third ab - 31 when he was a member of the assembly took his first look at that sign into law. that delivered $400 million to irvine park projects. we know that whether in the bayview were in the mission or in the sunset we, our parks are our front yards. when you live in the city you don't always have a front yard or a backyard great place for your kids to play and get exercise and not get diabetes because we know that we need kids to be active and parks help us to do that. when we don't invest in our parks and the parts get dilapidated people are less health. communities are less integrated. so these investments matter so much and we work hard in san francisco to invest in our parks but we need support in the state and center daily lyons has been there for us and for so many other communities in california so it is a great honor 2% my future colleagues sen. kevin daly on. sen. >>[applause]
3:30 pm
>> thank you so very much, scott. it's an honor and pleasure to be here with each and every one of you here today in the beautiful glorious event date. a lot of folks don't know but i actually used to live in san francisco. i used to live over on front of the panhandle on fell street and st. ignatius was my turn. you've done a great job >>[cheerring] you done a great job of golden gate park so i go there every single weekend. it is quite a phenomenal. i got a little confused because i thought phil ginsburg was the owner of hills coffee >>[laughing] i was actually waiting for my phil's coffee. do you have a wonderful group of individuals here today and i just can't say enough about two of my colleagues, currently in the sum your smb member for this area, david
3:31 pm
chiu from san francisco and-from patel about all the way from southern california, adjacent to the mexican border this to garcia to really fantastic legislators who really work hard every day for each and every one of you. >>[applause] i'm looking to spending a lot of time quality time with my future colleague could we will be replacing the great sen. mark leno. scott weiner is going to do a fantastic job. if it's an indication would you done in the city and county of san francisco we are looking for to his progressive voice of the state capital representing each and every one of you. melia, if we had number two to meet each other just a few months ago in the mission district at an event we work together at. i'm excited to work with melia as also to get she done a fantastic job and the fact that born and raised in this area, to his testament to your strong leadership. let's give it up for these wonderful elected officials. >>[applause] to
3:32 pm
cedric, mitchell thomas cedric mitchell and i had over two to meet each other for the first time 10 years ago. that was a decade. i want you to note because it's important to understand this. prior to that the culture at the department of recreation and park in sacramento was not as inclusive of urban areas in diverse communities. cedric, mitchell, when we were together with ab - 31 really push the ball within the institution and really made him understand and realize that we need to work together and collaborate together to make this kind of relationship i want to thank cedric mitchell as well for all your very hard work and your future work together. >>[applause] now i'm good using the following. the idea or the thesis or the vision, if you will for ab - 31 was the following: that every single child, the young men and
3:33 pm
women sitting behind us here today and the young girls who danced for us today and all of the kids playing here today, every single child, your respective of who you are, where you come from, the queue of your skin, the language that you speak of your zip code, and yes, your legal status, deserves access to open parks and open space. >>[applause] your financial wherewithal should never dictate if you have access to natural beauty. we know the reality whether it's in the bay area and southern california or elsewhere, how much money you have in your pocket in your account dictates if you access to the coast, if you access to fresh clean air that you breathe into your lungs from if you access to trees and shade if you have access to grass.
3:34 pm
unless you do unless you move policy with intentionality into a sense of purpose of the market forces will never allow children at the lowest economic strata especially children of color, to have access to great parks and open space. because their parents that work every single day to make this the largest economy in the nation to my california the fifth largest economy in the world, they don't have the luxury to go to rei and pull up either end how the quattro seven or subaru were able and by a cargo box and put it on top and go to-three hours to pristine open land. i want to give a lot of credit to trust for public land a lot of credit in the leadership of will rogers. i want to give leadership to will rogers and the right folks at trust for public land. >>[applause] because ppl has
3:35 pm
really changed the paradigm. they have taken advantage incredibly soap of the ab - 31 really move the ball to great parks all over the state of california. as a result with ab - 31 re-created 131 brand-new parks but the state of california. parks that were never in existence to begin with that gives young children as we said a few moments ago, public health outcomes. weeding clean air into your lungs. type ii diabetes, obesity, these are real issue. active and passive parks. when we change the makeup of our communities young men and women latinos african-americans, asian-americans, poor whites, they themselves are thinking, i deserve good things. i deserve access to parks. and skate parks. not just some kids from certain areas. but i deserve access to green parks. as ed ward oh and david and scott soon, and melia and other folks and community leaders like mayor and other folks as we work together with the overall
3:36 pm
ecosystem is how do we raise the minimum wage? adweek have access to green parks and open space we highly open enrollment at the slots at the university of california creek had we go for with our clean energy policies we can generate real job squeak as part of an overall ecosystem with intentionality and purpose. lastly i'm very proud to say that some remember eduardo garcia with the support of summary member david chiu many colleagues in the assembly and i in the senate along with my good friend coming up scott weiner will be introducing a bond measure to create more parks for the state of california for the year 2018. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] so, phil, i want to thank you very much for your energetic and seen today for your leadership here in the city and
3:37 pm
county of san francisco. for maintaining our parks, creating new parks and for all the young boys and girls here today, in this area, bayview-hunters point, this is dedicated for each and every one of you because you deserve it. with that, thanks every one. thank you. >>[applause] >> welcome and you want to come up and join us real quickly and scott and melia if i'm going to introduce you next week on of maybe buried the lead here, kevin. thank you for your leadership and your commitment to equity get really that's what it's about making sure that kids no matter what neighborhood you grew up in, no matter what your circumstances in life are that you have access to green space into an opportunity to play. so that it is part that they got down there with our kids playing right now, is honored in learning to there's a plaque down there that the trust for public land the recreation and park the barman and the city selected family have put on a
3:38 pm
playground and it honors your legacy of leadership to make sure all californians have axes to parks is a places to plague so this is your special place. thank you. >>[applause] >> now, to bring it home, to bring him and evolving weeding incredibly patient and we thank you but this is such an important space, and we want everybody to have a chance to feel it. but to bring it home, is our district supervisor here, melia cohen is just a champion for so much that's sort of good and joyful she wants kids to be healthy. she wants kids to play and together we have been able to partner in this district for what i would call renaissance of bayview parks. not just here, but melia is leading the effort with us and ppl down at india basin. we just renovated gilman park would a brand-new soccer park
3:39 pm
at youngblood: part after part after part melia has been fighting to make sure the kids and families in her district have as good a parks as anyplace else in the city and in such an honor to partner with you, molly. so, bring it home. >>[applause] >> i will be honest it's cold sitting in the shade. >>[laughing] i'm envious of all you out there in the sun. so you've already heard from the distinguished panel and i want to add my voice and saying thank you. i want to recognize phil and the entire ginsburg and frankly, the kids and your wife always come to park and rec events. thank you very much for dedicating your lives to not only the san francisco but to parks and open space. the entire park and rec department staff to my thank you. there's one settlor in particular i always joke that by saying he is a was davis's entire life. you may not know the story but robert watkins was trimming a tree and fell from the tree and
3:40 pm
broke a lot of bones, and barely survived. he is back down to six lives now. were going to pray for him that he has no more desire to climb trees. no more trees. but you know what the truth is? this happened give a lot of accolades to the electives and to the nonprofit sponsors that i want to give voice and recognition to the small but mighty community neighbors that started the conversation back in 2010. i remember we were candidates and if you remember that race, there were totaled-22 candidates running for district 10 supervisor. josh freel was one of them. it was after a debate that i think
3:41 pm
the trust for public lands sponsored where we began to discuss why there are so many failing parks in district 10. why there are so many failing parks in district and with underperforming records and scores. after the election, jeffrey came to meet the said amount of start parks 94124 which is will a community-based organization. it started. we made the introduction to fill ginsburg welcome them into the parks family get ppl welcome them and that's where it began. the hard work. so i want to recognize maja, who is at the helm now. >>[applause] mayor rogers, but i also want to recognize gina fromer, who is from the bayview. we got ed stewart here. icq. the federal. a couple girls here. via-molly,
3:42 pm
vanessa, there's an incredible amount of people that are not on the stage but stand behind me and stand next to me that are causally pushing and moving us forward. you know who else deserves recognition quick than it was at the bottom of this hill in shoreview. the neighbors that shortly. i met with them in 2013 about what we were going to do about this part. i grew up here in san francisco so this part is actually very personal. i'm delighted to see we maintained the cement slab could believe it or not that's hours of fun. dangerous or not it's still fun. >>[laughing] you heard from the speakers before me, but it's clear this project is a beautiful-i mean fill ginsburg called me and texted
3:43 pm
me this week giddy about how he was so excited about what's happening on saturday and what we are doing. you know what, i would be remiss we need to reckon eyes-it takes a village to make all this happen. electives, public, private dollars, everyone that is rolled up their sleeves and people here out-of-date bayview hill neighbors association and the bayview hill residence, thank you very much. >>[applause] august made this happened in reality. this is personal. as you know, other you might remember the sundial is part of a neighborhood character. this is an iconic location. when you say what you live? i live here the sundial people know what that means >> right. people know what that means you need me at the sundial. that means something so to be able to be divided give it new life means something. so no longer are we going to be sitting back on the sideline saying that's not for us. this is for us. this is creative for us to if you were born here, raised here, he played here, this is for you. if you were raising children in the community, this is for you. this is not for future generations this is for the
3:44 pm
people that are here and now. so why don't we are people telling me that this is nice but this is not for us. because that is not true. it is for the indigenous people of san francisco and for a long time the southeastern neighborhoods have suffered great lack of improved modern parts. those guys are gone. i'm telling you, we are not losing. we are no longer losing good we are at the forefront. there is momentum that is moving us forward and we are winning. we are winning. >>[applause] we've got the momentum and were going to continue to carry it and make sure that every part is the every park in the southeast of san francisco every part in san francisco will be clean, we'll be safe, and it will be a fun place for everyone to have fun. so in the last three years i don't know if you knew this, we opened three new parts) the southeast. acheson this year alone. three. i'm proud to be part of this effort with park and rec to transform open space and little books and parks in the bayview community and the southeastern part of the city. the parks
3:45 pm
-there's no secret they do transform lives and they transformation occurs at the intersection of where people and community come together. they work with electives. so all of us who frankly should be excited about this accomplishment to preserve the treasured space for generations, to come to the community, and you know what, that's enough of the speeches. let's cut this ribbon. let's get ready to open up this park and bless this place. let's get started, both good thank you. >> let's give it up for melia. >>[cheerring] were going to come down. everybody ready? five, four, three, two, one. >>[cheerring] congratulations everybody. >> >> >>
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>> good evening and welcome to the tuesday, december 7, 2016, meeting meeting of san francisco board of appeals presiding officer commissioner president honda and commissioner wilson commissioner fung will be absent this evening to my left is brad the deputy city attorney and will provide advise gary and my name is cynthia goldstein the board's executive director. we're joined by scott sanchez at the table had in the front the zoning administrator and representing the planning department and planning commission should be joined by senior building inspector joe duffy who will be representing


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