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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 121316  SFGTV  January 1, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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people can say that you can get angry i understand how you can get angry at fighting against the tide that impossible to fight against i think you and your staff have done tremendous work and i just think of 1 million great policy ideas you've worked on but i think one of the most important things that you drove with the institutional master plan work was all change with cpm see. we were able to keep st. luke's hospital here and buildings that were much more workable for the community and also have cathedral hill that is going to be much better than was originally planned. you had a whole institution going in the other direction trying to rubberstamp which would've been really harmful for san franciscans and really good for cpm c and your work to care
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that. i think that is pride the biggest thing that you led the effort on and i want to congratulate you on that effort. and colleagues, i have tried really hard to be a team player and to get along with everyone as much as i can and i do have my scrubs every now and then but i have, you know, it's been really great working at the board and dave bailey taught me this. you can do the most stupid thing and you can always come back and remake yourself. and so, i don't think i actually did anything that was really egregious and i love chris and [inaudible] and i think in the relationships over the years there would be conflicts that would happen. and i was thought there is more
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work that needs to be done and we have to make this place work and we have to work together and i really appreciate all of the ways that people would drop any anchor that happened with previous conflicts to be able to drop that moving forward for our districts in each and every one of you. there is one other thing that i want to say before i ended tonight and i can't believe i just lost my train of thought to be able to do that. overall colleagues, this is been the greatest job that i've had my life so far. i want to make sure that i'm going to enjoy whatever i do next. but i've actually-- i have actually contemplated this being at the board of supervisors for about 20 years
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and i didn't think about when i got to the city in 1989 or1986 i had an internship at coleman advocates and i was asked to do [inaudible] and i always thought it was something that i would do but not work assiduously for but with the runoff against willie brown that inspired me and at the district elections they elected aaron peskin that made it even more possible and then i saw what was coming my way and who was going to be in the district if i didn't jump in and i said okay, i'm going to jump in. it has been a tremendous experience the night before the election i knew my life would never be the same again and it hasn't and i look forward to my life
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never being the same again from this point on thank you colleagues, this has been quite a run and i look forward to all the times that we did things together in a different way. >>[applause] >>thank you. >>i forgot erica maybomb was a staff member in my office for six months to and i really appreciate her taking over think you. >>[applause] >>okay with that, i will call on supervisor-- thank you for your service and your comments
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supervisor avalos. supervisor mar. >>i just want to thank my colleagues for the change that they have started and i just want to thank the team leaders and for chair breed and i want to thank you guys instead of focusing on the power and the sites were the real power emerges and gives us strength encourage but think you so much for being here. my colleagues, thank you for allowing me to serve with you as well. i have learned so much from all of you and hope to continue the relationships with you. for me, it has been like 15 years and when i see the little ones
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i think about jade. she was just born when i joined the school board. and, i had known john before then. but, power does weird things to you. it tears her soul out to make you egotistical but it mostly pulls you away from your kid. i've had more time to reconnect. i say i am liberated and i'm going to heal. i'm not joking because the fringe and what is sitting here next to you, i'm going to cut to the chase by saying i have been very blessed to work with great people and i am just going to say cassandra castillo coming from jake's office and i am so lucky that i followed jake baldric and his wisdom and his sense of humor and his long, long words and inability to shut up often but i just love the guy and i was having breakfast with him all
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of the time and i am hoping to continue that is our friendship and i'm so lucky that our grassroots movement exceeded $1 million in the campaign is coming into district one. we are so lucky to have a tradition of progressive, movements that push forward our movement here at city hall. [inaudible] was amazing to work with she is now with the labor enforcement office but amazing connection with the progressive workers alliance and the chinese progressive association. joseph smoot who was also in my office only for short time and also in supervisor campos's office was so well-rounded. as he is in our district in the housing rights committee i am so happy to work with him as a neighbor and a close friend.
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[inaudible] has really been a leader in prozac and commissioner melgar, i've learned so much from them. i think peter lauder born has done so much for the richmond district and taught me so much about myself from what i want to be to just his friendship but his transportation, his knowledge, his youth empowerment, there are so many levels that peter has given to the city. i know he continues to do that in many ways. victor lem has taught me so much about not only the chinese communities but also about being strong with your heritage and that it is not just within our national boundaries but it is a global thing and his hard work with challenging chinese
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community issues i want to thank him as well. i work closely with scott blood he's a new dad and i'm so happy for him and also racquel redone the who was in my office as well and now works closely with the filipino community center and also angelo you who has worked with the cdc and i got to work with her first trip time and she was a tremendous ruler. [inaudible] media and communications strategist i know she will continue to do great work but not only with people power and media but in our richmond district as well. i think nick avalos those that i worked with for many years and
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i often think of eric cassatt up beside me and i always think could i do what eric aspired to and i also picture of eileen hampton and i always aspired to do as much she did not that long ago. and i'm just so lucky to have worked with him especially on extremely complex legislation and i hope that i haven't left anyone out. but, i would just say thank you to angela for everything and all of the staff of the clerk office and john is a great, great dad in person and i'm so lucky to work with you as well. lastly, i just wanted to say that i am so happy to be leaving city hall because i need to become myself again and is hard to be yourself when you are sitting here and i think that is going to be a key for me
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to go back to teaching and reconnect with my 16-year-old, my partner deborah at low who was taught me so much as well. my 92-year-old mom and her dementia and potential alzheimer's is really affecting her as well so i want to reconnect with her before she passes as well. is also want to say that when dave whitaker was in here i know the power comes under the dome is really a key thing. thank you jean for laughing about this but i love when alondra markey a said we should have problems every meeting and john avalos trying to do his high cues and those things. but i would like to say that my favorite poet pablo
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night era about 12 years ago and this is when the grassroots government comes so important but under the tanners of city lights in north beach chinatown was a great pablo narrowed the exit of power minutes as tierney cuts off the head that sings but the voice at the bottom of the well returns to the secrets beings of the earth and out of the darkness rises up through the mouth of the people and i was happy that i was able to read that small problem and i think you all for allowing me to serve with you. it has been an honor. thank you. >>[applause] >>thank you supervisor mar.
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thank you so much for your service. and, last but not least, the senior supervisor of the board. not the senior citizen that is supervisor yee. senior supervisor of the board, supervisor campos. >> wow! this is turning into a roast. i don't want to repeat a lot of the same things that peoplehave set already but i think that what we most appreciate are the incredible people they work so hard to keep this place running and at the board of supervisors, we have so many amazing people. we are folks that my colleagues have already mentioned such as the clerk keeping the work of the board going on a regular basis and angela leo and her incredible staff and thank you
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for what you guys do on a regular basis and making it look so easy but it is not and it's very technical and the devil is in the details but it is not and you guys do that on a regular basis and it's kind of funny sometimes when, you know we are human so we make mistakes and how worried you are when that happens and, you know, i think it shows your professionalism and it's great that you appreciate that. heidi rose is not here but they also play a great role especially in the work of the board and you know, they've been around for so long and they are really great at what they do and you know we
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wouldn't be to do our work without what they do on a regular basis. to the rest of the staff from other departments, thank you as well. the city attorney, you know, i am biased having worked with the city attorney's office before. thank you for putting up with me. having a former deputy city attorney and somebody that keeps reminding you that i am a lawyer. as a client, it's not an easy thing. thank you for putting up with the questions and the second-guessing. it is a pretty incredible team. thank you for what you guys do. my colleagues have a board and idle think that people appreciate how being on the board of supervisors is really tough. it is kind of a contact sport in a way that it isn't true of other legislative elected bodies. we are asked to vote on dozens and dozens of things every week and on some of them, depending on how you go, you know, you make a lot of friends or you make a lot of enemies and each and every one of you, i think deserves credit
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for being in the mix. pres. breed, i have seen you grow it sends you came on the board being, you know president of the board i think is a tough role and i think one of the reasons that you and i at times have probably, you know, clashed is because we are very much the same in many respects and that can be a challenge but i appreciate the fact that we have even in the darkest times found a way of working together and i think that is really important because i think at the end of the day we appreciate the fact that it is tough to be in next. so, thank you for that. and, i look forward to continuing to work with you. supervisor cohen i appreciate the passion and i
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know we have clashed at times but we always pick up and move forward. it's been great to see you grow not only as a supervisor but personally and i think it is great that you continue with that authenticity because that is important. especially these days, i think authenticity is key. supervisor kim, we haven't worked that much together but i know at times we have worked together but able to move forward and you are so young and for your age, the level of maturity i don't think i have that when i was your age so i think that it will be great to see what else, you know you do and it is also great to see the transition from being a legislative aide to a supervisor. and then, to have
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an is true of carmen two, you know, these women who are really into you know numbers and connor defying some of the stereotypes and i think that is great, you know to see that and supervisor farrell we have worked together and we have worked together at times and i want to thank you for being open to working together and really taking the time to listen and to you know learn fromthe other side and i have learned some things from you as well. and, you know, that is not easy because what happens in these jobs is that people automatically make perceptions about folks and i appreciate the fact that you didn't and i think it's because of that that we were able to work together on so many things. i really appreciated that in the fact that in the middle of a really
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big race you were able to support me and i think that's a testament to you and we should be able to do more of that all of us across the aisle. of course, supervisor yee and i have known each other for a long time.and norman yee hasn't changed. he is just an individual who is kind to really wants to do the right thing who lessons and who is open and who really takes the time and i think that has served you really well supervisor yee and i think that the people of district 7 recognize that and i think the fact that they, you know, reelected you overwhelmingly is a testament to you and i think
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you should be very proud of that. to my friend aaron peskin who was the first person in this room that i worked with and not only does he know the rules but he loves the roles. and it's great to see that because it's not just the outcome but it's also the process and i think that, you know, it's worth it for all of us to think more about those things at times, you know, and it is been a lot of fun to see it and it's been a lot of fun to see the brain working and you can kind of see it, right? and you wonder what he is thinking about. and so, i appreciate that. i've learned a lot from you and of course,
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there is a lot more to come. to jane kim, it has been great over the years and again as someone i represented as a lawyer on the board of education to see the growth and i appreciate the work ethic and i appreciate the fact that you are surround yourself with some pretty amazing people and women. and, the work that comes out of the office is really incredible and i think that we are going to continue to hear a lot about jane for years to come. i appreciate the heart, the values, the brain, and you know, i think it is a pretty powerful package and it has been great to be a part of it and work with you. to my two other colleagues that we came to the board with, it has been great, it has been an honor. eric, i think what people said about you is true.
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i think that you put up with a lot of authenticity and a lot of ridicule and you have been vindicated and i think it takes a special kind of person to go through the end too, you know because you're smart and you know what's going on but you stuck to it and, that is not easy to do, you know. and i think you should be very proud of that. and i always appreciate the fact that you are talking about community and bring in the grassroots and i have learned a lot from watching you not just here but it's also at the same eric that i thought the board of education i think it's been very consistent and it's been an honor. to john avalos, we were like brothers and crime in many respects and i want to thank you for being there on so many issues and it wasn't even a
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question. you know, it was kind of a given that you are going to be there and that level of consistency is not something just happens and i think at times, we take it for granted and i just want you to know that it's been really an honor to be there with you. i have learned a lot from you. you also have incredible staff. and you know, at the end of the day, you are not afraid to take on the fight and that is challenging because you know, we fight all the time and sometimes escalating that and the issues you've taken on has been very difficult and it has been, it's made me proud is your friend and ally to see it in action. malia tell and said this and i think it's absolutely right and it is our staff that makes us look good and i think i had the best possible staff but i could've had. it's actually 11 people, 11 men and women over the last eight years that played a role
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in my office. i want to mention them. that pallor [inaudible] helped for a little while kalina joseph smoot laura ln., stephanie ashley carolyn dusen nate i'll be hillary ronan [inaudible] lynette haynes, most of them were women and if you ask each one of them the workload that each carried, i mean, it's just incredible how much work they did and, we had at times it felt like we had our hands on everything and so many balls in the air and you guys just made it look so easy. and, you made me look, you know good every step of the way and one of the things that i learned and actually from [inaudible]
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reading and i don't necessarily agree with and that is the best thing to do is surround yourself around people that are smarter than you and that is what i tried to do. and, i am the luckiest guy in the world. and of course the vindication of having hillary ronan come in and take over and, i am very proud, by the way, for those of us in this building who were leaving, we made a point of making sure that the person that would replace us that that person was a woman and i am very proud of that. we worked very hard to make that happen and we need more women in elected office and i think it is exciting to see the future. i would simply and with this. to district 9 to the fee fund san francisco and to what super avalos said, this has been the
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greatest most amazing job that i had and has a kid from guatemala this formerly undocumented gay kid, what a great thing to be considered part of the senate of the city and county of san francisco, it is a testament to just how great this country is and how amazing the city is. even though we disagreed at times and at times, we got upset or angry or passionate, it was always with the spirit of trying do the right thing for people and that is, you know, how i saw it and how i tried to approach it and i know that from my colleagues also approached it. i'm very proud to be part of this institution and to be a small part of its history like the rest of you and i want to say that i want to thank donald trump and all the crazy people who have motivated me to continue to be
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involved. to all the haters have sent dan a lot of threats and you know, horrible, hateful comments in the last few couple of weeks because of the work around immigration, thank you. thank you for reminding us why we live in san francisco and why we are proud to fight for san francisco, and why you know, we are not going in a fight but we are going to fight to win because this country is as much our country as it is yours and you know, what happens when bad things happen is that it is only a motivating factor it is a motivation. and we are on the right side of history. i do not know what the future holds for me but you know, fighting donald trump every step of the way is certainly something that looks very appealing to me. and so, i hope you join us in that
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effort. thank you. >>[applause] >>thank you. >>[applause] >>thank you supervisor for your service and thank you to our colleagues for all of your amazing comments and, i know as i said, you are all used to giving these things and now today, you take home your very own. >>[laughing] >> signed by every single board of the supervisors. where do isupervisor campos.
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>>i just want to thank you my husband thinks you and winston my dog thinks you. >>so thank you supervisor campos with that mme. city clerk, please call the roll. >>[roll call vote] >> there are 10 ayes. those
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resolutions are adopted unanimously. >>[gavel] >>[applause] >>thank you guys. let's take this baby home. mme. clerk, please read the end of memorial him. >>today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals on the half of supervisor yee and supervisor tang for miss anita and for pres. breed for the late of on kelly. >>thank you mme. city clerk, that brings us to the end of our agenda is there any other business before us today? >>that concludes our business today. >>thank you for our service and we look forward to seeing you around here helping us out now that you are retired.that


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