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tv   LAF Co 12916  SFGTV  January 3, 2017 10:00pm-12:01am PST

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the spring as of this week 200 and 55 new sign-ups and 77 percent are supergreen sign-ups. >> will this get us to what percentage. >> in between. >> about 2.3 percent if we account for - we've got a lot more work to do but we'll be focusing on until another major enforcement for that the updates of the 77 plus thousand customers a lot of the potential we've been seeing weekly you understand on the order of 20 to one hundred customers and promoting the supergreen we definitely think we can get there and hopefully next year. >> we'll hold to you it.
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>> sounds good. >> it is something i'd like to be held to. >> and so on the outreach front i mentioned we're seeing strong sign up for intra has to do with with the activities you may have seen the cleanpowersf to took over the space point muni station and advertising on muni bus shetland in the enrollment area and focusing on upgrading the supergreen and we're also he hosting welcome events and we host your first welcome event on monday night at the african-american cultural center and the next event will be this sunday at 9 amputee eureka and
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the goal to be very available for the community we recorded in the past that cleanpowersf and the staff are working hard on a program gross land we've potentially launched phase one and two more months on our enrollment period for the november enforcement and we're setting our sites to scale the program citywide the plan will focus think an examination and better understanding the electricity and our outcome for the next several years our city demand and revenue opportunities is going to address and this is really a key part of that the financing needs for the program how we're going to scale up our
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power and they then to establish the operational readiness and support of an expanded program and what we're talking about today, we're serving 10 to 15 percent of the size of the city and county of san francisco about it is potentially about an 8 fold increase in size. >> i'm going to move to the regulatory updates unless you have questions about the material and we're good thank you. >> we're approaching the end of the calendar year and what that means for us the cpuc will be issuing the rates in particular the pc i a and filing
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the comments with the city and joining others. >> ccas. >> been joint filings together. >> given pg&e proposal and forecast cleanpowersf may have a small bill increase relative to the pg&e service at least until the next pg&e change we expect the march to may of next year and expecting to build some kind of a compensation in the rates that bring that increase down a little bit so just to be clear that means that cleanpowersf rates will be lower than pg&e generation rates by the overall bill impact to the cca customers maybe higher
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sth we're expecting a final cca decision on the 15 of december and that will support the pg&e rates going forward. >> so this activity the cpuc preceding is implementing previous policy and guidance on how to circulate the p cia is a formula with a little bit of ability within the scope to influence the changes how they do that a top regulatory initiate of the cpuc and the cleanpowersf to reform to move changes to the pcia and in
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response to last year's response the puck established a working group that involves the investor and utilities to come together over 6 month period to discuss options for reforming the p cia the staff are participating in the progress we've heard productions i've heard preview conversations where submitting proposals for that process the working group is are charged with presenting a report to the cpuc by the middle 2017 and the idea their proposal will then serve as the basis for the proceeding so it is a little bit of kick the can down the road but this
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is the cpuc the way the cpuc does business so we are looking at alternatives ways considering legislative strategies as well wraps up my update. >> you, you, you kind of answered my questions they're in the process of perhaps can be created to go from a formula to some legislative or policy way of adjusting the pcia from the outside of the cpuc there is an attempt to do that is there in the inside of the cpuc any place for our seat to take hold to find purchase. >> there is definitely an openness to hearing the cpuc
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concerns and trying to address them within their statutory restrictions there is a language in the law today that cpuc that guided the actions in the past the question within that existing legal requirement what kind of flexibility the cpuc has to make reform and so i think that the perspective they have and the working group is very much looking at the technical details with the cpuc. >> what can be done one of the biggest challenges right now, we're on an annual cycle where around this time of year we expect a decision that sets the cpuc for the following year and that volatility is very
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disruptive so one of the strong proposals i think that quite reasonable to create more of a forecast and create stability year after year instead of the volatility we've seen and there is an openness to that kind of thing when it comes to funneling changing the mechanism that the cpuc used to insure a non-participating customer in the process so that the exercises that are not in the system don't bear the costs that and may have to be dlon a legislative action wear thinking of ways to do that. >> to what extent does the cpuc work for the cca versus
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major utilities is it set up to provide some level of support for utilities it seems like over cpuc. >> the cpuc works for the repairs which includes utility rate repairs and the cca commercials we're talking about are the same repairs that's one of the message to the cpuc to remember that they also represent the cca repairs. >> we don't have the ability to influence legislative judges in the commissioners the way that the utilities. >> we have to do that through the public process and through stronger argumentation and over
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the history of the p cia the city has not been opposed to the concept of protecting the repairs there are non-participating san franciscans out there but clearly what the important to make sure the process is transparent and fair and compliant with the law that kind of stand-off can be buried in the details will there are ways to disrupt the projects we need to be aware of it's definitely something we're knowing the cpuc is watching over the process i think sort of as the cpuc movement is growing statewide i think that is really in our favor when it comes to pushing significant reform either way the policymakers and the
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regulators have to deal with the fact there are expensive contract that has been signed and so this the tough issue just to be clear and we think there can be positive change and in for the at the cpuc potentially through legislation. >> great, thank you. >> other questions mr. fried and jason fried, executive officer just wanted to chime in on a couple of update as the cpuc is doing great work with the business plan and looking forward to seeing the final version next year when necessary have the plan rolled out for the process to be done quicker good ideas how to do that and looking forward to that 2015 on the cpuc discussion were up having i potentially are a
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darker view how the pauksz treats the customers not as fairly as they need to be treated they protect the bundled customers to the disadvantages of other customers we need to talk about there as was stated basically the same customer and should be protected equally we need to make sure we are doing that up to this point the cpuc comments especially some of the commissioners they talk about protecting the customers not realizing we need to do more to cat them to protect the other customers so come next year as lafco stays involved i'll be continuing as to write letters or opposition whatever to make sure we're protecting the cpuc customers with the bundled customers of benjamin those are
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my - i'll be again get a chance to attend the event he encourage anyone that has thoughts or questions you have you'll your experts sitting in one room it is great for the public to show up people were fed and will be fed at the sunday morning i encourage the folks to show up this morning will - and really ask tour tough questions all the experts will be in the room i'll be there and 4re7b8dz a hand to the cause and hope you'll attend that that's all i have for any portions. >> great no other questions thank you for your report. >> mr. fried and go to public comment any member of the public
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that wants to rush the podium to say. >> few words about this. >> hello chair avalos and commissioners jeff from the bay area i guess i would say that the idea that some period of time we're trying to immoral the customers ♪ program that the bills will be higher than pg&e for the standards services obviously is bad news and we're working against i think this illustrates the need for city government to work aggressively to defend and build and protect cleanpowersf it is great to me as a community advocate to continue for lafco going forward as this clearly is not a federal issue business
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cleanpowersf has been launched ultimately all 3 owes is expected to be transitioning to the cpuc and 1 or 2 will be a majority the current chair or president of the cpuc michael ticker has referred to the community choices as a collective this was or less while serving in that office you you think from the outside it appears to us the cpuc allows the iou to pass they're able to reduce their electricity given what is going on in their market they shouldn't be able to be put in a bad position with our rates i want in support of cpuc and the
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board of supervisors and lafco in taxiing whatever stems necessary to make sure this program succeeds and not get - >> thank you if there are no other member of the public to rush the podium for public comment public comment is closed. and go on to the next item. >> item four honoring john aval avalos. >> madam chair. >> i'm the chair now so i did not have anything prepared to say i understand we are at our last meeting with our current chair chair avalos and commissioner mar and
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commissioner campos we wanted to take the time to honor their work here on lafco and i believe that we have i'd like to say a few comments i'll allow any colleagues to have comments first, i know that chief executive officer jason fried has some thoughts. >> yeah. for each of you, we have resolutions and proclamation for you similar on a nature although difference a lot of the work you worked so well as a team it was hard to distinguish you're responsible for one or another part but because of your ability to work as a team that's one of the things that means something to me personally for the 3 of i it
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was xrefsz maybe a discernment outside of lafco put that aside and understand the importance of lafco working on the cleanpowersf program and some of the other waste management in the city or mou how elections get run in the city you put those it didn't make any differences behind when i sat down to write the resolutions i couldn't figure out how to write them on that note he will read some of the individual clauses as to the resolution so you're aware of the individual supervisor avalos served with lafco into 2012 and severed as vice chair in 2012 a good training course to become chair let's see you were also the chair of the commission when the
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city's aggregation program was launched you'll be the last chair and chairing this body when we started to serve customers that's exactly what lafco was set up to do to get public elected and the cca program implement in the city and county. >> i appreciate that but the claim of launching cleanpowersf has been done by a member no longer here and that's why i said you were physically chair when if launched the physical launch any differences between each of you so on the noted i wanted to say thank you very much for your hard working and yield to the other commissioners and why not call 5 and 6 together as well. >> okay.
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>> so we'll do all at once. >> madam clerk call items 5 and 6 you've called 4. >> i had to ask that. >> that's right (laughter). >> you had - and item 5 is a resolution honoring david campos and item 6 eric mar. >> for commissioner campos your individual depictions you served for two consequence years as well as vice chair in 2010 and the chair that the cpuc at the time was ed harrington agreed to launch the program and the chair to get the sfpuc to launch a program granted hips after that but physically the chair when that action occurred
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and so with that, we want to say thank you for your your serves services i'll give you my personal thoughts i was very a.d. mirrored how you were able to get the general manager to have a long tedious process over the years you have a problem with that and went to every single item it was issued with the puc. >> worked so see how wooul you'll get to a large program wouldn't have been possible without the to this spot in the program to be launched i give you a lot of credit to get us to the point that sfpuc staff was maybe not supportive but get to the spot we have a program go to the public and say please join this program thank you to you and commissioner mar you get an
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interesting distinction you're the only lafco commissioner to leave the commission and come back (laughter) you are the only person to serve on 3 seats and switched to the alternative and left lafco and you missed us and did a different seat and served in 3 different seats at the lafco which is pretty expressive. >> it is i was looking at and seeing who was here the longest i forgot to mention commissioner campos from the board of supervisors to serve on lafco and but you've served longer than may board of supervisors and commissioner avalos your shortly behind you got a point a month earlier but the election
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he beat you out by one month. >> we've talked about that and will next thursday. >> so the 3 proclamations i'll be happy to give to you when we are done but go back to you folks to have the discussion about each other. >> i'd like to say a few words i think for me in the public seat it has been a learning experience for me on local agency formation commission and the 3 of you have been mentors to me i think that lafco is very different from other commissions or i'd like say the committees that our part of and the board of supervisors because this is like geeky behind the scenes not a lot of fanfare and other stuff
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it's within an honor to work alongside you and want to say a few things chair avalos and you know in addition to being you know a friend and someone that i look up to been a mentor and you know knowledge believing i can be a part of something bigger in terms of cleanpowersf and bringing me into the vice chair role you've never backed down from launching cleanpowersf you've never stopped thinking about the environmental review and the benefit of having cleanpowersf in san francisco and what that meant for the ccas in the state and then you've always looked for opportunity to expand the
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program listening in the advocates and working with the specifically with ted olsen he discovered the oil field in the community and looking at it as a way to stop the oil production and creating a solar farm that would be part of the do you believe the way you blocked for opportunities to grow the program and how your work on the board of supervisors and the city and just environment and commissioner campos i wanted to say i learned a lot from you in terms of the way you cross examine people you are you're like a gentle bulldog as agency
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attorney that experienced really pulling things out and the details out taught me a lot how to work with someone that i may not have the same end goal but how to find that common ground and put them on the spot to answer the questions that are important not in you bad way but transparent and accountability what it means to san franciscans so have someone that advocates for them thank you for teaching me that and commissioner mar i've always, always can count think on you to look at the social and racial justice you're always thinking of the world that we're creating more your daughter you're thinking about
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the legacy we leave behind we're thinking of people who may not have a voice in that room thank you for that for always doing that >> you can say curse words in the nicest way i super appreciate that. >> (laughter). >> but all of you have really taught me what that is like to be a part of something bigger and cleanpowersf was my segue into lafco working on what that meant with the other reports like the elected officials and thinking about the things that lafco don't see it ripples out it starts as a seed in the community and can be bigger that changes the way we do things in the city and the way the rest of
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the country looks to san francisco so san francisco lafco can be a generate our i appreciate the work and if no one is on lafco come january you guys have to show up somehow. >> so that might not actually be legal i want to thank you so much and happy to be a part of honoring you and allow you guys to say a few words commissioner mar you're next on the roster. >> let me start by saying it feels good to say chair crews and want to appreciate our leadership from the voters and the young voters and all the communities efforts to nurture other people to step up and hold government accountable i'm going to show this little pamphlet but
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it is about love i love you guys and avalos and i spent jail in oakland in the last 90s and for mayor and i think that was over the youth. >> criminalization of youth and others were in there dan from the global challenge a number of us. >> james. >> and peter martinez an incredible experience being in jail with you john (laughter). >> i see lafco as pretty much the government body that sherz that cleanpowersf was not going to be blocked by the mayor and others and john made sure that was happening and john your
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brilliant legal counsel as we were a dealing with the balance of african-american and other students all the complexities but really how i remember affidavits ability and total people skills in addition to what cynthia or chair crews is saying about the ability to cross examining but an ability in using the people skills to really help negotiate the best for especially our most vulnerable citizens in the school district and continuing on as champion with lafco on our board i want to do my best to say i hear if the puc district quan and others but cleanpowersf wouldn't have come about without
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tom ammiano and others on the lafco before us we follow in neither footprints and not just in the lafco elected but michael from the sierra club before that was laura and others and john and so many others but also the community alliances that were formed i want to thank you to eric brooks and others that are persistent in gathering information to be better at what we do we wouldn't have cleanpowersf without the community coalition and lastly wanted to say because the per assailants of the community and jason fried in 2008, you were
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noted as the best political mind you know where the bodies are buried the best power analysis what goes on in city hall and outside and i met you when you were a working and timed to give you a special thank you for being an maliciously director for lafco and hearing about not only the environmental justice but how everything fits together and thank you for being a good friend and actually, i won't miss lafco but others will moved on the important struggles with cleanpowersf and so many environmental justice and been a pleasure to serve he won't miss it. >> (laughter). >> commissioner avalos.
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>> thank you president. >> god you know, i think that for the three of us and john and eric and i that will be a weird next couple of weeks or so as we're you know finally comes to i mean we've come to the terms we're leaving this place and you know being on the board of supervisors has been an amazing job the best job i've ever had and being a member of lafco has been an important part of it i was redundant do join lafco wasn't sure what that entails and lafco has been a critical part of the progressive movement in san francisco and so many people over the years made that happen in the end my commitment to lafco came
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from the progressive movement and specifically to the issue of clean power and larger cleanpowersf irks that brought lafco to into existence and there are people players that are no longer involved in the way they were before it was a different scraper and the san francisco bay guardian was a big proponent of lafco and redd man and other folks made it happen and saw that lafco would be a tool for members of the board of supervisors and eastbound members of the public to push forward the issues that for whatever reason were difficult to push through the regular process through the board of supervisors and the mayor's office over the years the relationship into lafco and city agencies has
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viewed i wanted to thank the california public utilities commission and their staff for putting up with us over the years we started out being contentious and challenging and difficult and at times you you know tough meetings were had and you know if there is any word that i think describes lafco to me that lafco has been relentless even has the political scraper changes and the political progressive movements up and down lafco has is the little you know engine that could and keeps on going and has it is interesting to see what happens i hope the moo new members of the board who by the way, talk about progress many of
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them are women joined this body and continued this work thank you to the puc and to general manager kelly, thank you to all the previous general manager and to the staff that worked with use it is greatly appreciated to the extent we've been going you have to go right with us whether or not you wanted to at times so greatly appreciated the lafco staff i mean wouldn't have been possible without the staff and i think jason in particular i don't know that a few years back you remember thinking i was going to become the chief executive for lafco you feel into and it happened you're a quick study and hit the ground running and been a pleasure for me to serve with you not only
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when i was there but as a member i know you have been someone who has learned the ropes pretty quickly and not afraid to work and we wouldn't have been possible without the you. >> so the big kudos to you and your energy what you've done and then to any colleagues we wouldn't have a lafco figure enough of us hadn't chosen to make that a priority and commissioner mar and commissioner avalos didn't have to do this they choose to do this consistently when that was easier we're doing so many things and fighting on so many fronts at times the last thing you want to come here and fight on this front; right? so thank you for your commitment and thank you for doing that and
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thank you to the staff for the work that came with doing that. >> to commissioner and commissioner avalos comes that added responsibility and not only for you but also your staff you really have played that role here for many years and it is not easy and so you know thank you for that and for in the just doing that but doing that well. >> it to jeramy and every staff member that as staffed you over the years. >> and you know i'm proud of the work we should, collectively proud of the work and thank you to all the people that had a part to play in all all of that i hope it continues i actually think we have learned from lafco you can think outside the box lafco didn't have to focus on
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clean energy and who knows what initials we're going to have to deal with i mean, we have a sense from the new president-elect trump but have a full plate at lafco my hope the community elected members of the board of supervisors will choose to continue to be on this body i'll advocate for them their decision in the end you'll have you know folks ready to go and hit the ground running so that is exciting i'll ended who people talk about lafco 10 or 20 or thirty years from now not just a community thing but focus on the work thank you. >> chair avalos oar i'm not i
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think i'm vice chair. >> so that is really hard to put in words what i'm feeling not only at lafco but in general on my service on the board ; right? i served with eric but more than anything i want to say i have a tremendous gratitude to work with i and learned itch from you along the what you actually i needed to watch and to observe and to experience our work david to be able to actually feel confident at the board of supervisors and lafco so you know, i appreciate your coming in and your brilliance at doing the difficult work of taking down and trying to find the
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truth of what we're saying that's been a significant experience and thank you for that. >> and eric you know, i just everything you do you do with our heart and do with a serious understanding of all the decades of work before to be where we're at today and i admire you are for that and appreciate for your work and being here and our sense of service and judicious that drive and motivate i know you bring you know all of your self to bear and i know through the work we have to do and i know behind you are incredible life issues that i you know manage just to get to where you are today and do to fine job appreciate you for that and your
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humanity and thank you. i have to pause i want to say crews i was - it was a dlierlt for you to come and work on lafco with us you're a geek (laughter). >> i say that in the most you know life affirming way i remember you had in the board of supervisors i don't know worship i saw you at city hall you came and spoke and haven't lost my attention you have had a shirt with fetish this is pretty cool
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what it said and it is great that you and jeremy got married and you guys are meant for each other and, of course, jeremy pollack any legislative aide has been great to work with and learned to which from him really the perfect aid i do a lot of things by improve and he gives me me the best information to work off i want to shout out to jeramy pollack wouldn't have been possible without the backing me up but in our climate it has been our passion as well and thank you to we'll start with mr. fried if you for staffing us and being the
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director all those years and it's been great to work with you and thank you for always having to use the crowbar to get any attention at times we're working on a million things and every minute my head it is filed with on the projects you've kept things moving through lafco i want to acknowledge you know how much knowledge you've been able to bring and work with to its to bring institutions this year focused so, so many things and kept you know the work ann around cca going forward and lafco you've served us well and thank you for that. >> and then for staff ms. hale is not here i remember the contentious years the problem
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went through my head probably not the most appropriate thing to say if there wasn't so much contention going on i think that ed had a shot at being intern mayor he actively was in a position to do that having being the controller and director but that was a thought that went through in my head but environmental impact report pathway here probably people are ready to like support him and be a different aide who knows maybe cca done 40 years earlier and mr. hymn thank you. i appreciate our reports like i said earlier today, you answered the questions with the presentation and didn't anticipate that and not easy to
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work with cpmc. >> juliette thank you for your work and i don't understand lafco you're really great to work with and brought resources to our district and really worked the community groups looking to get a better outcome to make sure for the work and been strong so i want to say thank you and eric mentioned members of the public that have been structural in the work through the schools and sierra club and i know 350 bayview thank you for your work and helping to keep us being a member of the public watching all the time i know there are many more but our work is helpful to keep the bathroom,
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going and our ideas led us to you know moving forward with the report what was the report calls the enernex report that led to finally coming to the cca program we have now so with that, i'll not say anything else. >> thank you mr. fried. >> i realize i forgot to apologize for ms. miller couldn't be here she was instructed to be in court for one of her clients in southern california you you know when the judge says you have to be here she was sad and upset but pass on her thoughts and thank you for your years of service she's been here the longest she wanted
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to apologize and saw thank you for your service and reaching out of this service and let you you know her thoughts and i'm going to turn it over to sfpuc to make a few comments themselves. >> thank you i did not expect this meeting to be like it's been my brain is - like coming home a week or to i was tgeneral manager and opm lik was the same pollack i have no idea (laughter) but here to thank lafco and especially thank the outgoing commissioners for all your work with the puc to really focus on cleanpowersf and getting that program launched as as you may know i taught a
10:50 pm
class called policy in action in europe and i think that the work is lafco has been to do is a great example the best is the best not the policy on the books or as people forgot it has impact i hope that each of you take pride including the staff around that entity has been able to do to get things done that benefit the san franciscans i know your proud we're proud i think as we think about the times of struggle that there were years of that i think that what i was left was that the puc and the lafco was not really that far apart with a common goal and set of values around green house clean accountable
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energy we've struggles for many years that was a principle struggle and ended up in a place with 57 thousand customers thank you to the supervisors coming out for your tenacity commissioner mar will not miss lafco when we came to - the staff stuck with that and have this concrete forum we wanted to have acknowledged commissioner i quantum is here to show his gratitude and representing the commission really were all of you on lafco and want to thank you to jason fried, executive officer and to nancy again, while we have differences jason
10:52 pm
would come over to the puc and play bodies and help us get to common ground thank you for that and then we brought along some guests and after we saw the framed proclamation that jason brought wow. ours have better (laughter). >> oh, my god so. >> we very specific plaques that really acknowledge the commissioners (laughter) and forgot the bowtie we apologize for that commissioner campos but have a bunch of other san francisco puc things hoodies and hetch hetchy hats and mugs, etc. we hope you guys wouldn't forgot us and i'll ended saying our general manager harlan kelly couldn't be here with another
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meeting but appreciated 24 process and i think when he became general manager questions where is he and will he become familiar with lafco and the leadership to get it launched he's provided amazing leadership and out there i think he is proud with the leadership and appreciated the leadership of the organization we've struggled he was one of the first people saying and invite them in and sit down and i know he wanted to be here today and i'll end with that. >> thank you very much just as we're appreciating all of the people that have been part of cleanpowersf and lafco he wanted to bring the news of the principle in the room convincing and carolyn babbitt i feel sometimes that especially
10:54 pm
women they don't get their names out there and not the people that come to the meetings but instrumental in moving cleanpowersf forward thank you all so much i want to give an opportunity for the members of the public and commissioner quan so say things. >> oh, we're open up for public comment. >> all right. good afternoon xhoolz and commissioner mar and vice chair avalos and commissioner pollock and commissioner mar and commissioner campos i really talk about riding on coattails i bear witness to this effort and very, very honored to be a part of it but to see this come to fruition has been a momentous
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year and describe the collective efforts and tenacity is top of the list without the potentially conveyed directives of clean power but the appropriate amount of emotion over the course of the effort many large sobrieties and didn't come to the city until 2008 and saw one of them but to let everyone know that cleanpowersf is virtually is important and people want it and not let it fade and die away to keep it alive impressed with the san francisco public works on the level of self-discipline and inclusiveness it move forward and expressed with the feel of getting ahead mr. fried a
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pleasure and brought rigor too this process thank you very much and honored to be bear witness to this effort thank you. >> thanks jed from the bay area i guess i'll really echo all the comments they were lovely there is no way to prove or disprove thank you for your service over all the years and like supervisor campos said i didn't have to do it in theory as cleanpowersf is implemented this will be the single largest step san francisco takes through the green house at least the production vera dick it is true we have work to do to make that
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a reality but to get the ball rolling down the hill is so critical and you know i'd like to represent the organization that are here and your organization and permanent as a long time san franciscan thank you all for stepping up and doing this because you saw it needed to be done i can't really fathom working in policy without you being here if we were not facing you know simple huge electoral losses i feel this will break my brain's but it is already broken i have complektsd feeling about everyone i feel like this is something i didn't know i had but really want to thank you for
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your everything you've done and hope very much that we will continue to see ion this side working to make sure that program is a reality i'll not give any statements to jason but since i as a san franciscan and am counting on this body being here next year thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners eric brooks i should mention all the groups that come forward over the last 12 years for lafco san francisco clean power and public net and san francisco and just thanking the 3 commissioners for leaving for their service on the commission i'm not going to repeat did you
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make that city liveable and clean power off the ground we still need lafco over the years it has not been rosy and the public you might not realize it i'll hit it we've had our detests in strategies sometimes issues with trust at times but in the end it boils down to lafco it's a group of people and advocates working with those people who saw that stuff needed to get done the executive branch of the government was not going to do that tom ammiano wisely tom ammiano wisely understood we need to create an agency to make that happen lafco gotten stuff done we always could have - we
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always had a super majority on the board of supervisors with clean power but we needed a bodies that was empowered and funded to get studies like the internet studies, etc. so that's why that body needs to continue but once again i have so end with thanking everybody that has been mechanics and especially the 3 commissioners that won't be returning after their seats are filed they can run again maybe you can encourage them to do that. >> thank you. next speaker. >> none rush public comment is closed. >> not sure what to do. >> we have the resolutions; right? >> we have a motion to approve
11:01 pm
the resolutions. >> so moved. >> second. >> okay without objection they are approved and the next thing on the agenda is item no. 7 the executive officer's report report. >> jason fried, executive officer i'll keep this report short and sweet over that meeting we're going to have a celebration to thank and honor our commissioners in room 270 finger foods and things i encourage you give us 5 or 10 minutes after we bank the a gavel so we can continue to celebrate our 3 commissioners, thank you that's all i have. >> thank you very much we'll have public comment on our executive director's report anyone wish to comment to bum
11:02 pm
rush the podium seeing none, public comment is closed. >> our next item, please. >> item number 8. >> public comment. >> good afternoon, commissioners andrew yip politely e political leaders have management wondering martin luther king must apply kindness on the existence of timely trends one that promotes the strategic plans and programs in response to the mental process o progress for local regions and on the accomplishment of two-way real virtues one must make great publication with true benefits for the government and for the people political leaders must work on peace of wellness in great
11:03 pm
harmony for the for the virtues in the principles and on those issues be full on non-stop as one - should be maintained without intervals one state of mind with public integrity or passion and destiny one course of achievement and having a mission for worldly rescue. >> thank you anyone wish to comment no one we'll close public comment and next item. >> the further agenda item
11:04 pm
since three-quarters of us don't have a future here maybe go on to the next item public comment on the further agenda items okay. i'm sorry. for that the gallows in my mind public comment on future agenda items seeing none, public comment is closed. and go to our last item. >> adjournment. >> as we adjourn colleagues again been a real hon
11:05 pm
11:06 pm
11:07 pm
11:08 pm
>> good morning were going to start the program now and my name is [inaudible] welcome to the groundbreaking summary for ocean wide center. during the heart of seafarers transbay help. i am proud to be here today. after working closely with the opposition team was two years ago to scare the project. you also the model what the site will look like once it is completed. that was in the front when you all walk in. first of all, i would like to mention that we are very delighted to have the following vips here today and are even. of course we start with mr. chairman lou chairman and founder china ocean wide group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] of course we also my boss. mayor edwin lee city and county of san francisco
11:09 pm
>>[foreign language] >>[applause] counsel general [inaudible] counsel gen. of the people's republic of china >>[foreign language] >>[applause] we were expecting mayor willie brown but i don't think he has arrived yet but when he arrives i'm sure you'll see him. >>[laughing] we are excited that mr. [inaudible] is your senior exec the power of foster and partners to >>[applause] scuttle executive board director and vice president of china ocean wide holdings group good >>[foreign language] >>[applause] we also -executive board director and chairman of china ocean wide holdings group. >>[foreign
11:10 pm
language] >>[applause] executive board director and president ocean wide holdings company limited. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] next we have-chairman of the supervisory board of the china ocean wide holdings group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] vice chairman of supervisory board china ocean wide holdings group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] board director and vice president china ocean wide holdings group. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] board director and vice president ocean wide holdings. >>[foreign language]
11:11 pm
>>[applause] economic marshall counselor of the chinese consulate. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] we also have mr. tom-director of the san francisco department of building inspections. >>[foreign language] >>[cough] >>[applause] were also delighted to mr. todd rufo my other boss director of the opposite economic workforce development. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] we also have john update, dir. department of real estate. he is here. yes, he is here good i'm sorry. i was looking for you. >>[applause] we have
11:12 pm
-chairman of industrial commercial bank of china, usa. >>[foreign language] >>[applause] of course we have mr. jeffrey heller president of heller manors architects. >>[applause] jeffrey of ceo of fullerton in corporative. >>[applause] jeff patterson of ceo of web court. >>[applause] mr. john vanderslice global head while the story of hotels and resorts. >>[applause] mayor rossini ceo oh western region of tishman construction. >>[applause] in addition we are delighted to have 11 top executives of the ocean wide. join us today from china during >>[foreign language]now i have
11:13 pm
the privilege of introducing mr.-from ocean wife holdings. >>[applause] >>hon. mayor edwin lee, counsel general-chairman lou, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. good water morning. >>[applause] the groundbreaking ceremony this morning marks ocean wide center setting into constructing it's an important milestone for san francisco center district
11:14 pm
developments in on behalf of ocean wide holdings group, i would like to thank you for taking the time to join us today for this momentous occasion. i would also like to thank all of you to supporting and helping ocean wide today to reach this important milestone. see fran has enjoyed strong economic growth in recent years and has great potential to continue attracting investment from all over the world. the groundbreaking ceremony today is symbolic step represents our confidence and inspiration for the city of san francisco. ocean wide center wishes to place an active part in economic and cultural development of this great city. since our founding in 1985, ocean wide holdings group has grown substantially and become
11:15 pm
a multinational corporation with a remarkable arctic influence and social contributions in china and abroad. we have established an integrated platform that consists of finance and other business in multiple industries. currently, we have operations in major cities in mainland china, hong kong, the united states, australia and indonesia. ocean wide seeks long-term strategic partnerships with local businesses, communities, and governments. the statement from the society for the society, reflects our core values. since we acquired ocean wide center project we have been listening to the concerns and comments from the local communities. various governing bodies and the city departments. in addition to supporting a
11:16 pm
formal housing, ocean wide center we are happy to create a number of permits and local job opportunities. i truly believe that the success of ocean wide center will have a positive and lasting impact on the future of san francisco. ocean wide center is our first development in san francisco where building this operate and mixed-use property that comprises office residential hotel and retail. it is important strategic component in our global portfolio. our vision for real estate is relevant, is creating a new urban life. thank you.
11:17 pm
our goal is to create high-quality mixed-use real estate in downtown and establish our brand. we dedicate nearly half of our site to public open space. we also restored to buildings that are over 100 years old. helping conserve the city's architectural heritage. ocean wide center aims to achieve leed leed platinum supplication for the first hour and gold certification for mission tower. it is a great honor and responsibility for us to deliver a high quality iconic asset to this beautiful city. finally, i wish those the best in the construction phase of this great [inaudible]. i look forward to standing here again with you ladies and gentlemen to celebrate the successful
11:18 pm
completion of ocean wide center in the near future. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you mr.- >>[foreign language]. next i'm happy to invite my boss, mayor ed lee. >>[applause] >> good morning everyone. this is a wonderful day and let me congratulate chairman lou four ocean winds holdings and their investment in the city. let me thank our counsel general in his office for helping us guide a lot of the discussions and relationship building and let me also personally think supervisor kim for her leadership as well because her office was directly involved in
11:19 pm
discussing for at least a year, year and a half with all the representatives of ocean wide on establishing this project. you know, you look in the back here and you will see a wonderful top of a skyscraper and we can probably talk all day long about the new skyline and how this represents the second tallest building in san francisco. but, i want to talk about how tall the benefits are for this project because it has never been an issue never be, that projects such as this are just discussed with respect to its design or to its brick and mortar. by the way, we have fantastic design on this building and fantastic contractors that will help us do this and do it well. >>[applause] so of course the jobs in the design and when you look at these concepts of a platinum building for the first
11:20 pm
as mr. han said, and a gold standard for the second, when you look at the design of the new urban room that will connect up a lot of different open spaces, when you look at all that, you're probably going to appreciate this as one of the finest design skyscraper buildings that will probably match any of those but i've recently seen, especially in sable in beijing where i just returned from. they have fantastic buildings as well. but i do want to spend a little more time talking about more than just the building because what has happened particularly in the last year is that ocean wide, through the leadership of the counsel general's office and to all the representatives, created more than historic preservation opportunities, innovation in the design,. they created a partnership. a partnership that i believe
11:21 pm
after meeting with the mayor of beijing and many federal officials in china, that they seek all over united states. it's a partnership that says that because we have these opportunities in san francisco ,, like this site, we can create a weak relationship right in the immediate area with everybody else so that we preserve valued buildings. that the increase open space, that we build more housing for city that says we are in a housing crisis. that we also say, to those that are most in need, we are going to make a tremendous contribution. in fact, a $44 million contribution in housing to make sure that people within the mile can benefit from this actual project. that people in
11:22 pm
chinatown can see more of their open space preserves and enhanced. there we build communities. this project is more than the skyscraper. it is a partnership that reflects a loss of sensitive discussions over the last year and a half good that reflected in almost $130 million of fantastic benefits to our city. so i want to say today, standing here before you is the mayor of san francisco these are the kinds of projects that are more than just the concrete and the skyline. it is about building relationships among people. that is what i believe ocean wide came to do in san francisco. that came to build strong relationships. so that when you see these benefits i don't want anybody to ever regret that these benefits make our city stronger. make our state stronger make this whole area stronger. while the jobs
11:23 pm
will start out with great construction companies and great design firms working together the number of [inaudible] for the building and maintenance of the building, for the parks, for the housing that is part of the contributions, will be sustained over many many years. including, even nonprofits like the african-american the aspera exam that is a direct benefit from the people here. they sought out so many great relationships to establish and create that i am so proud that it's raining today because as darlene says, does a good luck charm that we break ground under time on which water is seen as a great fortune and particularly for northern california. we also use this as an opportunity to again, break ground with a partnership that has demonstrated particularly with vista belmont, a
11:24 pm
relationship building that will go on for many many generations. this is what i'm most proud of. i'm proud of all the different agencies that got together whether it was our housing office, are recreation and park department are municipal transportation agency's among our partner with the transbay transit center and all of the different advocates including our supervisors to say let's do this right. let's have a development that is a model development that touches upon so many things that we constantly want to make sure progresses in our city. i am happy to see the official-go back up again on the site. that is of course, the claim but i am also happy to say that with that comes a foundation for a very strong relationship building between the company that is well respected in china
11:25 pm
and now is going to be because of these contributions, well respected right here in san francisco and all across our country. this is what we strive to do in great cities. like san francisco. is to make these partnerships benefit thousands of more people for generations to come and have those programs sustained. but you are going to see a fine example of urban development and design and environmental contributions. but i think just as important is the human contributions that are made here to make sure that we have relationships that go for many many generations. so congratulations to everybody associated with this, to all the leadership, we are proud to break ground and we are proud to turn over the start in front of us. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you mayor sleight.
11:26 pm
the next i'm honored to invite counsel general-please, to the stage. >>[applause] >>honorable mayor edwin lee and i would like to congratulate you . very successful visit to china. >>[applause] mayor sleight paid a visit to beijing and he came back yesterday. supervisor jane kim, chairman of china ocean wide, mr.
11:27 pm
--distinguished guest, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. it is my pleasure to be invited here to celebrate the groundbreaking of the ocean wide center. on behalf of the consulate general of in san francisco i would like to express warmest congratulations to ocean wide holdings and the city and the county of san francisco. in recent years the china-us trade and investment relations have become much closer [inaudible] bilateral trade reached us$558 billion. china overtook canada as the largest trading partner of the
11:28 pm
united states in 2015. chinese companies invested us$8.4 billion in the us up by 60% from 2014. this year the two-way investment achieves even greater growth from january through october. investment in china by us companies increased by 79.8% while investment in the us by chinese companies increased by 173.9%. those figures demonstrate that businessman are confident with
11:29 pm
our country's markets. [inaudible] industries us real estate market, the california real estate market, is one of the hottest fields by chinese invested lots of jobs. lots of job opportunities are also created because of the investments. in 2015 chinese buyers surpassed canadian buyers as the biggest buyers of us homes. the report of the chinese investment in us real estate published by asia society and the rosen
11:30 pm
consulting group just last may showed that over us$110 billion were invested by chinese into the us real estate between 2010 and 2015. more than one third went into california. a lot of it went into san francisco so mayor sleight again, congratulations. >>[applause] it is well-known that san francisco is a city of [inaudible] hotspot of investment in a new center of renovation. it's name in chinese means >>[foreign language] old gold mountain. which is derived from the gold
11:31 pm
rush and with good hope of fortune creation. today we are here to witness groundbreaking of the ocean wide center. when it is finished it will be the second [inaudible] building in san francisco and it becomes a good model to show the city prosperity and the relationship with china. today, when i entered this i saw the model. this model, i think it is wonderful. it is a well-designed. the architecture is very beautiful. mr.-, at the beginning he would wanted to build the building, the height, much higher. it would be the
11:32 pm
tallest building in san francisco. but during the negotiations, there was a restriction because another building in the contract said in the future goal buildings should be taller than that one. so he was unable to build the tallest one could i said, it is okay. the second one is good because china is the second largest economy in the world. >>[laughing] >>[applause] really it's a good model to show the city's prosperity and the long relationship with china. ocean wide holdings is a famous private enterprise in
11:33 pm
china with several successful real estate projects in top-tier cities like beijing, shanghai, etc. i believe that because of its personal expenses and [inaudible] in the quality control measures, ocean wide holdings will be able to build ocean wide center has a high standard landmark of san francisco to benefit the local community. congratulations, to ocean wide holdings again. we wish you a very successful business in the future. thank you, all. >>[applause] >> i always learn something
11:34 pm
when i hear counsel general speak. always. thank you. may i please invite supervisor jane kim to the stage, please. we are so delighted to have you here today. >>[applause] >> good morning. when i was running for office in this district in 2010 i would meet with residents in this neighborhood and they would ask me, when is the promise of the infrastructure and the parks and the office and the restaurants and all the many things that the city had promised us, when is that actually come to fruition? when i began office in the midst of the recession along with mr. mayor ed lee we had seen the slowest rate of construction and development at the city at that time. we were excited to have the groundbreaking of the transbay
11:35 pm
terminal, where for the first time, many construction workers were finally going back to work. i don't think many of us could've predicted what would follow in that year. i think that over the last six years i been really proud to preside along with the mayor over one of the fastest growth and about here in san francisco's history. every day i'm driving through san francisco, walking through, and seeing the skyline, it is outstanding how much this neighborhood is changing. and how we are finally bringing the promise of jobs, housing, affordable housing, parks and open space are actually coming to reality. i want to welcome ocean wide get becoming a partner and neighbor in this what i call the newest and most exciting event in san francisco is the transbay terminal. now ocean wide had many challenges in
11:36 pm
coming to a city like san francisco. for those of you that too many development projects here, you know there are already obstacles if you're already a well-known player and even a homegrown developer to getting approval and the support of our communities here in san francisco. but ocean wide doug in very quickly and they said, we want to build a project as soon as possible. i was a bit skeptical. i'm still until i started chen wu in any chain at every event i went to. >>[laughing] i was started wearing they were trying to run for my seat. >>[laughing] they were every nonprofit banquet at arts galleries, visits, united players are clubhouses youth violence prevention work in the south of market and i knew they were serious. they were serious about being a new neighbor, demonstrating their commitment to wanting to be a long-term partner here in san francisco. so this project comes as many think besides being the second tallest building here in san
11:37 pm
francisco skyline, they have made a huge commitment to open space here in san francisco. i want to thank ocean wide for working so closely with our park and rec commissioner alan welcome in chinatown community develop center to make sure that as we build the high density neighborhood but we also ensure there is healthy and active open space for residents and workers to plate and recreate injured because it's not enough that we live and work oh we also need to be able to recreate in the city that we love to live in. second, without any type of the goucher should, ocean wide came to my office and said they were committed to doing 33% affordable housing on-site. i have to tell you, that made my job incredibly easy. so i want to thank ocean wide for that commitment as well. her charming ensuring we build in san francisco we are ensuring a diverse neighborhood in a proud
11:38 pm
that here in transbay neighborhood that we will be building to 35% affordability and ocean wide is a big contributor in making sure that working-class and middle-class families will be able to continue to live here in san francisco. finally, we would not have a great city if we do not invest in the arts. so i want to thank you for working with one of our key museums and arts organizations here and with linda harrison, director of the new museum of african diaspora by making an investment through your arts the to ensuring that we are a city that is truly great because we love our arts and we invest in it the right way. so ocean wide, congratulations. welcome to the neighborhood. i look forward to working with you or counsel general, thank you for talking about the importance of building these types of relationships. we don't have the type of high density development that china does. not just one city but multiple cities. throughout the
11:39 pm
country and so we are excited to have you a partner here in san francisco as we continue to build. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you supervisor kim. next i like to invite jeff heller of heller manner to provide some background in this process. >>[applause] >> thanks to everybody. i really am pleased to be here with so many friends and colleagues. this is a great day . i thought that the best thing i could do for all of us is to talk about how we got to today. this is a wonderful day and people talk about how some years ago this project started and all of that good this project and the very existence
11:40 pm
of the transbay district started 20 years ago. if that had not happened none of us would be here today, none of this would be happening. it happened because san francisco realized that true sustainability was high density development around transit, and that shifted the city into understanding the need for high density corridor like this and it moved the politics to make this possible. then from mayor brown to our mayor lee now the evolution of the plan took place , in a really started in about 2006 i'm sorry in 1996. so about a decade after that, the plan once again changed and developed to the plan that we have today. the heights and densities and the linkage of
11:41 pm
that to the transbay terminal became the core piece of making this all possible. that was the only path for which this could have happened because the thing that helped that was that san francisco changed from a local provincial pretty tourist city to a global city. the global city also became the piece that drove this and this process to where we are today. so in about 2012 the plan gets approved. in 2012 the site that we are on was a complete real estate disaster. it was broken in two parts. there were holdouts. there were lawsuits. there were people fighting about this, what was the largest plot in the transbay and png and
11:42 pm
michael--were able to somehow pull off the impossible and assemble the site into existence. without that, we would not be here today. then, after that, png directed a design process and i went to foster and partners because we are friends and we are colleagues for a long time. it was the natural choice. we think totally eye to eye on the philosophy and so in 2013-2014, the plan and the concept developed. then after that, in 2015-ocean wide comes and sees the opportunity and they see the vision of probably the
11:43 pm
greatest private project in the city and the headquarters for them in the united states. in doing that, they've created this fantastic edifice in this fantastic plan. you know, i can't think chairman lou ann chen wu enough for bringing vision, professionalism, social consciousness and the overriding sense of quality to this project. it is clearly the finest project that most of us have come in contact work will. so with that, i'm going to introduce stefan billings, from foster and partners and i just want to say, on his coming and please, seven, >>[applause] that the wonderful part was that from day one we
11:44 pm
simultaneously totally got about the potential of the site. the way to do this site and execute on it and it has been wonderful, smooth, fabulous commendation of effort and almost effortless getting to today other than the really hard work. >>[applause] >> thank you very much. that was very kind. hon. mayor's, counsel general, chairman lou, ladies and gentlemen on behalf of foster and partners, i'm and norman foster one 420 cannot be here today because he is not well. i would like to thank you for having us today and also tell you how honored we are to be part of this incredible transbay transit center develop plan. we think it is one of the worlds unique projects in
11:45 pm
pushing high density and mixed-use next transit send it very much some thing that we believe in as a company. i would like to thank our client ocean wide especially chairman lou, for being incredible artist with a fantastic look working relation with mr. wu and the team and it is a true collaboration. everything we do is not us. it is all part of a much bigger piece. hopefully, it will create an amazing project. i think ground breaking ceremonies for us architects is an incredible milestone because you realize it's real. we are now going to do this building which is an extremely exciting get other working with something for three years you know projects can stop and start and when the groundbreaking starts and the diggers arrive on site, you think this is going to happen.
11:46 pm
so designing a tower in san francisco is actually fantastic but also daunting task. the horn of the most beautiful cities in the world with an incredible skyline that everyone knows all the way around the world. the wood is very smug very difficult and it's a huge responsibility to get it right. we have actually had some incredible dialogue with the city with mayor lee with john hwang rahaim the planning department have been exceptional partners, again in working with us on this project. it is all in the theme of teamwork with the city with the client with how you create a project which i think in this case would truly be for the people of san francisco. the big image on the sign about the urban room that some of you have mentioned, to us is probably one of the most important achievements of the project. this will be a room that on a day like this, or on a hot day, everyone in the city of san francisco can gather and
11:47 pm
enjoy lights. it is actually a little out ways, here you just see one of them. on that site is another one which will still exist good they will help these unique visual network of alleyways get even better than it is right now. because i think it is very unique to san francisco with its big urban grid and has a unique little network of alleys which we love right from the very beginning. i think would offer great facilities for the neighborhood. you will have restaurants. you'll have events. not different programs. the of a lush landscape and art and i would think it will truly make life in the city a tiny little bit better. you obviously have to mixed-use towers. that is very important to realize how the mixed works that you're the mission street tower with the hotel, the waldorf hotel, which are very honored that they are part of the project. and beautiful residential units and then you
11:48 pm
have first street tower, with its incredible external structure which again is mixed use with offices, with an urban room at the base offices and then residential units at the back. you have all heard sustainable is an important part of this project. i think it is the only way to build buildings in the world and i'm very proud that ocean wide are also 100% behind creating such a energy conscious and sustainable building. platinum rating for a superpower is actually not that easy to achieve. we worked with great engineer could again the teamwork. we have a huge team of extraordinary consultants. the external skeleton of this building, which is a unique feature of the first street tower, will make it 30% less waste. total use 30% less material than other towers. which makes it a lighter tower
11:49 pm
which ultimately, in this city where you all know the ground conditions are not the greatest in the world for towers, is very important and in this particular case, the piles of this tower will go down 400 feet, all the way down to the bedrock. that means it's the deepest bylaws anywhere in the west coast in america. so with everything that technology and all the brains and working on this project no, this should actually be-well hopefully, the best. i think it is important to mention as jeffrey said, a very close collaboration with heller manners. interior designers and i think at this moment i need to thank our team. the of an extraordinary teamwork on this project as the spokesperson you realize you are just a voice with our many
11:50 pm
people dedicated their lives to this project and work day and night with us. the model makers or whether it is the people designing the interiors were the rest. it is a fantastic team effort and thank you all very much. i think it is also very important to mention we breezily been joined by-web core fantastic contractors. we worked to some degree further down in the bay area and i think we are all looking very much forward to a fantastic team effort for the next phase of this project. i would like to now just to tell you how privileged we are to be part of this effort and we are humbled by people who say that the design is adequate and we hope at the end of the day that this will be a worthy addition to a wonderful city. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you. most important,
11:51 pm
please sent our best to laura foster but i'm glad to get out of it now we can sense is bill we have a foster [inaudible] in san francisco to make sure the project is big bill well we knew good content i'm delighted to invite jeffrey hoops [inaudible]. >>[applause] >> so some people call this a rainy day. as a builder in san francisco, because a beautiful day. we call it heavy fog and we tell our craft workers, work fast. get it done. i name is jeff hoops and i'm in the chairman of-builders based here in san francisco. i'm representing the swinton and web core organization today and am very excited and honored to be part of the ocean wide
11:52 pm
project team. it's an amazing team that's assemble to build this project. first and foremost, i want to extend my thanks to ocean wide and the chairman lou for their strategic investment here in san francisco. this is one of the largest, in my estimation, and possibly the largest private real estate investment in san francisco in downtown. it's amazing what is happened here. there's also two people i really want to thank for being part of this team and they probably don't want to be recollected i'm going to recognize them so they'll probably get embarrassed but chen will and kevin lee had been here from day one working diligently, hard, and ringing it to the start of construction which doing that in san francisco, as supervisor kim said earlier, is difficult sometimes but we are here and jen will and kevin will have done a superb job and i really appreciate that. >>[applause] i'm still thrilled were gathered here to celebrate this
11:53 pm
investment and what i'd like and this partnership, and i would really like to do, again is thank ocean wide from both swinton web court for this state you have in san francisco and the trust you have in us as your building partner. i would also like to thank foster and partners, heller manners, jeffrey, the ggf are designing for inspiring and out this is a beautiful structure. it really is. i'm here to speak to you as a builder. i will start with that. just think about the privilege we have a building these skyscrapers and these public spaces for the future of san francisco that all san francisco can be proud of it's really an honor for us to be here and we really appreciate that. our two companies came together that we have deep roots here in san francisco the of 173 years of express right here in san francisco. in fact my first job here was to build that property right there. which is called 101st st. that
11:54 pm
was the tallest building south of mission 30 years ago and i though that. it is 27 stories and now it looks like a midrise. it's amazing what happened here over the years. so right now this winter to web 14 is building several projects here in the transbay transit district. we just finished i 35, 350, block eight and now were currently building the court the transbay transit center itself. which is a huge project and what is interesting about the transbay transit district is that this district will change the way people live and work in san francisco. this project will be the jewel of this entire district. it's an amazing project and great statement as the mayor said,
11:55 pm
and i really want to share this with all of you, it is more than just about the buildings here. there's a civic duty to be a developer in this community and to be a builder and live and work in this community it's a huge civic obligation and this project provides the funds to mayor lee supervisor kim to revitalize our neighborhoods, for art, for parks, and most importantly, the supervisor kim said is for affordable housing which we sorely lack in the city. this project will bring a huge opportunity for us to fulfill our civic duties and continue to make and contribute to strengthen san francisco as a world-class city. i want to thank you for that. again, it's the future and this project all about san francisco really the place we are honored to go home. with all make great financier today, bold visionary commitment to making this happen. i think we need to continue and deliver this project for the people to live here so they creep out of this for the millions and millions of people that visit here every
11:56 pm
year,, and i want to thank you for that commitment today and or think ocean wide for making this project a reality. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you so much. last but not least, one day we will have our own walled off the story of- i'm excited to invite mr. john [inaudible] to the stage. >>[applause] >> thank you, darling. first i like to thank ocean wide holdings and ocean wide center for this fantastic event and mostly 40 10th. on this little day. thank you to our honored guest. mayor lee counsel general--supervisor jane kim
11:57 pm
and most about chairman lou. also our new partners. he was made to me when i walked in the room and everybody talked about the teamwork that's going on between foster and partners, swinton, my new friend, as well as heller manus would help the vision in getting us all here. you know, you all are sitting right now in what we call peacock alley. peacock alley restaurant that is part of the waldorf astoria brand as a matter fact the people in the back are at the bar. some really happy that you are here. >>[laughing] it wasn't a century ago we put the first hotel of its kind in new york. since then, our name has become synonymous with elegance, style, and perfection. for those of you that are new to the waldorf astoria brand, we are global portfolio with 26 properties about the globe. i just got off the plane last night from a big luxury show in
11:58 pm
france and the growth of the waldorf astoria is a buzz in the industry. we also have projects under construction and we actually were in places like berlin, beijing at amsterdam shanghai and dubai and we are under construction in places like beverly hills, which will open in april, chengdu, bangkok, and now san francisco. those of you in the press pay very close attention over the next few weeks. because we will be quite honored to offer a few new destinations with some very close partners. what was once the world's most iconic hotel is now the most iconic portfolio of hotels. you know, each and every guest that checked into a waldorf astoria gets their own personal concierge. while the astoria was a luxury brand before luxury brands existed. there
11:59 pm
was no standard until we set it. now, it seems like the perfect match for san francisco and ocean wide to the waldorf astoria brand to set the new standard for san francisco. i thank you for joining us this morning. i hope to post with the future of the waldorf astoria brand and really, the future of ocean wide and really the future of san francisco. what a fantastic day. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you so much, jump back includes the speaker series for this program. however we have two more parts that one is of course the shovel part and then i last we will have a photo op. i would now like to invite the following people up. please come out. as i call your name to mr. jeff heller, stefan
12:00 am
billings does everyone have their shovels? we are done. go. >>[cheerring] >>[applause] thank you so much. >> >> >> san francisco planning commission and reply receptionist commission joint


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