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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  January 4, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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intervene and help them get to the right place this accomplishes that obviously and i guess my final point we see the opportunity for cross section collaborative's that as phenomenal one to start with that is actionable and the population we're dealing e dealing with is so vulnerable that's all i have to say we're excited to be involved and thanks very much so for everybody to bring us to this point and look forward to bad actor skwooef concluded jeff do you come up or. >> (clapping.) >> we're blessed to have great schools in san francisco and could we hear it for the san francisco unified school district. >> (clapping.) >> i feel so lucky to live here my wife is a teacher in the school district and have two
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children a lot of friends that work there library david is on the board but i see i am him, no the office he's committed and many have they've been amazing partner with hampton and the city trying to address family homelessness we're happy that is our wonderful superintendent a hero and let's invite young up to say a few words. >> (clapping.) >> thank you jeff and thank you all 134067 for being here and more importantly being part of work before i get into any comments he have to point out you'll sitting next to nick hellman you have to check out his socks he's making a fashion
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statement he love it as jeff said i'm under young new in the san francisco unified school district and we are a partner of 24 fantastic work this really sorely needed work for the community and families i want to begin my commitment they'll be brief by describing of what we're trying to do in general in our schools 657 thousand students a bold vision for what we want to help them accomplish for themselves and with our support is to the not just within the schools question is a graduate profile that means that the era of basic skills is behind us we're not talking about basic skills by themselves those are going to continue to
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be extremely important deep content knowledge the mastery of complex matter but sophisticated ability to collaborative to communicate to think creatively to have a sense of global and digital identity and responsibility and we last feel strongly if as important as all that mastery is we need to help our students. >> young people see themselves as people that can change the world that can make a positive influence on their community. >> above and beyond they themselves have a deep sense of purpose and value their cared for and will care for others this is our vision for every student for every young person we serve regardless of their circumstances we know this is we have many students that face
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more difficult challenges acute almost expensive we have to work harder to see that reality for some of the students as i mentioned 18 hundred students as your present estimate that lack stable housing so some of them are doubled and tripled up with other families some of them are couch sandra fewer some are on the streets that vision applies to all of those students all of those 18 students and we are sobered by that reality and encouraged by some of the encouraging work happening over the large project few years especially with of the support of ben hearing officers and google and hampton families and
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mayor ed lee the city jeff those days and in the future and all the services providers we're starting to see positive change just a few statistics what it means to be homeless for youth in transitional housing when they come to school they it face long odds they or twice and likely to be hung a student that peer that has housing and they're facing illnesses 4 times as another peer and 3 times as peers to develop behavioral problems and twice to repeat a grade be suspended are drop out those are laiflg circumstances and events for all the students he literally what we're doing
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our doing your general rot and great work is changing the life trajectory for those students we're also spider i'll close with that in our context and work especially in the climate thank you, mary she's a colleague centrally involved in the work we need to see hope we need to see example where people of all different situations whether our implementing programs, whether our serving students and family, whether our making that possible for the resources to be directed in that way, whether our creating policy, whether our bringing people together as part of a coalition they'll all critical two ouch in public education i've seen this for a while we are limited by what we lived is
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possible and the constraints of reality we think that determines the destiny what is happening with all your support we're seeing an example an important example of reality changing but this example can inspire us in other ways two and we have to take those lessons and have to think creatively about the great work that is happening for families in transitional housing or homeless students and take those lessons and that sense of possibility as well thank you, everybody for helping us on that way as well thank you . >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. young and everybody from the school district if you work for the city and county of san francisco can you give a wave can we give
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those folks a round of applause. >> (clapping.) >> this whole effort didn't start you know a year ago or even two years ago we've been working as a city on the issue of homelessness for years and opening statement we forgot there are folks working for the city deeply committed in this work they go unrecognized and unnamed i wanted to take a second i hope not get mad at me but few people hear her name thank you cindy ward for all your work. >> (clapping.) >> she used to be my contractor person now my coworker that's been a 34r50ur and we have an amazing nonprofit sector that works on the issue of family homelessness i see
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almost all of p them compass and prenatal and ralph there he is as providence i know that catholic cherishes. >> all organizations mark said ross are the folks that do the heavy lifting let's thank them for all their work. >> (clapping.) >> and the heading home campaign was conceptualize by the hampton families where i used to work one or more of many great organizations but their recognized as a national leader and incredibly initiative we owe them a lot and have the unique opportunity i already introduced any new boss now introduce my old boss clay is the president of the been on the board of
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hampton and timing for the last year and a half or so he worked in the building industry and a leader in the financial industry but have's has a heart of gold puts energy and heart and soul it was an honor to work for him and an prestige to introduce clay to say a few words. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone what a day what a journey life it as a board member i'm glad you recognized the nonprofits that will be scott taylor a couple of thoughts and comments as i introduce another person it is an honor to represent hampton i've been on the board for 34 years we're doing incredible work an organization you may or may not has been part of the
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fabric of that city for over 3 decades started in a church near the hate with a couple of mattresses he helping people grown would a credible organization across the city a so many representatives here from hampton it is inspiring we evolved rapidly and evolved some programs and relationships and partnerships and proud of the work in school district and the rapid rehousing program jeff helped to spearhead takes the families once their homeless to put them in a safe permanent long term housing situation it is recognized naturally nationally as one of the leading programs of its tim frye type today is a celebration a celebration of private sector a celebration of public sector and
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the nonprofits sectors coming together with a common cause and a very clear goal to house 8 hundred plus families in the coming years to effectively errata this challenge of family homelessness no our community and for those of us that work tirelessly to do the day to day work to see this organization come together and to see this program being put together inspires us everyday everyday to accomplish the work the good work we're doing so i know that i speak for the staff i want to thank thank the mayor for your extraordinary leadership and pensions that before he had a desperate group of departments working on this is the a great vision to consolidate that into one department i agree with mark the selection of jeff was a brilliant move and thank you
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jeff for your team and loma prieta and i particularly want to thank mark and william learning for the work at hampton but their extraordinary philanthropy is an inspiration i hope to everyone in the private sector and thank you, thank you very much for that. >> so i will tell you we're at hampton are not only spider but we're excited and grateful we're grief for the attention and resources to do the good work we're asked to do which our mission to end family homelessness in the this community for ones and all now we have a path and see the light and with the collaboration between the private and public and nonprofit sector to make that happen to thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> i jeff did you want me to introduce great. all right i'm
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privileged to introduce someone who came to us relatively recently and her story is far too common she tell us more about her story but she's a mother of 3 beautiful children living in our community and she found herself property line out of her situation her living situation her home and seshe was at a loss and found hampton hampton rapidly worked with her and found thankfully stable living situation your back into the area he left our children i believe are going to the school they almost had to leave and you're in a much more stable situation she represents the kind of work we do everyday and
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the kind of success we anticipate will continue to happen as with move forward with that program we want to introduce yesenia please. >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> i speak spanish and.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> the circumstances that made me lost my home my landlord wanted to increase any rent he said too many people living in the unit you choose to evict me and my family that was extremely hard san francisco is an aide i have everything i have my children's home and hospital and at the same time the rent is extremely expensive i had to contemplated moving to another city
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> when i was in the processed of looking for a new place to rents i came to hampton families i was well-received and in the beginning i received help and support from my intact specialist to find a solution is to all my housing problems and helped with fill out applications for unit in the end finding a worthy place to live i received help from my specialist she's been available to help me with housing and all issues to
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reach my goals of conceding and helping my children. >> (speaking spanish.) >> for me that was a very important assistance for me because the time that i was looking at for a new home i was frustrated and stressed out this really effected me and my children when up started with the program i had more emotional
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stability my children started doing better in school and loved they're new home i feel happy from the help we're so happy and at peace. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i greatly thank you all for all the help i've received if hampton families for being the light in the dark thank you for your support because with your help you can change lives and circumstances and make families happier above you will you give us hope and opportunity to
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succeed as a family i'm e he ternl grateful and hope you continue to move forward with that excellent program. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much for sharing your story and thank you all so much for being here today right now the average night of homeless night for a family is over 15 months when we come back in a few years when the work is done we hope less than 90 days is this a huge thing to celebrate just the beginning but i can't tell you how excited and grateful and energized i know all of us together you know the work is just starting but all of you are some such committed warm
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people i've known for a long time i look forward to ending family homelessness so thank you for being here we'll have a reception i think we'll take questions from the media and thank you, >> we think over 50 thousand permanent residents in san francisco eligible for citizenship by lack information and resources so really the
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project is not about citizenship but really academy our immigrant community. >> making sure they're a part of what we do in san francisco the san francisco pathway to citizenship initiative a unique part of just between the city and then our 5 local foundations and community safe organizations and it really is an effort to get as many of the legal permanent residents in the san francisco since 2013 we started reaching the san francisco bay area residents and 10 thousand people into through 22 working groups and actually completed 5 thousand applications for citizenship our cause the real low income to moderate income resident in san
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francisco and the bayview sometimes the workshops are said attend by poem if san mateo and from sacking. >> we think over restraining order thousand legal permanent residents in san francisco that are eligible for citizenship but totally lack information and they don't have trained professionals culturally appropriate with an audience you're working with one time of providing services with pro bono lawyers and trained professionals to find out whether your eligible the first station and go through a purview list of questions to see if they have met the 56 year residents arrangement or they're a u.s. citizenship they once they get through the screening they go to
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legal communication to see lawyers to check am i eligible to be a citizen we send them to station 3 that's when they sit down with experienced advertising to fill out the 4 hundred naturalization form and then to final review and at the end he helps them with the check out station and send them a packet to fill and wait a month to 6 weeks to be invited in for an oral examine and if they pass two or three a months maximum get sworn in and become a citizen every single working groups we have a learning how to vote i mean there are tons of community
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resources we go for citizenship prep classes and have agencies it stays on site and this is filing out forms for people that are eligible so not just about your 22 page form but other community services and benefits there's an economic and safety public benefit if we nationalize all people to be a citizen with the network no objection over $3 million in income for those but more importantly the city saves money $86 million by reducing the benefit costs.
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>> thank you. >> i've been here a loventh i already feel like an american citizen not felt it motorbike that needs to happen for good. >> one day - i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, for liberty and justice for all. >> you're welcome. >> (singing). >> (clapping.) >> introduce the san francisco field officer director ribbon
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that will mirror the oath raise your hand and repeat the oath i hereby declare on oath repeating. >> citizens cry when they become citizenship to study this difficult examine and after two trials they come back i'm an american now we're proud of that purpose of evasion so help me god please help me welcome seven hundred and 50 americans. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> she wants to be part of the country and vote
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so much puppy. >> you know excited and as i said it is a long process i think that needs to be finally recognized to be integrated that is basically, the type of that i see myself being part of. >> out of everybody on tv and the news he felt that is necessary to be part of community in that way i can do so many things but my voice wouldn't count as it counts now. >> it's everybody i hoped for a bunch of opportunities
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demographics and as you can see yourself there's a good life for everyone. >> that's why. >> you have people from all the walks that life and they're standing in water 8 hours to be an american citizen and contribute to the city and that's really what makes this worthwhile. >> ♪
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♪ >> all right. welcome everyone to our rules committee of monday, december 12, 2016, i'm katie tang chair our clerk is derrick overview vonlz from sfgovtv thank you nona melkonian and charles kremenak to my left is commissioner coppel and joined by commissioner mar and to any far left is commissioner avalos like to point out supervisor avalos and mr. clerk, any


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