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tv   LIVE Police Commission  SFGTV  January 11, 2017 5:30pm-8:01pm PST

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>> the city of san francisco sfgov tv meeting of the san francisco police commission occurring wednesday, january 11, 2017 will begin shortly. >>
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>> >>[pleage of allegiance] >> ladies and gentlemen please
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were not electronic devices that they tend to interfere equivalent in the room. i like to call roll call >> please do the was loftus, here. turman, here. marshall, here. dejesus, here. rath mazzucco, here. melara is excused ong hing, here. a quorum is present. also here is interim chief of police 20 chaplain and joyce hicks >> good evening and welcome to our january 11 police commissioner meeting. as you might know this will be my last meeting as police commissioner of talk more about that in my report but we will go head and i make some switches to the agenda. sgt. we are going back
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going to have item 3 after in the place of item 2. colleagues, i note you are aware that unfortunately this last week the department lost an officer who passed away suddenly while on duty. officer stuart moeller. so we will conclude adjourn this meeting in his memory and i'll share more details of his life it is a gold-medal valor winner and really an extraordinary officer and it's a big loss to the department for everyone at the airport. we will talk about his life and conclude this meeting is his memory. with that sgt. please call the parse line item >> >> item 1 teaser report this item is to love the chief of police to report on recent police department activities including major events and weekly crime trends and to make announcements. update from the professional standards bureau in regards to collaborative review status and implementation of high priority recommendations. presentation of the safe streets for all quarterly report third-quarter
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2016. >> good evening, chief >> good evening also drop by talking about the date first. this morning at in this building the fire commission,, there were words percentage to three officers who came to a w mandella shot in the leg. his femoral artery was hit and he was let out with a pied hr&a kit and savior man's life. so he was honored by the san francisco buyer commission for their bravery and for saving this young man's life. the second thing i attended was the press conference for sf-which of the san francisco collaboration against human trafficking. it's the annual press conference just to discuss with the strategies are going forward by a local state and federal agencies with regard to tackling the scourge
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of human trafficking. the press conference was a resounding success in the words were handed out to san francisco district attorneys office as well as to inspector tony florez from our special victims unit for the tremendous amount of work dealing with human trafficking and trying very tough case. it took a year to prosecute and resulted in rooms 100 year sentence for the individual convicted of human trafficking. the last thing was the lunar new year press conference held at grant bush today could just to kick off the lunar new year and to warn the asian community, against the blessing scam and other scams that plagued the community and we walked the dinner merchant walked and passed out flyers to explain to the community basically what to do if you are the victim of a crime and how to avoid being the victim of a crime. from that, i will jump into general report and cover, crime trends
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that are homicide secure today for 2017 there are three. two of them are shooting victims and one was an aggravated assault. 2016's total was 58, plus the one on the federal grounds. so far this year we have a three shooting victims. 2016 totals 189. gun violence for 2017 so far and non-shooting victims plus homicide by firearms are included in the summary that is your today five victims of gunfire. we concluded 2016 with 228. for this period are violent crime is told him by double digits barely but still down 10%. firearms seasonal far in 2017 the have approximately 10. the and in 2016 with 1002 and 16 total seizures. early vehicle burglaries are down 10%. again it's early in the year. our burglaries are also down 3%. major events we have
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the mlk parade is on monday the 16th and it starts at 9 am and that will begin at fourth and townsend and or and at the europe of the window arvind since other district. our homicides,, we have the homicide with [inaudible] in the tenderloin was under arrest made. 1-917 get it occurred on january 5 on 3:30 pm. regarding an assault locator nonresponsive male victim suffering from head and church leader pronounced deceased at general hospital a crime alert was issued of a possible suspect . tenderloin officers were able to detain and identify that subject was arrested by the homicide unit we also had an officer involved shooting on january 26 approximately free 50 8 am. the officer responded to 521 capital regarding a neighbor versus neighbor dispute. report stated his neighbor was banging on the
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wall in violation of her straining or get the office but with the subject on the fiber block of capital threats were made public by physical altercation during which officers you pepper spray and batons one officer discharged firearm. the subject sustained gunshot one to the abdomen and is currently at san francisco general hospital in critical convicted two officers obtained facial injury. a town hall meeting we held on thursday 6 pm at the rec center which is located at 650 capitol st. here in the city to discuss the details of the incident. there were three shootings victims january 1-11 talk about religion one was 18th and dolores street in the mission. that was on one 517 at a partially 9 pm. officers responded using the hospital regarding walking gunshot victim was sustained a wound to his right up to the rest of the past forces and thus to getting
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that incident. the other shooting was 649 jackson st. in central district on the evening of generated it doesn't locate the victim of a gunshot wound to his lower back and legs. the victim is in critical condition and the incident is being investigated by being anti-sources look at shooting at 23rd of mission street in the mission district on the afternoon of january 9. officer located a shooting victim in front of 13th hundred block of hamster street. the victim stated he was kidnapped and robbed by two suspects. what about shot him in the back get permission station investigation team is investigating that incident and the victim is in critical but stable condition. just a note, there was a vehicle versus pedestrian hit and run at bush and the good on january 9 also on the northern district of the suspect vehicle is a silver cargo van with bicycle rack on top good as an ongoing investigation but no arrested eight. the victim is stable in that case. as president loftus spoke about earlier, we lost officer stuart mulder start number 4100. he passed away on sunday. i know that she is going to be reading a detailed
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description of his career and i will let that rest for now. with that i will do the update. i will call catherine conway to do the update to do the professional standards bureau. he was speeding capt. coley welcome. >> good evening president loftus. there appears to be
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technical difficulties but you do have the packets before you. so i will begin. good evening president and commission. director hicks chief chaplin and members of the object my name is patrick mike conley with the professional standards and i'm here to give you an update on the status the drg doj recognitions, especially here high priorities listed 44 listed last month or last updated you. little difficult to see up there on the screen. >> capt. yours and being so great is there anybody that can help them clean you are doing
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great but that link is distracting. >> would you care for me to continue >> yes. >> we received the reporting back it was january 5. we received 100% compliance in terms of the information coming back to is the update on the status of those recommendations which were disseminated to the executive sponsors will in turn give them to project managers 23 of those continue to be in progress which means they're either developing process policy, writing policy doing research on best practices and generally potentially building out executive or stakeholders get working groups for those particular recommendations. 21 of the 40 4r in the approval process, which means there has been some definitive word on
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those recommendations. they have made their way up to the second of sponsors and then submitted to professional standards for approval. once we reviewed those-if a past master if they look good and feel good in terms of compliance, and overall [inaudible] they moved to the chief's office for approval. however if they are lacking some substance and or some heat somewhere, we are pushing back down to the executive sponsors for further work so they can be resubmitted so they can be fully complied with the doj recommendations. six of the initial recommendations of the 272, six of them were already implement however we are still waiting on confirmatory packages or the collaborative packages that prove that we did what we needed to do in order for those to be considered implemented.
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next page. i have three examples out of the 44 to demonstrate how we moved along. if you see the top line and use of force. that process was already in progress when the department of justice came along. so that was a collaborative review collaborative process issued by the commission report in stakeholders, external and internal stakeholders in both of the entire process. people are underneath is a collaboration and results of that. so that was 13.1 - excuse me - 7.1 of the doj recommendations because of the process you engaged in and all the substantial paperwork and the department of the general order that was issued in december, that needs and complies with the department of justice objective. so we submitted that. it'll be an approval process in making its
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way up. the next example is the officer involved shooting call out procedures. this was manifested in just this past week. we have been working on notification system for quite some time. however the doj civil grand jury and the blue ribbon panel all identified this as being problematic. we worked deliberately and diligently with our partners at the department of emergency management and third-party vendor and we subsequently signed on to was called beta testing. we were testing a system out and went live the first january first good unfortunately it actually had to use it this past week with the officer involved shooting. it worked fabulously. the dist. atty. was pleased with the results. other parties that were notified were pleased with the notification process and it's all tract and in progress. that process will continue to you golf as it improved upon
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but again this is another example of complying with the department of justice and the blue ribbon and the civil grand jury aggregations. the third example, which is on page 4, this is it systems which was a direct result of the texting issues previously where there was no prompt on any of department computers or phones saying was prohibitive practices were. the it department among division of the police department created this prompt to that any time you log onto any computer or peripheral this pump comes up and you have to acknowledge that you cannot use department issued equipment for non-department purpose object language is written department
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initiative corpsman is for work related purposes only. it specifically printed information recently considered offensive. that's very broad but it's very specific. e-mail text documents on city-owned women are not private. in other words there's no expectation of privacy while using city government equipment. the department may monitor systems for any reason with or without cause and then the in order to process into the systems they are using you have to acknowledge that. we are working with the vendor of the smart phones to see if we can get the same type of prompt on a smart phone. but this order covers all electronic devices. next steps. in many of the year and commentary recognitions-i said this earlier-of recommendations that were in progress before the department of justice report was issued. as we look at as practices, the
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executive sponsor of the project managers and my bureau are looking to review this process and try and make it as painless as possible. however this takes time. as we continue to move forward we 20 more project managers could we are going to continue have discussions on how to best make this process better and you will see this as i continue to report out you will see the improvement in the process and you will see more recommendations implemented. lastly, this reporting period only cover the 44th over issued initially could in the beginning months. next reporting period, which is in february will cover the entire 272. well progress and status reports on them. where there are i can be of different status and time dates for those recommendations. we will have a better idea of how the project managers arguing with loving
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groups together and assessing the needed items to essentially comply with that recommendations. lastly, in the interim between when the new chief comes in-it's important we have his vision as we move forward-i do not have the ability to brief the keep on this but he may have a different vision of how this goes rallied to a process. so we continue to move forward with or maybe a point where we pause and reflect on the best way to move forward. with the new chief. however, in the interim we will be having additional project manager training and eventually executive sponsor training. so with that i will show you the visualization timing visualize nation this project out to june of 20 team which is at the end of the 18 month period. department of justice has told us is roughly our and her back when we should have all these
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recommendations done. so this is our counter that we made and it's for the second of sponsors and the project managers to adhere to. with that i'll entertain any questions you may have. >> thank you, capt. vp turman >> thank you, capt. i appreciate all the work that's been done. my question, which is to make sure we are meeting our responsibilities. how much courted nation and feedback with ms. -- the commission and took to stating in as you move forward? because i just want to make sure there is coordination. she's getting the information that she has a reporting obligation to us and we've obligation to the entire recommendation to be implemented at >> we have frequent meetings when . my project manager-- i
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was h who's brought on the latter part of last year cured and this-and i need frequently to discuss the progress of these recommendations and we continually review the process to make sure that information is disseminated to all projects. stakeholders to look at best processes for building a stakeholder groups and ensuring that we are moving these recognitions forwarded. the commissioners and the project managers have as much information that we can give them. >> thank you. >> commissioner dejesus >> i have some questions i left him at home so i'm sorry about that. it's hard to get jacket i know you have so many things. 274 of these things on your plate, but some of the questions i'm trying to remember is i guess what i had is, is the project manager, once they are getting these things, are they-how are they working? how do they understand exactly how to put
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together their team would decide what changes or what things need to be modified? are the ones that require or it's recommended we have input from the community and other groups and stuff, remember when the previous ones you had a community group or i know we had pegged groups. the poa and many red question mark. bar association and or community groups am just wondering for those ones how are we deciding who from the community or not pay groups necessary but bar association. who is going to have an effect was going to sit on that? is the community can get selected? ordinance brass cannot commission. we have a web >> thank you brass cannot commission weave a web project system would we load up the resource would include the bar association task force human rights commission and a number of other individuals who did
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identified as being wanted to be a part of this and we provided to the public project managers in conjunction with a -the project managed and due to reach out to those resources in conjunction with a second sponsors to create the actual stakeholder groups and input groups. in previous sessions the group can be anywhere from eight-10 people. so selection is based upon the need. >> so i guess the project manager is handling this. how do we keep a handle or how do we know who was contacted if anyone was contacted, if anyone sat out and participated we >> each month the police project manners are silly cement and update sheet. the form we created for them specifically for that good they delineate losing their groups, who they pick, with the progress they made on that particular recommendation and
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what are the next steps. what resources they further need. every person in my unit everybody that's assigned to the bureau that oversees this ice as a liaison and resource management tool those project managers. so they don't know what they don't have the ability they can reach out to us and will point them in the right direction. >> i'm just trying to figure out who participated in who didn't. maybe that's at the very end when it's brought to us will know who participated and who didn't. i have a question about training.. i lost that thought. the project manager will coordinate it. i guess the ones that are completed will you'll give us a complete chart of the ones completed and maybe who participated >> absolutely. each doj recognition while a packet that contains all that information. it's available. it will be available electronically and we've had meetings in the past
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couple weeks how that information is going to be manifested on our website. we are designing that illustration for the public and the commission. >> okay. thank you. >> anything further for capt. conley? capt. conley, i just want to thank you for all the work that you had done in this process. if that's great all these systems, great project management where it did not exist to train people on how to manage project that i should've attended some myself i know many other people benefited from that. i want to thank you during this period of time for setting this whole system up and i am i will be watching from the cheap seats. so, good luck. >> thank you commissioner >> i believe are going to move into the next [inaudible] >> we are good commander o'sullivan will be coming up to do the presentation for safe streets for all. lucy's seat
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deftly warm-up each. >> come on up. >> good evening type presentation of a ready adjustment >> colleagues this report we started many years ago to talk enforcement and focus on the five and ensuring department is doing everything we can to prevent collisions buildout the structure of this report with our community partners of both walk sf and the bicycle coalition. i think are here tonight. with that, commander san diego. a little bit more context and background. in 2014 was a joint meeting between both this commission the police commission and the board of supervisor. that meeting ugly
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was held in january of 2014 on the heels of a very tragic december 2013. there were a number of traffic related fatalities. when not involved sadly very young girl did i believe upon polk street. i think that discussion topic was a long time coming but the impetus for getting us into the board chambers was that sequence of events in january of 23rd. though or, december 23 of january 2014, the city adopted what is called vision zero. vision zero simply put, it is a way of thinking if you will amongst the permits of transportation, law enforcement and city agencies that choose to buy into the program across the united states that we want to get to zero fatalities and zero severe injuries as they relate to traffic collisions. are very ambitious goal is to get that number to zero by the year 2024 and other agencies as they come on board, they are given basically that 10 year
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window. so tonight this presentation is referred to as the safe streets presentation. mike trust a couple years ago to the commission saw fit to be updated quarterly is what the department's efforts are around getting to zero fatalities and zero severe injuries. so looking at the next-this life here. i talked about with the goal the ultimate goal is which is to reduce those fatalities and severe injuries bite 2024. there is also objectives that we look at as we go along in this prospect we want to monitor collision data and the reason we want to do that is we want our traffic enforcement our education campaign to be driven by data, meaning where are the collisions occurring. currently the permit is working with department of public health as well the san francisco initial transportation agency and they help us clean the data that
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data primarily comes from our traffic collision reports. often referred to as the chp 555 forms. we clean the data up. they need some cleaning. and then we evaluate its. our data, with regards to traffic fatalities and violations issued on the enforcement side listed on her sf pd website. there uploaded monthly for the public to see. he also want to standardize the data collection and as i know that you are familiar with the east up program went live this month, that goes a long way towards helping us in this context with our traffic stops and he citations were to come on board in 2017. i think were set for the earlier part of twentysomething 12 of privatization officers on the permit issue phones will go into an e-citation application and they will be to fill out all the information as pertain to that tickler traffic stop in the data will be logged and it
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will help us significantly to both track their citations are being issued and look at the cause and effect of all to the other fewer collisions because of the citations that were issued. in those particular areas. social media certainly, we are out on social media can we do run a number of traffic operations in that information is forwarded to our media relations office. so with that being said, more specifically, i am the commander that's a sign the liaison to san francisco is what transportation agency. i work with the officers and the topic company in also known as the motorcycle officers they were very busy in the third quarter of 2016. as you can see on the next slide is there, there were five dozen safe speed enforcement operation. ots bicycle safety operate ots is the abbreviation for office of
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traffic safety. we in within the topic company, we manage in addition to the on-duty traffic enforcement that we do we manage for grants to those grants are through the office of traffic safety and their specific to particular behaviors. we do work very will with the chp. whenever they need our assistance we are there to help them. capt. tim-did a phenomenal job in the last couple of years developing a very strong relationship with capt. chris sherry who is [inaudible] i understand he was transferred into the first part of this year with capt. sherry was assigned to the san francisco office for at least two years and for my expense and the police department i think our relationship with the chp as it pertains to working jointly with the strongest that it had ever been good we could give a lot of credit to capt.--. we do operations with them and then of course commercial vehicle traffic enforcement. so it was made mention commissioner, you mentioned focus on the five. for those that are unfamiliar
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with focus on the five, a five simply refers to the five primary collision factors that been identified as being most associate with traffic collisions in san francisco. those traffic violations, if you are speed, stop sign violations, red light running, unsafe turns, and failure to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. sadly earlier this afternoon we have a traffic collision resulted in a fatality at buchanan and union that was an instance where the pedestrian was in a crosswalk. that is currently under investigation what we do, going back to 2014, chief transfer committed the department to issuing 50% or more of our citations were traffic enforcement citations for these five primary collision factors. it has been challenged for the department and i'm proud to say there's been significant progress made over the last two-now three years. we can see from this slide it just comparative slide for the third
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quarter 20 15 1/3 quarter 2016. we went from 43 to 51% we did obtain the 50% directed to her percent of those three months that i think if i math is correct that about it 24-25% increase from one quarter to the next. when we look at it on a year-to-year basis again that would be january 1 through september 30, 2015 through 2016 we also see up a significant increase in the overall percentage of violations issued for these five i like it went from 34% to 43%. so what is the purpose of doing traffic enforcement? it's really the bottom line is to change behavior. san francisco police department want to change unsafe driving behavior. the aggregate total number of citations hitting a certain
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percentage of course is a lot to lofty goal and we fit that but it does mean anything if it's not translating into fewer collisions. so when we look at the collision data for the third quarter of 2016 overall we had 20% fewer injury related collisions we did for the third quarter of 2015. when we look at that for the first three quarters of the calendar year 2016 compared to 2015 over all traffic injury collisions of also verities are down 6%. so i feel that's very significant. the numbers replica for the fourth quarter and will be back here i would imagine the next couple months to report on the fourth quarter which will ultimately be a years total that we will be down significantly in those categories as well. i mentioned the traffic vitality that occurred today. certainly, when we talk about time and often time we have traffic related incidences that are criminal in
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nature. to make an analogy when we look at things on the patrol side, the number of homicides i know every week that she talked about shootings and overall homicides and whether they are up or down. that translates for us, to puke when we look at things with regard to traffic at how many fatalities have we had. in the third quarter they were down significantly compared to the previous quarter of 2015. they were down 67%. were to pedestrians sadly killed as well as one driver in the third quarter. that would be july, august and september. - excuse me - you year to date in the first three quarters we are even from where we were last i can tell you preliminarily because arson case with the medical examiner's office are that's why i say preliminary we are at 20 traffic related fatalities for 2016 compared to 31 four 2015. that concludes my presentation with regard to where we are numerically. if you have any questions alter my
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best to answer them. >> thank you commissioner ong hing width commander, couple things. when you talk about your ots operations use the word, grants >> yes. >> are those grants from the department botched budget from outside sources >> they are from the state. currently we have two estate. every year we, through capt.-whoever might be the commanding officer of the topic company he were she works with our grant unit. you apply for specific grants. in this case the grant i referred you has to do with proving pedestrian and bicycle safety. we have another one that is specific to dui enforcement. we want to prevent driving under the influence also so we can run checkpoints as well as saturation patrol. the other grand we have is funded in part. it actually to a partner with the sf mta as a
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speed greater >> my other question with respect to the reference to change your goal of changing behavior and the data is pretty impressive in terms of your quarterly comparisons. what do you attribute that to? do you attribute that to greater enforcement community education or other things? >> so i think both of those things. it really is what it is. it's not like working police work we talk about the 3e's enforcement engineering and education. within the vision zero world we talk what those same things but now we are changing all the that of the nomenclature talk about safe streets, say people, so it is i think, more focused the pun intended the enforcement we are doing good i mentioned that we've made progress that we've made incremental progress with
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regard to the percentages that are issued for these particular collision factors. so i think what we are doing is getting better at issuing citations for behaviors that lead to most commonly or most regularly caused collisions. the two collisions. the sf mta department of public health is been very good at getting radio ads out. spot as with regards to our stance, speed campaign which began in october. and it was mentioned that walk sf and the bicycle coalition are here tonight. a lot of credit goes to them as well. they are advocates and they work tirelessly everyday it myself and other members of the department are in touch with them sometimes on a daily basis with regards to what is going on. so there's a lot of voices that really are involved in this >> i'm sorry. just one more quick question. long before was on this commission, i'm
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comparing montgomery street with stockton street and what you've done over the years with respect to pedestrian controls, which is pretty remarkable for my standpoint in stockton street in the community education and went on there. are there other parts of the city that you are thinking of doing similar-using similar approaches to pedestrian traffic as you do on montgomery street and stockton street? >> well, you have to reference with the sf mta is doing and specifically to address stockton street i noticed last night capt. lazar and command central station stockton street he was in a meeting with the community. it one of the associate directors from the department of public parking and traffic with him and they were talking specifically about pedestrian safety did i think some of the progress is in communication which you do with the signal lights, with the
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timing of the lights. but really the sf mta has the wherewithal to change the engineering they have a litany of projects that are actually been completed recently but are also in the works. for example, a specific to montgomery because i'm not familiar with it but i know at seventh and nine. so the market area, they are going to install protective bike lanes in response to the fatal collision we had over the summer out in golden gate park and jfk could sf mta was very quick to put in speed bumps out there. the engineering is a huge role in this. >> thank you. >> commissioner mazzucco >> thank you command i was one of the commissioners present in 2014 we had that joint meeting after the turbo action. we talked about the 3e's, enforcement, engineering and education. i am hearing from the community and from our
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officers in the motorcycle detail company k that some of the engineering is causing a lot of the frustration. i see you smiling and i know much input do we have in that? were hearing the timing of lights has changed. the lane reduction and some of the things happening it is frustrating the drivers is causing the drive to drive more dangerous. we are hearing this percent up from one officer, not from to but many. how much input do you have and how much is that being shared with the mta regarding the frustration with the engineering? >> so i would agree with what your statement. there is frustration. there are some lead projects that are going on in the city at any one time it almost seems as if sometimes overnight there something new that pops up. i do believe that comes from the best of places because safety is everyone's overall goal. for the officers that are doing it every day for the topic company officers out there, they literally can go to work on their next watch and
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see there's been a lane reduction because there's going to be a road treatment of some sort. experienced it myself in different capacities within the department would've had community members say overnight we lost the lane and there's a bike lane. sf mta, i know through individuals i speak with, they go to great strides to communicate with those changes are going to be with the public and that they are constantly weighing what one benefit-the one thing out way- can benefit outweighed what might change the landscape to the extent that the police apartment has a saying that, i think you're asking that question >> exactly. that is my question >> i do have conversations but it's not as if the sfpd is a lot of say quite honestly what changes in the engineering capacity. however, there is a lot of dialogue both ways. for example from the city engineer from the sfmta will notice there's a problem and bring it to our attention. we will do the best we can do. again i
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reference capt. lazear. he communicates with his officers and where they see certain issues. where it is brought to our attention at a community meeting will reach out to the city engineer and he will look at it. i think, i feel that longer term bigger picture type items that are better communication. >> thank you. >> commander, thank you for the presentation. i know that-i don't know first community partners that want to contribute so i'll invite him up but i just want to say, there's a number of ways that when we do this back in 2014, the first year that chief-the focus on was a 54% increase in citations. the department made a massive shift in the way they did enforcement and at that time i think was about 24% of the citations were focused on
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the five. to see goat that huge shift because people were dying on the street and was something we could do about it and also to see that all the station captains had all the other demands on them to also change the intentionality about their enforcement based on data and in partnership with the community is really a completely stunning example of what is possible. i feel like too often we don't celebrate the successes and a note that it doesn't happen overnight. this took years could i just want to say was given the chief ali when he was commander of traffic it was deputy chief mannix. it has been you could meet commanders of the police permits with community partners and advocates like multiple times, at least for-five times a year to go over and crunch the data to share strategies and so i think sometimes this is personal for me i care about this deeply but just for the commissioners, this piece in
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particular in many ways is a roadmap how to deal with the really difficult issues and the department deserves a commencement of credit get the captains, capt. perea, under number of station captains were doing everything and also really looked at how to use data to change their enforcement started so i want to thank you and acknowledge you for that. >> thank you and i do want to echo what you said about the district station captains. the thing of large part they credit goes to the officers that are buying into the program and it's the captains that are explaining to the officers and the personnel under their command and making the connection as to why it's important that we are doing what we are doing and vision zero and focus on the five. again they comes back to what we refer to as the backbone of the firm, the patrol, as was the traffic company offers. so thank you much. >> okay. kathy, not from walk sf. welcome. >> good evening president loftus i commissioners on kathy to logo with walk san francisco and pres. loftus just really took my entire comment out of my mouth. but it was good. i
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don't think i can-i can't match it but i guess i will start with thanking you. you have been such a champion of vision zero get you've enabled the partnership that you just described. as all of you commissioners know, sometimes advocates don't have the easiest time working with police officers and patrol officers. so commissioner loftus has been a real bridge and a real relationship builder for that. so when we have problems we have been able to sit down and have regular meetings and hash it out just like you said. so, thank you for all your gun to really make the commission the police department, real champions of vision zero because we need you as commander of sullivan said were not seen significant progress in the number of people who are dying 28 is it that much less than the 31. you really need to see more. so am going to ask urges the commission, to believe they
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vision zero champions that we need you to be even one president loftus leaves. my time is karen out soon but where my not have time. this is good. i won't take up the whole night though. cmdr. o'sullivan i really want to thank cmdr. o'sullivan's dedication to patient zero. he's been an amazing partner after two manic commander mannix left we were really excited because he's been so great to work with just like cmdr. minix but you never know when personnel changes, what the relationship is going to be like. it is fantastic. he and the captains of the officers on the ground, by reaching focus on the five for the goal of 50%, four months in a row, his monumental. so i'm here tonight to celebrate that, to thank everyone for the hard work you did a training through an ots grant the department of
6:20 pm
public health we went to each station we get a training with command staff at each station on vision zero and i heard firsthand from the officers and the captains how hard this was. with all the other constraints all the service calls they get, the problems with the courts, the courts not having night or good i heard all the constraints. it's miraculous that they were able to do this. so i want to celebrate their accomplishments and all the hard work and really look forward to continuing to work together with cmdr. o'sullivan the commissioners, all the station captains and let's keep working hard on this and get those fatalities 20. thank you. >> thank you, kathy. okay, anything further to my chief? >> no. beck includes chief support. thank you >> thank you majeed. >> thank you, sgt. next item >> item one >> good evening director hicks >> >> good evening commissioners. chief chaplin and members of the public. i have no recent
6:21 pm
activities to report this evening although next week i will provide the commission with the november and december conference of statistical reports. i will save my remarks about your service on the commission after you give your final remarks. thank you. >> thank you director hicks. any questions for director hicks. sgt. please call the item >> item 1c good commission reports >> so my report ladies and gentlemen and colleagues, is as i said this will be my last police commission meeting. i want to say thank you, really just very briefly to all of you. been an honor to serve with you. i want to thank the staff of the police commission are incredible city attorneys.
6:22 pm
look, this could very quickly turn into me thinking i want one a golden globe and thanking everyone be laughing i'm not going to do that but i want to say thank you get it means a lot to me had a chance to serve . you guys can't do that. you can walk in right now. you can walk in right now. hold on. some young people i worked with just walked in. just give me one second. the whole golden globe think this is supposed to be funny. so here are the only thing i'm going to say. i love this city i'm grateful for the time i had to start. some people have been incredibly kind . even in their criticism that it's because they care deeply about the city and this department get incredibly grateful to have the chance to serve and the one thing i'd like to say is this. in a time where we are so quick to demonize everyone i want to say this. my mom is here. she came to this country when she was 19
6:23 pm
and she raised my sister and me in this city and she raised us always telling us what it meant to her to come to this country to become a citizen, to swear to uphold the constitution and she raised my sister and me to use our life and service and so means a lot to me, mom that you are here and i want to thank marine loftus emma vivian loftus and grace loftus, the three loves of my life where my girls and i hope mom and raising them to stand up for what they believe in forever were what they think is right and do right by you get that's all i have to say. thank you and i think when you to call the item. >>[applause] >> i'm still intricate you people are taking it over. >>[laughing] supervisor b was
6:24 pm
i don't mean to interrupt but i wanted to be here for this special lady. president loftus i just want to thank you so much for your service on the police commission get young oh it was very challenging time that you let this commission and of course i want to thank all the commissioners for all the service and our community members the police department, just done with such grace under fire really. so i'm very sad you're leaving this role on the commission but i'm so glad you're still going to be part of our city family doing wonderful things for our community. so thank you so much it just a little token of appreciation and wish you all well as you embark upon the more difficult difficult task had so thank you commissioner loftus. >>[applause] >> >> well, well commissioner offices making her way back to
6:25 pm
the podium appear,the was commissioner mazzucco >> i just want to say, one thing commissioner loftus she stepped in after i finish my presidency . in her heart, one thing you need to know about susie loftus she put her heart and everything we done on this commission and she's brought the community into the commission. she's everything i think you don't understand the time and effort it takes to be president of this commission. you put aside your personal life and sometimes your professional life. everything susie loftus ever did was for the benefit of this great city and its police department. i can't thank her enough for stepping forward and she took on some very big task. she did it with everything she had and we had a great conversation the other day. when you do things on this police commission sometimes people in the public, people in different organizations, make it personal. we had great
6:26 pm
conversation about a book that's written by supreme court justice ginsburg and said how can be so friendly with justice scalia greets she says, you never take it personally. you never make it personal. some great people have terrible ideas and you share them with him. you share them there's a mutual respect and susie has always had that with everybody that she's dealt with. everybody from the public, from the police officers association, to the members of the commission and there's never been a doubt that her heart is in the right place because she really does care. susie, one of thank you for everything you have done and congratulations on your new beginning in the sheriffs department but the city is going to miss you. >> i'm not dying. >>[laughing] all right. vp or dir. hicks >> i will wait. >> president loftus often
6:27 pm
people don't recognize in addition to overseeing the police commission the police commission oversees the office of citizen complaints. as president of the police commission you've embraced her responsibility to ensure that the office of citizen complaints was provided the resources it needed to do its job particularly in the area of investigations and policy reform. you embraced the policy work of the office of citizen complaints and you encourage more collaboration between the police commission, the police department and the opposite citizen complaint. your leadership has been inspirational in the area of police reform. you'll been inclusive in the before making recommendations you thoughtfully considered perspective of all parties. the community, the police department, the police officers and the opposite of citizen complaints. i congratulate you as to my staff members on your
6:28 pm
new position as chief assistant attorney for the sheriff. sheriff hennessey's gain will be our loss. but i'm happy to remain in the city family. our office looks forward to continued collaboration with you in your new position. >> >> thank you dir. hicks. vp turman dr. marshall. >> so when i heard, as we said the word on the street, that susie was leaving i was like, oh wow. let me just put it my way. to me, there's no we could have made it through the last two years without her. we could not have done it. i mean, the people screaming at us and yelling at us and just
6:29 pm
craziness. when you have these kind of crises and was a crisis you need a leader. you've got to have a leader and she just let. period. she didn't await she brought a lot of consensus community groups together original ideas and commissioner mazzucco you have any which there's overboard and there's over over over board. all the family make $42 every two weeks i think. the you could >>[laughing] you can update your for all the work she did get you be paying a lot of money. the time, the effort the study the conversations,, being yelled at. input on blast by the poa picture going out there that should not happen to anybody but it only happened
6:30 pm
because we had to get through this. we had to get through it and somebody's got to be the face and subways got to take it in subways got to deal with it and i personally-look other on the commission longer than anybody and commissioner mazzucco i'm glad to see you leave. >>[laughing] i can say that, right? >>[laughing] i really don't think we could've made it without >> we have a long agenda >> >> so, yes. -nice job things a lot. a lot. >> we have me back on street shoulders at some point >> yes. >> commissioner dejesus >> so i do want to thank commissioner loftus for a hard work and dedication i think of all the other severe about it has with her the most but i will say that we've agreed on
6:31 pm
things we disagree on things but she's always voted her conscience and i do hold that in high regard and respect her for that. i am really happy for her in her next endeavor and i'm sure we will be seeing her and so talking to work soon. she's not dying but she is given a tremendous amount of work to this commission and it will be difficult without i wish you well in your children well and you will be successful wherever you go >> thank you. thank you for that. is that you, chief? >> that's me. the last eight months every time you hit the money it says chief-but that is me i do i will get richer because i know we have a long agenda it's been a tumultuous two years and it's been hard fought and nobody understands is sitting in that league position, tough that is. i've gone a lot of places with the
6:32 pm
president to meet with the community groups to meet with youth and answer some tough questions she's always stood tall in every forum we been and can be it in the community, dealing with hostile crowds after eight officer involved shooting or answering some tough calls on street soldiers with commissioner marshall. she has always been there and she will definitely be sorely missed and i will tell you this. i know she's always had the best interest of the police department, city and county in her heart whenever she sat in a chair made the decisions she's made. with that i wish her well in her future endeavors and i also thought i was cannot peter office platform off your but she showed me. he thinks, chief commissioner ong hing >> i'm the new kid on the block of known you the short amount of time, literally three ways. but i will say from what i've gathered, thank you for searching setting such a high bar and ubuntu. >> thank you. okay. vp turman
6:33 pm
>> well, commissioner ong hing basely said what i had to say thank you for setting such a height bar for work on overall reform to vision zero two body cameras to the use of force policy,, to guiding us through this entire process in selecting a new chief and connecting us with youth organizations, to help us through our process and we learned a great deal from them. you have been incredibly you been encouraging. you've taken every bit of criticism with grace and style. you always wanted to talk and plan annually, both of us could find to do that was usually 6 am on tuesdays and thursdays. so, but you never complained about the
6:34 pm
early morning calls. we discussed things and you made this commissioner work. you have an incredible ability to balance your job, this commission have the agenda and a beautiful beautiful family. i wish i could manage all of those things the way you did and you always knew what was the priority. so, and the girls and your mother are very much [inaudible] i want to say thank you for being my fellow commissioner. thank you for being such a great president allow me to serve with us vice president and thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me and to the city and county of san francisco. you've done a tremendous job. thank you so much. >> thank you everyone. i will just say it is with deep copasetic and all of you that allows me to leave and know we
6:35 pm
are in good hands. so not far away. my office will be on the fourth floor. you guys will know where to find it. okay. sgt.-it's not public comment, and yet mom. >>[laughing] the chair has discretion to recognize you. okay, come on up mom. b was on susie's mother. >> excuse me but i'm susie's mother i really don't know what to say other than i'm delighted she's got another job. >>[laughing] i messily delighted she's got another job because she can't do this anymore. you're not allowed to. but anyway, anyway [inaudible] she's always been very committed to her convictions. right and wrong even when she was little. i mean there's a reason why i had gray hair. and
6:36 pm
lots of wrinkles. there's a reason. [inaudible] >> i would never do that, mom >> i'm very very proud of her. and i think this is a hard job. i would ask you all the time, jeff any choice about doing this? no. did you just come on how to do it read >> you don't get to ask people questions, mom. >> i sit at home and watch it on the television so i know what is going on and i know a chap that comes and says something every week and i had to write down a couple things because i was afraid i would not get. susie, years and years ago, as she went to law school two days later and she had her first child on the date she
6:37 pm
gave her final submission to her class or whatever it is and i can't tell you how proud i am about that. she's just a remarkable individual even though i gave birth to her but you know, there is a reason. i am glad i can-we all like the key hennessy and we'll admire and i think charlotte great job there. >> thank you, thank you, mom. >>[applause] >> okay. sgt. next item >> item one d commissioner announces and scheduling items identified for future mission at meetings >> colleagues items to put on future agendas? >> i do want to check in where
6:38 pm
the eis is. i know the was negotiations between the occ and the department. just something to check on >> that is on the agenda for separate first. >> thank you >> anything further on this matter? were open up on public comment on items one-a-d >> cheryl davis with the human rights commission formally with mold magic and working with these young people and wanted to make sure to come by this evening for a few different reasons but mainly just to formally and i know said it at other occasions, but to formally acknowledge and thank
6:39 pm
president loftus for the role she has played in providing space and time and opportunity for community voices and for young people to select their part of the process and for engaging them not just one time but on numerous occasions through use of force and the police chief search and just every time he felt unindicted no but never share this with you all but the first year, the first summer we did this program was a young man who was in the program was a lead-he called me frantic one night because he had messed up something on his uc application. i was on the train and i called chief-i called susie loftus and i said, look this young man needs to verify because this program that we did during the summer the uc system does not believe it actually happened. he wrote in his application that he did
6:40 pm
this work with the police department and as an african-american man, they do not believe it happened. so they threw out his application because they thought he made it all. i said, i need you all-is a little late. he needs to jordan and prove that this happened so can you speak please write a letter saying this young african-american boys who lives in public housing actually has access to the chief of police and the president of the police commission and they turned a letter around the next day. he is now a second year student at uc santa barbara because-and he got into uc berkeley as well because all because the president and the chief of police took the time to work with him during the summer and to verify that they did that. so for me that is really what the relationship that we've developed that i hope we will be able to continue and i just want to thank and acknowledge susie for those things that nobody knew about nobody cared about that transform not just one student life, but tons of them because they believed in the police commission and the police department. so thank you >> thank you ms. davis peered
6:41 pm
hello, morgan >> hi. i am morgan talk i just want to thank you for all the work you did and supported me especially the process ongoing. i know i can reach out to any dumb newbie like i will help you. so i really am sad to see the united states out about this. very appalled but it's okay. >> you're in good company. >> what process are you going through? b was to be a police officer. on most there. i want to thank you for everything you've done and i hope we can continue this >> we will. thank you. next speaker, please. >> i too was appalled to only find out two hours ago. but i remember when i first came back from sacramento state and i started to get involved and i was interning in i remember coming to my first police commission at the time and i came in with a group who i had already knew and i kind of was
6:42 pm
in that space and how do i get involved. i was following what was happening with the police department around the nation and i just want to see institutions that serve the people and most efficient and effective way possible good so i was very upset because as somebody who aspires to go into public service one day, well i am right now-and i think you help me kind of be defined that because sometimes we take public service as this thing that running for office but really it's what you do at the ground level at the community level in a remember coming to that meeting and being a part of that loud crowd and you said get involved. you know, i now work for an organization collective impact, in the western addition, you really engaged us. so we told me to get involved i answer the call and in return you showed me the
6:43 pm
public service is about and i'm around great leaders and great people and i just wish you well. you have a great spirit and you have a true public-not service spirit but a public servant spirit and i definitely look forward to working with you again in some capacity and i wish you luck and god bless you. >> thank you. thank you, anthony. good evening, sir welcome. >> first of all i want to say i love your mom. >> >> yes., we all do. she's incredibly lovable >> she is right. beating up on you just the job and she's right, no, you can't take it no market we have become noxious friends, did you become just
6:44 pm
like real friends. i just want to say, thank you for all the hard work and thank you for the youth you have been working with and everybody loves you. you are always welcome in the western addition. our doors are always open the you can come to our community center at any time get will always have a parking space for you. >>[laughing] i just want to say he was among the few people that knows how to get a spot in the neighborhood >> exacted i just want to say thing think you for everything you been great and the commission will realize what a mess until it's gone. >> that's a nice way to say it. >> thank you. good evening, welcome >> hi. i'm not sure them in the right spot items one through d >> i gather you are leaving
6:45 pm
your position and is not wonderful. >> it feels that way. >> that's great. i am susie's call and i've lived in bernal heights for 40 years and someone broke into my house two weeks and i'm an elder i'm a senior. i they slip dyskinetic -and i live in a very small house and was very scared. i had my car parked in the driveway and humans got in. i was rescued by a garbage truck that came by. meanwhile my daughter lives on the other side of the hill and some and try to break into her house and he got into the car and she is a teacher and so she has a lot of school supplies that are in the back of the card somehow he got in there and got burned the inside of the car. so much so that it's totaled. meanwhile i'm a family therapist in so many clients on the hill and all reporting break-ins. the doggie park, there is some guy
6:46 pm
or group of people putting acid on the cars making doggie biscuits with acid in them to now people are afraid to bring their dogs there. i'm on the northwest part of the bernal heights and the homeless encampment under cesar chavez and under the freeway is cleared and within days it is 'people are audacious. they come onto my neighbors yard and just began be talking and they just help themselves to the water very belligerently. the homeless problem is a problem. when it's written up in the new york times about tent cities we've got to do something. in the time-is my time up? >> 30 seconds >> basket from our police cars good match last in bernal heights the nape part of the mission district because the police take forever to come and it's not the final angles either just be offered only to far away. and i'm asking for obviously not only more police coverage but a different attitude with the police would become friends and i guess it's called community policing. so the more friendly with us and it's less about traffic
6:47 pm
infractions but building relationships so that we feel safe with them and they feel indebted to us because we need of the i can continue living your that is how city light start an accident happened. the mission and provide specifically are where most of the techies with in the economy is here. >> thank you. tic sgt. coming up. it's not like you like and get sgt., good you can come follow-up with your specific concerns. thank you. next speaker. good evening welcome >> good evening i am aaron petty am an attorney with [inaudible] julie todd asked me to deliver her marks because she's unable to attend due to an interview given dr. pres. loftus them julia minibus on the bar association's criminal justice task force work closely gradually we want to publicly
6:48 pm
about pres. loftus for remarkable leadership collaboration, dedication and commanding knowledge of police policy and practice. pres. loftus is listen to and included many diverse voices and areas of expertise in an effort to responsibly respond to and prepare our police department and our city for 21st century policing it so thank you pres. loftus. it is also important to recognize that this commission as a whole is collectively and unanimously undertaken this work. december 21 this commission implemented long overdue thoughtful and well drafted policies on the use of force and crisis intervention. many dedicated countless hours to this work which is never the work of a single commissioner, all of you committed yourself to implement insignificant changes in policy and the success of these policies demand your continued commitment. this is complicated work built over time and we are confident all of you remain steadfast in your resolve to move forward with the even more important work remaining. the policy is in place but good policy in the absence of
6:49 pm
reengineering, training, and vigilant oversight and renewing our commitment to data collection and analysis that will inform us on the measure and effectiveness of the policy and training is essential. it's more important that getting the policy right in the first place. we are grateful that each of you is undertaken is comforted work remain dedicate to the success of the policy. similarly the bar association remains dedicated to continued collaborative relationship with this commission and the police department. for we know the work of many is needed for this work to the right and to keep it so. we look forward to continuing this important work with you and thank you. thank you pres. loftus >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening commission. san francisco for police accountability at-she was probably your toughest critic on the commission. the apparatus been one of your toughest critics among the public. and the community. so i would like to say though that we have always known that your
6:50 pm
heart was in the right place and that in the last three months or so we have begun to realize that you are removing in terms of your mind and your perceptions especially about the poa. we are very pleased that the commission as a whole and you spearheading it a push back strongly against the poa. we are very happy that the lawsuit is being joined with bigger by the commissioned by the city attorney as far as them try to stop the use of force policy but we are also very very pleased that you we believe were one of the people instrumental in getting an outside sheet. we think that's a very important issue for the commission. going forward we very much like to see the new president and vice president wherever it may be if the decision is made tonight, to be a little bit more open as far as welcoming the community a wholehearted way into the
6:51 pm
process because i think we are your allies we are doing very good work. so i hope that process continues to open up in front of the commission and you will welcome us into the stakeholder group, etc. get accurate much for your service susie and we look forward to following in your career going ahead. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening class welcome. >> good evening two things, first. the chief support chief chaplin your credit to the uniform you wear. you and scott work like a team that's never been seen. i'm looking forward to that. commissioner hicks, we've been there done that. you are special. you can handle the massive task you are getting it will be nothing for you. nothing. a walk in the park. and ms. pres., all i can say is
6:52 pm
sheriff hennessey's gain is our loss but good for you. as far as the poa, i called him this morning. i wasn't very polite. there attack tactics are repugnant. they were rude. they were cool but you're not-they've done it to me could they call me a drunk. i'm not. they attacked gascon. he happens to be latino. the attack you-she's black. it's all over the streets that you are racing. it's all over the news could get poa is race. is documented did you read the examiner the comments leave those were police officers. the general public doesn't know. those are cops. when i read those comes i wanted to puke. those are cops. rank and file officers. hello. we will miss you could best of luck come
6:53 pm
back and see us once in a while width no worries cried. one of the ways i do survive as i don't read the comments, clive. good evening >> good evening i hope you don't mind some substance >> i would love it. >> sorry i'm going to give you a confession first. i hope he doesn't mind sharing this right you're not a rent to commissioner mazzucco on the street. [inaudible] i thought i don't think so. then about a year ago i went to the first use of force input session at rev. brown's church that went into pres. loftus for the sump quarter amid vineyard i give it a piece of my mind not to wish you challenge the big show up. show up and engage. that's the right message. it was the right message for me i don't regret engaging it was the right
6:54 pm
message to people that care about what this policewoman does i think what is going on here the commissioner loftus deserves credit for is frankly a time period were democracy feels threatened federally want people to engage locally. this is going to be all the more important the idea that you not only encourage dissenting views people that disagree with you strongly and i agree their process you can be more inclusive and more (not quibble here we make better decisions from this department is greater community trust and confidence, the more engaged the community can be and the more this process works so motivate commissioner loftus are challenging me to put up or shut up. i chose to put out for a well. now on the substance. on the collaborative performances should appreciate the checklist all capt. conley's were. one of the things this commission can do is to think the bureaucracy is not to be moving get sometimes not about hostilities how bureaucracies did on things they don't want to move on and want to call attention to the [inaudible] the department of
6:55 pm
justice said you need to do a audit and the snow action on get the report came out in october and still have not been action on it and the cops office of the apartment just said that the tepid response. just a few months ago i'm sorry just a couple weeks to capt. conley with the newspaper the oddest audit had not taken place. that's an example of the sort of thing i hope this commission will stay on top of. because there is a cultural problem we have to seek it out and follow up on those thing. thank you for your time once again. >> thank you. good evening. welcome behaving commissioner loftus. everybody but good evening. we have to wonder why the poa seems to attract the most corrupt and most polling swords could the police in general are great people but the words seemed to go into the leadership ranks of the poa. that is indicative of a problem in the police department number two, i was almost a vision zero
6:56 pm
fatality a few days ago that i was on montgomery street vice president biden wasn't speaking as a medical demo we saw was all wrong but something on the streets of people, and they'll getting wet outside to go around to get to my office to go to work that day and was covered over by a police van. it was a me going 40 on montgomery st. if you all did your due diligence and got your permits get worked out at a time i would not have been hit and killed and was tied. number three, commissioner marshall you need pres. loftus to get through this and i take what he said seriously because you get through a lot in the last two years you are not dumb. there's plenty more reform that still needs to get done. the tone seemed to indicate you are done the hard part you've done a lot of the hard part there's plenty more to do. so you're not all the way through this yet. finally, i just want to go to the listed you that the batch jams you get the new use of
6:57 pm
force policy you get new chief on the way although i like the old chief just fine. you got you commissioner ong hing whose name i refuse to utter in public because he such a disgrace. you've got commissioner turman who taught to stop your producer from giving up toll a sweetheart deal a couple months ago so there's even some slight movement in the forming the regulation of the patrol specialist. so we have momentum. this project moment and i think it's a loss for the commission to lose pres. loftus. julie some communication of the momentum and your gut need to keep the momentum going. thank you. >> thank you. any further public comment? yes. ms. brown. welcome good evening. aye speak >> hi. i just once a onset that you're leaving also. i just want to thank you, 24 all the years that of them coming here. as a mother to mother, i felt that you always help me represent my son and your
6:58 pm
mother taking his picture and putting it in her house whenever she puts it. thank you. i'm sad to see you leave because now who is going to talk for me? so it really hurts. i still need someone to say my son's name can i still need someone to say if anyone knows about who murdered my son. i still need that. now that you are gone, i am wondering what's going to happen now. you know, this transition into the new--to everyone is due to the new police chief. the new president. i mean i'm turman is going to be the new president and i know he is going to talk about my boy, to but i'm just going to miss seeing you and your mom here. come back and
6:59 pm
wherever you are, still talk about my son please. thank you we thank you get if anyone has an information to the murder of operate because of this anonymous tip line and call 415 575-4444. i won't be far. next speaker. >> my name is john jones. they please admission i to regret your leaving commissioner loftus. when i first addressed the commissioner earlier early last year was a very frightening experience for me get this is not something i do usually. addressed public assemblies such as this but this commission and you in particular commissioner loftus, always been somewhat welcoming to speakers regardless of the perceived merits of what they
7:00 pm
say. i like to think you commissioner loftus and the other commissioners as well as well as you director hicks new chief chaplin are being appearing as open and being in fact as open as you are. thank you. >> thank you, sir. welcome. welcome and good evening >> is the last, mother, i just really did want to, say thank you >> you sell yourself short. that's not necessarily the case >> i think you've done a great job as commission president i know i come here and i'm a critic but you've always let us speak and be very spectral and handle the job well i thank you for that because public service is not easy being with the public is not easy i just decided as i come to these meetings weekly and i read you were leaving. so it's a mixed bag it's our last. i'm sad but i wish you the best of luck with the sheriffs department thank you for everything and i want to say davis is one my
7:01 pm
habits and that's my neighborhood and i know work she has done that made it so much safer so i thank you for your heart and your commitment and doing everything you can to help keep our kids safe and to have this great university without objection and i know there's more stories like that but this is just a very special one so thank you i think i'll see chief chaplin but i want to say thank you for everything you've done that i don't think was easy in your position in the time you came on. i've seen changes in the culture and we still have a long way to go but i appreciate your hard work and i thank you, too. best of luck am sure will still be hearing about you. >> thank you >> your mom is great and i burst my daughter all the time. >>[laughing] >> was that obviously? i thought i had a poker-faced thank you get any further public comment? items one-date. public comment is closed. sgt. next item >> item three presentation of the sfpd occ report general
7:02 pm
orders policy proposals sparks report quarter 2016 discussion. >> good evening welcome ms. marion and kevin connolly are you joining? welcome. >> good evening pres. loftus vp turman director hicks i'm so nervous because i'm sad.. i'm sad about what i feel like an evident here. chief chaplin members of the public, commissioners, i'm here to get the reports on the sparks report which is a report that started back in 2006 and the good thing about it it's over 79 pages. another man to go feel like my gosh why's it so long. i think that one of the great things about it you can see what happened in the last 10 years when you look at 2014 until now you can see a lot of great progress especially around [inaudible] use of force, run cit especially for domestic violence, victims
7:03 pm
sexual assault victims. that way it's really fabulous document. i'm here to us to talk what third-quarter 2016 and actually old news. the apartment and her agency we worked to ring forward the use of force. we worked hard on cit. those things came to fruition in the fourth quarter and you heard a lot about that in december. another thing that her agency did and we do this every month is we work with-we have language access working groups so we meet every month to really resolve language access issues specifically around domestic violence and also run sexual assault one thing we've done in this last year and it's truly a testament about the way in which collaborative reform has been championed with this commission is not only to eight meet once a month for the language access working group to reach out to the dist. atty.'s office to the head of their domestic violence units. i'm working with the sexual-the special victims unit
7:04 pm
as well as in the department on the status of women in adult probation so we give really look at what are some of the gaps when we look at domestic violence prosecution and investigations and are they a way to enhance those investing for several months we could together really what i hope is a robust if they come friends of domestic violence department bulletin that had the input of community stakeholders as was all these other divisions or departments so we can really fill in those gaps. so that is something we worked on for quite some time and right now the department is reviewing it and her hope is it will be released soon. so there really concludes by presentation. thank you so much get thank you pres. loftus again it is our loss. it's with great sadness to see you go. the sheriff mark they are lucky. i hope we've got lots of opportunities to collaborate in the future and thank you to the commission for really supporting elaboration and supporting all these
7:05 pm
projects. >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you for all your partnership and work. capt. connolly >> thank you pres. loftus commissioners. just very brief overview third-quarter. there were two department general orders actually issued in the quarter. one was the social media policy and the other crisis intervention team general orders and was additional water worked on use of force obviously which is probably been the longest of the fork and then we are also working on transgender policy which is looking at different definitions and making our policy more relevant and important. the party brought in experts to develop a baseline a policy and it's going to concurrent process. in addition to those general orders, their 25 priority bulletins. a priority bulletins are are designed to either supplement or care five policy either that exists in general orders were stand-alone amendment to those
7:06 pm
general orders so the 25 some of the significant ones were always lead body one cameras which supplemented the new general order and we wanted to principles to consider regarding the use and application of force. again with the implementation of departmental 5.01, it took and incorporated the language from those portions that were issued in the third quarter. were 17 the rival parties and seven c for a total of 49 total. so you will hear additional reporting for fourth-quarter [inaudible] and department of justice recordation is to essentially evaluate the process by which general orders are created and we are looking to streamline that. that's what the commissioners recognition that we are working with a project manager. >> thank you and colleagues by way of the newer members, the sparks report on the consent
7:07 pm
calendar we get this large spreadsheet that had where everything was. the purpose and nothing we have done in the collaborative process debbie occ department and present with her neatly working with diaries arc is the opportunity the commission to weigh in on areas that are policy priorities for the commission and make sure were on the same page we been pretty clear with body cameras use of force cit. the that that agenda very clear i think that's what got them resulted as you all look at the next stage the sparks report and this collaboration is really a wonderful way to ensure all the priorities are moving forward. is this you commissioner dejesus or vp turman >> yes. i have question about the transgender policy that we are currently in the process -capt. connolly mentioned some subject matter experts. i assume that one of those is the
7:08 pm
human rights organization commission >> the man writes teresa parks. yes. we brought teresa parks in. >> [inaudible] have you also consulted with transgender law center as well? >> yes. we have internal and external stakeholders were involved in the process and as it moves through concurrence there may be changes to the wording. it was mostly defined for to bring clarity to the current definitions and make policy more expensive. >> in our packet is the general the rules of conduct trip is that in connection with this particular report or is that something we were given just to review? >> i don't believe it is my general pocket general order 2.01
7:09 pm
>> okay. thank you very much >> thank you anything further, colleagues? sgt. next item >> we need public comment >> is the public, on the sparks report queen. public comment is closed. next item the item 2 approval of the words committee recognition action spews is a great commissioner mazzucco for this item or vice president turman >> i am ready to proceed he was okay vice president turman >> last week we have specific questions posed the week before by commissioner dejesus about individuals that are were on the list. since that time we've had a thorough review of the list and asked commissioner
7:10 pm
mazzucco to take charge of that review and i will let him since he is now here sgt. k shaw report on that. commissioner mazzucco >> yes. thank you vp turman. we did in abundance of caution we went through some of the words. i know we ratify the occ director one of the things want to ensure the public is that the officers receiving these words are not under a short disciplinary investigation related to the award were any other matter. so what we've done is an abundance of caution we reviewed what we have before us for the actual medals about which of the gold silver and bronze i can report back to after my meeting with our police commission secretary sgt. phil show, our counsel, from the city attorney's office and deputy chief hector sinus, that these members are being recommended for these metals at our ceremony to not have any pending investigations related
7:11 pm
to at the occ level were the police department level for any misconduct whether it's misconduct that would remain at the chiefs level of misconduct that was brought to the commissioning so they are all clear and there's nothing in their files and indicate there is an issue. >> commissioner ong hing >> yes. as i recall last week when we were going over this and please correct me if my memory is incorrect. that was a question that sgt. joe shaw answered your the end of the presentation that were six individuals that happened was something pending. did you review those six and are those six on this list were some people eliminated? >> i will say right now i can say we had a discussion in the be further just shouldn't this commission about what is quick
7:12 pm
to be up our official policy has to be codified. it but i can tell you on this list you're not one of those six areas of concern exist on this list of medals. the were some concern about people that were going through the process investigations with no findings were on the other list for police commission commendation. which are not given out at our medal of valor sermon only the metals. none of those six are on this list it nobody was illuminated from this list. those six remain on the very large extremely large list of those were recommended for police commission commendations. we will be considering that tonight. >> thank you >> anything further on this matter? okay commissioner dejesus question? >> yes. i was not here last year i did try to watch on tv i could not find you guys. they were not as big a hit as we think we are >> we are mostly watch on wednesday nights. at 5:30 pm.
7:13 pm
channel 26. >> my question is here two weeks ago when i was here i asked i think if anyone had any civil cases pending and i think internal affairs were occ and i guess involved in a navy officer involved shootings in which we been embroiled in the last year. 18 months. i don't know if you look at it? >> mr. barrow would you like to respond to that? >> so there's a couple of issues being brought up one is that right. the general orders for the department words to not specifically spell out exactly terms of discipline those areas of concern that are being brought up now. so my advice to the commission is to do a resolution to set the criteria, revise the dg out that moving forward we know exactly what the criteria is
7:14 pm
because it's not set out in dj oh. so that way it's codified and completely clear that it's within the commission's discretion to decide what the criteria is. we get into a sticky situation when we are talking about police officer personnel records because the commission itself doesn't have better access to them as we have to be mindful of that. so under that guise my advice is to revise the dj oh and put? clear criteria what you want to the interactive department to do the backing. that way the department will make it accountable department accountable to make sure those areas of concern are truly vetted. >> that's exactly what we discussed during our conference with counsel and i would ask the question because i was concerned about myself learning about departmental investigations because we set for members of the bug we sit and apartheid judicial publicity
7:15 pm
capacity as commissioned it would be like a judge prehearing a case but still at the level of the district attorney's office with their deciding whether or not to prosecute. so but i want to-we do need to address this issue is that criteria that it's very important that i want to go all the matters of public and everybody here today, this list in front of you tonight by one of these officers is anything open or pending anywhere. so we do not have to get into that issue. all perfectly pure. >> i the question for city attorney it is a resolution on the books and it's either hector but sold the resolution of your present either the valor owner they have to check and look for intel us about. i've seen it in the newspaper when angela brought up that brought that all resolution out. >> okay. i did ask the commission to provide me with all the information and that was not presented to us. so i can go back and double check with the commission. >> okay. anything further on before i invite a motion? is there a motion
7:16 pm
>> i move approval of the words >> >> second. b was public comment on this matter >> >> thank you i don't have a motion opinion on a motion is uploaded worker. support for the commission understand appreciate the worst of apartheid judicial but actually managerial function. while i respect the city attorney's office, [inaudible] means you have to read keep the records confidential. you do not have less power as the police of cheap guns as manager of the common devices records as was her cat confident i much say you should as part of hospitals born to recognize this i get you're not a judge you're not a jerk. were using this process to administer administrative discipline in the exact same way the chief of police does the chief of police for 0-10
7:17 pm
days suspension obviously has access to an officer's entire file get important things you remain impartial not prejudge the fax. that's the important thing for this rate of discipline role with this idea that somehow this is like a judge or criminal court could come accord is gone reasonable doubt it is sending some major prison that is not this. this is administrative discipline by a preponderance of the evidence to make a decision to the officer get a few days off and worse case scenario, termination and hope that you go forward and think about your role you keep that in mind and ask the question if we are performing the same function that the chief of police is exact same in the charter, why you would have less authority in that position is. thank you >> i need to make a comment desirable is not the same as the chief of police good it's a few days off we went up to getting it. you make decisions up until more than 10 days until termination we also sent as a body where we review where we hold hearings, here witness statements, review evidence and then come back as a commission
7:18 pm
to make a final decision. so i do agree that it's not quote unquote does a mr. dish but is not the same role as the chief of police is. >> okay. any further public comment on this matter? hearing none, public comment is closed. we have a motion any discussion, colleagues? hearing none, hadn't did you have any discussion you know after >> okay. let's go ahead and sgt. speed please take roll call >> on a motion to accept the approval of the awards committee recommendation loftus aye turman aye marshall aye dejesus aye mazzucco aye ong hing aye. the motion passes
7:19 pm
6-0. >> all right >> madame president i could ask you to consider an additional motion that i would've to make. >> yes. please >> i making this motion after motion we just made because i want to ensure that the officer got the award that the command has recommended him for. but i'm going to at this point take the rare step asking this commission to look at the award the command staff made here facts and information and actually awarded the officer a higher level of award than what the captain and the command staff asked for. i believe that this specific officer-my not supposed to mention the name, do you know queen
7:20 pm
>> >> no. you have to >> i believe ofc. rinaldo a lamonte should not just received a silver award. a silver medal about what he should be awarded the gold medal of valor and to help make that case i'm asking his captain , four commission secretary, now capt. tim fawlty to step forward and present that information to the commission. he is procedurally all second the motion. >> thank you, bill. >> welcome >> good evening commissioners. i am capt. tim-of your san francisco police department engrave the commanding officer of the tackle company. very privileged to share this information with you about the
7:21 pm
actions taken by one of my officers officer arnoldo almond. if you like commission all just go over the facts of the case of the present of them that day please can do. spews out take this out every second 2016 interviewer called the time the city is in the midst of celebrating super bowl l activities in the buildup to the game in santa clara that we can get officer all lamonte was part of the citywide unity which of the bomb squad sponsor. was out working with his dog, ringo would been certified as a bomb detection canine. that's kind of a significant distinction as you will hear later in this telling of what happened. as officer almond was in control apartment of emergency management dispatches broadcast that a chp officer had been severely wooded by a knife wielding suspect that the highway 80 on-ramp at essex street. the upside suffered a life-threatening injury. the officer's throat was cut by the suspect. while he was trying to detain him. ofc. aleman respond
7:22 pm
to the area to look for the suspect we pulled up that the corner of fourth and brandon he saw a person we thought looked like most of the suspect's description. based on his training he knew, sometimes criminals will discard clothing items as they are fleeing and this person had just dropped a backpack and taken his shirt off but when officer almond looked at him the person stared at him intently and he felt at that moment this is probably the guy. he pulled his car over a notice the person didn't rate his stance just of there and started officer on delete open the door which point the suspect turns went into the wells fargo bank at the corner. ofc. aleman was concerned he that the bank may be crowded and he thinks to himself that the suspect would just try to kill a police other is going to acquire bank it to go after him right away did he do not dispatches dog because the dog was not certified for patrol. he left the dog in the car the radio dispatch and told him going to the bank i have a think i have a suspect. as he
7:23 pm
walked to the doors of the bank the people in the bank draws standing pointing at the back door beating to the parking lot at the south came in and based on his behavior when he fled they knew the officer that is who he was looking for the officer on the month pursued him out into the back parking lot of the bank it now in his mind he knows he believes that suspect just cut the throat of it also may still be on. so he pulled out his department pistol pointed it at the person and ordered them to the ground. the whole time he's looking at the suspect tried to see if there's a weapon on him. he doesn't see a weapon in the suspect's hands but he sees the suspect hands are covered in dried blood. so he knows he's with the right person this person is tried to kill a police officer is not listening to his verbal commands. at this
7:24 pm
moment practices de-escalation. he sees there's no weapon in the person painted leaves the person may have the weapon but since it's on as he also*takes out his baton continues to get verbal commands ordering the person to get on the ground both i'm trying to create time and distance until backup can arrive to assist him and taken the suspect into custody. it's at this point ways that his baton out the suspect started dancing on the officer. try to come at him. officer almond continues to get verbal commands backing first to strike the person with his baton.. he backs up again. the person continues to advance on officer all lamonte then took his baton and struck him twice in the legs try to slow his event. i know that at this moment the suspect bunches forward and grabs officer on woman's ire arm with both hands and tries to whip it out of the holster. so now he stand there by himself in a parking lot fighting a person just tried to kill a police officer worried that he still has a knife with him if you look at it seems he's got the presence of mind
7:25 pm
to sit there and give verbal commands you striking without trying to get him off and as the guy grabs his gun just to stop hitting the baton grabs his gun and uses some of the techniques economy teaches on retaining your firearm. so he got the guys got the firearm with both hands pulling on its. he continues to try to ds could you try to break on you try to push the guy often to can refer back to get there is not given the opportunity. the suspect then comes up and grabs officer all lamonte tries to go for his throat and tries to apply agile cold to him. officer on the month sensing this with the suspect is try to drops his weight down and is able to get out of the grip much of the suspect back, takes his baton out still not seen the weapon and at this time he's able to grab the suspect by his shirt collar and bring them to the ground as other officers respond and assist officer almond and taken into custody.
7:26 pm
one of the officers who responded to the scene said it was an incredible sight by something of a martial arts movie officer almond strike in the suspect with the baton seemingly with no affect the suspect continued to actively pursue ofc. aleman. coming at him with all he had. he said officer almond was vigorously defend himself not backing down and giving it his all as if in a fight for his light. we taken the suspect into custody this officer was a witness officer, saw the open knife in the back pocket of the suspect readily usable as a stabbing implements. he grabbed it and threw from the pockets of the suspect cannot reach it during the continued strike one of the sergeants who responded the scene said he was concerned after the long period of dead air the officer had not come up on the year. he was a yet to the bank is one of the first backup officers to get. he said people were frantically pointing to the back of the bank to the parking lot because they could see what was going on out there. he witnessed the subtype byway yanking officer
7:27 pm
almond also despite being struck with force but the baton was obvious officer was in great danger was defend himself the intensive determination. it took several officer to the subject on the ground the actively fought them until he was finally restrained in handcuffs. officer almond them straight a high school the situational awareness strange and bravery in this incident. he knew was dealing with someone who just try to kill a police officer. he believed firmly and listened that the suspect was still on without it was readily use. and pretty continued to try to take the person into custody so long as he do not see the thread of the night in the suspect hands at that time. the suspense of options he anticipated the different things he could do it is like try to pull him around the neck until menu how to get out of holdings into subsequent to bring the suspect to the ground he get his my focus will simultaneously utilizing weapon retention skills [inaudible] it
7:28 pm
was for his activity that date the we've nominated officer almond premedical about. >> thank you, capt. he was denied when nothing of his commander of investigations at the time. responded directly to that scene. the people at the bank said it was incredible to see this officer do what he did. babes can assure them he was going to have tissue but he made a bunch of decisions that quite friendly in the same situation i don't know if other officers would've made the same determination. he just at every step of the way he was controlled in everything he did and properly and everything he did and the number of people that came up and said they were really afraid that this officer was going to get seriously injured or killed was amazing to me and he showed a lot of debris in the situation and is definitely to be commended. >> so i want this commission to hear no one to reemphasize some
7:29 pm
things that both are chief and captain--said. and emphasize themselves. officer almond holstered his gun. he created time and distance. he used verbal commands. and when that-when he did not respond to verbal commands, he did not reach for his gun. he backed up. he continued to try to engage in the person until other officers arrived. >>[cough] the suspect was still armed with his knife. and all this time whether in the chokehold or wrestling or in immediate contact, officer all lamonte could have used his gun and whether or not we want to argue from a policy standpoint whether that was
7:30 pm
appropriate, that could've happens. but this officer did the things we wanted officers to do. he used his training. he used common sense. and he used the kind of critical thinking that this commission expects from officers. that kind of behavior in such a situation i have to respectfully disagree with the command staff and say it deserves a gold medal. i have made the motion and commissioner ong hing has seconded. >> thank you, capt. in terms of some perspective on this for the newer commissioners, it's a very storied tradition of the command department and the command staff and the capt. to decide what level of award someone gets for their bravery. so i really want to thank you
7:31 pm
vp turman that our role in this is to approve it and take the rare opportunity to really-it is superseding our judgment the judgment of the captains and the command staff and i think that we do that very spirit and the vp turman i think you made a number incredible points it is incredibly brave officer. and that's ultimately what a gold medal of valor is is about. his life was clearly in jeopardy and he did absolutely everything he could to preserve the sanctity of life for everyone involved. i just want to acknowledge this is not an easy thing to do. finished ordinary measure the commission would take and i believe that this officer certainly is more than do this on her. colleagues, anyone else before we take a vote? commissioner
7:32 pm
mazzucco >> commissioner turman was present during the presentation there's always a commissioner present and most of us have not always done that before, it's a vote that's taken by the entire command staff and every civil service rank capt. i don't know how many people in the room that day but was the mass that you, the folks were in the room that date? >> a lot. most were captains whether get some of our i don't know the exact count >> 37 is the exact count it for members of the public if the system been in place for a long time. the captains seek a revote by putting a marble in the toolbox and the color of the marble is gold silver or bronze were black for police commission in addition it is a majority of marbles to get to a gold and sometimes it's really close. it's very close. the different opinions. but i was different to the capt. chief and to the commissioners present you this is not unprecedented we did it once before. appears back for officers who also used great restraint and did not fire and
7:33 pm
not only i warmly support this changing of this metal to a gold and i do respect the command staff and the voters could i do know how close was by much was probably pretty close. >> okay. anything further, colleagues? so it got a motion on the floor. if we take a vote is there any public comment on this matter? hearing none, public comment is closed. sgt. please take roll call zoo on the motion to upgrade officer on although all the month award from the silver to gold medal of valor commissioner loftus aye turman aye marshall aye dejesus aye mazzucco aye ong hing aye. the motion passes 6-0 >> great thank you vp turman
7:34 pm
thank you everyone at congratulations while the awardees could look forward to having doing a when the ceremony is >> yes. it separate 15th of this year. at the scottish auditorium on 19th and sloan. begin at 6 pm all are invited. >> great did thank you for that. sgt. speed next >> item 4 election of commissioned officers action. >> so are rules but was was to do elections in may. we are we miss that deadline about every year. so we have an election in january i way of just i think the driver started i was elected in september. it took a few estimates it was elected in september and i think was reelected in may and then the last may we decided to suspend our elections during the with everything going on with the hope we could get through to
7:35 pm
now. so for a number of reasons i think this election would proceeded and wait with my departure but is more than time to do this. so with that i would just like to say this. vp turman has been the vice president of this commission under then-president mazzucco is been the vice president while i have been president and i think he has been an extraordinary leader. done a tremendous amount of work and an incredible partner to me as president and i believe very strongly that he would be an next-door mary candidate to be president and i know that so my suggestion would be that we talk about a nomination for vp turman as president of this commission. >> i second the nomination
7:36 pm
>> i will make a motion that vice president to his turman be nominated to be the next president of the san francisco police commission the great discussion point we have a motion and a second. discussion? way you do it? >>[laughing] you get $42. you get an extra zero dollars every two weeks. >> it would might be my honor to follow you to the presidency and to work with such passionate and committed commissioners to continue the reforms and the still great amount of work to do. >> okay. any further discussion on this colleagues? hearing none, sgt. please take roll call noted at that public comment. the city attorney. public comment on this matter?
7:37 pm
hearing none, public comment is closed. sgt. please take roll call >> on a motion to take vp turman to become president loftus aye turman-pasts. marshall aye dejesus aye mazzucco aye ong hing aye back to commissioner turman aye the was i just want to make sure everyone is okay >> motion passes 6-0. >> congratulations. congratulations. >>[applause] >> i do want to say it would
7:38 pm
be my pleasure to serve. to follow suzy loftus footsteps. we will be doing things probably differently because i'm a very different person but there are some things that remained the same good i know your names ms. bryant. i know who operate is and i know the phone number to the tip line. mr. jones you are welcome. you're always the welcome it and so all public comments here. this commission has become a very important part of my life am honored to serve it because it serves the city that i live in and love. so thank you for this opportunity. also very
7:39 pm
rare a [inaudible] >> now in terms of his or president in terms of vice president obviously we also need to elect a vice president. i would invite a motion for a nominee for vice president. >> i nominate thomas mazzucco to be vice president. we will need his guiding hand >> i will second that. the okay discussion? discussion of the nomination for thomas mazzucco to be vice president of the police commission? i think it's great. tip you've been wonderful in a consistent voice and are you going to do it? >> i am >> there we go let's go at we got a motion and submit any further discussion, colleagues? public comment any public
7:40 pm
comment on this matter? hearing none, public comment is closed. sgt. please take roll call >> on a motion to nominate commissioner thomas mazzucco to serve as vp of the commission loftus aye turman aye marshall aye dejesus aye mazzucco-i will pass ong hing aye mazzucco aye. the motion passes 6-0. >> all right. >>[applause] >> congratulations to both of you. the commission is in good hands. please call the item >> item 5 general public comment. the public is now
7:41 pm
welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. during public comment either police or occ personnel were commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain however from entering into any debate or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit your comments to 2 min. >> congratulations my condolences to new officer. either way. whatever is appropriate. two quick things. but something i think is on a lot of people's market nationally but also in san francisco that's donald trump. i think this commission needs to keep in mind its responsibility for the san francisco police department to continue to operate consistent with our values and our laws. not that optimistic the realities, policing is being pushed nationally not to stop and frisk not just law and order. his people out there
7:42 pm
saying he quit in trying to reform police department so that's anti-police. saying that the conversational 20% three policing some house what motivates attacks on police. that cannot be sustained and unfortunately in san francisco that the same language the poa is used. there have a political consultant i don't have an ad budget but i do have a microphone so i'm going to say that there was a shooting unfortunately officer involved shooting last week in the poa -arnold paul-i know he is outside poa in the wake of other students the past is treated we need to way to all the facts, and then criticize public officials supervisor jen and in particular speak out before this investigation before the end of the day they were out there judging this case. and spinning it for their crass political purposes. it's unfortunately standard operating procedure and consistent with frankly donald
7:43 pm
trump could tell a lie or and again maybe people will believe it's a challenge for the press the fax have to get out. they said that in this incident that something about skittles officer had no choice but to shoot. maybe they didn't indicated that has not been an investigation yet that's the same thing they have insane shooting after shooting in recent years. they said after mariowoods [inaudible] rather than run a political answer the meet informed by their perspective. rather than spending the public and spinning the present budget provides us the time we need to unite. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. no further public comment hearing none, public comment is closed.
7:44 pm
please call the next next item >> item 6 public comment on all matters pertaining to item 8 >> any public comment on this matter queen hearing none, public comment is closed. next item >> item 7 vote to whether to hold item 8 and closed session including vote on whether to assert the attorney-client privilege ministry of code 67.10 action he was five eight motion to old items in closed session? all those in favor say, aye. >>[chorus of ayes] the motion passes ladies and gentlemen we are in closed session. thank you. >>[closed session] >> >>[closed session]
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