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tv   BOS Rules Committee 11217  SFGTV  January 12, 2017 8:00pm-12:01am PST

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pavement to parks is reimagining the potential of our student streets if you want more information visit them as the pavement to parks or contact pavement to parks at >> [gavel] all right. welcome everyone to our rules committee meeting of thursday january 12, 2017. i am katy tang chairing this committee. to my right is vice chair malia cohen and we will
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like to give a warm welcome to the new supervisor who is on this committee sandra lee fewer. [applause] our clerk is derek evans and from sfgtv we would like to thank the staff. felix is new and at this time mr. clerk do you have any announcements. >> yes, sir madam chair. please silent all cell phones and electronic devices and items should be submitted to the check and items will be on the tuesday january 242017 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. mr. clerk can you call item 1. >> item 1 is for the ordinance amending the administrative code to require that the department of homelessness and supportive housing appoint one member to the reentry council increasing the member from 23 to 24 and
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increasing the time of appointed former inmate can be free from custody from maximum to two years to a three years and require that council submit a report to the board of supervisors recommended whether the council should continue by july 1, 2018. >> this is from supervisor avalos and now supervisor breed and we have reentry council staff here. >> i am a planner at san francisco do you want probation department and i staff the reentry council. this ordinance change -- it's an amendment on the originally ordinance to form the reentry council will do two things. the first is now that we have a department of homelessness and supportive housing would add that department as one of the member organizations to the reentry council, and the other is that as the board knows through the rules committee you are able to
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appoint -- the board appoints three -- four members of the reentry council who are formerly incarcerated people and one to have maximum two years post release in order to qualify and we found that two years is a very short time and we can expand that pool of very qualified people by giving an extra year so people are able to stabilize and find their feet before they have to start doing public service. >> all right. great. i don't have any questions on this particular item and i don't see any from colleagues as well so thank you for your presentation so with that we will go to public comment on item 1 if anyone is here to speak on this please come forward. seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] if we could get a motion to this ordinance? i'm sorry cone con. >> thank you just for
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clarification you asked for a motion. >> yes. >> thank you. i would just like to make that motion -- forgive me -- >> with a positive recommendation. >> to the full board, yes,. >> great. we will do that without objection. [gavel] all right item 2 please. item number 2 is a hearing to consider nominating a member of the san francisco board of supervisors for the north coast central on the california coastal commission. >> thank you. so we did have a poll among our supervisors to see who would like to sit on the california coastal commission which will then be consideration among some other jurisdictions outside of san francisco. at this time supervisor aaron peskin was the 11 that asked to serve in this role so if we can get a motion to put forth supervisor peskin later after public
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comment that would be great. >> i will make that motion to have aaron peskin on the california coastal commission seat and this is an appointment made of senate rules committee who will consider the nominations provided by the board of supervisors. in marin county, san francisco county and sonoma county. >> all right. thank you supervisor cohen so i do have a number of speaker cards so we will open this item to public comment. [calling speaker names] so if you have submitted a card please come up. even if you haven't please also come on up. >> hi good afternoon. my name is marcela, the founder and director of azula and organization focused on environmental justice within conservation. we have been following the work of the california coastal commission closely and we think that supervisor peskin has a very
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good record and commitment to open space and also to keeping the waterfront open to people so we're gladly enthusiastically supporting his nomination. >> great. thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good morning. this is kathryn howard. i am a member of the sierra club and i'm also on the citizens advisory group to the amendment to the san francisco coastal plan but i am here on my own. i support supervisor peskin for appointment to the coastal commission. this is a very important position for san francisco. san francisco is currently proposing amendments to sections of our own local coastal program of the western shoreline plan. our san francisco coastal zones extends approximately 6 miles along san
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francisco western shoreline from the point lobeos recreation area in the north to the fort sumter in the south. the proposed local coastal amendment specifically addresses sea level rise and the coast and once it's approved by the board and the full board it will be forwarded to the california coastal commission for review and approval this. is a long way of saying that inventory decisions will be made in the future at the california coastal commission. >> >> not only for all of california but right now particularly for our beloved ocean beach. both san francisco and indeed all of the california coast need a strong voice on the commission to protect our precious coast line. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good morning supervisor. i
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want to congratulate the new supervisor. it's nice. i saw you sworn in on monday. my name is rebecca evans and a local environmental activist but i am speaking as an individual. one of the first things i did as a professional years ago was to campaign for the passage of the coastal act and i have seen it over the years and sometimes it does a good job and others it doesn't. i fully support supervisor peskin. he's my supervisor. i have worked with him off and on for 25 years. he has unique knowledge and history with environmental issues and as mentioned sea level rise which is important and looking at the bay side and also important on the coast so i hope you nominate the supervisor for this position. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> supervisors i am art feinstein and a vice chair of the california nevada committee
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of the sierra club and urging you to send supervisor peskin up to the senate to see who they will choose out of the three counties. i have been doing environmental work for 30 years and a lot of that time aaron has been working in san francisco and elsewhere on -- working on conservation issues. his experience and trust for public land shows that he knows how to work with the urban and natural resource communities and a lot of work in the city that's not just building playgrounds et cetera but also helping preserve natural resources so he knows both end of that has he demonstrates on the board of supervisors employed he encourage you to endorse him and hopefully he will be chosen. thank you. >> all right. thank you very much. any other members of the public to seek on item 2? seeing none. public comment is
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now closed. so supervisor cohen made a motion to send forth to the full board with positive recommendation. >> yes, i would like to add to my comments quickly. the coastal commission for those that don't know plans and regulates the use of land and water along the coastal zone and important to my district along the waterfront but also the central waterfront in supervisor peskin's district as well as touches on come kim's district. this is incredible important to consider the effects of sea water rising and as we continue to plan along in the bayview community and in the dogpatch neighborhood planning for our city we need to be taking those sea water rising considerations into account, and i can't think of a better person, more dodded
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person to move into the seat than supervisor peskin and i am delighted and enthusiastic to move it forward and with that said let's make a positive recommendation to move supervisor peskin and nominate him. >> all right. second that by supervisor fewer and we'll move it out without objection r . congratulations supervisor peskin. item 3 please. >> item 3 is hearing to consider appointing two members terms ending february 1, 2018 and february 1, 2019 to the park, recreation and open space advisory committee. >> all right thank you. so one of the things we will be doing and entertaining a motion for later for seat seven. we will need to continue that item for various reasons so really we're only going to be considering seat 20 and i believe that the nominee for seat 20 is not here today but i am very familiar with his work. he's a district residents so i
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will be supporting him to go into seat 20 so at this time i don't know if there is no comments, questions from committee members? then we will open item 3 to public comment first. any members of the public here? okay seeing none. public comment is close said then. [gavel] as if we can get a motion to continue seat seven. >> sure i would like to make a motion that we continue. >> all right. actually lts go -- there's a comment on seat 20. >> thank you colleagues so i know i am new to the committee but does anyone have gender and racial break down of the full committee of prosac. >> supervisor i don't have it but i can get it to your office if you would like. >> this is what i would like age groups, i mean which age they are, also gender and race.
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>> i will have that to your office later. >> that would be great. thank you. >> thank you supervisor. >> thank you so much so at this time then do we have a motion to both continue seat seven, i would say maybe to the call of the chair, and then to submit trevor mcneil's name for seat 20 to the full board with a positive recommendation? >> so i do have a question madam chair. i am wondering if since this information is not available until later in my office i am wondering if this is the appointment that needs to be made today or postponed until we have a full purview of how diverse that group is. >> i will say just based on my experience at least for some of the committees and commissions where the individual supervisors get to make nominations generally speaking we have deferred to the district supervisor for their particular seats. when there are -- but it
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is your call of course but that has just been the general policy -- for example if i have someone appointing to a particular seat because i feel this person is interested and engaged and wants to participate and maybe fits certain criteria that i have so again i tend to defer to the nominating supervisor however for larger commissions maybe the rec park commission or something like that where there's a combination between the mayor and the board we need to look at the complement of things and of course when i am making a particular appointment i will look okay i want diversity as well and i will bring that to the commission so that's my take so i would prefer to move forward because it's supervisor breed's nominee but supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i also too want to add to my voice to what supervisor tang was mentioning that level of deference is
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appreciated and given to the sponsoring supervisor. also it is usually the rules committee staff that does the due diligence, not necessarily the clerk doing the due diligence of the exact make up of the body. these the same considerations that i look into because -- not only am i looking for diversity in gender diversity and ethnic diversity but also in experience, geographic, where they're coming from in the city. have they been to the other parts of the city and the district? they're all critical questions that manifest -- not always here in the committee work, committee work space, but in the absence of your staff doing the due diligence on your behalf. they know your values, and it is incumbent upon them to take the values and communicate them and ask the questions to the applicants that are coming before them, so there is a
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a little bit of work that has to be done, but -- >> okay, no thank you for answering that he q so i am new to the committee and actually when i on the school board i look extensively of the committee make up because they represent the whole eventually so i understand there is deferment that goes with the appointments from the district supervisor. i am happy to do that. it would have been great to have the nominee here today to answer some questions, but that's fine. thank you very much, and i think in the future then what i am hearing is that this is -- not the staff that would give me this information but the rules staff that would and request this information ahead of time. >> okay. >> it's just that i just got here. >> we know. >> and that's totally fine. i am glad we could clarify that a little bit. for example i have
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two appointees to prosac, two women, one woman of color so i very much looked into that while i was making those considerations but again there will be commissions and appointments that come before us that are more broad. for example, mayor suggestions or our committee suggestions so we need to look at that carefully so thank you for raising that so at this time based on what i said continuance of seat seven to the call of the chair and trevor mcneil to seat 20. >> i will second the motion. >> without objection. [gavel] all right. thank you. item 4 please. >> item number 4 hearing to consider appointing six members, terms ending november 23, 2018 to the shelter monitoring committee. there are six seats and 13 applicants. >> great. so we will go down the line for applicants and see who is here and who is not so
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first up we have patrina hall. all right. please come on up. >> yes. hello. my name is patrina hall and i am running for seat one and seat two. i am a single parent with a minor child who is under 18, and i am also disabled, so i am running for both seats. i qualify for both seats. i was homeless within three years of applying for the seats and i would like to say that i have served on part of an unexpired term for a member. presently i have been working with the committee on various policies such as shelter
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bed utilization policy. i believe the imminent danger policy. also the policy on recommendations to modifying the shelter training manual so i have been pretty active, and with the pres as -- policy committee as well and presently i'm the only african-american woman on the committee. there are i believe another committee member who is a person of color. i don't know his exact racial makeup. he maybe african-american and mixed with something else but i'm the only black person on the committee presently and i feel that the seat will be perfect for me because i am there to bring in the diversity. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. >> thank you. so ms. hall i think you came before this body;
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right? you're currently in the position on the body. >> yes. >> this is a reup the term you were appointed to finish out. at the time you have been on the shelter monitoring committee what are some of your accomplishments that you're most proud of that you worked on? >> i can't say i really introduced any policies but i have worked on the shelter bed utilization policy as a group with the subpolicy committee. i worked revising the training manual. i have also participated in various meetings and presentations with the new homeless department of housing. >> so when you say you participated in the presentations what does that look like? what did you do? what was the topic you were talking about? >> yes, we remember talking
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about the shelter. >> >> were talking about the shelter bed utilization. >> and information you were sharing with the department what the shelter bed process is? is that what it is? >> yes. they were sharing information with us how they also facilitate shelter bed utilizations and appropriation and set asides. >> i understand this is in the capacity of a volunteer -- you know in the form of volunteer work. have you been able to do any work around mentoring or inspiring women in the shelter system being an advocate on their behalf? >> yes, i have. but most women are really trying to seek employment. they really don't have time to set aside for participating in volunteer work. >> what kind of work are you doing now?
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>> presently i'm a student. well, i am majoring in pharmacology. i received the master's degree in public administration. i have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. i a associate's degree in behavioral science and aa degree in education and pursuing a law degree. >> so you're really busy. >> yes. >> how do you find time to mother, work and volunteer? >> i am used to it. i have been doing it for many years. >> fair enough. one last question what kind of work do you want to accomplish in the future in this capacity? >> i am looking forward to work ork the manuel and ada policies in place and set aside for disabled. also special accommodations for seniors in the shelter which was a policy
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discussed by another committee member. i am looking also to facilitate programs hopefully that i can encourage the shelters to sasilltate a program where the employees are bonded prior to employment. >> thank you. i have no further questions. >> thank you very much. so i think supervisor cohen asked some of the questions that i had for well so i don't know at this time if we have any further questions. okay. thank you so much for serving already on this body, and so at this time i actually neglected to call up the shelter monitoring committee staff jeff so if you could come up first and then we will proceed to the rest of the applicants. thank you ms. hall. >> thank you. you're welcome. >> good morning and happy new year supervisor tang, supervisor cohen, supervisor fewer. my name is jeff simbee and one of the two shelter monitoring
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committee staff so i wanted to take a couple of minutes to mention that membership on the shelter monitoring committee is a little bit -- or actually a lot different than membership with other committees in that the committee members do site inspections so they go out at night typically after 6:00 p.m. and trend time at the 21 different shelter sites. as far as frequency a committee member will do about -- they should average one visit per week so four times a month. in addition to that the committee is always looking for community members who are bilingual and spanish speaking would be very helpful so if the applicants have that please mention that. as far as the regular meeting stuff accident like the monthly meeting and participation in the subcommittee meetings which supervisor tang you're involved in the imminent danger domestic
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violence and that was in the meetings and members that can collaborate with other agencies much like everyone did in the imminent danger domestic violence and different agencies and you guys work together to push that through so thank you for that by the way and lastly i want to say thank you to all the mothers. i have been at the committee staff for about four years and this is the most applicants that we've ever had. usually there is one or two and really hard time finding applicants so i want to say thank you to the applicants. i hope we have a good pool that hopefully can fill our seats. thank you. >> great. just based on earlier questions from supervisor fewer for example he has staff here just for the purposes of the first meeting and supervisor fewer we can talk about the make up of the current committee and what that looks like? >> that we currently have?
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>> yes. >> so 13 members. four are a poichted by the local homeless coordinating board and they're full and the appointment for the upcoming term. three members are appointed through the mayor's office and those seats are already appointed for this next term, and so we have a total of seven and then plus these vacant six seats. >> and then in terms of the makeup based on the criteria that supervisor fewer was looking at so for example gender, ethnicity. i don't know if you have that information available. >> off the top of my head there are -- you have to give me a second here. as far as the seven members that we have five female -- five male, two female
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-- [inaudible] that's good. okay. >> okay. if that's all you have for now. supervisor fewer. >> yes. do you have any information on race or ethnicity? >> yes, one african-american, one asian, three or four caucasian and five caucasian. one african-american and one asian person. >> and your bilingual capacity? >> of those seven no one is bilingual in spanish. >> in spanish. in chinese? >> chinese? no. but as far as -- actually i'm not sure any
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other language but i know for sure there is no one currently on the committee who is bilingual spang speaking. >> nobody? >> yeah. >> would you say that the majority of people that this body would be serving would you say there is a fairly sizable part that might be spanish or chinese speaking? >> so spanish speaking, yes, like when we go to the delores shelter a huge spanish speaking -- almost 90% spanish speaking at those shelters and the big shelters and msc south and i'm not sure of of percentages off the top of my head and lot of spanish speaking. for chinese speaking not so much. what is helpful there one of the staff speaks mandarin. >> mandarin? >> yes, so that is helpful and
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when we have problems i want to mention that the staff at the shelters have been helpful in helping translation. >> great. are you finding that we have an increase of arabic speaking people that we're serving in the shelters? >> not that -- no, not that i have noticed. >> okay. thank you very much. >> okay. >> thank you supervisor fewer and thank you. so based on our conversation here i am wondering if you call up the applicants if you could address anything if you have language skills that would be great to share with us as well as your level commitment to the site inspections and meetings and subcommittee meetings and so forth and include that part of your conversation, presentation so next we have jonathan blackman. >> good morning supervisors. my name is jonathan blackman. i'm -- my profession i'm the
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salvation army harbor house director and work with homeless families. i have that experience for the last two years and previous to that i was the manager of the salvation army harbor light detoxification center and deal directly with the homeless off the street. we do a great deal of referring to the shelters. i am available to visit shelters. i am very mobile. it may seem and the travel and i get around by scooter and avoids traffic issues and i am available for meetings and shelter visits. i can communicate in spanish, so should i continue or do you have any questions? >> if you could talk a little more about what are some of the policy goals or goals in general that you have if you're able to serve on this committee?
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>> well, the main goal i have as a referring agent to the shelters the people are resistant. the population i work with are resistant to go to the shelters. we refer them to the shelters when necessary. most people typically it's a last resort. sometimes prefer to be on the street so a goal i have is try to reverse the perception that people have of the shelters directly by mofer mofer the shelters and find out what the problems are. the problems that i typically encounter in terms anecdotally they tell me they think it's dangerous. there is violence that goes on there. their property is not safe and yet it's sometimes the only resort for people to go to so i would like to make it a more welcoming place to go so they're willing to take advantage rather than be on the street. >> okay great. thank you so
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much. colleagues any questions or comments for mr. blackman? okay seeing none thank you very much. >> have a nice day. >> thank you. supervisor ron summers. okay ron summers is not here. >> >> lor retia gains. >> good morning supervisors. it's a pleasure being here. i am enthusiastic about applying -- i am going to be applying for seats two, four, five and six so first of all for seat two i am disabled. i was previously homeless person within the past three years, and i have lived at a domestic women's shelter and i want to say thank you. i went through the executive summary for some of the things you're doing for domestic violence. i
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really appreciate that. as far as my qualifications i am african-american and also native american dissent, and i am able to work with diverse populations which includes students, families, senior citizens,let homeless, disabled persons. >> >> who are physically and mentally challenged, persons from ethnic backgrounds and orientation and race and more information. i do volunteer work as a worship associate at church and the way i connect with people is through different multi-religions, so as far as my qualifications i worked at cots family shelter in sonoma county where at first i went in as a client and i went to the director of the program and i had some suggestions so they
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hired me as a resident manager and i was able to do deescalation, provide services for families and counseling and group counseling when i was there and also i was the acting director for a day treatment facility in marin county as well, so when the director would leave i would take over which was a surprise to me but i had worked with him so i did that for a year as well. i worked with eviction defense with james traci here in san francisco, and we advocated for homeless families and individuals. i am a past graduate of the rams pure wellness counseling. i don't know if you're aware of that, and i recently got accepted to their advanced course so i am starting classes next week. i am really excited and my under graduate studies in political science at golden gate university and intergovernmental relations, negotiations,
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contract law, critical writing, and these are some of the skills that i can also bring to the seat. presently i am working for volunteer for the friendship line, the institute of aging, and what they do is if you're over 18 years or older and disabled or 60 years of age and referred through a case manager or case worker and what we do is we do suicide prevention. we provide medication reminders to people that we call in or clients that call us. also some of my other -- in the city i worked for the san francisco unified school district where i did extensive volunteer work. as long as my children were in school i did the volunteer work. i needed to be there and be a part of that as a volunteer work. i worked at kps radio and i worked there for a year and a half in the apprenticeship
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program and worked come community radio klax at uc berkeley and as a dj, a producer, engineer. i did interviews, soap box derby which was a political call in talk show and the news and many of the people that worked with me we would go out and get local news in the community that you didn't see, so i am flexible. my children are adults now so i am flexible and i am really looking forward and i think i can bring a lot of my talents and qualifications, and i have a letter of recommendation for vacant seat four. i don't know if you want me to go through it or -- >> no. if it's in the packet that's fine. >> it's in the packet and also that recommendation was from my teacher kristin snell through
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the pier specialists mental health certificate program and i always have a recommendation from the eviction defense collaborative for vacancies five and six and one thing i would like to bring to the committee is how do we assess people who have mental health issues? when i stayed at the shelters here i did not see resources for mental health services so one thing -- being a part of the rams program what i would like to do is bring in mental health services for people who are in the shelter. how do we assess them? and so those are my qualifications. i am interested in being a part of this committee and if you have any questions. >> thank you so much for your thorough presentation and i don't know what you haven't done yet ms. gains but i think what you bring up about mental health services in the shelter is incredibly important. it is something that we a mental health board as well. perhaps
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that could be a collaborative bodies. supervisor cohen. >> i was thinking along the same lines and you answered the question what do you plan to do in the future and in that capacity and i love the element of the mental health work. i think it's incredibly important that we do a lot more cross collaboration between the mental health department, department of public health and the mental health board reentry council veteran services. they're all major constituencies that factor into the homeless community, the population. what are some of the driving forces to lead people to be homeless or finding themselves in shelters? and having key people already in critical positions to help in many cases administer, talk to, guide them along the process, encourage them, build them back up, introduce them to new opportunities they're not aware of is really important so i am
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happy to support you as you move forward through the process. thank you. >> yes thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right. so at this time the next candidate is isaac langfod. and i believe that we had received notice he wouldn't be here today so the next applicant is raymond benton. is raymond benton here? okay. seeing none -- i mean seeing no raymond. leslie bilbro. >> good morning supervisors. thank you for this opportunity to present. my name is leslie bilbro. my background as i have 23 years in corporate america and five years in the non-profit space. currently i am director of programs for [inaudible] work development start up and as
8:40 pm
director i work directly with not only the homeless population but also we entry clients and what my interest on being on this committee is really understanding and contributing to not just the compliance aspects of which should occur, but also be able to provide changes or recommendations to policies as it relates to the health, the safety, and the res dents' focus while they're there and what i mean by that currently we have several student who is are homeless, and one is a homeless woman with a child who is required to have the child live with the father. one is a homeless young man. the lafco hort we had four homeless families. >> >> one man had a set of twins
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and what i hear from them my children's behavior is changing from what they're seeing. i am hearing they're not safe. this woman threatened me because she thought i was talking about her" and recognizing the important seakz of people transition from homelessness and economic empowerment is critical that we understand the conditions upon which people live and survive in the shelter. they don't feel like they're thriving and helping to work on policies where they not only feel respected and have dignity while they're in the shelter, but they can find a pathway out of the shelter, and leave it behind them and move forward as contributing members in our society, and so in terms of my language i have very limited
8:42 pm
spanish. i haven't spoken it since college, and in terms of my participation in meetings whether it's a subcommittee or visiting on site i am currently a member of the san francisco reentry council and we have meetings regularly on their policy and operational practices subcommittee so i have no problems attending meetings. if i'm an advocate i am an all in advocate and i think it's critical that we advocate those that face tremendous barriers in the city of san francisco and the bay area in general so if you have questions for me i am happy to answer them. >> thank you very much for your presentation. all right. so seeing no questions or comments then thank you very much. our next applicant is terezie bohrer, but i believe mr. simbee is supposed to present the testimony today.
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>> so she asked me to read this to you. "i have asked him to present my testimony today. my husband on a trip to hawaii and visiting our daughter and i have been a shelter monitor and going six times a year and assumed the duties of shelter leader, secretary of the committee and on the policy and bylaws committees. i attend monthly meetings and review reports. the work on the shelter monitoring committee is rewarding but frustrating. i wish i could do more. it's
8:44 pm
frustrating to see seniors and people with disabilities in the shelters. as a senior citizen nurse and social worker living in the san francisco towers i come home after monitoring visits feeling helpless, sad and frustrated want i am impatient and i want to see the homeless problem in our city resolved. at the same time i must state i believe my small contribution is rewarding of value assuring home that are homeless and treated with respect and fed and temporarily living in a safe clean environment. it is important to note that shelter residents warmly greet me and frequently that the city has this monitoring program. i would like to continue my service and involvement with this committee. moreover in the next year i want to research omseses for senior citizens and develop a white paper describing my findings. i want to make sure that people who are
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homeless are treated with dignity and respect and the rights are protected. your confidence in me and confirming of my reappointment would greatly be appreciated". >> thank you very much. >> okay. earlier you asked me the composition question and i was nervous and couldn't figure it out and i sat down and got the correct one. >> yes please. >> four are caucasian. two asian and one african-american -- moses from kenya and as far as gender six males and one female. >> thank you very much. >> six males, one female. >> all right. although i guess i am a little confused and says she is seeking appointment but it's
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reappointment. i want to make sure i have this correct. >> yes madam chair. this is a new appointment. >> but she's work in the shelter monitoring committee in that capacity? all right. the next applicant we have is matthew steen. >> good morning madam chair and good morning committee members. my name is matthew steen. i have served on the shelter monitoring committee through the local homeless coordinating board for the last four years. i served as acting chair, vice chair during 2016 and previously secretary as well on the policy committee. currently -- well, not currently because our terms are over. i was chair of the bylaws committee. during the four years i inspected our shelters over 120 times so i have been
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conducted 120 shelter inspections of all 20 of our shelters. i have worked on our new domestic violence policy for the shelters and along with others and a great proponent of that and see how it's operating in the family shelters and denying service to women involved with domestic violence in our shelters. previously i worked on obtaining and obvocating for year round funding for the family shelters that we currently have. i worked on advocating and pushing for creation of the [inaudible] place, the first lgbtq shelter in the city and first in the nation perhaps. i worked strong
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advocacy for expanding mother brown's shelter in the bay view which did not go through and that would have been a 100 bed shelter opposed to folks sitting in chairs all night. and the rest of my resume if you want to call that is in the committee packet. i am involved in current local democratic application and chair of the western united states for scholarships for [inaudible] nation and i am open to questions but i am withdrawing my application for appointment. >> you're withdrawing your application? >> i am withdrawing my application. >> okay. that was a surprise but thank you for letting us know the things you have worked on. i enjoyed working on the family shelter with domestic violence so i want to thank you for all of your advocacy throughout the years and finally we're able to change that policy
8:49 pm
in 2016. >> yes. thank you. i will be applying for another committee or commission appointment in the near future so thank you again. again. >> thank you mr. stein. okay the next applicant is lauren kahn. >> hemo supervisor tang, supervisor cohen and supervisor fewer. thank you for the opportunity to come before you today to be considered for seat three or seat four of the shelter monitoring committee. i am a naifit san franciscan and graduate of local high school and -- lowell high school and was a tutor, case manager and most relevant to the activities of the shelter monitoring committee i worked as a compliance manager overseeing services to individuals who are homeless. my experience
8:50 pm
includes conducting site visits and auditing programs to standards for health, safety and quality of care, investigating and resolving complaints and grievances and developing and monitoring corrective action plans. i understand this work can be sometimes perceive said as punitive and nitpicky but i love it. >> >> oversight and monitoring celebrate the difficult work of service providers and avenue to support guidance when opportunities for improvement arrive and i am seen as a resource and not a dreaded presence. we have a crisis of homelessness in san francisco. not only do we have too many people in need of safe stable housing and supportive services but the demographics of the homeless population is out of step with the demographics of the city as a whole. this coupled with forces in washington who do not share our love for san francisco values means that the importance of
8:51 pm
safe clean shelters and resource centers will likely increase in the coming years. san francisco protects and honors its people because of all the ways they're unique and special. this spirit is and should be reflected in our shelters. i would consider it an honor to support the very important work of our city's shelters and resource centers as a part of the shelter monitoring committee and i thank you for your consideration. to answer the questions that you have brought up in terms of language capability. i speak italian. i don't know if that is useful and a little bit of spanish. in terms of level of commitment i am away i was told maybe 20 hours a week. my employer is supportive of this so i am definitely prepared for that. i think those are the questions. i am happy to answer anything else. >> great thank you very much. all right. so no questions at this time so thank you for your presentation. >> great. thank you so much. >> and our next applicant is
8:52 pm
rafael gutierrez. >> madam chair, if iktd just clarify terezie bohrer was a appointee of the homeless board on the shelter monitoring committee and not a seat supported by the board of supervisors. >> thank you for the clarification. so rafael gutierrez. not here. okay. traci watson. >> good morning board of supervisors. my name is traci watson, and i am a native of san francisco, a single mom, and i am actually a recovering addict, coming up on seven years and i have been given back to the homeless community i would say for the past seven years plus and worked at several shelters throughout the city, the emergency pop up shelters el
8:53 pm
nino. i worked united council and staff as a monitor. i work at a women's place drop in shelter and providence shelters as well, and also i'm a sitting county worker with the city and county of san francisco homeward bound program and there for four years working with homeless individuals trying to relocate back to the family and home communities. let's see i have two years of college. i went to school to attain my kdac and have many hours completed as a drug and alcohol practitioners. i went and took the test and haven't passed out. i am confident they will. let's see. so working at the shelters -- when the shelter monitoring committee was coming in and
8:54 pm
always a goal of mine when they came into the shelters and something i want to do and get involved in the process of ensuring the safety and the protocols are being made within the shelters, and working as the staff there are scenes that i see -- things that i see that need improvement as well and i want to involved in the conditions of the shelter and the safety and the guidelines that the staff are properly trained to work with individuals that have mental issues. drug and substance abuse and offer more services on site within the shelters and it is also proper security. so that's pretty much it for me, yeah. >> great. well thank you so much. i mean definitely your experience as demonstrated your
8:55 pm
commitment to serve those in the shelters. >> absolutely. >> which non-profit is sponsoring youoir which non-profit do you work for? >> i work for -- i work for -- well, it's not a non-profit. homeward bound used to be non-profit but now with the city and county just recently and the city and county recently got the contract for the homeward bound program and i volunteer with several non-profits around the city. >> hold on. the seat -- you must be selected by candidates and by non-profit agencies and provide services to homeless people so i am curious which organization nominated you. >> positive directions. >> positive directions. perfect. have you attended any of the shelter monitoring committee meetings? >> absolutely. >> perfect. no other questions. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you very much. so at this time we're going to move on to the last applicant mere
8:56 pm
nicholas kimura. >> hi. good afternoon supervisors. my name is nick as you said. i am a former chair of the shelter monitoring committee. we did work closely with supervisor tang's office to get rid of the onerous imminent danger policy. i am really glad we did that. i work as a shelter client advocate with the collaborative and there five years and went to mexico for a while and got my old job back. i am a volunteer for the coalition on homelessness. as i said i was the former chair of the shelter monitoring committee. from my point of view a good relationship with hsa and the shelter management through my day job i am able to interact with them on a daily basis. it's a very good benefit on behalf of the position i am seeking for the shelter monitoring committee. i seek
8:57 pm
spanish. it's much better after visiting mexico and i speak spanish. in terms what i want to get done. there are lots of issues affecting san franciscans without housing. one is the curfew policy of the shelters if someone goes to the hospital for a couple of nights they lose the bed and not able to get it back and things to look at and work with the board to adjust the legislation on the shelter monitoring committee so i don't know if there are there questions. >> i don't have any questions only because i got to work with you closely when you were on the shelter monitoring committee and i want to thank you as well on the imminent danger policy among other things but colleagues do you have questions or comments? okay. >> real quick i just want to say i do want to speak on behalf of applicant med -- ms. gains and there
8:58 pm
aren't women on the committee and women of color and word for her and also terezie bohrer and she was on the committee when i was chair and speak on behalf of those applicants as well. thank you. >> thank you so much. at this time we will open up item 4 to public comment. i have a couple cards and if you want to come up do that as well. [calling speaker names] >> hi supervisors. i am gary mccoy. good to see you all this morning. i am currently on the shelter monitoring committee and also serve as the policy sub-committee chair. however, i am here speaking on behalf of myself and not behalf of the committee. we have a lot of qualified candidates which is great. you know it's really fantastic to see this level of support and willingness to do
8:59 pm
this, this position. you know it is a lot of work and it requires a lot of dedication. i am here today to speak on behalf of the lauren kahn who i had the pleasure of being not only friends with but a colleague at various occasions, and i also work with a lot of people in the community and her name comes up probably about twice a month with the work that she does with walden house and health right 360 and i know she's very dedicated at she does and have a big heart and welcome your support for lauren kahn. >> thank you very much. ms. rojas from president breed's office. >> >> i am here to speak on behalf of lauren kahn and in supervisor breed's office and worked on a personal and professional
9:00 pm
capacity. we're happy to recommend her. we have a letter of support from supervisor breed. lauren is a incredible compassionate and empathetic person and organized and data driven and focused on results and we really appreciate that here. she's over ten years working with the homeless community in san francisco and as a leader with health right 360 we think she would be a great asset to this committee so thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good morning. i would like to recommend also lauren kahn for seat three and four on the shelter monitoring committee. i had the pleasure of working as a supervisor and coworker and community partner as served in different roles in san francisco in the last ten years and witnessed the passion for serving the community and those at risk through direct services
9:01 pm
and quality improvement efforts and this work and gives her a valuable perspective for the shelter monitoring committee. working with people struggling with homelessness and access to services and employment and housing in san francisco and understands the barriers that the homeless community faces. i have seen her compassion, respect and commitment to maintaining dignity for everyone that she serves. having worked in quality assurance and compliance lauren appreciates the need for program monitoring and data driven quality improvement efforts. i have seen her passion for ensuring safety, proper documentation and pushing for needed improvements. additionally her work in policy and advocacy demonstrates the commitment to improve the systems of care for the most vulnerable members and creative thoughtful and dedicated and
9:02 pm
compassionate and i enjoyed my time working with her and you will too and i know everyone on the shelter monitoring committee would appreciate her part the team and full of energy and enthusiasm for her work so i would like to recommend her. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hi. i am karen shane from the san francisco reentry council, back again. i wanted to talk briefly about leslie bilbro who is a member of the operational and practices subcommittee of the reentry council and has been probably the most responsible member of that subcommittee. she came in sort of -- we had no idea who she was two years ago and she's been coming to every single meeting. i don't think she missed a single one since then and deep love for community and also a really terrific facilitator and worked closely with me on the five community meetings that the reentry council convened across the
9:03 pm
city to discuss racial and ethnic disparities in san francisco criminal justice system and worked so hard and made a difference creating the events and made them successful. she facilitated conversations in the meetings and did a great job. she's ready and willing to volunteer for tasks within our committee and spoke to the council on behalf of the subcommittee and did a great job explaining a policy issue that the subcommittee brought to the reentry council and she's currently working on a training we will do for the subcommittee regarding state policy processes. quite honestly there is no one in the three subcommittees committed to the work that we do. given the nexus of the homelessness and criminal justice brings a tremendous qualification and capacity to bring those two together. you won't have a more effective committee member, i can promise you that. finally i
9:04 pm
tbl says -- i think that she actually qualifies for seat five as you figure out how you're going to do this and good luck. you have many qualified people and my only concern if she becomes a member of the shelter monitoring committee it may give her less capacity to be on the operational and practices subcommittee but i think she will figure it out. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. my name is leslie lavitas and i am supporting the application of lauren kahn. i am a member -- i am one of mayor lee's appointees to the reentry council however i am speaking as a member of the public. i wanted to say that i know of lauren's deep understanding of the population who access the shelter system. i have worked with county jail populations for about 20 years,
9:05 pm
and lauren's commitment to those folks and their needs has been stated by many people so i just want toes also echo that, and the effect of her awareness of the critical housing, the shortage of resources, and the importance of the shelter system as a resource for folks reentering following periods of incarceration, and i also want to echo -- so i think she would be an excellent member and serve the city and the community well. i want to echo one of the earlier speakers' comments about the importance of appointing women to the shell shall especially for the -- shelter monitoring committee and formerly incarcerated women have a huge need for the service and typically underserved population within the criminal justice system. women do not often get
9:06 pm
access to equitable services as available for men who are just as involved and historically there's tremendous data showing the need for more support and resources for women as they reenter the community. i think having women serve on the committee would help us keep that issue in the forefront. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public who wish to comment on item 4? seeing none. public comment is now closed. [gavel] i want to thank all the applicants here today not only just to speak on the shelter monitoring committee but really for all of your ongoing work in the community. clearly we have a pool of really great applicants. i have one clarifying question. it looks like based on one of the public commenters that ms. leslie bilbro could qualify for seat five. i was looking through
9:07 pm
the pablget and the recommendation letter is from the code tenderloin director and i thought it was a start up. is that the nomination from the non-profit or is there another non-profit agency that is nominating leslie bilbro? ms. bilbro. >> that is the nomination from the non-profit. originally i submitted my application to the local homeless coordinating board and was unsuccessful so it was just for seat three specifically bevia this process i added four and six and should have added five so that's why it's that way. >> all right. great. thank you for that clarification. >> you're welcome. >> mr. clerk even though it's not listed on the agenda we can still consider them? >> yes, that's correct madam chair. >> great. listening to the interviews and i looked through your applications as well and again this is a difficult choice to make and i don't want anyone
9:08 pm
to be offended but there's not enough seats for the applicants here today and like we say in rules committee if you don't get on this time always reapply and there are opportunities that come up again so if i make a suggestion to committee members and what i heard and make up of the committee for seat one i would like to recommend patrina hall. for seat two loretta gaines. three seat nicholas kimura. seat four lauren kahn. seat five leslie bilbro. seat six traci watson. so those are my suggestions and i would be happy to hear from committee members. supervisor cohen. >> i am happy to hear from you. a quick question. did we hear from jonathan blackman. >> we did. from the salvation army. >> thank you mr. black man i
9:09 pm
appreciate it. i am happy to support your recommendations chair tang. >> >> supervisor fewer. >> yes. supervisor tang can you please repeat those nominations? >> sure. for seat one patrina hall. seat two loretta gaines, seat three nicholas kimura, seat four lauren kahn, seat five leslie bilbro, seat six traci watson. >> so i have different people on my list. would you like to me read them off? >> sure. >> seat one patrina hall. seat two loretta gaines. seat three traci watson. seat four terezie bohrer. seat five raymond benton. seat six nicholas kimura. >> i'm sorry you said seat five was? >> raymond benton.
9:10 pm
>> okay. based on that it looks like we have a difference of two individuals, raymond benton and terezie bohrer. >> yes. >> so given that -- i don't know if supervisor cohen with that would you like to make a change to your recommendations? i think i will stick with mine. >> i am happy to entertain terezie bohrer put on -- [inaudible] >> and that was for seat -- i'm not sure of the seat. >> seat number 4. >> is that the only seat she's qualifies for? i am supporting lauren kahn for seat four so i don't have room to -- >> i believe seat three swap then. >> seat three. >> although i would like to keep nicholas kimura who does speak spanish and has a track
9:11 pm
record of work on this committee. >> may i interject madam chair. >> supervisor cohen. >> i am happy to support with my initial indication of supporting the folks you supported, the folks that you called into the record with the assigned seats. >> okay. okay. i did want to try to accommodate but i think it would have thrown off the other recommendation. >> yeah. >> so with that then -- i don't know if you want to make the motion then, supervisor cohen. >> just restate it. >> okay. one more time? >> yeah. >> all right. seat one patrina hall. seat two loretta gaines. seat three nicholas kimura. seat four lauren kahn. seat five leslie bilbro and seat six traci watson. okay. >> hold on.
9:12 pm
>> all right. i will second that motion. >> okay. >> and do we need a roll call vote? >> no. >> without objection. >> [inaudible] [off mic] the majority of people, the appointees we agree on and everyone is highly qualified. >> great. so we will do that without objection then. [gavel] thank you very much for bearing with us through that. all right mr. clerk are there any other items before us today. >> there is no more business before the committee madam chair. >> thank you very much and i want to thank mr. clerk and supervisor cohen's service on the rules committee as well. the meeting is adjourned.
9:13 pm
[gavel] light for our city and streets illuminating our ideas and values starting in 2016 the san francisco public utilities commission is xhoefl that light with new led with the did i audits for better light for streets and pedestrian and they're even better for this vitally lasting longer and consuming up to 50 percent less energy upgrading takes thirty minutes remove the old street light and
9:14 pm
repeat 18 thousand 5 hundred times while our street lights will be improving the clean energy will remain the same every san francisco street light is powder by 100 percent godfathers hetch hetchy power in one simple word serious as day turns 00
9:15 pm
>> >>[gavel] width i called this meeting to order the transbay joint power policy agency four-what is today? january 12, 2017. please take roll call >> for the record rector kim will not be present due to a scheduling on foot and reiskin mdm. president nuru mdm.
9:16 pm
president sartipi mdm. president harper mdm. president chairman you do not yet have a quorum but we will take the other items >> >> okay. communications. i have two. one is the question is do we want to make the election of chair and vice chair do we want to postpone until supervisor john kim has asked that it be postponed and arguing in favor is that chairs are supposed to serve a year and i was appointed in february. so we could do that, too. i don't care. what is the board's preference? to postpone it? >>[inaudible] [off mic] we will postpone that for a year. the other thing that
9:17 pm
>> is that until next month? >> yes. x month i suppose. i just i apologize for my voice today. i spent the last few days in washington at the transportation research board. it was extremely cold and i came back with some sort of cough and deep throat. it was very interesting about that meeting was the overwhelming interest now. you could not get into a room that haven to do with autonomous vehicles. everybody in the industry is trying to figure out what to do with those things. and of them that i attended was what kind of facilities, what would be the feels facilities preparation and my sense was a facility like ours ultimately,
9:18 pm
could very well have a lot of useful for a time as they goes but nobody could give me an idea of exactly how to plan for it. right now. guideways and things but obviously obviously our bus talking is something if we knew what the bus talking technology was we would plan announced in the buses could just move in there. you could even bring them up autonomously from the bus yard because that's a closed-pretty close system, but being able to run buses on an urban street autonomously everything saying it's about 30-40 years away they think from what then happened but it was very interested everybody was on to it did one of those things was when of the ideas was writing autonomous vehicles from treasure island to the terminal and i said there is muni here. they are going to do buses but they said they gave that as an example of an early application because it would be very specific into the terminal. so whether they got the application, i don't know.
9:19 pm
anyway those are my communications. next item >> item 4 board of directors new and old business >> no.? next item >> item 5 executive director support >> good morning commissioners i'm very pleased very excited to report that all remaining issues have been resolved. the closing phase 1 financing agreement with kitty in the city this afternoon. which is a 99.9% chance because the cfo would not make me use 100%. we're closing this afternoon. we resolve the business of [inaudible] in the third week of december and results received the first disbursement december 27 with the close of the finance administrator next person of the tif loan will be on a monthly basis starting generate 15. does the final step towards fully sunny days one could i like to thank
9:20 pm
director of the city office of public finance. vinton city comptroller penny rosenfield and [inaudible] for the hard work last two months. to get this done. i like to express some special thanks to our cfo for working with the long hours and weekends. again [inaudible] whilst overcoming some serious health changes did thank you, sarah >> someone told me what the hangup was good what was the big hangup? >> had several hangups but one of them was they wanted to have npc and wells fargo-they want to have a say on how mpc and wells fargo structure their loans outside of would be thought to be done. so maybe sarah could elaborate more?
9:21 pm
>> good morning directors. in a nutshell they was of course trying to protect their ability to be repaid from revenues pledged to them. and of course those of the some revenues that are going to be used in a ongoing interest for the mpc and the wells and so each of the lenders just needed to make sure they were press protected as they could be. but all issues to my notes are worked out and we should be this afternoon. he was what is the resolution? >> all parties linked. it was several issues where demises in the middle were arrived at. >> so what did we blink on? what did we want to we die get? >> we are not in between agreement between the city and wells. the city and mpc >> we do not care? been out it's really for the lenders and the city.. >> okay.
9:22 pm
>> in regards to our effort to secure prop k allocations we continue to work closely with sfmta he to secure the funding that were on the agenda for january 24. for the funding for the $6.8 million. i have also had a chance to meet with supervisor peskin and addresses concerns regarding the status of space to and clarify the purpose of our request. i like to thank director kim for facilitating that meeting. hopefully we get that mean money january 24 and the ford with advancing phase 2 as i describes earlier last year doing that 30% design in coming up with a cost estimate and a budget. following up on a direction from the board at the december meeting, and also as suggested by the csc we started development of integrated schedule for the delivery of these two and the completion of the study could meeting with director john sleight him later
9:23 pm
this month to share what we came up with and get some input from them. the goal here is to come up with a schedule shows phase 2 rad as well as caltrain certification and high-speed rail. how they interact and how they impact each other and how best to connect all efforts at the same time >> did have a chance to meet with john emanuel rahaim at our last meeting get you said you were coming with john rahaim with based on a recognition to you? >> yes. then were meeting later this month. meanwhile talking on the phone how we are going to do it we started the effort. when i meet it with him later this month also what we came up with and get his input. be okay >> we made assumptions on the schedule and so forth there making their own assumptions. hopefully when i meet this month we will our things out. in terms of the supplemental impact statement we have in the
9:24 pm
fta completed the final review it did receive some comments from fta late december as a result of the final review. we also received new fta comments from the state historic preservation ofc. received that the first week of january. we are responding to the comments. we hope to spend our responses next week. if except our responses we can post it for 10 days and we can bring the document to the board for approval in february. we discussed the status of the document with john rahaim and discussed the mitigation measures we implement to address their concerns. following up on the december update regarding the ctc tour, we are having the commissioners from the california
9:25 pm
transportation commission visiting the transit center next tuesday on the 17th. we will give them a tour and presentation. we teamed up with the city and ocii and we would also include a presentation properties of the city has that caltrans owns and the city desires to also build parks there. so and then we will have the city will follow-up with ct ctc later on on what they need to make that happen but basically is a team effort. i like to advise the board members [inaudible] it can be in the afternoon on the 17th. >> ctc is doing what for that are the parts underneath? >> ctc is coming for a tour of the transit center. the city and ocii wanted to discuss with the ctc potentially there is some caltrans state owned parcels within the city that they would like to build parks there. so parks and so forth on the rampart. so we have included a portion of our
9:26 pm
presentation for the ocii and mayor's office >> are these different from the parts we heard last month about coming under-yes that's different. other parts of the city want to build. >> okay. that were not as part of our project? >> no. >> okay. >> on today's agenda we've item to discuss potentially inviting california high-speed rail authority to the tjpa board. with completion the authorities important partner as we shift towards fully delivering phase 2. i the meeting scheduled with the authority ceo jeff rouse there is much to update on the outcome of today's discussion. we will talk about next steps it is mutual agreed and to proceed. and work that in for 2017. this year is very very important for it year for us because we are ron is going to be talking about substantial completion in december.
9:27 pm
you will start seeding tweets at the roof top part [inaudible] the contractor for the less having his can start delivering and installing the trees. that's a big milestone for us and ron and his presentation is going to elaborate or in-depth. then you have before you the pla report it we will discuss in detail the pla report is part of the program overview item today. that ends my report. >> okay. questions? thank you. next item >> item 2 is the citizen advisory to many update. i see we have the chair with us. >> good morning chair harper. directors, executive director zabeneh my name is boost i get i am the chair of the tjpa
9:28 pm
citizens advisory committee and i want to focus my comments this morning in three areas could first, the cac wants to congratulate the project team under accomplishments in 2016. i know you'll see that report later on in the board meeting. you were please to see after the mitigation strategies that were implemented the schedule for the operational readiness of the transit center is holding at the baseline date of december 22 of this year as important is that the eac is been consistent at $13 million below the target macs. we were also pleased with the sense of urgency demonstrated by the project team drive the bus operations begin as soon as possible after the operation readiness date. weekly meetings with the transit operators focused on the phased startup epicenter makes so much sense. we look forward to seeing the results of the weekly meetings
9:29 pm
that the operators and a schedule of which each of the operators will transition from the temporary terminal to the transbay center. we are also pleased to hear that one semester easy is chosen the same sense of urgency we demonstrated that the appropriate amount of retail ready including temporary pop-ups as soon as possible to coincide with the implementation of bus operations. secondly, we are very pleased to know that executive director zabeneh and scott sleight will be meeting with jeff kosinski from the department of homeless services and supportive housing along with sam dodge to discuss the following items regarding homelessness issues at an and the vicinity of the transbay transit center. it's minor sending the agenda will include an education for just apartment regarding the design of the center in overall readiness plans good second, the role of the master leasee jeff's team as i understand it can be very helpful in negotiations with
9:30 pm
the bidders clarifying the roles and responsibilities in this area. and where was almost be directed when engaged at the transit center? sam dodge shared that he's already been involved in some informal conversation with the tjpa budget team. from a cac perspective, we would like to see an integrated approach to address the situation. when that one that is holistic in nature. we don't want the home was pushed from the center into the lincoln hill neighborhood and then into adjacent neighborhoods. again we like to understand that there is a holistic strategy in place. these are just some of the items in know that jeff kosinski and his team are committed to working with the tjpa project team and the cac looks forward to a briefing on these readiness plans in the first or second quarter of this year. one of the items i would like to finish with is with all the positive aspects that are
9:31 pm
going on, the cac was a bit disappointed when we heard that the meeting between executive directors zabeneh and john rahaim was not scheduled until the end of this month coming up. we were hoping based on the direction from the last board meeting that there would be a report out of what progress was of that meeting. from our perspective, it's a month that is lost. in some cases, six weeks. i'm sure you share in our disappointment as we can assume each month or each week that's lost in this discussion delays-pushes out the decision ultimately on the alignment for at least another month and at best, i think we were looking at understanding what phase 3 from the rad study is, at best coming to a preferred alignment recommendation towards the end
9:32 pm
of 2017 and without fully funded-and again stressing the fully funded integrated roadmap you really can't get to the point of a recommendation so that the decision-makers can go ahead and make that decision. we are hopeful, though, hearing that the meeting is scheduled for the end of this month that very quickly there could be agreement of what an integrated roadmap could look like. there could be discussions on where will that funding come from for phase 3 of the rap study and then a clear path to recommendation to the stakeholders and that's a real positive thing because from there that becomes a jump off point to plan the schedule and strategize on funding for phase 2 based on the decisions that are made. with that that wraps up the citizens advisory committee report and as always happy to answer any questions.
9:33 pm
>> i agree with you on the rahaim meeting get there be a special agendize for the next meeting. >> thank you. >> okay. next item >> item 7 public comment opportunity for the matters of the public to address the authority on matters not on the agenda. we have jeff patrick. >> good morning directors jim patrick patrick and company in san francisco. some good news with your friends and some trees in the park next week. first trees planted. this is a public relations opportunity we should've the mayor down there putting the first roots in so i think we need to make more out of that than we are. number two, i am curious if any of you directors on the various agencies are putting any marketing dollars into the notion of promoting the transit center is a better ridership, better asset for your writers.
9:34 pm
whether you thought about putting budget money in your- trains and the other agencies and you talk about that. now is the time to be talking about that if i don't hear any of that discussion going on. maybe i'm not in line to hear that. number three, are we going to set up a muni bus link from the cal trains to the new transbay depot or are we to know that chariot do that? or are we even think about that? so transit comes up let's provide that link and eventually overly levit trained to do that job but are we just going to wait and do nothing? i am concerned we might do nothing and i would be a mistake. i would like to see a budget developed for the operational aspects of this terminal. we developed the proposed budget to what we think the elevator's window cost, with this deal is going to cost. i don't see any budget it's been developed of what we think the master leasee should be pain and whether it
9:35 pm
measures up to the standards that at least we've sort of set. of course when you give the master lease in place right away but i was any good testing or evaluation going on there. so anyway those are my thoughts for the day. thanks for taking the time to listen to me. i don't hear quite frequently but i do know how else to get my message out. thank you. >> an answer to your last point, we've had lots of budget numbers and stop the last few months. it's been in close session because part of the negotiations with the master leasee and that's why you not heard about it. we throw numbers around for months now around that. next item >> we will move into the consent calendar where all members are considered to be rich and get the window separate discussion of the items unless a member of the board of request. [inaudible]
9:36 pm
directors i don't think any member of the public wishes to have an item severed. your items are a point when approving the minutes of the december 8, 2016 meeting and item 8.2 authorizing the executive director to execute the next number seven to the professional service agreement supplemental environmental impact seven by mental impact report services to extend the term of the agreement to november 26, 2017 to complete the final task in the scope with no additional compensation. >> is there a motion for approval as is? we have a motion. >> second. >> without objection consent calendar is so approved speech thank you very much. >> no. number nine is authorizing the executive director to execute the amendment number five to the professional services agreement to retail consult services and
9:37 pm
increase the amount of competition by 60,000 hours total $280,000. >> directors if you have any questions i can enter them or sarah can answer questions if anyone has a question bs i pulled this from the consent calendar because i found it hard to believe that were not even completely through the process and have not even started doing contract negotiations which is exactly what shepherd mueller was really doing and already they've spent almost the entirety of their budget. the thing that i don't know why they were so involved at these early stages and i don't know what i mean, how much of these bills, 200 something thousand dollars in bills has been interoffice discussions. because i mean, that is-i found that to be amazing that they spent all the money before we even started negotiations.
9:38 pm
>> yes. could be entered into the contract in 2009 and we started out planning how we do it. we release an rfp. they helped us with erp and we [inaudible] rfq. so >> good morning again directors i apologize i don't have the specific dates in front of me but for those of you who have not been on the board since 2009, we have had several stops and starts in this process. back in 2009 when we brought him on board it was a two-year contract. we anticipated we were going to have the retail process done between 1809 and 2011. then in 2010 weeks and the schedule out get i think was placed on hold. you will recall we put on out and rfq and i think was 2014. got one response and then then be
9:39 pm
initiated the process within another rfq. so john has and her colleagues, have been on a stop start, stop start. they been valuable and putting together the rf juice and the rfps that we have put out and that's why almost 200 something thousand dollars over five years, i don't-i don't feel it's been an exorbitant amount >> i can see that the people that come there where others whenever the >>[inaudible] [off mic] yes, that i could see them because i have been strung out and i can see their job getting that out but i thought that sheppard mullin was going to come in and once we had a situation and we had a contract to be drafted that's when they would be put in he did why did we need them with erp rfq? i thought we had all the expertise we needed the people we have hired with done that lots and lots of times
9:40 pm
queen >> we had and you may recall we reach out to the city attorney's office could does want legal counsel involved in the procurement process. not just for german consultants but legal counsel involved to make sure the german is dying being done properly,. whether there was a draft lease attached to the rfp i don't recall off the top of my head but definitely legal counsel be involved from the beginning. when we asked the city attorney's office they indicated that they could certainly assist but that sheppard mullin would be the recordation for the firm to use >> why did the city attorney's office not do it? they do procurement for the whole city and county. >> you have to ask the city attorney but- >> i've actually talked to them earlier last year and global discussion on how they can of the submittal this in particular, [inaudible] on this
9:41 pm
determined >> well, this what frustrates me about the city journey being the titular general counsel to this body. i mean his is a discussion i had with the city to your either going to do it or you're not going to it and let's replace you with somebody who really does the job. this is frustrating >> director harper it it's us needing to plan more with him and what's going to go [inaudible] when i talk to them we had not planned what we were going to give them. they need to ramp up and plan to help us. so it's a matter of us coming up with a plan for them to help us with and they can staff accordingly >> well, this board has remained several times about the amount you're paying in legal fees and it's been stated several times how the city attorney's office would be so much more efficient at this. when you talk about procue coming shepherd moment probably has some expense but i guarantee you it pales in comparison to the event city attorney's office.ment >> dir. harper take into
9:42 pm
account this particular procurement includes [inaudible] rights as much of which the city attorney's office does not have expertise in all. it's not just retail. >> well, are we under the oppression their idea they're going to stop at $280,000 having spent 220 is anywhere close to reality? >> we are in final negotiations that now. were going to enter final negotiations with asset management and that's what we need them for. >> great we don't need a lot of work. >> negotiations can take a long time >> no. >> i know. i know. with a cap it at 280? that would be nice. >> i'm not sure if bill j >> especially contract negotiations but that's what frustrated me they understated this from the beginning because it is it doesn't go to the job nicely increases that much. >> to be fair, they have had to
9:43 pm
reengage multiple times and we work things that have been previously done when minds were changed about the past to follow. >> that's one of the reasons you hired a firm because they don't have any hiccups when, okay, finally got lots of attorneys that got lots of stuff to do. i can understand it were small firm they said, look we were counting on that work and now we've done it but shepherd and mullin is not one of those fronted they should've been able to withstand those changes a lot. >> i guess dir. harper, [inaudible] always needed 60,000 and we are done. >> do you know if the contract calls for the internal office meetings that they have is that though that's one attorney or every attorney at the meeting? >> i would have to- >> joan is here and were only working with to our journeys
9:44 pm
>> preps i can add there's only two attorneys who, since 2011 have worked on this matter. it's myself and catherine allen was an associate when she started working on. she's a very junior partner now. we don't double-team. we don't both attend meetings that she's done the drafting. we are talking about seven years, $220,000 over seven years. three sets of serially of consultants who were involved. and rfq. an rfp for which we drafted a master lease and now we have read i can drafted as an asset management agreement because the bidders who came to the floor were only prepared to do asset management agreement, not a master lease because they did not want the economic risks that went that were associated with it. and most of the
9:45 pm
business terms negotiations have, in fact been negotiated by hr&a. we have advised them. we have advised on structure but this is not a circumstance in which you get a large firm running a market i understand your concerns. i see it in law practice but that is not the case here. i think what you had-and you have also had, you know, this kind of a structure for management of a facility this complex and particularly, on the commercial side of it, is not part of what the staff of the tjpa has extensive experience on. they are not lincoln property company it's not what they do for a business, so they have also asked for more advice on
9:46 pm
structure, what is appropriate, how do you protect yourself, how do we assure that these revenue streams are predictable to my back kind of thing. >> i was just assuming all that expertise was held by our other consulting firm but apparently it was not >> it's accommodation >> commendation. well, let's just see if you can do the rest of the job for 280, total. we will see. >>[inaudible] [off mic] >> in terms of your comments, and i for lisa board that and we will do our very best and we are pushing this through and we will make it clear to whoever we are negotiating with an exclusive basis, that this just has to get done immediately. and you know that shortens the amount, lessens the amount of legal fees, but we don't have total control in the prosecute you know that as well. >> okay. is there a motion for approval >> motion to approve >> second. b was motion at second be dick ames >> dir. gee aye reiskin spirit
9:47 pm
nuru aye harper aye that is for aye item 9 is approved. we do not have members of public don't want to comment on the item. >> sorry. i forgot about that. next item >> item 10 is the presentation of the annual program status report >> this is a direct joint presentation. what we'll do include a full dissection update as all. will start with mark odell his program manager with project manager project controls >> good morning arco delle. mark odell. i was not program with a temperate terminal and design phases update followed by sarah scott and ron. so 2016 mark our six year of successful operation at the terminal there
9:48 pm
we served as a key transit link to the super bowl city party and events in january. the passenger was increased by 30% since 2010 and ac transit has increased ridership 14,000 to about 19,000 and a total the transit riders have increased from about 21,000 two 31,000. phase 1, which milestones we completed the infrastructure for pg&e's embarcadero circuit and will complete a mission circuit later this year put providing complete redundancy for the transit summit would complete design coronation with salesforce tower and fremont for the pedestrian bridges, the gondola permissions where and all the civil war. we released to rfps this year. the neutral post to stupid antenna system or the for cell phone medication systems and the physical security management system and emergency to medications and master medication systems [inaudible].
9:49 pm
we awarded five major packages the data network and systems integration audiovisual [inaudible] artwork it can't access multiplies power to the muni buses built in and around the transit center and the w 12-2012 2013 class iv. the club you 12 being the class floor at the grand hall. bus storage, since last year, ac transit actually secured favorable terms with the lease with cpc. we summit documents to the state fire marshal and state architect and be issued-we completed our bidding documents. we completed our contractor prequalification process. our plan for phase 1 design for 2017 is to award the [inaudible] that i mentioned earlier. also to award contracts for the extension and the mission street island. the
9:50 pm
potomac extension is the session of the potomac at pedestrian way from the tjpa property out to second street. and the mission st., ivan is a bus ivins for buses between first and fremont street. both contracts will be funded by tjpa with the final design and construction be taken on by public works. our plan for the bus [inaudible] tjpa will execute a lease agreement, will execute a lease agreement with caltrans that were issued for bid in january and come back to you in march to award good we will begin our architectural -archaeological fieldwork in february and will resume our neighborhood update meetings. our competence in 2016 for phase 2. we respond to all of the comments on the draft sea
9:51 pm
ass eir and coordinate with fpa in preparation for coming to the board in january for approval. earlier this year i should say. we completed our construction cost estimate update incorporating mpc recommendations based on peer review they provided. and last june begin to the board with our next steps for phase 2 approval and i were working with our partners to advance phase 2. we also partnered with the city on their rav study and their continued coordination with caltrain and high-speed rail. our plan for phase 2 is to come back to the board in the next couple months for approval of the ses eir. work with that pa to support the record of decision and secure funding for phase 2 update, complete the drawing to 30%, we do our cost estimate, to our risk assessment, ridership study to continue our development plan and or funding plan and to develop an integrated design schedule for the stakeholders. [inaudible].
9:52 pm
program why. >> so last year program wide basis as you all well know we approved the final baseline budget for phase 1. we released the master leasee rfp we party discussed today. also, we worked quite a bit more on security hitting ready for that operational readiness completed the final draft of the concept of operations and also visited several stations around the country to talk about security with their experts. also, in the last meeting at the end of the year you approved an update title vi program that will get to fta this week. then, upcoming. as we have talked about we will be executing and
9:53 pm
asset management agreement overly sooner rather than later. earlier this you. we will be on boarding operational staff. i believe it's at the beginning of next month or the end of this month that the american public transportation association will be coming out to conduct a peer review of our security staffing plan and we will be also releasing rfp in awarding the contract for security services. on the small and disadvantaged business enterprise front, these numbers are for the life of the program so since 2004, we've awarded 337.2 million in contracts to small and disadvantaged business enterprises that represents 20% of contract awards overall. to date, about 187 and 1,000,000 1/2 to those businesses. by the numbers, 37%
9:54 pm
of our prime subcontractors, 13 of them - excuse me - 13 of them are small business enterprises and over half of our subset of loans. this on the professional services site. then on the construction site, also 37% of the prime subcontractors are small business. a funding. some major accomplishments this year. the sale of parcel f halfway through the year major accomplishments last two. the sale parcel f letter to repay the goldman sachs wells fargo bridge loan. as you know, this board as well as city and mpc approve the short-term financing that we are his bidding will close this afternoon. receiving our first speech via disbursement as mark mentioned, almost 7 years after
9:55 pm
it close of the loan was a pretty major milestone for the program. and mpc and san diegan are reaffirming [inaudible] as the rates for priority and high-performing project and increase the regional commitment up to 1 billion from 650 million in new start funds. what will you will be doing this year? i will hopefully be having celebratory drink this afternoon after we close on the financing good we did this morning trade the interest rate cap. we were to sell the interest rate cap that we had for the goldman sachs bridge loan. you may recall from our financial statement that june 30 the data value about 1.6 million and pleased to report that with the interest-rate activity in the market we were able to sell that for over $3 million this morning and the new cap that we are being required to purchase by tif yet
9:56 pm
to hedge for the city financing only cost us one quarter million. so little bit of again there which is coupled to the program. we will continue to seek grant funding whenever there are opportunities. we apply for them and to the extent that we can reduce the amount of financing that we need to use, that would be fantastic. continue to work with you on all our partners to seek full funding for phase 2 and of course this year we are also looking very closely at operational funding. width the new were new to be secretary of the department of transportation get a conference last night. and the one thing that she said that was most important is that she was looking for a lot more private money to come into transportation projects. so i don't know how we do without now, but expect it. i imagine
9:57 pm
it's the sort of thing that might carry through for a while while we are doing that. so as well just looking out to dot we should be looking out to see if it's possible for private money we can get. she said she would specifically be looking for that for future funding. >> without alternate over to scott for community outreach. >> good morning directed as we move towards completion of phase 1 construction we of course about 2016 continue with all the construction outreach tools were putting in place over the years. these include our monthly community meetings we have them third wednesday of every month of noon at the tjpa office an opportunity for lovers of the public to receive
9:58 pm
the construction progress update ask any questions that they have. we continue to distribute our ten-day construction look at it we put that up every week. that now goes to nearly 1500 recipients each week. we will conjure up a 24-hour construction hotline. any member of the public who has a question or concern about anything they see happening on the site can call that number any time of day for 15409 tjpa. we continue with our newsletters and expanding our social media outreach. so we have those platforms to highlight milestones, construction progress, things like the trees going in xp. it was mentioned earlier we should be highlighting that. we use our social media platforms to do so. we continue to provide towards two interested stakeholders. i felt we did a lot of doors in 2015. we actually had over 25% increase
9:59 pm
in 2016 get a think as the building comes together just to be more and more interest. of course, continue to add to the components of our website including adding two new profiles to our faces of transbay page. our most fundamental community outreach function is to keep our neighbors around the site both residential and commercial, informed of the activities that are under way that could impact them get so things like traffic flow whether that is pedestrian or vehicle or evening network to produce night noise. we are really pleased to report that in 2016 we are fewest complaints ever. since the beginning of construction. we have been very pleased over the years that each year since 2011 you had an annual decrease in the total number of complaints with the exception of 2015. in 2015 we are a slight uptick but remember 2015 with the year we put most of the steel and please and that's [inaudible] so we went up slightly in 2015 but we are very proud and 2016
10:00 pm
we reverted to the previous trend of going down each year. again in fact that are fewest number of complaints ever. i like to commend our construction management team for all the work to make that happen. we get receive some notable recognition in 2016. the project received a best project award and specialty contracting from the engineering news record. we had a minister from the australian cabinet, to the site and be briefed on the project he then went back to australia and other living cities workshop in melbourne identify the project as a model for value capture particularly capturing value from surrounding private sector development for the chairs .0 moment ago. also as a model for innovative transit oriented development of course we continue to take opportunities to give presentations, participate on panels [inaudible] more examples. in 2017, review our outreach work
10:01 pm
as expanding as we shift towards operations. we of course will continue with our construction outreach as we finished these final components of phase 1 and i will include further request from the board a couple meetings ago. you will have an event to mark the completion the bus ramp as a milestone. that will be sometime in mid april. but we will also be working really closely with her transit partners to think through how to make the transition into operations at the new transit center is smooth and seamless as possible. so that will of course be planning for a big grand opening event, but also working to educate the public not only about the beginning of operations at the transit center, but all the other amenities that really part of the facility and the ending of
10:02 pm
operations at the temporary terminal get some of you might remember when a temporary terminal [2010, we did things like temporary signage but it sidewalk decals. the team of community guides that were available to help people navigate good so we will be look at those are the strategies, but also working with our social media platforms, our website, and again on transit partners to develop strategies to make that as soon as possible. that will include updating the website because the function of the website will change as we transition from being primarily a construction project into an operating transit center. so that is what we will be focused on in 2017. >> i have a question, to comment on that. maybe three. one is that my board is very interested in getting some clarity from the tjpa on what-when is operational expenses start and what does it cover and what are left or project expenses or whatever? because we are on the hook on
10:03 pm
that operational cattle. they want to have some discussions early on as you set this up with what is it that we have to start looking at and start possibly budgeting for? >> i think some of those components- >> i the meeting on 18th actually with mike [inaudible] we will go over the numbers. >> yes. these sorts of things talk to him about what is all this community outreach going to be good i must say that the five and impressed by the lack of complaints. i think we have really handled this jobsite well in terms of the community outreach i think. i don't know what i would've expected but certainly more than what i think we've got it so i think that's been a big success. the last thing is that the transportation research board is going to be meeting from july 10-14th. 2017 is can be a repeat of the meeting and 26 and it was so successful. it is
10:04 pm
ultimately based on autonomous vehicle technology some relationship to it but they want to tour the terminal. there will be a number of people so this is a-this is the second biggest pr gpa after the annual. there may be as many as 1000 people there. but i don't know- >> if you're the name of a contact person just love you know and we can start setting up up on your other point, in addition to them eating mark mentioned we do have a meeting with the marketing and are reaching for ac transit 20 on the 23rd to start talking to that. thank you. >> >> good morning directors him and give the construction update for 2016. the peek into what will happen in 2017 while weaving in some of my peel a quarterly slides which will dovetail with the staff report that was submitted. was a very active year. it's been very productive year. we are well over the 700 workers out there.
10:05 pm
we're going to continue to go above that. as we start on boarding more electricians. we anticipate being closer to over 200 electricians here very shortly. even though carpenters will be off boarding to be others coming on board but through this graphic that we've been using for a while now you can see it's very colorful, very active upon the roof part. that middle section is the central zone which we are really getting a cut from requester and hot require a showing of good most of the [inaudible] is shown up and get out of the choir and hester's way and give them a lot of room to elbow as they start putting those trees and phone entered a lot of things that i can start taking shape this year. but that is taking shape very well. it's been very productive year. and the mezzanine and of course the ground level, it is very active throughout the area. then down below its base we all the interior walls are almost
10:06 pm
there. the far left and you can see a lot of activity a lot of color that's in that area. the green lines are the ramps of the co-op 2 howard st. from the lower concourse. and pedestrian accident they're almost done and all of the concrete will be done by the end of february but the structural country is done itself. so in past years, 2013, we've done a comparison to the euro steel was very dramatic between beginning of your and the end of you. this is an as dramatic it is a lot of work that's inside but you can see that a lot of the concrete there and a lot of the rooftop elements have shown up over there and then within their the ground and i will show it and we've seen the pictures of route. that december 16 it looks very well as we were preparing for all the storms that we've just weather with all that shrinkwrap that shown in the picture on the right. through 2016, it's hard to believe it's been a year now. the steel was installed. and
10:07 pm
welded in place did all the structural concrete was completed with the train being poured in 2016. busted drive i/o and the commuter i'll is 75% pay much run the [inaudible] is left is made amends project on the bus that in our span proving was assaulted 20 cr various curtainwall i think of those two madigan the awning is well on its way. it's looking beautiful out there. i got tremendous complements the most on the awning. it will be done when i percent installed in just a few months. feel like we just started it. so it's looking beautiful out of it the other almonds are going well. the bottom left picture shows one of the rooftop skylights. this particular one is right where the choir has to trees are going to class and this one
10:08 pm
already usually well grasp this i would choose joint initiative it's really starting to take shape to what we envision. also, on the inside of the mechanical electrical, plumbing and hvac type elements are all progressing well. cmu, all those interior partition walls, those are all coming along well. then all the stairs progressing well throughout the transit center as well. moving to it happen and bus ramp on 2016, i think there was-they wrapped up a lot of work in the. there is still some elements left but in 2016, we completed all of the bridge construction. the bridge concrete is in place. the cable state, the cables were installed in 2016. the frame five, that is the drop in spin that's a connection between the cables they and the tradable transit center is going to be actively being worked on. it will be completed installed in next month. that'll will allow
10:09 pm
the put the concrete deck in place in about conductivity by that april date that we've been talking about. but also all the cables for the frame for as well will get their armoring in shortly within the month and we will all complete by april. so very good progress on the bus ramp. as one of the graphics are we been using to show our jobs creation. from the life from the beginning of the project over 18,000 jobs. we've touched 21 states. we are goal is to hit all 50. it would be tougher to hit montana south dakota or wyoming, but virginia would you mind for that one could seems like we find something that were actively looking in the goal is to have all 50 even if whatever we need to do to get alaska hawaii in there and the grand opening maybe that'll be what we need at that point. veterans produce a very good year for veterans on the project with a lot of
10:10 pm
outreach. from helmets to hardhats activities to our veterans day lunch. it was very honored to serve the 31 veterans that are on our project and my daughter even joined us to serve lunches to everyone, all the veterans on the project. with court and turner sponsored that. and it was determined this access you can see that, roderigo was created out of that event. beyond that too, a lot of veterans outreach career fairs of those guns of things continued as well. regarding safety, 26 and was a better year than 2013. we had one lost time incidents that we had nine and recorded wills 11 in 2015 the number went down. we will update when the 2016 national rates come in. but it was a good year for safety and even the first aid cases when we dump you at the report does but those have dropped dramatically in 2016. he obtained over 2.8 million craft hours through the
10:11 pm
project by the end of 2016. adding over 900 justin 2016 on. those a third of our craft hours justin 2016. so choose you how much we really ramped up and will continue for little bit longer here. in our apprenticeship we continue to exceed our goals on apprenticeship. 16.67% is our goals for well over 90% in our apprenticeship. within the majority overwhelming majority of our premises coming from san francisco county. in overall over that 2.8 million craft hours, we have that county breakdown that shows the majority of the journeyman and areas there is other trades are still coming from the east bay. one of our highlights of the year of course was our interns. if 10 of them. in various different groups. we always look forward to those. these one more summer with interns working on the construction project, so we look for good
10:12 pm
i'm sure will start the process of very soon. welcoming our interns back every summer. so what is coming up in 2017? the bus ramp will be done. it will be ready here by april. all the underground utilities that are up by the west approach, bainbridge area will be finished here within a month or so. as long as it stops ranking people say that final jacketing goes up in february and that will really look done with substantial completion by april. that is our goal at this point. complete final punch list as well in the 80 or so and there some tale activities such as commissioning element that ties into the transit center but it will be all done. the transit center itself, really, is it transitioning out of the traditional what we been reported on for years now. were into the commissioning. it's pretty critical systems,
10:13 pm
integration of data networks. that is really where come this summer we are going to be reporting a lot on and how that is come together in the generality i called the black box kind of elements as we start getting the building ready , which one will talk to more in the operational readiness complete installation of wayfinding digital signage. today actually a lot of the savagery of a block of down in corona down south. a lot of the qualities of making sure all our signage comes up to the standards we want. so those cuts of elements are happening very soon and complete our installation of our arbor from our terrazzo in the picture here. to the various couple other ones that are from shaw alley to the leds to display in the grand halted as we all look towards our substantial completion in end of 2017, good in years past we have been using the model to show you where we will be in a year from
10:14 pm
now. but i was really proud to be able to show that a year from now is go look like this renderings been staring looking at for years and years. it's going to look like this in a year from now from the grand hall to our skylights to our glass floor. with that i turn it over to ron to bring his own with operational readiness and his other slides. thanks. >> good morning directors. thanks, dennis. yes, it's been a very good year, productive year. albeit a challenging year and this coming year i think promises to be just as challenging but in different manner as we progress. the project. i just want to touch on the budget as i do every month. really no new news here. expenditures over the month were just under 20 million.
10:15 pm
committed was an uptick of just over 13 million. maintaining a about a 1% uptick on program budget and contract time and maintaining the estimate at completion. so you know, it's proven out that we stabilize the budget and we are moving forward as planned. likewise, with respect to schedule, no real seachange this last month. we've achieved another month of maintaining a recovered schedule with the transit center earmarks were trending towards the contractual 12-22-2017 for substantial completion. the bus ramp held top. it's a few days
10:16 pm
out from their contract will substantial completion of march. we are working real dedicated towards talking that in and ensuring that team things in the bus ramp as planned by the end of march. even though we've got a lot of flow between the end of the bus ramp and actually open up the transit center. the bus storage facility, again, retained its plan and we've made some good progress on that in terms of going out to advertise for the construction. we would but clean up the lease agreement as was mentioned earlier at the ctc this month. so we are positioned to get back on track the bus storage facility. we have been trending the roof part as well because that's to joe and in 2018 and we are
10:17 pm
eager to start talking that substantial completion in as well. we are very encouraged by the vigor that what mcgwire and hester has hit the site with you they arrived last month, really, progressed a lot. did a lot of cmu walls in and site features but as mentioned a few times, trees are, huge trot trees requiring crane, are arriving next week. so we've got good momentum and i am optimistic about that. at this point, we usually touch on the challenges day in and out on the project and i'm happy to say that nothing new has arisen that requires the attention of the board. i want to make good on what i mentioned last month that we were going to start advancing discussions and planning towards operational
10:18 pm
readiness. i mentioned last month that we are the have identified a handful of what we call distinct areas of activation that included the bus deck, the grand hall, the bus plaza, certain retail zones, and the security operations center. geometrically, how that maps out, is i think in the most important keys first in terms of a focus of getting ready and start mobilizing or dovetailing staff in operational staff in is a security operations center. that's going to be the brain and the eyes of the facility. so i think in terms of progressing with the construction and the focus on commissioning as well as on boarding this operational staff, we will see a high priority focused on that to
10:19 pm
position us to start on boarding other aspects of the project. bus plaza is pretty much the stakeholder is muni. it's a distinct area. off of buell. you yield and fremont. very distinct pocket of training and operations in the future. the bus deck and ran home are kind of couple together is an area of importance. it's not the critical it's on the critical path and that's where the majority of the transit operators are focused in their training and operational readiness. then, lastly, greyhound waiting area is an area that needs to be handed over for tenant improvement
10:20 pm
work. so we are looking to hopefully dovetail that ti work interlaced with the advancement of the web core work. compatible work together to advance it as soon as possible. based on the current schedule from web core, as early as july i think we will start seeing that area starting to wane on construction activity and start affording an opportunity to get staff in there to understand with the systems are. likewise, as we start working towards the bus ramp and the security center, we will be integrating those folks in to understand the building through the commissioning stage and also at the bus ramp in terms of ensuring the striping
10:21 pm
is correct in all that. so we have already sent out word to ac transit to be ready as early as march to arrive and partake in the finalizing of those elements. likewise, on a parallel track with the master leasing which will be responsible for on boarding and staffing towards the rooftop park in the restaurant and that's another distinct area and another set of stakeholders that we need to focus on to prepare us to meet the targeted activation of the part. then, lastly, there are various retail zones in the first floor retail west pretty much between first and second street. likewise on the second floor where greyhound is not and then lastly we have the second floor
10:22 pm
retail, east is kind of distinct areas to focus certain stakeholders to advance to thinking of operations. as i think i mentioned last month, really, there are three streams of activity or stakeholders were camps of stakeholders. there's a transit operators and their responsibilities towards operations of the bus. then articulating their needs in terms of what it and would have likewise when the master leasee arrives we need them to focus on facility's operations and maintenance. on boarding those and dovetailing them and for the handoff in december could then lastly the third stream of activity were pocket of stakeholders are the property managers to ramp up and perfect
10:23 pm
the retail leasing scheme and advance tenant agreements associated with that. some thoughts were considerations that we been having as we start to intensify our meetings with the various stakeholders as that not all multiuser new lease agreements on for the operational staff. security. outreach. some of the public relations that scott had mentioned. and also with that constraint of having to hand over block four by june of 2018, it's never too early to start thinking about what it means to deactivate the temporary terminal and be ready for that as well. >> we only have to turn it over as is, right? >> yes. pre-much >> okay. >> but it does take away one third of the temporary
10:24 pm
footprints which is one of many constraints that we need to give dovetail together. we have ac transit who i met with last one they guard on one of these ongoing meetings on--thinking about when they will be operationally ready and despite my best efforts, i could not break the mindset of march 2018 because the set of constraints they have in terms of training and agreements and what have you. i think all the stakeholders will have their sets of constraints. we have hours and respect to making december the objective of these leaking viewings now is to daylight what those concerns, overlay them, and see where the daylight exists if there's opportunities to meet our
10:25 pm
objective to operationalize or operate the facility is close to december as possible. is there an opportunity-there are opportunities for instance, given personnel and commissioned it we work closely with the contractors with their progression is, with their constraints are and identify what areas afford earlier, rather than later, ti opportunities we don't get in their way but we have our opportunities when they come up. if, in fact, and they were fairly convincing in terms of ac transit not being able to do better than march of 18, but there are other-as these areas of activation show and collection of stakeholders-there are other opportunities. we may want to kick around the idea of some
10:26 pm
measured migration. west cat greyhound, if they're more ready than others, that may be opportunity to have a measured migration and start operationalizing without throwing everything at everybody at once. so again, the next couple of months will be teasing out what are these constraints can map out a plan to operationalize the building. that is pretty much our report. >> well, you know my position on that good i don't tolerate them being there later than the opening. so i am going to i been helping them to continue helping you on that respect. but i tell you, the one thing that i hear from ac transit more than anything is about we need to have some operational
10:27 pm
estimates that so you may find they're trying to tie the to and trying to say when you figure out how much it's pointed cost us to operate. maybe they think that by delaying it three months they could do that, i don't know what they think they're not come up with good enough reasons for me yet >> yes. that underscores another constraint that i did not mention. all the stakeholders have constraints and as do we and one of which is when is operational funding going to be ready to support opening and running that this outfit that's another dimension that needs to be nurtured sooner rather than later. >> yes. they're worried about that. really operating as opposed to just kind of operating. they are going to get one of the things that this prb conference opened up was, every facility that has taxi access-and we've never talked about how we are handling taxes, right? but all those
10:28 pm
the cities that handle taxis are being overwhelmed with spielberg uber and left. so the number of vehicles coming in their now are quite substantial. that is going to be heavily tourist the subject i think we may look at that and say well if that happens to us is there anything that we-is there anything we need to be prepared for queen because other facilities are saying that it's really hampering them because they were not ready for it. >> yes.. it has come up in discussions. for to work on a positioned with these zones in terms of distinct zone for muni, bus only on the deck. taxis being off the north and south sides bs but the trouble is uber and lift you can use those facilities they will go
10:29 pm
somewhere and the impact community that's going back the city that's going back traffic. all that needs to be thought about. whether or not we will say give it a try at first and see what happens. >> yes. any many challenges but it's going to be a good year. >> okay. >> just a couple of quick questions but overall this is a great overview. for all the folks that presented, will be a good concise but complete. were accounting of a lot of work we've done. in 16 and more to come in 70 so i appreciate the overall report. a couple of questions just on the same last bits of conversation did i just want to comment to the respect that you are anticipating that the startup of operations are going to have cost impacts to any of the stakeholders, you really need to start articulating and the only goes down soon because most of the stakeholders will be building their budgets for the fiscal
10:30 pm
17-18 starting about now. this operation will happen in that fiscal year. so if it is march, april, may and you say by the way this can be another cost. some of these agencies may not be in a position to be able to address it because we'll miss the budget cycle. just a comment and a caution. then the question has to do with the discussion about the vacation of the temporary terminal. i understand i have technically there are three different parcels that i understand there is a maybe a range of transition from say december through march and i think although i'm 1% with a chair that we want to get people in
10:31 pm
the facility as soon as possible it's a lot to move at once. so it may make sense to do a little bit over time, but that notwithstanding, you made a comment about something being just one third of the temporary terminal. which i'm not sure i understood. >> the temperate- >> when would be we will be ready to fully vacate and turn back to ocii each of the three parcels, though think we >> it depends on how the migration over to the new terminal plays out but the temporary terminal is comprised of three blocks. two of which will be handed over to ocii. one of which is obligated to be at least available to be turned over in june of 2018 to the purchasers of parcel off.f so to block towards, block 12 and three, would be ready to hand over as soon as ac transit and others migrate over. >> okay. assuming migration happens by march of 2018, we
10:32 pm
should be ready then? >> yes. >> the idea is that as we work with the transit operators and ac transit, they are not able to move into the transit center in december it will be march. by then all operators are vacated the temporary terminal by then and the temperature model can be turned over. like ron says, block four is one third. [inaudible] developer or have the option. the other box we turned over to ocii. the idea is march 1 is the last day. >> thank you. >> i want to add my complements to the report. it was very clear, very articulate, very easy to
10:33 pm
understand, but probably also unfair because it's a lot of hard work by thousands of people that his activities are not happening one by themselves. they're all happening concurrently and with the work coming in first 2017 you probably adding another thousand players and stakeholders to the mix that is just amazing that, as everyone is taking turns to present their portion of the report, it understates the complexity of the funding, the context, the neighborhood, the labor conditions, everything. here we are getting very close to the finish line and being ready to actually occupy and run buses and people and retail. so my complements to everyone, to the thousands of people involved it is amazing how difficult this is when you look at all the different parts and really
10:34 pm
think about it. but it is a great accomplishment for the last year and looking for to even more at this you. so thank you very much. complements to everyone. >> thank you. >> no one member of the public don't want to comment on the item. >> good morning. happy new year and chair harper thank you very much for bringing up what sec. chao said last night. reality mckinney got to start looking this when [inaudible] what i want to do is to share what i know about this and how we can make this work. now realistically speaking, if you want the private sector to just build edx that's just not going to happen. the reason it's not going to happen is because you don't have the right ship. you maybe don't have the right
10:35 pm
[inaudible] and it's also contained does not shut well it just negligible. given talk about passenger facility [inaudible]. but if you take a different approach, and you now start looking at the transbay tunnel you have massive ridership right that. the transbay tunnel to the private sector is a no-brainer. they know this is like basically starting a money printing machine. the key is, this is where you come in, and where people in the east they come in, is that you have to work on the book ends on the inside. the only way it work with the private sector for transbay tunnel is pretty much going to be from howard and the scottish eight shots to the pause on the other side. absolutely weight financially this can be made to work. so [inaudible] anyway
10:36 pm
that's gone to death to be resolved. at that point, when you have got to hundred thousand passengers coming in and out of the transbay terminal every day, these trains have to carry on. you have to go to the tjx and that point passenger [inaudible] for the gtx is beginning to make sense of the private sector might actually chip in and say, we will do gtx is what i will leave it at that. thank you. >> thank you. >> that completes members of the public will want to address one that item. next item >> item 11 is discussion of the caution regarding potential invitation to a public agency to join the transbay joint powers authority as a new member. >> directors, as i mentioned i do of a meeting later this month with the ceo-arouse
10:37 pm
high-speed rail to discuss the steps it and what it takes to do it. we made out in the staff report the benefits of inviting high-speed rail to the board and steps that are required and the amendment that are required to do that. if the board wishes to proceed with that. i'll turn it over to >> yes., i think some of the issues here-there was some discussion about well and retake california high-speed rail, are we saying-how narrow to be wanted in terms of the specification as to who would qualify? would it be a board member or senior manager or something like that? i don't know that we do want to necessarily specify that but that kind of came up as an issue as to who we would accept . the other thing is, think given this report, i mean, in
10:38 pm
my opinion i don't have any problem with leaving the quorum and number of votes needed but the way comes out under the bylaws. would be a bylaw change if for some reason we want to change one of these numbers here. i think would staff is saying is that basically, you don't have to. there's no reason to, but you may want to make up quorum bigger or smaller. in fact it would be that. the other thing is i don't know what the timing is with respect to the director, the additional director that san francisco would have and how long that might take. so i presume that if california high-speed rail is ready to put on a director and san francisco is and for whatever reason we can still accept the high-speed rail director knowing that san francisco can take whatever time it wants to figure out who has the authority and how that
10:39 pm
will work with an additional director. because that's what i think would be the only possible timeline could i presume we're talking about just giving everybody notice very early on with our letters. same, look this is our intent so that they can act on contingent this all happens they can make zero points. i do know how often california high-speed rail needs. probably monthly. but if we want to basically get not get caught up into this,, this debt can happen because that did not happen, have it ready make the decisions as early as they want everybody to fall in place when the three numbers here in the city and ac transit and joint powers board make their decisions, as to allowing a new member.
10:40 pm
>> i guess that would be the first step concurrence with reaching out to high-speed rail and getting their agreement as well formally. >> yes. saying we have- >> the director will go back to their agencies and get a resolution. >> yes. that's right. yes, that's right. that has to be- >> to elicit that in the report . if you have any questions, heather can elaborate on that. >> yes, jeff? >> my comment in looking at the staff report the timeline might be a little aggressive that we would be able to seed the new members by march 1 with all the resolutions in between the agencies. so i just grabbed a new member sitting here by our march meeting and having i don't know how fast ac transit moves or jvp get erosion and my
10:41 pm
dealer past >> yes. that's my concern about getting everyone out there working at the sometimes we don't have to wait for each pot to kick in. this one this month, this one next month >> is always going to be tight tie lines. [inaudible] >> i think it's great. there's not really, since we do want to do this, there's not much reason to wait for anybody to cogitate about it. if you want to do it or not? i suppose even coltrane california high-speed rail if we could give them a membership there would not even have to do it. if you look at the agreement between us, the tjpa agreement it is interesting because it says that san francisco at one point when it talks about bringing in a new member in one line, it says the fan shall have -shelving and a new member. in
10:42 pm
another one it says, san francisco may bring in a new member. which makes a lot more sense but you can't force san francisco to do anything given our lack of enforcement authority but i think i found the kind of interesting that they changed birds within the same document. but i presume san francisco will wanted new member. any other questions great >> not a question but i think is extremely important. advanced deftly the right thing to the ultimate will be one of the biggest stakeholders of this terminal and the reason we are building is to get high-speed rail and caltrain to the transbay transit center. that is absolutely the right thing to do. i think there are decisions that we are going to be making an information we are going to be seen in 2017 better very much about phase 2. so i agree. maybe it's an overly ambitious schedule but things went on we should shoot for because the things coming up
10:43 pm
very soon or imminent, that we will have long-lasting impact that think the sooner we have a voice at the table better off. i would assume they would want the same. so i will certainly work for on our side to try to move it on the san francisco site as quickly as possible. i don't think we will have necessarily a big lag in terms of getting [inaudible] but if we do with an empty seat good i don't think that's a problem. in terms of needing to change the bylaws, i think the staff laid out-it looks like the agreement kind of anticipates already with the changes of the quorums and approval thresholds will be. so i would not-i guess i would not be opposed to considering any changes but i don't think they be necessary. probably would be overly complicating it could it's kind of surprising that it's pretty safe or half to make this change should the
10:44 pm
board and three member agencies in high-speed rail one to do so that i think the sooner and faster we can do it the better. >> okay. >> you have a resolution >> we do have an action item. you will take action new one member of the public that wants to address you on the item. >> okay. >> thank you, directors but this is actually the reason why made the trip today. i don't normally slander people in public but i'm going to be make an exception today for mr. gibner. mr. timothy is on record as stating his intention was to stick a fork in the san jose towns. it's eventually led to his demise under san jose dot. he was eventually stopped by the high-speed rail dot as
10:45 pm
essentially was deflating his way out of city hall. mr. zabeneh one of the 220 people witnesses so you can ask him. he can remember it was the summer 20 [inaudible] this one is happened what happened in san jose is particularly to you. it's very important to you. because we all know that we are beginning to get some kind of consensus on how were going to go with gtx and learning [inaudible] central subway. the last thing you want at this stage is a repeat of the divisive taxes for which mr. gibner was famous in san jose. last but not least, with regard to the motion from today mr. [inaudible] try to do this at the tjpa laster and was denied. [inaudible] any reason the
10:46 pm
tjpa which are active in my request to you is to reject the staff proposal. the staff are never going to reach out to disturb trickles. this is what happened here and this is the reason why the meeting with the planning department did not happen. this is déjà vu that i've seen this in san jose's alum asking you to deny the staff report. unanimously. thank you for a much. >> moved for approval >> motion? >> i think we had this discussion a number of times and we know the challenges are ahead of us and we need to make sure high-speed rail is represented at the table and they are in partnership with us. like ed said, the city would be smart to do what we need to do. >> it's a mistake to change what you want to do structurally because of individuals. you have to do your structure based upon the
10:47 pm
assumption you're going to have, [inaudible] >> we have a first and a segment with that director tran i got reiskin aye nuru aye harper yet. that's for aye and item 11 is approved. your next item item 12 z legend of chair and vice chair which was noted earlier under item 3 that the item was being proposed to next month. at this time, you are now scheduled to go into closed session not received any indication member the public wants to address you on the item listed. however they have an opportunity to do so now. we will go ahead and clear for closed session. >> the tjpa board of directors
10:48 pm
meeting of january 12, 2017 is back in session. >> reporting out in closed session on item 15 conference with the real property negotiators regarding payment for long-term master lease of transbay transit center but there is no action to reports. on item 16 conference with legal counsel existing litigation. communicates john engle versus millennium partners at all there is no action to report. on case lay him versus transbay joint powers authority there's no action to report. on item 17, conference with legal counsel anticipated litigation five potential cases there is no action to report. >> that does conclude your agenda for today. >> all right. adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment]
10:49 pm
>> >> everyone thank you for coming out on a beautiful sunny summer afternoon although i guess the first day of winter i'm ed reiskin and this huge interest in low income intersections in san francisco so great to so, so see many of you here to celebrate a accomplishment for making streets of san francisco safer as people know hopefully most people know city leaders in the mayor and board of supervisors and the commissions as well as stakeholders decided 3 years ago no longer tolerant and accept that people will die as they try to get around san francisco
10:50 pm
so we adapted vision zero back in 2014 to eliminate traffic fatality by 2024 a number of ways we are work toward to goals and with an is redesign the streets to make them safer for all road users we're doing that in all vision zero using date to drive us to where we can make the most impacts and when it comes to the streets we know from research by the department of health that a small amount of our streets 12 percent of our corridors and intersection are responsible for more than 70 percent i have our facility collisions where we are standing lights up on the map of san francisco the unfortunate location for people are gotten seriously hurt or killed trying to get around san francisco
10:51 pm
police department that's why that is the treatment the first of its kind protected intersections we wouldn't be here without the leadership of mayor ed lee the support of board of supervisors, i want to acknowledge jane kim it's r he's been a strong supporter of the streets a great work by the department of public works to help design and implement just kind of work and strong advocacy from folks like the san francisco bicycle coalition to pursue us that's why ear here wouldn't have been possible without the the leadership of city hall is please help me welcome mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you ed reiskin and thank you to the mta for working closely with many agencies to put the city's very first protected intersection together and to see how this role can
10:52 pm
help safety been the premium policy for the streets so thank you to the bicycle coalition, public works and walk sf and livable city working with our city agrees as well right here in a z inspector duffy, see the craft above you on the streets everyone using walking and bicyclists in particular intersection we have now to the data we have done prior to this change documented over 2 hundred people ride there to intersection to get to work that's as a an invaluable piece of data at the looked at the accident data the fatality date to inform us this was an
10:53 pm
important intersection to make that change so hopefully everyone driving a vehicle will appreciate pleasant users for this inspector, next item. >> people using different modes of transportation from walking and biking that's why that intersection was designed in. >> way in which of the turns or more safer and slowed down and that the need to have much more alert of everybody users the intersection will be appreciated by that design i want to congratulate everyone for doing this because that will be a good test how integrated most transportation will work in a urban city like san francisco i appreciate the design here i want to allow it to really flower to if we have data that
10:54 pm
informs us on challenging intersection we'll do those kind of safer ways to get everyone to appreciate the multiple you used going on i see tom livable city is here an advocate along with the coalition i'm here to more than obvious to support in effort in getting to vision zero and make sure that every project we identify regardless of whether we put a ballot measure if pass we're trying to make that happen no matter what we're committed to making vision zero and reality in the next few years and need to work with everybody thank you for cooperating and make sure we're always doing the right thing and add my thanks to supervisor kim not here but a strong advocate for this to happen thanks.
10:55 pm
>> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor the mayor mentioned the design of this intersection is being unique and design as the mayor said to slow down people and improve the visibility no matter how you're coming out or the mode you can see each other and reduces the conflict this unique design was the first for us in san francisco it is relatively new in the united states though it's a been designed used elsewhere in the world a lot close work between our agency and public works we the mta staff do the preliminary kind of the comprehensible and engagement them with the engineers over at the public works that is new to the design and public works contractors come in and do the physical work and the sfmta folks come in and
10:56 pm
that but in the stripping and the so forth a collaborative effort and mayor ed lee directed all city agencies to work together in a coordinated way to get the improvements done i want acknowledge of the sfmta our livable city section is here and mike one of the explosive wife designers and crews coordinating with public works and the sign shops to get those projects a lot of folks work together and the public works grateful to have a strong partnership want to welcome our public works director mohammed nuru. >> (clapping.) >> thank you e line e ed and thank you, mayor ed lee since 2011 when we passed the road bond we really had quite a few a number of opportunities role to improve how people move
10:57 pm
around san francisco and seen more people bicycling and walking around the city our agency has been working closely with the bicycle coalition and sf works really to make it easily for people to get around the city as you heard from the mayor and ed this is a critical spot that is an intersection where people connect to various neighborhood and market to downtown or up to the castro or towards the financial district our designers work and this is the first protected zone that we are rolling out there will be several and as you can see light areas for people that can feel safe when we cross the street and making that easier for people that are using this and so we've very, very happy to be part of the design you know it is what san francisco needs at that time
10:58 pm
more people are walking bicycling and our agency will continue to make our city safe we are a big supporter of vision zero policy and we'll continue to doing everything we can to make our city wonderful and more enjoyable for everyone temperatures. >> thank you, mohammed and the contractors to make that possible and all the leadership and is coordination from within city hall the real benefit of what is different vision zero is a community partnership with the city it is not just the city but our community groups it is the coalition of dozens of groups close recognizey and neighborhoods and business groups coming together to support vision zero and one of the lead voices particularly when it comes to bike safety it the san francisco bicycle coalition at the they've been
10:59 pm
relentless for safety and pushing us to do more faster and better and that's pressure that stays on us everyday helps us to get this done we appreciate the leadership and the pressure from the bicycle coalition and we're glad to be joined by executive director bryan. >> thanks ed. >> thank you ed reiskin and mohammed nuru and thank you, mayor ed lee for your living room in adopting the safety improvements that will make our streets safer and help us to chief /* achieve it. >> this will help to reduce the casinos of night vision and hopefully that will be embarrassed in other corridors
11:00 pm
across the city i want to applaud the staff of the sfmta so for grace's new ideas and xernts and looking forward to hearing from people that walk and bike and drive and seeing that feedback incorporated to the design i know many of the members of the bicycle coalition have excited about the redesign and it is working beautifully and the cars are making the right turns that slowing down behind you he before the redesign of this intersection cars with speed there and try to get across the bike lanes so we need more complete streets projects to protect and design and build xroiz for the health
11:01 pm
and safety of everyone that walks and drives with geneva and so the streets approaching the redesign protection should be considered along 80s coordinate in order to help the city improve the street safety and achieve vision zero. >> thanks bryan and as bryan said gathering we'll be feedback from people that bike through the z that walk and drive through it and as the mayor said we'll be doing an evaluation to see what is working and not and other parts of city finally i want to acknowledge the 0 folks out here with the jack hammers powerfully concrete and from a construction were the ones that were contracted to do this around the city and want to give
11:02 pm
them a shout out this project and many others and the other contractors that work with side benefit of all that work we're trading jobs for san francisco businesses that's it we look forward to seeing how this works and it seems to be working as designed works well and safely i hope to keep that that way everyone of the fatality collisions we hear and read about through throughout the year tragic and every one of them is preventable that is to help to prevent them along with educating people when the laws and about how to get around town safely and changing the laws but that work is important we can get to zero with projects like
11:03 pm
this thanks very much we appreciate everyone coming out
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>> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the tuesday, january 10, 2017, board of supervisors meeting welcome to your new it


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