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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  January 14, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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people can get around more safely and move people inefficiently and fewer vehicles and really try to groundbreaking hinges in a new development in treasure island on the corner of that map really bringing that kind of innovation through 24 grant with really groundbreaking stuff and fit well with the three is where the get over the finish line was we have a mayor that has been a strong leader and currently innovation and collaboration and that's really what that arrogant problem about call about we're honored and humbled to be a recipient of this grant i think that rehabilitates a lot about the current administration and u.s.
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department of transportation when president obama announced andrew fox as his nominee to be secretary of transportation we knew immediately that that would bowed well, for cities and for the whole crisis andrew fox was the mayor of charlotte and they knew each and everyone of each other there the conference the mayors and a progressive great work in that he is city in charlotte for transportation and more general that he will serve us well in d.c. he understand what happens on the ground in the city he also brought to the job a great passion for equity and creating opportunity for people in recognizing that transportation is really a big part of that and extremely important here in san francisco more so than it's ever been and a strong focus on safety and also a it up priority here in
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san francisco with vision zero now almost 3 years ago in the city to eliminate traffic fatalities by 2024 but i would like to see most revolutionsy a approach that may sound shocking the federal government didn't have all the answers and this grant program and the smart city challenge we're seeing he really took the federal grant process and flipped it on its head and a attribute to the secretaries leadership to say hey, we don't dr. all the answers and a lot going on the ground rather than telling you what to do we need you to tell us what the goals and equity and safety and collaborate across the city to improve the outcomes for people if you're city and region through the smart city challenge and there this grant program
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that is changed. >> the way we partnered between local and federal government and we have a long history of the partnership and great infrastructure project with the subway and the van ness brt and the geary brt also some innovation and technology partnership that is sf park this one really is different approach and really a testament to our secretary of transportation i think history will reflect that he will be one of the best to serve in that capacity we were incredibly howard to have him in san francisco please help me welcome director of transportation andrew fox >> anthony and he had thank you for the wonderful introduction it is also great to be back in the bay area with the great friends friend of mine mayor ed lee who has demonstrated so much
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leadership on so many issues in particular transportation and we'll talk about some of that today also has been in the bay area for about 48 percent hours and suffice to say ii see the evidence of the tremendous congestion ♪ region and if you were in the jelly making business i'll have a big jar of traffic jam (laughter) and let me say this is part of the 21st century challenge of transportation in america >> you're in one of the faster growing regions in the country if not the faster and a dime economy and problems of transportation are not just related to you know a lack of
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attention to trying to move things along it is actually, the fact that growth is outpacing our ability to build the infrastructure to solve our problems and if i might just depart what i was intending to say parts of that is the fact at the federal level so much of our transportation policy and fund has been built around building these testimonies systems and the challenge of 21st century is integrating those systems and making the systems work better together and really if that context that the u.s. department of transportation for at least the last 8 years has been focused on trying to help our nation through our communities understand that we need a more demand driven transportation system by that i mean rather
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than dictating to the country how transportation is to be practiced from place to place giving communities more flexibility giving them more resources. >> allowing them to shape the vision themselves because frankly the challenges here in the bay area are different than in the midwest and different in other place we need the flexibility we're a big country and need to practice transportation definitely than place to place understanding we're proud of the fact we launched the smart city challenge, a challenge that really did turn on its head the typical grant making process what folks will say about that the secretary walked into a conference room and said we want to do this they want to frng
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what they were looking for we'll know it when we see 2 we saw great things in san francisco and we preceded to go through 24 process and in the process with the advances litigation congestion granted san francisco was hugely competitive that's why we're awarded the money inform this project here so let me get back to what i was supposed to say the as a matter of fact of the matter is we need to leverage the kelly whitcraft had help us reduce the congestion and during or doctoring my time we've been focused on innovation we've been inclusively ways to empower san francisco to repeat technologies frankly you were doing this on our own anyway we were here in the convenient last year federal
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government to help and to address transportation issues you see everyday in the same vein flo the field for initiative approaches to advance transportation technology for example in december a vehicle to vehicle mauvent all light rail to be equipped with technology to communicate directly with each other on the roads and released the most advanced set of safety rules advance in the world i'm sorry this is unmanned aircraft systems or drones what i was going to say to top it off we've proutsd the first of its kind for ammonias vehicles 2, 3, 4 is the most comprehensive policy that the world produced and precedence setting in the sense we're setting out the
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ground work for the he will technology systemthorax in october we announced $65 million in advanced technology transportation grant to help the cities across the country fight the congestion and encourage the market those grants will build on the smart city challenge the challenge asked the cities across the country what they need to improve their systems and few limitation in giving us that feedback in response we received applications for more than 78 cities and our goal with this round the application grant we want to make that easier for local areas to test new ytdz and reach beyond about what was deny to meet the challenges we know we'll face in the future and so we provided almost $12 million to san francisco to support a number of projects
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to encourage ride sharing and carpooling and making that better by having pickup curve for the riders and helping to deploy smart connecting traffic to make intersections safer for people riding bikes now separate and apart what did you do by nearly $360 million for the demand on - that will connect public and private transportation options all of those are p.o. box san francisco to be one of the most connected cities at a time when the infrastructure continues to be stressed that's why it is too important we need to test in the 21st century solutions to those issues i should also is that maybe to conclude that mayor ed
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lee knows when cities come up with good solutions to problems overtime they get replicated elsewhere so we are trying very o vertically to user laboratories to helpful see some of the greatest efforts represent indicated in other parts of country so mayor ed lee i want to thank you and the entire region for your leadership, and thank you for continuing to push the vision vision for transportation to its growing edge shall we say. >> thank you for continuing to help us help you by giving us great things to work on together and looking forward as partners to help with that collaboration well into the future thank you.
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. secretary that needs to give a flavor of the new and better way of the federal government looking to partner with us with regards to taking things that are employed in the city with the replication sf park and a opportunity pilot a pricing for that concludes my remarks that led to a significant reduction in congestion and their green house gas emissions made it easier for people to find a way for parking that is now becoming a standard across the country and that kind of innovation happening can be invested and replicated across the country within the spirit of that grant the secretary mentions that the congestion in the city i was hoping he wouldn't that is something that the mayor talks about i'm trying
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to tell him congestion is a good thing it is healthy but he remind me too much can have adverse safety impacts and start to make that harder for people to get around for work and education can help start to restrict the ability for the growth it has so some of the tools ♪ grant will help us address that or challenge we're having to make the streets safer at the same time, we have great leadership from the mayor among his tasks to nominate the directors for the municipal transportation agency and we're happy to be joined by our charm of the board of directors tom and their leadership inform our agency that positions you guess and the rest of the city to be
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competitive for this grant first place i wanted to acknowledge they're great leadership by the mayor has done a lot for transportation and the task force brought in half a million dollars to invest in that infrastructure as the secretary talked about and most of all helps to us partner outside of government and that leadership is also positions to us to be a contender please join me in welcoming mayor ed lee >> (clapping.) >> thank you. good morning everyone and welcome to super public another indication of the way we're doing things in san francisco but we're part of a whole region let me take the opportunity to thank our friend secretary fox thank you to you, your leadership and you know as
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i was listening to the secretary talk not just about the grant but looking at him and thinking years ago when president obama suggested more than suggested he said we had to be covered from the economic disasters when he first started started to make critical investments transportation has been the center whether borrowing that clicks on the president was there along with leader pelosi working closely with our city and making sure we utilities those federal funds appropriately to get jobs done and start talking about the center of our city and how we might be prepared for economic recovery even better and look was has happened 2, 3, 4 did 8 years and it is not just because we want economic activities i think there is a dramatic movement of people who want jobs
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and better life to move into the city and they're coming regardless of whether you want to put the welcome mat or not people are looking for that better life but happening in all the cities in the bay area and across the country and secretary has observed and visited chinatown and part so i say that in the sense he really want to say thank you to a former mayor to a friend to secretary who literally is here from the first welcome back to the last week of his tenure to be in the city i know he's appreciated for a variety of reasons and die is no exception we're here super public because we heard is not just the support from the
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secretary the administration we literally known that his folks at the fta are writing the transportation systems personally experiencing what day to day people are talking to us about so they can say oh, this is what you are experiencing and this is work you need those funds and not just a complaint about suggestions but a direction of finding solutions as reflective we don't need those things on the singular city and fda grant it is bribl everyone together so that's why super public has been a model with academia and leadership where the county is involved and technology leaders are involved and their data is confirmed own
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mta and county transit experts can all congregate to make sure not only we're using does the federal funds the way it is directed bull bringing in the extra juice of folks that are going to be thinking in the future and shouldn't surprises you, we were getting a smart is city grant but shouldn't surprise you we're not independent on a single grant but commitment committed to make sure our city and region continues to be answering the challenge the congestion but i also think two this is what the added value of that we have - when we were by the obama effects to come up with better solutions i'm specifically happy about something that was done a couple of years ago back the mta
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said in response to not just technology not just the transit who are we serving as well but tailor have been documented disparities who the transit system serves and so in that muni equity strategy i've provide the mta adopted identified a lot of community not serves when you are not served you not going to a participation and dialogue how electric autonomous electrical vehicles help the community impoverished for any years you want to have a policy and system that serves everybody that brings even up so the growth strategy was as important as the
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newest introduction of technology and how it will help everyone when you combine all that you get the attention of the president and the discreet and the attention of our fta administrator and the leaders please san francisco is paying attention to everything and all aspects of improving everyone's life and using transit agency a way to get things down that's why i celebrate not just the grant of $11 million but the hundreds of millions of we've been fortunate to receive we have not only national leadership that paid attention but people's life experience like former mayor fox that understood from the first minute how those challenges are to every city that's why we work closely they incentiveed by challenging us through the smart
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grant to do it better that's why out of all the entities that came together the bart and community bart next year i think we're doing it right we're answering those questions i think we're having the dialogue and the inclusionary policies that will make our city better for everyone this is y what i came to office to try to do and thankful for the leadership as director reiskin and the county of transportation agency are putting together all the detergents so we could eat less of traffic jam and more of the peanut butter (laughter). >> and take the opportunity on the last few weeks of his leadership to say thank you secretary to our leadership those are years we'll look back
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we've done things well and got the support and leadership of president obama and the capitol hill not only not just the money but what we've created out of the opportunities that bring this city and entire region together this is what i think those federal divisions are all about not just fund transit projects but bring people together to make sure that crying country was moving together with everybody that's why i'm particularly provide of the the way the incentiveed program and others have allowed us to simplify our humanity respect for the improvement of transit and solve problems and insure that everyone is included for a better city on behalf of the city and county of san
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francisco secretary thank you hopefully, you'll be back negative impact a different capacity with an that will continue to compliment us and as you ride our transit systems when you do get here they'll be adequately improved with a level of intelligence and smartness so that this year whereby less jams and more peanut butter . >> (clapping.) >> you could hear from the former mayor and secretary this deep commitment to equity i think reflects the ideals they've brought to the public service and really has been integrate in the work they local level with the transportation to make sure that it provides an
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opportunity for folks to take part what we hope to achieve ♪ grant you heard a lot about the clorox of the regional and federal level i want to acknowledge the administrator of the transit not only leaving the fta but a career transit professional and a frequent transit rider that helps us to make the case what are the transit across the country a great partner but and the sfmta office as well and in the region the mayor made reference to a member of bart the board of directors and doctor from uc berkley two of the smarter folks in the region of the country how to make transportation better here so a lot of brain power in the room and region we work together and make that happen
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part of brain power from the county of transportation authority they've lead a lot of great groundbreaking work in how to develop the brand new community in treasure island and part of the two of the projects of this grant are focused on treasure island the secretary mentioned the guidance that his administration put out with autonomous vehicles see how 24 fits on the ground of treasure island with the transportation authority under the leadership of the executive director tilly chang >> (clapping.) >> thank you so many ed and secretary fox and mayor ed lee and all of our honored guests thank you so much on behalf of the community of the transportation authority thank you to secretary fox and the mta for this grant and opportunity
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to partner and demonstrate the benefits of initiative transportation as the community agency wouldn't be more exciting to initiative with the partners logically and nation wide mr. secretary thank you for your championship and income tax and amongst the cities your leadership with the department of transportation has been nothing short of incredible and mayor ed lee recounted many of the examples you are were about two years ago in february of 2015 going down the 101 to guaranteeing google i believe you unveiled your beyond traffic initiative a national dialogue of the awareness of transportation investment to the need for investment and the crisis of a lake lack of impetus
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we see in congress that year we were all seeking to have a long-term transportation bill your messing meg miss included the ways of doing more business efficiently manage congestion to protect the planet and bring all the members of the community as mayor ed lee eloquently mentioned later that year in the fall of 2015 usual administration sent the long term bill to congress as the fast map leader pelosi and other leaders in congress was passed happily by president obama and laid the ground work to advance beyond the transportation all the non-sexy things the transportation and the brightens and transportation as well as the initiative partnering and
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this included, of course, particulars marked stirs challenged the faster grant program to administrator in my career with the leadership of mayor ed lee and our partners locally thank you for your grants together with uc berkley we're happy and excited to be a winner of this grant and the finalist we were in the company of 77 other amazing cities who also rays their hands we have a tremendous need this has been a fantastic experience and just the gwen with advanced grant the transportation authority will be working with ed and his team at the sfmta to demonstrate the smart corridors and innovations connected and technologies and as mentioned on treasure island
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will be partnering with the treasure island development authority so have a community on treasure island that is planned for 8 thousand units of housing 26 affordable over the next 20 some years our projects will include a powell system to help fund the transit and water and muni and ac bus service as well as autonomous shutters transportation on treasure island really will be a laboratory we look forward to this and with the partners at caltrans and the commission those will transform treasure island and have a robust neighborhood that will be a model of innovation in terms of transportation to demand management and safety and the way we fund those types of
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programs through the innovative feature we've advance the secretaries initiative by tying together a town hall transportation system and with the carving and bike share for the most vulnerable residents so thank you and in closing for your administration secretary look forward to the major capital project involving the transit and both downtown and as well as the recent van ness brt project we're fortunate to get $75 million we're ever so grateful and appreciate our support you've extended to all the partners at caltrans for the electrification we wish you the best we want you to come back of all the work in a few years time
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thank you . >> (clapping.) >> thanks tilly and thank you for your leadership hers it the public agency and mine and the federal government didn't have all the answers we were shocked to know they didn't have all the answers we're a happy to be joined by part of bringing together the other partners to make that arrogant happen. >> (clapping.) >> thank you i'm probably the most at least competitive and person in front of of the people this morning i didn't realize nicholas was going to be here he was told the trains went to oakland and thank god a lady told me that i don't think anyone would have missed me that's why the room is so
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fuel we're thankful and i'll summarize our goal to help the public private partnering with the innovation and as long as we're not locked into a temp we're allowed to work with the private sector and this is part of design methodologies that is built on stanford and uc berkley with all the pilots that's really the work at the 76 projects we're looking at and meaningful second scale across the country we've been lucky that mayor ed lee has for the last two years helped us to create an institution for the public basically the federal government and others getting together and, of course, the uc berkley to actively go out and scale those pilots and that's really been the goal of that
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thank you, mayor ed lee we have d.c. and miami and worked with the academic institutions the work with secretary fox with the smart city grants we've been able to beat out many folks as we've become the first institution to help planning out u outside the london to open this so we can intricate the electrical vehicles and we currently have people in the community really engaging the community in miami hey, what does the community want and with the work with ed reiskin and tilly chang in terms of the the work we what pilot those out here and scale them across the u.s. and uc berkley great partners with the people that binge things to the table we can
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test thank you, everyone and actually making this a reality and giving us an opportunity to nationalize this we're excited thank you. >> (clapping.) >> so finally just because something is initiative didn't mean it's good much the innovation maybe good and not so good but advancing the policy goals uc berkley brings the research to support what we'll test in the field and our ability to test it to achieve our outcomes and uc berkley for the institute studies leads by dr. >> thank you to secretary fox and mayor ed lee for the opportunity to be here with you this is a very exciting year 2017 is not only our 17
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anniversary but also something that people didn't know the 20 anniversary of the first time we have a california, if any, in the context of the federal grants like 20 years ago this break through this was conceives fiction we hope that will be an exciting mitigation grant we can claim the victories two years from now the history of collaboration within the city of san francisco and the university we've seeing none, public comment is closed in memorandum of understanding when was dramatically related by the challenge we are extremely grateful into secretary fox but the university have been collaborating on cities berkley was involved in the snatch and the writing of the mou between the city of san francisco and the city of paris and many -
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we're excited today because of the work because it alsoables us to interact with did public university at berkley through this program we really hope to make contributions to the bay area and california to the u.s. and in general, you you look at you'll see the involvement of the universities in the programs whether on the bridge or talking about the tenderloin or all the others things that berkley was involved in with the mtc and caltrans and the federal government specifically the services roll in the program that will be led by susan thank you for your leadership throughout the program and this challenge and many other exciting things the secretary has led in his tenure specific to berkley's contributions in the granted we are excited we're
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push the research and the extent those par dims they'll change urban san francisco see is a city of innovation most of technologies the transportation all born no or in san francisco no better place than the city the second involvement of the university for the vision zero corridor that is an extremely important for public transit and more importantly the third is data electrics in the 151 impossible to see the systems that will be operated suv and no better place to do this than the other partners at the table here and uc berkley has the highest concentration of people in the world that as advanced dictated for a den benefit of translation
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we're excited about the future of smart cities and at berkley we cared about transfer which we produce in the passerby la habra through the examples throughout this wonderful collaboration with the federal government have successfully approved grant break through these and grateful for the programs we've built no, first in the future so to conclude i want to express my warmest thanks to mayor ed lee and secretary fox they're leadership working together with the federal government to absolutely amazing have a partner a prestige and we're excited in the future to contribute to the partners agencies at the table today microsoft and others and thank you to secretary fox and others. >> (clapping.) >> okay. thanks i'll give a final thank you to secretary fox
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for his great service we're short on time maybe time for two consecutive questions and let you on your way the floor is open any questions if not thank you all so much for light for
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streets illuminating our ideas and values starting in 2016 the san francisco public utilities commission is xhoefl that light with new led with the did i audits for better light for streets and pedestrian and they're even better for this vitally lasting longer and consuming up to 50 percent less energy upgrading takes thirty minutes remove the old street light and repeat 18 thousand 5 hundred times while our street lights will be improving the clean energy will remain the same every san francisco street light is powder by 100 percent godfathers hetch hetchy power in one simple word serious as day turns
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>> good afternoon mr. clerk are we ready to call i'll officially call the meeting to order wednesday, january 11, 2017, it is one 13 in the afternoon please rise and join me for the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you and welcome happy new year to you all mr. clerk, please call the roll


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