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tv   BOS Land Use Committee 1917  SFGTV  January 16, 2017 2:00pm-3:46pm PST

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>>[gavel] >> >> good afternoon everyone. this meeting will come to order to this a regular meeting for the land-use and transportation committee. supervisor cohen chairman of the committee and to my right, the supervisor aaron hasz. our clerk is ms. alisa samara and i like to think sfgov tv for broad casting this meeting on our behalf. mdm. clerk any announcements? >> yes. please make sure to sounds off cell phones and electronic devices. any actions provided today will [inaudible] unless otherwise stated >> thank you please call item
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number one >> item 1 the general plan amendment implanting the city's vision zero zero policy regarding pedestrian safety >> the of the leak-to present on this item. good afternoon. are you ready for your presentation? >> yes. >> great you may begin mdm. chair >> good afternoon department stuck it on here today to ask for your approval to update the general ledger for the city's vision zero policy. the planning commission initiated the changes on july 7 and recommended approval at hearing on october 20. in cracking this legislation would be looking closely with sfmta eight members of the public with the gin zero task force pedestrian safety advisory committee and all of san francisco. were
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proposing to make changes to the city's gen. plan to reflect the vision zero. vision zero adopted in 2014 and it it's the city's policy to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2024. the city is working to achieve vision 02 the design streets education campaigns, targeted enforcement and changes to our city policy. since this policy was adopted city departments adopted resolutions in support of vision zero and outline specific actions that they can take. in june of 2014 the planning commission passed a resolution in support of vision zero and outline specific actions the planning arvind could take to help meet the city's goal. one of these and limitation actions was updating the policies and objectives of the general plan. currently the general plan does not reference vision zero nor does it reflect the city's recent efforts to address pedestrian safety. this is important because the department refused moment applications and makes consistent findings with the
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general plan. in addition other city agencies reference the general plan while proposing streetscape changes. the ordinance before you would amend the transportation element and the urban design element to reflect the city's vision zero policy. changes incorporated into this amendment include a new objective specific to vision zero including working to achieve street safety for all users. and you objective specific to applying multidisciplinary approach to improving pedestrian safety including engineering measures targeted enforcement and education campaign and updated objective to design streets safe and convenient walking and updated objective related to pedestrian network and map key walking street and minor amendment to make sure the language in the general plan is consistent with vision zero. the department recommended approval and i'm here today so you can recommend approval or disapproval of the ordinance before you get that concludes my presentation and am happy to answer questions get a thank you gift i you pronounce your last name? >> langlois. >> thank you supervisor peskin has a question. >> >> thank you mdm. chair good i
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think we'll hear about this and public comment and obviously i think were of one mind both of two street safety and pedestrian safety and reflecting that in the general plan. makes abundant sense. the questions that i was going to ask you i don't need to ask you because i asked active community members so i'll just say a little bit about it and then ask you some questions. the changes to the general plan delete a lot of language that is geographically specific. it mentions sidewalks and no we valley what happened. much broader language that i think correctly is the fitting of the general plan. except for in one instance in policy 25.5 on page 11 that specifically with regard to the development of streetscape and public realm lands references union square
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fisherman's wharf and chinatown, which my i kind of caught in so far as their old that super bowl are still district iv honor of represented so the question that i have but have since asked and has been answered, is, whether or not community organizations that have a history of involvement on planning in or transportation were consulted? i realize that the initiation of the general plan happens and there is, in this case happened in july is a period of time as in this case, happen in october before the general plan amendment are adopted by the planning commission, but the question i had was whether organizations long-established decades long histories like chinatown trip and aaa and other organizations
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particularly unlike union square and fisherman's wharf which are more commercial in nature, chinatown obviously has a dense urban population and pedestrian safety is rightfully of utmost concern to those residents and organizations that have advocated for the get the answer that came back was that they were not specifically out reached two and i think that there is a perception and eight reality that in the planning process particularly at a high level, outside of specific projects where people get section 311 or 312 notice, that there's a lack of consultation. unfortunately, for us given the way general plans amendment work, we are not in a position to add some good language because we either , as you stated, approved it or disapprove it but under the way our laws work the board of
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supervisors cannot amend it. i don't think any of this rises to the level of disapproval and i think that what you will hear from the community and representatives thereof in a minute is language really that emphasizes inclusion and participation. i have an off-line conversation with erin starr, from your department before the beginning of this meeting and there may be actual language elsewhere within the general plan that has that admonition get so this language that communities proposing may be dealt with in broader higher level language within the document, but i think given the sensitivity of a number of ongoing issues, whether it is the reopening of the lord stockton or central subway project is completed, whether it is the puzzles to widen the sidewalks on chinatown's
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busiest commercial corridor along with stockton street, that we have a very clear emphasis and admonition in the general plan that we want to have active in meaningful consultation in participation in with the affected communities. so in its language in that affect that they suggested so. so what i would like to be will to do, given that we either have to give this a thumbs up were found thumbs down at the full board tomorrow because our 90 day jurisdiction runs before our next board meeting in so far as january 17 meeting is canceled, for martin luther king day, and by january 24 90 day jurisdiction will have run good so what i will after public comment, suggest is that we pursue in consultation with the community, the possibility or urge you to consider a trailing amendment that would honor their request for active community participation. and
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involvement. and i guess that's really not a question i asked the question and got the questions answered adjusting to them for the record. >> yes. yes can i say two things related to that >> be please >> this is accommodation of all the work we've done with work walked first in 2011 and at that time we were developing framework for where we see pedestrians walking today and in the future, where we want to include the public realm. at that time 2011-2012 we had a series of public meetings could we did walking towards the did focus groups we did more so the targeted work in specific neighborhoods. so i will say that this work is not just the ordinance. it's really building on a number of years of work we've been doing around looking at where we should improve the public realm and how we engage people in that process. i would
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say also just related to the 25.5, i think it is a little bit implied justin the work we do at the planning department in terms of how we engage committee numbers and work with organizations in our streetscape work worked on the broadway streetscape design project with [inaudible] on that and that's an example of the project and partnership that i think this policy represents. >> thank you. >> thank you. seeing those no other staff presentations at this time i think we should go into public comment. are there any public comment cards you have mdm. clerk no clean public comment is open at this time. ladies and gentlemen step up to the podium if you like don to speak on item 1. love 2 min. you hear soft on indicating love 30 seconds remaining in your 2 min. allotment. >> thank you mdm. chair. fill german chinatown community development kit chinatown research and improvement project. the chinese chamber of commerce. we support vision zero . we have worked very closely with walk sf over the past several years. we are very
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strong advocates of the pedestrian safety. on the other hand, we are very concerned and very weary about the adoption of a policy where it is not provide the texans for neighborhoods to be actively engaged and to either support or reject the project. we have many examples where experiences with the sfmta eight where essentially they have tried to shove something down our throats. and that is why we raise this issue with supervisor peskin and we urge that you will somehow adopt some changes to the language that would ensure an active community participation in
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those projects that are geared towards achieving pedestrian safety. thank you. >> thank you mr. there any other members of the public that would like to speak at this time? public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> supervisor peskin anything else that? >> i don't get of it is in this item given we said it can be changed by the fact that we would like a trailing amendment i like to commend we send this to the full board with recommendation as a committee report and mr. chen and folks from chinatown trip and ms. langlois and are office will coordinate on a trailing piece of general plan language if indeed there is no overarching public participation admonition elsewhere in the general plan during that concludes my comments. >> thank you for your comments and the motion passes without objection. >>[gavel] >> speaker please:
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>> item 2 clinical medical service use >> speed thank you supervisor farrell is the author of this item. we've got canister from his office to present and after canisters presentation will hear from erin starr from the planning department. >> good afternoon mdm. chair peskin. currently the sacramento street commercial district permits medical services at all stores it's about business and professional services can be provided to medical services at the ground floor with acu. this legislation amends the sacramento street ncd to require see you for new medical services on the ground floor. it also requires the cu for medical services as an accessory use on the ground floor and permits medical
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services by right above the ground floor. we been working with the sacrament of street merchants and residents to address growing a bird concerned that retail and active service users are being replaced by medical offices. the neighborhood has been sensitive to medical spas being permitted as retail or personal services but operate more like medical services. looking forward to cmpc closing one make sure zoning controls in this mcd) pounds of the businesses and service you get were already getting early for back from the neighborhood that are supportive of relaxing restaurant control every continue to work with them to pursue that further to make the mcd more active commercial corridor. this legislation is very neighborhood driven wheel to count on your support. thank you. >> thank you. just the quick supervisor peskin has a few questions >> i just have one question. number one, i totally defer to the district supervisor relative to changes to the neighborhood commercial district ordinance,, but the one thing i was curious about
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was we are returning it to the way it used to be and three years or so ago the same supervisor actually put this into a fact. so i was wondering, generally, in my experience this happens when neighborhood once changes to an mcd. so, what change in the sector mental mcd that they wanted this put in that three years later they wanted it taken out? >> i think three years ago the was a business neighborhood that supports coming in and so the one neighborhood one of those changes at that time and now they want it changed back. they're starting to feel like there's this too many medical offices and especially medical spas coming in and they're just a little wary of that of those changes. >> the staff or board maybe will we leave this. but also references cmpc, and. any thoughts from the district to office with regard to that?
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>> wellwood cmpc leaving worried about a lot of medical offices also leaving and creating vacancies. so that's what we do want to now permit medical offices above the ground floor and not necessarily prevent them all which is what the current status is good medical offices are not permitted at all. unless they going to replace professional services with acu. >> thank you. >> mr. starr. >> thank you. erin starr legislative affairs for the planning to bomb. i think canister covered most of the ordinance alters that the planning commission heard this on november 17 of last year recommended approval of course if you have additional questions am available to answer. >> thank you. mr. peskin any questions for mr. starkly note? okay, great. let's go to the
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public comment anyone like to speak in public comment please come on up. you 2 min. public comment is open. public comment is closed. thank you very much >>[gavel] >> is there a motion to move this to the full board with positive recommendation? speed moved and seconded. >> without objection that passes >>[gavel] >> speaker the to called items 3-8 together >> item 3, four, five are general plan amendment to support the potrero hope as a project and item 67 and eight a ordinances many in the general plan zoning map to facilitate the sunnydale hope sf affordable housing development project and making appropriate findings. >> thank you very much. colleagues on the sponsor of this item i like to make a few remarks before bring up our presenters. this a big moment for district 10 and for our entire city. the revitalization of public housing has been a
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key priority of mine as well as mayor lee since taking office and over the last few years it started to garner more publicity and citywide supports. especially, with the passage of prop a in 2015. many people in the city have never been to hope sf site and, or somehow do not ventured into the southeastern neighborhood. this includes potrero hills and sunnydale sites which are the two items that are before us to get i know it's hard for some of us who live and breathe in the southeast to believe that other parts other people don't know about us but it is true. the vast majority of the san francisco's san franciscans never have been and likely don't even know that it exists yet nearly 10,000 san franciscans live in public housing which is actually a third of this population, our children and have an annual income of about $12,000 a year. if they don't know-if they do
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know about many people have stereotyped the neighborhood the people that live in the neighborhood could they believe this scenario property and crime and places that should be avoided at all costs. we know that is wrong. that's wrong. these committees are made up of families and vibrant lifestyles and residents were trying to just like us to make contributions meaningful contributions, to society as well as remaining in san francisco. but the difference them of the differences most of the city has forgotten about them. as a supervisor who represents four of the city's largest public housing sites which are in the hope sf program many of the smaller ones many of the smaller public housing sites i've seen for [inaudible] impacts that substandard housing have on residents lives there in the
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entire neighborhood. so when we break up and the concentration property and we are rebuilding your starting to see positive transformative impacts on people's lives. so i have also understand the transformation investment the public housing can make in the lives of the residents and what's also important to note, not only is touching people's lives but also having a ripple effect in the entire neighborhood. i've seen how new integrated units that [inaudible] and transform the lives of public housing residents and have increased public safety. it's increased many community members awareness of health and frankly, it's been a shot in the arm of vitality for the entire community. most recently, we saw the new units
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under construction at alice griffith where we are successfully going to build a -be able to transform that development into a new mixed-use income community with absolutely no displacement that sounds really good. but were not perfect by no stretch of the imagination, but it's really our investment in the success of the neighborhood the make san francisco a wonderful city that we all want to live in. many of us are often the focus on the nuts and bolts of the development project. this review common supervisor campos may elect to pay attention to these types of details and development projects were real estate transaction. how much is the land going to cost weight how many units are we building? rebuilding tall enough week what are the fees were the entitlement process quick all the steps of questions are constantly being asked and while these components are important and we certainly need to consider them as we undertake an incredibly challenging and expensive exercise such as rebuilding public housing, what's most
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important is that we just can't lose sight of why are most importantly, for whom, we are doing this for. we are doing it for the residence of the sites and these neighborhoods because they matter and because they deserve better. we are all in positions to make this happen therefore it's incumbent upon us to execute. these are not projects where you're taking vacant land and building traditional affordable housing. but their size and the amount of land they occupy presents and a unique opportunity to construct large amounts of affordable housing in our very small city in a city that as you know is in the housing crisis. there are entire neighborhoods and communities who have lived in the sites for generations. more than half of the residents and public housing have lived for more than 15 years and, quite frankly, they have suffered
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emotional, some even have suffered even physical effects from living in federal government housing. particularly, when there is a federal government who conveniently likes to turn a blind eye to the conditions they are living in. i don't say this to paint a bleak picture because we've got a note sending local team that's on the ground actually doing a very good job of transforming it. frankly come i think the award winning team get shut out to barret and olson and feel one of the unique things about hope sf is that the vista to the program record rises the residence of the sites and the success of the site is just as important as the need to physically rebuild the housing stock. we all know that individuals and committees need more than just physical better more structurally sound
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buildings. to succeed what people need our support services, confidence in investment in the community as well as in the people themselves. which, we will never be able to successfully transform these sites without making this investment in the investment is going to be made in the people who live there. that's why hope sf is an incredibly important operation here in san francisco. it includes a strong service element will be invested in ensuring residents have good credit,. residents want to purchase a house. people who want to-were making investment in people want to move from public housing and have access to resources of a can succeed. opening programs directly in the development of that are focused on children to ensure that getting an education event scripting job training and access to job opportunities to these physical structures will always age and will need to be
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replaced but is the investment in the community and the individuals who can ensure that neighborhood is working. that neighborhood is held. the neighborhood is safe and that the neighborhood is resilience. so as we talk about these projects today let's remind ourselves that this is more important than just the physical context of cost architecture bedroom counts and tax credits. let's talk what these projects in the context of both the physical and its human impacts that they will have. because at the end of the day, we are undertaking this effort for the residence of these units and for the residents of all of san francisco. many of us are lucky in this room really blessed and fortunate. we don't have family members living units in these units and were talking about approximately 5000 units, several have mold or rodent infestation or just elaborated housing conditions. our children are some of the more
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than 3000 live in public housing when you look at the statistics, there are issues that plague them such as lack of concentration on their homework. hazardous health impacts because of living in this public housing. we also elderly parents that need support and were struggling to stay in their sites and suffer from being physically isolated from the services that are not connected to the city were not connected to these public housing sites. but what we do have our thousands of san franciscans did you get this who do understand this is not just buildings and that we need to continue to make an investment in these are human beings that deserve our support. i want to give the biggest shout out possible this year and bring up theo miller director of hope sf is been leading the policy not only
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with his mind but also with his heart. the following person that is here is kate hartley who is the director the deputy director of the mayor's office of housing also incredibly important and committed entity in this huge endeavor. mr. larry are you ready? i tried to warm it up as best i can to ensure you have remarks >> it's nice and warm and i appreciated. he was taken away. he was tremendous. it's an incredible moment and supervisor cohen you set the stage vertically guide and feel, miller. excuse me officer mayor lee director of hope sf and this is truly [inaudible] of a career to be on behalf of the public-private partnership that is as hope sf certainly the leadership of district 10. as many residents in the room here is many community leaders developers and so i'll go very briefly but i did want to just pick up on supervisor cohen's
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reading and just to say how incredible this moment is good obviously mayor lee was born and raised in public housing in seattle has taken on hope sf with a vigor and a passion that in many ways no mayor in the nation has taken on to be in san francisco are being watched and brain admired from cities across the country i know we'll get into the differences between hope-and hope sf but hope sf is the nation's first-and i say that with pride-the nation's first large-scale public housing transformation and reparation and initiative. it's designed to interrupt intergenerational property. vibrant mixed income committees without mass displacement and i use the phrase, reparations, intentional because his supervisor cohen alluded to we are repairing many ways a broken system a broken topography, a broken resource
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that our city has allowed to happen for decades. so it's a great great moment for the city and county is san francisco and better moment for our resident in terms of this presentation, supervisors, i'll go very very briefly in terms of what is hope sf. a supervisor cohen mentioned not everyday lives and breathes it and will get into the master plan approvals in any questions as we move forward this month and next month to the board of supervisors. >> can we get the powerpoint screen up? >> apologies as we get the powerpoint ready. i mention
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this and supervisor drennan alluded to this. hope sf constitutes 40 birds of roughly 5000 individual. 2200 households across the southeast. these are four of the city's most dilapidated and disconnected committees he was excuse me mr. miller do have copies for us? perfect. >> yes. copies. >> you can continue >> fantastic. these four housing committees were picked in many ways because of the scale because of the deferred maintenance and because of the opportunity to take trainees into vibrant mixed income committees with a resident of [inaudible] we take, informed approach to open this about transform in the public systems but we focus relentlessly on that but he and on data and innovation. in terms of the next slide it wasn't supposed upshot of the four communities to make work to clear to talk about sunnydale and potrero. it looks like were sliding the sp fantasti so in terms of the
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four communities, under the un now scripted are well underway. we are looking forward to house approximately 120 of the original hunters view is moral be housed next month. similarly with alice griffith and potrero and sunnydale oxley 00 units we proceed forward before you today as you can see these are classically multiracial multiethnic immigrant communities. families that in general live on $18,000 a year we list of our partners including mercy housing and bridge housing were here today to speak on behalf of potrero and sunnydale. i will say as we go to this aerial shot and supervisor drennan alluded to this and sarah communicant-thank you so much miss her. sarah if you introduce yourself and we will if you would for the supervisors whose aye. my name is-jones, potrero resident.
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>> thank you >> terry will help me with the slides can to get this just an aerial shot most of sunnydale to give the sense of the conditions. what i emphasize here is not what you see on the exterior. certainly a supervisor cohen mentioned these are committees that most of our san franciscans most doctors don't go to an innkeeper that an expression >>[foreign language] it's in the trash and the means we little but we have much and so much of the physical aspect of these communities which is unacceptable any standard mask the resilience, the power the passion and the persistence of many the folks who live here in the next several minutes. lastly as i go to the the hope sf pencils which we kept to which we hold near and dear to our heart number one, being no loss of public housing. so this is the transmission of these neighborhoods mixed income
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kidneys but ensuring we will replace at least one for one my good friend olson lee was a workplace in more than one for one to were increasingly deeply oh horrible housing stock in the neighborhood so will be more of what will units and there are currently. no residents-i will stop by one resident public housing resident will be displaced will be pushed out will be forced to dick about your. we will provide will be called right of first refusal for each and every single right of return figures meet proposal rate of turn preps for every single public housing residents to maintain their home and live into this new vibrant mixed income communities. these other principles reference the creation of a community in which residents drug they read it get we try to live by that. our opportunity in san francisco is to create a pathway for prosperity for opportunity for these families and these residents to stay. as i transition,, first to my colleague olson lee for income any comments you might and then to barber that i want to thank the board of supervisor we were fortunate to come to this opportunity supervisor dan
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mentioned the housing bond. with the resources in the city to finally do this. this is our opportunity as a city and county of san francisco is mayor lee said not to make new promises. this presentation is nothing new. is nothing new that theo is make this all about the filling old promises to the 5000 two the 5000 resilient individuals live in district and waited long enough for their opportunity for high-quality housing. olson? >> olson lee. aye. >> hi. i will give it really really sure because we have a great presentation to talk about the details of both the physical and financing development as well as the conference of services that really makes this special. this is just such a momentous occasion to be here at the board after many many many years of work and many different staff people have worked on this
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initiative over a very long period of time so it's a combination of again, a lot of effort by many different administration. many different staff people and we're just fortunate to be here with the resources and to be basically at the starting line to get the job done both at sunnydale and potrero. the one thing i would like to point out to the supervisors is just the track record that we have established through the work it hunters view. the work it out was griffith and the work at the bad developments. i think that we have finally made the commitment to public housing old overall and we are we are solving the many years of disinvestment from the federal government. fortunately, we are doing this in such a timely manner as there is a administration change later this month. but we could not do this without some of our
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federal partners and we are in the midst of discussing key aspects of the funding, future federal funding, or future federal program. that affect sunnydale and patrol and we are very very hopeful that we'll have definitive decisions on those tools in-by the end of this week. but i just wanted to again to my knowledge the work that many people have come before us to try to keep the promise and look forward to answering any questions the supervisors may have about this wonderful effort. thank you. >> thank you for >> thank you for your leadership mr. olson. barbara smith. >> good afternoon supervised. supervisor cohen supervisor peskin. well i'm thrilled to be here. this is a dream come true for the authorities to outlast the have a great opportunity to rebuild very dilapidated public
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housing that's been superb seriously underfunded by the federal government four years. this is thanks to the tremendous effort of our residents, the mayor, many city agencies, especially hope sf. moh cd could olson, kate, and 13 have been fantastic throughout this process. our developer partners. we of excellent development developer partners. at these sites and hud to get had hud has stepped up and helped us with a lot of the approvals that we need to make this a reality. so we look forward to your approval and thank you very much for your support throughout this process. >> thank you for your leadership barbara smith. come on up, kate. >> good afternoon supervisor
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kate. so much has been said and i don't need to reiterate how impactful this work is no transformative good i just want to go quickly over some of the legal approvals that we need in order to achieve these ambitious goals. so you will see coming before the board some specific menus approvals that will be asking for good planning code amendment for my special use district, a general plan amendment. we will also be asking for your approval on developing agreement as well as a master development agreement with the housing authority that will govern the way in which their property will be disposed of and be developed as affordable housing. we have been before the planning commission previously. they are certified the final eir. they made certain findings with respect to the planning code and we have been in front of other city agencies as well. so we are really at a last step in
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order to be able to fully move forward on this important work. the funding plan is complex but there's just a couple of things to keep in mind. those are the sources of funds. we are fortunate in having extensive federal resources in the former project vouchers that allows to leverage that development we will use low income housing tax credit it was a use market rate cross subsidies to fund the avoidable housing development and then finally we will be using city funds. the second thing is that we do have a long buildout period which will its study, its paste it we hope to accelerate that where ever we can in order to ring these online as fast as we can but it's a measured program that will allow us to meet this? responsible. you have before you the master site plan which show the important moments of this development. you'll see the streets are reconnected to the
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larger community, the streets without sidewalks and ways were there not ever had them before. they will be safer. there are large swaths of recreational open space areas at both of the sites. there's new recreational facilities. there will be childcare facilities. retail at sunnydale. and just new brand-new amenities that will really bring these communities into the larger fabric of the city. this is the sunnydale mixed income development. so you will see that this really truly is next mixed income community could public housing replacement units market rate units and new affordable units. this is potrero showing the same sort of development plan could very thoughtful and truly transformative for the communities. again there is a long phasing, and that is a function of protecting every single resident could so that
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there is not a need to displace anyone involuntarily as well as to finance the overall development. this is a schedule of where the hope sf team has been previously in terms of receiving approvals. mta, puc, rec and park and planning all inevitably approve the plans. we look forward to the board of supervisors approval as well more happy to answer any questions. also i want to state our colleague matt snyder is here from planning department in case you have any specific questions on the land-use legislation. speak thank you very much. >> thank you very much. is there anyone else to present this terminal are? >> supervisors i believe that concludes, yes good i believe that concludes the presentation but as mentioned were all here for any further questions.
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>> okay. prep your supervisor peskin ps let me i've actually had the pressure and pain of watching this now for a decade. the pain that is taken a decade the pleasure being it's finally getting somewhere as i think barbara french remembers during the hope six era as we rebuilt with each project worth these place we have a track record of having done this again and again and it is long past time that the promises the we've made as a city to the folks at sunnydale and potrero will it be reluctant so i am delighted. i've waded through the suv in the various documents want to thank all of you and those who preceded you for getting it to this point and shout out bridge and mercy and related and everybody was involved also i think we should befriend which
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is that this is all dependent on money in out years subject to appropriation as funds become available and this is going to be a phased project that is going to take quite a long time before the ultimate promise is realized. so i think the public needs to know that this is not all 5000 of those folks are not going to be in first class housing tomorrow or the next day . we should be candid about that. >> thank you thanks for that sobering reality. at this exciting time. >>[laughing] you are right. it's not a immediate thing but it's been a long time coming to >> it's very good i appreciate that supervised peskin. it's important to support the services and investment that need to continue to go to potrero and senate appeared i would be remiss 20 met >> i meant to say around smith not barbara french
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>> all right. anyone come here to public comment elect to speak on the saddam's quick degrees, news of the you can come up to the podium. you of 2 min. to speak on items three through eight. please, come on up. good to see you >> cleaves to be a. first and foremost i want to speak to bridge his commitment to this project and i heard we were selected in 2008 and really been an honor to walk with the community and interact with the community and engage the committee in developing the plan and we are here to reinforce our commitment as we move into implementation it's truly an exciting time. i want to applaud the leadership of the mayor and also recognize the
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excellent staff at the mayor's office of housing and community development. they've done a terminus job. i speak to this with some percent as parents surely want to appreciate their work. as well as recognize supervisor cohen, your leadership and sustaining this effort and bringing it to life. it's a super exciting time for all of us. finally i want to recognize and appreciate all the hard work the residence are put into the spirit it has been countless meetings. many many forms of interaction, coming to planning commission meetings, come into these kinds of hearings. it's been a lot of work and we are really excited to see a pay off your soap on here to answer the questions that there may be a thank you again. we thank you for your work on your leadership on this part. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon supervise. corey smith on behalf of befriend housing action coalition. the much everything set up your it's a long time coming. we are very proud to be supporters today. >> thank you it's good to see you. next speaker, please.
2:46 pm
aye my name is remy dear was a project manager representing mercy housing and related california. you guys nowhere really really excited to be here and we been on the ground since 2008. so not as long as supervisor peskin on this but almost as long. so i just want to knowledge the spirit of the partnership that is hope sf. the residents, the neighbors, the city the housing authority, and hard in making this a reality and we are looking forward to continuing to work on improving the present and building up on patient for better future our staff on the ground at art sunnydale opposite, some of them are here and i think you might hear a little bit about the work we are doing and we also have some of our young residence here to speak to you today. >> thank you welcome. thank you, remy. next speaker, please. >>-jenkins. staff of mercy now. long, visitation valley residents. advocate for the youth. we have been waiting for
2:47 pm
this for a long time. we feel like this is one of the things that's going to change a lot of our young people's lives change the community. where it will be a very positive thing. this is going to create jobs for our kids. this is actually going to change the way our kids think because they will actually feel like they are part of the rest of san francisco. befriend has been changing for the past 20 years. this unit over to hunters point but they have not seen it in visitation now. it's been a long time coming for something positive like this change. this way we can actually get a lot of jobs to our young people and get them off the street and help them be productive citizens. that's why
2:48 pm
we brought some of our young men so they can speak up for them subject i just want to thank you, guys the support. this is something the help of the okemos action getting on the ground you have not seen something like this for a long time so we appreciate that, too . thank you for your support. >> thank you mr. jenkins. next speaker, please. aye. my name is jerome moore. i than a resident of sunnydale for 26 years now. maybe about three generations. father, grandfather and everything. i just like to thank brother theo four the opportunity is giving a young man out here in san francisco in sunnydale. the 20 be a big change for us. you know we come from a lot of the struggle a lot of misery and we've got to raise kids growing up here so i just had a gut to get myself and i love this i would love for them to see a better community. just thanks a lot for everything. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. aye i am-parker resident of mercy housing and i'm here basically just with
2:49 pm
the community and to see the change and for generation, similar making the whole society better like surrounding area visitation valley sunnydale, and everything. >> thank you. >> my name is my name [inaudible] go outside and play and sometimes they say they will go outside and [inaudible] and take care of them either dogma so so i don't even let her go outside. it's a community all honesty i do good for everybody. i go down i want to see it come back up how it used to be back then. should take care of each other. i want to say that. thank you >> thank you next speaker, please. >> hi. might name is betsy
2:50 pm
[inaudible] i'm in support of potrero and her life matters and we deserve better >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is--i live in potrero hill for eight years with my daughter am very happy for this change this project, and thanks for all the people, the housing and that's it. they could. >> great thank you. next speaker, please. >>-scotch on the oldest resident potrero. >> ma'am, can you pull the microphone to mouth so we can hear you >> >> yes. i was conceived in the project [inaudible] one of the projects from the old times was
2:51 pm
and it failed and i've different families died. that's why we had to move and they had to tear down. my concern is i want to make sure that when we do get these in place of promises kept that will not be evicted on any ground that [inaudible] because i've no trust. and some in common and saying they're going to pick something. then they do us dirty. we have been promised so many different times and with what i've seen for all those years, i don't know 1 hz. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi. i work for bridge housing but am actually resident of the general public housing and it is very-this a long time coming. as my neighbor has just stated, she has gone through this for quite a while now from back, way back
2:52 pm
in the day from when the first promises were made. so it is really really important that bees hearings and these approvals go through and a swifter at a swift pace because so many residents have been waiting for quite a long time . as the young people jessica made some people were now standing up and wanting to see something different. but not only their children but for themselves as well. we see the difference inside the community and i know apertura so as well sunnydale any other committees i can speak for potrero hill, but i can say i see the young man trying to do different things now. young women trying to do better things. the more people coming out and talking among themselves and actually really caring about their community that lead commissioner, you're saying it earlier the people have to believe and invest in themselves and in their community and that's what's happening in these communities. years ago you would not have seen these young men coming in here and speaking of them
2:53 pm
coming in and speaking up as everyone is trying to make a change. so there is fear but fear only is accredited for how much time it has taken for this we build to come through and follow through. so it is very imperative that the not just this path but all the rest coming through as well. i am solely economic to work for bridge housing so i could see what was going on and i like the fact that [inaudible] because bridge has set this from the beginning all the paperwork from way back [inaudible] always no residents will not be displaced. so publicly saying that has just help to ease some of the minds of some of the people. so thank you >> thank you. nice to see you. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name is larry jones and excuse me on behalf of mercy related i would like to thank supervisors, all the city staff have put in a lot of sweat to make sure this process has whereas come i am an old school
2:54 pm
-i'm a lifeguard who is seeing thomas is made in the 20 before they were even called hope. i represent the many young men who died in the projects the same time that we have in the day to see the change coming. i represent the many ethnicities that [inaudible] it's no longer pro-african we of every ethnicity can think of coming together is a these programs are being implemented in this community through this program hope sf. receipt housing. i've never seen the code he submits that i see today i'm proud of it and proud to be a part of it and missed and i commend you for pushing this through the hard times and now [inaudible] it feels good. i represent the him and were working to book this neighborhood. i'm so proud . i watching babies r them young men and young fathers getting construction jobs be building their home neighborhood that me and the fathers help tear down. i'm proud to say i'm part of the rebuild. it makes me feel good deal we do a lot of wonderful
2:55 pm
things over there for the children but adults and now the city is incorporated they are very happy. because they been silent and neglected for years. on that note, i will step back and say, it ever replace apart the way been playing it sunnydale should be a very happy place. thank you >> thank you mr. jones. thank you for everyone that came out to give testimony for the bucket public comment is closed. is closed at this time. there's no other person do want to comment? okay become and >>[gavel] >> i just want to go over some high-level some point. but these of the legislation that would talk about today a part of the entitlements related to both potrero sunnydale. the rebuild projects. so we are in the land use committee today. the lan uses hearing only a part of that package. on wednesday in the budget
2:56 pm
committee a week during the remaining remainder of the package. this is the package that has to do with the fiscal impact specifically that of elements of agreements. so the legislation, the piece of legislation we are achieving today are threefold good it revises the rack and open space elements to indicate new parks in the project. it will change the existing height limits and will create a special use district for both projects to accommodate the and regulate the project development. robustness can any thought to want to share? >> i would be honored and delighted to make a motion moving the general plan amendment special use districts and zoning map changes for both of these projects at sunnydale and potrero items three through
2:57 pm
eight to the full board with positive recommendation. >> are accurate at the store at times ladies and him and get this motion passes unanimously. >>[gavel] >>[applause] >> we are almost appear we are almost there. okay mdm. clerk please call adam nine >> item 9 interim zoning controls for indoor agricultural and making appropriate diamonds >> the mayor's office is the sponsor of this item. i believe we have oral good are you here? grades. [inaudible] will make the presentation. >> hi. >> pronounce your last name for us >> [inaudible] discomfited. >> got it. thanks. before the floor is yours.
2:58 pm
>> so with the passage of prop 64 and the legalize nation of marijuana we in san francisco see an opportunity for new small business entrepreneurs with an entire new subset of business opportunities for them here in san francisco. while this new opportunity is exciting, it does pose some challenges for industrial sectors. we have been working hard to protect our industrial businesses through a number of efforts and have always worked closely with the board on supporting these businesses. with the exciting times of this expanding industry we are continually working to find suitable space to accommodate their growth get the passage of prop 64 grateful new subset of users. as with all industries
2:59 pm
we must ensure the sector means diverse so it can continue to provide across section of good middle-income jobs for residents without a four-year degree while also helping to ensure our sectors are better equipped 12 goal there is economic downturns. we want to ensure no one neighborhood season unexpected over concentration of specific business types. in order to ensure the city had appropriate time to explore these policy conference mayor lee directed oewd to develop interim controls round indoor [inaudible] the interim controls be brought to the committee required any new indoor agriculture get received a conditional use authorization permit from the planning department. currently, any of these permits could be over-the-counter. as you know, we came to you with requested a continuance because of the that we were getting from the community. since that time i met with everyone who asked to meet with me was spoken and this is 10 individuals to understand the concerns of our
3:00 pm
original proposal could today, i'm coming to you with recommendations for amendment to address the concerns that were expressed to me. namely shortening the time on. these interim controls are now proposed to be for six months during this time were focused on coming up with time the permit and controls that will provide business owners of the certainty they need for making the business decisions time for regulatory changes at the state. the last two clauses of the amendment i'm suggesting today clarified pipeline to address businesses already going through the process may not have finished inspections or other businesses that are a portion of the building and want to expand within the same building. these amendment appropriately balance the needs of the cannabis industry and the needs for interim controls as we work to develop permanent controls supporting all of our industrial sector businesses. so what is next? as i mentioned
3:01 pm
the cannabis businesses need certainty from san francisco. that is why we are committing to the six month timeline in these interim controls. during the six months do public outreach by justin businesses in the cannabis industry but also other industrial business need to work with neighbors and the committee and with regulators to ensure a permanent controls appropriately like 30 for business address safety concerns, and consider matters of over concentration which may raise concern. with that, i would like to turn back you supervisors be thank you very much. supervise peskin any initial thoughts? >> no. good when this first came to committee as staff just stated i think we were interested in more outreach, to acknowledge you've done that and i have actually i started my phone to ring all morning long and on friday and over the weekend and it didn't release i don't think it did. i checked
3:02 pm
the voicemail first thing this morning at the office. so i'm hopeful that a resolution has been reached. as you and i discussed in our office, obviously making sure that existing non-indoor agriculture canada's pdr space is maintained is an interest, but we also have an interest in making sure that this thriving industry which provides for many jobs is also accommodated in our discussion last week what became apparent to me is that we do need permanent controls. i understand that this tour*, behind you, pursuant to the mayor's executive order, is charged with doing that in conjunction with the community and a consultative process. no later than september 1. so that's what brought me to suggest that 18 months be reduced to six months. i think
3:03 pm
that's a very good step. i just want to say publicly, that doesn't mean that, as happens in the real world, september rolls around or august will surround and we are close but we are not. maybe need one month extension, but i want to hold staff speak to the fire so that when you say 18 months, but it's a six-month project, inevitably, it becomes and eight-i'm a tenement project and given the timeframe said everybody is up against both of two prop 64, we obviously to hold everybody's features about. the other issue we discussed which are now in receipt of the amendment that you suggested relative to grandfathering seems to be fair and right and addresses many of the concerns i heard when this first came to committee. i only just received a language literally 120 seconds before this meeting so i've reviewed
3:04 pm
it but i want to talk about that with the public and so i think before we hear public comment i think it's very important that we reiterate what those two whereas his state and let's see if i can pull that up. i actually just e-mailed it to one of the individuals who came out, but that is further resolved that these interim zero zoning controls shall apply to any building permit application for new indoor agriculture use is defined in planning code section 102 as well as any other propose new indoor agriculture use submitted to the city after november 8 2016. so remember that is the magic grandfathering date that the mayor is proposing to us. so keep that in mind. and the second further resolves says that any expansion of an existing indoor agriculture use is defined in planning code section 102 were any other indoor agriculture use shall not be subject to these controls
3:05 pm
. in other words will not require conditional use. so long as the site base was the extension worker is on the same parcel as continuous with an axis directly from the existing establishment amount which is exactly what you described. so keep that in mind as you make your public comment and we consider those. so i think there are three amendment on the table it 18 months-26 months and the two i just read. >> correct. divisadero not on the table yet because were not any meeting emotions yet >> correct. suggestions we are bringing dr. >> thank you mr. peskin. about we open up for public comment at this time. ladies and gentlemen, time for public comment i got some cards here. we've got >>[calling public comment cards]
3:06 pm
>> thank you my name is will scare. by means of introduction it [inaudible] hi by willie brown at the start of the legislature 1992. some certified as old. i retired from the state senate as a senior consultant to pres. pro tem gerald steinberg. return to my home in humboldt county. about a year ago i started working as a consultant to various clients around the state none of whom are in san francisco. i would like to bring the efficacy of the humboldt county situation to your attention. we found the best policy there was well everyone to come into the light and that those who are operating and perhaps gray areas
3:07 pm
should impact in fact be given incentives to come into the light. i think your deadline is somewhat arbitrary and i think that 18 month per not think you're smart i would strongly support the amendment to quicken this up. 1996 we passed medical marijuana strongly in the city and across the state and i submit to you that justice delayed is justice denied. 20 years the city is finally grappling with regulations for the manufacturer cultivation, etc. of cannabis. so i still urge you to look at this as a rights issue. san francisco has been the tip of the spear on allowing those folks to not be treated as second-class citizens and i don't think cannabis users should i don't think we need to treat this as if it's radioactive waste. it liquor stores from us every corner of the city. so to speak
3:08 pm
more extensibility other folks get into the weeds on the deal can be found in humboldt county best approach was really to offer incentives to bring people out of the gray areas into the light and not set arbitrary deadlines that are basically just mean after 20 years for the city to act so forcefully at extending this, i would appreciate your moving with alacrity and you have an expansive inclusive policy that allows basically folks who are trying to do the right thing to come into the light and be good taxpaying citizens. hopefully the rest of folks can explain more. their particular interest in their experience thus far but they do so much for your time. >> thank you mr. skerritt. next speaker, please. quintin. >> yes. hi. i'm quentin on it in support of the measure group of professional experience in san francisco from 2000-2015 was a documentary dpr construction. large general
3:09 pm
contractor here in san francisco. i was project manager for over 1 millions were feet of large commercial office and industrial construction in san francisco were, pier nine project which many of you might know for [inaudible] i support the measure would be shorter six month timeline and the agreed-upon pipeline definition because i understand the absolute necessity for all the cultivation sites that are currently operating in san francisco to the permitted with a fair transparent and appropriate process. both permitted and unpermitted and for them to be operating safely and up to current building codes. i believe there are probably 40-60 cultivation sites operating responsibly in san francisco without a permit. so i'm personally not a direct stakeholder in cultivation but i'm a stakeholder if you take into account the fact that i do have a pending application to operate medical cannabis dispensary here in san francisco and one of the missions my pending permit to operate a cannabis dispensary to showcase project-projects that were made here in san
3:10 pm
francisco and provide as many good stable jobs with health benefits for san francisco residence as many as we can, wherever and whenever possible. in my experience, from permits in my past life as a construction manager, icing conditional use processes drag out for many many months. if this is going to be required for ever for all cultivation sites, it may drive many of the unpermitted cultivators out of san francisco because they have turn operations down. in summary, i support this position but i urge the city to consider a process that is less costly and time-consuming than the conditional use permits. process to allow for good intention and existing operators willing and wanting to come into comprise with the city regulations debugger can together businesses back up and running until combined with this wonderful city we love so much. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you honorable
3:11 pm
supervisor my name is luke brunner. from humboldt county denied the privilege of doing a great deal of community advocacy and community organizing with a cultivators in humboldt county and parts is bidding and cofounded the organization the leather unanimous passage of humboldt counties ordinance earlier this year in january. the most liberal will certainly in the state. but i'd like to speak about is what our committee and our supervisors did in december of 2015. 45 days before the passage of the humble county ordinance the only ordinance to beat the states march 1 deadline by a here by a whisker. they passed a good grower registry. we realized as a community, as we move through this process, that perhaps the was a trusted gap that was not a gap of intentions. there were good intentions all around. people for years have wanted to do the right thing as cultivators including indoor cultivators in humboldt. but they did not know how. there wasn't a clear book of rules to
3:12 pm
follow. as someone that looked with my life experiences i always found it very frustrating and frankly, unfair and unjust when i would be asked to follow a book of rules and i do not know what was in it. the second thing we had to deal with was one of pragmatism. there were many impacts in the world series as an urban area. how do we get this right? how do we give the people and the citizens and the committees we share the outcomes they deserve. what we came to and what all the cultivators, all the officials, everybody unanimously supported the environmentalist, was this good grower registry. it provided i didn't and was concrete measure, of the good faith of everybody. the supervisors, the sheriff, the government, the da the planning department in good faith and for those people that signed up
3:13 pm
and said i want to do the right thing, good faith. i think a measure of good faith is good you. thank you for your time and consideration the thank you. >>[calling public comment cards] >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is dr. chris anderson am an owner of a small cannabis introduction committee here in san francisco. i like to applaud the mayor's office were wanting to develop sound and reasonable regulation for cannabis in the city get for doing so in a timely fashion. currently the conversation some of solely focused on cultivation but there are several other sectors in the cannabis industry that have to be regulated at the same time that comprise non-retail overall. puking points on the need for doing this in a timely fashion in for not missing out on regulating these other sectors non-retail is, for many manufacturers explicitly, the state of california passed a bill ada-2649 protected
3:14 pm
cannabis manufacturers if they could satisfy a list of requirements and one of them is to get local permanent this be the first time the state has allowed for protection under state law for manufacturers. second, it is allowing businesses to continue operating in san francisco do we currently employed eight employees. here who all live in san francisco. none of the meat advanced degrees or specialized skill set such as software development to be a part of our company. they have all been trained on the job that we would like to expand in scale our business but with the uncertainty of what regulation is quick to look like or how long will take in san francisco we have to pause on expanding our business. so i would welcome that the regulation also includes for manufacturing to move forward in a timely fashion as were. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. welcome back to the chamber. >> thank you and happy new year to everyone my name is terrance alan know what you
3:15 pm
think is everyone has the office of economic and workforce of almond working on this complicated matter with us. recognition that they gave the san francisco state cannabis legalization task force, especially knowing about its diverse makeup. a very important part that gets normally left out of these conversations. he task force released its report in december and while the report was thorough and 100 pages long, and it was directed at larger policy issues and did not go into the specifics like what we are talking but today, specific menus pgr, etc. that specific work is your two. so if you're waiting for not scoring 11.2 start happening immediately. our first meeting is in february. date the year two agenda will caught specific recommendations that can be used on issues like this to incentivize adversity in our small businesses and marketplace
3:16 pm
and diversity not only in workforce but diversity in the entrepreneurs that on those businesses that is absolutely crucial and very complicated to do. it requires the compact, the agreement, becoming to gather, other industry, the record for a system, and those on the task force. we can pull that off. it's my goal to the process that we bring all potential pvr users to gather that creates a policy that treats everybody fairly. you immediate use is that the need to define and agree to this pipeline. the pipeline currently is being described as those people that applied before the election. you will hear from certain people in line that that may not be the fairest way to do this. there may been people and you will hear from them-that did everything right including making an application only to find out it was at the wrong place. because there was no place written down.
3:17 pm
>> thank you the start time sound >> if i made mr. mdm. chair bolted to the six month as opposed to 18 month any comment on that? >> if we take a full look at the pipeline and we are going to exempt those businesses that currently were now pipeline defined as before the election, if we have businesses that actually got all their paperwork together and applied before the election, they should be in the pipeline >> i got that comments. i'm sorry i misunderstood. assuming that, to six months as compared to the 18 months, you support >> correct. >> with assuming the pipeline you support-not that you're speaking on anybody's behalf-but you are deeply involved and were the unwritten father of the task force with
3:18 pm
others. you would support the interim control for conditional use and use support-i don't want to put words in mouth-i'm asking-be further resolved that expansions would not be subject to as long as the space was on the same parcel were contiguous with? >> correct. thank you supervisor for the clarification >> thank you >> amiga back to public comment. >>[calling public comment cards] >> hi. my name is nancy joe and i definitely want to think the city for taking the time to address issues but it's very dear and important one to many of us. we have sacrificed a lot of our lives to be here in the industry. i've been a resident in san francisco for the past eight years as well as a medical cannabis provider and i simply want to tell my story to
3:19 pm
illustrate how complicated this pipeline definition is and how complicated this industry is what it means for the whole community. i'm in this industry personally because it has helped me with my seizures but i've also been able to provide too many patients and help them treat their ailments and spent most for filling thing i've ever done in my lifetime. i had been arrested and put in jail twice for being a medical cannabis provider because of the uncertainty for with the revelatory structure of cannabis and still here today because i believe in what i do and i believe it is right.. i think the city of san francisco for giving us a platform to be providers in the safest way possible in the state of california as of now, but i know we are working on more
3:20 pm
clarity. type ii warehouses in san francisco for cultivation and currently one has made the dph listserv cultivation. so one spaces grandfathered in and it's taken me well over a year to do. it's been extensive and costly and extremely exhausting and stressful. by second space i worked on concurrently but had not made the dph list because it closed off in november right as it was ready to submit, and honestly, it takes formerly more than a year to get on that list, but it takes many years to build an infrastructure for your business to be able to work with dispensaries and get it partnership with them to get you on the dph list it is very congregated and complex and i hope we can have a conference of discussion and how to build this right authority framework for people that spent a lot of years building this community.. thank you for your time >> thank you. next speaker, please.
3:21 pm
>> good afternoon. my name is erin hunter thank you for your time this afternoon. i've been in the medical cannabis industry since exiting the united states marine corps in 2004 peer it's been a major part of my life is big part of my healing process coming out of the service and being able to get into the business of cannabis to continue to help others heal again it has been very for filling like my colleague before said. i definitely want to take this opportunity think the city of san francisco, department of public of all the city agencies for again being one of the first cities in the state to create any process whatsoever regardless of its formality and extend that friendly nature towards the industry. i'm here today in support of the ordinance specifically and definitely in support of the change from 18 months, 26
3:22 pm
margaret i think that's a show of good faith coming from the office of economic and workforce stomach and from the city in general are willing to work with us. i do want to spend a little bit of time reader rating what my colleague was just speaking about the pipeline definition. it's not as cut and dry as it may seem and as somebody who has a site that is on the dph list and has been for some time, but also as a member of the san francisco cannabis licensing group which is an advocacy group here in the city, i just want to point out there are a lot of operators who done everything they knew how in good faith to comply with state law. they got their business was good the other sellers permit and everything that they were old to do by legal counsel and others to be as compliant as possible they just do not know the dph list that process existed because it wasn't written down anywhere. was
3:23 pm
nowhere somebody could go and search and see a step-by-step layout of that process. so i encourage some consideration to possibly-- >> supervisor jim peskin is used i am waiting for mr. allen's example because what set forth in the proposed language that the mayor's office has put before us is building permit application by november 8 and it seems to me-i don't be argumentative-that separate and apart from sellers permit the state board of equalization, department of public health, that when you are going to do an indoor grow you are going to end up at the building departments sooner rather than olivia i mean this is just a fact because whether it's electrical, whether it is fire sprinklers, whether it's
3:24 pm
moving walls, what whatever it is, it seems like you demand up at building literally-i need to hear some stories as to why building permit, which seems to be the most generous trader is not the right trigger? yes, sir >> the one thing i can speak of in that respect is that folks try to go in over the counter and say that they were building a cannabis cultivation site and then turned away in the past. expressly saying this was for cannabis cultivation was something that folks are not sure that was safe to do. sure there was something that was allowed and so we have a number of members who did not start the process because the snow clarity that get given number of members who built to code or prepared to be inspected but did not because it was not a specific planning code for cannabis cultivation that was some folks went forward and said cultivation generally get some folks were not sure how to approach that first step planning. >> okay. i take that
3:25 pm
[inaudible] i was offered i think many members of the board were tors of facilities that got a building permit, prior to doing the work which is the way it's supposed to be you are not was to build the code and get a permit you're supposed to get up permit and built to code but separate and apart from that, i mean i need an example somebody went in and can say to me, i came injured i brought my plans. i was trying to do it over the counter. the person at the counter said, sorry, get out of here. because a lot of people have figured this out. >> i understood it will try to find a person forget i think for a lot of folks it's a trust issue they're concerned and about coming in and openly stating that they're doing >> i'm so we have to get back to public comment. thanks. next speaker, please.
3:26 pm
>> good afternoon. my name is ryan brandon hundred cannabis brand is that what you're in the city of san francisco over a couple of years ago and probably serving my community patients who are in need. i attended college in the bay area at san francisco state university former pro athlete who's made it up transition over to cannabis and also a firefighter in the interior state of california has. now locally, local cultivator here in the spirit when my problems of operating here in the city of events having our business listed by the department is one of the 20 some cultivation sites that are registered or going to the process being registered to operate here in the city. being this a combo should and is fairly new, we are in the process still waiting for inspections to actually come visit our site and check and make sure the building is up to code and also that there's no immediate hazards to our surroundings. we actually have the higher-end expediters will shepherd us through the process was more code heavy and work onerous
3:27 pm
portion of the application, which was filed on actually november 8 we were not placed on the department of health list until a couple weeks later. he was later (at apple patient-sorry to interrupt you have it is in by 5 pm on november 8 queen >> well, >> well, will when he singled in front >> application. applications views we put the change of use first and was filed on november 8 >> supervisor must with all due respect his public almonds would dedicate his program moving. finish of public comment and give you advice that afterwards you may speak with supervisor jim peskin one-on-one but in the meantime, let's keep the clock running >> during the process i encountered city staff the print run was very intimate to help mr. plans approved. the process is considered
3:28 pm
[inaudible] i like to thank the city forgiven myself and other cultivators to contribute to the community by craving jobs and paying tax. that being said the process still needs to be formalized to help protect our businesses stay here in the city as we see [inaudible] thank you >> thank you next speaker, please. >> hi. i know it's probably been a long day so thank you for being her and listening to what we have to say. my name is quinn: and i'm here to offer support for your proposed legislation with a conditional use permit but also here to address some concern. concerns that i have are, you know a female who owns and operates a small family business in the city has been cultivating medical cannabis for almost 9 years in san francisco. i employ almost 25 people year-round and all of those people reside in the city as well. i pay taxes on my
3:29 pm
business every year and i'm also current with all paperwork you to be compliant with top 215 but my concern i may need he penalized for no prior knowledge of the sf dph list even though it was not a process to be inspected even though you said it's not the right thing to do, i did build everything to code and fully prepared for inspection and fully committed to doing whatever it takes to come into compliance once we've made a process in the city. but i'm really here to ask is for you guys to expand the pipeline or the grandfather rule to include people like myself whose only fault was not knowing about it on unpublished informal process but i'm willing to go through if we can work it out. i urge you guys to please try to help us make a formalized process so
3:30 pm
that everyone who wants to do the right thing is a fair chance to be considered and people like me can come out of the shadows become a more proud members of the community. >> thank you. next speaker, please. supervisor jim peskin might need to speak after-- >> hi. my name is andrew wyatt on the founder of [inaudible] cannabis collective and advocacy group our mission to get medicine to those who need it most push the culture of cannabis for and to empower women were hopeful positive change can come from education and we are faithful to be given the opportunity to speak before you know. so they may understand who we really are what are reservations are. looking for. we been cultivating in san francisco for some time good while
3:31 pm
advocating for legalization part of our work involves educating city officials and the public by subculture that is main underground and invisible for the safety my employees and myself and our survival. we employ up to 18 people at any given time. our staff is diverse. women and men of different ethnic cities and backgrounds. we are an equal opportunity and diverse in every sense. long-standing members of the community we are your neighbors we bring commerce to the local economy by an assessor we've operated under the radar prolifically with very little negative impact on public safety and welfare despite a complete lack of opportunity to operate as a normal business. while there is been a significant shift in the legal attitude toward canada's only recently learned the dph list was cultivator some little recognition and compliance this sounded like an opportunity to begin relating to the city directly but it's my understanding that further applications will not be considered. i commend the dph creating such a list in light of the bake regulations of prop 215 and sp 420 and not made of
3:32 pm
able to local entrepreneurs. either got the well-financed were connected 5 no way of knowing of the existence of such a list and as a woman in a cultivator this stings of another club on not being allowed entry into. i'm optimistic that a system that is inclusive everyone can be included even without the clear-cut path to complex build my facility to compliance as we knew how to build. >> thank you. i'm sorry i cut your microphone off. you can finish the last sentence in and laugh to wrap up. >> i encourage the supervisor to look at the pdr space in the city and innovative. in the pdr zone that is not a lot of constitution to other industrial space it were not a residences or neighborhoods. where a lot of commercial activity is an industrial or and cultivation is more of an industrial use. consider these ideas. give us the opportunity [inaudible] and will make our way through the uncharted territory >> thank you. one sentence is
3:33 pm
all i asked for. let me-is there i must like to speak and the public? we please come on up >> i'm here today to observing and listening the making sure that information here is accurate and complete. almond and city lower is different of intuitive for 12 years now. i represent a number of the dispensaries and to build on the point the last two women spoke made. it was never actually any formal process was presented to the dispensaries for them to notify their cultivating members or their cultivating partners that there's a process for them to come into the city to get legalized. this is something that was kind of done organically and i found out about after another dispensary did it and we just kind of saw what everyone also was doing and duplicated it try to bring into compliance but was never any formal notification given to the dispensaries to say much
3:34 pm
if you have cultivators in the city is been provided for you there's no pathway for them to go into the department and file paperwork and submit plans and submit permit application. so it is something like is that it happen organically and happen real fast that it would happen is a lot of people started to have been cultivating for dispensaries for the past few years are kind of finding out about the pathway secondhand. so i think that's why you got maybe more applicants in the last few months that were previously. it kind of trickling in before but now that everyone is aware this is something that can be done people are now coming to the table. again i went back to the fact that was never any formal notification that went to dispensaries or no way to notify the cultivators directly, no sort of public notification at all. really you did somewhat have to be an insider to know this was going on and yet have someone representing you or someone down at the building apartment
3:35 pm
were planning determined that the notify you that was actually pathway for this. to notify your cultivators and get them to go into the city to proceed this would've a permit application. thank you >> thank you. beta sentiment public comment is closed. at this time >>[gavel] >> thank you world, whether you come back up. i think we've got a couple of questions and issues. so, first there's a couple things i heard i want to raise. unpublished informal process. >> yes. >> any validity to that claim? >> i can say what i was looking the process as we were developing controls as a city government employee at our time finding it. >> there's no book for this quaint as we create no regulations i like to see them put on the business portal and, part of that. san francisco was one of the few jurisdictions are created at least some sort of informal ad hoc way of
3:36 pm
certifying indoor agriculture for cannabis but it was somewhat ad hoc. that means that everyone i talk to said that dbi was the first up were released in the first three steps so i am not-you have to draw a line somewhere. this was the one that seemed the most liberal that i could come up with in talking with everyone. to adjust their concerted people do not start the process were committing to six months to great a very clear process them to start in six months. >> thank you supervisor peskin >> >> so number one the good news is that there seems to be a general consensus that having a six-month interim conditional use control is okay well mr. starr works his magic which is
3:37 pm
going to be a complicated endeavor. it seems like, if i can put words in a diverse communities mouse, that we are pretty darn close on the pipeline but there is a couple of little pickups and the emphasis that we heard from the handful of parties that did not fall within to the for be further resolved pipeline grandfathering provisions that you propose emphasize that they have not been able to get through dph. so i guess my procedural question, because i don't remember this back from the days when supervisor--first but san francisco's then cutting-edge today integrated controls into place for mcd is good this is pre-indoor cultivation days-but the process , does it start with dph?
3:38 pm
doesn't start with dbi work in a certain either place? >> i believe mcd start in dph, yes. >> so if it starts with-the reason i'm asking that in my way of thinking about planning generally go into a building, you say i want to add a floor to my house. i want to do this then it gets kicked over rum dbi to planning and gets routed to fire and where ever. but it sounds like the process here starts with dph. so my initial statement that, g, dbi is the most liberal place to have applied and therefore this is a generous grandfathering, may be wrong. maybe dph should be the trigger? then the only thing i was going to that is i understand that the november 8 date is indeed tied to election
3:39 pm
day because that was when prop 64 was voted on by relative to this board of supervisors and the interim control, it might not affect a single applicant out there-i don't know-the first time we actually heard it in this committee was december 5 . i do know it is a groundbreaking difference but i mean the public had noticed about this interim control 72 hours before december 5 oh i would kind of throw out there maybe we can negotiate this in public that we consider that date and the other question is, should we have an application to dph or dvi by whatever the date is, november 8 or december 5 be the trigger? >> yes. my understanding is dph does have a process to ask them that does go to dbi. so i believe that even if you go to dph your quickly told dbi is the first step. that is at
3:40 pm
least the documentation i got from the people i spoke with. so perhaps we could add dph to the park on it that would make you feel more comfortable. in terms of the dates, i'm not sure i would go with the first land use date. this was our intention to do that well publicized with the mayors executive director. i would have to double check the date of that but it was said that oewd is spreading to introduce these interim controls. they were introduced before the fifth and so that would be the date of look at more,, but >> the only reason i would argue back on this is-i mean i'm a member of the board of supervisors so i see the world through that lens but i don't think i ever get. i mean maybe
3:41 pm
i get some official notice when the mayors issued an executive directive but i think the world is much more kind of tuned into the people's body could i mean they kind of the people get on the internet and then it was on board of supervisors agenda. it's not like the mayors office has a regularly scheduled directive calendar. >> we did do a press release on introduction that the board oewd did rather than the hearing at committee. that would be my only distinction we did do a public press release. i know emily greene covered it. [inaudible] was deftly public introduction at the board. >> if a lot of people read the chronicle anymore i will be one of them. >> okay. >>[laughing] i do want to be clear that was our beach good was notice made this happening people knew nothing about it to get to the committee meeting say hey, stop stop we've not had enough estate >> point taken >> i believe people could hear the outreach. >> is that it mr. peskin? thank you for your presentation. the cannabis
3:42 pm
legalization passports have been working really hard and i want to say thank you for pulling all the stakeholders together in the thought leaders into one place and taking on such a huge endeavor. i'm actually looking forward to hearing the one-year update that the task force is going to be presenting to this committee in a couple of weeks. so i want to make some amendment to the legislation. i think that we need a set of interim controls as we develop more permanent policy and i agree with the intent of the legislation that is before us today. in the next six months i like to see an aggressive effort forth by the city by the buyer office and planning department and department of public of to conduct a robust committee community outreach process to develop and shape a long-term controls regarding indoor cultivation sites. so that this
3:43 pm
means not only engaging cultivators but also not just engaging cultivators, but also industry advocates, but also residents, small business owners, and neighbors. with that i like to make the following amendment that was discussed earlier by the mayors office to the first, to change the interim zoning control to a six-month period instead of the existing 18 month permit. that we have some agreement supervisor peskin in that era. i also want to exempt these controls from buildings that are already permitted to do indoor agriculture as well as any indoor agriculture change change of use permits that were submitted on or before-prior to november 8. which the voters passed which is the voters passed prop 64 bit so supervisor peskin, believe you have these changes. you reference them in your market it had a chance to review them.
3:44 pm
bs to be exact on page >> yes. to be exact on page 411, strike 18 at the end of that first line and insert six so that's all read, charming in effect for six months. and mr. starr, if you need more time, let us know before we adjourn for the summer recess. then, as to the two other amendment, that the chairwoman reference i would make one family amendment which is that in the first further resolved that the mayor's office has proposed that we insert public health permit application. so that it reads, further resolved that these interim zoning controls shall apply to any building permit application or public health permit application for a new indoor agriculture use blah blah blah >> okay. i agree. speaker will
3:45 pm
you accept that as a motion only do we need to restate it be know i got it >> thank you been much without objection this motion passes >>[gavel] >> on the item as amended i would send it to the full board with the recommendations. >> let me see her. we need to send it as a committee report? no. all right, thank you >>[gavel] >> >> thank you thank you ladies and gentlemen for your time on this manager mdm. clerk any other items before us today >> that concludes our business. >> this meeting is adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment] >> >> b was >>


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