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tv   Joint Planning Rec and Park Commission 121516  SFGTV  January 18, 2017 12:00am-2:01am PST

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commission and reply receptionist commission joint hearing for thursday, i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i will note we'll be taking roll here shortly for the benefit of the public commissioners will be coming in and out of the chambers but viewing testimony in the executive chambers in the back the live telecast i'll take i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner vice president richards commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner koppel commissioner melgar and commissioner moore
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now the rec and park department public school commissioner president buell/rec & park commissioner low commissioner anderson commissioner bonilla commissioner harrison and commissioner mcdonnell. >> for the benefit of the public an overflow room and for those persons viewing in the light court you'll having an tunnel unity to submit your public comment as we accept public testimony. >> commissioners you're special calendar i will note the joint commissioners will hold one public hearing for all items listed below the commissioner will look at the final you were for the name resources management plan and the rec and park department will consider adopting the ceqa
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plan and consider approving the plan item one a significant natural resource area management plan certification of the i went the public hearing on the draft eir closed the comment period ended june 2012 public comment will be received when the items are received you, however, comments may not be included in the final eir the natural resource plan. >> let me kind of make an announcement for the commissioners and appreciate you being here on a rainy day and appreciate our patience an - those two items are similar we'll dodger to have one public
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comment period this will not be the last opportunity for the equipment plan project and want to make sure that folks know those two commissioners often mediated together regularly for various items not usual so we'll offer public comment today and try to give everyone an opportunity to speak thank you. >> good morning, commissioners i'm the planning capital director for the rec and park department i wanted to start off by offering a few observations for the most part san francisco is rear monk american city's it offers the best in terms of urban access to wild spaces and
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when i say that note the typical day-trips point rays and the spectacular places but the equally beautiful spaces that are steps away from people's front door and people love the city for that balance for the blends urban amenity and natural land i want to remind folks at the core of the significant resource management plan is a desire to cherish and protect that balance above everything and even though core an effort to have the doesn't the to the zone i think building on a legacy that in the 70's that were stakeholders that organized to insure the city acquire the
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hilltops we take for granted to twin peaks and mountain davidson part of a strategy to really insure that those visas are available for future generations and the parks but that you go to assess those views i think one of the things we've learned in park building is actually acquisition is not enough we're trying to build now neighborhood parks and but we need so to a philosophy and approach how to conserve those spaces for the future and without that commitment to conservatism the deteriorating spaces like berry in a visit hills diminish over time those are the commitments at the core of that plan i've been working
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on this plan for 10 years and some folks for 20 and most of the conversations have been around the edges of plan those negotiable edges in the parks around how much secrets to one use or another or trees should be instantaneous down in a future year and i want to let the commissioners know that we expected those conversations will continue forever and welcome them that is that an important part of conversation how we plan our open space we include the public feedback and the rec and park department is engaged in this conversations for the future many opportunities for the communities and processes to continue it refine and negotiate how this plan a implemented at each park today, we're hoping to
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focus on the core the guiding philosophies and guiding directives we hope will shall happen our efforts and continue the public assess to the unique resource for the years to come with that, i'm going to turn it over to stacey and others to talk about the details of the plan itself. >> good afternoon, commissioners if i can have the slides. >> my name is lisa one-way i serve as the natural resource for the rec and park department my intent today is in the next 10 minutes or less to explain why 2, 3, 4 plan is important and the recommendations are that's a little bit like discity hall down to tweet but i'll do my best to get it all in as dawn
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said san franciscans are fortunate to the open spaces and week appreciate them everyday what makes those places unique and distinction in the backyard and our landscaped parks the one and 40 species and of plants and mammals many rely on the areas the bilingual diversity in the lands are not only distinguished in local policies but international conservatism efforts like the man in the bio sphere program can i get the slides please thank you. >> the project or the natural resources plan the 20-year plan that lays out measures for the rec and park department to enhance the open spaces and create conditions in which those organisms can thrive with the
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promotion of bilingual diversity and sustainable landscapers and promote soil and allow conservatism and quality that positions our parklands to be adopted to climatic change and advocates for environmental justices persevering those lands for the san franciscans is explore and learn in our local natural areas about the natural world that value can't be under stayed we as san franciscans and youth community-based to the parks and experience those places without going to marin county or yosemite it covers thirty areas in san francisco one in san mateo and one acres and recommended thirty miles of
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trails to be maintained and construction the development of time plan and eir have been 20 years in the making go over the course many opportunities four community input and comments to be incorporated into the document there have been 3 drafts of the plan vicinity in peer review a certification of the eir and the plan is certainly a milestone in many ways it is just the beginning because public input and comment will continue in the plan implementation the natural areas considering the plan were surveyed to a great level of detail and divided based on their habitat this helps our department prioritize the efforts and helps us plan for recreational uses the natural areas are masterful to 3 one are the ones that
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contain at the greatest amount at risk of disintention and two conservatism elements and that have fewer sensitive spices to maintain our landscapes and provide for recreation so for example, our urban forestry. >> so let's look at a few of open spaces and the measures recommends in them starting with the iconic twin peaks in addition to being a western soma division this is a butterfly bright blue butterfly that exists in marin the headlands and northern san mateo in his own in the world and continuance of the existence depends on the
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presence of local plants and fruits that are found at twin peaks so that that survival and repronunciation are linked to a few plants in the twin peaks so co-richmond the control of invasive weeds like sour grass that compete and upon which the butterfly depends on the weeds and species are primarily controlled by hand by volunteers, rec and park department staff, and through mechanical means ♪ specific cases for example, without the protection of the butterfly a manual or mechanical alternative to control the weeds didn't exist in this case the spot treatment of herbicides are
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to control the solids 40 for the habitat the rec and park department abides by the department and the environment i p m program and restrictions we're proud of the fact we've reduced the usage of our herbicides by the over 95 percent in the last 5 years >> another property that contains endangered species not hard park in san mateo couldn't at sharp park the plans make recovery of the state and the frog and the garden snake a habitat between the wedding o wetlands on the left hand of the photo creating and recreating the habitat for the breeding of the frogs and the habitat for basking and several snake
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species on mclaren park up to 8 trails sensitive plants and mammal protection as well as a recognition to convert 8 afshgz off lash to protect a creek area that means that 50 acre off lease area will continue under the mclaren park plans adds bernal heights little soil loss and erosion that happens along the cliff around the hill which you can see a little bit on the photo on the left-hand side the vertical clips to reduce the loss of parklands off leash dog uses and the park containing the e vocation slopes will be converted to an lease recreation much of the areas in
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the photo are inassessable an unwarranted save for humans and their champion pets if the plan is implemented dogs will be welcome on lease the rec and park continues to have dog areas in an effort to serve the recreational needs system wide and 76 areas off lease areas will remain under the plan and the enhancement of urban forest that 39 of trees where native eco system and bio you diversity exist and needs protecting there is approximately 4 percent
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reduction in the trees removal over a a 40 year periods in the acres of mountain davidson healthy tree managements and the preference of the urban forest for future generations independent arborists say that 80 percent of trees at mountain davis are in poor condition system wide that protects acres of trees and it preserves 1995 percent of trees in the urban forest and recommends a one by one every tree removed one tree is plant in its place a rendering of a view along the trail of mountain davidson park on the top imagine as you can
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see there is failing trees there is unhealthy tree and ivory growing up the trees the image below is from the same vague point under the 39 scenario proposed in the plan. >> as you can see still green new trees that planted and a more healthy environment in glen canyon the maintenance and protection of trails including the peaks trail if you have not hiked it i recommend that and the protection and enhancement of the one of the last flowing he creeks in san francisco as a way to illustrate what the small-scale recreation i have a series of images the beginning one showing eucalyptus trees
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with under story the removal of those trees the replanting one year after restoration and 5 years after restoration a thriving and diverse he creek system supporting many, many species of wildlife of plant i want to thank you for your attention that concludes my presentation. and i'm available for questions thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm melinda in the environmental planning division of the planning department staff and joined by lisa a jessica senior environmental planner the item before you the police station is the certification of the final environmental impact report or eir the proposed natural resource management plan a draft of the
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eir certification emotion is before the planning commission the draft eir was published on august 31st, 2011, the public hearing on the draft eir was held often october 6, 2011, the public comment period closed on october 31st, 2011, on april 27, 2012, the planning department opened a second puck review period ended in 2012 and the comments documents was published and distributed on november 16, 2016, the eir analyze the plan at a level with the exception of route maintenance and the sharp park that is analyzed at a project specific level once the problematic promotions are proposed additional environmental review will be reviewed by the ceqa the eir found the implementation of the
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plan will result in the following significant inevitable impacts that can't be mitigated below a significant level one a significant project impact on sharp park a resource under ceqa due to the administration of golf holes for recreation activities two an impact and bio lodges resources into the dog areas due to the increased use for the reduction of dog play areas when i the project and potentially by the natural park services dog management plan within the golden gate area and 3 a significant projects specific and cumulative impact on air quality from the sharp park restoration and problematic activities of similar magnitude following publication of a response to documents for the
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natural management plan the rec and park department proposed administrations to the project description with respect to proposed action at the sharp park natural area with the intent of the preferred use of soils supposed the habitat restoration purposes and identifying the other disposal sites for the access as equal disposal actions the revisions removes the reference to raise the golf course holes and clarify the re. >> locations the environmental planning division has analyzed the proposed provisions and determined that the proposed administrations to the project description will not result in new significant environmental impacts or significantly increase the severity felt
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impact identity not draft eir and no new mitigation measures are necessary and further those to the project description and revisions have shown in the eradicate didn't change the conclusions in the draft eir and don't constitute new information that requires the regulation of the draft eir under ceqa commissioners have before them the errata memo that prevents the revisions to the document and we have for the public next to the table the memo in the public information binder and found on the planning department website the staff initiated the text changes that will be added to chapter 5 point b staff initiated changes and incorporated into the financial eir on page one of the errata memo the marks are noted with
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several underlines. >> the planning department and commission has reviewed over 5 hundred e-mails and letters following the comments document many comments focused on the merit of the plan that is questions and actions proposed under the plan are expressed support or opposition for the proposed plan or elements of plan comments on the merit of plan unrelated to the analysis are considered independent of the position to certify the eir the rec and park department may take the comments take into account during the plan approval none of the comments present new information that merits changes to the eir or merits the conclusion and therefore recirculation of ceqa is not required staff recommends the commission adopt the motion that certifies that the report is
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adequate and accurate and the procedures for the final eir comply that the provisions of ceqa the sycamore guidelines and chapter one of the administrative code that concludes my presentation. unless the commission has questions. >> opening up for public comment and calling folks if i want to line up by the television that works out best and try to keep the doors clear and free (calling names). >> if your name has been called
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feel free to approach the podium. >> hi linda resident of the picturing lemon park for thirty years and a lover of mountain davidson i know that is disappointing there is not enough room here large enough room given so that everyone involved if this really big and important issue can speak i want to tell you i hope that the planning commission will not accept or not certificate the urine it is flawed often many issued i can name a few i have one minute. >> 3. >> two minutes. >> okay i think a lot has changed in climatic change it's been radically coming to us the
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cutting of trees it sequesterer a lot of carbon and will accelerate climatic change so i believe the carbon sequestration are outdated and inaccurate the eir use the wrong bio diversity and this is granted not native but non-invasive two 39 will harm the trees i think lisa said the planting is one to one i was at the urban forestry counsel meeting they adapted a 3 to one replanting excuse me. the eir is inadequate in mrekt herbicides use that bothers me and i think it should bother all of you
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i don't support the city's natural area native plant it is not good does that mean we all have to leave not native to use i want to them to stop using herbicides and latino-american trails and sfoerpt in the eir is certificateed i hope you'll approve the maintenance alternative we want to say unfortunately my neighbor couldn't be here a young woman had to work i'm wondering how many city employees from rec and park are here on the payroll. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> if you folks want to slide the line up that will make
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that - >> thank you. >> i'm richard hastings been before many of you before with the golf alliance sharp park is a treasure of international we've set out in many letters in a letter summarized it in a letter i delivered hard copies to you if requires balance here between very significant property and we the golfers are genuinely
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artery able and the native species golf is a nature we want to respect and get along with nature i ask you to look through the letter that i sent which summarizes the last 5 or 6 years of these public hearings of trips to court of trips to the agencies that u.s. wildlife and the coastal commission they've heard the arguments to close the golf course they've heard our arguments to keep the golf course in balance yeah. let's strike balance that is historic an important recreation no cost that's under the coastal act
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that is significance value it significant value under the ceqa as well because this is architectural history. >> i have only heard and i've not had a chance to look at the errata which speaks to something i will look through that and reserve the next 20 seconds i have in this case, i have a problem with that or ask that to be reserved with that, thank you over the years for your support and encourage you to continue to do that. >> okay. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is
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phillip a 27 resident of the city i'm here today as a member of nature in the city to urge your actions before you today san francisco and bayview are iconic natural beauty a mistake to resist those are great places for scores of plant and mammal species and provides safe and healthy recreation important to san francisco natural areas can't be over stated those foster the community throb service and public gathering and provided assess to the quiet and calm of nature throughout the city to all residents including those who lack access to the state and natural parks and enhance the value of our homes and schools and neighborhood the provide habitat to san francisco
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they connect people to wild nature in the city they provide a learning labor that inspires this and future generations towards wise stewardship this over the course in a critical time as the bio diversity is lost before your eyes ultimately everyone's health and well-being are - a quality of life is measured by the health environment and the access to it of natural open spaces. >> so i urge you to approve the plan and certificate the final eir thank you. >> next speaker >> hello and good afternoon. i'm amber the executive director of nature in the city i'm here today to speak on behalf of the members
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and we want to support the natural areas and the certification of the final eir we support the plan that represents our shared goals to protect and restore healthy open spaces and provide stewardship on our public land we work in partnership with rec and park and city agencies to create habitat corridors for the green butterfly and other wildlife we've demonstrated that once habitats are restortsz to provide for species like the butterflies populations can thrive without those special natural places the most sensitive species can't thiefl we look forward to working with the rec and park department for years to come with the approval
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of that important plan thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is marcus what 12ruk me about san francisco and look at it new york and other cities you can walk into our backyard and experience nature and twin peaks to the golden gate bridge golden gate park i'm here in support of approval of the eir and the natural masters plan i want to say i can't thank you enough for persevering those areas for myself and my children i think those 32 special places are special places to protected and restored in the right way allow the hundreds of species in the city to adopt to a climate and provided my kids with habitat and places to explore in the
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future any kid's go to a school in the midst of natural areas within the city along the green hair street corridor that supports hawk hill and other parts of park of golden gate park so wows without those native plants the butterfly couldn't survive not only they support this bio diversity habitats but living labors for the schools for the schools in the areas alice and the middle school and the restoration on the corridor we care about the special places as a stronghold for nature species we need to protect and any restore this and consider ways to make the
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natural areas more assessable to the aide so thank you and thank you for your time. >> good afternoon commissioners i'm christopher's campbell a resident of mountain davidson and a member of local 261 and in support of the natural resource management plan san francisco has an amazing environmental history a few cities are fortunate enough to harbor the handbag at that time for the urban environment the plan guides the city to conservative the bio diversity and our natural areas are the greatest treasures in our city including the creek that runs through glen canyon the mountain
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davidson the diverse grassland at for the butterfly and the oak lands the plan also addresses climatic change and promotes urban forest enhancement and the rec and park staff applies dog patch techniques helps to lead to the reduction of herbicides by 91 percent since 2010 and without those special places mammals including rear and sdaurgsz species cannot in spite of we experience nature here and new thank you for the opportunity to speak and urge you to approve the plan and certificate the eir.
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>> commissioners hi and arresting it is your representing the sierra club if you notice the card i submitted and checked off both endorse and this is difficult for me he was part of the negotiating team 15 years ago under the previous director brought people it together with the street tiers he was part of six or eight person negotiation to get a natural program so i'm attached to this and urge you to adopt the eir only if you remove the golf course project added sharp park you'll noted that the natural areas is a problematic eir but completely inappropriately has been
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entering rejected component dealing with the golf course the environmental grouping equality have signed on previously comments and i'm not speaking for them at all but submitted comments indicating some of the berries science available that the project at sharp park has effects on the species one of them the guarder snakes with the wildlife personnel having informed us the species to be extinct and sharp park is one habitat that is important we believe the golf course we've submitted evidence if this is a the case and yet suddenly here it is in nature areas the golf
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course is not natural didn't belong in this eir to begin with and we urge you past the natural areas final make a finding the project eir needs to come out and be discussed separately especially with engargsz species you'll have done the right thing our natural areas program is essential and don't pass something that is not natural under the guys of the eir for natural areas and yelling yet here one for golf course i'm sorry, i have no opinion about golf course good or bad so, anyway yes, no up do you make the right choice thank you very
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much. >> shall i go. >> let me add a couple of names i'll subpoenaing people's names to get in line (calling names). >> okay hi, my name is charlotte and here to ask you to approve the eir and the natural project programs my - we took kids both natural areas to learn about
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local ecology and many of the students those are their nature and the exit we're able to find is phenomenal to be able to take a bunch of kids to wed lands and grass lines and a forest it phenomenal in the natural areas program has been the amazing resource for my students i urge you to keep the program going and pass the eir and the plan thank you. >> thank you. >> hi my name is brigitte i'll nobody but a citizen what i wanted to share with you you know i'm an artist to pictures are worth a thousand word my biggest concern i'm not saying right or wrong but what is happening in reality what
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happened to glen park i want to give credit to those people that helped that but a hillside they took down the eucalyptus and seeing that at mountain davidson i have pictures when is it is looking like this was happened what you removal a hillside now it looks like this to me that is it is a success story the trees are not managed their failing do you think that's one tree here's another tree lots of trees this is what the grasslands look like or the grass with garbage over that it is a mess not taken care of and not cut and cared for this is the beautiful hillside
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where the trees were and here's you can't what show have been helping the trees in my opinion pros and cons i want to see it look better than that that's my park that's not working so thank you for letting me voice my opinion and concerned about where the mammals will stay if you cut down the trees where will those guys go thank you for letting me speak. >> thank you next. >> exhibit a i'm very excited to see so many people i'm the director of an organization called tree for frogs and with the academy and
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working with agencies involved in mammals and children i'm here today to support the adaptation of the eir for 3 main reasons reason number one safety, we have a very large and diseased and in need of help tree populations here in san francisco we didn't have trees in many of the areas until sutter adapted the autobond from 1906 from any golden gate park where we served kids 20 kids in and out of school and simple it is dangerous we'll have a tree fail during camp it sounds like gunshots going off and the teachers kept the kids from harm
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we have tree limbs break safety is the first thing we need to restore the habitat for creating an educational living library there is strength in diversity we need food and water and shelter and have hmo gins efforts today, i bring agency exhibit a a native of san francisco born and raised in the hate and off lease in golden gate park this is an mammal that thrives in our neighborhood if there is suitable habitat that to say freshwater and diverse slushy in san francisco a legacy of positive educational
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compassionate human outreach for future generations let me ask us in my own voice what will our children say when necessary ask why didn't you do something when you had the opportunity. >> please do please do. >> why didn't you do something is not what i want to sit in my throat we have an opportunity to work with the groups to save the forests and gardeners and time is efficient manner herbicides are used by experts that know what to do and time is what we need and patience we're talking about a future for our children for many years to come thank you. >> thank you next. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is bryan
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i'm the district director for jackie spier and she ask i read into the record and circulate to the members dear commissioners i've encouraged the management of sharp park nooinz the negotiation is knowing the issues surrounding the park the golf course involve the city, state, and local allows alleyways it is adjacent to pacifica with the golden gate recreational areas the plan for sharp park that enhances the red-legged frog and realigning the golf course i hope the rec and park commission will adopt the natural resources plan and the planning commission will certificate the environmental impact report both steps reduce the ambiguity the habitat for
12:49 am
this species that will approve the arcs of we had land and uplands will be created and encroaching specifications and sediment will be exhausted we continue the negotiation with - rec and park staff does enormous work and want to play on the modified course a configuration explained in the natural resources plan i urge both commissioners with the air applicable commissions to give this live all the best jackie spier thank you for your time. >> thank you next. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is michael i'm at chief of park development for the
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presidio trust and representing the trust in offering our support for if the passage of this plan all of you that know the presidio a complex mosaic of a landmark a 3 hundred acre historic forest and array of natural areas we've worked over the last decades to make sure we strike the right balances to not only keep the presidio that a place the community enjoys a place that honors it's past but a place that is focused on wrestling that the challenges we all face in terms of climate change and bio diversity loss and in terms of the growing population in our community and the needs they have for access to the outdoors we've reviewed the plan our feeling this plan strikes a fine balances between the values it includes a number
12:51 am
of activities that we've actually used to preserve the like that. >> and i think moan that visits the park it is a great place full of experiences for the public full the forest and an increasing rich of selection of natural systems for those reasons and many of the reasons i've outlined in the letter i submitted i urge you to approve this plan we look forward to continuing our ongoing collaboration with the rec and park department protecting the guest of this park thank you >> thank you. >> next. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is greg i live on mountain davidson lived in san francisco lived here my whole life i volunteer along with thousand of san franciscans in the presidio and the rec and
12:52 am
park natural areas i'm hopeful that the planning commission will certificate the eir and i'm hopeful with the rec and park commission will adopt the management plan the most beneficial action our species can take to heal mother earth habitat restoration native plant communities are the foundation of all the earth eco systems and has survived for thousands and thousands of years but now partially because of globaltion plant are brought from all over the world not nature enemies and become invasive exotic species that destroy eco systems in a short period of time that's management it crucial to preserve those remnants of our natural heritage
12:53 am
restoration is happening worldwide and san francisco needs to take a leadership role in preservation of life on our planet after all this is the only place in the universe we know of what life exists thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners ami curtis from san francisco public health department a pediatrician and medical director i had the great prestige of working with the planning commission and the rec and park departments monthly mostly because we appreciate you as commissioners because you really determine the disparities of health and the social determinate of height our urban environment our natural
12:54 am
environment and recreational environment are the determinates of he'll we plan this plan that leads to sustainability and equality our staff has had the promise of working with rec and park department in the last several years on equality issues that is representative in the bonds you've passed the new policies your focused on equality and insuring that there's nature for all children and families we do realize this is a particular issue here in san francisco where neighborhoods are encroached by rapid development and many neighborhoods and bashgsdz don't have nature in their little area that particularly makes a plan to support the areas much more important and both of us in government realize the importance of student delegate report requires a plan in
12:55 am
addition to the student delegate report and equality issues i'd like to applaud the process to have an opportunity to review the seven hundred plus pages of the responses in november and i applaud the process as well as the difficult task you have in the process that lays in front of you have the particular groups that very specific concerns for all concerns we support people who golf we support the health the people that walk dogs and we trust the city process of rec and park process and the planning commission process will include the voices in the future so thank you for creating this first ever plan and leading to strnt to protect the health of generations for many, many years thank you.
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>> thank you come up i'll call 2345i78z before you begin if you don't mindnames before you begin if you don't mind (calling names). >> go ahead. >> thank you i just first wanted to say in trying political and global times how grateful to have a formality to be able to support like bio diversity that can be swept under the rug i'm a consulting ecology and run the habitat potential and run a nursery we have a contract i do this kind of work professionally in san francisco and around the bay area i write plans and study
12:57 am
this stuff i'm one of the leading wildlife ecology people in the san francisco bay area i want to mention right off the bat that i support the eir and support the message without the message used by the natural areas program that are controversial it needs to be done a necessary challenge and this is really part of maintaining the balance so i wanted to remind people, of course, we're all the commissioners we're, of course, in a global guest program that's identified by world leading ecologists the san francisco province we're located and san francisco has one of the top 10 bio diversity hot spots in the
12:58 am
world so we can't choose to put those plant in another place that is why it so important to claim every last people of hillside and things we have lost species like the blue butterfly extinction and want to bring up a quote about a quote in the future soeshltsd we'll be genocide on what we decided to preserve and not destroy i'm reminded every single one of you all that is your legacy and this is not just a legacy about making doing something nice this is a legacy about keeping those species that are truly going to be lost if you don't make the choice to approve this now i wound want to say this kind of writer on the
12:59 am
bill at sharp park is not good we have to scale back that stuff and at sharp park there's scaling another city that deals like san francisco the leading way of the future and should support the bio diversity and the natural areas program to help to lead the way for the rest of the world an unwarranted areas around the world thank you for your time. >> next. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is mike i'm a 33 year resident of san francisco and enthusiastically but bad golfer and a patron of the san francisco municipal courses i'm here to urge the commissioners to approve the final eir and the rec and park
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natural areas program that includes the rec and park balanced plan to save the 18 hole sharp golf course and manage the frog and snake habitat in the wetlands i alcohol followed this story and spoke in front of the commissions and the board of supervisors over the last 9 or 10 years and when the plans were first being surfaced and this controversy is framed as far as it relates to sharp park framed
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and inveenvironmentalist - in san francisco rec and park some of the people behind me i've seen i'm out on the golf course i've seen them out there in the wetlands you know the monitoring the frog and being careful and world reconvene experts that have been hired by rec and park working with rec and park including karen and professor march our world reconvene sperlts on sharp park and the red-legged front to back frog through a whole host of commissions court dates whatever we've seen rec and park and the prozac and public works and the u.s. fish and license and the california water board and coastal commission and the san
1:02 am
francisco and san mateo county supreme court and the district court for the district of california and the 9 circulating of appeals have valeted the report and study that showed that the frog and snake have doing well, in the stewardship of the rec and park so i urge the commission don't be distracted by self-serving claims of those who want to separate sharp park reject those arguments approve the final eir and the natural plan let's get something down let's move forward thank you. >> thank you next. >> my name is connie a san francisco native and here i have a lot of concerns about this program my first concern one of many is
1:03 am
theville they talk about 2 being environmental we're decreasing our trees. >> decreasing the co2 and concerned about the impact of the soil stability and wind patterns in the city and this is the reason those trees were planted in the first place they didn't do it for no good reason i'm concerned about the mammals and plant that exist there now you talk about butterflies and smangz but there're raccoons and other mammals they're doing just fine they've adapted to the current environment also budgetary i concerns not just environmental and now going
1:04 am
forward the price tag and san francisco is an urban environment and enjoyed by people and dogs and concerned about the access for off leash dogs and if in not considered plagueism this supports my opinion there's this is their words actually very little that is natural about n ap natural areas to kill non-native trees and plants and prevent them from resprouting and - rating of most hazardous and apparently there was an maintenance each time alternative in the eir with the management plan the maintenance alternative was
1:05 am
being environmentally aspire i'm not sure where that fits in i think they allowed them to maintain the areas that are converted to habitat but impacted their ability to are destroy non-native habitat it is about revolution they tried to force the areas to be frozen at one - the rec and park should implement the alternative not the management plan thank you, everybody. >> thank you next. >> you good afternoon and thank you for the opportunity to speak my name is terry i'm recently retired federal employee from the two agencies that have federal lands in san francisco t g r a i worked and the presidio trust an additional 15 years i
1:06 am
want to see 3 things to accept the eir and approve the plan today, the first reason is everyone loves a tree and as i do and it is different when you're looking at the natural nature that 1ru68d in san francisco with the years of revolution are the dragon flies and the hawks and coyotes in the forest this underlying businessesing is sorntd with the eco systems involved and the second reason the human dimension we have and that is because if you evolution of nature involved in a dictate balance if you lose one plant it is a host for a butterfly you
1:07 am
lose the butterfly here we teach the youth about the complication of ecology and teach it in your backyard and climate change show the kids as things evolve that brings to the third element which is beyond our boundary having worked for the federal agencies i'm aware of the key connections that the san francisco parks have with those federal parks and together you guys can make a real difference in the world the cities felt world will make our approach for natural resources in the future as people get into the cities and population groegz e grows on the artery a lot of people live in the cities these cities will determine what happens and the local ecology of san francisco is so rich as others have
1:08 am
eloquently stated been identified as rich from the analyzed and international we can be the leaders into the future as john said the first rule of intelligent trickling to save all the cars and the cleelz and keep the pieces of the engines and work on the ecology and this is a great plan 2 should be applauded by you and applauded in other areas thank you very much. >> thank you next please. >> thank you very much my name is robert doyle i'm the general manager did east bay park and come from the opposite shore well, welcome and nevertheless, the east bay parks and the city and county of san francisco are two of the most systems we have in california if not the entire united states
1:09 am
their truly marvel benefits to the urban populations we serve happy for i building a letter supporting in plan and eir i want to make a few additional comments i'm not going to take the time to read into the record you have it before i'm a 40 year veteran of park management both in rec and park and natural resource management i've lived in the east bay but my children came to san francisco parks and enjoyed the system in marvel system of urban parks for many years and asset to the residents and the entire i bay area and state we have one and 20 thousand acres in the english and 25 million users a year this is a wonderful benefit and a big challenge managing the people
1:10 am
so as stewardess of land we have to think about the future will be and so many today in other parts of country you still hear the debate of climatic change in the east bay this is here we have drier hillside and more fires we have erosion on the shoreline and bigger storms and levies damaged we have 55 millions miles of east bay shoreline under our leadership and the challenge to manage those with a changing climate and rising sea level we have to golf course that's a concern eave be able to manage two popular government courses by stream restoration and increasing bird diversity and increasing wetlands and red-legged frog habitat in those areas it is possible using dog
1:11 am
patch management techniques you can provide the appreciated recreation and also enhanced habitat for endangered species you're lucky we have hundred ensdushgsz species and the urban forest were planted by the u pa as a job program there are 80-year-old we will have montgomery pine and eucalyptus but have annually huge limbs dropping out of cars and ensdairgz people and finally if i may you need a plan i support that has the support of staff the support of commission and publ public adaptive and i support
1:12 am
you you've done that thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm a 7 generation san franciscan i know big deal; right? maybe i'm representing my family who have lived one block if mountain davidson since 1959 and in a day and age city can't afford to play san franciscans pensions this is irresponsible to waste taxpayers money i understand the removal of dead trees is important but not harmful toxics sprayed we have two neighborhoods on our blocks with pets that love using mountain david son for their friends and
1:13 am
families we don't want peshdz to harm the pets and vegetation and the mammal life existing at the park ultimately as a environmentally conscious city i struggled why we want to enforce many that will release tons of carbons into the air additionally removing trees destroyed had been at that time for wildlife and eliminate our windbreak topping of mountain davidson thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> my name is julie i'm a resident glenn park i was born and raised in the east bay and my dad and gather were born here in san francisco as well i would like to point out that i
1:14 am
have first hand experience of what tree removal do to a neighborhood since the renovation of glen park and our house is in a constant state have been fixed dust when you remove the trees you get immediately a much dustier involvement that's why the trees were planted to be a windbreak and control dust with regards to the natural areas program it seems nun of the grarnd projects can survive without repeated and constant use of herbicides to keep the non-restricted native plant from spoiling their projects and i believe one case winding through the court of a woman that is susie the city because of the cancer fined on
1:15 am
her dogs face in the park that was separate with herbicides on a regular basis there are toxic and unwelcomed effects if both removing trees and also from the natural areas policeman building no more than then taxpayers a gardening project thank you for your time and i'm done. >> thank you very much before the next speaker comes up i want to note the next speech on my card a vince courtney representing local 261 you have a lot of members i have a few people speaking before you if you could have all your members perhaps safety time rather than having thirty or 40 individuals saying the same thing let's keep
1:16 am
the speakers coming. >> next speaker, please. >> hello i'm sorry patrick executive director of literallyy for environmental justice and i came out today to support the nature resource plan i've had the opportunity to work with thousand of youth giving them an opportunity to interact with the nature environment which is something that is precious for urban community and something that is often not available to urban community i can say through my experience bringing urban used to place by the presidio and east bay regional parks where they have sound nature resource management
1:17 am
practices balanced with positive recreation policies it is just a better experience i think that the city is doing a disservice to people who want to be able to use parks and want to feel like they belong to the nature environment and not separate the way that the natural area program has pan handcuffed and unable to move forward with the implementation of that plan for in many years is a huge disservice to our future generations and our parks particularly for people i think that sound management practices can code that with dogs and bikers and joggers any kind of outdoor recreation experience and preserve the bio diversity i think there is a huge imbalance
1:18 am
and misrepresentation of the severity of tree remove removal and the severity of toxics with some of the control methods used in natural areas their sound practices i work in ancillary justice community that has 365 toxics sites not a single resident of the bayview people are more concerned with the hunters .5 and the power plants and freeways the map of the development that is happened in san francisco and not garland thank you. >> thank you next please. >> good afternoon commissioner my name is mary i'm a resident of san francisco a past employee of the rec and
1:19 am
park department and pc employee i'm here to ask to you adopt the management plan san francisco has been a nationwide leader in 0 many viral issues like reducing green house gas emissions and climatic change compost and recycling and get rid of of plastic bags and energy efficient on the topic of bio diversity so many more we can do our moment and your moment to be champions of diversity for the last two decades practical two decades there have been so many conversation about this plan and during that time the effort of bio diversity is sidelines and compromises made to satisfy the
1:20 am
human interests with one and 40 species that make the natural areas their home? the moment take objection action to protect them what is described in the plan the bear minimum that can be done for those species i've heard a lot of conversation about the comments of the plan and the criticisms i have to say in my opinion so much is high blood pressure verbal we hear about clear cutting when is show 95ers of the trees will be untouched as a result of the implementation of plan have this is something like over 20 years 14 percent of the trees maybe removed that's a maximum results
1:21 am
in less than one percent of trees all the trees will be removed between patched within the views to mountain davidson will be unchanged they'll be replaced at a one to one ratio so i want to in summary encourage you to preserve the bio diversity in san francisco to do right by the plants and mammals that have historically made san francisco their home and also know that by championing you'll be safety the recreational diversity thank you. >> thank you next please. >> my name is william murphy i would say my 65 years in san francisco
1:22 am
i am here as the volunteer coordinator for the hash hours caters we're a running club and use the parks a lot in the last 4 years we've done over one hundred hours of volunteer service in the parks almost all of them with the natural areas program people and i'm here to urge you to approve the eir and to approve the plan and the major reason i don't have the scientific reasons not talking about science i want to talk about the people in the 4 years we've worked with a number of different people they are the most educated most experienced and month dedicated people that i've i've have i 5
1:23 am
of my brothers and sisters have been city servant he can only speak well of those people a lot of the questions people raised for you about problems with the plan those people will not let those kind of things happen they're not here to clear-cut things and things like that their dictated to species the areas they have and just a little example of the dictation their was a volunteer birthday last saturday at the mclaren park i had maybe 5 of my club members were going to come and do that it was wetter than today, i called it off and said don't show up well the 3 san
1:24 am
francisco rec and park personnel went out and planted and weighed in the rain that day so i want to urge you to approve the plan thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm terrified of public speaking i was born and raised in bernal heights park had trees in bernal heights as a teenager my girlfriend's mother was the head larger than of the arre - my w and i bought a home in the park 25 years there is something mag magical about the trees i don't want to see those trees go i'm
1:25 am
hearing a lot of them will be cut down i do want it to see that like twin peaks and bernal heights grass he is yes. i like the trees that's all thank you, thank you vince you want to come up and ask your members to stand or join you at the podium and give you the opportunity to reduce the meeting by one hours testimony. >> thank you, commissioner i want to make sure that the people outside sit in the seats i appreciate you give us 24 prestige to stand together and deliver a quick message for everybody in the room everybody up here. >> so don't let the orange shirts fool you not has nothing to do with with traditionally why we'll come before i this is a circumstance where the
1:26 am
professionals your staff staff that reports to phil organize their union the reason they did that they have a message to move forward with the parks plan i get called in from time to time by union and the work they do is highly technical for those of you who don't know i want to uc santa cruz the horticulture department i stated uaw that was where the work ways (laughter) it is a pleasure to be here we have apprenticeships and horticulturist they don't joke about it, it is a serious business i think that the citizens should note that they keep us all honest and the commissioners honest and the elected officials honest and the management and the union hobbit
1:27 am
that's why it is important to deliver the message but making sure you know that staff is in support of in program that even though you see orange shirt i'm hoping you see master's degrees and people that have given their lives to this system and their entire lives to the people they serve and on the option side of this issue respectfully i heard the sierra club a number of people we want to be really, really respect it is good for all of us when the workers are heard that's all we want to do to make sure that everybody despite where they work had a chance to hear from commission go we've chained the staff and raised the professional bar and state certificateed people take up notch in the system that park deserves to have topnotch
1:28 am
professional stewards thank you for giving up the seats that is 22 people that saves us an hour and a half thank you for that let me call more names. (calling names). hang on so (calling names). >> let's stop there i can't read the next one. >> my name is drake i was a staff garden and supervisor in rec and park for 3 two years and
1:29 am
since are retirement i've lived california native plant society volunteers with the natural program every wednesday for the last 26 years the program has not been existence that long but out there before the program began i know the department programs and this is i think the best run program in the city it has very good direction and the garden are keenly may find to preserve the natural heritage an important part of program 32 wild scattered areas staff must know 200 different kinds of native plant and do so non-native ate capable of destroying the heritage in addition they care for native mammals and be sensitive to their needs this is behind the
1:30 am
garden duties and we are fortunate to have staff that on their own have taken the trouble to learn them and to how to manage them i was rays on a ranch and my whole life been in indication with nature i can imagine without that contact it is to me nightmarish that means we must preserve the bio diversity we have here once that is gone it can't be restored thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> let me call a few more names while the speakers are coming up i know that some people are downstairs.
1:31 am
>> (calling names). >> go ahead. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is buffy francisco and i'm here as a learn eir i was informed by a friend there was plans to dematteo the trees on mountain davidson and she was concerned i did a bit of research not a whole lot but here i've learned a grateful this afternoon i'll advocate for that you educate a little bit more clearly he live near golden gate park and in the park everyday particularly i've seen a red fox and ccii yots and red tail hawks and know some of
1:32 am
the garden in golden gate park they do is fabulous yerba buena the best gym in the city not good for activities for everyone but great views we hope my children and grandchildren children gets to enjoy the amenities in my granddaughters went to school near glen park? as much as what i've heard in the lines standing outside and here a major divide that partially that is due to the fact that note everyone has access to the facts and think 18 thousand trees are scot in mountain davidson some education need to be done here today
1:33 am
thaiflz. >> good afternoon. i'm affordable housing you can't have work for the trusted for public land i'll read a letter from our senior vice president and director the city park development commissioners the trust for public land in in for the of sixth management plan this important document owls how we can manage the unified and support the bio diversity and promote environmental justice at the are form rec and park department and trust for public land i understand the assessable parks can have on communities i manage the natural resources overseeing the management of the 10 thousand acres of wetlands
1:34 am
and i - one of the leading nonprofit focused on the natural resource management one the city the natural lanes of san francisco allow the people to experience it within the city of san francisco the trails and forests is almost unmatched in urban settings nation wide and the visitors deserve a environment by the bio - mitigation and air illustration reduction they support native habitats and species not found from the world one plus sensitive species plants and mammals historically known to the areas and some with state and federal protections robles maintenance of those lands will enhance the bio diversity and
1:35 am
maintain the species lastly the plans guidelines for education research and std program those landscapes over a myriad of opportunities schools and colleges and children's programs for viral education and focus on viral justice so we urge you to certify the eir so those landscapes and you are ability to promote the forest by diversity within the city limits are not compromised but enhanced and insured for the generations to come thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. go ahead, sir. >> good afternoon my name is arnold thomas i'm a resident of san francisco since 1987 and
1:36 am
west portal since 1997 i live west of mountain davidson our family goes for recreation looking at our backyard we used to be able to see the mountain david son cross now we only see a sliver so see the growth of the eucalyptus vegetation on top of the hill had they found wind and rocky things and vegetation humans came along and planted the vegetation for lumber again agency a garden knows i maintain a garden in my yard you have to maintain it you have to remove dead plant and replace those and hawk the offer grown vegetation we have a lot of overgrown vegetation and in fact, which it is windy and stormy out i advise
1:37 am
the family members not to go hiking on mountain davidson because of the high winds we've had failing limbs in san francisco and the natural resources plan did not call for clear cutting as some characters it fire would natural send forest and maintains the trees for safety and other reasons obviously we scant start fires in town and few if in any bio controls to keep the eucalyptus and other invasive in check therefore humans must maintain the healthy efforts the management plan allows the staff to have a healthy forest therefore i urge you to adapt the plan thank you. >> next speaker >> while our coming up let me
1:38 am
call a few more names (calling names). >> go ahead. >> hi good afternoon. my name is melissa i'm a nature san franciscan and with sierra club the bay chapter i'm here to ask for the eliminations of the development of the project sharp park from the eir the goal of natural plan is to promote bio diversity and to preserve the natural species by the redevelopment of this golf course didn't any degree follow the goals i have here three hundred and 25 letters from sierra club members and supporters demanding for the removals of golf course we hope you take into consideration those letters and the enar
1:39 am
disagreed species before. >> good afternoon a thirty year resident of the hate ashbury and - golden gate park is very walkable in recent years the hate is more chaotic and crazy especially with all the sewers and the noise levels i've found very personnel site and a wonderful sanctuary taking a walk into the park to sit off of fulsome and you can enjoy the beautiful the woodpeckers and a little bit of quiet of sanctuary and beauty 3 needs to be preserved it is our legacy to preserve this i urge you to adapt the management plan and
1:40 am
thank you for the opportunity to say so. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners my name is alicia i'm lived no lived here my whole life i'm a friend of natural areas in the 70's i worked with a group in fact, successfully to say a happy place it a testament to that i currently work on saturdays occasionally to the trails - in the interior greenbelt but here actually representing a group of neighbors who have a very interesting window on natural resources areas i believe you've not heard about we're immediate neighbors to the internal greenbelt and as such we live
1:41 am
with the natural resource area everyday for hours we get to watch it i'm here to tell you on behalf of the neighbors kevin had to go back to work i'm sorry we're here to tell you that our wonderful efforts are not okay some of the species we'll urge to let them be they'll be fine they are not we've had limbs and whole trees install on our property none has been hurt but property has been damaged thirty years ago i stood at the window and watched a fire start yes. it was a long time and, yes thank goodness the fire trucks came up but this year within 0 of our neighbors lost in their
1:42 am
fire insurance because the fire wildlife reflex exceeded they're under writing we're privileged to be neighbors of the forest that is both a prestige and a risk so much we hired and i an independent arborist that came to the conclusion that are include in the environmental impact report that did foist is not well the presence of ivy and the spread of root fungus has killed many trees we're asking you to vote in favor of certification and the rec and park department to adopt the plan because delay is not an option delay is it's a decision we don't doubt the goodwill of those who want to lead did status quo or dot minimum amount in the maintenance plan but building that a balanced approach is important and
1:43 am
support the plan thank you. >> good afternoon. thank you commissioner commission for thank you for the opportunity to speak as a native san franciscan i love this process and feel so grateful to have a voice my voice is one of a golfer he grew up playing sharp park and now teach a very diverse international group of women competitive golf we all start somewhere and pickup different recreation and golf was the one that i was fortunate to have access as a young child sharp park is not only a beautiful place for recreation it is also one of the most
1:44 am
diverse parks that i think of both young and old people are out there enjoying the historic landmarks this is we're so fortunate to call as part of our city i current like i said coach a group of young women and divorcee want to thank the staff for all their effort as a san franciscan bio diversity and to be able an environment it and finding that part between recreation and the treasures we have here both i ask you to
1:45 am
approve that eir and appreciated seeing all the workers here and thank you for your time thank you for your all of your work on this. >> i'm a 46 yes city resident small business owner and a park divorcee building the eir understates the impact of removing trees from specific locates that the eir is inadequate the response to comments of the eir states that all removed trees will think replaced the eir says arriving on to one to one not necessarily at the same location or within the areas the actual plan the s n or plan didn't talk about the replacement under story scrub in
1:46 am
any case which a a tree it removed from a last week it impacts that area in the mclaren park the trees lie between the freeways and help to improve the air quality if over 8 hundred trees are removed replaced in golden gate park the impact will be significant mitigation measure is a requirement to keep a log of all trees removed tare locations and species height, diagram and date of remove and a log with the same information for all replacement trees he wish to endorse the alternative for the natural areas 20-year management plan as promote by the san francisco forest alliance this will limit the number of trees to be sold to the plus non-nature trees
1:47 am
principally eucalyptus, montgomery pine and cypress that will discourage - will limit the trail closer to 9 miles and reduce or eliminate permanent fencing and will discourage the rec and park from eliminating 19 acres of office leash dog play areas i'll endorse the removal of mountain davis and the mclaren park from the natural areas program take into consideration. >> (clapping.) >> hello commissioner i'm amy i support the certification the eir and the approval of
1:48 am
management plan for the improvement of our bio diversity facht is of great value and small business restored the natural areas are a huge benefit to the city and to be cared for i echo the statement without the healthy environment this extends to equality in our community so we need to maintain the management and care for all the parks within the city marry as a frequent open space users i support large investment in how future of open spaces for all users i believe the longer management is necessary to preserve our forest thank you for your time. >> hi, i'm the chair of sf urban writers and many of you have seen me advocating for
1:49 am
cycling like mountain biking i'm here to support this and suggest that you pass the eir and the project plan some of the speakers are sharing their concerns the access of the management plan and that's one of our large concerns our members have been biking in those areas for decades that is for the needs of public and the snach to protect our hopes when this is in place will build our relationship are rec and park including the access to the city one of the reasons assess it is important when people have the chance to experience the beautiful nature areas they care about them thank you. >> greetings. i'm a member of
1:50 am
the san francisco urban writers we support the plan but, of course, the the devil is in the details in particular we want to undermine the plan calls for multiple use trails and the performance our members spent thousand of hours investigating in the parks to insure that trails are safe and were able to all san franciscans access to trails in the natural areas is important for equality having trails in the city allows people to enjoy the natural areas without having - needing a car it allows folks to ride and hike and generally experience nature and environmentally for folks that have no other way to do that thank you. >> good afternoon my name is carol i thank you for the
1:51 am
opportunity to speak today. >> i urge you not to approve the eir, however, if you do please approve the maintenance alternative further i would urge all of you commissioners and those who spoke in favor of the eir to visit areas in gleaning canyon where practices have been in place there's a discrepancy between the plan and reality that's the probably the reason you've heard so many speakers today with the kind of suspicious attitude. >> i lived in san francisco almost having years as a homeowner that lives adjacent to mountain davidson and concerned about the potential for e
1:52 am
vocation and landslides and flooding with the removal of so many trees we ask you to slow down and monitor the sites on the mountain before more tree and plant removal is accomplished remember almost all san franciscans are non-native that didn't make us bad in addition to i'm sorry the maintenance alternative is the environmentally superior alternative it has less trees reinforcement preserves the existing plants distribution and enables less costly recreation it also requires the at least use of herbicides so again, i encourage you to approve the maintenance alternative if in fact, you approve the plan thank you for your time.
1:53 am
>> (clapping.) >> folks we're going to ask that the public try to refrain from applause or booze will keep the hearing going smoothly good day thanks i'm osie gomez and lived in san francisco since 1967 a resident in mountain davidson for the last ten years this month in august - being around the activity i've seen the miss happens non-nobody mentioned went down the mountain a couple of months ago and anyway, i support the plan by the forest alliance instead of the eir - the environmental
1:54 am
impact for natural areas thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners pta patricia is my name is resident of san francisco for i refer to as escape i didn't from los angeles and been here my husband born and raised in the city i'm a member of prozac not the drug the commission or and so we've heard a lot about the natural areas plan and what it entails i think that as good thing it is a good thing from people like me that do a lot of walking not uncommon to put 20 steps on the merit a meter a day gives the city an opportunity to restore it's you have to maintain a garden this is an excellent way
1:55 am
to maintain a garden we enjoy as san franciscans please support both the eir and the natural areas plan thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello i'm gloria i'm not a horticulturist try trade i support the project no request that citimoving forward to prot the last pieces of the environment no question that san francisco needs to be right up there in front of and leading as a family we use the natural areas a lot we visit we go through there to see the changes you don't see in an orient mental escape but see the butterfly or bird that comes to a plant it is excited about the
1:56 am
natural plant they have multiple relationships and their mysterious and wonderful some butterflies only live in and the plants they need to lay their eggs on is there it is important we continue to support the scrapers and especially in the eco system areas. >> the natural front is a very, very good plant it is deep and long and conceives based and if you would of maps and recommendations and created by the some of the smarter people working for the city today, i think that we have every, every reason to trust them everything is fantastic glen canyon is wonderful and the time they've been working without a mandatory and plan i urge you to
1:57 am
confidently and proudly approve this excellent plan. >> good afternoon my name is linda schaffer i'm here to urge you to follow staff recommendations certificateing the eir and approve the project as proposed my reasons have been articulated by a lot of the others i'll say the eir is reliable and the analysis is scientifically sound meets the ceqa criteria for certification for the rest of my remarks i want to say involving a little bit of show-and-tell not another frog but something else i have had the prestige and
1:58 am
like to do a little bit of traveling mention that eave had the experience of walking through a natural area in the city of paris yes paris that that was obviously lovingly maintained and that was also clearly being used as an educational resource for the school children in the local area an example of another city that understand bio diversity and environmental justice now to my show-and-tell i don't know if you can see this hello people this is called wisconsin naturally i'll be happy to have you look at through if this is my only copy in the guide to one and 50 of the 4 hundred fluffs natural areas in the state of
1:59 am
wisconsin that was published this guide 14 years ago to mark the advocating anniversary of their state natural areas program so think about this wisconsin has been actively managing its natural heritage and preserving bio diversity for 64 years it is taken us 21 years to get close to approving a plan to managing ours come on folks if so san francisco we can do that well as paris as the state of wisconsin let move forward while there is natural heritage left to see thank you. >> is the overhead working
2:00 am
>> oh, come on. >> now that i've taken 15 seconds i'm damon and a cross cigarette with the children's connection to natural and my co-chair spoke earlier i'm glad to be here an important moment it was a little bit over a year ago that phil ginsburg and i and hydra mendosa-mcdonnell and from the unified school district represented san francisco in a gathering of cities from across the country each considered to


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