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tv   BOS Govt Audits and Oversight Committee 11917  SFGTV  January 23, 2017 12:40pm-1:01pm PST

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government audit and oversight committee. i am the chair aaron peskin. hold on. okay. thank you madam president. good monching welcome to audit and oversight committee for today thursday january 19. i'm thechair of the committee supervisor aaron peskin and joined by london breed and shortly doob joined by vice chair nurmen yee. the clerk is erica major. >> please silence cell phones.
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completed speaker cards should be submit today the clerk. items will appear on the january 31 agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you madam clurks. could you please preed the first item. >> item 1 ordinance amend aming the environment code to adjust incentive in the solar energy incentive program and requires certain requirement said. >> this item is brought to us by the public utilities commission and calendar at their request but informed they would like continuance. >> good morning supervisor peskin. john scar pulla with sfpu c and request continued to call the chair. >> and so it shall be. are there any members of the public who would like to testify on item 1? seeing none, public comment is closed and supervisor breed if there is no objection we will continue this item to the call of the chair. madam clerk, could you please
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read the second item. >> item 2, resolution urging the san francisco employees retirement system board to review exectchb compensation and best practice on compensation and hold a public hearing on the matter and issue a report. >> this item was calendared at the request of the sponsor of the resolution, spl supervisor kim who requested it be continued again. are there any members of the public who would like to testify? >> seeing none we will close public comment and continue this item to the call of the chair without objection. our next items, 3-6 are-if you read those item and we'll take public comment. >> items 3- 8 >> sorry, 3-8. >> item 3-8 are ordinances authderizing the settlement of
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lawsuit and detainer against the city and county of san francisco. >> are there anyway members of the public who would like to testify on any of these items, items 3-8? these are all litigation and settlement items. seeing none, public comment is closed and deputy city attorney gibbener i think we now are going meet in closed session. >> is there a motion to convene in closed session? >> so moved. without objection we >> open session. >> deputy city attorney gibbener. >> during the closed session the committee voted to forward 3-8 to full board with
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positive recommendation. >> motion to not disclose. motion by supervisor breed and that concludes our ajendsa and we are adjourned. thank you. [meeting adjourne
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soon. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> greeting of peace brothers and sisters and esteemed guests we thank you very much for joining us here and society of san francisco during this critical time in our countries history first i want to thank the
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following city leaders for your work and commitment in protecting and advancing values we would like to thank our esteemed mayor, mayor ed lee, the city attorney district attorney george gascon, ms. sheryl davis the human right director of human right commission, human right commissioner, san francisco police department the city attorney's office are faith leader if in this city a special thanks we want to give a special thanks to mayor ed lee who showed up here the day after the election i thought out of the country he came to assure the muslims of this city they
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have nothing the fear we want to thank him a special thanks for his leadership of the diverse community in san francisco and like to say it him and unapologetic fight for the city's dignity and justice and civil right and renewed strength we believe for elected officials throughout the country so we would like to thank him thank you, mr. mayor and i saw one time thank you very much for our beloved mayor, we hope and actually prefer that he runs again (laughter). >> i hope so but it is possible we can keep the time so we can complete this by 12:30 by
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the grace of god mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mohammed thank you for the societies warm welcome happy new year everybody and you know, i can't think of a better way to celebrate the traditional new year and also the upping lunar new years but with people of diverse background coming to the islamic society people i will working closely with particular this year and years to come and to celebrate the coming together of leadership in all our diverse community to protect and enhance and share the love the city has to continue to be the inclusive city we've always wanted to be i know that mohammed had already listed names.
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>> thank you to jeff adachi our public defender's office who is a great part of the coalition of the departments but also the sarcastic constituents community-based organizations that joined together in the education the legal education network in the legal defense and the legal rights collaborative in i did minority communities that are hard working to get the 50 thousand legal resident in our city into pathways to citizenships organization likewise self-help or the kind of groups that are standing behind me that represent our superintendant lee i think there are 3 board members here from the unified school district our incredible help community that everyday wants to make sure that people are not living in fear
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and can actually take care of their health and safety challenges and today today's announcement of the equity and rights and community education immigrant rights campaign is all about getting rid of and reducing fear in our city fear exacerbates your health fear prevents parents address kids from getting the education necessary need and president in in city fear drives people underground to create three quarters only underground economy fear stops people fear is what we contest against we want people that are in san francisco to live their lives freely and proudly and society themselves with the religionhe


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