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tv   MTA Board of Directors 11717  SFGTV  January 26, 2017 3:00am-6:21am PST

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and use of cell, phone pagers and devices are prohibited. any person responsible for the ringing and use of cell phone and pager or any other device may be removed from the meeting. cell phones on vibrate cause micro phone interference. approval of minutes for january 3 regular meeting. >> motion to approve. >> second. >> all in favor say aye. >> the ayes have it. >> item 5, communication. i know of none. item 6, introduction of new or unfinished business. >> i like to [inaudible] >> i nominate malcolm heinicke.
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>> for chair? >> i thought we were doing both at the same time. >> we are just doing the chair. any members care to address the board? seeing none-nominating cheryl to do it this she is dedicated and knowledgeable person. the agency and staff and colleagueerize very fortunate to have sheryl step in. she is knowledgeable about mta and transit agencies around the country and world. she is very artechulate advocate for the goals of the agency and spend many community meetings during the year so will be a outstanding member of the board. all in favor of cheryl brickman say aye? opposed? thank you. [applause]. call for election of the vice chair. we have a nomination? >> i know this is surprising but like
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to nominate malcolm heinicke. >> any other nominations? members of the public have comments? seeing none. i like to say we are very fortunate malcolm stepping into the position. so knowledgeable and dedicated and thoughtful and not afraid to take on hard issues. that is the bft benefit of the agency and city. if no other comments i will call the question. all in favor of malcolm heinicke for vice chair? opposed? . here it is-i can't believe i'm giving this up. i was just getting the hang of this thing. >> thank you. i want to thank tom nol frn nolan for his service for 8 years. he led through change jz been a calm and thoughtful voice and honored to work with him and call him a friend. his leadership shaped my time as vice chair and will continue to
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shape and inform my time as chair. our city and transit system will be a unfinished project and changing. helping to create a transportation worthy the great city woompt regoing in the right direction even though bumps and challenges occur but always towards our goal, which is a great city with slnt transportation choices. i think our current and past boards i thank the current and past bord for the work they have done and continue to do. we bring unique speerns and dedication to create a collegeial board and proud to serve along said all och you as well as mr. reiskin and team and thank you to roberta boomer and i look forward being your 7th chairperson.
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[inaudible] [laughter] >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let me just-thank you very much. i'll echo comments and thank tom for his services and leadership and i will also say that one of the reason i am taking the position as i enjoy work wg all you so much and particularly ed and roberta and other staff members and susan, and while you received plenty accolades and echo them. i respect you a great deal. let me talk about somebody. i am the second more senior person on the board after tom so normally in the order of things especially with a ambitious person by my slf i would be in the seat but you don't get it by being the longest you get it by being knowledgeable and dedicated and passionate and cheryl is all those things so i look forward supporting you in the position which
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you deserve. >> thank you very much, malcolm. i have the gavel so we will move on. >> directors report. >> mr. reiskin. members of the board and public and staff. i will thank the outgoing chair for many years of great service including the dubiate leading the bubious decision to hire me as director, hopefully the new chair will consider that appropriately but do want to thank tom for his many years of serviceess to the board not just while i was here but long before that and decades service transportation and other public interests then bay area. it will be a different board after in the wake of your service, so thank you for that and madam chair and mr. vice chair, welcome. congratulations, look forward working with you. not
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to turn on a down note, but in termoffs my report i had a bad week last week on oo few different fronts. within the muni system we had two fatalities the causes of which in both caseerize still under investigation but disturbing. the first was last tuesday at the end of the line in dally city on a 14 mission bus. a woman was found unresponsive. the woman is on the bus unresponsive. it was 911 was called and corner came and she was determined to have passed at some point on the vehicle. there were many news stories circulating about this over the weekend and discussion about men ingitis as a possible cause of deaths. we understand as of this morning
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the san mateo corners office ruled out minen jites as a cause of death. we will wait for the final determination and don't think it was muni related but it did happen on a muni bus and thoughts and prayers are with her friends and family. the next day there was a 57 year old man found dead around castro street station. there is a robust investigation underway which we are providing a lot of support to in terms of video and anything else that we have will help us all understand what happened, but tragic none the less and for him our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family as well. then, shifting gears, last week we also had two bad collision in the city. pedestrians sthin street. the first-these are both on the same day. the first was a 67 year old man
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crossing the street at 19th and judah. he had a green light around 8 p.m. and struck by a car and sustained life threatening injuries. this is a intersection that has history of collision. it is also one where there had been improvements such as signal upgrade in 2009 as well as added leading nrtdivals in 2014. this will be subject to significant upgrade and working with caltrans and going into construction the next couple years but tragic and wish him and his family the best. the same day a scith 6078 60 year old woman was struck at buchanan and was struck and kimed by a
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truck towing a trailer. unlike 19th avenue this is not a area with a high collision history and along the union street corridor no real trends in terms of collisions there. none the less, will be following up on that and seeing what there is to be done but tragic all 4 of events happened in the last week. just a reminder, the importance not all f othese were street safety related but the importance of our commitment to vision zero so since we are at the end of the year and have updated numbers for 2016 i like to ask tom mcguire sustainable streets director to come forward and give a update related to vision phreero. >> good afternoon directors. we received from the department of public health the preliminary year end
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numbers for traffic fatalities in the city in 2016 and before i give a overview of those i want to make a couple caveats. the first is at least one crash is still under investigation by the medical examiner for its cause and could potentially bree considered a traffic fatality. it is important when we talk about year end numbers there is a lot of year to year variation and a lot of statistical fluctuation so important not to direct too many conclusion. over the last year as many know there is a very alarming national trend towards increasing trafic fatalities. all most 9 percent nation wide in fatalities and that is trend we are working against in the vision zero cities. every year we luce about 30 libes on in san francisco and
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200 serious injured. in 201529 traffic deaths and compared to 31 deaths in 2015 and 14 so there was a slight decrease. looking to the numbers a little deeper thrfs a decline in pedestrian fatalities between 2015 and 16. 20 pedestrians in 2015 and 16, 15 pedestrians. a lot of the 9 percent nation wide is cons trailted in pedestrian deaths rchlt we had 3 cyclist in die in 2016 and one motrist die in 2015. thrfs a increase in the number of drivers killed this
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year. only one person was killed in 2015 and 5 in 2016. back in january there was a early morning hour collision south of market involving a california high way patrol chase where the driver and two passengers struck a taxi and accounted for deaths so that accounted for 3 of the 5 fatalities. at the end of the day i think we don't want to draw too many conclusion of this a long term trend. it is a year of data where it went down and up and that is good news going down than up especially given the national trend bullet have a long way to go. december 31, 2024 which is our end date for vision zero is less than 8 years away and still losing 29
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people a year on the streets. this year and years to come it is ourjob to get those 57 high priority engineering enforcement education projects underway to change policy about automated speed enforcement and the culture of speeding in san francisco. the approval of traffic signals in south of market and tender line will make projgress and two year strategy will continue to chart the path to getting the number down from 31 to 29 to zero by 2024. that is my update on the vision zero statistics. >> thank you. >> a few other items that have some vision zero connection. one is that a couple days after your last board meeting, the san francisco county transportation authority commission approved the gearo brt
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environmental impact report. they certified the report and approved the hybrid design which is bus lanes in the center and van ness and richmond portion and side running brt on the eastern portion. there was two small changes made, which was the restoration of the rapid stop at laguna street and local stop at collins street. other than that, the project was generally approved as recommended so it is a pretty significant milestone for the gearo brt, which i mention in the realm of vision zero because the project we call it brt is really a corridor transformation plauject with significant amount of vision zero elements that are part of it. so, next steps are a lot of community outreach will be happening over the next
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6 to 9 month jz continue to work with the federal government to get the federal environmental impact statement finalized and then we'll bring that with potential parking and traffic changes for the eastern portion of the project to this body some time in the summer hopefully. so, great progress there. one other item with vision zero connection is that i think it was last week or maybe the week before, the u.s. secretary of transportation, anthony fox was in san francisco to join mayor lee and our past and current chairs of the mta board to announce the federal government awarding san francisco with a $11 million grant to develop innovative transportation tech knowledge to address congestion, but also to make sure that the system is safer and more efficient and there are particular elements within the
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grant-there are 6 different projects and a couple are specifically aimed making the streets safer using technology to address safety issues. so, we will be implementing these in conjungz with the county transportation authority. there is research support from university california berkeley, pretty exciting stuff particularly anything we bring technology to try to make the streets safer so pleased to participate in that. a few other items, we have pretty significant storms last week and looks like we may have more coming this week and just wanted you know to there were lots of mta staff out and about trying to keep the city moving during that time. we had 31 signal outages over the course of the storms late last week and into early last week that our signal shop was able to quickly repair and
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get back into order. we had extra parking control officers to address things such as signal outages and lots of trees down i understand from public works. they had more than 300 trees down in the city over the course of the storms so having the folks out to direct traffic and redirect traffic was important. there was numerous muni operations and maintenance staff out supporting to keep the systems running. we had a lot of impacts to muni service as a result of the trees and a mud slide, but we didn't have a major flooding including in the subway where we had flooding before and i think that is thank tooz preventative work we did together with public works and pu c. just want to acknowledge, a lot of folks as we are inside trying to stay warm and dry the field staff are out sthr making sure the city will keep moving and will be ready for the next storm as well. i did want to just
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speak to the next bus ushue which is issue of great discussion of late. i'll start with the good news is most the next bus predictions are restored based on good work by folks inside and partners, the companies that help us deliver the next bus system. there has been a lot written and said about what happened and why it happened and i guess i would say this, i think there was a confluence of a number of different things from work that we were doing to work that others external to the agency were doing that collide said in a unfortunate storm that led to the outage. we worked very quickly to replace it and worked quickly to provide as much information to the public as we could but i recognize it was very significant inconvenience for a lot of folks so want to
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apologize for the rider jz anyone else impacted. it increensed a lot of folks and take responsibility for the outage. in hindsight i think there is more we could have done to mitigate it from happening but have it up and running for the most part. it was a lesson for me in how important the service is to our riders. the reactions we got was amazing. i don't mean in a good way amazing, but it spoke a lot to how valuable having arrival predictions are for the riders. we are just about past it now and don't expect anything like that to reoccur in the future but wanted to acknowledge that was not our finest day and want to accept responsibility for that. two more quick things. one is that mayor lee along with mayors from a number of different cities including los
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angeles, portlands and seattle made a joint request last week to automobile mrfer inviting to improve pricing and specifications of existing electric vehicles for use in all municipal fleets to help reduce fuel and maintenance costs. obviously most the transit fleet is electric so we know this but much of the non revenue and rest of city fleets and city fleets across the country are not. to the extent we can move those vehicles rks which are necessary to our performing city service so we can move those to the zero emission electric vehicles that have a impact on greenhouse kbas reduce reliance on fossil fuel, reduce air pollution and quality and reduce maintenance. a lot of folks look to san francisco as a leader because we have a mission free power from
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hetch hetchy that powers the majority of our muni system and city buildings so i think mayor lee was able to exempify great leadership but have this not just be san francisco's voice but bring together a coalition of cities to advance for this. there are plenty of products out there for passenger vehicles and sedans. there are increasingly a number of electric buses starting to come on the market. this push was to broaden the market to more municipal fleets. many of the heavy duty truck jz other equipment we use or agencies like public works departments or parks departments, there are not electric vehicles available for those fleets so this was a push from the mayor to the manufacturers to expand their repertoire. and finally, speaking of zero emission vehicles, i
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was pleased to be joined by former chair nolan, then chair nolan last friday with our director of transit john hailey and his team to welcome thest if of ow neurlight-rail vehicles to san francisco. it arrived over night in our metro east facility from sacramento. this produced by see mans and the first of 260 new light-rail vehicles we are in contract for. it was 2 and a half years in the making to get to this point from developing the first specification and request for pro posal and bringing the contract for your consideration and finally for the board of supervisors approval and exhaustive planning and design and quality assurance, public vetting to get to the point where we have our first vehicle here that is dollar irfbed, which is great. i
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remiped you the first two traunchs of 6 or 24 vehicles by the end of nest year and 40 after that are expansion vehicles so will be adding to the fleet and starting around 2121 the vehicles after that will replace the current fleet under the current schedule so we will have more light-rail vehicles in service starting later this year after the first vehicle goes through its paces and safety certifications, but very exciting moment and huge mile stone for the agency. i want to credit john hailey for his extraordinary effort to get the project to this point and look forward to more vehicles rolling in and hitting revenue service later this year. that conclude my report. >> thank you, thank you very much director reiskin. i know the new light-rail vehicles will do what the buses have with fewer break
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downs and more comfortable. thank you for highlighting the next bus issue. i completely can appreciate and empathize in the pain that caused riders. how reliant on the on time arrival can't be overstated so glad we will have that cleaned up. it reminded us again when you first came on board how a schedule if you have predictable reliable service and you got on time demand and arrival information a schedule becomes pointless and watching everybody trying to figure out the schedules on the buses i appreciated the fact the mta blog published the schedule so people had a idea of the headway. directors any questions or comments? seeing none, mrs. boomerpublic comment? >> yes, cathy deluca. a opportunity for members to address matters or
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presented by mr. reiskin. >> good afternoon chair brinkman and former chair nolan and directors and director reiskin. cathy deluca the policy and program director at walk san francisco and you might not be surprised to hear me today here to urge you all to be vision zero campions in 2017. that is my message to you today. 29 people were killed last year on the streets and only two fewer than the year before and not a big chaimpg. we need every tool in the arsenal and every leader in the public bodies. eerfben though the pedestrian numbers went down pedestrians make up over half of everyone killed so suffer disproportionate impacts. of the pedestrians we see a huge proportion of seniors. 75 percent of the pedestrians killed last year were 60 or older so still have a major goal to
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reach here. what i will ask you all today and every other time i come before you is this year to use this power that you have in the position to make sure that the projects that come before you save lives on our street. i urge you not tew proouv projects if they don't make the streets safer. i urge you not to approve projects with compromises to safety. i would urge you to push staff to bring projects before you that have the most robust safety treatments possible in a comprehensive way. you will see a lot of projects this year along high injury corridors so will have a lot of opportunity to flex your vision zero muscles. folsom, howard and 6th street and taraval so we need you. everyone who walks bike squz takes transit on the streets we need you. walk san francisco is here to support you in the work. the vision zero coalition is here to
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support you so with your leadership and commitment i look forward to 2017 being different. thank you. >> madam chair that is the last person who indicated interest to address you on topics presented by mr. reiskin. >> thank you. item 8, citizen advisory counsel report. madam chair and directors the cac chair isn't here so no report. item 9, public comment. opportunities to address within the jurisdiction and not on todays calendarment we will start with lawrence paul followed by robert [inaudible] >> madam chair and former chair nolan and directors, just disclose own a taxi medallion and my medallgen i know is at arrow and green and city wide over the years and i believe that a
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medallion owner or speak about this that i'm also speaking in the presence of at least economically of the tnc's that rubundant in our streets. and i wanted to first just mention that i'm aware that the city is trying everything it can do to cut back on costs and raise more revenue and the initial medallion sale and from what i was told a couple years ago by michael harris that several hundred medallions were sold and know this is a revenue stream-previous revenue stream for the mta. and, so what i'm
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appealing today for is the previous proposal that was brought to the board with respect to selling the medallions to companies. i know the initial medallion sale was done as a pilot study and turned out to be a very fine revenue stream and i think that with all of the market forces i respectfully request we revisit that at some point in the near future. and thank you for listening. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> robert [inaudible] followed by mark grewburg. >> good afternoon. it is funny how everything always collides. you have never done an environmental study on
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tnc's, but since there are approximately 45,000 tnc's that operate on a regular basis in the city and we get these figures from the airport so we are all in the same boat, i urge you to do a environmental study because nobody else is going to do it. and the next think you could do is then start putting pressure to reduce the numbers to a workable majority of maybe 5,000. which sound a enormous amount, but 5,000. but my main suggestion is this, you have to be proactive today and what is proactive is you have to look to all these tech companies and ask
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for bids for driverless taxis in this city. and the reason i'm saying that because actually they form a perfect partnership with taxis, with drivers in them. the supervisors last year said that the population of seniors is going to reach 40 percent in san francisco over the next 20 years and most of those people will not be able to use driverless taxis because they need somebody to help them get in, get out and actually understand where they want to go. so, they could bow a perfect partnership, but it is up to you to go and ask tech people. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> mark grewburg, mar cello
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[inaudible] followed by adam pav locka. >> thank you. congratulations to chair brinkman to vice chair heinicke, best wishes to former chair nolan. i want to speak on behalf the san francisco taxi workers alliance. i want to put forward some ideas that we will present in a more formal fashion but i wanted to start getting thise out there, ways of improving taxi driver income. this is something that is vital to the future and the existence of a taxi industry in san francisco. if we can't find ways for drivers to make more money, we are not going to have drivers. so, these are some ideas we have come up and maybe others but i wanted to put them out there. first
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significantly increase the number of taxi stands. we pulled our membership and have a long list and will be providing that to the mta taxi stands. take taxis out of circulation. row deuce congestion, reduce emissions and possibly improve safety. imlment the system for sharing taxi rides. this has been discussed and discussed and it can and should be done. establish a system of taxi vouchers or online accounts for city employees. cut down on the number of vehicles you need for city employees. develop a universal taxi voucher our own line paying system on all cabs. this is different than a app or e system. explore ways
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for taxis to compliment the muni services. this is a idea we brouched years ago and never wnt anywhere but the technology we have now it is very doable. >> thank you. >> mar chela [inaudible] adam pavlocka followed by carl [inaudible] who is the last person bhoo who turned in a speak er card. >> directors good afternoon. my name is marcelo [inaudible] long time member the taxi industry. this month is my 28 anniversary. the mockery and nudge of the taxi industry started right here at city hall when mayor lee took the position to support uber and lift. it is public knowledge in the state of the city address in 2013, mayor lee not only praised uber and lift, he proclaimed july 13, lift day. the only reason you don't have
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jurisdiction over tnc is because mayor lee gave it to [inaudible] declined your accommodations on insurance, the environment and unanimously adopted the definition of leased vehicles and perjury vehicles driven for tnc is one in the same. this is your city . there are 45 thousand tnc operating here and they are clogging your streets and destroying your infrastructure and the only thing they give back is foul air. it is so unfair for mayor lee and the mta to continue charging medallion renewal fees at the same time he promote jz facilitates competition. i urge you to wave all medallion fees to
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holdser jz urge you to tell mayor lee the only way for the san francisco taxi industry to sur vive is limit the numbers. the city must work with the mta. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker please. >> adam [inaudible] followed by carl [inaudible] those are the last two speakers. >> hello. i'm here to talk about the sfmta 4th speak project between 4th and zoe. wealth street was close td. hearing everyone speak about vision zero you sound hypocritical because the last 2 weeks the sfmta refused to enforce no parking and inaction made a one way street two way. there has been no mandate for having a flag
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man there to direct traffic while two way traffic goes down a one way street. dpp has been called and been told and told us, we don't have any record of this and not going to enforce. various messages have been sent including up to last friday to am reiskin as well as his subordinates. we keep laering this will be taken care of, it isn't. this morning when i left for work at 9:30 there were 9 cars parked blocking one lane of traffic making it a one way streets. the contractors were there or supposed to be there at 7 a.m. and reports say work started at 3:30 so the contractors isn't enforcing and sfmta
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isn't if forcing. if this isn't a city project you would lead on the contractors to follow the blue book and have enforcement there. all i can do that is intention it be pushing two way traffic down a one way street with no protection, no signs, no enforcement and no flagman. what are you going to do about this? >> thank you. mr. reiskin could we have someone follow up with him and get contact information and see if we can address that situation? >> we will and got e-mail about this and have staff following up today as well. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> carlmic murdo is the last speaker. >> medallion renewal fee issuement our monthly lease income plummeted by 80 percent the last 4 years. many medallion holdererize going deep into debt and worse. at the last
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board meetsing there was a suggestion to advantage medallion holders over others. that is unfair, we are all suffering greatly. last thursday january 12 there was a article in the chronicle saying uber is crushing taxi but muni ridership is up 3 percent so the spokes person says tnc isn't - here is quhie i think you should regard the tnc as foes and not friends. they are public safety and traffic jam problems caused by tnc. the carpooling models and [inaudible] will cause problems going forward. finally, you could be selling 500 medallions a year andmericing $1.25 billion if you get 80 percent the tnc's off the road so costing you money. enforce the state law on the books for 85 years
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requiring transportation for vehicles to have commercial license plates and insurance. the vehicles with the tnc logo are committing insurance fraud. this is illegal practice and aids and abets drivers under pricing taxi by greatly reducing overhead. it is legal to enforce state law. if you are encouraged to do so you may get 80 percent of the vehicles ouf the road. fly wheel sued uber over antitrust violation. uber sells rides below cost and subsidize driver jz reports billions in losses. i note the sf bay guardian had a gument years ago against the sf [inaudible] to conclude-thank you very much. jerk anymore public comment on this item? seeing none, closed. can we move on. >> consent calendar, the considers are retune unless a board or member
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of the public serves or considered separately. i heard no requests that a member of the mublic wishes to have a item severed and not from the board. >> approval. >> second. all in favor aye. opposed? the ayes have it consent calendar is passed. ite >> itedm 11, the regular calendar. implement the dolores median pilot for 16 months and approve traffic modifications associated with the pilot. >> i think we have mr. nox white presenting. >> good afternoon. congratulations. john knox white and planning section program manager for sfmta and working on the project nearly two years we are
3:42 am
here with a update and overview with proposed implementation for a pilot project that would authorize parking alongside the dolores street center medians between 14th and 18th streets on friday evening, saturday early morning to noon and sundays all day. this is the location and the time at which this practice has a historically occurred in the area but it will allow implementing this and signing it allow to provide daylighting and pulling the parking back from the ends of the medians that provide significant pedestrian and transportation safety impacts otaerointersections and also provide much better public safety and specifically fire access to the neighborhood, which is currently impacted when vehicles have
3:43 am
shortened turn radius because people parking up to and into the intersection. when we were here in august we recommended a 12 month pilot and today we are recommending a 16th month duration which will be a 12 month pilot and allow us to see how the pilot rolls out over a entire year and provides 4 months and and allow evaluations. again, we have a map in the presentation that was in your package showing it is just the medians between 14th and 18th street. a quick overview where we have been. we had a 9 month committee work, which evolved over 7 meetings with community
3:44 am
stakeholders from community organizations, resident and business and park users. we conducted a community survey that spoke to all people who traveled to that neighborhood, but focused heavily on the residents. the outcomes as you recall of the survey, was less than a majority of the residents of the neighborhood were opposed it formalizing or removing all the packing. in the end there is stronger support among residents to remove parking but heard from community organizations and small business community they prefer to allow it to happen so felt the pimet recommended in august and body approved moving forward represented a compromise that was supported by a majority of the stakeholders across the board. so, today we are here with request to legislate that pilot. there were two items this board highlighted.
3:45 am
at that time one of which looked at parking management strategies as a part of the pilot. our parking group has already started to look at those and identified really the parking manager and strategies and regulations actually exist on all but one block of the area around that. have identified places in which those regulations could be expanded to different days or hours to have that impact and that will be something we will consider over the course of the pilot as well. and then the second item was insuring there was format for community input so we proposed as we did at the time a quarterly stakeholder committee to which we will report out and meetings will be public so anyone interested in the issue can hear how it is going and will be a place to hear from the community as to how they feel it is going and the impacts they feel
3:46 am
this had. one of the issues we had through the process is finding business owners who are busy running the businesses who also want to participate. i knew it started with a p. participated in lots of meetings and so we will be going to the neighborhood on a quarterly basis to fiend out from the business squz other s how they feel this is going so we are not just hearing from 4 or 5 people but have a real sense of the area. so, as we talked about in august, the goals of the pilot which we believe this recommendation meets is to increase the clarity and understanding of when parking regulation allow for parking and when they don't. we believe that not only will this clarify a lot of conclusion whether you are allowed to park in the area by telling
3:47 am
you can, it will bring about what we feel is the feeling of fairness in which it will be clear anybody who wants to use this parking during the parking hours is allowed to do so. again, as we daylight the intersections there are safety impacts that will make it safer at the intersections for all users whether walking biking or dribeing and by setting final hours it will clarify when you can expect to be towed and our cited for parking late at night and should help cut down and hopefully eliminate all of the-not all of the but occasional cars sitting in the dark in the middle of deloris street. so far we haven't had collisions related to that but a matter of time. with that we submit-sorry, we have worked with enforcement folks. if sl a concern to the community it is
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related to will you enforce this. it is obvious, historically we deprioritized enforcement arond the median jz have commitment of the enforcement staff for the first 2 to 3 month weez will be proactively on site enforcing the hours. the intention is give arfbd everybody a heads up that enforcement is about to begin so people are not surprised and dont have lots of complaints about citations but very quickly we want people to understand once the hours are done enforcement happens and to set a expectation there is no parking in places that are not signed during hours they are not signed. with that, that our report. >> i would like to thank juliet wilson who has done most the job on this i brian [inaudible] >> thank you very much. just a clarify ing question for me before i ask my fellow directors for any questions,
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this is reducing the amount of parking space and decreasing by 1 half a spot? >> yes. there will be effectively 50 percent decrease. >> the spots were people formally were parking and anticipating they would have no enforcement those curbs will be painted red? >> yes. >> people are not just demanding on the signs, the curbs are painting red? >> yes. >> directors questions or clarifying comments before we move to public chaument? >> thank you mr. knox white. >> two members of the public are here to address you [inaudible] >> thank you. madam chairperson and directors. my name is stefonlaser and lives on dolen street off delorss over 24 years. i prefer no [inaudible] parking i realize given all the
3:50 am
factors a compromise is necessary. i think the proposed plan is reasonable but request you consider one change and that is that the sunday parking end at 4 p.m. instead of 6 p.m. i ask that for safety reasons. during part of the year it is dark before 6 pmp causing a hazard for drivers. i'm well aware of the parking and still all most hit cars in the dark. i met with john knox white in november and this is something we discussed. high did not specifically recommend the change he agreed my suggestion was reasonable given the safety issue. regarding the specific implementation i am glad to see there is a plan to do a 30 day, one month grace period because i was concerned what would happen there. the other thing i would request is that i would like sfmta to attempt to
3:51 am
facilitate agreement between the archdiocese and synagogue that allows the two mission deloris parking lots. this can eliminate the parking and give the synagogue flexibility. there was discussion some time ago but agreement couldn't be reached. same applies to deloris park church and board of education. they used to be able to use the parking lot across the street and suddenly the fall the new principle decided they couldn't without warning. i ask the city try to facilitate some agreement there. i respectfully ask you consider my suggestions. thank you. >> thank you. thank you for your continued input. >> [inaudible] anyone else wishes to address the board if you can make your way to the front or turn in a speaker card. >> good afternoon board
3:52 am
members. congrat ylshzs chairman brinkman and thank you chairman nolan, outgoing. [inaudible] associate pastor of cornerstone church and part the committee john knox white and team helped facilitate over two years and thank john and juliet and team facilitating a job for a challenges process. i do want to say i think fellow faith organization members are not able to make it today but i think without formally speaking on their behalf we are supportive of the pilot project and believe this is a compromise for the neighborhoods and faith communities and i think everyone just to communicate to the neighborhoods this will beope toon the general mublic whether going to the restaurants or shopping or faith organizations and i just want
3:53 am
to reiterate that i believe it is communicate today the board that the small business administration san francisco has also supported this pilot project and legalization the median parking on dolores. i believe it was brought up at the last board meeting. one reason the data hasn't skewed too much is the gentrification that happened with the people of faith organizations who had to move out and drivering into the city is the only opportunity for them to attend their faith organizations. once again, i want to say thank you and hope you consider-also, my church actually is part that-parks on cuvaro and independent of the pilot decision so i was under the impression it is a same decision for dolores-thank you.
3:54 am
>> thank you. mr. knox, white, a follow up question in light of mr. luzars comment. i see that the dates and times the parking is permitted-friday until 10 p.m. saturday at noon and sunday 6 p.m. do you want to to the twie lite dark dusk issue there? >> sure, it was something we talked about. as we wept through the conversation even with the committee even though we didn't come to a conclusion there, we looked at everything from adding full day saturday parking to really limiting things to sunday mornings and in that conversation i think what staff came to is the idea of trying to formalize a solution that honored the current and existing circumstances so parking hapbs past 6 o'clock we thought 6
3:55 am
o'clock represented in the hour a reasonable hour that isn't too dark and maybe one hour of darkness in the evening and couple months for a year. we couldn't find data that suggested people were running into the backs of the cars so a outcome evaluating this is whether at 6 o'clock there are no car thrz which suggests we should pull the hours sknack there isn't a damd for that. i think we felt the issue was single cars in the dark than it was a row of 10 cars parked there in the dark. >> good. thank you. directors, questions, discussion? >> i had a few. >> please. >> thank you very much, mr. knox white. this was a interest progress on this and just a couple follow up spots on the proposal for your
3:56 am
consideration going forward and for the commitsy to consider going forward. it is my bet that this parking is going to fill up as quickly as it becomes available by workers or customers or residents who want to park extra vehicles they might own that they don't have parking for. once it becomes available to the public and the whole public knows it is available, i suspect like every other available parking space in the city it will be snatched up the moment it becomes permissible for vehicles to park there. i'm under the impression the only reason it doesn't happen now is the way it is unofficially managed gave the public the impression they were not allowed to park there because the parking was reserved for the institutions. so, i'm hoping that we have sort of a plan in place to respond
3:57 am
to that once that happens and if it doesn't happen i'm happy. i suspect it will and encourage you toconsider the idea of putting hourly limitations like 4 hour limitations on that parking or two hour limitations to increase turn over and keep people who shouldn't park there from parking there so it remains available for the intended use of the space. if that doesn't work i encourage to start thinking what it will take to meter those spaces. again, from the persperktive of keeping the spaces available for those who need if and funding enforcement. that is probably something that i would encourage you to just think about as you are rolling the thing out, not necessarily to implement it or look at implementing right away. again, i hope i'm wrong. i love the
3:58 am
idea of a parking pass. i suspect that the institutions are looking at this. i would hope that the folks from the synagogue would be very open to the idea of letting people park in their lots when they are not there and the other folks in the christian institutions on sundays will be happy to allow the muslims park on fridays or whatever it might be, but there are plenty of times when church lots are vacant-faith based institutions are vacant and it will be cool for the ecminicle council or any counsels that exist to put toorkt a parking pass for their members that would allow for parking to happen in each other lots. i hope you look into something like that because i suspect with the reduction of parking they will need
3:59 am
something to that effect. again, really supportive of all this. i'm glad to see it has come this far. i know this was a divisive issue for a lot of folks in my conversations i had with people about this but think it is step in the right direction and appreciate all the engagement that members of the community provided in this and again, the leadership on the part of staff and everyone involved so thank you. >> thank you, director ramose. that brings up the question if the parking fills up and the faith based community no longer has the easier access they will want to consider some type of transportation demand management plan or managed parking in the area so that is interesting to watch. any other questions? motion to approve? second? all in favor aye. opposed? hearing none the item is passed. yes, i'm sorry. >> i hope that we use this opportunity in work wg this community on
4:00 am
this issue to talk about the homeless issue, which is another issue that came up before where we have people in those vehicles living in their vehicles and no place for them to park and since we have a audience with the community at this point, i recognize it is primarily concentrated in that area, but if we can use that as a way to start that conversation too that will be great. >> thauchck very much director mord borden. and that conclude our meeting, we are adjourned. [meeting adjourned] -
4:01 am
>> san francisco is known worldwide for its atmospheric waterfront where spectacular views are by piers and sight and sounds are xhanl changing we come to the here for exercise relax ball games entertainment, recreation market, exhilaration a wide variety of contributions easily enjoyed look up the bay the waterfront is boosting for
4:02 am
activities boosting over 25 visitors every year the port of san francisco manages 7 may have million dollars of waterfront from hyde street and fisherman's wharf to the cargo terminals and name shoreline the architecture like pier 70 and the ferry building is here for the embarcadero and a national treasure the port also supports 10 different maritime industries alongside with the recreational attractions making san francisco one of the most viable working waterfronts in the world but did you think that our waterfront faces serious challenges if earthquake to damage the seawall and the embarcadero roadway rising
4:03 am
seawalls will cause flooding at high tides and major repairs to a safe many of the piers the port is at a critically turnl point time to plan for the future of san francisco's waterfront this year the port is updating it's marts plan the plan working group to invite a wide variety of poichdz from the city and bayview and other advisory teams to share their expertise if intense and maritime operations the waterfront land use plan has guided the use and development of the lanes for the last 20 years major physical changes take place along the waterfront and now is the time to update the waterfront plan to continue improvements that will keep our
4:04 am
waterfront vibrate, public and resilient the biggest challenges facing the waterfront are out the site an aging seawall along the embarcadero roadway and seawalls that will rise by 21 hundred to provide and productivity of tides seawall is built over weak soils and mud the next earthquake will cause it to settle several feet without the urgent repairs that will damage the promenade and other things we've been fortunate over the last hundred years less than one foot of seawall over the next hundred years scientists say we'll have 6 feet of seawall rise imagine the pier 30/32 will be floated, the embarcadero will be flooded our transportation
4:05 am
system is fog to be heavy impacts unfortunately, the port didn't have the financial resources to repair all the deteriorating piers let alone the adaptations for sea level rise. >> it is clear that the port can't pay for the seawall reinforcement or deal with the sea level rise on its own needs to raise money to take care of the properties at take care of the maintenance on the properties no way absent anti funding the issues of sea level rise or the schematic conditions of seawall can be development. >> as studies talk about the seawall challenges the working group is look at the issues please come share our ideas about recreation, pier activities, shoreline habitat,
4:06 am
historic preservation and transportation issues and viral protection. >> we know this planning process will not have one question and one answer we need the diversity of the opinions how people feel about san francisco waterfront and want to hear all the opinions. >> the challenges call for big decisions now is the time to explore now and creative ideas to protect and preserve san francisco waterfront. >> now is the time to get involved to help to shape the future of our waterfront. >> we need the debate please come forward and engage in the process. >> this is your waterfront and this is your opportunity to get involved be part of solution help san francisco create the waterfront we want for the future. >> this is really to dream big and i think about what our waterfront looked like for all san franciscans today and
4:07 am
generations to come. >> get involved with the planning process that will set the fraction for what is coming at the port. >> find for in upgrading dates on the ports website. >> (ship blowing horn in distances) >> good afternoon everyone. we went outside >>[foreign language my name is >>[foreign language] and >>[applause]
4:08 am
thank you. i'm the proud president of [inaudible] janitors union here in san francisco. >>[cheerring] secretary-treasurer of san francisco labor council good i-m before we start want to be able to acknowledge the electives here present and if i miss any of you, please do not take it personally when we are lousy >>[laughing] were when we are working our butts out on the streets of san francisco. if i can go down the list, there's a list that can be provided for me but i'll start to my left to my right. i want to first acknowledge the folks that have kept this man standing up every time that he assembled his family safai and taylor family. >>[applause] our former mayor and, if you
4:09 am
went with her left eye and you twist your head to the right, future governor of the state of california gavin newsom. >>[cheerring] we were doing turnout for you for sure. >>[laughing] and to his hiking going down the list, though current mayor of san francisco ,, the guy who makes the magic happen here in the city, our mayor, ed lee. >>[applause] our president of our president of our board of supervisors, a sister who comes out of fighting and strong for the community that she represents, london breed. >>[applause] someone that i know are janitors and a lot of people in this room helped get elected assembly member david chiu. >>[applause] and it still
4:10 am
caught up in sacramento >>[laughing] for ms. ray's, our current and brand-new sen. scott weiner. >>[applause] now as far as politicians come in all sizes, but there's none more feisty or an errant 10 past. supervisor aaron peskin. >>[applause] and our sen., mark leno. if you could please, stand. >>[applause] supervisor mark farrell >>[applause] and the relentless and strong melia cohen, can you please stand. >>[applause] [inaudible] alex randolph. >>[applause] and
4:11 am
former supervisor [inaudible] >>[inaudible] [off mic] assessor,, thank you. >>[applause] carmen chu. our sheriff hennessey. >>[applause] i would also like to recognize my brothers and sisters and labor that are here present, kim paulsen executive dr. of san francisco labor council. >>[applause] mike carey oh, building trades. >>[applause] and i saw lisa from the teachers union. >>[applause] and the other two brothers, >>[inaudible] [off mic] please, stand up, from the trades can you be please stand, brothers hear from the trades. >>[applause] i know-all right a big round of applause. >>[applause] if you
4:12 am
guys have heard of the hash tag got your back in either the firefighters please dan john buford, where are you? all right. >>[applause], o'connor, where are you? john buford and sam o'connor i know you're somewhere in the room but thank you very very much. thank you very very much for joining us this morning. the police officers, let's see-marty, there you are in the back. >>[laughing] >>[applause] from the police officers association, thank you for joining us. before we begin with the program i want to be able to tell all of you that this has been an incredible last eight years of campaigning can some people thought it was only two years. it's actually been eight years but when i think about oshawa safai i think about the word consensus and unity and say my mom teresa
4:13 am
floors re: tommy is never judge a book by its cover. and what he has been able to do is capture all of us to rally behind him and help him get here. a lot of people haven't had any on the back and are still on the back and i want to tell you this isn't-this wasn't a victory that we did alone. it took all of you, all of the volunteers and the countless hours that all of you put in to what those saturday mornings and sunday mornings. but i'm incredibly proud to be standing up here and being able to say that today, it could be storming outside, but as we tell other folks, the rain brings great things to come. what better way than to do it as a summary and all this bearing witness to that for an incredible next four years and eight years for supervisor elect, oshawa safai. oshawa safai. >>[applause] please
4:14 am
forgive me. i just noticed >>[laughing] he needs no huge introduction but with respect he's earned from all our communities. attorney george gascon district attorney, george gascon. and supervisor katie tang. >>[applause] can i have augmented- >>[foreign language] please, stand. [inaudible] from local 87. thank you. >>[applause] the new supervisor, jeff sheehy. there he goes. >>[applause] please forgiving is like a spot right like my face. jeff [inaudible] >>[inaudible] [off mic] wow. jeff adoptee. >>[applause] it's a great day
4:15 am
today. i have the incredible sensibility of making sure it all runs smoothly. so i'm going to the rev. dr. james mcrae from the tabernacle community development corporation. >>[applause] >> it is an incredible honor for me to stand here to be invited by brother safai who many many years ago when my own daughter was growing up, things were happening here it at city hall that really will he be kennedy was supervisor. i met
4:16 am
this young man and i am extremely happy that after years and years of preparing and putting himself forward we, the community of san francisco, has seen fit to bestow upon him this responsibility at this critical time in our city. so i would like with all of you stand with me? strong god, we gather here at city hall on epiphany sunday and we are mindful that there is like breaking forth. that there is power entering the world. and that your grace and enabling are available. so we come with
4:17 am
brother safai to embrace your light and to ask that you would activate in him and in each one of us a power to lift our city. we thank you for your presence with us now and ask that you would bless the proceedings with your grace and with your glory. and this we asked in the name of the one we call christ and others you're in for with the word justice. amen. >>[applause] >> i am going to ask all of
4:18 am
you to please figure would be having the presentation of the colors. likely able to thank col. doug bullard was done an incredible job with our children in these high schools in maintaining jr to jr tc a lot. i like to be at able to ask all of you, the colors by the balboa high school jr otc colors are commanded by emerson district and members gordon so, just to lie, and alastair lane. [inaudible]. >>[presentation of colors.] >>
4:19 am
>>[pleage of allegiance] >>[presentation of colors.] >> >>[applause] >> i want to remind everybody these are high school kids. high school kids. they deserve a stronger louder round of applause. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] thank you. you may sit down. thank you. so
4:20 am
much like rainy days and it time wherein in about a week our country is going to be changing. in that it requires a lot of unity and solidarity and sometimes words that we are unable to be able to, those who thought they were unwilling to compromise and to work together because of our different points of views, our city needs to come together to unite. who better than to lead that charge their mayor, edwin m sleight. >>[applause]we >> thank you, olga. good afternoon everybody. welcome and thank you for wading through wind and rain to come here and to celebrate and to witness this incredible honor
4:21 am
that we have to welcome in oshawa safai to our board of supervisor could i've known-yes, please. >>[applause] i've had the privilege of knowing oshawa in many other ways and when i was in dpw or city administrator, we had a chance to work together in the district that very district, cleaning up talking about parks, about families, about housing them up about open space and from that years ago, i knew that oshawa had already formed a loving heart for this district the most of the people in it. he has demonstrated that by now coming forward and
4:22 am
taking up the important position is a member of the board of supervisors did i want to say thank you to all of our board members, our elected officials for being here today. but you also know oshawa in many other roles. as a labor leader and i want to say thank you to all of the labor representatives are today. >>[applause] you are the heart of the city. in my discussions particularly, in the last few years, and even most recently as the housing crisis has been on on us as families have by both data and stories, have begun disappearing, coming under tremendous pressures, as we look to all of our districts to step up and step out on these challenges come out we find leaders. leaders who are going to amass incredible years working with the labor, with people, with residences and particular, with families. ashok has given the-his story.
4:23 am
i am enthusiastic about it. i'm excited about it because he's going to lend a very strong voice for families in san francisco. that is absolutely needed. i know that begins with issues like housing but it will extend, everything from job creation to open space, to childcare, universal childcare for everybody-yes. >>[applause] i know that i will have it within him a strong ally and a leader not just for district 11 but for all of our city. i'm excited about this because when he speaks he is going to be speaking to those and he is going to do it every day, every time. it isn't working on saturdays and sundays anymore. ashok. it is monday through
4:24 am
monday, 24-7 and if you want to, i will write unique with you to make sure our families are getting the best service that they can and he's cared about everybody. but in particular, i know oshawa has his heart working with families. >>[applause] i know that he will bring dignity. he will struggle he will we go fight. he will unite with all of us to make sure voices have not been heard will be heard and he will make sure that district 11 is never ever referred to as the forgotten district of people. >>[applause] i am excited. i will be excited when we walk those corridor and outer mission
4:25 am
, when we observe either the vacancies were the storefronts that ought to have better visibility, when we get to mission and geneva we are committed to an even better job in making sure that is the safest vision zero intersection and all of our city. >>[applause] when we speak to families, i want all those families to know, that universal childcare objective, that is going to be real in san francisco is a bosch's leadership and people like those that are working in our buildings, as maintenance worker, you are can have a proud leader that you can depend on it will bring dignity to your jobs every single day. yes, and to all the generations. >>[applause] so this is exciting for me as the mayor of the city and the privilege may. i want to thank the tenant governor for giving me a shot at this job and >>[applause] taking a risk in
4:26 am
a deeply. buried bureaucrat to come out to make sure we're doing all the right things but also want to say to oshawa, who i think is going to represent the new generation of supervisors along with jeff and of course, our other elected supervisors, we are going to do great things in here and if washington wants to take us on, okay. bring it on. bring it on. >>[applause] so, ashok, congratulations to you, to our family, to what you stand for and i will stand with you and we will do great things together with all of the people in district 11 and the people of san francisco. congratulations. >>[applause] >> i would like to acknowledge
4:27 am
folks that just came in. not to let everybody know that you came in late but i just want to be able to acknowledge the laughing that you came. a similar number still paying. >>[applause] chemung walton from the school board. >>[applause] all right. bad decker from labor. >>[applause] susan solomon.. >>[applause] thank you. sarah's alley. all right, [inaudible] from mh w been squarely from labor 6x1. >>[applause] so we would like to be able to now have the oath of office and i'm going to ask her lieut. gov. by the hon. gavin newsom and his head in
4:28 am
our justice, [[inaudible] and i can have daddy up here, to plead >>[applause] gabby safai. >> are you ready quee are you sure?all right. are we all set? you guys ready? >>[inaudible] [off mic] i feel like i should be swearing you in as well. >>[laughing] i'm just saying. big round of applause. width don't say that. >> >>[laughing] >> all right, auster. you know the drill. i'm going to say, aye, and this is i, like this
4:29 am
even be forced to repeat after me. >>[laughing] but the only thing you can do on your own is state your name. i'm going to say, you state your name. the rest we will see how it goes. all right? are you ready? >> yes. >> i, do solemnly swear, that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california and that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same good that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter. during such time as i hold the position as a member
4:30 am
of the transportation authority >>[laughing] >>[cheerring] and a member of the county board of supervisors, for the city and county of san francisco . well done mr. supervisor. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] >> ashok, after lieut. gov.,
4:31 am
here you thought you were done just with swearing in. >>[laughing] we are going to ask you to-say a few remarks before mr. safai >>[laughing] supervisor safai. another big round of applause. >>[applause] >> all right. i will do my best to get out of the way of the main event, but it's the spirit of the times we talked about in safai swearing itself evident to everybody in this room the headwinds coming our way here in san francisco, in particular, and in the state of california quite notably. it requires the spirit of what mayor lee was saying, the spirit of what jeff was saying when he was sworn into the spirit of imagine what usher is going to say. unity. right?
4:32 am
going back together the that old african proverb, the member clique if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together. i think it is >>[applause] it is in that spirit of unity and reconciling, you know, all those interesting differences that define san francisco politics, and has plenty of it in this room, trust me i have not forgotten- >>[laughing] but at the end of the day there is something that i know unites every single person in this room at the same time and so i will just say this. as a resident, or former resident, i can believe i left this damn time i can afford it supervisor alioto >>[laughing] but as a proud this generation speaking with six generation kids, we count on you. we count on you,
4:33 am
o we count on you the board of supervisors could be count on you mayor lee. become on all of you in this room at this remarkably significant moment in our history to do exactly what ed lee. said. step in, stepping, be authentic, be bold at the problem and challenges will be big. don't be ideological in terms of our approach could be open to argument could be interested and evidence but step up to this extraordinary moment and challenge that defines, i think, our time. i could not be more proud of this guy. i've seen him-it has been 10 damages and even running for this office. it is unbelievable. >>[applause] i will close with this. you know, from the housing authority to the work is done at the ecw, the work is done it on lcd, there are few people that are more compared
4:34 am
to truly hit the ground running to represent this extraordinary district. you've got a great fighter in oshawa safai. congratulations district 11. >>[applause] >> okay. i guess i've got to say something. >>[laughing] well, you know first of all, the moment is kind of surreal because usually on the outside looking in. i'm usually the person that was behind the scenes working with her were a whole bunch of you to elect all bunch of you. >>[laughing] i keep on thinking, and i was thinking this because of the subject close race, i cannot figure out score to get a phone call saying, we actually found another 500 votes. the laughing sorry, you lost by 73 vote. >>[laughing] but that cannot happen because i actually they certify the election. >>[applause] >>[cheerring]. so
4:35 am
you know, today is the day that i think you give thanks first, first and foremost, your blessings and my mind a storm is assigned as others have referenced my to sign of what is to come. that there is going to be some change and i think that with our new board and a lot of the folks that are sitting here, there is going to be change. mr. mayor and i think we are ready to do this collectively. but i truly believe that the people that we meet in our lives are often ones that help to shape our destiny and 19 years ago-i try not to get emotional-but 19-year-old zero met this young woman on the first day of graduate school and we talked about our funny names, strange things, whatever you want to call them we talked about football. here we are, 19 years later in the woman is my wife >>[cheerring] >>[applause]. and the reason that i'm standing here today-let's not be let's not question that at
4:36 am
all. be glad when she is my best friend. my partner. and what i like to call my in-house counsel. >>[laughing] because she is an attorney, by the way. >>[laughing] you know, truly married some of that smarter than me and someone that is a strong woman in her own right. so, there you go. >>[applause] because from my perspective, the voters of district 11 did not just elect me. elected our family. i am a husband and a father, first and i will carry that with me every day that i do my duties and act as a supervisor good i'm a father to soul and roomy and a husband >>[applause] i told him he could come on stage once though. >>[laughing] you had that opportunity, we meet. but
4:37 am
that i am a husband to yet zero and i believe our family truly represents and reflects the image of district 11 working families. a lot of times people asking what i think working families means and everyone has their own definition. but martin knows what i'm talking about. working families means deciding who's the top of the kids in the morning. who is going to pick them up after school. was there to do the grocery shopping. who is going to make dinner. i get a call every day at 4:55 pm. what are we having for dinner tonight? i said, i better get on it. >>[laughing] who is going to stay home with the kids are sick? who is going on there filtered squeak who is doing their homework? who is putting them to bed? and the way that
4:38 am
i acted on the campaign is the way i'm going to be a supervisor. there was never a night that i do not say, sorry i have to go home is time to put my kids to bed. all most every morning i dropped him off on my way to work in on their way to school. my wife's looking at me like, don't exaggerate, now. >>[laughing] i see that look on her face. but you have my kids afterwards if i'm telling the truth. >>[laughing] but oftentimes, working families also are the working men and women and a lot of the working labor leaders are in this room today and i'm so proud from the bottom of my heart that i so much support from labor so can we give it up for all the labor in the house today please? >>[applause] and you know, referencing back to the campaign, the campaign is what really sets the tone of how you're going to be a supervisor. how you conduct
4:39 am
yourself on the campaign it has run your campaign is how you will be as supervisor. if you sit back and let other people dictate to you that was can happen when you're on the board. but if you set the tone and you fight and you fight hard, right ms. breed, if you fight hard people note your benefit when you get to the board. i was very very fortunate. we had 04 11,000 votes, with the most number of votes in the history of district 11 did so i'm very very proud of that. >>[applause] over 28,000 people cast their ballots for us and in the end we bond one by 413 votes. at the end of the day it was a hard-fought campaign that started on the doorstep of mr. roberto mendes could i started october 2 2015 we do not stop until 8 pm, november 8. right ms. colleen olsen. we do not stop. we went all the way to the end. >>[applause] i feel like i talk to my friend scott
4:40 am
weiner and he taught me you go all way to the finish line don't stop short knock on every single door and that's what we did. we knocked on 7000-i knocked on 7000 words per sums up my campaign not on a lot more than that but at the end of the day people set and they've referenced it. this wasn't a one-year campaign were a two-year campaign. they said you've been running for the last eight or 10 years according to the lieutenant governor in what i would say to that is, you are right. >>[laughing] you are absolutely right. that's why i'm standing here in front of you today. >>[applause] but i learned from my mistakes in 2008 and was hard work, perseverance, and listening that at the end of the day propelled us to victory. i listen to 7000 people personally on their doorstep. it's one the most humbling
4:41 am
experiences of my life to sit on someone's door one on one, and listen to their concerns, their frustrations, their dreams and their vision for the neighborhood. at the end of the day, no one knows better what they want than their neighbor. that's how you really get the heartbeat of the campaign get that you really get the heartbeat of your distant. because at the end of the day people want to come and tell you, this is what your voters want. this is what your district wants. at consultants and surveys and polls, i have my own call. my pole was 7000 households door to door. so let me tell you what the folks in district 11 are asking for. and i listen to those working families could they want better parking. they want slower
4:42 am
traffic. i told the sea i only met with the mta mr. medved i said, they were talking about purchasing new vehicles and i said, how many times at the board of supervisors rejected one of your contracts? and there was 15 of them i do not know his meeting with 15 people. they all looked at one another and said, never. i said, okay great. electric about what i want to talk about. i said, i want to talk about parking good i want to talk about slowing traffic down. i want to talk about what it means to have service on time and reliable treat this guys name i think his name was henry or chuck it i can't a member but i have his e-mail and all the-i said you were not targeted investments because the head of parking. that's what the folks at district 11 are asking for. i do know my friend muhamed dooley is in the room but i want to give a special thanks to mr. nuru. >>[applause] i had a lot of jobs and work for a bridge under mayor ed lee when he was city head of dpw award for mayor newsom worked at the housing authority did i work for a lot of people but also work for muhamed nuru. that was the best job that i ever had in the city and county of san francisco get it was the
4:43 am
hardest job. we were the hardest working people and if i could clone that man make him run 7-8 permit this to be running on also. let's give it up for muhamed nuru. >>[applause] that's my way of saying, we want a little bit more attention from dpw. >>[laughing] we want them cleaner and greener streets. >>[laughing] i made a pledge and i'm going to talk to the mayor and already talk to muhamed about this. we want eight to plant a minimum of 500 trees a year every year that him in office. >>[applause] we want to see our neighborhood be cleaner. but still cleaner and greener more updated parks and rec and at the end of the day there's a few other things. you know we have the highest rate of empty storefronts and vacancies in the entire's. we want to attract more businesses. we want to go storefronts built that means working with some of the artists around the city,) michelson get we want to get
4:44 am
them to come occupy those storefronts, create space and get some activity and foot traffic on the corridor. lastly, i will say universal childcare, the mayor, definitely mention that that something we campaigned on and we campaigned on affordable housing for working people. workforce housing. >>[applause] you know him i've had a lot of the folks in the trades come up to me and they're saying, we are getting to the point where they say, if we can't live in it were not going to build it. if we can't live in it we are not going to build it. because it's not right that they are building housing that they can't even living in this circuit we have to have workforce housing did we have to housing for the working families. because if you took district 11 out of san francisco, we really would be a tale of two cities. we really would be the wealthy and the extremely poor. the reason our
4:45 am
district is what it is is because we have the highest rate of owner occupied homes. we have the most diverse city did we have the most children under the age of 18 people aging in place. we are a very different but yet similar part of san francisco. we need to re-create that. the only way you can do that is if you're building housing for working people. so that is good to be one of my biggest agendas when i'm on the board of supervisors and i will fight for that every single day. >>[applause] there with make a good i wait a long time for this moment so i have quite a bit to say today but i promise i will wrap it up in the next 5 min. >>[laughing] so these are my marching orders. this is my agenda. it's very clear. you know i think it's clean what we are going to and fight for every single day. but given our new reality at the national level, with our new president, we must all come together as a city and put
4:46 am
aside our differences to ensure san francisco remains a refuge for immigrants and people of all stripes and colors. this is not a time to back away but yet it's a time to lean in and lead on the national level. president reed and i were at the reception for our new sen.,, harris and she said better than anyone can say. people around the country are looking to us to be a model for the nation. they are looking and waiting to hear what we have to say. we have to lead on this issue. we have to fight for immigrants could we have to fight for people of color. we have to fight for folks that don't have a voice. so while the rest of the nation is watching us, we have to lead on the issues that are important. but i would like to reflect on something that what i would say what of our great presidents had to say and was a true leader and knows president john f. kennedy. he said that at a graduation at american university commanded so true to this day. if we cannot and our
4:47 am
differences, at least we can make the world safer for diverse city. for in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. we all breathe the same air. we all cherish our children's future. and we are all mortal. could you know what, that is absolutely put those words matter more today than they ever have and we are pessimistic, we are in as president reed said, we are going to fight and we are going to stand up to the national agenda that's one that's going to attack us at all different levels. while these leaders here today that i've worked with them proud to say that this report i pledged to work with you to fight this because we do need to be a true leader in this regard. >>[applause] you know, all the elected officials and other folks that are in this room, i'm not going
4:48 am
to go through every single one of you and thank you all over. i asked olga to recognize you and every single one of you supported me one way or another and i truly appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. i would like to call out in particular, just a couple because i think that it helps to shape and as i said the people that you need an open the door for you and being the ones that hope to shape your future. i started at the housing authority good i started either great fortune with my friend, i think, the city and london, with doing open-door day with mayor willie brown and no one wanted to do that because he would have meetings at 7 am. so i was like, i will go. >>[laughing] quite often, 6-7 of the people were members of the housing authority and so to sit in that room and to watch one of the great politicians, probably of the last century, that is not only probably when the most intelligent but when the most
4:49 am
savvy leaders that we have and often times, they don't the two don't come together in one person. a lot of time someone is smart to a lot of times someone is savvy but never the same together. i had the great fortune of learning from him. it was after that time that i went to go work on supervisor newsom's campaign for mayor and then had the great fortune of working for him and it is from the lieutenant governor that i learned the value in idea and what it means to be focused on numbers and numbers matter. numbers dictate the ultimate outcome. and importantly, this is very important-policy ideas can come from anywhere if you listen. it's not the smartest person in the room or the person that thinks they are the smartest person in the room were the most educated but if you listen, you will get ideas. when i was doorknocking one of the women said to me, she was just in there and she said in a
4:50 am
wide we have all these empty storefronts ice and him are sweet but you allowed to come in for free init. we will clean them up and we will activate-now that might be someone might've done it other places but was awake in the passion she said it could i said you know what that's a great idea we will do that. that's an example of what it means to listen and i learned that from our lieut. gov.,, mayor newsom at the time and i appreciate him taking a shot on the giving my first shot in city hall in the 31-year-old that thought he knew a lot. didn't list and is vastly good idea that he may be the deputy director of community development. so i'll never forget that and appreciate that. >>[applause] then, also, mayor lee at the time who was the head of the apartment of public works, and then went on to become our city administrator and our mayor, thank you for giving me were endorsing and supporting me and
4:51 am
supporting me during the campaign and embracing our ideas and i waiting for me to be supervisor to take on childcare, to take on affordable housing, to take on the things that the people of district 11 care about. i believe i was the only non-income and that you endorse so i appreciate that and i really look forward to working with you. >>[applause] as i said, not going to thank every single one of you all over again, but i will say sen. leno, in particular, is always endorse me every time i've run for office. so everyone i've been involved in is always endorsing sort, some not going ask you for an endorsement for another four years. the laughing so thank you, stood thank you for standing with me and always being there for me. i appreciate that. the clap in dist. atty. gascon beginning early outdoorsman. i appreciate
4:52 am
that. assemblyman david chiu, assemblyman phil ting. again from his another one like sen. leno was there with me from the beginning. i think i was running for [inaudible] he was there with me whenever this phil ting has been there with me and i appreciate that. >>[applause] assessor recorder carmen chu, are sharp, hennessy, outs and of community college board member. then two in particular that a longtime friendship with, >>[inaudible] [off mic] a longtime friendship with melia cohen supervisor janet thank you for your support supervisor farrell and the one i think i know the longest, my friend london breed president breed, sorry. president breed. >>[applause] thank you for taking my calls all throughout the campaign and thank you for helping me get atty. gen. at the time and now state sen., harris's
4:53 am
endorsement. i really appreciate that. >>[applause] supervisor katie tang thank you for your support. so many people i could go on and on but i want to end up with this. you know, we have tremendous energy in our district. we have tremendous folks that have amazing ideas get their neighborhood leaders could they remain part of my campaign. i'm not to call you all out because i miss somebody good to hear about it later on just want to say thank you to all the different neighborhood associations. edi eight, cayuga improvement association, new mission-absolutely let me finish, mentioned i'm just kidding dr. >>[laughing] i miss when i'm going to get the new mission terrace improvement association. the district 11 council. my brothers from united players even though they're not in district 11.
4:54 am
>>[applause] thanks. out her mission merchants and residents association. so many i could keep going. candy alley leaders. >>[laughing] but thank you for your tremendous support and your ideas and i really look forward to working with you every day. my piecing captains my house party does my volunteers, no campaign can operate without a great team. i would like to thank my consultants from clifford, tom clifford and megan smith and my friend david letterman for providing us numbers did i campaign manager i've already recognize him and assayed again, colleen olsen thank you for putting up with me. >>[applause] and the rest of my team, dixon lee, aaron lu, sue sandoval sicilia-rockstar
4:55 am
volunteers like ada and justin. then a special thanks goes to my childhood friend, beth live from boston and damage to run my geo tv london hardy, kenny korea, thomas gonzales. >>[applause] by other childhood friends that actually moved here and now live here, sam berenson and todd kiger. >>[laughing] i also would like to thank in particular, the person community for believing in me from day one. by dear friends see it and sammy, soft as in peabody already reckon it. baja, [inaudible] and the entire [inaudible] let's give it up for them. >>[applause] like to also recognize community tenants association and all the chinese community leaders that copy honey. i really from the bottom of my heart, standing there with me translating documents come a doing everything amazing amazing work for the leadership
4:56 am
and support from the chinese community i appreciate that. >>[applause] i would like to also give finally a special thanks to a couple of lifelong mentors get gov. michael dukakis who could not be here today could he married my wife and i in a guiding light for us and our family. i have to tell you, i'm not kidding you the best advice in the world i'm a better than a political consultant worth everybody,-no, wait it was free. he gave it to me for free. he said, go knock on every door. and he just saying it go knock on every door. he would hear that and use 800 and knock on the door. like mark farrell on a knock on every door and offered him there will go knock on every door. because it's a burden and it's time-consuming and put some on your family and but we did we not done 7000 doors and have to think on that him for
4:57 am
being there for me. my godmother loretto vdot for believing in me and providing guidance. every step of the way and almost a daily basis, i met loretto when i was start off as an intern in the white house. in our president bill clinton. i have to say, one of the smartest political minds, smartest people i've ever had the great fortune of knowing and i color my godmother now. she is my godmother and her family britney and bryant and john always been there for me every step of the way. never last book not least, please everybody i know we can a lot to labor but give one more big big round of applause to our janitors were taking me under their wing for the past eight years. >>[applause] and for my sister, and friends, olga miranda, for bringing me into the labor movement and about morale is, a special thanks to
4:58 am
the teamsters and all the different locals of the joint council 350, 665, 826 2785, and is olga said the firefighters are fighting for me the police officers for fighting for me and all my brothers and sisters in the building trades for being there with me every step of the way. ilwu and uh w, i could keep going on and object of cw i mean it's amazing the kind of support that we had in every little bit helps. i'm just going to end with this. a couple people that shape my life that are not here today i like to end in their honor. the soto, boys godfather. open somebody doors for me before people even knew who i was in the city. my grandmother and grandfather, ed and state, jerk were not with us but she did me and my mother who made me a man that i am today, thank you so much for always being there with me every step of the way. >>[applause] and all my family members my brothers and sisters
4:59 am
you know there's a lot of people today to honestly, instead they got the flu and their home of throwing up and i believe in 10-15 times over and over again people are not line but my brother could not be here today that he is sick at home and my brother-in-law growl and agnes and all my family, everyone that has helped to make this reality, i just went to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart. i'm honored to be your supervisor. i am now i'm committed to begin and let's make this district 11 shone. thank you so much. >>[applause] >> one more person is one more person i want to thank you for he leaves is-and i mean this from the bottom of my heart but supervisor aaron peskin could thank you for keeping your word. thank you for saying neutral and i look forward to working with you, brother.
5:00 am
>>[applause] >> >> >> >> i'm about to introduce the folks who can really dance. ladies and gentlemen, san francisco afterschool program presents-you guys ready? are you ready? body booths. >>[applause] >>[music]>>[applause]
5:01 am
>>[music] >>[applause]
5:02 am
5:03 am
>> ladies and gentlemen are the deeds. >>[applause] if
5:04 am
anybody for those of us-i know you are out there who are with them challenged-if there's anybody that can infuse us with rhythm it is body beads. thank you, you guys. you are awesome. >>[applause] good morning. as we set out this ribbon were going to cut my name is phil ginsburg five the great honor of serving as the general manager of your event recreation and park department. i only got one word for you. that's not true but i'm going to start with one word and it is wow. wow. look at this place could look at this place. come on. look at this place. >>[applause] >> i just i am overcome with joy and excitement and enthusiasm importance and meaning because his place is off the whole. this is one of the best parks in san francisco anywhere in our city, right here. >>[applause] >> and i have so much
5:05 am
gratitude for so many people and so many partners and weeklong program today get for those of you sitting just want to play the work want to plow through this as quickly as we can but we do need to take a moment to celebrate what we have here. this is a sacred special clays. and it has been that way for a long time. dating all the way back to our native ohlone and inhabitants who were here in this is a such a special place for the bayview neighborhood it's the highest point on bayview hill with just incredible views of our date. this part was originally dedicated back in 1978 september 23 by mayor mosconi just a month before his and harvey milk assassination. this place has specialness. it has appointments. after the shipyard was decommissioned in 1994, this place experience the same challenges that the rest of this neighborhood experience. it was isolated and neglected and here we are
5:06 am
almost 40 years later and it is now a symbol of, not only the city's commitment and your parks department commitment to equity and revitalizing the neighborhood, but also to states leadership to investing in our treasured public parks. give them a big hands. >>[applause] >> if you need more proof of that, look at all the amazing muckety-mucks behind me starting with sen. pro tem kevin dill lyons. >>[applause] sen. elect supervisor scott weiner former supervisor scott wiener. i can't say that good i'm working on it. i am working on it and assembly members david chiu and at wired oh garcia. supervisor melia cohen. by the way, where on her own court today so for one more round today for supervisor melia cohen. this is her district. >>[applause] he was you're going to hear all these people in the second but a few mornings important to call out here. with us today and he's
5:07 am
awesome he comes to all of our part openings, in which we partner with our state parks department said that mitchell deputy director from the california apartment of recreation and park. >>[applause] we've got one of this most districts are champions and community leaders, mayor rogers. >>[applause] she is the executive director of youth outside and on the go state advisory board, tim bailey. >>[applause] >> where did she go? we have camp david executive director of the haas fun is here. first person from the hertz foundation, peter whitley and nicky souter best for the tony hawk foundation are mickey and peter here or are you over there? thank you. i wasn't sure whether you would be here
5:08 am
or there. at skateboard park is amazing and by the way a little bit of history did this with upper skateboard park in san francisco. the very first. now it is absolutely positively the very best. we've got park and rec cat anderson is a good cat, you should be up with us. >>[applause] representing the parts all lines and bayview community leaders leah kim et al. but i want to-my last thank you and this is my way of starting off your witnessed some introductions is to the trust for public land. the trust for public land- >>[applause] >> for those of you that don't know what they do, they are a national organization responsible for conserving land and revitalizing urban parks. it is their commitment to our cities, our communities the most underserved of our communities that has me totally inspired inspired by their mission are headquartered here in san francisco. so this is their favorite city.
5:09 am
>>[laughing] the work they have done with us over i don't know 20-30 year period is truly extraordinary. we have a saying that in the 21st century government can't do it alone to we need partners. we need community leaders. in ppl get such amazing dedicated committed partner that brings passion, that brings resources, that brings expertise, that brings community history and knowledge of and sensitivity to my that brings so much to our park renovation projects. it is just a such an honor to work with them on behalf of parks, on behalf of our city and on behalf of all of you. the first person i want to bring up is a dear friend, a mentor. someone i truly admire. the national executive director of the trust for public land quite think goodenow is been at this for now nearly a quarter-century, will, as we discussed. will rogers. >>[applause] >> thank you, phil. there's a
5:10 am
bunch of us on the make this short and sweet. but the trust for public land has been around for almost 45 years and at the heart of our mission is the belief that everyone, everyone, deserves to connect with nature close to home and remote and to connect with each other in these people natural places. that takes us from the hearts of our cities, from neighborhood parks, national parks. when we are talking out close to home, we believe that everyone in urban america should live within a 10 min. walk of a wonderful part. this is truly a wonderful part. there so many people behind the and out there who helped make this happen. in organization that has a land for people mission certainly focuses on the land and what we do here but we focus on the people. we are very lucky at the trust for public land of amazing people on our staff. we will hear from one of them shortly. i'll hand up i could she and her team in
5:11 am
the bay area program did amazing job here did gina fromer is out there somewhere. there you are, jean can form a california state director who put heart and soul into this as well. thank you, gina. we also have californiadvisory board members are cochair, julie parrish, we have john parties and can more delicate thank you so much that we can do this without you. we also believe that our partners are absolutely critical. we started here in san francisco 45 years ago and i can say that in our more than four decades of work in this city, this is the best park and rec department we've ever had the pleasure of working with. >>[applause] it's no accident. not only is still a great mc, he is also a great leader and he is put together an amazing team and we
5:12 am
are working with him around the city and i can tell you because we do work across the country, we are so lucky to have the partnership that we have here in san francisco. so here is do you fill and to your team. >>[applause] there are the people that are important as well. frankie, without the funding, without the money to actually make these things happen, they don't happen. so this is a great opportunity to thank and acknowledge california senate president kevin kelly on. >>[applause] special because were joined by the vice center deli owned without his leadership we wouldn't have the public funding that would've allowed us to renovate the top part where many others like it across the state. sen. lyons, you are how heartfelt thanks for what we been able to do here and what's happening all across california. so, thank you, sir. >>[applause] private funding matters as well. there are a lot of people stepped up and supported this effort. i want to name a few of them. youth outside, with jim
5:13 am
moore who you will hear from shortly as executive director summer california advisory board. the worst of your goals with foundation, jenny is here. there you are. the walter and elise haas fund. common foundation to the william and flora hewlett foundation lisa and douglas goldman fund union bank foundation and the tony hawk foundation. a big hand for all of these wonderful private donors who really made this happen. >>[applause] then, finally, it's all about community. bayview, this is your part. we at the trust for public land were honored to be able to help you do this renovation in joy. enjoy it with your children. this is truly a remarkable place and i agree with, phil, this is one of the best parks in the city so, cheers. >>[cheerring] >>[applause]
5:14 am
>> we are going to keep it rolling. going to write to alex-on the ground near for ppl. of our parks for people program and she is a person in this organization that i get the joy of working most closely with and get to talk to all the time and without her this does not happen. alice. >> thank you, phil. thank you, everyone. what an amazing process. this took five years to get to this moment and i'm so joyful to see so many of you here. there is so many partners that have been deeply engaged in this process in contributing time energy, passion to make this happen so i'm going to give a few shout outs. there with me. first of all, i want to thank the trust for lands that. true to the garber, amazing project managed. >>[cheerring] yes. i don't know if she is here today get she just had a baby so i guess she's excused but, yes, she has been amazing get philip by kelly our senior program manager is also. and amazing in
5:15 am
taking the project through the finish line. our philanthropy team, other people from the [inaudible] team many of you here i see so many people that have touched this park in one way or the other. so, thank you. other partners that i want to thank. of course, phil and his team i have no words. i thank you so much. but, i want to thank parks and land 9124 and hunters point family. in particular, meyer rogers and lena miller, who-my is here representing 9124. >>[applause] what an honor 12 work side-by-side with them. they were so worth sort to deeply engage the community and make sure that the community's vision was carried through the process. you can actually see everything today in the park" to talk a little bit about that later. other partners to our
5:16 am
consultants and our contractors, who have personally been deeply invested in this and i have to say that, yes, they're more consultant they are partners because they put all the passion into making this happen. jeff miller, basket architect over there, and sharp the and myra, the design team wow. the part looks amazing. grand line who design and build this amazing skate park >>[cheerring] yes. fantastic max five job like over there and the boston team who make sure the park was delivered on time and the construction went smoothly so great job. so in addition there's many other partners but the ymca, thrasher-i have you in here. >>[laughing] yes.
5:17 am
kipp school habitat for humanity, familia cohen and many others. i just want to go over the community patient and give a few shadows pointed out a few elements in the park. the community wanted a safe place where they could be healthy and play. as you can see, improve perimeter walking paths, fitness equipment, a beautiful play area inspired by the sun and the moon kind of playing off of the sundial thing. all that you can see in the design. the community wanted to bring skateboarding back. >>[laughing] so as bill said, this was the first skate park in san francisco and maybe northern california. there's videos of people jumping from the restrooms down into the-yes. >>[laughing] so it was a beloved skateboard-it got
5:18 am
outdated so it's beautiful to see it back. i have to give a big shout out to the skateboarding community thrasher magazine, the last big one, the tony hawk foundation, sf skate and many others that have put time into helping with the design and also fundraising for making it happen. the community also wanted arts that reflected their identity. so we have this beautiful-if you walk around you could see medallions that were created by the crucible working with students from the kipp school and girls 2000. just very beautiful. you should go and see them. there is also a piece of art by a local artist, lalique--down in the playground. a beautiful mosaic on the wall there that was done by rachel--with some students from the kipp school. in addition to all this, the community wanted jobs. and the
5:19 am
local labor 251 and hunters point family work create an apprenticeship program that helps people trained for construction jobs and-linda-i don't know if you're here but it's been amazing about get some people got jobs to build the park and he did an amazing job with that. so, thank you. >>[applause] so i am sure by all this shout outs you can tell this has been a truly community driven effort. as will second that we could have done without the funding. so we appreciate so much the leadership in sacramento to work, to keep passing funding for urban greening and for doing projects like this. so we hope the next part once a week and continue to make communities livable and say. thank you. >>[cheerring] >>[applause] >> thank you so much alley.
5:20 am
thanks for covering all the thinkers i also want to give a big shout out to the design team. which is really amazing. thank you, jeffrey and joe and to boston construction which did a super job on this project and i hope you all have experienced the part not just the upper level of the park the playground which it totally rocks. these amazing trails down below in walking access could alley talked about the sundial behind me in worker to bring up an olympic but it's worth noting that these projects take a village. the skateboard art got done through because of all of you and your support of the 2012 parks bond in our community opportunity fund but there would not wasn't not enough money to renovate the sundial, which is the base making elements of this part. again another big thank you to supervisor melia cohen for taking care of that for us in the last budget prospect thank you, melia. >>[applause] our next speaker san francisco is really blessed because it's
5:21 am
local elective leadership are big part champions and they going to do great things at the state level where they remain park champions may work with other amazing state leaders to support park bonds. so i'm going to bring up our first of our many amazing collected. david two. when david was on the board, it was parks, kids, family, part kids family environment can that's what he cared about and now he's at the state level advocating for parks and is also a bayview resident raising his own family right here. so this is his part, to get ladies and gentlemen, david chiu. >>[applause] >> good morning to his bayview in the house today create the clapping we've got 94124 in the house today. we've got community in ouster did thank you so much for being a good i'm honored to be here. i know we've got five elected official. we were there to do a little potty beat box dance for you but some of us lack with nick motion can not have my colleagues today to dance but i did not want to happen. i am
5:22 am
honored to be here with your supervisor melia cohen come up with my former and soon-to-be colleague, scott weiner. but i want to say particular welcome to two colleagues of mine from southern california. from the coachella and impugn the valley area the 56 is ugly district the biggest champion for parks in the state assembly is going to help us off we get more parks funding, eddie garcia. >>[applause] i know you've already heard about this next person but let me introduce him in the following way. he was the son of a mexican immigrant single mom. rose through the ranks not just become any senator but the president of the senate pro tem and one of the very first bills that he ever wrote was ab - 31 which managed to cough up $5 million for this whole top sundial park, kevin daly own, thank you for everything. >>[applause]
5:23 am
i'm going to be very brief and i only have three quick things i want to say get to my southern california colleagues, you know that this is a city that leads the state when it comes to setting trends for labor, civil rights, the environment. we also since your dodgers fans, tend to win some world series world serieschampionships. > >>[cheerring] we also have our towns. san francisco we have the densest neighborhoods on the west coast it with the least amount of open space.were often viewed as a city of abundance but here in the bayview we've had our economic challenges that we have a former naval shipyard that we are cleaning up right now. we have seen half of our african-american community leave between the last two censuses. and our community, the folks you see in front of you have been fighting for this park for years. second thing i want to say is that as bill mentioned, but not nine month old son who happens to be to be wearing a rusher magazine skateboard t-shirt. my wife and
5:24 am
i moved here to the bayview because as we all know the future of our city am i if we are successful, the bayview has to be successful. >>[cheerring] >>[applause] the last thing i just want to say is, we are here on this whole top, this is the highest vantage point here in the southeast neighborhoods and i think it reminds many of us of a mountaintop. what did martin luther king say about a mountaintop queen of place where mothers and fathers of all backgrounds can come together. so that their children from all races can come together and play. that is what represents justice for our kids. the fact of the matter is when i bring my son here who is the grandson of a chinatown public housing resident, to play with the kids were
5:25 am
grandkids of the son of a mexican immigrant single mom, kevin daly on. herewith the african-american mothers who made this happen. that is what justice is about. >>[cheerring] >>[applause]. so i cannot thank you enough and with that, it's my honor to bring up a woman who truly-you got all the selected visuals i can but there's one woman here who had the vision, who worked with her fellow colleagues to make this happen. you know who i am talking that she helped start parks 24124. none-94124. sorry. >>[laughing] how to ruin that one. >>[laughing] none other than the famous maja rogers did i brought with me from the california state assembly it's her certificate of recognition for her leadership, for her service, or generosity of time and energy. her unwavering dedication and
5:26 am
her vision get maja rogers, please come up to be honored. >>[cheerring] >>[applause] >> i'm going to cry. as i look around i see so many people that have supported me and josh frida and-jet li and leah. even though some might not be present, i feel like this was our vision. we wanted a part that would be great for our kids and it really truly has taken a village to this point. i mean, i look at my family is out. and i'm like - excuse me - >>[crying] >>[cheerring] >>[applause] my family has
5:27 am
supported me and the family that i worked with all this time on this project that have been like my family. people that came to meetings at 6 am at p.m. after work. people that watched my baby when i did meetings get all those people i want this part four. i just want everyone, each, the mary, hug someone you don't know. >>[laughing] >>[cheerring] thank you. >>[applause] >> for the record i do know are good i just wanted the whole. >>[laughing] a few more introductions and thank you's before bringing up our next speaker. representing our mayor, who is on his way back from seoul and also an elected
5:28 am
member of our school board and also a bayview resident, the amazing hydra mendoza is here. >>[applause] i want to take this kind of a little bit of a moment here because i would be remiss if i did not think my own staff. there are so many partners are commissioner pres. mark mule says that paris has many parents. defeat is an orphan but victory has many parents fear there are many hands that made this work and we are celebrating a lot of people i want to celebrate the hard-working park and rec stuck it out to start with our own project manager who with every project she touches you brings a smile as much passion and goodison at marion cross did i got there, marion. give a wave. >>[applause] to the leader of the team that is charged with maintaining this space along with all of the other amazing truly amazing parks in this neighborhood, robert watkins.
5:29 am
robert was born in this neighborhood. grew up in this neighborhood. cares about this neighborhood and leads the parks department in this neighborhood so thank you, robert. i also want to thank all of the folks who helped us put this event together. the guy standing right in the middle here is holding that camera, right there, joey kong. believe it or not visiting facebook live, tweeted-something is going to facebook life and millions of people are at home all around the world watching this park opening. so thank you for joey for not moving doing the entire presentation. >>[applause] all right. back to a little bit of a more serious theme here which is getting our kids outside and connecting them to nature. giving them a safe amazing place to play. the sad fact of the matter amateur we phone thingy notwithstanding, kids they spent about nine hours a day behind the screen. less than 30 min. a day outside. so building them safe spaces natural spaces where our kids can touch dirt, can climb
5:30 am
a tree i think you're not supposed to do that but where they can climb a tree >>[laughing] with a can just be outside this super important and our next speaker is someone who really leads that mission on behalf of an amazing organization called youth outside. she also was on the trust for public land c advisory board. tim's entire focus and purpose in her professional life is to give kids from underserved neighbors, kids that do not have as much of an opportunity to really enjoy and appreciate nature that special experience. so i'm proud to introduce kim. >>[applause] width thank you so much, phil. before i jump into width i do so much coming listening to my talk, when we first started the conversation about youth outside supporting the project we did a tour and maja joined us. i knew that she
5:31 am
was one person representing so many different voices of this community and really spoke from a place that understood the importance of creating this space. so it is my honor to sit next to her and i say you're going to be a tough act to follow. i just want to echo again my deep appreciation for everyone that's made this happen. i also want to recognize i've aboard number in the audience and he's outside dan martin. i really i brought the idea to the board but it was it's the vision and the understanding of my board to approve the funding to support this. so to dan and my other youth outside port numbers, thank you so much. >>[applause] so at youth outside we believe a meaningful extent in nature changes the course of a life. we counsel, coach and fund thought leaders and thought leaders and organizations that are ensuring that you have a real opportunity to partake in these
5:32 am
meaningful expenses in the outdoors. so as an organization we have two focus areas. one area is around cultural relevancy programs. making sure that organizations are supported in the journey to connect underrepresented youth to major in meaningful ways. our other focus areas grantmaking. we currently support around 20 organizations in northern california allowing them to take young people from these underrepresented communities on outdoor experiences. we also have a unique opportunity to fund the parks and other access opportunities to nature. that is really where the conversation with gina began and how to use outside could be someone that could address the barrier of resources here in this community. the part of
5:33 am
our mission is to connect youth to nature by providing these resources. for years i've personally been familiar with the power of the trust for public land. it was exciting moment again when we realize this real synergy and we could partner not only with trust for public land, what san francisco recreation and parks. really importantly, with the opportunity to partner with this community. to be able to support our mission and align with the trust for public lands mission that will mentioned about creating a part that is within a 10 min. walk just absolutely seem like a no-brainer for this wonderful project. so again congratulations to all of you who made it happen. it takes a community to not only build the park, but to really embrace it and make it sustainable. so it's exciting to see everyone here should be please don't come into this market make it your own. abrasive every day. we did we get into the fabric of your life you absolutely deserve it and congratulations, again. >>[applause] >> all right. i had the great honor of introducing the first of our two special guests from
5:34 am
southern california who are visiting celebrating parks dedicate some women and waldo garcia with the youngest elected mayor of coachella at the age of 29, i believe. an amazing, an amazing accomplishment. coachella is the home of the second best music festival in california. a little outside lands up there. >>[laughing] >>[inaudible] [off mic] but while there is much that divides people today among the one thing that unites dodger fans and giant fans, coachella fans an outside land fans, is parks. as some women perseid is the true leader in the urban parks movement. has already introduced one piece of legislation i think last year or the year before i think was 24 ab - 2444 and i know he is great plans in the coming legislative session to make sure that all of our
5:35 am
communities get the support from the state that we need to make our parks great and accessible for everyone. it's my honor to introduce at 10 garcia. >>[applause] >> good morning. it is way too early to debate and argue who's got the best concert in the world, but >>[laughing] think you for the warm welcoming although i'm sitting here freezing my little tail off right there. i like to hug everybody i see just because i'm cold. it's great to be here. thank you san francisco for the welcoming and it's a great pleasure to be district mr. weiner >>[inaudible] [off mic] okay. our supervisor. we left coachella on thursday and had been driving all the way up to get here today to be part of a number of different events and i can tell you this one was the one we were looking for two good as mayor, one of the
5:36 am
things we are most proud of is the refurbishment and the development of new parks throughout the entire city. as we drive around the community, that is one thing that is there to my that is visibly seen by everybody including myself, when you see all the children and all the families out there taking advantage of the space. that's why at the state level made a very strong commitment to continue to work on the advocacy for parks as it relates to economically challenged communities. that's what brings us together at the state legislature with many of our colleagues. i am committed to our district as i am to your district and the rest of the state to continue to push for funding so that we can continue to build these parts. i'm going to be brief i just want to say thank you for walking the welcoming the jews. and we look forward to working with all of you. thank you. >>[applause] >> yes, it is called to you been sitting for a while so will keep this moving. our next
5:37 am
speaker i induced in earlier. he's a deputy director of california state parks department, cedric metric i want to say something about cedric all of you but more important to all of you are state leaders. you should have incredible confidence in our state parks department. their ability to reach out to our local-to our cities and to the local parks department and to work with us on grants and resources in communities that need it most good this all works because of the great communication and outreach and partnership between the state and local levels. cedric is absolutely one of the best and am proud to bring him up. >>[applause] >> are you feeling good right now, say, yes. this is a celebration say, yes. >>[cheerring] it deals like
5:38 am
only yesterday at a young a summary number called me before he started running the world, still deli on calling into his office and began to talk about his vision. he had this passion about wanting to make sure that people have access to the outdoors that parts will be where people are living the parks will be will people can enjoy them. that parks would be in communities and neighborhoods. but little did he know when he introduced peaceably 31 that said about a movement in the state. because for the first time in the states history thousands of people met in community centers and in homes and neighborhoods just as they did right here in this location. they met and i talked about their vision for the future. they talked about for the first time healing the wounds of a neighborhood and taking responsibility and same, we deserve the opportunity to have great things and that our children and our children's children deserve greatness in their lives also. parks are a
5:39 am
refuge for making that happen. so today this is a celebration, not just because you are getting this but understand that there were $3 billion in request over 900 applications and we view those as 900 dreams that came forward. that today you celebrate as one of the few who came and rose to the top, hughes community said we deserved it and we will do everything that we need to do to show the world that parks matter. so when i say i'm a say yes, you need to be saying it pristine point that this is not just about opening a term in this part. this is about celebrating a movement, an opportunity that you are leading the state in setting the example of what can happen when communities believe in themselves. so what do you want to say clete say, yes, for we one more time >>[cheerring] say, yes for me one more time >>[cheerring] uniquely echoing of voice the bridges across the bay to ease they understand what's happening here today. you need to make certain that the folks in southern california understanding the power of what community means.
5:40 am
this is all revisited. this represents the opportunity for communities to rise again. this represents hope in america. when we talk about social justice, this is the action of social justice is happening around the states. it is happening. once again, you say what clete >>[cheerring] you say what clete >>[cheerring] you say what clete >>[cheerring] the power of parks. the power of opportunity the power of community. understand, that this facility is grass and is playgrounds. but the how of any part or its people. so when you make a noise today, what you are doing is you are setting the spirit of what is going to be like for generations to come. when you come to this part the wings of your spirit should exist here. so the spirit that you do today matters. the fact that you met in those neighborhoods and the fact that you-that you had those meetings at people's homes, the fact that you are here today celebrating this
5:41 am
moment is more than just an opening to is a movement. it's a movement towards social justice. it's a movement towards making certain that all people have the opportunity to engage in god's gift. you all are to be celebrated for your efforts. on behalf of california state parks, i want to thank you for letting me be a partner in that effort and letting our team be a part of get your part of the state state parks family and thank you for all that you've done. >>[applause] >> he is all right, ?? >>[cheerring] just another one of those convoy parks people. no it was good yes, say, yes. >>[cheerring] all right. a couple of more thank you zen idolaters good to see all those folks at the rockclimbing wall over there? therefrom san francisco recreation parks division. that is our mobile rockwell could be taken everywhere. i the hardest working recreations that
5:42 am
anywhere in the state. so even all you grown-ups you can get on it it works. i been up there. it is good. last but not least i want to acknowledge and introduce my dear colleague and friend and also elected official in san francisco community college trustee alex randolph. >>[applause] we are coming to the home stretch your and am now very very pleased to introduce our senator elect who i think in less than 48 hours will be the newest state sen. from san francisco. scott and i have known each other for a very long time going back four days working in the city attorney's office together. he's an awesome guy. he really really really cares about parks. very early in his career there something about scott. scott shows up. it doesn't matter whether it's in his district were not in his district. it's about part it's about kids if it's about quality of life, scott shows up. because of his bottle leadership and advocacy san francisco sparks are better. so it is my honor to
5:43 am
introduce scott weiner. >>[applause] >> good morning. so, yes, i have a little more than 48 hours left in the board of supervisors although there are some people in my district might be dancing a jackpot that thought, hopefully most are not. i just want to say before i introduce our honored guest today, center daily on, i want to just think two people in the ticketed first of all phil ginsburg who i agree is just such an amazing job. >>[applause] it is not easy to run a parks system in san francisco. this guy gets beaten up a lot. i think more than politicians sometimes. he and his team just do tremendous work in improving parks in san francisco. i also just want to thank my soon-to-be former colleague, melia cohen who fights so hard for the
5:44 am
southeastern neighborhoods and never ever let the rest of us at city hall remember that we have a responsibility to make sure that all of the san francisco are integrated together and that the southeastern neighborhoods always get the resources that these communities need so thank you supervisor cohen for your leadership. >>[applause] why the great honor of introducing my soon to be colleague and the leader of the california state senate center kevin daly on. sen., i'm so looking forward to working with you as we in california provide a counterbalance to what's going to come at us from washington dc. we have a lot of work to do
5:45 am
here in california and i know were going to be a strong progressive voice not just for california, but for the country to make clear what our values are in this state. so i look forward to that. >>[applause] i know that we are also going to work together to make sure that the state is supporting our urban centers. we know that our city needs a lot of help in particularly, communities that have not received the resources they need in the past. whether in san francisco or in oakland or los angeles, we need to make sure that we are working hard to support all communities. so center daily on as you've heard our third ab - 31 when he was a member of the assembly took his first look at that sign into law. that delivered $400 milln to irvine park projects. we know that whether in the bayview were in the mission or in the sunset we, our parks are our front yards. when you live in the city you don't always have a front yard or a backyard great place for your kids to play and get
5:46 am
exercise and not get diabetes because we know that we need kids to be active and parks help us to do that. when we don't invest in our parks and the parts get dilapidated people are less health. communities are less integrated. so these investments matter so much and we work hard in san francisco to invest in our parks but we need support in the state and center daily lyons has been there for us and for so many other communities in california so it is a great honor 2% my future colleagues sen. kevin daly on. sen. >>[applause] >> thank you so very much, scott. it's an honor and pleasure to be here with each and every one of you here today in the beautiful glorious event date. a lot of folks don't know but i actually used to live in san francisco. i used to live over on front of the panhandle on fell street and st. ignatius was my turn. you've done a great job >>[cheerring] you
5:47 am
done a great job of golden gate park so i go there every single weekend. it is quite a phenomenal. i got a little confused because i thought phil ginsburg was the owner of hills coffee >>[laughing] i was actually waiting for my phil's coffee. do you have a wonderful group of individuals here today and i just can't say enough about two of my colleagues, currently in the sum your smb member for this area, david chiu from san francisco and-from patel about all the way from southern california, adjacent to the mexican border this to garcia to really fantastic legislators who really work hard every day for each and every one of you. >>[applause] i'm looking to spending a lot of time quality time with my future colleague could we will be replacing the great sen. mark leno. scott weiner is going to do a
5:48 am
fantastic job. if it's an indication would you done in the city and county of san francisco we are looking for to his progressive voice of the state capital representing each and every one of you. melia, if we had number two to meet each other just a few months ago in the mission district at an event we work together at. i'm excited to work with melia as also to get she done a fantastic job and the fact that born and raised in this area, to his testament to your strong leadership. let's give it up for these wonderful elected officials. >>[applause] to cedric, mitchell thomas cedric mitchell and i had over two to meet each other for the first time 10 years ago. that was a decade. i want you to note because it's important to understand this. prior to that the culture at the department of recreation and park in sacramento was not as inclusive of urban areas in diverse communities. cedric, mitchell,
5:49 am
when we were together with ab - 31 really push the ball within the institution and really made him understand and realize that we need to work together and collaborate together to make this kind of relationship i want to thank cedric mitchell as well for all your very hard work and your future work together. >>[applause] now i'm good using the following. the idea or the thesis or the vision, if you will for ab - 31 was the following: that every single child, the young men and women sitting behind us here today and the young girls who danced for us today and all of the kids playing here today, every single child, your respective of who you are, where you come from, the queue of your skin, the language that you speak of your zip code, and yes, your legal status, deserves access to open parks and open space. >>[applause]
5:50 am
your financial wherewithal should never dictate if you have access to natural beauty. we know the reality whether it's in the bay area and southern california or elsewhere, how much money you have in your pocket in your account dictates if you access to the coast, if you access to fresh clean air that you breathe into your lungs from if you access to trees and shade if you have access to grass. unless you do unless you move policy with intentionality into a sense of purpose of the market forces will never allow children at the lowest economic strata especially children of color, to have access to great parks and open space. because their parents that work every single day to make this the largest economy in the nation to my california the fifth largest economy in the world, they don't have the luxury to go to rei and pull up either end how the quattro seven or subaru were able and by a cargo
5:51 am
box and put it on top and go to-three hours to pristine open land. i want to give a lot of credit to trust for public land a lot of credit in the leadership of will rogers. i want to give leadership to will rogers and the right folks at trust for public land. >>[applause] because ppl has really changed the paradigm. they have taken advantage incredibly soap of the ab - 31 really move the ball to great parks all over the state of california. as a result with ab - 31 re-created 131 brand-new parks but the state of california. parks that were never in existence to begin with that gives young children as we said a few moments ago, public health outcomes. weeding clean air into your lungs. type ii diabetes, obesity, these are real issue. active and passive parks. when we change the makeup of our communities young
5:52 am
men and women latinos african-americans, asian-americans, poor whites, they themselves are thinking, i deserve good things. i deserve access to parks. and skate parks. not just some kids from certain areas. but i deserve access to green parks. as ed ward oh and david and scott soon, and melia and other folks and community leaders like mayor and other folks as we work together with the overall ecosystem is how do we raise the minimum wage? adweek have access to green parks and open space we highly open enrollment at the slots at the university of california creek had we go for with our clean energy policies we can generate real job squeak as part of an overall ecosystem with intentionality and purpose. lastly i'm very proud to say that some remember eduardo garcia with the support of
5:53 am
summary member david chiu many colleagues in the assembly and i in the senate along with my good friend coming up scott weiner will be introducing a bond measure to create more parks for the state of california for the year 2018. >>[applause] >>[cheerring] so, phil, i want to thank you very much for your energetic and seen today for your leadership here in the city and county of san francisco. for maintaining our parks, creating new parks and for all the young boys and girls here today, in this area, bayview-hunters point, this is dedicated for each and every one of you because you deserve it. with that, thanks every one. thank you. >>[applause] >> welcome and you want to come up and join us real quickly and scott and melia if i'm going to introduce you next week on of maybe buried the lead here, kevin. thank you for your leadership and your commitment to equity get really
5:54 am
that's what it's about making sure that kids no matter what neighborhood you grew up in, no matter what your circumstances in life are that you have access to green space into an opportunity to play. so that it is part that they got down there with our kids playing right now, is honored in learning to there's a plaque down there that the trust for public land the recreation and park the barman and the city selected family have put on a playground and it honors your legacy of leadership to make sure all californians have axes to parks is a places to plague so this is your special place. thank you. >>[applause] >> now, to bring it home, to bring him and evolving weeding incredibly patient and we thank you but this is such an important space, and we want everybody to have a chance to feel it. but to bring it home, is our district supervisor here, melia cohen is just a
5:55 am
champion for so much that's sort of good and joyful she wants kids to be healthy. she wants kids to play and together we have been able to partner in this district for what i would call renaissance of bayview parks. not just here, but melia is leading the effort with us and ppl down at india basin. we just renovated gilman park would a brand-new soccer park at youngblood: part after part after part melia has been fighting to make sure the kids and families in her district have as good a parks as anyplace else in the city and in such an honor to partner with you, molly. so, bring it home. >>[applause] >> i will be honest it's cold sitting in the shade. >>[laughing] i'm envious of all you out there in the sun. so you've already heard from the distinguished panel and i want to add my voice and saying
5:56 am
thank you. i want to recognize phil and the entire ginsburg and frankly, the kids and your wife always come to park and rec events. thank you very much for dedicating your lives to not only the san francisco but to parks and open space. the entire park and rec department staff to my thank you. there's one settlor in particular i always joke that by saying he is a was davis's entire life. you may not know the story but robert watkins was trimming a tree and fell from the tree and broke a lot of bones, and barely survived. he is back down to six lives now. were going to pray for him that he has no more desire to climb trees. no more trees. but you know what the truth is? this happened give a lot of
5:57 am
accolades to the electives and to the nonprofit sponsors that i want to give voice and recognition to the small but mighty community neighbors that started the conversation back in 2010. i remember we were candidates and if you remember that race, there were totaled-22 candidates running for district 10 supervisor. josh freel was one of them. it was after a debate that i think the trust for public lands sponsored where we began to discuss why there are so many failing parks in district 10. why there are so many failing parks in district and with underperforming records and scores. after the election, jeffrey came to meet the said amount of start parks 94124 which is will a community-based organization. it started. we
5:58 am
made the introduction to fill ginsburg welcome them into the parks family get ppl welcome them and that's where it began. the hard work. so i want to recognize maja, who is at the helm now. >>[applause] mayor rogers, but i also want to recognize gina fromer, who is from the bayview. we got ed stewart here. icq. the federal. a couple girls here. via-molly, vanessa, there's an incredible amount of people that are not on the stage but stand behind me and stand next to me that are causally pushing and moving us forward. you know who else deserves recognition quick than it was at the bottom of this hill in shoreview. the neighbors that shortly. i met with them in 2013 about what we were going to do about this
5:59 am
part. i grew up here in san francisco so this part is actually very personal. i'm delighted to see we maintained the cement slab could believe it or not that's hours of fun. dangerous or not it's still fun. >>[laughing] you heard from the speakers before me, but it's clear this project is a beautiful-i mean fill ginsburg called me and texted me this week giddy about how he was so excited about what's happening on saturday and what we are doing. you know what, i would be remiss we need to reckon eyes-it takes a village to make all this happen. electives, public, private dollars, everyone that is rolled up their sleeves and people here out-of-date bayview hill neighbors association and the bayview hill residence, thank you very much. >>[applause] august made this happened in reality. this is personal. as you know, other
6:00 am
you might remember the sundial is part of a neighborhood character. this is an iconic location. when you say what you live? i live here the sundial people know what that means >> right. people know what that means you need me at the sundial. that means something so to be able to be divided give it new life means something. so no longer are we going to be sitting back on the sideline saying that's not for us. this is for us. this is creative for us to if you were born here, raised here, he played here, this is for you. if you were raising children in the community, this is for you. this is not for future generations this is for the people that are here and now. so why don't we are people telling me that this is nice but this is not for us. because that is not true. it is for the indigenous people of san francisco and for a long time the southeastern neighborhoods have suffered great lack of improved modern parts. those guys are gone. i'm telling you, we are not losing. we are no longer losing good we are at the forefront. there is momentum that is moving us forward and we are winning. we are winning. >>[applause] we've got the momentum and were
6:01 am
going to continue to carry it and make sure that every part is the every park in the southeast of san francisco every part in san francisco will be clean, we'll be safe, and it will be a fun place for everyone to have fun. so in the last three years i don't know if you knew this, we opened three new parts) the southeast. acheson this year alone. three. i'm proud to be part of this effort with park and rec to transform open space and little books and parks in the bayview community and the southeastern part of the city. the parks -there's no secret they do transform lives and they transformation occurs at the intersection of where people and community come together. they work with electives. so all of us who frankly should be excited about this accomplishment to preserve the treasured space for generations, to come to the community, and you know what,
6:02 am
that's enough of the speeches. let's cut this ribbon. let's get ready to open up this park and bless this place. let's get started, both good thank you. >> let's give it up for melia. >>[cheerring] were going to come down. everybody ready? five, four, three, two, one. >>[cheerring] congratulations everybody. >> >> >>
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>> the office of controllers whistle blower program is how city employees and recipient sound the alarm an fraud address wait in city government charitable complaints results in investigation that improves the efficiency of city government that. >> you can below the what if anything, by assess though the club program website arrest call 4147 or 311 and stating you wishing to file and complaint point controller's office the charitable program also accepts complaints by e-mail or 0 folk you can file a complaint or
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