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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  January 28, 2017 11:40am-1:41pm PST

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the stories of our diverse communities. speak today i am 134eu9 ing a request to have our controllers office provide a report for our board of supervisors
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regarding a 40 year history of baseline set asides of san francisco. as you know our budget has reached about 9 billion dollars. and 2 thirds of that is actually not discretionary and so i know that when we submit to voters ideas for funding proposals for baseline set asides and we take each item an subject on individual basis that they can be very attractive to voters and they often do pass. but also they do tie our hands for future boards up to 30 years plus. impacting future generations of discretionary spending capability here in san francisco. my goal is for this report to really show us the history of the baseline an set as sides that we have here in san francisco for the last 4 decades and to show how the impact our
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cities spending capability i do want to thank supervisor pest kin for joining me on this every. i again i think that often we larry about proposals that are that we don agree with. we don't disagree with fundamental. we want to support senior services an park maintenance an children's an families. but again we do need to get a handle on how it is that we are check actively passing so many baselines set asides that really impact again 2350u9 tour generations in san francisco. so that is a report that will kick off future efforts potential legislation potential proposal. an to lastly i want to submit an request to adjourn our meeting today in honor of a police officer who had passed away police officer stewart mull ver who worked at the airport bureau an passed away while on duty. he was someone who had
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responded to the {aeurb} ian a {stphraoeut} situation. while at the airport. helping passengers ie vac weight an guiding those who were able to make it out to safety. he had a very quirky personality that make everyone like him and he made friends with everyone while working with the airport with dispatchers field maintenance personnel anyone you name it. so we are very sad to hear about officer mull ver passing away so today i'd like to adjourn in his memory. spec supervisor yee. thank you madam clerk. today i'm going to be be introducing a few items. so i hope you would be patient with me today. last year i passed legislation to start into a majorities of our cities department of vehicles. tell man particulars a proven technology
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with benefits including increasing safety leads to substantial cost saving has been used as a tools to correct train an coach to encourage driving habit and a shown to have environmental habits in reducing emission. sips passage we have nearly 4 thousand of our cities vehicles installed with this technology. although it is early on in the collection with the data there is indication of trans mean seen an department identifying policy changes in order to increase safety. san francisco is a division 0 city an committed to work toward a goal to 0 traffic deaths by 20/204. we have a language way to go. in an tragically we have already had 2 deaths in 2017. we must do everything in our power to
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eliminate these absolutely preventable fatality. working with the support of city administrators advocates and with the union we were able to come to an agreement to {tpraeupb} our staff about tell mathematics with will allow for the most successful outcomes. typically san francisco leads the nation in setting precedent. in this case we are actually behind the curve. new york city police department has had similar technology for over a decade. i don't low county {sphreufz} department has similar technology. i'm introducing the expansion of technology for the law enforcement an public safety department. this will allow us to work toward meeting our goals and also be a 2 available for the departments used to identify trends an target increase public safety strategies. i look toward
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to sharing specific on the positive impacts of the current technology. and to working over law enforcement an public safety department and expansion of the tell mathematics. with their agreed upon {tkpwroel} of increasing the safety of our streets an i 245u7bg i'd like to thank super rise or kim for co sponsoring this. the next item is i have to say then this next item proves i'm a glut enforce punishment. but i am making another attempt to come together on solutions to address an issue that affects all our district which is prop recalling. it is civil hearing on neighborhood property crimes an conversation with public safety officers we pass legislation to support focus attention on this issue at the
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local police station level. the neighborhood property crimes required stronger coordination city wide across public safety department an emphasized the importance of community policing. it is also provided it also provided flexibility so that police captains an their staff can adapt to new crime trends an allocate the resource accordingly much the ordinance went through legislative process and was passed by the board last year with 7 to 3 vote but it was quickly vetoed. so in addition to ballot initiative proposition r called for centralized crime unit an requires san francisco police department to allocate 3 percent of the police staff to this unit if we were to meet officers as dictated by the charter. well
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it didn't pass. so it left us with nothing at this point. so over the last month or so i've been thinking well should we bring it back to the table? and i've chosen to bring it back to the table and i'm hoping that there will be more thorough discussion. especially from the mayor's office. to add into what is necessary to get this done and i'm look forward to working with this new board. and the mayor. and a newly appointed chief scott and communities leaders to address this chronic issue. the residents of san francisco have also spoken loud an clear. we don't need to go to ballot box to provide property crimes more focus attention. can we finally put the good politics aside an work
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on something proactively? i think so. i am open to having discussions on how we can make this a {hraepblg} late tive impactful. i want to thank the police department and the officers who attempted to do more with less. i'd like to thank supervisor for co sponsoring this what is this ? item. sorry. the third item that i'd like to introduce is that something that was featured in new york times the san francisco chronicle as well as the examiner last week. typically making hid lines with great but i have to admit this was a bit of a bitter sweet. the source feature were about the challenges for people who want to raise a family in the city. san francisco is
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notoriously known as a city of no children. only 18 percent of the household have children compared to the national average of 29 point 4. percent. only 13 point 4 percent of our entire population is under 18. by 24th it is estimated san francisco will grow about another 200 thousand even if maintain our low child percentage of 13 point 4 percent by 24th we would still need housing for additional 27 thousand children. while we are losing families we cannot accept this as a reality. we have to do something about it. my vision to reverse this trend and push the envelope about ways we can make san francisco a city for families of all income
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levels. in july 2015 i introduced a resolution requesting the resolution of a policy paper an design guidelines for family friendly housing that was unanimously supported by the board of supervisor at the time. we can aspire to building these type of housing. last week we held an informational hearing with the planning commission and it was filled with robust discussion around this issue. even at transportation demand management plan ordinance that passed land use committee yesterday included family children element to it. i hope that this is the starting point for many future discussions on how best we can build an make the city 1 for children an families again. this is why i'm requesting us to meet as a committee of the whole to
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hear about the findings an recommendations from the draft paper developed by the planning department. i think all of you have share my passion for children an families. as a new grandfather this has renewed my {kpheurplt} to maintaining a vibrant city for generation toss come. i want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the planning director planning director john ram an remarkable staff sheila and anne who created this draft on paper. and colleagues i hope you will support this motion and i look forward to working with you on this important issue. [bettina shuford:] my next item is i'm calling for a hearing for an update on a work and next steps
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for our children our family counsel. as you recall this counsel was created after the passage of prop 6's c. in 2014 to align efforts across the city and partnership with the departments the school district an community. with the goal to promote increases accessibility and enhanced effectiveness of programs an services for children youth an families. this counsel work is critical an cannot come at a more important time because we are continued to lose one of the cities most important assets. which is families and children. and city's we must support of the work of the count an ensure our leadership department an school district an communities work is coordinated and aligned to increase efficiency address gaps an services an our
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focusing on issues that most impact family flight. our children families counsel outcome for was approved one year ago and this hearing is an opportunity to have the counsel present their strategies an plans to best meet unmet needs of our cities families an i want to thank supervisor kim an fewer for the co sponsorship of this hearing. the next item is really a sad thing to me even to introduce but with heavy rain storm and impact on residents an their properties today i am requesting a hearing to explore what puc and the department of public works the short strategies to reduce the efforts of flooding during heavy storms. which severely impacts certain neighborhoods in the city. particularly dis {treublgt} 7,
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8, 9, 11 and the great highway area. my district there are 2 priority neighborhoods which experienced heavy flooding an received assistance from puc which is 15th an with a won't a and ingleside terrace. in other district the this include the upper great highway area. and that is heavily affected in district 4. the border of district eight and 11 on k-i uga avenue is affected. maze an 17th an [folsomfollow some] areas are heavily affected areas. and district 7 beside the chi oga avenue street there is the mission terrace neighborhoods that are also greatly affected. there
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are several long-term sewer improvement projects and resilience studies scheduled in this district an calling to consider long-term strategies. i know puc is working on their strategies and i'm looking forward to hearing from them. so. i want to thank supervisor [tangtanktanning], fewer, {saf} fee, and ronin for co sponsoring this hearing today. [bettina shuford:] thank you supervisor yee. president breed. speaker: thank you colleagues. just a few items here today. i'll start by saying that supervisor percent kin isn't only person being featured in a film. i have my own film that is about graffiti an my graffiti legislation an an
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artist that is famous for being i guess public graffiti artist. his name is bang c. and the documentary is called saving bang c an that is playing at the roxie tomorrow night and this week end and there is a clip in there with me. maybe a small clip but it's a clip nevertheless. so anyway there is my hollywood debut. colleagues as you know, this is been a tough monday for muni. and i'm finished with the movie thing. i'm onto the next item. it's been a tough month or muni an on news years day the next best predictions for the arrival time stopped working. apps an signs at the bus stop gave wildly inaccurate information about when the next bus or train may come. riders were greeted with the signs saying the bus would be there in 75 minutes or maybe
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not at all. this made it incredibly difficult for people to plan the trips. muni riders gave up or drive and call t and c and a lot of folks who didn't have that option. unless people waiting unfairly {-pb} unnecessarily in the cold in the rain and it shook confidence in the public transit system in which 7 hundred thousand riders rely on daily. i want muni riders to know the board of supervise others hears your concerns an we will work with the s-f mpa to make sure the problems are addressed. supervisor [fairlyferrel] has been working with mta on issues as well an i'd like to thank for his advocacy. here's is what we know so far. the vehicles prediction called next muni is transmitted by a t a p t's wireless cell phone network. since muni was the first transit agency to adopt such
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a system the infrastructure installed in 2002 relies on 2 g wireless network. 2 g yes. it is very outdated an at&t is deactivating it nationwide. muni learn of the plan deactivation in 2012 and has been {worb} to go up grade muni shelters an vehicles but they were not prepared for did not expect the 2 g deactivation to start when it did and that left a 150 trains and more than 500 busses without the necessary equipment that allows next bus screens to predict their arrival. muni has been working to upgrade these vehicles each night as busses an trains finished service their modems are being replaced an row programmed to connect to higher grade 3g network. as of today muni has more than 9 percent coverage across the city an expect to have a hundred percent coverage by the end
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of this week. i'm glad muni is mostly through the woods and this acute crisis but there are 2 unavoidable troops here. this should have never happened in the first place. even on a good day the next bus system is below par often misjudging when the vehicles will arrive or displaying ghost but that is don't ever actually show up. muni needs to do better. they have to do better. and i will work with mta leadership is am could go today to evaluate their next step. i want to see if forensic analysis of what when wrong this month as well as a plan that not only for how mta is responding to this failure but how we are going to improve vehicles production moving forward. i look forward to seeing their answers an i will continue advocating for hundreds of family of san franciscans who depend on muni to be reliable an
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predictable. we [ohowe] them better than what has happened this month and especially with the expectations of our new incredible looking clean trains that will probably hit the streets this summer. we need to be prepared for that as well. so. that is one thing and the last 2 items i have today colleagues are 2 in {phepl} more iums. one is for someone i've nine for so long miss nancy watson. i want to adjourn the meeting in her honor. she passed away on january 14th of this year. she was from louisiana but moved to san francisco in the 1950 worked as a health care providers until she retired. her and my grandmother were really close. i grew up going to her house a lot when i was a kid. she
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raised her granddaughter who i was close to and is like family to me and it has been an amazing life as a kid to have grandmother's like miss nancy watson who always had food for you or always had a kind word. always had a lecture. always just had a warm home filled with love. and she will be dearly missed by her amazing family. i also would like to do an in {phepl} morium in memory of who passed away on december 2016. her son moved to st. francis square in my district in 1989 and they became heavily involved in the community. for many years she was a {tkhaeur} of the building an grounds committee at st. francis square which he was nope as fiesty an
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dedicated advocate an community member. upon retiring from the commission contributed her good spirit an photography skills to document key movement within st. francis square an photos for circling the square. eye rent as a fierce advocate of solar electricity which led to the conservation committee installing solar pam's in 2012. she will be greatly missed by her friends her family. and she was an amazing spirit. i had an opportunity to attend her 90 th birthday party. and that lady had some serious moves. an she was fun. she had an incredible smile. she was a leo just like me. maybe that's why we got a long so well. she was one of the sweetest ladies i've
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known. she succeeded in death by her daughter wendy. may she rest in peace and i forgot to mention a in regards to miss nancy watson she is survived by her son he will like a watson an with that madam clerk the rest i submit. speaker: seeing no other names on the roster i believe that concludes the introduction of new business. let's go to public comment. the up to 2 minutes on items within the subject 3459 er jurisdiction of the board to include the minutes. and item 58 including {whrorpbtd} you go into public into closed session and the rest of the items on the adoption with that reference to calendar. please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisor. speakers using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify an if you would like your document to be
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displayed state such to sfg tv an remove the document when you'd like to have it return to the life coverage of the meeting. thank you. first speaker please. [bettina shuford:] (speaking ) (speaking in another language )
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donald trump. good afternoon. my name is -- i am here in america 34 years. 32 years i involve and i get here in america in city hall. 32 years. i decided to be one of the community activists and homeless advocate to fight for the homeless people who can't provide for themselves. i wish and i would like [toetow] remind all of you about our former president. when he became the president he -- kick all the russian people from my
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country. most of them is spy. the people coming from russia is buying. now going -- can he kick him? he can't. they book their own news on his neck for 2 reasons. they have movie about him. maybe he have money --. or -- them. when you are coming here and 2, 3 hours we talk with you from our heart. i'm here to tell to our supervisors you people coming now in our city hall welcome and i wish you good luck and happy new year and let me see
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if you can work with our. get action yesterday to do something else to him. speaker: thank you for your comments. thank you. next speaker please. [bettina shuford:] i miss mark. it's strange. we have a our differences but i really miss him. i remember i was at the burger king an he had his cell phone up like this and i had the distinct impression he was harassing me on purpose although he wouldn't look at me or talk to me. an i thought it's strange. i don't hate anyone. if i do i'm wrong with god and i need to repent but i'm speaking the truth. okay, i'm speaking the truth and it all comes down to the resurrection of jesus. he's going to hold you accountable for murder. abortion is murder and i thank god for
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president {trpl} {-pz} trying to {stpop} the murder of innocent children. okay. that are in their mothers womb. abortion is murder. it's wicked. it's wrong. an god says that. and he cap change god. i just called 10, 15 minutes ago. chapel 7 said why aren't you talking about the fact roger stone was almost assassinated. you don't think this is worthy. the guy pretended he didn't know about i am. roger stone is one of the most important men in the world. he arrange the meeting with reagan said i feel like he's the president and i'm the citizen. roger stone has been given this inn which is by the all mighty to know talent in men an he almost got killed. somebody put plutonium in his drink. you can see all the blotches on his chest an on his
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face. he asked me why hasn't president trump said something? i don't know. when you are up there that high you have all {sortsdz} of things you have to deal w and he wrote this book on jfk that gets into the fact that bush senior assassinated kennedy. [bettina shuford:] thank you for your comments. next speaker please. [bettina shuford:] good afternoon supervisors. an i came here for a party for linda post and i stayed for the meeting. i guess that means i'm a meeting junky. so. we're in our honeymoon phase with you all. an i really would like to welcome supervisor ronin fewer sheehy an newly appointed or elected to the bore. nice to be working with you especially supervisor sheehy and i'll be bugging you as well
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as everybody else. also welcoming back jane kim from her race. and we're so glad to have you on the board supervisor kim. i was really pleased to say here today and listen to the legislation that's being proposed. through introduction. no registries for the members of islam. womens health. the glb t museum. the traffic plan. i'm sorry the traffic plan for new developments. which supervisor cohen cuss tuscan are proposing which i read about in the examiner today. and i share supervisor tanks and peskins concern about set asides. i don't think that's the way to run the city.
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also 2 things. based on what was said about at&t 50 years later we're still saying as willie tomlin did. we don't have to. we're the phone company. and also i'd what like to protest the continued use of banners on market street to proclaim that abortion kills women. and i think there must be some way to aside from calling for free speech issues to not allow these banners to fly in our city. speaker: thank you. next speaker please. [bettina shuford:] goods afternoon supervisor. i'm peter warfield director of library users association. kevin starr died saturday before last an i've not asked you this but i'd like
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to suggest 6adjourning in his honor. he was very interestingly the obituaries i have seen have said practically nothing an in some cases omitted his stint as city librarian but in a book by nichols bass baines patience in fortitude he was interviewed about that time. he was opposed to building the new main {pwhraoeub} {pwraer}. wanted to a renovation instead. his opposition caused him to be forced out of his position. many years later after the new main opened he spoke did he is not ly and even {pwraeufl} about the design. he said building quota amount to a
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reverse paradigm of what a great library should be unquote. he was very much appalled by the book dumping the library did that supervisor here mentioned a prior book burning an that was a kind of book burning here in san francisco. he called it shocking. he was a big enough man to also appreciate citizen activists an citizen watch dogs and in this connection one of his columns in the examiner said playing this role that's the watch dog role at the san francisco public library is james chave eman devoted to department an welfare of that beleaguered institution. he's a big guy. i hope you will adjourn in his honor . speaker: supervisor pest kin has introduced in {phepl} more ian on behalf of {kef} in star. next
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speaker please. [bettina shuford:] good evening supervisors. my name is kurt and i'm oh resident of district 4. today i want to speak against public funding of immigrant legal defense. item number 161344. because it raises serious constitutional and legal issues. in short it is. [bettina shuford:] to the speaker i'm pausing your time. that item is not eligible to be spoken about today as it already has its public comment spoken about in committee. you can speak generally about the item but not the specifics of the item. i'll resume the time. [bettina shuford:] i'm not sure i understand. sin this public comment on anything? speaker: this is general public comment on item not on our agenda today. the general public comment period occurred on this
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item at committee. which is where the charter states. the public comment hans. [bettina shuford:] the finance committee? [bettina shuford:] sir if you give us a moment and you want to come back to public comment we'll step to the side an have a discussion with you. and then if you want to come back an provide comment you can do so at that time. [bettina shuford:] okay. we'll have someone plane to you. we'll start your time over when you come back once we explain to you what the process is around public comment. just give us a minute. thank you. next speaker please. [bettina shuford:]. speaker: resident of district 2. something horrible is happening in district 4 which affect me. and that is mta is taking an ax to
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public transportation on taraval street. they're eliminating bus stops which works to the detriment of seniors an disabled. supervisor cohen referred to the basic dignity of everyone and this includes our seniors and the disabled of our city. and the threat is not coming from washington. it is internal coming from mta itself. which has colossal disrespect for seniors an disabled. they're throwing them up the wheels. this is outrageous. now this blur really has a responsibility to talk to ed ly and steve an put a stop to this nonsense. this affect the whole city. it's not only district 4. it's happened in my district where they eliminated 2 college meant an 26 valencia to st. luke's hospital. clearly mta is out of control. an mta stands
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for monster transit agency. as well as other things. it stands for more train wrecks ahead. i also want to call attention tooth demolition of san francisco landmark. leftie [ohowe] dual a restaurant that's a drawing point for people in and out of the city runs the risk of being -- and don't be suprised with the growing viral development of developers this city hall may become a house of condominiums an supervisors may have to work out of their own home. maybe we can call it trump west. [bettina shuford:] thank you. next speaker please. [bettina shuford:] good evening president and this is my haunt going on 101 an she has something to say to you. go ahead. [bettina
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shuford:] oh. i'm here to ask help to keep my house. they're trying to take my house. thank you. [bettina shuford:] what she has said an i'll translate to you. she's asking for help. peter owen the director for burlington vermin has fired the city of san francisco condo conversion process. he stated in the application iris move to texas. which is fraud. he also attached fraudulent document to the deed of trust an ray add loot against her. she is on purchased a life estate an she prepared for her old age. the life estate allows her to be in the property. [bettina shuford:] do you want her to sit down while you continue talking? [bettina shuford:] thank you for allowing that but they're still pushing. now the attorneys are trying to bull low the sheriff's dem.
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this fraud has been committed not only again the city of san francisco but against an elderly person. what threshold does she have at that arise to. your aging will row what you sent an e-mail that's dismissive. this is also dismissive. jennifer smith supposed to be the case manager has not returned my phone calls since june. camaras at front an back door. them answering the door saying she doesn't live there. she's harassed her to the point of a stroke. we're asking what threshold does she have to raise for the agency that are suppose {tproed} text her to take action? thank you. [bettina shuford:] an thank you for your help. [bettina shuford:] thank you. thank you for your comments. neck speaker please. [bettina shuford:] good evening supervisors. this evening i want to
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{spabg} against public funding of immigrant legal defense in general. because it raises serious constitutional and legal issues. in short it is illegal. our constitutional 6th amendment establish the right to an attorney an criminal court. government funded defender is only in criminal cases not in civil cases and not in civil immigration court. in fact under the immigration naturalization act statute using government money for the legal december of any ail general in immigration court is play tant leanne specifically illegal. we trust the supervisors to spend the peoples money in a legal manner. you are going to have to find a different way to fund this using private money rather than the peoples money. rather than public money. use
12:39 pm
your own damned money. thank you. {spa*epbg} thank you. next speaker please. [bettina shuford:] tom gilbert tea. congratulations on all our new people. i'm joining our old people. you all have a sense of dynamism that is beyond my scope. i don't know of it but congratulations. and to all the staff and the people that work in this building government is our people. this is our house. this is wonderful responsibility to be a part of i tip hi hat to all of you. i don't get the show at home. we don't get this on my cable. i come here i get information i get when i come here. i miss the committee meetings. and i wish i didn't. but
12:40 pm
still my two cents sometimes i think is worth a nickle. so. i come. there was a tough election. sadness for our political process. which looks like it's in ruins. from electorial congress our board candidates established . power brokers democratic an republic monopolies keeping out the growing number of independent voters. that we need to welcome. not to mention the waste of a corporate media of nothingness. this saturday looks {hrao*eubg} a whole lot of people were baptized on the streets of san francisco went around. i hope the activity continues. they'll be involved. a the love people are feeling terrible when our mayor was reelected. i felt just as
12:41 pm
terrible. i felt he is holding back this city and this bay area from the what is really needed in our time an our place. thank you. i'm glad to be here. i'm glad you are here. [bettina shuford:] thank you for your comments. neck speaker please. okay. if there are any other members of the public that would like to {trae} the board during public comment now is your community. [bettina shuford:] any other members the public that would like to provide public comment at this time. public comment is now employee ed. madam clerk. let's go to the adoption without reference to committee item. item 55 through 58 are being considered for adoption without committee reference. these items could be if the resolution is atop ed by a single roll call vote. otherwise you can consider it separately. supervise or cohen. speaker: thank you very much.
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i want to make sure i heard correctly. beer talking about item 55. the clerk has confirmed it. i'm asking for your support on a resolution. speak i'm sorry. [bettina shuford:] i'd like to poll. [bettina shuford:] madam clerk. speaker: 58 please. [bettina shuford:] you with a not to pull 508? speaker: it needs to be amended to the new day. [bettina shuford:] thank you. on the remaining item please call the role. [bettina shuford:] on item 56 through 57 supervisor could he inn --. supervisor [fairlyferrel]. --. fewer. --. super rise or kim. kim --. supervisor percent kin. ronin. --. supervisor {saf} fi ie. {ao*eub}.
12:43 pm
supervisor sheehy. supervisor [tangtanktanning]. --. supervisor yee. eye. supervisor breed. there are 11 eyes. speaker: okay those items resolution are adopted unanimously. madam clerk please read item number 55. [bettina shuford:] item to urge the city to join this stepping up initiative to reduce the number of people in jails. speaker: this is a pretty straight forward an clean piece of legislation. it's a resolution urging the city and county of san francisco to join the stepping up initiative. to reduce the number of people with mental illness in our county jails. it touches all of us. and san francisco in san francisco approximately 10 percent of the department of public health 25 thousand behavioral health system client had a contact in the jail this past fiscal years. 20 percent of those
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clients report having some history of criminal justice contact which is somewhere between 7 an 14 percent of the jail population which was 13 thousand 50044 in 2 thou 5. has serious mental illness. this includes schizophrenia bipolar disorder an manic depression. now we are known for our john ross tea of social service and has let mental illnesses with a one-way ticket to our city. this is not a sustainable condition. we can't afford to be a safety net for the entire country. especially if the care is not as effective as it could be. we cannot focus on identifying funding to build nor jails. the goal to give what you main treatment for the conditions. so we cannot send
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people up and away and will away the condition. we need compassion. i want to recognize the supervisors for the sponsorship on this resolution. thank you. [bettina shuford:] thank you and seeing no other names on the roster calling can we take this item. without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. item 58. [bettina shuford:] a motion of board of supervisor convene today january 24 with labor negotiators mayor's office an resource regarding negotiations with labor unions representing city employees. this is not as time sensitive as we thought it was. [bettina shuford:] which is why it's on the calendar now and would like to ask that we do a one week
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continuance and we amend the date to january thirty-first, 20, 17. move by supervisor pest kin an [yee] can we take without objection an on the item as amended colleagues can we take the same call without objection a motion is approved unanimously. all right an now do we need to call the closed session or okay food? yeah we're at the end. {phadz} amount clerks please read the in {phepl} morium. this will be adjourned in the following individual on behalf for the late mr. stewart mow var. on behalf of the president breed for the late mrs. nancy watson an irene ben [ohowe] an on behalf for the late mr. kevin starr. all right. the end of our agenda madam
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clerk any other business before us today. speaker: that concludes our business for today. [bettina shuford:] great we are adjourned. thank you today is
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january 24, 2017, roll call
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please ms. casco. >> mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase thank you ms. norton mr. sanchez mr. walton ms. ing thank you. >> thank you. please join me for pledge of allegiance for pledge of allegiance to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you it is good to see everyone here in attention this evening we will have a packed agenda we'll hear if our public first item a approval of the minutes from the regular board meeting from january 10th.
1:02 pm
>> i move adoption of the minutes. >> thank you roll call please. thank you ms. ing on the minutes mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez thank you and mr. walton thank you 5 i's. >> thank you ms. casco has been jounsz or announces members of the public are remind if he with wish to address the board of education an valid can complete and speaker card and presented it to the which you have been assistant speaker cards will not be accepted to be an item arrested before the board presentations to the board of education we have the sprint report superintendant lee. >> thank you, president walton
1:03 pm
i have a few events to report out one that is took place and two, that will take place soon this part saturday, i had the pleasure of attending a marin with the city and county of san francisco and goes to support the black students in the city of san francisco we choose the fifth black family day for the first day and willie l. brown middle school there was a great turnout roughly three to four hundred participants and over 4 hundred partners offered a variety of resource from 67 and summer programming to financial and wellness services additionally families workshops that were offend by the
1:04 pm
african-american parent advisory committee or apac and support for families thanks to urban ed and sanborn map pa and willie l. brown middle school for sharing space and partnering to make black family day a huge success tomorrow january 21st the arts fair at the asian arts museum on 200 larkin street from 4 to 6:00 p.m. with the arts corridors and administrators and parents a window to the wealthy of art education that schools can take vantage of since sfusd schools are beginning do sharp their 2016-2017 school budgets including how did they want to spend their art enrichment fund dollars this event comes at a good time and part of master
1:05 pm
plan, which is a blueprint from integrating the arts into students daily curriculum coordinated by the art education of bay area up to 50 representatives of culture arts providers will be on hand and our very own board of education president trump will be providing brief remarks they brief. >> so at the same time or offer lapsing time a lot going on tomorrow everybody from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and palace hundred on 2 montgomery street the sfusd high schools from the career pathways will be presenting hands on projects showing the technical skill and talking about their work experience to san francisco industry partners and community-based organizations and parent and peers the students are conducting market
1:06 pm
research to create angle ad campaign constricting a large than life game of mousetraps with designs and showing you how food travels from farm to table the technical education program represents 13 sectors from urban argue to bio technical and building and construction trades to marketing and finance offering two to three can classroom that allows students to meet professional and gain experience from a career path and learning about the training to get there and finally we want to remind the community that all sfusd are closed for lunar new years this friday gung hay fat choy thank you mr. walton.
1:07 pm
>> item c recognitions and resolution of the accommodations to. >> two rave special service awards the first, it lauren miller a teacher at the sf public monetary this will be presented by our principal. >> she's our second and third grade teacher. >> (clapping.) >> i have a few words to say about lauren she came to us she's forensic from austin,
1:08 pm
texas a thoughtful reflective teacher consistently shows care and a whole love of love it is because it she's an excellent model the students show care to their classmates she takes the time to get to know her students i appreciate she has a strong relationship with every single family parents and kids caregivers know when they drop off their students in the morning she cares for and treats them with the dignity and respect and loves them all for what they are she provides opportunities for each students to shown to do they're very best it brings me great pleasure to witness her
1:09 pm
positive attitude even while dealing with challenges we know that teaching brings her commitment and the joy and enthusiasm to the classroom every single day thank you lauren. >> (clapping.) >> >> (clapping.) >>
1:10 pm
(laughter) good evening my name is mark i'm the principal of john o'connor school >> (clapping.) >> yeah john o'connell i'd like to welcome up amy our rave award wisp at the john o'connor school come on up here amy as a posse we role susan the principal at o'connell we all have one person in our lives we want went to school with and entitled us had us going and loved when that rough day came we went to amy is that person at john o'connor school she is the rock for our students she's the rock for adults
1:11 pm
regardless of what is happening amy will be there firmer and have you sit down before you leave she'll have you regardless of what is going on in our world she'll sit down with you and make sure things are okay. at a minimum have a plan to walk out that's why mr. ryan and i are unusual in her office and figure out what we're doing it is a great pleasure to introduce amy she's talented we're anticipating that amy takes the ranks this is how amazing she is the most amazing counselor in the world amy. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations.
1:12 pm
>> (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> thank you. >> thank you >> (clapping.) >> once again congratulations to all the honorees and the rave honorees this evening great work we appreciate everything she does and item d student delegate report. >> buenas dias and mr. walton. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the s ac c business february with the first of all, as a senior i want to tell all
1:13 pm
the seniors that are almost done in february the college applications will be finishing and once again college it next the journey to college is almost there work but we are almost there keep on going and next the undocumented resolution it has been sent to committees and students from different schools across the city will be coming to this to discussion on the resolution and have discussions with the board of education and district employees next will be our scc curriculum updates we'll continue looking at the sfusd dress code survey and help with the curriculum with our data gathered tomorrow and it will be upstairs everyone is welcome to see if they want
1:14 pm
to gather and see the data that we've collected and come back and report back and talk to the board of education on how what can we move forward with that. >> thanks maria the next is the 19 c crook health committee two projects one is the update of fellow students working with the philistine hearts with the shelter and arrange a potluck and in addition sfusd is discussing whistle project in the process another did you want is the sf cc special district committee update some of the reps are here we want to give
1:15 pm
them a shout with the young and future forum at the mix if you're an sfusd please raise your hand thank you >> (clapping.) >> essential what they did present and try to recruit more students and talk about our upcoming events called the youth submit on march 17 from 9:30 to 2:30 contract next meeting is monday february 17th in the board meeting room. >> thank you student delegate for all the s ac c members next the advisors reports to the reports by the board members internet we believe we have a
1:16 pm
presentation this evening. >> yes. we do so tonight we have our annual report from the it is my duty title vii the report will be presented i believe by a team and let me i'm going to turn it over to our indian title vii flores. >> many this any this iny tht
1:17 pm
commissioners hello my name is chance to i'm - i am the newly san francisco unified school district student sorry - superintendant carranza chairperson i'll let any son introduce himself. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> he i said hello, i'm from
1:18 pm
the bunted of rose bud and lower resolution i'm in the 8 gated grade and the null appoint san francisco indian education tax representative good evening, everybody my name is melanie i'm a parent of pack committee and represent the nation from arizona i got two children in schools i represent 10th grade from the june jordan high school and the middle school. >> good evening. i'm amanda i am a parent of two daughters two go to mission delores academy sorry eight grade and second and i just want to acknowledge everybody behind us welcome i
1:19 pm
hope you enjoy the presentation and in turn at mentoring the staff. >> so tonight we are here to speak to the need of the indian education and how it supports the cultural needs of american indian in the san francisco unified school district now i want to take you through some highlights and i want to highlight a few of our 2016 accomplishments summer science is 8 to 10 days and cultural and family night partnership with national binders conference 2016, report a nation across the state and reservation participation expansion the staff and tutoring environmentalist to school and
1:20 pm
lastly we brought a youth designation to la for the international leadership submit in february between the 25 and 27, 2016 moving along as you can see the list is full i want to share a full of the intertribal community successes office staff has training for in coming families with an 8 increase in 506 forms allowing us to serve the new indian-american families expand the corridor positions from school term to full terms. >> pack and title vii working with the community the indian education title vii in
1:21 pm
cooperation with the community agency as much as the indian-american youth services and house of indian-american services to support our families and students. >> this bind program fourth the native youth leaders by creating opportunities for youth to participate and network by attend the world renown indigenous youth have attended the binders conference since 2013 in the addition has been a partner since the beginning witnessed the larger youth to every participate in the leadership program as well as the most comprehensive programming for and by native
1:22 pm
youth here's a snapshot of our attendees so you can get an idea would was represented and represent as well as seeing the youth in action. >> hi so this is a belief history i'm sure you saw it at the last board meeting of indian ed in 1972 the office of education was created and along with the indian education act the original act was amended in 1974 to include will teacher training and foreperson training in 2001 no child left behind we authorized as title vii so then
1:23 pm
in 2011 president obama created a working group to strengthen the connection to tribal and universities for native youth this is the 506 form that was previously mentioned the main funding mechanism for tindian program the newest version and has gone through many changes i'm told it is very important, important the program they be filled out to track the students and also receive the funding this is statistics on enrollment in the unified school district from the cd state data from 2011 school year went from 200 and 84
1:24 pm
enrolled native alaska and up to last year 200 and 44. to point out it is a low job in comparison to other ethnicity but for us it it represents around 20 families that may have been pushed out of san francisco and it just reinforces the service that indian tribes by supporting families in connecting with programming and different resources to stay within the city want to jump to the graduation rate of for native students as 53 percent compared to all students of 85 percent and we wanted that, of course, to be 100 percent but compared to the
1:25 pm
job out rates from 2011 school year 21.4 percent to 2014 to 15 at the 15.8 percent seeing that drop dramatically is really currently for the program to see since they started the program this is a snapshot of some data that is requested by the program to see where they can to death especially high schoolers to see who is at highest risk of not graduating and so shows the different percentages based on if they're on track to graduate or not.
1:26 pm
>> indian ed offers k through 12 academic support to help the students with resources to support their cameras success cultural nights for medication bags and supply gave a ways a public safety presentation. >> some intertribal community challenges we are facing stereotyping of indian-american and native curriculum for students and historical drama and cultural competency. >> some top priorities for us are cultural competency with sensitivity training for the staff of the schools continued
1:27 pm
input into occur california ed with cultural barriers to the indian-american and assess excuse me - emotional support with continuing to expand staff support for indian ed and providing structure for native language proficiency to meet the a g requirements. >> continuing with top priorities policies and operations board adopted the policy that unified school districts follow the mandates of title 7 ed code and the united nation on the rights of indigenous people in october identification procure,
1:28 pm
i.e., training of e p staff at sanchez on - add scheduled in the coming months now the fun part to show off some of our cultural nights pride the it up right is picture that demonstrates our beneath we've night the top left the making of sweat dresses and the do it yourself making butter. >> continuing on to path to identify and success are students participate in the annual initiative heritage night at the city hall includes the dancers. >> path to identify and
1:29 pm
success those come from the end of the community selection the top right is the student that was comfortable to celebrate the bottom right shows our youth giving back to community and the top right array waiting patiently to get her gift bag. >> education and culture equals strength from the international indigenous leadership submit coordination with the migrate ed. >> now we invite you all to join us with the moving forward we'll be honoring the youth elderly and our graduating seniors on may starting at the
1:30 pm
12:00 p.m. at the sanchez auditorium thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so much again for coming out tonight it is always a pleasure to hear from the indian education program thank you, mr. steel. >> we do have a people signed up for public comment on this item so before we mare from my colleagues let me call th
1:31 pm
(calling names) please note it that. is two minutes and the microphone is over here to any rig my right. >> hello, i'm shelly mother of gina she's from the standing rock and tribe in pine ridge in south dakota this year she began at the mission high school i picked up her social studies textbook and i was shocked to deliver discover that natives with not represented this is asian and african clults are
1:32 pm
covered the rich and numerous cultural have not covered except in anthropologists when ancient americans are described as a psychologist i know how for the confidence be elected in her school books evict the upper classmate i ask you rectify this with equality representation in the social studies course and reflect the ask we rename columbus to indigenous folks thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good afternoon my name is michelle i'm from the bank on nation i am a proud parent
1:33 pm
avenue a galileo high school graduate who's now off to college in minute police officers and i want want to voi lot of our students face many challenges have lots of barriers for them to be going to school and not have that cultural competency with their educators and administration is crucial to they're learning the success to move on and go to graduate and go on to higher education our community has one of the highest drop-out rates it are
1:34 pm
important we can't stress what is going on in our country our community was hit with bad news about the - that effects the kids how can they feel good and concentrate on school with stuff going on and teachers and administrators are not considered what they're going through sometimes a matter of looking at the students and looking at what their struggling with but, yeah they maybe late with their homework one day the fact they're turning in their homework and the fact they have summer and get the tutoring and more importantly the support our kids are looefrp to walk and balance with culture and mainstream society it is so hard to do in the city i want to stress the cultural competence.
1:35 pm
>> i'm this is my first time born and raised in san francisco from california soma county a graduate if galileo high school and here to support the native youth that is very important thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, everyone so my name is vicky i'm a part of the my own education program a student mentor we want to say a few words in support of this presentation and shout out everyone that presented working diligently practicing everything, everything this was great to start off groping up as
1:36 pm
a at risk youth i know how important for reason indian education and needed and crucial to have call the roll. >> competent teachers and administration currently competent say can be said but takes the effort of an individual to gain the understanding and want to invest in native youth education another thing i want to talk about is indigenous people today how it is too important to be able to celebrate the original people of this land all the land that you see and all the land in sf is all native land and so curable to celebrate that beautiful history that was in the genocide that columbia created so those are just a few words i want to say in support of education program and proud
1:37 pm
to be a tutor mentor and hope to work and build our program thank you . >> (clapping.) >> good evening as a parent and a grapple i'm here again and we're here i want to read something to everyone it's not my words but words written by someone you should recognize native-americans have shaped the united states we have worked to protect the scald land and restored any acres of tribal homeland and report a greater representation of indigenous people before the united nations
1:38 pm
and called for further implementation of the declaration of the rights of indigenous people in recognition of the immeasurable contributions if native-americans have made we advocate for standing opportunity across the indian country we have supported tribal colleges and universities and worked to return control of education to tribal nations not only to prepare the demand for future employment but promote their tribal languages and cultures president obama we can't believe the lies it is hard for me not to sound political but right now our
1:39 pm
children are hearing lies and telling them those lies are true don't blame yourself please keep with our commitment and help us to live and thrive don't forget our people and languages don't forget yourselves the truth. >> (clapping.) >> good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is a better a schmidt i've been i was born and raised in san francisco and went to the san francisco unified school district attended san francisco state university and unfortunately, i of the unable to graduate due to financial my financial situation at the time but when indian ed came to the bay area i was one of the first people to jump on board i was
1:40 pm
raised without indian ed in the unified school district and had to fight everyday to let people know we're native-american i was in the beginning afraid and shamed to say my nationality but i'm wash 0 from nevada from carson city, nevada all the way down to auburn to mona lake and marysville in california to be able to see indian ed being in the unified school district is going full force really makes me feel to grateful to the school board for accepting us and accepting the fact that we


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