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tv   Board of Education 22817  SFGTV  March 1, 2017 1:30pm-5:31pm PST

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different metrics percentage of annual revenue, 15 percent annual and 15 expenses for then we mix in the concept of debt recovery because of way it is structured so we worked with our financial advisor you see the reports attached to the united item to look at the financial policies are opportunities for the financial policies and a compare them to industry standards and exception and other agencies and they produced a fair comprehensive report and review the recommendations with respect to the fund reserve policy what staff is recommending to the commission to simplify the policy and standard device the metrics so the first one to have a debt recovery and take the debt recovery out of the
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discussion second recommendation one metric for the percentage of operating expenditures to 24 days operating expenditures will be you know 90 days of operating expenditures so you want to have fund to handle the 90 days operating expenditures that's the way of thinking the utilities of the metrics so we're proposing a minimum level and maximum level the minimum level is industry standard 90 days of operating expenditures on hand it is widely used and a moment that is identified as 68 percent of 200 and 50 dies operating expenditures there are you know
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>> seattle 8 percent? >> yeah. >> or is that for the water and sewer and the other. >> i'm sorry commissioner caen which package. >> 8. >> one more slide on the deck. >> pardon me. >> one more slide on your
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deck. >> how do they get the rate and agencies with little outstanding debt but coverage but not a similarly you know rate policy i think one of the things you have a policy minimum. >> what - you have actuals that maybe in expose of policy that means their minimum is low didn't mean what they actually program every year. >> their a separate department from the water and sewer and
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have flood control responsibility. >> it is raises a further question in future meetings we'll be looking at a rate stabilization bond as well as coverage reserve is that right look at all three of those. >> we don't have a plan to look at a separate stabilization fund that's the differences between a maximum and minimum. >> so my it out we look at the calendar of things we'll be looking at. >> it is a department of service coverage policy a capital financing policy the percentage of the capital plan finance with cash
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and. >> that's the average of what other agencies or. >> that's the criteria that the rating agency used to consider. >> the 15 days. >> 200 and 15 days in addition, we also looked at what experience have we had in terms of the financial as a result of a drought during a
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multi rate 15 to two million percent reduction we thought okay. what will get us through you know two years of a four-year package that we'll be able to correct if we need to that is the amount of 8 percent. >> it was a remarkablely precise number. >> (laughter). ok okay. >> you're saying they're not utilizing that. >> they have separate debt coverage policies we are trying to be more standard and have a reserve focused on percentage of operating captures expenditures have that be did debt service coverage with a different policy right now kickoff one policy
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that mixed them together. >> i see we'll have both. >> yes. a debt service policy will be coming to you at the end of march to discuss. >> and will that have any relation to this policy. >> their independent. >> their independent. >> and the money that fund the debt service coverage actually that's not a reserve is it. >> no current cash those next two policies we'll be talking about the debt service and the capital financial they're related at last to get there. >> not easy concepts it is late in the day. >> commissioners any other questions or comments. >> i move with appreciation the new debt policy. >> sectional. >> there is a motion that has been seconded any public comment.
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> all in favor, say i. > opposed? that motion carries. >> thank you eric which brings us to the end of our agenda do we have any another new business and i have bear with me a minute and a one half last night the first employee recognition event the first annual golden awards there were love people that was well-received basically a couple of things i hope staff considers staff did a great job we were missing a general manager harlan kelly and the general manager julie although she did a lot of work and donna the commission advert was there i want to
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contemplate extending the universe to make sure that each commission commissioner will play a role that was a good first event i think that we're kind of on to something i'm looking forward to having everyone involved in the next one. >> i think that was well-received and one of the things that was well-received is that i think that is understood not just someone's favorite employee of the month so it was very much appreciated i second our comments and look forward to next year. >> thank you any other new commission business seeing none, we're adjournedaga
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>> (clapping.) >> good afternoon, everyone welcome to to city hall so i want to thank everyone for being here on this lovely valentine's day and we really have an important message we want to share with everyone and that is that on the valentine's day we want to make sure that everyone feels loved and included here in san francisco
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and by that we need to make sure we provide housing for everyone that want to live and work here for generations to come. >> (clapping.) >> so today, we're joined by people my colleague ahsha safai will acknowledge but bring up our mayor of the city that has been working to make sure our housing policies enable future generations to live in san francisco with that, mayor ed lee. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> katie and supervisor safai joining on that valentine's day rally for housing yeah. got a lot of love in the house and a lot of the labor leaders they're showing their love they love building they love living in the city, too, we have all the residents who is to us we need more restrictive housing for everyone and so this is a time to make
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bold announcements with the board of supervisors and the mayor's office get together we do bold things we are in agreement we do things like from the city college we don't mess around why not more middle-income housing for first responder and working class folks all of the different levels of people need more housing in the city we can build rehab and one thing in 2014 i said we needed a housing plan i know said that to john rahaim his staff was going nuts not getting all the permits out get them out faster at the knew and the public knew we announced thirty thousand rehab housing by 2020 well, today,
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because everyone is middle-class and working together 17 thousand one hundred of units have been completed >> (clapping.) >> 36 affordable inform middle-income and low income we have to keep it going working very hard and build and when we work together we can get stuff done today we are announcing something i really am excited about supervisor katie tang is reinching home sf home sf is a working with our developer community with the neighborhood with our labor leaders we can do more than that zoning if we provide more incentives this is what working with the board will be helpful in doing so with the home sf program over 6 to 8 hundred more restrictive units can be built in the city for middle-income and families
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throughout the city i'm excited with the supervisors come up with creative ideas i'm sorry 6 thousand did i say - 6 thousand units i'm getting excited when we are initiative at the same time our residents say we have to be practical whether we work together both can be accomplished with quality housing that all of our units represent and our nonprofits help to manage and the you city we are refugesized your public housing portfolio not see combe e delipidated housing you'll see housing that mixed use and the residents are the same people but with a lot more restrictive hope excited about working with the board let's get more housing for everyone let's have a great
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valentine's day. >> thank you, mayor ed lee and we're announcing a renewed effort around a program designs for middle-income and working-class families guaranteeing new projects thirty percent for working-class families and a requirement that over 40 percent of units are at least two bedrooms or grooemz e three bedrooms to serve our families that want to have children. >> (clapping.) >> so we will be bringing forgot legislation in the board of supervisors in the coming months and hope you'll join you there's a lot of things happening this in the federal government there might be people that don't want to include us in the country in san francisco we embarrass diversities we really need to walk the talk and build the housing that is inclusive
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and not begun that for generations i hope you'll join me and the people that working hard in our city we want to make sure they remained housed in san francisco with that, i'm going to turn it over to my partner on this valentine's day my work partner supervisor safai. >> that was great, thank you katie i'm your partner for today happy valentine's day i'm supervisor ahsha safai and first want to acknowledge the men and women in labor plumbers local 38 and local 261 exaggerates 22, and the janitors local 87. >> (clapping.) >> the people's are here
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unfortunately in the city we've gone to the extreme and becoming a city of the/88 we have to make drastic steps in the housing policy the only way to house people to make a bold step so we're here to say that is time to step forward for working people and step up for working families and need to begin to make them a priority in my district prior to the great recession you could find an affordable housing but now homes are north of one million dollars in the sunset homes well noting of one million dollars in the bloifts approaching one million dollars not for working-class and the market took care of of itself but our chances and
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opportunity to make a bold move and steps towards working families over the decades produced 23 thousands of low income housing when a redevelopment agency we produced housing for working-class but no consistent funding stream for working families i'll repeat no consistent funding stream for working families so if you're a janitors if you're a laborer if you're a pledgeer or carpenter and a hotel working or noose no housing designed for you, we don't have the funding we need to make bold steps in the coming weeks we'll talk about inclusionary but i stand here today in full support of everyone that supervisor katie
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tang we need to step up for working class families. >> (clapping.) >> when the teachers are trying to get housing and have the lands for free they've come across the reality money streams there is funding for the paraprofessionals but not funding streams for teachers when we can't fill the positions we're in a entries around housing for working people an important aspect of what makes our city strong the next person i want to bring up local local 261 speak from their appreciative mr. josh. >> (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor safai and thank you, of course, to supervisor tang for bringing in forward and to the mayor and all of us we at local 261 join the others members of the building
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and construction trade to do something special over the past several years that's the most successful hiring program in the country. >> (clapping.) >> a wouldn't have been possible without the leaders from government and lavish and housing advocates but that breaks down it all breaks down having a chance for local resident to get a job working with the trades from the community and breaks down when they seek to support their families and started a family and be a local hire in san francisco it breaks down when you don't have housing so this is a follow proposal here to talk about working families and middle-income housing generated and building trades everybody coming together like i said local hiring works when we have what? >> housing what do we forbode to build. >> housing human resources all
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right. let's pass this law. >> thank you next i'll have to say we can't do this would you the planning department we're trying to solve the challenges we need smart people on the ground firsting the out the details i'll bring up director rahaim but the team hope sf and (calling names) thank you all so much >> (clapping.) >> thank you xrifr and good morning and happy valentine's day i'm proud to be here to work on this gram as the mayor said he gave us a charge to say let's if you get a way for more restrictive moderate and housing we developed a basis and proud to be here i think we agree that families with children are the integral part of the intent for
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the middle and moderate housing meets the city's goals to solve the housing crisis will have housing for working-class and thirty percent of all new housing will be permanently affordable and 40 percent are required to include two bedrooms or more restrictive and challenging in san francisco are here we've got a lot more work to do this is an sdwralg part and the most significant program we can put together we've working on in a very long time but part of a multi faceted program for an important role in keeping families in the city i really look forward and want to acknowledge the mayors leadership and supervisor tang's leadership we're looking forward to working with that to move forward and get housing built thank you very much. >> (clapping.)
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>> so thank you for being here and again everyone that as a partner so many advocates if you can raise your hand if you support more restrictive housing in san francisco. >> so amazing to see all the grassroots support for more restrictive housing and, of course, we know yes, their our neighbors that maybe be obtainable to more restrictive housing but we need to include all the working-class families on this valentine's day i forgot you not we'll build more housing for all of you so thank you very much for being here us.
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> we'll call the regular meeting of of the board of education the san francisco unified school district to order it is tuesday, february 28, 2017, roll call please ms. casco and mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez president walton and ms. eng and ms. zaragoza thank you please join me in the allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> item a approval of the minutes of the regular meeting
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of of february 14, 2017, is there a motion please. you move adoption of minutes. >> second interest vote ms. casco thank you ms. eng ms. zaragoza and mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton and mr. sanchez president walton that's 4 i's. >> thank you as been announced at the past few weeks complete a speaker card and present it to the executive assistant. speaker cards will not be accepted if an item is already before the board presentation to the board of education. importantly according to the board rules speaker cards are not accepted on items before the board presentation to the board of education superintendents report superintendant lee. >> thank you president walton
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good evening, everybody tonight i would like to start my remarks a little bit differently than normal and that's to invite a student who are with us from james lick middle school to perform a music cancel number for us or a teaser of an ambitious work from a show that is called just in case tails of an immigrant life at james lick middle school and the show allows the students to addresses ignition ways to bring their gifts as creative young artists to speak hair truth in a time along with their parent and communities are faced with help alsoness and hope alsoness our student working closely with the
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directions or directors and professional gift artists to create a one hour show they're proud of work and the strength that the work has given them the show opens to the 7:00 p.m. on thursday march 9 through march 11 at james lick middle school tonight's presentation is under the direction of keith jena and music director chavez so students please take it away.
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>> for one second and just when our on our own success - as is wish of - (singing)
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but nothing is the same and the winds are two row low and though you try to meet a stranger and though - in different lands and what you do but you needed -
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>> (clapping.) >> i'm sorry thank you you guys for coming i hope you guys will be joining us on march 9 at james lick middle school in the auditory. >> (clapping.) >> thank you once again is the if james lick middle school. >> (clapping.) >> under the microscopic director chavez thank you so
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much and break a leg with the show next week so - we hope that what we just witnessed will serve service as a model for the harmonious fines that can be exhibit in the board of education meeting so at least all practice to continue on the mark that i wanted to highlight a few other feptsz this past thursday i had the honor of attending the annual i think the 4 annual african-american honorable role celebration for honoring the students if 3 to 6 grade earning 4 point owe and president walton and commissioner murase and mr. cook and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell and commissioner sanchez in spirit i hope i'm not forgetting anyone
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but the school was represented many members the center team and site leaders as well as parents and other members of the school county so we are were all on hand to congratulate the 3 thousand pollute students that either european a 4 point owe gapping received an award this family celebration was sponsored by the san francisco alliance of black school educators that is a volunteer organization of sfusd so thank you, everyone who was part of producing that annual spectacular event on wednesday march 20th century 1 tomorrow added city hall steps from 10 to 11:00 a.m. students and teachers from access sfusd the arc will be 40e8d a rally to end the use
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of r word the word is used and it is personal students will be talking about their experience with the put down and asking everyone to join the pledge and the use of that word senator former senator leno our own board of education rachel and other elected officials that will be joining sfusd in support find this national campaign to spread the word to end the word an march 2, 8 weeks into the high school students are ready to put on a full course people e meal for 40 people with all entities known as the longs table dinner with the enthusiasm and chess said the students adopted to the rhythm of the kitchen as they explored making
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dumb links and other wrapped food many special guests if founder to family members and students and finally it is time for schools to start drafting next year priority and bucket at the annual planning retreat on saturday march 4 point everett mission high school from 1115 it takes input to get this done this process as always includes parent and staff and community members and for our secondary students approximately 8 hundred participates will gather on saturday morning to get a broad view of next year's budget if myself and other sfusd staff and for the remainder of the morning we'll meet in the classrooms to look at the data and budget
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numbers and start building a plan thank you for this. >> thank you superintendant lee also just again want to reiterate the thanks to our students from james lick middle school i'll be definitely through for opening day and dr. murase will be attending as well item c recommendations of commendations superintendant lee. >> yes. we super two rave awards recipients and first, the distinguished service ward to valerie dieziegler she is - presenting of the award sherry. >> ma'am. >> good evening, everyone
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before i start, i want to thank the board members superintendant lee and mr. sanders son and all the support you give to lincoln high school and appreciate the teachers and students thank you this is my privilege and honor that the principal of lincoln high school this month got the recipient is valerie or ms. v valerie is with the green academy a civics teacher and not only that but valerie is a true friend she has a heart of gold and built the relationships with the staff but with the students and i've known valerie over 10 years and been a consistent and loyal person and even through
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the years she's come back and remarked the students remember what ms. v taught this so valerie, thank you for your services to lincoln high school and a great friend (calling names). >> 1, 2, 3 one more. >> (clapping.) >> i'm kind of embarrassed i don't know how i feel about
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distinguished thank you this is very sweet and i don't like to have praise on me if i could i'd give my rave ward to the students i was lucky to have my career at the lincoln high school and i reflect unknown the successes came into from the people he work with and the students i get to work with and since i have the mike i'll rave about the programs i'm proud of programs and the opportunity they provide to students and it is amazing to see they go on and serve at the usc thank you for everyone. >> thank you, ms. everyone zigler so our second award recipient tonight is rave distinguished service award
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linda. >> (clapping.) >> linda is a paraprofessional at the robert louis stevenson mission high school and here to present our principal diane. >> all right. it is my privilege and honor as the principal of robert louis stevenson to announce that rave distinguished award linda linda you are an extraordinary paraprofessional you are nominated by a number of co-w for your commitment and presented in and generosity you unskilled fully work with the teachers and all the staff and administration and you always serve with
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humility a patience and diligence and compassion your sincere he smile are a gift to us all i'm proud to work alongside of you congratulations linda >> (clapping.) >> congratulations. >> 1, 2, 3, okay. >> ready 1, 2, 3
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thank you good evening superintendant lee members of the board of education and enlists i'll speak but i'll forgot i'll read it sincerely thank you for the rave committee for the recipient of this award and to ms. guy and the teachers at robert louis stevenson for in the meantime, me appreciate it and i'm grateful i'd like to express my sincere gratitude to superintendant lee so kind and generous in school to everyone i'm a recipient of that as well thank you thank you for your time and diane i know you have a
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busy schedule acknowledgements to a large circle of wonderful colleagues dear friends be and my lovingly family who are here they've support and inspired me throughout this amazing journey for that the past almost 31 years now and truly, truly grateful for their guidance. >> (clapping.) >> and in closing if i had to have a canvas it would be filed with the happy 13450i8z the joyful faces of children i had the pleasure and fortune to work with i'll take their memories with me forever i did say one thing and truly mean this i know you heard this often i go back
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to the african proverb that takes a village to raise a child those children performed so well, they're our future thank you very much and enjoy your evening and continued success in our endeavors for the quality of education for your students thank you. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations to both of the rave winners. >> thank you so much for your continued and dedicated service item d student delegate report superintendent carranza ms. eng and ziegler. >> thank you. >> to report back first, the
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united student resolution we have feedback from the sfusd and we'll be looking at it and discussing it to start the meetings to get hopefully it will be passed by march like i'll say and yeah, we thank you for your feedback and taking a look at it in collaboration with us you thank you, mary is another update for the working group we'll have a working group meeting with the student family and community report dependent on march 8 at 4:30 if you're interested we will be discussing next steps for the dress code so that all students regardless of agenda feel included with the dress
2:23 pm
co health curriculum and finally the 2017-2018 ask the application is available online all candidates candidates must taken open franklin and be able to come the youth submit on march 17 so if you know any young leaders in making a difference in the security guard make sure they know this and reach out to sal or one of us follow-up from what jessica said on march 17 our youth submit if 9:30 to 2:30 our student leadership we're giving the invitation cards but we'll get there so save the date working
2:24 pm
group leaders students speakers they'll share their stories and performances into cross the schools in the district and finally our next meeting is march here to the board meeting at 5 if you want to come it is a public meeting please talk to our corridors and have a nice rest of week thank you. >> thank you students and advisory committee superintendant lee. >> thank you president walton so, yes tonight we have a presentation from the mitigate we have two speakers from the
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citizens' bond oversight committ committee. >> good evening okay so good evening i'm jen i can't i've been working for the mike net project practicing program for 10 years this is the president of the past and brenda is our new staff member
2:26 pm
now the young people have a young face to related to she's inspiring so mesoyoung ones to continue studying. >> going to school she's grew graduated when i tried to inspire them they'll look at me like i'm the grandmother but now brenda it is buff to see what she's doing yeah. >> last year brepdz will do presentation and i'll be interpreting for here we don't have enough english speakers i'll the interpreting.
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>> . >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i'm a month the of 5 children two of them went though the program been a great help for me. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm going to talk about what the migrate education talks about. >> (speaking spanish.) >> in the psychos sense the
2:28 pm
program started recognizing the unique challenges of the migrate students and dedicated the research to support the families that the program has. >> (speaking spanish.) >> and as you can see you have we're not going to read them all so we can make the presentation a little bit shorter because the main purpose of the program at the family literacy technology program to facilitate the transition for the professional development including the taken care of for other programs.
2:29 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> we support students preschool elementary school and high school have a programprogr
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>> (speaking spanish.) >> we have aligns with other community and who support our students. >> oh, you took a little - i'm sorry and serve our students we have services health services
2:31 pm
and emotional working groups for parents so they can help their children and they're in their schooling life. >> (speaking spanish.) >> this is our teacher with work with the prekindergarten students in their homes or come to the office and she works with those students that or not involved in any programs. >> (speaking spanish.) >> the children are very, very happy with their teacher learning on a daily basis.
2:32 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> (laughter) so this is our our last college trip to uc davis her son is the young man on the left we had a wonderful, wonderful experience. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm very proud of our program during those past years we've had many successes we continue supporting the students with to look towards their university education and
2:33 pm
the students who are receiving academic intervene are are making big strides. >> (speaking spanish.) >> we have had many successes and many challenges one the biggest challenges in the program is the reduction of the number of students that are being able to quality or stay in the city but we're still serving overseeing with lots of love and passion the ones that remain with us.
2:34 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> we want to thank you all for being here and supporting us and our families. >> (speaking spanish.) >> can the migrate family's stand up. >> thank you >> (clapping.) >> thank you for coming. >> (speaking spanish.) >> any questions? comments? >> thank you so much for your presentation tonight do three-story have any questions comments oh, i'm sorry any public comment on this item i did not have any cards seeing
2:35 pm
none, colleagues kristen's student delegate i'll speak spanish. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i don't know how to translate that. >> (speaking spanish.) >> mentoring. >> (speaking spanish.) >> yeah what is include on the
2:36 pm
professional development training for staff or mentoring and others like others thought about cultural awareness or history who they are and also about the community advisory based on the students population in the school or attracting them i believe - >> the professional development we go to the regional office which is in san jose and we get a lot of training what is happening with the families and how we can support them and so many different ways that it is families with enormous amounts of needs so we got a lot of training right now, we're you know we're just supporting them and getting through the next 4
2:37 pm
years and we're going to have a symposium form at middle schools el salvador and others and guatemala to come and talk with the families and tell them to be prepared we're going to be holding their hands along the way and your question about the students, students are in all schools whatever we find them like hooeld they're all over the district and not saying we're migrate workers and a migrate families we depend upon open h pc and the word of mouth parents
2:38 pm
liaisons anyone that knows us we've been in the district a long time they know us they send itself the mraktsz and names phone numbers we go and do all the work and students that is a if stay in the schools where they're at many, many different schools in the district. >> dr. murase thank you for the presentation would you announce the forum with the daytime and location. >> at mission high school notifying the mission high school families and all the migrate education families on the 6th of march from 6 to 8. >> oh,
2:39 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> okay so i have to do spanish and english it is going to be in the of from 6 to 8 in the cafe at mission high school i'd like to suggest that you connection with the mayor's office of the community engagement and immigrant affairs a long roster of legal services to families and they would like to get to information out to the families that need legal assistance and all the services. >> kevin is taking down that.
2:40 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> so thank you for information we'll look into that tomorrow morning we'll call >> (speaking spanish.) >> what's keeping students from qualifying i'm not clear our for a student to qualify the parent has to go and do farm work and packing in the past 36 months the past 3 years they have to go somewhere anywhere in
2:41 pm
the united states and come back and they have to bring prove they've been there the parents have to go and take the children with them because the program is really for the children so a lot of families the father goes and the children stay behind overseeing families can't qualify from the father is a farm worker because they didn't take the children other families are not able to go and do the work right now they can't leave the spaces as easily as before because of rents therefore don't want to lose they're living space in the city only go for thirty days usually in the summertime aftertime school the families go to leave and bring
2:42 pm
the proof back and sernd servdy for 3 years. >> (speaking spanish.) >> thank you for the presentation and again, thank you for allowing me to visit i appreciate your dedicated work
2:43 pm
with the families. >> we love viewing in our house you saw they come and feel at home it is really, really quite an amazing space grateful inform mission high for opening up that it has made a humble difference and she wants to say something. >> (speaking spanish.) >> i'm thankful for the migrate education that they provide but the emotional health they give us.
2:44 pm
>> (speaking spanish.) >> sometimes, we have problems with our children's and go to them they help us talk to they teach us how to talk with our children and have them not give up and how to continue towards studying and their dreams we appreciate the support. >> (speaking spanish.) >> especially jena and she just started a month ago. >> i'm happy to be there an amazing experience to work with the youth i share some of the stories that's the connecting point and feel i can help my siblings and doing it for other communities for the students and really find it gratifying to wake up and go to a job that's
2:45 pm
amazing. >> (speaking spanish.) >> thank you so much. (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> thank you thank you. >> do we have any appointments to the advisory committee yes commissioner sanchez for the bilingual i'm appointing evelyn rodriquez. >> item f public comment on consent calendar, there is none
2:46 pm
tonight. and consent calendar can i get a motion and second for the consent calendar please. any items withdrawn by the superintendent let me establish eye contact with the gentleman that is filling in by the way, for mr. steel who is unfortunately acquit under the weather so thank you, mr. 0 lopez any items to correct or withdraw on the consent calendar. >> there are none. >> thank you thank you superintendant lee any items removed for first reading or for roll the dice and superintendents proposals there is a motion that has been seconded on january 10, 2017, can we get a report if the
2:47 pm
curriculum and program committee for one 71 sbe for the workplace education plan. >> i think you were asking for a motion we heard this item and. >> send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> >> thank you complacence and superintendant lee someone to read the recommendation i believe so i believed dr koffman will present this item. >> good evening mr. superintendent and president trump i'm steve the office for the career readiness that the
2:48 pm
board of education authors the superintendent and to approve the work experience education plan the in order to comply with the federal, state, and local the california education code and code of regulations have a 5 local agency must have a work experience preplan this includes the responsibility of the teachers with the classroom reductions and communications responsibility of employers with the adequate state working conditions and records require the minutes we include the student be agreement for the granting of credits being accurate records and the rocket of district providing special development for the compliance so for civil rights and non-description regulations this must be approved by the board
2:49 pm
every 3 years. >> thank you dr koffman no speakers signed up for public comment any questioning colleagues student delegates. >> ms. eng ms. zaragoza. >> mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez thank you president walton 5 i's. >> thank you. ms. casco item i board members proposals 1612 dash 13 a-1 commending and encouraging the related curriculum but commissioners emily murase and formal commissioner jill wins moefld in 2016 can you get a report from the budget and curriculum
2:50 pm
committee please the budget committee heard this resolution on february 1st it has a small fiscal impact undetermined due to getting teachers to participate in national training, however, funding that i believe that is available for us to apply for so this will impact the budget committee gave it a positive recommendation. >> thank you ms. norton dr. murase read the resolution into the record. >> green before i read it i want to acknowledge judge kopp is with us and lead the effort to have the process resolution number oh - yes. >> mr. haney. >> thank you both. >> resolution number
2:51 pm
commending the korean wear memory whereas in 2009 the korean foundation took to build a memorial no commemorate the 2 million men and women who fought in the so-called informational war educate the future generations about the generations and make sure the generation never forgot the cost of freedom and primarily mission was accomplished when the completed memorial was opened to the public and adjacent to the national ceremony overlooking the pacific ocean the korean veterans cross to engage in a war whereas now the memorial is open for future generations remember the korean war to protect south cc&rs freedom therefore, be it
2:52 pm
resolved we encourage one san francisco the support and faculty and social survives to incorporate the korean war and two the staff and faculty at elementary schools to organize field trips to the korean million as part of crime and 3 interested staff and faculty gave me in the teacher training on the korean war scheduled for june 2017 at the maifrnz club in san francisco and apply for the program that will fund two million teachers to visit korea for people to people connections. >> thank you commissioner murase we actually have 3 speaker cards for this item. (calling names) you have two minutes please
2:53 pm
come. >> there is a button mr. president and commissioners i'm president of the korean war memorial foundation as the resolution notes the memorial was dedicated august one, 2016 after about 5 years of raising over 3 and a half million dollars for the dedication of the memorial which you will find across the street in the national ceremony in presidio of san francisco
2:54 pm
the purpose of this resolution is to enable and support the teaching of the history of the korean war become a cliche to refer to the forgotten war from june 1950 until july 1953 and it is particularly relevant at a time when history is not prnt not the favorite subject of teachers throughout the united states the war memorial the korea war memorial foundation expresses it's gratitude for dr. murase for former ms. wynns for doing so the program is under the
2:55 pm
leadership of our education committee chairman who coincidentally a retired professor not have history but of mathematics at lowell high school walt take care i've had the pleasure of observing the first of the lessons which he conveyed a couple of months ago to a class of 80 lowell high school's student and my colleagues john stoevenz and don reed and art have observed the ensuing to such lessons that were provided under the tutoring of a korean war veteran himself to be sure as an air force
2:56 pm
veteran i will note, however, that he is a marine he expressed now adoption for the resolution thank you for your time. >> seeing no one else line up. >> (clapping.) >> you actually can't add corrections the number 3 is the national council social studies teacher an training will not be at the memorial it will be at washington, d.c. (inaudible) commissioner murase nothing you want to prop. >> yes. i'd like to amend the resolution to reflect the
2:57 pm
accurate information that the national council of social studies training it for 2018 in washington, d.c. >> thank you 0 commissioner murase and judge kopp. >> it will be here in 2018. >> oh, 2018 in san francisco. >> correct. >> okay thank you any additional comments or statements from colleagues be student delegates seeing none, roll call vote with the amend changes ms. eng ms. zaragoza. >> mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and president walton that's of i's. >> thank you item j public comment on general matters please note that public comment is an opportunity for the board to hear from community on
2:58 pm
matters within the boards jurisdictions we ask you refrain from using employee and student names if you have a complaint submit to a the supervisor and according to the district policy as a reminder board rules and california laws don't allow us to respond or answer comments during the public comment if appropriate the superintendent will ask that staff follow-up with the speakers you have two minutes the microphone is over there and we will call the names in order of how we receive
2:59 pm
(calling names). >> my name is julie exciting to hear the presentation it is great to see the families are getting support at a time they're targeted by our national administration and i wanted to speak today asking the district to approve the resolution that will allow the district to work with arock that allows to approve the mou to work with the high schools i've seen incidents of families being afraid to walk home several families were targeted by them were impacted we're not able to return to the country during the time period and one of the - the great work that arock does is work with the students to document students of anti racism cross the area and 45 percent of students say they've heard some kind of anti
3:00 pm
arab comments from a staff percent 65 percent heard from their peers or other folks so what i'm hearing there is real challenges for families in the district a lot of the families at the school are not getting interpretation in their language which makes it difficult to support the students while the district and the city has passed a language access ordinance that arock helped to advocate for families are not to work in the district without an organization that supports the families and finally we benefit from having a arabic language real benefits and needs and the only argument i've heard and arock mou come from disagreements among adults
3:01 pm
where the national politics i haven't heard students feeling like they were because of arock so i'd like to remind the district being newly but side with the students articulated and approve the arock . >> (clapping.) >> (calling names) >> i haven't seen them stand up calling the names in the order i have. >> you know at least one the people is on their way will the be allowed to speak in public comment is note closed as again (calling names). >> thank you i also want to speak in support
3:02 pm
of you taking up the memorandum of understanding with the arab organizing center arock and approve that rather than putting it off and it is not exactly clear why is it put off but it seems like that must be due to international political issues that effect us locally too but that didn't seem right when - i speak as a third generation bay area my dad went to local i'm a bay area native and live in san francisco i'm outraged at the smear campaign against the organizing center by other members of the joshua community here and it is wrong this is something that is exemplar as
3:03 pm
future citizens the language services have been indeliblely helpful that richard carranza help to create these opportunities so they should be included still there is really no good reason to deny them the rightful place in the community and city and schools the need is great they are principled don't be swayed please that is important to know that arock didn't get money from the a o u how can you note extend this necessary service to the youth i can understand but not wanting to give into that the mayor needs to be brought up immediately and approved i'm part avenue ballooning number of injuries in the place coming to see a distinction between i don't know if it is related to as on advocate for
3:04 pm
palestinian right for questioning what is really it is doing people standing up for themselves that's what we want from the students that's when a san francisco is standing up for don't be - stand with arock and let them support the students of this district. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, commissioners i just wanted to speak think on behalf of the arock as well i'm my kids are at francisco a large number of arab students when i spoke about this last time i addressed you the day after the election there was students that are staten by shaken by the election and crying unfortunately, we have to
3:05 pm
staff that speak arabic and every morning i have photos i started to take pictures there are couples and waves of kids that stand up in the counseling office and nobody to talk with them and basically the security guard and say back away go home they understand that i feel like as a educator i don't know what i will do if you're there not supporting the students they deserve support and the fact that arock is available to provide support and support families in communicating with their teachers and they're willing to do that for free beyond why you want to bar them from the schools especially it prevents city hall's from being connected with other students right now their segregated and
3:06 pm
on their own pretty much i see i'll start sending the photos they're kind of on their own to kind of fend for themselves in a hostile kickoff innovate intermediate at a city hall school that wants to provide the services but don't have the capacity i've been asking where is the support what is the support not in house in district few few staff members that speak arabic or familiar with the community so this organization is willing to provide that note lined with the values of supporting families that are marginalized so thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> hello my name is carol i echo in support of what the other speakers b said a arock and
3:07 pm
finding work and how important that work is now i wanted to bring to to your attention my understanding that one, the mou is held up because j.c. rc the community organization council has taken the position is arock has political positions birthday palestinian that creates fear amongst the jewish students i'm jewish i'm a member the jewish community and i seen this played out before many times in the advocating they have a exhibit of palestinian art advocating went to the city of berkley and said this frielgdz the jewish
3:08 pm
community we want you to deny the funding to the art berkley refused it happens again at sf su to create a mural honoring an arab and a graphic that spoke to the plight of palestinian refugees and jrotc and it is in - they did that with the home mural in san francisco and the art commission said one the recent incidents at the oakland children's amount we held an exhibit of art by children and jrotc they claimed this is frightening to the jewish
3:09 pm
community thank you. >> thank you so much. >> that's the background. >> (clapping.) >> hello my name is katherine i'm here to support the renewal the memorandum of understanding between san francisco unified school district and arock i'm speaking fast this is an issue on the front burner not the back burner i'm jewish i have lived in the mission district for 40 years and my daughter went to the san francisco unified school district and an attorney today for good or bad as an chief executive officer in the harvey milk i've been involved in the racism involving the
3:10 pm
desegregation of the san francisco unified school district this last week, i attended the south america for the 75 anniversary of the executive order for prisons thousands of japanese men and women and grandmothers and grandfather the chinese act along with the idea of the native people, etc. is some of the most shameful momentum in the history we don't want to live in the terrible times i cried after the election for men and women and injuries and muslims we need e need to pull together and support together i'm part of the an interface program makes a rapid response we're injuries we're catholics and profit tents and arock and jewish advise voices for peace over 10 years arock provided
3:11 pm
invaluable services for arabs and families and the public schools at no cost as pointed out how can you turn it down we must support the children and their families as others have said i understand you're under a great deal of pressures from the right jewish organizations shame on them decent order jews and krirlgz jews are working together to repair mosques and ceremonies that have attacked by those the same people that shared the chinese inclusion act and think that safer slavery is a good thing a stand with original e ordinary people we need arocks program love over hate thanks
3:12 pm
(calling names). >> hi commissioners and cindy i'm a member of the jewish voice for peace and part of jewish community i'm here as well to speak in support of school board renewing with the mou with arock at the critical time of oppression of the muslims the resources that arock brings to the arab students are crucial they work over the past 10 years for translations for arab speaking folks and providing a commitment for arab bic and vietnamese and supporting a case group arab has held working groups to provide other support services
3:13 pm
arock has received policy o positive assessment by sfusd staff and support from the community they serve i was at the last meeting the curriculum committee and was taken auerbach by several members the jewish community said the work of arock and the possibility of arab taught da can cause problems an offensive statement and calls into question several jewish organizations have been putting pressure to notary new the mou the issue is about arock position on palestinian has nothing to do with with the work on the ground the jrotc has not opposed the hall cost denial and the treats under the jewish institutions the desecration of
3:14 pm
jewish ceremonies or - they seem to think that preventing children from learning arabic is better than the deeffort now as a jew i'm shamed to look at this so destroy serves for arab immigrant families paused of political differences. >> thank you, ma'am. >> hello my name is martini i'm a mother of a fourth grader and grattan i'm on the 9 year of
3:15 pm
volunteering inside the classroom i'm here to talk about 3 things they relate to the teacher at grattan elementary the impact on the community holding a sign it stand outside off mr. phillips closed computer lab you can see simultaneously the kind of love from the community i'm a educator and teach as uc berkley his general passion with the enjoy and curiosity is unmatched in education that i've seen especially at the elementary schools and second issue the teachers impact on teachers phil was the glue for media and infrastructure so, now the teachers have to commit the time and commit that time it disproportionately effects go students not with computer they
3:16 pm
come to school they don't have the reports done by the way, because the computer lab is done and now the leadership at public schools and what you guys represent to us and our stewardship of the public schools and we'll hope you'll exercise judgment the circumstances and contacts in which the decisions are made in january and february have changed we lien on the fundamental values as well as the city we ask you to consider those as you assess the situation and help us do everything you can to bring phillip back to grattan he is a seriously important part of all aspects we work and what public school is today take into considerati considerati
3:17 pm
consideration. >> (clapping.) >> hi, i'm a member of the grattan 4, 5 team also the board with the generous donations of pta support that allows us to have a classroom reduction i'm here to speak on behalf of the all of us my grandfather said when this is a problem this is a first step towards a solution we're on our way towards a solution we're having a standoff between administration and upset families and students and teachers over the reputation and career of our beloved phil but want to point out we've look at this as a standoff that that didn't make sense if you think about this amendment wear all san francisco school district made up of the students to be compelled and inspired and motivated to learn under the
3:18 pm
circumstances that the teacher did and extra curriculum activities he maintained and sfusd is not a unified school district without the families to send their families to a second home and a daily basis with the understanding they'll come home smarter and requester the question knowing that the answer will come from recess in the after-school programs then from their classrooms and sfusd is, of course, the teachers that come to school to make a difference we do our best to make it interesting and inspire the love of learning in the students and know that phillip was the first to receive those goals and sfusd is also an administrator that intention
3:19 pm
that motivates the students to achieve other common goals it is compelling we act as a unit to preserve the intentions of our common goal to create inspired environment that is our environment is mr. phillip thank you. >> >> (clapping.) >> good evening my name is abby two daughters currently in attention grattan elementary school the community members throughout the district are coming to us in challenging wakes from violence against the teachers we have a lot to deal with and appreciate the board working hard, however, the situation at the grattan is not one the issues you've heard loud and clear the community wants the teacher back a teacher
3:20 pm
to be honored and i do not like in the district but instead dragged through the mud and treated unfairly you can put this our hands are not tied the district has put countless tools to be used in situations like this i beg you to work with our school community it together to use the tools to figure out a way for phillip to come back let's support the restorative practices that have been been go forward let's acknowledge the relationships are - let's gave me in collaborative problem solving instead of saying you're hands are tied or we'll do better you how about the modeling behaviors and do better a child will not be expelled from school with no
3:21 pm
justifiable cause but you've done that with mr. phillip and created an phillip an environment at the grattan the kids are sad and the teachers are scared for their jabs jimbo bob city this can be enforced none the teachers feel safe a bad decision was made by the unified school district and everyone in the room recognized that it takes courage to make that right phillip model that honest and accountability that mistakes can be fixed thank you . >> (clapping.) >> hi i'm sorry a third grader and grattan elementary school and i need you to bring mr. phillip back he's my bereft grin he's a generous man that belongs
3:22 pm
at grandstanding he's in my entertain please change our mind about mr. phillip thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) >> thank you for your work sitting on the board i'm a kindergarten parent at grattan my husband and i toured 15 elementary schools when we were applying and work in education and curious to see how the schools differ we've seen grattan and most of them the computer lab is amazing several friends told me he expected to the dianne feinstein high school that is not what i saw that was quite small dark and the computer were not brand new and then i saw him a kind man wearing a chefs hat and apron grinding from area to
3:23 pm
ear you want to hotdog you should come back nearby 0 child sate typing away on the computers as insects crawled around him, i said to my husband that's no computer teacher that's many right of first refusal he will the lo loveable teacher in the cartoon that inspires her children with learning 17 years at grattan this amazing man no restorative practices no communication with his parents and no healing for the children in grief you have the ability to change that, please support our teachers and put the children's needs first and listen to the children's needs first, we want mr. phillip rinse state at grattan.
3:24 pm
>> i'm also a parent with my lovely wife lastly i was walking down the street and told to go back it is a ugly sentiment people in the room have heard and it is in many area the culture a general feeling of just feeling dismisses and unwelcome it is more important to fight the forces with kindness and love and that's what mr. phillip was to the school he made us always, always feel welcome he treated our children like our own the school was his own i don't know him we starred school there are but on the dennis herrera station of the parents and especially the students i strung
3:25 pm
u sprung into action i wrote letters and pleaded to all of you to help us the district offered us go nothing notes saying that matter can be discussed no details and course of action just you've been hurt the message is enjoyment clear as a parent go back to where you came from i'm here to say that i'm not going anywhere i will be at every board meeting in all our 2, 3, 4 boxes every election if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer them you throw for your yourselves not demanding my way way but lapd you treat us like adults talking to us anglo that.
3:26 pm
>> (clapping.) >> we ask handle the details i asked us to believe in the unified school district we do with our vote and most of all our children trust us by communicating with us you might be incredibly surprised with the award when you try. >> (clapping.) >> (calling names). >> hi i was called earlier okay. thank you very much i'm a pesticide tribune as san francisco general and a member the jewish community in to here to ask you vote to approve the mou with arock to support the
3:27 pm
arab track another san francisco unified school district as a citizen of the san francisco and also based on offhand experience and san francisco general it is clear we need to support the arab students in the schools and that's arab language track will be helpful for other children with positive images about another culture it way better i don't totally agree with arock position on the international politics over and over the u.s. rally conflict but think that is very important that the language track is sorted and arock is an organization that can do that so i will is put aside differences and focus on a group of vulnerable children that needle the support.
3:28 pm
>> (clapping.) >> okay. >> my name is at&t kiss paris waters i'm in the class at grattan i used to have mr. phillip for converted and homage postage after school when you took mr. phillip away i was very, very sad cried and cried and had to stay omi from school i don't know your nice to our teachers in our school my mom said i should follow the golden rule you should too how would
3:29 pm
you feel if someone made you move away from the people you love i think you should send mr. phillip back the grattan thank you >> (clapping.) >> good evening president trump superintendant lee be commissioners the board of education my name is susan i'm the school nurse and school i'm here i want to be sure our aware of the action you're planning to take that has an adverse affect on galileo staff and more importantly on the students i want you to listen within the context of a paragraph in the resolution you passed whereas sfusd buildings in order to serve the students we prioritize
3:30 pm
the candidates are deeply knowledge about, about the skills and serve the students addresses committed around quality and social judges parent support and hiring sfusd graduates as part of workforce i want to tell you about one the special education in jersey can wrongly wong a special education a graduate of to sfusd with presidio and graduated from galileo from the class of 2009 as a student body president and speaks chains jessica came as a par educator from college when she was working as a par educator awhile working as a par educator the administration asked her to obtain an
3:31 pm
credential and during the time teaching as galileo got ratings of safety and hive satisfactory she's on the verge of completing this in record time and clearing the credential in special education jessica teaches survives she's well represented by the colleagues i'm here to ask you to today in the time of not only a teacher shortage but especially special teacher shortage you can non-reelect a teacher the special education serving the community and serving that well, i ask you to reconsider this action >> (clapping.) >> sorry good evening my name is larry i'm a
3:32 pm
paraprofessional special ed at the galileo high school i'm here to support jessica non-re-elected by the principal she's dedicated her early career to education first, as a perform at galileo and now as a special ed teacher liked and replied by the teachers and colleagues i'm asking the board to recess tend sends ear or her non-reelect and continue her career at the galileo a great loss for the students at galileo if jessica didn't return next year thank you >> (clapping.) >> good evening superintendents good evening good evening board of
3:33 pm
commissioners and student commissioners as well so i'm going to give you the same story but dell it in a different way let ged and create that story with all of you in mind and go ahead and take you back two million years when you were in high school let me take you back to the time when you are that in the 12 grade and elected president of your school and let me tell you that you ended up going to college and you thought about your school where because your school had many teachers were students and school and you feel the teachers were students maybe you want to do do same thing and come back and work as a parent one the will district priorities is african-american students we know where the majority of the african-american students lie but take on this
3:34 pm
challenge i want to go there you do much is a go job you know what we want you here please apply for the program we will support you you go ahead and you, your supported by your colleagues and take on the position and get two highly satisfactory evaluations you get another evaluation of satisfactory one by your principal and come back and your principal tells me a non-reelect wait, wait and then how would you feel what would be do you got colleagues that support you and colleagues say hey wait jessica there's been 8 special ed teachers through this department and 3 years turning over 8 we want you here and the
3:35 pm
principal rather give you as non-reelect and hire someone off the street doesn't make sense i wanted to share that story and put the ending together and finish that story what would your ending look like what would you do how would you so forth that because you're in the place you want to be at thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, everyone my name is david i'm a science teacher for admiration of the jessica a national board as a board head and organ i share a different preservation in terms of what it looks like for anyone
3:36 pm
in the classmate he co-taught with jessica and can tells you she was clearly trying to understand not just how to like our vision in terms of police vehicle the curriculum assessable for all students and everyone should achieve but the direction terms in terms of science this is a huge goal as a head i want to bring it on the ground floor after 4 years of this been a lot of people not understanding this jessica wong as embraced this and making a difference in the classroom and changing teachers with prior education with unaccessible curriculum making it something that students can get you can't put value on an education and
3:37 pm
create those relationships not just with the students buses the peers in the the way it impacts a lot for students so it is really one the valuable things at the galileo i hope we can help to grow the school and trying at this point, we're in much a critical position in the district to be able to have those science teachers that are great for change and understanding how it is supposed to move forward we want to really hold onto those i implore you to change our minds on the non- reelect >> (clapping.) >> (calling names). >> push the button thank you for
3:38 pm
presenting a few moms i'm richard a veteran teacher at the galileo temp i'm a science teacher and the deputy head for the pathway programs i came here today because i wanted to express how proud i am of jessica wong who was my student and how delighted to see her as several of our x students come back to galileo to become teachers and be part of the community i'm also proud to serve with her as a teacher with our staff i don't know the circumstances around being non-reelect i wish i did but your community didn't
3:39 pm
allow for this i do know that she doesn't have a connection and place in the community another galileo and she plays a role with our students that most people will turn and run away from the challenges she's able to navigate and to bring support to our incredible and i'm appreciative of ore at our is conditional that's that's all i have to say tonight thank you for your time i'm going to drive back to the east bay now. >> (clapping.) >> i'm a shrink i'm jacqueline peter work at galileo an english teacher been there for 11 years someplace i'm not used to talking to a bunch of adults this is nervous
3:40 pm
raking the week 10 hours and got to school at the 7:30 i worked through my lunch had to tutor kids and do something during the prep period and work add after-school program to earn extra money to live in the city and here and tired and i am saying that i live in the city i don't earn a lot of money thought about moving and thought about moving away i love where i work i love the people i work with i don't necessarily love how we're treated sometimes and we can praise jessica there's a bunch of us doing it she's a great teacher as far as i know works well with her ceasing that's the one thing i
3:41 pm
know galileo keeps teachers because of each other we all are there because of each other and it is been a rough road for the last few years and i can pretty much tell you one the things keeping me there besides the students are my colleagues, we work the best when we know we're being treated well if you say thank you to an employee every once in a while i'll get the best work but out of this this didn't feel like a thank you and it seems bizarre to me that in a district where we're really short of teachers as a matter of fact we finally filled the last two positions one within the last month or things like that but
3:42 pm
non-reelecting jessica put users in our position this is really bizarre thank you. >> (clapping.) >> my name is vicky and work at galileo a social studies teacher there for the last 9 years i left one year two years ago with a higher paying job it was a good gig but come back to taechl i missed it i pies that like crazy so when we asked them when the previous position asked me why did i want to come i said initially during the first job interview i love hatred the job because i was tired it is exhausting we work all nights and holidays i
3:43 pm
decided to come back i turned i load of it more than i hated it and missed those kids the loud kids in the hallway but again, i'm saying this because teaching is a thanksless job it feels that and sometimes, we don't see results until years later jessica wong working in special ed you know, i have to - she's formed bond with my students and see the tormentors and given we have a teacher shortage and on top of a special ed shortage it also doesn't make sense to myself where she's been non-reelected so i really urge you all a rescinded her
3:44 pm
non-re-election you, you know we don't do it for the money thank you. >> (clapping.) >> hello my name is aaron bra i work at the galileo i'll show you signs appearing about retaining jessica wong i worked at the high school level and the special education with children with diagnosed for mental health be and jessica wong has the skill of teachers that have been teaching over 10 years classroom she's one of my go to people to take my class when i have an i teach and don't let any teacher come into my classroom this
3:45 pm
special ed was down two full-time teachers and one on maternity leave in february we filled the two positions february long term substances can't do i e p and can do case management that meant that my colleagues had to take on 18 and 19, two million i e ps and not paid extra our department chair is announced she's not returning because of high cost of living in san francisco the administration knew this when we choose to non-reelect jessica wong and other teachers are thinking about leaving we'll enter next year down to be experienced teachers those teachers are in high demand a
3:46 pm
shortage throughout the state as galileo gets more of reputation about articulate submittals articulatey submittals not based on teachers but personal issues. the district has an obligation to help the students we need to keep the teachers who are good i think want to work with the district thank you . >> (clapping.) >> (calling names) >> creative but stand in line i'm continuing to call names you were before her - >> good evening i promise not to use any profanity the school
3:47 pm
site paul reservoir demands the removal the practicable she lacks the skills to welcome the parents board members and staff and the community she fails to address and follow-up on reports of physical and verbal abuse of students by untrained and unprofessional teacher aids she's unresponsive to questions pertaining to disciplinary protocol and allocation of the title one funds as well as the discouraging input at principle sf u african-american advisory group and meetings she's intentionally withheld the budget her consensus is to the appropriate or appreciate he created to discourage and limit
3:48 pm
input that is counterproductive supervisor shawn explains her behavior and new and learning paul rivera notes a experienced administrator definitely not a work in progress last wednesday the gentleman informed me the rules have changed no longer make decisions regarding principal or advice principal assignments or of the 10 percent title one funding our goal is inclusionary and collaboration of all groups and students in the community to create and provide a positive atmosphere at paul rivera i don't advocate the neglect of the immediate needs of the underserved students give me a minute i'll wrap up
3:49 pm
thank you, thank you thank you to our vice president and scott for two combrantsz she prosecute cured the grant and the african-american student initiative grant. >> thank you, sir. >> >> (clapping.) >> thank you good evening the manipulating the african-american advisory group and school site council and the at large are at paul rivera stop if assigning our leader for the the upcoming 09 school year we have no faith to serve as our leader she's
3:50 pm
incapable of caring for the priorities of school in an unbiased manner over the school year watched the school become less and less responsive to the needs of the students and the families she is ill prepared at the parent and community meeting failing to answer questions that don't align with her power point we have watched her respond to parents concerns and in an inappropriate and inappropriate manner she fails to answer the basic of questions how to move forward with the students academically and provide angle emotional place for students to learn and grow and thrive instead of embracing the positive change she's shut us down and all e motor vehicle and
3:51 pm
unavailable and unprepared to continue to take on the full demands of a preschool to 8 school this is an upgrade matter and needs immediate attention we don't take this decision lighting the fact our children. >> community is suffering from her leadership we have suffered in silence and refuse to do so any longer want the sexuality leader to be ready for the challenges of a unique responsibility to create a student center environment that creates unit diversity and acknowledges the social manner ma matter that all uphold the district values thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you. good evening board members my name is jan i'm a parent of a
3:52 pm
senior at walberg high school a constitute of 4 years hungry have been heavily involved in volunteers and committees and served as is secretary and vice president i'd like to appeal you to help me understand when parents sarah and teresa elected by the parent lagging to be on the school side council were leveraged off last thursday the principal orchestrated a way to kick the two apartment off the council and to immediately stymie i didn't their vials parents are concerned about the compliment and numerous safeties issues about which solutions to improve the vacationed or situations are not shared the original way for the parents to affect the changes through the
3:53 pm
sfusd so the expulsion of actually parents is outrageous sarah and teresa have been improperly carbon dioxide out the blaulz were changed previously a representative couldn't be expelled without cause the bylaws sate they should be pofltd 72 hours it seems to me presumably so communities have can an opportunity to be they meeting for input therefore i contend that proper procedures were not followed i support the two ladies they're voting members of the council after taking time to reflect mr. richy and the other lady were - not heard during
3:54 pm
the time the contract was under review thank you for your thoughtful consideration to this serious matter and for your services to the committee. >> (clapping.) >> hello respected friends i'm sarah here to support in support for a fantastic initiative that the parents have called if you see something, say something and i was actually expecting the parents will be here to speak on her behave but some reason so briefly say it is a cleaver female a taxing system awhile students can text and get immediate stance is a awnings from the school there are alleged assaults in the vicinity of the school so the other thing i'm here to say is the more
3:55 pm
boarder implications of the situation that demonstrated what could 0 happen with the prestige of those situations and high impact devastating outcomes i hope to be part of that conversation i'm also concerned there that b&b big deal be any normaltion of this kind laenld violence i have no support for such a perspective i failed that is the students and the families don't see judicious and pro-active care on their behalf there will be a cumulation of stress and in reference to the practice of trauma informed practices i feel that that is really something we should be concerned about so i do ask you to please
3:56 pm
support this wonderful initiative if he if you see something, say something but we also need to support to do something and we can count on your support thank you for your time. >> (clapping.) >> good evening, commissioners student delegates and superintendant lee i've come susan salmonella united educator come to the malia cohen to notify you to an vents on miracle 4 at admission appealing high school from 1:30 to 5:30 a mass meeting this is a brand new organization assembled by sfusd and dozens of local groups it is a by the way, resistance a powerful new network that will defend our network and more importantly
3:57 pm
each other by the way, resistance is to defend and being in solidarity with those by president trumps agenda the first mass meeting on saturday so we invite all of you to come and learn about the network and the powerful acts we all can take to resist and defend and support one another trainings and working groups on locking public education and supporting immigrants and refugees and defending affordable health care act and the women criminal justice and advancing the compliment justice and childcare availability and translation and light snacks as member of the u e sf as we come to you to tell you we need you to dooushgz to keep our educators in san francisco san francisco we as
3:58 pm
educators are committed to educating and loving and protecting them and their communities and our community and standing together and we hope we can do this together an saturday thank you very much. >> item k special order of business initial proposals for sunshine i want to sunshine two proposals before the board the 2015, 2015 for the ibew and the 2014 proposals from the glares architecture metal and glass workers union and local 1021 and local 377 and recovers and local
3:59 pm
40 carpenters and local 22 and auto mandarin and local lovingly 8 percent 6 sheet metal workers and local one 04 and is journey man and hillary ronen's and pipe fitting industry of the u.s. and canada local 38 and tooermz and machinists and common craft to the san francisco unified school district we now have a public hearing and adoption i call the public hearings for each the proposals as listed in the agenda superintendant lee please let us know who we'll hear from. >> thank you president trump presenting is our chief our chief of labor relations and good evening students and others
4:00 pm
we want to i'm going to announce the proposals for adoption and those are i'll read them in order there are 6 that the board of education hold a public hearings on the initial proposal and adopts this has to do with with international brotherhood of electrical workers local 6 i'll read them all and then okay second is that for the initial proposal from the sfusd to the service employees seiu local 1021 requested action that the board of education hold a poergz on the initial proposal for the district and adopts the initial proposal the 2017-2018 initial proposal from the district to the local 39 the board of education hold a
4:01 pm
public housing on the initial proposal and adopts in initial proposal that for 2016-2017 did initial proposal from the local 21 that the board of education hold a public hearings from the district and documents the initial proposal that the initial proposal from the district to the labors industrial local local 261 that they hold a proposal and adopts the initial proposal and finally that the initial proposal from the local 818 local 377 local 40 local 22, local 1176, local one
4:02 pm
04, local 38, local 853 and the local common crafts that is one 4 one 4 the board of education hold a pausing on the initial proposal from the district and adopts this. >> i'll entertain a motion on all the proposal. >> second any comments or statements from colleagues student delegates hearing none we'll need to vote individually on each the programs so a roll call vote ms. casco starting with local 6. >> thank you many i know ms. zaragoza mr. cook mr. haney
4:03 pm
ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and mr. walton's 7 i's. >> thank you roll call vote for local 1021. >> ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell marry dr. murase ms. norton moons and president walton 7 i's. >> thank you roll call vote on local 39 ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook 0 mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and president walton that i's. >> thank you roll call vote local 21. >> ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook
4:04 pm
mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez president walton 78 i's. >> thank you roll call vote for local liv. >> ms. eng ms. zaragoza and mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and president walton 7 i's. >> thank you and last but not least common craft local 718 local 377 local 1136 and 1104 and local 38 and 353 and 1414 ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez
4:05 pm
and president walton 7 i's. >> thank you thank you item l distribution of other cycle issues superintendant lee we have an item. >> thank you president trump so tonight we have our annual report about k l w-91.7 fm station that of which 0 sfusd has licensed holder so we have general manager matt martin and i believe mr. martin has a power point presentation to display good evening and thank you very much for thank you for your time to hear from me this eager go to see you all again and to welcome you mr. cook and not spoken to you and week mr. sanchez and good to see you although the
4:06 pm
president can't call this a state of union but i will, in 2016 k l w celebrated the 75 year on the air in 1941 teachers put this station on the air as the first fm station on the west and we're going strong we are an enterprise units the district we raise our own budget 3/4ths comes down from listeners and the balance from federal support for public publishing and in kind supported from the district incredibly value for the high school and the studios also legal h.r. accounting support special mr. cook i want san francisco thank you for the
4:07 pm
relationship we are also grateful talk about that every year for the for a second this is a district and this is a board that represent that is important to have an editorial firewall between the listening and the station like k l w i can only imagine it is important for the news outlet and have a listener relationship to the listeners is incredibly important didn't mean we can't collaborate with the district to provide district inform on the air with resources or work with students all of which we do but the journalists need to do their work without - that's how things work with our station and heard storehouses from other manages working in the stukts r unified school districts and that's not always the reason but
4:08 pm
this is the station broadcast of the district and wanted to - you to feel that represents the district well and connected to the sfusd mission to educate the students and the broader public so oh, one the things i want to talk about the importance of k l a what direction what we're doing in the history do let you know the station has become known as one of the most preview initiate stationed in public radio when i first started the job when i showed up with public radio the main answer to i'm from k l w what is it where is that now people associate with with integrate programming i want to talk about a couple of
4:09 pm
examples one of them it is showing up here is this is a program that in you 2011 november i thought daniel in the bay area and one of the producers came do me and said we want to take the story telling and journalism and want to bring it to the stories of people throughout the americans who speak spanish and make that a spanish language pod cast that side that now at the time there was nothing like that in public radio i thought that was an important idea though we do not an english station but put our resources for the first two years it was produced at k a l w studios and grew and become an
4:10 pm
independent production in 0 november apr says we'll have the first spanish pod cast their building openly on what established at k a l w and having the stories on the news and considered in the morning edition that was something that started and what you started at the station and also in 2013 we started a program called a partnership between the new department of and k l a w and jouftsz inside of san convention let's tell stories about life inside the prison and families affected by the fact they have people on the inside of that community that who incarcerated people in them and tell
4:11 pm
overseeing stories from the perspective the prisoners recorded by a journalist that san convention has grown and a link that shows you some of the stories but in addition to those stories we continue it carry it really inspired some of the journalist to say we can do incredible things in audio they heard an international composition for new pod casts called pod quest with the producer that works with them said they decided to come up with a new pod cast expanding on what the san conventiquentin re
4:12 pm
theirs was chosen to have resources behind it to distribute is to market and deputy it once again something that started here unabated with the new voices on air this is about women changing the status quo started here and chosen as one of the pod casts that you take part in that is a pod cast by the public radio they too are saying here's a great idea we want to support and bring to the broader public and finally lightwell you know about a show we're producing with the community and it - so
4:13 pm
on the air for a year do a monthly show in theatres at march 23 and putting in a plug and i'll give my e-mail later so and i'm sorry, i lost any thought here it is a fun show what we do is take on social and political issues the days with funny conversations are challenging go conversations about things that matter that is what we're trying to do in this work i realize i skipped over a pod cast on the lower right hand corner this is our host of the news cross current and a reporter in the news department they have a new pod cast coming out called the
4:14 pm
student and comes from the african-american background and found their conversations go hearing about black identity maybe we can tell the stories and bring them forward and relied to be part of the pod cast they didn't win they were semifinal lifts but picked up we're not seeing those kinds of conversations and want to support this kind of work i tell you about that not only because i'm proud of the work it is important and exciting but to give you a sense the roll like we can play in taking risks and bringing forward voices and really been we do this in the context of the district but has an impact far beyond the community in parts of public radio and part of the media next, i want to tong given that
4:15 pm
tonight we have the first address of president trump congress we in public radio continental k l a w feel our responsibility for informing the community engaging in the civic dialogue with the humanity it is incredibly important and he can tell you in the months since the election the confuses we are having the increased responsible and wanted to get this right it is powerful when i came to the station in 2001982 as a producer i was the only public affairs producer was in a station on a daily basis no news department no local newspaper like now the growth of the station has met in a moment like there is so
4:16 pm
many stories to cover from national down to the local so many important conversations we need to be engaged in the fact that the station has grown the capacity it is what i understood the importance of that on the local call many of in you remember the host we had a number of shows about trumps combrnt appointees and a full week of immigration with an immigration policy to bring people that be directed effected by the executive order that came from the trumpet administration earlier this year i'm proud we are in a position to do and to bring to the community our local news magazine talking the impact
4:17 pm
of the metrics and rhetoric on people in the bay area whether immigrant and transgender people and women those that kind of reporting and talking about high speed rail and they did an entire half an hour talking about the high speed rail in san francisco and how it is affected by about the policies and room on the station for voices to come to the administration like the sfusd students that travel to washington, d.c. for the women's march a number of whom had their voices during the commentary and reports they took tape recorders and reflections what they were hearing we brought them to the air in the bay area so public radio is important all the time it is incredibly for the district can feel good about being part of supporting this resource we also are really reconnecting
4:18 pm
with the educational mission station the first 35 years of the existence we're a training station much more concerned with educating students for connecting with listeners that changed as mp r came on the air and bbc and grow the listeners but in recent years we have been working to reintegrate teaching and education into the work we do not only because of relevant and exciting radio to listen to we oh, yeah, that's where we began the students on the tower putting up the transmitter in 1941 in the past years development the audio comedy a
4:19 pm
intuition free program for adults from the community to learn audio journalism and audio techniques we're in the fourths or fourth-class and people in the previous classes. >> number have gone on to work in audio for shows hike snapshot judgment or users like reuters we've shown we can bring skills to those folks that serve them in the workplace and it is also been important it is not just about what we can do for people in the audio complained by the way, what they bring their own information we might not to have assess and for the last 5 years have hosted summary or summer
4:20 pm
interns primarily from burlington high not solely but we have dedicated resources to pay for stipends and hired staff to specifically work with the students in audio journalism in public radio they may not have been in a position to again, the to the place they can have a commentary or a story on the air it is up to our standards we are looking at and applied for the grant of the california arts council to expand that so have 5 std students at the station. >> minimum keep it at the level we're committed and love having the students there everything is about growing through the listener support we like i said 2/3rd's of the budget comes if listeners and in in this year we set ambitious
4:21 pm
goals to improve the growth pattern we're on and making one time expenditures i'll talk about unfortunately year to date june 31st we have the numbers are looking positive so the blue bars with the actual dollars year to date jan 31st comparing the last 4 fiscal years we're up by about 8 percent over the last two years and steady support versus overseeing years and also the red line is very, very important to me which is about growing the actual number of donors the members that are supporting this station is up by about 9 percent year from last year our 75 anniversary that was circling people to give you think that also in the election year and this election year in particular people recognition
4:22 pm
the value of the service and step forwarding when is great we can stay in line with the combroelz goals and looking forward to my priorities as the leader of the station to complete the work we're doing on the space at burton hi as you may know we spent the last 13 months outside of basically in the parking lot of burlington high a couple of visited and finally governor brown guess it was last week we make it into the spice burton high is a yearlong renovation process the work is not done a lot of updates to the studios a number one we have new equipment that is to be replaced but really expand what we can do in the
4:23 pm
space aconfigure from analog ho we do our productions this is a be short time important role and another bigger one for me as the leader is policy building with the structure of the districts policy that as a radio station as a media entity there is a lot of specific policies internally about how we work from what kickoff how we conduct our journalism to make sure there is or are not conflict of interests who is doing the broadcasting i'm using this opportunity to move into the space at a time to really think about how to clarify those policies for people inside the station which goings-on for a rake of people to people in the audio academy
4:24 pm
who have been around and looking at the policies that communications across from the staff people to the volunteers and trainings the other area that is really, really important is investing in the development capacity we've grown a lot in terms of the program and our development capacity and if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer themably and getting the philanthropic support we do has not grown co-sponsoringly we have an incredible development team and a gentleman a handling a small amount of people doing incredible stuff and with the programming management would we'll be in balance and need to work on steering more the resources to make sure we have more resources to get more resources. >> i know that is incredibly
4:25 pm
important and finally i talked about this before and talking to i really know the sustainability of the stations financially but in terms of take full vantage the opportunities in serving this community and collaboratively with the communities are will require us to tap sweet spots community for the work we do i have not mad the progress in the last year, i certainly want to move other things heard but consider this really the key to the fire chief the thought station. >> thank you loans o lessons how to do community around a 50 is adjunct to the station thank them for that and want to thank
4:26 pm
two other people like i said we've been in the process of rebuilding the studios we have a chief a person that works nights and weekend james he's strapped for time but a big project i can't believe what eave be able to move forward really doing it around the contours and i want to thank phillip pubically and to really is everyone at the station for lisa and others done great work a colleague is something o someone who is a legendary by the way, listener for a long term and donated his time and we are very, very grateful with that, i'm open up to you all and thank you very
4:27 pm
much thank you so much for your presentation any public comment? seeing none, colleagues commissioner norton >> thank you thanks for the report always nice to see you oh, that's the time of year georgia again, i'm proud for a member and renew my membership this year i want to ask a little bit about some of our financial position because it seems like in the last few years you've
4:28 pm
operating deficits not huge ones but i can you talk a little bit about that and i hear you're wanting to invest in development that's a that's a great question but where those come from and our opportunity to address that. >> i really think the opportunity to address it - i mean, i'll be honest i spent a lot of time this is probably the case for my development director working in partnership we're spending a lot of time inside and not enough time outside the real opportunity obviously we have an incredible basis of orders some of whom we have been conflicting around the major gifts to do the work and this is my director managed and said we need to open up more of my time not working on day to day
4:29 pm
financial accounting so we can look at the higher level for the staff with the large donors i mean when it comes to the defic deficits you know is really been around we've grown we've taken opportunities around programming i think that would have been a mistake not to tampa them up but at the same time, i on the fix is on the revenue side but i'm also in a place we can't take on new projects we can expand and are stephanie not just the development but our management capacity so i'm trying to hold the line it is hard there are a lot of opportunities. >> focused on how to take on the revenue side i think that
4:30 pm
you know in the scheme of the burr we're a small organization but it is figuring out how to take the time and other leadership of the station. >> you don't want to be the downer i think that is great the investment i think there is great things doing so all good but it comes at a price so we'll be not doing our job if we didn't look at that it is wise to invest and shore up the refers the trend - i'm not alarmed but is another year you start to see that. >> thank you comprehends commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell thank you i enjoy hearing the
4:31 pm
work and i'm grad you had a chance to come out and dr. murase do the if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming effort is great and excited to see your new face we are a the bungalow. >> when we get things zipped up you're welcome i think in april we'll have it all. >> i definitely want to come out and hang out with camille you know that. >> (laughter). and then i know one of the things we've talked about over the years is more programming about our schools and i did connect you with someplace that was interested in doing some going to the school and doing stories i'm wondering how you're thinking about that or how we, incorporate more stories about
4:32 pm
students - one the students we were talking about over the weekend was the the affirmative for the school of the art and big deal been cool to have a moment with him, i want to just think about that >> for the first time we've hired some part time b loaders education so not solely in san francisco so we're putting effort targeted saying okay how can we decade that we definitely have had ivy think we need a line of communication you, you know about stories in the district in a way we may not
4:33 pm
know necessarily i know there are definitely minded when jeff has pitched things our direction we cannot take up all of them but definitely the set of students that went to washington for the women's march that was a good example kate here's an opportunity and actually first brought to us oh, you want to publicize this we're interested in empowering the kids so maybe that's i think that will be part of approach in terms of the what are the examples - making it clear so people in the district know here's where the ideas come and so on our radar. >> yeah. i i get it your bay area but we own the station so i guess to me it is almost like it
4:34 pm
becomes you know an even tuesday story because this is our station and i feel like we don't - like you'll not know that is ours we're can't give to anyone else and i really would love to see more stories we have e-mails that go out on the new feed regularly that, you know, that highlights all the stories throughout the schools and i don't know if you receive that but that is you know a good way to do that we believing and highlights a bunch of things i'm not looking for i know you have to do news worthy news i think we want to be able to highlight sfusd you know the radio station
4:35 pm
commissioner murase. >> first of all, i want to congratulate you, mr. martin because i often say? my first school board you need a line of credit to keep the station going it has controversial i was getting e-mails why are you funding a radio station when the schools have a gap but it was a wise decision you managed to bring the radio station from the brink and recognition you for your personal leadership leadership in you know really e reenabling this station but i want to build only commissioner norton's concern about revenues and the unified school district recently started the on 50 is
4:36 pm
sparks school if you need technical assistance we have that here at the unified school district we have a new leader that works on the private giving so we have that resource here so i think there is a lot of opportunity more than a partnership one of my questions he asked several years ago was whether you had an advisory committee because clearly you were shouldering everything and sounds like you condition to shoulder a lot when you might benefit from having a team that perhaps has network that can help with the if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming end ever things i encourage you to pursue the having the governing board, and,
4:37 pm
secondly, building on commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell commit i'd like to see more content but like to know you have gifts in and out of our station but making the guests available to burton between the community and the operating nationally recognized are station recently and a committee meeting we were discussing the internal designation that is not what i like to see would love to see more of a community around the station the high schools i appreciate that the students have summer internships at the
4:38 pm
station it is labor intensify to see the interns at the station but 0 another resource another way in which the station can be for the school to perhaps have some of our speakers in the classrooms or an assembly you know come out that would be a big event for a school and to bring some benefit to the benefit to the school beyond the internship will be great. >> ms. eng. >> thank you for the presentation and having so much original content and casing with the school board meeting and mp r with the content as well i wanted to community-based in the back of commissioner murase her
4:39 pm
students have a connection to the community whether the neighborhood businesses i think outside the box pretty important, and, secondly, you talked about hiring students during the summary i have a friend that actually did that last summer really enjoyed it so a comment to hire more students from various backwards to expand the program if you can i know a lot of students at the - would benefit from the program thank you very much. >> supervisor coke. >> thank you for your presentation and also want to commend around the organizations so i can only imagine to come
4:40 pm
out and ask for support and then have to rebuild to so congratulations and a variety of programming that you offer and i wanted to just hear our initial thoughts based on the recommendations of commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell and commissioner murase can you respond. >> so the i mean the idea of trying to leverage some of the people coming into the station with burton this is great i like working on a campus like when we managed the leverage connections with the students in the station requires coordination you make the things happen we're having a guest how will we set up the opportunities i think a great conduct and working closely with
4:41 pm
the arts commission academy teachers this is a a good place to do that every student does this job i think that to me is a doable idea i like that bringing it into a clamor. >> i agree that will be a good thing. >> putting it with a little bit of work and think about doing something like that i think the question how we covered the unified school district and bringing forward unified school district stories i think that is more and more challenging i have a hard time asking my news department teacher you're in charge cover the unified school district they wanted to covered that is not way i want to ask my new employees to do but not meaning there a can't be other forms of the supporting the stories and maybe look at that out of journalism
4:42 pm
perspective there is journalism different responsibilities there obviously in a basic way talk about the lunches and talk about the events coming up in the district so there may be a way to do that i think it needs to be outside of the news and public affairs because their you'll have a report what is news worthy and also to be able to report the things news worthy and not necessarily what the district want us to support i have to been what form that might take to think about what you're suggesting i know there is undone work about representing great stuff happening in the district so - >> in terms of i mean speaking to your ability to turn the stations financial situation around i'm sure you can create a way to address the concerns and
4:43 pm
what we think is a reasonable timeline that present some of those suggestions to follow up lion 60 or 90 days to talk about that. >> you're saying we'll be doing our budgeting process this is a good time to do that 60 days - 90 days tell me the format. >> commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> i'd like to see something in the next 60 days thinking around it and other ideas that be be awesome. >> to clarify around the budget questions. >> no no about how you can incorporate
4:44 pm
the school districts in news and other things even what commissioner murase recommended to be connected to the school there is great teacher stories and things that are national and hooifltd you know, i know that is good. >> item m consent calendar resolutions there is none tonight. item n vote a consent calendar that was there is a motion that has been seconded under section f voted ms. casco. >> thank you ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook mr. haney
4:45 pm
ms. mendoza-mcdonnell except for item k-11 that was retracted. >> thank you dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez president walton thank you o consent calendar severed for boards immediate action 13 item p now introduce and assigned for that the committee for the superintendent proposal for first reading for the record no board members introduction tonight item 172 adoption of board policies adult student boundary that is going to be referred to rules and policy and legislation may i have a motion and second to the resolution.
4:46 pm
>> so moved. >> second. >> thank you we have public comment on this item president from u e sf. >> okay. i'm here to speak to the proposed policy on adult student boundary overall the proposals are reasonable and i think they makes sense wear committed to students safety and insuring conduct of all the employees but - we are very concerned with a couple of issues the first to the extent that any of the impacts impact the safety issues beyond the scope of bargaining and like you to go through them one by one
4:47 pm
and see if any should be subject to - and stepping back broadly we really ask you consider as the policy written not gone too far in the context of the extreme teacher shortage so have a written policy that includes 0 prohibiting a behavior that is touching students without a educational purpose not funny but shocking to me as a human being parent a teacher a person in the district to think our district will have a written policy you can't touch a kid without an cycle purpose i challenge anyone to be in a clamor for more than a day without a need not a human need
4:48 pm
but part of teaching is being human and a good part of being teachers we know the boundaries but the most effective teaches have an element of being a human i can't hug my kindergartener when this kid needs a hug for a version for mission high school and high school and i worry about this will have an chilling affect on in the district and coming to the district i mean, i do permanent know teachers in the district for many years who have modified the way they behave because not wanting to be subject to you know undue discipline so we really urge you to step back and consider that particular sections of the guidelines and as you go moving towards adapting a policy that meets the
4:49 pm
purposes meets the students purposes we're a caring proliferation and we need to act appropriately without going overboard and mr. paying educators and really cannot i'm afraid if you can't touch a kid in san francisco a young teacher saying that's enough i'll go somewhere else thank you. >> thank you item q introduction of proposals for immediate action, there is none tonight. item r board members standing committee report from the curriculum and program committee mr. haney. >> thank you
4:50 pm
report from ad hoc committee school district and ms. mendoza-mcdonne mendoza-mcdonnell. >> yes. the joint committee we should have a joint - >> that's worth reporting here we go. >> so that the school district city college was great to get back together we have several new commissioners that are coming over from city college and alex and tom are joint committee members we had a chance to get to know each other an overview on the partnership multiple partnerships we have together including the bridge to success the cc p t the catholics trust
4:51 pm
and early middle college/enrollment great and looking forward to meeting more regularly and commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell you want to continue with the building, grounds, and services committee. >> another wonderful meeting we had an update on the plan intern superintendant lee provided us with some additional information on where we are on the teacher housing plan we also got information from an organization called the housing down payment group that are looking to provide loans to teachers for housing and also got an annual report and updated on the 2011 local program and
4:52 pm
got great outcomes recognition rewith we've got a lot more work to do. >> a packed agenda 3 action items the approval of the work experience education plan where we heard about some the incredible work happening in the district around offering work experience to many of our students and see a huge increase in the number of students that are participating in the way narrow participating that was forwarded with a positive recommendation we heard the authorization to grant in terms of a renull for the high school we moved with a positive recommendations and heard the korean war
4:53 pm
memorial was approved tonight and regular update on the school quality index and heard an update on the computer science and digital promise initiated and a lot progress in xoond the computer science hearing about a doubling of the number to the elementary school and a initiative existing work and heard when the digital promise initiative that is the one to one id pad initiative that is passed through of the to middle school and an update on language pathway in vietnamese and mandarin part that that update is looking at the sites for the school and for the program and
4:54 pm
ultimately an ongoing discussion in terms of findings an appropriate site for both of those lunge programs at the elementary school and high school levels and then we heard in support of the commercial sexual abuse integrate into the curriculum. >> just the budget committee will meet tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in that room. >> updates on policy and rules and legislation. >> ad hoc committee committee on student. >> we'll mediate an march 8 international women's day at of p.m. >> and exciting and exhilarating ad hoc committee personal matters and affordable
4:55 pm
will be thursday at the of p.m. any other updates on commissioners commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell and commissioner sanchez. >> building, grounds, and services committee for march there will not be a meeting in march we have a spring break we'll take a break ourselves. >> and rules committee is next monday the 6 at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you item s other informational items there is none tonight. item t memorial adjournment i call a recess to the a will from the are you renew notice for a principal not renew notice for a sunday night principal and u i by a vote of one nay gives the authority for the stipulated amount and in the matter of one
4:56 pm
case of anticipated litigation the board has given the direction to the general council has given direction to the general council item w sorry i'll read out actions from tonight's closed session the board by a vote of 7 i's approved - >> (inaudible). >> say that again. >> thank you for reading that out item w the meeting is adjourned
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