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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 22817  SFGTV  March 4, 2017 8:00pm-9:41pm PST

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these 32 natural areas. these parks must be managed. the most beneficial action that our species can do to heal mother earth is habitat restoration. so please reject the appeal. thank you very much. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>hi, i am matt blain i am with the chair of urban riders and these allow people all to ride their bikes through the city's. we just are to do this in love on the and we've read a lot of these we are pleased to see this protects our natural resources and provides the use for san
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franciscans. him in terms of access issues people have been riding in our parks for decades but the plan does not say that these will be a problem and we will work with this potential plan in this process and with that we urge you reject the appeal and allow this plan to go forward. and thank you for staying so late. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>my name is nick wallace. i live in supervisor peskin's district three. i'm a patron of the san francisco municipal golf course. i'm here in support of the final eir for the program that will restore the
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sharp park golf course and the maintenance of this plan i would just like to make the comment that i have closely followed the sharp park controversy for over a decade including making comments in front of this body in 2009 when supervisor wanted to kill this course and in 2013 when supervisor david alvarez wanted to kill this course and now them are still here but i still am so i'm just saying. even though sharp park is within the plan as it should there is still an important issue here. we have a golf course operation at sharp park for 80 years. this has included a habitq of
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the california of the red legged frog and i urge the board to move forward and start the process to improve this habitat and manages habitat for the frogs and the snakes in sharp park and for the golfers. we have many san francisco recreation and park employees that have have a right to do this and are great stewards for the park and for the frog and the snake. let's move forward and get started with this plan. >>[timer dings] >>thank you. next speaker please. >>hello my name is shannon dawn. and on behalf of the
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northern california golf association honorable supervisors, sharp park is a unique, highly significant golf course and historic resource. this preservation is of the highest priority for that mpg and the world golf. this provides a reasonably priced seaside recreation and a community outing for visitors of san francisco. we reiterate our support for sharp park golf course and for san francisco's natural resource program and for the eir. we request that your board deny the appeal an except the planning commission's final eir. i support sharp park and these are the homes of the places that i learn to play part. it
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represents stanford university as a representative of the community and i know how important this is as a community gathering point and i can ask now that i have a few seconds left is to support all of you that have any young people in the room that love the game to bring them to the game, we would love to help them but support the eir, reject the appeal, and allow as much native supporrt as sharp park to receive. to sport
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wildlife in san francisco based in terms of programming and in terms of what is here. i want to zoom out. i will zoom out and just acknowledge some of our fellow cities. we mentioned some of theseearlier. chicago sports many. arm they have a plan, a comparable plan. i will read with this says chicago supports many native ecosystems from prairies, savanna, and dunes to wood learns and supports many
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ecosystems for birds reptiles and 50 and and i am moving over to hong kong and their nature conservation policy includes activities that have adverse impacts onn their ecosystem and these would include threats to their ecosystem and finally i will discuss 2011 plan diversity which has certain goals of connecting people with nature and the city. i want to implore you to trust your city agencies here 10 years of planning i have known lisa and her stay after 15 years, i have worked in resource management myself for 20 years and excellent and-- leadership in
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the realm of-- >>thank you, next speaker please. >>hello my name is bill wilson in august of this year will mark the 20th year of my arrival in san francisco and almost my first volunteer opportunities were with the national-- program in mount davidson. and, through sweat equity i have learned what this means in mount davidson because that natural actuary program had exist. so these people that talk about these telephone ethnic cleansers and i have yet
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to meet those people and i am not one of those people. and so, i would urge you to very respectfully urge you to reject respectfully urge you to reject the appeal--because let's be frank here because it has been 15 years and the oppositionhas not really come up with anything that needs to be changed at this late hour and i am not sure that even if you approve this appeal that it would in fact be one more round to go that you would be finished . i think today is the day to finish it. thank you. >>thank you. are there any other members of the public who would like to speak in opposition? i'm sorry ma'am, you're ready made a comment. you can only do it once. are there any other members of the public there would like to make public comment? >>again, the appeal, this is
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last call. seeing none, public comment is now close. [gavel] okay so we will have a three-minute- supervisor peskin is right here. a three-minute rebuttal. thank you. so, there will be a rebuttal. there will be three minutes for the appellant. please come forward. >>good evening supervisors i'm
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d feldman i am the president of the san francisco natural resources alliance. i want to thank you for your attention and your patients but particularly your attention. the city of san francisco is 7.7 miles of open hills. are open space is limited. where did we lose our way is a forward thinking cities. if we certify an eir that [inaudible] global warming, if we ignore impacts on air quality and erosion of groundwater if we ignore spending large psalms on destruction of land and destruction of wildlife rather than maintenance of those trees and regulations. if we use the arborist term of thinning this is actually deforestation. if we spend $5.64 million per year to implement this planned to
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sell trees and use herbicides and close trails and close all play areas. if we require of you to get permission for recreation and park eir without having project level information. if we do a cost-benefit analysis of public health versus using cheap herbicides. please, send this eir back to planning. there is too much land at stake to have a controversy over whether this was done correctly. we don't want to have no choice but to live with the mistakes that we made for the next 20 years that planning should otherwise be able to correct and mitigate. in the remaining time, i will turn it over to my colleagues. >>the projector is not on. >>it is not on.
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>>sfgov tv, please. >>it is on. >>first of all i would like to say what lisa wayne said that trees need to be removed because their aging, unhealthy, and dangerous and here is a map to mark the tree areas and they are being removed just to clear an area and they are not sic the one-to-one replacement is supposed to be 1 to 1 replacement and they never address the axis we identified. they said if you go from these trails and these trails [timer dings] that--
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>>thank you sir. thank you very much. thank you. and so with that, this hearing has been held and is now closed. >>[gavel] this matter is in the hands of the board of supervisors. and with that, i will call on supervisor peskin. >>thank you mme. chair andsupervisors and colleagues at first i want thank all of the members of the public for sticking it out for your passion of the park and i whether it is rather the plan was through the last decade i think there was maybe three or four general managers to go but dawn was there and i think that
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it speaks volumes to the quality of our citizens that everybody is so passionate about the parks, i have taken this. seriously. i spent leery is lee all day sunday reading the forest alliance appeal reading the wildlife equity appeal on the responses from the planning department i did not claim that i read the entire eir but looking at specific things in there that were brought up in the appeals that reference the comments and responses and, i have to say that while i had some questions about piece mailing and alternatives as related to sharp park because the sharp park portion was not a program level eir but was a project level eir in so far as the
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general manager was able to reach agreement with that set of appellants and address their concerns as it relates to raising the height of the fairways which i think they had some colorful sql arguments as far as that appeal has been withdrawn and i do not think those issues are any longer before us. forest alliance appeal and let me separate the difference between the issues of policy that are being analyzed that a programmatic level in the eir versus whether or not the eir was adequate in evaluating those impacts correctly.inasmuch as i would like to find on their behalf i don't, i have not been able to find on their behalf and would respectfully, i know with disappointment to many of my friends, and i have to say i don't think there is any single issue that this body has gotten as many emails about,we didn't
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get this many emails about the and nass and the streetlights and nass and the streetlights on van nuys and i would respectively supervise or say that i think that we should table all items 61 and 62 and move item 60 and this is second and by supervisor farrell. supervisor yee. >>thank you mme. chair and i just want to echo my colleagues that i have not seen so much passion as i have about this issue. and i want us thank
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lisa wayne for coming out she is always been so professional and certainly there are many elements of this program that we support and the issue of how we manage our trees in places like this are important and i certainly do not want to be the one that is going to support something where tree falls on somebody and someone gets hurt because we are negligent but for me there were some issues that were brought up today and, again, this is a tough issue and like so many issues that are like and support the issue with pesticides and whether using the same amount or less, i don't think this was adequately studied and i think
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that the attorney mentioned about the next issue to look at this more carefully in terms of whether or not we we use more and that bothers me a lot and because of that, i think i will be supporting the appeal. >>thank you supervisor yee. supervisor sheehy. >>thank you mme. chair and i also want to echo what my
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fellow supervisors have said. this is been such a passionate project and i cannot support this project i hope the dialogue as individual pieces of the plan are being implemented especially around the herbicide use that the community really looks at those impacts very carefully. i do have to say that i found the conversations with park and rec staff to be very compelling and i applaud them trying to approach this issue because i really had a lot of trepidation about this. i do want to keep in touch on this issue. i know that you are trying to do everything you can to mitigate and use the least amount of chemicals. i think one piece of that will be making sure that you do bring on adequate natural resource staff and not i think that it think that if
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you have bodies that can monitor these chemicals i think that's important to pursue. one part is very critical to me and i'm not sure what we do to go forward this but is off leash dog areas. 80% of these off leash dog areas could be impacted depending on how this how this management plan is implemented. i think for someone to suddenly be walking their dog at a place every day and every weekend to suddenly wake up one morning and it's off leash and, you know, they can't let their dogs run their without some kind of process by where they are notified and an opportunity to have a dialogue with parks and rec about that
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would be very problematic for me. again, i don't know that would require legislation but parks and rec would want to come up and maybe he lay the fears of some of the dog owners. i don't have a dog i have a cat but again, i completely understand their concerns and i am very, very empathetic. and that is not an issue for ceqa. >>thank you supervisor sheehy. supervisor farrell. >>thank you mme. chair and i do
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want to thank all the people who've come out here tonight. this is a very passionate issue and i do want to say as some of my colleagues have spoken as far as ceqa i don't see an issue here and one thing i want to mention is i grew up right next to the presidio and the presidio was chock-full of eucalyptus trees and given those trees useful life here in san francisco first, i will admit, this was daunting. this was growth of trees in areas i was used to my entire life, literally, that i was running around as a kid and my wife and
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i went to plant some trees in the presidio next to the golf course and another 30 feet tall and i can tell my kids, we did that, we planted those in my kids love it. but again on a personal level. again, much of my colleagues i echo on the eir itself and the appeal but for me this necessity of what were doing and planning for future and making sure that our parks are there and i want those perks to be there when my kids are my age and my grandkids also. and i want to echo the comments by saying we need to think of the future san francisco in the future of our parks system and lastly we want to thank you for the all of the
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rec and parks staff and thank you for your hard work on this and again thank everyone for being here and thank you for your dialogue on this. >>thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor ronen. >>thank you. i just want to go my colleagues and thank everyone for staying here so late this evening and thank you for your concern your care and your engagement. and i echo my colleagues that i worked in here with a lot of reservations tonight but along the questioning that supervisor
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sheehy was asking i do also want the answer to these questions but these were very unsatisfying answers and it wasn't a long line of questioning that you are answering. so moving forward, i am comforted by the fact that as you go about implementing this plan and engage in projects for all 32 natural areas that there will be supplemental environmental reviews for those 32 projects and if the public and the community feel that they are insufficient those appeals will come before the board of supervisors and we will be able to look project by projectwhether that tree removal and pesticide use will significantly impact the plan and our children in their schools and i just don't have that level of comfort with the
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eir. i'm not willing to affirm the eir i think that everyone engaged in this project has put a lot of hard work and attention into this plan and i just think again everyone for coming in engaging in this process. >>thank you supervisor ronen. supervisor fewer. >>thank you mme. chair. i just uld like to say that last week i went to the fairways at sharp
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park and i went to the pond that you mentioned to me and then i read a lot and i spoke to a lot of people and, quite frankly, i one point i didn't even know what was true but after really thinking deeply about it, i think that i know what i believe the truths to be. i've been married to an arborist for 20 years. and my husband is also an arborist and he has a degree in horticulture andwe have pruned many, many, many trees. and we also learned trees in our yard and he reminded me that the eucalyptus tree is a weak trait because it is a fast-growing trait and we also have to remove eucalyptus trees also from properties that we have earned because of the possibility of them falling on buildings. income i also know that it is hard to see a tree
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get chopped down and if i see a tree chopped with a cleaver i think my husband his heartbreaks a little. it is hard to see a tree cut and it's hard to seea tree removed and i think that i want to protect trees but i can tell you that we have to preserve our forest and i have seen iv take over and i have seen trees fall and i know that we are full of eucalyptus trees and i also know that we have not managed our urban forest and it is time that we did. because we are also responsible as and supervisor farrell said, people for years will be enjoying our
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parks and because this is a programmatic review we will have an additional opportunity to have another review. and, i think it comes down to sort of also who you believe in what you believe. i do believe that, you know, 18,000 trees being removed in 20 years is devastating but i also think it is not as devastating as to say 50,000 trees in one year and when i met with people they told me most of these trees are disease or most these trees are weak or most these trees are dangerous and i guess if it comes down to what you believe and i have to say that i believe that because i've had eucalyptus trees myself, and i also think that thesetrees that are in our urban forest take
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maintenance. and i have to say that i agree with supervisor peskin and his proposal but i do want to thank people for coming out educating me and i want to assure you that i thought long and hard about this and like i said, i married into a family of arborists and it is harbor us when we see trees cut down but then sometimes i think that in the bigger picture of our urban forest in san francisco i think at some time, unfortunately we must. thank you. >>thank you supervisor fewer.
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supervisor safai. >>thank you mme. supervisor and thank you colleagues. and thank everyone for coming out here today have to concur with supervisor peskin it is great to see the legislative process work to see people come to an agreement and resolve some of the issues on the tables i commend the rec aand park staff for the time you put into this. this is a 15 your processor more coming to a close and there is some irony when we're talking about management and protection of endangered species that there would be the idea that we have an existing working man's golf course and it would be restored and one then in the end, it would be designed by the scottish immigrants and this is the reason why we have the opportunity to protect two of
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the most endangered species in northern california. i think that's one irony that shouldn't be lost in the situation. the others that i too have a problem often with taking down trees and this is part of the process but there is some truth and it is part of this process and we do weed out unhealthy trees we are trying to present the long-term health of our forest. so i will be supporting the environmental impact report. i want to commend rec and park also. i too agree with what supervisor sheehy said about the dog part but even though we are losing
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some of these areas these off leash dog park areas are important to me as well and i thank you members of the staff and i think everyone who's come outto speak on this. thank you. >>before we vote on the motion proposed by supervisor peskin is there a motion to excuse supervisor kim so this had a motion and a second can we take the supervisors without objection? mme. city clerk, on items 59, 60, 61, and 62 please call the roll. >>[roll call vote] >>we have 9 ayes and one no th
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supervisor yee in the dissent. >>the environmental impact report is finally certified. thank you. >>[gavel] thank you very much. we have business to continue. so if everyone would please consider exiting the chamber quietly, we would really appreciate it. thank you. thank you ma'am. we are still in session. we are still in session, thank you. mme. city clerk, please let's go back to our business. supervisor supervisor
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sheehy, we left off with you. >>yes i have a memorial. >>excuse me, excuse me we are still conducting business of you could exit quietly and have your conversations outside of the chamber. i apologize supervisor sheehy. >>i have a memory today at for ms. shelley a and she studied cosmetology at night with a keen business sent and she opened shelley's beauty salon on fresno street and it open businesses and half a dozen locations she lives behind her husband of 58 years harlan l kelly senior and 27 grandchildren and 28
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great-great-grandchildren. >> and thank you supervisor sheehy. and supervisor peskin? >>can we do that on behalf of the entire board? >>can we do that on behalf of the entire board without objection? >>we will do that without objection. >>[gavel] >>we do have three or more atoms. i would like to first adjourn the meeting on behalf of eileen fernandez. many of you know the work of ms eileen fernandez who was born in 1926 two charles clark and ethel clark and she was one of three children and the only daughter. she graduated fromhoward university magnum cm laude in
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sociology and and she went on to be a professor at the college.she was later appointed deputy chief of the california department of federal equal employmentcommission in washington dc she was the only woman to be appointed to the department of federal equal employment in washington dc. she went on to become the president. ms. fernandez went on to inspire women leaders in her consulting firm fernandez and associates and through the
8:39 pm
formation of several women's groups including black women organize for political actions her lifetime of papers will be preserved at the sophia smith college and her collection at smith college. she is cherished as a kind and loving aunt and will be fondly missed by her family, friends, and many other folks in her san francisco community. there is a public memorial service plan for ms. hernandez on monday, march 6 at noon in the n. light court in city hall. the second memorial that i have is for a very dear friend of mine sadly, their son mr. christian antonio erwin was mr. darrell white and shelley white and he was only 19 years old and he was pursuing his college degree at the university of las
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vegas nevada and his parents were very proud of the initiative he showed to go towards his dreams he encouraged his young siblings to do well in school and major he made time with them. his siblings never questioned their big brother and they loved him dearly. he made sure his family always knew that his number one priority with each and every one of them. he is survived by his parents, darrell and shelley white, his two younger sisters, and his younger brother. he will be forever missed. and the rest supervisor cohen. >>i would like to make a motion that we close the board on behalf of both of the names that you offered. >>thank you supervisor cohen. if we could do that on behalf
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of the board without objection. without objection we will adjourn the meeting on behalf of the full board of supervisors. thank you colleagues. >>[gavel] >>mme. pres., seeing no other names on the roster. >>sir, sir, and any members of the public, we have business to conduct and we have an agenda and we have returned to our agenda and the next item up his public comment. i would appreciate if you would not continue to have outburst. we have all been here a very long time and we ask for your patience. thank you very much. mme. clerk, since there are no other members who are listed for introductions please read public comments. >>at this time the public may address the entire board of supervisors for the item 65-69 pursuant to the board's rules
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please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors or to the audience and supervisors using assistance may have twice the time and if you would like to display something on the screen or projector please address your comment to sfgtv. >>ma'am we apologize we will start your time again because the microphone was not on. >>[inaudible] allows you to use as much herbicide as you want whenever you want >>mme. pres., i'm pausing the speakers time. >>it sounds like you're speaking about herbicides. >>i am speaking about ipm. i'm
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not speaking about natural areas. and i'm speaking but ipm. >>okay thank you. >>if you look at ipm you can use what ever you want whenever you want at any amount. so it's all about assumption and particularly the natural area programs in my neighborhood not the eir they always have exemptions and they use nine times more herbicides than everybody else and there are studies which show this very low amounts of herbicides can still be harmful to your health. study showed that the use of these [inaudible] can increase
8:44 pm
liver disease by [inaudible] percent. i hope that somebody will take it up because it is unconscionable when everything is getting poison for whatever reason [timer dings] it should not be allowed. it is not just the natural area problem, it is a general herbicide use and also the natural area use problem that uses about nine times as much herbicide as everyone else uses. thank you very much. also, goes everywhere. [timer dings] thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>thank you. i am using an
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assistance. i'm using my brother for my impairment. >>thank you we will double your time. >>thank you. my brother is here to express his concerns over something near and dear to his heart. he doesn't get many opportunities to speak out, with his handicap he feels like he cannot express or communicate his feelings for fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed. but he jumped that the opportunity to be here tonight to be heard. he request the assistance to stop the funding of corporations that support the north dakota access pipeline. help send the message that the mother earth ecosystem needs to be protected
8:46 pm
through all walks of life. mother earth has no words and cannot speak for herself. we as human beings need to voice for her and assure her protections. my brother states he is a water protector. he believes it is his and all the duties of all human beings to be the best possible stewards of mother earth. please consider the funding and to invest in the corporations that pollute the waters in south dakota. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>mme. city clerk can i just make a comment.
8:47 pm
we indicated unanimously that we stand with standing rock folks and we are 100% in solidarity and that was actually delivered to the camps. we also separately have taken actions with regard to the cities investment policies with well standing i just want to put that on the record. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>my name is jackie i'm with the cody youth. my tribe is directly affected by the dakota access pipeline in the keystone pipeline which are set to run right through the great city reservation and we are here today to go because we want the board to follow through on their opposition of blood to south dakota pipeline.yes the resolution is a good one but the city has cashed a cash
8:48 pm
management contract with bank of america. this account sees more than $10 million of the cash 30 year and america has gone on to lend that cash to energy transfer partners and they are offered in the dakota access pipeline. we are here today to ask the board of supervisors to pass an ordinance for america and other transfer partners. santa monica and davis have all done this and we can be the second major city after seattle to do so. we can also go further by investing $800 million that we have with other banks also financing the pipeline including the royal bank of canada, the bank of tokyo and morgan stanley. if san francisco [timer dings] in support of citroen and in opposition of the dakota access
8:49 pm
pipeline the board will divest in opposition to this pipeline and will not invest with citicorp bank. thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>good evening mme. chair and supervisors i come from a small south dakota community which may be some of you unheard of our that to say that san francisco did pass the board of supervisors did pass a resolution supporting the standing rock staff and they had a year bank account with the bank of america and there is a family of companies and the city invest over $800 million financing in the atl
8:50 pm
and we wanted to demonstrate that solidarity with their need to put their money where the mouth is and i know maintaining the relationship >>sir, please speak into the microphone. >>[inaudible] and 17 million people downsteam from seattle and [inaudible] and the bank violates indigenous rights and [inaudible] army corps it marks
8:51 pm
violation of indigenous property and indigenous rights thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>thank you. i stand here in solidarity with the standing rock sioux tribe. in the last 30 years there have been deaths and financial costs with these incidents costing millions of dollars with these incidents. they have spilled 6003 and her tons of oil and gas daily. they insist the pipelines are safe but these births almost daily. that have artie been multiple instances the sheer. including on january 14 a spill of 15,000 gallons of oil in missouri. on january 25
8:52 pm
[inaudible] of oil spilled in iowa. in january 26 a pipeline in minnesota exploded sending workers to a burn unit and residents needing to be evacuated. the standing rock sioux have been coexisting with our mother earth for thousands of years but now these resources are being exploited and the land again is threatened to be taken from them [timer dings]. this crime has been exploited on these people for over 200 years. native americans have some of the highest suicide rates and the highest dropout rates and the highest rates of police
8:53 pm
brutality in being victims as we saw last week please support this coalition. >>thank you very much. next speaker please. >>hello, my name is elizabeth milos. i am a member of the university of technical employees the cwa local 9119 ucla employee. i just want to mention that there is a false dichotomy between environment and jobs. we passed a resolution to asked ceqa to invest from our uc entire meant plan and i don't know if you realize this but there is been incredible movements around the world where there has been a commitment to divest $5 trillion in assets in other words, 688 institutionsin over 76 countries have committed to divesting $5 trillion in assets.
8:54 pm
the massive limited partnership has massive tax subsidies as much as six and 65 million in 2016 by avoiding corporate taxes and we can pass on the so called task corp.
8:55 pm
[inaudible] this is actually making financial sense. for the first time since 2014 during this period of time there has been a lower cost of energy generation renewal [timer dings] than coal or natural gas. the actual efficiency has one of 50% for winter vine and as well as research sales and technology up to 49% efficiency and the levelized cost of energy has dropped dramatically. so in essence, if we study this, we can see that it is going to make much more sense and green energy technology and jobs are going [timer dings and are a growing sector & >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please >>hi, my name is and joe crew south dakota. and i shared affinity with them in terms of their respect for nature and for rivers and for wild places and this is much more than that. this is their fight for their indigenouslife and sovereignty. i was inspired to write a poem for them. i don't write poetry very often. this
8:56 pm
was written on quote thanksgiving day of 2016. this is called the rivers life."a full bellied moon hangs heavy, hangs low. oceans, we are oceans apart my friend. my baby has hit a thunder and i see the curve of her lashes as her mouth falls from grace. the blood of my forefathers trips into the hands of my brothers and sisters. the river is calling me. the tears that drown the anger deep within i stand like a rock in the city of san forever changing, forever moving. but i still stand on guard to the sound of drunks beating that while in my heart. a heart that is open. my soul is open. stand with me i say, stand with me my friend for here, for tomorrow the river runs deep in
8:57 pm
my blood and i am beholden to you mother earth and whispered to me your secret so that i may know who i am." thank you. >>thank you. thank you for your poetry. next speaker please. >>my name is olga auburn. i live in san francisco i've lived here for about eight years and i'm registered nurse for that sentimental time and i have had two daughters here that were born here. i have always been proud of san francisco and i am hoping that i can even be even more proud
8:58 pm
at this time because i would like to make a plea that you do divest the financial resources from bank of america and other banks that do support the pipeline. yes, this water situation is so important that they say water will be the next oil that we will hope to have water the way of the oil in the future. but the people standing rock the beautiful spiritual people or to treated so abominably and there were such huge civil rights violations that one on it standing rock, i don't know if you were able to follow this because there was a blackout in the news about it and so, i got most of my information from sources like democracy now with amy goodman who happens to be one of the best journalists in the world as far as i'm concerned and then perhaps i got my information from the young turks and from other young people who are freelance journalists and a lot of these people were arrested and put in
8:59 pm
jail [timer dings] videographers were going to have to go to jail for 10 or 15 years for just covering the news which is what they are supposed to do. people were arrested and taken to jail's and made to strip in front of guards and women in front of male guards and body cavity searches. how can we support these atrocities. let's weave the country and not & >>[timer dings] >>thank you. thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>hello, my name is colette fair. stopping the dakota access pipeline violates human rights and human health and the corporate ownership of our country i would like to say the board of supervisors the name of other things to do and i know you're very busy people and you have made promises to people with other issues you prioritize right now and i know you've already thought about it
9:00 pm
but due to the time will listen as and the urgency of this issue i would ask that you re- consider and find a way to divorce from dabble now and to protect the land of the standing rock sioux and protect the water preservation that will affect 17 million people and for the woman who lost her leg last year. we cannot continue to fund genocide simply because it is inconvenient are not a priority to stop. when all of the government employees retire one day you will feel better knowing that it did not profit from the blood and tears of indigenous people and protesters that only want to protect are very right to exist. this is our moment to
9:01 pm
act. please see that moment and act to support the ordinance to divest from p with thank you. >>thank you speaker please. >>hello my name is catherine. thank you for those of you who are still present and here to hear our comments today. i'm here on behalf of of my friends we're here to share her support as an oakland resident . i will stay here till 5 am if that's what it took. thank you so much. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>thank you. i'm francesca wander. i am a 20 year resident and member of san francisco [inaudible] thank you for staying here to listen to us this evening. there is a
9:02 pm
deep dark history of racism that goes back to the injustices of the indigenous people this land among other people in our short history. that continues to the present day. we built our greatness on the backs of immigrants labor and we havestricter natural resources of our planet and our land in a or and now we are faced with global warming and the primary driver behind global warning is the fossil fuel industry and we have direct opposition to clean and sustainable industries and technologies. capital is an ongoing assault to our land and the people that rely on it for a livelihood and survival. our
9:03 pm
very own bank of america is one of our primary investors in capital and san francisco my home for 20 years as an investor with bank of america for the tune of kenny million dollars. i request that san francisco divests all friends from bank of america now. thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>hello my name is miracle morale as i'm a san francisco resident of 25 years i live in district 6. i commend you for yournovember 2015 resolution to support the sioux reservation in standing rock so i thank you.
9:04 pm
we all know about wells fargo's terrible track record they engaged in fraud that led to foreclosure crisis. recently another fraud scandal was created where the bank was creating bank accounts for customers. let's be clear that wells fargo is not the only financial institution supporting the pipeline or engaging in unethical practices. while bank of america may not be directly involved in dapple it is invested in its parent company and logistics and energy transfer equity. in an article titled are promised for domestic use dakota access pipeline details the lobbying of energy transfer partners of
9:05 pm
a forty-year band one that will use experts. he details and speaking from both side of his mouth [timer dings selling his investments to pipelines and corporations such as citibank and energy experts and sell this pipeline to state such as iowa to increase us energy or independence. which one is it? us energy partners is not a trustworthy partner. it ceo kelsey juan donated 100 $50,000 to donald trump's campaign. >>timer dings] >>thank you ma'am at times up. >>next speaker please. and just members of the public, we have to give everyone the same amount time. so thank you. >>hello my name is [inaudible]
9:06 pm
i am from san francisco board and raised. >>please speak directly into the microphone. >>i have the opportunity to travel to standing rock in november and everything was well represented there whether it was kitchen work or from the pipeline everyone was from the city or the bank. everyone on the other side this issue san francisco is investing $10 million into the bank of america enabling the oil industry to use local and national law enforcement to attack, attack and harass people that want to be water protectors. [inaudible] attack dogs, dog kennelsjails,supporting the sharp points to tribe is not
9:07 pm
enough. the city is already on the side of lateness in taking action in such an urgent situation. i hope you can prioritize with this local divestment and join davis seattle and support that water, not money, is life. >>[timer dings] >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>hello, my name is on a. the united states government has broken every promise they've made to the native americans to their history. and i know that san francisco wants to stand on the right side of american history. and i know that i'm a teacher and my fourth-graders
9:08 pm
and my kids in the fourth grade classroom i wanted to be able to go back and say we did everything we could. thank you. >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>hello my name is curtis lim. i a resident of san francisco and when i heard what was happening in south dakota at alzheimer's academy to the core and what also sickened me to the core was the silence of progressive politicians and silences silence and silence is deafening and i want to make a slightly different point and i want to say i don't understand why in the light of social media we have a politician bernie sanders who says i want to divest from capital and i personally want the board to divest and support standing
9:09 pm
rock and announcing the reason why that couldn't between did tonight or tomorrow morning. thank you. >>thank you next speaker please. >>hello, my name is todd snider i'm currently a constituent of london breed. i would like to ask the board to divest from the apple. right now, money is the only leverage you have. so please use that leverage, and maximize it to the fullest extent. i appreciate you passing resolutions but you actually have to back it up with actions. with meaningful actions. those divesting in these companies must include san francisco. mount davis is already done it, seattle has already done it, to be the president of your with the back it up with actions. thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>first of all i would like to say thank you for your endurance tonight and for
9:10 pm
hearing what we have to say so far. i'm asking you to support the sfd fund apple coalition. i would like to add a different perspective though and just say i think it would directly benefit our community is well beyond standing rock and the reason for that is i assume the role of supervisor is to support the health and happiness and safety of everyone that lives in san francisco and their actually community banks in the area that are local banks that are registered as corporations and i think that would be beneficial for all. in the report from 2012 it shows the community banks only show 14% of assets but they give 46% of small business loans and business and so if you want to help support our small businesses in our communities as well the big way to achieve that. and i don't think that the bank of america does not have any melissa's intent they
9:11 pm
are just a multinational corporations are just not focusing on our community the way that we do. i think that this is a way for you to put your money towards something better going forth. on a more macro scale and 2007 2008 during the financial crisis in 2010 i can do the job anywhere and i want to find a place where my undergraduate degree to get to work. there was the large occupy wall street movements indicating that constituents do not support the banks because they do tend to fail. unfortunately, they are still but with the power to reduce their strengths by moving the money out of their hands and moving it into smaller banks that can supported long-term and support our economy from crashing a long way. >>[timer dings]
9:12 pm
>>thank you. next speaker please. >>thank you honorable supervisors and honorable chairwoman. my name is hansen yee and i am a resident of this town and i remember wheni was a president of the asian american association i was in the chamber applying for equal rights and thank you for passing them i remember these times and thank you for the bill for the resolution for standing up. i raised a family here. i married and my three kids all go to public school in san francisco [inaudible] and school of art. and my children took me to standing rock and we spent together we spent thanksgiving and standing rock and following that, i went to more times and i can't help to
9:13 pm
think as a proud san franciscan and how we are known for our water and here there is a pioneer out there fighting for our water and we use our money to support bank of america as a resident of san francisco i feel ashamed. i suggest as supervisors, that you should have the same feeling. please, have something with [inaudible] we need passion to change this world. san franciscans should be up front with that passion. [timer dings] >>now working with a reporter in bayview and we are watching them monitoring all of our supervisors to do something with a passion. we need to be
9:14 pm
proud of our system. protector water and protector water right. thank you. >>[timer dings] >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>i am also a san francisco resident living on ohlone territory.ohlone the city is supporting the beatings and as things of native people and their allies not to mention the desecration of native peoples land. i was at standing rock for two weeks in november and i got to see the violence firsthand. it was truly terrifying. there were grandmothers shot in the back with rubber bullets just going up and asking them to stop the violence. i guess it is not okay to put the pipeline through the predominately white
9:15 pm
bismarck or the pipeline was originally supposed to be put through but i guess it's alright today.the burns attitude it chiefs and affect the water the people down strain stream i can say as a supervisor in the city the cleanup crew was foolish enough to admit to me because i was a girl on the beach that they were just there for the cameras they weren't trying to get anything done. think about the wildlife that was there. the only thing this companies care about is money. to be in bed
9:16 pm
with the dakota pipeline access line is not what you wanted to please show your solidarity with standing rock by divesting from bank of america and don't be involved with the racist & >>[timer dings] >>thank you. next speaker please. i want to thank supervisor peskin for making comments yes san francisco did make a stand however there are other investments we need to divest from. san francisco used to be the most progressive city in the united states there used to be a saying as goes california so goes the nation.
9:17 pm
san francisco, i believe sadly is no longer the most progressive city in the nation. and, that is because of the tech wealth that has invaded our city. i think we can try, really hard to getting it back to being a more progressive city and make some efforts and i think that the board of supervisors can show us that they stand with us the progressive parts of the city there left and, that you care a little bit. i just want to remind you of someone else reminded you that dakota access pipeline was rerouted through standing rock because bismarck's residents feared it would poison their drinking water and the sue were literally forced at gunpoint to accept ecological risks that
9:18 pm
north curtis white residents refused. again, i just want to say that san francisco needs to divest completely and not just on a surface, cosmetic level. thank you. >>thank you for your comments. next speaker please. >>my name is caroline denton and i was born and grew up in the city and i still live here for 71 years and i really appreciate that you all, you know divested from wells fargo and made that resolution in support of standing rock and i would like to be able to count i cannot count on the federal government at the moment, it seems to take care of us or to take care of our environment or water, but i want to be able to count on my city. and, as soon as trump
9:19 pm
got there as soon as the president got there and said all that about supporting the dakota access pipeline and the keystone, i just felt like i had to do something and so, i started the process of divesting and wells fargo and i am refinancing my mortgage into the san francisco federal credit line and, just a drop in the bucket. i feel like if i can make enough difference. i'm just here to say san francisco, please do this to with bank of america and maybe we can actually because money speaks, you know, it seems like that's what the federal government to listen to, you know. so thank you. >>thank you for your comments.
9:20 pm
next speaker please. >>good evening supervisors. my name is [inaudible] i'm not a member of any of the indigenous tribes but i am an immigrant like many of you and your ancestors. i have been an american citizen since 2012 and i am a student at stanford university and i have been a resident of san francisco for 15 years. we must do all we can at the local level to preserve our natural resources for ourselves and our future generations. our children, our nieces, nephews, and their children. the resolution you pass to stan was standing rock was a great first step but now you must stand to put your money and our money our collective moneywhere mouth is.
9:21 pm
there are two kinds of reasons to take action. moral and pragmatic. morally the indigenous people have their land stolen, desecrated, and poisoned, and i'm sure you do not want to be complicit not. pragmatically we want claim where and lead in the world. leading universities are now joining where san francisco should not be left behind. please divest from this company. there's no time to waste. >>thank you very much. next speaker please. >>good evening supervisors and mme. city chair and all the people that are here to speak. my name is [inaudible] i am
9:22 pm
here with district 10 and malia is my supervisor. first i would like to recognize the ohlone whose land where on this not federally recognized and had no land-based but they still set an example for us. i want to thank you for passing the resolution in support of standing rock and that we need to take it a step further. this is our collective money that is supporting destruction of the environment, destruction of cultural resources, destruction of people's lives, and i do not want my money to have any part in that and i'm sure that you do not either. in my family when i was growing up i was always told that actions speak louder than words. i am asking you to take
9:23 pm
action on behalf of us and on behalf of the people standing rock that stood up for us for all of us to protect our waters and, i would ask you to divest from all banking institutions that are not community controlled [timer dings] in some significant way and to invest in our future. the future of your children and grandchildren on to the seven generations like our indigenous brothers and sisters have taught us that we need to keep the next seven generations in mind. i'm sure there are plenty of people here that will help you to figure out strategies for divestment. i know it takes time. i divested from my own bank and it took a while..
9:24 pm
>>[timer dings] >>thank you next speaker please. >>my name is john. i want to say that a resolution is nice but again, money talks. so long is san francisco is contributing to those companies revenues we are all complicit. we expect to see a diversion of this from the board and we expect to see her resolution with this come from the board sometime soon thank you. >>thank you next speaker please. >>i spent some time at standing rock and what i saw was your
9:25 pm
reprehensible abuses san francisco is a wonderful, wonderful city with a wonderful, wonderful history and has been through some dark times and we were in dark times now. and, what we need now is old, courageous leadership. we need to be in the vanguard . we need to confront the stuff had one. we need to join seattle, and we need to lead the future. thank you. >>thank you for your comments. he for the next speaker is there any more members of the public to address the board, now is your opportunity please get . >>next speaker please. hello my name is melissa and i am an environmental science educator. every day as he students all over california to share experiences outdoors and i have the joy of ensuring this
9:26 pm
incredible place with them. our amazing water, our ocean, all the different ecosystems that comprise california can be contained in this one place and so much water and what i'm trying to say is every day i get to where this on my back and i'm proud because i was able to support the people of standing rock, all the tribes across america as an ally and, as a human being. and when my students come to me and see this, they asked me about it and i want to be able to tell them that our state is there to back them up. to support them. is for earth. i want to be proud and i want them to walk away with pride. so that way in the future, they know that they have the ability to do the same. what are we going to teach her kids if we can't stand up and join together and come back to corporations that
9:27 pm
are running our country and our earth into a place of just disrespect so, i am asking you all to join us and join our kids and our future generations [timer dings] so that way they might have access to the water in the air and the animals. i know i up surrounded by that way we can make this place better because right now, people are not see each other. they are just seeing money. it's hard to see the relatives and all of their ancestors. >>thank you. thank you for your comment. hi my name is indigo cochran-- hi my name is indigo cochran and i'm 19 years old i am here add my voice to the many voices that have already spoken. thank you so much for your patience please,
9:28 pm
like it is already been said please use your power and position to stand for the rights of the indigenous people. we are indebted to the ohlone people of this land that we stand one and as a country, we are indebted to all of the indigenous people that were here before us please, just please continue to take a stand. thank you. i know it's already been said that thank you for what has already been done and please continue because the us need you right now more than ever. please leave the country like you have in the past. please do not for cultural genocide. we need to do better. we have so much to redeem. please, help us right now . thank you. >>thank you. next speaker
9:29 pm
please. >>rodney from potrero hill i have been entrusted by the potrero hill golf people to bring down the voice that they are very irate at this moment i can tell you that my cousin said they got the wrong fit ronnie he's with the world should him and he says they have the wrong fit. were talking about the eir now. air quality trampled upon in the material dogpatch in mission bay. so were speaking to the moral issue right now so what i'm gonna do is ask mr. peskin
9:30 pm
to take the new colleagues on board and look at it. aaron today said he looked at the eir on a previous matter and i've never heard any of these supervisors when the arena was being proposed that you said you looked at all of the eir. i'm calling out our neighborhood to come to a meeting with us and re-open up this arena because this is a bad thing. the people are telling me in the community that we need to fight this all the way. [timer dings]. so the word is we haven't given up on this fight. so stay tuned because we are not giving up we need some of these new members on board to reopen this up and take this up on further notice. and not only that, the supreme court ruled against us with opposition did not give us a
9:31 pm
chance to go into the courtroom to present our case. think about it, if you were getting divorced to your wife and you had to have a hearing, don't you think you would have the right to go and defend your side of the picture? >>[timer dings] >>thank you. next speaker please. >>tom gilberti it appears it's been another long day's journey into night. profiteering, racism, it is just a sign of our times. all these people are saying to divest and it is a call for the san francisco public bank. we get rid of wells fargo, we can get rid of bank of america and we can
9:32 pm
mmake a statement here all by ourselves. we are preserving trees and preserving forests and preserve their community and what our eviction rate right now i'd like to know that. i got to spend a little bit of time in central missouri and i drove a tractor with big wheels 6 feet tall carrying a load of feed for buffalo packaging was a time like this and sure enough i got sometimes when i get to this microphone i get the tractor stopped and i don't get my point across.two weeks ago i got to the microphone and i ran out of time again. overhead please. can we stop this thing? there we go.
9:33 pm
[timer dings] >>instead of being for segregated senior citizens in one building i am four and we talked about housing percentages before 30% open market for every body and 10% if you're a 30 year senior citizen living in the city your local zip code for 30 years the next 10% is[timer dings[and again, i do not make it. >>thank you. are there any other members of the public that would like to make public comment of the time? seeing none public comment is closed mme. city clerk can you please
9:34 pm
read the next item please. >>item 65 through 69 >>on the remaining items mme. city clerk please call the roll roll call >>[roll call vote] >>there are 10 ayes. >>those items are adopted unanimously. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk, please read item 65. >>item 65 is a resolution urging
9:35 pm
the california state legislature to amend the revenue and taxation code to enable local california jurisdictions to levy personal and corporate income taxes, which the city and county of san francisco could utilize as a sustained source of funding for transportation and public health priorities. >>supervisor peskin. >>thank you mme. chair and supervisors i want to thank the sponsors of this item supervisor fewer, supervisor ronen, supervisor kim, supervisor yee, supervisor
9:36 pm
safsi, and supervisor kelvin. >>i want to be very clear that we have your support and i asked for a roll call vote. >>mme. city clerk please call the roll >>[roll call vote] we have 7 ayes and three nose with supervisor sheehy, and supervisorin the dissent.
9:37 pm
>>[gavel] >>the resolution fails mme. city clerk please read the memorial. >>on behalf of the entire board of supervisors eileen clark amanda's and kristian and tony arguing. >>mme. city clerk this brings us to the end of our agenda. is there any other business with us today? >>that concludes our business for the day. we are adjourned. thank you everyone. >>[gavel]
9:38 pm
>> good morning i'm sue carlyle for the usf medical division and today, i'm honored to welcome mayor ed lee director garcia are the ucsf to join together to share in the witnessing of 24 historic signing of legislation that was approved by the board of supervisors last week which will allow usf to build an africa and research building here on this compass marry in 2013 mayor ed
9:39 pm
lee recognized the importance of this partnering between ucsf and the dph in this relationship revoked the importance and therefore established a task force to explore to construct a modern facility for research and academic here on this compass and because of his foresight and leadership we're here today to have this contradiction come one step closer to fruition mayor ed lee thank you for your leadership leadership and invite you to make a few remarks. >> all right. thank you, sue and to everyone here in a room i want to say it really is great to be here this morning on a bright day and the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital where more restrictive the treatment of patient it is
9:40 pm
the invariable research that goes along with that it it takes time 3 years we we were planning for the next one hundred and 50 years this the significance of partnership that san francisco general and the city has the zuckerberg compassed with our partnership with ucsf that is a unique papering one that allows us to keep a robust kind of almost bedside to beverage kind of relationship where the research goods along with the care and that it has had significant contribution to being a level one trauma center we value the most i know that when but get a lot of also in the room (laughter) every word becomes significant to somebody on one side or the other i'd like to