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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> supervisor fewer: thank you, colleagues, today, introduce a hearing on the proposed federal tax plans introduced in congress that would have tremendous impact on not only millions of americans, but on the city and county of san francisco. in the past few weeks, the finance committee released versions of tax plan based on the white house version introduced in september. the proposed tax plans include massive reductions to the corporate tax rate and elimination of the state tax and elimination of deductions for student loan debt and they undermine affordable housing through tax credits. anything like that was currently proposed in congress could be disastrous for the city and county of san francisco. the rest i submit. >> president breed: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: thank you, colleagues, today i'm giving substitute legislation on the
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citizens' right to know act. since the federal elections commission ruling in 2010 which reshaped the business of politics by opening the campaign spending flood gates by corporations and private donors. it has been difficult for citizens to identify the actual source of the political dollars that are contributed to candidates. there has been outpouring of private and corporate dollars at every lel and san francisco is no exception. 2016 report by the brennan center for justice, a nonpartisan institute that focuses on democracy and justice, reviewed six states, including california, and found while 76% of outside spending is transparent, ten years later, that figure has dropped to only 29%. at the same time, outside third party spending increased exponentially this the country.
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outsizing the funding by the traditional democrat an republican parties. across all federal elections, it was decided in 2010, there has been $1 billion in super pac spending and 195 individual and their spouses gave almost 60% of that money, amounting to more than $600 million that has been spent on federal election by 195 of the wealthiest people in the country. when we vote on an issue for a candidate, there shouldn't be a shadowy hand on the wheel. in fact, those are the wealthiest amongst us should not be determining who are representatives are. we're seeing the consequences of that in washington d.c. today and the debate over tax reform as tax breaks are given the wealthiest while we continue to
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harm the middle class and working includes in the country and also cut really important safety nets that ensure that people in our country are taken care of, whether it's through the public education system or health care system. highlights of the citizens right to know act that i'm introducing today, campaign materials in san francisco will have to include the original source of the funds for third party expenditures when an individual has given over $20,000. billionaires and corporate interests will no longer be able to hide behind political committees. audio and video ads on television, radio and social media, will not be required to begin their ad with a clear disclosure of who the funders of the ad are before the ad even begins. candidates for official office
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must test under penalty of perjury, they are not working with committees. this includes social media advertising, along with what we currently require of mailers, audio and video advertisement, which means a copy of the social media ads and vendor that was paid, what the vendor provided and the target audience of the social media ads. this legislation will require that ethics mail a separate pamphlet 30 days prior to every registered san francisco voter explaining the history of third party spending and what was spent in the previous election cycle. along with the top donors that original source, that contributed over $20,000 to candidates and to ballot measures. finally, on this measure,
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through the suggestion of the ethic commission, $100,000 for publicly financed mayor candidates. a change we've clarified is that the trigger, or the ceiling is raised for the individual expenditure when even $1 is spent over the ceiling in opposition to that candidate. this is a substitute ordinance that is being introduced today to the board of supervisors. we're still continuing to examine three outstanding issues, one is reforming our public financing system. to catch up with other cities, like new york city. while the language for that reform is ready, we want to wait
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until the budget legislative analyst report to provide details on what the costs of this to the city would be. we are also continuing to examine as the ethics commission has raised, limiting the fundraising window for office holders to run for office, both prior to election day and after election day. and also, adding to the pamphlet that is sent to san francisco registered voters, current campaign activities for all of the candidates and ballot measures to a certain date of that election day. i look forward to this ongoing conversation, both with the stakeholders, the board of supervisors, and the ethics commission and colleagues, hope to get your support as we move this ordinance through the process. the rest i submit. >> president breed: supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: thank you, to supervisor kim through the
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president, i have not read the legislation, but it sounds very good and upon reading it, hope to afix my name as a cosponsor. colleagues, as many of you know, i have been actively looking for a temporary navigation center in district 3 since i was elected in 2015. for those of you who came to the neighborhood forum we had a few weeks ago, the one thing that my opponent and i agreed on was that we wanted to have navigation center in district 3 and actually i teamed up with my former colleague who was then running the homelessness function for the mayor and we landed on our lady of guadeloupe church and entered into active negotiations with them. unfortunately, despite having a tentative agreement, they sold the property off and since then, i have been looking for other
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sites. earlier this month, i co-hosted a forum and i know that supervisor ronen has been through this and supervisor cohen has been through this. in my case, it was a bilingual community forum in it was attended by 200 residents, business folks, neighborhood leaders, who have become concerned about plight of homelessness, polk street area, chinatown, where homeless numbers have seen a large uptick while the rest of the city has stabilized. the city staff said it was the best forum they have experienced, no offense to my colleagues, but i was really proud because the folks from
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district 3 were easy and early adopters. business or telegraph hill, were very interested in seeing navigation center and to that end, i said that i would come back to the community and i'm going do that. but i wanted to start by saying we've identified two public sites in district 3. the studies that the department of homelessness who i neglected to acknowledge earlier on, showed was that the largest concentration of homeless individuals in the northeast corner of san francisco are clustered on the northern waterfront and to that end, i've been looking for a facility on public land in that part of the corner of the city that i represent. and so we have two pieces of public land. i'm going to go back to the community, but i wanted to start with you all.
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88 broadway, which is a piece of land owned by public works at close to broadway and the embark dario and under the jurisdiction of the port. and while both options are on the table, i'm introducing legislation today to get that ball rolling. i want to extend my thanks to the director of public works for his help on this issue and his entire team who produced a video. and for those of you who may avail yourself of this opportunity in the future, it was about the creation and operation of navigation center. it was moving and extremely well received by my constituents. i also want to acknowledge the mayor. i wasn't and talked to him -- i went and talked to him early on, he was clear with me, he would support it, but i had to work with my constituents and i think
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that supervisor ronen went through the same thing, so i did it without the executive branch and again, hats off to the people of district 3 who clearly are compassionate and committed to implementing or trying a new tool that organizations like north beach citizens have pioneered in my corner of the city for many years. in addition, i'm introducing cleanup legislation to our inclusionary affordable housing laws that recognize the approval of assembly bill 1505, which clarifies that local jurisdictions may once again finally require as a condition of development approval inclusion of affordable onsite rental units in development projects. this was the palmer case which needed a legislative workaround and i want to thank the
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legislature and governor brown who signed this into law. as we all know, one of the large accomplishments of 2017 was our inclusionary housing law, where president breed and supervisor kim and supervisor safai and i worked together to craft the most comprehensive affordable housing program in, i believe the united states of america. with a new dedicated category of housing for middle income families. it was a tough lift. we got it done. but we found we actually enjoyed working together on something impactful that will make a huge difference of the years and decades to come. it was unlikely coalition of advocates whose work is still reverberating throughout the country. as we watch the federal government cut funding to
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affordable housing and homelessness, it's all the more important. through the work of our technical advisory committee which we're reconvening, we were able to analyze and create a program that would expand eligibility requirements for everyone from deeply low income to middle income residents e ensuring that private developers are doing their part to keep families in san francisco. unfortunately, i have a huge number of in me more iam. would like to start with dr. roland lowe. i had the pleasure of spending time with at the chinese cultural center and i can say
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that the city has lost a true giant. roland was a game-changer and a champion for the underserved, dr. lowe known as roland passed away peacefully on november 4th. he was a family doctor and surgeon serving the community he loved for four decades. he dedicated his life to the empowerment of chinatown as doctor, leader, visionary, activist and philanthropist. he has touched lives, changed minds and supported many nonprofit organizations even after he was hit multiple times with strokes. he was chief of staff and chair of the board of trustees at the chinese hospital, leading the hospital during challenging times. as a highly respected professional he helped found the chinese community health care association, served as the first president of the medical
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society. roland was a strong advocate for civil rights, active in the founding of chinese for affirmative action, the cultural center, the youth center and self-help fort elderly. if you did one of those things, it was a life worth living. roland was unparalleled in his leadership to the community and was honored by the chinatown resource center. children services. asian pacific fund, health services and numerous others. he had a deep love fort next generation, believing they will build a more vibrant world. our condolence to his wife kathy, children and grandchildren. i added my name with supervisors fewer and yee to the pass of of herb lee. i would like to adjourn today's meeting in the memory of jemo
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preeny, who was an incredible north beach figure, remarkable photographer. he knew the score of everything happening in north beach. i had the honor of presiding over the marriage to his sweetheart, helene khan back in april of this year. we will miss you, jemo, i would like to adjourn in the memory of nate roth and send condolences to ann. and on behalf of the board of supervisors we'll miss you. i have a bunch more i am submitting. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor yee would like to make comments. >> supervisor yee: really quickly. i'm going to add my name to dr.
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roland also. i've known him several decades. other things, it seems like the places, i had a lot of interaction with him, being on the board with him at the chinese cultural center and he was on the board of the san francisco foundation when i was a staff member there. i'm really going miss him. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor ronen. >> supervisor ronen: thank you, i have a couple of resolutions today for 200% affordable housing developments in my district. the first is resolution to approve 99-year lease between the city and development partnership of meta and ccdc to construct 94 units of senior housing. and the second is resolution for the city partnership and financing construction of 1990 follow some, which is 143 units
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of affordable housing in the heart of the mission. really looking forward to breaking ground on those projects. in addition, i'm introducing several planning amendments that will allow small retail and arts and food businesses in the mission to thrive and grow. and reduce rent pressure on those mom-and-pops from competing large scale development. under the mission action plan, 2020, community advocates and planning staff would implement from other departments and my office, looking at ways to support a thriving mission that is home to low and moderate income residents. a place for families, art and culture and nonprofit community organizations. i want to thank the many staffers at the planning department who contributed to the effort and those grassroots folks who fight for the heart and soul of the mission. while there is no single solution and we're still working on several new initiatives,
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several clear approaches have risen to the top, vetted by the community and these include in the planning department amendments i'm introducing today. first recognizing the need to expand the allowable uses of up stair spaces to stimulate activity, this will allow catering and arts activity and prohibit non-retail professional use known as administrative uses. these changes encourage activities that are important contributing to the vibrance of my district. we know that diversity of scale is important for retaining spaces. we are thoughtfully creating a limit on merger of lots. the code will be amended --
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excuse me -- to cap lot mergers at 100 feet street front and require one ground floor with any merger 50-feet street frontage. the package is proactive approach that say yes to arts and culture and yes to mixture of small and large spaces and yes to healthy vibrant future for the mission. the rest i submit. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thank you. i'd like to start, seems like a bunch of us have in me moriam. vanessa wallace was young and active member of the community. she was a member of the pilgrim opportunity church, part of my district. part of the church led by dr.
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pierre. i had the great pleasure of meeting vanessa and her mother on their doorstep as i campaigned and she became active in my campaign. i quickly learned she was very strong advocate for the lake neighborhood. she served on the board of the bookman center. she was active member of the community church and st-michel's catholic school. she attended university of california, san diego and graduated from u.c. berkeley. two weeks ago she was applying for a grant. we share that area of san francisco, she was very active in both of our neighborhoods. she had just been awarded a community action grant to do work at the bookman center and she passed away just last week. got a blood clot in her leg at
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the young age of 49. so just want to end the meeting in her honor this evening. so that's one. second thing is, we're going to be introducing a resolution and accompanying ordinance next week regarding 20 years of work and advocacy for the geneva car barn. this is one of two historic buildings on the register in district 11. again, something that both supervisor yee and i have active members of the community that are active in the powerhouse. we will be transforming that property into one of the premier cultural art and performing arts space for young people. and through this work, in the community, our stabilization trust and steve oliver will be leading that in project management in conjunction with rec and park.
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performing arts will come in and occupy the space and will be doing after-school programming in the arts, working with collaboration with many of the surrounding schools like sheridan, long fellow, miguel, early childhood center, all the different high schools. many of you know district 11 and 10 are the two areas of san francisco that have the highest number of children under 18. we have the highest concentration of school-aged children. this is very much needed and desired historic upgrade of the facility. this will allow for $13-15 million in upgrades. that will come through. this is phase one of a $30 million upgrade for the entire facility. but it's really about exposing young people to our part of town. i want to give a special thanks to assemblyman phil tinge who
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came through with a $3 million grant with the california recreation and parks department. general manager phil ginnsberg mayor ed lee for his support and all the recreation and park staff. so we're very, very happy about this opportunity. and want to give a special thanks to nicole and reama and the staff at rec and park and members of the community, dan weaver and friends in the car barn out there advocating for this facility. one, two, three, four -- six resolutions authorizing the services development, authorizing indemnification agreement between the
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powerhouse, the arts trust and resolution developing services agreement between cast and the construction related costs and the car barn and recognizing rec and park to expend the $3.5 million for the state of california department. and the ordinance will be introduced next week. the rest i submit. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor sheehy. >> supervisor sheehy: thank you. today, i'm introducing a request to the city attorney to draft an ordinance has establishes right to counsel for tenants facing evictions. let me say that tenants facing evictions are at a disadvantage and we need to make sure that no one stands alone facing eviction. an attorney will help them stand up and stay in their homings. i want to make sure we're clear. what we're asking the city attorney to draft is something
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that would include every tenant who cannot afford to pay, regardless of income. every eviction would be covered including those in affordable housing buildings. we would not allow funds to be used from cases for domestic violence, child abuse are occurring. there are those who say we should wait for voter initiative. there is no need to wait. we can prevent evictions today and fund them now. anti-lgbtq hate crimes. as people know i worked in the district attorney's office as advocate for same sex victims of domestic violence and hate crimes. hate crimes are up 11.2% in california from 837 hate crimes to 931 hate crimes. it's largely driven by increases in crimes based on race and religion. but here in san francisco, the
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increase came from a tax on our lgbt community. hate crimes in the city increased 24% compared to 11%. nine crimes targeted sexual orientation in 2015. 14 crimes in 2016. the trump administration has inflamed tensions and we're at risk. we have to stand up to the trump administration, white supremacist and nazis. as the only lgbt person on the board, i'm calling that a hearing been scheduled immediately. we must hear from teresa sparks the human rights commission, the police department and the district attorney that the safety of the lgbt community is a concern. for the justice institute, the lgbt community has been shaken
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by the embrace of the justice institute. i have three items related today. two ask agencies to investigate their role in impacting the discussions here at city hall. the final item allows the board of supervisors to go on the record confirming the poverty law sentence, that pgi is a hate group. first, the pacific justice institute is on a project sponsored by a location in the district. pgi never registered as a lobbyist. i would like to send a letter of inquiry asking if the activity that they engaged in to influence the board counts as direct lobbying activity, or grassroots lobbying activity. second, i want to send a letter of inquiry to the city and district attorney asking them to similarly explore whether pgi has violated our city's ethics
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law. third it will allow the board of supervisors to concur with the pacific justice institute is a hate group. we must pass this to let the lgbt community know where we stand on lgbt rights. the remainder i submit. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: colleagues, madame president, i was in the hearing and with all due respect through the president to my colleague, supervisor sheehy, where virtually every member of this board distanced themselves from this hate group. and i take great exception, particularly given the cannabis discussions we've been having, when with all due respect, supervisor sheehy, you say this board has embraced the pacific justice institute.
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while i may agree with the various instruments that you're introducing, i do not agree, nor did any member of this board agree with embracing this hate group. so i take great exception to that comment. and with that, i conclude. >> president breed: thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor fewer? >> supervisor fewer: i would like to echo what supervisor peskin. i think in my public comments on the record, was exactly the opposite of embracing this organization. i also want you to know, supervisor sheehy, we have had so many public attacks because of that we have said about pji. they've had numerous press conference -- >> president breed: i apologize, but getting advice from the city attorney, this item has not been
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calendared, so we can't necessarily have this dialogue about this particular matter. clearly, the point is well taken, with the comments that have been made. and i think the majority of the board agrees with you. thank you. we will move on and finalize roll call and move onto public comment. >> i'm going to ditto supervisor fewer. >> that concludes -- >> did she say submit? thank you. madame clerk. please read public comments. >> at this time the public may now address the entire board of supervisors on matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board, for up to two minutes, including the october 3rd, 2017 board meeting minutes and tight items 34-39.
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please direct your remarks to the board as a whole, not individual supervisors. speakers using assistance, will be allowed twice the amount of time. if you would like to use the screen, please advise us of such. first speaker, please. >> thank you, madame clerk, ladies and gentlemen of the board, i ask for your resignations. you swore to uphold the u.s. constitution against all enemy, yet you have the city wide case management, a joint program with san francisco campus of the university of california which the city and count funds at the rate of $100 million per year. city wide is the city and count's program, which is responsible for involuntarily medicating and performing surgical procedures on residents
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of the city and county. it's able to do this by denying patients due process of law. city wide denies its patients the right to freedom of association, and the right to petition the government with grievances, all guaranteeded by u.s. constitution amendment one. city wide perpetrator unreasonable searches and seizures without warrants. city wide denies its patients the right to confront their accusers, guaranteed by the constitution. they deny the right to jury trial, amendment 7. city wide compacts cruel and unusual punishment in violation of amendment 8. it denies its patient personal security. city wide uses medicine to control its patients unnecessarily. because it offers them no avenue of complaint, it violates
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amendment 13. city wide denies patients equal protection of the law. you're knowledgeable of the violations, but you do nothing to protect them. you have violated your oaths of office. i ask for your resignation. thank you, madame clerk. >> that was a powerful speech. that was a good one. he really knows the constitution, that's supposed to be what we uphold. judge roy moore, he's a good man, the democrats are lying about him. he's the 10 commandment judge and praying they will make him. how many of you know what mail is? 11 of you. three of lawyers. the clerk. 15 people learned what a male is. how many of you have learned what a female is? hands up now?
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we have one, two,... seven. ok, put your hands down. now, i just pulled an anderson cooper, you knew i was lying, the people behind me knew i was lying but the people live on the internet now know i'm lying. but anderson cooper was manipulating on cn nmpl and said that george sorrows was not a nazi collaborator, but on "60 minutes", the guy is talking to george soros and he's blown away how wicked the guy is, he says, man, that would send a lot of people to the psyche ward and the guy almost laughed. you can look it up on info wars. if i didn't do it, somebody else would. this guy is funding the terrorists in europe, the muslims coming into sweden where they're raping the women,
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fondling them. this is george soros that is funding black lives matter. this is where the president, let's have a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t. barack obama was our president. let's show a little respect for president trump. >> president breed: thank you, next speaker, please. >> good evening, andrew. the national management and on the people will be the function in the accordance to -- choice of decision formatses must meet the perfection of public affairs. all things the law makes should feed the standard and measure of -- being able to create the white concept, good harmony in
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speculating studies. political leaders must provide benefit for public good. for measuring politics and foreign affairs. a function should be plain and level without being overly difficult. petitions should apply when nature in macro management of work continues for our people with -- good leaders went into office, people can enjoy life without distress. everyone is seeking self-perfection. one definitely can make quick success in television. this principle must -- among the progress of -- to achieve a society of common good. that means a healthy society without any problems. god bless america, thank you.
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>> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. hi, how you doing? my name is russell kyle. i lived in san francisco since 1978. i want to say the city is in worse shape than its ever been. this board of supervisors is probably the dumbest board of supervisors we've ever had. have you been outside lately? it looks like reggae on the river. there is needles on the streets. there is no parking. we lead the world in car break-ins, bike thefts and you guys don't do anything. you sit here and chat about i don't know what. they're doing crack on the streets. it's a public disgrace. and you people do nothing. you sit in here chat and do this and that, and talk about justin herman, he did a thousand times
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better job than you did. he was a public servant. you've done nothing. i can drive to freemont faster that i can get across town. you pander the developers and contractors with these useless public works projects because why? who owns the parking spaces? the landlords and the developers. that's who you're in the bag with. you to demonize him is a joke. have you been outside lately? it's a joke out there. thank you very much. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i want draw attention to the fact that november 12-15 of this year marking the 75th anniversary of the great naval
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canal which was one of the determining factors of world war ii. and it was fought by the principle highlighted the battle, was the fight of november 14-15, which the cruiser u.s.s. san francisco built here in the bay area, first at having been the first cruiser of san francisco in iron works here in the district, and commanded by admiral danielle callahan, born and raised in san francisco, 1890, attended st. ignatius college, prep school, which is now university of san francisco, helped save some of the contents of the college from the 1906 fire, became a distinguished naval personality and was aid to president
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franklin roosevelt prior to the war. he was so outstanding. he became the admiral in this knife fight and is considered to have been the fiercest naval battle in the pre-aviation era in world history. he went ahead, the goal of the battle was to prevent the japanese from taking over and pushing the americans out of the island. if they had succeeded, they would have cut the lifeline to australia and controlled the western pacific. callahan in his cruiser plunged ahead knowing there were two japanese battleships opposing him and he -- bell ringing -- >> president breed: thank you for the information. thank you, sir. speaker's time is concluded. thank you, sir. thank you. >> thank you for your comments.
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next speaker, please. >> he was killed in the battle as well. >> president breed: hi, everybody, my name is karen shane. i work at san francisco adult probation department and here on behalf of re-entry council, talking about item 43 which is coming up hopefully soon. as you know, the san francisco re-entry council is made up of the heads of all of the criminal justice departments, the public defender department, offices, workforce development, the department of hub health. goes on and on. voted unanimously to bring item number 43, the resolution that supervisor fewer is bring before you. the idea of the resolution is to provide a method of giving
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incentives to people to nonprofit organizations who are providing re-entry services. i'm here to support item 43.
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just a little history on how this came about. when obama rescinded the directive of the policy of prisons, the contract they had with private prisons, that scared private prison companies and they got into the re-entry business. they pushed to provide re-entry services. i know there is conflict of interest with that. any person with commonsense will tell you how are we charging with with you providing entry services if it's in your interest to keep people in the cycle of incarceration. that is inherent interest, conflict of interest, so me personally, i grew up in san francisco's tenderloin district, i can tell you every day when i walk to work, there is a private prison operating in the tenderloin district. that does not sit well. i know it's a state contract and the city has its hands tied. i think this resolution is
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symbolic. this is a city that supports the city. this practices restorative justice. one of the issues i have with the private, they're involved with the private detention centers. if i could tell you that one of the proudest moments i had to be from san francisco was when this board of supervisors did a resolution on november 15th and it said, resolved, the matter the threats made by trump, will remain a snk twar city, we will not turn our backs on the men and women of the country that make this city great. this is a golden gate. we build bridges, not walls. further resolved, this board of supervisors said black lives matter, i urge you to support the resolution. >> president breed: thank you, that was my resolution. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, my name is
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linda connolly, i'm the former president of a for profit criminal justice agency around in the city since 1991. i'm not here on behalf of them, but i no longer work with them, but i'm here to explain the difference. san francisco has a very robust bidding and contract system, when you enter into the bid and you ultimately win a contract, the funds for the monies are exactly the same, whether you're for profit or nonprofit. everyone receives the same amount of money. and does not give donations and can take donations. what is important is the integrity of the organization, their outcomes and who they are. the company i founded is much smaller than many of the non-profits. we're definitely at a competitive disadvantage over
6:47 pm
all of the years. and if they were to adopt the resolution, what you're going to be doing is saying to the good for profits, don't even bother to be in san francisco because we don't want the business. if you're a bad, i'm not sure why the resolution was developed. please stand by.
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>> my company is a great company, and we do afford and allow people excellent opportunities, and we would like to take this time to invite you to come see the good work that we do, come see the programs that we have and we allow and provide our participants, we are located at 111 taylor street. we are georeentry services. thank you. >> thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> hi. my name's maria richard, and i am a director of the program at 111 taylor street. we actually do not receive any city funding, and
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we haven't in a lot of years. we're actually been in the tenderloin, providing programs. i've actually worked in san francisco at the 111 street -- taylor street facility for 17 years, and in that time, we have provided a lot of wonderful services to people, to residents that are coming out of jail that really need assistance. the reentry community, they really need all of the support that they can get, and that is from businesses as well as from nonprofit, as well as from -- from family. i think that awarding funding should be looking at the out comes. i was at the meeting when they first talked about the initiatives, and when they voted on it that day, they wanted to look at what programs were, and i don't think they
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did that. i know they did not contact us about the different programs that we offer at our facility. i think that programs should be offered based on the integrity of the program and the offers of the program, not on the way that they file their taxes. there's a lot of amazing programs in san francisco that would be affected by this, and our company is actually not one of them, but some of the smaller ones, like the academy of arts and the kulinary academy, and the art institute, there's a lot of for-profit programs that may intentionally want to get into the employment aspect of reentry services, and passing this resolution would hurt not the for profit companies, it would really hurt those individuals that are trying to be returning citizens coming back out of jail and need the services that everyone can provide. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> ma'am, please pull the
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microphone closer to -- thank you. >> good evening. i would like to about kwaebequeath of all o the committee. the city should not bully our children by providing publicated information which is merely propaganda from certain groups of extremists. i'm afraid the city might be misled by some left leaning people. this will certainly lead to the opening of flat gates for others seeking a platform to create unwanted incidents elsewhere. we won't have the city of harmony, just the city of dischord. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please.
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>> good evening, everybody. i recently participated in hearing and watched a recording that you produced on the same subject since 2015. i don't feel you have been treating the supporter and the public equally. you are supposed to provide a hearing with justice and fairness for all the speakers on both sides. you have been applying too many speech rules inconsistently to the speaker. i know i didn't have a two minute speak time, however, you gave almost six minutes to a supporter during the 2015 meeting. this same person suddenly stood up and shout, which interfered with speaker at the time. none of you stopped, let her do that. if i had done the same, i would
6:54 pm
be thrown out of the room. >> ma'am, i am going to pause your time just for a moment. you are obviously alluding to the comfort women hearing, and you may not discuss that matter as it is on our agenda today and has already had its public comment fulfilled. >> okay. >> so please do not talk about the comfort women issue or the hearing or the resolution or the subject matter. i'll resume your time. >> okay. let me talk. a past committee member, david compass, enabled them truth denier and shouting in their face. shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. later, he even disgraced japanese government and shouted shame on you. i was in shock. everything in
6:55 pm
japan, certainly that with prime minister abe, i cannot imagine how terrible that was for those people who have -- [ inaudible ] his comments purposely dehumanized -- >> thank you for your comments. thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. i will just remind members of the public that you may not discuss the comfort women issue, the hearing, the process, the resolution, the subject matter. please continue. >> all right. thank you. do you know that city mayor of osaka, japan clearly stated that he will terminate the sister city relationship with san francisco by december 24th, this year? since 1957, san francisco and
6:56 pm
osaka, japan, have been sister cities for 60 years, and many years of precious and warm friendship is about to be terminated very soon. the reason why the osaka mayor has been upset seriously is that the city council of san francisco has made a decision to receive gifts and money from the institution that only takes one sided opinion, and then san francisco has been influenced by chinese propagandists backed by this government in china and north korea. i cannot accept the fact that this beautiful city of freedom, diversity and democracy has been allowing the political maneuvering of a communist government use u.s. which ignores human rights, freedom, and happiness of the
6:57 pm
individual, also ignoring the intense research done by u.s. government and japan government, the city gave permission to teach innocent children wrong history in public school to dishonor japan. so only san francisco mayor ed lee can stop this termination of sister city friendship, and the last, are you really sure you want to give more power to communist government in china and north korea totalitarian president in the midst of very serious world crisis? thank you. >> thank you for your comment. next speaker, please. >> good evening. the other day, i went to st. mary's square in san francisco. it's such a shame on san francisco that the city displaced a monument which is actually a
6:58 pm
lie and just a vessel for propaganda. i hope san francisco will be filled with freedom, love, hope, courage, and justice from god. and i have -- over here -- >> sfgtv, please. >> human rights activist, freedom fighter, nobel peace prize laureate, yet his name doesn't appear in searches in his own country, china. in 2010, when he was in jail in china, he was awarded the nobel peace prize for his long and violent struggle for fundamental human rights in
6:59 pm
china. he was representative of our fami family -- represented in our family in 2010 by an empty chair. he repeatedly said i dedicated this prize to the lost souls of june 4th in reference to the victims of the tienanmen square massacre. hatred can ruin a person's conscience. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> since i was born and raised in japan and living in this country right now, and looking at this situation where many of the -- being built, based on
7:00 pm
the fiction, so i just hope that all you decide something very important that sometimes divide a community, so you have to look at the fact. it's been spread by the newspaper company, but they were admitted it's been fake in 2014. so it's been three years since then, but still going on here in san francisco, japanese people very disappointed by the decision that you're making right now. >> sir, sir, don't speak on that. >> i just hope you make a decision based on the fact. thank you. >> thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> thank you for the opportunity, and i have general concerns about the city that i would like t


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