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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  November 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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trucks? so that the new fire tighters ce where the department came from s opposed to and in addition to ws going at the same time? >> specifically for the historil apparatus, i don't think that hs specifically come up. the question of space is definit of the conversation. we're look for space for currene department is looking for space. those are projects we're workins far as identifying locations fog those historical and both for r. >> i would suggest, chief, thatt of a single task as well as loor several locations. as long as we're looking for a n that needs to be acres in size,y be a good idea to have those hil rigs there instead of duplicatir efforts, you get it knocked down one -- it also would make sense financially to build one faciliy instead of two separate facilitd two separate lots.
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we know there are lots you're lg at. in addition to also being able i hope you're look for search-ande on the cliffs and search-and-ren the water. because obviously with the way e weather is today, we see more oe rescues happening. i would assume that all of thatg would happen in one place. >> yes and no. we totally agree with it makes e regarding the relief pieces andr to al apparatus. we try to simulate as much as pe in training. for instance such as surf and ce actually go to the scene and doe training. certainly we have structural coe simulated over at treasure islat we have to look at depending one location sometimes the best trag
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takes place in the field where t the rescues. a lot of times battalion 7 and n 2 work collaboratively and we pe in the surf with a drill so it'e real conditions. i don't know that we'd have a tg facility that may simulate surfd cliff when we have the surf andf that we respond to. >> commissioner veronese: i was referring to dive operations as. i see how it would be more praco put people on the cliffs. we have divers, correct? >> we do, but we put them in th. >> commissioner veronese: okay. >> that's part of the training. i believe they do pool work as . so i don't know that we would en having a pool at our division 6 training. it's something we could conside. >> commissioner veronese: i'm nt suggesting a pool. >> we do a lot of -- we utilizer
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agencies pools because we have e cliff and surf, we do not put pn the water unless they demonstrae competency in a controlled setta pool. >> that makes sense. then, have you looked at other departments within the city thae also looking at space that coulr example, be complementary to our services whether it's police or? if the city is going to invest w d.e.m. given the state of the ws are going over there. >> i think we could see val whyn having first responder training facilities if there is added beo police department to look for ay that might be con deuce toi trag both fire and police, that woule something we're open to. we've had preliminary cushion dn that
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chief williams, i'm wondering what the time line is. i am wondering if we put this on a future agenda. i know that ti, treasure island, is not going to be raised, but the be
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land mass is going to be added to. so the island will be, i think, 15 feet than it is currently because of the sea level rise. so when is all of that work going to begin? when is that going to take place? how is it going to impact the training facility? do we have any idea about that? >> so we are working closely with t id a on that. i would say the area where the training facility is wouldn't be as impacted and that eventually is going to be open space. there is not going to be as much focus on it to support additional development. >> okay. but if the training facility is 15 feet below the rest of the island, i'm not getting a good visual on that.
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>> for sure. i would, in general, we're working -- i don't think -- we're working with t id a as they firm up their schedule. i think they've had some delays in the construction. so i don't have a specific answer for you. but as far as having notice and being able to address those, i think given the time frame and the fact that that side of the island is part of the later part of the development, i think we'll have sufficient time working with t id a to address any those concerns. >> and station 48 is not -- i mean it's in walking distance, but it's a ways away from the training facility so are we also going to have to move for the aide at some point? >> so i believe the 48 is closer than the original road. we have the full station. so i don't know if that is on that same kind of phase of development. but i do not anticipate that would be operational impacts to that
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while the construction is going and impacts. but as far as being in service, there shouldn't be any concerns from that perspective. >> so this facility from what i for one of a better term looks like a large aircraft hangar to me. >> right. >> so that has a life span of you said up to 15 years, i believe? >> 10 to 15 years, correct. >> 10 to 15 years. so at the expiration of its usable life span,. >> that the new station would be in there for that lifespan. >> the new training or station? >> the new station, 48, yes. >> i haven't heard any ideas about the new station yet. >> so i don't know the exact timing of it but the construction of that is triggered at a point earlier than the last phase for the
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training facility. so they have to -- my understanding of the agreement, the overall development agreement that after a certain number of units are constructed, then the developer needs to provide a fire station as part of the overall agreement. but that is anticipated before the end of the life span of the current facility, the current, temporary facility. >> all right. i would feel better if i had a time line on paper that people have agreed to so that everyone knows that the clock is ticking on the aircraft hangar. >> absolutely. we'll work very closely with t id a to provide that for you. >> thank you. and i had another question. i guess this would be to you, chief williams. my fellow commissioners had a question regarding other departments using our training facility.
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and our big push for accreditation is so that we could have an expanded -- you know -- >> site? >> yes. in addition to manipulative training, we also have classroom training. we can adom indicate departments at our fulton location for the class will. >> . i think that conflict was for the ongoing training for the recruiter academies on an ongoing basis. the ems training, we weren't able to facilitate outside agencies for the burn room, for example. but we are ready, definitely. >> well, that's good. >> and i had a question for probably the chief of the department regarding any
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projections that you have seen related to the number of people that will be san franciscans in another 25 years or so. because there are two things going on. one is population growth. and then the other is the growth of the department itself to handle this population growth. i am not hearing how the department will grow, where fire stations might be as a result of this growth not just the building phase, but the people. so 25 years from now, we'll be where we are currently with this
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wave of retirements coming on. so i feel that we lack a plan. correct me if i'm wrong. >> so if i may, a couple of things. i believe that we're about 865,000 is our population at this time. not precisely, but it's close. i had heard, although it's been several months, i had heard figures thrown out that by 2030, it could be nearing a million residents. that's what i've heard. but i can try to get updated figures. that was the projection that i've most recently heard of. so, certainly, we have had discussions with the mayor's budget office related to whether you look at, you know, number of firefighters per resident that model or that methodology. we do know that we are going to see an increased population, no the to mention that our population
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nearly doubles during the work week. so we are planning for two additional fire stations in the hunter park and candlestick point area. and we can provide further detail as that unfolds. but i do think we need to take a better look at making sure we can serve all of the residents. i do see our staffing growing to be able to provide the same level of service. i did want to clarify at least the information that we have is that according to the report, this is going back to the question that you had for director corso. according to the latest information we received from the sf port, i believe they talked about by the year 2100, sea level raise being between 18 and 36 inches. so i'm not sure about feet. but we can clarify that as well. because that, obviously, it would be a big difference, but i
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just wanted to point that out. >> okay. thank you. all right. i've proposed a number of questions and i look forward to some answers. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner covington. chief, did you have any additional comments, or did you want to go right to commissioner hardeman? did you have anything that you wanted to -- >> you know, just while i can. i know you'll call a meeting if there is any further information needed or questions regarding the training facility. you might have some additional information to weigh in on. mine is other of a correction of a date that i mentioned. my assistant. she must be watching. i mentioned the veterans' day parade on 11/5. it is actually after the veterans holiday this era. i want to correct what i said earlier. the parade is going to be on november 12th. it was on my calendar for the 5th. all of you are welcome to join us. two other events that i wanted to mention, although they come after the next commission
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meeting. we do have a meritorious ceremony that will be held at riordan high school. we do it every two years. so this would be for conduct above and beyond the call of duties in years '15 and '16, we will be acknowledging those members receiving meritorious awards. we will send you a letter on that. that is going to be on november 15th at 6:30 at riordan high school. then there was another rescheduled on november 18th at ref hit high school at 10 a.m. thank you. >>ing that you, chief. and if it is appropriate i would like to ask the chief if you would like to come up and add bits of information. >> sure. good evening, commissioners, chief. and commissioner covington, you did mention the information. i just want to say that our
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department put a huge amount of time, efforts, funds to become accredited, which we are, which we are extremely proud of to my staff for doing that. and if we had a facility needed to bring people in from other departments, there is an array of things, training we could perform at this present time because of treasure island, which i personally have a passion for as because i had a staff out there that really did wonderful things out there. now as i start going around the state and look at training facilities at what we don't or can't have at that facility really just -- you know, i'm very passionate about what we can do and what we can't.
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a lot of that work is taking place. i've been working for dph almost a year now. they were on our facility the last two weeks gathering more information. so a lot of work has already been done. we're working very close with our staff and we're getting them all of the information that we need. boy, what could be done and, boy, it would be incredible. and i'd be happy to answer some questions about the facility down the road. >> thank you, chief. i am glad to know that you are still very excited about the prospects and the possibility. and that will be factored in to wherever we will be located.
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>> and one quick question, what training do you want to add for a facility? >> that is a good question. the meetings i have sat in and elizabeth scanllion, that is the issue, the footprint and how dense this city is and the square footage available is the issue. for a fire training facility you need a large space and compared to what you are saying, treasure island, that facility built in the 1950's by the navy for firefighting was never built to house two or three recruiting academies with two or three ems academies whenever we could fit it in. this is really where, if we're looking right now, is our
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in-service training on the grounds of our training. i send my staff out into the field and do our training out there because, you know, we're on the streets which works. but we need a large footprint, a large footprint. >> what's the current? >> the current is about four acres. >> okay. >> probably 2 1/2 usable. and you know, talking with the work group, we're probably looking anywhere from four to six acre would probably be needed. >> or 10 acres. >> absolutely. absolutely. and i forget which commissioner talked about the water safety, the water training. obviously, if that was near our site, how great but also how difficult to get water, property in san francisco or even close to san francisco. that's another thing we look at. how far are we prepared to go? i wouldn't to see our rig go a
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long way if we have a large-scale incident. but i've been very impressed with the work that they've done, the companies that have been brought in and what we've seen can be done. it's pretty incredible. and some of the facilities that i've been to just in the state of california, nothing but really exciting things down the road, so. >> one final question on treasure island. the station 48 that was, you know, abandoned if you will. >> yes. >> what year was that built? was that historic in any sense? >> i would highly guess not. those were all buildings built by the navy, concrete, pretty much boxes. >> it will be attorney down? >> that whole area will be torn down, yeah. >> they have taken the buildings out there. i believe the chapel will be kept as a historic landmark. and the entire area has been
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taken out. i did hear that was a historical landmark. >> so the new station built on treasure island will be built under our control, obviously, but by public works and paid for by the developer; is that correct? >> that's what i've been told. >> and the number of buildings that are out there; is that correct? >> i'm not part of that planning. i guess the amount of the units out there is the size of the station that we would need and along with the station of the p.d. station would need. >> right. >> that is my understanding they're building one. >> only one station on treasure island? >> i've been told one. >> thank you. >> commissioner hardeman? >> commissioner hardeman: thank you, mr. president. i don't know whose question gets asked. i don't know if it would be mr. corso but maybe. the service health care of the coast guard, their new facility.
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the servicing of the coast guard, their new facility, is that taken care of by station 48? >> yes. >> it is? okay. so that is all part of san francisco's responsibility? >> correct. crews out of stage 48 respond to all areas of the island. >> okay. and is that owned by san francisco? >> i believe it's part of the -- >> i've never known that. that's a good question. >> it is owned by san francisco okay. >> we'll confirm but i believe -- >> i don't think it's ever come up in all of the years i've been around. >> i believe it's considered the city and county of san francisco property. >> yeah. >> because with the coast guard
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stations it has such a navy feel to it still that i was just wondering how -- >> right. and i think that is sort of the holdover from the fact that it was, the treasure island training facility was the naval training facility. so i think the nimitz building was not renamed. when the island was decommissioned by the navy, it was asquared by the city. it was acquired by the city and i believe that is part of that as well. >> so the history. i'm glad i didn't feel so stupid with everybody knowing the answer except me, so that was good. so am i getting a sense that there is some commit will that we are definitely going to have a training facility that's been offered to the city and we're just in the negotiation process now? >> i don't believe we're that far. i think the board is looking at
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the need and priority for the training facility. we're definitely not in the process of any type of negotiation, any type of contract for that. we're kind of in the planning stages for that. >> okay. so you don't need my opinion on this. you obviously know it's going to be height. the developer is going to trade the city for some height variances. and that will be quite generous in the height in the renderings that i've seen on the islands. so adding the tradeoffs to the chief is asking for something just by allowing certain sections of the island to go up higher with the facilities that are being built, whatever, a hotel or housing. so, anyway, keep up the good work. this is more encouraging than it was last year. we have the mayor's support it sounds like or at least he's giving the okay.
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so, good. that would be -- we'll need -- we'll probably need a lot of pressure from everybody, all of these people can't forget how important the training is. good job. glad to hear it is moving aron. >> thank you. as chief collibini mentioned, we are looking closely with drw and real estate and pushing this forward because it is a priority for the department. >> thanks. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman. we'll also have to get a bond passed to pay for it at some point. >> and i just had a question. you mentioned something about training? >> i just mentioned the burn room, those are more manipulative as opposed to classroom training? >> that's what that means?
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>> yes. >> maybe my 8-year-old was out there and you saw him taking that training. thanks, chief. >> you're welcome. >> so as far as the training center out at treasure island as long as we're talking about this, has it been decided that we're out there, there is no turning back and it has to be moved and this can't be moved. is this an issue that was resolved 10 years ago probably? chief? maybe you can -- >> yes. it was never designed to be a permanent facility for us and was never part of the redevelopment plan. i believe where the current facility is located is meant to be current space for the multiple residences, and i believe some retail and hotel will be built out there. so it was never -- never envisioned to be part of that redevelopment project. >> when we gave that up, nobody -- we didn't have the
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foresight to understand that giving up fire acres on treasure island was going to be hard to replicate in other parts of the city. >> so i would characterize it slightly different. and that is as opposed to giving it up. it was an opportunity at the time that was never meant to be permanent. and so we -- because we did have a facility at 19th and folsome. we saw the value to being able to 20 -- it will probably be 25 years to use the if a sill to train a wheel bunch of firefighters. we jumped at the opportunity, knowing wide open it was not something that was going to be permanent. >> okay. >> thank you, commissioner. would you like to complete your report? >> yes, i would. >> i would like to start with the fleet management. i would like to acknowledge the
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work of chief fererra and the engine fleet. as mentioned, we did acquire eight engines that were either turned in for relief pieces or reassigned to other companies. i also would like to acknowledge the hard work of the staff. again, boe in eequipmenting our members during the strike team deployment to the wildfires in the northern counties. oe performed equipment repairs in excess of 30 calls during this reporting period. and they continue to work collaboratively with central shops to coordinate repairs doing regular and swing shifts in order to manage our fleet needs. under division of training, as mentioned, we held a ceremony for our academies. another one will be held tomorrow as the chief mentioned. the ems staff continues with their paramedic licensing and emt certification of our members
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as well as continue to provide specialized training. under the nert division, captain arscarillos continues to oversee training, give presentations, and attend various outreach events. it is a vital resource, an asset that will be realized in a major disaster. and the volunteers continue to keep themself trained and updated on all of the various tasks, as well as the upcoming drill that was mentioned next month on november 18th. under the recruit academy, as mentioned, i'm sure that the 123rd academy, they're in their fifth week of training, fifth week. this friday is their second test week out of 10. an we still have a full 54 re-cruise. with that, this concludes my report. we still have a full 54 recruits. i'm happy to answer any
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questions that you have. >> commissioners, any questions seeing none, i have a couple of questions. chief williams, you had a 58-day extension granted on station 16. what was that for? >> well, as you may remember from previous reports, there were delays to the construction project at station 16 due to inclement weather. we had the heavy rain season that delays some of the process of the construction. and there were some concerns with the contractor, chief rivera. >> good evening, commissioners. chief rivera. so that is exactly what deputy chief williams was talking about. there have been some issue was this site and also the large amount of rain that we had last winter contributed to a lot of the delays. there was a negative impact on the soil. it was completely soaked because of the rain water.
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there was also delays due to restriction times. this is a residential area, not commercial at all. there are families and i believe that there are infants, children in the area. it's been difficult for them to deal with our noise and dust. there are challenges. we are meeting with dpw this week to get an updated schedule. the contractor has been adding for extensions we should know that by friday. >> are these extensions bumping up the costs? >> no, i don't believe so.
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so there is a set price that the contractor bid. our concern would be that we are still getting the quality that we had requested and we have relayed that concern to dpw, which they feel that because there is a performance bond, an assurety company also aligned with this contractor that we will have that so we are looking at that now. >> who is the contractor? >> the company now is roebuck. >> roebuck? >> yes. >> okay. i think that is it. chief williams, you had 33 injuries. were any of them from responding to the north bay
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fires? were any of them that went up there injured as a consequence? >> no. they were not related to that. >> thank you very much. >> and of those that reported from the fire. >> any public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary, can you call the next item? >> ca maybe report. of the next meeting until october 11th, 2017. >> commissioners? anybody want to say anything at this point? >> nothing to report. >> i will mention a couple of things. there has been some movement on the issue of getting our historic fire trucks and antique apparatuses protected from the elements. the academy has been so kind to allow us to use part of their property for a long time they
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need that for their own buses. we are going to temporarily move them next month to treasure island. the public works department will give us the opportunity to create a temporary structure to protect them from the elements it's a temporary fix. it is not a fix for a long teared of time. it is certainly better than what we have. and the mou and there was a meeting with the city attorney on that along with the representatives of the guarding of the city.
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and down the road we need to place it as he mentioned we need a permanent facility to house our historic collection of fire trucks and fire engines and apparatuses. we owe it to the citizens of the city and we owe it to the department to have a proper first-class museum at some point. at least we are going to get the collection out of the elements within a week and a half. so that's good news. i i had a tour and the first floor is the morgue. the second floor is the toxicology labs where they determine and we hope
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that it is for the public works department and expecting the same type of quality for the fire department. >> that's all i have to say, madam secretary. is there any public comment on future items for us to consider seeing none, public comment is closed. madam secretary, would you call the next item, please. >> agenda for the next meeting for the november 28th regular meeting. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, do you have any items for future agendas? >> who do we have scheduled, ms? >> we have the commission secretary evaluation scheduled. i could put the 28/2018 calendar for approval on there. >> put that on next month's.
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>> i did talk to mike dayton of dem, who was going to get back to me some time this week regarding the early morning system. that's a potential. >> we have a presentation on that, of course. >> and i know that previously we wanted an update or a presentation from the industrial high againist. >> correct. >> very good. >> commissioner, you wanted to add something? >> what was the second highest. >> the 2018? >> yes. >> commissioner calendar approval. >> that is our meeting schedule. >> meeting schedule for 2018. >> the schedule for next year? >> mm-hmm. >> we have to calendar it and approve it publicly. >> as far as what dates we're
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going to meet? >> correct. >> i would maybe suggest that also the -- i invite the commissioners and i certainly will do this. i did this when i first came on in april. invite the commissioners to come up with some ideas of what is important for them and what they'd like to work on in the coming year as -- so that i can get a sense of what's important to you within the department. and i can either, you know, help you with -- help you with that to the extent that, you know, my help is -- is well received. and i get to know you other commissioners by the time i spend time with you here or
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other events. it is important to know what is important in this department. and president cleaveland i know other things are important on what you are working on. i would like to get a sense of whatever else there is from the other commissioners as well. i think it's also important that the public knows what's important to us, and what it is that we're working on and i know you have an annual budget and you have annual reports and that there are probably some petition projects that are important to you and to the extent that the commissioners could know about that, i think it would be really nice and for the public. and going forward at the end of the year we stalk about what we
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would like to do in the next year. that would be great. >> to the president, if i may. i know that president cleaveland and i have discussed as part of my annual performance review sort of goals. i see commissioner covington shaking your head. goals. and initiatives. and kind of look back at what has been accomplished. we're also working on sort of an end-of-the-year newsletter. and then looking back what goals you have of me and prei don't understand. that has, in the last few years, provided the opportunity to have a pretty meaningful dialogue, if you will. the past week we just discussed that today regarding that process, which is held in closed session. so just to respond to you. >> that is personnel-type type stuff that is appropriate for
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closed session. i'm more talking about things that are important that the city knows and that are important to the men and women and us up here so we can support you in those endeavors and we can look back at what we did accomplish and what we didn't accomplish. and just today, and it's been mentioned earlier. this drone policy. if it kills me, we'll get this up and down. i think it's really important. i've seen the drafts. i appreciate chief francisco for the work that he is doing. i will meet with him after this meeting. so don't run out of here because i want to meet with you after the meeting to set up some time. i want to give him my ideas on how we can finalize these things. i think we're very, very close.
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>> just to ask a question, mr. veronese are you asking the commission for ideas to be working on? >> no, no, no. >> i just wanted to be sure. >> i always welcome the public to come and speak on public comment and tell us how we're doing. they always have time to do that. my comment was for the commissioners and what's important to them. we've been appointed as members of this commission for one reason for another. but i would think that somebody somewhere saw that we had something to add to this department. and i hope, chief, that you think the same way about us as well. things that you would like to see. things in the department that you would like. for example, when i came on, i mentioned that the stress unit was important to me. i worked on some things this year that were important to me. we did the stair-climb and
6:42 am
raised money there. but next year it will require attention because of people re-forking. >> and funding. >> and people being retired. >> and funding, sure. it's an important part of the department. chief, i'm going to speak for you really quickly. i know that you mentioned it is really important to you. without your dedication to that particular issue, that unit wouldn't even exist. certainly, the latitude that that unit is given is unpress ent didded and wouldn't exist without your efforts. so i know that we need to do somen maaing in that area. it's an issue that is important to me and consistent with -- with the chief. so just that type of thing. this drone issue technology is another issue that i mentioned in april. the drone issue is done. we'll talk about a budget for those drones. but it is that
6:43 am
type of thing that i'd like to get a better sense from the other commissioners that are important to them so we can work with the chief to get them done. >> are you talking about to put it up? >> you know, there are things that are important to me. how can i help? how can i make this department through the chief and you and the rest of the commissioners. how can i leave this place in a better place than how i found it? i know the chief probably thinks the same way. when i first took this commission and i thought about that.
6:44 am
i sat down and made a list. i came before you all and i talked about those things. if not but for those things and supporting the -- the chief and the rest of my fellow commissioners, this would otherwise and supporting, obviously, in doing things to make this department better and supporting the men and women of the department. but for those things, this would be a huge waste of my time. i wouldn't be here putting my time in getting to know members of the department, getting to know the priorities of the department. i'm not just here as i mentioned i don't like meetings that are informational meetings. can i sit home and do that same thing. i am here to put this department into a better place than i found this. i see you at events. i don't mean to make this a formal
6:45 am
event but more importantly, i would like to get a sense of this so i can help you through your priorities with the chief in making this department a better place than the way you found it. that's it. >> thank you, commissioner veronese. commissioner covington? >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for your comments and questions, commissioner veronese through the process of the chief's annual review, we do talk about a number of things and priorities. so that is one way to do it. and as stated, that is done in closed session.
6:46 am
i think that it might behoove us to have a retreat and that way we have the other thing things e can have a discussion of what our priorities might be and how they have aligned what we've determined are the priorities for the chief and the rest of the department. we still don't have or it still has not been distributed. the strategic plan should be the road map to get us from point a to point b, but it hasn't been contributed as of yet. >> is that a mockup? >> no, that's the real thing. >> it will be issued with the general order. >> pardon? >> it will be issued with the general order as you stated, the feedback piece. >> well, i'm on pins and
6:47 am
needles. and we will know that when i read it, we will be able to say, as i said, have a better idea of where to -- to put our efforts. and we have things that we can earmark and want to champion? and i think it is different. i'm not a manager of portfolio. i'm focused on things that are important to the department at that moment. and there are a lot of things from which to choose in that aa prove. each commissioner is dedicated,
6:48 am
committed. bringing mind to each discussion. i don't think that we lack for inspiration. and given the opportunity for us all to get together and share, i think that that would be good and a commissioner retreat does not have to be, you know, a weekend in the peera -- piranese the public could come in and chime in as needed. >> thank you, commissioner covington. great idea. commissioner hardeman? >> just to address commissioner veronese's comments. every month something irks us or gets to us and say, we have to
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do this. we have that opportunity twice a month, so for most months. did you miss out on the strategic plan where everything was discussed. so that is too bad you came out a little late to the commission. and that was a good place and you missed it. so as the chief said -- >> it's not that i wasn't there. i hadn't been appointed yet. >> commissioner hardeman, you made it sound like quite a party. >> thank you, commissioner hardeman. yes, the strategic plan is out. you'll get a copy and we'll want a book report on it. no, it was actually a labor of love, the commissioner and the chief and many participants
6:50 am
within the department put this together. and so it is a road map for the future of our department, if you will. olivia scanlon put it together and we were grateful to have her put that together for a strategic plan and modify it moving forward. i would certainly hope all of us as commissioners would read the plan and internalize it and understand how those are priorities of the department and how we, as commissioners can help manifest those priorities. that is part of our mandate. >> i look forward to it. >> one additional item, madam secretary i'd like to put on the topics is the ssws and psws and
6:51 am
particularly, in light of the north bay fires, we get letters questioning our ability to respond in all parts of the city. and we want to make sure and to reassure, if you will, the citizens of our city that we are adequately prepared to respond in any portion of our city. and so we want to make sure thighs auxillary and portable, water supplies are discussed in public so the public understands that we have them. and it is timely to do so and we'll do that early next year. and any additional items? chief, do you want to say something? >> absolutely. if the retreat sounds like a good idea, happy to have it
6:52 am
periodically and that is an option for you. related to awss and pwss, we would also incorporate the puc in -- the pwc in january and putting it on in january should be no problem with our division services. i also want to let you know i will confer with chief williams and i know there was a desire to have a presentation. we'll see if it works for the november or december calendar. maybe he could present what project he has been working on and how he has prioritized things for our department to be in compliance with making sure that we have a healthy, well, work force. and then as i mentioned earlier, if it makes sense, regulated to the budget instructions. we'd
6:53 am
be happy to present the next year's budget and perhaps for the 12/13 meeting mr. courseo can talk about instructions. >> that would be good. we'll put that on the agenda for december. >> thank you, chief. would you like to call the last item? >> adjournment. >> so moved. >> i don't think we have any public comment on that. >> do i have a second? >> seconded. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> it's aunanimous. we're adjourned. >> it's aunanimous. >> thank you. >> it's unanimous. >> all right. >> fortunately, we always agree to adjourn.
6:54 am
today we are going to talk about fire safety. we are here at the urban center on mission street in san francisco. it's a wonderful display. a little house in the urban center exhibition center that shows what it's like in a home in san francisco after an earthquake. one of the major issues that we are going to face after earthquakes are fire hazard. we are happy to have the fire marshall join us today. >> thank you. my pleasure.
6:55 am
>> we talk about the san francisco earthquake that was a fire that mostly devastated the city. how do we avoid that kind of problem. how can we reduce fire hazard? >> the construction was a lot different. we don't expect what we had then. we want to make sure with the gas heaters that the gas is shut off. >> if you shut it off you are going to have no hot water or heat. be careful not to shut it off unless you smell gas. >> absolutely because once you do shut it off you should have the utility company come in and turn it back on. here is a mock up of a gas hear the on a house. where would we find the gas meter?
6:56 am
>> it should be in your garage. everyone should be familiar with where the gas meter is. >> one of the tools is a wrench, a crescent wrench. >> yes. the crescent wrench is good and this is a perfect example of how to have it so you can loosen it up and use it when you need it. >> okay. let's go inside to talk about fire safety. many of the issues here relate to fire, for example, we have a little smoke detector and i see you brought one here, a carbon monoxide smoke detector. >> this is a combination of smoke and carbon monoxide detector. they are required in
6:57 am
single homes now and in apartment buildings. if gas appliance is not burning properly this will alert you before the fumes buildup and will affect you negatively. >> this is a battery powered? >> this is a battery powered and it has a 10 year battery life. a lot of times you may have one or the other. if you put in just a carbon monoxide detector, it's important to have one of these too. every house should have a fire extinguisher, yes. >> one thing people expect to do when the power goes out after an earthquake about using candles. what would you recommend? >> if you have a battery
6:58 am
operated candle would be better to use. this kind of a candle, you wouldn't want it in an area where it can cause a fire or aftershock that it doesn't rollover. you definitely want to have this in a non-combustible surface. >> now, here we have our stove. after a significant earthquake we expect that we may have gas disrupted and so without gas in your home, how are you going to cook? >> well, i wouldn't recommend cooking inside of the house. you have to go outside and use a portable stove or something else.
6:59 am
>> so it wouldn't be safe to use your fireplace to cook? >> not at first. you should check it by a professional first. >> outside should be a safe place to cook as long as you stay away from buildings and doors and windows. >> yes. that will be fine. >> here we have some alternative cooking areas. >> you can barbecue and if you have a regular propane bark could barbecue. >> thank you for joining us. and thanks for this terrific space that you have in this exhibition space and thanks for helping san francisco stay
7:00 am
welcome to the november 15th, regular meeting. did i go too soon? .i'm supervisor safai, and to me is supervisor fewer and joining me is supervisor yee who is not here and my clerk is lisa wang and i thank charles kriminac from sfgov-tv for staffing this meeting. >> clerk: please silence all cellphones and complete speaker cards and documents to be part of the files to be submitted to the court and items will appear on a november 28th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> super safai: i


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