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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  April 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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ronen, aye. safai, no. sheehy, no. stefani, aye. tang, aye. yee, aye. there are eight ayes and three nos. >> president breed: the resolution as amended is adopted. madam clerk, let's go to the next item. [reading item #36]. >> president breed: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i will defer to supervisor yee as in is in his -- as this is in his
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district. >> supervisor yee: i will make this not as long as the last item. based on my need to gather more information from planning and the property owner, i just found out that there's been some new information that i never received. i would like to make a motion to continue this item for one week. >> president breed: okay. supervisor yee has made a motion to continue this item one week to meeting of madam clerk, april 10th. is there a second? seconded by supervisor ronen. colleagues can we take that without objection? without objection the item will be continued. all right. next item, please. [reading item #37-40].
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>> president breed: supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: i would like to make a motion to continue this item. still working on the details of the appeal. i would like to make a motion to april 10th. >> president breed: that is correct. supervisor cohen has a made a motion to continue this item to april 10th. is there a second? seconded by supervisor yee. are there any members of the public who would like to comment
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on the continuance? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we take that item, same house, same call on the continuance? without objection it will be continued to meeting of april 10, 2018. okay. madam clerk, let's go to our next 3:00 p.m. special order. i know we are going to have to take public comment before we move to that particular item. so, let's do it. >> clerk: 3 p.m. special order is a joint meeting with the ethics commission. i understand that they are here in the audience and they will come up to the department head line and get comfortable. the board approved a motion to host a joint meeting and hearing with the ethics commission for
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the purposes to hear amendments to the san francisco campaign and governmenttal conduct code. we understand before we get to the substance of the hearing, it is common practice that the ethics commission takes public comment and i believe, madam president, you indicated you were inclined to combine the ethics commission general public with the board's general public comment. >> president breed: okay. so, madam clerk, we are going to skip over roll call and go to public comment so that members of the public can comment or would we need to wait until the roll is called for the ethics commission? >> clerk: i believe it is important that the commissioners are seated and that the executive director is here and we call the joint meeting to order and allow the ethics commission to call their meeting to order. and then we could probably announce the public comment
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period. >> president breed: thank you. we are not going to call the meeting to order for the ethics commission just yet. we need to skip over this item and go to introductions. >> clerk: first to introduce new business is president breed. >> president breed: we refer. >> clerk: okay. next up is supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, i'm sure you are aware the california clean money campaign has been advocating for development and implementation of a open source voting system here in san francisco. today i sent a let tore our colleagues in the -- letter to our colleagues indicating my support. i asked senator wiener to advocate for matching funds at the state level for this program. i have heard from thousands of our city wide constituents over
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the last 24 hours awloen -- alone in the interest for this voting system. what i'm doing today is introducing a hearing to better understand the demands of open source voting. i want to understand the investment required over what time that it would be spent. i want to lay out a timeline for developing and implementing a new system and how it interacts with our existing vendor contracts, if at all. i believe that we must seek out experts to educate us on how the open source voting is developed. most importantly paying attention to security of the system, relative to our existing system. i look forward to the thoughtful education and discussion and hope you will be involved in this very important matter. i have one more item.
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i'm requesting the city attorney's office make a determination about the status of a mr. nate ballard as senior advisor to the interim mayor while simultaneously working as a consultant to the san francisco poa. on march 21st, i held a hearing regarding the board of supervisors authority to provide consultation and input to the mayor and the department of human resources on this negotiations between the city and county of san francisco and the san francisco police officer's association. during that hearing, i raised my concern with the city attorney about the fact that up until very recently one of the mayor's current senior advisors was also a consul at that point to the
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poa. now it is my understanding that mr. ballard is a self-proclaimed to be on a quote, leave of absence from his work as a consul at that point to the police officer's association. this designation is suspicious and unclear. i want to be sure it being negotiated is done with effective, unbiassed leadership. not being guided by someone on a payroll of the entity the city is negotiating with. i would like the city to formerly respond to my question about mr. ballard's perceived conflict of interest. we have seen a lot in the news over the past several months about interim mayor mark farrell's proposal for municipal broadband. the goal which is to bring affordable, reliable internet to
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every san franciscoian is laudable. my concern is that this has been a nearly 2 1/2 year talking point. riddled with false starts and mistakes and that demonstrates the interim mayor's misunderstanding of his own project. since the introduction of this legislation on december 8, 2015, by then supervisor mark farrell, the public has been given very little information about this true cost of this proposal. instead they have been given limited sound bites. first from the supervisor's office and now from the interim mayor's staff. two years after the legislative introduction in february of 2017, he launched a fiber which was a task force meant to close the digital divide between the haves and the have-nots of internet connectedness. months later in june, he called for a hearing in the land use
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committee where many of the same statistics about the lack of connectivity were shared. well, last week interim mayor farrell travelled to kansas city to give a speech about broadband. the past sunday in the chronicle we learned that he is planning on -- planning a revenue measure for november 2018 ballot to fund this proposal. and this activity -- and is actively fundraising for it. some say this is for political purposes in the future. i don't know. but for me, as a budget chair, i'm concerned about the fact that there's been little information that has been disclosed, particularly paying attention to the cost and the full scope of this project. the public knows very little about what this will mean in
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terms of public costs, what this means for public impact. so, today i'm calling for a hearing on the true costs, the scope, the impact of the interim mayor's municipal broadband legacy project. i'm also asking for the controller to report to the budget committee on the cost and financial risks to tax payers associated with this plan if this plan were to move forward. i'm curious to know how much taxpayers will be on the hook for, for an already expensive city we live in. how much will households of different sizes and income brackets have to pay? the questions really do go on. why has it taken 2 1/2 years to get us to this point? how many staff members will be working on this? who put this rfq together? folks, there's a lot of questions. i hope to get to the bottom of things. follow this hearing request.
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i believe it is prudent to understand how these costs will pencil out. the goal is decent and laudable, but there must be transparency around the proposal, morely one that is this massive. taxpayers need to know the true costs and risks before we follow the mayor head long into a scheme he has been trying to figure out for many years. the rest i submit. thank you. >> clerk: supervisor fewer. >> supervisor fewer: thank you. along with my fellow ko sponsors yee, pes -- co-sponsors to close a loop. they are increasing base represent by up to 7% on top of the annual allowed rental increase. they are allowed to do this
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because san francisco is one of the only rent controlled cities in california that still allows debt service and property taxes to be passed on to tenants as operating and maintenance expenses. these are the costs of buying a building, not maintaining it. tenants see no benefits in paying higher rents. these landlords choose to take out huge loans to build these building but the tenants have no choice in the matter and should not be forced to take on the burden for them. low income residents cannot keep up with rent increases and are being displaced. we can't continue to allow this speculation and corporate greed to push our most vulnerable residents out of their homes. i have to say this legislation
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is not only common sense, it is the right thing to do. this legislation will not prevent landlords from passing on the costs of reasonable maintenance and improvements to their buildings. it just prevents them from passing on the cost of acquiring the property which tenants receive no benefit from. the vast majority of landlords exfloating this loophole are real estate investment firms and regional investors. not mom and pop landlords like me. in fact, just two investment companies have filed almost half of the operation expenses. it is time to join cities like oakland and san jose to band this. it is time to put people for profit. thank you. >> clerk: thank you. we will return to the roll call. i will yield the floor back to madam president. >> president breed: madam clerk, i wanted to make clear that i asked to be rereferred and i
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wanted to go back to roll call for introductions for my items. >> clerk: okay. >> president breed: colleagues, today i have a few items. the first is a letter i sent to pg and e express my concern over unreasonably high connectively to access. san francisco is a national leader on advancing clean energy policies i thought to ensure the city move forward on launching clean power which is the single most important thing we can do to combat climate change. in 2014, i and supervisor senator wiener introduced an ordinance which gave the puc the authority to provide electricity to new public projects. the passage of this ordinance changed the prior practice of pge being the default power provider for new public
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probabiliti probability -- projects. it required that revenues generated by the sale of this power be reinvested in our city's power infrastructure. it was a critical step forward in advancing san francisco's commitment to push power and fighting climb change. -- public power and compliment change. resent reports that -- recent reports that many public facilities including affordable housing projects and muny facilities are facing increased costs due to a high charge in excessive requirements pg&e is placing on them. this is unacceptable. with every dollar, extra charge by pg&e, it is the public and the tax payers who suffer. these projects are providing new facilities in our parks and address housing and homelessness
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crisis by building navigation centers. even more concerning is the possibility that somehow these increased rates and charges could be related to the ordinance that i authored in 2014. charges and theys which come at the expense of a new affordable housing unit for a family or new recreation center. i'm also requesting that our budget and legislative analyst work with pg&e to conduct a thorough analysis to determine if there has been a shift in practices by pg&e since the passage of the 2014 ordinance. i know supervisor ronen is working on a hearing on this particular issue and i look forward to collaborating on this effort to get answers for the public. the second item i'm introducing today is a draft request of the city attorney to prepare legislation prohibiting san francisco from purchasing
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vehicles from manufacturers whose fleets don't meet our california emissions standards. yesterday, all of us were appalled by unfortunately another not surprising issue, another announcement by the trump administration that the obama administration was wrong to toughen emission standards on vehicles. san francisco has always stood up against the tax on our values and one of our values is strong commitment to our environment. we need to remain just as committed to a clean vehicle fleet. one which i know supervisor katy tang has consistently supported. vapor control, mandatory smog check, efficiency standards have cleaned our air and set the bar
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for improvements for transportation throughout the world. this administration is trying to roll back the clock to the 1950s. we cannot allow president trump and the climate change he has put in charge of the epa to roll back decades of progress san francisco has all the used purchasing power to amplify and defend our values. we need to ensure the city dollars are not benefitting car makers who are advocating for the trump administration
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rollback. i submit. >> clerk: supervisor kim. supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin: submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor safai. not in the chamber at this point. >> regulating cannabis to enter into either labor peace agreement or collective bargaining agreement. xirsing law requires an advocate for business -- existing law requires advocate unless it has fewer than ten employees. the existing law doesn't
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necessarily require an applicant to have already entered into a play -- labor piece agreement. this ordinance will require applicant for cannabis business permit to have entered into a play boar peace agreement -- labor piece agreement or collective bargaining agreement. the second ordinance i'm introducing is a measure to prioritize homeless individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues by giving them priority when making assignments to housing programs for homeless individuals who are discharged from residential behavioral programs, in patient psychiatric programs, emergency services, mental health, residential treatment programs and sentence
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abuse programs. in addition, the measure mandates that the department of housing support of homelessness coordinate with the department of public health to ensure access to uninterruptive supportive services. we can literally spend thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars treating someone from mental health or substance abuse issues. but if they were homeless going into these programs, when they get it unless they have been homeless for 13 years or more, they are released back on the streets. this is insane. why would we spend all these resources to get people to a point where they can receive services and can begin to put their lives back together and put them back in the same environment in which they were suffering from mental health and
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substance abuse issues? i was stuck last week when public health director barbara garcia described one individual who had been 5150'd, that means they have been placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold at san francisco general more than a hundred times. finally we found a place for that individual to be. this is an attempt to address what i find to be an irrational aspect of our homelessness solution and i hope my colleagues will support this legislation. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor stefani. >> supervisor stefani: thank you. i'm requesting a report from our budget that will survey street cleaning practices comparable
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internationally. it will includes those similar in population and size and urban areas and have similar budgets. i want to see what budgets are being allocated for street cleaning, staff level, frequency of cleaning and equipment used in addition to other factors. we spend 65000000 for street cleaning and employ 240 positions for this effort. i want to know what other cities are doing nationally and learn from the best practices. this information will supplement the information discussed at the clean street hearing at budget and finance on april 12th and help us make an informed decision. also i am introducing a resolution celebrating the giant 60th season in san francisco. today in their opening the day at at&t park. in 1958 they made the move of leaving new york for us and since then they have had 12
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playoff appearances, six pennant wins and three world series wins. we had the first african american manager. they have led amazing players. we have listened to announcers including duane kuiper. they have been recipients of stain blet awards -- sustainability awards. i want to thanks the san francisco giants for 59 seasons. one last thing, colleagues, i
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just want to express that my thoughts are with those who have been affected by the shooting today in san bruno at the youtube campus and with the doctors and first responders who are on the front lines of gun violence every day. we have people suffering from gunshot wounds after a shooting right now at sf general and my thoughts are with them today. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor tang. >> supervisor tang: i have submitted my three items. thank you. >> clerk: supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: thank you. today i'm introducing a resolution in support of the housing act of 2018 that will appear on this november's ballot. it will address the issuance of bonds in the amount of $4 billion to finance versus existing housing programs as
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well as infrastructure financing and matching grant programs throughout the state. from 2010 to 2015, 11 of 20 family affording housing projects completed had receive about $171 million in state funds supporting the development of over 1,300 units of affordable housing. this is a critical source of funding for our city's affordable housing projects. i'm committed to bringing affordable housing to my district and know that we need every resource we can get. i look forward to all your support and i will thank you supervisors peskin, ronen, kim and fewer for co-sponsoring. >> clerk: supervisor safai.
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>> supervisor safai: submit. >> president breed: thank you. we are beginning a joint commission sitting as a committee as a whole. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you, madam president. [roll call]. >> clerk: all members are present. >> president breed: thank you. i will ask the chair of the ethics commission to join us and call the roll for your
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particular commission. [captioner switch]. >> on march 6th, 2018, the board approved to host a hearing with the ethics commission to hear
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amendments to the san francisco campaign and governmental conduct code. we understand before that, it's common practice that the ethics commission takes public testimony before they directly after their roll call. and i believe madam president, you indicated earlier that you would like to combine both the ethics commission and the board's general public comment. >> yes, madam clerk. so please call public comment at this time. >> okay, at this time this is the opportunity for members of the public to address both the entire board of supervisors and the ethics commission for up to two minutes on items matter within the jurisdiction of both the board of supervisors and the ethics commission to include the february 27th, 2018, board meeting minutes and the items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. items 46 through 53. public comment is also being taken to satisfy the ethics commission's requirements on receiving public input following their call to order pursuant to the ethics commission's bylaws. the public may address either
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body during this comment period. also, pursuant to its bylaws, the ethics commission is required to take additional public comment prior to adjournment. after the conclusion of this joint meeting, the ethics commission will reconvene in room 263 to receive that additional public comment. pursuant to the boards' rule of order, please direct your remarks to the whole board and not to individual members or commissioners and not to the audience, please. speakers using assistance will be allotted twice the amount of time. and if you would like to display a document on the projector, please state that and then remove the document when you'd like the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. madam president. >> president breed: first speaker, please. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. california has had undocumented immigrants living, working with
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families on the property and sanctuary cities for decades. it doesn't specify whether born here or not. if you live here, you are a citizen. not in the total meaning, but as a guest. richer or poorer, mighty or weak. people deserve to be protected. illegally or not. it is a responsibility of all sanctuary city governments to ensure and protect citizens and guests who are most undeserved, unempowered, and unresource constrained. the high court has ruled against president trump several times in regards to immigrant laws and federal funds. president trump, it's becoming very repetitive to the high courts. cities are entitled to due process under the law, and their rights are above. immigrants in sanctuary cities are entitled to due process under the law, and their rights
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are above. guantanamo bay wasn't giving people their rights. they were just holding them in prison, and they used that excuse for terrorism with no proof. just like i.c.e. is doing to immigrants today. they put you there so we can't see it or hear it. that's fascism, adolf hitler style, frankov of spain, mussolini of italy, it has infected i.c.e. and several police agencies. the deep version to this is in your box. thank you. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> i'm supporting her and then i'm speaking after her. yeah. talk in there. >> good afternoon. my name is roxy blue harris and
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i am speaking on behalf of my mother who is no longer with us and regards to dph. i have a plaque here that was presented to our family in regards to the work that was presented in our san francisco community. my complaint with the dph, with the health service of what is going on now. a lot of your comments today were in regards to homelessness and to people of mental illnesses and so forth. now, what is happening with this clinic, there have been satellite clinics for over 50 years, that took a lot of the pressure of general hospital being displaced. the employment inside has been displacement. when you go to see a doctor, you can't see the doctor because there are no doctors in these clinics that's supposed to be there. in fairness to the employment of the employees that are in the
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clinics themselves as well. i'm very concerned because the health department plays a big part on everything that is happening in our city. when you say the homelessness, what's going to happen to them? how are they going to feel? they get depressed. where are they going? the ones that are having mental illness like the gentleman spoke earlier, yes, 51/50, a lot of them go 51/50 because they don't have no place else to go, and they know for at least two days they have someplace to go. they know how to do it. yes. also, food. the people that don't have no food. it is getting bad. the employment is getting where they are taking people of color, moving them from place to place, but not moving them up. and everyone else coming in --
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>> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker. >> yeah, i'll go next. okay. my turn. my name is brenda barrows, i work at san francisco general. i've been there over 35 years. and so i'm also a steward. and what i'm here for is that it's becoming outrageous, the number of black employees that are coming to me and calling me from all over the city about how they're being treated in their workplace. it's bad enough, a lot of places aren't even hiring black people. or if you do, it's a struggle when you get there. you get treated as if they don't want you there. and that's what's happening to even long-term employees now. i've been through it. a lot of other people have been through it. this lady was talking about betrayal here, they had a black woman who's there 26 years. totally connected to the
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community, and they just decided to pull her out and then have somebody say to her, to the patient advisory board at that clinic who's attached to that clinic, well, it doesn't matter. the person we're bringing in is black. how racist is that? and these are the people you have running some of these clinics. and this is beginning to get ridiculous. and it's not just in the clinic. i hear from people from hsa. i hear from people all over the city, black employees. and it's almost like we're being weaned out of the system. and the system is basically the system is a racist system. the system how people come in, leaves too much room for racism and how people go out. people get pushed out, disciplined out. it's outrageous. and the board of supervisors needs to do something about it. because we've talked to our people over us, and we aren't getting anywhere. somebody has to do something.
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and changes to the system and not just rhetoric. we get a lot of rhetoric. we're sick of rhetoric. we want something done. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi, good afternoon. hi my name is thomas stallmore, i live by dolores park. first i would like to say, you know, surely i have spent far too long this afternoon thinking about what i could never possibly say in two to three minutes. so beginning there, i thank you all. it's an honor to be in this hallowed room, these chambers. i have met some of you. some i think i would have to wonder why i'm taking my time to be here. as i said, it's an honor to see the city at work.
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but it's as much of an honor or more of an honor to see those who come out to speak. those who are not being paid to sit here. we are in the midst of a crisis. it's a crisis of purpose in our country. we are living under a dictatorship, as we know, of a fascist moron tweeting, blabbering, ridiculousness 24/7. this is san francisco, and we have a purpose here to stand as a flagship to all america, to uphold the right of freedom, not just -- and thank god for the harvey milk terminal, but to continue down this road. why would i stand here for two to three minutes? could i be thinking who i would vet for the next mayor of this city, mr. peskin, jane kim? i've learned a lot today. it's a value to be here. you're a value to us. please, in the two minutes that i have -- in the two seconds that i have left, consider and continue to remember how
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important you are to us. what do we share in common? we know what the bigger purpose is here. and yes, this bullshit about giving away to property to rich people is insane. i'm a working-class person. it's called population density. the quality of life has gone down. we're ruining the city. let's bring it back up. thank you. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> yeah, good afternoon, everybody. and thanks for having me, you know, to speak what i have on my mind. i'm a taxicab driver in the city of san francisco, 21 years. i'm a father of five kids. the oldest is 9, and the youngest is 7. uber and lyft is affecting my living. i'm a medallion owner. i bought the license, permit from the city of san francisco. and they are affecting my living, and i feel i live --
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like almost dying. and for the love of the city of san francisco, you know, i know about this country when i was a little boy, 13 years old, i lost my dad when i was 11 years old. i know they can hear people in this country. they can listen to them complain. but i feel they don't know about the situation of cab drivers. we're dying. the end of the shift or the end of the day, everybody go home like anybody but looks like i feel people, they lost their feeling about others. you know, i have experience. i have safety. and they treat it -- they don't value that, you know. i feel like just kind of
5:42 pm
stranded, you know. we really need help. we need our money back as cab drivers from, you know, the loan of san francisco credit union because we have nowhere. we just get lost. just, you know, we're going to call 911 for an emergency. we really, from the heart, we really need help. but looks like everybody did around here. thank you. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is namdi sherman. i'm a taxi owner, too. as 70 years old, $125 million.
5:43 pm
-- to protect taxi business. silver medallion program. medallion value is zero right now. there is only 15% business for taxi. we lost 85% of taxi business. these taxi medallions make life miserable. 700 medallions isn't possible because there is no demand for taxis. we are eagerly ready to sell these taxi medallions. there is no business at all. we drive empty taxis. there is horrible at the airport and there is no place to part taxis at hotel taxi stands. if we find parking luckily after half an hour, we make $10 in the city, which is lower than minimum wages. our kids are going to university, their future is more important than these taxi medallion payments. we cannot do this every day. my expenses per day is like
5:44 pm
$150. -- that i take home. but we don't even take $100 home in 16-hour shift. it's impossible. it's ridiculous. this business is -- if you can support illegal aliens, why don't you provide it for us? to get our money back. because we paid $125 million to support them. we absolutely cannot pay these medallion payments. it is your responsibility to pay our money back and pay our loan to the bank. we will be more successful in other businesses. stay free from this -- >> president breed: thank you for your comments. sir, thank you for your comments. >> i want my money back as soon as possible. thank you. >> president breed: next speaker, please.
5:45 pm
>> hello, everybody. my name's ali, 30-year driver. i have in here lease, i bring with me maybe 50, 60 coworkers. they're waiting outside the door maybe for 45 minutes. i'll be honest to you. they parked their cars in the meter. and they have to lift. and the only thing i do, i get the signature from them. this is the people outside your door from 2:30 till 3:00, but they have to lift. i'm not talking about my own. i'm talking about the drivers. and my coworker, mr. abdul in here, the way he explained, we are suffering. we cannot be able to continue this kind of job.
5:46 pm
the city of san francisco, in this room, they promised to us. this is our retirement. this is some investing. if it go wrong, if it good or bad, return our money, buy the medallion back from you. we have proof if you look at channel 7 news, channel 5, they already have some document. this is a sign up verbally. i need to give it to your office, please. she fooled us. we cannot have the power to fight with the mta. we are not as strong. there are some people, believe it or not, i cannot see myself too much different from homeless! this is the truth. if i tell you this morning, 1:00
5:47 pm
in the morning until right now, i have two. this is the money you make. you pay the bills, i come in here, company or mta, get serious about that. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. >> thank you very much. >> president breed: thank you kindly. next speaker, please. >> my name's ellen. i want to let you know what is happening. at the hearing in february 2018, one commissioner asked an inspector, should we worry about that? inspector response. i would not be. we have to put our faith in this like professionals. i did not look at the plan fu fully. another commissioner stated the project and plans were too complicated. one commissioner said i'm going
5:48 pm
to defer to the president because he's an architect. his response was we ruled the dimensions were provided. they are set -- i am satisfied with it. all members used a rubber stamp to confirm it. it's not the first time the same owner claimed that they have an existing garage on the plan but in fact they don't have. the worker removed the soil without plan and the outbuilding -- section 108.8.1 require local appeal board whose members are qualified and specifically knowledgeable in california building standard code and applicable local ordinances. the commissioner is an impartial panel. four or five members do not have -- require knowledge and
5:49 pm
the building department's decision. please look into the matter. you all know eight members who have powerful positions and they are appointed. they receive financial benefits. they will hold as long as they can. and because they know -- they don't qualify. they don't have qualifications required by law. to fulfill boa's decision to make sure it will be safe and compliant and the adjacent neighbors building and tenants' safety are protected. thank you. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> hi. good afternoon. my name is sheryl thornton, and i'm here on behalf of the employees at dph that have -- it's about the whistleblower hotline and how broken it is. several employees in dph have gone to the whistleblower hotline, and reported credible
5:50 pm
wrongdoings. and as a result, they've been disciplined, fired, reprimanded and transferred. several of these employees have contacted the ethics commission and to no avail, they've gotten no relief. i think that some legislation needs to happen around this because people are putting work careers on the line. and the city and county of san francisco is not protecting the whistleblowers report wrongdoing. thank you. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors and commissioners. my name is david smith. i'm san francisco taxi medallion buyer number 1148. and i'm here to speak about the now-failed medallion sales program. you guys are obviously all
5:51 pm
aware, i'm sure you are, of the current lawsuit with -- from the credit union against the sfmta. this is not a simple case of buyer's remorse. we've been dealt a very bad hand by many people involved in all of this. people are not defaulting on these loans because they simply had a change of mind or they didn't make enough money. they're hemorrhaging. they're working at a loss. the medallion is an absolute money pit. it's not even worth half of that. $125,000. it's at $250,000. it's not even worth $250. it's not even worth 250 cents. most of us waited 15-plus years for our prop k earned medallions, but we played ball. we purchased our medallions. let's not forget that the mta withheld medallions from the public when public demand for
5:52 pm
taxis was at its peak. why? to make room for the medallion sales program. that was not in the public's best interest by any means, but we played ball. now, whether intentionally or not intentionally, the sf mta was asleep at the wheel, no pun intended. when it came to asserting its authority over the tmcs. it's too late already. we're working long hours, seven days a week. it's a hazard to the public. give us the exit strategy, act in good faith according to the contract between the sf mta and the credit union, buy back all the medallions and give us our earned free medallion, please, thank you. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. andrew.
5:53 pm
be the spreading of the word of truth, works for new century and the seeking of salvation for people. -- can be resolved by personal calibration. holy works have been with meditation and mercy -- prison life. one must achieve an objective for prosperity by engaging in all sorts of good deeds for nation. virtues of one's heart and to extend the virtue of kindness and righteousness onto the people. -- improvement our present virtues by offering help and delivering to others. once we resolve the tragedies. one should promote world studies
5:54 pm
and should apply one's virtue of making improvement in the work conditions for well-being of our people. ensuring patriotism and righteousness. one should perform good deeds of virtues for a nation and for the people. in protecting civil liberty, civil justice and world peace forever. thank you. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. before the next speaker, i'll just remind the audience that there is a board rule that indicates that if you have a worthy cause that you'd like to indicate support or negative feelings for, if you would just use your supportive fingers like that, there are supposed to be so audible sounds in the chamber. thank you kindly. next speaker, please. >> we have a very unusual easter, and that is that it fell on passover. saturday evening began passover. and this is very amazing.
5:55 pm
1945 was the last time that that happened. 1945. that was when world war ii ended. that was a sabbath year. we're now in the second year of the seven-year cycle. that was the sabbath year that went from the spring of '45 to the spring of '46. the following year was the 69th jubilee when israel became a nation again. every book except for job is written by the jews. jesus said salvation is of the jews. i was listening to jack on kfax sunday, and he believes a lot of jews are going to become christians before the lord comes back. and i hope he's right. but i know this. god said when i see the blood, i'll pass over you. you said exodus and they shall take of the blood and strike it on the two sideposts and on the upper door post. in matthew, it says, and they stripped him and put on him a scarlet robe. and when they had plated a crown of thorns, they put it upon his head.
5:56 pm
that was the upper post. and a reed in his right hand and they bowed a knee before him and mocked him, saying hail, king of the jews. and they spit upon him and took the reed and smote him on the head. now, it has been 8,048 days from the jubilee. 8,048 days from the jubilee. i speculate that it's going to go for 8,430 days. it's strange. that will be shot heard 'round the world next year. april 19th. odd. friday. okay? i know this. i know this. it sounds crazy, but i've mentioned it before, it bears repeating. 2,000 days after this jubilee, okay, was 9/11, a month before it happened, i told people when it would happen. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please.
5:57 pm
>> patricia roy. ethics. earlier in the day, i heard several things that disturbed me to no end. they talked about the chits that were given to the people in the western addition. one person in one piece of property. and because she sold out to her people, she got 13 apartments. the people who actually needed the apartments never did get in. the same thing is happening in the bay view. this is why i was so concerned about weiner's legislation. i saw it happen. we have demolition. we have whole houses that are being demolished except for one-fourth of a wall. even though it did not go through the planning commission. no fines. several buildings that were mentioned that people supported never paid into the housing
5:58 pm
legislation. they never paid. but they got all of their market right rents. market rate buildings, but they never paid into the affordable housing. there are thousands of them that have never been collected. ethics. we need to change things. we have homeless that are being delivered to our streets from the north bay that are certifiably not healthy. we have no programs. only politicians saying we're going to do something. we have to help these people that are in front of our playground defecating, and no one can pick them up because the district attorney will not prosecute. ethics. they still have not done the
5:59 pm
loopholes in the election rules. >> president breed: thank you for your comments. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm here to speak about ethics, and unfortunately i can't speak for the hearing because thanks to free city college, today is midterm day, so i have to leave a little bit early. first of all, i wanted to thank the ethics commission commissioners and the staff there for all the work that we've been doing over the past nine months, trying to address some of the issues that the community and the nonprofit sector have voiced and have had. and i think we're really close. i want to thank the members of the board of supervisors who engaged in a really thorough discussion about this issue. and so, again, i think we are really close. i think the two things that i want to highlight today that i
6:00 pm
think are unresolved are the issue of interested party in terms of a behested payment. i think that it's clear from supervisor peskin's legislation earlier this year-around commissioners that behested payments interested parties in those transactions should be folks that are seeking an entitlement, a permit, a license, something of value, not just somebody who comes to city hall and provides public comment. and i think that that is something that we need to resolve because that cascades throughout the legislation. so if we have the right people as interested parties, we have the right sort of legislation. and the second thing is as somebody who has worked to get the best people involved in city government through commissions and appointments, i think it's really important to keep that knowledge and those people in