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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  September 22, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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of service or any problems with the switch over to cleanpowersf. this clean power opportunity reflects that. i would encourage any large business in san francisco to seriously consider converting and upgrading to the cleanpowersf service. it's good for the environment, it's good for business and it's good for the community. >> president m. cohen: good afternoon. all right, good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. i want to welcome you back to the regularly scheduled meeting
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of the san francisco board of supervisors. my name is malia cohen. madam clerk? are we ready to go? >> clerk: yes, ma'am. >> president m. cohen: thank you. good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the september 18th, 2018 meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors. thank you for being here with us today. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk: thank you, ms. president. brown present. cohen present. fewer present kim present mandelman present peskin present ronan not present safai present stefani present tang present yee present madam president, you have a quorum. >> president m. cohen: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, will you please join me in the pledge of
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allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank you. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> clerk: none to report, madam president. >> president m. cohen: please call the consent agenda. >> clerk: items 1-3 are on consent. these items are considered to be routine unless a member objects, an item may be removed and considered separately. >> president m. cohen: on the matter of these items being passed, please call the roll. >> clerk: 1-3 safai aye. stefani aye. tang aye yee aye. brown aye cohen aye fewer aye kim aye mandelman aye
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peskin aye ronan aye there are 11 ayes. >> president m. cohen: thank you. these items pass unanimously. madam clerk, let's go to the regular agenda. >> clerk: item 4? >> president m. cohen: yes, please. >> clerk: ordinance to establish sub-project, g-2, g-3, g-4 [reading] >> president m. cohen: thank you. colleagues could we take this same house, same call? thank you, this has finally passed. item 5. >> clerk: to permit affordable housing on undeveloped lots on service/arts/light industrial sali districts and make the appropriate findings. >> president m. cohen: thank you. supervisor kim? >> supervisor j. kim: thanks, madam president. i want to make a motion to
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amend and i believe we distributed copies on page 6, we are simply changing structures to buildings. because structures include general advertising signs like billboards, which would prevent the construction of affordable housing and that was an unintended consequence of our original ordinance. and then i would like to make a second motion to duplicate the file. and under the duplicated file, i would like to, on page 6, strikeout the line as of the effective date of the ordinance enacting section 846.24, file number blank, quote this has been struck so we could preserve future opportunities to construct 100% of affordable housing projects. and the second amendment on the duplicated file is also on page 6, any parcel over 15,000 square feet in size that contains surface parking lot use, structures accessory to parking lot use in a building
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that doesn't exceed 800 square feet in the building area. as a reminder, colleagues, this is an ordinance that will allow us to strike a balance teen preserving light industrial and art uses in the south of market while also providing additional opportunities to provide 100% affordable housing. this ordinance permits 100% affordable housing on these sali lots. and adds this permitted use on 24 unidentified parcels undeveloped in the sali district which under existing law is not permitted. parcels under developed and contain no existing structures as well as existing parking lots with no existing buildings and we want to clarify because they could include guard stations, kiosks and even building signs so we wanted to clarify that in the ordinance. >> president m. cohen: supervisor, for what reason are you making the request to duplicate the file? >> supervisor j. kim: unfortunately, the first
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amendment doesn't require a re-referral to planning so we are making that here at board of supervisors, the second two do require it. we want to pass something out of the board so there's one particular parcel where there's an interest by the tipping point foundation to build 100% affordable housing for formerly homeless individuals. so we do want to pass something out of the board today. however, the second and the third amendment i introduced does require re-referral to planning so by duplicating that we could send it to the planning commission. >> president m. cohen: thank you for that clarification. may we have a motion to amend the original file. i'm sorry, motion made by supervisor kim. seconded by supervisor sandy fewer. without objection the first amendment passed. thank you. now, colleagues, this ordinance has been duplicated. on the original ordinance can we take it same house, same call?
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all right, without objection the item passes first reading, as amended. colleagues we have a motion to amend the duplicated file. may i have a second on that? second by supervisor peskin. we could take that without objection? all right, without objection. thank you. and colleagues, i believe these amendments are substantive, so may i have a motion to send the duplicated file to land use? motion by supervisor peskin. thank you. and seconded by supervisor kim. and without objection, this item has been re-referred to committee. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 6 resolution to approve issuance of approximately 2.6 billion aggregate principal amount of san francisco international airport second series revenue refunding bonds to refinance bonds and subordinate bonds of
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the airport commission and related obligations approving the form of and authorizing the execution and delivery of one or more continuing covenant agreements in connection with the direct purchase of bonds of the airport commission and approving certain related matters as defined herein. >> president m. cohen: colleagues could we take this same house, same call? without objection this item is adopted. items 7 and 8? >> clerk: items 7 and 8 are called together. retroactive, retroactively approving a fourth amendment to the department of public health contract for behavioral health services with positive resource to extend the contract term by four years. item 8, retroactively approving original agreement, not to
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exceed about approximately 24.2 million through june 30th, 2021. >> president m. cohen: thank you. could we take these items same house, same call? without objection these items are adopted. madam clerk, please call item 9 and 10. >> clerk: item 9 to approve issuance and sale in revenue bonds. and item 10 [reading] to submit an application and related documents to the california debt limit allocation committee to permit issuance of $20 million in residential mortgage revenue bonds 1045 capp street. >> president m. cohen: can we
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take this same house, same call? item adopted. >> clerk: item 11. ocean avenue neighborhood commercial transit district, requires conditional use on the ground story and permitted above the ground story to affirm the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> president m. cohen: all right, we could take this item same house, same call? all right, without objection ordinance passed on first reading. madam clerk, next item? >> clerk: item 12 ordinance to amend police code to allow law enforcement officials to provide a verbal warning before a written warning to ensure access to reproductive health care facilities. >> president m. cohen: all right, colleagues. same house, same call? supervisor ronan? -ronen. >> supervisor h. ronen: thank you. like elsewhere in the police
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code it allows the police to enforce the buffer zone law without first providing a written warning. it make it's consistent with the rest of the code but emboldened by this president and increasingly pro-life supreme court, the protests outside of planned parenthood have become bigger and more aggressive. i have been working on this legislation for a long time. my predecessor first created a 25 foot buffer zone which was overturned by supreme court in massachusetts. we then amended the ordinance to prevent people from harassing and following women within a buffer zone in front of a reproductive health clinic and that law remains on the books. but what we are finding, there
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is sort of a cat-and-mouse game that's played between the protestors and the police. the police have to witness the conduct when it's happening and then they have to look down and write a written warning and that's making it very difficult to enforce. so this is a simple fix. it provides for a verbal warning as opposed to a written warning when enforcing the law but could make a big difference in making sure women are not harassed when seeking often-times life-saving health care services, so i look for your support, thank you. >> president m. cohen: supervisor ronen, please add my name. supervisor fewer. excuse me, supervisor brown. >> supervisor v. brown: thank you, supervisor cohen and ronen. i feel this is important to our residents that have safe unobstructed access to reproductive health care. i feel everyone deserves a welcoming and non-judgmental
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environment when seeking health care services. i observed it firsthand when bringing a friend to one of these clinics how aggressive they could be. it's frightful for anyone going in . they are aggressive. they follow you almost to the door. and then when you are leaving, they follow you to your car and it's something, it's just a small adjustment in the code. i think it's going to be really powerful, especially for women to have that kind of access to our health care services. so i just want to thank you and add my support. >> president m. cohen: thank you. supervisor fewer? >> >> supervisor s. fewer: yes, i just want to thank supervisor ronen for bringing this forward. thank you so much, and please add my name. >> president m. cohen: supervisor stefani?
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>> supervisor c. stefani: thank you, for bringing this forward and please add my name as a co-sponsor as well. >> president m. cohen: supervisor yee? > supervisor n. yee: can i add my name? >> president m. cohen: yes. and supervisor brown is also signaling as is supervisor peskin. and supervisor mandelman. >> president m. cohen: looks like we have a full house. supervisor tang would like to add her name as well. supervisor safai would like to add his name as well. >> clerk: thank you, madam president. >> supervisor h. ronen: thank you, everyone, it means a lot. >> president m. cohen: well i think we could take this same house, same call. without objection this ordinance is passed on the first reading. madam clerk, please call item 13s-15. >> clerk: these are the liquor license items to determine issuance of premise type 48 on
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sale general public premises to 98 bottles of beer on the wall inc will serve the public convenience necessity of the city. item 14 resolution to determine that the premise to premise transfer of type 21 off sale beer, wine, distilled spirits to giovanny l.l.c. will serve the public convenience and item 15 resolution to determine that the issuance of a type 42 on sale and beer wine public sale license to lay brothers doing business located 691 14th will serve the public convenience and requesting the california department of alcoholic beverage control impose condition on issuances of all three licenses. >> president m. cohen: thank you. can we take this same house, same call? without objection these resolutions are adopted. madam clerk, items 16 and 17 together. >> clerk: these two ordinances amend the administrative code.
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civic design review fee to flat fee approximately $13,000 per project and establishes adjustment. full projects involving multiple structures as part of a larger development plan and circumstances that may qualify for a fee waiver or reduction and item 17 authorizes the arts commission to change a fee for organizing traveling exhibitions. >> president m. cohen: thank you. we could take this same house, same call? the house hasn't changed. without objection, this motion is approved. madam clerk, next item? >> clerk: item 18 appointments appointing bryant duong, stephen tennis, sam denison and johnathan bonato. >> president m. cohen: thank you, same house, same call?
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motion approved unanimously. next item? >> clerk: item 19 ordinance to amend administrative code to establish early care and education for all initiative to be funded by appropriations from the baby and families first fund. >> president m. cohen: same house, same call, this ordinance is passed on first reading. item 20. >> clerk: establishing early care and education for all initiative funded by appropriations from the babies and families first fund. >> president m. cohen: supervisor yee? > supervisor n. yee: thank you, president cohen. proposition c was passed. prop-c was a precedent-setting voter initiative initiated ballot measure.
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for decades families for young children have been advocating for increase investments for children, families and educators that serve them. starting at the women's march in january early educators, child care providers, parents and families began collecting signatures of san francisco voters. in the weeks following, hundreds of volunteers collected and submitted thousands and thousands of signatures. the signatures were verified by the department of elections and what became prop-c, the early education for all initiative. and it was qualified for the june 2018 ballot. the passage of the early education for all initiative is really the largest local investment nationwide. thousands of children, families, and early educators will be impacted in the first year of implementation. this type of community
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commitment and investment is what makes san francisco a family-friendly city. this legislation before you today directs the office of early care and education to create the initial 5-year spending plan and process for community engagement in the creation of the plan. at the passage of this legislation, the office of early care and education will submit a report to the board setting the procedures for the development of the plan, which will include engagement of a broad and diverse range of stakeholders, including parents, providers, educators, academics, philanthropy, non-profit organizations and family child care providers. in nine months the office will submit to the board a five-year spending plan for approval. this implementation should be
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part of the celebration of this truly historic community win. however, there are forces -- tax payer association and building owners management association boma who have decided to sue the city to overturn what the voters passed in june. this is appalling and quite frankly a grotesque example to the wealthiest commercial real estate owners leveraging their power to try to overthrow the will of the san francisco voters and democracy. for decades advocates have been sharing their stories, data on the needs and gaps depressed wages of our early educators, the challenges of the shortages of retaining quality early educators, highlighting research about the importance of brain development during the first five years of life and
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making millions of dollars of requests in the budget. last year alone, the early care and education community requested more than $300 million in order to begin to address the needs and gaps of san francisco. the voters of san francisco recognize the benefits of investing in early care and education and passed this ballot measure and yet today boma and others want to silence our residents' votes in the name of profit. large commercial real estate benefit from the trump tax breaks and rather than paying their fair share they are now suing the city. instead of seeing this as an opportunity to be a true partner in the community and leveraging benefits of early education for all for tenants and employees they are suing to overturn the voters of san francisco. i will not stand for this community victory. as a city we will fight not
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only to invest in early education working families and our educators but will work to uphold the will of the san francisco voters. we will not allow the largest commercial landlords to use their money and power to take away your votes. this is why without hesitation we are moving forward with the trailing legislation for implementation. i would like to thank my co-sponsors, supervisors, kim, ronen, cohen and fewer and families and early educators and community for their hard-fought victory and eric maybon who worked tirelessly on this trailing legislation. thank you very much. >> president m. cohen: thank you. is there any other discussion? all right, colleagues, could we take this item same house, same call? all right, without objection this ordinance passes on the first reading. madam clerk, could you please call items 21 and 22? >> clerk: items 21 and 22 are
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two motions that appoint supervisor mandelman to association of bay area government executive board 21, and bay area air quality management district 22. >> president m. cohen: peskin has made a motion to excuse supervisor mandelman. without objection, supervisor mandelman is excused. please call the roll. >> clerk: 21 and 22 safai aye. stefani aye. tang aye yee aye. brown aye cohen aye fewer aye kim aye peskin aye ronen aye there are 10 aye's. >> president m. cohen: thank you. without objection these motions are approved.
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madam clerk, please call item 23. >> clerk: item 23 is a motion to appoint supervisor vallie brown to the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district for term ending january 31, 2019. may we have a motion to excuse supervisor brown? supervisor brown is excused. >> clerk: yee aye. stefani aye. tang aye. yee aye. cohen aye. fewer aye. kim aye. mandelman aye peskin aye. ronen aye. there are 10 aye's. >> president m. cohen: thank you. without objection the motion is approved. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: committee reports,
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items 24 and 25 were considered by the budget and finance meeting at a regular meeting september 13th, 2018 and forwarded as committee reports. item 24 specifically was recommended as amended with the same title. it's an ordinance to delegate authority to the general manager of the public utilities commission. to enter into agreements for electricity and products within parameters and where necessary to meet legal requirements and retroactively authorize three agreements for clean power sf with pacific gas and electric. >> president m. cohen: please call the roll. >> clerk: safai aye, stefani aye. tang aye. yee aye. brown aye cohen aye fewer aye
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kim aye mandelman aye peskin aye ronen aye there are 11 aye's. >> president m. cohen: thank you, this item is passed unanimously. madam clerk, next item. >> clerk: item 25, resolution to approve sale alameda county for approximately 2,000 easement under jurisdiction of the san francisco public utilities commission consisting of one approximately 5k square foot road area and one approximately 22,000 square foot slope area on calaveras road in sunol, california and adopt appropriate findings. >> president m. cohen: same house, same call? this item is adopted unanimously. madam clerk? >> clerk: item 26 was considered september 17th and forwarded as a committee report. it's a resolution to approve
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the second amendment to the agreement for maintenance of state highways in san francisco between the city and the state of california department of transportation, caltrans, to include the city's maintenance of additional facilities on right of way within caltrans jurisdiction, including the city's maintenance and operation of additional electrical equipment on slope boulevard. >> president m. cohen: okay, thank you. same house, same call? all right, seeing no objection, this resolution is adopted unanimously. madam clerk. not quite 2:30 yet. could we go to item 27? >> clerk: roll call for introductions. supervisor safai. will submit. supervisor stefani? >> >> supervisor c. stefani: thank you, madam clerk. i would like to close in
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memoriam for mercedes cerez. she was born to carlos and pillar of barcelona spain. she settled in san francisco around 1952 with her first husband alejandro and raised two sons alex and juan. married second husband paul miller, became loving mother to bob, chris, charlie. they remained inseparatable until her passing. she was a deep supporter of our city's arts and artists and opera company. as a celebrated painter who practiced into her 70's she will forever be remembered for her antiques and collectibles. though san francisco was her home a piece of her heart remaind in barcelona.
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new sister city partnership, in 2010. she is survived by her partner, her four siblings, step children, grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews. my thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends as they celebrate her life tomorrow at saint dominic's parish church. >> clerk: thank you. we will return to roll call introductions with supervisor fewer but back to you, madam president. >> president m. cohen: thank you. today we have one special commendation. i would like to recognize supervisor fewer. she will be recognizing miyoung yu. >> supervisor s. fewer: thank you, madam president. i would like to invite miyoung yu to the podium. i would like to recognize
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survivors of sexual violence and someone who helps victims tell their stories. she serves as chair for the korean board of justice. the korean council was founded july 11th, 2018. uniting with two other ngo's the korean council for the women drafted for military sexual slavery by japan and foundation for justice and remembrance for the issue of military sexual slavery by japan. founded in 1990 the korean council encouraged survivor kim to testify in public about her experiences as a japanese military sex slave for the first time on august 14th, 1991. now we see kim rendered on the statue in saint mary's square as an elderly woman an effort
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to remember and honor her and other victims of this war crime. yun began working at the korean council in 1992, she is recognized as a leader of women's rights and authored two books about wednesday rally, protest, held weekly across the japanese embassy in seoul. manages the women in war museum. [reading] the korean council also celebrated the opening of truth and justice, remembering -- first traveling multimedia exhibition that tell stories of victims and survivors now on display at the heritage foundation. thank you for your tireless commitment and leadership. it's my pleasure to honor you today. >> thank you. >> president m. cohen: welcome.
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the floor is yours, if you would like to say a few remarks. >> supervisor s. fewer: you have a translator. thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, [speaking native language [ san francisco board of supervisors, i extended warmest regards for peace. the chair of the board through the korean council for justice for military sexual slavery in japan, fighting to resolve the issues of japanese military sexual slavery and to prevent the recurrent sexual violence committed against women during war times for the past 30 years.
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honorable mayor breed, san francisco city supervisors and san franciscans who cherish peace and human rights, with my deepest sincerity i would like to express my gratitude and respect to all of you. thank you very much for extending your invite to me. >> interpreter: survivors and their supporters all over the world paid close attention to
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one historical event that took place in san francisco on september 22nd of last year. >> interpreter: in spite of numerous obstacles we witnessed installation of the memorial, women's strength in honor and remembrance of japanese military sex slaves. it honors their noble efforts toward human rights and peace and remembers their painful history. >> [speaking japanese] >> interpreter: on that day the victims became more hopeful and were reminded that darkness cannot conceal the light of truth.
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>> [speaking japanese] >> interpreter: i'm certain that through this installation our future generation can learn that peace and human rights are irreplaceable values. >> [speaking japanese] >> interpreter: eight survivors of japanese military sexual slavery say it's not money they want. they demand formal acknowledgment of japanese war crimes formal and sincere apologies, reparations, through which their dignity could be restored and human rights could be actualized.
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>> interpreter: what the survivors began in the early 1990's could be defined as the #metoo movement which established international mainstream women's movement in the past 30 years. victims from north korea, south korea, philippines, east asia, australia formed an alliance
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and helped build an international understanding that war time sexual violence constitutes crimes against humanity. further more international human rights organizations including the united nations established international standards for restoring the human rights of the victims and survivors. >> interpreter: what the survivors and i have learned through this experience the importance of collective effort, global collaboration opens the door for restoring human rights and remembering the victims and survivors. the global community will remember the pan-asian efforts your city put together successfully to install the
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women's column of strength. the council will never forget the efforts of the san francisco board of supervisors and the san francisco residents. thank you very much. >> president m. cohen: thank you. congratulations. >> she brought a small replica of the peace statute as a gift from korea to each one of you.
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thank you very much. >> president m. cohen: congratulations, thank you. madam clerk? >> clerk: returning back to roll call for introductions. supervisor tang? >> supervisor k. tang: thank you, i will submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor yee? > supervisor n. yee: thank you, madam clerk. colleagues i'm introducing legislation that's gone through several evolutions to address the growing need of child care options in san francisco. licensed family child care homes are licensed by the state of california and allow providers to operate in their own homes. family child care is one of the more affordable options for families. additionally, they are high-quality and reflect diversity of the language and cultures of our community. however as we know with the volatile housing market, they are constantly feeling market pressure if they do not own
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their own homes. we have heard heartbreaking stories from family child care providers who operated for decades but were evicted from their homes. not only were they uprooted from their communities but they also lost their livelihood. and the families they served were suddenly scrambling to find child care in this limited supply of child care services in san francisco. over the past two years we met with providers and city departments to help find ways to create more options for these family child care educators. however, we also wanted to ensure we weren't impacting the long waiting list of individuals and families waiting for affordable units. i believe we have been able to strike a balance in this legislation. as we all know commercial vacancies have been eye-sores for many of our developments.
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our commercial districts are hurting from the blight and property owners are hurting from space that bring in zero rent. we hear it's often unfeasible because of the high cost of build out and abundance of codes and space requirements. this legislation will address both of these issues by allowing licensed family child care homes to be active year round useth. -- usage. allow to reduce amount of commercial if they designate child care unit in the ground floor. these affordable units would then be offered to individuals, tenants to operate licensed
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family child cares. child care homes brings so much to the communities they serve in order to address the child care crisis we are in, we have to be innovative and forward thinking on all fronts. i want to thank the planning department, mayor's office, community development and office of early care and education for collaborating on this legislation with us. and president cohen, would also like to share remarks after supervisor mandelman. the rest i submit. >> president m. cohen: thank you very much. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor brown? >> supervisor v. brown: [off mic] >> clerk: submit? thank you. supervisor cohen? >> president m. cohen: thank you, submit. >> clerk: supervisor fewer?
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>> supervisor s. fewer: thank you. during my time on the school board i visited log cabin, a residential facility which opened in the 1950's and i know it was used to serve 100 youth at one point and the last option before prison. we are overdue on discussion about the plans for log cabin moving forward. we need a strategy to repurpose log cabin ranch because of its low population over the years, typically holding only a dozen teens at a time. could we look at alternatives that better serves young people with community support. many teens have to go out-of-state due to lack of space. we need to have a productive constructive community-oriented plan to secure housing and
7:44 pm
placement around youth justice. the advisory council, i serve as a representative from the board of supervisors. it's to coordinate local efforts to support adults exiting jail, and counseling department of corrections and rehabilitation facilities and federal bureau of prison facilities. the council coordinates information sharing, planning and engagement among all interested private and public stakeholders. what is unique about the reentry council it brings together a wide array of perspective on criminal justice, ranging from various law enforcement agencies to community advocates and formerly incarcerated adults. i have learned so much during my time with the reentry council to make our city safer and more compassionate. i hope i could receive the
7:45 pm
support of my colleagues. it's been essential in creating accountability and improving the lives of those reentering society after serving their time. the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor kim? >> supervisor j. kim: colleagues, today i'm introducing the better street legislation. which amends several sections of the planning code which allows us to move forward with the implementation of better streets plan. governs curb cuts on restricted streets. establishes criteria for the planning commission that will use when deciding if a conditional use authorization should be granted when required for a curb cut and creating criteria which the commission will use to determine if a curb cut will be granted or on a restricted street. the ordinance also provides
7:46 pm
design review and approval for large projects downtown. and in the eastern neighborhoods. streamlining allowing projects to consolidate their hearings at the planning commission and projects required to attend the planning commission hearing under 309 or 329 and required to get a conditional use authorization. the purpose of the legislation in partnership with the planning department is to ensure that we are constructing and building safer streets and sidewalks by reducing conflicts between vehicles and people walking and biking when we are building new projects in our neighborhoods. providing high-quality urban design in the public row. improving transit operation, safety and comfort and streamlining approval processes resulting in more efficient use of city time and cost savings for the city and project sponsors. this legislation is being proposed in order to support the city in meeting several policy goals including better
7:47 pm
streets policy, vision zero, complete streets policy. i just want to thank the planning department who worked in partnership with sfmta public works, walk sf, livable san francisco, i want to in particular recognize alice rogers pushing this ordinance for over a year along with our city attorney's office and we look forward to the dialogue on this ordinance. and the rest i submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor mandelman? >> supervisor r. mandelman: thank you. madam president, today i have three items. first i'm introducing legislation to make it easier to open new residential care facilities for seniors and people with disabilities, also known as board and care homes. over the last five years we have lost 19 such board and care facilities and with them hundreds of beds. as our population ages and redouble our efforts to move the most vulnerable folks off
7:48 pm
the streets and into care the loss of these beds presents a challenge. i want to thank norman yee and the mayor for identifying an additional $1 million to commit to stabilizing our remaining board and care facilities in this year's budget. next year we anticipate the long-term care coordinating council residential care task force will be presenting recommendations for the city to address the need going forward. but meanwhile, i'm offering this ordinance to clear one hurdle to the establishment of more residential care facilities in san francisco. specifically, the legislation will eliminate the conditional use requirement serving 7 or more in districts not including r-h1 and r-h2. it won't make a difference if we aren't incentivizing the development of the many more board and care homes we need. that will necessitate commitment of new public
7:49 pm
resources and i hope, colleagues, we could make that a top priority in the months and years ahead. i'm proud to announce this with supervisor yee's sponsorship and i think he may have comments as well. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. >> president m. cohen: supervisor yee? > supervisor n. yee: thank you. i want to thank my colleague, supervisor mandelman for introducing this legislation for removing barriers for residential care facilities to expand in our city. last year i sponsored legislation for residential care for the elderly. and developed a work group how to retain or expand, our rcfe supply. they will come up with policy recommendations hopefully by the end of the year. the last six years, as supervisor mandelman mentioned, there's been a nearly 20%
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decrease in supply of r.c.f.e.'s in san francisco. yet our senior population will reach 30% of the population by 2030. as of june 2017, when compared to neighboring counties, san francisco had the lowest ratio of r.c.f.e. beds, 29 beds per 1,000 seniors. i look forward to collaborating with supervisor mandelman and all our stakeholders on this urgent issue to make sure we do everything we can to support this type of critical housing for the city's most vulnerable residents. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor yee. back to you, supervisor mandelman. >> supervisor r. mandelman: thank you. next up, today, along with mayor breed and president cohen, i'm introducing an ordinance that will amend the police code by making changes in the way the city regulates retail cannabis. i want to thank my colleagues for the painstaking process
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this body went through last year. following that process there was wide acknowledgment this dynamic industry would be constantly changing and the city made a commitment to regularly revisit our cannabis policies moving forward. the ordinance is a manifestation of that commitment. this industry is in its infancy and in the years to come will be significant creator of good jobs and local economic activity. the way our city regulates needs to be as innovative as the industry itself. we have a series of policy solutions that will allow the cannabis retail industry to continue to grow in a way that's sustainable for operators and the city. medical cannabis operators waiting for permits will thrive by allowing them to continue to work on temporary permits through the end of next year while the office continues to process the 240 plus permit applications that have been
7:52 pm
submitted to the office since mid-may. additionally this ordinance will strengthen equity ownership in a way that honors the intent of the program to help those who have been impacted by the war on drugs own and operate businesses. and help permit operators priced out of their leases or dealing with predatory landlords. this is just a starting point, and i look forward to my colleagues' input and public input in the coming weeks. as was the case last fall this legislation will sit for a full 30 days so the mayor, board and office of cannabis can solicit comments we can consider prior to and acting on this legislation in october and november. i want to take a moment to thank nicole elliott. my office looks forward to working with her and with all of you to ensure successful passage of this important legislation.
7:53 pm
and finally, i'm also requesting a hearing on the reenvision the jail working group project annual report. i want to thank mayor breed and supervisor kim for their commitment to finding alternatives to incarceration in the proposed jail and thank sheriff hennessy for her work. lots of work has been done but there's clearly more to do and i think it's time for a hearing. thank you. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor. supervisor peskin? >> supervisor a. peskin: thank you, madam clerk, colleagues, as the retail environment through san francisco and for that matter urban america continues to challenge us in the northeast corner of the city, union square, our decades destination retail zone has not been untouched by this phenomenon. and while the retail environment there remains
7:54 pm
really quite healthy in this historic downtown core, the city and the union square business improvement district have observed a change in preference for a more experiencial as experienced by the apple store and some of the other businesses that we are seeing, as well as a preference for smaller floor plans than the traditional department store, a la macy's. after a slew of proposals to convert retail to office, the planning department staff, as well as staff from the office of economic and workforce development, and the planning commission, where two hearings have been held have come up with a proposal together with my office, with regard to the proposed conversions of retail space in the union square area to office. and as we know from our work on
7:55 pm
central silma high demand, threatens those space that's are currently occupied by traditional retailers, as well as less traditional retail users like tailors, design professionals. today i'm introducing legislation that will protect, the c-3-r zoning district, which are overwhelmingly retail spaces with actually quite a low vacancy rate, from office space encroachment. which would permit and actually make certain office space uses, as of right, on higher floors. all subject to a modest impact fee used for various capital improvement projects in the
7:56 pm
area, holiday plaza, various public realm improvements in and around union square. i want to thank my staff lee heppner, o.e.d. staff and union square b.i.d. for their collaboration on this item. obviously this will be referred to the planning commission for a hearing and then come back to the board of supervisors for deliberation, and hopefully adoption, that will place our interim control that's we adopted in may, and the rest i will submit. >> clerk: thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor ronen? >> supervisor h. ronen: submit. >> clerk: madam president, that concludes the introduction of new business. >> president m. cohen: thank you. madam clerk, let's go to item 28, public comment. >> clerk: at this time, the public may now address the entire board of supervisors for up to two minutes on the subject matter jurisdiction on the board. public comment isn't allowed when an item has been previously subject to public comment at a board committee.
7:57 pm
please direct your remarks to the board as a whole, not to individual supervisors and not to the audience. speakers using interpretation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if you would like to use the overhead, please let sfgovtv as such and remove the document to return to the meeting. >> president m. cohen: thank you. public comment is open. welcome. >> my personal opinion, the san francisco board of supervisors is a barf bag full of its own hypocrisy. the failed fairness election scheme of 2018 featured a speech, four of the five co-conspirators to oust the black mayor were white. but what was so fair about four white politicians conspiring to oust one black politician by
7:58 pm
blaming her ouster on a white billionaire? these co-conspirators selected san francisco's prince of white privilege as her replacement. but the san francisco ethics commission said of this prince, he lacked integrity. after the commission settled with him, $25,000 fine on the $190,000 he stole. what is so fair about replacing a black woman mayor who was twice-elected board president by her peers with a man who lacks integrity with one date let alone five months. with all due respect to the current board president,
7:59 pm
further evidence suggests this board continues to run san francisco based on white privilege and it makes me want to throw up. [please stand by...] .
8:00 pm
and one was 10 and the other was in the first grade. here's pictures of these rapists who are still at large. [bell ringing] there is another one.


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