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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 1, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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well, i told my side and you told your side, and it's going to be business at usually. believe me, we're taking what you said seriously. we're always looking at how we can do things better. we balance in the moment -- you know, we evaluate, we try to debrief situations. i hear you loud and clear. it's how can we do things better, how can we improve? we can always improve in so many areas, from the largest of policing to these areas. so your message is loud and clear, and we take everything that you've mentioned today seriously. i know you felt underwhelmed. we covered a lot of ground here today. we answered a lot of questions. if there's follow up, maybe we can get together and go over everything point by point, so i'm hopeful that that happens.
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>> supervisor ronen: okay. well, i will take you up on that offer, and i will be talking to you, and the family will, as well, so we will have that follow up conversation. do you have any other comments? >> i mean just to thank you for bringing this forward. i was not aware of what happened, and this is enormously disturbing and this is enormously disturbing, and i thank you, commander lozar for taking this seriously and for being here and for your openness to continue working with supervisor ronen to work on this. this was an extraordinary and we hope unusual situation, but i -- the united states being what it is, this is probably not the last time that a gun will be found or even discharged in a san francisco public school. >> unfortunately. >> supervisor mandelman: and i think that we need, you know, next time, if some of this is, you know, what folks are believe it to have been, then we need to do better. so thanks for taking the time,
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thanks for bringing this to us, and i'm super impressed by the youth commission and by this family. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> supervisor ronen: and i just want to -- this is just hillary ronen, supervisor of district nine, i want to apologize to the pena family, because everything i've heard and read about your experience, mr. pena, you and i act very similarly. that would have been exactly how i would have acted in the situation. i would have been going nuts if my daughter was being held, i didn't know what was going on, and i wasn't allowed to be with her. so i just want to apologize to you for this incredibly traumatic experience and just tell me how much i feel for you as a parent. i'm choking back tears a little bit because as a parent with kids, it's our job to protect
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them. i just want to commend you for the work you did to protect your son. thank you. [applause] >> supervisor mandelman: all right. so i guess i'm going to ask you, vice chair ronen, what is your pleasure to this item? do you want us to continue it or do you want to have this heard and filed. >> supervisor ronen: if we need to reintroduce it, i will, but for now, i would like to make a motion to file the hearing. >> supervisor mandelman: okay. we'll do that without objection. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor mandelman: and thanks, everyone, for coming out today. mr. clerk, is there any other items before us? >> clerk: there is no further business. >> supervisor mandelman: okay. then we are adjourned.
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gay/lesbi. >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone. this meeting will come to order. welcome to the november 28, 2018 meeting of the rule committee. my name is ahsha safai, and i am the chair of the committee. today our clerk is victor young. i'd also like to thank maya hernandez and matthew ignau from sfgovtv for staffing this meeting. mr. clerk, is there any
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announcements? >> clerk: yes. [agenda item read] >> supervisor safai: great. thank you. please call item number one. >> clerk: item number one is an ordinance amending the administrative code to authorize the airport commission to accept certain gifts, devices, and requests of objects or other articles for the s.f.o. museum collection. >> supervisor safai: thank you. unless there's any comments from committee members, we're joined today by diana kazon, manager of government affairs by s.f.o. if you'd like to join us and proceed. >> thank you, supervisors. my name is diana kizon, and i am the manager of government
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affairs. the rate of acquisitions by -- by donation is increasing with greater awareness and outreach. currently, the board of supervisors must approve any gift with a market value greater than $10,000, however, the governing boards of other city owned museums such as the art commission, asian arts museum, fine arts museums may accept donations without the action of the board of supervisors as long as there's no expense to the city beyond ordinary care and maintenance. through the ordinance before you, we are asking that our museum be aligned with these other city owned museums to execute receipt of donations in a prompt manner that preserves our productive donor relations and continues to support our ever growing and widely known collections. thank you for hearing this item and i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. >> supervisor safai: great.
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unless there's any initial questions from my colleagues on this item. we'll just go ahead and see if there's any public comment on this item, on item number one. we can take public comment. seeing none, public comment's closed. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: okay. unless there's any additional comments from colleagues, we'll just go ahead and make a motion. supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: i'll go ahead and make a motion to pass this out of committee with a positive recommendation to the full committee -- to the full board. >> supervisor safai: great. second. we can do that without objection, so the item's ordered. thank you, diana. >> thank you. we hope to see you at the museum if you're ever flying out. >> supervisor safai: great. thanks. call item number two. >> clerk: item number two is an ordinance amending the administrative code to eliminate one seat on the task
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force and to change the membership of one seat on the task force. >> supervisor safai: great. unless there's any initial comments from committee members, i'd like to ask jamie to speak -- speak, the s.r.o. task force chair. >> all right. s.r.o.s. >> supervisor safai: thank you. >> for over 15 years, the s.r.o. task force has been an important forum for s.r.o. hotel, tenants, landlords, city officials to work together, provide important updates on work going on in the community and share a rich diversity of experience and opinion rooted in the perspective of many races, genders, class status, and walks of life in san francisco's historic s.r.o. residential hotels, home to over 15,000 san franciscans. further city charter, this -- perthe city charter, this must
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be reorganized every six years. many of the best and brightests from the city's department were transferred to the city's department of homelessness and housing. we are proposing to shift one seat, eliminate one other seat, for a total of 12 seats. this was a consensus decision by the members of the task force. we feel it's necessary to preserve san francisco's last bastion of affordable housing and serve its residents. thank you. >> supervisor safai: great. unless there's any comments from my colleagues, we'll take public comment. any member of the public that wish to comment on this item, please come forward. >> good afternoon. my name is jordan davis, and i currently sit at one of two tenant reps on the s.r.o. task
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force. you know, yesterday i got a reminder of why this body is necessary and why you must renew it. h.s.h. may affect its tenants in unprofited hotel which have some unintended consequences and i've had to loop in a lot of people and have this matter agendaized. we are right now having many discussions of issues that have often been left on the back burner and go unnoticed, including nonprofit tenants rights, women's issues, immigration issues, and we even pushed for gender neutral issues and pass through reform. in the past, we focused on sprinkler policy, and this is one of the last processes of low-income people like myself, and it's making sure we have a seat at the table. i've learned a lot about the
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issues. about finding a middle ground and pushing for good policies for the health, safety, empowerment and autonomy of tenants, even when there's resistance. in reality, we are often having a spirited but necessary conversation about the needs of s.r.o.s and how we can move forward. thank you. >> supervisor safai: great. next speaker. >> good afternoon, members of the board. my name is clifford gilmore. i am with the center city s.r.o. collaborative, and i am with the s.r.o. task force. i am completing my second year on that body and it is a very effective body in terms of making recommendations that go onto the board. so i ask you to support the new composition and also the -- set a new sunset date for this body and also appreciate your
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support on this. thank you. >> supervisor safai: great. any other members of the public wish to speak on -- oh, thank you. >> good afternoon. my name's diana martinez. i am the program manager of the mission s.r.o. collaborative and one of the members of the s.r.o. task force. i am also in support of the new composition of the s.r.o. task force and furthering the effective and important work that this group does together. since i have become a member of the task force, i have not only been able to learn more from the perspectives of s.r.o. owners and operators and s.r.o. tenants, but i've also had the opportunity to work more closely with members of important city departments and through these connections, we've been able to help prevent evictions and do other important things to provide stablity in s.r.o. tenants'
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lives. thank you very much for continuing this important work and have a wonderful week. thank you. >> supervisor safai: great. any other members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment's closed. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: jamie? is it jamie, yeah. you -- you might have answered -- talked about this already, but can you say a little bit about the elimination of one seat and changing the membership to -- of one other seat? >> yeah. before the department of hocklessness and supportive housing was created, we had two members from department of health, one member from human services, and it's been three years since we came to you to renew our sunset date, so those
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changes are what precipitated the changes in the city departments. >> supervisor yee: okay. thank you. that makes sense. >> supervisor safai: we're joined -- also, for the record, we're joined by supervisor mandelman. thank you for joining us today, and supervisor jane kim. supervisor kim, did you put your name on the roster to speak? >> supervisor kim: i did. >> supervisor safai: okay. supervisor kim? >> supervisor kim: i just want to thank jamie and members that serve on the single room occupancy task force for working on our office on this. i do really support the task force. this group has really done eye lot to both empower and organize and educate our residents and single room occupancy hotels that are largely based in the mission and chinatown and south of market and have done some incredible advocacy work throughout the city, certainly in my time in office.
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it was truly a remarkable group of residents, operators and s.r.o. owners, as well. i'm happy to offer the code to authorize the continuous of the task force, and i'll ask the committee to support this with recommendation to the board. >> supervisor safai: supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: thank you, supervisor safai. i just want to echo supervisor kim's comments. with that, i would like to move this forward to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor safai: can we do that without objection? without objection, this item's ordered. thank you. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: mr. clerk, please call item three. >> clerk: item number three is an ordinance amending the administrative code to designate the san francisco gay/lesbian freedom band as the official band of the city and county of san francisco.
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>> okay. i have a handout. >> supervisor safai: excuse me, sir, we're not doing public comment. >> no, this is -- >> supervisor safai: oh, you're here to speak on this item? >> yes. >> supervisor safai: okay. but before you do that, sir, wanted to recognize my colleague, supervisor mandelman to present on this item, and if he wants to recognize you first, that's fine. i wanted to hand this over to him catherine mandeville thank you. and we'll be handing it over to the band in just a second. thank you, supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: thanks. >> supervisor mandelman: it's helpful to begin at the band's founding some 40 years ago. at that time, anita bryant's antig antigay crusade was in full
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swing. from the band's first performance marching in front of harvey's milk contingent at the 40th annual pride parade, to the parade this year, they've become a main stay in san francisco. they've proudly represented our city and brought our commitment to quality events across the country, including three marchs on washington for lgbt rights, the inauguration of presidents clinton and obama. the san francisco gay/lesbian freedom band has long been cherished and valued by those inside this building and for quite sometime has been operating in a sense as our city's unofficial official band. supervisor tom ammiano twice issued proclamations declaring
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the band the official band of the city of san francisco. as important as these are, they cannot make the designation of an official band final. this must be done by us by ordinance. as the band closes out its 40th year, i hope you'll join me in honoring them for their tremendous impact on our city for passing this ordinance and making them the official band of the city and county of san francisco. i do believe that doug lidman, the president of the band's board of directors and apparently a fantastic clarinet player would like to come up and share a bit more about the band if that is the pleasure about this committee. >> supervisor safai: sure, and if you could limit your comments to three minutes, that would be great since this is outside the realm of normal public comments. >> okay. i had a lot to say, but the supervisor already said most of it, so this'll be short. my name is doug lipman. i'm the president of the all
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volunteer san francisco gay/lesbian freedom band. i'm accompanied by some of my fellow band members, including an original band member from the first year. a few members have sent e-mails of support. there are a few more watching on san francisco government t.v., and i know the 286 members we've lost over the years are watching us from above. i've been a member of this group since 1985, and i remember how proud i was, and that pride kept coming back on all of our major anniversaries when we got these wonderful proclamations from the board of supervisors, and we've even gone so far as the baseball caps that we wear at some events says the official band of s.f. but now it's 2018, and it's our 40th anniversary. as the first official gay band in the world, nothing would
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make us prouder. you have a handout in front of you detailing why we feel we're deserving of this honor. i have a brief, three-minute video, and i'll show as much of it as you'll allow right now, and then, it's a compilation of our 40 years of history. there's a fuller version, a link to which is on the sheet in front of you. >> supervisor safai: please, go right ahead. [video playing]
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>> in three minutes, that video showed every conductor, the drum major the band has had in 40 years. that's a lot of editing. 40 years ago, some truly horrific events took place in this very building. today, you have the opportunity to celebrate something much more positive, a movement that began in 1978 and is thriving
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today. back then, we were named as san francisco ambassadors of joy, and we can continue to do that in this manner. thank you so much for this opportunity to speak. >> supervisor safai: great. thank you. any additional comments from supervisor mandelman? if not, we'll open this up for public comment on any individuals that wish to come forward? please come forward. >> my name is linda. i joined the percussion of the band since 1979, so i've been around almost all of the 40 years. with our pep band, concert ban and marching band, i'm pretty sure that we participate in more city events than any other musical group, so i urge you to support this ordinance. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. any other members of the public that wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment's closed. supervisor mandelman, any closing remarks? >> supervisor mandelman: no. i think the presentation from
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the band was great. thank you for bringing that and for the video, and i would urge this committee to recommend approval of this ordinance. thank you. >> supervisor safai: great. thank you. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: yes. i would like to thank you. i absolutely love this moment in time. i was a band geek in high school for four years, and in junior high, i played tenor saxophone by so many people growing up. so at this point in time to sit here, on the board of supervisors to make a motion and forward this to the pull board with a positive recommendation, to all the people watching, you do bring love into so many hearts. i absolutely love music. thank you, supervisor mandelman for bringing this forward, and i would like to forward this to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor safai: just before we take an official vote, i just want to say
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congratulations. i think it's a wonderful achievement. i think it's wonderful that we would designate this band as the official band of the city and county of san francisco. thank you for coming out and presenting to us. y>> supervisor yee: and i'd also like to -- >> supervisor safai: supervisor yee? >> supervisor yee: i'd like to thank supervisor mandelman for bringing this to us. although i never played an instrument in my entire life, i think it's great and i think your band deserves this title. >> supervisor safai: great. so we can do that without objection. the item is ordered and approved. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: 3mr. clerk, call the next item. >> clerk: -- to the fund at an election to be held on november 5, 2019.
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>> supervisor safai: thank you mr. clerk. unless there's any initial comments by colleagues, i want to recognize our colleague, supervisor kim, and the city college -- any city college members here today, want to also recognize them for the item here as free city college, so supervisor kim, thank you. >> supervisor kim: thank you, supervisor safai, and i do want to recognize our former trustee, rafael mandelman who is a cosponsor of the charter ordinance that was here before us today. only supervisor yee was here in 2016 when i first introduced the measure that became known as proposition w. this very modest increase was brought forward to the voters and brought in 64% of the positive vote. and we campaigned on using these additional dollars brought to the city to bring
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more equity to the city primarily by making city college free and making san francisco the only city in the nation to make community college tuition free in the nation. we did this for many reasons. back -- and just to do a little bit of history, there was a time when government in this country made a very expensive and radical decision to fund a free k-12 education system. and we can so at a time when a high school diploma was enough to get a good paying job in this country. by 2020, however, 70% of all u.s. jobs will require some sort of post secondary degree, training or certificate. this move that san francisco has made in making community college free, again, because it used to be free in the state of california through 1983, is our statement and belief that we
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believe that community college is part of a fundamental compact that we make with our citizens to provide free university, regardless of income or any type of prewe canri sit. after the measure passed -- prerequisite. after the measure passed, we worked with the board and the mayor to set aside a portion of prop w dollars to make city college free for two years. we signed that with mayor ed lee in may of 2017 and began free city college that august. the response was tremendousment we saw enrollment increase of san francisco residents by over 20%. the comments that you'll hear later in public comment was truly overwhelming. i've been on the board for eight years and have been fortunate to work on many policies with our city, but
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this is the policy that i'm most acknowledged for by members of public who now tell me that they are attending city college and that it was free, and they had not attended before it was, and what they were getting out of this rich educational environment and from this institution. now that we have seen the success of free city in the first year and now second -- now in the second year, first semester, i'm putting forward a charter amendment to make this program permanent for the next ten years. it is a proposal that we'll bring to the san francisco voters in the next election to the city's charter to set aside $10 million annually for the free city college program. it aims to provide security and stability to the pilot program as well as to ensure sufficient funding to provide free tuition and stipend for eligible students through the free city
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college program. this would fulfill the original commitment of making city college tuition free, but also the original concept of providing full-time students a $500 stipend and part-time students a $250 stipend to attend classes. what we learned in places like chicago, seattle, and tennessee, that making community college free was not enough, that students were not attending community college because child care, books, transportation far exceeded the cost of taking the class. when we look at free community college programs across the country, it benefits miding income the most. this $15 million would ensure that the original proposal of the 50250 would be part of the
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program. students who are not eligible will not receive a stipend but will still get their classes paid for by the program. it's important that any charter amendment be put to the test by the voters, so it is put in place for ten years so that voters, after ten years can decide if it wants to continue this program or the mayor and the city can choose to fund it through its own appropriation. it will begin in fiscal year 2020-2021 and end in fiscal year 2030-2031. i do just want to recognize a coalition of folks that have been working with my office now since the beginning of january 2016 on this policy. i have learned so much from all of you on community college, inner workings and what this has meant both for the faculty and the students.
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so i just want to recognize the coalition, connie ford, emily lee, my former chief of staff, ivy lee, who drafted the original proposal and is now a trustee on the city college board, jennie worely, james tracey, lee lovett, and tim paulson, and those who have come out in favorite of th-- favor of this amendment. and i also want to recognize the youth commission who has supported their positive recommendation for this charter amendment, as well. colleagues i'm happy to take any questions if you have any on the charter amendment, and i know that many members of the public would like to speak, as well. >> supervisor safai:
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supervisor yee? thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor yee: thank you, chair safai. >> supervisor safai: i wasn't going to tell you. i was waiting for you. >> supervisor yee: i know. i was going to say chair ahsha, but i know that was wrong. supervisor kim, thank you for bringing this ordinance or charter amendment to us. and as you know, i was a former student at city college, and benefited deeply with the free tuition when i was going there in the -- and i understand the value of this. and after going through the numbers that supported the ask, i see that it makes sense what you're doing, so one -- the question i have for you, is there any reason why we wouldn't want to do this extended from ten years to 20
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years? ja>> supervisor kim: i think u just made members of the public very excited, supervisor yee. if it's the will of the committee to make it 20 years, that's fine with me. i had originally set it for ten years to ensure that we will hold members of the committee accountable, and ensure the funding. i do really strongly believe in free city college, and of course, if that is the will of the committee, we are happy to accept that amendment. and by the way, you know, i don't want to speak too much
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about it, but the city has gotten some good news in terms of its budget even in this fiscal climate. i think how we address one of the largest issues in our city which is the faster growing income gap between the rich and the poor in the nation according to the brookings institute, funding education has always been the solution to addressing this growing income gap and helping to lift those in our low and lower middle-income brackets. city college has been shown through many studies as being an institution that does lift people into the middle class, and we have seen that historically but also on studies that have been done on city college in san francisco. the average job available to a city college graduate in san francisco is roughly $9,000 more than for the same individual with just a high school diploma. so it's important for us to fund things like housing and good jobs, but it is just as
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important to fund education to ensure that we are giving all of our residents a fighting chance of surviving here in the city and surviving well. >> supervisor yee: i'm happy that you're open to the suggestion. i would go further, but i think 20 years would be great. you know, the funding's there. that's not going to go away. the need is there. that's not going to go away, and i just feel that the statement you're making supporting city college is really, really large and huge, and i just want you to be able to make it even larger. and maybe what we could build in is at the ten-year point have a thorough sort of analysis to make sure everything's functioning the way we want it to function, and everything else in this legislation makes sense.
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you built in issues of whether we go through a recession, what's going to happen and so forth. so i feel the way you've written this ordinance is very responsible. so i want to ask the deputy city attorney, mr. givner, if we were to amend this to 20 years -- from ten to 20 years, would that necessitate any -- any prolonged period to -- to pass this legislation? >> mr. givner: deputy city attorney jon givner. any amendment you make today will trigger a continuance in this committee to another committee hearing. you could make an amendment extending the set aside to the 2040-41 fiscal year. the -- the other proposal you have to add in an additional
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review in 2030, we haven't yet drafted. we could draft it for the next committee hearing, but with charter amendments, we want you to be voting on something that's written in front of you because they're so difficult to change, so i wouldn't want to come up with that on the fly. >> supervisor yee: that would be my -- i would love to see a 20-year period and have a ten-year evaluation, but that's going to cause a delay in passing this out of committee. i don't know if supervisor kim, if you would have any objections to that? >> supervisor kim: no. so i am making two amendments to the charter today, so i'm expecting a special committee meeting on monday. if the committee so chooses to make that amendment, we can make that. just so you know on page 5, lines 3 and 4, the charter
5:41 am
amendment already requires that in fiscal year 2027-28, the controller shall produce and file with the board of supervisors a report on the fund. and so that happens a little bit before the ten-year mark, assuming this would have funds set in the ten years, so we can keep that report in place as a midway point and still expand the set-aside to 20 years. but after public comment, i will be making two amendments to this charter amendment. i have shared that language with each of the supervisors here today. one of it is more of a technical change. we had highlighted on page 4 that students who are eligible for what was previously known as the boggs waiver and is now
5:42 am
known as the california college grant, to ensure that if the scholarship name changes, that it would be clear what the charter amendment would still be covering. and then, we are changing the stipend amount for part-time students from 200 to up to 250 to create more equitiable and proportional treatment for part-time students. so i will be making two amendments. if the committee should so choose to make a third amendment, it would not delay this charter amendment any more than the current timeline. supervisor yee, i do appreciate your very strong support of this program. >> supervisor safai: any other comments before we open it up for public comment? i'll save all my questions and comments for the end. seeing none, why don't we just go ahead and open it up for public comment. those who wish to comment on this item, you can please standup.
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i'm going to limit public comment to one minute, please. please come forward. so first person, please step up. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you for having us. i'm jennie wheorely, and i represent the city college of san francisco. we are here to support this charter amendment of free city college. i want to just give you a little bit of history. in november 2016, we'll all remember that some bad things happened in that november , but one really good thing that happened was that prop w was passed by 62% of san
5:44 am
francisco's voters, and it was a luxury real estate tax taken to fund the free city program, making city college free for all city residents of san francisco. it has since been a wildly successful program, allowing thousands of new students to attend city college. some of those students are here behind me today. >> supervisor safai: thank you. yes. thank you. next speaker. >> one minute or two minutes? so good afternoon supervisors yee, stefani, safai, and kim. i'm a member of the city college board of trustees, and i'm here to speak in support of our amendments. i want to thank everyone in all their work on free city and also my colleagues on the board for making this a reality.
5:45 am
this program is really about creating a pathway to opportunity for all san franciscans to pursue their dreams and their goals of furthering their education. i'm in support of this program and this amendment, and it has been a great success, and our college has worked extremely hard to make sure that we're doing everything possible to ensure that students graduate on time and free city is really part of that, so please pass this amendment and thank you so much for your time. >> hi. my name's tatiana boyko. i am here for city college go free because it helps me to find employment and opportunities. thank you.
5:46 am
[applause] >> my name is julian. one of my sons goes to city college now, and another son worked there at students supporting students, and i was on the education and action board. as many of you have heard me say, city college is a most important working-class institution in san francisco. with the hardships san francisco families are going through, be it housing or health care premiums and more, we need to support working families and their youth, our youth, to give them hope for a good future which free city college will. please support working families and extend free city college. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: just before the next speaker, i just want to remind people, if you want to show support, please put your hands like that. we don't allow clapping in the chamber. please proceed. >> okay.
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my name is alex. it says we believe in free city because city college is fun. our judy goodman, she's the best teacher in the world, and i'd like to say maya scott, you know her, maya scott, she's the teacher. she's from the city college. i do. i like city college a lot. i like it. no, i think that's it. take care. love you. yeah, love you, too. bye. >> good morning, supervisors, and welcome, supervisor stefani. my name is sue ann linder, and i'm a professor in social science. i first came to city college in 1977, and i came back as an older adult to transition from nursing to teaching history. i'm devoted to student success.
5:48 am
recently, the new york state legislature passed a bill for $7.5 billion to implement free state and city schools. we don't have that option because of prop 13. we must do a set-aside here, and this is not a set aside, it's a payment forward for real student and adult success in san francisco and huge social and economic impact. thank you so much for your time. >> hi. monica collins. i did work at city college for a long time. i went there before university and i went there after trade school and took five foreign languages. it's great. supervisors, you are planting seeds that will grow into beautiful flowers. this is a conservative argument. these desperate students that used to come to financial aid, they run up to me on the street. they're not on welfare now,
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they are happy taxpayers, and this will pay for itself. i thought it was ten fold, beto o'rourke says nine fold, so close enough. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is kim killikelly. i'm here to support sending this charter amendment to the -- out of committee today. the vote is overwhelmingly supported prop w and the creation of free city in 2016, and this charter amendment will make that voters' choice a reality for years to come. community college used to be free for a long -- up until 1983, and in many parts of the country, tuition was also free. we in san francisco are in the forefront of social change, and continuing this tradition by moving this charter amendment
5:50 am
forward is the way that we need to go. and i also want to have a special thanks for supervisor kim for working with a.f.t. 2121 on helping create this incredible, successful program. thank you. >> my name is harry bernstein. i'm a faculty member at city college. i want to endorse mr. yee's proposal and say that funding this free city college program for 20 years will ensure the college's support in sentinary in 2035. so free city has been a very successful program, as people have said. a majority of my students who are residents are availing themselves already of this opportunity. today's amendment expands free city from a two-year program subject to review and renewal to one that will be available starting in 2020 for even ten
5:51 am
or 20 -- either ten or 20 years. it will also show your support for free college programs, which is sweeping the country and be a wonderful model for here, especially in a time of tremendous student debt. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is brendan, and i am from the arc. just want to say it's good to be in city college because it helps to keep my spirits up and my skills to build on my support, so yeah. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name's thomas --
5:52 am
supervisor -- good afternoon, supervisors. my name is thomas. i went to city college nine years. i learned to do computer, typing, do games -- play games, math games and word search. yeah. >> i'm paul polizano. i'm from the arc of san francisco. i support city college because i like it. thank you very much. >> hello, supervisors. my name is kylie huffman. i'm president of the charter
5:53 am
youth commission. since june 2016 with supervisor kim's ground breaking resolution to intend to provide funding for city college on november 19, the youth commission voted unanimously to support a proposed charter amendment to establish the free city charter college fund. the youth commission urges the board of supervisors to support this amendment. thank you. [please stand by]
5:54 am
>> thank you, supervisors. i am from local 29. my union supporters keeping city
5:55 am
college free. we represent nonprofit, university and clerical workers in san francisco. at the university of san francisco, tuition omission is one of the benefits and our union contract pick one of my shop stewards was made to learn that he did not have the prerequisites to enrolled and the bachelor degree program. free city college has allowed him to enrolled in the classes he needs to transfer to usf i get his bachelor touch a degree. to date, our members have benefited from free city college college by taking english and spanish language classes, working towards their drug and alcohol councillor certificate, be a just be a prerequisites, mental health worker and entry-level computer skills classes. we strongly feel that city college should be free and is essential to the survival of working people in san francisco. thank you. >> hello, supervisors. i am a student at city college.
5:56 am
city college has definitely been transformational. that we books written on how innovative and how expiring the folks are that teach their, and the students as well. i want to emphasize who, when we talk about the free city should be accessible to all san franciscans, i wanted to highlight a population who will be left out. there is a large percentage of undocumented folks that reside in the city but can't go to city college. i would like to see an amendment that allows folks who have to pay out of state you don't have access to a state scholarship to be able to tap into these funds as well, knowing they are the most exploitive population in this city. as well as high school graduates from sfusd. i would like to see a guarantee that all of them would have access to the many. and realizing there is a large part-time work force in the city that have been priced out of living and residing in san francisco. how can we help them also.
5:57 am
>> hello. my name is todd. i'm here today to speak out in support of the amendment, especially regarding a dedicated funding source for city college. unfortunately mayor lee refused to fund year-round city college and redirected some of those monies back into other purposes. so ice strongly support the 20 year plan and a dedicated year-round funding source for city college. thank you. >> jessica, esl instructor at city college of san francisco. i work with immigrant students. many of them work to and even three jobs in order to support their education. precity will allow joe shed has already allowed so many students to either work just one job or may be even focused solely on their education so they can reach their educational goals sooner. i stand in support.
5:58 am
thank you so much for all you've done. >> hello. i am an alumni and i want to speak up today because i want to make sure that the board is aware that the reason why we're here today is also because there was not funding originally in the original proposition that went forth for summer tuition to be -- they are seeing an uptick in envelopment --dash enrolment that can be directly impacted. the changes are having a real impact across the nation. states like louisiana are seeing a 47% increase in enrolment for summer term. similar trends are reported across the nation and as well in our cfu system. with that increase of attendance , i would like to see that there be some kind of measure within the proposition, not just saying the 15 million but something that will give people the confidence that their tuition will be covered throughout the summer and if enrolment goes up, there will be some sort of measure that will
5:59 am
cover those tuitions as well and we are not back here in another two years asking for money. >> hello. my name is marcus. i am a student benefiting from free city. the program has been a success. my community are people in san francisco and we see this program as an opportunity to stay in the city and pursue careers and interests that they may have. it gives me the freedom to educate myself without putting my financial status in jeopardy. i would love to see this program continue. i appreciate supervisor he before putting 20 years on this. i want to echo what some people have said about undocumented people in the city and to make sure that we have enough money when enrolment increases because of this program. thank you. >> hello. my name is micah.
6:00 am
i am a city college student born and raised in the city and i am studying women's studies. i want to say that this strengthens our communities. many people, classmates, friends , wouldn't be able to attend if free city wasn't here. it is important to keep education accessible in this society where they are -- education is often for profit. it doesn't really seem like too much to ask for object of education not to bankrupt students. so let's move this further.


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