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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 2, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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things besides just about the workplace and the upward mobility of our block employees. i think that we need to really look at san francisco as a city and we are truly an inclusive city. it means that we will see black people in all parts of our lives when i go to restaurants, i look and i notice. when i'm on the bus, i look and i notice. when they are not part of your everyday life and friends or people that we have close relationships with or people that we love in our lives that are black, i think that what we are missing out on is such a rich experience. but also the opportunity to actually have a workplace where people know people charge as individuals. and in this country, where the rhetoric is so racist, and the media is so racist and our number 45 is so racist, i think that it only ads to our
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challenge to tackle this problem again, i want to say we need an actual office that compiles this data and analyse as it and gives us the recommendations and helps us analyse our own policies that we are forming as a legislative body, and whether or not this ads to the outmigration of black folks, or does it help to heal us? thanks. >> thank you supervisor fewer. supervisor mandelman? thank you president cohen for having us do this hearing today. hearing the testimony, i was reminded of a young man who reached out to me shortly after my election in june. he is probably twice a start of his career with the city. he is in his twenties. he is a young white man but he reached out to me because he had heard so many stories from coworkers, african americans african-americans in particular, about the city and county of san
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francisco not -- about the city and county of san francisco being an inhospitable place for african-american people to work. i was troubled by that. i remain troubled by that. it was surprising, but i guess it was also not surprising because i think we are all painfully aware of the tremendous inequalities in this city. and painfully aware that that inequality is particularly acute as it affects african-americans. so i think, obviously we need to try harder. i am grateful to supervisor fewer for an actual proposal. i am looking forward to working with the local 21 and the other unions that represent the city
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employees, as well as the mayor and my colleagues on the board to try and get us to a place. thank you. >> thank you. are there any other discussions? okay. we will keep moving forward. madame clerk, we have heard this item. it has been filed. i think we will return to item 14. >> just for the record, you will reconvene as the board of supervisors? >> yes. >> we will return to item 14. we will take action on item 14, 16, 17, and 18. i don't know if there's any last-minute remarks, but i think we are ready to make a motion and put these items to bed. >> thank you so much. i am glad that we have clarified the process. i would like to take a vote on items 14 through 18 with item 15 as amended.
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>> thank you very much. supervisor kim has made a motion is there a second? supervised -- seconded by supervisor fewer. can we take this without objection? unanimously. thank you. item is passed. >> just for the record, item 15 was reverted back to a first reading as amended. >> that is correct. >> okay. >> so, madame clerk, what is next on the agenda? >> item 19. >> item 19. yes. could you please call item 19? >> item 19 is a resolution to retroactively approve a modification to this super bay hangar lease between american airlines and the city to extend the term by four years and eight months from november 1st, 2018 through june 30th 2023 to increase the initial base rent to approximately 6 million with rent increases adjusted annually
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by the consumer price index and to reduce the premises by recapture of land and plot 40 at the san francisco international airport. >> thank you. supervisor kim, is your name on for item 19? okay great spear colleagues, can we take this same house same call without objection? this resolution is adopted. madame clerk, please call the next item. >> item 20 is a resolution to approve a modification of the professional services agreement for an airport contract, the escalator and electric walk maintenance service between the elevator corporation in the city to increase the contract term by six months from january 1st 2019 through june 30th, 2019 and to increase the contract amount by $2.5 million for a new not to exceed $19.5 million contract. >> can we take the same house and call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. item 21, please. >> it is a resolution to approve the issuance of tax-exempt
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obligations by the california statewide community development authority in an amount not to exceed $100 million to finance student housing facilities to be owned and/or operated by n.c.c. cooper street l.l.c., or an affiliate to benefit the california college of the arts. >> same house, same call quote without objection. this resolution is adopted. next item. >> item 22 is a resolution to retroactively authorize the department authorize the department of public health to accept and expend any hundred thousand dollars grant from the substance abuse and mental health services for a comprehensive early intervention services program for youth and youth adult clinical high risk for a 20 year budget period of september 30th, 2018 through september 29th 2020. >> same house, same call? excellent. without objection. this resolution is adopted. >> item 23 is a resolution to authorize the issuance, sale and delivery of multifamily housing,
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revenue bonds of 50.6 million to finance the construction of a 127 unit multifamily rental housing project known -- on 2060 folsom street. >> same house, same call? this resolution is adopted. could you please call us item 24 and 25 together. >> we have two auto resolutions that retroactively approve two grants for item 24, a second amendment to the agreement between the city and community housing partnership for navigation center operations and services. the grants term is extended by three years through december 31 st, 2021 for $11 million for a grant amount of approximately $21.7 million and for item 25, a retroactive approval. the first and second amendments to the grant agreement between the city and episcopal community services for a lease for supportive housing, property management and services. we are extending the term for 20 years to 2020 and to increase a
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grant amount by approximately $14 million for $40.3 million. >> r.h. thank you. can we take these items same house same call? excellent. without objection, these resolutions are adopted. next item. >> it is a resolution to approve the issuance of revenue bonds or a loan by the california municipal finance authority for $21 million to refinance a portion of certain outstanding debt obligations that originally finance and refinance the acquisition of 1453 mission street within the city. >> thank you. same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. next item. >> item 27 is an authorization to offer as a general manager of the public utilities commission to enter --dash enter into a republic -- revocable license with this license with jared sullivan for new streetlight facilities on the parcel block number 2916, lot number 15, and in rock columns and rockaway avenue and laguna honda boulevard with no license fee.
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>> can we take the same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. twenty-eight. >> item 28 is a resolution to determine the promised apprentice transfer of a type 48 on sale general public premises liquor license to angry officer inc. during businesses tonic located at 895 co. street will serve the public convenience. >> and we take this item same house, same call? without objection, this is adopted. next item. >> supervisor kim is up for roll call for introductions. >> thank you. >> thank you. earlier today, we heard from mayor breeden and president cohen about the 40th anniversary of the assassinations, and i'm hoping we will be able to make it to castro and market for the annual vigil. i did just want to say a couple of words about these two extraordinary men, george ms. miss goñi and harvey milk. san francisco had a leader who
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believed in giving voices to our neighborhoods and empowering the neighbors of the neighborhoods. women, labor, and in the lgbtq community. communities had been historically excluded by power and gave us a seat at the table. in 1977, harvey milk became the first lgbt person elected in california and one of us in the handful of it the entire country as i mentioned earlier today at the event we had over on the mayor touch a balcony, milk said his election created two -- opportunities for folks across the country living in homophobic places. they could either move to san francisco, or they could stay where they were and fight. and of course, they have done both. i think, i want to acknowledge the 150 out lgbtq people who are elected across the country just a couple of weeks ago two positions ranging from school board, to governor, to united states senator.
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it is a tremendous honor for me to serve in this seat that was harvey milk's, and as senator weiner commented today, milk recognized it was important to have good allies but also important to have good queer people in office. we have, thanks to his trailblazing path, we have folks like harry britt, and others who have all followed on this board. i want to acknowledge them, and of course, milk and ms. miss goñi. earlier today during the mayoral question time, i asked the mayor about the neighborhood impacts arising from our city's de facto practice of children hundreds of in house individuals. many of whom are suffering from mental health and substance disorders and outdoor public
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spaces in district eight. today, i am calling for a hearing on what appears to be the city's de facto policy of sheltering thousands of homeless people in residential neighborhoods city wide. i want to recognize the tremendous work being done to manage homelessness in our city. without a network of service providers and programs, we are focused on homelessness and our heroic efforts by police, firefighters and emts and amazing stuff in our public health and public works departments, and indeed our entire city bureaucracy, not to mention the compassionate advocates and neighbors who deal with the impacts of the crisis firsthand every day. conditions on our streets would undoubtedly be of much worse. despite all their efforts, the
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status quo remain stubbornly unacceptable. since august, i have been convening monthly meetings between the leadership, city departments tasked with addressing homelessness and neighborhood leaders from the most impacted parts of my district. the result of these meetings has been what i believe to be genuinely increased efforts by d.p.w., d.b.h., sfpd, the department of homelessness and supportive housing, and others to resolve the encampment situation around the park and to identify and address the needs of those in need of health treatments in the castro. i've seen the efforts first-hand myself. i have seen d.p.w. come out and clean up after a night touch up mess and dolores park. i have seen sfpd start new foot patrols in partnership with the homeless outreach -- outreach team and i have seen d.b.h. at the castro safeway parking lots that resulted in 12 navigational center placements. yet despite the use and too many other worthy efforts to describe , my constituent's e-mail call my office daily to tell me that things are as bad and in many cases, worse than ever. i do not believe they are wrong. we are responding to the symptoms, but we struggle to find an effective response to the underlying disease. given all the work that has occurred in my district and in the city over these last months and years and the seeming lack of differences it is making on
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our streets, or at least streets in district eight, and in some of the other neighborhoods presented on this board, i am left to ask why the disconnect? nearly everyone in san francisco has an opinion about what's wrong. some folks will tell you and i agree with this that we are not investing enough in permanent supportive housing. others will tell you and i agree with this as well, we need to direct far more resources into drug treatment. it is time to make good on san francisco's decadal pledge to provide treatment on demand. some folks will tell you the problem is our city is unwilling to enforce laws. a beat officer may tell a horror story about an individual only to have the case dropped by the district attorney. a d.a. may explain the challenges involved in securing the infrastructure from a san francisco jury or an appropriate sentence from a judge. some will tell you that the problem is that our laws are designed to protect vulnerable people from being inappropriately stripped of their liberty prevent us from intervening in the lives of those who cannot care for
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themselves. we have plenty of anecdotes and armchair analysis. but what we need is a strategy, an overall plan to dramatically and measurably reduce the number of people sheltering in our neighborhoods and to get the sickest and most vulnerable and most challenging street folks into care. whether or not they are able to recognize they need it. five months into this job, i do not doubt the will of the city to solve these problems, i believe that our mayor knows we must and we have a wealth of talent and resources deployed towards a solution. but having studied the program diligently and working on it with my staff every single day since i took office, i also remain unclear on what exactly we need to change to make progress that san franciscans can see, feel, and lift their progress that will and the international reputation as an urban dystopia. it will keep us from giving up on san francisco peer progress that will show the rest of the country how to effectively address one of our greatest urban challenges and national change of our time. as a city's first line of
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response for our neighbors and small businesses, as a legislative body tasked with approving the budget and as the local leaders best situated to lobby for necessary changes at the regional state and national levels, we need answers on what we can and need to do to end this unspoken policy of our city to use our neighborhoods as shelters and open air mental institutions. colleagues, i hope to use his hearing to find solutions we can work on together. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor peskin? >> thank you. most of my legislation i will submit. i would like to introduce the request of the city attorney's office to revisit the policy on the acceptance of gifts in exchange for naming rights and specifically to outline the procedure as to how we would go about removing the zuckerberg name from the san francisco general hospital. over the past couple of weeks, 80 outlets have reported on the latest in a string of scandalous
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issues confronting facebook and its leadership. the most recent one being facebook's hiring of a notorious p.r. firm to spread malicious and frankly anti- somatic attacks against george soros, which is directly from the playbook of the toxic right wing conspiracy theory groups, many of which, ironically flourish on the facebook form. this latest revelation follows the cambridge scandal earlier this year when it was revealed that private information was being used to fundamentally undermine our system of democracy. that scandal was the impetus behind the privacy first policy which was put on the ballot unanimously by this board and was passed by the voters overwhelmingly on november 6th it follows a report in the new york times from earlier this year that facebook itself was tinkering with users' emotions in their own bizarre feed
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experiment which spawned protest by workers at san francisco general hospital. it cannot be considered normal for corporations to hire political consultancy firms to perform opposition research on their critics. it is not normal for private entities to use that information to spread, and in this case, anti- somatic conspiracy theories on platforms that they control. it is not normal for mark zuckerberg and sheryl sandberg to refuse to accept responsibility and to publicly distance themselves from acts that they have personally instigated. in fact, i think it is abhorrent you cannot be normal for the city to put a price tag on the branding of institutions and spaces that fundamentally belong to the citizens of this city. as a matter of fact, while he and his partner dips into $75 million in exchange for these naming rights, it was the people of the city and county of san francisco that funded more than ten times that amount to be
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at a 900 million-dollar bond in 2008 that was supported by virtually every institution in the city. the republican party of san francisco, the democratic party of san francisco, to rebuild to the acute care hospital and trauma centre at san francisco general. this also gets to a larger issue about the true cost of corporate charity. and what message does it send when we are willing to grant our public facilities in exchange for a one-time donation while the entities behind those donations turn around and oppose even the most modest taxes which when allocated to our fund, give the citizens of san francisco and to this board the oversight on how those funds are spent? i really want the city to reassess the value of giving up these naming rights, and the message distends relative to our role as stewards of the public trust. more than naming rights, this is about the integrity of institutions and spaces that are overwhelmingly funded by public
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money and taxpayer dollars. i want to thank city attorney dennis herrera for his commitment to helping us remove the name zuckerberg from that san francisco institution. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor ronen? >> while. i like that. that was impressive. i was just looking around at all my colleagues' faces and there were a lot of smiles. a very interesting, mr peskin, we see what happens when you go to cuba. colleagues, a couple things. first, i was thinking of introducing a resolution, but really, what is the point? we have introduce only resolutions that just get ignored. so i will just simply say that the right to seek asylum in another country is a cherished right that is respected by
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nations, the world over. it is meant to provide safety when people are fleeing violence and persecution and harm. it is something that was in place that would have protected my family when they were seeking protection from concentration camps in europe. and it should be a rights that we continue to cherish and holds dear and protect here in our country. the fact that we are instead tear gassing mothers and children fleeing violence on our border is discussing, and i could not let today's meeting and without saying something about it. secondly, i am introducing today an unofficial request to our budget and legislative analyst to collect data related to what we all experienced the last
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couple of weeks with the crisis of our air quality. i want to start out by saying that i think this new environmental crisis is a new one. i don't think that any of us could have anticipated what we, as a city had to deal with on such an emergency level. and i think we did a pretty good job as a city as evidenced by the fact that the hospital visits and e.m.s. calls for emergency services were not any higher than they normally are. that is pretty extraordinary given the fact that we were breathing for two weeks hazardous air, and at one point, incredibly unhealthy air. however. because this is now a crisis that we have had to deal with a couple of times, and it looks like it very horribly might be something we might have to deal with in the future, i think we need to look at and examine what
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we dealt with over the past few weeks and see what we can be better prepared for next time around. hopefully there won't be a next time. but like earthquakes and flooding, we have to be prepared for the worst. i want to make sure that we do that. we have to understand that this was the most significant public safety emergency that we have had in san francisco since the earthquake. while it was the deadliest wildfire in california's history that devastated the county, the local air quality registered unhealthy to dangerous levels of particle pollution for more than ten days. children, elderly and the sick were particularly at risk, as were thousands of adults who remained exposed through work or everyday activities. i don't know if or when we will fully understand the cumulative effects of the day after day, after day, after day of bad air. the public schools remained open during the orange and right just read period, with direction to
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keep windows closed for the level of protection this offers an older building with leaky windows and no ventilation is unclear. on november 16th when the particle concentration reached the unimaginable level of purple , unhealthy for everybody. schools were closed and students were directed to stay at home. more than 18% of the school students and 21% of high school students already have asthma. there is no way to guess whether or not the air quality in their homes where they were told to seek shelter were safe that day. this was a test of our emergency systems that we rely on to help us in the face of natural and climate change caused disasters. whether or not this is, as governor brown was quoted as saying, the new abnormal, we can expect san francisco will experience a repeat of this high exposure to dangerous smoke from wildfires. we owe it to residents and two children and to our elders to be ready.
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the request that i am submitting to the b.l.a. is to gather information so we can potentially pass legislation requiring us to be better prepared to. first, i am requesting that the cause -- they cost out the per unit cost of m. 95 respirator masks to fit adults and children , and the aggregate cost to purchase two of these masks for every child enrolled in san francisco unified school district school districts. myself and my friends, you couldn't get a kid's mask anywhere except for online, and it took several days to receive those in the mail. they were not available hardly anywhere in san francisco. the adult masks were more available. it took me an entire day hustling everyone i knew to get 700 masks for the striking workers at the hotel sue had been outside for ten days. if it took elected officials who
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actually serve on the air quality management district an entire day to hustle 700 masks, 12,000 workers were on strike 24 hours a day, that said something about how unprepared we were for the people that didn't have the luxury to stay home and indoors. i also want to find out what the per unit in aggregate cost is to provide portable hepa air filtration units for every classroom in sfusd. what i have found out through conversations with parents with kids with asthma and heart conditions is that when they were lucky enough to get the last air filter, this was a friend from bed bath & beyond that cost $500 and was lucky enough to put a $500 charge on the credit card, and took it home and put it on. the inside level in their home where all windows and doors have been close to the entire two weeks was over 250 particles.
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very similar to what the air quality was outside. my husband kind of created a makeshift air filter with a fan, and one of those heat filters. in four days, it was completely black inside of our home despite the fact we kept all windows and doors closed. if we are really not keeping people safe inside, then maybe we should at least have our kids protected during the school day in their classrooms by having these filters available, a so we don't have to cancel school last minute and parents hustling to find childcare or take off work, but be, because we don't know the air quality is any better in their homes than it is at their school. lets provide all our children a break while they are in their classrooms to breathe clean air if that is the least that we can do. i also want a current inventory of the hvac air filtration
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system in sfusd schools and city recreation centres. and an estimated cost to install those and larger spaces at each of those facilities. as we have facility bonds that come through in our public school system, and in the public buildings, it looks like we need to make sure that when those new renovations happen, we have cutting edge air filtration systems. it is looking like we might need those in the future more than we've expected to need those in the past. let's start that planning now as we go forward. finally, a study of best practices for using publicly accessible buildings, schools, recreation centers, libraries and more, to provide safe respite spaces. this information was available to the public. we can learn better practices to get that information out. i also want to mention that i know there is some controversy
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over training people when and how to use the respirator masks. i think that we need to have a harm reduction approach and that we need to have a robust education campaign and just realize that is much we tell people to shelter in place, it is not the reality. when i went to deliver the 700 masks to the strikers on the purple air date, when it was unhealthy for everyone to breathe outside, there were -- the streets looks the same as any other commute today. they were not people that were staying home. i would say one out of every ten person had a mask on. it was very worrisome. so these are the first steps to building a more comprehensive response air quality emergencies i look forward to working with my colleagues and with mayor breed to ensure san francisco is ready to keep our people safe and to use my rule as one of the city's representatives, along
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with supervisor mandelman, to improve the district's role in protecting the health of our communities. finally, i did put out a statement, and i am looking forward to working, especially with supervisor peskin, we have been whispering back and forth on perhaps looking into what would it take to take over the transmission systems, the grid, to provide electricity to our customers here in san francisco. every day i am reading the newspaper is where it looks more and more possible that pg and e.r. in real trouble and they may cease to his exist as a corporation. and then the troubling allegations about its behavior. whether that at times they have reached criminal levels and we don't know what their role was in the last fire. it is not looking good from
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reading the paper each day. so it is time for us to take our clean power s.f. system to the next level. it is time to not only be the provider of clean and in many cases, 100% renewable energy, on another note, sign up for super green system. but that we need to cut our reliance on pg nt and deliver that energy directly to households in san francisco. if we have that energy transmission independence, then, you know, we can control a little bit some of the reasons why we are having these devastating fires all throughout california that are creating health crises in our communities so i look forward to working with the budget and legislative analyst to get this data and to having a conversation at the board about what would it take
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and what will it cost to be better prepared next time and hopefully we won't ever have to use these masks and these filtration systems. but unfortunately, i don't think we have the luxury anymore of not being prepared if we need them. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor kuala. >> sorry. yes. thank you. i am introducing legislation today that will put the city and county of san francisco in compliance with existing state law by allowing for the addition of an accessory dwelling unit or a dus and the construction of new single-family homes are multifamily buildings. this is currently the law. we need enabling legislation here at the local level to allow for this to move forward. the legislation also clarifies the existing ministerial process and fairness of those seeking to want to comply with the law. this is how the law is intended
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to be reworked with the city attorney on this. i look forward to the conversations that we will have around this matter. you all care about addressing the housing and affordability crisis and its great follow-up to the civil grand jury discussion around a dus. thank you for everyone's attention. the rest i submit. >> thank you. supervisor stefani class. >> thank you. colleagues, i'm introducing an ordinance that would resend the police department taught authority to be a member of the nra to collect tournament fees on behalf of the nra in connection with holding firearms tournaments. they have become a toxic and dangerous organization while the vast majority of american support commonsense measures to improve gun safety, they spend millions of dollars to protect the gun industry rather than american lives. following the shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school and parkland -- in florida, they attack survivors, push back against gun reforms and argued for putting more guns in schools. the nra has demonstrated it has no interest in the safety of our
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people. some may say the existing code is antiquated, and sfpd has not been a member of the nra for years. but we must still remove this section of the code, because words matter. words tell us what we value. they tell us what we fight for in our society. san francisco, and to this board values the lives of our residents and fights to protect us from gun violence. we do not support or value the nra. supervisor though supervisors introduced similar legislation in 2013 with support but it was never scheduled in committee. chief scott supports this legislation and i hope to have your support as well. i would also like to close today 's meeting in memory of all the victims who perished in the devastating fires that have occurred across our northern and southern parts of our state this last month. the camp fire sparked on november 8th, 2018, and according to the california fire , it consumed over 153,000 acres.
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the most recent figures from california fire show the fire has left 88 people dead, 249 people injured, and 203 individual still unaccounted for near los angeles, the wolsey fire consumed more than 96,000 acres and left three people dead. in combination with a hellfire, hundreds more are left without their homes, belongings and loved ones including pets or livestock lost to the disaster. i commend all of the firefighters, many of whom would travel to the areas from towns and cities hundreds of miles away, including our san francisco fire department officials. the three major fires mentioned are now 100% contained. in response to this disaster and too many concerns raised about potential fires in the presidio, i am convening an intricate -- informational neighborhood and coalition meeting in partnership with the san francisco fire department and our partners at the presidio trust to discuss how prepared we are and whether there are any risks we need to be aware of. more information about this meeting will be organized and
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released in the coming weeks. the fires have left hundreds of people and whole communities displaced. it is absolutely devastating to think about how much our fellow californians have lost, especially leading up to the holiday season. they remain in my heart and prayers. there are so many ways to help them. there are ways to get connected to families and connected to one's -- they have no school. they have no possessions. they have no insurance. and it is all we can do to help them in any way we can. i would love to adjourn the meeting today in memory of all the victims of the fires in our state. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor tang? >> submit. >> supervisor yee kuala. >> submit. supervisor brown? >> thank you. today, i have an authorization authorizing oewd to retroactively accept and expand a grant in the amount of 203,917
10:37 pm
and 50 cents for the humboldt state university program foundation to expand the capacity of the san francisco small divisive -- business development centre for the period of october first, 2018, to september 30th, 2019. this grant will expand oewd charge's small business development centre services to serve a greater number of businesses, dive in deeper with clients to assess the business development and business operation needs, adding from front new opportunities were previously unable for them to do due to limited funding such as online training. the grant award will give them more flexibility, because it is not going to have access to capital services. they will have greater ability roll over the funding into future years if appropriate. these services are free and low cost for small businesses in san francisco. and my second item, i asked that
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we adjourn the meeting today in memory of the western addition and fillmore residents in san francisco who lost their lives in jonestown for two years ago. for two years ago, on november 18th, the jonestown tragedy left a deep wound in our community. the wound was deeply felt in district five for hundreds of residents of the fillmore western edition lost their life in the senseless tragedy. 900 people,, many women and children died in the jungles of guyana. today there are survivors living in district five. my heart goes out to each and every one of them. i'm inspired by their resiliency , and i commend them for their ability to stand strong, and continue to let the light shine on each and every one of them. today we memorialize the past and looking towards our collective future with hope. today we will recognize the heartbreaking path -- pass and
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tend to our wounds. we will also look to our families, our friends and our leaders, our youth, and say, never again. and the fillmore communities working on a permanent memorial in the fillmore that will be in the park where many of the family of the victims still live and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor brown. supervisor cohen? >> thank you. supervisor fewer? >> colleagues, today supervisor yee and i are calling for a hearing on the city's preparation and plan for the 2020 census. our census is a foundation for our democracy every ten years and is mandated by the united states constitution. to be counted is to have power and voice in our country. the census ensures representation for governments and all levels. it is used to draw congressional districts and local voting precincts. determines the level of state
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and federal funding to the city and provides the most reliable and complete data for research, decision making and policy planning in the private and public sector. we rely on the census to define who we are and how we can better care for our community. given our population growth since 2010 and the racist, sexist, and antiwrinkle immigrant rents from the white house, it is imperative our san francisco 2020 census count is accurate and gives voice to each of our residents. the u.s. census have a history of under counting certain populations. typically people of color and vulnerable residents. in 1970, over six% of blacks were uncounted, whereas only two % of whites went uncounted. and the last one in 2,010 did not count approximately 400,000 latino children and toddlers. as we head into the 2020 census, we are particularly concerned about the potential under counting of children between zero and five, immigrants,
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non-english speakers, people in multifamily housing, and nontraditional living arrangements. people experiencing homelessness , renters, and those who move often. residents in public housing. single parent households, and persons displaced by natural disasters. if you aren't counted, you want represented. incomplete data erases your presence. in addition to potential under counting, we are concerned by the weaponization of the census and how we can be used for nefarious political purposes. last spring, the white house on the department announced their interest and in including a question on citizenship the intentions of this are sinister and far-reaching. presently, there are multiple lawsuits pending, including california. citizens -- cities and organizations like the nw a. cp, and against inclusion. it is these issues in mind that i asked the office of civic engagement to take the lead in the hearing about the city's plan in preparation for the 2020
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census. the plan needs to include but not be limited to the following. community outreach and education in multiple languages, strategies to overcome barriers and being counted, coordination among city departments and collaboration with grassroots organizations and local foundations that are dedicating resources to census 2020. collaboration with local experts in research on best practices from other counties and a timeline of budget including expected state funding streams. we would like to invite other departments to work together on this hearing. these are departments which work with immigrants and vulnerable populations and include the department of homelessness in supportive housing for the housing authority at the department of children, youth and their families and the digital equity group at the department of technology. in addition, grassroots organizations and local experts will be invited. as the magazine reports, the
10:43 pm
census is a predictor and allocator of power. in times of social upheaval between political parties, white and nonwhite. urban and rural areas and the working class. the census can function almost like an umpire. the census records the facts of our people. the rest i submit. >> thank you. madam president, that concludes the introduction of new business >> that's great. okay. madam clerk back how about public comment? item 31. >> that sounds great. members of the public can discuss the mayor's appearance. item 32-34 on the adoption without reference to committee calendar, please, if you are pursuant to the board touch our rules, direct your comments to the board board as a whole. >> they turned off the lights to the s.f. viewer.
10:44 pm
>> would you like to use the projector? >> yeah,. it just cut off. >> sorry. >> oh, i did that? r.h. today's demonstration should further compel each and every one of you to agree with my demonstrations and i will speak up and advocate for very low and low income bracket people. you put black people in an income bracket people through your employment, discriminatory practices and tricky devices, any further compound the problem on each and every housing opportunity that comes out of the mayor's office on housing. for example, this new proposal that has just been agreed to, it was okayed by all of you on 8,000 apartment units. it will be in the mission bay area. but it will require the lowest income at 100% of the median of
10:45 pm
the income scale. that scale starts at $580,000 per year, what that means is everybody's income that is below the these two points of this area is not included in the housing opportunity. you do that all the time. that is called discrimination. all of you are so deeply involved in the your discrimination that you discriminate against people who is the same nationality, same skin color as yourself. and you have the audacity to talk about your equal opportunity housing organization board of supervisors. super, my ask. that is disgusting. the only way to take care of that is in front of a federal district court judge. the fact that the demonstrations of the income of black people who are in low and very low income brackets because of your, each and every one of your departments in the city
10:46 pm
discriminates against blacks further compounds this problem. and about us being called nigger and housing opportunities on the street, demonstrate how their office fails to file hate crimes and assaults against black people. it is bad enough doing it to me, but when you do to females, i get more upset. you need to check yourself. >> next speaker, please. >> i will be using the overhead. i am the executive director of library users association. i am very happy to hear two of the supervisors bringing up issues that we have expressed concerns about for some time. supervisor peskin and his concerns about advertising and naming opportunities. it is even more extreme at the library where we are permeated with advertising for the friends
10:47 pm
and we also have lots and lots of adds in our monthly newsletter at that the library puts out. get social. and there you have advertising for facebook. instagram, which it owns, and several others. this occurs three times in this publication, which is distributed at all the libraries with inappropriate advertising, i might say. with respect to the bad air situation, thanks very much to supervisor hilary ronen. the library had some facilities which were good, and which were offered to the public extra hours at the main library in the basement on selected days. filtered air at four locations,
10:48 pm
and all of the locations were open for the regular hours and not shut when schools, colleges, and other institutions were the worst of the bad days. the publicity for this was atrocious. on the 13th, i learned from a local group that there were going to be facilities at the library. i asked that my branch -- they had no knowledge and no posting. i spoke with a public relations head. the department of emergency management did the publicity. we raised tail of the commission meeting and the next day, they started -- >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, madam clerk. good evening. ladies and gentlemen of the board, i am very concerned about
10:49 pm
the san francisco superior court implementation of welfare and institutions code 5328. that is the confidentiality provision. that provision states that services rendered under division five and a number of other divisions with the welfare and institutions code, whether voluntary or involuntary, shall be confidential. what that means is that people shall not get notice of the existence of responsive records, nor access to those records. unless they fall into one of a number of listed exceptions. one of the exceptions is the patient himself. the patient themselves can make a request and should get their own metal. corrected with that, there is the exception under a condition which is the mental health professional in charge of the patient has to concur with it. if they don't, the patient not
10:50 pm
only doesn't get their records, they don't get notice that they have a record. patient such as myself who is considered an international terrorist by the united states government and who is treated remotely cannot use the request to try and find out who is providing their treatment, who is responsible for it. what the court is doing is they are applying this to court records as well. you cannot look at any medical record -- mental health record down at the courthouse to the public access terminals. it not only blocks out the name and the case case number and the filing date, it blocks out the fact that it exists. you cannot get account. yet there are over 2,000 filings , initial filings of mental health cases which are mostly involuntary treatment cases at the courthouse every year. i am out of time. back to you. >> thank you. are there any other members of the public who would like to
10:51 pm
address the board board during general public comment? >> thank you very much. public comment is closed. [laughter] >> okay. okay. madam clerk. >> item 32 through 34. these items were introduced for adoption without reference to committee. unanimous vote is required for the resolutions on first read. you may sever an item and have it committed separately. >> anyone want to sever an item? good. all right. we can take these items, same house, same call. great. these resolutions and motions are adopted. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> in memoriam. >> in memoriam. >> the meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals. on behalf of supervisor stefani, for all the victims who perished in the november 2018 california fires, and on behalf of supervisor brown, for the
10:52 pm
victims of the jonestown massacre 40 years ago. that is at. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in their memory. >> thank you very much. before we go, i want to recognize that december 11th, the next mayoral appearance will be december 11th in district nine, ten and 11. we will need to submit their topics as soon as possible. madam clerk, that brings us to the end of our agenda. his or any other further business? >> that concludes our business for today. >> thank you very much. we are adjourned, friends. we are adjourned.
10:53 pm
>> in 201,755.7 million passengers traveled through san francisco international airport. we have on average 150,000 people traveling through the airport every day. flying can be stressful so we have introduced therapy dogs to make flying more enjoyable. the wag brigade is a partnership between the airport and the san francisco therapy animal assistant program to bring therapy animals into the airport, into the terminals to make passenger travel more enjoyable. i amgen fer casarian and i work
10:54 pm
here at san francisco international airport. the idea for therapy dogs got started the day after 9/11. an employee brought his therapy dog to work after 9/11 and he was able to see how his dog was able to relieve passenger's jitter. when we first launched the program back in 2013, our main goal was to destress our passengers however what we quickly found is that our animals were helping us find a way to connect with our pang. passengers. we find there are a lot of people traveling through the airport who are missing their pets and who are on their road a lot and can't have pets and we have come in contact with a lot of people recently who have lost pet. >> i love the wag brigade.
10:55 pm
>> one of my favorite parts is walking into the terminals and seeing everybody look up from their device, today everybody is interacting on their cell phone or laptop and we can walk into the terminal with a dog or a pig and people start to interact with each other again and it's on a different level. more of an emotional level. >> i just got off an 11.5 hour flight and nice to have this distraction in the middle of it. >> we look for wag brigade handlers who are comfortable in stressful situations. >> i like coming to airport it's a lot of fun and the people you talk to are generally people who are missing their dogs. >> they are required to compete
10:56 pm
a certification process. and they are also required to complete a k9 good citizen test and we look for animals who have experienced working with other orgorganizations such as hospits and pediatric units and we want to be sure that the animals we are bringing into the airport are good with children and also good with some of our senior travelers. i think toby really likes meeting kids. that is his favorite thing. he likes to have them pet him and come up to him and he really loves the kids. >> our wag brigade animals can be spotted wearing custom vets and they have custom patches. >> there is never a day that repeats itself and there is never and encounter that repeats itself. we get to do maximum good in a
10:57 pm
small stretch of time and i have met amazing people who have been thrilled to have the interaction. >> the dogs are here seven days a week, we have 20 dogs and they each come for a two hour shift. >> there is a lot of stress when people have traveling so to from these animals around to ease the stress and help people relax a little bit. i think it's great. >> one of our dogs has special need and that is tristine. he wears a wheel around. >> he has special shoes and a harness and we get it together in the parking lot and then we get on the air train. he loves it. little kids love him because he is a little lower to the ground
10:58 pm
so easy to reach and he has this big furry head they get to pet and he loves that. >> he doesn't seem to mind at all. probably one of the happiest dogs in the world. >> many people are nervous when they travel but seeing the dogs is just a wonderful relief. >> what i absolutely love most about it is the look on people's faces, so whenever they are stressed and flying is stressful these days you get these wonderful smile. >> i am the mom of lilo the pig and she is san francisco's first therapy pig. >> lilo joined the wag brigade as our firs first pig. >> wag brigade invited us to
10:59 pm
join the program here and we have done it about a year-and-a-half ago. our visits last 1.5 to 2 hours and it does take a little bit longer to get out of the terminal because we still get a lot of attention and a lot of people that want to interact with lilo. >> i feel honored to be part of the wag brigade. it's very special to meet so many people and make so many feel happy and people that work here. it's been a great experience for me and a great experience for to totoby. >> it's been an extremely successful program, so the next time you are here, stop by and say hi.
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