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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 3, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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are we going to have a chance to ask questions of anyone tomorrow at the full board? i am definitely supportive of free city college. [please stand by]
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>> we have the ability to make a motion to remove that language and to plant -- replace it with additional language. there is still significant time opportunity to have hearings, concerns or questions answered. >> thank you for that explanation. i just want -- you said it was your intention to send this to the full board as a committee report with positive recommendation. >> would you like to do it without kuala. >> i understand. >> my feeling is i have unanswered questions. it would be on responsible for me to say it is something i can do right now. >> i got it. >> not to say i will not support it. >> i got it. that is just for the record. that is a normal part of the process if there are questions still resolving and multiple opportunities, we can send it as a committee report and we can do it without recommendation. we can have further
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conversations at the full board. i do not have any objection to that. did you want to say anything? >> only to thank you for your willingness to talk to supervisor kim about this and work through this process. as you have described, it is also my understanding of supervisor kim's desire. thank you. >> okay. any members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. we will limit the comments today to one minutes because we have to end this committee in the next 20 minutes because there is a land use committee. we are moving as quickly as we can in this process. also, a lot of the questions were answered in optics and opportunity was given the other day. we will limit public comment to one minute. >> for speaker, please proceed. >> i am an instructor in social science. for many years, labour studies as well. i want to thank the committee for expediting this and for encouraging discussion on this
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really vital issue. i want to tell you that this amendment lifts all boats in san francisco. not only does it raise wages for many san franciscans who can better afford to live here, but it provides jobs for the next generation. so there is a lot at stake here. we have to do a set aside because of the fiscal situation of the state of california and prop 13. otherwise i would not be for a set-aside. but this is an imperative and emergency kind of situation where only we will be able to provide the money to free city college. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you character next speaker. >> thank you for your time. i am a strong believer in government funding investing in society, and that's what this does. this is investing in society and
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funding educational opportunities for san franciscans. it is super important for developing economic opportunity for people in this city. not just for people who have money, for buffer people who need to grow their life. this provides that opportunity. we should find it appropriately. thank you. >> good afternoon rules committee. first off, my name is brandon. i am representing the san francisco burning krantz for the local chapter of our resolution. we are very supportive of free college. we would love to see free state college one day, all public universities free, but we are excited you had the opportunity to extend free city college. we can say it was a very successful enrolment -- enrolment rate his have increased. people are getting an opportunity to achieve higher education and participate in the job market which is out of reach for many native san franciscans.
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supervisor stefani, we hope you have an opportunity to have your questions answered. we wanted to thank supervisor stuff i.e. -- safai for changing the vote. we will see you all tomorrow. >> hello, supervisors. i am with the california nurses association. i want to point out that one of our presidents graduated years ago from city college with her nursing degree. i graduated from u.c. santa barbara and i paid less than the students at city college did for a semester years ago. i paid to less. that is due to proposition 13. what i am here to say is that free city college has been successful and i trust that the leadership of this city will continue and this soaked our city will continue to lead in innovative ways like providing free city college to the residents of the city of san francisco. too many students, both in the
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u.c., cal state, at city college , are homeless because they cannot afford to pay rent and go to school. i encourage the board of supervisors to find a way to have set-asides and make sure that city college remains free for all in the city of san francisco. we can lead. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am a former city college students from 2011-2013. and it gave me the ability to complete my education in san francisco states. i have had multiple close friends go back to city college after dropping out because they couldn't afford to continue their education and free was the only price tag they could afford when you're trying to pay rent on a student budget in san francisco, with 100 or so dollars that city college has increased intuition can really make all the difference. this experience is not gestured by my friends but by thousands
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and thousands of san franciscans we have seen this with the increase at city college enrolment around 26%. i am urging you guys to continue funding college at $50 million a year for the next ten years or so because that opportunity that i had should be expanded to all the rest of san francisco students. thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello. i'm here to support free to seek -- city college. i wanted to share two stories of a couple of friends of mine. one friend is going to city college and went through a breakup this year. she had to move out of her apartment because her rent doubled to $1,200 from $650. around that life change, free city college is the only stable thing that she could count on and that was really important to her. another friend of mine, also working class, has a beat up car
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she was in a relationship. there was a fight one night to wear their relationship got a little violent and she tried to leave but her car wouldn't start as soon as she got out, she took a mechanic's class at free city college. this isn't just a pointed policy or an ideology. this free city college is a way that we survive in this city. it is one of the many tools that we have. >> next speaker. >> hi, supervisors. i have been in san francisco, i have lived here, i feel like i am an adoptee since 1969. i have two doctors. i completed -- i have two daughters. city college was practically free in those days. like in the late seventies. on my two daughters graduated
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there peerk city college is the heart of san francisco. the teachers are fabulous. the class is a fabulous. i was so proud of san francisco when city college became free at last year. bernie sanders came out and was congratulating us on having free city college. this city is so expensive. people are struggling to have a roof over their heads, and then there's other people who are very rich in this city. this is one of -- this is the most expensive city in the country, actually. in california -- california is the richest state in the world -- >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i work with first-generation and low income students at city
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college. during the accreditation crisis, the budget and legislative analyst his office identified at city college contributes $300 million of economic activity to the city in the bay area. that is significant. the college makes economic sense for the city supervisor mandelman remembers from his service. a lot of my students work. often 20-40 hours a week. they not qualify for the financial aid. however, the books are to cost up to $200 per textbook. it is something where stipends can be a tremendous benefit. those hundreds of dollars out at and really benefit our students. thank you very much. >> supervisors, my name is connie and i would like to thank all of you, in particular supervisor stuff i.e. -- safai
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for the discussion we had this morning. most of the people in this room have met for four or five years, building and expanding city college. we did learn one new fact this morning after our discussion with the chair, and that came from the controller. that is we are -- the stipend, not the stipend, about the amount of our set-aside is the third smallest in this city and the length of our set-aside of ten years is the shortest in this city. the shortest. we would like to continue those discussions about the length of this charter amendment for the next 24 hours and hopefully come to an agreement to expand it to either agree with supervisor yi 's amendment or -- >> got it. just before the next speaker, i want to say, for the record, there was one other amendment that we had discussed, and it
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was the oversight committee. i did not say that on the record i will say for the record. that was another thing that we discussed for supervisor mandelman. the oversight committee is coming to an end in terms of its term. i think it would make sense to continue that, and may be we can have a language drafted that will allow for the oversight committee to be a part of this process as we move forward? >> you can. i think we could talk about it off-line about exactly how that will look at how much detail you want to put into the charger. >> okay. usually it is all done through ordinance versus three charter. >> typically that is how it works. there are a few budget set-asides in the charger that have oversight committees and our experience --dash -- our experience shows that is to work on those details. >> we will talk to mrs. forward to. i think the idea was to allow for the committee to move
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forward. i think that having it through ordinance, we can reaffirm that through ordinance rather than putting it in the charger and if there was some reason that an individual needed to be adjusted or so on and so forth, it probably doesn't make sense to put it in the charger but continue it through ordinance. i'm sorry. next speaker. >> good afternoon. jordan davis. i definitely support this. i want us to get out as soon as practical. i went to college for free. bad news. it was actually a front for your college and it was a scholarship people shouldn't have to have a scholarship to get free college. i support free city college back in 2016. i spoke out for it. i supported it and i want to get into a class but i was lazy right there. i just want to see this continue in perpetuity. police, don't be a republican swamp monster. listen to the people and make this happen. i look forward to voting for it
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when it comes on the ballot. thank you, by. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is,. i just have always loved the swamp monster. anyway, it is not -- it is an opportunity to care and uplifts. i can't think of any better investment in the city at a time , in one of the richest cities in the country, at a time when federal government is taking a dehumanizing approach every human surface that there is, local government, it is time to step up to show that we care. one of the best ways we can care act not just for our people before our city is to uplift the people who need it the most. one of the best ways you could possibly invest would be in free city college. i am sure you will. thank you. >> great. thank you. any members of the public who wish to comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. for the record, i want to say i am a big fan, and a supporter of free city college. i know that my district in particular has a significant number of working families, newly arrived immigrant families and others that benefit from city college overall. and having the opportunity to have access to education, and i think many of the speakers underscored this. it is a way to make a living in san francisco more affordable. so that is a really important aspect of the conversation. as many noted, students are often working full time, working to balance school and work on top of that with the cost of living in san francisco, having this be one other way in which we can help provide for our residents to make it more affordable and make the city a little bit more accessible for everybody involved, particularly working families and those that need this additional help, to
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allow to make themselves more economically sufficient. i think it is significantly importance. again, we will make the amendments tomorrow. from listening to the city attorney on this, i think we will do the oversight through ordinance. i was the author about last time there's a significant number of individuals that are membership of that period we will handle that through ordinance. i can work with supervisor mandelman who will be carrying this on as the new board comes in in the new year so we can continue those conversations to make sure there is appropriate oversight and we can move after the ordinance process. the other amendment, i would just say that the idea of this being a very new program in terms of the funding, the funding is still -- i think we asked the controller in the budget office to give us the best estimates we had based on the reimbursements, based on state funding, based on a stipend or a per-pupil cost
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analysis. 50 million was the best analysis that we could do given the time. i think that is probably one of the reasons why you would do this for ten years initially. i think if it were something that were different where you were base lining funding that was a consistent part of an existing budget where we have had years to see how it grows, how it is indexed and so on, then maybe you would have a longer time. that is probably one of the reasons why it was proposed to be a shorter period initially. that is why we talked about some oversight. for the record, the controller has the ability after year four, and what we have talked about with supervisor kim was to allow the board and the mayor to make any adjustments as necessary after year five. so i think that is the meat of it. it is why you would have ten but i'm happy to continue the conversation as requested by the coalition. i'm sure you'll be conveying your concerns to supervisor mandelman and kim and others.
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that is it. supervisor mandelman? >> i will move that we forward this to the board without recommendation. >> okay. we will send this to the board of that recommendation as a committee report. we will do it tomorrow. yeah. we talked about that. thank you. for the record, we are joined by supervisor peskin joining us here today. okay. if we can do that without objection, we will send it to the full board without recommendation and the amendments that were discussed will be prepared for tomorrow. and we will move from there peerk we can do that without objection as a committee report. >> yes. >> thank you. please call item number 1, supervisor peskin. the floor is yours. >> item number 1 is the
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ordinance amending the administrative code to extend to subset with a revenue bond oversight committee and suspend provisions of board rule 2.212 extend committee for an additional six years to january 1st, 2025. >> thank you. i have one amendments that i am proposing in conjunction with the s.f. p.u.c. it is a nonsubstantive just to state the obvious relative to the passage last year of proposition a, what should be a new subsection h., and we would then remember -- realtor the other subsections, which reads, in addition to s.f. p.u.c., expects to incur bonded indebtedness to finance capital improvements for the repair, replacement, and expansion of the power enterprise, and will from time to time issue its
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revenue bonds to finance the cost of such improvements. it is consistent with what they do, but i thought it appropriate to make that additional mention. i want to thank the deputy city attorney blake for his quick action this morning and mr his carpool and the other representatives who are available to testify. we have not taken public comment period may be we can hear from the p.u.c. >> we have ten minutes. hopefully you will keep this very brief because we need to get out of here for the land use committee. >> thank you, supervisor his. thank you for your amendments. i am a cochair of the revenue oversight committee. we hold a monstrous monthly meetings that are open to the public on matters at the s.f. p.u.c.'s water, sewer and power programs to ensure a culture of transparency and trust as valuable tools for the rate
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payers. we support this ordinance today in addition to the p.u.c. chop chop support the sunset date of the revenue bond oversight committee 22025 pack which is the intended lifespan of the system improvement program, as well as some of the new power initiatives. i stand for questions if there are any from the board of supervisors. otherwise, i'm happy to introduce richard from the s.f. p.u.c. >> thank you. i am the data manager of the san francisco public utilities commission. quickly i wanted to say that the s.f. p.u.c. supports the continued monitoring by the committee, on the transparency it creates for rate payers. we support the ordinance as amended. any questions? >> i have one question for the sponsor. i know when we put this forward, we talked about potentially, because it is about energy savings and being more energy efficient and so on, in our overall alternative energy
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programs. i wonder if, is a flexibility in this language that would allow us to do any underground power lines? >> the revenue bond oversight committee is a committee that just makes recommendations and they oversee. this is something we have done for general obligation bonds and for revenue bonds and in this case, we are just extending the life of the committee to the extent that the p.u.c., vice commission, on this board of supervisors with a majority vote chose to float revenue bonds for the purpose of underground dating and that would definitely be within the purview of common oversight by the revenue oversight committee. >> i wanted to get that on the record. i knew it had to go through that process. i had to say for the listening public, i get a significant amount of questions regarding that and then we have the underground coalition, or
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whatever they are called. i don't mean whatever they're called, where they are called something similar to the underground coalition. one of the things that i know supervisor peskin and i said to them was there is energy efficiency in putting electrical lines underground. not to mention the fact that there is safety given all of the things that we have learned in the past year with all of the unfortunate fires that we have had in the states that potentially had something to do with powerlines going down. and so for our purposes, i think it would be good to get that on the record. which i didn't. i appreciate you commenting and clarifying that. i don't have any questions. we don't have to hear anything else. this is a straightforward thing. if we could get an amendment to accept this amendment, excuse me , a motion to accept this amendment. >> so moved.
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>> without objection. if we couldn't just make a motion to send the amended version as amended. would you like it as a committee report? >> yes, please. >> we can sense the version of item number 1 as a committee report with positive recommendation to the full board >> i want to confirm, did we take public comment on this hm? >> i think we did. >> may be we didn't. >> any members of the comp -- public wish to comment on this item? can we do my motion now? sent the amended version of this item with positive recommendation to the full board as a committee report. without objection. look at that. any other items before s. class. >> that completes the agenda today. >> six minutes to spare. we are adjourned.
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>> my passion for civil service is inspired by a tradition. scda stands for supervisorory control and data acquisition. we can respond to an alarm, store history, so we can look at previous events and see what went wrong and if we can improve it. operations came to scda and said, can you write a program that would run the pumps at crystal springs pump station to eliminate peak power usage during daytimes, and we performed that function. i love the puzzle. every time there's a problem that comes up, it's a puzzle that has to be solved, and we do it. >> travis writes all the code for the original water system.
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he is super passionate. he knows every little detail about everything. he's a great troubleshooter. he can walk into the plant, we can tell hem an issue, and he'll nail down what the problem is, whether it be electrical, mechanical or computer. he works very well with others, he knows how to teach, very easygoing, great guy to work with. >> my passion for civil service is inspired by a tradition. i'm performing a task that has been done for thousands of years. the aztec had their aqueducts and water supply for the city. we bring water from the hetch hetchy reservoir, and we don't pump it. the romans would have been
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proud. my name is travis ong. i'm a senior i.s. engineer wom sustainable future . >> san francisco streets and puffs make up 25 percent of cities e city's land area more than all the parks combined they're far two wide and have large flight area the pavement to parks is to test the variants by ininexpensive changing did new open spaces the city made up of streets in you think about the potential of having this space for a purpose it is demands for the best for bikes and families to gather.
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>> through a collaborative effort with the department we the public works and the municipal transportation agency pavement to parks is bringing initiative ideas to our streets. >> so the face of the street is the core of our program we have in the public right-of-way meaning streets that can have areas perpetrated for something else. >> i'm here with john francis pavement to parks manager and this parklet on van ness street first of all, what is a parklet and part of pavement to parks program basically an expense of the walk in a public realm for people to hang anti nor a urban acceptable space for people to use. >> parklets sponsors have to apply to be considered for the program but they come to us you know saying we want to do this and
12:30 pm
create a new space on our street it is a community driven program. >> the program goes beyond just parklets vacant lots and other spaces are converted we're here at playland on 43 this is place is cool with loots things to do and plenty of space to play so we came up with that idea to revitalizations this underutilized yard by going to the community and what they said want to see here we saw that everybody wants to see everything to we want this to be a space for everyone. >> yeah. >> we partnered with the pavement to parks program and so we had the contract for building
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236 blot community garden it start with a lot of jacuzzi hammers and bulldozer and now the point we're planting trees and flowers we have basketball courts there is so much to do here. >> there's a very full program that they simply joy that and meet the community and friends and about be about the lighter side of city people are more engaged not just the customers. >> with the help of community pavement to parks is reimagining the potential of our student streets if you want more information visit them as the pavement to parks or contact pavement to parks at sfgovtv.or >> shop & dine in the 49
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promotes local businesses and challenges resident to do their showing up and dining within the 49 square miles of san francisco by supporting local services within the neighborhood we help san francisco remain unique successful and vibrant so where will you shop & dine in the 49 san francisco owes must of the charm to the unique characterization of each corridor has a distinction permanent our neighbors are the economic engine of the city. >> if we could a afford the lot by these we'll not to have the kind of store in the future the kids will eat from some restaurants chinatown has phobia one of the best the most unique neighborhood shopping areas of san francisco.
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>> chinatown is one of the oldest chinatown in the state we need to be able allergies the people and that's the reason chinatown is showing more of the people will the traditional thepg. >> north beach is i know one of the last little italian community. >> one of the last neighborhood that hadn't changed a whole lot and san francisco community so strong and the sense of partnership with businesses as well and i just love north beach community old school italian comfort and love that is what italians are all about we need people to come here and
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shop here so we can keep this going not only us but, of course, everything else in the community i think local businesses the small ones and coffee shops are unique in their own way that is the characteristic of the neighborhood i peace officer prefer it is local character you have to support them. >> really notice the port this community we really need to kind of really shop locally and support the communityly live in it is more economic for people to survive here. >> i came down to treasure island to look for a we've got a long ways to go. ring i just got married and
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didn't want something on line i've met artists and local business owners they need money to go out and shop this is important to short them i think you get better things. >> definitely supporting the local community always good is it interesting to find things i never knew existed or see that that way. >> i think that is really great that san francisco seize the vails of small business and creates the shop & dine in the 49 to support businesses make people all the residents and visitors realize had cool things are made and produced in san
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candlelig . >> i am mohamed nuru, director of public works, city and county of san francisco. i want to thank everyone for coming out today. today is a very special day. we are going to celebrate the ground breaking of our ambulance deployment facility. how about a big hand for just a new facility. [applause] >> i want to start by saying thank you to the voters because in 2016, the bond was passed, the public health and safety bond in the range of $350 million, and as part of that bond, $50 million was dedicated to build this new facility. and this new facility will replace the old facility, and many of you know what the old facility look like. but the new facility will be
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four stories, will house the city's fleet, will be able to provide training, will be able to provide a place where the paramedics and firefighters can really use to respond to the people of san francisco. you know, the people of san francisco have been passing these bonds because they have faith in us being able to deliver these projects, and we will deliver these projects on time and on budget as we have done in many of our projects. but today's very, very special because this facility is very, very important in the infrastructure to support our city. and with that said, there are quite a number of people. we will thank them as we go through the various speakers, but i will begin by thanking our mayor, london breed, for all the leadership that she has brought to the city and especially just making sure that every day people can enjoy beautiful san francisco. welcome, mayor london breed. >> the hon. london breed: thank you. good morning, everybody.
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i am so excited to be here today because this project is a long time coming, and i want to thank especially many of our paramedics who have waited so patiently for a facility that adequately meets the needs and the challenges that they deal with every single day, and i know that many of them are here today and they are excited and looking forward to this project, which we know will be completed in hopefully 24 months, on time, and on budget because we understand how important it is. the ability to respond quickly in an emergency situation in san francisco is one of our primary functions. and i'm proud to say that 90% of the calls that we get are being responded to in ten minutes or less, which is the national standard. the fire department has put a lot of work into getting us here as just a few years ago, many of us know, we were struggling with meeting that
12:39 pm
standard. back in 2014, we learned that due to a steep increase in the number of 911 calls, we were not meeting our ambulance goals in a timely manner. as supervisor at the time, i worked with our late mayor, ed lee, and we secured more than $47 million to invest in the fire department, which i was really proud of and thankful to mayor ed lee for his commitment. that money was invested in not only hiring more e.m.t.s and paramedics, but hiring more firefighters and t911 dispatchers. i also made sure that went towards investing in new ambulances and fire trucks, investing in new infrastructures and facilities. and in the past four years, we have definitely seen an
12:40 pm
improvement in our response time. the new facility will have the room to restock more than one ambulance at a time. i know the folks that do this job are really excited about that. it will also include a kitchen, training room, dining rooms, and lockers so our first responders are rested and ready for any emergency. and of course, most importantly, it will be seismically sound. all of these qualities will improve our emergency response time and help us with our first responders, help them do their very best job for the residents of our city. and i want to really thank so many people who brought us here today. tom o'connor and local 798, as well as the patient of our paramedics who serve our city
12:41 pm
all over san francisco with patients and treatment of the people they serve. i want to thank our fire chief for all the work that she's done in helping to lead this department and really focus on the necessary improvements and things that we need to do in order to make public safety or top priority. and i am just really excited because this was a promise made years ago, and now, this is a promise as a city that we're keeping, and it will definitely allow us to respond to emergencies in a more timely manner so that we can keep all residents of our city safe. thank you all so much for being here today. [applause] >> chair nuru: thank you, mayor. and now we'll hear from our district supervisor. this part of san francisco, we have standing right behind fire station number 9, but many of the city projects that have been coming to this neighborhood really improving the quality of life.
12:42 pm
just down on gerald, we have the new crime lab, we have the new shops there. p.u.c.'s building a facility down on evans. and the change is really good. so malia, welcome. >> president cohen: thank you. good morning. first of all, i want to take a moment on a somber note to say thank you to the first responders who are putting their lives on the lineup and down california. i know our own san francisco fire department often goes on the road to offer stance to neighboring counties, and i just want to say thank you. i also want to recognize the e.m.t. drivers that are driving the ambulances and responding to emergencies and unfortunately sometimes non-emergencies, but that's another conversation. i just want to say thank you. i feel like you can never say thank you enough, and i know that this department is very near and dear to the mayor's heart, mayor breed, as a former
12:43 pm
fire commissioner, is that right? so i also want to recognize all the people that volunteer their time to serve san francisco, the fire commissioners that are here, thank you very much. and of course, the department of public works, where would we be without the department of public works? my heart is just overflowing, as i stand before you, winding out my ten years on the san francisco board of supervisors, i am excited, and i'd like to formerly introduce you to supervisor-elect shamann walton, who's here. you should rest assured that he's thoughtful in his approach to policy as well as many social justice issues. i want to, again, recognize that in july of 2014, we learned that only 76% of ambulances were on-scene within ten minutes of life threatening
12:44 pm
emergency medical calls. and since learning this, i can tell you that i've personally had to call on an ambulance for one of my family members that became ill. and i mentioned this to the chief at the time, but i will mention it publicly, the service was impeccable. kindness, generosity, and thoughtfulness, professionalism all the way through. i'm grateful. yeah, shout out to the fire department. and as the mayor mentioned, there is a ten-minute national standard. as san franciscans, we can say that we can be doing better, don't you agree? san francisco's seven square miles. we can get this in a little bit faster fashion, and i think that community and city leaders came together to establish a working group to assist us with troubleshooting and most importantly to discover ways that we could improve. and since the establishment of this group, the ambulance response time has improved more than 25%, and i am so happy to
12:45 pm
hear this -- excuse me, more than 26%. and what we have done is we've been able to maintain a high average of about 90% since 2017, and you know, i think we're going to only increase our response time from this as we move forward. and the new ambulance deployment facility comes as a fulfilled promise that i believe we as electeds have made to the overall san francisco community when ed lee was still with us. and he committed to funding more e.m.t.s, more paramedics, firefighters and of course the important 911 dispatchers, in addition to the equipment, in addition to the vehicles. these people are needed to carrie ocare carry out the heroic effort. we're putting out $47
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million -- as the chair of the budget committee, that's a lot. mohamed is also reminding me, it's plus interest. it is close to 50 million, but we won't quibble about that. i'm proud we are hosting this in this part of san francisco, a community that's shareholdering a lot of the responsibilities. it's important that we build in the fabric of our city the infrastructure that we need so that we can continue to be successful. and i will leave on this note, and i just want to again say thank you to all of the men and the women that dedicated their life to assisting us and being a first responder. i'm forever grateful. thank you. [applause] >> chair nuru: and now we'll hear from the president of the fire commission, mr. ken cleaveland. >> president cleaveland: thank you, mohamed, and thank you to our next member of the board of
12:47 pm
equalization, so congratulations, malia, on that. good morning. everyone, it's a pleasure to be representing the fire commissions. i have a couple of commissioners i'd like to recognize. michael hardeman and commissioner francee covington. it's been a long time coming to get this from planning to where we are today. i know some of my fellow commissioners have been on the commission up to 24 years, and it's been a discussion all that time. how can we improve our e.m.s. because that's obviously one of the biggest facility -- one of the biggest services that we provide to the city's residents and visitors, so it's a really proud moment for us today on the commission, for the fire department, and certainly for the department of public works to get this launched, and so i'm very proud to say congratulations on getting it
12:48 pm
done. congratulations again as mohamed said earlier to the voters. thank you for passing the bond that made this possible, and we're going to need another bond down the road so we can have another new training facility, so let's get that word out. so thank you very much, and i'm pleased the rain has held out. >> chair nuru: thank you. thank you. and now, a good friend of mine, good partner with public works, not just today's event, but many of the improvements to many of the fire stations and police facilities all over the city, welcome our chief, joanne hayes-white. >> commissioner hayes-white: thank you, mohamed. good morning, everyone. thanks for being here. as president cleaveland said, we're blessed with good weather. i don't know for longer, so my remarks will be brief. we're all very excited to be here today to envision what
12:49 pm
will be a state-of-the-art ambulance deployment facility. i'm very proud to mayor breed for her vision and leadership. as was alluded before, mayor lee, who was a champion of this facility. certainly president malia cohen, also keeping us on our toes in terms of response times, and making sure the whole city is served, especially her district, and congratulate is the supervisor elect shamann walton. i would say thank you to all the commissioners, the two that aren't here, in addition to president cleaveland and commissioners hardeman and covington are commissioner joe alioto veronese, as well as commissioner steven nakajo. thank you to the commission. certainly my commission is
12:50 pm
here, mark gonzalez, jean nicholson lieutenant t nicholson, lieutenant tom murphy in the back. section chief tony malloy, thank you very much for all the hard work. this is a facility that's very unique, nearly one of its kind in the state of california. we're building without a whole lot of blueprint or other facilities to look at. so that's why it took a lot of time and attention to detail to make this facility the great facility that it will be and that our members so deserve. public works, i will say i do consider director nuru a partner of mine. we come together. we have two other projects hopefully looking forward to being delivered soon, hopefully, before i retire. i know it's a top of your
12:51 pm
priority list as it is yours. thanks, mohamed. brian dahl also helped with this today. we brought good weather. also we look forward to holding accountable the contractors. i heard they're going to be off to a good start, s.j.amoroso. we also look forward to -- we had to work with the stararts commission, and that was an interesting process, but also a very educational process for us. i think we're most grateful, and i say we're grateful to the public that in 2016, envision saw the need for this facility, so it goes without saying it's the city voters that got it to where we're at. and before i save the best part for last, and that's our
12:52 pm
members, i do want to acknowledge we have p.d. presence, mike redmon, thanks for being here. under mayor breed's leadership, there's an expectation that we don't just work and fulfill our responsibility, but that it's it's cross collaboration. mostly, i'm thrilled to be here because of our members. the hard working men and women of the san francisco fire department. when i became chief in 2004, there was much needed reconfiguration. the fire department left d.p.h. there was a lot of stops and rt starts, we learned a lot, we reconfigured over and over. the facility you're currently in at 1415 evans has done a
12:53 pm
good job for us, but it's not nearly what you need, and we really appreciate as mayor breed said, your patience, your dedication, your hard work. every day, you put your uniform on. the workplace isn't great. i will look forward in retirement coming back when we cut the ribbon on this facility. i want to know that we placed a high emphasis on your health, your well-being, and your safety. not to mention the public is going to be better served. it's going to be a much more efficient model. so thank you for being here celebrating with us. i believe we have our department chapman lalain, ande we break ground, we'll ask the father to give a blessing. >> chair nuru: thank you. so if the commissioners, mayor, board president, if we would come over to where the shovels are, i will hand the mic to the
12:54 pm
chaplain, and in two years, we will be back here enjoying the new facility. >> i'd just like to ask a great favor of you if we could have a moment of silence for one of our paramedics, mike kirk, who died the day before yesterday, and hopefully we can remember him and his family. thank you. we're very proud of our e.m.s. division and of our fire rescue division, and we know those men and women constantly give of themselves, especially those who are in need of medical attention. so we ask for a blessing on all of them, a blessing on all those who are in need, and we ask that this new facility would help them in the performance of their duties. amen.
12:55 pm
>> amen. >> chair nuru: thank you very much. and we're going to count from five to zero and then just a little thing right there. all right. five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause]
12:56 pm
12:57 pm
>> one more. [♪]
12:58 pm
[♪] [cheers and applause] >> wow.
12:59 pm
ladies and gentlemen, you give it up for the high school band. [cheers and applause] >> do we know how to have a good time in san francisco or what? [cheering] >> i also want to say thank you to the san francisco group for working with us to have what you saw when we first walked in. a giant dugout right here. [cheers and applause] let me tell you, i have never seen anything like this thing. this looks better than the last location. this looks better than the old location. you really outdid yourself with the artwork, with the seating, with the buffet style food. we try to feed as many people as we can. this will be a great place to watch the giants game. to watch the warriors game, and
1:00 pm
to watch the 40 niners. [laughter] >> but nick and everyone here, thank you all so much for being here. this is absolutely incredible. you have an amazing group of young men who are representing san francisco well. that was an incredible performance. you have to do it for us again. take a bow and have a good time. make sure you get some food and enjoy yourself today. make sure that you come back to not only eat, but to donate toys so we can get toys out to kids on a regular basis. thank you, everyone. happy thanksgiving. [cheers and applause] >> on the mural over here, we will take a picture in her baseball uniform. >> oh, my god. >> do you guys want to go over there? [laughter]


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