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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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to build an active role community from the policy and politicscs -- budgetary levels. since 2011, attlee has approved over 15 million in funding to services and new service in asiann communities. the late mayor ed lee was our greatest role model and leader. the councilst is one of the most important legacies that he has left behind. he was a first mayor to encourage us to found this coalition, and worked with us to give guidance and advice on how to best serve our community. it has been challenging this past year to keep up the momentum. but with the a.p.i. council, we are committed to continuous his legacy -- to continue his legacy to serve our community. thank you. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> i first met ed lee when he was an attorney at the asian law caucus in the seventies and eighties, and we have someone from the asian law caucus to speak. somebody -- i guess you all know him. [applause] [speaking foreign language] [applause] >> an afternoon and thank you very much, norman, and annie.
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i want to thank malcolm young for inviting me. i want to recognize anita for her great work. i know it has been a hard year, a hard year for her, but she's been really participating in all these activities with much grace we should be very honored with that. i got to practice with ed lee. we started out as law clerks at the asian law caucus in 1976 working at 126 waverly place. 124 waverly place at a small office where we represented many seniors and the key tenants came to us to complain about projects and ed went and worked with the tenants to change the conditions there so that there would be housing alkylating, the elevators would operate so that people's safety wouldn't be at risk there peerk -- there.
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we sued the housing authority to improve these conditions and it helped with the asian law caucus on the map. many people are talking about what should we name after ed lee i say name everything. i've done a lot of work around fortune square, and many projects. he really worked to change all of that. if we really want to honor ed, it is through the community service that he has always focused on that we have to serve a community, serve working-class communities, low-wage workers, immigrants, and tenants, and if we can do that, and help these people who are part -- part of our community change the policies that we need so that they can be served, that would be the ultimate legacy for ed to thank you so much. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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>> anyway. [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> mayor lee was very close to rose and the chain does chinese chamber of commerce and all the chinese new year in events. so we have francis so, the vice president of the chinese chamber of commerce to speak. [applause] [speaking foreign language] [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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>> thank you very much. [applause] >> after hearing that ed lee passed away, i have never seen so many of the residents of chinatown come right here. who was here? remember they had candle night -- candlelight all night long. today we have the president of the community tenant association to speak. there were like 1,000 people from the community association. [speaking foreign language] [applause]
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[speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> in the past when ed lee was a lawyer, he represented chinatown tenants. he also represented residents to demand housing authority to influence how joe's total housing security. after he became mayor, he secured founding just funding for the program so tenants had better living conditions. we are so proud of ed lee. we hope we will have more asian
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american leaders like him can fight -- who can fight for the community. thank you. [applause] >> next we have from the chinese consolidated association, henry hoy. [speaking foreign language] [applause] >> okay. thank you. i'm glad you made it. welcome. [applause] [speaking foreign language] [applause]
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[speaking foreign language] [applause] >> summarizing his comments, mayor lee is for the people. he always concerned about the low income communities and families. the low wages earners, and also he remembered mayor lee for
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raising minimum wage to $15, and he also remembered that mayor lee made it possible for all our elderly to have three munimobile and also they used. he misses him. thank you -- and also the use -- youth. >> something just hit me. i remembered mayor ed lee made fun of me because i say i tell everyone to say you are beautiful. sometimes he stole it from me. so i want everyone to turn to the person to their left and right and say you are beautiful. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [laughter]
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[speaking foreign language] >> and now, where are the t.v. cameras clot get ready. now we have the beautiful mayor london breed to say a few words in honor of ed lee. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you and good morning. it is an honor to be here to acknowledge the legacy of our late mayor, ed lee and to also recognize and appreciate his family for their commitment to san francisco including his amazing and fearless wife, anita lee. [applause] you know, i will be one of the first to say that when i served
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on the board of supervisors, i didn't really appreciate all that mayor lee did for the entire city of san francisco. because often times, i would go to him with an issue or a problem, and for the majority of the problems that i had as a member of the board to, he would always say yes. when i said mayor lee, i need your help with public housing, he said yes. when i said, mayor lee, i need your help with building affordable housing and acquiring property in my district, he said yes. when i said i needed help with cleaning up the streets and getting more beat officers out in our neighborhood, he said yes time and time again. he was a real partner and a real champion for neighborhoods to, for community. for our seniors, for all things that represented bringing people together, and serving those populations that did not always have a voice.
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today it has been almost a year since we lost him on that fateful day of december 12th, and we will not forget his warm hearts, his kind words, how he committed his life to public service here in san francisco. not just as the mayor, but serving in his capacity as department head for the department of public works and purchasing, and the human rights commission. he continued to time and time again to bring communities together. he elevated and hired so many amazing african-american leaders he elevated and hired and worked with so many folks from the community. he continues to bridge gaps. he continued to leave the city with grace, with style, with class, and on occasion, with a bad joke or two. so i am so honored to follow in
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his footsteps, to continue the great work that he started, to make sure that no san francisco -- san franciscan is left behind , and i just want to thank all of you for being here today to celebrate his life, his legacy, his work, and to continue to work hard in the spirit of mayor ed lee's who always ended many of his major speeches with a final saying of "let's get to work." he cared about getting the work for people of san francisco. we will continue to do that in honor of his commitment and his legacy and his incredible work. thank you all so much for having me here today. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> a lot of people know how much mayor ed lee was a hero before he became mayor. he was my hero before he became mayor. i remember him helping with garment workers that got arrested. he forces me -- he forced me and my wife to do a worker center in the eighties. he did so much for the community , and that is why he has appreciated so much by so many people. like the merchant labor association. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] [applause] >> henry hoy, finally. [speaking foreign language] [applause] >> honourable mayor, london breed, committee leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. good afternoon. i am honored to represent the
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association to attend the community commemoration of the legacy of mayor ed lee. the unexpected passing of him was devastating to our communities. as a civil rights leader, he inspired all of us with his quiet dignity and determination to lift up all of our residents. his accomplishments were many, but because of his humble manner , we in the community feel like he didn't get the credit he was due. we would like to properly acknowledge all that mayor lee did for us now by naming him at
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the international airport international terminal after mayor lee. we have asked the san francisco airport commissioners for their full support. we are all here today to remember mayor lee as a champion of a civil rights leader, and also remember him as the first asian mayor in that city of san francisco. i want to say a few words in chinese. [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] [applause]
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>> all the way from sacramento, we have scott weiner and assemblyman david to, they will share their time a little bit. [speaking foreign language] [applause] [speaking foreign language] >> good afternoon. we were told we have one minute on the stage. appeared to anita and the family, 60 seconds is not enough time for us to express how much our good mayor 's life and his legacy and our love for him. but i've only two things to say. over the past year, everywhere i walk here in chinatown mayor lee 's impact is felt from the
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chinese hospital, to the central subway, to this port in the square, from the restaurants, pack to the family associations. his spirit lives on. the second thing i want to say is i'm sad that my two year old sun will never -- son will never get to know him. particularly since he and anita gave me such a hard time for so many years for not having my son earlier. he will never have an opportunity to play ping-pong with mary lee here in the square , to hear one of his corny jokes, to see the leadership of civility and service that he represents. but i know and we know that his spirit will continue on in each and every one of us here, and that together we will ensure that chinatown, are chinese community, and san francisco
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will continue to be the very best city in the world because of his legacy, and because of his spirit. godspeed mayor lee. [applause] [speaking foreign language] >> it is an honor to represent you in the california state senate, and i miss ed lee a lot. we all had our unique perspective and experience of trying to, but mine was symbolized -- symptoms similar to supervisor kim, supervisor cohen, and supervisor carol josh farrell, when coming into the office of a few days, we were sworn into the board of supervisors, and a few days later, we voted to appoint ed lee to be mayor of san francisco i also, on the other end, i was with him on the day that he died
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he and i held a press conference on a recycling issue that day. he was his normal self. jovial, joking, making fun of my height, making fun of his own height, and then that night, he was gone. it was a terrible tragedy for san francisco. and even though mayor breed is doing a fantastic job and is and will be a fantastic leader for this city, every mayor is unique and they will never be another ed lee. ed lee, a lot of people misunderstood him. there was a time i remember when i had a constituent in month joseph and my former district in the central part of the city who said, may be he just cares about chinatown. and what i said to this constituent was of course, he cares about chinatown, but he cares about the whole city, and in my community where i come from, the work that we were able to do to revitalize castro street, to create a new park in
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the valley, he was 1,000% supportive. two months after we both took office when the government cut millions of dollars of funding for h.i.v. services, when i went to see him to say what can we do about it, we need to fix this, he immediately stepped up and supported backfilling every penny of those federal cuts from our local budget. he was also someone who believes deeply and trying, whenever possible, to avoid conflict by bringing people together to work things out and to move forward together. he was just brilliant in making that happen. this was a terrible loss for san francisco, but he is in a good place now, at a gnocchi is looking down on as. i know he is looking down on mayor breed, and anita, we love you, and we deeply, deeply miss your husband and our friends. thank you. [applause]
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[applause] >> now we would like to acknowledge and have come forward from the board of supervisors, please come forward , supervisor jane kim and president cohen, and supervisor, the one and only. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you to norman and to any who have mentored many of us in the community. we are here all to remember the
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legacy of mayor ed lee. i did come into office the same year as ed lee began his mayor ship, and i do remember when i won my board of supervisors election, rose sat me down and said the one person you must meet with before you start your office, is to meet with ed lee, because he knows everything about san francisco, and he was my very last meeting before i went to go visit my family back and a week and a half later, he was appointed the mayor of our great city. it was truly an honor to serve with someone who has a legacy of surveying the a.p.i. and chinatown community. someone who started in public service in this neighborhood, and he was someone who truly cared and loved our city every single day he served. and the ladies also loved him. in fact, it was our supervisor cohen, carmen chu and myself endorsed him in his first run for mayor.
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we saw him as someone who put his nose down and worked hard for our community every single day. so it's an honor to be here today with all of our leaders and elected leaders to honor his legacy on behalf of san francisco. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. my name is malia cohen. is a privilege to stand before you and celebrate with you the life and legacy of our beloved mayor lee. i want to recognize mrs. anita lee, and recognize tonya and breanna for their unwavering commitment to san francisco. the last year has been a very interesting one. it is very -- being very tumultuous. i've been forced to reconcile any memories that i had with ed lee. many of them are funny, and upbeat, and some of them were very serious and sombre. i am grateful for some of the many lessons that he taught me. he taught me something that has allowed me to go forward and become a very good legislator.
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he taught me to have the spirit of fight and to be fearless. he also shared with me how to disagree without being disagreeable. i think that's an incredible leadership quality and one that i will miss in ed lee, but it is also an important quality that many of the people who have served san francisco under his leadership will be able to take with him. with that, i'm grateful we are celebrating his contribution to san francisco, and i'm grateful for mrs. lee for staying with us all the time, and thank you. [applause] >> thank you president cohen. two anita lee, to breanna and tonya, to all of the people gathered here and to the people of the city and county of san francisco, i lost my father this
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year. it was on april 21st, and it seems like it was yesterday. and it seems like it was many years ago. on the last year since ed lee passed in december a year ago, seems like it has been a minute, and it seems like it has been ten years. i first met ed when he was the city purchaser and when he liked to joke that he was buying pencils by the gross. i later got to work with him. we use used to paint out graffiti together when he was running the department of public works back when he sent mohammed nuru to charm school. and later on, i had the pleasure of voting as a member of the board to confirm him as the city administrator where he did an extraordinary job. when i got back into politics,
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he was the mayor of san francisco. so through my political life, i got to see ed to grow and change and do virtually every job in san francisco. and i just want to express my profound condolences to the people of the community that i represent, to his family, into the people of the city and county of san francisco. we are very sorry. [applause] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] [applause] >> now we have one of your favourites. our city assessor recorder, carmen chu. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language]
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>> hello everybody. i serve as the s.s. or of san francisco. my name is carmen chu. i want to be here to remember our late may or, ed lee. he was special to me and everyone who you see here. but i think about the lessons that he taught me about family. we can talk a lot about the accomplishments that he made, but the thing that grounded him and that was the first priority for him was his family. so there we have a big loss with the loss of the mayor, i know that anita and their loss is greater. i offer my condolences as well on this day that we remember our mayor, ed lee. thank you. [applause] >> we want to acknowledge i.v.
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lee -- the ivy league city college. just watch while words. [speaking foreign language] >> all i want to say is anyone who works in this city or for the safety, they don't do it unless they have the support of their families. so the one thing that i really want to say about mr lee and to his family, because without their support, he could not have done all the things that he did, and nothing was too small for him to do. whether weather was to pick up trash, to paint graffiti, to go by himself to see what was happening with the homeless, he did all of that. nothing was too small. so i really want to thank his family, because they really gave us the gift of letting him be our mayor. thank you so much.
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[applause] [speaking foreign language] [applause] >> next we have our dipstick -- district attorney. [applause] [speaking foreign language] >> good afternoon, everyone. it's really an honor to be here today.
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i need to, this is not much i can say. this is a big loss to our community. it is times as such as social upheaval and there's so much hate in our country. ed lee was someone who not only stood for the less fortunate, or the immigrants, or the one who needed help, he was always a moral compass when it came to social situations. we miss him. and today we are commemorating his loss. it is important we go forward and continue to stand for what he did and we continue to make sure that san francisco moves forward to take care of the less fortunate. thank you so much. [applause] >> mayor to mayor, we have the mayor from north of here. [speaking foreign language] >> i will say something really quick to anita. ed was like an uncle to me. he was like a brother, actually. i always called him a mini mayor
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he always asked me when i would be mayor again. in mike does my first memory was kind of horrifying pick because my son, when my son first met ed , he let him touch his moustache. i always member how kind he is. he was not just the mayor of san francisco but the mayor of the bay area. thank you for sharing him with us because he not only brought in many other people, he lifted everybody up, he made asians stronger. he tried to encourage more asians to get involved, and he helped me a lot as well. in an international way, he was not just a mayor of san francisco, but he was the mayor of the san francisco bay area. i hope his name shows up on the international because he deserves it and he deserves that recognition. thank you very much. [applause] [speaking foreign language]
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[applause] >> and now representing the police department, the one and only commander david lazar who worked at central station before hey, what's going on cloth. >> thank you very much. good afternoon. good afternoon mrs. lee. i hope i'm not the only one that noticed we started today gathering when it was cold and now the son -- the sun is out. we are so grateful. i want to say on behalf of our chief of police and our entire san francisco police department, we too have mourned the loss of our mayor.
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he loves the police officers. he left the san francisco police department. he was committed to public safety and making sure our communities all throughout san francisco were safe and one of the big take away is that we received having him as our mayor was community policing. and the importance of the officers knowing the community and working with each other and having that trust so we can make our community safer. i know that was very important to him. i want to thank you for allowing me to speak on behalf of the police department and i thank you, mrs. lee for all that you have done and your husband as well for our city and the policing departments. thank you very much. [speaking foreign language] [applause] >> we have the director for the chinese hospital here.
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[speaking foreign language] >> thank you. [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language]
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[speaking foreign language] >> good afternoon. i really want to thank mayor lee for attending to us that all he has done for the chinese hospital. people may not know that 25 years ago, that mayor lee and rose cofounded this annual golf tournament to raise funding for chinese hospitals. and every year, he was there to help out, and for our new building, a lot of people didn't know that there's no way we could have built that new building without his help. he was there ever since the beginning of the planning and to then until -- every event he was there. every events that needed to be
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approved, he was helping. he helps the chinese hospital so much. we truly are grateful for his help and so even at the end, he was asking me, i had been with him and mrs. lee was there too. he was saying how he could help the chinese hospital. so he really helped with the contact with the city and the chinese hospital. mayor lee is there for the chinese hospital all the time. i want everybody to remember when you use the chinese hospital for services. please remember mayor lee helped out. we miss you. thank you so much leslie for helping out. thank you. [applause] >> we would like to acknowledge a lot of people. i wish there was time for everyone to speak, but we can't do that.
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[speaking foreign language] >> d.b.i. director tom hurst. [speaking foreign language] >> park and recreation director, phil ginsburg pick. [speaking foreign language] >> department of public works with the worst jokes, mohammed nuru. [laughter] [speaking foreign language] >> and commissioner alan lowe. [speaking foreign language] >> commissioner eddie ong. [speaking foreign language] >> captain paul yep. [speaking foreign language] >> commissioner rodney fong.
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[speaking foreign language] >> representing fifth, jay wu. [speaking foreign language] >> commissioner stephen yee. [speaking foreign language] >> president of local 798, tom o'connor. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you to everyone for setting up the stage and always providing events here. and anita too. [speaking foreign language] >> and we can't acknowledge all the community leaders like everyone else here.
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it will leave you out is because of time here great now we will present does not we, but we will present the rose patch community funds. she is the chair and she will present anita with the flowers. i would like to ask everyone to stand. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. >> okay pick this is chinatown
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so we should at least give three bows to the mayor. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you all for coming here you are beautiful. >> this neighborhood was lived for approximately 22 years. >> yeah, like 21 years. >> 21 years in this neighborhood. >> in the same house. >> we moved into this
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neighborhood six months after we got married, actually. just about our whole entire married life has been here in excel. >> the owner came to the house and we wanted to sell the house and we were like, what? we were scared at first. what are we going to do? where are we going to move into? the kids' school? our jobs? >> my name is maria. i'm a preschool teacher for the san francisco unified school district. >> my name is ronnie and i work in san francisco and i'm a driver from a local electrical company. >> we went through meta first and meta helped us to apply and be ready to get the down payment assistant loan program. that's the program that we used
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to secure the purchase of our home. it took us a year to get our credit ready to get ready to apply for the loan. >> the whole year we had to wait and wait through the process and then when we got the notice, it's like, we were like thinking that. >> when we found out that we were settling down and we were going to get approved and we were going to go forward, it was just a really -- we felt like we could breathe. we have four kids and so to find a place even just to rent for a family of six. and two dogs. >> we were going to actually pay more for rent and to own a house. >> it feels good now to have to move. it feels for our children to stay in the neighborhood that they have grown in. they grew up here and they were born here. they know this neighborhood. they don't know anything outside san francisco. >> we really have it.
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>> we'd love to say thank you to the mayor's office. they opened a door that we thought was not possible to be opened for us. they allowed us to continue to live here. we're raising our family in san francisco and just to be able to continue to be here is the great lesson. >> i strive not to be a success but more of being a valued person to the community. the day and day operations here at treasure island truth in family is pretty hectic. the island is comprised of approximately 500 acres, approximately 40 miles of sanitary sewer, not including
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the collection system. also monitor the sanitary sewer and collection system for maintenance purposes, and also respond to a sanitary sewer overflows, as well as blockages, odor complaints. we work in an industry that the public looks at us, and they look at us hard in time. so we try to do our best, we try to cut down on incidents, the loss of power, cut down on the complaints, provide a vital service to the community, and we try to uphold that at all times. >> going above and beyond is default mode. he knows his duties, and he doesn't need to be prompts. he fulfills them. he looks for what needs to be done and just does it. he wants this place to be a nice place to live and work. he's not just thinking customer service, this is from a place of empathy.
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he genuinely wants things to work for everyone and that kind of caring, i admire that. i want to emulate that myself. that, to me is a leader. >> i strive not to be a success but more of being a valued person to the community. the key is no man is an island. when anything actually happens, they don't look at one individual, they look at p.u.c. stepping in and getting the job done, and that's what we do. my name is dalton johnson, i'm the acting supervisor here at treasure island treatment plant.
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>> good morning everyone pick i want to welcome me to the final budget and finance committee. the final year for 2018 and the final for me as the chair of this budget. i have enjoyed serving san francisco in the capacity as the budget chair. i want to thank sandy fewer for serving with me as a vice chair and recognize catherine stefani who stepped in


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