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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 25, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PST

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clarifying language is necessary. most city wide p.l.a.s had terms three to five years. to serve it is to advance racial and economic equity provisions must include review of the p.l.a. and potential impacts. thank you. >> good afternoon, committee members. i am representing asian incorporated founds 57 years ago. we strongly urge any support for any p.l.a. legislation be withheld unless it is amended to do no harm. we heard that from supervisor to do no harm and is ad to promote includes i competitive bidding in the san francisco public practices. we endorse the amendments to
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the letter dated november 22 of which asian is a founding member. the package of amendments honored the value of the lb program previously known as woman enterprise. asian urges that it establish the provisions called for in the amendments for the long held priorities to protect lb asks and administering the tram. it was formed and championed by the coordinates doris ward. and representing the organizations of disadvantaged local women and contractors. we hope as the p.l.a. legislation moves forward. if passed we hope to be at the table if not at the table on the
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menu. thank you. >> next speaker. >> good morning. i am matthew thomas, president of the san francisco african-american chamber of commerce. i am not anti-p.l.a. i just want the best in california. i recommend we adopt the 2009 report on african-american out-migration. the souper visor mentioned that the issue of out migration is added as an amendment to this proposed agreement. however, it has no specifics whatsoever. what we suggest and as the report states, the african-american out-migration task force was not convened to produce the report. it was to develop action recommendations to be implemented by the city not just to slow out-migration but to
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reverse that three decade trend. supervisor fewer mentioned the school district p.l.a. it had a lot of room for improvement. as you know may 7 of this year the black human rights leadership counsel filed the administrative complaint with the department of justice regarding the school district p.l.a. african-american owned businesses are shut out of contracting opportunities by the district. the council claims the district does this by bundling small related contracts into one large project and shutting out our comment. supervisors, all i am asking is put thought into there. i would request continuance. actually look at the reports available for you.
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i will send them to you. this report here just speaks to the fact that we are not included as we should. >> what is the name of the report you held up? the name? >> the office of employment and work force development 2017-2018 report. in this report it shows clearly from 2011 to 2018, approximately 80 african-americans per year are working in construction jobs. >> name of the report? >> local hiring policy for construction. i will send this to your office. >> next speaker please. >> i am ruth anchor employee of pilot construction management. i am here representing pilot construction. it is a woman owned business. we are in business for 12 years now. the majority of our employees
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are not english speaking. first language spoken at home or at the job may not be english. we live here and are raising families here and sending family to school here. it is unfair to union workers that not locally from here and take our jobs. please permit l.b.e.s to bring all of the core employees to the projects. clarify they are permitted to use the employees under the agreements. this amendment is of particular concern to the minority community and raised by the asian contractors. it is essential for pilot construction to continue to bring workers. majority not english speaking. we support the amendments proposed by the commission for
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economic equity. thank you. >> thank you. i am baird fong. i served 34 years at the human rights commission. i am a volunteer and local citizen, fourth generation from san francisco. i wanted to salute you supervisors. this is as you mentioned a very pivotal moment in city contracting. it is from here going forward we have the potential. i hear that in your voice to include everyone in the room. labor, community, departments, people that work for the firms, all of the l.b.e.s to pull together the model p.l.a. that can be proud to be shown throughout the whole bay area
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and state. that is right here in your laps. do we have the encourage to do so? every one of us? do we have the courage to do so? i hope we do. i am here to volunteer for the sake of all l.b.e.s, workers and migrate grandfather and my dad came here and had to suffer the struggles our new immigrants are struggling through today. each of you here. this is 2018, are we talking about chinese exclusion act of 1830? no. we want to move forward. i expressly support continuance of this to get more description on the amendments. i support the exception to be fair. the last thing i would like to suggest and supervisor fewer was on my side. we would like the building trade to sponsor four locations in san
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francisco to offer after school trade programs like we had at the marina. >> thank you, commissioner. >> good afternoon. i am tony rodriguez, local 483. i want to make two points. one, the 35 years i have been in the trades i have been involved in working with the p.l.a., setting up p.l.a.s and negotiating. the number nationwide keeps growing. i made this point before. it is because they worked. otherwise they would have gone away a long time ago. second point i want to make. supervisor fewer mentioned about the school p.l.a. during one of the school p.l.a.'s, my union had you 30
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schools they worked on. half were union contractors and the other half were non-union contractors. when they say core workers can't work. that is not true. i can show you all of the union contractors had workers on the project that are workers. i wonder why the workers for the non-unions don't know this. are they being told lies to come up here and say something not true. next door to my house there was a project that was prevailing wage. i would speak with the workers. they had no clue what prevailing wage was. they were doing different trades. they cannot ask for stuff. if they do, they will get fired. on a p.l.a. job, the vehicle is there to take care of that. our workers would tell us and we
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could take action against the people being taken advantage of. i wonder why l.b.e. contractors are so against the p.l.a. i ask to you move this along. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am t un ica with local 38. i am a san francisco resident living in bayview. the p.l.a. is important to me to make it where i can afford to work and live in the city. i am a single parent with an 11-year-old boy and this helps me support him. >> next speaker, please. >> hello. i am cheryl gardner, journeyman for local 38. i am a single parent. i know the p.l.a. should pass. i am a local hire and fortunate to work in the city i live in.
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i mean i am hoping we move this forward. thank you, guys. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am a bayview resident, san francisco resident and graduate of cycle 6. i graduated when governor newsome was the mayor. you should support the p.l.a. because it does bring a lot of locals. i am from the bayview-hunters point community. city build did do a lot for me and got me into local 38. i am hearing people say that, you know, it would exclude. i heard somebody say they are pulling people off the bench to train them. we go to training two nights an week, apprentice. i went through a 14 week training with city build.
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i am not sure where the snowbound union would say not properly trained. to pink -- o piggyback. this helps up because we grew up here, we live here and we want to continue to live here. if you vote no you would outsource us and send us somewhere else. i mean i don't think that is fair. i graduated, my mother and father were born in san francisco. they graduated from high school here. we want to keep the work within the city here and give it to the city workers and locals here supporting us going through the programs you guys provide for us and making you guys look good. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am darron gardner, apprentice.
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born and raised in san francisco. i ask you to move this forward. it is piggybacking to help us out. we are trained well. i work in the city i was born nor, and i am in support for it. [please stand by]
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.please stand by] . . >> we think there's more work to be done to insure that this does not negatively effect vulnerable minority contractors,
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particularly african-american contractors. we are thankful for the work that they have put into this and not enough attention has been given to the attention of micro l.b.s and how they will be effected. the letter that i am submitting talks about how under the sfusd-pla or under the district itself, over a 15-year period from 2004 to 2018, five out of 1,136 contracts were awarded to african-american contractors. that is a rate of .44%. we found that since the 1990s, and there were three times more african-american contractors than there are sod. and we are with the latest
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monitoring report, there are 120 left from the micro l.b.s. this is the basis for the concerns around title 6 violations if there are not sufficient civil rights protections for the l.b.e. and specifically why we are asking for an exemption. we ask for more time and continuance on this item. thank you. >> let me ask a question. what would you do with the extra time? what difference would it make? >> we'd like to raise the issue of the micro l.b.e.s. there's a lot of i a tension given to african-american migration and not enough connection is being made between the effect of the p.l.a. and the agencies with the smaller contractors and to not bid on
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the projects and we believe that is going on with the usf-pla and we would like more time and that is one civil rights fix to this. that is what we would do. >> good afternoon. my name is juan hernandez. i live here in san francisco. and i am in the abc electrical problem and i started by education as an electrical training and it was okay. i have been blessed with the opportunity to be accepted and be currently trained as an apprentice through abc and this is a night and day difference. i will be a well rounded electrician.
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and here in san francisco. and everything i do and will do to start a family and future businesses will be here in the city. i have never been incarcerated and i have been an example in the community and you are showing that the artists and incarcerated are more important than the regular citizen. i will not have the opportunity
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to work on the projects in my community and i urge you not to pass this on your vote and to allow for all local project ts in the county and city of san francisco. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. i respect chinese formative action and we are a 49-year-old civil rights organization and servicing l.e.b. community members in the immigrant community. i am the director of advocacy. we believe that this road map for the p.l.a. must inamendments to advance racial and economic justice and equity. i believe your offices should have received a letter from our organization stating the importance of local hire.
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it is key to addressing issues of communities of color and immigrants who face multiple barriers at employment. we know this this would benefit san francisco residents and local and disadvantage workers facing multiple barriers to enter and retain in the pipeline should be able to receive protecti protection even in the p.l.a. san francisco has been progressive and we must protect the contractors and comply with existing laws with mandatory local hire. san francisco has also investigated significantly in programs like city build and ebl that the road map to address the gap in pre-apprenticeship programs as it relates to retention and recruitment of historically disenfranchised communities facing multiple barriers. it has been established as a priority for the authors of the legislation. there should be strong language
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that affirmatively protects local hire and the work force goals and the proposed amendments that we have committed to the officers and the offices. we hope that through this discussion, that is the only way we can exercise -- >> thank you. next speaker please. >> supervisor, i am connie ford and i am a vice president of the san francisco labor council. i want to make it clear they endorse the passage of the p.l.a. and is a part of spending nights, all nights, negotiating the different elements. i want to say one thing about the p.l.a. and unions and workers. what this is going to provide is that all workers working under the p.l.a. will have a structure to insure that they have fair
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working conditions, good wage, and good benefits. all workers. things like the local hire ordinance, that is the law of san francisco. that will be part of the p.l.a. that happens and that is the law. aside from that, the unions that are involved in this are very aware of the necessity of bringing in minorities and enhancing minorities work and making sure that everybody has access to the enforcer and that doesn't happen unless there is a union structure. the other thing my brother tony was talking about and nonununion working next to union, the union will make sure the nonunion folk wills get the wages and health and welfare. nobody does that better than a rank and file member of a union on a construction job. that is why we say that we need that basis for the p.l.a. and
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that basis on bonds where the work is to make working in san francisco and all the workers proud to be in san francisco and working and all those are welcome to join this movement. thank you. >> thank you. no applause needed. she is a veteran and is used to performing in two minutes or less like that. >> kim, san francisco labor council. so this is time to get the p.l.a. out of committee. it is time that the city is going to agree not to contract with contractor who is will make profits off workers' backs. this levels the playing field. it says all electricians will
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get x, y, z money. and this amount of benefits. that these contractors won't be profiting off of minority workers anymore. that standard is no longer acceptable. the playing field needs to be levelled. and this p.l.a. will do that. this p.l.a. will also insure that all departments act accordingly across the board. so there can be less discretion. and i think that is essentially important in terms of how the city needs to do business. i think it's fair that the playing field, this is essentially an m.c.o. for construction workers. and i hope that it gets out of committee and we recognize the right of all workers to get paid the same amount of money for the same work across the board. whether you are union or not. that is all it does. and it's not going to allow one
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group to profit off of paying people a lot less money. it's that simple. that's what this does. it doesn't allow anyone to be taken advantage of by their employers. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is victoria and i am in support of the p.l.a. please move this forward. i am kind of offended with the comments regarding the union and we would haven't pay or decent health insurance. thousands of san francisco families have health insurance because of the union. please support the p.l.a. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am with local sbu87 and an officer as the secretary-treasurer of the pedestrian labor council and speaking here today in favor of
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the p.l.a. obviously the shirt says it. but i just want to be able to point out this entire year of 2018, we started out the year talking about the levelling the playing field, and i have to say that for the comments that have been made against unions, workers in san francisco have benefitted from being able to have a collective bargaining agreement speak for them whether you are african-american, whether you are latino, whether you are asian. whether you are a woman. the contracts speak in black and white and what's written holds to be true. and that is all we try to accomplish with the p.l.a. hold everybody true and honest and make sure that not only is the level playing field, but also securities that will allow us to advancements and that is what the l.a.e.s are doing today. thank you so much. >> thank you. next speaker please.
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>> good afternoon. i want to thank the supervisors and the mayor's office for supporting the p.l.a. thank you. >> awe good morning. we are not talking the l.b.e. and there are still laws on the books that provide them with the edge they need to be competitive. there has been a contraction in the number of contractors, general and specialty over that amount of time. so it's not just to the l.b.e. on the apprenticeship piece, we actively recruit in san francisco. we recruit people from
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underrepresenting communities and the last time we were speaking about this one, ibw local six has more female apprentices than western electrical contractors association combined over the entire northern part of the state. we actively work toed a vance the options for women in the construction industry. the report from oewe was quoted inaccurately as i look at it here. 200 people on public works over a five-year span for african-americans. there was 585 listed in this report for pedestrian resident and 1350 overall. so that's some inaccuracies that are out there. it's time to move this forward. we put a lot of hard work and we
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have taken the other stakeholders interests and we have put them in this draft legislation and we ask that you move it forward. thank you. >> next speaker please z. >> so supervisors, here we are two years later. i sat in the committee meeting. >> what is your name? >> miguel galarza. and the legislation and i am shocked. and we spent a long time with this legislation in talking to him about the nuances of p.l.a. and how it would effect l.b.e. and so forth. that piece of legislation went back or seven, eight months. we were told it was going to come back to committee and here we were introduced into legislation and it was put on
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the fast docket and if not for working with a lot of supervisors, that legislation would have passed. and we would be bemoaning where we are. so here we are today. we spent a tremendous amount of effort and a lot of work and a lot of long nights and the conference room of the mayor. and working with the mayor's office and working with significant leadership to get where the l.b.e.s were comfortable. by no means are we there or happy as they say in
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negotiation. >> remember supervisor peskin saying, do no harm. the community is not happy. there are things that need to be done. >> thank you very much. >> mr. paulsen. >> supervisors, chair cohen and supervisors, i am tim paulsen, the secretary-treasurer of the san francisco buildings and trade council. and i would like this to be moved forward with recommendation unanimously and that is the official position that the labor council and the building trades council has, but first of ul a, i do want to say thank you to the board of supervisors and to the mayor's office for the work that has gone into this piece of legislation. this has been one of the longest pieces of legislation i have
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seen, even when i was the executive director of the san francisco labor council and it was a priority of the labor council and we have been working on this far long time. and i know even before i took this job that the stakeholders that have been at the microphone have been engaged in this process. this is about one fundamental thing. that is about protecting workers rights. this is a success model throughout the country when this is applied. in a union town like san francisco, this is the correct thing to do and supervisor fewer and supervisor safai. and i will say, again, i would like this to be recommended to
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the full board. to make sure all workers who work on instruction on city funded projects get the money they deserve. >> thank you. >> thank you for hearing this item today. it's been a long time coming over two years as has been said. you three supervisors today have an opportunity to help working people in pedestrian and i said this before and i will say it again, it is not helping union workers and and are being pitted against each other and the harsh
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reality is that the exact opposite will happen and will give them opportunities to get into the unions and have better benefits and a better life and thatment cos from local union programs such as ours that have over $10 million into programs every year. and i also disagree with that statement. the nonunion contractors have the exact the ones that are says they don't are used to having it their way and underpaying workers and cheating. this gives it a level playing field and we have from the with
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asian and minority contractors have work out there. p.l.a.s work and i urge you to and seeing none, public comment is closed. >> a thank you, madam chair. i want to appreciate everyone coming out today. this is someone something that everyone feels passionate about. many of the things that are discussed and talked about and many of the specificity that is being proposed must be negotiated in the final contract of the city wide p.l.a. to set the framework for discussions. there is significant
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involvement, input, and improvements made to the ordinance over the last two years. specifically over the that i think set the frame work. on page seven at the top of the page, bullet number two, i am going to read this into the record. unions, contractors, and subcontractors are bound by the requirements of chapter 6, 12b, 14b, 82, and 83 as they may be amended from time to time. including but not limited to the provisions addressing local hire and local business enterprise. if that is not strong enough language, every single one of the sections and codes has been fought for, advanced process, moted, enhanced, and encouraged and reaffirmed in this process. the second thing to call out for the record is on page 8 and 9.
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section f. line 22. >> beginning on the effective date of the ordinance and board file number once enacted, this section 6.27, the office of the controller shall collect utilization rates within one year after the city administrator executes the p.l.a. on behalf of the city and annual date thereafter, the controller shall conduct annual reviews to evaluate whether they have promoted the completion of covered projects adds defined in this ordinance. the cost of covered projects and the p.l.a.'s impacts on l.b.e.s and local work force. so i just want to re-emphasize the points and those are two important points. all sides made significant
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concessions and we reaffirmed the advancements that have been made over the last 30 years. i want to underscore that and appreciate all of that work. i think that sets the frame work for negotiations to move forward. i don't think anyone will be left out and the building of construction trades have what they work with on a continuous basis and they have this board of supervisors that have crafted this along with the mayor's office that have made a firm commitment for this to be a fair and inclusive process moving forward. i courage the committee members if there could be ultimately a motion to accept the amendments as proposed today and send this out of committee. to the full board. >> all right. thank you very much. we appreciate those amendments and the motions, colleagues. is there any further discussion on the amendment? i will make a motion to accept
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the amendments that supervisor safai has laid out. i want to recognize something that i heard in public comment. first, i want to recognize the african-american chamber, lawyers committee, chinese for affirmative action and the l.b.e., and we heard your complaints. we heard your issues and your concerns. i am hopeful supervisor safai, and please reassure me of this is that we are going to continue to move the conversation forward, that this is actually a very, quite frankly, kind of a small step as we move forward to a larger -- this is just a road map to a larger conversation to the p.l.a. and so i hope that everyone will still remain at the table and engaged and talking. i know labor certainly will be. and also, wanted to just get that on the record. madam clerk, we have heard the amendments. can we accept the amendments without objection? we will take the amendments without objection and that
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unanimously passes. all right. as it relates to item 19, i will make a motion to approve and send to the full board with a positive recommendation as a committee report as amended, and we will take that without objection. thank you. all right. one step closer. madam clerk, please call ie sem 20. >> item 20, hearing to consider the review and approval of the budget guidelines for the annual budget for fiscal year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. >> thank you. i want to recognize the clerk of the board. thank you for joining us today. >> please turn on the mic, madam clerk. >> thank you. >> members of the committee, chair cohen, thank you for hearing the organization of our budget today for the budget year and the out year. we're here to provide you a snapshot of the department's current budget in addition to
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requesting your guidance on the preliminary direction we're heading in as we develop the proposed budget for fiscal years 2019-2020 and 20-21. the board's rules set up a process that has us returning in january with the draft budget based upon your direction today. additionally, i will have met with each member of the board to learn of any new suggested initiatives for the department's budget. we will return a final time in february for your approval before we submit the budget to the mayor and the controller. i'm here today with the department's administrative deputy who maintains this information for us and has organized it for our conversation today. i have other leadership of the clerk's office in the audience. we have been very busy this past year signing multiple contracts for significant projects that we will share a high level overview with you for the permission to obtain what we're going to call
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the baseline. and slides two and three plan for an alternative space for the board of supervisors meeting in the event of a significant incident. and we are not able to have a board meeting in city hall. i will talk about that in a second. we have executed a five-year contract with granicus for legistar and insight. that is the administrative and public-facing legislative file retrieval system. the innovation in this new contract will allow us to modernize citywide drafting, submission, and eligibility of all legislation submitted into the legislative process. we will be able to utilize mobile technologies as well as something i am really jazzed about which is a whole new social media innovation allowing us to receive e-comment associated with each file. the first phase will be completed in early 2019, and
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phase two in the summer of 2019. we've also been quietly working away to tie our existing 2,000 boxes of records into our new legislative management system and digitizing our archives. this project has three phases. phase one has already been complete. it is the priorization of the preservation of the historic and significant enacted ordinances that make up the municipal codes and the administrative codes. we've done the indexing and the digitizing of the archives thus far. going bab to 1906. and phase two addresses the digitizing of supporting documents contained in the actual files which will allow for access to portals from someone's living room.
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>> to your offices in april of 2019. on a somber note, this body is
2:45 am
not naive as it hey sens preparation for an actual incident. the history and the extraordinary handling and response by the board of supervisors after two major earthquakes dating back to 1906 and again in 1989. the everythingal requirement -- organizal requirements after sags nation -- assassinations. threats over the telephone or chamber or offices and security breaches as well. the health emergencies we have all experienced. we will continue to strengthen the skills by educating staff in emergency protocols, providing situational awareness and personal safety classes, a few of which we accomplished this year, and our sin -- sincere
2:46 am
thank you to those who assisted us to bring those programs to our offices. pursuant to the charter, in the eventer city hall is inaccessible and it is necessary to host a board meeting off site in collaboration with the department of technology and public library we are creating an mou to host a board meeting in the auditorium. it will be coming to the board meeting soon for the arrangement. to the current budget. it is a $16 million budget. you can see on the piechart, the left shows it by division. these numbers are relatively unchanged year to year. the table on the right shows expenditures by category and detail. the largest cost is the salary
2:47 am
and benefits at 75%. the growth is attributed to wage increases and benefits with approved mous. the fte count is unchanged over the last 20 years. we have all taken in more responsibility. largest is nonpersonnel at $2.3 million. that makes up the budget service us in addition to other costs which are mostly unchanged. on to the next slide. we are recommending seven adjustments for 2019-2020 budget to help meet the needs of the department. some we don't know the actual amounts to. i will review them. one, request for one-time funding of $150,000 to help with the phase three of the digital
2:48 am
work and requesting ongoing gilltal for new legislative records created. item two is support and enhancement for the management. items three and four are increases for costs for inter departmental services for the department's share of the licensing costs associated from the request of the department of technology. item five is one-time cost associated with hosting emergency off-site board meeting at public library. we need to you grade the existing wiring to fiber to accommodate the increased number of it equipment we would need at the library in event of power outage. item six is reconditions current space in the clerk's office which would be utilized by confidential employees in the
2:49 am
department who are currently not in confidential spaces. we are working with building management and real estate department. next year we host the california clerk of the board association conference in san francisco. i may come to you to ask for minimal expenses to be able to be incurred by that. we will raise the majority of funds needed for that. on the final slide. i seem seeking your direction at this time for the following items. budget and legislative analyst joint venture a new request for 3.2% cola for the contractor july 1 of 2019. this is a $73,294 increase to the $2.29 million contract. as you recall they received general fund appropriation of approximately $300,000. currently same amount is in the
2:50 am
base budget for the fiscal year 2019-2020 as a place holder. they will adopt the budget in may so we may know more about that and we will come back in january and february to finalize those conversations. two last points i want to make. i want to thank you for the budget that has allowed us not only to do the chartered work that we do every year but to about such dedicated people in our office who are very well aware of individual roles and goals of the organization and who stretch to help each other every day because they respect and like each other that is secret recipe to a well functioning team. we do have one in the clerk's office. if this committee approves the work please accept this as the new baseline. we will be back in february with
2:51 am
the actual numbers. we are available for any questions. >> thank you very much. supervisor fewer has a question. >> supervisor fewer: i want to take a moment for the supervisors to be reeducated on the current work and what it has done as we might recall we hired a consultant that 29 $7,000 is not in the purview of the board to question but actually wanted to let you know a little bit about what the work that they are doing with the money. i have asked brian to come up today to give a brief overview about what they are doing. thank you. brian. >> thank you for the opportunity to talk about lapco.
2:52 am
as you know it was established by the legislature to act as independent bodies and serve as watchdogs to local government services. it was this watchdog aspect that attracted me to the position as a former journalist. since i have come on pass executive officer in may. i created a work plan approved by the commission. because san francisco is consolidated it focuses on special studies and oversight of clean power. my work plan was approved by the commission, and we are hard at work with our small team of interns on two big projects. first the clean power sf. as it expands the lapco roll will expand to provide feedback
2:53 am
on how the program can move forward. with the city 100% 20 higher 30 re-- 20-30 goal. it will help get us there in a big way. the other thing that i am really excited to be working on the with transportation authority is a labor study on emerging mobility services. the economy is exploding. we have no real data on that. i completed an r.f.p. for the first of its kind survey. we want a handle on the size of the work force, request data and we think we will get data from company that is an issue and investigate the labor practices of emerging mobility services to make a determination about whether or not those labor
2:54 am
policies alive with the city labor principles to ensure they are making a fair wage. i completed an r.f.p. for legal services. it was important the firm selected had deep experiences in working with lapco. i brought in two very sharp interns. i have an intern working on mobility study. i have been attending various conferences this year for the first time ever sf had a presence at the conference and i have relationships and meet with ththe advocates and reach out to every member of the board of supervisors. we are here in special studies and we are here to serve you the board of supervisors. thank you. >> thank you, brian. questions? supervisor stephanie.
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>> supervisor stefani: you mentioned legal services. does the city attorney not cover it? >> no, they have a special attorney. our city attorney does not cover lapco it is outside that jurisdiction. >> okay. thank you. >> i want to thank brian for rebuilding the office of lapco and taking on interns and a deep work plan. lapco had gone through a couple worksion was the california lapco with guidance to the role and issues it has taken on. i will say he is digging deep into clean power sf and also looking at how we can build out our own clean power in san francisco and then also around
2:56 am
the mobility study, i just think that we don't know the effects of labor, and this is what lap cos do to support the work of the board in an outside capacity. looking forward we will discuss a if budget that can accommodate that work. i want to thank you brian for coming on and thank you to clerks office for the r.f.p.s and for being our fiscal sponsor. thank you. >> thank you. i do have copies of my work plan to distribute. >> that would be great. thank you, brian. >> to public comment. any member of the public to comment on item 20? seeing no members of the public
2:57 am
to comment. we will close public comment. no budget report. this is just a hearing. i will make a motion to approve and file as heard. we will take that without objection. thank you very much. madam clerk. any other business before us. >> clerk: no further business. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen. we are adjourned. thank you.
2:58 am
2:59 am
. nk you. >> happy holidays, san francisco. hundreds of festive lights are illuminating san francisco streets using 100% greenhouse gas free hydroelectric power. this year, the city is celebrating 100 years of providing this power from hetch
3:00 am
hetchy system which powers muni, our schools and libraries, street lights, san francisco international airport, city government buildings, private developments, and more. look for holiday bell lights along third street, and illuminated snowflakes on market street. the san francisco public utilities commission and the san francisco public works welcome all to enjoy the magic of the >> all right. we've got some holiday cheer for you. we hope you're


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