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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  December 31, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> president cohen: good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. please come in. take your seats. i want to welcome you, welcome you to the december 11, 2018, meeting for the san francisco board of supervisors. thanks for joining us here today. madam clerk, could you please call the roll for attendance?
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>> clerk: thank you, madam president. [roll call] [roll call] >> clerk: madam president, you have a quorum. >> president cohen: thank you. ladies and gentlemen, please rise and join me saying the pledge of allegiance. [pledge of allegiance] >> president cohen: thank you. you may be seated.
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madam clerk, are there any communications? >> clerk: yes, madam president. we have a quick one. we have received a communication from six members of the board declaring the call of the board for a special meeting on december 18 at 12:30 p.m. >> president cohen: thank you. before proceeding with today's meeting, i would like to take a moment of silence to remember our beloved mayor, ed lee, who passed away on december 12, just last year. >> president cohen: thank you. today we're approving the minutes from the november 2,
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2018 meeting. motion made. seconded. without objection? excellent. without objection, the meeting minutes will be approved after public comment. madam clerk, please call item 1, our 2:00 p.m. special order. >> clerk: item 1, here today in the chamber, we have honorable mayor london breed to engage with us in a formal policy discussion with members of the board. as a reminder, matters considered in committee and on today's agenda as an action item cannot be a part of that discussion the mayor may address the board initially for up to 5 minutes. the discussion shall not exceed 2 minutes per question or 2 minutes per answer. public comment will occur during general comment. >> president cohen: thank you. please proceed. >> clerk: of the eligible districts to submit a topic,
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district 10 submitted educational revenue augmented fund, noticed on our agenda. now is the appropriate time to state your opening question. apologies. actually, the mayor is allowed to address the board for 5 minutes. >> president cohen: thank you. madam mayor. >> mayor london breed: thank you, president cohen. it's great to be back with you all today. thank you, president cohen, for taking a moment to acknowledge our late mayor, ed lee, who was just lost to us about a year ago. mayor lee, we all know, is a dedicated public servant and fundamentally a decent person. all of us in this room who knew him personally, knew he was a caring father, husband, and i want to thank his wife, anita, and his daughters, tonya and breanna, for allowing us to share time with him.
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his 30 years as a public servant has left a lasting legacy here in the city and county of san francisco. the first chinese-american mayor of the city will always hold a special place of pride in our hearts, but especially in the hearts of our chinese and a.p.i. community. thank you to mayor lee for your service and we really miss you dearly. i know that today the board will be honoring three of my former colleagues. and i just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your service, whether it was the work that supervisor tang did with home-sf, or supervisor kim with free city college, or president cohen, everything you did to drive me nuts as a member of the board. but more importantly, the hard work that i did to move our city forward, including really important projects in the bayview-hunters point community.
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fighting for a number of reforms and issues that really have changed san francisco for the better and also generated a lot of revenue for us to work with, the soda tax, tobacco tax, and marijuana tax. >> president cohen: you're welcome. [laughter] >> mayor london breed: thank you, president cohen. we have, you know, a lot of work to do, but congratulations on your new role as a member of the state board of equalization. we're looking forward to continuing our work together here in san francisco and although you won't be far away we know your heart will always be in our great city. thank you, both. i know we have a new -- new members of the board of supervisors and i see some in the audience, including future supervisor haney and mar. thanks for joining us. it will be a different board of
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supervisors and we're going to miss all three of you and the work that you have done for san francisco. so thank you. >> clerk: thank you, madam mayor. president cohen, now is the opportunity for you to ask your question. >> president cohen: thank you, madam clerk. again, welcome back to the chamber, mayor breed. my question is actually very simple and very straightforward. housing and homelessness are a significant crisis in san francisco and notably a very significant pending priority for the board and the residents of san francisco. frequently, frequently when we talk about the housing crisis, we focus on street encampments or new construction at a specific a.m.i. band. however, in the southeast, and specifically in district 10, home of the city's four largest public housing units, public and subsidized housing units like
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those at alice griffith and hunters view have hundreds of outstanding work orders for fixing backed up sewage lines, pest extermination and lots and lots of black mold. i regularly receive calls from constituents who were wee located by our public housing system into sub par units that have holes in the wall, broken shower rods, where requests to remove mold are met with simply repainting over the mold until the mold grows again. if they do what most of us would do, quite frankly, those of us that are in stable housing, we would call the building manager. we would get someone out there to make the repairs immediately. concerned that we would be putting our family in harm's way. well, we would also withhold
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rent. but what's happening is that when public housing residents make a complaint, oftentimes they're met with eviction papers. when you think about how to invest the dollars, it's funding, a one-time capital expense, i'm asking you how do you prioritize each with a housing need. what will you do for those marginally housed individuals in our existing publicly funded units? thank you. >> clerk: madam mayor. >> mayor london breed: thank you, president cohen, for that question. in fact, unfortunately, i've lived in those conditions in public housing for over 20 years of my life, the broken pipes, the roaches, the disgusting mold and all of those things that sadly, far too many of the residents of our city continue to endure. so i want to be clear that housing and homelessness will be
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at the top of my agenda. i also understand that the investments we need to make to ensure that those conditions to repair are quite costly, but i know that when we prioritize people who deserve our attention, who have been neglected for far too long, we will do better as a city. when i was here for the previous question time, two of the questions were directly focused on how we can help people get off the streets and into shelter. and i reiterated my continued support and progress that we have already made, even housing almost 600 people since i took office in july. the voters sent a clear message in the last election that this is their top priority. and although i had concerns with the underlying policy of prop c, i agree with the overall goal. we need to get more people off the streets and get them housed. with the one-time funding there
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was recently announced, we have an opportunity to take bold action while we wait for potential funding to become available. the proposal that you and i, president cohen, put forward requires doing just that. and getting people housed. as you've mentioned, we cannot rely on this funding in the future years. that's why i'm focusing on programs that are one-time investments or services that bridge more sustainable funding sources, including creating more affordable housing, expanding shelter capacity, increasing the number of mental health stabilization beds, and preserve existing affordable housing including investing in public housing. alice griffith and harborview are publicly funded prague -- projects. we can stabilize 3,000 residents. we can re hab -- rehabilitate
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the units and create 2,000 new units of housing including 654 affordable units. these are people that are living in unacceptable conditions and it's our responsibility to use this money to step up. together with 1,000 shelter beds and the 2,375 public housing residents and community members in need of mental health and substance abuse beds, we can do better if we invest this money appropriately. it will make a significant difference and i'm looking forward to working with this board of supervisors to do just that. >> clerk: thank you, madam mayor. madam president, do you have a follow-up question? >> president cohen: thank you. until this point, none of my colleagues have utilized the follow-up question, but i would never let you out of this chamber without giving you a follow-up. >> mayor london breed: you will
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go to the bitter end. >> president cohen: you know it. the spirit of my question is to make sure that we don't forget those in public housing. i trust you will not forget. >> mayor london breed: no way. >> president cohen: got it. how do you envision this supplemental process changing? how do you envision it continuing? if we continue to have a surplus in coming years? >> mayor london breed: i hope we have the surplus in coming years, but i do think it's important to make sure that when we -- as far as i'm concerned, the people of san francisco, the folks in this chamber, have time and time again expressed that the priority of this city has got to be addressing what we all know is a crisis. the homelessness crisis, people who sadly are suffering from mental illness, drug addiction, and lack of an affordable place to call home. and i think that part of the process that we undergo, we need to invest in making sure that
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the money, if we receive additional revenues because of this funding, that we are investing in those particular goals. and the process is basically a process that will be determined by the board. if it's going to be different than what the process is that exists for our budget process when we deal with supplementals and additional revenues and how we spend them, looking at currently some of the challenges that we have in terms of our budget deficit in making sure that we can pay for the existing obligations that we have and definitely thinking about the future and making sure that we're making good investments in education. >> president cohen: thank you. madam clerk. >> clerk: madam mayor, if you have a question for either the president or another member of the board, now is your opportunity. >> mayor london breed: not at this time, madam clerk. thank you so much for having me here today. >> clerk: thank you, madam mayor.
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madam president? [applaus [applause] >> president cohen: that's nice, sweet, polite applause. madam clerk, can you call item 2, please? >> clerk: seniority determination. as my staff retrieves the copper drum, i'll just say a few words about this item. as a result of the november 6, 2018, election for the office of the board of supervisors, five districts were on the ballot. we're delighted that supervisors mandelman and stefani won and will stay on. additionally, as you heard, we will miss our familiar members, who have -- who will be by january 8 at noon completed their four-year terms. and president malia cohen and jane kim and katy tang. there will be a moment of brat attitude for your moment in
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leadership. three new members will be inaugurated. this next item is the lottery to determine their seniority which will aid the department as we prepare organizationally for their arrival. the seniority system does not provide significant rights or powers but is valuable to the members with higher seniority as it confers preferential treatment in choosing office assignments or nominations to outsideboards and commissions. >> president cohen: thank you. to the future members of this body, i just want to comment that the clerk said not providing significant importance. i want to assure you, there is some importance. so, madam clerk -- >> clerk: thank you, madam president. our legislative deputy has the three names in the drum. in just a moment, the deputy will pull their names in rank
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order. first, here is the order of seniority, beginning at 12:01 on january 8. supervisors yee, peskin, ronen, fewer, safai, stefani, mandelman, brown, and now with the addition of -- we have a problem with this key every year. from district 4, gordon mar next in seniority. [applause] from district 6, matt haney. and from district 10, shaman walton. congratulations. i understand they're in the audience. [applause] >> president cohen: congratulations. don't worry, it's not all bad. just ask jane kim.
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[laughter] >> clerk: thank you, madam president. >> president cohen: could you please call item 3? >> clerk: ordinance to amend the environment code to provide audits to refuse generators for compliance with refuse separation requirements to establish enforcement measures. >> president cohen: supervisor safai do you want to speak on this item? >> supervisor safai: no. >> president cohen: madam clerk, could you call the question as to shall the ordinance be finally passed, please call the roll. [roll call vote]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president cohen: thank you very much. this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: ordinance to appropriate $200 million special tax bonds for financing related to the transbay transit center and infrastructure project in 2018-2019. >> president cohen: could you please do a roll call vote on this item. [roll call vote]
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>> clerk: there are 10 ayes, one no, with supervisor peskin in the dissent. >> president cohen: thank you. this ordinance is finally passed. >> clerk: item 5 ordinance actions and statute repose with respect to proposition c adopted by the voters on november 6, 2018. >> president cohen: seeing no names on the roster, madam clerk, could we take this same house, same call? >> clerk: roll call, madam president. [roll call vote]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president cohen: thank you. without objection, this ordinance is finally passed. madam clerk, could you please call items 6 and 7 together. >> clerk: here we have two ordinances. 6 appropriates $1.1 million of federal and state revenue and reappropriates the following, approximately $200,000 for the supplemental security income cashout prague rachlt -- program. $300,000 for housing support. and $968,000 grant and aid program. and item 7 adds 37 positions for fiscal year 2018-2019. >> president cohen: same house, same call? without objection, finally passed. next item. >> clerk: ordinance to amend the
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business and tax regulations code to provide a credit against the early care and education commercial rents, tax for the operation of certain childcare facilities and exclude base amounts subject to the hotel tax or parking tax. >> president cohen: can we take this same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is finally passed. madam clerk, next item. >> clerk: item 9, ordinance to dedicate brewster street extension and affirm the ceqa and make appropriate findings. >> president cohen: same house, same call? this ordinance is finally passes. >> clerk: ordinance to amend the building code to modify the penalty for impervious surface without required permit. >> president cohen: supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: i want to say thank you to the building department. the purpose is to bring more eyes into the field with regard
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to those that might pave over their front yard in the desire to ensure that we have greening and permeable surfaces, so we want to continue this. this allows the building inspectors when out in the field to respond to notices of violation or potential notices of violation, where people may have paved over their front yards. want to thank planning, my staff, and everyone involved in this. i believe it's a good piece of legislation. thank you. >> president cohen: thank you. any other members that would like to speak? all right. same house, same call? looks like we can. the ordinance is finally passed. >> clerk: item 11 is an ordinance to amend the planning code pertaining to residential care facilities to affirm the ceqa and findings determination. >> president cohen: same house, same call? ordinance is finally passed. >> clerk: item 12 is an ordinance to amend the planning code and zoning map to create the 1550 evans avenue special
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use district to affirm the ceqa and findings determination. >> president cohen: any discussion? thank you to all the folks from bayview that are here in the chamber that have watched this legislation move forward start to finish. this is the second reading and we can take this same house, same call? looks like we can. this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. madam clerk -- [applause] >> clerk: item 13. an ordinance to amend the public works code to create a temporary mobile caterer permit for restaurants that cannot operate during mandatory seismic retrofits of their buildings. >> president cohen: same house, same call. this ordinance is finally passed. >> clerk: item 14, ordinance to amend the planning code to make permanent removing the notice review for certain uses in neighborhood districts in the areas generally bounded by supervisor districts 4 and 11 and to affirm the ceqa findings and determination.
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>> president cohen: same house, same call? seeing no objection, this ordinance is finally passed. next item. >> clerk: item 15 was referred without recommendation from land use and transportation committee. we have an ordinance to amend the planning code for offstreet requirements city-wide. >> supervisor kim: thank you for the robust conovversation last week. i'm happy to answer any questions as this moved forward. we've duplicated the file. one that will go back to land use to consider other amendments, but at this time, i ask for your support on this. i think it's smart, flexible policy for the future of our policy as we grow and ensure that we provide as much flexibility moving forward and it's a testament to our commitment to carbon-neutral city and transit-first city. thank you. >> president cohen: thank you. i want to take a moment to
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acknowledge the planning staff for their work and their time. i appreciate it. i will be voting no on this. colleagues, you heard me at length last week going into great detail. i believe that the city sometimes makes decisions trying to be the first and trying to catch headlines and i think they do it at the expense of those of us in the southeast or just grasping trying to catch up with some of the other policies that are already in existence. so i will be voting no on item 15 today. seeing there are no other names on the roster, madam clerk, please call roll call. [roll call vote]
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>> clerk: there are 7 ayes and 4 nos with safai, stefani, yee and cohen in the dissent. >> president cohen: this ordinance is finally passed. next item. >> clerk: item 16 ordinance to amend the police code to prohibit private post secondary institutions from using an application form to ask applicants about criminal history for the purpose of deciding whether to offer admission and creating appropriate administrative and remedial provisions. >> president cohen: i hope to have your support on this. we spoke at length on this legislation in committee. i want to recognize my legislative aide, who brought this matter to my attention and i'm honored to carry it. madam clerk, please call the roll. [roll call vote]
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>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president cohen: thank you. without objection, this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. thank you. all right, folks. just want to call your attention. it's 2:30. so it's time for our 2:30 special accommodation. >> clerk: we have supervisor stefani, who has introductions today, commendations. >> supervisor stefani: thank you, madam clerk.
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i'm so excited to see all of you out here. i feel safe, very safe right now. [laughter] colleagues, i was recently appointed to the city's disaster council, which met last friday. during this meeting we learned that nearly 90 city employees in neighborhood emergency response team volunteers departed to butte county to assist. the residents of butte county suffered immensely. many lost loved ones and their homes to this unfathomably huge fire, which now stands as california's worst disaster ever. yet the butte county and town of paradise first responders and emergency managers, many of whom were direct victims of the disaster, continued to fight the fire, conduct search and rescue, and work in the emergency operations center to manage the emergency response and recovery efforts. butte county and town of
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paradise first responders and public safety community were stretched to their limits and san francisco came to their aid. i would like to recognize and applaud the sworn and civilian personnel that answered the call to assist our neighborhood in butte county. it came at an emotional cost. many who came back said it was the worst disaster they had ever seen and the experience was very hard to shake. i know the staff at butte county and town of paradise appreciates the relief you provided them and we in san francisco also honor your service and commend you for representing the best of our city. so thank you to the firefighters, emergency managers, dispatchers, law enforcement officers, public health practitioners, animal care specialists, finance care professionals and volunteers that helped our neighbors in need. you represent the heart of san francisco and it is really my
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honor and privilege to recognize you for the dedication and service to our northern neighbors. i would like to invite the director of the department of emergency management up to the podium to say a few words. [applause] >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisor stefani and members of the board. i'm mary ellen carol, executive director emergency management. first of all, i want to acknowledge the other department heads, starting with chief hayes-white, from the fire department, who will say a few words, director virginia donahue from animal care and control. ben rosenfield, brian strawhan from office of resilience. organizing and setting up disaster recovery is a huge effort in the face of such devastation as we saw in butte
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county and local emergency managers in butte county in the town of paradise were stretched to their limits. in fact, the majority of their lost their homes. i'm very proud that we were able to come up and provide relief, the department of emergency management team, set up the emergency operations center for the town of paradise. at this time, i just want to acknowledge the departments who deployed staff and those include animal care and control, the controllers office, office of the city administrator, the office of resilience and capital planning, the department of emergency management, the department of public health, the public utilities commission and, of course, san francisco fire and police department. i also want to acknowledge and participate the disaster core volunteers that took leave from their personal lives and their jobs to assist our northern neighbors. although small in comparison to us, the camp fire affected san francisco, as we all know, as we
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were forced to condition front the downwind effects of that fire with smoke and unhealthy air quality. i believe that our deployment to the north was our best -- first best line of defense to contradict the smoky air, as our firefighters were able to fight the fire and we were able to organize the emergency response at the local level. and, finally, i just want to acknowledge that when we deploy, we build our own capacity to respond when we are going to be directly affected. so 5 cani can't emphasize enoug much i appreciate and how important it is for us to provide that humanitarian aid for our neighbors and also to build our own experience and capacity when -- not if -- we have to face similar type disasters.
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finally, i want to acknowledge, we have one staff still up there. one of our dispatchers from the 911 center has been there for three weeks and she's still deployed providing assistance, so she's not here today. i would like to bring up chief hayes-white. [applause] >> good afternoon, president cohen, board of supervisors, specifically supervisor stefani. thank you for your acknowledgement. i, too, am very proud of the collective effort of our city family to assist residents up north in need. i want to ask everyone -- not everyone that responded is in the chamber, but everyone who responded, please stand up and gather behind me. i'm saying these words on your behalf. [applause] director carol as well.
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one of my newer colleagues, as i'm exiting, she's just beginning, and she's off to a great start. thank you to the department of emergency management. i'm joined by two division chiefs. the city is split in half operationally. i have assistant chief vello, the department's mutual aid coordinator. he's been very busy. he made my job easier coordinating the fire department's effort. i also have brooke baker that is here. it would take too long to name everyone by name, although i think i could, because i'm good with names. i'm proud of the members of our fire department each time they come to work and put the uniform on. they make huge sacrifices. they're not always around on the holidays for their families. in particular, we've been called more through california's mutual aid program and we did send the -- before i talk about butte, we deployed 12 members to the hill fire in southern california during the same period of time. we had over 40 members, 43
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members, that we deployed from san francisco fire to the camp fire, to butte county. and they're my heroes, because they spent a long time away from their families. some 10 days. some 15 days. and there were some that missed thanksgiving with their family to assist. and our main goal is to assistant support those in need, but as director carol said, collectively, we learn something, bring something back to our city. it's a great privilege for me to say thank you on behalf of the uniformed members of the san francisco fire department. also the disaster core. we had a deployment from the san francisco police department. i think she may be here today. as well as animal care and control. and we also have our city administrator, who was very involved in the collective effort. thank you for the acknowledgement. it's what we do, but in this particular case, there were some very emotional challenges.
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most of the time we're deployed to fight fires. there was very little fighting fires, according to the strike team leader, in that we assisted more with search and re coffvre which is very difficult physically and emotionally. we should be proud of everyone that assisted in butte county and down in southern california. thank you for your acknowledgement and thank you, everyone. [applause] >> president cohen: excuse me,
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before you go -- >> to chief hayes-white and everybody that went up to the camp fire, one of the first texts i got was from an old democratic party guy, former marine, bob mulholland, who cried at the sight of eight of our engines rolling into chico. i was really touched by that. >> president cohen: thank you. and i also want to just say thank you very much. for you all to do what you do, i'm grateful to the men and women that put on that uniform and fight fires, run into the direction of danger when the rest of us are trying to flee. i'm so grateful. you are in the life-saving business. although supervisor stefani made the remarks, i just want you to understand how much it reflects the entire sentiment of this body. i would like to recess for about 2 minutes so it allows all of us
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an opportunity to take pictures with the marvelous group of heroes. >> supervisor ronen: thank you. i, too, wanted to thank you, all, so much. this was one of the most heartbreaking disasters that our state has ever seen and to know how much our incredibly talented and dedicated work force here in san francisco rose to the challenge and helped out our brothers and sisters up in butte county made me very, very proud to be part of this city, so i really cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for your extraordinary work and for being there on behalf of all of us and fighting to save lives and people's homes and entire lives. thank you so, so much. >> president cohen: thank you. supervisor yee, did you -- supervisor kim?
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>> supervisor kim: i wanted to take a moment to thank the men and women of our fire department. it's unfortunate that this looks like it's going to be the new normal in the state of california, but the fact that you all have put your life on the line to do this work, to protect our communities and our state, it's an extraordinary thing and i want to continue to thank you and also appreciate your families and your friends, who also spent so much time worrying about you when you put your lives on the line to really protect all of our communities. i thank you for your service the stories that we heard up there were horrible and heartbreaking to hear. and i hope that we as a state are able to move forward to make sure that these tragedies don't continue, but as they do, i want to thank you for your service and, again, a special thanks to your families as well. >> supervisor yee: i also want to thank each and every one of
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you. last week we were able to honor the volunteers that provided medical support to the disaster up there and this just makes it real for me. i'm so proud of -- sorry. i'm just really proud of the people from san francisco and that are always willing to help others in need. thank you. [applause] >> president cohen: supervisor safai. >> supervisor safai: i want to associate myself with the comments of my colleagues. i really appreciate the fact
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that we have people that would volunteer outside of the jurisdiction that they work to put their -- not just their lives on the line, and this is something that really hit home with me by working with firefighters and others in this field, but the longevity of their life on the line because the things that we breathe in and the insecurity that we felt thousands of miles away in the city, folks on the ground breathing it in day in and day out and putting the longevity of their life on the line, it makes san franciscans so proud that we have people that would do that and voluntarily and for the service of their community and the community that's not theirs. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> supervisor fewer: i want to add my comments on to my colleagues and say that my husband, who was a police officer for 35 years, often said, sandy, they have the hard job. i would not run into a burning building. they have a really, really hard
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job. thank you so much. >> president cohen: thank you. all right, ladies and gentlemen. 2-minute break, recess, to take a picture, and then we'll resume of work of this body. thank you. [applause] sfgov tv? all right. ladies and gentlemen, we're going to get back to the agenda. supervisor stefani, thank you for giving us an opportunity to honor our heroes. i appreciate it. madam clerk, where did we leave off? >> clerk: we left off on item 17. >> president cohen: are there any other special orders or commendations? >> clerk: none that i'm aware of. >> president cohen: can you please call item 17? i don't think it's been called. >> clerk: yes, madam president. item 17 is an ordinance to amend the campaign and governmental conduct code to expand protections for whistle-blowers, city contractors, increase the remedies available in cases of
3:44 pm
retaliation and establish greater confidentiality protections for identities. >> president cohen: seeing there are no names on the roster, can we take this same house, same call? all right, same house, same call. without objection, this ordinance is finally passed. >> clerk: item 18 is an ordinance amending the police code to require cannabis businesses to ensure that 35% of new hires are registered apprentices enrolled in apprenticeship programs that have a memorandum of understanding that are city certified. >> supervisor safai: we talked about this in budget, so i know you and i are on the same page, madam president. i want to let colleagues know, when we did our cannabis legislation, we put in a place holder, local hire. we worked over the last six months to create a program with office and economic and work
3:45 pm
force development and city build that would allow when the state and they're very close to finalizing apprenticeship programs in various degrees of the sector that they would then be allowed to work with our local preapprenticeship program like city build so we would have a very well trained work force, working with our preapprenticeship model in the state-approved program that we've dubbed city grow. we'll take the first vote today. in the meantime, the state will continue to do its work. in cultivation, delivery, retail, r & d, any aspect of warehouse, any aspect of the cannabis industry will have a very full-fledged, well-trained work force. it's targeted toward equity, not just equity participants, those that would go through the certification program for job opportunities. so we're very excited about this
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opportunity. we have the support of the chair of the working group. we work with city build on this. we work with the office of economic and work force development and we're super excited about the model that this sets for not just san francisco but the rest of california as cannabis continues to expand. so i ask for your full support today. >> president cohen: all right, thank you, supervisor safai. any other discussion? looks like same house, same call. all right. without objection, this ordinance is passed on first reading. madam clerk, moving on. >> clerk: ordinance to amend the police code by making a number of changes in the regulation of commercial cannabis activity. >> president cohen: same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is finally passed. madam clerk, next item. >> clerk: item 20, ordinance to amend the code to accept certain gifts, devices and bequests of
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items to the s.f.o. museum collection. >> president cohen: same house, same call? this ordinance is finally passed. next. >> clerk: item 21 ordinance to amend the administrative code to ex-send the sunset date by single occupancy by three years and to eliminate one seat and change the membership of another on the task force. >> president cohen: same house, same call? this ordinance is finally passed. next. >> clerk: item 22, ordinance to amend the administrative code to designate the band of city and county of san francisco to be the san francisco lesbian-gay freedom band. >> president cohen: same house, same call. this ordinance is finally passed. >> clerk: item 23, to extension of the public utilities revenue
3:48 pm
bond to january 1, 2025. >> president cohen: same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is finally passed. >> clerk: to amend the added a minnesota straightive code african-american arts and cultural district. >> president cohen: i am anticipating a unanimous decision on this. i want to give a shoutout to the residents and small business owners and everyone that has been a part of this conversation. i'm excited to gavel down on this item. colleagues, i hope you will join me in supporting this. can we take this same house, same call? looks like we can. this ordinance is passing without objection. [cheers and applause] congratulations. next item. >> clerk: item 25, motion to approve the mayor's appointment of jeffrey joshua panzer to rent stabilization and arbitration board for a term ending september 1, 2022.
3:49 pm
>> president cohen: i want to bring something to your attention. mr. panzer has withdrawn his application to be appointed to the rent stabilization board. is there a motion to table this item? >> so moved. >> president cohen: thank you. motion made by malia cohen, seconded by supervisor peskin. madam clerk, is that acceptable? >> clerk: without objection. >> president cohen: we take that without objection. item tabled. >> clerk: item 26, resolution to retroactively authorize the police department to accept and expend a $5.3 million department of justice grant to assist with the reporting transition efforts from october, 2018, to september 21, 2021. >> president cohen: same house, same call. this resolution is adopted without objection. madam clerk. >> clerk: item 27, resolution that authorizes the director of property to execute a commercial lease with artspan at 45onondaga
3:50 pm
avenue for annual rent of $51,000 to authorize the reimbursement for tenant improvements for $410,000, 10-year term and approve the ceqa. >> supervisor safai: thank you. wanted to highlight what was discussed in budget committee. this is a special situation. this is not a $1-a-year lease opportunity with two local nonprofits. these are city-owned properties and these nonprofits as part of their agreement have made the commitment to raise well over $1 million each to rehab what was once community hospital as well as community art facility. those organizations are artspan, one of our premier nonprofit organizations that houses, encourages, fosters, develops, promotes the arts as well as
3:51 pm
artists in san francisco. they will be making this their flagship home in san francisco, as well as an existing nonprofit in the neighborhood with a free clinic offering healthcare services to the indigent and those without access to healthcare. both of these nonprofits have committed to do that. the city is putting in $400,000. the remaining $1.5 million or $1 million each will be raised. they will pay close to market rate and will have a long-term commitment. want to say some quick thank yous. really appreciate community members from the association, one of the pieces of this building is a historic mural that has been uncovered. it will be fully restored and it will be a place of pride for our community. want to thank richard rothman,
3:52 pm
linda lighthizer, tom duquesne, also resident that was involved in putting this on our radar and pushing this forward. ms. janet riley from clinic by the bay and david wallace. sandy levine, john gavin, charles sullivan. with the department of real estate and city attorney's office, thank you for your hard work, it was a 14-month negotiation and lease that had not been -- was not boilerplate. was not cut and paste, but was essentially a back and forth between the nonprofits and the city and the city did a phenomenal job on that. past director of real estate and new director, appreciate the hard work on this. want to recognize former supervisor avilos and his staff for pushing hard to get the bid out and putting it out in the
3:53 pm
community and so that facilitated a wonderful opportunity. not many city-owned properties in the area. these are two of, i think, three or four. so we're excited about this opportunity. we think it will be transfo transformative and allow two wonderful nonprofits to have a home and continue to expand and flourish and bring much pride to the neighborhood. so i urge your support. i know it's straightforward. i wanted to say those words of thank you and highlight this opportunity. >> president cohen: thank you very much. it's humbling to listen to your list of gratitude. a lot of people have brought us to the point where we are today. colleagues, any other discussion? seeing none, i think we can take this same house, same call. all right. without objection, this resolution is adopted. next item. >> clerk: item 28 authorizes a commercial lease with volunteers
3:54 pm
in medicine doing business as clinic by the bay, 35 onondaga avenue for $48,000 per year, 10-year term with options and affirm the ceqa and findings determination. >> president cohen: same house, same call? without objection, this resolution is adopted. next item. >> clerk: item 29, ordinance to authorize settlement of lawsuit filed by the city against philadelphia indemnity insurance company over a dispute about if the city is covered under a commercial policy. >> supervisor peskin: at the request of the city attorney i would like to offer an amendment to reduce the settlement amount to $760,000 and it should be in the short title, long title and at line 14 on page 1 of the ordinance.
3:55 pm
i make that motion. >> president cohen: supervisor peskin has made a motion. seconded by supervisor stefani. colleagues, can we take this without objection as amended? all right. thank you very much. >> clerk: that would just be on the amendment. >> president cohen: my apology. the ordinance itself, same house, same call? all right. the item is passed on the first reading as amended. madam clerk, i'd like you to call items 30 and 31 together. >> clerk: we have here item 30, resolution to declare the intention of the board of supervisors to establish property-based business improvement district known as soma west benefit district to levee a multiyear assessment on parcels and improving the district plan and engineers report and boundaries for the district. to set the date, time and place for a public hearing before the
3:56 pm
board of supervisors sitting as committee of the whole on february 5, 3:00 p.m. 31, cast a ballot for property and business improvement district soma west community benefit district. >> supervisor kim: thank you, president cohen. this ordinance before us, resolution intent and the assessment ballots authorize the department of elections to hold a special election on the formation of the community benefit district. the c.b.d. has been a multiyear effort that began in the fall of 2016 and really began for years prior to that under sunny angulo, who started the meetings of the neighborhood associations and alleyway associations in western south of market. we hear over and over from our western soma residents about the need for additional security,
3:57 pm
additional street cleaning, additional graffiti removal services and a little bit of, you know, an eye towards what was happening around them with central market c.b.d., central market c.b.d., yerba buena c.b.d. and tenderloin c.b.d. south of market is surrounded by many c.b.d.s, so the boundary lines are contiguous to the other lines and it will allow them to take advantage of the services by paying an additional assessment. i want to thank everyone for their tenacity. the residents and small business owners worked to get the 30% threshold and recognize the chair for volunteering hours to lead meetings and outreach and
3:58 pm
recognize the committee, brandon tobin, tim figwara, deborah benedict and many others. finally, of course, i want to thank chris corgas at the office of economic and work force development. it feels like he is an additional member to the d6 team considering how many are in our districts and we appreciate the time he put in to make sure that we could accomplish this before the end of 2018. colleagues, i ask for your support. >> president cohen: all right, colleagues. i believe we can take this same house, same call -- no. looks like the house has changed. can we do roll call vote, please. [roll call vote]
3:59 pm
>> clerk: there are 10 ayes. >> president cohen: without objection, these resolutions are adopted. all right. madam clerk, what's next? >> clerk: item 32, motion to direct the budget and legislative analyst to conduct a performance audit of san francisco housing authority reported financial shortfall that includes an analysis of the city's assumption of spotsibilities for the housing authority. >> president cohen: roll call vote. [roll call vote]
4:00 pm
>> clerk: there are 11 ayes. >> president cohen: thank you. approved without objection. next item. >> clerk: item 33 ordinance to amend the building code to enact and expedited, streamlined permit process for electric vehicle charging stations and affirm the ceqa and finding determination. >> president cohen: same house, same call? looks like we can. without objection, this ordinance is passed on the first reading. madam clerk, please call the next item. >> clerk: item 34, ordinance to amend the administrative code to dissolve the wage theft task force and re-authorize the committee on eye linement and extend their sunset date june 30, 2019. >> president cohen: same house, same call? without objection, this ordinance is passed on the first reading. next item. >> clerk: item 35


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